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"2016-02-01 04:55:41"
KRS-One 5th dimension Explained
\\this exercise where but we just say this rob Stonehenge why just put that in history yeah could history come up right good Rick rockstar energy drink those who want to call them do the exercise we're gonna save rock star to ourselves without opening our mouths without saying anything outside who say this to ourselves was a rock star 2 are so don't say it out loud the count of 3123 okay now the questions have if you said rocks it's in your mind the question to ask is what voices that what voices that what what voice just spoke you show us where it rock star without moving your mouth and all one topic that you you on top of same rockets the whole you hurt yourself say rocks run how will you hear yourself say rock star and no fire breaks should pop sound has happened see this was a different perspective on what sound actually and what memory is memories knocking the brain memories in the soul the only thing you take with you after this life is your map more breeze all your knowledge your experiences the only thing you take other studies it are out cold today but he could take all this stuff was going together yeah but if you say rockstar in your mind or in your belief is the true parents is a true statement in your being what was that once what was the voice that spoke and then you heard yourself speaking but please ears could not hear you say anything because I don't think it moves so figures to inherit the mouth did not hold but she spoke as you heard yourself speaker if you close your eyes you can see this better if you call your eyes and put this damage in another site but if you close your eyes you could still see what is the site that can see your future these 2 are just don't see the future these 2 eyes don't see to pass yet you can see your past as you can see what the do you can actually see your pass but her what is the site they concede beyond time whom yeah don't give it away that have what is you know this is this is an ancient meditates this is an ancient meditation that I am not the flats I am the energy the consciousness but being animal flesh and this is proof because no phase this is not religion this is actual fact you can speak what all moving about you can hear without ears you can see without all so what happens when vis our eyes this involved in this here drops off into the grave these other senses or elect which that doesn't lose here once you realize this you live your life will courageously but no one wants to die before their time so you try to protect yourself but no that this body is the limitation of you it is not your seem that it is not your alternate your ultimate is that voice you just said rocks on that voice that Joe said rod Smallwood out nothing physical moving that person is immortal that person is not here would you have told people the body is in school what is it 3 dimensions right forward back right left up down and talk 4 dimensions 3 dimensions plus Tom that's our physical reality from that right left up down that's 3 the plus ton what happened to it now look at the east to look at the the English boy back for right glove all now know it is now no do they now what is it about rock snow nnova rock stars has I exist without the body so where is this other Biggs's where is the it's not here it's not in 3 dimensional space where you were you with all the person said it's a whole different dimension just switch a little bit talk to yourself more to yourself the only nonna I go with grid and say I am the I have all my needs coming would speak I am a being of love and light and knowledge no weapon formed against me shall prosper whatever route is to help you out her leash on your tongue or sorry if you'll be this is how the gods created this whole reality the first few minutes of magic the first humans they came from inner space they came out studied the although not he's they came out inner space not from up outer space inner space right stop well for there was a body be was this boy traveling in this voices dimension to get here to the art there is no voice created this Albert extension of it so to be in this dimension once you realize that you would not just in this dimension but you also in another debate should you know a free because whatever happens to you here in this dimension is not your only reality see this is how Jesus was able to get the I realize that Hey one because he wasn't here he was the rock star inside the web do what you want with the body I'm not here no one should realize that level of consciousness where you are officially you identify yourself as the spirit not the flesh you are the inner voice not that our boys once you become that inner voice now your out of boys has how now when you speak it's not just a show speed this will be needed speaking home beset and this is where you heal all sickness in your barn this is where you come back and reality to work with you edit works according to your consciousness why because it's not a shell the speaking this old real being in the cell that is speaking and when the real being speaks all nature and the universe responds //

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