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"2017-09-02 03:39:51"
Artificial Hurricanes to round up for Fema Camp! p1
\\everyone's docudrama wells coming to you from a beautiful tropical paradise and I wanted to mention something very very very important to everybody and it is extremely serious and I all I can say is I just hope it's a bunch of B. S. I really do ... but I've been following this stuff for years since I started on you too I've been following about and the you know the government control then finding out about our birth certificates it wasn't easy about us that our birth certificates being traded on the stock market which is not cool yeah and you know come to find out that you know we we have our birth certificates is a corporation and its registered as a corporation and they're treating us like chattel so that was a shock in itself for me for awhile okay and I'm also been following about the possible control about creating on the FEMA camps all over the all over the country and I've been a big time found they've just been terrible watching his conspiracy ... shows as well I also know many people that live in these different states that live near FEMA counseling I know for a fact that there not be yes okay ... also an ex husband of mine years ago my first acts actually woke me up I'm really grateful for that ... you look me up to the possibility of having seen the camps everywhere and that many sheriff's also resigned from the police and you know decided to just stop working for the police or the police or whatever and because this are finding out that what they're doing is completely unconstitutional and I remember when my ex is in the mail military at the time the marine corps ... they were reading some manual and in the manual it basically said in other training the UN troops in the United States foreign troops the United States and how they how to abide by these rules that they have to leave the UN flag higher than the American flag bush is extremely unconstitutional because in America the American flag is always waved higher then any flag because it is our flag great well this is back in 1988 we read this manual and it was a wake up call for me someone of a wake up call but then I kind of put it away but you know I've heard about the film accounts for awhile and then I'm thinking well how are they gonna get all these people in the FEMA count I mean really because the Americans you know good or bad women we joke about them being floored it and everybody get fluoridated and you know get hooked on to American idol and so forth but really what it really comes down to it the American people are going to fight back because they do not want their guns to be taken away because of some hardcore rednecks which are pretty awesome and is certain states that are just like you know what try to take my guns in other very hardcore and I'll shoot anybody down they don't care because they're they're protecting their low rates okay ... tune but what happens when you have a hurricane hitting your area that is artificial and the reason I say artificial because it was created by Nicholas Tesla read about him Nikola Tesla created and this technology to manipulate the weather and what happened was he added abusing this this technology to do that and also use this technology to spread information through the media that's all the TV shows come from TV shows movies and so forth he was a broadcasting master okay utilizing his technology and the government came in the bankers came and took over his his ... technology and ended up using it for other things now he wanted to use this technology ... to basically help the world and it you know like the people in Africa are certain you know other countries where there were there there's drought mega drought he wanted to actually use this technology to bring rain to their country okay and it was going to be a very helpful way of of health in the world well then there's got a hold of this technology would if they do they're now using that for weather wars in this is been going on for years now but it's really get worse that's why your controls are being pumped into the atmosphere it is for the weather wars right before a hurricane Harvey hit I was getting a mega pressure within my head in my ears and my hearing and my ears were ringing nonstop and I realize it only happens when my ears ring like that it only happens when there's going to be some kind of a hurricane arm or artificial whether going on okay even ... an earthquake and it's because of the what is it Hon you know the the technology right so it went your ears are ringing before the the her a cane or these artificial man made whether that has the EMF via so but how are listless okay if you don't believe me do some research on that look up Nikola Tesla look up hard each a a RP okay and it will tell you everything in this it is proven it is true okay so what they're doing is they're using this her cane Irma or Harvey first Harvey to to ... disintegrate Texas why because taxes are trying to break away from the states because Texas has oil and Texas are the people the majority of the people that live there are hardcore believers in your a your on the second amendment bearing arms you know freedom of expression and so forth our freedom of speech they're not gonna lay down and give their their guns away that easily and the government knows us so what they had to do was create a frickin ... storm called Harvey and now that most these people are homeless now tons of people are homeless in in Texas where are they being shipped they are now being shipped to theme accounts and they're being shipped to Walmart now how first I'm gonna tell you straight up I'm not going to like guys when I heard about the Walmart turn in the female I I I I I I laughed about it I okay I I decide okay this is a little too much this jade helm is a little too much for me I think this is too much fear porn seriously psychoanalytic go and then I thought now I'm gonna focus on you know my reality my parallel reality in creating a positive reality that's what I do right I thought it was kind of a joke and then eventually fought well it's gonna die down it's never gonna happen and then when jade helm thing you know kind of just disintegrated the whole idea about it I thought okay see it was just a friggin fear part well guess breaking one now these people are homeless they have no place to go and it makes them extremely vulnerable and of course you know when these people are vulnerable and I'm sure a lot of them are gun owners they're vulnerable now now where they get ago they have nowhere to go but these FEMA counts or Walmart now now from what I heard anyway there is a video and I'm I'm gonna put it underneath us this video here about a guy who stayed underneath a shelter somewhere like his own shelter I think is house and this reporter said why why aren't you going for help when she going to to the the places you know the shelters were ones going because I do not want to go to the shelters why because what they're doing the salvation army in some other place they're actually killing the people there so something he saw scared the crap out of him that heating you want to go step foot in a shelter you saw people get murdered in there like a fricking concentration camp okay is nothing unusual is nothing new guys it happen in Germany it's gonna happen it's happening again if this is really true okay so they also told the guys I'm also a police officer and he did he want to go to the shelter so it doesn't tell you so what I suggest to everybody please do not go to a frickin shelter do not go to FEMA camp I mean obviously if you are vulnerable you have nowhere to go then you have I mean there's nothing you can really do right and this is exactly what they're doing they're doing this deliberately to make you all powerless so that way they can take control of Rio because they are going to move ahead with their agenda which is that the population agenda and what better way to crack than to create a weather word to make it easier it's so much easy credo whether whether war so that way people can just really give up their guns is a lot easier and then ship them into a fricking camp okay on I hope this is not true I really do and I hope that they in the FEMA camps that they're actually taking good care of the people I really deal ... but according to this guy he said completely different he said he saw people get murdered and that was it for him that's why he ended up wondering McCurry Kane and staying in this house even though he's like you know I mean the he he's freaked out right now he's freaked out so anyway it was on life feed lifestream and he wasn't suppose to say that so they don't want to use on the news or any of that so I want you to check it out before they take it down so anyway here comes another a hurricane called hurricane Irma array and supposing this hurricane is like a category 5 it will grow into a category 5 and if it does hit it might hit this way were later in the carribean here then my hit this way but if not we're gonna know something by Sunday Monday it might just hit and ... desecrate or does I whatever the word is decimate to secrete does genocide would whether weapons okay I'm gonna be checking that I'm pregnant with underneath the link but anyway what they're gonna do is you're going to ruin the whole east coast basically okay if a parent her king 5 is coming your way you need to get the hell out of there you don't just freaking weather the storm and it and wait for things to tend to blow over if it's a hurricane 5 is like an F. 5 tornado get the hell out of there okay but this is this is happening on the east coast now if a not it's easy because and then we got a hurricane Harvey right now there's another Harry Kane that's coming up in this call her aching lid Lydia which is going towards the the Pacific side so it's like they're they're making us it if this is true this like they're making everybody in America vulnerable to a point where okay where you have to give up your guns now and and and have even heard in Oregon that was another thing you know you couldn't you start watching things and things tend to come together and you're like wow okayed now I know how they're going to do this they just passed a one organ that they gonna take the gonna confiscate everyone's guns now there's a lot of horror and there's a lot of hardcore Oregon people that will not do that they it is there like you know what mother after you come to my property I'm gonna blow your ass down their hardcore you know and they should be so what better way again is to start creating these weather wars to make these people vulnerable to a point where it's like oh crowd can you help me all I lost my home you lose your home you lose everything now you need help rate so this is what I'm seeing and I'm I'm checking out on following a lot of things going on with all these other videos here and again I'm not trying to create up you know fear partner anything if anything I am all about love attraction thinking positivity and in creating a whole new reality in life okay but we have to realize are all different parallel realities on the planet that but that I mean sorry many many parlor parallel realities are parallel earths okay so we can go in in so many directions and it has to do with your thoughts your emotions but also following your gut instinct and realizing there's something going on here and I'm not gonna fall into this victim mentality here that's why we left the United States we left that place we knew shit was gonna come down and that place is a very highly controlled area is a very rich country so they're gonna hot afford all the rich facilities to do whatever they have to do to to create ... concentration camps and so forth here Mexico yeah we got crazy shit going on to trust me some discussing suffering wanna bring up a lot of it has to do with the war the war between you know the cartel in you know people the drug people whatever and they they have their nasty thing going on between them but it's not like the whole country house to abide by a freakin ruler or else and because the Mexicans here I'll tell you right now I mean they're very hard core to light that the people of the people here the cops are scared of the people like we have that much freedom the cops are actually afraid of the people like people here actually honk tell the cops to get all the way so we have our freedom there were in there were very powerful and even though they say oh you don't have guns bull shit yes they DO people can smuggle their guns down here AT the problem okay they need guns though use guns I use machetes believe me combined United States now such a rich country all they gotta do is create some kind of panic and ... executive order and before you know it you're under those sounds you got the friggin martial law come in your door breaking down your door bringing it taking you out and throwing you in Phoenix house and that's just it with you okay so the best thing to do is not just watch out for the hurricane watch out for that everything going on is you gotta look for the bigger picture and things you have to you have to look for the bigger picture and it's just so funny how you know the speaker cans are happening all these very canes and we had no idea and they were about to fly out on next week anyway we had no idea we're going to Europe so it's like wow perfect timing right but that's what happens when you're in the vibration when you're listening to your gut for a long time you're following your passion you're feeling happy you're filling vibrant and you're good you're listening to your guides or your intuition any just follow wherever you go you know who are not yet who live in the fear tactic or not tapped in and turned on to the news all the time and we just follow our guide and and we when you lift up your vibration by fall //

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