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"2009-06-02 15:57:43"
Extraordinaries 90 Second Pitch
\\hi my name is Jacob ... with the extraordinary 74 percent of the United States doesn't gone over 60 hour work weeks kids errands in the stress of everything else it's hard to find time to do so so good but wait a minute we spend 9000000000 hours a year playing solitaire 18 minutes on average standing in an airport security like and essentially that adds up to billions of spare time how good it comes moments so what if you could log into your smartphone while you're standing in line at the bank or riding on the bus and engage with the because our community care about ... translating documents adding subtitles acting as a citizen journalists and so many more volunteer task free right on your smartphone ... what extraordinary is does is it opens access billions of dollars of spare human energy that just 2 years ago for these devices came out previously wasn't accessible so for organizations we allow anybody with big unit you ... harness the power of the crown and actually employ the supporters in their databases it's you accomplish real work to save money to increase loyalty ... and to increase and in the process allow organizations to expand their work using spare human energy that we spend playing video games and other keep busy type activities so I'm asking I'm asking a green green hue ... let me show you what we can do with 700000000 people with powerful many computers in your pockets 2004 hours a day from anywhere on earth and that's it //

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