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"2017-10-10 18:36:06"
Dakota Chief Explains that Grey Horn Butte, aka "Devils Tower" is an Ancient Tree Stump
\\I will move jobs as the the concert and the other Yankton a hunk totally out there ... land ... we have here is the th grandmother treat you like this big avatar 3 that you see in these movies and herb her birth was like 200000000 years ago and over time ... but 50000000 years ago this is what happened you know and the condition that he's in now that's their present day state so there's 150000000 years of of life that she the the ... created here on Mother Earth if you want to visit with her you know no matter where you're at go sit with the tree the because of her roots they go all the way out maybe up to 400 miles out of here and they're attached to each root of every tree that you see on this earth and and these trees they're connected to grass as well the roots of the grass so no matter where you at sit and visit and talk with the tree because I the collective consciousness of all creation the law on conditional love if gonna come back to this tree grandmother so there's many names for her there's many names over the over the centuries and centuries of people that lived here the indigenous tribes they all had a different name based on the time lines that they live so we're talking about 150000000 years or maybe even 150000000 you thought names that she carries does have many names ... we do not recognize the name devil's tower at all because it does not honor her we thought clearly Aussie the //
"2017-09-21 03:44:18"
Chief Golden Light Eagle and Jackie Bird Honor Grey Horn Butte, "the Tree," with Sacred Song
\\I or other good with you took it appeared they were only here with his great grandma tree we're here to honor her and and I give her respect and reverence to issues the recently deserves it I'm a duck FE I just this is my first time ever here must close always drawn by it but it wasn't a vision with time that 2 grandmothers brought me here and it was a big giant tree stump so if I were to offer the strongest thing I could do it would be to offer a secret song so I would like to start some well yeah leann move Hehe all leann little Hehe we don't know so the third shooting here the food there is only there are a place where white buffalo calf woman came to do that to ... liver this gift this sacred bundle to humanity especially to the people of this land and this this bundle that she brought is called juniper so with this you know for the first song that was given in saying to her when she brought brought this into the camp ... was on a song that recognize her law so ... when we sang this and we haven't saying it for years and years with that then ceremony to he came and she said I never heard this song for a long long long time so we wanted to share this song with the they got car you know my of all want out the uprising Mawarannahr long home won't Karajan mall on the and all ... of ... too high Yamaha on the and all while Luke Donald and Marla on-again ... uncle through this is to honor our greatest feature here on and on this land of turtle island white buffalo calf thank you Graham the //
"2017-02-17 04:42:07"
Star Knowledge Conference with Chief Golden Light Eagle in Golden Colorado Feb 26, 2017
\\I'm a duck if you want to introduce our best coordinator miss Jen Berryhill also known as the hot cold washed daily with translates into the ... all beautiful blue all woman in our language so then very healers and and a creative and transformational quotes an alchemist the priestess and part of our Sundance support cautious to soften I was curious how long seeker of truth Janet turned her first our knowledge conference in the year 2010 and became an instance driver to the use of the symbols she love is really benefited from the teachings of the macabre which ha ha really choked up which quickly so now I hearts we he's a demographer and you Michael said that is 0 uses down Gandhi I would even benevolent Michel's presentation native Americans I ... also joining us our knowledge mark in during filming writer 0 this father is the only cure they may have 2012 marking began Somers supernatural experiences she I Harkins mission is to bring unity consciousness and remind beings and they're in I ... how do you and I born and raised I'm this clans are then better water clan braced his abilities learn to channel universal does we're really excited have thunder heartthrobs well it's going to perform his he guided my secrets well on a journey to carry through time Sheldon Virgil and she's or challenging to me is the legacy and inspiration is connected many dots and is ready to give since about one and RO wife there and could start speakers in the power to open portals of good to me start being channels they're the founders of lines my servers Darcy's human angels we sure as grid workers the others for the purpose of receiving higher team learn the secret Tom their presentation open the portal for twin really act I ... now we have surely pull stuff author energy healer speaker jurors all of them they will those on the other side the goal is to give the visual of tools to work with their own this 2 are these so pundits and weakening true sounds surely will be giving the 200 for 2 they should weekend we and the no and press and last but not least Jill la Libert K. I have to how is your personally uses astrology is the guy listen planetary influence to be sure messages 17 a solar eclipse use the hard times metaphors I'm a healthy where reliable and so please join us solar eclipse golden Colorado buffalo round 20 openings hello the army you receive a discount if you find //
"2016-04-30 02:59:55"
Chief Golden Light Eagle's Star Knowledge Gathering Des Moines Iowa June 14 16, 2016
\\I'm a doctor features they give him a cookie one believes Joshua's easy casa I welcome you to the U. mourns star knowledge gathering which will begin 6/14/1516 and and being of the 17 2016 so this is not a conference that stood ... nature and flogged speakers we need you to read could not back to the sunrise the beginning of the basin those but their relatives reconnecting with the birds reconnecting with many of our relations of the I know most people and also to reconnect to the sunsets there any number that Benny's and also we have many presenters that will be there many from the history channel what we call the that being said aliens present prisoners such as Michael the you know all Clifford movie there's only out there and also Thomas Johnson from Ohio along with Ross Hamels 10 and maybe myself okay so also they'll be many grandmothers there there would be teaching about the house ways and ways of the calendar their view of relatives that are going to be singing in that scene was once other musicians there's are also rubric presenting once again the frequencies of vibrations of the 1111 so universal and spiritual laws of creation 1212 universal and spiritual laws of universal mother also 1313 the universal spiritual loss of create toward so from joining join with us at the ceremony of time of the ceremony of attainment also during that movement of what we like to call ... 1212 certainly those ... the suite of the star that's so come and join us where the star now is gathering again the noise Iowa June 14 through seventeenth 2016 so this is see if gold online legal from the star no it's studio well once again I would like to thank the coordinator is the ones that are moving this all the unity church steeple and also with us star backed south family and we'll see you there you gotta create warehouse //
"2015-11-20 17:53:30"
Chief Golden Light Eagle 12:12 Star Knowledge Conference Estes Park, Colorado 2015
\\I'm a duck UP relatives arm she if Golan let you go in I'm here to invite you to come to the 1212 star knowledge conference which should be held in the Estes park Colorado December eleventh twelfth and thirteenth of this year 2015 and we do have speakers who will share their most important aspects of subject matter the feel of them warden for this time there are new idea doesn't.patterns that have been created through their through influences from the holy nation and the star nation than the Senate rounds so many of our keynote speakers have been up there in the public row doing a lot of work in creating their the chains that's necessary for this millennium you could save this age of Aquarius so we don't want you to miss your influences from there are keynote speakers who and what is lower Eisenhower's because she is she's a brick color cosmic mythologist in a global alchemists than a clairvoyant healing practitioner issues also other great granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower the president of the United States so also we have here want me he wanted and there are he's ... he's been here before in the past and you love or of contact these work with big foot I need Greer works with crop circles inches award winning film producer Clifford my hoodie ... zoning out there who has experience star relations as well Michael Lee ... he'll user sort of like a magnet where there are many star visitors rob Chandra back again she is one of our universal telepaths were those I am so cat your affairs she's a beautiful dancer you are are called her remove Nancy and of course Sir experienced our influences channel arms from Jenny marks and with many more beautiful light beans and workers so it says that ladies influencers though with so 2 stars and beautiful star women women ... ... Joan tromping Denny trial long with of the sisters 7 you could say that I will be there though how and now bring their music into your back into your your heart so with that ... we will bring together ... beep beep together to help each other remember where we came from why we came our purpose in our mission to help with the noise of who we really are so the messengers from that place the remembrance will help us in there elective bir people them a toy update our and also the sacred grandmother eek domain of the star clans so these are part of what they're they're helping us with America or members so this ceremony of remembrance we're in we're we're improvident which is also called a universal ocean of reality and while Mukto money is there is the messenger so so he is the messages were there you know where the bear was deep and they came you you could say that Barrett as slumbers this Barrett's remain up time and 8 directions sustaining life from everywhere at once the bear energizes so the planets guards alive chords of humans and nourishes futures of all relations so this this bear is dreaming and what his dream and his work so the gate talking about these gates of dig the gate before dinner I have vision because from my aunt to peer life's mission so and there's a gate that the bear is talking about behind ... McDougal as well of dreams which is the mayor which mirrors pass to the present challenge Spiro gate to the hearings is the right is the language of ships with your ears started ringing song of diva song of diva and a guard guardian angels caution okay that the spiral gate is clear audible left and here is nature spirit songs and the language of the stars and also the gate above the gate above thorncrown silent on cleans the essence of things so for the gate may need the orbit of the mind inception lies wholly thought to physical form so discover then the center pole Chris the gate of souls for all past lives president Bruce ceremony of school mother great gate covers the mall your store this call it opens bears memories of peace time for so mastering the gates of mine opens the river of Christ's lots of snow so the mind of light this filth all your pores so in love all things are possible so Macomb money bends time so the great ocean of reality of many islands many cotton that's many stars in the master's mind can corset sees an angel's heart can when we're treasure so true that Meyer of creation to helping earth recreate herself for the first dream his mother earth are out to this be sure I'm took 1212 star analytics conference next to spark colarado this December 11 twelfth and 13 and bring your heart with you bring your smiles bring your your gifts of healing with you me doc we owe ya see related free members //
"2015-07-07 15:32:32"
Unexpectedly A Man Catches A 90 Pound Sailfish On A 20 Pound Line.
\\a I don't I it's like half that the purpose of fat nnova hit typically around with not enough but what would go a little you know all well I don't really but I think that it it yeah I hope that on that on tape memories got it down to the front desk leader kind of release so 20 minutes before that okay really care at that that can be our days if some all yeah yeah trying to make it more job you that's important there is one right beautiful none of the vote I with this young guys if there is people you can look them in but I think selfish style but he yeah New York and had what it really there okay went to the bank known you can come back both time yeah number I here it looks like a job you know he's really got the line you know what I look if he goes into the mouth yeah we're kind of soaking up every year yeah it did that's and aside he got taken to the March yeah lighting I but in the middle //
"2014-10-28 19:30:38"
Ancient Arts For The Enlightened Warrior- Ninja Training TV Official Trailer
\\ //
"2014-10-15 02:59:15"
Ninja Sensei Starts Fire Without A Match on Ninja Training TV
\\a Hey this is sensei mark Grampian where with ninja training TV or out here today with my ancient skills instructor Josh lame we're gonna be going over some scenario training today and I'm so excited because it always is fun there you go alright so that's what you got UC overnight for you yeah so like palm prints as if you have a knife this is like being on vacation so yeah garlic fire looking here in 20 minutes I think we could or at I breaking her spend all the real important thing is how straight it is close look at that street on and this was deathly got some proof to it's going to really look at this year very turned off color somewhere at that point yeah so ... the next portion will do is make them knocks on the ends get away with just a square knot on this one solid marks may be right there right and then up here you know you've got that not seek work with that you can just look at how you want to be set up you walk a string on that side your bow looks like by the curve of the boat yet natural after say set that up get your not gonna eyeball that Mrs where the art comes into probably enough to justice a little bit alright so here we are markets done a great job getting his basic fire kit set up it's got his hand hold his spindle it's got a fire board set up here and she's worked on this boat as well so he's got a lot of the components we're going to do a little bit of fine tuning now and we've also been gathering some things that will help us as we go mark is working on honing his legal right now so it's gonna go really easy once you start to work on making a fire each is trying to make nice short going all the way around so when users that on the Firebird suite catch real easy it's one thing you often don't see on survival TV shows is how much work it takes to actually get you're both explain all set up to their attention and it should be a little bit of struggle actually get that on to the boat to get signed yes you get tightness nursing trips to to the wreckage of the 2 but I look sick Marx got a great set up there so mark as burned in his hand told Scott that set up he's got fire aboard burned enough that it's been also not going to fly out of there let's just deepens you have to go and you burn it and the next thing we have to do is make it not so I should be there what well looks like we're ready to try this thing out so wish me luck correct post ever grip the bottom great no what alright you can see it smoking on its own you get indication of where Scott of course that's what we look for it when he stopped smoke contains no it more well the call out earlier there you go just meet fire so this is what we accomplished a call from here we would put it into a tender bundle that we would make up but we have a high of fire advisory around where we're at in the woods today and we don't wanna cause any problems by leading fire but as you can see we've got smoke so we've actually made fire and it didn't take that long so go well try this at home try different types of words have fun with this and I am from the past with what you've told me boat drill is one of the best where's the start fire especially if it's a way environment because you can get the most friction possible what really was me they're happy and he told me to take not my hand on the string string was starting to slip and that really changed everything for me because I just took my hand push down with my thumb tightness string itself it grabbed on to the spend all I could feel the friction again and I kept that spindle moving so I am I love it //
"2014-05-25 21:24:39"
Chief's Son, 7th Generation, Speaks "NO MORE GMO's!
\\but even during a hobby my data feed sorry we have enough we are here we are we are here they there they want you to know that we are starting to organize the former leader we want our parent the world corporations later don't try to stop but we've already won in your home the thing with the publisher at generation Y. that is what we are here to make right corporate power and pollution chemical pollution agriculture GMOs indigenous sovereignty unfair wealth distribution that one perfect human rights and freedom women's rights returned uptake recover very checking in the environment corrupt world leader eternity indigenous plants water and mineral corporate desecration of the light fracking GMOs big oil nuclear radiation marketing during all the rain forest you could but it's really easy with which so people look immunity and pick something that you love and protect and that you want to change for me it was GM on taken literally wiped out the entire human race they cause infertility by the third generation they polluted Roy the environment the fourth time the amount that 5 regular agriculture you're dealing with the people the world feed would apply you are going to share why and how the generation wave of global change your uncle I I currently live on call I it is not only one of most beautiful place on earth is also very important place for the evolution and revolution of the seventh generation quite a secret site on the north shore called insertion point is a Stargate where every song earnestness through from the Pleiades so every song earth passes to the core I. sorry third dimensional world on the northwest side is the jumping off point this is where every soul leaves the planet to return to so quiet the portal to both begin and end our journey honors many elders say the quantity is move the motherland I know that's no Maria the heart of quaint mountain by all the other giant in 10 of that broadcast to the world ancient coats every membrane who really are quite an ancient of light love and truth this means that what happens on Hawaii can change being tire world this is why the GMO corporations are finding it so hard to stay here and take over clients known as ground 0 for Jean quite how their central laboratory for over a few 0 acres paramount to achieve crops these are experiments not far using quite a Petri dish to test new GMOs and this is made many people who live near for sick there are a lot of kids I know who live by the fields and asthma and burst of so pesticide drift from the GMO test fields blows over their town so we stood up to GMO corporation this one we got together with the council members were a bill to 49 want to make the GMO corporations Telesis there spring and experimenting with uncle I increased buffer zones it took months of protest marches in hearings of over 4000 people testifying 50000 petition signatures in the mono March of 4000 people GMO corporations Faunus The Boston paid workers to occupy hearing rooms ran ads for millions of dollars hour untruthful threaten the sue us and called us terrorist streamers and fog for a peaceful and loving demonstrations I testified 3 times before quite counseled to represent the seventh generation in support of the bill I slept on the ground outside the county building we stood as one and we won we passed the bill nnova leaders in this movement tearful whatever you guys do today what you doing right always going to have a not only in Hawaii not only pays throughout the whole you got it there were no art called all of veto the bill and sold us out of the corporations now the bill goes back a cool white county council in if it gets 5 votes they will over ride the marriage veto and pass the bill anyway I will be there again justifying marching in making sure the summer generation has a voice you see us kids are not old enough to vote but we can make sure we speak up to the council meetings to make sure our voice is in the political the seventh generation uncle why it's getting organized we have learned how to be heard and we have mastered the art of politician photo op for political leaders love photos of so we have learned how to use that here are 2 of my friends holding the mer accountable as he stands there in the sure trying north up there is no ignoring us a generation has come the gathered to Creech why it will happen globally it has already happened globally kawaii made headlines around the world it's just the beginning because of the chemo executive testified at a county hearing 2 weeks ago their worst fear is that cool I will inspire other can you in early 2014 I am launching global non connect it teach seventh generation under 18 how to make their voices heard change things locally all of it takes is one awake kid in every town city county and country start gathering their friends you can find us on Facebook Akers is called because the earth if you software upgrade to the seventh generation changing the operating system of planet so kids stand up wake up parents port us Dr lista political meetings and don't try to stop us or we will re bell seventh generation is awake we are empowered with universal free will and it is our free will decision change things for the better with love uhhuh I want to thank all of you for loving and supporting the seventh generation has been changing world we are here we are awake and we love that one it's time for a change in management with who all my relatives aloha and the top 3 A. O. ya //
"2014-01-14 20:16:42"
Hidden Human Knowledge of the "Elongated Skull" Leigh McCloskey
\\we are the embodiment of this great library that we are the embodiment of this great question what does it mean human and now the relationship to the ancestors elders are saying now you're ready for the chapter guess what you don't come from not knowing you come from a vast no and this quality began to tell me a story that's going to hurt name is tore M. it's the same images in the floor and starts to re emerge it's the story of the elongated head and the story that we didn't come from not knowing that we essentially thought we were elegant thinkers beautiful thing we saw creationism type of beautiful symphonic of question was because we were not artists we were not creative at this we knew too much creative to be creative you have to forget and explore the nature of being human you have to be willing to enter the world intimacy it means you have to figure out if I don't remember then what will I find that allows me to endure and that's why the story of tour is that we've been doing this for some 18000000 years according to the south of narrative and that it was too give up this ancient way of knowing this has to do with the goddess this has to do with this loss of the knowledge of the image primordial ones of the elders because they retained the knowledge we turned away from the knowledge because we wanted to make earth our first mother because when we came here in ancient of ancient times we didn't want to stay here it was too far away from where things were happening and the key was well how do we make this blue jewel what's the opportunity the opportunity here is we can sustain the illusion of separation we can't believe that we are not connected long enough for each us to be born into these worlds of separation and through effort to trial through alchemy finally hold a relationship that says arses my first guy is where I seek to I no longer seek to return to the stars is an ancient god that was then this is now and then like a tree finally connecting to its roots it says yes you turn you grow out of the soil of unimaginable depth stopping at the floor and saying I have no roots you have roots and that's really what this is getting the roots are going to turn out to be very very deep indeed and that only our so called creative arts where we're not told we have to believe anything well open up that song because once you grow up you don't need to keep getting it right utilize Mozart never got a right to get a few P. //
"2014-01-09 01:26:14"
9 Minute Laughing Yoga Meditation With the Laughing Guru Yogi Ramesh: Heal Yourself
\\who then come good morning as the star noticed conference I grew you'll hear image in Latin mass tries talking my journey but about 5 years old in India and I come from this picture family and I found my heart open it took 40 years to open my heart now hard is the joy I love and peace be auto do mine costly consciousness I have privilege to be here the great native Americans masters and enlighten people and to do the veteran day I wish all the best to all my soldiers to sacrifice for America grade did to celebrate and enjoy and bless them but do my journey so I just need a prayer for do you mind he'll no body and mind who'll rooms and I'll put it to say no we're not to have you dumb god of love I hear is the just in awe what he must do ma this Shaba he whom Sean Shawn P. Sean the I mean bomb the spring and I have money you do of all over the board I teach laughing yoga laughter is the best medicine and see that you have from the newspaper get their son best medicine so you need to laugh more breed mortar can live hunted yes healthy and happy your attacks on excite so I am here you don't need to go to India find Goodall I live in palm the spring I brought over the work to enlighten people and though what is your date to celebrate life we'd be happy opening your heart I shake your body that mistake Jake Jake shed love the Vulcan logic check job not not vote check Jake Jake love love love bank check check check not drugged up I ... yeah I'm happy I'm bringing home a home loan of 3 humn very well by Hoagy high up you know I un nothing America to plug in 14 that's my goal Obama got me 7 DVD I'm try to enlighten America because I love you all now how to get to that stress heart disease cancer all this do these prevention of internal bleeding or defeat so be it then it out haw yeah own Nnamdi yeah here give are doomed knows I get yeah no no no you get your head of the low tech Ted know though the thing that I do it I think and good I ... now not that the best medicine not for no reason so again in the morning dress shirt you've had enough ha one can now yeah yeah yeah now through hit you hard numb and stomach do these for fit Paul Paul ha ha ha we were laughing look to your sword who nodded Dick Solomon la or do you all think that you are the deepest of that pain you have to purify you mind by telling the court not you know the I up and die Eugene you want to look young blonde nafta you know boom warm water on I 4 great I have a special pink called nothing but happy but done on apple and Google free of charge go go on Google to happy button hook CEO here delta formed after god why being gone that few gem don't take any pills paid well you did nothing before the word you take all appears Bruce had a side effect so don't take particular ethnic group well hoping I'm a happy I up a lot of I ... no dance time off you're not dead set ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no my fig each other in la who owns here can't deal Barton and not well no no I'm bye bye and now yeah I'm a happy home free hope none I'm hoping I un I do hot after our goal means greeting harming breath in Hawaii he's fit to be even I ... moon you were not $200000000 imagine $0 none didn't after for the stomach problem hit him hit him dunk you down through the ... I ... 9 to the best for mind and heart north town breathing against such side after served not a people get they don't breed the appropriate Malpensa la home how do I I'm on home hoping to all I know is I ... you need not I'm not ha ha ha ha ha ha ha old ha ha ha home on the up poll now breed known that moon yeah Moule or live more to medicine 500 you're slaving I have read center and bomb the spring are so I teach in Downey all over the board if you have any parties I can go ahead detain you your party that laughing at the best medicine right here who don't believe megalodon newspaper writes I have a DVD from Hawaii nothing you got gospic yoga I've this show my program in Germany Japan bun B. get terrified told people have seen me all over the word because I'm here to enlighten I love you I love you I love god god god god the low enough the of them love not my dear thank you laughing you'll I love you and I'm very happy happy new year happy ... Christmas and merry Christmas and happy veterans day that celebrate life may come at it a happy thank you Alan why do the stock all that's gone friend view love you I ... thank you so much and nothing 4 to 1214 be happy thank you //
"2014-01-07 09:43:09"
Best UFO Footage- They Are Star People, "We Know Who They Are" Unci Keya
\\I am here to remind you that we are indeed preparing to go through a shift I where I live and for those of you who have been on my land a year you will know that when we do ceremonies there it's not uncommon we have visitors and we oftentimes have a lot of visitors when we come out of there via Nupedia sweat lodge on my land sometimes I will tell you guys to be sure to look up and sometimes you do and when you do you might say a kind to gauge taking your prayers to be heard as per those of you did a bit of my land I've got they have some new pics HM I there'd been hearing these like nnova there he earned that and we all right outside me say hi we get so excited and we say Haidar star relatives to reach her P. O. yachting the star people and sometimes we sing songs to them little things like you guys Perry do it better than the magic of their peace we chalk yeah yeah yeah you love whom you come puppy love it you need a flash their lights and get all excited and happy because her calling them start people McCollum UFO commuter unidentified we know who they are and sometimes still do these little buses in the that means again mark here but that also means I'm going to give you a gift and what they do is they send messages down and they've been doing this for years so ya think there had to go through all that suffering and all this stuff to learn all these tricks newness healthy stuff and I did and I didn't understand all the things about the environment in the foods and diet and this and that they went through it be careful which pray for and I did and I learned but those guys came in and helped me understand it in a way sometimes very beautiful pictures taking you into like a journey in the inner Thatcher but he thought they would take me in their new show me all these pictures and the pictures might be things like ... endorphins running around trying to find a place in your brain so they can turn the paint off or how to produce endorphins I heard like get up and move you have exercised things over which food to help with that show me pictures of that they did all kinds of fun things to hope and for years and years and years I've been sharing this information and for years and years and years have been people coming so stick so very very sick and sometimes it's just minor to simple things lugar that doctor out there and what is he do he gives you some thing many have to give you something else to counteract the side effects to set you know enough sometimes they're pretty good at night you know if we live in this country and we do and we have some acute care issues you fall break your leg I am so blessed to be here they can rush you to shock trauma the do miracles things but when it comes to long term chronic illnesses I feel cheated in Robson the star people help a lot they want you to know that's true the clock is ticking and I have been saying this and those been coming to my land how many times you've heard that if you have heard this statement before clap your hands we're running out of time everybody you know touch it time's up that hit the party's over it play is over it is time to go to work how many times have we heard that anybody scream yell holler I'm here it have you heard it that's exactly where we are we have no more time party play is over it's time to go to work get serious course life is too serious to take it too seriously and we want to make sure that we do it weekly and right and and in good form so that we can be prepared to go through the ship I will guarantee you you can make it a lot easier on yourself if you do so how do we do that get rid of all the petroleum based off that tall toxic to get rid of hairspray to basically surprised all those things and get down to very simple get rid of the stuff it's just stuff get rid of that and the other thing you might want to do is clean up your diet really get serious about it quickly ... and quick turnaround comes about it doesn't take long usually in 4 days most people film wonderfully better //
"2014-01-06 20:41:01"
Traditional Dakota Sundance Song Story- Chief Golden Light Eagle
\\okay but good morning that song that you just heard is a very beautiful song and a you know a lot of the songs in all cultures and ... across this land they have stories that go with them there's a dream of that that belongs to every song so this certain are song that you heard ... I I I heard 2 stories that went with this so I'll just tell you one of the versions Dow there was these 2 young people you know as you know and and if you go back into your own life and see yourself as a very young person are you consider if you want to ... there are days to young people grow up together they gripped this young boy in this young girl in the group together and very found them they were in love very much in love and they kept their love very sacred and this young man when it became a young man he became a Sundancer Sundance for the people whose family and and that's buttons today it's a way of of praying for good how are your circles where the for from year to year now this this young man who Sundance and that girl would always be there and supported and prayed in the background Tim parade and so as they got older and matured a little bit more he wanted to marry this girl so when he proposed to her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her she stole while to prove your love you I want you to go into the next ... warpath on the next war path so that's what happens when the young man when under pony raids in all this through though next caps he left with the next group and upon their return he was the one that was absent and he was killed so this young girl was very hard sh broken and felt very sad and bad about what happened because she blamed herself for putting them in a position to prove his love and it cost them his life and also cost her her life so at one time when the camp was together in there we're going to do their ceremony early in the morning they heard somebody singing upon those cliff and one day they looked a scene of this young girl she is dressed in her finest books can she was dancing singing the song that you you heard but she was dancing backwards for the chief centers fast runners because they knew what she was doing and it seems that the runners together but by the time that they got there she valve to her death so the song saying that through the song she was singing there was a man that I treasured very much and I almost expect him to be here for this of became one of our ceremony song so when we have ceremony at home a lot of times when they sing this song their grandmothers but know the story of the women that know the story they come and they gather around the drum and they sing this in the memory of this lesson that we need to learn conditions of love not necessary for unconditional is what's important not expecting anything but giving for I wanted to share that little message to you with few from the ways of the singers //
"2014-01-02 18:33:53"
Laura Eisenhower's Mars Recruitment Story Confirmed by Satellite Photos,CNN,TIME
\\my name is Lauren the great granddaughter of do I do 2006 something very interesting happened to my path I ended up meeting somebody at a gathering that offered me a opportunity to go off planet in 2006 I was recruited to go off planets to ... of Mars the planet Mars like people don't believe me I get you know mail all the time you're dis info you're crazy blah blah blah and you know it doesn't phase me at all it actually makes me stronger ... in a lot of ways because you know truth does it need believe it just is it just that doesn't require it doesn't feed on anybody doesn't steal that's right Dodge foundation Mars one is trolling for pioneers to colonize the red planet you just have to be at least 18 years old reply and at first when I heard the term going to Mars or Mars colony I thought it was some thing way in the future some great idea that was going to become more public must 1 with established human settlement on mas in 2023 what would it take to get you to leave earth forever and I didn't really understand the roots of it or why I was even involved or even passed our requirements are very different from those of the of the normal actually dawn they shovel bloodlines easily say no to you and go on with my very life and I wasn't quite that easy these people are going to stay there the rest of their lives I ended up moving to North Carolina and becoming a partner with this person moving my kids and as I got more integrated into this lifestyle with this person this Morris recruitment kept coming up and it kept getting even more ... urgent and more extreme as far as how important this was that we would go I got emails talking about the target date 2012 emails that were mentioning technologies like Lookingglass technologies things called arrange cube things that were just sort of blowing my mind like this is out of a movie or something your rifle marsh you will find the head of the whole settlement on the planets but it's not finished yet it's not your new home yet sort of first all here you will be doing a lot of construction my I before to humans even lead from earth there's a water and a brief will air waiting for them as the target date is 2012 I recognize that this was something pretty ... well set up and for me to walk away from this was going to be easy as I thought I found out 6 months into the relationship that he was sent specifically to draw me into this recruitment while this whole time I just thought that I've run into a person that was involved in going to Mars and I had the option to go or not go and when I found out that I specifically targeted to go and that if I were to leave that I might be kidnapped or take it anyway I knew that I was doing something very happy and it wasn't feeling positive whether or not I was going to go and inflict causative ... because initially I thought well this doesn't sound like a terrible thing to protect the human genome I just know I the mission on earth finding out that this wasn't a manipulation of the site up to program the people involved to happen believe that they're hoping he was where a lot of very well intentioned people I was seen getting caught up in an agenda that is not sitting US is humanity up //
"2013-12-30 18:50:35"
Leigh McCloskey Painted His Whole Room "Hieroglyph Of The Human Soul" in 3-D! Try It From Home
\\this story of the apple story of birds and origin creation will take us and that's why as we move toward the story of the ancestors of Sophia here we see the chalice and this is what we had with the light above the but here we see over the spines of the books of religion we'll see how that on each spine is unique beauty and there's a unique story and what's very important symbolically is that it's saying this is a live birds are things being lost but that we've journey through all of this because we were bringing forth the grails the chalice of human wisdom which wasn't one tradition or one time when people but actually a condition that when we return home we can actually engage in that's what you could put your hand on me in the mouth of the serpent Joe the hand this over here on the other side and one becomes the loop of infinity to see how with the out pouring of this this is at the center of this story is the symptom this innocence of creative and when we look into its mine we'll start to see how the story is this drop of the encyclopedia of religion meaning that that this drop of human curiosity wasn't something simple but something so profound a remarkable that we needed all the spines we needed all the time and we journey through all of these ages creating a form and a tradition that would finally let us say now this is family and I'm the out pouring of all of this and that's what we'll see story of the blossom the story of Sophia the mother of generation and she's going to show us this story she says in my belly you see the child and I remind you that to be human is to be as a child you don't remember who you are and there's a reason for that because in not remembering he would take this water of infinite possibilities incident generation finally through beauty connect the seat hard to blossom and that's why above her we see the boss and here in this painter and again it's interactive everything here is interactive meaning it's we engage so anyone standing here at the left of the line quality feminine the right the masculine discernment come together within our human form and we stand as the circuit as the chalice and here we hold our blossom what's important in terms of this blossom we also see how we bring the 2 qualities of mind gather meaning love thought energy inform masculine of salmon and to take this adventure movie and when we do that finally we can lift this story the blossom also we hope here and if we think of the cost of perspective or the the electron as it stands that if we know the location we don't know the speed and if we know the speed we don't know the location and this is a bit what happens here to know our blossom we do not see our energies but here we turn away from the blossom and we turn inward we see her and the story of the goddess of the veiled one of Lilith live within this story is the one who sacrifices herself so that both Adam and eve can be innocent of what they are and who they are so that they come to this world to learn intimacy and to be intimate one has to forget and she says I dissolve the illusion of the illusion therefore I availed myself I turned myself and worried until you could blossom and carry the truth that if you look at me one way then look at the one way another way and realize I am one this is the layering of the psyche told through art in a fixed form that takes us back to our primary language of pay storytelling imagination and that's what I think we really can blossom we realize I like the story and that's why sample because we'll see here flow up over spines in my family photo albums and I'm convinced the ancestors in ancient times if you see her as family we're all one we know our connection but we were so curious we took one of this possibilities unique creation the sense of well who am I that in all of this took a bite from that apple we turn the corner and as we did as I like to put it she turned herself in work until we can the blocks //
"2013-12-19 04:50:47"
Leigh McCloskey "The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul"- Humanity Ascends
\\well I do feel that when we start thinking in terms of a line getting somewhere the outcome of if only I had then really do start thinking in terms of the circle of the wheel in this comes directly from my work with the tarot and the men dollars that come from my painting Phoenix rise it's all about is gathering of the wheel sitting in the library is very important in domestic space because the library is a place of senseless you don't draw a line in a live branch and for those guys and against those guys those of the good offices of the bad authors you realize the conversation about being human super innocence exceeds anything you could actually nailed down his house just in conversation than that and that's where I think a sense of theatre comes in handy is why Shakespeare sorrowful because you start to see more women were all always embody not just one side of the question but the entire question like a multi faceted jul and when you understand that you do think more like an actor you think ... not ... he's the villain of the piece it's almost like well done your Vinton is quite convincing because your villainy is forcing me to be more heroic I keep wanting you to change but I realize that's not your job your region third you give me the opportunity to change thank you very much you know we start to honor that it's not so fixed it's not a religious empires or spiritual hierarchical relationship now it's the round table it's that we each of bringing in unique capacity unique character this is why it's important to really honor the fact that whether it's the ancients the indigenous the the the elders to the movie or people of you know from all these different religions traditions were all on this end people who don't have a sense of Gandhi McCombs host beat the SP start Tarkio well everyone is vibrating with this sense of we have to tell a different story and that's why for me it is the library that stars to say we are each woven of this this with the DNA shows a side we were we all go back to one woman which is really beautifully that is eve mother wasn't there really is a story of that that has been this journey outward on to the spear that went into all these territories all these lives and in a way to stick close to the earth makes it impossible to ask questions that once you leave you know you can't drove drill a hole through a sacred entity you would not do that but once you throw awful there's no sacredness to that mountain you can go right through that puppy and you have to look at that as layering not those who was the good guy who is the bad guy to finally understand the sense of no one would look on the vertical tree we're going to see this great story that we are all part of it and then all the tribes all the traditions all the people we're taking on like the spin of electrons a different part of this enormous conversation but that it was weaving together I really believe of a story that says at the end of the day we're going to look at our ancestors we're going to look at all tribes nations whether we agree or don't agree personally or have an opinion about what we would like a wooden and we're going to step back and look at it as we would part and understand that wait a minute that creation possibility here was so rich so deep we didn't want to just ask in one contact we wanted to ask it in all these contacts but finally when we stand together each of book each with our tradition also on your brother I'm gonna use this Chris you carry part of the story I can't may I be worthy of the part of the story I carry for you because after all were family and your hero I'm hero you endured and we humans have had it so hard people talk about where they're going to put you know it's it's hard to be human it's really painful and we have to come to terms with that because it's not certain things get out of the pain and actually it's painful gone all of its because we miss so much of the 2 story of who we are because we long for someone else or something else can't touch or don't know and so we live our lives in waiting and we hope that the future ancestors tell us but they have sisters now Sega standing near roots standing on the vertical like a totem pole your face grows out of the face of all those that came if your mouth with your eyes your humanize your human mouth your human heart tell a story worthy of the human heart human my mouth not just for yourself but for all time all generations and I like that story better and that's when the ancestors show up they say yeah you're including and you not figure out which one of us was long anymore you're saying you know what what a dance what an amazing dance because for all the pain wow what beauty what meaning what struggle what humanity I like that I really do I like that I think that I really look forward to the day where we go isn't it great to be I don't need god I don't need goddess I don't need more I am here I've put my staff from here I growers that route of this and if I die and I just return to the soil that's fine and I don't need more I don't need the promise of more this is it and I think that's going to be I think we know this we just need to tell ourselves it that's why I have the galleries here it's really to get people to remind each other so much more Cape and powerful term and by the stories we cells and we tell one another that's when the knowledge of the mother she says I love all my children I give no one the right to brutalize any of them for any reason all his energy there are no evil Adams if you don't mind the stories you're telling tell better stories begin with the story you're telling you about who you you are I love you you are creation you are holding told and you're finding a way home //
"2013-12-16 01:05:12"
Apache Wisdom Keeper Speaks on Star Knowledge and Time Travel and Dematerialization
\\this is cool time travel so this is a consequence of this particular worm hall that connects the also tunnel connects the block called that sucks space I mean matter Putney and the white hold that image topped energy and so this little tunnel that exodus that connects these 2 universe moves I'll keep reality described it as sea Einstein Rosen bridge that allows people to go into parallel universes and people that have been having a ball on your planet right now trying to develop alternative energies have actually been musing about Keanu Reeves scientific research to come to the point where this work drive and the space craft are not something that only the Air Force Heiser only NASA has but to chew well have available to you and what this will allow you to do that is what I do and what off planet dies and what is that what you saw the first pitcher and what is sad time travel and how does that happen you go between the dimensions and how do you do that you use the Einstein Rosen bridge and you transmit so it is very very possible and this is a war problems we sat that carries light at it goes at light speed it carries objects rather 96000 miles per second so your frequency we mentioned by and will be we mentioned 1000 hurts like cycling back I hope you can stay with me little her we mentioned that by you know the of the human ear hat for you to hear it has to be below 1000 hertz if it rises above one house he hurts you can't hear it that is a sound that is so high and frequency scale that you can't hear it when that sound hits that high frequency if there is a molecular structure that is going vibrating at that high frequency you're now talking about going between the cracks in the world menu talking about missing time you're talking about time travel and you're talking about invisibility so when your frequency hits that rate that's when you become invisible bird once already always wanted invisibility cloak they already have it this beautiful scientific studies where they made plans and coke cans appear and disappear so you know they're already doing it it's already happened here in your science labs so if it's happened here on earth what do you think has happened out in the thirteenth dimension beyond so how are off planet getting here materialize Hindi materializing how are they doing that this is how they're doing in there D. materializing they're altering their frequency their use teens brain residences through using Alconbury work tried and what do sue spinning in terms of the energy that is hitting you you've seen in other presenters where they have discussed the X. rays and the microwaves and P. gamma rays well I deal with gamma rays and I have a lot of gamma rays through my home that some scientists have command and measured and to have gamma rays you have to go way beyond 1000 per se how do you get way beyond 1000 hertz well that's what we're sharing with here //
"2013-12-15 04:39:17"
Joe Plum, Magical Bard from a Lineage of Bards Performs Original Poetry
\\if you wish I shall sing for you a song of Brighton chat I will weave a web of silver strand I can call to mind enlightened innocence with which you may travel free across is gracious land but first he must work against the veil of darkened catchment you must draw back the curtain with a steady yet unseen had you must conceive into souls directed and spent by believing in words that only the heart can understand during this time of lost remembrances with a greater dream forgets a lesser man we're all in danger of living our lives shadows bound up and blinded been flattened by the contours of what these servers world's demand that is why when I am old I want to stand on the motions edge when the first dorms at the season have come to beat the land with 100000 miles of wind just like a giant fist on a mighty drum that is why when I leave this earth it will be beneath the foaming waves of different C. to merge again with the ancient currents of a surging faith that have person along crisscrossed inside of me yes someday I shall fall asleep on the rising tide with salt and sand in my hair and when I wake again on the other side I know I'll find both an angel and a devil waiting there earthly music quickly becomes just so much noise without the proper harmonies to make the rhythms clear that is why I choose a place and day that your ego dies would drop the host of heaven near many times I myself I've been drawn to clouds folded on the horizon only to find the day where mountains giants CPM and breathing inside them if you come to stand on the edge of the high plains of creation the Vista that opens up above holds no need for explanation so drop your burdens in the valley leave your reasons among the people below climb the peaks carrying only your courage speak with the ancient ones who control the show how to turn this world into feeling and that feeling interworld and thereby reveal and understanding whose meaning is likened unto a pearl for all around and internal irritation and digested memories grow secreting a wealth of pain that few of us if any ever come to know until high on a ridge dividing joy from sagas with the crosswinds of eternity never cease to blow there to the swing gates of no tomorrow's the timeless pathways of vital energies blow crossing themselves in on wonder as a momentary void intersects an infinite playing weaving us in unison with a moment of splendor after which no one is ever quite the same rise up and step into the larger arena circle with the movement of the sun pull your hands together in a gesture a prayer for everyone prepare to enter the incident per no time at all you'll find that the spirit of life has come and then all that is left to be brought into balance the angels what do wants our journey is done and when for you the night sky becomes a foreign country as the ground air begins to cool and the poor bake you take all our positions while the rich pay no make my most precious jewel then for you to travel within west take up with another in order to please the guards waiting at the borderline put a pass into the threshold that realm of no dominion takes a fresh and portable sacrifice each and well every time and when the angels come to build their city in the clouds with the hope that you'll be there even though your body lie still stretched out upon the ground in 18 unspeakable despair know now that your spiritual rise with the morning mist kiss the sun warm there are those who peed and character pressed Moscow elsewhere to insist they truly care yeah human beings are battlefields then we must become overgrown with weeds so that all the bodies that have died but whenever buried can turn now into flowers who was someday be dropping all their seats if the sun is rising to chase away the dark been very soon the inner earth will again be harming as he's clouds of blindness begin to part and the gods of war put bin for ever fighting show find a new conflict visited upon their hearts a conquest who struggles and in silence alone amid their own products highest mountain tops by living in human landscape with choices to be made the price of healing wounded innocence this never quite completely paid unless the geometry of the situation gross honestly from the matrix born of instinctive faith so that the opportunity to strike a reflex blow in the name of glory can without hesitation be ultimately allowed to escape //
"2013-12-15 00:28:14"
Chief Explains Why We Have All Forgotten- Star Knowledge
\\Fuhrman twin flames I give you a hint over here your grandfather over here your grandmother in front of you is your holy father behind you your holy mother above use them you mystery father be lawyer the mystery mother you are the 7 flame so they they are away from way generations back thousands and thousands of years of knowing thousands of years of knowledge thousands of years of love that's your job now one of the reasons the wire we can't remember is because we forgot so simple that so we have to learn to remember because that's why we're here we're trying to remember help each other to remember if you got the gifts use lines them how help each other then we have through this time is we have a twin rainy and that's a lot of people confuse that with your soul mate you have a twin ram that's the ultimate that's beyond anything so remember that this is that time of remembrance this are part of just a small part of the 1212 energies because they do talk about the 1212 which is the 12 lords of like the 12 lords of darkness and they're both working in god's plan because you need both of them for a balance right you can't have one scale be without the other so we it's all in balance now we're learning as well that there is more to this and we're learning that through working with the petroglyphs on the walls down here of the people down here all our relatives it could be you know the ways of encouragement reincarnation process sometimes you go someplace you don't know why but you've been a part of that if you want to serpent mound you know maybe you went to someplace that drew your attention that's part of this who you used to be and you're quite cat quite understand what it was wired draw you there but you're part of that so retaining German remember learning to remember so the spirit has us at this time working with the petroglyphs and working with the people that know all so that we could learn as well because we don't have everything it does though it's so amazing how things were at that time and understandings are so different from the way we are today we are people were back then thousands here where toxic the vacant over here though deal if they lived and set foot in this air they went live more in the day because way back when the air was so pure back then of the air was the water was so pure so peer their bodies were like it generated like no one liked to use the word ugly no good cavemen they're intelligent you know so intelligent weekend you figured out yet so we have to remember for this video many Marxist Kansas star knowledge TV //
"2013-12-13 21:58:46"
Opening Ceremony 11:11 Palm Springs Star Knowledge Conference
\\the first of all I'd like to say welcome to all of you to the star knowledge conference here in our palm springs California those of you out in other parts of the world Walmart coscon ... Mukasey Donia all those things that move from here through all of our planet and beyond we're here to ... shares much of our wisdom experiences sard teachings as possible with all of you and for those who also have come to share yours with us as such your arm a variety of teachings here we have wisdom keepers of the indigenous nations we have our medicine people we have bar clairvoyance we have ... ... dream interpreter so we have a lot of different varieties of of experiences here we have those who work with us donations those who work with the cloud nations the animal nations the elementals ... the children especially those who who share all of that knowledge with the children that's very important we're here to ... mention to you that it's all about work we have what wisdom and knowledge we have to pass that on forward to the next generations so that's the purpose of this because as human beings we are here to ... fulfill our sacred responsibilities to Mother Earth so she can take her place in creation owners say good morning to all you crazy people ... US chiefs from the north would like to welcome the elders of the south here because we're in their environment and their essence in their spirit land Mister Pete Jackson could you please come up thank you I like to you are I'm really glad to be here with you on me the honor and also tear really say welcome to the world to this type all conference it is time that we come together such as this one regardless of color because of who we are it is our calling and we must heed to that and it is a profound honor for me realizing that at this moment not just you in this room of which I wholeheartedly welcome but all those that are streaming live and I give a great hello to those that are in Alaska who are streaming in a large way and had them I honor you on this day for it it is you and the frequencies are not of all those that are present on this the Mother Earth that we're going to allow for this next phenomenal step the most important part is that ... we the truth is we are all spiritual beings here on this earth we're in this wearing this physical body where we are are all immortals her soul never dies goes on and on and it is a time of the feminine a time for the man to balance the feminine within him and a time for the woman stand strong solid grounded it's our time to help birth mother he'll she is our mother a feminine side of us of all of us I'm are among no more of a family I'm I'm glad to be here with you so we can continue our journey and do spread the world without our knowledge from Mars Starbright others so that we can all become one again in every effort they were doing at this time I want to say they are prayer in Zuni and we do this at all our meetings all our gather is all our spirituality and and basically what I'm asking for is for that star brothers and the other is to their the people of us that have gone before us and also the ones that have been with us to open our hearts and opened the gate ways so that we can have better understanding okay out down there on I I took it back to you on that issue and I agree yet on the quick enough or now and ... at the bar is a montage you know Charo me in the can no way they'll they'll get ... goes from the day woke up gonna homeless up our product to Abu Abbas who a whole 9 yards the whole 9 all you kids out there who came to know about the ... well lucky because the owner a lot and I up because they're a late the night can DO sure auto by ugh I know do you think we isha month day yeah Hon opened the ban on it is about that than I can look at them they all mob that true that Ghana's that there wasn't there because I'm a I'm from up by my taken into account but those have been on their luck and got them on I under because I shake cash in my thoughts on and they would then on there they're gonna miss sonic same consumer is gone quiet I'm them for the early on in the bottom of the hole in the toilet Chadic and not they are components so it does have done the job by my Nick Annika era Kenneth daily and up now on the open that big declined our our lepta ... that too thank you for this fall video melamine Cisco to star knowledge TV you //
"2013-12-12 03:57:39"
Important Message from the Dolphins to the Human Race- Listen Up People
\\even the spinning when they spin in the air I tried to do it I try to mimic everything they're doing and I couldn't get up out of the water no matter what I tried so then the dolphin sent me the message they said we live in the water and we leap up and spin in the air but you live in the air so dive down and spin in the water and they were right you get a little nauseous when you first start doing that you but ... then you get really good that you can go fast so of course they demonstrate so much kindness and compassion they're always taking care of each other they take care of their family members their babies and their cooperative it's their nature they said they compete but not for game they compete for fun for the joy of it and they love the environment of course they express their love for it and them they only eat when they're hungry certainly they don't hoard food or anything like that they care about their environment so ... they understand the power of I'd I contact as we know already and they share the deaths of their loved through there on blinking I I mean when they're swimming next you under water their eyes open or they might close it when they're totally trusting and relaxed and happy they'll trust they'll have one eye closed and one eye open even but the thing is the salt water of course does not at irritate their eyes in any way they have control of their emotions they express them beautifully and wonderfully we feel so much love for them but some experiments were done like in scientific settings with some captive dolphins were they put electrodes on the brains of the dolphins and they would activate the area of the brain that was aggressive aggression that they felt was that and the dolphins would experience aggression and what did they do when they experience that did they turn on the trainers or on each other no when they felt aggressive the reactions they would stay in place and just shake their whole body shake shake shake shake shake until it passed they never took it out on anyone else ... of course they remain very athletic and ed that's healthy they make love often and they spend quality time with their young and teach them about the world and dead they're always expressing joy and they have a great sense of humor piece for this fall video melamine suspends a star knowledge TV hello //
"2013-12-11 22:00:10"
Chief Shares How To Attract Angels and Good Spirits
\\so but I understood later that motor for you to receive something you've got to get a really good job now the laws of attraction no spirit ands or any anybody's going to come to you if you have hate discrimination racism or no anger or something because that's not their energy you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna drop something else too but it's not going to be what you like and you think if there's gonna be some cling ons hang around waiting for their chance you know and that's what they feed off the energy of your motion of system for this fall video many online subscribe to star knowledge //
"2013-12-11 00:42:28"
seven7sisters Amazing Live Sound Performance 11:11 Star Knowledge
\\your honor Cologne in much against it is not the boy or the formation of the word there is light nbae the permission of the word used just and how might be lot we are used to calculate you or me culture which is from my kids being Ndiaye important n't day I ... day hi I the the I of I ... it I ... I through the mosque and bashing yeah where and leann if you Graham the //
"2013-12-10 15:15:41"
Chief Walking Staff Tells Dream That Comes True
\\when you know who the dream wasn't really a dream I was what I was watching TV and are my my father's house in nam around the corner of the bedroom I seen a spirit Makran a corner at first I didn't I didn't register of me but are the he was our I younger man painted face white face I looked at him and then I went back to watching TV in they look brand of corner again and the kind of another and they are manner that was like he was smiling them you know playful spirit like but he was ... ... using Indian young Indian man our spirit join so I I never thought nothing of it I just you know is that he's there I want to sleep want to sleep in our ... then I had I had a dream that same spirit I saw came in to my dream and he told me his name he told me as ... name was one further and he was showing me a he gave me a staff ... legal staff there was a Paul one 12 feet higher so had known others on NPR sure mia sometimes our prayers to make with it ordered Heilman give me directions with it instructions finish initial myself he showed me walking down the road with it of walking and ... in my dream I was cold when all shirt I felt the wind in my dream but Tara when I woke up then he was up my father was a the house was cold against a spirit must open front door and back turns known soft core in winter time when women free isn't but this scene that some dreams you have ... they are there there are real or not something not so and I'm Noah you the they play on your emotions and they play on your psyche that that data you can't differentiate whether it's real or you know it's a dream but it it wraps insure everyday life like you wake up and wraps into it saw this dream did that so I woke are remember what he told me to do so I got my ties and that's what you're doing right atonement dream and I may the ties and I prayed and we get a call mono phone ... someone in Minneapolis's who's out on his death bed they want you in my brother Lawrence and they want you out there so we went up there and he was on his deathbed then ... right away he was on when he saw me he said I have something for you I have something for you in in our our culture in our culture ... when you give something away that that is our ... belongs to someone that hasn't they have to give it to other live once or pass away they can give it to you now but yes I have some for you some go back to my home I'm couple hours away you know and in the closet there there's a staff is ambiguity so are we reserve for awhile and with my father and my brother went up north just before we get to his home it's big Bucks steps on the road onto the road middle of the road even the standard but his head up to us and now I believe we stopped a carnival but they stand Miller wrote commodity treason big white tailed deer now we don't think much about it but but we knew we knew it was a ... assigned so we went to his house and went to his room and and then there we pull the staff thought of the room by the closet I seen it was the same as my dream for this video metalmark Cisco to star knowledge TV the //
"2013-12-03 15:17:57"
Best UFO Footage- James Gililland Speaks About Star Nations and Star Knowledge
\\hello I'm James Gillen I'm here at the star knowledge conference it's an amazing event ... or haven't some incredible information and and transference of consciousness and energy mending the sacred hoop and doing all and the founder of the city which stands for enlightened contact with extraterrestrial intelligence we took a different approach than most people in the UFO field we when and to prayer and meditation and rose to the occasion so we could have this contact and years and years of work ... 30 years of work as well as childhood experiences have culminated in contact and it's been going on very intensely for over 26 years with ... unprecedented doc documentation of this contact there's there's ... we have boxes and boxes of video we have trip a PhD Boeing engineers Lockheed skunk works engineers even NASA's been out to the ranch ... they've all gone on camera with 1520 0 listeners in on coast to coast talking about these events that are unfolding so we find it very humorous when people say when its contact and I happen ... we ask where the band I have come to the right and should be one have your own experience because sometimes we see ... minimum of maybe 10 to 12 ships and I and sometimes as many as 200 I night and and a lot of these aren't really far away now that could be mistaken for meteors or satellite Sir or something else because we use J. tracker and and the heavens above to to make sure these are man made objects are known objects but desert treetop level and they're interfacing with the people and some are below treetop level and they fly right over the ranch power up ... pulse everybody in the field you feel it in your heart you feel this beautiful heart opening when they come by and ... they do it on a regular basis and so I came to share that that ... the information that they've given us as well as the footage to show this is a really vent now you know watch the skies and open your hearts and you're going to have an amazing experience over the next 2 months that the main message that they're given us right now is that we need to release the past and let go of the old wounds and traumas and grudges and ... and heal and release the past so because the past is great in our future answer it they're helping us release the past they're helping change the frequencies of the earth they're cleaning up a lot of the same comic tries energy in the earth the warring death disease the poverty the pain the suffering there helping us they're changing the grids on the planet and bring in a new 5 D. grid that's more like Christ consciousness if you want to use that word Buddha consciousness ... white eagle consciousness at her what you want to call it is just the consciousness and ... there there are helping us their deflecting major sun flares that could be ... a kill shot for the planet they're they're doing all kinds of work on our behalf but they're waiting for us to awaken yeah we are the E. T.'s we've been waiting for get out the E. T. as in your soul and the big invasion that big invasion everybody's waiting for is RT happened it was the souls incarnate in yeah and if the earth right now so we have to awaken to our soul family I stars are star nation family and ... get on with their work and cleaning up the planet and clean up our consciousness and start being kind and loving to each other and that's the message I ... //
"2013-11-27 06:00:31"
Trevor Green's Amazing Live Performance "Lonesome Road" 11:11 Star Knowledge
\\njegova also I this the I to and to I even is it's the only I so I I I the I they I I the I Tom I so but I yes she the I I that the I I I I you the I we you the you with but and I had so would for well I I I I I I the there I I the I I I I I you the I I but I I I the the the the and to a one I yeah I but yeah //
"2013-11-21 16:12:55"
Trevor Green's Amazing Performance 11:11 Palm Springs Star Knowledge Conference 2
\\the she well I and that yeah I since the I yeah we and and the I'm the I we I I the the and the //
"2013-11-20 20:17:00"
Trevor Green's Amazing Performance 11:11 Palm Springs Star Knowledge Conference 1
\\Pat I well that was I this the I I I how well we shouldn what it the I that I the that's don't so the who yeah I please through to I I the you I the I and but yeah a //
"2013-10-26 22:08:30"
Ancient Aliens Star Shows Evidence of Extraterrestrials and Star Knowledge
\\you see she lets them being here seal there's ... things will call yeah I mean here in these valueless because very tremor record little bit of that run knock it off you'll hear cool books and things appears are you keep but it same thing as the other one the same one that so Miller you can see that these are so the real things because they always have these arms to now looks like ours but the head is bigger and then the yeah well here's another thing to address quite prevalent around there Scott looks like it might be so close body but the it's like n't on here second square body you see no lodges louder other please or whether to call this compared to this one here so Bob Griese twice go ahead potent what sort of 19 it's also a lot of love history and a lot of more about little people in in many places in the mountains especially up in the northern tribes about the little people there by a high and they're still exists to this day and they come in different shapes and different and some of them go for some of them are different colors and this could be one of those set they're still out here you just don't see they're from there's another there's another ... stars were no pretty reporter to attend or live stream the next star college conference gonna start our I a //
"2013-10-24 22:58:52"
Universal and Spiritual Law Over Rides All Lesser Laws
\\you screwed works that the grandfather of all nations of all cultures of all races are the guardians of the slop call free will which is ... protecting personal freedoms in the movies to guide say that the all 2 legs all 4 legs all the ones that walk crawl in Sweden or flaxen mineral stone people are there all protected but I la by cosmic law yeah and then from this protection this sure through this path through this protection is called respect so you have to learn and walk in there to respect their south first before you can learn to respect anybody else and when the respect is softened there's no way that you could you could create any kind of the kind of year we'll against anybody else slow and and they will never break here law against the jets to concerning this lofty well so when you look how and walk this law in this respect and respect others and respect your soft then there is what you just copped news talk and rob business integrity that is gifted because you monitor everyone's free well within your own respect everybody if Clinton your soft then there's no way that you can do sonically now integrity is your you know whatever you say you're gonna do that's going to be done your word is coal you know and everybody listens watches because they know what were you walking how you would use high expanded this lifetime so it's very important the you know the gifts that go with each in la to attend or live stream the next star college conference but to start our it //
"2013-10-22 20:35:16"
Keeping Your Heart Open is Your Greatest Defense
\\these laws are how often the universal law those of free will now the very people they talk about the freedom of all and they talk about the soft again open open open up all the doors that you have close and they're talking about the user Chalker his doorway so your chalk persist you need to keep them open at all times especially this door right here nor you close this up you're gonna get sick when you close the door guess what happens everything from start clogging up both ways we're gonna take yourself out but your best defense is to keep your heart open that's what's it like a child keeping his ears open one we're going in and out you know been here word you said they're having fun they listen to the room they're fun so that's your heart that's your greatest protection this to keep your heart open unless you're talking about man say men are taught not to cry of big babies but the biggest ceremony we have listed crime it's so healing feel so darn good you know shedding tears releasing I mean last time I cried my dad came to the jury and you know if he came to say goodbye but in the dream is like going through the funeral again and all that emotion that was there I woke up and I cried just straight where our then stop our tears snot ma'am coming out of my compadre you know after that then I understood why he came because I needed a cleansing I used to be plants and it hurt so good and so bad but as he hit help to heal me whatever it was that I had so Cryin crime keep in this open policemen don't if we failed to crack crying women do it shifted left live longer yeah I live your lady I so keep the heart open and so did that and and ... I said to pick up your sacred responsibility pick them up each one of you have a different responsibility for your south your family or clan your community your child here who've colony to state your nation or whatever pick it up go do it you attend or live stream the next star college conference but to start our conference //
"2013-10-17 21:43:57"
The Spirit Says "You Give Your Children Away" to the System
\\me future future our unborn our great great great great great great grandchildren this is our step the first step that creates the so generation from the time of year knowing that's gonna how with this foundation but didn't that completeness not but we have both can you feel it right Philip and that's having let's something that we don't create so when you because when you talk about the feminine the masculine yeah we have a duality would those mothers who group of people that have managed to create the illusion on Mother Earth develop this system that we don't like what we're here and we're trying to like it but it's not ours as a spiritual being as an enlightened being we feel that we're not we forget that takes a lifetime trying to remember what the heck we're doing here on Mother Earth what is that why my here so because because the system makes you forget spirits of the take your kids just the 5 of you make them you give away this as fast as you may come make it into law that they take your child pre school days kindergarten elementary head start they've taken away the families and their job is to get the child away from their parents as soon as possible soon as possible and we've bought into it we have adopted it our job is to take your own children we may know so we give a lot here your hounds it offers time enough for me to work for the man how many times how long you actually spend time with your child you get up in the morning we live first thing you have been in the bathroom last month they're ready for school when one of us are driving you assume all day how many hours in a day or time to get back what you have to do it to me how much time you actually spend with them before you put on the bed how many hours in a day not more than what other really given up to the child to another person you know so this way is we've got to develop our way of getting back into our life just that created a law saying that you got the same amount if not yet child neglect you're gonna go to jail you know it was my aunt took couldn't put fear fear is the basis of all the stuff to attend or live stream the next star college conference gonna start our conference he it //
"2013-10-14 19:36:56"
Baby Plays Drum and Sings Amazing Song with Jackie Bird
\\yeah to attend or live stream the next star large conference start our I //
"2013-10-13 23:51:50"
\\ //
"2013-10-12 22:01:22"
\\I ... whose chief Kuhlman let you go and we want to talk a little about a little bit about mending the sacred who and and this this came from a dream house vision from one of our leadership of the Ogallala ... look closer his name was blacked out and he talked about the food that had been broken and this is the scoop has been shifted are and there's been split and one time and this is what we're trying to do is man this who because each one of us is a part of it justice section of the circle infection of the food so each one of us has been influenced on our very ... great level of ignorance and we have to get our innocents not that we loaned out and it's still there and we have to do this by going back into working with your ways of the heart we have to do this by forgiveness true forgiveness and also working with what we call instantaneous forgiveness and this will make it easier for others to follow the example of those that are working with waves of love with the ways of light his ways of harmony and peace so many in the sacred hoop that's for it's a documentary of the pass and that's something that we don't want to happen again in the future because or or on our unborn our children they're very very sacred and we as a nation in our time we were abused physically emotionally spiritually and mentally and sexually and we know that this is not the way to do things especially when you're in responsible as representing god or representing the mother in this way that we call religion so we've gone through art moments we've gone through this time and it was a an experience that we don't want to go through again and we don't want our children and unborn as you know our grandchildren to go through this so so please support this effort by but open your heart and in making prayers for the future future because it's really very important and your prayers are usually answered by how you react towards a person towards the situation towards a area the moment that requires you to step up to the plate and be who you really are so sacred the sacred time is here amongst us so we need to mend our own who in order to where all the other hoops to to make peace with it with themselves for we'll have former group of solid circle solid family and mother so so please support this effort and mending the sacred 2 //
"2013-10-07 20:16:32"
Clifford Mahooty Shares Zuni Mythology in Hardscrabble Canyon, AZ
\\you need migration theory this is this is where they came through here where they create the clients and there also isn't the mythologist talks about how the queen gots where are making their puma form functional and if we saw there was always we've lived it just of the on the arm of it on their hands in the toe of the 6 here we go on to 345 and this other areas that 6 votes what prince for them this is where they supposedly according the mythology corrected a lot become function more human the but 10 or live stream the next start college conference but a start our //
"2013-09-30 21:50:35"
Zuni Elder and Star Knowledge Keeper Shares Extraterrestrial Contact Experience
\\yeah what do you call the banyan Zuni Sholokhov ceremony and after they had completed the services who enter zona al right after well in the Saturday night and by Sunday morning we're driving back he kept looking over on the south side on the reservation I saw an object of us amber light it was kinda brighter than the rest of the stars and and bigger so we kept going into the village thereafter go recess straight line ... wrote from the border of New Mexico Arizona line toward the problem Zuni but halfway through there's when I observe the light came back out ... I'd say about 2 to 230 in the morning and we kept driving there was my brother and the lady that owned the car and that car was here and Gerald Ford ranchero type almost movie might have only had about a couple 0 miles on it so as we were driving down there we saw this light fact appear and bigger and better wanna tell anybody I was watching it until we came out there plans allow the hills toward the village in Zuni good and all of a sudden it just became huge I would estimate that the that being in our craft or whatever it was proximity maybe about 30 feet in diameter despair that my observation that it parked ... above what the piece was at that time the Zuni sewer lagoons and so it's about a mile to a my outside as soon so we can watch in there that we're on this road and that's we came off the hills I think I told my brothers and see that's what I was observing this park right there and his girlfriend of course is driving and as we came off the hill the lights started the men and ... as to what was going on here and I said in my stories laboratory or the stories that I read about UFO contract the first thing that goes out is a battery of the car all of the electrical system and it just completely dies out and this is exactly what happened role for about half a mile then it stopped we got out a lot of things that happened a basic basically I remember that we got out we started going through the village with somebody about a half a mile away maybe a mile we started to run and it was cold it's about but say about 20 degrees centigrade Aminata Fahrenheit so we could run or walk in there and and ... but that UFO thing was just filled up sitting up there described about this time there's a sort of like a beam an orange beam came out of that vehicle that goes floating up in the air for my own estimate at that time was I would say is anywhere but 100 to 150 feet above the ground and this is based upon him just estimate him because and a lot of my my enginer work I have to learn how to estimate approximate distances it was about 350 feet above the ground over the sewer ponds with another beamline China right into what I thought was the sore pounds it is really dark it's black and so we started walking I got a cold so we said why don't we just going through this call overture and warm up and maybe if we go in there will sit in there and see if those that thing will go away that room start walking back into the village we went into the culverts not the car I don't know how long you're there may be minutes I kept looking I was getting cold in there also I looked up toward where the the craft was sitting it was still there so I said I we can stay here because it's too cold water on them and heavy jackets were going around but it's too far to the village youths to call us and we'll let's just get out on the road and vehicle because we just get on the highway all of us get in the middle of the highway star waving our hands that you got 1000000 there was with its rocker car whatever they have to stop so is it okay we walked out of the culverts sure about maybe 4 feet in diameter so we walked out and we got back on the highway and now with the time lapses be maybe about 30 minutes to most well maybe about 45 minutes we start walking and we saw a light coming where we had parked the vehicle there were approximately the ball may be Cup water ours from the vehicle so we assume that general area kit communism to attend or live stream the next star college conference going to start our conference //
"2013-09-27 05:39:09"
Mazatzin Reveals Truths of the Aztec Calendar
\\he ... usually this little town that we've been working on your this is about things to attend to things to my sons able postscript won't leave condor which machine you know and my son got in this OJ a court yeah go obviously serpent you're born a date to the serpent for different 15 December 21 we did need to the serpent please pretty excited he's gonna be joining me and she keeps her to work on a Sunday morning when it comes up okay but here because the quality of how we put this together after 2 years of my work my study when they came into my life return it to move back into my life you know we were able to put this thing together fully get here all these images you see around here all he's in his original images become one of the H. M. cortices the court is called a court is Borja that I always say is being held hostage today the Vatican Library but you know move riskier Sunday but meanwhile we're gonna use it so all these images are from the cortices that the Europeans have dated at least 2000 years old okay but between these images and the calendar system that we see here to 1500 years between these 2 images here and to tell the system is a culmination of so we can see that in the commission of all the counter systems so we have here all these images if would have been called the pantheon of 1000 gods of the ethnic and guess what pantheon they say but you know what no 1 of these 91 of these names got none their function is of god in their natural elements in concepts but in this day how to walk in 13 day cycles 13 the fact that we talk about so we had a 13 day cycle here there's 1010 on this site just 20 times 13 to get a 260 days we encourage you to just take a bit of a human being that's a human cycle so we're just a number next reality you know I'm number one by the way and those born Dave one flint looking and I can see my 13 the cycle rain here maybe too seriously here you might attend a cycle when I heard this 13 the cycle I follow that with a lot of potential in this little piece of time you know how not to do with me and you put it there a gifted man of that time but of those potential here do not want someone that potential okay I was I have access to it anybody does too so anybody's born in one of these 13 pieces of time good is not about us you know I see loves it when you're you know George bush's cousin or someone bin laden's brother to make a difference here you know a lot about what you look like we come from is about humanity and we're all in this together gate so we did here we call the ancient Machiko chronological system the human experience for approval transcendence with global consequences because we believe that we can become responsible with all the potential we possess okay so this is a new calendar is because the color is gonna be tickets to 2012 and beyond will hope it will come back together and start using the system you know account of 90 and here we have 13 number from 1 to 13 full number the related to these images today where the the day only in the numbers 8 so you go back a days 12345678 you come to bring it to the dog ill so we had a dog you can find him and here in return the dog 12345678 and there's only so we know exactly what we did this piece of time now one thing that really Miller mine is the fact that we found even his apparent top this right here the goal just 20 pieces of them we found all the 3 pages out of the cortex gay and guess what as a 24 piece of time neither minutes for their training is 72 minute cycles live the clock here king and your time for creativity activity reflection activity in creativity he repeats itself so not only did know how to respect time but he knew how to take advantage of it we see we are over with our views unit okay so they're divided by 4 so that 18 minutes signals right here in this town you go to our website stick out you look on you'll find that we're moving in these segments you can see that happening today so want everybody to use it we're trying to tell him to become it into our culture we Stalin Hey we got a clock that really works you know you wanna use a base clock in the world electricity it was good old cultural traditions room your own ... wines in ancient wisdoms USM respect them a protective assure them like a meanwhile get back into the rhythm of yours that would ease grandfathers did and they never said by the way is only political soma or punch we our must not seen the city human being walking is one of Warren 13 times 20 fifties developed to human being so you're born in a particular cycle suffering important and they can develop into a human being then why would he be important when you are a human being I say let's get back to the rhythm of yours does it come out the way we act begun in Mexico on the seat with well you ought to be the one we were packing a quickening Sita I think I get with a lot of energy a good road and my heart becomes happy when I see you because of the market //
"2013-09-27 00:55:08"
Gila River Elder Asked by His Elders to Reveal Most Sacred Star Knowledge
\\I grew up in a near you clear people were very traditional living alongside Christian oriented people but we got along very well my family is one of the founders that to her spoke about how things were in the past consisting of prophecy our genesis as a people and the true essence of what we are as a people on meaning we try what we're about and gradually as the years went by I should I take that back at a very young age ... events that happened to me where a spirit came to me and gradually began to show me ... the unawares looking at the universe from a distance and gradually over the years where that went or either speaking what the universe est and also as to what these planets up there were 4 and how they serve our purpose as he spiritual beings and gradually that went in to ... how come ceremonies native ceremonies are structured in the way they are hot who can do that meant what essence they required for that to work and gradually that went into birds changes as to how this could happen and the reasons why it happened establishing Julio piece and in the process of sports enough to talk to another spirit person and began to learn more and in the before 2000 also one of the people that was asked what elders to begin to share this kind of information with the general public because it is time to attend our live stream the next star college conference got a star knowledge //
"2013-09-20 05:22:30"
Jaque Fragua Paints Mural "Decolonize And Stay Calm" Indian Alley, Los Angeles
\\Jake brown was I'm working on your own now we when of abuse of the program that was launched a few years ago and short of in organizing feeding the people under him more folks to the table we nnova we Nnamdi I the global one and nnova but the we I but nnova cargo contact well then why I I thought yeah and drug it why we you //
"2013-08-28 17:38:03"
Star Knowledge Presents "STAROLOGY" the Trailer
\\deal that we are making now is very very important we understood by those who have the knowing the vision hearing to understand these things no //
"2013-08-01 17:42:00"
Chief Tells How Your Hair is Your Antenna for Intuition
\\the tuition news is a beautiful gift and that Susie Kaufman the woman what we're finding out that demands intuitions strong but what happens where it comes from this that the man doesn't realize that when they cut their hair that's where the intuition falls to the ground I was just reading about this yeah maybe so conscious about my hair yeah yeah with their group they know that their last name all things about my family 0 you know it had women's things like out of hand so Atalanta this animals have a lot to hear about a third of the like a for those of you that are hunters you what's in and if feels the need that yeah day of the honey sees them opens up their own god yeah you know yeah Phil energy not in your energy is a very employees straw and it doesn't matter if your voice in that in this matter it still carries energy so when you walk into a room with 2 people are whispering that you'd feel energized arrive in that when they're talking about you know I feel that yeah I feel to attend our live stream the next star knowledge conference cartilage compress well //
"2013-07-24 16:54:32"
Star Knowledge Chief Tells of His Contact with Extraterrestrials
\\right these 2 people come and grab me by the shoulders and to the wall and don and outside along this little critter like north of the house yeah in those 2 people standing there they didn't have any clothes no nothing this all ... no hair and they were holding something those alarms I know of maybe so you see that ... along it should aliens the other special elimination it means we remember so anyway so they were holding the Spartan and on this bar that was symbols on their their symbols and I looked in this these people started talking to and I listen to them and I can understand everything that they were saying although they were speaking a different language and I was looking at them and then my my eagle took over his so they can I can understand these guys no and I know than when I started doing that I looked into their mouth an existing inside link to see the town moving with I think they did that to let them know that too form the words but there was no sound office although although some they would speak in the earth should not telepathy and then when I start thinking about who got caught up in my eagle they stopped they looked behind these are turned round to see my son who was he was looking out the window his looking at us you know that that that though we disconnected just like patented we're having the the room and when I wouldn't rule my son was standing there looking out the window so what's when I am swinging he said that there's some start people out here couldn't even handle has been hers go back to bed is of no they're out here to attend our live stream the next star knowledge conference got us in our lives conference //
"2013-07-24 00:57:44"
Chief Golden Light Eagle Rocks the Hip Hop Panacea in Berkley, CA
\\once you learn everything that's going on in the city so you could think a little bit more for your son off instead of thinking about kidnap I had little where and you create a routine for yourself first begin the bathroom checkups if you're still alive not only Saddam's you know you do all the stuff it's a routine Homer Harris if we let them cool enough so routines we don't have that you know it would freeze to sleep N. and Serena finishers dreams and then the best thing for you to do a tie is if you're if you're sleep and in your own house get away from them law the little school wall the mess you up move away from her you hear Mexico's grew up there's a lot of little things it's best if you go outside to sleep you know with the trees who stood outside with the moms go whether ocean got a lot of less in a sack sacraments over here into the house so get to nature of as much as possible because that's where the languages line the pierced of all languages are out there they're out there in the only way that you could hear that is if you keep this period peer to attend or live stream the next star large conference got a cigar knowledge conference well //
"2013-07-19 20:17:37"
Maldek, Mars, Lemuria, Atlantis, and Now
\\she sorry about what people think and ... young people feel very threatened by out their ideas because the status quo because very chaotic have the whole foundation of your existence crumbled with not a whole lot to fall back on and that's where we start to see the ego and what we're really learning about the you go and what the roots of the sort of this mentality in you know where that kind of came from usually takes a back thousands of years ago 0 that the planetary by using a completely different situation we had planned allow that Mars actually had like fine and this is during the Atlantic in the maritime not really represented the balance of light left brain the masculine and feminine and when the dark energy starts you right focus in on the model that Mars planet longer called the Luciferian energy you're just sort of the dark energy that was born of separation all of a sudden mouth exploding became a party asteroid belt in those soul starts incarnate into the physical plane which put a schism between balance of masculine feminine the right left and so without complicating it one can to see that some of the negative ego was born and it costs a lot of division the false power structures these hidden sort of eggs and those things are very secretive that ... we can we can identify with and all sorts of ways maybe if you're but that doesn't work because we think it's outside of us but we can start to relate it to our own lives and where we've inherited those and we can start to heal it and realign ego with divine well because now they can Myers who we can relate to it is okay Martha solar plexus is a third shot her energy ... that's the part of us that has the most free well that's a part of us that can lead us astray and out cause us to you know fall into certain patterns that aren't really that healthy forests maybe dominance aggression control ... yet that splitting of energy where you know demonic stuff starts to come out we don't really know this the damage that it does to our loved ones because it's very services south that's the basis of a lot of the off planet agendas through this very service basalt orientated mahogany teaser aliens but we have to also recognize you know everything is an organism anywhere within an organism we are the micro of that so the more we can relate all these different things to ourselves that we can recognize that it's us that does the unit work to send out the solution in the frequency that would start to bring that union back and turn that leg with me go into alignment with the higher self and that's what we're being asked to attend our live stream the next star knowledge conference got a cigar knowledge conference //
"2013-07-18 16:12:40"
President Eisenhower's Gr Granddaughter Shares Her Dream
\\NTIA really begin he has my introduction into the star knowledge family ... seem to happen even before I met chief I had a dream ... quake a few years back data yeah really gave me some hope about this humanity in yeah but I would need to sort of provide this sort of Pat but I think a lot of us can relate to as far as deep transformational work and a lot of focus in prayer and and ... does deep care for Mother Earth and and just everything that we're up against and lots of times I just really didn't think I'd make it and I had a dream that ... golden eagle came to me and took me home so when I met she and I heard his name and that now I'm standing here in a place where my great grandmother was born it's almost like a prophecy that was deep in need ... has that's a felled and like today I'm feeling at that time and so I had to on drugs and have tears of like have devastated with gratitude and happiness which is like the flip side but how it was before that to you ... it's I just have so much gratitude to the star knowledge family they've invited me to I heard a few ... conferences one particular was so significant ... during the Venus transits was also teach birthday around that time and I'm gonna go a little bit more in depth about you know what that really represented and just huge thanks to my partner doctor dream I can't even I don't even know where to begin and the fact that I had this dream about you and then I would doctor grief about the dream doctor and I got the coming gathered and it's pretty wild because I had a very supportive family but I guess you call me a little bit of the black sheep and when I spoke yesterday boom right incredible experience that was we literally made their length of time doctor dreams driving through the most unbelievable whether in a public park card gotten struck by lightning because one sees salads and yes he was just so powerful in we made it there and ... and just to let you know stand early on her and ... nobody can expand cesta lines on the female level you know was really huge ... and so when I sort of trace back you know this whole experience and Kennedy Mason this family a deadly faults are you know quite different but I knew that I wasn't that great either I knew that you know there's a lot of societal pressure is that a lot of social engineering well expectations and things like that ... that you know maybe you past generations sort of held on to it being important when I was a toddler connected to the spirit by and that he was just like right there and it wasn't like I had a bunch of you know ghosts or spirits necessarily right handed out my spirit guides and you know the Christ energy was there but I just remember him whose fault manner keeps appearing immune when I started to ... see family pictures and can understand this doesn't my great grandfather he a lot of people know we had gone but I like all know what that something terrible he and ... and I just I really got in touch with that's what my mission is despite what he might have done or not done ... I just knew that I came in with just a huge purpose and just you know just based on my devotion particularly just to mother earth and ... then I knew that there is some sort of legacy they are not really related to some of the ideals that he carried about freedom justice equality ... and just really lobbying the human race even if there were decisions that were made that he might make you re thought if he could I mean I think we ought to do that when we look at our lives and so it's not about really looking back in blaming our ancestors or other you know individuals but taking it to the next level and I knew that you know this this is what we came in with her taking all the next level where learning wisdom and we are correcting the errors of the past and also understanding why those things have I mean they're just a few 0 thousands of years ago that through the planet off its access and Jerry was shipped period that were in the planet has now come into alignment with the galactic plane which allows us direct access source in ways that we never really had in the past which made it easier to be control he certainly uses upon easier to just be in that war mentality go with the programming of whatever with whatever was there and so a lot of lessons you know but very devoted to be able to sort of hold our ground and see through even if it's thrown outside balance on a sort of outer layer on a deep inner layer in our sole essence is where you know that flames held that sacred union energy but also to and so it's sort of like digging through the layers in real life well that doesn't really work not doesn't come where and so we just get to that core and that's what we sort of carry ... as we are passed down information from generation to generation and just different patterns and social patterns and ... but it's always thriving world moving together in this incredible mind Dahlin were all this incredible family to attend our live stream the next start college conference got a cigar knowledge conference. //
"2013-07-15 16:42:53"
Star Knowledge Chief Golden Light Eagle Invitation to 11:11 Palm Springs Star Knowledge Conference
\\we've got a few feet know my name is chief will and let you go and once again I want to invite you to their star knowledge conference in palm springs in November 8 ninth tenth eleventh and we're gonna have a lot of others speakers and presenters and vendors there and one of our elders from the Zuni reservation in New Mexico Mister Clifford mobility it will be there to ... share with with us some of the petroglyphs and information of the kachinas than the star people as well as Joan ocean that will that works with the dolphins and whales and also the influences from the moon and ... that bad of Mister Jose has the media will be presenting at that time so we don't want you to miss any of this information so a lot of new information so please come and join us and celebrate with us in palm springs California on November 8 ninth tenth and 11 you talk to us yeah to attend our live stream the next star knowledge conference met us at our knowledge //
"2013-07-14 01:45:03"
Chief Says the Children Deserve to Know the Truth
\\we need to ... understand as well that we have to go back to our roots go back into our family structures and learn more about our family ways and there's a bag good schools comes down to what we call the chief we need this because of our of our children the need of right to have a right to know so stay rooted and listen and keep them the largest room in the ground to Mother Earth and if you get stuck here's how to do it with certain down put your tail bone in the ground retail long because could bring this up okay showed that we have with Mother Earth and she's been here since the beginning so she's run like a tally for a you got to connect with their we're like this you know pray to god like this for how many years were forgotten about mothers agreements beautiful right under us we have just seen 11 energy was called to love grandmother for so ground down of they want us to take off our plastic shoes make sure that you have she wasn't there of leather rather March which they have the threat was good because that comes from a tree the threat of Saddam does good Erich Segal barefoot or wearing moccasins command focal length that's in that area so look at Consumer put it there barefoot the better for if sandals Mike sends so I'm sorry usually as a man as well we did you need that energy from the earth to balance yeah you need that so we have man folks we have to stand by her women at this time but the people are hired so who had crises who screwed up nnova lives Schirmer working towards claim that clean up crews here and our womenfolk very very strong women very soft we see that so we got to see it and we are honored that more and more so we I don't think all you that Cyrillic wing that come and we're all family members 12 families is not one that the world is real anybody we are we have just have a different job so we need to get on each other's work encourage each other but we've got a lot of work to do okay so I must say thank you for just this little time for more information on the net star knowledge conference got a star knowledge conference I'm not //
"2013-07-13 04:08:57"
Native American Music by Jackie Bird and Chief Golden Light Eagle
\\is probably going to go on the web yes I I think all what fundamental since Bruce who you know her head up close and okay this is how I am I have this gentleman let's sing a song just a follow up the rock and roll little bit I the the that in the yeah the so the nnova I the to no that the the I we and but yeah I but she that he I it's Lena to the a we got was a ball the only update honoring the star nation nightfall a beautiful lake were made of the same so in the No Way Out they are losses during the day filter you're just and then coming singing I'm leader are dead this I also leaders because it's a warriors that no more US so then a lot of the here and then knowledge then in that song so then what I say see even you right so then we pay with their open no we're giving up I heard this jobless here in the heart we are we have to did that you can live and then it clears up I'm a spirited hearts will become only for more information on the net star knowledge conference star knowledge conference //
"2013-07-01 17:53:38"
Native American 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation
\\do you let me let me and we've gotten going working with universal love free well the spiritual freedom of law universal OB chains in battle of the experts allowed growth universal lobbying effort to limit balance those spiritual strength how happy this reversal Adama's uncertain family in the spiritual of protection of family universal lopsided series spiritual lobby clog the universal lot of violence life in this virtual of choice but universal law light samba Grecian spiritual Muhammad solution Carmen universal law of nature this spiritual prepare of mankind humanity well all you got universal out loans Obama healing universal of course section and the spiritual lot of future sideways so throw profits prophecy so goals lies in those symbols there already and that brought you to the slug the main channel time then that's yours because of because of who you are you're part of the 44000 masters that was in more or less of the foundation for all this moment you have the lies both with rob flown you could say the 12 tribes and those laws are in existence and all indigenous cultures the Bretton market and advertise them to other areas of this time that we call Christmas and Easter holiday even this knocked out the whole the whole loan essence of what it really is is about so those profits for all dissolved energies of of the economics of the solstices and all critics are more the spider people have a different way at the top and also goes by other people they give the interpretations along with the drugs also will nature we have all that we went through all the walk that we live then we certainly have them fact this is one of those ways those that were coming and seek a way of saying that's that's one of the family we have this 1313 ... universal spiritual laws of creation so you are that creation because you are creatures and you're going you're creating every second but the food that you have a mother so very hard to create things that when you do this from the heart and that's when miracles coming for for more information on the net star knowledge conference going to star knowledge conference on //
"2013-07-01 04:15:32"
Chief Invites You to the 2013 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference
\\you don't you feel notes as they can be Macoupin Mujahid jerseys the concert and I may receive Golan light you go from the EC consumer reservation and I wanna hear ... invite everyone to the palm springs star knows conference you how limber eighth ninth tenth and eleventh and we're working with the 11/11/1111 frequencies once again which will be ... and influences of the out people and Metatron's and those that work with the laws of attraction of light sound vibration and intuition and during this time we're gonna have a variety of ... relatives that work with the both feet scenes from the earth people and also of the sacred people from the earth and those from the different star nations influences with travelers and also with the influences of the Senate masters and we are going through gonna concentrate on some of the areas ... of protecting the fire in the water the air and earth at this time so if those of you that have this calling of protection of the influences of Mother Earth and we ask that you join us during this moment of November 8 ninth tenth eleventh in palm springs California you dumb without realizing for more information on the net star knowledge conference going to star knowledge conference //
"2013-07-01 04:10:44"
Native American Wisdom- Get Back to Nature
\\we have fear so that was part of the the new vision the part of those whom the reality that was created who created the surf click here into 2 months so we have to come back a long journey because we're coming to a tiny both men flights of spare way back but the way you think now we cannot comprehend how it was back then look like children one of my children are so how did so for those enlightenment no I because they don't have a job nnova 118 V. have any of these things the whereabouts there have been times close so back then time that's kind of a child's mind original mind the mind of purity that's what we need to get back to but back to the ways of nature for more information on the net star knowledge conference got star knowledge conference and //
"2013-06-28 16:19:35"
Native American Knowledge- Obtaining the Gifts of Humanity
\\do you soon because of the number 13 was I have a quiet moment group doing have in their buildings right but system version this 13 floors but they use these soon tried to keep the feminine aspects in the spirit of the women down the first thing that we must learn to go back to nature go back to rock because they're going to get back to town and you so that there's something there's pain right so if you listen to those hers they're talking about nature they're talking about 13 moon cycle right women those back we didn't screw restaurant at the calendar it just messes you up because it's not that accurate for 13 minutes the spirit said was a name for you Shimon the mood of those cuts hardware out there have had been reading the buffalo people the mood of the warehouse movie grandfather's the moon of the eagles in the butterfly of the cheap the moon covered circling the fire flag that of corn that of the pair was one of those firefighters battled the grandmothers and also the moon of the higher so we got those sprayers T. homes and they carry a lot of gifts within that structure when the women know this when we got to pinpoint the energy that goes with peace mon times we also have energy that come from the 13 moon moon cycle and we have those that work with the energies of purification lack of you mean that of removing quiz on and I'd met a lot of what we call life purity innocence and shoes introspection silence and also reverence kind of good team gets them you know that combines everything he called out of crime we have also the thirteenth tests of the moon there's a test that girl which is within each cycle moving back to go back to that cycle because you're going otherwise if you don't face your task makes you gonna be living come up in your face again come up again the following year if we don't raise my eyes and again so you know until you grow enough to not say Hey I got does this mean with regard when they do wrong this time so those 13 tests you gotta learn you also have the mention that are working with the court of kinds of this moon cycles of for corner last quarter the dude the 13 the mansions of and Hank and goals will take you back into those areas that you had way back in the past the way is a limitation the ways of invisibility for ways unless I came away is a shape shifting management knowing the ways of dreamtime astral projection all that so naturally dimensional way of living we got that knocks out not notifying the spirit say that we all had one language we do a marathon that had some good good your brain and I'm looking back your your grade that have 2 loaves in the beginning we find a school that doesn't have that vision that was a time when we're all of one mind and when we're talking about one minute we're talking about mining the language of nature everything that there is to be able to talk to that street Aaron took later grass everything was in the open who had nothing to hide to Baylor steer away from people listing or what what we think we're free peoples no what we're thinking we have fear so that was part of the movie version the part of those whom the reality that was created for more information on the net star knowledge conference got star knowledge conference the //
"2013-06-25 18:58:08"
Native American Song by Jackie Bird for All the Fathers
\\least may not be new data happy father's day this morning so innocent of wine traditional style one bridge this is for all the dance but well we we I the yeah the the yeah yeah yeah I I I I remove things are the ones who spirits are mothers are the ones who give us their flood they think that we're make you think not yeah I for more information on the net star knowledge conference could start knowledge conference on //
"2013-06-09 02:27:13"
Ancient Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed 4/4
\\this is a little more than a little simpler secretive the pyramid that I uncovered I think you'll find very interesting so that show you that tonight ... I was trying to explain that the ancient Egyptians had planned energy into the pyramid very beautiful and magical way the ancient mystics worked with this understanding to assist the people in their journey implied of spirit this same understanding is no different than the native way of thinking that we have right here that's why these could even be uncovered I think the same in a vision I was guided when day 2 I saw this how does storm blowing across my vision I wasn't setting up actually seeking vision their humble origin and in this dust storm I saw the faint outline of a pyramid and as it began to emerge into the dust will but it still seemed been lined with stars and as soon as that happened I knew the understanding in the secret of that pyramid in what it had to do with in the very magical way that the region ancient Egyptians had planned in this vision I was guided to place a 7 pointed star the core of a 7 pointed star around this pyramid when I did I got an absolutely flawless connection millet what happens when the bomb points of the star lined up to the bottom corner of the pyramid you see how it follows the angles and connects right up to the top of that 7 pointed star now then you see this arm of the star that goes from that point out here down to here you see how it follows an exact alignment with intrinsic to the king's chamber so as you're walking up this as you're walking up a package passage your assimilating the truth in nature of the 7 pointed star from the earth to the sky you would know how to understand the 7 pointed star which you were able to understand the nature of the 7 directions in the native way of thinking you'll have a piece of that because our one in the same same thing as a 7 directions you might spend a lifetime trying to understand it but it's there and then you'll have one piece of what that has to do with I was guided another vision take the star and and and and situated in a little different way so I did put it small right here like this and got another magical connection you see how the arms of the star follow all the passageways from this side of the pyramid this pyramid was precisely perfectly set up on the nature of the 7 pointed star this is what the ancient Egyptians planned into this pyramid so that the people could assimilate the understanding of the nature of the 7 pointed star by going into the sacred temple we could understand the truths of the universe they could understand the things that they were made of because they were connected to it in that way and when you connect the 2 together you get a dimensional shift that exist between one dimension in another right in the passageway of the king's chamber right here very perfectly another dimension of the pyramid that has lain dormant for 5000 years being in re awakened because you are the ones that can understand this truth you can walk with it you can journey with it you can feel it in your heart and your spirit in a magical way you're connected to it that's the only reason why this door could even be opened it's been sitting there waiting for 5000 years for the right people to come along they could understand it in their lives and as you continue to walk to star knowledge start understanding these forces that are hidden in this pyramid will strengthen your world the same way as if you had walked in that pyramid no different we have something right here on this planet that's that will assist you in this journey strength in this understanding the ancient Egyptians used a pyramid we use what's called a nipping purification lodge we'll give you the same thing as what their pyramid will give you because they carry the same energy it's from 2 different ways one is based on the circle that which has no beginning and end and the other is based on a triangle I carry the same truth same powers a spirit in the same way and so this is part of the ancient magic in ancient understanding that exist right here right now the weaker part of in this circle is very much included in these truths of the universe and so thank you all very much for awakening the spirits and sing this understanding and allowing it to flow into your world aho with our gross income for more information on the next star knowledge conference to discover knowledge he //
"2013-06-08 21:46:36"
Ancient Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed 1/4
\\you going to tell you about is some things that come to me very early on of the head do it to star nation people assisting our planet this is all about star knowledge in stark connections and what I would like to show you is somehow some of the ancient people of the ancient Egyptians were actually working with the star nation people unable to show that in the very strong and beautiful way some actual facts that I believe that opens up the door for these relatives that came to our planet to help us I was born as seer vision seeker and so of my life has been spent seeking visions for paintings mostly my artwork and F. in about 1997 that door open when I got involved with what's called crop circles and now close star glyphs offense very magical things within those and that's what I want to show you tonight early early on and ... in some of the most mystical symbols to ever be uncovered very magical so ... the very first crop circle there ever walked inside of was just one in waiting lists like anyway ... I own it appeared in 1998 and was called the 7 cited snowflake release that's what I called it and if you look real closely there's some very faint lines inside the circle I hear as soon as I saw that I realized that those were very significant very important and were telling a story I'm I'll show you as well one of them look like sex Leo got a broken line that became very significant and it went along to Adam and unlocked where the most significant symbols to ever exist began this way when I tried to find a small circle within this one thank you we're trying to find this one sooner circle right here in the middle if you see its location it's sitting in a place where it's kind of arbitrarily signal the mill of nowhere in this in the or in this open field at this a start with so it's hard for and what it is and so what I did in order to locate that now believe it was very important was up I created a V. 90 degree angle and opposition to it so that across the little circles on the outside edge perfectly and when I did that a call that my spot in and where that was with that circle was to be located home I knew it was accurate when I put a square inside of it like that see how the square it touches the edge of the circle here and it's points just touch their that's very significant and it's telling a story of the circle square in the circle but also opening up the door for what is really some major ... didn't sacred geometry that circle square in circle became massively important to me because that's a very ancient symbols found in native way of thinking that go way back the square the circle just touching the outside edge means divine balance the circle inside the square means inner harmony collect that it wasn't too long after that that I received any ... image from England the look like this and it was a ... ... the same star glyph but some mathematicians have been working on it and through all of this they had found a couple of 5 pointed stars but if you look at the top of it right there they have found a very similar symbol is what I did looks like that using it's a different angle though and these guys had found a couple 5 pointed stars it is because of how the lines cross that made it's significant I can't reach up there in shock right now so it's gonna have to address them but not I knew I was accurate with what I had and covered with that star glyph because of all the different elements that are found inside of it I found over 52 symbols inside this one store grief over a period of 3 years and that's when I knew that the star nation people were really assisting us on this planet 52 symbols I'm but also knew that the mathematician was correct at the time I believe we were working on the same circle and I'm going wait a minute how can we speak can this be how can this be working on the same circle yet his is larger in mind a smaller how can that be but we're both gonna accurate information home so I am in a wind river in the wind of the great mystery had decided to tie those 2 together as one like this and when I did uncovered this symbol right here that V. shape that is a very very magical symbol created like this if I were to try to explain what that symbol has to do with this V. shaped it's like the way it was the way it was found also story of what it is me who didn't understand mathematics at any level had found this circle in the star glow of just slowly from the nature of spirit in the path I have been walking while the mathematicians who found one of the other lines father because of their brilliance to mathematician mathematics in the brilliance of what I would call sacred mind in that way it was the combination of this too that had come together of the sacred mathematical mind of science in spirit into one symbol creating a polarity that exists to the great expanse of our universe opening up this magical doorway for a symbol that allows all these truths to flow into our world beauty and magic as one of its understandings and it has many of them it represents all of the symbols that have been coming across our path there're flowing into everybody's role that carries this dimension of sacred mind you're just pouring into it never direction I would call this a symbol that represents all of that happening all that transpiring I was so inspired by what it meant I I I had some incredible stuff it occurred for me over the next few days after this had happened but I received a pitcher from England that look like this 3 about 3 weeks before some people had gone out on the winter solstice and was watching the sunrise all the sudden we saw this symbol begin to drop all the clouds this glove it drifted across the sky and positioned itself over the top where that crop circle that certain cited snowflake had appeared earlier in that year when you have an animation going with an animation isn't working so this have to do it this way but it is selective fell out of the sky it moved right out of the sky in across the across and positioned itself showing this magical connection between the earth and the sky beautiful way begin to see a a begin to search other places where it might be appearing in the start laughing and began to uncover where 2 of the more important in different ways acticin filing arrived at this and left it that I didn't know what it had to do with with the story would slowly uncover about a week after this had appeared I went to a conference in in in Sedona and met a person named ... Linda Moulton hell actually some magical prisoner a barter book and took it home that night I was going through the book and all the sudden I saw something in there it was an image of a star nation person with a badge 2 overlapping triangles said 7 foot tall native American with pearlescent translucent complexion when wanna Larson first saw the tall male he had something over his eyes like back black patches when he took him off underneath were gold cat eyes he wore a patch of 2 overlapping triangles on on those uniform and but she didn't know what it was or what it had to do with they said it meant the merging of 2 worlds that symbol and this symbol or one in the same representing the polarity of that energy that was moving into earth representing all of these truths that could flow into our world this magical way I went to England that year and then or the following year and there was a person a friend there that asked me if I'd be willing to look at a book of theirs ... this book had to do with a Egyptian understanding and asked me if I would see if if there was any native American understanding inside of it and I said Hey you know what I've never cracked a book on Egypt I'm sorry I've never opened one I have no idea about Egypt anything and then she said them well we do have to know anything about ... about to Egyptian way to see if you see any native symbols well as she was going through it I found something incredibly important when she opened it up to this page of the book wow what is that she said I never mind it's called the bent pyramid he said ... it was the first authentic ripped authentic pyramid it was built halfway up and then truncated at the top the archaeologist explained that it was just simply a mistake and so the truncated it so wouldn't KVM and that's been the standing explanation all the books since the beginning everything said that but now looking back on no that's one of the most magical sphere image that I think I've ever seen and she looked at me a funny way answer I don't understand and I said well it's not what you see that's important it's what you don't see the sacred truths to flow into your world with beautiful magic low in these energies that that were never coming newly into your space to flow into it with these whoever said inside this pyramid would receive all this truce when the universe through that unseen symbol that was sitting in the top for more information on the next star knowledge conference got a scar knowledge and //
"2013-06-08 21:44:11"
Ancient Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed 2/4
\\looked high and low for ... a picture of the geometry of this pyramid and I couldn't find it anywhere because it just wasn't anywhere to be found there was considered a mistake nobody had done anything with it ... as far as the archeologist has we're concerned that was buried away Selig Munson Munson filing I found one in a book written by cunning sweater dilute bitch because I was really kick I'm really curious about these angles there about this pyramid after what I had discovered and so I found this drawing of his inside that book and by the way this is a very accurate ... drawing in it actually in this drawing excel fit explains that the pyramid was no mistake missus nobody paid any attention to it and I can't reach up high to show you how that is I pointed out no have a pointer soldiers have to ... thing word for the moment but in another vision started unfolding that that said it explained to me to continue with what was going on with this drawing and I was listening to this slick could win in looking into my vision to see what was there in and decided that what I needed to do was draw this circle complete the circle that was only a half a circle in his drawing like that there was nothing to it it doesn't connect anything so look at increasing well maybe there's nothing there manager another circle and and made a vesicle policies out of it that's where the center one circle over the edge of one circle touches the center of another and vice versa creating a very ancient symbol call the gods I with nothing happen without either lose no connection nothing going on says but to give up and had decided to try one more time add to this circle and put it there and all the sudden I got a magical connection if you look closely it's touching that point up there at the top when that square right here at the beginning of the pyramid and on the centerline that was very significant that's 3 locations that matched up son who has autism and I put it on the other side sponsors will have been there o'leary okay this it looks for his parents working around here today that commission an image among says press the button but I don't have a button and no moment tomorrow night ... this ... the particular presentation that I'm doing called the bridge the sacred mind ... what I'm wanting to do with that one and that was kinda gear just be my main presentation legacy but ... it's about how to understand the how to shift our ... normal everyday thinking into sacred mind and how to strengthen their how to take that to a higher order it's very important that we continue to move in those strides that away and you can expand into higher and higher places where higher orders and so it's about that it's about the bridge of understanding that exist between ... and why would native American people for example ... understand about the pyramids in what they have to do with so how many people here have a connection to not only native American way of thinking in the connection that way but also pyramids in Egypt almost everybody right as because of sacred mind in the bridge that happens between those 2 qualities I made some very very significant discoveries about the pyramids of Egypt which I'm hoping to show you tomorrow if you can come very significant and the egyptologists in the archaeologist had been searching for these things for 5000 years and haven't been able to find the answer they can feel they can feel that they can feel the energy from it Hoogland what is yours tune for the kings this sort of thing but in truth I really believe it was a place for ceremony but the ancient mystics build energy into those pyramids very perfectly and very precisely I want to show you what that is but was given a vision about how that works and what it has to do with it was very intentional and when you see it you'll completely understand it yourself okay thank you a perfect okay then so it'll be about that that understanding what it has to do with now show you a little bit to today if the state is working here also use more so ... when I saw this right here I sit OMAC had well I don't believe this it can't be sore on the suit a remember the crop circle had seen early of the year before and I went to the archives of called up the people in England this is can you send me a picture of the ISIS formation that appeared last year Pliny the geometry of it very badly and they did they got together it was this one right here and they called it the queen random looks collector bloom a few things like that but dumb you see all the size of it with all the people walking in and it was a pretty big one but when I took the geometry of that in overlaid it onto my drawing there was an absolutely Lois connection perfect and this is the first time that I realized that the store nation people were more than likely open the ancient Egyptian and over a long period of time of years of working from within a realized that this has to do with the energy of the pyramid in how it moves of the energy through it I can assure you a few of the significant things you see how all the circles lined up in but even this little subtle thing to see how this circle right here's a little above that line in this circle here's a little below it that precise of a connection between the the pyramid structure and the star glyph you see how it comes down right here to appoint and it sits right on the base of the pyramid you see how this leads follows that lying so perfectly that wasn't swallowed Lubitsch drawing flawless absolutely perfect the pyramid was if you were to take this dimension and make a perfect square out of it this right here it must make then if it's 8 squares across that's the nature of an 8 pointed star that's that's a good thing star is found in the native way of thinking it pointed star and there's 8 circles on this site in circles on this side and 8 squares across yet this is a pyramid it's a mistake and a star glove that was made by some hoaxer there's a significant points of connection between them with a line up this last circle right here this point sits on the bottom of the pyramid this last circle such right at the base of where this chamber would be this is an interchangeable this is an inner as soon number of points that connect to gather so how significant it is us winner had another dimension to take and put a perfect square or put a rectangle around it like that sitting on the bench of the pyramid beyond that the bottom lines on and where the top would have gone had it been built all the way up and then I had another vision to put that wing symbol inside of it like that partly because I was trying to find out if it matched up in it doesn't quite in Mississippi I just took 2 degrees that is significant important as well but what happened was is wind up put another one inside of it upside down I got decisively the same to wing symbols that had I don't have been from me showing the head appeared in that to ... original star glove method the star nation people were wearing that the alien people can get back to it showed aren't well anyway but it's one of the same you see how the top corners register and held the point sits in that half circle right there flawless connection makes a very significant and very important for more information on the next star knowledge conference gonna start knowledge conference. the //
"2013-06-08 21:38:20"
Ancient Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed 3/4
\\yeah another vision the of that somehow or another this same star glove was tied into the great pyramid somehow so I found a picture of the great pyramid of those who are familiar with it this is the underground chamber queen's chamber in the king's chamber the entrances to those parts I took a star glove as it is and I had gotten a vision to place it into it like this you see these little I had a friend the S. me hybrid cloud Wessels for little circle said on the outside edge soon as I was asked that question I knew exactly what it was 4 and went straight into my computer sat down and drew it and it was precisely how this fit into the great pyramid supposition of in the to it like that one of this line covers his small circle here in the small circle up there right through the edge of the pyramid while the other one same thing like that the locks it into the pyramid precisely now then do you see fell this circle sits right in the center of the entrance to the king's chamber S. done with absolutely beautiful precision van I was guided to draw one more set of lines they go from those 2 circles for circles again these 2 straight down in these 2 straight down when I did that look what happens hi just cradles the queen's chamber with beautiful precision it's the energy lines being transmitted from this forum holding up and connecting to the queen's chamber of the pyramid comes down it reverses its emerging touches the top corner of this pure of this underground chamber right here beautiful precision and on this side it finds the bend in the walkway with magical proportion that been in this walkway could have been anywhere they could have made it like this right on that line perfectly mission ... I like that thank you was gifted a few other visions of of part of the magic of the pyramids as well ... a win by the book of I really don't read in a very rare that a pickup books actually and but I I feel compelled by one of but one from please call the 2 Hootie foundation and of trying to find the wrist something in it I need to see your do and so on following that intuition apparent I got this one and opened up to this page it's as well as a person or purpose for the sudden drop in the queen's chamber Beckett appeared just she in the queen's chamber but as you go along right here there's a drop they archaeologists anarchy architects explained that the purpose behind that of the but they believe who system mistakenly a construction of the pyramid that's what it looks like on a bigger image comes longer just drops and I was gifted a vision of why that actually exist it says what is the purpose for the sudden drop this was another mystery but we know the Egyptians did every little thing for a reason and or purpose I heard the reason for the drop in the change is a plan of is a change in the plan by the builders changing the plan by the builders is the academic standard X. scape room when they don't understand something academia's are incapable of saying I don't know serious button drop the Egyptians did this with magical precision beautiful absolutely flawless and with true intention if you were it doesn't show the top side of the street how to get get a better there you go okay if you were to make a perfect upside down pyramid which is an ancient native symbol goes back thousands of years it means as above as below if you were to draw that symbol right there as above as below and you were to draw a line for the top corner of that if serial upside down pyramid and connected to the center of the base of this pyramid which is a symbol of polarities that exists between the finest users in the universe and being most grounded to earth finds the angle in the drop of the queen's chamber beautiful precision and that is no mistake very magical I was asked in another vision to go back in to take this ... welcome this pyramid into place it inside of this star glow it originally appeared the first one ever walked in to go place it in the hands interior of this and when I did once again I got this magical connection now look here do you see how this point sits on that circle there it's in that circle there in the very top this goes out and just touches that circle in the base right here in the queen's chambers shaft just touches right there on that circle now it's mystified the head of the archaeologist as to why that shaft just suddenly stops out Milam know where and doesn't go well the pyramid that's why it's because it's connecting into this circle which is a circle of spirit this circle of spirit is allowing the energies of the cosmos to flow into the pyramid it's like an acupuncture needle that that queen Sheba shoppers like an acupuncture needle piercing a very thin veil of spirit allowing it to flow into the pyramids were whoever's there to receive it same is true right here it's allowing you to flow into places so whoever's there can receive that understanding in the nature of what that has to do with and if you take this point if you were to imagine the very upper point at the top of the pyramid and in the circle right here imagine their 7 circles 7 of those going around the mansion that is like a week representing one day of the week then halfway in between those 2 circles would be the place of balance in our day and night the sunrise and sunset point it's our natural place of connecting to this balance that exist naturally on the earth plane that's why we're so connected into the sunrise and sunset because of that if you were to take that point and draw a line straight down to the to the base of the pyramid then it finds the angle of the queen's chamber with beautiful precision this is another drawing that explains the star nation people were absolutely flawlessly working with them star nation people it's starting to come back again now it's returning to us coming back in it's all surfacing in right now where everybody's feeling at the star nation people returning it worked with the ancient Egyptians the door's been open to understand how that was what the agent addictions bill no one knows about that archaeologists an architect ... Egyptologist run where but you people are connected into the stars you connected into those truths of the universe and so the door has been open for you to receive those troops so they can flow into your world and you can understand the very ancient connection that has existed between indigenous peoples of this planet in the star nation people and the magical connection that that's happening all this whole circle to star knowledge conference is all about waking all that up again in developing more sacred 9 more connection change in the nature of this planet into something that is a higher understanding of what we're all connected to involving into those ancient arts that we've all forgotten about we an ancient symbol from the stars that I believe goes back millions of years gifted to the ancient Egyptians to understand how the nature of the energy moves to the pyramids I didn't get a chance to explain how those certain circles exists but they're like circular shockers 7 shockers for more information on the next star knowledge conference gotta start knowledge the I //
"2013-06-07 19:31:02"
Native American Chief Speaks About Vision Quest-Sings Eagle Song
\\my name is which top speed told well buddy Tasha no chief blue star eagle but I never knew back early on in my life from my spiritual experiences some fast on the hill that that name would really resonate with me like it is today and my fasting Timon and for you men and young ladies no I'd recommend a few find it in your heart you know if you if you have that including that desire that spiritual Nagina little poll right here or from your heart to pay yourself to go on the hill top I'd recommend you follow your heart and find a good teacher find a spiritual ... adviser somebody that term a can help guide you through that because it's the process for it is are I guess the protocol is quite extensive I've put a lot of ... men and women up on the hill for 4 days 4 nights and interpreted their experiences and are they always proven color come out to be a validation to them because that whoever it is Newton I guarantee you this that you're gonna say I knew that because all it is when you go up there like I said earlier today you all you get back is your spiritual memory you have this inkling like a set in you this little idea this feeling inside you this intuition that tells you that I know I gotta do this because I I know when I'm when I need to ... use in my life to move forward to walk on on my path in and so when you go up there and what you experience in all of the majesty of nature power of everything that's there no it's it's beyond anything that sooner experience in Hollywood any special effect is is has its way beyond that because what you experience up there goes clear to her soul it's not just eye candy it's just not just the one hour experience to go home unknowns talk about it Europe there for 4 days 4 nights all by yourself this is real folks and so ... those of you who would ... like to do this I tell you a start preparing yourself it takes about a year to get ready for that find your teacher to help guide you through that and to start on folk senior mind folk get your heart ready even your body because it is a ... holistic experience mind body heart and soul and now it changes you forever I guarantee you when you come down from there you'll never be the same for the rest your life and what you experience is beyond anything that I can se right now you know the experiences very but for mine an eagle came and flew above me lower than the ceiling in this room hovered above me for hours while I danced and prayed and later I thought that's as good as it gets put 12 more came later you know the same day and hovered over me in a pivoted like this in the in one straight line and then they flew east and ... with okay that eagle screamed at me so with that story I'm like ... to say that from that my experience the eagle has said you sing my song and I all will always come to be there with you so because of my friend and relative here I like to sing that song to the eagle nation for him me Sir told gov my owned Womble is glanced Gaulois okay I ... now I know why you won't go high of low me yeah told gov my up all wombat is this guy ... okay I of dough while y'all go high of yeah I told gov humn my up no Wambaugh good glass guy ... Hey I of go why y'all know I of yeah I told gov my up no Wambaugh good last guy ... okay I of go why yong guy go high of I hope more information on the next star knowledge conference got a scar knowledge conference and AMNH //
"2013-06-07 04:11:17"
Ancient Knowledge and Music from the Andes Mountains, Peru
\\I we can we can Santa we come from the Andes because could bring and today we are here share with you the insights heartbeat I'm picky that pursuit of culture in Quechua it's the name for the scanner to that we call call it means the social fly soldiers creation know everything but axes in our universe I need also means the charlatans ocean off while the U. neighbors it's limitless social fly it's a never ending flow of energy and life there is no such a call in of the world this cycle supply everything in our universe costs in cycles or back to mama Mother Earth I see it's going around is how you sound England yearly makes or cycles and we have to embrace those cycles these changes we have to welcome I'm the one with the in the same way as human beings we also going there's growing near poor I think we ought to then we aren't you although finally we become 30 elders I so we need to embrace each source code for the our interest these meetings humor sites because this it's good if you smoke before she what did she growth kings source of creation that's why we called it the your purchase great ocean great emotional they say that in the beginning was the war and the word was with codes peace how Ibrahim works created by sounds suits things soon the decency very it's the fuselage we covered offered to you it is a small the focus of protests one n't when the connection that we will it is worth it so the if you feel this does great the ancient music because it will create hold your weight can so my current culture the lyrics and the music let's create peace terms it makes you want with host creator the the so first people when we did during the just they have just recently he's amazing this makes a little girl strong start ECT right away what kind of problems or anything where Kerry for many people I just just feeding off how did they manage just curious if and the way how they have to feed it the one of the you curse completed but he spent precaution restrictions we we are perfect we are in the team is of these answers because the 2 different ways for tomorrow very if the department stations this everything in our nature specifics there's just no reason English major it really stinks ms our ancient lands courthouse police a complete peace love on commerce which hardly lost touch part time mama's he's like one the sale when the sleeping through the first university cost for news we own our creative from same terms mean news we Mar certainly on the planet they are created from this in part because so we all are shame we all are 100 not just here on this planet and but across the universe for more information on the net star knowledge conference going to star knowledge conference and //
"2013-06-05 17:45:28"
Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men Shares Ancient Cosmic Knowledge
\\maybe longtime middle we understood better than because most than to day because he looks like Cynthia who people they think about different way like all this crazy people there all of our human sacrifice a boat Barrett Darden thinks in some people they wrote about in the end of this age it's going to be be catastrophes many human their goods welfare things like that well the money yes isn't nice in that way but in my yet the people who wrote this is addict lonesome about many better with this going to happen to the air but who's the morph responsibly air you your dentist pulls by now the good things in the near dying in the new age you begin to change your mentality that's my war they sent me back a game for my assisted the size pizza who speak about this knowledge we had 4000 a year a week we went to many places like they're my out my Yash led the cut on my S. would doom many places to spread the new age in that kind 2000 years ago but it looks like more the humanity they went in different directions that's one good reason we create many wars many teenagers then things would be Hugh money because we went in the dark side all the knowledge but to day it looks like you many pop of the people they coming back gain do I have the baby coast make memory we are our memories close to me memory what proportion meal on them you know why but the he's a portion of the cost we have the 7 points here because each part of that would be my ass sun where power the Pleiades 7 songs he's there and each orbit is here so somebody speak about megabit thinks they don't how nothing to support it while they see only the support of this grace is Spanish when we come to Mexico you do database things with indigenous my but to date in this new age is good because this breed now 2 days is score in our solar system he's going and to get work is activate them more beer than the knowledge cease we're receiving more knowledge of the cosmos and anytime about being the catia it and say we have it now indication now he's said Pomone things loading bay soon the whole kia you're looking to be into his something there and I know what the ancient places sixties in this youth work on and the rest of the war stone Hey each recent Davis of the news begin to produce so in music like like ibidpro listen in lower bay he said per month what that it means because was being Pateros stymie gaining you connect yourself with the court and they hold up cool we got a my go there my has only gave one of them may issue but the movement is because most a measure is the measure the measure we have the more easy way to understand the measure is that the woman the mystery should they welcome young woman connected with the more why the Mormon a brief 28 days because a loss is a bank this is the thing why the man we cannot hear very well this this information because this Gracie civilization worth of civilization they don't know very much about the cost but according with my uncle in those we have a Colin docile 23 days think happened to the woman every 28 days I have been to the man different cycle 23 days and every could do today something come hop in the mind of the man we need to put on a show that maybe we need more teachers man teaches come the universities that we need to teach this or all the human and then in that way to make more easy the connection human because more information on the net star knowledge conference got a star knowledge conference I and //
"2013-06-04 22:54:08"
Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men Shares Ancient Cosmic Star Knowledge
\\use my you see you cut that we've celebrate in December 22 the cycle of pipe Dowson 125 you see very close so deactivation you cut them now is being to work now Cahokia begin to do something like this but now the importance who who can tell us who these really this working just the people there but there's yeah what's the name of the person who went mouse the presentation she said and their personal thoughts at night you full moon they begin to hear sun in digital music in the place same begin to happen in your eBay in my place so we need to put that patient in these because all the sentiment centers cost me way they want to be or going to hop a connection and they're going to begin to wake up people in that place so I am happy because he can hit back again and somebody told me that I'm not the school went mad think I wrote about that so Monday from there the poem so in that way may be all the Americans in this beautiful concrete do you to be happy maybe if soon Inca hokey maybe Sunday is going to happen are you gonna begin to hear music form that played in the formal right so all this good news is good because human you know the war with the saints the only different Dixie sometimes is the core of the scheme by the proportion or body of our bones same number you would like to change something something that because while they don't tell us soon so all this the us and giving to you I'm being with you like what led to my as we think how I condemn all how a can do most the web is saying we have the same memory so come back again it's that time again all the vibration would have 13 vibration we have and when he wouldn't Everytime we're more aware but the a vibration Easter that's what movies are so important the music I'm very important eventual through the visual or would that be in to wake up the key so reporter for me the my home but it's my it's our now the activation on this continent it's common seems that somebody at this school but in the pyramid Chichen Itza scored the formation of the 7 trembles in that year more and more people to come into you get that okay 15 lately it's we need the thing and don't forget we know we have our not exactly good government in many places but now some to begin to change because just when they begin to see the snake in that pyramid Chichen Itza more people that comment more people that comment and in March 21 looks like 1000 people they come coming coming what's important it the moan Sam and March 21 December 2 refers east when the most thorough initial disarm goals in an old war is the way and is it tying more easy to wake up because what is sleeping in because we don't know how to work with the ends of the song they is it natural way how it's being becoming more energy because this Pete I don't know what lesson question and you please answer me that what do you feel about of the year or how many or Hugh this year it is scored more fast or last year we put it looks like no one answer for that if you ask astronomer was seen TV people we don't the visual for the Myers is very easy because we believe in the cycle of the sun now the sun begin to have more to speak and they also old or planets too big probably in the this space like all the planets I'm this is the symbol of the snake Inca hokey here you have this symbol Cahokia with Disney in every place in the digital space they had the symbol this day because the snake the knowledge because I am we human we traveled in this way to you walk you hit goddamn well I go down go a is this a way travel our planet's our son in the big cycle loaded down with abilities would you see more niche in let's imagine but more on this is that violence is the duality for more information on the net star knowledge conference knowledge comes and and //
"2013-06-04 17:40:25"
Native American Chief Introduces Mayan Elder at 12-12-12 Star Knowledge Conference
\\I don't think grandfather over here whom bots men when I first met him down there and sparrowhawk village Oklahoma then the and we both had black hair at that time so and now it is really does really good really good to see him again now this is what happened and we had a conference and al a call at the lax the big conference and I was on this panel it put me on this panel no sat there and after they announced that this panel is about 2012 and the end I sat there and I said what am I doing here I don't believe in that so anyway they roasted all the speakers that come up to me and they said ... asked me well chief golden light eagle what do you think about 2012 so it wasn't really a good movie yeah I really liked it we've had a lot to do with family inos going on in the I know they don't want to hear that so what I did say was well next time you guys have a conference next time you have a conference when you wanna talk about 2012 you invite the authors you invite the Mayan people but none of these people here know anything about it including me you invite the my and well guess what the next conference threw me out brought home lots minute so happy to see him for more information on the next star knowledge conference got a star knowledge conference .com and //
"2013-06-01 19:21:57"
Native American Flute- Spiritual Meditation, Relaxation
\\I'm nzpost I to I the we from you just and //
"2013-05-30 21:17:18"
Native American Knowledge of God and Creation
\\the dark forces have tipped the scales through their side which which looks like their women at this point the the reason they're not gonna win is because they're not in charge it doesn't make a difference how hi are above great they think they are they're not in charge know that the people that the the beings that are in charge or the forces that created there the you can call it the great creator call it ... energy you can call it lights or but if you look at that for example in the Zuni mythology and creation myth it was not some machine here are some the nuts and bolts type thing that came or bird Craig to computer type it was a light source they came and the only reason that we know but I mean ... that he had adversaries that created that took well maybe they did all that the me know they work so and that's again that's ... all we know tries have that we warrior ... mythology their religious makeup but the the basic thing that occurs alright questioning that you're asking is that they've always been here the the people that are the keepers and no watchers then the boys being here and though the white man call them angels ... they called ... other things throughout the different people so the world but they've always been here the only thing that they do not that they do not do is that they don't make themselves visible they have their exits they activity has created today because of the term all that's happened you've heard of us a lot of ... paranormal activities that come around and some of these some of these beings can this special and the flying saucer that group that they actually can walk through those walls I mean and you hurts so many many stories at their factual in many cases of 5 sources flying right into to a mountain because there's told them it doesn't mean anything nothing for that in the zone a world we call it the wrong people for all people because there's there are so supernatural and there they they got the cosmic magic that they can do anything they can appear right here and then stand right here next to me then they can disappear and at this and in such pain that Sir though we on the other side of the world under this is some technology that we have no wonders yeah it's always been here as far as far as things that are happening right now throughout the whole world it's because that's one that man created with the help of the dark forces and then if you're really what come come right down to it in the pueblo in the world where I'm from they call that witchcraft for more information on the next star knowledge conference got a star knowledge conference //
"2013-05-29 03:58:17"
Native American Flute- "Voices in the Wind" by Douglas Blue Feather
\\he the US the Nnamdi I I ... and the I ... mmhm then and I do and I and I and and the US in the I he he I it's and and mmhm and is I and I ... no I of I'm and the I I all the I I mmhm he I then //
"2013-05-28 16:33:30"
Native American Flute "Celestial Dreamer" The Best of Douglas Blue Feather
\\I I ... the I you I ... the the I I ... //
"2013-05-26 23:21:43"
World Class Native American Pow Wow Hoop Dance Jackie Bird Star Knowledge Conference,
\\but if the yeah //
"2013-05-26 09:08:29"
Native American Rock Star Jackie Bird Sings Amazing Honor Song
\\you do have to acknowledge my grandma my hit us a grandma and she is the one that gave me the right to do everything that they do wearing my eagle feathers to compose the music to even to design to do the hoop dance always think about her on the other side now is ... let her know that I'm gonna do all the things that she showed me some gonna go ahead and sing this family honor song yeah but no nnova yeah this I but the yeah more information on the next star knowledge conference knowledge //
"2013-05-26 05:05:43"
Native American Rock Star Jackie Bird Sings One for the Cloud Nation
\\or how well does it well we do for more information on the net star knowledge conference knowledge about //
"2013-05-25 23:13:45"
Seven7sisters Amazing Sound Design-Hawaiian Spiritual Chants
\\hi I now the my is to I I the the //
"2013-05-21 20:48:53"
Native American Wisdom- Chief Blue Star Eagle
\\he we have lots and lots of prayers that are being made all over country native people are pulling together to ... pray about world peace to pray about slight that is emanating from all of creation and I'm also from the heavens and under our feet and also from within us and so the slight theirs is showing up everywhere on photographs and cameras ... dreams sin even what people are concede there naked eye to see lot of lights ceremony and then there's also the peace that people are striving for what they're praying for so much happening on the planet lots of ... war in some people's hearts Sir opening up there's lot of natural ... events occurring they're not disasters are catastrophes those are and natural things that would happen even if we weren't here as human beings those are natural event set our cleansing and so we learned from that that ... it's not a bad thing if you think bad you will receive bad so Sabah duh learning how to ... find that peace within you and and the way you do that is to learn to forgive and so this this time too has a lot to do with the unity we're human beings how we're come together for a common cause the way we do that is to follow our hearts to have ... what it takes in in order to learn about the natural way of things some the heavens and the earth to unite heaven and earth into your heart what we would call ... unit unity more information on the next star knowledge conference knowledge //
"2013-05-21 15:25:09"
Star Knowledge Chief GLE and Uqualla in Sedona (with funny bloopers)
\\my dream isn't the only dream my dream is just one of many dreams that everybody else who is walking well I'm just just those another part of that would black out called the sacred hoop we're all a part of a piece of the puzzle we're part of mending the sacred hoop everyone of us so we have to do this well we have to do this within our heart within this wave of love in order for this universe to prosper the callings that bring forth gatherings any bands one of many this 1 that is coming up on 1111 listen to your heart and allow for you to come into connection with and if it is that you are called to be there we welcome we invite and we look forward to our meetings at that time yeah the rooms were clean mute yeah yeah you quality exceeds yeah I have sooo Bob your hopes to what you I or can you check 3 Stooges for more information on the next star knowledge conference knowledge about //
"2013-05-20 21:26:09"
Mazatzin Explains the Movement of the Four Seasons
\\do you do you need not look the seasons legal issues come because of the tilt of the earth you know you know and and and the rotation of your case and so we don't see this cone like who would again we call it the door like a formal was of the sun her son is born on the east only twice a year right and economics so is it just a personal went into some with all the way through it to their to the site to the south no winter solstice the move back to the east and then to the north and that's what the summer solstice so don't but doesn't bring in to see this for us but we see that when our son is born in the winter solstice like gonna be born in a few days from today who 8 days from today exactly on December 21 the teller decide is born as a hummingbird in the coming weeks it'll partially Huitzilopochtli I like that word and I like that name but a force leave because the god of war day in the history books but he's not it means the sun because on a new look at the story look at these factors like them but they were there Richter did Jessa is that's exactly the symbol of which the portly that thorn on top of that on double at my gate like the beagle hunger and that's what I come via the because I'm very because the humming bird okay and when the sun is born in the winter solstice after the longest night of the year he's born of the little hummingbird the source traveling in the prayer movement of sun any traveling a bit because it gets a little book which is called a precious bird after that he bends over Mexico City the first time please call is called the unlocked which is of no da da McCall and I feel offended of them a call game you continued movement until he gets to that northern part the law is not a part of for the summer solstice to begin and after a short of light he becomes illegal she comes back as an eagle it becomes or Mr sitting a second time he gets together with incredible butterfly that exists in the cosmos you say because of the movements over Mexico City so even the butterfly come down upon the face of the earth and nobody card in the face of the calendar you know so it has been changing is in the beginning it was a little honey per day becomes it becomes ... dug inside the becomes a McCall the becomes a eagle needed returns again so that's how we see the how I see the seasons for more information on the next star knowledge conference knowledge now //
"2013-05-20 17:47:28"
Ancient Story of Why You Don't Want to Hesitate
\\I'm you can teach you we have a beautiful story about the sun and the moon if I go in the sun and the moon would create and it talks about that ... and that the sun the sun was created from ma from month from an instant of ... 0.2 elements want wesco Texas to cut mislead pictures to god and that's the moon and and done none the less these 2 elements come up to present them grandfathers talk about the ancient ones but the talking with the elements to give life to earth the when the fire and water but in this case this detail is that ... lease to Ellis come up was cut taxes to go out and if they don't like a big guy I call in the full welfare big guy tough guy you know and they look icon on the Watson and I couldn't get the water boy you don't really pay attention to sometimes and they don't paint a very nice he's can now not very good looking at kind of short and even got a limp you know so the time came for our grandfathers to create a ceremony to create a son because they got to get into to walk on it will be caught up to walk on and on the pyramid of the Sunday column one now and now they got together for the ceremony and if someone in this to sacrifice himself into the fire to become the sun and pictures you got the big football guy football player kind of guy he goes I'm gonna do are you gonna do it who's gonna do it you but I don't know we should not have a yeah you do if you're a man you know Hey alright I'm gonna do it the time came for the ceremony due to fire in the family who really and in a moment peace posted passes off into the fire he stopped at the end of the address of the understanding of ways to kind of think about it legal backing to try that again to me we cannot hear the tapes again but this time the water boy nana Watson he gets up in the drug is up and jumped into the fire and Bulma comes the sun but this is god was what he jumped into any became the moon okay so what happened did you listen Civitella do not hesitate to do not hesitate right because you could be as bright as the sun or you could just be a reflection of the sun okay so as not to put on the moon of course we can't but alas and our listeners to do not hesitate you know you listen to the don't do it you wanna say it say it move detail is easier to S. forgiveness mattress permission sometimes for more information on the next star knowledge conference knowledge about //
"2013-05-19 23:46:42"
Does Hell Exist? Native American Chief Explains Hell
\\so today we have the battle of Armageddon the battle of the mind people want to your mind we're control issues not all the belief systems in the world are being questioned which is really good they're not going to go to how so that doesn't exist so your belief system should be you the only thing that you need to believe in is then you're south that's it and when you believe in yourself you know your limits you know your strengths you know your weaknesses and there is no way that you could fail on your mission your purpose in filling your sacred responsibility as a mother for more information on the next star knowledge conference knowledge I //
"2013-05-19 19:14:18"
Ancient Aliens Star Tells Shocking True History
\\when we're doing ceremony there was always the statement when you leave from here don't say anything nothing so in my mind that would say why why would I wouldn't worry so but later I'd I'd learned the reason why but it was still it was it was good maybe that's the way spirit moves but the government made it so that it was against the law were any Indian to pray in their language and do Sam what is and the penalties were up to 30 years in prison and they created a prison those was more like fan asylum for us so Indians those ... and United States those that couldn't conform to the social ways of living there and those that couldn't conform to the religious ways of living they put them in there and call them insane and one of those I had 2 grandfathers one that died in an insane asylum because he was a medicine man and he talked to the 2 nature talk to the birds and animals I talked to the Swindon this these clouds then dear you could say I think my mother of told me that he was ... worked with the dear people not the dear people and there's these 2 they gave me a lot of stories about that about his life my other grandfather was sent in there and he was he was more of a leader in the tribe and he didn't like what was going on with are there other people are being treated so that's where they send him but after some research with finances problems with this insane asylum they went to investigate conditions and they found out that no the people there were insane and so my grandfather was released many went back to the tribe and I just learned this that he died on a road trip he was delegated to go to Washington for something and he died on a on a ... during that trip or in the sea and they said is body about without a brain and we found out that there is over 16000 Indian people that died over an area of DC and their bodies were shipped out without brains so we have ... suddenly that's investigating and digging that stuff up right now that this time and in looking for the records medical records and the cause of death them a lot of these Indian leaders so that was the penalties praying to god so we didn't understand that at that time nobody told us anything so we kept a lot of this information to our south now Jimmy Carter passed this law in 1978 call freedom of religion act which allows Indian people to pray to god and to ceremony so it's it's very ironic that the United States or this was built around of freedom of religion for a lot of people that were being ... very much abuse over in England and all them other countries so they came over here so they could practice their own belief system so we didn't say anything then after the spirit gave us this then formation then they told us to take it out the way of the symbols the way of the 6 pointed star and when we release them public ... ID drew and some so many people from different walks of life and it didn't matter whose FBI CIA UN NATO all all those who are the government so called government agencies and and ... light workers new agers medicine people ... ufologists and all kinds off there is in that we had 5 days