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"2016-12-01 13:03:45"
Elevator Speech
\\how that money was ever called me and I am currently studying integrate in inside show business with no view tipsy Nicorette in human resource management within a transnational corporation the skills that might be suitable for the station I already have in depth knowledge and experience within this department I studied human resource management as pop off my degree and shoots my specialism being nor I have a high degree of knowledge of the legislation which is required to move in this position oversized you to the global fight because of my degree I have a high level of cultural awareness which is necessary but I'm working with employees from many different cultures and countries Havel side already gained experience within a humorous almost Hartman off to watching free USIA limited's I mean in which is an American insurance company for the US Senate cherry I have full sized game transferable skills such as IT and communications skills office completing a 4 month summer internship as I am office admin assistant IPA //

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