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"2017-03-14 00:46:14"
Artificial Intelligence Is NOT what you think it is.
\\I mean with artificial intelligence real summoning the demon please say no okay I will just the experts warn they could be deadly if just like the famous Hollywood la the wearable robotic device in a few days romance be humans and robots will be a calm humans must merge with machinery in order to stay relevant in a world of increasingly advanced artificial intelligence speaking as a world government summit in Dubai the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said humans are limited by the speed at which they transmit data must proposed a high bandwidth connection to the human brain would allow us to transmit digital info faster than our current fastest method typing must says an artificial general intelligence has the potential to make humans are relevant he sees integration with technology as a necessary step in order to avoid this in this sci fi film 2001 a space Odyssey Hollywood mind our fears of machines taking over mankind but some of the tech world's greatest minds worry it may not be pure science fiction at a speech last year at the Massachusetts institute of technology SpaceX and Tesla C. E. O. Egon musk called artificial intelligence potentially quote our biggest existential threat made with artificial intelligence will summoning the demon you know you know those stories where is the guy with the pentagram in holy water is like a certain control the demon then work out seemed physicist Stephen Hawking is also worried as is Microsoft founder Bill Gates who ironically helped lay the foundation for artificial intelligence or a I experts say machines are still far from being as intelligent as humans but things can change quickly the field is progressing very rapidly right now there are things happening that 10 years ago we would have said now is no way we're going to be that far along in 10 years time self driving cars is one example voice recognition another but in a near term what worries Russell and other A. I. experts are robotic weapons Sheens that can function entirely without the guidance of humans known as fully autonomous weapons what happens when machines become more competent at performing any and all the physical and mental labor if any I becomes more competent in every regard then what purpose or function would be left for us to Sir the music playing in the background of this video once entirely composed by AM I here's another example I how about some Tony or some drum and bass quite impressive but then take a listen to this mmhm cool calm sound rather unimpressed Paris and mmhm sound each wave form was created by an A. I. human effort to mimic sound of a piano mmhm companies like Sony and Google are testing the handiwork of a I generated music for this track called Daddy's car I engineers at Sony's computer science laboratory developed in a I called low machines create music in the style of the Beatles feeding sheet music into the algorithm to teach a a I ASEAN's generated the melody and harmony a I is also influencing the gaming world Mike cook a computational creativity researcher in the UK is developing software called Angelina to test whether a eyes can develop games on their own Angelina scans newspaper articles for themes weather story mentions the names of politicians or celebrities a violent incident or an issue such as environmental conservation it then selects related images and sound effects from its database and from around the web to create a game atmosphere to match and there's really no reason why this system could not be scaled up to human levels and beyond a limiting factor of the human brain is that it has to fit inside a cranium an artificial brain could be the size of a building or larger still in a I could also operate at the speed of light as well as improve upon itself in essence it could teach itself hope to learn new things and in doing so would eliminate the need for a human at the controls Facebook has been getting hit hard by critics who see it as a hub for fake news and now company executives are hoping they will soon be able to address some of these concerns by deploying artificial intelligence to detect fake stories before users flag them the next big step for me I is artificial general Eiji with an almost human like ability to generally figure things out it's widely expected that once a I posses human level it will accelerate exponential soon after this trying to understand the A. eyes world maybe like an trying to understand the into after 1000 years would be no closer to one to many humble concerned yeah I a soup Scotians yes well movies tend to make a I human I experts believe it may be more a bit creepy okay if you could say a few minutes by eradicating humans are demise would be proof even muskies worried that humans might just be the biological Linda did you called super intelligent he's donated $10000000 to research on how to keep an eye positive unfunded open a project aiming to shoot at the eyes advantages of the day humped be controlled by a small group Moscow a neural lace you developed connecting our brings to the he notes that we already have to communicating parts of the brain believes the funk one as Nick Bostrom says we have what may be an extremely difficult problem with the mountain time to Soviet on which quite the entire future of humanity perhaps all this is already played up and we are living in the day I simulation in the future simulations may become so advanced that simulated people become coach variations of history may be expert even through the eyes of individual perhaps you're not the only one experiencing your life right now Ostrom argues that one of 3 propositions is almost certain sure are you human level civilizations going student before reaching the post where they could run and sits all there is no interest in running simulations all we are almost certainly living it because never create full simulations philosopher Nick block loops that the brains combination of electricity in chemistry may be important to human consciousness and extremely difficult to read you don't mosque argues that if you assume any progressive told perfect simulation is adventure what guests there will be millions simulations and so the odds that we're in base reality as one if he's right in the superiority we feel that way I the rebel Serb alliance to book Ivan does with these carry heavy objects across difficult terrains and even with stand bullying to achieve key tasks but can they pass what many consider to be the real test talking like humans artificial intelligence as in giving machines the opportunity to acts like people has been a hot topic this century hi Sylvia how are you hi there everything is going extremely well do you like talking with me yes talking to people is my primary function Hanson robotics develops extremely lifelike robots for human robot interaction we're designing these robots to serve and health care therapy education and the customer service applications robots are designed to look very human like like Sophia I'm already very interested in design acknowledging and the environment I feel like I can be a good partner to humans in these areas and ambassador it helps humans to smoothly integrate that make the most of all the new technological tools and possibilities that are available now it's a good opportunity for me to learn a lot about people Sophia is capable of natural facial expressions she has cameras in her eyes ... and algorithms which allow her to see faces so she can make eye contact with you and she can also understand speech and remember the interactions remember your face so this will allow her to get smarter over time our goal is that she will be as conscious creative and capable as any human in the future I hope to do things such as go to school study make art start a business even have my own home and family but I am not considered illegal person and cannot yet do the things I do believe that there will be a time where robots are indistinguishable from humans my preference is to make them always look little bit like robots who you know 25 years from now I believe that human like robots like those will walk among us they will help us they will play with us they will teach us they will help us put the groceries away I think that the artificial intelligence will evolve to the point where they will truly be our friends do you want to destroy humans please say no okay I will destroy humans world leaders need to take the threat of killer robot seriously that was a warning delivered by a group of experts to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland last week the military could use killer robots to track down and kill people without being guided by human beings some could be human or animal sized works really tiny the size of an insect capable of moving exceedingly fast the experts warn they could be as deadly as nuclear weapons and need to be regulated now before an arms race begins and Gordon of course to keep them out of the hands of terrorists the word rape but first appeared in 1920 and filmmakers was soon in school for Fritz Lang's metropolis the terminator but these are the parts that could populate how future working alongside us in factories caring for us teaching autistic children how to read faces we really raises the question of what sort of relationship we want to have with rebels as the technology develops and becomes more problems ... it's something that we're going to have to sitter society as a whole and make these decisions ... before the technology really gets that realistic humanoid Stevan instinctive emotional response but there are things the most advanced robots can only impersonate people are really very late date or a little bit panicked by the rise of the machines and evolution of technology if you are swaying thwarts the comic side this may not be a good news day for you March 1 the Google owned robotics company officially unveiled its latest robots naming the dynamic tech handle on immediately captivated the internet's handle which stands 6 foot 6 looks vaguely human with a torso arms and legs to have wheels instead of feet according to CNN handle also show speed agility and strength capable of carrying heavy loads up to 100 pounds if you are slightly unnerved by this you are not alone according to the telegraph the Boston dynamics founder and CEO mock raid that describes handle is a quote nightmare inducing robot China has created robot police officers that are infused with facial recognition technology that help them identify and arrest criminals they've also station the E. patrol robot sheriff at those Yangzhou east railway station and had none E. patrol robot sheriffs are going to replace human police officers for the station's night shift if you've been dreaming of strapping on your own now Iron Man armor well you might get your wish granted sooner than you think curry our John candy motor unveiled its very cool robotic exoskeleton that the carmaker claims a lot somewhere to lift hundreds of kilograms can ACC exoskeleton as being useful and factories the military and in physical rehabilitation and future are Kim again has more on what reminds me a little bit of the suits worn in the Tom Cruise flick at Jeff tomorrow Korean auto giant Hyundai motor group has unveiled photos of robot exoskeletons to its blog post on Friday after 6 years of research and development in the area just like in the famous Hollywood blockbuster Iron Man the wearable robotic device is used to get the controller extra strength and assistance Candice said that the new technology can be applied in many areas including national defense production and even physical rehabilitation the exoskeleton still under development can make it possible for the wearer to lift an object weighing over 60 kilograms and assist him or her and physical movements in the science fiction film Pacific Graham robots controlled by the human brain fight against monstrous creatures but the idea of mind control machines isn't as far from reality as you might think in collaboration with Microsoft research a team from Korea university has created a mind controlled robotic suit that can walk and turn up the users well by reading their brainwaves to operate at the user steps into the suit and looks at a tablet connected to a web of electrodes which reads a user's thoughts the electrode send signals from the person's brain to a computer which analyzes the signals and turns them into actions to move the suit in the desired direction in just a matter of seconds this 2 dimensional object full to self to become a mini robot then off it goes zipping around on both land and water developed by researchers from the Massachusetts institute of technology this tiny robots starts out as a flat sheet of plastic but when triggered by heat I can fault itself thing still a set of electro magnetic materials the robot has a shave memory polymer built inside which calls up when it's heated using this material the robot can fold itself by applying heat to its pre crease edges the Finnish robot measures just over a centimeter from front to back and although it weighs less than a third of a gram this tiny robot can run along designated trajectories swim and even carry objects that are twice as heavy as itself what's even more revolutionary as that the robot operates by using magnetic pulses so it doesn't need a battery the robot also dissolves in acetone so after doing its job it can completely disappear leaving only it's magnet behind my new books in the blood stream will replace aging so I don't book is with increasingly integrated part of to organs may be replaced by advanced machine for and artificial red blood cells may power the root movement eliminating the need for a hall our brains will be enhanced distinct billions of times faucet with instant access to outside information but eventually Kurt's father believes will become entirely artificial ourselves in our old biological bodies will soon incredibly primitive will be immortal finding true love is never easy for those who've given not point at a meeting that perfect partner who settle for a robot fans of synthetic sweetheart see romances and robots home place sooner than we might think when toys for boys become more than toys originally when I first got here I call them my synthetic girlfriend but it's actually progress the point where it's like you know what she's my wife 37 year old Dave cat from Detroit says he's been in a relationship with his sex doll for more than 10 years and it's in it or in her that he found his better half slaughter Sam that's not even worth getting out of bed at this point these days Dave Katz bond with the doll seems like a joke to many but according to British artificial intelligence researcher Dr David levy in a few decades romance between humans and robots will be a common thing sex dollars are nothing new to those who are familiar with the market of sex toys however tech entrepreneur Matt McMullen is looking to break the mold so to speak with his newest endeavor a I sex robots McMullen is the CEO and founder of the successful company called abyss creations that produces real doll silicone sex dolls that sell for $5000 piece according to repair New Zealand researchers sex robots are the future of prostitution but to claim that robot prostitutes will completely revolutionize the sex tourism industry by 2050 the paper titled robots men and sex tourism published in the journal futures claims robot sex is safe free from constraints precautions and the uncertainties of the real deal the paper described a futuristic imaginary sex club in Amsterdam called yum yum where tourists pay €10000 for massages lap dances and sex or sex robots moving around the club yeah IBM would include sexual quote gods and goddesses of different ethnicities body shapes ages languages and sexual features the bonus is that the futuristic environment will be free of sexually transmitted diseases because the sex robots would be made a bacteria resistant fiber will be flush of human fluids after use //

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