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"2017-05-30 16:00:06"
Here's Why the Best Porsche 911 is the Hated "996" Model
\\this is a 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 assn it comes from the 9 elevens despised 996 generation most Porsche enthusiasts hate men 996 model they think that this was the low point of the 911 worse 911 ever made and they are laughably home Larry Asli wrong I think that this is the very best Porsche 911 of all time and today I borrowed this 996 from a viewer and I'm going to address all of the complaints about this car and then we'll show you why they're all completely wrong now before I get started here's a quick little refresher course for those of you who are up on your 9 elevens everybody says that the 9 elevens all look the same but really there have been 7 generations of the 911 not the car really count 1963 in the original 911 what all the way through 1989 with only minor revisions here and there now in 1989 the 964 model came out that went through 1994 and then in 95 there was the 993911 which went through 1998 purest love those because the sort of considered the end of the line in the original 911 in 1999 this came out the 996 that was sold for 2005 miss being the 1 that everybody hates beginning in 2005 came in 997 model every really likes the 997 is concerned sort of a return to form and then beginning in 2002 there was 1991 is the newest model the Estes most technologically its version of the primarily driven by 74 year old orthodontist slowly on Sunday mornings to go pick up their dry cleaning now that we've covered that here's how this is going to go through this video I'm going to take each call 6 more address said I meant I'm gonna explain why it's wrong but and I'm gonna take this 996 out of the road and tell you how it dry and of course from 1 of my thoughts on the 996 experience click the link below to check out my column on other traded outcome slash oversteer I suspect by the end of this you'll be thinking 1 of 2 different things either this guy's riding the 996 really is a great 911 or press more likely this doesn't get it that 1 of the biggest complaints about the 996 relates to its interior and specifically the fact that it looks pretty outdated people's 993911 specifically make this complaint though I would never only 996 because the interior look so outdated and I admit it is exactly modern in here this cabin with that nobody's definition of cutting edge but 2 things about the interior number 1 this car is almost 20 years old of course the interior is it gonna be modern and cutting edge this thing came out in 1919 the height you know how bad car interiors were in 1999 take a Gander real quick at the 1999 Ford Tauruses center control stack and just be thankful that this thing is many steps above that also this is the thing that gets me most the people who've mainly level to complain about the 996 interior art 993 owners well have you seen the interior of the 993 William bragging about that your radio is side by side with your climate controls are you brag about that little button in the center with the exclamation point on it here's a little fact for you missed steering wheel is something that was included in a Porsche 911 not in the 19 fifties but in 1990 and this steering wheel was included in a Porsche 911 in the 19 eighties here's a new rule going forward if you have either of those steering wheels in your 911 you're no longer allowed to complain about the interior of the 996 another complaint about the 996 is the headlights this 1 is unavoidable now for the entire history the 911 headlights have been circles circle circle circle circle circle when the 996 came out portions like now we're going to make it look like vests it was a radical departure and when the 996 first came out people called the fried egg 911 because it looked like the circles were a little money and also because Portia put an orange turn signal here which they ditched when a facelift in the 996 in 2002 well I admit that the headlights are in great I don't have the bizarre sheer hatred for them that some people do but they're less than perfect however if you'll come along this way with me please keep coming keep coming you can see the car from this angle the rear 3 quarters and from this angle I personally think so I say really I think from this angle this looks like the most attractive 911 of all time I would be killed or not although the standard 911 looks just fine from this angle the widebody cars the turbo and this Carrera 4 ass are especially beautiful that wide rear fender those gorgeous wheels the unique bumper with the ducts that we're late Mar that suited the car so well I'm being 100 percent serious when I say I think from certain angles this car looks better than any other 911 ever built period another common complaint about this car is the intermediate shaft bearing which is also known as the I. M. F. switch can fail without warning now I'm not gonna get too technical here but basically what happens on the IMS fails is you're driving along you're not 11 just cruising down the street and join your day without a care in the world and then all the sudden the IMS fails in your engine explodes not miss is a bad design obviously but there are a few things to keep in mind here number 1 is that most high performance cars have some sort of factory grenade that comes up and costs a lot of money is the car gets old the meno system in the in 46 BMW M. 3 the valve guides in the 993911 the snap ring transmission problem in the early Acura NSX is there's always something another thing to keep in mind is that this car's IMS problem really only affects a small portion of the cordon some half or quarter but maybe more like 5 percent now I admit and there's not a lot of comfort in that if you are among the 5 percent that it affects sense a new engine in this car some like $30000 but here's the thing behind a mess is fixable we go to buy 1 of these check to see if it has a new IMS if it doesn't just budget $2000 to put another 1 in for 2 brand new all peace of mind in the world you'll never have to think about the I a mess again and the 2 ran should really be no big deal because the very best thing about the 996 is value for proof I have with me the owner of this particular 996 who also happens to be my best friend Perry a parent would you pay for this car that 31 800 318 0 and if you've got a 993 Carrera 4 asked what do you think you have paid probably about 7 suddenly grant and if you've gotten the next generation the 997 career for us we think that would have been proud about that 50 grand I enters your car handle like a dump truck compared to those cards that the storm island still 911 it is a lot slower than those cars now and so basically you got a 20 to $40000 discount because your headlights and we'd shaping up the plastic in the interior detriments we can deal yeah yeah brigadier yeah I mean the other thing I like about the 996 is its size nor 911 models have gotten so big in luxurious that they've moved on from sports car into touring car luxury car fact if you go 1 ren lists the Porsche 911 form right now and look at all the discussions about the 991 we find people talking about is did you beat it air vent slats payment in leather what color did you do the stitching on the parking brake boot and that stuff really should matter it's like these people lost the point of where pure sports car should be but the 996 was reasonably sized a nimble not too wide or too long like modern 911 models it wasn't quite as possible is the original 911 but it was still a lot of fun a point I'm now going to prove by taking it out on the road we're driving to 99 stains 6 is worse because now we're headlights it's so all the remnant so we right so what only so it's once everybody so I'm not once good night I the 9 terrible one a long time ago I read a very memorable moment of the night it's right it it's a big bottom and well however over time change my opinion it's extra goes your 6 what it's are do you callers no just 6 that anymore little powers it right in the right right that nmls showing the moment it what right this 30 then I use for Harry now green and it's ereli proven slowly by or your old //

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