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Response to Viewer Mail & Rebranding Announcement
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Eye Witness Interview Tour - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 62
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Nations of the World Vote to Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Move
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Is Donald Trump Stealing Black Voters Away from the Democrats?
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Cops Respond to Gunmen On Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 61
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Vegas Hoax Theorists Being Used to Discredit Real Investigation - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 58
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YouTube Demonetization & Censorship As Social Mind Control - Jake Morphonios on Hagmann Report
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Did TigerSwan Have Assets in Vegas? - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 57
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Rare Footage of Gunfire On Route 91 Concert - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 56
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USA, Israel & Saudi Arabia Prepping for Zionist War With Iran
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Current Leads In Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 55
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"2017-12-07 23:44:28"
Most Religiously Devout Jews Do Not Support Israel or Zionism
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Trump's Jerusalem Controversy - Does All of Jerusalem Belong to Israel?
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US Supreme Court Upholds Donald Trump's Immigration Travel Ban (for now)
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Frantic Evacuation Footage Threatens Lone Gunman Theory - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 54
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Proof of Gunshots Inside Mandalay Bay Casino - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 53
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Black Curtains Hiding Evidence At Casinos - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 52
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Rare Footage of Las Vegas Shooting from Across the Street - Part 51
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Insights Into Stephen Paddock's Vegas Lifestyle - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 50
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Car Bomb At the Luxor Hotel - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 49
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New Leads On Stephen Paddock - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 48
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YouTube/Google FINALLY In Hot Water for Ignoring Pedophile Rings
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Stranger Things Series May Be Based On Real Events!
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What Are the Strange Sounds Being Heard Around the World?
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Debunking the Luxor Rooftop Gunmen Theory - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 47
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Saudi Prince Salman Using Blackwater to Torture His Opponents
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Witness Sees Multiple Gunmen Outside Concert - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 46
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Private Military Companies (Mercenaries) - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 44
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More Details On the Mandalay Casino Mercenary - Las Vegas Shooting Part 42
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New Details on Mercenary Op in Vegas to Be Released Friday - Las Vegas Shooting Part 40
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🍕 #PizzaGate - YouTube Gags Journalists Trying to Expose YT Pedophile Rings
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Ryan Bundy Released At Start of Bunkerville Standoff Trial
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California School Shooting - Guman Targets School Children
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EXPOSED! Dangerous Pedophile Rings & Child Traffickers On YouTube
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The March to World War 3 + Are Earthquake Machines Real? - Podcast
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Massive Earthquake on Iraq Iran Border Rocks Entire Region 11-12-2017
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My Interviews with Russian TV About APEC, 9-11 and the Las Vegas Shooting
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💲 Follow the Money / Chertoff & Adelson - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 39
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The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order - Part 4 - CONCLUSION
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The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order - Part 3
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The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order - Part 2
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The Saudi Purge is a Precursor to War with Iran - Part 2
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The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order - Part 1
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Stephen Paddock's Ties to Hallucinogenic Drug Scammers - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 36
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The Role of Stephen Paddock's Cars in the Las Vegas Shooting - Part 35
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The Las Vegas Shooting Information War - Part 34
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"2017-11-01 23:02:04"
Rothschild - Soros - McCain Connection to the REAL #Russiagate Scandal
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"2017-11-01 22:20:37"
🐶 A New Litter of Puppies Arrived During the Night
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"2017-10-31 21:45:14"
#Russiagate: The Truth About the Idictment of Paul Manafort
\\happy Halloween everyone yesterday I wished a Happy Birthday to Carrie Fisher who played princess Leia on Star Wars today I'd like to wish mark Hamill Happy Birthday mark plays Luke Skywalker on Star Wars those who know what I'm talking about will understand the message now I'm taking just a second to step away from the Vegas shooting investigation to interject a quick fought on the Russia gate probe and the indictment of Donald trump's former campaign chairman Paul mana for those who have subscribe to my channel since the beginning of October have probably only heard me talking about the Las Vegas investigation and truth is those of you who are by longtime viewers are probably sick of me talking about the Las Vegas but are there at the Las Vegas stuff that's not the only thing that I work on of course I do a lot of investigation into child trafficking that works in the peta file ratings geo political activities around the world including clandestine CIR that CIA operations and so one I also give commentary on political issues of the day so again for those who are new to my channel let me explain where I'm coming from once upon a time I worked as a political strategist and was paid by various campaigns for my St counsel I was the regional campaign manager for presidential candidate Steve Forbes back in 2000 I was a writer for the Ron Paul campaigns of 2000 82 12 so talking about politics is almost guaranteed to upset 0.5 of my viewing audience or the other so let me say where I stand politically so you know where I'm coming from until the year 2000 I had been a hard core paleo Republican my political heroes were men like Barry Goldwater Ezra Taft Benson I've never supported neoconservatism so I was not a fan of George W. bush since 2000 I have been politically politically independent I lean Republican but I'm independent my loyalty is not to a political party but to a certain set of constitutional and moral principles that I believe are constant and unchanging so if and when a candidate's words and deeds both aligned with those principles I'm gonna support those candidates otherwise I will not give them my support for example I did not vote for Donald Trump in fact since the 2000 election I've done write ins for president every single November up I don't believe the solution to America's political problems is gonna come from a single man single woman who ascends to the presidency I likewise believe that in most cases the vote for U. S. senators is almost pointless but I do believe that voters still have a role to play in the selection of our members of the U. S. hell's and to choose good people for the U. S. house we have to be actively involved in politics at the state level that's why after working for Steve Forbes I decide I was invited by the bush campaign to join them I said forget that I went on to manage our and advise the campaigns of a number of North Carolina state representatives and senators because I thought my efforts would be better spent there but at the federal level since that is what everyone likes to talk about you'll hear me both praise and criticize federal politicians including president trump when he does something that I believe is positive for America Andy is within the bounds of his authority under the constitution something such as withdrawing from the horrendous multinational trade deal called the trans Pacific partnership well you're gonna hear me support him and I make no apologies for supporting Donald Trump it in that way but when he does something that I don't believe is in America's interest such as bombing Syria or provoking North Korea you're gonna hear me criticize him rather than praise him and again I make no apologies for that this is just how I am I put principles I head of political parties or the politicians who belong to these different parties I believe that for example out of our current crop of federal politicians we do have some good ones we've got Republicans like Trey Gowdy Walter Jones in the U. S. house we've got rand Paul in the U. S. Senate for rights supported rand Paul for president during the 2016 primaries now on the Democrat side I very much support the non interventionist proposals of Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and I also think that the greatest president the United States has ever had was believe it or not a New York Democrat named Grover Cleveland he did more to abide by the restraints of the U. S. constitution that any other president and I really have a great deal of respect for him because of that but these federal level politicians these guys are the exceptions to what is largely a body of corrupted bureaucrats these people who have sold out their votes to the highest corporate bidders so for my viewers if you can handle that I'm my own person that I'm not going to tow the line for a political party or a certain president you may enjoy my perspectives now with that introduction for new viewers out of the way I will say that the indictment of Paul man afford is extremely significant and for my viewers who have been around since 2016 you'll recall that months before anyone in the mainstream media had even mention the name of Paul made a fort in connection with this sob Russia gate stuff I was Saddam very directed my predictions that not only would they eventually go after mana for but that manna for himself would become the central figure in the Russia gate pro I also predicted that metaphor would end up indicted all of this has come to pass I've also made predictions that are yet to come to pass but I believe time is going to validate those predictions as well you see the entire Russia gate probe is nothing less than a soft coup attempt that has been manufactured by the deep state and those who control it this is a well coordinated plot by the Rothschild New World order network of Marxist globalists corporate oligarchs they are trying to overthrow the vote the freedom of the American people to choose for ourselves like him or hate him Donald Trump won the electoral vote he is the legitimately elected president of the United States we the people put him in office the constitution prescribes 3 possible ways to remove someone from office once they are in the presidency number one we can vote trump out in 2020 number 2 the U. S. house can impeach him and the US Senate can remove him from office or number 3 he could be removed by the collaboration of his administration officials in conjunction with the US Congress using the authority of the 20 Fifth Amendment they could declare him essentially to be incapable of fulfilling his duties what the deep status doing though is they are working all round an outside of the US constitution to take the power to install or remove a president from office away from us and away from our congressional representatives and that is why I say this is so significant Paul mana fork is a crook he works for the Rothschild New World order syndicate are any did so for years ... they fail Rothschild who is the up the son of Jacob Rothschild is kind of the heir to the up though the Rothschild dynasty up he and George Soros both used manna for and metaphors partner Rick Davis to carry out geopolitical lobbying operations on their behalf cozying up to the Rothschilds Russia and in Ukrainian oligarch puppets to work against the interests of the Russian people and Vladimir Putin so many 40 is connected to Russia button he's not connected to Putin he's connected the Russian billionaires who work with the New World order mafia that's where the connection is so what happened is that deep state took advantage of Jared Kushner's desire to become a more important player in their network and they'd used him and thereby they use his wife Ivanka to convince Donald Trump to bring man a foregone there's trump's campaign chairman which of course gave the New World order a foothold in the door of the trump campaign eventually yes Donald Trump had the good sense to let manna fork go but as we've seen it was too little too late he's already guilty by association the rush agape probe is a political witch hunt the likes of which America has never seen I get that a lot of you hate Donald Trump so be it I can see why some people hate him but if you're gonna go after him you don't undermine the fabric I eat you don't tear apart the fabric of the system of law to do it you find the right way to go after him okay we have to be obedient to the law and how we do this you so you guys know that I'm not a big truck fan but when it comes to the Russian collusion story Donald Trump is being unfairly targeted so if we want to go if people want to go after trump they need to do it the right way ... I personally don't believe there needs to be anyone going after trump I think that Donald Trump has the potential to do some very good things for America now of course I can't completely give trump a pass on this he's a smart guy he knew who made a fort was before he got into bed with him so trump really doesn't have a whole lot of justification to complain about you know having ... contracted venereal disease ... political venereal disease from mana for ... I just can't emphasize enough how dirty Paul mana forties while his lobbying firm partner Rick Davis now you'll see on the news that along with him ... mana for ... an associate of his what kind of his right hand man was I a guy name ... wit gates ... he's been indicted but I'm talking about a different Rick this was his lobbying firm partner Rick Davis Rick Davis was working one group of oligarchs while mana for was bilking the other side now I'm working with them where Davis by the way was the campaign manager for presidential candidate John McCain well back in March of this year I published a very damning report on McCain's connections ... to the Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs along with McCain's work for George Soros so if any of you want me to republish that video let me know in the comments section there now I'll put that up ... but Paul metaphor is very much an operative in the New World order Davis a man for played significant roles in helping to pull off the ... the CIA orchestrated and Soros funded 2014 coup in Ukraine the killing Ukraine is 100 percent the product of a Rothschild syndicate ... I it's a it's a it's operation by the New World order it's part of a larger globalist plot to channel got choked out the nation of Russia because of Bob Vaught Vladimir Putin's to keep efforts to keep Russia strong and sovereign ... to stand in opposition of this idea of a global system of government can have a New World order global system of government if you've got nations like the United States or Russia strong independent nations standing in the way of that so that's why you have you we see these efforts to take down up both the United States and Russia the ironic thing about this our main for that indictment is that man a fort was actually working against the Russian people in their president but because he was working for Russian oligarchs ... it's easy to put out this propaganda story that made a fort was working for Russia that's why I'm trying to tell you guys about this I want you to see through the propaganda by having the facts now going forward if mana fork goes down we ought to see a whole host of New World order operatives who work with him go down as well but I don't think that's gonna happen you know who one of metaphors close associates since Roger stone that crooked dirtbag who has bloodied up to Alex Jones and is now operating as the New World orders handler for Jones that's what he is he's a handler the fact that Alex Jones is out there defending pole mana for when manna forties so clearly a puppet of Soros a new Soros is a puppet of Rothschild well that says something about how well Roger stone has pulled the mask down over ... Alex Jones lies Joan still produces some excellent content but in this particular area he is at least for the time being totally compromise they cannot trust Jones's judgment on this metaphor thing well because I'm trying to push to get a Las Vegas report out today I'm just gonna add some clips from past videos ... took to the rest of this video here I think you'll find them and lightning ... if you're interested in this topic even with that though ... trying to cut down the time it may not be until tomorrow that I can get this new Vegas report out so be patient with me I've got a house full of children it's Halloween ... and ... yeah so my time is limited today anyway thank you so much for watching for the end times news report I'm Jake more phony else yes McCain did seem to be working to help Russia gain control of Montenegro but what couldn't didn't realize yet was that McCain's loyalties were not to Putin they were not to Russia in general they were loyalties to a particular Russian oligarch a man named Oleg Derek posco only dare posco was known by the nickname Putin's oligarch he was the ninth richest billionaire in the world at the time super rich man he owned the world's largest yacht which was called the queen K. it was so huge it had a crew of more than 70 people ... wood was the controlling shareholder of a company called wrote roosts al this is the Russian aluminum giant which happens to be the biggest aluminum company in the entire world it just so happened that 40 percent of Montenegro's GDP and 80 percent of its annual export earnings earnings came from the sale of aluminum so Oleg went into Montenegro and bought up all of the aluminum plants meaning that over night Putin's pal Oleg Deripaska had taking control of the national economy of Montenegro now in the shadows John McCain was working with only their posco I dug up some photos here to show you from 2006 these photos were taken in Montenegro this particular yacht was owned by an Italian felon a man named Rafaello fully airy he was a rich and powerful player also what convicted con man you may notice standing behind him was his girlfriend so when you might recognize actress Anne Hathaway the man whose hand he's shaking is Rick Davis Davis was John McCain's presidential campaign menace manager but Davis was also a lobbying firm ... president it was called Davis mana for powerful powerful lobbying firm it was the US lobbying firm that ran the entire campaign for independence for Montenegro to break away from Serbia in 2006 all right so John McCain's campaign manager was a big time lobbyists who is getting funding from Russian businessman to help Montenegro breakaway so that Montenegro could be taken over now you'll notice in this picture walking behind Rick Davis is senator McCain McCain in Davis went out on the yacht with fully air he and Anne Hathaway and that was kind of a cover story knew the cover story was that it was just a special occasion to celebrate John McCain's seventeenth birthday but that's not true you see anchored not that far away was the mega yacht of Russian oligarch Oleg there a pasta remember the queen K. yacht what happened was that McCain boarded one yacht and they snuck over to link up with dear posco on the queen K. you see McCain wasn't actually working to help Vladimir Putin or Russia he was trying to use their apostles wealth and close connections to the Russian government to gain control over Montenegro to turn over to Russia's enemies to these New World order globalists including George Soros and Rothschild and dad is health things eventually played out if you do some searching you guys will find out that Vladimir Putin absolutely hates John McCain that's because McCain is a tool of the globalists who were trying to destroy Russia so you got Rick Davis and Paul man afford these lobbying partners who are running the campaign for John McCain largely on behalf of these corporate interests from the Russian oligarchs you can look all this stuff up now is there a connection between ... Donald Trump and Russia well yes there is just not in the way that the mainstream media wants to cast the whole thing the way they're pushing it as he's in league with the state of Russia that he's a cohort Arab Vladimir through do you know who who are I came Donald trump's campaign chairman Paul Amanda for the guy who was the lobbying partner the business partner of ... Rick Davis the campaign manager of John McCain in 2008 mana for Davis guys pushing for legislation that was pro ration on behalf ... of these oligarchs not only for the oligarchs in Russia but also for Ukrainian oligarchs these Russians making money for Ukraine so is there a connection to Russia yes but it's not now with the state of Russia Donald trump's campaign chairman was a was a big league to coin out a truck phrase into these they are Russian interests I did trump go and say Hey I want this guy because he's connected to Russia know Donald Trump isn't is as much a puppet is matches I know I'm gonna make everybody mad is a tribe supporter Donald Trump is a pop as well maybe not to the extent that they want him to be maybe he's playing them to the full extent of fullest extent that he can but he didn't use Paul mana for Paul made a fort was forced upon Donald Trump to run his campaign to try and smooth women get I'm ... up into eyes seeing things in the same kind of paradigm is John McCain so trump hasn't done that the way that they want trumpets actually cited to the extent that he's allowed to publicly which is very little he actually has sided with white Amir potent who is an enemy of these Russian oligarchs who has put some of the oligarchs in prison for their corruption and for the stuff that they have done to undermine their own their own country mother Russia if you remember what I said was when you see the FBI go after Paul man afford that's when it's dangerous that's when it is big time so here we are on drudge report and look at what we've got F. B. I. has raided Paul man afford gone after his bank records that's it this is what the grand jury is about they haven't released anything I'm telling you guys in advance I'm telling you right now before anyone else in the media talks about this the grand jury that's beings being called to go after trump to look at the evidence this is what it is they are gonna they're building their case around Paul mana for ... and manner for its dealings with Russia because mana forza ... dirty scumbag I mean big time in bed with the Russians but they've been silent about that and what I was wondering about was whether or not they'd be willing to go after mana for because man for is a is a he's a major player ... with the deep state is a major player on behalf of the military industrial complex ... he's got close ties to these globalist so if they go after him they're gonna end up having to take down some other people unless they really are just so dishonest it's unspeakable but they ignore the evidence of what they find about other rom other people besides trumped by ... if your trump supporter and you want to know what's going on learn all you can about Paul manner for the I'm beside myself this is this is horrifying but the way that the deep state is going after ... trump right now oh my goodness truck did to be honest trouble really doesn't have the Russian connections manner forts got the connection but they are they are gonna throw mana for under the bus here in order to get trump trump is such a big fish to them they are willing to sacrifice one of their ... major agents mana for in order to get to trial ... so we'll see how my main afford what they're gonna do is they're gonna try and flip mana for get metaphor to ... turn around and and give them anything they can on trump try and ... that they'll offer him out in the end they'll end up offering a reduced sentence or ... some kind of sweet deal if they help ... if he helps take down trump and from what I know of metaphor that that's not gonna take more than a split second to decide to do that because the guy's a turncoat but anyway Balmain afford keep your eyes on this story this is huge //
"2017-10-30 22:31:05"
Dealing with Opposition During Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 33
\\today is October 30 outside today is Carrie Fisher's birthday princess Leia from Star Wars may she rest in peace I grew up ... always singing about Carrie Fisher on this day because October 30 is also my birthday ... for some reason she never called me to get together for dinner or anything on October 30 final know why but anyway so I feel like I've got that connection with Carrie Fisher I guess I'm a big Star Wars geek but I thought I'd give you at least a quick update here I don't have time to put together a I've been working all morning researching but I'm gonna spend the evening with my family to one of a family birthday party but I at least wanted to put a little bit of information now ... I will tell you that what you are already starting to see and what you will continue to see over this week is the information coming out that I am disseminating through other citizen journalists I'm taking some of the content that I have and instead of it all coming from me I'm feeding it to a few other people and they're releasing him and what I'm going to do is then take some of these pilot myself into a narrative with the additional information I have and get it out to you that way one of the big stories and I'm working on is I you guys remember the helicopter ... story that I did about a week little over a week ago talking about the FAA radar that the transponders and showing you tracking each of the individual helicopters and everything that was in the air over Vegas at the time well I got talking with one individual who sent me something and I realize there is another helicopter there that is not showing up on radar actually it is showing up on radar but it's a fake transponder signal and so ... that one is not accounted for I have contacted Sundance I've contact did flight radar itself and this this craft is not accounted for in any of the and anyway this is the one where why don't wanna say too much all just well put the video out tomorrow when you can see for yourself but it's it's ... there is another helicopter I don't believe I still don't believe that there was any kind of gunfire coming from it I think that they were there to ... ... evacuate some of the people that were some of the shooters that were there too to transport them out ... by air rather than by ground we're gonna talk about that ... so anyway I'd put some information out and and others are taking it running with it and that's great ... because those of us who have really been focusing I'm getting this stuff out on our own it's been a rough it's been a rough couple days because the the gang stalking which is more appropriately called counterintelligence stalking then they really coming down there there bring the hammer down hard on on ... on me right now and I'm gonna show some of this to you I'm gonna show you ... where they are using my phone I'll I actually recorded at a call with the man who was calling me saying I'm just calling you back who is this and I said I have no idea who you are any double checked his phone he had read dialed my phone is calling other people without me touching I mean literally my phone had sat on my desk and hadn't been touched all day and it's dialing out to other people ... which is this is a a newer phone this this one is ... I'm going to say what model it is but it's a newer one but this will be the third phone now in the last year that I've had to switch because of the S. ... I don't know what the virus is I don't know what it's called that they put on the phone ... but they they do remote access ... speaking of re of accessing my information I also got a message today I'll put up a screen shot of this after a redact the ... the sender's information but I it turns out that people sending stuff to my email address might my primary personal email address ... for some people before the mail will be sent there getting messages saying that the mail is gonna be held and reviewed before it is sent to me ... so someone was telling me about that this afternoon and and I hope that she made forward and I think that one of those actual messages to me ... hopefully she'll do that so I can show that to you as well so that means if you have any sensitive information or if you want complete anonymity are you're gonna have to eat contact me I'll give you a different email address the one that I use I'm the proton mailed ladies say it's based in Switzerland double encrypted they're not gonna hack into that I least I hope they're they're not that's what they say is that it's not some you pack ... but I'll give you that you can email me there just know that if you're sending anything to my email address that I currently have in the video description it's it's not secure so don't send me anything that you don't mind being read by spooks okay ... I did a Facebook post about this and you're welcome to go to my Facebook page I read the post its slash and times news report you guys remember a week or so ago I did an interview with the man they mark ... mark is ... the uber driver in Las Vegas who's on the ground gets a lot of information and then he contacted me because someone had ... tracked his car to well I think he had done to the palms casino and when he came back to his car someone had it's one of those gas caps we have to put the key and to turn it to get the gas cap off will someone ... someone forced it open broke the cap and up towards what we think is water ... he thinks it's water could be something else ... but poured liquid down ... hit into his gas tank he made about a quarter mile from the hotel before his car broke down and had to have it towed but the other tow truck driver did confirm that the sec gap they this is not going on this is definitely vandalism somebody screwing with you ... yeah I also spent some time this morning talking with Renee downs ... the lady who you may remember is the one who's been very strong very bold about talking about what she saw and experienced that the blouse your hotel and ... she's feeling as well live the the ... it's very uncomfortable what what we're going through and I'll tell you this in fact I'll walk around and show you while I was talking she in the process of actually taking pictures are some across the street ... and she was a little concerned that but what they might be doing there bottom let let me go out to my car and check it I just came outside walking around ... while we were talking and so I walked out to my van and you know this happens over and over and over again so I was walking out to my band while I was talking with her and I share a once again I'll show you here right as we were talking now it's not all the way flat but you can see there are someone has most likely why don't know a I don't know if someone took the cap off and just released some of the air I felt around I can't find I don't feel a nail in there but I won't know for sure until I've been able to to move the vehicle and see haven't started it yet but this is yeah yet again somebody screwing my tires and so you say well he need cameras listen I don't talk about it a lot but I I do have cameras here it didn't pick anything up ... in my driveway which means that ... like with mark most likely what happened is while this man was out being driven someone screwed around with his I ... I've got cameras here I've got a number of them ... no deal sea like no one up there one camera there got another camera here I've got a third camera up there and I've got actually on this side of the house I've got other cameras which I'm not going to point out say where they are his I don't want to say that all I all I will say is that there's no way someone's gonna be getting into my driveway without without have the camera's picking it up so for this latest ... one the only thing I can think of is that at some point someone has either probably what they've done in the past as they they put screws and ... they drilled screws into the tire couple times safe they've knifed it but they bins screwing it then so that it just pops out later running goes flat while were were out driving so it holds the pressure for the most part you may slowly leaked out I don't know until I move the van I will anyway that's so that's some people are gonna sell you select the air out yourself whatever the case I can't prove one way or another to you so and I'm gonna worry about what anyone else thinks I was telling you it's ... it's real this ... if people call a gang stalking there's it's it's it's not not a gang involved so I don't know why they call it that but it's where they try make you paranoid and it's heavy they they're screwing with my computer this school with my phone they're screwing with my witnesses they're screwing with the people that I've actually gone and spoken to so that's why I'm putting information out through other people now and I'll continue to put things out myself trust me I have got some big stuff that I'm gonna be bringing out but it's ... it's exhausting I mean that's why this works that's how they get make people feel so paranoid that they they choose to quit because it's just the it's very emotionally immensely wearing on the person ... and the people just decide you know if if someone's craze enough to come and screw with my car or mess around you these other things who knows what else they're willing so that's who the my problem is I'm just too stubborn to stop maybe maybe they will do something else I don't know let him try then try still I can counterpunch like hell let me tell you that ... so we'll see but for the time being please know that this investigation is ongoing I am trying to pull in more people into it to spread it around so that the weight of it is not just simply on my shoulders and on the shoulders about you know small number of people get involved but be careful as you to your your own investigative work understand investigative work is most of the time what you're doing is chasing down leads that don't pan out so just because you take some time you invest yourself in the some theory go where the facts are if you go in the theory doesn't pan out put that out there say Hey I've investigated this this is what I thought it was gonna be this is what it turned out to be and that way you'll save some of us time searching stuff so we're all in this together ... working on it together the media is not going to handle this for us we cannot rely on the Las Vegas PD we certainly can't rely on the FBI or anyone else to take care of this for us so if we're going to get to the bottom of what happened we have got to do it ourselves and you can't you can't put the the whole burden on just a a small number of US investigators I may be able to devote myself to this full time but even at full time there's I've got I am so overwhelmed with the amount of ... leads that I've got right now some of them pan out some don't for example ... there's been a lot of speculation about Steven Patrick and ... his ex wife Peggy paddock and their ownership of some businesses called paradise paradise 21 in paradise 22 and ... there's talk about ... this is connected to ... paradise whatever in Vegas and the paradise ranch and the Philippines and things like that you know that that's okay that we can look into but I can tell you I've looked into it so thoroughly it's crazy the paradise 21 and 22 Hoosiers shares of are they that there's nothing there I'll talk about that another video and give you details but but that said that's a dead and there ... unless there's new information that comes out there's nothing to them ... but anyway I keep the information coming let me know if you need that secure email address to send something to if it's sensitive don't Tom you know if you're just sharing that a good word or a personal opinion that's nothing that you have to where you can just send that to me to my regular email addresses in the video description but if you got some data ... some photos some things that you don't want ... then union you can send that to my other account just let me know well that's it I'm gonna go inside and spend some time with my family enjoyed the evening and ... out kit I'll get a new video out tomorrow hopefully talking about the ... the Delano hotel ... information that's going around out there should should be good I think you'll enjoy it for the end times news report on Jake more phony US //
"2017-10-28 16:00:00"
Gun Fired Outside My Home - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 32
\\it's around 4:00 AM on the morning of October 28 as I'm recording this just under 2:00 hours ago I was working at my desk when someone fired a gun outside my house my recording studio that I work in it's a fully furnished garage it's in my home and the doors exit out to my driveway so when the gunshot went off I looked carefully outside through the blinds I grabbed my weapon grab my phone my car keys and I stepped out into the driveway I could hear 2 or more people heading down the street quickly they were on foot it was too dark to see them so I jumped in my car I dialed 911 as I took off and I went looking for them in the rounders they they disappear they'd they turned into a part of the neighborhood they went between the houses and I lost track of them well 3 cars from the sheriff's department arrived about 5 minutes later they were really quick out there fast and they got their search for the man but no luck now for those of you who have been following my Las Vegas shooting reports since the beginning of the month you'll probably realize that this newest event takes place after other incidents that I've had ... this month back on October 4 my wife was driving our van out on the highway her in my 6 year old when she had a strange blow out on the highway the tire couldn't be repaired it was damaged so bad so that evening we got a brand new tire put on it ... the following day as I was dry and by the way that what what we determined have that the tire shop what's that something had punctured that higher and finally ... it popped out when she was on the highway and and that's what made it go flat so anyway we got a brand new tire we put it on the van the following day not even 2004 hours later as I was driving the van the brand new tire that we just put on it had a blowout so this was the sixth player to be punctured on one of our vehicles in just a matter of a few months and after it was discovered again by the tire shop that one of the tires had been punctured this time with a knife and and ... the Tippit been broken off in the tire ... and eventually it popped out well at that point the sheriff's department came out to investigate and this happened on October 5 ... they did what they could ... we filled out a police report had to have everything documented on record well after that the very next day that that new tire that we that we had gotten on there it went flat from a puncture so of course I'm on edge ... in kind of an eerie coincidence when the gunshot went off a couple hours ago I was doing research on the deaths of Dennis and Lorraine or Laura is our name carver these are 2 people that had survived a Las Vegas shooting only to die a couple of weeks later in a mysterious car crash that engulfed their vehicle in flames so tonight or couple hours ago at 1:29 AM I had just received an email from a source in Germany someone that I've talked to a few times we were talking about how several witnesses who were at the route 91 concert and who had survived the shooting have since been killed in very strange circumstances one guy was just out right gunned down there was a homicide so maybe the gunshot outside my home which is this place I've lived here 910 years it's a quiet safe neighborhood never had any crime no trouble whatsoever maybe having a gunshot go off outside my house at the same time that I'm having my tires slashed maybe it's just a coincidence maybe somebody set off a cherry bomb outside my home at 2 in the morning and took off running cake so I I maybe I'm just being paranoid but I'm not taking any chances and for those of you who are asking yes following the tire incidents I did in school install a security system it didn't pick up these guys because they were too far away from the house when the gunshot went off ... they they were up in the driveway so it didn't ... didn't record them so anyway because of the incident tonight what I have decided to do is to go ahead and publish a video that I recorded the previous night but had decided against putting it out I just wasn't after watching I thought you know I'm not gonna put this out I don't like briefly summarize it so you'll know what it is you can decide if you wanna watch it or not I had gone to see on the night of the 26 I I went to the 10:40 PM showing of the movie American made net starring ... Tom Cruise it's about the CI a gunrunner Barry seal well something happened during the movie that made me realize that I was beginning to feel a level of unease and concern for my safety that I haven't felt in awhile last time I felt this nervous was while I talk about it I think in the video is back when I was in the Golden Triangle hand written Burmese warlord general consol was ... after because he thought I was CI a well anyway so on my drive home I recorded myself rambling on I'm just thinking out loud and I thought I was originally going to publish it just as a patrons only video on patriotic because I didn't think the quality of the video or the content was something that I wanted to put out to a full audience because you know your house easy help people are in comment sections people can be brutal and ... I didn't want to put this out there to be attacked but after what happened tonight the things I said in that video make a little more sense I think that their little more justified now ... so what follows is that previously on Rick up unreleased recording I apologize for the poor quality I know it's not up to standard for my channel but I guess you get to see what I'm like when I'm tired and loopy here it is it's about one A. M. ... I guess it would be early Friday morning now at this point and this video is just some personal musings as I'm driving home I just went to a movie and ... I'm still kind of processing some of my thoughts and feelings here and so this is just if I ramble this is just off the top of my head so so excuse me for not being more ... articulate here but I'm realizing and I have gotten to a point in this investigation where I am starting the I don't know how much can be the covered about other than what I'm putting out publicly careful in my public and not talk about some of the in ... because I'm not ready to put some of this stuff out I I just if those who are a party to some of this information if they know that I've got this kind of stuff if I'm specific and people pick up on what I'm saying and they understand house serious some of this is that could be dangerous for me especially when I'm still in the phase of collecting information and I do I just don't have some things put together yet but I know when I'm on the something I've been doing this a long time and I know when I'm on the right track so instead I just try and be ambiguous I try not to put out Sir some stuff I just I'm not going to talk about it and people criticize me and comment sections on you tube for not sharing some things some people say just put it all out we'll figure it out as we go and that's the best thing in ... I disagree I it is important as a journalist when you're working on a story some stuff you do yourself until you've got enough out there I justify putting it out some kind of coherent way ... plus you don't want to show your cards too early those that those that might try and silence you if you show your hand if they know what cards you've got if they know that you're on the verge of figurines gal they can act to try and stop you so all of this has been going through my head the last this last week much more so in the last 40 8:00 hours because I'm telling you some of the stuff that people have sent me is it's scary and if there are if there are people crazy enough carry out the kind of attacks that they did in Las Vegas coordinate that to kill people they'll do whatever they need to certain truths for coming out and some of the stuff that I I have in my possession is ... it's dangerous stuff some of you may be criticized me for saying this but I I'm telling you right now I'm feeling a little spooked and I do the I guess this is where a pubic maybe to talk about this but out what really I guess holds me understand how paranoid I've become wise side tonight just to try and I guess get my mind off stuff a little bit I decided to go to a movie the ... that Tom Cruise movie is still out here in my area called American made it's all about ... Barry seal Ireland who is doing garden writing drug running for the CI a working with ... the though the rebels in Nicaragua and ... of course the story sensationalized for the big screen but the basic ideas there so I went to this movie and I want to live a big theater but it because I went to a late showing it was about 1040 is when it started ... it's one of those theaters where you choose your see as you buy your ticket they have you select your state well I got there right at 1040 just before the movie started they showed me the little map of the theater no one else had a ticket for the show so I picks my seat got in the center and ... the rest of the theater was open so I I weigh sat down then right as the movie started 2 guys walk in to the to the theater I was in and ... these are clearly military ex military ... and just tell looking out of they walk here and at first they go to walk behind me which would have made sense to go sit somewhere other than the row I was then but they decided to sit down right next to me out of the entire theater they sat not in the C. immediately to my left but seats past that which is unusual when you got the whole theater to yourself Val being careful I actually sat there this whole movie with one eye keep an eye on them to make sure nobody is getting out to move behind me I am in my right hand was ... was a weapon just in case and that's kind of crazy to be that paranoid that you feel like you have to keep ... blade in your hand just to watch a movie but we were the only 3 people in this movie theater ... for the showing well the movie ... ands and throughout the thing I I could see what the guy next to me would look over and I was paying attention the movie ends and they sit there for a minute and ... one of the guys put is absolutely these chairs are like they where you have the recliners so the guiding it to my immediate left he put this here down the guy on the far left puts his chair down and the guy on the far left gets up and walks up the steps in front of going down to leave the theater he walks out and starts to go down the road behind me so I get myself positions you know because the last thing I need is ... piano wire slipped around my neck from the back so I've got my hand on on my blade ready there to pop it out if necessary I'm keeping an eye on things and eventually they walk out my film the little bit of it I'm just in case I'd I turned my camera on to record in just the last couple minutes there in case yeah anything unusual happens they are and they laughs and I gave it ... about 5 minutes before I left and then ... of course kept my hand on the plate out of the parking lot ... looking around but but you know I realized here coming to my car and that this is ... there's paranoia but this is justified paranoia there was a time in 1995 January of 1995 I was in my early twenties and I felt this kind of paranoia but again it was justified because I was I was in Chiang right Thailand up in the Golden Triangle up where Burmese war lord couldn't general Kuhn saw who is the leading opium dealer in the ... producer in the world it was trafficking opium and the CIA was trying to take control of his business and so they had a little war going on well ... this I had moved out to Chiang rai not knowing that the CIA had been had operatives there in Chiang rai prior to me going there and so naturally when they pulled out I'm the only white guy in the town ... they thought I was CIA and so this U. S. duh embassy down in Bangkok their tracks movements and and they ... they knew I was there they knew the kind of work I was doing well they got in touch with ... my boss who got in touch with me I saying that a contract had been put out that they had intercepted transmissions that coincide put a contract out ... to kidnap the CIA agent who was there and Chiang rai his headquarters was just 20 miles away from where I was that yeah across the the Thai Burma border so the operatives were some suppose to grab me take me back and ... he told me ransom or whatever ... in retaliation for some of the stuff that the CIA had just died in conjunction with the the Thai government the Thai police ... to to take out some of concise as chief operatives that were on the Thai side of the border I think they they told me to stand up the apartment I was then don't go out send someone out on my behalf to do any shopping get any food or anything and so that's what I did for weeks and ... finally got out of Chiang rai when they they gave me the okay that go straight to the bus station get on a bus and head out of there and ... 2004 hours later I was on a plane to ... out of Bangkok back to America I felt paranoid then well that's how I feel now and ... I'm a you know I have this feeling back off sometimes the fear sang back off but at this point I kind of feel like it's too late regardless ... I know what I know I have what I have and ... so that that that puts a target on my back I don't necessarily think anything's going to happen but I've got that feeling that you know hair standing up on the back of my neck spider sense tangling you know the feeling that I need to be careful so ... I guess that what I'm gonna start doing is maybe doing some kind of proof of life thing in videos just something to let viewers know I'm still around ... but I don't know I don't know I guess I'm not even sure why making this video I'm just just talking out loud about what I'm thinking and feeling right now I've gone after some pretty bad people in the past I've had logs come after me ... but this is something this is a different level this is a different level of evil ... so anyway I I'd like to ask for those of you who are ... that that practice prayer I would appreciate your prayers on my behalf ... that that I'll have the wisdom to know what to do what not to do and to get to the truth and get it out there ... I didn't have a I'm 40 I turned 44 and a couple days from now I I haven't had the a will a legal will up until now I did did indicate just how paranoid I am right now I'm working on it will looking at life insurance things like that ... to take care of my family if something happens so I appreciate the support that you guys give me and I will even mean financial support just the moral support the the faith tomorrow on my behalf as I do this work there aren't enough of us doing this kind of work a lot of people have opinions a lot of people study I just happen to have got myself in a position of trust with with a large number of viewers who look at my background they feel comfortable sending me stuff it's not that I'm something special ... it's just that I'm I'm the one that a lot of stuff is is being sent to I'm someone new people are trusting with their information because I don't reveal sources I don't out people and that's one reason why don't put out some of the material that I do because the wrong parties could potentially tracked it ... based on the type of material it is you would know certain agencies are certain places that that this material may have come from so I I'd some stuff I just don't risk putting out there but anyway I guess that's all the rambling for now appreciate you guys listening thank you for all you do to support me ... in the work and I really appreciate the fact that there are people out there who care like I do about our country about our people about the future of America and are concerned about these kind of false flag attacks especially given that they're like it that many of these are carried out by our own see I a and other intelligence services like the Mossad ... Pakistani ISI so on so anyway ... that's it for this video thanks for watching take care //
"2017-10-28 00:10:09"
The Mysterious Body in Mandalay Bay Casino - Las Vegas Investigation - Part 31
\\some of you have heard of the citizen journalist named Laura loomer I know that some of you love her and I know that some of you hater laughter I flew out to Las Vegas on the tenth Jason Goodman fluent as well and he got in touch with me he suggested that we meet up to compare some notes what told Jason that I was going to be going to the metro P. D. press conference on Friday the thirteenth I suggested that we meet up there and at that press conference Jason introduced me to Laura loomer and to her friend Mike toques who was also there working on the investigation after the press conference the 4 of us had lunch together and we discuss the case then we split up Jason light went off and did a little bit of work together for a few hours and then we got back together with Laura that evening to do an hour long live stream from the route 91 concert venue each of us had done our own scouting around the area individually so we spent some time comparing notes the evidence that we had collected I had close up photos of the bullet strikes of the ... fuel tank towers Laura had some close up shots of what appeared to be bullet holes shot through the arm cover that goes up the chain link fence on the east side of the concert venue so we were talking about this stuff Jason offered to treat us to dinner so we all went out to the Luxor hotel and discuss the case further and I hadn't even realized during this trip that I had actually heard of Laura loomer before the name had seemed vaguely familiar but it wasn't until after I got home that it clicked I had made a short video back in June that had a clip of Laura loomer in it you may remember that back during the summer the New York theater was performing this controversial version of the play Julius Caesar in the park in which our Caesar is the is made to look like president Donald Trump and they show him being viciously attacked and stabbed to death creating a bloody mess on stage well there were a couple of activists who trolled the play one evening are there was a woman who got up on stage and called the play disgraceful and then a man stood up in the audience yelling girl polls would be proud gurgles would be proud of reference to Hitler's propaganda chief well it turns out that the woman who was escorted out of the play was Laura loomer and I didn't even realize it was the same person who's sitting next to a dinner while we were eating steak and looking into each other's cellphone videos well speaking of cellphone videos Laura showed me and Jason a video clip that was pretty shocking we all knew in the moment that the clip was significant Laura was trying to decide when and how to release the clip ... what we were doing this work as journalists we know that once you put something out you're gonna get savaged people are going to attack you left and right doesn't matter that you're trying to do a good thing giving information the public people are gonna come after you so we were looking at it and and she was trying to think through the best way and time to release it it had been sent to her so I was again a leak it I was gonna talk about it in any detail in my own reports until she was ready to go public with there's more with it herself just a matter professional courtesy but she has now released that particular clip and as expected she's taking a lot of heat for it so when I give you my own perspective on the story first of all some of you have give me a hard time because I have dared to communicate with other jurors journalists who happen to be Jewish I'm sure that I'll just say I'm gonna talk to whoever whomever I want to if it serves to further my own quest for the truth it doesn't matter to me if they are Jews if they're Buddhists if they're Muslims Hindus Hari Krishnas I don't care if they are militant atheists I will talk to whoever I want to if it serves the purpose of getting the facts that I'm looking for those who have followed my work for awhile now you guys know I am firmly against a Zionist political agenda in so that's all I'm gonna say about that I don't feel the need to defend myself but let me go into this clip me tell you what it's about what it's about on the night of the shooting October 1 that as you've all heard by now there was more chaos going on then simply what was happening in the concert venue there were shots fired or round even inside other hotels ... or at least on the outside of these hotels lots of speculation as to what really happened much of the video evidence of these events has been collected from people cell phones and deleted by the FBI and the little bit of that kind of evidence that has been posted to social media most of that has been deleted there is a very there's a very real effort to keep this information from reaching a larger audience a lot of you are very critical in comments saying well why have it we see more of this for more of this I'll tell you why it's because of those who were there can confirm this they locked down the hotels they kept people it was essentially martial law was declared on the Las Vegas Strip they locked it down the FBI law enforcement they went to work they collected statements people thinking they were doing a good thing came forward giving their footage to law enforcement to the FBI but they don't collect just they don't have you just pay send me the link or upload it somewhere they take the actual phone so they can have the original raw data what they would do after collecting people's phones and holding on to it you remember all of these are public service announcements coming from the ... metro PD you can collect your belongings at such and such a date and time well a big part of that is because they were taking people cell phones well the FBI was not only taking the cellphone footage and and collecting it for themselves but they were returning the cellphones back to the people with that footage deleted from their phones so that's one reason why there's not a whole lot out there well Laura had been sent a clip from someone who still had their footage and this was taken by a person who had been inside the Mandalay bay casino during the shooting something had happened inside the casino itself that caused people to panic Bob one of the people who was fleeing from the casino floor inside the Mandalay bay managed to get their cellphone al and they recorded a few seconds of the chaos the footage is choppy because it was recorded on the move the person was taping as they were going up an escalator which I'll show you later on up this is happening just on the other side of the casino floor well the clip that I saw on Morris phone to me looking at it in person it was much better quality than what ended up being up alluded to our Twitter page I don't know why that is just the I. maybe the transfer maybe her screen just had better quality I don't know but it was very clear what the clip shows is a human body lying face down at the edge of the casino floor next to a pillar a column with 3 Las Vegas metro police rushing in with rifles drawn and you can only see the person's legs from their knees down because the pillar is blocking the wrestler body the person has on black shoes some say that in the clip it looks like the legs are moving of the feeder moving others say that the legs only appear to move because the camera is wobbly Laura thinks that there may be a white towel or a sheet over the body but it may very well just be the color of this person's clothing because the video was shot while moving and because it was zoomed in it's not that the camera was bad you know how it is when you zoom in really tight it gets very pixelated so it's hard to see I mean I've tried to clean it up a bit and stabilize the video as best I can sorry I can get a better than this but I'm gonna play this clip for you 3 times at various speeds and let you watch for yourself uhhuh I can't draw any final conclusions myself at this point as to exactly what we're seeing in the clip there is a person lying face down they may or may not be alive may or may not be moving might be wounded might not be wounded the person might have a sheet work how covering the body they could be that it's just the person's regular clothes why they're lying down on the floor face down is unclear one possibility is that the Vegas police came in during or after the main shooting that was taking place and ordered everyone on the ground and this clip is simply showing someone complying with that command however it doesn't make sense to me that the person would not only get down on their stomach facing the opposite direction of the police so that they can't possibly see what's happening but you can also see that the soles of the shoes are kind of face up facing out imagine laying on your own belly on the floor so that the in the soles of your feet are straight down on the soles are facing up and out that's an extremely vulnerable vulnerable position alaia ... you can't get up quickly from that position it seems unlikely to me that this is how somebody would lie down in a situation like this but that's just my opinion just my speculation well clearly this is captured inside the Mandalay bay casino so I went through the casino to the exact spot where these original video had been recorded in I taped my own footage so that you can see the scene more clearly curious I haven't seen a time stamp of any kind to tell us exactly when this video was recorded did it happened while the shooting was still going on upstairs had at least 10 minutes passed after the shooting stopped because if this victim is showing a wounded victim I have the video showing the wouldn't victim it would make no sense at all for a wounded victim at the concert ... across the street to make their way toward the gunfire at the Mandalay bay while it was still going on ... of course the other possibility is that this video does depict an individual who had been shot inside the casino rather than at the concert venue that would raise the question again of shooters at other locations so it's hard to know much about the situation because again the FBI has been collecting in deleting cellphone footage of things like this they have been issuing gag orders to keep people from talking about what they saw and it makes it difficult so I'd like to know your thoughts about this in the comments section where your insights ... and definitely if anyone watching this video has first hand knowledge of what happened inside the Mandalay bay casino that would shed light on what we're seeing in this video clip please contact me you can send me a message on Facebook at slash end times news report where you can email me at Jake at more if anyone's interested in following laurel rumors Twitter feed you can do that often ... her address on Twitter is slash Laura loomer for the end times news report I'm Jake more phony else //
"2017-10-27 01:36:30"
CONFIRMED: Multiple Shooters at Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Part 30
\\Charlie did you confirm there are at least 2 shooters will fully automatic weapons people will buy it 9 penalties will be local clashes in the middle of Mandalay bay on the north side credible on the watch tower records center hold you can feel who worked in the middle floors but would you really are clotheslined jingling up from about look pretty well dinner so that wasn't all we wanted we just going to slow you know well I was going to say well you know all and then later on this week was Morgan here one for all of us yeah nmap now we believe it's a soul actor alone wolf type actor and we have the place are under control all did you all be advised saunter coming for coming from day 7 day salvage jobs are coming from day 7 okay the question is can we let our can we confirm whether there's an accomplice or not I can tell you this we're very confident that he did not there was not another shooter in everyone I can get up around 8 shooting pain is like literally like 5 shooting hoops and it's definitely definitely worth but no the way they heard the crowd in all of us part of that back part and some people are out there too so if they just kept coming sure we have an underachiever in some other way around this is n't of what what just happened your hunter so you know who were the people at 1:00 am little tiny tiny little thing I have to say as you think you know there was no exit wound healing fellows around definitely do you believe that there is a percent more than one shooter palm at every other person that I've talked to that ... did get unfortunately had as well palm have all said the same things we have uncovered no evidence show there was a second shooter we heard the gun fires pa approaching where we were just starting it move closer and closer and louder and louder and I I knew we were hidden gun shots or closer to us than where they originally started and that's when we knew we we had to run I I do believe there were people inside the venue that that ... ... once the initial shooting started arm and everyone can a panicked running everything once the lights turned on on the stage and kinda let everything out does it was lit target I don't think one patient has been able to leave without getting another state myself included are it as soon as I can just charge or 2 federal agents that wanted to get another ... audio statement when I last saw him and now I'm down in the same thing I'm telling you I definitely believe there were at least 3 to 5 shooters are 100 percent there was not just one person shooting from 30 second floor attracted sure we have an opportunity to find a way around there's been multiple multiple phone calls and accusations or conjecture coming through social media ... that there's multiple shooters at other result resorts that has been proven to be faults annnnd earlier so what because yeah as long as you okay their report we were actually I chose you ... when all the so knowing because you //
"2017-10-26 22:47:35"
Stephen Paddock's Missing Hard Drive - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 29
\\alright let's talk about Stephen paddocks laptop in the missing hard drive we just learned that Pat a cattle laptop in the hotel there at Mandalay bay ... at the time of the shooting we found out that the laptop is missing the hard drive so that raises some questions it makes no sense to me that product would have checked into the hotel with a computer with no hard drive it it's so that suggests that he remove that that that hard drive was removed after he checked he checked in during this hotel stay there now it's possible of course that Stephen paddock himself as the person who removed it I've not seen anything in the police and the Tory that has been made public yet to show that he had like many screwdrivers or the tools that you need to take a laptop apart but you know no then again metro PD hasn't released everything to the public so there may be something there it is possible that it was removed after he was shot but that would have taken several minutes if it happened at the end of the Bali so I hesitate to believe that it was removed afterward if it is correct the paddock was killed at the end of all of those that a gun volleys if the removal of the drive took place after paddock was shot they would have just taken the entire laptop remove the hard drive and destroyed it later for that you know for the sake of time so the fact that it was already removed that indicates to me that this likely happened before he was shot that's my thought and we see the same thing ... in a lot of other cases a lot of other mass shooting cases the CIA other clandestine intelligence groups say they staged false flag attack they know that they need to remove the hard drive to ensure that evidence can't be recovered that might implicate them but it's curious if we truly someone as a lone wolf killer alone not gunmen why would they care to remove and destroy their digital footprints if your loan will find a suicide mission who cares if the investigators later discover your internet history yeah that's like worrying about you know how clean your underwear is if you die in a car accident who cares at that point you would only destroyed the digital trail not if you're covering for the gunman but if you are covering for associates if there's some evidence that maybe someone was working with the government people who may have set this gunman up ... or the alleged gunman up as a Patsy naturally if investigators scoured through a laptop of a match shooter and found absolutely nothing to suggest that they were contemplating an act of well thought out meticulously planned violence well that would suggest that the person may have been framed for work for a crime that they did not actually commit so let's talk about this for a minute one very important ... action that's taken by law enforcement during these investigations is that they try and recover the electronic devices because they use it to create a digital trail of footprints his you can track the digital front prep left on these devices such as like a hard drive you can see what the individual was looking at ... what might have radicalize them whether there are indications that they were working with accomplices ... who they have been in contact with where they purchase things from things like that so for example the recent massacre Pat the world relatively recent massacre ... down in Orlando Florida the gay nightclub there perpetrated allegedly by Omar Mateen a guy who supposedly had declared his allegiance to ISIS ... and then at the end of his rampaging shot himself you know the same kind of story is Stephen paddock right well in that investigation investigators did find electronic trail on his home computers and the U. S. government because of that they're now pursuing charges against my teens white door Solomon because they say that she must have surely she saw this stuff on the computer and could have tried to alert authorities to the plot so they're going after her but the recover the recovery of digital evidence like that it's actually very rare in these mass shootings for example you probably remember the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting right the gunmen this ... Asian kinda guy chose some we with this name he clearly use digital devices because he had made up a video manifesto ... talking about why he was doing the shooting but authorities could not find his actual hard drive it had been removed ... from the computer his cell phone was messing they even ... went into applied without scuba team looking for any evidence of our hard drive ... but they couldn't find it well the next year 2008 Steven Casimir sack this is the guy who carried out the northern Illinois mass shooting ... he also had his hard drive removed from his laptop ... this sim card was removed from his phone ... neither were ever recovered in a very curious and if we skipped 2012 the alleged gunman in the sandy hook shooting ... was Adam Lanza right and what they found at his home was his hard drive had been removed and smashed to pieces with a hammer ... now if we go back to the Boston Marathon bombing we find that the FBI claims that the laptop belonging to the ... Tsarnaev brothers had been discarded by their friends let them these friends grabbed it will now those friends are actually sitting in prison the FBI went after him of course the FBI doesn't want us to remember the fact that court testimony proved that FBI agents had actually been there a week before trying to recruit this on I have brothers before the bombing took place but you know we will ignore that so we've got this story of Stephen paddocks missing hard drive what was on that hard drive that was so important a high is the problem that there was nothing at all on it that could implicate paddock ... nothing that would suggest that he had some for knowledge of the shooting plot the reason that I don't believe that particular ... wind up thinking is again that the hard drive would have been removed prior to the shooting if paddock had nothing to hide and didn't know about this plot that why would he removed his own hard drive it just doesn't make any sense to me so either panicked removed it himself to hide something or he was shot earlier in the night and someone else removed it before the mass shooting started that's just logically those of the options did paddock have something on it like child pornography or ... information on a child trafficking ring that he was a part of something that could lead back to the CI a hepatic have ... something about gun running that could lead to the a TF did you have financial footprints that would lead to associates that can be traced to some of these agencies or to some other criminal network you know these are all very significant questions and we need to be pursuing these things ruling each one out one by one using a real investigative work real investigation not arm chair punditry your personal opinions okay opinions are not facts to help me with this I've obtained from an anonymous source a considerable amount of data on panics financials including loans other banking transactions ... vehicle registrations sales information ... is real estate holdings known and suspected associates phone numbers email addresses IP addresses I've got a lot of material club following leads in the paddocks travels before October 1 I am looking in the paddock and up Mary Lou Stanley's active so the Philippines very very interesting stuff I'll get to that in another video ... so guys I am so grateful that you're you're feeding me this stuff we are making a difference if for no other reason we're keeping this story alive in the minds of the American people while the mainstream media they're sitting there hoping that we just forget it and move along because you know Ellen DeGeneres solve the case ... they they'll put their goodness have to address this the mainstream media is gonna have to acknowledge that this is an ongoing investigation Nicholas Klein said first they ignore you then they ridicule you then they attack you would want to burn you and then they build a monument to you guys we have to hold on don't let go of this keep it going we are waking people up to the truth about the Las Vegas shooting that this was absolutely not the work of a lone wolf gunman who had no motive there was a mercenary team consisting of multiple shooters who pulled off a coordinated attack against the American people and we are not going to let these bastards get away with it we are going to keep on this until we get some real answers and hold somebody accountable for this please fakes take a moment after this video was over to share it share with your friends and family let's keep waking the public up we are winning them up the hearts and minds of the people that started out at the beginning everyone made fun of people like us who believed ... that there was more than one shooter and now we've even got Tucker Carlson questioning a lot of this on fox news and more and more people in the media are having to acknowledge that the official story called by the last Vegas metro PD and the FBI handlers is bull crap for the end times this report I'm Jake more phone deals //
"2017-10-26 06:35:37"
Proof of Two Shooters at Mandalay Bay Hotel - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 28
\\Charlie did you confirm there are at least 2 shooters will fully automatic weapons mmhm you know it's not like this rock'n all people will buy it 9 penalties will be local plastered in the middle of Mandalay bay on the north side credible well watchtower but Jordan center but you can feel cool right in the middle floors plunging going up from about look pretty well dinner already losing home is where the mentally down a 3 course for being here opponents are coming from one you will have one horrible over //
"2017-10-26 05:29:12"
💩 Tucker Carlson Blasts Jesus Campos Story - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 27
\\it's not every day that the mainstream media does any hard hitting journalism anymore so when we've got a video segment like what we got tonight from Tucker Carlson it's worth sharing so a lot of you have seen this already for those who haven't I'm gonna post it for you he really asks some really great questions about a suse Campos where there's smoke there's fire we need to keep Jason the story we were seen this document from a confidential source this afternoon it's a customs and border patrol form and it shows that Haitians compost enter the United States from Mexico at the same you Sidra border crossing in San Diego county almost exactly to the hour one week after Las Vegas shooting at the beginning of October the document does not reveal how long compost had been in Mexico or source told the compost entered the U. S. at the same crossing in January of this year at that time he was driving his own vehicle with Nevada plates and yet in this document from a little over 2 weeks ago compost with driving with California plates this information raises number of questions about the Las Vegas and education and the crime at some he's just compost is the only eyewitness to the biggest mass shooting in modern Arkan history time he was in Mexico the press was reporting that investigators thought paddock Stephen paddock may have had an accomplice why did authorities allow compost to leave the country just days after the shooting only investigation was still chaotic in of course I'm going how to compost reportedly had a gunshot wound to the leg from a high powered rifle round managed to travel to Mexico D. fly dean drive which is employer aware that he left the country where investigators aware did they facilitate the trip what day did compost get to Mexico how was he able to drive back for hundreds of miles from the scene eagle border back to Las Vegas why do you take a rental car instead of his own car the union that represents compost told us they were aware that he left the country they claim it was a pre planned visit why did it take a government leak for the rest of us to find that out why is MGM been so intent on controlling availability to campus booking him on the Ellen DeGeneres show in shielding him from press enquiries why did he appear with a co worker in the Ellen interview rather than solo why did Alan ask only leading softball questions why have so many people going to so much trouble to shape the story of Hastings compost a B. C. spoke to compost on October 4 was he in Mexico when they talk to you did they know where he was when they talk to him what do we actually know about Hey suse compost for example isn't really a licensed security guard we checked today and it turns out he's not registered with the state of Nevada as private investigators licensing board confused by this we called the Clark County sheriff to find out what license is required to be a security guard at a Las Vegas casino the sheriff's office refused to tell us this Pacers compost is a victim the spokesman said we don't speak about victims actually we repeated the question he became angry he started yelling and ultimately hung up on us which raises the question why what authorities answer basic questions about Hey suse compass in here a few more displaces compost have a criminal record not attacking it's an honest an obvious question what exactly did he do for the hotel have you ever had previous contact with Steven paddock how exactly was compost injured countless press reports claim he was shot in the leg with a rifle round from air 15 style rifle probably in NATO 5.56 round that bullet travels at 3 times the speed of a handgun round you can easily destroy a man's leg and often does given that how could compost possibly have driven 700 miles from Las Vegas to the Mexican border and back less than a week later and then there's Stephen paddock the shooter we still know essentially nothing about him even most basic questions about his behavior remain unanswered such as how did you get access to the hotel's freight elevator how many other hotel guests had that access the surveillance video from the casino show paddock entering the elevator alone or with others how to use the elevator before if so how often and why was he using the elevator more broadly had Stephen paddock ever previously appeared on the radar of the FBI here was a man gambling millions of dollars and stockpiling weapons and ammunition his name was all over federal databases nobody in law enforcement noticed him we learned today that packs computer is missing its hard drive why did it take nearly a month for investigators to tell us that did they just find out themselves we don't know what do we really know about paddock or his family his brother was recently arrested on child pornography charges was that part of a separate investigation was related to this case how many family members doesn't have exactly was he in regular contact with them did they have any reason to believe he was planning an attack and by the way which is cool friend we could go on the point is this story gets murkier by the day and that is the opposite of what is supposed to happen it's impossible to know exactly what is going on with the biggest shooting we're not going to speculate but it's obvious that there is lying and incompetence at the heart of it //
"2017-10-26 02:52:29"
The Paddock Child Porn Connection (3 of 3) - Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 26
\\well let me you can shift gears the largest human trafficking networks in the world are run by the same organization that runs largest heroin trafficking and drug trafficking networks in the world that's the Central Intelligence Agency the CI a so the CIA and other networks operating under them this CIA is is basically just government sanctioned mafia that's all they are that there's a big criminal enterprise well see I a and others they take control over people like flipper may turn them in the assets one of the ways that they do this is by using child sex slaves basically what they do is they'll identify somebody who is often in government maybe so just somebody who has something to lose something ... where where they don't want their own ... reputation destroyed what the CIA will do is they will groom those people they'll use honey pots or others to get in close workup they'll take them to advance the odd that our special things like private parties or whatever private clubs private events they will ... kind of work that person's ego vote may give them a sense of an inflated sense of self and they think they know the CI a knows to target ... vague for certain kinds of operations they specifically target people who fit this kind of psychopathic profile because there'd there'd dumb they're they're blind in some ways and they don't know to defend themselves against certain things well what you do is after you get these people going to these private parties and these other things get them feeling special what you do is you get them intoxicated you either I guess I'm so drunk they don't know what they're doing or you secretly slipped ecstasy another drink or something like that then you get hooked up with out what they think is just stop your hot woman usually this is man being flipped they do it the women too but that part predominately men but in that drunken were intoxicated state drug doped up state what they don't realize is that the person they're having sex with his and under age ... minor ... could be someone as young as 121213 years old well while this is going on of course the people that I've set this all up they are taking photos making videos of this individual engaging and ... acts of sax with a child they've got up you know you you can't really explain that away who can defend themselves against that ... you don't even want to try even if you're innocent truth is most the people get flipped they're not innocent they they've got their own skeletons ... it just makes it that much easier to to get up well wait they up the intelligence spokes well then tell the person and they give us a lot with people in foreign governments ... they'll tell them either we're gonna expose you and ruling you or you're gonna work for us I one of the investigations that I did includes the ... identified up a woman a former madam ... it from Russia who is now working for the United States state department who coordinates some of these sex parties were visiting dignitaries and diplomats ... where they get set up they get flipped ... enough talk about bad in the past well here in the states ... it's a little bit different you don't want to go to a U. S. present being known as a child molester you know what happens so you're given this option you can either work for us and they may even kinda jazz it up and say you know make you sound like you're going to be a hero this is for the good of national security or whatever where they might just say right out either you're gonna work for us where you're going to prison for the rest your life to get raped by Bob up until you can't walk anymore ... which which would you like and you know most people are going to choose the they are one route over the other and for good reason well if we look at Stephen paddock look at this profile he loves to get Compton Vegas he was completely addicted took the status that he enjoyed it these casinos he loved it that are they recognize them when he came in they loved it that they catered to him and we know that Siva paddock used prostitutes frequently they were set up to his room from time to time we can speculate we don't know for whatever reason Las Vegas metro PD and the FBI they're lying to us about who was up in the room with them on the 30 second floor we know too thanks we know that ... we have seen a receipt for ... ... ... what's it called die when room service for to bring food up to the room for 2 people we also know that while Stephen went when we compare the ... the parking deck the parking tickets when he why when his rental car had been taken out of the hotel when he was not there our room key was used to check into our tent to log into Israel while he was not there there was definitely more than one person that's even paddocks hotel room where they hookers don't know could be could've been nam someone else that he was working with well ... the fact is we know that Siva paddock did have access to hookers we we've there's sob video footage of him on the casino floor just hours before ... the shooting took place he's without her now that's not ... that might be normal for some people but then you take it to the level of though the rapes stuff well where would pay extra thousands of dollars for ... effort to the hooker ... to wake up smack him around and things like that that's not normal even for the people that do hire prostitutes in Las Vegas that's not normal that is the sign of very severe psychological trauma ... its office associated with that individual having had their own experiences of being abused sexually as a child now for those of you who are familiar with the story of Paul Benassi yeah this is the M. K. ultraviolet dumb who was used to kidnap young Johnny gosh the newspaper boy ... you guys will know that the CIA's MK ultra program has the goal of creating mind control victims to carry out ... predetermined plans assassinations OB up other things what they do is they take the victim that usually a child and they subject that child too heinous nightmarish acts of sexual torture not once or twice but over and over and over is well documented in nam ... John decamp sent a state senator John to camps book the ya how what's it called it in Nebraska of the whole thing you guys know what I'm talking about it'll come to me the second I've read it I've the good book I am they do this what they do is they take a child and they fragment their minds they abuse some to the point that the child of course children don't think understand sacks like adults do and even if you were an adult being subjected to sexual torture is gonna mess with your head but for a child an innocent child they don't know what's happening they can't escape physically and so the the up what happens is when you are subjected to this extreme abuse the body goes into a protective mode the way it protects itself is mice leading personalities use we fragmenting personalities so that while the abuses going on that dominant personality is one of these other ones that can take it and when it's over eventually that child slips back into that original personality the CIA develop techniques for doing this on purpose to children to split them over and over and over ... and ... while I will get into that right now well public not see for example he had over 20 personalities 3 or 4 of them were the dominant ones the primary ones but these and came ultra victims they grow up with a very skewed sexual identities and they struggle to have normal healthy sexual relationships after this you know what could Stephen paddock have been and M. K. alter victim I don't know but it is something to consider his sexual proclivities are so bizarre it doesn't make sense doesn't make sense for a normal person unless there's a story up background there ... what we do know is that for some reason while Stephen paddock was alive the FBI decided not to move against his brother Bruce even though they knew Bruce had child porn they didn't do it not while Stephen was alive here we are immediately after Steven Patrick ... has been suicide there in la in a Vegas hotel room having been blamed for being the sole perpetrator of one of the most heinous acts of mass violence in U. S. history only now do they go after Bruce was there some understanding that Bruce paddock would be safe from prosecution so long as Stephen paddock was cooperating donut donut don't misunderstand I I do I'm not saying that Steven paddock would be doing this out of a sense of wanting to protect Bruce that doesn't fit the psych profile he would have been doing it for his own sake that's why he would be doing this and that raises the question of whether or not the feds had dirt on Stephen as well before you dismiss this idea for people new to this concept before you dismiss the idea that a a couple of brothers could have been into something very dark together covering up for each other I would remind you of the story that I did back in August on the home in Seattle Washington that belongs to the elderly Ameri brothers it was revealed ... this this house to be a house of horrors and and which terrible acts of sex abuse and murder of children had been perpetrated over a period of decades ... horrifying story of these 3 brothers cooperating gather over decades hiding for wanting it just unbelievable I had previously published that story yeah as individual segments and for the sake of those of you who are new to my channel you might wanna hear that story maybe what I'll do is compile those into a single video and we publish it so you can watch horrified so could paddock and as Stephen Paddick Bruce Paddick could they have been engaged in something similar we know that Bruce had tons of child porn we know that Stephen paid rape prostitutes were they aware of one another's prickly buddies was Stephen afraid that if Bruce was busted by the FBI that Bruce would open up and reveal information on Steve I can we don't know this is speculation but where there's smoke there's fire and there is a heck of a lot of smoke here folks now in addition to the friends like investigation that I've been doing so far in this Las Vegas investigation ... I have been writing down some of these other leads I'm gonna start talking more about some of this private research and I've been doing all this other Rangel and because of that I am probably gonna start doing some videos for you guys talking about the history of this MK ultra ... that that child abuse I'll be the genesis of this Helvey are wicked evil people the Cup balls the Illuminati these type things how they use the child sex abuse the satanic ritual abuse as part of all this we're gonna start seeing if we if anything matches up if it doesn't pan out so be it are worth the beginning stages of looking into this angle I'm so I want to be on the I want you guys to be informed by what you have the facts so I'm just saying in addition to the standard ... videos I've been doing about the Vegas shooting I'm also gonna start doing some videos talking about that that angle everybody in the media everybody in law enforcement and many of you are asking the exact same question over and over why why did Stephen Paddick do what he did what was this all about what was the motivation that's where everyone stuck what could possibly have been so significant and so motivating as the cost even paddock to get involved with something so big so evil was a just gambling debts that perhaps that's certainly a possibility it wasn't that he was doing some work for a criminal network writing guides for the ATF war for Arab ya cartel or something like that a ND got himself in trouble yeah it's possible ... is it that Stephen paddocks ego and psychopathic tendencies might have led him to commit some kind of acts in Vegas ... with which they were able to ... and trap him get him to do something was the FBI or another agency using that child porn investigation into Bruce how to manipulate Steven into playing some role and whatever gun running or something like that listen I've got my own ideas I have some leads that I've been pursuing of the last few weeks I'm not ready to present all of this evidence publicly yet ... there did the ramifications of some of this is true that I'm tracking down if some of it is true it's it's big so having said that now that I have publicly said what I'm working on I do want to make this additional point for those that may be watching I haven't trusted a couple of other individuals who I trust very much with these files that I have I have instructed them that should something happen to me the contents of these files are to be released immediately to the public on not one spot but multiple platforms ... this is my Killswitch here okay it yesterday evening I also spent some time with a trusted friend of mine someone I've known for years he is an FBI agent he is one of the good guys in the agency who I've learned to trust saab that unlike the CIA which I believe is completely corrupted the FBI does have some good people in it ... and so I talked with them expressed my concern that what I know is putting a target on my back he gave me some council on that but I have established with the FBI ... with at least some people within the FBI who I trust ... with connections to the these are some people I've worked with in the past I am on record I'm just saying this to make it clear that I've covered my bases in the light unlikely event that something does happen it's not gonna be viewed by anyone as an accident so factor that into the choices that you make I've got so much more to tell you all if you come up with any leads on this that you want to share with me you're welcome to do so you can do it in the comments section you do it through private messaging slash and times news report you do it there or if you have something that is particularly sensitive ... if you're giving you something that's not in the public domain and you're worried about ... worried about that ... contact me I'll give you a Swiss based double encrypted email account that I've got that you can for the information to that at soccer be hacked I hope this gives you kind of a general overview of this issue of it's a significant thing that Bruce paddock is is now that they're going after a ... he's he's not that old and in fact I'll show you another video of already runs a background checks on them I've got the up this Bruce paddock I'll tell you he he had he's got a history arm he's been charged with ... ... Grand Theft Auto he's been charged with Saddam selling marijuana without a license ... there's a number of things that this guy has died he's got a he's got a past this is not a good guy and those of the kind of people that the fed's numbers like to like to flip people who really have something to lose because they did do something well ... if you enjoyed this content please give me a tip you give away her attempt a waitress a tip at a restaurant I would appreciate up a small financial tip for this investigation you can do sort slash and times news report not slash and times is report where you can make a direct donation ... using the PO box that's down and out the video description I also donate bitcoin listen guys I appreciate it you've been awesome sending me lots of information and dom we're gonna we're gonna continue to pursue this we are not to let this go the mainstream media's not touching it anymore it has cycle well I think it's a and and unforgivable that those that are supposed to be helping inform the public are are absent from their jobs are not doing so what if this is important work this is where you're gonna find it along with other excellent citizen journalists together with the help of the dog though viewers together we'll do it if if we can't trust our law enforcement federal local whatever we can't trust our government to do it if we can't trust the media do it we're gonna do it ourselves that's the attitude we have to have we don't need to wait for them we can figure some of this out on our own may not get it all but we're definitely gonna make a difference in fact I believe we've already made a difference because we've seen the Las Vegas PD shift their timeline their official time white 3 times now largely because of us out being the information in this press conference that we bent to and so that's probably why they're not only press conferences anymore anyway thanks so much for watching please share this video with your friends I want to get the word out to as many people as we can because the wider audience that sees the stuff we were going to touch on are now we're gonna find somebody that does know something and then they feed the information and I will disseminate it to the to the general public thanks for watching for the end times news report I'm Jake more phony oaks uhhuh //
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The Paddock Child Porn Connection (2 of 3) Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 25
\\I am okay member force up psychopaths use very insincere speech you all probably know someone like this in your life ... miss someone that can you superficial charm Slattery just sickly sweet dripping with honey flattery that's just for some people you listen to what you like how can this person talk like the that you can tell it's not sincere but for the victim or the person on the receiving end sometimes that flattery works quite often it works at least people the psychopath they can live without any remorse and because they can do this without the prick of conscience that you were I experience they're far more convincing they can tell of something that is out right lie ... there's someone out there that I've talked about recently that is very good at this clearly lies makes stuff up make stuff up Adam out of the blue makes claims that are totally unverifiable and people believe this individual even though it's like within a matter of minutes you can debunk that the claim using your rational evidence but people people are fooled by this that's what a psychopath dots so I cycle pot path ... most con men are psychopaths now they can call on other people for personal profit for pleasure ... no lie straight your face and they feel at ease in the process and that's one of the things that the tricks people is you can kind of sense that when someone's lying to you because they act a little different they seem a little shady well con man can lie and they don't display those kinds of feelings of guilt or conscience and that's what makes a convincing well that's an example of that would be for good ... the handful of years ago when Stephen paddock I don't know if you seen this the slip and fall footage in the cosmopolitan hotel as Stephen paddocks walking around and he decided he was gonna built for the hotel and casino out of some money so we stage this silly fall I said that it was the the fall of the hotel he goes and there's footage you can see them is cut out your own stretching and acting like he's all in trouble sued them the court threw out the case had no merit whatsoever to his claim that that somehow vote though the hotel was at fault people do this a lot we try to get money out of the hotel by doing stuff like that well that's an example of Stephen Paddick OB not not carry ... going after somebody else or some company for his own profit his own pleasure something that only benefits him without caring about the consequence to anyone else right fifth US psychopaths are extremely overconfident they've got this grandiose sell a sense of self worth ... they see themselves as literally being superior to everyone else this is a trait among those who are in the echelons of power in the New World order they they look down on us they look down on us like we're service like they're kings and we're just led the commoners service working for our existence is just just being spent for their benefit that's how they see us well that's how psychopaths are they see themselves as being in every sense superior to other people and ... that also gives us a sense of personal conviction of self confidence they they are very charismatic ... and that that charisma can become so charming so intoxicating that other people are are duped by especially people who have sick of fanfic personalities we all know this that that natural brown those are you you've got the person who they're always trying to brown who somebody ... they'll do it with anyone I people do this to me all the time I'm a nobody out to you that right now I don't think I'm somebody I know I'm a nobody I'm a somebody to my family but as far as the world goes I'm just another guy ... by people will I be very very sick of frantic and those are often the first people to stab me in the back the first time I see something they disagree with but anyway those kinds of people are the ones most susceptible to being called on to being duped by these con men because they were really get into idolizing people who exhibit strong personalities and I'm not gonna knock Donald Trump here but there is a an element of people who are who get caught up in that with with Donald Trump he has such a strong force of personality that you know you know what he's talking about sometimes at people's people flock to it again I'm not trying to please don't get mad they come try to knock Donald Trump I'm just using that as an example they make very boastful claims these kinds of well we see this in the realm of politics setting aside Tromp Barack Obama was the same way remember all the pictures of Barack Obama he's always like this you know in his speeches and you can tell he's got a very he's very inflated sense of self and that that's why in 2008 a lot of people were talking like he was the messiah remember that no some people do the same thing with Donald Trump today it's it's it doesn't matter which political party people do it on both sides alright let's go to number 6 psychopath experience what's called a narrowing of attention this is up it's a chord deficit ... that in psychology is known as response modulation in more layman's terms we call at like us and laser beam focus so the psychopath hones in on an objective and they pursue it until it is achieved they pursue it with complete abandon nothing gets in their way anything that gets in their way people trample right over it ... and that's partly because the psychopath does not modulate actions there is not a response modulation to to obstacles they'll just drive right over it like a tank because they don't care what the consequences of their actions are they only know that they want what they want to achieve ... for example I in this kind of up an ugly way to put it but if if you have someone who a normal person if you go up there and you're cutting your grass and you gotta cut around the tree and you find that are a baby bird has fallen out of the nest a normal person sees that and they're gonna modulate their response are gonna go oh I don't wanna run over that baby bird so they either gore round it where they stop and try and return it to the nest or whatever I psychopath would be honed in on this idea that I'm cutting the grass nothing's gonna get in my way there's that stupid bird and they just plow right over it is the birds fall for being there okay that's that's how that's what I'm talking about and you can see this in a number of instances with Steven paddocks personality up a mild version of this is how he you could take this laser beam focus sit for hours on end all throughout the night without a break betting large sums of money on ... video poker machines Hey that's up that's odd that laser beam focus number 7 psychopaths are very selfish they exhibit a half a lock a pathological ego centricity in other words they are capable of true love were true concern for another person's well being that's just how they are they will use other people in relationships the way that like up parasite will will latch onto a host they suck the the out lifeblood or whatever it is the energy out of the host until the host is dead and then they just move on to the next thing that you know they're like checks I will just think of for example the longs how Bill Clinton ... used and cast aside woman after woman after woman over the years all throughout his adult life you know just doesn't care it's what's in it for him is what matters Stephen paddocks on treatment of women is very similar to that same same kind of psychopathy ... number 8 psychopaths don't plan for the future they have the skills to make long term plans is not that they don't set up plan it's that they they said it and they will pursue it until doomsday but because I can't emphasize with others they cannot foresee how others are going to respond people sometimes these con men that I've gone after they make this mistake with me sometimes they they think that ... for example one of the one of their child traffickers out of north Hollywood ... works for a X. J. the group I exchange which is on a Friday it's and it's out in FBI front anyway the extra a guy the CEO of this out fake company came after me just like a psychopath would but he could not see that who that I was gonna have a response of my own and time after time after time I thwarted what he was doing refuted his bogus stuff and got a mop the floor with them at today he's fleet to Slovenia ... they cannot see the consequences of their actions ... so if indeed paddock was assassinated if you went up to the room whether he participated or not if he was trying to do something in some way all along with this and they did shoot them up there that's that would be a sign of what I'm talking about where he could not foresee ... he could not for see that they were gonna use him as this lone wolf Habsi this is a very strategic blunder if indeed that's how things played out when dealing with the kinds of criminals who would be the kind to approach you whether their intelligence operatives or from that the criminal underworld if they're getting you to go run guns or do whatever these are not people to screw around with these are bad people and you have to anticipate that they're not gonna be loyal to you but in his single minded pursuit of what he was doing Patrick didn't see this coming got himself loud knock off again this is merely speculation I want to emphasize that but that's within the realm of possibility the final trade of the psychopaths is violence ... psychopaths typically have this social personality disorder and that includes a very low tolerance to frustration they get pissed you what a normal person starts get frustrated well what we do we may snap back we may say something obnoxious I apologize I do this sometime in the comments sections if I read one after another after another after another of stupid people saying very mean cruel things also house out I get tempted sometimes all 6 of them witty some some retort to make them look like the fools they are and I usually regret it afterwards that I sank to that level will delete the comments that's what a normal person might do when a psychopath feels frustrated they'll grab dishes and throw them they'll cost cents grain ... you know I'm I'm I'm kinda hinting around here at Hillary Clinton whose secret service detail has talked about this about how ... they hate working for because she would do that she would get angry and throw dishes one and nothing was there fall to go into rages and scream at her secret service detail ... well psychopaths go into rages and and they're very aggressive and job you can think of Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and the story of him in the head staying there totally naked in the congressional gym locker after having coming out of the shower and school reaming his head off making threats and jabbing his finger in the chest how US congressman because the congressman that one of vote the way that rob Emanuel wanted them to ... that is that's a psychopath that's how it's like a bad acts and again we can look at paddocks deviant craving to act out these weird rape fantasies with hookers as an indication of are obvious of how they they exhibit violence well these are the 9 primary traits of psychopaths and I'm just glossing over the answers that I could go on but I I'm not gonna bore you guys forming a psych profile can take a little time you revise it as you go but my point is from very early on I had a clear idea my mind that Stephen paddock was ... a certain kind of personality and I could see that from from the evidence and this profile help to guide me in my early research a help me and formulating my own private predictions of what I would probably end up finding if I followed certain routes of investigation things that would be on earth on earth as time was all went off //
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The Paddock Child Porn Connection (1 of 3) Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 24
\\I am welcome to the end times news report line Jake portfolios what we learned some stunning news today about Stephen paddocks brother Bruce remember that Stephen is one of 4 brothers Bruce as it turns out has been the target of an FBI child porn investigation that had been going on well before October 1 ... at the at the time that Stephen is alleged to have gone up and carried out the shooting attack in Las Vegas the FBI says that they did have Steven on their radar prior to that October 1 shooting I disagree OB I believe that the FBI most certainly was aware of Stephen paddock ... long before October 1 and I believe that it was partly because of the FBI's interest in Steven Paddick that they went after Bruce but I'm gonna get out and all that in just a couple minutes I am I'm really excited to be able to start talking about the story with you guys I've told you and other videos previously that I have been working on a number of leads since the shooting are a lot of numbers things that I haven't felt comfortable talking about publicly yet well this is one of all this is one of things that I hadn't been ready to come forward with yet ... back on the in fact I check my notes back on October 9 that's the day that I had actually written up a full report I can have a detailed analysis on why I believe that Steven paddock was guilty of possessing child pornography and perhaps even participating in child sex abuse but I decided not to publish that report until I had some more concrete evidence to go with it just sounded like a dumb conspiracy theory unless you're the person working the case and see the evidence well now that it has become public that Stephen's brother bruise was himself heavily involved in child porn and and from what reports are saying they they say that he was in possession of more than 600 images some of them depicting up just horrifying stuff children younger than 12 years old being subjected to ... right so that's what they're saying about Bruce paddock who lives in California by the way north Hollywood ... well now that that's out there I believe that the public is maybe more likely to take seriously what I have to say about this issue see I believe that there is a very real possibility that Stephen paddock was busted by the FBI at some point are not only for himself having child pornography but for engaging in sex with minors possibly there in Las Vegas and this may very well be the impetus for paddocks agreement to do some work with me are the government in exchange for them not pursuing I've it this case to to potentially imprisoning him for sex abuse now please understand what I'm gonna be presenting this is just one of a number of working theories I'm not presenting this as the gospel truth this is an investigation in progress and this theory could turn out to to not have merit now for those of you who are longtime viewers of the end times news report you know that a big part of my investigative work over the last few years has been working to expose peta files and to expose child trafficking rings now we want to bust these people when I want to just talk about it we want to gather enough evidence that we can take these people get in the court bus them up now in the course of doing these investigations I have actually testified in court as a witness obter I to help prosecute someone ... what one of the people that that was investigated so it does pan out ... so it's for my new viewers what I'm gonna do is I'm going at a play list at the end of this video if you'd like to peruse some of my older videos of my bike past working in those areas I did a lot of work to expose child trafficking I'm specifically one that I worked on for about a year was a child trafficking network in north Hollywood north Hollywood California the very area where Bruce Paddick ... was living now some of the people that I have investigated were included in that large round up back I think was around February there was a group of about 400 people criminals that were affiliated with the ... trafficking operations in north Hollywood I'm that were busted well some of the people that I was investigating some of the information that I was contributing was use they are in that so I've done a lot of investigative work related to these kind of file and trafficking networks ... not just here in the United States but around the world businesses are a global problem lot of work a lot of research into trafficking in Australia anyway having had this background when I started looking at the story of Stephen paddock I recognize some signs some signals here that were telling me that there might be some kind of ties between paddock and this underground a world of child sex abuse so in this video I'm gonna walk you through the evolution of my thinking I won't get into too many specifics in this many are just wanna give you the introduction first talk about my thinking on this topic and I discuss some of the potential connections with you all I my background as a financial crimes investigator one of the things that I would do when I started interviewing victims of these financial crimes is that I would start by putting together a psychological profile on the perpetrator I would do this not only with the goal of trying to assist the victim but also because my job I was employed by a fortune 100 bank they were employing me my job was to protect them so by ... by creating this profile up front I I tend tend to do sometimes find something that you might find shocking that is that are a lot of times the people that were ... calling saying that they were a victim of these crimes they were actually the ones perpetrating the crime it was out there with you these people engaged in fraud they would call up and make claims that they were victims of financial crimes that they have lost thousands and thousands some you know tens of thousands of dollars arm usually at minimum is what I work with they would into the hundreds of thousands and then they would make claims and ask the bank to reimburse them through different fraud protections and things like that I am then they would end up getting large sums of money ... for crime that never actually happened so by working up a profile in the very beginning of these interviews that I would conduct I I'd learn to identify when the alleged victim was actually the one attempting to commit the financial crime itself so you saying those same profiling techniques as soon as I learned that name Stephen paddock is started hearing about him sametime you guys did I began to work up a psych profile on them something to work with as I went forward and it became immediately clear to me that Stephen paddock is a psychopath yeah it's easy to call somebody psychopath we say that all he's a psychopath you're a psychopath my ex girlfriends a psych up everyone's a psychopath but I'm talking about the word in its actual clinical sense back in the let me tell you what a psychopath is back in the early 18 hundreds doctors who were working with mental patients they began to notice that some other patients who appeared out early to be perfectly normal they actually have what was termed moral depravity or moral insanity is what the doctors called it and that these people seem to possess no sense of ethics and no sense of concern for the rights of other people now going forward about 100 years to around 1900 that's when they start the doctor started coining the term psychopath ... to refer to these kinds of people forward about 3 decades and it kind of fell out of fashion to call them psychopaths more emphasis was being put on the impact to society are and so they started calling these people sociopaths to to really highlight the kind of damage that they were doing to society through their behaviors ... and that so so that the term as time went on a came to to basically these terms which were essentially the same thing begin with basically you would refer to someone as a psychopath if they were the more extreme version sociopath that they were a little bit less so but it's essentially the same thing ... sociopath I can refer to somebody who ... it I I guess it isn't quite as crazy well the the psychological and cycle a psychiatric communities what they do is they use a list of criteria to assess whether or not someone is a psychopath there's no blood test to see if your psychopathic you have to go through and diagnostic tests and they call this this thing where this list the revised psychopathy checklist and there's another one that's called the psychological ... personality inventory if we take these 2 lists and we overlap them what we come up with is a set of criteria and and their 9 primary traits of a psychopath number one they're uncaring callous they don't display up with the number 2 they have shallower motions not displaying any kind of shame or guilt for what they do ... third they're actually extremely irresponsible they blame others for their own stupid mistakes for the use insincere speech like flattery charm they lie ... to manipulate other people and they don't have any qualms about doing so ... fee if they're very overconfident to the point out stupidity sometimes they're very narcissus 6 they experience with Colin narrowing of attention that's a term the kind of means they have a laser beam focus on whatever it is they're trying to achieve excuse me number 7 they're very selfish they don't have any concern for other people's well being in the course of what they do number 8 they can't plan for the future because they lack empathy to such a degree that they cannot properly anticipate the response of the victims and if you can anticipate the response of those that you're impacting then you can't really plan for the future properly so they do things that you know it's just kind of stupid arm they can't see how others are gonna respond their actions then that's off oftentimes their downfall the knife ... criteria is that violence is often used as a tool to get what they want war to punish people who oppose them so let me run through these real quick and tell you how just a little bit of what I was thinking about as I was creating the psych profile on Stephen paddock first of all number one uncaring kallus lacking empathy for others they are in other words the cold hearted Pete they don't care about other other people feel they have a very high tolerance ... a very high threshold for what they can tolerate when it comes to the suffering of other people you and I average normal people we see someone suffering it you know it affects us and it can move us to action ... war if we know we're causing extreme sufferings someone that we back off we don't want to do that not these people they are very in different very high threshold so while some people can I look at the heartache of someone suffering psychopath they don't empathize they don't care that's one of things that makes them a psychopath now some people believe that Stephen paddock didn't do any of the shooting that he was just you know innocent I'll just say that Stephen paddock definitely have the psychological pres predisposition to do this he is the kind of person that could have carried out this kind of rampage ... either alone or with the team it doesn't matter he could have done it a based on a psychological profile and we know from the testimony of prostitutes for example in it were interviewed after October 1 that ... panic had used ... he had paid considerable amount of money Oppen above which would normally pay prostitutes there in Vegas he paid them a lot more for the privilege of carrying out very violent rape fantasies ... and that's an example of the uncaring nature of a psychopath are so let's move on the number 2 shall we motions specifically a psychopath they don't experience feelings like normal people they don't spirits shame guilt embarrassment like you or I would and that's why some psychopaths can suffer incredible indignities they can be humiliated in front of all the entire world ... we see this with some politicians some celebrities they can suffer they could be caught in some horrible scandal and not long after their right back out there as if nothing happened not caring that people know about all these things that they did they can probably put forth their check their face with no shame all right evidence of the S. wet with regard to paddock would be for example the casino workers who would come out saying that Pat it used to be a rate humiliate Maryland family his job girlfriend which humiliate or in public make himself look like a total jackass and not think anything about it he was not aware didn't care how he made himself look to other people through this maltreatment of not only her but other people and dial up in paddocks brother Eric made some of the same observations when he was interviewed talking about his brother and what it was like with them okay number 3 psychopaths are extremely irresponsible in that context ... psychopaths are parks they're just notoriously unreliable they externalize blame toward others ... they they take their own faults and mistakes and somehow someone else's fault but their own the cannot get to the roads ... screw ups will paddock he gambled large amounts of money at a time which is extremely irresponsible but he was so addicted to the chemical on psychological rush that came from this high stakes gambling many didn't care he was just irresponsible plus paddocks gambling ... caused him some serious financial hardships the brother Bruce who is ... now wonder you know in hot water for the child porn he had said that early on in an interview I went when he was asked about his brother he said his opinion was that ... Stephen had gotten into some serious financial troubles because of irresponsible irresponsible gambling ... so so that's a possible no possible thing there and up if you get yourself into trouble in Vegas as our guest market point pointed out criminal world has spotters out there in the casinos watching certain venues certain areas where of the OB that the mid level upper level gamblers go and they watch for people in distress so that they can recruit them offered a bail them out in exchange for that person acting as a mule or a puppet or doing something US engaging in some kind of criminal activity on their behalf as a way to get themselves out from underneath these ... financial burdens that they're gambling they're irresponsible gambling debts have placed them in //
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Some Thoughts On the Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 23
\\I'm shooting this video real quick just to give you guys ... some answers to a couple of questions that a lot of you are asking me in the comments sections ... so I hope it through this video I can answer a whole bunch of you all at all at once ... throughout this Las Vegas investigation I have tried not to put too much of my own speculation in the my reporting but I'm gonna tell you that this video is going to be some speculation on my part ... so I'm not presenting this stuff is cold hard facts typically I like to vet everything that I put out the carpenters motto measure twice cut once I applied to my reporting I I like to verify information twice get it fully vetted put it out there one time so that I don't have to retract it later or make corrections unnecessarily I want my reputation to be such that you can trust that if I say I have verified this there's multiple sources for it but I'm gonna go ahead and tell you in general where I met with this investigation in my thinking there are so many opinions out there everyone's got their opinion at this point I respect that but so many people have got so many different ideas of what's going on not everybody is going to be right some of these theories are just not correct some of the theories might be correct but there's just not enough verifiable interfere formation yet took to run with that so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tell you where I mat based on the preponderance of evidence that I have seen and tell you what my thoughts are first of all I am convinced that this was an intelligence operation that intelligence services were involved whether it was the ATF or the CIA the FBI any number of those agencies could have had their hand in this ... and the reason that I say this is just it's got all the fingerprints all the markings of of those kinds of operations I have been reporting on clandestine operations for a decade now well since 2001 well over a decade ... this is my forte this is this is what I do right now the Las Vegas investigation is my focus ... but outside of that most of my time in video reporting research has been CIA operations ... geopolitical events around the world things like that so I'm very very familiar with the hallmarks of an intelligence operation and I can tell you this thing that happened in Las Vegas has so many identifiers so many I'm similarities to traditional CIA ... war or other because we've got other intelligence operations out there ... daily it's just I don't I I have no doubts at this point there's no smoking gun to prove that but that's why we keep looking and that's why I don't talk about that a whole lot because I you know I just don't have the evidence to back it all up evidence that will hold that there's plenty of evidence let's define evidence and proof you can have evidence to support anything and still draw incorrect Kalut ... conclusions for example ... one of these recent videos to come out shows a bunch of ambulances outside of Hooters on Tropicana Avenue next the Tropicana hotel ... there's video footage that was shot from a guy who's up in the MGM grand shooting through his window down on the street there's a bunch of different ideas that have come out from people that are there on the ground at the hotel at Hooters shooting ... right right there as some of the action is happening so we have that is evidence we have as evidence some of the ambulance drivers standing around ... not doing anything there's evidence but the conclusions that some people draw from that evidence is faulty so if you have an ambulance driver standing there and they're not doing anything that does not mean it is proof that they're part of a drill that's taking an awfully big leap it could just be that there are not enough people there yet that are wounded who need assistance that's the whoever was filming that ... up close and you can see that in some of these videos it just means that they they haven't had that there were like 141516 amulets was there at a time not all the people had filtered in yet Kay was a staging ground that's where they were ordered to go that's where the EMTs were told to set up as a staging point waiting for the people to ... to arrive there is insufficient numbers ... to to be treated it was well I've walked the route when I was in Vegas you go out the I think it's the east gate ... which I I if you go out there you get get to Giles street you can't go further to the east because there's a great big chain link fence that's over there where the ... the fuel silos are you can't walk into that area so you have to follow this fence you're you're kind of like she following ... a single direction only direction you could go you could go past the venue and then go toward the Mandalay bay that would make any sense because that's where the some of the shooting was believed to have been coming from plus down on the corner you've got ... police better diverting people and there are videos out there of people in that throng going from the concert walking down to Hooters they going through the backside ... some of them entered into the casino they look around don't know what's going on people are panicked they're afraid don't know where to go they emerge out the front they see the ambulances ... there's even a few moments where someone yells run there's panic and alarm and people running around so this evidence can be used by different people from different perspectives depending on their own personal biases or or or ideas to manipulate the evidence to mean something yeah that's shoddy journalism that's that's some that's not what we do or at least that's not what I do and I see that stuff I acknowledge it just because I'm not out there right now making videos giving a full explanation of what's going on the truth is I don't know everything that's going on but I will talk a minute about some of what I've seen arm in those recent videos but let's go back to that the general story Steven Patrick I believe very much was part of this I don't think that he was some kind of ring leader I think that he was a low level person an asset that was being used to help with some type of operation weather was gone running because of gambling debts or or dating was sucked into it don't know we're still looking at that but I personally don't believe that paddock was just clearly innocent and that he was a Patsy with without with no guilt he was a Patsy he certainly being passed off as a Patsy that does not mean that he wasn't complicit and didn't have something some role that he was playing ... it seems very likely like they assassinated them at the end of the operation ... to to lay all the guilt on him but again that's speculation that's my opinion we're gonna try and get there ... alright haces Campos very very ... what can we say there's you guys you've all heard about cases Campos and all the weird things associated with them I'm right there with you I've got my doubts about them I got my doubts about his role now this is a big jump in speculation ... we know that there were people who have reported that during the concert and also immediately after the concert that there was a group of 2 or more Hispanic looking people who were harassing the concert goers and telling them things like you're all going to die or all of you were gonna die things like that ... 2 of the Hispanics there was one woman one man ... one of the reports was that they were in the crowd that the girl was pulling the hair of someone in front of her mocking the woman saying you're gonna die tonight ... we have not seen any follow up on that we haven't heard law enforcement the stuff that I think that's significant that there is no mention of these people ... and that they that they haven't put out any kind of request for information on that are those people connected to camp poses a possibly Campos was a part of this that he knew in advance something and told somebody pure speculation I am not there I'm not ready to make that leap ... but I do hear people suggesting that and I think it's worth at least considering that Campos may have had some foreknowledge of course I'm well aware of the ideas and and I can see some possibility that Campos was at the very least ... paid off to open some doors to to facilitate things using his security credentials it's possible that ... Campos if we go to the extreme man that he is actually the the trigger man that shot ... Stephen paddock and also shot himself gave himself a little flesh wound or something I do know that when he appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show walking on a cane and that's out that's that's just in and that's insulting to the intelligence ... there was a prop I think they gave him to Jeff make the story seem a little bit sexier well beyond this I have more than enough information evidence eyewitness statements cause me to feel strongly believe that there was a mercenary team on the ground something like black water people with military training who were there carrying out some of these ... attacks along the strip whether or not they actually shot anyone are outside of the concert venue is up for debate but there were people with guns firing shots off in multiple locations along the strip we just have way too many eyewitnesses who ... who are reporting that to to just dismiss that also it appears very likely that there were multiple shooters at least a few shooters embedded within the crowd itself at the concert venue that popped off a couple of shots I will tell you that I feel quite comfortable in dismissing the idea of that shooters were up on the those 2 towers ... from the what was going to be a Ferris wheel there on the south side of the concert venue I was there in person yes there each tower is very tall I'm 3040 or more stories tall ... but they are thin enough that they don't head there's no elevator to go to the top ... there's not room for stairs to go up the only way you could of gotten to the top would have been up a ladder they go straight up the side now for those who are saying that that's where the shots were coming from let me tell you why I disagree I went around the eye you couldn't go up close to them but I did go around the area and got photographs there is only one window from which shots could have been fired and that window is kind of on the east side public power you would have had the ability from that window to shoot down at the concert venue however ... those who are saying well that gunfire is what was producing a reflection around the out the glass around the fourth floor at the Mandalay bay that's just not correct the muzzle fire would have shown up I on the other side because it was on the wrong side other than that there is no other place that they could have ... been firing from you could say well they went to the very very tip top but guys think about this I have climbed the fire tower before and I just going up the ladder straight up you don't have to go to many floors before your arms ... start to shake before your muscles start Pensa it is not easy so the idea that somebody climbed up 30 or 40 floors carrying not only a high powered rifle but also hundreds of pounds of equipment including ammunition and the ... to make the escape they would've had to of repelled down rapidly so that meant they would have to carry enough rope to go up if you're a rock climber you know you don't carry on your body 30 or 40 ... ... I stories worth of rope ... plus that would have been left behind after the fact that the guy escape it's just to me it's just ludicrous plus I mean you'd be right out there where everybody can see so I feel comfortable dismissing that based on my own investigation and things that I saw ... regarding the fourth floor yes there was a strobe light on the fourth floor I'm I'm concerned about that why why was there a strobe light going off inside of a room on the fourth floor before the shooting started it's it's it makes no sense white and and it went off for a long time long enough that somebody inside Mandalay bay should have gone to check it out if it was something like out ... you know an emergency of some kind of emergency Stroger something but that thing just kept going off on and on and on and on and on and on and on and ... to me it seems like that's strobe was there to be a distraction and indeed it was a distraction because if you listen to the radio scanners the police repeatedly said they thought there could be a shooter on the fourth floor that's what that's the police saying that on on their own broadcasts ... in fact they were ... police scanner from the October 1 event you can hear them talking about that saying we need to get somebody up on the fourth floor check this out ... other people were talking about it's what eventually did go to for flooring cleared rooms and check things out so the police themselves were concerned and for those who say all there's no broken glass guys you don't have to break the glass the Mandalay bay has got a lot of windows that can be removed that can be opened up they use it for different things like window cleaning or or other things they may need to do there are windows that can be accessed ... maybe not in the individual rooms where people stadium where the gas stadium but not all of those rooms are are used just for the gas fire trucks or something ... so anyway why was that strobe lights going off was it being used to distract the police away from where the the actual shooting was coming from use these guys were very up and go by so I you know one second you're sorry about that alright I'm not real far from the from a fire department wherever you go alright let's continue here so along the strip there were multiple shooters and the the testimony that I've gotten from someone who actually was sold I I someone tried to sell some guns that had been stolen out of the vehicle that was being operated by a guy who looks like a mercenary was the description just hours before the attacks the location was down the strip around the hard rock cafe which is basically around the corner ... there you've got the Tropicana the New York New York Paris is not too far away this is one of the location and fact allies you was down about half a block from there so this is the location where there was a lot of action happening in a lot of people reported hearing gunfire the fact that I have spoken with somebody who saw a mercenary type guy with tons of cases black cases ... bad one of those cases were a couple of those cases were stolen and that the case is contained weapons in them that matched up to some of the same models of the weapons found up in paddocks room that to me is very significant alright questions about the helicopter you may have seen my report that I did using the FAA's ground ray at the out the radar from flight radar 24 tracking every single helicopter that was there in the area during that time I sat in that video this cannot account for ... helicopters that might have transponders turned off which would be for example ... about military craft or something like that the problem is there is no video out there showing helicopters close enough to the venue that they could shoot now having said that there is one thing I'm still looking at with regard to the helicopters it is possible that the time frame the timeline given by the FBI and the sheriff's department is wrong about when the shooting started what I see is this if you see ... if you watch one of the videos from a certain angle the guy shooting the video just meant just a couple minutes before the the main volley started you can see a helicopter come in from the left side of the frame it travels behind the Mandalay bay you can tell there's a little distance there it goes in between Mandalay bay and the ... Delano and then disappears behind the Delano now this flight I have matched up this was ... this is ... ... it was owned by Sundance helicopters which is a tourist company that exact route was flown by ... helicopter the and number was and 213 SSH and to 13 estates also and 28 FH was in the area at the same time well when you verify when you look at the ... the radar that exact flight does show up on the radar but it happens to show up roughly 6 minutes before when the the main volley starts long story short even the FAA's radar time stamp is wrong or they the ... sheriff's department FBI are putting out the wrong time for when the volleying started it would actually be 9591 of the times they say that Campos was shot a well that's the time that this helicopter would have been back there ... and that's when the other the main gun fire what started ... so I'm looking into that as a lead crisis actors alright this is a this is a tough one because we do have to deal with speculation here there is no question the crisis actors have been used in different kinds of operations Boston Marathon you will if you don't already know about crisis actors if you don't know the role they play if you think it just sounds like some stupid conspiracy theory watch some good footage watch some good reports on the Boston Marathon bombing because there were crisis actors embedded there during the chaos yes people were really hurt but some of these people I have verified this without I had somebody who I didn't tell them I I talked with an EMT registered ... nurse who who does work as an EMT work sent out an emergency room I did not say I was gonna show footage from the Boston bombing but I did show I'd I isolated stuff and I showed it and I said look at this do you think that these are real injuries she said but I have no question I am absolutely certain this is it's not possible this injury you know the guy with the leg please leave blown off sitting there wide awake as another guy with a fake tourniquet that's not even tied now with the cowboy hat is running alongside taking this guy ... say it's impossible he would have bled out in a matter of seconds the fact that he had no discoloration wasn't turning blue he's completely conscious wasn't showing any signs of pain that you go along you see in the Boston Marathon bombings some of this footage you can see after the ... the initial explosion you can see a team move Val into the crowd you can see one woman with a purse that's got a little black tube coming out of it and you can see as she passes by suddenly there's blood splattered everywhere I in you see this in a couple places you can also see without any question you can see man that looked like mercenaries dress like mercenaries and wearing black water mercenary gear that were present at the time there was a contractor ... there was contractor activity during Boston Marathon bombing now that does not necessarily mean that what's going on in Las Vegas had crisis actors but of all the different things that suggests that that may have been crisis actors the one that to me is the most concerning curious is that one that I put on Vimy I wide somethings I don't put on ... you too because I know the pull down to give me a standard strike ... for being too graphic or whatever but you gotta my bid me account you can find it through patriarch or look down in my under this video if you go to my social media links in the description you'll see my fit me page click that you go to the one where I talk about the possibility of crisis actors when you go through his video and see this guy walking around ... pretending like he's treating the wounded that is very very disconcerting there is something very wrong about that video you don't believe me just go watch it now ... going back to the issue of Hooters the reason that I have some concerns there is yes I do believe that the vast majority of people if not all the people that were at Hooters were people that had come from the concert venue some of them with injuries and they went and and that's why they were there the question however in my mind is some of the pools of blood that you see in these videos and again one of these I put up on that means you can check it out there ... it might be viewed me ... vydox me slash and times news report or visit slash and times news report but there aren't small pools of blood in front of the elevator and a couple other places in the casino floor my question is this this is roughly 600 yards again I've walked it 600 yards from the concert venue to that spot at Hooters if a person was standing there and was wounded way back at the concert venue and they make it all the way there how is it that if they're standing there which would have taken quite awhile for wounded injured person to get that far the length of 6 football fields how is it that they could be bleeding out bleeding that much leaving such a big pool of blood while waiting for the elevator how is it that they could travel that distance and not bleed out along the way so there are rational explanations that could be that somebody had a tourniquet on and it came off and the blood started flowing you know it could be I'm there's a number of rational explanations but we cannot rule out the possibility that someone did take some blood and squirt a pool therein now people ask this makes no sense all of this crisis actor stuff why what purpose does it serve I actually had a good analogy that I was going to share but I ran it by my wife first because sometimes I'm not the most tactful it was an analogy of using up a push up bra but are she said Jake don't do that so so to avoid offending with anyone I'm not use that analogy but I will say this imagine I your ... a woman can look perfectly fine without makeup and yet to highlight certain aspects of her face what she will do is put on lipstick maybe I am ... what's it called mascara to make her eyelashes look thicker just stand out more it's not that she's changing who she is she's just adjusting or or before magnifying highlighting certain aspects to be seen better that's what crisis actors still just because you have crisis actors somewhere does not mean that the whole thing is a hoax I find it repugnant that some people are saying that all these people are fake but no one got hurt that there was no bullets I mean that is the height of stupidity at this point there are so many obituaries out there there are so many ... so much video ... video footage of funerals there are so many hundreds of posts from people talking about attending some of these funerals I just don't buy it I don't buy into this this hope this idea that the whole thing is a hoax it's just not true but that again that does not mean that there were not crisis actors in place for the purpose of highlighting and bringing greater attention if you go back and watch the 911 ... footage you will find a video of a man who is very clearly we reciting a memorize script the of the day CNN or NBC I don't know who was some some media goes up to a guy on the street and ... who actually was kind of seeking out the media for attention and while the buildings are still over there ... the smoke from the buildings having collapsed Baskin what do you think happened and he reads off this or he narrates this thing that is so hokey so obviously memorized dude I was I was unable to 40 third floor the building which is 5 blocks from the World Trade Center itself I witnessed the entire I think from beginning to end people talk about how it looked like a movie I know when I came walking down here early this morning and saw both towers on fire and people on every street corner it was it was it was like a movie but you watch the planes hit the towers I was watching with my roommate was a Croxley 7 minutes after the first plane hit I saw this plane come out of no where and just dream right into the side of the twin tower exploding through the other side and then I witnessed both towers collapsed one first and then the second mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense are giving the official story that guy was planted there that guy was working to perpetuate a myth that is what crisis actors do they go in there because they want they don't want people like me in you pushing this idea that there were multiple shooters or there was there was all this other stuff going on they want the official story out there and so they get their people in front of the cameras and that is how they control people's minds in their thinking so where their crisis actors there I say the jury is still out on that but I am open to the possibility I'm still looking at it ... there are definitely some things there that concerned me but I am 100 percent certain that gun shots were real people were really shot people were really hurt lives have been destroyed people were killed and I go through some of these videos ... where they're showing footage of people on hospitals and those of you going there under these other pages and and just talking about how all these people are all crisis actors they're all fake I've seen some of the dead dubbed most horrible things I've ever seen written being said about these people that were that were shot I don't know how some of you people can can live with yourself you have no consciences talk this way to to add salt to the wounds of some of these people I I and I'm not just saying that that people are questioning if they're legitimate I mean I have people saying you people ought to be shot and killed for real for being crisis actors guys I am a Christian and I know a lot of you are Christians but what irks me beyond anything is when people who were claiming to be Christians are the ones doing this backstabbing in this attacking that is horrible Jesus Christ taught us to treat others the way we want to be treated just because you disagree with something you can state your disagreement without being a jerk about it you don't have to savage somebody and call them names you don't have to be mean spirited and ugly because it only encourages other fools like you to come out and do the same thing so don't add to that please I I and I certainly won't tolerate it on my channel now I I've run out of light here so I just wanna and ... I'm gonna cut this short there's some other things I wanted to talk about ... well if they all have to say for another video but I I do want to say this I have I have had an outpouring of support from people supporting this work that I've been doing and I cannot express I have no words I ate my wife and I and we gather our children and we talk together as a family about the kind heartedness of you guys out there that are sending in donations to support the work that I'm doing thank you so much I mean that sincerely arm and not just the people that are donating through PayPal unpatriotic of their people giving bit coins and those of some of the most generous people are the people that are sending me direct donations my PO box I wish I had the time to stop and write a personal thank you to each one of you but I I just don't have that time thank you though I appreciate it my family ... we we do pray and ask god to bless all of you for your for your generosity ... and that the very last thing I want to say in this video is I I offer my deepest apologies to those of you who are leaving me messages and I'm not responding it's not that I'm not seeing your messages and it's not that I don't want to respond I am telling you I have gotten in the last 2 weeks alone thousands of messages and the vast majority of people are wanting some kind of response from me guys if I could do it I would and I appreciate it I want you continue to send me your tips but if I devote all of time necessary to respond to each individual I will have absolutely no time to devote to the investigation itself so I would ask you humbly to please be patient with me understand that I read it I appreciate it and just because I'm not giving your ... a quick response it doesn't mean that I don't I I don't appreciate what you're doing it just means that I'm trying to be judicious with my time and focus on interviewing people I am talking to people pope crap okay smart I've got into I've got a yeah I in interview I'm I'm sorry we have got an interview or merely doing shortly with someone who was on the ground there near the front of the ... ... the concert when the shooting started I've lost track of time there for a minute I I am putting the majority of my time into interviewing people who were there who saw what's going on so that I can compile those facts and give it to you guys out there and let you make up your own minds as to what's going on alright so that's where my focus is is getting the facts and ... getting it directly from people who were there not so much from the people that are in social media who were not there and are just offering their own speculation I appreciate everyone's ideas but I right now I'm focused on talking to the people who were there and saw it for themselves and have their stories to tell I wanna get those stories before people change or whatever okay so thank you so much for your support that's all for this video look for a lot more for me and make sure and check me out on non patriotic bid me why post other content the you don't see here on the ... YouTube channel for the end times news report I'm Jake more phony else //
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RAW Man Films Panic Inside Hooters After Las Vegas Shooting - Part 22
\\right everybody's in the panic room alright people who know the shooting took place in the fucking concert back to the hotel and ... wrong turn it's over it's over capacity no it's broken voting elders is trying to go through this last year I think IGN staircase rain here does she is labeled this turned it back to our room people in the second panel just take from what let me know where to go I like how this fucking security no NDEs it's all fun and games but this let me thing you hear focus shots from on high output right coming from god knows where in a little closer people are taking cover June well well they go to your room just go your way go to your room it's alright I told No Way there okay gold member of the so is that where you are I still miss yeah it's alright you're listening right I don't no there you know //
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Why Did Vegas Police Work With Private Military Surplus Company During Las Vegas Shooting? - Part 21
\\WNED WNED this video was a call for information about the relationship between the Los Vegas metro P. D. and the Las Vegas company known as battlefield Las Vegas war battlefield Vegas for short if you have any information related to the issues I'm going to raise in this video please share what you know in the comments section while reviewing the Vegas PD radio traffic on the night of the shooting there are numerous references to a group of 3 armored vehicles being used these armored vehicles or surplus military transports owned by a huge gun entertainment company called battlefield Vegas battlefield lets customers come in and practice wiring the range of weapons including fully automatic military weaponry they even teach customers how to fire and am 134 minigun a few weeks ago I visited battlefield Vegas with another journalist who I'm not can identify in this video because he ended up getting thrown off the property for asking too many questions he may not want his I. give the confirm so I'll leave it up to him if you want to talk about his experience but I took the photos that you're seeing on your screen during that visit some speculate that Stephen paddock may have visited this company to get experience shooting high powered guns I want to emphasize though that this is only speculation in fact we don't even know what Steven Patrick actually fired a gun for sure what is not speculation however is that battlefield Vegas is the company that gave weapons training to a man the day before he tried to assassinate Donald Trump at campaign rally in Las Vegas 20 year old Michael Sanford was an unemployed British citizen who lied to his parents about having a girlfriend in Hoboken New Jersey any goddess parents to pay for him to move to New Jersey so he came to America illegally and on 6/17/2016 Sanford visited battlefield Vegas to get training on how to shoot a Glock 17 that's the same gun carried by Vegas PD you can see some photos here of battlefield Vegas checking Samper Dan giving him the weapons training and again to be clear I'm not suggesting that the company had any idea why Sanford wanted this training the next day though president that ... presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally in Vegas and security footage so Sampford walking up to a Vegas police officer pretending to ask him how he can go about getting an autograph from trump and then suddenly going for the cops sidearm Sanford couldn't figure out though hell to ... ... work the holsters release mechanism and the cop managed to take him to the ground and stop him but Sanford did admit to police that he had been plotting to assassinate Donald Trump for about a year later on Sanford's parents were interviewed and they told reporters that they believe their son who has Asperger's had been turned and groomed for this operation by a third party they said there's just no way he would of come up with this on his own well that's despite all this the judge in the case Senate Sanford only 12 months in prison though he only ended up serving 5 months for the attempted assassination of Donald Trump out because then they released him and set him back to UK no I only tell you about Sanford story to prove that it is within the realm of possibility that battlefield Vegas did give some weapons training to Steve a paddock we went in to battlefield Vegas and ask the staff all of whom look like ex military if paddock it ever used their services their reply was no comment I can appreciate the need to protect the image of the company but would that make more sense just to say no heart company has never given training to the infamous Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddick you would think that they would be very open about denying having had panic as a customer if that were the case so it seems to me like battlefield Vegas is being unnecessarily tight lipped about this if they have nothing to hide granted if paddock did get some kind of gun training of the company that does not mean that the company had any foreknowledge that paddock would do something bad anymore than they would have known that Sanford was gonna try to assassinate trump so that's not my concern my concern is what kind of relationship battlefield Vegas has with the Las Vegas police department why is it that on the night of the shooting 3 armored military vehicles owned by a private company rolled out into the Las Vegas streets as part of some kind of operation let me play a few clips from the ... Las Vegas metro PD radio scanner you're gonna hear the police dispatcher say that's 3 armored cars were on route to the south central area command location that these armored cars would be followed by a silver Dodge ram and that these vehicles had all been approved by swats here's the clip how can I think 3 armored cars everything else enjoy your man college right over 90 grams they're taking right for not trying to run down of it first Latin a minute or so later out different police officer opens the line and says 3 ocean 55 we have 3 armored cars there it that arete Russell and Las Vegas Boulevard they are not affiliated with the law enforcement but the sergeant called them from what are battlefield Las Vegas and they're waiting for orders here it is we have 3 armored cars better at ... Vosburgh all of our they're not affiliate of law enforcement but they're starting call them from Fallowfield love Vegas and are waiting to board for their order they're gonna be going to now Java so my question again is this what is the nature of this bizarre relationship between the police department and a private company like battlefield Vegas why are orders being placed to utilize military vehicles from a private company they company itself has declined to explain this story to the public they're not gonna say anything in fact all we've gotten so far is a statement from an employee named Trevor who told journalists dog Papa that the armored vehicles used in the operation can be seen publicly on their property if anyone cares to look around now I'm not out to get battlefield Vegas I'm not up to suggest that they are doing anything illegal I'm a very strong supporter of the second amendment and I'm a close friend of many who were in the militia community but it is very concerning to me that in that time of crisis such as the events of October 1 when a defective state of martial law was declared by you authorities locking down everyone in hotels preventing them from leaving that outside of local law enforcement they were collaborating and coordinating some kind of tactical response using a private company that borders on 8 many paramilitary force there are lines of division between our public servants and private companies when it comes to such tactical operations on American streets this secret what relationship between the biggest PD and private para military industry this should send chills down your spine this should be very concerning so if any of you can shed light on any of this please leave me a comment I would love for a battlefield Vegas employee to reach out to me off the record and set things straight I know you guys are allowed to give any public comments you've been told not to but you know talk to me I'll keep your identity quiet my only goal here is to get to the truth our people deserve to know what our government is doing we deserve to know how we did is that B. Las Vegas metro PD came to have this off the books relationship with battlefield Vegas anyone can reach me on Facebook just go to slash end times news report to send me a message as always your financial support for my investigative work is much appreciated for the end times news report I'm Jake more foliose //
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Las Vegas Shooting - Detailed Analysis of Helicopter Flights - Vegas Investigation Part 20
\\I've done some more investigative work on the helicopters flying over the Las Vegas Strip during the time surrounding the shooting on October 1 so minute walk you through this step by step and show you each helicopter that was in the air during that time just like plane flights helicopter activities tracks by the FAA and with the McCarran airport right next to the strip the FAA closely monitors any aviation activity to ensure that there are no midair collisions transponder signal sent out squawk codes that identify the vehicle ... and its flight plan helicopters used and numbers to identify themselves these M. numbers are kinda like car license plates you can look up the information on the end numbers on the FAA's website the website ... that I'm using for this video was flight radar 20 it's an excellent source I have information for life air traffic I use this when I'm doing my geo political reporting of femme activity around around the world this site provides some free tools but because I have a flight radar membership I have access to archived data so what I've done is I have pulled the recording from the night of the shooting to show you everything that was in the air over the strip first let's establish our time frame flight radar uses universal time coordinated ... time or UTC so we have to convert Las Vegas time which is Pacific standard time into UTC we know that the claims from the FBI out of when the shooting started has varied but the earliest time given is that the initial gunfire started inside the Mandalay bay hotel around 9:59 PM and the shooting on the concert at the concert venue that started around 10 OO 5:00 PM so I'm going to start the flight radar recording at that earlier time of 959 if we convert the time online will use 955 9:55 PM in Las Vegas on October 1 would turn out to be for 55 A. M. or 455 on October 2 in UTC so in just a moment we're gonna be watching flight radar starting at 459 UTC but first let me introduce you to the geography that we're gonna be looking at we've got the Mandalay bay hotel here in the Luxor just past the McCarran International Airport and this long road here is the strip this is Las Vegas Boulevard and the intersection going cross is Mandalay bay road wrapping around the concert venue is a little road called Giles Giles St we come up just a little bit and we've got Reno Avenue and just past Reno we are going to be the buildings ... as part of the Tropicana complex that's where all the ambulances were in this most recent video that came out there's Hooters over here is Excalibur now across Tropicana Avenue which is this road right here you see the MGM grand the MGM grand is where the guy was that was filming the are all of the ambulance pulling up to the Tropicana right across the street we've got the New York New York a little bit further down the road we have got ... the money Carlo there the aria is over here on the left crossover Harmon and then you've got the cosmopolitan on the left planet Hollywood on the right a little further the Paris hotel and casino and over on the left we have the ball Lazio been around here a little bit alright belongs you know planet Hollywood over there and we'll go back see the MGM grand from this angle the New York New York caliber Tropicana that we've got the Luxor concert venue and back to the Mandalay bay and there's the Delano back there we rotated around and go little further south down here is where maverick helicopter is down at the bottom of the airport strip this is where I took the recording of some of the helicopters taking off few of the choppers there along here and there and I was in this building here recording these helicopters here taking off and I'll show you that footage in a moment I saw was standing right there alright that's your geography now we will compare that to the flight radar map first you'll see 1 helicopter at exactly 459 UTC or 9:59 Pacific time it passes by north of the venue you'll see that appears to have no call sign this happens all the time on flight radar you just have to click on the icon and it brings up the ... the details the registration of this helicopter is an 208 S. H. and according to the FAA it's owned by Sundance helicopters which is 1 of the tourist companies operating flights around the strip this is verified by a quick visit to the FAA web site November 208 Sierra hotel it's owned by Sundance helicopters on 5596 haven street the next helicopter passed near the concert venue goes by at 10 to 1:00 PM this is when the massive volley of gunfire begins this helicopter is also a tourist chopper its and number is November 213 Sierra hotel also owned by Sundance helicopters no nothing happens for the next 3 minutes will speed this up at 10:05 PM Sundance and to await S. H. is returning to base followed a few minutes a few moments later by Sundance and 213 SSH as the Sundance choppers complete their tourist circuit and nothing else happens or passes by the concert venue until 2 at 10:14 PM when a series of 4 helicopters from maverick helicopter fly by on there tourist circuit their tail numbers are 853 869670 all ending with the letters am H. or my hotel again the FAA confirms that each one of these choppers is owned by maverick helicopter least under Mustang leasing LLC located at 1620 jet stream Dr the Mandalay bay is right there now addition to the section right next to the McCarran airport we go further south I find that maverick helicopter keep some of it's about its helicopters down here at 1620 Jetstream Dr this's maverick helicopters ... vehicles right here if the pattern in which he's for maverick helicopters were traveling is familiar to you you may be remembering the video footage that I posted after Jason Goodman and I visited maverick in person to interview someone there at the company these helicopters take off in groups I've spoken with both maverick and Sundance and neither helicopter company saw any other choppers near the strip in this time period while showing you the detail down near the concert venue I can tell you I also observed activity further north of the strip I and I can tell you that no other helicopters were showing any activity up there during this time either here's a wider view of the maverick choppers coming into frame at 10:17 PM nothing else happens until southwest airline flight 4119 passes over the Mandalay bay but now we get to the mysterious helicopter that was seen by many different people flying around Tropicana New York New York down to the Luxor in Mandalay bay even hovering above the Mandalay bay for quite some time it enters the frame at 10:26 PM coming down from the north it spends a lot of time around the Mandalay bay from this point on for about the next hour know whether helicopters come near the Las Vegas Strip this Tropper is the only one that shows up on the FAA radar this helicopter is registration number N. 11 W. why November 911 whiskey Yankee it is registered by the government it's used by the Las Vegas metro P. D. serial number 0144 foxtrot foxtrot this is an Allison to 50 C. 30 ... SCR turboshaft it searches around the Mandalay bay from 10:26 PM to 11:13 PM at which time it moves up the strip past the Luxor following lost big ... Las Vegas Boulevard all the way up to dunes road just above Caesars palace where then turns around and head south again between 1117 and 11:18 PM it's traveling over the blocks you know pass the aria down past the New York New York Excalibur and back down toward the Mandalay bay now those of you who have been examining the various cellphone footage of the mysterious helicopter the mystery chopper the same one that my guest ... mark describes seeing as well or that's the timeframe in location he talks about you'll find that the cellphone footage timestamps matches up with the time and the route of this helicopter at no point did any of the tourist gunship choppers flying into the area this is confirmed not only by transponder signals but also ... I've Jason Goodman went and spoke with one of the ... the managers of the gun ship company that does that the gunship tourism how we go out into the desert fire guns from the the chopper cake they they confirmed to him that they only operate during the daytime so what 11:47 PM the police helicopter returns to its base address ... which Islam Thunderbird field road that's given by the FAA so will show this to you so if we go out from the Mandalay bay go north a few miles this is where the Las Vegas helicopter was coming from appear on thunder Thunderbird field wrote this is the the air strip okay that's where the mysterious helicopter was coming from now does this put a final nail in the coffin in the theory that helicopters were firing on the crowd well there are always going to be those who argue that up high tech black helicopter owned by the government could coming in and carry out a gun attack without any of the other chopper's noticing and that the secret helicopters wouldn't be using out transponder signal that would show up on the FAA's radar so I ate knowledge at but still the odds that none of these other experience helicopter pilots would notice an unusual attack helicopter carrying out these crazy attack that seems very unlikely to me what I have presented in this video accounts for every helicopter that I've heard other YouTubers talking about in their videos I don't pretend to be perfect so if you think that you have footage of another helicopter other than one of those ones that I have shown in this video and you have some way of showing it or a time stamp or something that conflicts with the flight platter flight patterns of action in this video please share your material with me I've got an open mind and I'm willing to take a look at conflicting evidence if any is put forward so I'm not trying to present this information as the whole truth and the only truth but this is far more complete than anything that I've seen offered anywhere else at least for the time being so unless I see better evidence than what has been put out so far I am of the opinion that no gunfire came from helicopters on the night of the October for shooting folks if you found this information interesting if you like my coverage of the Las Vegas shooting please leave me a small tip for my efforts at slash and times news report slash and times you report or you'll find my PO box and pick one wallet in the description below thank you all so much for watching please share this video for the end times news report I'm Jake portfolios mmhm //
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Witness to Shooting at Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas Investigation Part 19
\\there's an article from the Las Vegas sun Lombardo one terrorism my biggest concern is the lone wolf this article was written by Anna lay back on March 27 of 2015 let me read to you just up a little bit from this and make make a few comments domestic terrorism amid the morphing threat of the Islamic state in America stepped up military strikes on the Middle East the public's interest in counterterrorism efforts has been renewed in recent months but officials in Las Vegas are less concerned with the possibility of an attack from overseas terrorist groups then the potential up rise of so called domestic terrorists quote my bigger concern is the lone wolf the person here locally that is disgruntled with government separatist anarchist those type of individuals Lombardo said they act on their own verses international terrorists Lombardo isn't alone in this concern as suggested in an October report from the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism quote first law enforcement perceptions about what is a serious threat in their community has changed significantly over time the report said law enforcement is much more concerned about sovereign citizens Islamic extremists and militia patriot group members compared to the fringe groups on the far right including Christian identity believers we construct a traditionalist idiosyncratic sectarians or a survivalist preppers and members of doomsday cults in fact sovereign citizens were the top concern of law enforcement while Joe Hodes group ISIS is a powerful organization that now controls key territory overseas the United States is not under significantly higher threat said Victor a soul up political science professor specializes on international relations ISIS has its hands full at the moment nasal said like several other organizations it clearly presents a threat but I don't think that threat to the American homeland is significantly higher today compared with 3 months ago still the Las Vegas Strip is an American landmark remember this is written in 2015 Las Vegas Strip is an American landmark and local officials are wary of potential attacks from international terrorism groups Las Vegas had been talked about as a potential terrorist target since law enforcement leaders reported the 911 hijackers I have visited the city several times before attacking the World Trade Center and Pentagon and officials play a delicate balancing act when they handle the threat too vague references to Las Vegas from those groups late last year showed how police work to share information with the public without needlessly rousing fear last September of metro P. D. issued a statement responding to an online posed by ISIS sympathizers that listed the strip as a potential target the department said it had not spotted any specific plans to carry out an attack on the strip but metric doesn't publicly address every threat for example didn't respond when a new English language al Qaeda magazine featured a guide for making car bombs and suggested Las Vegas casinos as targets ... and then they talk about how police don't want to desensitize the public you can only cry wolf so many times now here's the key let me read this last part federal funding Lombardo says metro is getting a boost in funding this year to fight terrorism threats for the first time last year Las Vegas failed to get homeland security funding as one of the 25 metro areas most at risk of terrorism activity now it's being added back to the list last fiscal year metro received just over 1000000 in funding from the feds down by nearly half compared with the year before the sheriff said his agency should get more money this year though it's not yet clear how much now I don't wanna read too much into this but I do want to point this out I I want to make this this clear what happens with federal agencies ... is they they collect the federal government collects tax dollars from the American people and then the dole that money out to the states based on need based on compliance with certain ... regulations so here we have Los Vegas where there's been talk of terrorism there for awhile and yet the feds have been cutting funding and Lombardo expressed concern about this and he said my concern is not international terrorism my concern are American citizens my concern are people like Ammon Bundy Cliven Bundy people who associate with the the malicious people who say you know what I am a citizen of my state there are states rights and we are not to let the federal government come in and just completely usurp authority that is rightly belonging to the states or to the people under the ninth and tenth amendments to the constitution so he's saying those people are a threat you may remember Lombardo was was not supportive at all of the up bunker vote incident he sided with the FBI and with the feds up over the the local citizens and those that poured in from around the country to support the the Bundy family so Lombardo signalled as far back as 2000 feet 15 concern over lone wolf gunman in fact all in the night of the shooting before they even knew if the event was over yet Lombardo was out there giving a press conference talking about how this was the work of a lone wolf gunman no one else that is so absolutely outrageous when reports were pouring in pouring it that there were more than one shooter ... up firing off rounds around the strip so their concern that I have here with this is it it seems very apparent that your home Bardo for whatever reason while explaining their flanked by ... were backed up BYOD the the FBI chief who's handling him he's out there saying before the evidence could support this conclusion that there was only one shooter and despite all of the evidence that has come out since then over the last 2 to 3 weeks video after video after video claim after claim dozens of people talking about what they saw and heard yet still here we are with the police force holding on to this one narrative and this is a top down the eartips as I've said in previous videos I have spoken with a number of police since then they have ... apparently ... Spokane even more firmly with the people that with the officers telling them do not speak to media anymore don't talk about this stuff they've been ordered not to talk and I can understand that to some degree but I can tell you but before they zip their lips and some of them were still talking I spoke with no less than 6 officers individually well 2 of them were together at the same time but 6 officers who all said the same thing and that is the general sentiment among the the police the people at the bottom on the bottom rung of the ladder is that this was there were multiple government multiple people carrying out simultaneous attacks or attacks within an hour of the the primary assault on the concert venue that's their belief but the investigation it has been turned been determined by law enforcement bureaucrats at the top this is a top down homeland security FBI controlling the narrative telling the Las Vegas PD this is gonna be lone gunmen ... is is the way we're going with this and that's what they have done they're not even looking or if they are looking they're lying about it because they've been asked multiple times are you looking for other shooters are you looking at the possibility that there were more than one gunman and the answer is always the same no we feel confident there was only one shooter now I'm gonna introduce to you some footage here a lot of you have asked that I comment on this I haven't done so previously because so many of you have already seen this footage a VOB Aurora Monroe is that is an African American lady who was visiting Vegas ... she was there at planet Hollywood inside a casino at the time that there was gunfire right outside of planet Hollywood and she speaks for an hour in a video what I have done to kind of maybe make this a little bit different for those who have already seen it is rather than show you just the raw footage the raw video I M. ... isolating the audio I've truncated a little bit just kept Saddam some of the key parts in it and remove some some of the rest because and ours too long for most people to sit through and the but I've kept in order I've not edited what she's she has said to change anything which just truncated it into about 15 minutes I'm gonna play the audio of her talking and I'm gonna show you some visuals to go around a to go along with it and once again the the what we're trying to establish here in the minds of the public is that there were multiple government that is something that yeah at this point if you don't believe there were multiple gunmen then either you haven't heard all of these other reports or your chest you've got your own theory you you want to go along for whatever reason good or bad I'm not ascribing blame were saying that you're wrong to believe the way you deal but for whatever reason you're blocking out all of the rest of the evidence that's there kinda like those who continue at this point to still say that the the as September 11 attacks were the work of just about 15 to 19 hijackers organized completely without anyone else's help in some caves in Afghanistan if you still believe that government official story at this point knowing what we know now you know it's the same thing those folks who believe that 911 was the was the if they believe the official story then those are the same kind of people that are gonna believe the official story about the Las Vegas shooting but if you got an open mind you have to at the very least even if you may not trust the same conclusions as other people because there's a lot of different theories out there but at the very least you must if you're intellectually are honest acknowledge there is far more to this story then what we're being told or that is being acknowledged by sheriff Lombardo the FBI homeland security and the of those who are caring for this official ... narrative so we play this for you it's very interesting I I find this lady's ... information to be credible I've reached out to were ... I don't think she's interested in doing interviews in the same way that others have ... but I want you to listen what she has to say you even if you've you've watched her video in the past listen and I'll show you visuals to go along with this and hopefully out what what what I'd like you to do is this at the end of this video based on what you hear from her testimony I would like for you to comment down in the comments section indicate where you stand at this point what is your primary theory because we at this point we're still working with theories no one has the full picture yet what do you think do you believe there were more than one shooter and if you believe that there was only a single shooter then how do you explain the testimony of Aurora Renee downs rocky Palermo and the dozens of other people who have since come out saying that they know there's there was more than once you what is your explanation for that share your ideas down below and now let me go ahead and play this video for you everybody at Sam aroma Rome and after much debate I've decided to make this video arm the reason why I'm making video is to ... give everyone my I wouldn't of what happened down at planet Hollywood on October 1 going into October 2 I don't see anyone except for 2 other people on you too that testified to anything else happening that evening but there was a lot going on that evening dress arm and that the thing that's really shocking to me is that there are hundreds if not thousands of us who know it so I'm sitting there I'm just pushing a button you know ... on on the slot machine whatever and then I hear gunfire now I hear gunfire over the sound of the casino which is you know a lot of bells and whistles because machines going off or whatever ... there was music playing and people talking so it was you know and elevate it amount of noise in the casino and yet I still heard these gun shots and I mean automatic weapons now let me stop here and say that I'm from Detroit I know go fly unfortunately I'm too familiar with it ... for that reason and also because my ex husband ... it was a marine camp Pendleton and first made his battalion during operation desert storm and I live with him on cabinets and at that time I'm very familiar with gunshots go fire ricochets act goes all of that also my father ... was a police officer on all of my life until he retired and I know gun safety and not a clean them I know I'm no weapons okay ... don't like them too much but I know so I hear gunshots and in that split second when I hear it are automatically stop like what what what was going on but then my mind was telling me no you don't hear I shots you know United betray your trip and maybe something else and then my mind is arguing back like no you know what that is so I was very uncomfortable and I say this is taking place artist processing like within a second in my head and I get up I'm bout to leave or move out of the area and then much closer to the proximity and where my body was more gunfire much closer I would estimate it had to be within a half block of where I was so inept this section I was already in the motion of getting up out of my chair I heard those close to one and I turned around and I just started running now as I was turning around I saw people start to come around this corner so people are are starting to pour in okay now chaos erupted immediately are right on the second round of fire everybody sort of stop started in pause the first round of fire at the you are processing it just like I was but the second round unmistakable everybody it's too late like all different directions right and I mean leaping over tables leaping over just just everything it was chaos okay so I'm running running running running running running and running some more I'm trying to get to the right hand side of the wall I ran past the cashier's cage and then I see a set of doors to say exit so I've I've Bustillos doors and then there's like some stairs and I'm running down the stairs ... more stairs running down the stairs that there's there's a pile of people behind it sounded like it sounded like a herd of elephants the herd of buffaloes bit with a herd of people ... everybody just move one of underground set it things started to calm down and start a process stuff I'm like omigod summations of my brother ... he was looking on on Twitter and everything he said arm is coming up that there's some active shooter in on the strip and I see where where is all he was scrolling and looked in and he was like well it says here is one of New York New York and there's also one at the aria and I was like let use more than one album and he was like that's what they say and I was like oh my guide so we get back up to the casino floor and is just eerie totally silent nobody no body on the casino floor except for our planet Hollywood security guards and their their post it every so often and the way that they were looking was if somebody tries to come in here that they're gonna have a war on our hands they they were ready for something we you know what but they were ready for something so they put us on the escalator and they'd take us up to 4 floor conference center where they gave us a formal announcement they said some security people said ... attention you know there there is an active shooter on the strip ... we don't know where your ... staying up officially but you are now guess of planet Hollywood into further noted ... that entire Las Vegas Strip is now shut down and we cannot allow you to leave so I'm sitting there and I'm listening to the chatter on those security guards ... 2 way radios okay and I'm listening to the police ... string that I also downloaded up you too so it was the very same one so I'm the hearing shots fired here shot by the year I'm hearing the chatter is going on between the security guards now at this very same time everybody does upstairs in this conference center area with me is doing the same thing they're calling love ones ... some of which were also reporting shouts fire to their loved ones standing next to me ... in real time so when people are saying that there is no proof that these other shots fired happen I say big yes ... here here's another question that kept coming up how come there's no other video how come there's no other pictures from other people I will tell you why because they told us not to twee or lie strain because it would be giving away the tactical positions of the police are I have the tweet arm for verification of that back I think that was it to somethin and what it was I can't remember a time but it is still on the el a LBP dis Twitter site go scroll down to October 2 and it's still should be there they told us not to live stream they told us not to eat okay here's something that came through in the in the text messages from my brother there there was ... bomb threat at the Luxor hotel and when that occurred homeland security Shota now here's what I find very very funny about all this media coverage okay everybody's talking about the L. BPD in everybody's time at the FBI but I know for a fact homeland security was there and they were running shit they were they were running everything okay FBI 1 area they were not there homeland security was there and they are the ones who vetted the bomb threat out now everything that I know to be true or everything that I'm hearing that evening all chaos aside when I wake up the next day they they let they kept this in there for I would say 3.5 to 4:00 hours after we were escorted out okay I go to bed till 5:00 AM and I know I left my hotel room at 945 issue pia so all that time I'm involved in it okay all that time from from running into the basement to up in the conference I heard things I saw things and when I wake up the next day none of that is the fact anymore okay and not only that people are acting like none of that ever happen I'm like wait a minute what it what do you mean it didn't happen we're all here we we all know that it happened alright why is the police saying that the one that got killed last night committed suicide this morning why is it that we as shots fired everywhere legitimately because I I mean I heard shots myself those them I told me some money shot down in New York New York I will believe that because nobody show shot at me or near me at planet Hollywood I'm not discounting what what people are saying is everybody else who was in there armchair guessing what's going on because it's obvious that there be a lie too but they don't even know to the extent to which they are being why I'm here to tell you the extent to which you are being lied to everything that we know it and I didn't exist the next day I I understand chaos in the moment I understand confusion but I heard radio chatter saying that they got a man down I heard radio chatter this said that where they said paramedics were being shot at at the Tropicana that's what I her will not all ears owned a radio okay that's not something that I read on on on a website or look that Aussie India I heard that come into the radio so you can't tell me what did happen now let's clear up this stuff about crisis actors and all that crazies ... I'd know that crisis actors heavy use in other situations in the past and obviously what we were locked up for 4:00 hours I don't know what they need so if they had a crisis actors over here being interviewed during that 4 hour time I can't tell you anything about that but is it could be plausible but I didn't see one okay and I knew that everybody that was around with me over 100 to 300 people what no damn crisis actor if if they why are they deserve Academy Awards in upgrading their pay for whatever they were acting because these people were genuinely as messed up in the air as I was period and I'm still messed up I still don't want to you know loud noises and still jumpy I did not feel safe in teal I got on the ground back in Michigan why because it's far was I was concerned there was still shooters out there they never caught okay and when we were talking the other amongst each other the next day although the locals and and people who are around I will go out on the cigarette blatant just talk to people ... in general and everybody knows that they're lying everybody the general public is just catching up but we knew then less than 3:00 hours after all this happened that they were lying okay so I tend to become the YouTube in order to see other people who were there like I was say what happened in them and I don't see anything all I see is one video the buys you go from that lady who live streamed it and I see another video from a gentleman who said him his family got caught up in some gunfire down at New York New York I'll try to find a video post the link ... for you guys to watches as well alright he he was hiding in the Hershey's store Hershey the coca Cola something like that he's want one of those now looks like he got separated from his family he was hide in a bathroom okay hiding in the bathroom he got separated from his family any was hiding in a bathroom who in a halo is gonna fake that nobody not one person alright so I just wanted to let everyone know that a whole lot of stuff went dead our whole artist and almost none of it is being reported on a string //
"2017-10-21 01:47:54"
Local Reveals Details About Las Vegas Shooting and Gambling Scene - Part 18
\\welcome to the end times news report I'm your host Jay Mohr ponytails today is 10/19/2017 nearly 3 weeks surpasses the tragic events in Las Vegas on October 1 it seems like there are more questions today than answers floating in the wake of that fateful night are broken lives room drains perhaps above all broken trust trust between the American people the government the media as various conflicting narratives have emerged one that the Las Vegas shooting was work of a single lone gunman a 64 year old high stakes gambler named Steven paddock rented a suite on the 30 second floor of the Mandalay bay hotel in support of this theory is not only county state and federal law enforcement officials but also many civilians who live and work in Las Vegas one proponent of the single shooter story is a good friend of mine someone I've known since 19 eighties she works in one of the hotel box offices on the Las Vegas Strip she detailed to me the reasons that she believes that the shooting was the work of a single person she's not alone in her belief but we also have a competing theory and that is that there were multiple gunmen on the night of the Las Vegas shooting some of the most prominent advocates of this theory include actual eyewitnesses including some of the shooting victims such as rocky Palermo who says that he saw multiple comment on the ground but also reports of multiple gunmen at other hotels beyond the Mandalay bay in court including reports of shooters nonverbal Lazio hotel well tonight we're going to be talking with our man from Las Vegas his name is mark he's inactive uber driver who has got boots on the ground he's been talking with numerous people who are coming in and out of Las Vegas Strip as well as locals he's going to share a little bit of what he has learned about the Las Vegas shooting what more could mark is also however work as more in the business stuff gambling as a semi professional he has got very unique insights into the lifestyle of gamblers there in Las Vegas very interesting material and he may have some insights to share with us about the lifestyle of the alleged gunman Steven Patrick how he may have been functioning living what may have got him involved in the criminal world underworld will mark thank you so much for taking the time to join us welcome to the program I Jake thanks for inviting me absolutely boomer click start with just a little bit about yourself while where you from where you end Las Vegas I'll tell us a little bit about yourself sure arm I moved to Las Vegas about a year ago from Portland Oregon I mostly just looking for a change in my life I was up in Portland doing software engineering and that pretty much ran into a dead end for me up there so I decided to make a change in my life when they came down to Las Vegas to pursue some other opportunities and I ended up ... driving ... uber as a means to sort of fill in the gap what while I was looking for a job I saw I was bedded putting you know I've heard him 11:12 hours a day down there on the strip picking up locals picking up ... visitors and you know I'll be picking up a lot of locals who ... little brown area but they gamble on the strip their professional poker players the professional casino players lot of them are bartenders well workers ... within the casinos and we talk so I I really here and get to know bomb what's going on on the strip in the casinos and the kind of people that come to Las Vegas and the people who think that high rollers right around the limousines and I can tell you right now they don't they like uber because they don't want the casinos knowing where they're going and when they gonna be there so liver became the choice of the high rollers as to how to get around in the course we talk and I regret that I was gonna say you you ... you actually have done some talking with a number of people around there and I I found very interesting a story that you told up now ... meeting someone at the DMV yeah who talked about multiple shooters tell us about that well leveled at the DMV ... standing in line and this course is you know the lines it DMV can be impossibly long and so still standing there you kind of make friends and I got into this conversation with a loud rather large burly man ... anise star was are talking about the Los Vegas shooting on how that sort of messed up everything here in Las Vegas and there was this young man probably ... and late twenties spawned here ... young man with a scruffy beard and he was looking even starting here is our driver's manual and he looked up and he said well I was there I know I was there I saw everything and I said well what did you see and then he actually brought up his phone and showed me video of him standing in front of the stage recording ... the singer right at the time the gunshots went off and he said I was there I was right in front of the stage and arm and you know I heard the gunshots go on and he said to me in that arm you know did suitors the gunshots were all theaters but he and his friends started to get out of there but there's falling everybody else but what he will mostly picked up on was the fact that I brought out the fact that some people were saying there were multiple shooters and he was absolutely telling me there was multiple shooters because he said to me in this exact words you said when I got out to our home right in front of New York New York and the Excalibur there were bodies laying in front of the street right there on south Las Vegas Boulevard and he said those bodies didn't get shot in the concert they get up and walk over there lay down is that somebody shot of their and so he eat it hits the what he's saying is that there was a people that were shot in the venue wounded walked over and collapsed it was people were shot outside of the concert integration to what was happening there right he said that people were shot outside of the concert on self well Los Vegas Boulevard in front of Excalibur and the manual and Excalibur and New York New York and he said that these were not people that dragged himself there they were shot there and I said okay and then I said well our yes are you sure about the multiple shooter you sure was not an echo any got very defensive about that he said dad he S. fired the A. R. Christine's many times with his friends and family ambushes not I'm calling with a lot of ... the young man here in Las Vegas that's kind of a thing that now very knowledge comment and he said that he can recognize the difference between an alco and 2 guns going off at the same time and ... even you gave me the way that he said that was very convincing to me that he was telling the truth and that he had a credible knowledge and experience to know the difference between an alco of one gun and 2 guns going off at the same time any told me the guns were not in sync other bills that you will get the better the firing of the gun from Mandalay bay was not in the same firing powder that he was hearing on top of that so the city could not be an echo so I asked him where he thought the other gun what the other shooter was that he said the Tropicana yeah they're gonna number people to talk about shooting they'll around the Tropicana no there were I of course we have heard reports that there was gunfire it and other places other hotels have you heard from being there in Las Vegas anyone talking about gun shots taking place at any of our other hotels under the Tropicana ... there was some talk about some gunfire at the blogs you and an attempted gunfire at Caesars and that's what I heard of from many locals and other ... people that live here that there was some sort of an attempt at Caesars and that security shut that down and there was actual gunfire at the Lazio and I actually tomorrow I'm going to be speaking again with Renee downs who I spoke with her for an hour today in a phone call and she is adamant certain that there was gunfire at the ballachey also will be talking about that more tomorrow now you were outside of the Gold Coast I'll when you saw police and ambulances and fire trucks headed to the strip what you saw something else that I'd like you to touch on you saw a helicopter with searchlights tell us about that yes yeah I'm I was on the top of the east garage which is beyond the parking garage at the Gold Coast and I had just come out and I was about to go home and I noticed that there was a helicopter are kind of certain doing very tight circles right over I've seen and this is a little bit unusual because like I usually tell the difference between the tourist helicopters and a helicopter that's looking for somebody or trying to I usually as police helicopters and are trying to find and some future give or somebody that's fled from a car are from my 15 how good that's not uncommon now but this this helicopter was hovering and it appeared to have a search light up pointed down as if they were looking for something behind a luck Sir and as I watched that because I could hear the the helicopter in the stationery I could hear the outlook the thump thump thump thump thump sound of the helicopter and I watched sent her a few minutes are just sort of wondering what they were up to and it was ... city didn't look like a police helicopter but that's also not uncommon as the police can ... right helicopter contract helicopters and then I thought mail maybe was a news helicopter because sometimes you have the out the local channels but then generally they don't stay in one spot the kind of fly big circles as they try to do a big pan around la so we're told me that they were looking for somebody and this was probably just her arm right after the shooting because I started Denton notice a lot of police and fire trucks coming down flamingo headed to the strip and I had no idea what's going on I I've got auto somebody had a big accident or something you know or maybe somebody collided with a a big rig tanker in the minutes that you observe the helicopter is it correct that you did not see or hear anything that would indicate gunfire from the helicopter itself that is correct I did not see anything that would indicate a gunfire ... over a gun slash years or are nor did I hear anything other than just the the third the consistent clump of a helicopter and I know the difference between the helicopter and gunshots mark dean Las Vegas of course is a tourist town they'd the whole economy were really revolves around tourism coming in and actually something like this is spokespeople what is the sentiment among the people who live and work around Las Vegas is there concern about gambling being down attendance being god talk about them well I could tell you already right now the ... the local arm reviewjournal has already ... noted that gambling is down quite a bit all in that there are there's been a decline in the U. visitors that come here ... I did have a talk with a one of those that I've got a club promoters out on the Las Vegas Strip and he said that it was already down this summer he promotes for the hawks and clubs and he was telling me that since the shooting that he has been struggling to even get anybody to go so that tells me right there they are the attendance is down revenue is down on and just the overall inability units is way down Barnes in Las Vegas you can even walk in the casinos any distilled feel Viagra's once felt it's very muted very subdued and armed energy just don't feel about excitement there so the locals really want the whole thing to go away in because they see it as is bad for business and the casinos themselves are panicking at this point they are scared that people will come back now you've got some experience there in in Las Vegas with gambling yourself tell us how how did that get started well I was but I've been interested in gambling for awhile as can one actually make a living on gambling can one actually gamble of to make money to thrive on you know can one actually supplement their income as a gambler or in the case of what we've been hearing about Steven parent can one be a professional gambler and I've been getting a lot of mixed answers as I've been talking to a local gambling prose as to how this can be done and if it can be done so we should probably first talk about the kinds of gamblers and the most common ... gambler are the poker players which it really is not casino gambling it's just everybody knows poker goodbye poker in their in their of living rooms so that's kind of calm and be arm ... the poker the poker room talker the next level of gambling is that ... ... sports and race book and the casinos are simply taken the track betting in the sports betting that used to be done with bookies and on the track and just moved into the casinos and the casinos don't make a whole lot of money on that just like they don't make a lot of money from poker they just get you into the casinos so they get them in there and hopefully those were the casinos once you wish S. casino gambling and casino gambling is very different than the first 2 kinds of gambling because casino gambling always has fixed odds you you have a very fixed mathematical our equation as into your odds of winning and the what the payouts are going to be so the casino can mathematically calculate what's called the house edge now that's bad casino game with video poker which happens to be this same game that Stephen paddock was claiming to be a professional with there's no way you can change your playstyle to gain the advantage but where you gain the advantage of video poker is choosing particular machines they give you that where the house has the least amount of house edge in generally you could find a machine where the house only has only 5 percent that 0.5 percent house edge are and will be that slimmer house edge and written for every dollar that you put into the machine and make a wager on the casino will give me was called points and these points can be a crude to buy things you can get sweets you can get villas you can get our club passes and free dinners and all kinda stuff or you just catch them out for cash and if you're a really good video poker player are a lot of times you can really get close to breaking even where I you could maybe put in $10000 cycle that drew so you're basically running through are on a weekend $2250000 are any you don't really lose that you kind of break even but the points that you have acquired for that can be used to offset anything that you would have had to pay for so you're getting free rooms free meals in the casino might even be so gracious as he read to give you free airline tickets ordering a brochure airline tickets ... Freeland lows ... just really encouraging you to keep playing in their casino because they know eventually that house edge is going to kick in and start bringing that money to them and that appears to be what ... Mister how dark ... was into was that kind of play and I would say that he would be a mid range player playing $5 a hand so that would be a I told of a $25 bet of making that that about every 30 seconds so you do the math on that are you can print you know it's basically a 2500 you know you can pretty much looking at several thousands of dollars per hour that he is cycling through the machines in the kind of point said that's good a crew and what that's going to allow him to get I see now 0 so I CD side to all of this as well as I understand it ... talk to us for a moment up now how some of these people gambling at this level can actually end up in the the darker side of all this are getting involved in things like trafficking of humans or drugs or cars or things like that yeah sure Jake knits this is Las Vegas and arm it attracts a lot of gamblers and gamblers are are not I mean did did they commit the recreational gambling can be anybody you mean that's that's not the kind of person we're talking about we're talking about people dead into that really try to make gambling their livelihood and especially those that engaging casino gambling there there is always the biggest focus of a casino gamblers is the bank or probable that is everything to them and that bankroll has to be protected as to be nurtured because that's that's how they pay their bills that's everything that gets them but they they get some all of our perks all the cops and if we lose that bank were all over that bankroll start sugar rush there in serious trouble and when the app gambler sees that bankroll starting to get into trouble arm they start to open themselves up to other means she replenished at bankrolled such remember not wanting and here in Vegas it is tough to win so it's possible glad a high roller like Stephen paradox could could have or maybe it did happen to him run across a patch of bad luck in that may be and bad luck by design where you started losing and typically when a gambler starts losing like I said they look for other means to to show up that bank roll and sometimes they can be approached by other people in the casino who move might offer them to ... for example one would be to do a little bit I think for them find other gamblers at their level who are looking for company arm sometimes it's introducing high rollers to the drug dealer sometimes in its selling are saying Hey we have well exotic vehicles were all stolen cars arm and a lot of times people who are criminals are they are lurking in the casinos looking for somebody that's down on their luck has had a string of ... losses and who would be interested to shore up their bank roll or to recover their losses through any means and a professional gambler sometimes to fall into the trap of getting involved with these people and sort of do some some rather illegal in key things and so that some of these credible I criminal enterprises do do they actually have people in the casinos kind of spotting watching for poor thanks how would they spot someone that they think might be troubles well generally somebody who is looking to use somebody 2 because all times criminals can't do things kernels can't buy guns ... they can't buy cars there are certain things they need that they can't do because are they going to get a background check or though some is gonna pull a credit report or they're just being watched or the location where they want something body that is being watched so Dawson somebody else in no longer times go to school find somebody that they made that bed there COS money so don't watch somebody like you're playing $2 video poker a $5 video poker often that's in the height limits room which in my opinion a sort of a bad idea from the casinos even do that because you're just sort of you just said you know you're you're you're saying here's all of our high rollers in a room and you're kind of given the it the criminals easy access to your high rollers so it's not hard for somebody a criminal to find somebody who's had a bad run you know I was lost a lot of money and basically just making the offer we just sort of like Hey are you interested in aways to recover your losses that would take very little of your time made this date the criminalist as Craig you ride on it until you are actually committing felonies is a lot of is human trafficking much of a problem there Vegas had you ever hear anything about human trafficking going all I think human trafficking in Vegas is the second largest problem were heroin is the largest so arm okay heroin usage and selling is off the chart here just got to say about it's unbelievable and it's not even talked about and it's everywhere so ... do next and then so with heroin always comes human trafficking and a lot of times ladies who are are here in Las Vegas when they go on a string of losses start selling themselves and sometimes they get mixed up with the wrong company and are being forced them to sell themselves armed men sometimes are are preyed upon to go and introduce there're other fellow high rollers to temps or the ladies themselves arm women are abducted all the time from Mexico from smaller communities around Las Vegas or Nevada or all over the United States and smuggled into Las Vegas are there are many times as I as if you were driver I was convinced that one of the ladies in the car was a there against her will mark given what you know of how people do get sucked in to some of this underworld criminal operation going on and when we compare that to what Stephen Pat it might have been doing what we look at the fact that he traveled from Las Vegas to Phoenix Arizona rented a car and then drove back with roughly 4 to 5:00 hours missing it it appears to me that that may suggest that he was doing something untoward what what is your pain well Jake I think the outcome Stephen paddock obviously I have met with somebody down on on in the Phoenix area pick DARPA weapons and he's our as he flew down me pick up weapons from who I don't know if it could be of the Mexican cartels it could be I international gun runners it could be arm L. L. A. could even be a United States based group who knows who was do I think it was the government now I think the government is too incompetent into overly bureaucratic even have diva stage simple like this are we all know that the cartels are far more organized in a far more challenges than Reagan own government does so I think he drove them appear in a rental car and I'll be able to say well if you buy did you just leave them in like why didn't you just leave it all in the car and one thing that our people should understand is that of rental cars are targeted you're in Las Vegas the the carjackers the east they all know that hide their tourist rent the cars of the jurors put cameras and laptops and iPhones and all kinds of goodies in the car so a CI a rental car to go break right into it so then people would say well how did he get all those guns up to his room that's a that's a lot wouldn't if somebody noticed and I'd equinox act that arm again jobs are low paid here in Las Vegas a security guard doesn't make all that much money in mean $1213 an hour at that's good wages here that's that's good pretty and somebody a security guard especially late at night who's needing a few extra dollars yeah I can easily hold open the other door or somebody and it's done all the time security guard sold open doors for the prostitutes and for other criminals go right into the casinos and of bypass all of the our normal security that's how they operate it is simply by offering a weak link of the chain and end in they go so it's quite possible Stephen pallor park had already had a relationship with a security guard or whoever he was working with had already relationship and that person just held open the back door so to speak and allowed every thing to go up to the room that's what I think very good then that does not match with what the the general storyline a lot of people believe course at this point when we get into this we all have our opinions we've all got ideas of what may be happening but what you've shared with us to lie has been ... has been very good we've talked about ... the person you spoke to at the DMV who says that he is certain that there were multiple shooters ... who saw bodies that were shot Appier near the Excalibur hotel that he believes that the shots maybe coming from around the Tropicana that he ... he heard different gunfire different rates of fire happening simultaneously ruling out the ... I let's see you also told us tonight that you have heard some other people talking about how their ... was gunfire and some other hotels possibly ... you also said that you saw of the one of these helicopters that was not a tourist helicopter and probably not a police car or may not have been that had a search light down around ... there but he didn't actually hear any kind of gun fire from a helicopter but what I really enjoyed the most I think was the perspective that you shared with us tonight about gambling and the different tiers of gamblers and how people can get into ... earning the points even if they're not making a lot of money from the from the machines or the gambling that they can still rack up these points become ... maybe even intoxicated by the thrill of getting like Scott then all the other perks that come along with it ... and of course how they can ... fall into ... that straits and need some extra money and you can tell us here that there are people that are waiting to suck those people into the criminal underworld so exactly this is big great information and I know that ... our viewers are really enjoy this mark I'm gonna say thanks again for joining the show sharing your insights with us if anyone would like to learn more about the gambling scene in Las Vegas you're welcome to visit mark's blog you'll find a link to that in the video description well that's all for tonight mark thank you again I appreciate it and thank you all for watching that'll be it for this episode for the end times news report I Jake more volumes what //
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Eye Witness Confirms Multiple Shooters - Rene Downs Interview - Vegas Shooting Investigation Part 17
\\welcome to the end times news report on your host take more phone yes today's 10/20/2017 as we discussed previously there are 2 conflicting narratives that have emerged regarding the Las Vegas shooting one that the loss of the shootings the work of a single lone wolf gunman a man named Stephen paddock 64 years old in support of this theory we've spoken with some people both from county state federal law enforcement but also some civilians who live and work in Las Vegas one proponent of that single shooter theory is a good friend of mine who I told you about previously who works in a hotel box office there on the strip you gave me her reasons that she believes that the shooting was the work of a single comment she's not alone in a belief I certainly respect that however there are others who have a different belief based on first hand witness side testimony and we're gonna talk about them as well listen to their stories some of the prominent advocates of this theory include eye witnesses who were actually injured such as rocky Palermo who was shot in the concert venue and said he personally saw 3 to 5 gunmen there in the crowd other multiple reports of government and other hotels beyond the Mandalay bay and among the many people who have come forward to confirm that there were shots fired at other hotels are people such as Lisa cosic who said this quote there were people telling those of us who were in Las Vegas that night that we were lying about the other hotels being locked down their work shots heard inside New York New York with mass panic we were told to run and hide by security beat because of a shooter then there's coal Wharton who said I was there there was more than one shooter shots got louder as we ran out the Tropicana in the shots came from multiple angles Judy Babbage at the Paris hotel said just around 11:30 PM someone walked into our hotel and started shooting something creating everyone to run in the panic I ended up in a small office near the registration desk now some of the testimony the breeze we have received has come from people staying at the Palacio hotel one person to give testimony was Jeff Richards who wrote this at approximately 11:20 PM we heard gunshots coming from the lobby of the hotel not echoes not pains gun shots shooter there was a shooter someone yell and all hell began to break lose screams erupted from the lobby just a few feet from where we were and hundreds of people began running towards us I grab your Reese's handed we being gathered to move with the crowd panicked and not knowing what was coming toward us I have never felt a moment like that one I thought we were going to die and I had never had a you know I'd never have which again I literally began running through plans of action what would I do how could I say was how can I get us home a part of me was focused on getting us both out another was prepared to do whatever I needed to ensure that the boys got to see their money I've never been more afraid in my life sure terror now tonight we're gonna be talking with someone else who was at the belies you know at the time of the shooting this ... though it was only originally her intent to let her own family friends and family know that she was safe her video went viral and has been seen by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world I've watched her videos and I previously reported on a story one thing is certain on the night of the shooting something happened that the ballachey over that sent people into a frightened frenzy the hotel was put on lockdown some alert lockdown was caught on video by our guest and her name is Renee doubts she has quite a story to tell Renee thank you so much for taking time to join us and tell your story welcome to the end times news report I think you for having me really we talked a few times now let's go through this first of all I you've been to the boss you and number of times correct absolutely it was and when my husband eyes favorite places we use to go almost every couple weeks and we would stay all up and down the strip but we sincerely love the belies geo and because we really like the piano bar right there great great now let's start now up at the time that things started happening I bet you witnessed where were you and we were sitting at the Petrossian lounge ... we were waiting for friends of ours that were at the festival we were trying to meet up with them before they were going downtown because that lining and we die okay well you know what they were from California and that's where my husband and I are from and we thought well while we're here you know we can stop him a quick hug and everything in and at least the them I. we've known them for years so all right we're waiting for them now when you first started seeing and hearing commotion at that point had you heard anything yet about the shooting down the street now we did we had no idea that anything was going on ... that was like I said in my video when we got up to our room which is about 10 minutes to 12 and we turned on the TV fully expecting to see everything that was going on outside the Lazio all us and they were showing Mandalay bay and we're lying what my me it was a complete and utter shock surprise everything to us we knew nothing okay so we've got you there your Muret the ... at the Lowndes your bonus seated across from one another at the at the table and ... for folks to have senior video you can see the the front entrance or now the doors there from where you're sitting on a clear view yeah you're sitting there and what's the first thing that happens and I has been a night and I we know a couple the piano players and in fact another one had just recently passed away so we were talking to the waitress actually my husband was because he knew that the gentleman who passed away and everything in a few years ago and they were kind of talking so we're waiting and I thought well that we ask or think we take up the table even though we're not drinking and she said yeah we're not that busy in here right now and as these people are the other people start to walk in she's like you're fine so they bring you the peanuts and stuff like that and I had been trying to get a hold of my friends that had been down at the festival and I just thought well it loudly and looked at their phone that kind of thing in it this time it's almost OIC around 11:00 mmhm and so then I just kind of figured you know well are able to going to give it some time and maybe they just ended up going downtown so like I said it's around it's right around 11:00 each okay and what happens first do you hear sounds do you see something what what's the first thing that you notice the first thing we noticed on ways it sounded like towards the front of the doors that there was like a fight but you guys are going to get into a fight and got real loud and you know like if a couple people go to get a fight like a crowd kind of goes around on and then starts to move well it's started that way in immediately aesculap escalated to just all the stampede of people and at the same time when that running started we heard that that the pop up up up up up up under which I can only best describe it as like if you take a board and drop it that kind of smacking sound in and we're thinking somewhere 1525 shots so this was very loud you can you won't allow you can you rule al that these were not shot that you heard coming down the street from the concert they shot at the concert we came to find out that that all ended around and 30 this was happening around 1115 yeah it's a difference of about a mile 1.7 almost a mile 0.5 away 40 minutes so I know that most of your viewers I'm sure in their intelligence can figure out that that was deathly not an echo 40 minutes later know right yeah out now have you heard from other people or have you seen testimony of other people on social media or people you have talked to that also Curtis absolutely I have gotten so many messages ... from other people they you know when a we were there there was one couple that had responded to something that was on you too I guess they were the couple that was sitting in front of us and somebody had tried to say they didn't know what they heard that kind of thing and this guy jumped in and said ... we were the couple that was sitting right in front of them I don't know who they are but yes this did happen and it happened in this exact way so at that point I was like okay then there's also enough other people out there I didn't need to start trying to chime in on everything but they're also ... more people at the mall are shown in fact I just got a lady yesterday she her husband were down by the ... video poker earn video craps I'm sorry and ... they ended up going underneath the tables down there scared to death and I see can you please come out and talk about this and she said I can't I have children and I have more stories like that and I said it's not for anything to happen to you it's so that they know so that the investigators know say it to try to help I like because if they don't know and they don't have all the information that can help us let's step back a moment you let let me see if I have this right so you're sitting there and at first what you know is is some kind of commotion that had the sound of perhaps a a flight starting now yes people gathered around then there's a pop pop pop pop at any point I and then the people start rushing running just running like a stampede they are running not around the stanchions there right over them they were running there's these big glass I was but not a partition but like a advertisement thing that says hello windows retaining knocked over people were worried about running around something all they wanted to do is run and get away so drinks were flying purses money I just everything it was immediate so might that's when my husband grabbed me and down under the table I went and that was when the other lady jumped over I'm as you side that lies here they had those cement up little round thing around the outside of the bar and she came flying over that and we were head to head and that's when I went like that with her and started kind of calming her down because she was saying my son my son and my husband was jumped on us and I was like shit it's okay we were praying and then it got real real quiet my husband kind and lifted up off of me and that was when all of a sudden the security came and yelling run run everybody that everybody go just like that means so at that point my husband got us up and the whole crowd we're running through the back corridor of the ... of the bar which I didn't even know existed and we were all rushing through there and I lost my husband because he being a former marine was saying out there to make sure that everybody had gotten gone move and so then I serve I'm like where's my husband was my husband well come to end that that he us found me at the random elevators that were back there that ... though we were able to get on okay now as far as forensic evidence to the there are of course what the naysayers who hear your story are very quick to say is that where's the broken glass where's the physical evidence to verify what you're saying however later Ron you saw a cleanup going on correct tell us about that and after we'd gotten up to the room and I call 911 because we were RD seeing that the sheriff's department was saying you know this lone shooter and we're like no no no this is going on down here now and because they were having their press conference I need a phone call 1131 to family members letting them know where Daniel and I were inside the belies your hotel so that is how I know what time it was from when everything happened to when I made the phone call and then too when we got back into the room at about 10 minutes to 12 ... my husband's sister called and she lives in another country and she was watching on TV and knew that we had been there so she was yeah are you guys that came were like wait a minute what are you talking about and as we're walking in that so we turned on the TV because we like how does she know this already room so I can as we as we were watching TV and after I called 911 and they put me through to their ... a non emergency line and they said they took my report everything so we were kind of waiting in their thinking okay they're going to come back on TV and say everybody get to a safe place make sure you take cover they're still random stuff going on around town and nothing was happening were like wait a minute so my husband at that point told me to change clothes so that I was in my gym clothes and tennis shoes and ... and he wanted to go talk to security and he didn't want me to go and I said well I'm not staying in here and then god forbid something happens when heat were separated and so I went with him and that's why like I said I put on my shoes to run if we had to run we know there's a somebody in the hotel what was going on and he was still kind of leading the way at that point we go downstairs and I figured well at this point if something's going to happen or somebody's coming out as I'm gonna try to get something and we saw all these people there some had suitcases some people decide drinks in their hand like they were just kind of standing there going okay well I don't really know what people that had just come out of certain other areas of the hotel that work in the lobby in the casino area when all this happened had no idea who it was the same thing with the people that will go up at 6:00 AM and came down to their coffee shop at 6:37 in the morning if they went to bed early that night and had gone out to dinner gone too early show and went back to bed from 10:00 that night till 6:00 that morning you would have never known that anything happened at the hotel when Daniel and I went down there we could see me behind where they had us all up partitioned off I in the in the hallways in court or thing that we were in ... we could see the cleaning crews we can see them up by the lobby and kind of moving around in the because the you know I can see them with sweeping and with the big plans and stuff like that I mean you have to understand and people's purses and and stuck it shoe that I mean there was stuff there written and at the time I was trying to get it so then when I went to go speak with the security guard I wanted to make sure I'm like okay so you guys are very well aware day there was stuff going on and that's when the lady said absolutely is that they're not reporting this on the news somebody needs to make sure they it's getting around on the news is all that that was and so on we went back to the room I got a few phone calls from people that we actually do know in the news media ... because like I said I was on Facebook and I just thought they were seeing all my goodness there is in Vegas right now you know call them so I was on the phone because of course we did sleep we went back down about an hour 0.5 to 2:00 hours later and it was clean as a pen so this is between the hours of 2 and 6 they they probably were doing all the cleaning and everything because by the time we got down there was about 230 in the morning because like I said we got to the room around midnight and we were waiting to hear something or for them to still come out we're watching the news and ... and so bite 6630 that morning you could have enough of lawyers it was it was claimed as a pen you would have never known anything happened ... how well around how many people do you think were involved in that clean up that that you can tell or judge by what she saw there 3 I'm not 3 that were in the hallway and but you can see where like there I cleaning stuff was kind of out on to the side so me myself I saw 3 I don't know my husband I know he even takes a better mental picture of stuff than I do and but I know that I saw 3 and but like I said I never gone live me for I didn't know and so I was sitting there almost trying to open up my screen and I know how so that's I was trying to kind of film and not let it be known because you already know you're in Vegas you don't go on what grounds you can see no liar so we were still back a little ways but I'm like anyone in trouble for having the camera out running means very good the the areas of damage that you witnessed you certainly saw what were the the signs are advertisements partitions whatever that yeah that would be called ... were was there any damage to the front door area to the glass of the front doors that you can observe or could you not tell so I couldn't tell we can hear all the glass breaking on at the time I the shots were so close and getting closer that it sounded like they were going to be coming through the door who did I see a door no I didn't did I hear a lot of glass break yes I did did I see glass and everything all over absolutely I did but did I see bullet holes through the door no now by morning time you know that it's not like that a multi $0 casino they're not going to go and put up boards in front of the casino I'm sure that they went into their own protocol and have other doors and windows and that kind of thing I don't think they're going to wait till the next morning to say okay by the way when you adore ordered I mean it's it's it's a casino for goodness sakes the estimate if you would how many people do you think were in the general area that may have witnessed either by hearing or seeing this chaos that was happening well the show ... had just gotten out because reading even know that we had friends day ... one of them was having a birthday party that was there and they were having dinner there then the show we just gotten out so in that anyways it was getting louder just in the lobby as Daniel and I had been sitting but I mean there're a few 0 I mean not even to count the people that were in the casino I wouldn't even as known to imagine move but there was a lot of people so like I said when that stampede wait and started running I mean it was like it was it was a mass chaos that was coming at you did you hear of any point any of the security that work moving people around it anyone else reference anything about a shooter or were they just saying move move move without identifying what the problem was Ono now by the time we were back by in the quarter to the elevators ... and that there was little old couple and they kind of were so flustered they work towards the back and were walking up front and got pushed in with us and they didn't know so everybody was yelling there's a shooter there's a shooter people were trying to overload the elevators because everybody was saying there's shootings there shooting so they were trying to get in and like I said we were so fortunate that there was some random guy with the room key because you don't get to those floors without having a key we don't know who he was I it was like a guardian angel because we were able to help this little old couple to get in with us and a few others and randomly get to the floor and but still no everyone was extremely well aware of why there was mass chaos and running the the the security guards as they were ushering you around did you happen to hear any security guards say anything in reference to a shooter or was it just the people who were there witnessing that we're talking about the shooting note when the security guards on came in after we were laying down still lounge and he was like run run everybody back everybody go that was right after this now I have actually been told on after Daniel and I had gotten to our room thereabouts day they heard shootings even later on after we had heard arts which was I would say around 11151120 look there's a couple other people that are saying that they heard their ears later and then again across the street at the Paris because you concede though that that is the exact line that they went up from the Mandalay bay all the way up to the Blasio in and out of the hotels and then cross the street ... probably by the bridge right there eyesores to get into the Harris really this is so I'm gonna stop all from that that the main questions that I have ... and ask you something that this is pure speculation and I'm gonna I'm screwed up I have there was a movie back in the 19 eighties that you've you've heard of the die diehard with Bruce Willis yeah ... good guy who die hard too was ... I think was Die Hard 2 was sob I guess something happening at an airport and I remember very was a whole team of like agents when they went out and they were doing I need shooting but they have 2 different kinds of clips they had some that work that just fired blanks what I'm hearing is is 2 different things I'm hearing out from the various people I've spoken to I had a lot of people that have said they they saw people that were actually shot and I have people who say they heard gunfire but didn't actually see anyone shot right and it makes me wonder if Pat Summerall some of these hotels or not ... it was meant to cause panic not this silly shooting ... have you heard from other people any any stories of seeing anyone actually shot at any of these hotels ... I had in me and text me that he was on the balcony of another hotel and day he saw people down outside he and his wife there on the balcony now I didn't I didn't see anybody down I didn't see anybody shot on I asked my husband I said later on as people were talking I said it that exact thing do you think that somebody was doing this just to run around and create you know terror and then they were blanks and he's he said I know gunshots he said those were not blanks no I guess at 23 years in the marine corps he started out infantry ended up you know with all of his MSG stuff and he said those were not links that were being fired now was it some random people that were doing just that trying to create chaos to do their get away stuff possibly I do I don't know my husband and I were not there for that I can't say what was going on outside I've only heard what people have said to me one thing that I have a choice of ballot the testimony that you've given Renee is that you you don't get into the speculation you have really restricting yourself only to those things that you know yourself and if you say I'm not if you're not sure about something if you're maybe repeating something second hand you've been very good in the various interviews to do just that to say I didn't see this and so what I like about your testimony is that you you have maintained integrity throughout it you know I have not seen any sensationalist HM ... not stretching the truth for trying to ... in fact ... you've clarified that you didn't see necessarily any surer government ... whereas there may be others that they get caught up in and blow things out of proportion and so I find you to be a very credible witness when you were there in the in the lobby walking around ... filming in that first video you had walked up to ... I guess it was toward the casino there were a couple security guard standing there you actually spoke briefly with one of them yes and I didn't quite catch the audio very well of what that guard was saying you had an exchange about something to the effect of they are not reporting on the news what's really happening in the security guards seem to indicate that I know that I don't agree with that so you can you can you tell us maybe a little Pat about that exchange what was said between the 2 of you yeah why what's up and you know I was still kind of looking around and I thought well maybe the security Arnold talk so like again I said I kind of had my phone down a little bit and I was saying you know are we allowed to go through there because that was actually why the beginning we walked down the other way went to see if we can go outside where you then saw the security guard was standing there saying nope nobody outside on the veranda so we turned around and came back and it was some other guy and it was kind of like ... wit I just kind of like walking around kind of where we where I don't know who he was but he was kind of there and then we went up towards a security guard and they weren't saying a lot you know they were standing there and there were other people because there was I think 2 more guards there 2 or 3 and ... so we walked up to the lady on the end and I said are we not allowed to get through right now and she said no and I said are we going to be able to work after the cleaning crew is gone and she she just was kind I I I don't know she didn't act like she did know and I said well you know they with all the gun fired they're still not reporting this on on TV you know and she was like I said they're not thinking is and she and I said there what they're saying is not correct and he said yes I know men's eyes like okay as long as you're also knowing what we know down wasn't and so that's my husband's okay come on let's go so that's when we went to go walk back upstairs because it was like she confirmed that they even knew what nobody else was saying room so that was it that when my husband's like let's go upstairs because they didn't you know they didn't want to talk and I actually got I got more out of her then right not I do you think they just say no comment and nothing else but yeah you can hear in that video confirming yes they're they're not they're not saying ... what's really happening on the knees and of course we've got police scanner audio and other things that you know you just can't explain that away no but they are very determined to make sure the public believes that there was one gunmen and only one gunman despite all of this evidence not even you know job journalistic integrity includes giving both sides of a story and and you would think that law enforcement where ... would want the public to understand there are some conflicting reports here were investigating all both sides were investigating these reports yet BR police officers that I spoke to in Las Vegas I'm off the record but making sure that they they didn't want to be identified because they're not allowed to speak to speak about this button but several of them said that they believe there were more than one shooter however the investigation was centered solely on a single gunman now you've you've spoken with a number people people of reached out you sent you messages what is the general sentiment that people are expressing toward you when they say I know what I saw I know what I heard yeah what what's the feeling that they're conveying to you I think most people want to talk about it I know there's been a couple of them that ... are in therapy ... severe ... PTSD SR's gunshots and and not sleeping well and nightmares I can completely relate with I'm not sleeping through the night ... I I was ill quite a few mornings when I woke up I I just was real tight I knew and I hadn't slept well and that seems to be the big thing a lot of people just wanna talk because they like I can't say this I ask them to and Datejust Walt and for some reason even though they didn't know me my word was good enough day I said I'm not going to give your name but I feel like we were all experiencing the same things nobody cared to listen to what we were all going through in dealing with and I wouldn't wish this on anybody that wants to denounce anything that I said or what you think I didn't see your whatever it is I would never ever wish that that feeling of what you see on TV when you see the stuff that happens in Europe and when you see they shootings at different places I I pray that you never ever have to feel that feeling because it is you can't explain it I have no words for I still have no words for and but I will tell you it is a heightened awareness on I said before when people are rolling out I their trash cans the sounds of people driving by you even in the car if they kind of give you look or something it's like the kind that you just you it you're just as I it's a heightened awareness and I really believe there's so many good people for everybody that is just a burning thank you I thought I was going to be one of thousands of videos out there I never believed that it was gonna be like oh here's Renee get numb I thought I was going to there was any thousands on just like mine have you heard has any have you seen or heard anyone saying anything regarding censorship of videos or Facebook posts or anything being removed at any point why am I not anything that I that I'm aware of as far as mine on I I've heard that people have had it up I don't know if maybe they had it up and might have taken it down because there's a lot of people that start coming at you and I don't think that you're fully aware I know I wasn't fully aware and I did it on accident and but there's a lot of stuff that starts coming at you and that's why you know I just I don't get all wrapped up in the the negativity of it because you're just going to have people like that anyways yeah and so I would say the majority of it they 93 percent of people that I mean they're so sweet and so caring and most of them are like I'm so glad that you guys made it out safe I had a friend of mine and her cousin she was shot and you know I know it's probably even more difficult for them to go to come out because they were at a a the festival and so like I said I never it never imagined that this was just going to be about other people at other hotels that that it was like no there people were still not safe and this could have read really been back I mean he used you've been last Vegas trip you know there's thousands and thousands of people can you imagine all these bullets spring all up and down the strip that would have I can't I can't begin with the picture in my head well ... others have reported what what is clearly poster matic stress disorder now very very difficult something that this committee then kindly he'll get up very very tragic situation Renee you have been so outspoken so willing to talk about your story whereas when as you said a lot of people don't want to talk about it were you personally why is it that you're so willing to talk about this why is it that you are wanting to get the information out there well I still feel they you know there's an investigation going on so if there's a part did they can still go from that they'd realize okay guess what this wasn't just white was put out there that they can still look at a bigger picture from all these other people that know what they know when they saw and maybe somewhere along the line start connecting the dots because I know they all the law enforcement agencies I mean my heart goes out to all of them they have done an amazing job and I know they have a lot of stuff to do all I am trying to say is this is still what we saw what we heard what we were in and when you heard those scanners the fact that every time those police officers got to that hotel and check the security that immediately they were told no no gunshot fire how that all of these security people when yet all these other people win stampeding through and other people are saying yes there were gunshots in this was happening but the second that the police got to security they were able to call and security reports no gunshots or in what was it a 434 a 454 I can't remember the numbers but I was sitting there going no no no no no no no no yeah 7 springs yeah very strange or it may I thank you so much that you took this time well I have to talk with us today and thank you for putting your story out there being willing to be out you know one voice among many but not but a strong voice for for saying what you know and what you personally experienced ... is there any any last bought any any final thing that that you would like to say I had to the audience or anything that you you think we've left out yeah you know not even that you left out I've heard so many people try to make this ... is first political I can tell you that my friends that were at the festival we do not have the same political views and they are still a couple of my closest friends and when all those people were getting hurt and all the people were scared and when all the people were running in when all the people that were in the elevators were all there together nobody cared who you voted for what you did it was just about people trying to protect themselves and I really really hope that everybody just respects what they are all still trying to do all of these agencies that I'm sure all involved things that we would have no clue about then they're doing behind the scenes we still have to give them the respect that they are doing that for us to protect us is taking a little longer yeah but we also don't know everything else that they have on top of the stuff that even we're saying move so very good very good what Renee thank you thank you so much I know that that ... the viewing audience appreciates that and for those of you watching you have you witnessed something are out there whether in a hotel or at the concert and you would like to talk about it you're welcome to contact me at either Jake at more ... you can also contact me on Facebook its slash end times news report and that we can talk whether it's confidential or you want to be on the record either way the goal is to educate the public about what happened and that's it we only want to get to the truth whatever that truth may be thank you all for watching Renee thanks again family you for the end times news report I Jake more Photios you //
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How I Got My Start As a 9/11 Researcher - Interview with Sarah Westall Part 1
\\nnova innovation disruption and big shoes NDEs changers with Sarah west Austin welcome to business game changers I'm Sarah Westall yeah I have an amazing gas his name is Jake more phony aisles and she is hi I was his the top Las Vegas research right now there's a lot of really good ones so I don't want to say that there aren't but he's a top as far as people watching his stuff he just recently had more viewers than all the mainstream media combined she was third on Google when the Google the Las Vegas shooting an asset that happened YouTube took his stuff down and did a strike against his account wallstreet journal cover nam USA today covered on and they talks about what happened with you too during a strike taken down and so there was this backlash has gives you too and so they put that back up but then after that they started taking his Indy monetizing these videos they did not like the fact that he was more popular than all of the mainstream media combined and that Americans were getting information from him and others on in the alternative media on the Las Vegas shooting so I wanted to have him on the show you know with our business game cheers people whom did doing disruption big issues innovation should definitely qualifies I think you're going to be very impressed with what he's doing on this front and I really hope you tube looks at this information to realize how important it is for this kind of information to stay out for people to learn about the truth and what's going on and if there is another reason that makes it Ligia for him not to be sharing this information I only national security of some reason that's legitimate then you should be squeaking and shipping honest and truthful but he's got a lot of attacks on this family threats he's had his car tires slashed so a lot of interesting things happen home so we're going to get into all that first is gonna talk about his background we're going to get into the latest Las Vegas happenings he really gets into explaining what it is up to date and time that we talk about YouTube in general and and how how old they are what they're doing and what that means to us as a society so I hope you listen to this whole thing and share it if you can share it wide and far I think this is on a one of the more important videos I do a lot of important have a niece and on my show but right now in history and this is one of the more important things that we have going on as far as freedom of speech thing and getting to the core of what our rights are and what's the freedom of speech I think this is exactly why we need freedom of speech and we talk about all that and so I hope you stay tuned for that and listen to that part of the show so let's get into my interview now with Jake more phone calls hi Jake welcome to the program hi Sarah so nice to meet you me really glad you decided to join us because I am told by number my listeners that you are the person I need to talk to for Las Vegas you've been on the ground doing research reporting there and sun nominal reporting trying to get to the truth but before we do this expression for the people who don't know you I know you have a huge following but you know I there's gonna be people listening haven't heard of which are really want talk about your background you have immense background on an investigative background before you got into this type of reporting can you explain what you did sure so I come from up political background in general my ... both my grandparents were very political my grandfather was a Pulitzer nominated investigative reporter down in Miami I'm going after corruption mafia things like that then he used his connections and got in as a political operative and it that for years he was a Democrat he married my grandmother who was Saddam Republican she has hosted rush Limbaugh's show in the past and so they very different viewpoints they are but she she was an elected official ... my dad was an elected official for a little while down in Miami so I grew up in a very political atmosphere always participating on political campaigns so in my early twenties my goal in life was to become a political operative to work as a strategist and it was going well for a while I was the North Carolina state campaign manager for Steve Forbes when he ran for president back in 2000 ... I was a writer for the Ron Paul campaigns of overweight and 12 and I've managed plenty of campaigns for like state level candidates and I was enjoying it but ... as time went on I just decided there's too much too much dirt do too much that I it that I would have to compromise my own ethics to be the kind of successful operative that you have to be and and so I just I got out of it and I said wait into doing investigative work I work in a number different fields as a as an investigator problem ... abuse cases neglect cases to ... I worked for a fortune 100 bank for a number of years as a financial crimes investigator I've interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people both victims and criminals ... use forensic profiling yeah you take somebody that's lying recognize the signs look you're lying use your own techniques to turn around get them to tell the truth ... so a whole lot like that and then everything kind of shifted gradually after 911 ... and my world view started to change as I as I started conducting investigations related to that but up until that point I was not what you would call a way I had a very you know but popular world view soft things like most people do was not awake yet to ... secret intelligence activity and all the dirty stuff that goes on not not 911 was in weakening for you I think it was in working for a lot of people that have world so what the heck so what happened with that's a very interesting story how you got involved with this through the 911 scenario because you are doing great work and kinda woke up through that process well what happened was ... I heard I was at work I was at the time on the morning of 911 I was working as the assistant director of up ... basically build the largest nonprofit hunger relief agency in the state and I was interviewing clients it was early in the morning I came in and said have you heard what's happening in New York and I did have a television so I turned on the radio and I listened as everything laid out and there's something about hearing it and my vivid imagination trying to picture what was happening I could hear the people screaming you could hear some of the women shouting their jumping they're jumping talking abouts people jumping out of the building I mean it was psychologically traumatizing and then to hear the roar of the buildings as they came down broadcast over the radio it was the death knell of thousands of people and it filled me with this indignation and I knew I had to do something to try and contribute in some way and so 2 days later I formed a research group this is back before there were things like 4 chan and vote in these these different message boards I formed a research group and I gathered people together and we became the largest 1911 research group at that time on the internet and our goal was to find out who al Qaeda was out we were gonna go after Osama bin laden we were gonna collect as much intelligence as we could to turn over to the FBI in the other I've met at agencies in the federal government to try and assist us citizens problem was I am someone who I can I only care about the truth I don't care about being right I may have a pet theory that I like but if someone presents me with evidence or of my research finds that whoops that's actually not right I don't hold to it I adapt to whatever the new information is I would rather follow the truth and be you know double down on something that's not correct so as time went on I came to find that there were some really big holes in that official narrative and 1 of the big things early on was that long before al Qaeda took credit for 911 them or anything like that there was a different intelligence group by our different terrorist group that was taking credit for everything and they call themselves essay J. or secret army for justice are these people said that they were part of what's called sell 15 these were up allegedly terrorists that were around the head of it was Mohammed are that the ... at the alleged ringleader of the hijackers and these people are the ones who took credit for the anthrax attacks the big anthrax scare that happened immediately after 911 well my research group had been infiltrated by these people and they were posting stuff and and gradually what from my group out into the larger ... intelligence that works around the world via the MI 6 and others were starting to talk about this group but as I got looking into it I found these are the terrorists this is my site and that was the first I ever I never knew anything about Massad prior prior to that but it was the Mossad working in conjunction with the CIA and it opened my eyes they put me on a terrorist watch list because I started talking about this and I thought my goodness I'm here trying to defend my government my country my my people and yet there they're attacking me up and I was I couldn't figure it out it's just truth who's afraid of the truth exactly that's what you think right bad man I started to realize wait a second there were elements operating outside of the rule of law they are extra constitutional they're not beholden to the U. S. Congress they are not beholden to the U. S. president they are doing things on behalf of multinational corporations at international bankers this is a syndicate a club ball of very evil people that use this the ... up the CIA predominately to do these terrible things around the world and that's what launched me into that next ... you know decade now half of investigation into clandestine CIA activities and intelligence operations around the world that's really an I an amazing story and that's when they started weapon I sing the word truth there which now has absolutely no power anymore because we're all everybody eventually set it worked at first you got kind of interesting but now our bodies like there's nothing wrong with looking at Joxer like what everybody should be it's a badge of pride at this point yeah we we've initially everyone ought not a conspiracy theorist please don't lump me in with those people who think 911 was an inside job I'd you know but now people are just like can't fool me well I know this was the give yeah or elements that are right and I think we all want to see we our exit we all want to be true there's now that woke me up to now I didn't wake up until I 2 things were just kinda weird until I started watching 911 people like you in people putting it on documentaries out and I can get upset just you know you get obsessed me just a little while and this is so bizarre so I got past watching this and building 7 is a I think is the smoking gun as far as I'm concerned it's a white it's across it to that highway 2 lane highway yeah anything out not even by the other buildings it's anybody with an open mind looks at that I don't know how you can come to any other conclusion on fact that what there's not don't know what happened but their story isn't right yeah 0 yeah that was controlled demolition without any question whatsoever none whatsoever Richard gauge the I had of architects and engineers for 911 truth I'm I I didn't know this until just this last week but ... I'd learned a lot from him and had done some ... some videos based on research that they're a group had done ... but out Richie gauge that apparently have watches my stuff as well and had recommended me to there's a Russian team I'm reading T. V. came to my home to do a documentary this week on CIA operations and I'm he had recommended me so we are loyal to each other we may not always agree with one another's theories or anything but still that in general we care about our country we care about our fellow Americans and we recognize that there are elements operating in the country that are not loyal to us and they are the enemies it's too bad we it doesn't shouldn't take Russian television to get to the truth I mean honestly I should be coming from on us because we have a caring about us //
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Beware of Disinformation Operations - Las Vegas Investigation Part 16
\\nnova the information in this video will likely be of some importance to people who were associated with the Mao your refuge takeover at the bunker bill standoff anyone associated with the Bundys the Finnick comes those citizens were constitutional freedom you may remember back in 2016 the problem that we had with a man named ed Vallejo and his organization called a XJR actions were justice a X. Jay was a group that infiltrated the patriot community as the patriot community was trying to band together and take a stand against corruption in government because the citizen movement was building and getting stronger and growing and gaining momentum around the country following the murder of lavoy fennica what happened was the FBI dispatched a X. J. and a number of other Scheels to try and infiltrate the patriot movement and break us apart so when a exchange did was it made fake pages all over Facebook hundreds of them it impersonated actual members of the patriot community and the organizations that we had it created groups for example that claim to be getting money on behalf of lavoy Finnick comes widow genet Famicom what they actually did was it drew people away from the true organizations from the true citizens for constitutional freedom by creating a fake organization by that name they caused in fighting a a X. J. would steal other people's work other people's efforts and take credit for them themselves some of the people associated with an xray were criminals these work con man man who had eventually gotten caught for crimes that they had been committing after getting busted some of them had agreed to deals with the FBI to work as criminal assets and disinformation agents to break up citizen groups by infiltrating them by going into citizens for constitutional freedom and ratting out people or to ... create divisions and splits within the groups I was associated with citizens for constitutional freedom during all this by vocation I'm a professional investigator with 2 decades of experience working to thwart criminals my specialty was financial crimes I was employed by one of the largest banks in the country combating fraud and other financial crimes so I'm use to profiling criminals one such person with a criminal history of fraud is a man named Scott been sacked who was convicted and sentenced to years in state prison for his crimes related to defrauding people out of money just Google Scott been sacked convict and you can learn more about his past for yourself been sacked now runs a YouTube channel where he is doing the exact same kinds of activities as the people that I had investigated from a exchange no I'm not accusing Mister bin sack of any current criminal activity but I do have to ask is Mister bin sack working for the FBI as an asset well let's listen to his own words spoken in a YouTube video that he made this week the FBI pay me lots of money every month led to proof my book I'd sign fort Devens Gimme a vehicle anything I wanted and my daughter's mother is proof that's how I met my daughter's mother she was the FBI's handler at the local hotel drag in New Jersey where they put me up under an assumed name after drawing attention to the absurd and ever changing Las Vegas shooting theories of been sack he published a very threatening series of messages directed at me as well as a 2 hour video which attacked me brutally this material not only constitutes defamation but I'll be going to the authorities to report the intimidation and threats that he subjected me to because after citing his past connection with the but non elf mafia crime family he remarked that he's gonna bury me if you know anything about the mafia burying someone is home that's a literal thing that they do from time to time they not only attacked me but even when after my wife threats from FBI assets with connections to the mafia as he says he has these are things not to be taken lightly so I will be responding to the threats and to the defamation through legal channels but Mr been sacks to our tirade gives me the opportunity to respond to a question that he asked and it provides the chance for me to demonstrate to all of you how criminals infiltrate citizen led truth movements and to work to disrupt them from within first I'm going to play a clip of Mister bin sack expressing outrage outraged that I claimed he is pilfering my research and pretending that it is his own he is taking work from other people including me now I start work from them now I stole the freemen could somebody please show me Jeremy a jury keeps use me show me where I stole from you brawl I didn't even know you exist until somebody sent me this video you'll notice that been said that for someone sent him the video of me mentioning criminal history and yet toward the end of this same video been sacks slips up and admits that not only has he been following my research but that he actually liked it I actually thought you stuff is pretty good until you pull this shit yes I know that Mr been sacked likes my work I can tell that because he plagiarizes it then uses it in his own videos this is a screen shot of a video that I posted on you tube on October 16 at 8:53 PM in that video I presented original research to the public about Stephen paddocks travel between Las Vegas and Phoenix Arizona I brought up the history of gun running by the ATF out of Phoenix this was based on my own personal research this is not something I heard or read somewhere else I am interested in sharing this kind of information that I come up with with all of you and I don't mind one bit if others use my research in fact in that video I actually said that I encouraged others I take that research and pursue it further however as a professional I do take issue with people copying my work and pretending that my hard work is layers and then calling me a liar when I ask for a correction well I posted my video on October 16 and on the following day Mister bin sack published a video of his own that heavily borrowed from my work again I don't mind that he uses my research but I do have a problem with intellectual theft taking credit for work that he did not do and building a reputation based off of the efforts of other people to me that's a form of deceit even claim to have verified some of the information with the very sources that I spoke to when my video well certainly Mr been sacked will say that all of this is a coincidence that he just happened to come up with this the exact same research that I did at the exact same time from the exact same sources in the exact same format but I'll let you make up your own minds since Mr been sack has demanded that I respond and tell him where he has copied my work well I'm going to play clips from my video followed by clips from his video and you can see for yourself if there are any similarities but then we have this evidence on September 19 at real 5:00 PM Stephen paddock used his visa card to rent an intermediate sized vehicle at the sky harbor airport in Phoenix Arizona we know that Stephen Tadic the Las Vegas alleged Las Vegas shooter rented a car at Phoenix sky airport now according to the rental car receipt panic booked and intermediate size car he left to the Phoenix airport around 3:05 PM on September 19 then it shows that the car was dropped off in Las Vegas at 12:51 AM on the morning of the twentieth okay delivered to Vegas on September 20 we know that from a rental receipt so this is something important we need to pursue because we know that the U. S. government including the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms was working a gun walking program in at least 10 cities in 5 states and the most well known and controversial of these operations they were all being orchestrated out of the ATF's field office in Phoenix Arizona I would explain you what Steven product was doing and how I know and what's involved in this and what Stephen panic was as I said we have a new player last I showed you all the group of figures I should have added one more organization to that whole group that is the a TF well it's neither operation when that you've probably heard of was operation fast and furious that was also coordinated by the ATF out of Phoenix that is the alcohol tobacco and firearms and let's just say we have paddocks Vegas fast in fury fast and furious guy this kind of behavior matches what one of paddocks neighbors down in Melbourne Florida said about him rather than going for the biggest flashiest house that his money could afford panic specifically said that he was looking for something smaller something that would give him privacy Stephen products move from Florida Las Vegas and I got a house out of the way private well that sense of privacy from this location bats what the selling point was according to the real estate agent even a real estate agent I confirm that he wanted a place for privacy immediately put up a solid mash privacy screen around this home but this ticked off his neighbors because it blocks their view of his home and was just ugly track he will put up a fence they were didn't like that at all okay so what happened did paddock meet up with ATF agents here in Phoenix was he getting weapons from them was paddock acting as a gun runner for the ATO okay he moved to Arizona because Steven Tadic was running guns for the a TF so I'm just gonna summarize by saying that there is a very clear pattern there is an ongoing pattern they have done this in the past and they are most likely continuing to do it I Steven paddock what he would do and I'm explain to you why I don't tell you how I know this this isn't speculation Stephen product had a pattern why did paddock flight from Vegas to Phoenix but return the exact same day to Vegas in a rental car why did we fly back well clearly that would be because paddock was picking something up in Phoenix that could not be transported on a plane did data get guns Steven Patrick would fly in to Phoenix get a rent a car get a rental car get the rental car get the guns in Arizona key spot to run them for just so you know from the border of Mexico that's where they come in from get them load the meniscal are get them out either drop the mat is house and or from their run them directly to Vegas for the boss was paddocks vast wealth coming from those kinds O. or similar black ops no of course we are totally in the realm of speculation here but there is there are so many supporting factors that this is at least a good direction to go in and looking at this investigation I'm hoping that by asking these questions of putting them out there to you that all of you can assist me in this investigation Stephen product running guns for the government okay in their own acute operation and this is how ISIS got involved in this and claimed responsibility for the is because this shit went back and Stephen product was selling Collins not just and I got to be careful here because this is dying from a Steven Patrick selling guns to the mafia in Las Vegas he was selling them to drug cartels in Nevada Vegas as well as that of ISIS cells that's with the F. B. I. comes into play in homeland security fact and you had this pattern going back and forth and back and you're only gonna hear this year some people have criticized me for calling out Mister bin sacks saying we're all part of the same truth community and we should support one another well I don't agree not all of us are part of the same community does with criminal histories with ties to mafia families ties to the FBI they are not part of the same community that I am in not part of the same community that most of you are in yes we all want the truth but not all sources of information are of the same value I would encourage you all to be mindful of the integrity of those you choose to get your information from because what happened in Las Vegas was clearly a well organized criminal operation that involved elements of our own intelligence community and this intelligence community is willing to do whatever is necessary to control the narrative and sidetrack citizen investigators by spreading disinformation through intelligence assets just like a X. J. did with the citizens for constitutional freedom so we need to be wise as serpents the enemy is highly organized and very efficient now that my original video about Mister bin sack has served its intended purpose I'm going to go ahead and remove it now I see no reason to leave it up people now know my concerns and this video continues to serve as confirmation of that concern thank you for watching for the end times news report I'm Jake morphonios //
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Infamous Con Man Infiltrates Las Vegas Shooting Investigation - Part 15
\\Zach has been making headlines for years around northeastern and central Pennsylvania most of them not good most recently in 2007 he was accused of passing bad checks and leaving unfinished projects in and around Clarks summit tonight he is once again a wanted man and now US marshals are involved in the manhunt as Scott been check served 3 years in prison after pleading no contest to passing bad checks he was released on parole July 2010 but he missed his parole hearing last week he bragged about it online in a you tube video and police now at the local state and federal levels want to find him and lock him up I have always tried my best not to talk about other you to ... video creators I really don't like drama I never disparage other people I am not beyond talking with people with whom I disagree ... if there's not a good reason for it and so I stay out of the squirrels I believe in being a friend to all people and remaining neutral and not getting in anyone's business so when I first started seeing and videos by this guy Scott Binns sack a I watched a few of them a lot of people were talking about his work and I watched it and I instantly recognized him for the con man that he is but it it's not my nature to go and get involved in this kind of stuff ... I just figured people are intelligent enough to figure this stuff out on their own eventually he'll collapse is you know that it won't go one but when you're dealing with an actual sociopath they have such a strength of charisma that it sucks people win and unfortunately Alex Jones has given some legitimacy to this crook arm by having the mullahs on a show now been sacks theories I can tell you I have look it's I'll and the reason I'm addressing this is many of you are sending me links from been sacked saying Hey look at Wisconsin Scott been sacks says about this are about this folks the vast majority of what Scott been sacks says is either complete crap were he is taking work from other people including me claiming that like it's his own repackaging it and putting it out ... Scott been sack ... we're gonna talk about him for it for a few minutes because I believe that his work is creating such disinformation it is diverting people away from real legitimate research for example Scott been sack has put out a couple of number of videos claiming that ... he's got proof that the helicopters were were firing folks if you look at these videos and I've put one up myself if you look at videos of the helicopters they have strobe lights on the bottom of them that what appears to be muzzle flash from these helicopters it is a strobe light these helicopters go up they follow a pattern they fly around a circuit and because there are so many of them up in the air at the same time they have the strobes that help to identify at night time where the other helicopters are to avoid any kind of mid air collision and this is so easy though to to prove anyone who takes the time to look at the footage but been sack insists he is pushing this helicopter theory and others are picking it up and starting the spread it is not true and there are so many other things when when he says a study almost all of the videos he disables comments because he cannot tolerate not only can he not tolerate anyone disagreeing with him because he savages them in his comments brutal nasty foul language attacking people who disagree with them so I can't handle that but more than that there's a reason that Scott been sacked doesn't want you to be able to post things on this channel that's because he is a convicted con man and there are articles one after another after another after another on the internet they talk about his criminal history of committing fraud of duping people of telling lies to get money he is a scam artists who has spent time in federal prison for for his scams and out of my concern for 2 things one the integrity of the research that we're doing but to out of the disinformation I don't know of been sack is just a con man who was doing this for his own good for his own pleasure or if this guy possibly has cut a deal with the feds to get a lighter sentence to go out and do some of the work like this of that to spread disinformation I don't know all I know is that this guy is filthy you can go look at his Facebook page look at his past cover photos with very scantily clad women I'm a very filthy stuff you can now listen to his words the way he attacks and ... is brutal in the way he speaks to people who disagree with them and his theories are wrong but by the strength of his conviction by him saying I M. right I am right I am right it Lou worse people Lynn people who don't do their own research so I'm gonna show you a couple articles here I want you to see who this man is he will undoubtedly attack me back I'm not going to have a back and forth I'm just gonna make this one and only video I don't anticipate saying anything more on the matter because I've got way too much work that I need to be doing of my own but for ... out for the sake of the integrity of this investigation of the Las Vegas shooting I want to understand who this man is what his motivation is and not give this guy the time of day from the Pocono record builder gets jail for fraud admitted con artist and former fugitive Scott J. been sack was sentenced Friday to 3 to 7 years in prison by the way this is from September 1 of 2001 later updated in 2011 admitted con artist former fugitive Scott J. bins accent it's Friday to 3 to 7 years in prison with that one of the more colorful and memorable chapters in recent country legal history comes to its end the Ben Sachs saga played out over the course of several years and at least 3 states including allegations of building scams bounced checks alleged death threats and near fatal automobile accident and a defendant who disappeared for more than a year this sentence handed down by ... judge Peter jail Brian resulted from a plea arrangement between Vince acts attorney and the Monroe district attorney's office been sacked 31 pleaded guilty to 11 criminal counts 5 third degree felony counts of theft by deception 2 third degree felony counts of theft by failure to make required disposition of funds for misdemeanor bad check charges been sacked must also make restitution to his victims and pay court costs been sack was a fugitive from justice for more than a year after he failed to appear for his arraignment in 1999 he had been charged with 26 criminal counts including bad checks that why deception blah blah blah and making terroristic threats the terroristic threats charge stemmed from an incident in which bin sack allegedly threatened to kill the family and burn down the home of a former client who complained about building work he had performed when bin sack filled to appear he issued a bad the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest inside was on the lam for more than a year until FBI agents located them in Georgia where the rest of them last January 24 ... he was out on bail in 99 ... nearly died when ... running his SUV office snow covered service on Milford road he was accused of bilking Pocono area customers and clients out of tens of thousands of dollars through a variety of building scams in the nineties as well as bouncing checks totaling thousands of dollars been Saqlain he had not intended to defraud his clients but rather he had simply run out of money the citizens voice IRS files 219000 federal tax lien against bin sack from 2011 the IRS caught up with disgraced construction contractor stodgy been sack and his defunct business mansions in the states international blah blah blah blah blah iris is seeking federal unemployment tax a payroll taxes for the company that the company failed to pay pleaded no contest last year so that would be at Phnom 2010 27 counts of writing bad checks sentenced to use time served having spent nearly 3 years and county prison although he was charged with bad check writing Mr been sacked left behind a string of people who claimed he had never completed work or to cast deposits and never delivered ... violated his poor parole from a 3 to 7 year sentence he received on fraud charges in Monroe County in November he was recommitted for 6 months ... he was on parole when he was hit with the bad check charges which constituted a violation of been sacked galaxy and wrote well blah ordered to pay 21000 restitution paroled from state prison on 9/8/2005 largely in response to Mister bin sex offenses the state legislature passed the home improvement consumer protection act side by governor ed Rendell in 2008 the law created the new crime home improvement fraud the law also established a mandatory registration program for contractors and set insurance requirements and other guidelines home builders Clancy watchdogs asleep this article from 2007 ... talks all about been sack of lying to people to to get business arm as he tried to deflect attention from his criminal history and rumblings about his business practices homebuilder Scott been sacked used to powerful shields the Lackawanna home builders association and the better business bureau ... and what this article talks about are victims of been sacked who say that he was Bob basically lying to them are using these different things saying he was gonna be on the board of directors of these different agencies and item one victim said it was a 2 year nightmare cost them $50000 and it goes on victim after victim after victim ethics standards violations been sacked was an absolute crook is what is established in this article here we can see case after case a VOB of Scott been sack ... breach of contract fraud everything over and over and over and over case after case in this article detractors growing debt dog local builder it says Scott been sacked made his train as a whole trade as a home builder but his best tools or his mastery of marketing and his magnetic charisma can Jacobina local excavator who has dealt with Mr been sacked phrased it best in saying he could quote talk a hound off a meat truck he's quite a guy Mister Jacobs said if he spent half as much energy in home building as he did B. S. thing he'd be a successful builder ... he'd be the successful builder he presents himself as again lots and lots of information on the cricket dealings dishonesty duplicity and fraud of Scott been sack in this washing at a Washington examiner article trump fans give nearly 10000 to ex con organizing nationwide March for GOP nominee ... this from 2016 a former fugitive who spent 3 years in Pennsylvania state prison after pleading guilty to several misdemeanor counts of theft and other frauds related charges has raised nearly $10000 on go fund for what he claims will be a nationwide March for Donald Trump on Saturday Scott J. been sack is spent the last month organizing a March for America 2016 and dom all of doc talks about this he talks about the purpose of it ... last minute idea he said that he needs $50000 to cover advertising marketing video ads train bus blah blah blah all this stuff ... no one on the page seems aware of been sacks long and well documented criminal history and ... they goes through some of the rest as starts back in 1990 his crimes back in 1998