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"2016-01-06 11:32:54"
The Unforgettable Presentation 2 Minute Model
\\we we have all been in presentations that couldn't and quickly enough Pat slides the boring tone of voice way too much material and a presenter who didn't even believe in what they would say for the presentation is still an important medium for getting a valuable message across to a lot of people in one day being good at presenting in fact unforgettable Israeli with a it's a good start if you know how you want your audience to feel by the end excited worried challenged spotted I'm used knowing what the target feelings are will tell you how you need to behave which words to use how much to give them and even what palace to grow visuals and here are 3 areas you should focus on a particular the material write down all the things that you need to get across to achieve the target feeling don't be too organized about it get it down come back to it later and take half of it out you'll be left with the real nuggets of your message and when you do get to your feet put your ideas into their hands as soon as you can get their views using their examples noticed that our reactions start with an audience and finish with participants the words try not to waste that is on anything but the words that get them moving in the right direction above all avoid corporate waffles not only would it make to material blend in with the background noise of corporate life it would also make it look like you've pourtant hi and finally the telling our brains deal with ideas like children deal with toys what great at playing with them well around the less good at putting them away in a way that makes it easy to find again so tell a story that people can easily tucked away in their minds it doesn't matter whether you're all about sales strategy copper piping mobile network development project updates customer complaints caps the story is in that for you to bring out real feelings the shortest words a great little story they will remember you //

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