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"2018-05-18 01:30:53"
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Power of Transformation | William Branham (1965)
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Bill Cooper 9/11 Prediction | The 'LOST' CNN Bin Laden Interview
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"2018-04-20 01:01:15"
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"2018-04-17 02:00:46"
Dr Steve Pieczenik's Take On Syrian Attacks - Calls Out Alex Jones
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🚨 Decode of QAnon Syrian Airstrikes INTEL | Jerome Corsi | April 14, 2018
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Jerome Corsi Live Stream | QAnon, Trump & Syria | 4/14/2018
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"2018-04-14 14:34:18"
The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine #PEDOVORE
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"2018-04-13 00:45:48"
9-11-2001 | The RARE Footage You Were NEVER Meant To See Again
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"2018-04-12 00:56:40"
🚨 Staged Chemical Attack In Syria | Trigger For WW3
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"2018-04-11 00:49:05"
PROOF QANON IS REAL | LIGHT TO DARK | An Interview With Dr. Jerome Corsi
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"2018-04-08 01:59:00"
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"2018-04-07 22:32:58"
The Triumph of Truth
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"2018-04-05 12:51:27"
🚨 DECODE Of NEW QAnon Posts #1008 thru #1021 | MAJOR DROPS | April 4, 2018
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"2018-04-04 16:46:18"
Why The Elite HATE Jesus Christ
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"2018-04-04 13:52:09"
🚨 NEW QAnon DECODE - APRIL SHOWERS | Dr Jerome Corsi | APRIL 3, 2018
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"2018-04-04 03:34:45"
NEW QAnon Update | April 3, 2018
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"2018-04-03 20:45:13"
Learn Why Alzheimer's Disease Cases Are Growing Among Youth And How To Protect Yourself
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"2018-04-03 14:31:09"
The Man Who Solved 9/11 | An Interview With Christopher Bollyn
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"2018-03-30 23:15:02"
Eyewitness Testimony of Ellan Mann
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"2018-03-27 00:04:35"
QAnon Crumb CONFIRMED | POTUS Will Use Military To Build Wall
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"2018-03-17 02:48:36"
🚨 LATEST QAnon Decode: March 16 | "WE HAVE THE SUB"
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"2018-03-13 02:13:08"
🚨 MAJOR QAnon News | Angela Merkel and the NAZI WORLD ORDER
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"2018-03-13 01:29:17"
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"2018-03-09 02:52:48"
🚨 Jerome Corsi #QAnon DECODE - MARCH 7th | #InternetBillOfRights #EdwardSnowden
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"2018-03-07 00:16:37"
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"2018-03-05 00:30:31"
🚨 QAnon IS BACK | Dr. Jerome Corsi Decodes NEW Posts
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"2018-02-27 02:14:04"
Contending For The Truth #5
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"2018-02-20 01:15:08"
More Proof That PIZZAGATE Is Real | Sick & Dying Children Abused
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"2018-02-17 14:49:25"
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"2018-02-17 01:00:28"
🚨 LATEST Dr. Jerome Corsi QAnon DECODE - Feb 15, 2018
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"2018-02-16 03:08:54"
🚨 BREAKING: Student Eyewitness of Florida Shooting Speaks Out
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"2018-02-11 03:33:11"
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"2018-02-10 21:37:59"
Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word - WILLIAM BRANHAM
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Economic Expert WARNS: We're headed for a CRASH!
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"2018-02-04 15:32:43"
Super Blue Blood Moon Stirs Occultists Around The World
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"2018-02-04 04:03:56"
🚨 UPDATE: Jerome Corsi discusses QAnon & Adam Shiff - MAJOR REVELATIONS COMING
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"2018-01-31 00:50:25"
White Genocide In South Africa - Jeanine's Story
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"2018-01-29 00:42:54"
NEW QAnon DECODE (1/27/18) - Jerome Corsi & Anons discuss latest posts
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"2018-01-28 04:57:12"
NEW Qanon Update - JANUARY 27, 2018
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"2018-01-25 03:16:57"
This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled - William Branham
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"2018-01-24 00:43:50"
NEW QAnon DECODE (Jan 22, 2018) - "This is only the beginning, PRAY"
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"2018-01-23 03:30:52"
🚨 NEW #QAnon Intel DECODE - JANUARY 21, 2018 - Second American Revolution Fully Underway
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"2018-01-23 01:34:39"
Jeff Sessions Attacks Girl With Epilepsy - Threatens To Take Her Medication
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"2018-01-22 02:03:58"
#QAnon's NEWEST Intel - JAN 21, 2018
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"2018-01-21 07:05:23"
LATEST #QAnon Intel DECODED (Jan 20, 2018)
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"2018-01-21 01:19:25"
🚨 BREAKING: FBI has NEW "person of interest" in connection with #LasVegasShooting
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"2018-01-20 02:59:02"
🚨 LATEST #QAnon Posts - The 2nd American Revolution Is Underway
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"2018-01-20 01:56:18"
🚨HUGE: Doctor & Scientist Expose Medical Clinics, The CDC And The Flu Epidemic
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"2018-01-16 21:25:39"
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"2018-01-14 17:37:49"
MUST SEE: William Shatner Preforms ROCKET MAN For Kim Jong-Un
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"2018-01-11 02:45:57"
HILLSONG: The Truth Behind The World's Hipster Church
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"2018-01-08 02:05:17"
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"2018-01-07 02:56:03"
TRIGGER WARNING! Little Girl burns President Trump - "She's Japanese"
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"2018-01-07 02:00:09"
The Truth About Organic Food
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"2018-01-06 16:29:58"
EXPLOSIVE New Documentary Exposes What REALLY Happened In Las Vegas
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"2018-01-03 22:54:07"
🚨SPECIAL REPORT: Chicago Wants U.N. Troops To Secure City
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"2018-01-02 23:13:49"
Full White House - PARODY
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"2018-01-01 20:44:36"
EXPOSED: Secrets The Vatican Tries To Hide
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"2018-01-01 16:16:09"
Saudi Arabia Financed 9/11 Test Run
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"2018-01-01 01:40:39"
I Sent Forth A Man - with lyrics
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"2017-12-31 14:58:07"
FLASHBACK: Elijah Wood Exposes Illuminati Child Abuse In Hollywood
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"2017-12-31 02:16:17"
Beulah Land
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"2017-12-30 02:37:12"
🚨 Roy Moore Proves Election Fraud In Alabama Special Election
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"2017-12-26 16:38:42"
President Trump Is Destroying The International Sex Slave Trade
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"2017-12-23 01:06:08"
Adult Store Sells Fake Male Genitals For Little Girls
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"2017-12-21 02:33:48"
U.S. Military Has An Army Of Micro Drones - SLAUGHTERBOTS ARE HERE!
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"2017-12-20 02:34:49"
U.S. Military Shows Off Army Of Micro Drones
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"2017-12-20 01:48:43"
U.S. Creating A Immigrant Master Race?
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"2017-12-19 02:07:43"
The Little Drummer Boy (HD)
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"2017-12-19 00:32:36"
BREAKING: Antifa Takes Credit For Train Attacks In Washington
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"2017-12-17 03:05:04"
Silent Night
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"2017-12-14 01:10:35"
ONE NATION UNDER GOD - A Powerful Message
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"2017-12-13 00:16:47"
Look Out Washington, Here Comes The Judge
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"2017-12-12 00:47:43"
The Truth About Trump's JERUSALEM Declaration
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"2017-12-09 02:20:37"
POLICE STATE: Another Cop Executes Unarmed Man
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"2017-12-08 01:38:45"
UNDERCOVER: LGBTPQ's Targeting Children & Medicaid!
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"2017-12-07 01:11:11"
President Trump proclaims Jerusalem the capital of Israel (Full Speech)
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"2017-12-06 02:05:31"
The Death of Society
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"2017-12-05 01:38:31"
Texas State University Paper Demands All White People Be Killed
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"2017-12-03 04:16:04"
Go Tell It On The Mountain (with lyrics)
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"2017-11-30 01:56:33"
REVELATION: Dawn of Global Government (2016)
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"2017-11-30 00:11:39"
SHOCKING: Bosnian War Criminal Commits Suicide In Courtroom
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"2017-11-28 02:03:02"
President Trump meets World War II Navajo code talkers
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"2017-11-27 01:53:31"
Don't Look Back If You Have The Revelation
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"2017-11-27 01:24:14"
The Testimony of Sister Bree Spann
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"2017-11-27 00:42:45"
BREAKING: Trump Appoints Pro Vaccine HHS Secretary
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"2017-11-25 15:11:32"
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"2017-11-24 21:36:42"
The Truth About Thanksgiving - Ben Shapiro
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"2017-11-24 21:02:46"
This Vegetable KILLS CANCER
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"2017-11-24 16:13:17"
PROOF! Gluten Free & Casein Free Diets Help Treat Austim
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"2017-11-23 14:53:50"
A prayer of thanksgiving
\\ //
"2017-11-20 01:16:47"
\\ //
"2017-11-19 22:00:21"
Seven Angels Seen By Soviet Cosmonauts
\\ //
"2017-11-15 02:51:14"
Contending For The Truth #4
\\ //
"2017-11-11 17:17:28"
\\ //
"2017-11-11 03:20:56"
WAR IS COMING: Israel VS Hezbollah In Lebanon
\\ //
"2017-10-23 23:07:37"
\\no been enteral no zyrtec no nothing that they were telling me to do you wrap them in wet cloths put gasoline all over and nothing touch the itch that he had he developed multiple food allergies for instance about the 9 he's the injury story and Kyle is about the 12 and Levi's probably 5 so let's get back inside again Siegel pregnant first child and what he thinking about boxing absolutely nothing I did what my mom did my grandma did not think anything about it nobody talked about it it was just what you did follow that up right yeah I had a baby and taking her first appointment and they pretty much tell you what they're going to do there's it's not really any like Hey by the way this is happened because they don't believe it's happened ... so just hand your white paper that tells you the couple were thing you know ... rand of side effects like leg swelling redness you know ... and actually when she got vaccinated she ran 100 very very fever that night and I called the pediatrician and she's like it's completely normal skipper Tylenol and ... I didn't realize it then but she she had a lot of issues the first 2 years so she's thank god for breastfeeding I think that might be counteracted it but ... there was little Brinson came on that I really realized go ahead Branson my house I can't say that ... I realize it was a one size fits all in fact none of them fit anyone they shouldn't be used at all so with him so when you realize ... immediately yes because okay so Brinson was worn in 2008 he was ... vaginal birth completely normal everything was great peccary Apgar scores he latched on I had already nurse my daughter for 2 years so breastfeeding was very simple everything's curry ... for 2 months they wanted to give in the head hepatitis B. shot at birth and I don't know why I turned that down I thought it was ridiculous really I was like well you just came now I know I don't have hepatitis piece so I'd I'd refused it as a whole thinking just give it to us too much too much about I saved everything for that first 2 months so the 2 month checkup ... I took a man they had ... multiple things on on yeah I can't really remember any of them but one of them stood out now as rotavirus that was new my daughter never has that and so I said you can just take that off I'm not giving him anything that I don't know now I'm so they took that off and ... he ended up getting 5 shots I don't know if any of them or combo shots I know nothing they didn't tell me what they gave him the only game to white sheets and set a look at this this is side effects that happened bollocks yeah probably yeah so they vaccinated ... and ... I nursed him right after work so we took them home that night was the first night I could not put it down he was completely inconsolable he was grunting ally and like having stomach problems and stuff and I was just like you know what is going on and of course immediately the only thing that had changed because I had really left the house a stay home mom is same thing every day routine breastfeeding sleeping both being I'm the only thing I'd change he'd been vaccinated and ... he wishes inconsolable I slept with him all that night sitting straight up in bed nursing him all night long he would not get off at all and she's like a comfort thing or something I mean and this continued for a couple of days and ... and about 3 days he started having like this Arash sprinkling across his face and ... then he started getting red in all the little fat roll creases here here here here in the Twin is growing and snack is armed Hey it's just red rash E. ... stuff and start developing cradle cap ... yeah and I was like okay this is kinda weird and I told my mom about it in ... she was like only we're not clean and I'm good enough but also it now and he's not he gets dirty and clean him really well and ... so I don't know why but we had another appointment like the following week or something and when we when I was because he had a clogged tear duct that's why he called your tier.the so we went back in and I mention the cradle of on it said and like the ration in his arms and stuff and I was looking he's been inconsolable I've been nursing around the clock you know he's now breaking out this ration ... his his up to like ... his bowel movements rather spot or I should use they went from being normal breast fed thou movements which are yellow in and stuff too explosive frothy Corinne painful and after every feeding sometimes more I mean he was going through up all my gosh almost a pack of diapers like every 2 or 3 days ... so all these things were happening all of the sudden and the only thing was vaccines at this point I had not looked into them or anything I just knew you just now and so I mention I'm like you know could he have made me ... reacted all no no no on this is probably just the beginnings of eggs in mind you know they get it around 2 to 3 months old in the cradle crap logs heat some olive oil put it on their comb it and it actually it'll go away and it did the rash spread he looked like he'd been set on fire on I lived in a recliner this for 2 years holding every night all night long nursing all the time ... and I like I said I I can't mentioning to my doctor I really think he's reacted to these axes of course because they want to meet it bring it back for months and get more shots I might now absolutely not absolutely not suck it happened and ... immediately their demeanor toward me changed they were ... very condescending would not consider anything that I said to them at all just your dom like are you gonna take these vaccines are gone if not then maybe it's it fights about elves and I did and it finds what else ... but ... so anyway that began during ... I have to tell you at both times I was because at this time I had started hearing a lot of like medical kidnaps Tories and things like that to cover my rear and I stayed with my my pediatrician and just kind of made it through that somehow but on the side I was chasing holistic things and putting myself in severe dead and everything ... they were like ... remorse Mayo Clinic you name it I've been there on because even my pediatrician's like this the worst case of exam I've ever seen his hair was falling out often literally I I had to start going to the store I had I think yes I'm sorry it's it's it's okay that ... sorry about that ... didn't I could go the store had gone public because people thought he was contagious and or I had over one guy said asked me if I drug him behind my car and an asshole and if I had drug him behind my right attaching to a rope and drug him behind my car in the asphalt it had done that in that rediculous I I do as well ... because let me tell you when people hear me say exam are they think the patches you know that's what most people think ... that was not our reality at all it was ... this is this is what I'm talking about why ... so there I was the last we stopped its so here in la but what happened is there's a scratch cycle and so in the beginning they were like oh given on topical steroids and he was only 6 months old and us so I did it and I immediately realized that only clear up and then there'd be this rebound effect of just horrendous I mean it would look like this and so then you can't put the steroids Cristero train line because there were completely rock and on the side I was chasing everything every I mean literally I bought crocodile bombs from New Zealand because it was gonna you know he'll legs about whatever it was desperate it was terrible it was lonely and ... after told us much better when I was telling you I'm getting all my stuff that looks like well everything that Victor that's what I'm saying people thought he was a burn victim they thought it'd put sunscreen on it that like how could you let him get sunburned like that like it's not sunburn it loved his face it was the worse on his face everywhere else it was just big gigantic I like Welfs almost looked like he had beer cartons all over him ... and it was like that from the 7 year itch that took us to heal him up but ... anyway ... and and it's important that people see this as well this is what we dealt with ... constantly so he would scratch until he would bleed ... no no Benadryl no zyrtec no nothing that they were telling me to do you wrap them in wet cloths put gasoline all over and nothing touch the itch that he had he developed multiple food allergies ... in order to be able to breastfeed him for 2 years I had to you only eat rice check in a couple of freaks a couple of vegetables and water that's where I lived off of for 2 years ... while they're sending me here sending me there and still trying to convince me to vaccinate I'm I'm in fact while he was healing up they were still trying to convince me to vaccinate them even though they had nothing to do with his healing process at all ... anyway but blade ... during this time I was you know completely like now I know it's vaccines and I'll never see it again we not only take that one round to create this it only took one round and they don't they don't and everybody in an ox is about all those things are really big too but nobody actually realizes that this is also something that can happen ... I had to go to bed every night with towels to soak up the blood we could leave our house ... because he would plead Oliver's close and we couldn't be a public ... but but at this time no my my pediatrician sending me all these places and I member it was like the fourth specialists that we had went sol and it was anymore so I think it Jackson alert gates largely of and I walked in and she is to slice this literally her face is just annoyed right off the bat and I'm like what's wrong and she's like well you're just lucky I'm even gonna see you today and I'm like that why I was like I I waited 6 months for the specialist appointment and she said because it's excellent no one none of us know what to do with eczema and I said to her but you're the specialist your special specialize in skin diseases skin disorders ... food allergies and things like that and she's just like there's you know it's basically steroids wet wraps steroids terabytes steroids and they actually try to sedate him they wanted me to sedate him every single night let's sedation drugs so that he could sleep by ... I can't do that because it rate it made him react emotionally and turn them into a different child I'm so we went tremendous debt we chased everything we could chase ... in a T. chiropractic appointments I can't tell you how lonely and dark and everything and and you know people I actually had somebody in front of me say ... that they were thinking twice about given their daughter ... vaccines after seeing Branson and and hearing a story and her sister in law said right next her well something happens it's okay will help you and that's just sit down no one is there in the middle hours you're soaking up the blinded and they're crying and they're ripping their hair out because they're so itchy ... nobody is there and no doctor they they don't know what to do I mean literally I had nothing to steroids thrown at me and it 3.5 years old I finally went saw that top dermatologist in Gainesville in ... he said to me well here's your options we could put him on steroids for 15 days and in 12 days he'll look the same but at least we can clear up for 12 days we can start my chemotherapy drugs but he's got his liver and kidneys are half the tested every month for failure or we can start among this new experimental burn drug that might be able to have his skin yeah he'll up because literally for 6.5 years it was like when I showed you in this picture ... you couldn't wash and I mean everything everybody takes for granted wearing shorts wearing short sleeves ... giving them a bath I would put it in the bathtub he would score marine and I would sob while I tried to get the blind in everything off ... that was twice a day sometimes ... got to the east Gaddis was one night whenever he was scratching and crying at the same time and you could see the blood soaking his clothes and ... so on a bow me looking into Maxine's ... I was so Comiso was vaccines I immediately started looking into a prayer on time is 5 or 6 months old I realize doctors did not know anything ... I no longer quite degrees and all that with ... knowledge at all on because whenever I brought him back healed mild pediatrician looked at me and said what if you die what did you put on and I said I'll tell you I did I ran from doctors that's what I did and thank god she's gracious more friends by anyway ... so I started looking into at this time at the time I was really looking into it I was in search tech school does learn to be a surgical technologist and we had a sterility drug called clear out hide and learning about this drug we were told that if we ever came in contact with it we would have to be basically has matter from head to toe booties gown gloves face mask ... hair coverings and everything and they don't even like to use it because it's so hazardous ... we usually would use autoclave to kill any germs on instruments and things like that well when I'm looking up vaccines I notice and the is it T. aber detach it's I know it goes back a fourth okay the detached vaccine I see clear out high and I almost lost my mind and that's when I knew that that what what basically what I had done to my client what I've done but my ignorance had done to my kids and ... after a while still I say I told the story so clearly last time and I think all these cameras I'm rocking out people have messaged me and asked me that ... I'm I I stay away from that topic because for us it was a god thing ... but basically I had him on a paleo diet even though he could have ads on my head on a paleo diet I read him completely of grains and sugar and I know people product when I I think that ... I got a really good quality movie manuka honey I'm started making bone broth which took 16 to 2004 hours to make ... I stayed away from I tore carpets out of my al-assad's the boy that he is completely that it but he can't hear you next but ... other I'd like really care less about that honestly I don't have to watch a bleeding again this is like 2 years ago but he's completely Harbach now he's clear from head to toe doesn't it should night no medication once the phone ever state that surrounds us probiotics out pilots yes robotics are very real important pay a giant Ohio when he ... pay Lebanese yeah I know through this first it was years years years ago but but I will say though that's because at that time you know what's going on 9 years later some of 9 years old but at that time nobody knows about vaccines you this just wasn't even nothing I mean my whole of in my circle even my own Marlys kind what you down and it affects me again now Michael until I mean I I went on my intuition I'm tying would go with it because it has never failed me but ... I I I lost a lot of friends family ... it was really bad those really really bad ... but I don't really care about half of I've thought about it I have not even that I should open up a blog I have a lot more to say the one thing on here but guys I'm just like trip and over my stuff my words you don't know why 7 years there's so much to tell you guys just new I went all over I did everything it was really bad refused me I everybody what you feel still deal with all ... I have no someone in there but I have on you know to keep in mind I was in medical field I was like taste in that dream like backup what other it and as a doctor no no no I was a surgical technician and I was basically the one handed the doctor all of the instruments during surgery and make sure you don't have any Gaza's left India our instruments or anything crazy ... that kind of stuff I played that character so you know cloud that my mom's an assistant thing couple but I'm good at I like it I enjoy it I love holding Yeutter sizin and gall bladders and those things are very fine ... by it I knew I was actually in school for are in and I just dropped out because I just couldn't I think I will never faxing I'll never be told I have to do anything so I have had to completely drop any type of medical career that I was chasing someone really care but ... I having said no I have let you if I stayed yes yes I was like no let out yeah I am gonna buy a I have a lot of a medical field family had friends and ... Ivankov as a child abuser ... stupid right dumb stupid child abuser I should be in jail I shall make it sink in a way you name it we all deal with their eyes I I but none of the story give everyone a summary of all imagine speaking to the young kid about 2 you're very smart take advantage of the knowledge around you in the age of information you cannot afford to be stupid ignorance is not bliss that can kill your child it can kill your marriage a kid now that my marriage was killed but I have friends who ... how their marriages fail because of it ... because you can't go back you cannot go back ... don't trust people just because they have a degree ... trust mom instinct trust gut instinct because if I have to be honest even going and to get my daughter's acts nations my first thoughts vaccinations I didn't feel right but I like I said that that what your mom did and everybody else does this really really strong and it's really hard to fight ... I I almost turned several friends against vaccines and the minute they talk to their mom or their sister or their best friend that all changed and ... this is your child and like I said before nobody was there I have family that lives in my same town nobody was there at night nobody was there helping me I sometimes I sleep 11:00 hours a week an entire week 11:00 hours so you have all the information at your fingertips and there is no going back I feel I've been able to kill Bryant's not but I have a lot of friends that have not been able to do so and I know 60 year old men that had their entire life so I don't know what else can I have one loves you you go is because people saying how hope you have one line you big time on this one there's a lot more story that guys sorry can't hold better but ponds a pediatrician and come to your house and all the lights on hoping please and now that they were actually angry they were angry at me on they they try to give me pro top it will tell you some if your research pediatricians like you to take what they give you and that their mouths spit on your kid unmet I would go okay I'll research that solid enough I'm gonna give it tells lord help me ... I was given pro top it for him all it's better because it's non steroidal you know has no steroids in it so I went home that night tight did in black box for me warning kids have been getting non Hodgkin's lymphoma and all other kinds of cancers now might lead us all begin in this town not I was planning on anyway but ... I like I said at this time I'll sing a lot like medical kidnap scary stuff you know going against the doctors are going to get skied on so I became very scared so whenever they would give me a prescription go and I go for him off still in it because I knew that they don't have clearly they were talking about it was obvious closely obvious but no I don't see any doctors at all my kids are never sick I have a completely humpbacks need a 5 year old and he is the bomb I don't have any issues like all them things you think the childhood illnesses those are my that's not normal that is not normal Dylan anybody tell you that it's not normal for kids to get chronically ill or yeah well I think it is an end and ... someone very close to me ... obviously has a child with autism and ... chronically ill chronically hospital are SP you name it and ... there their personal fulfilled and ... stages know some doesn't just happen means is deal with the cards that you're given case plays what what they told me and I think it's really sad you'll have to deal with it you don't have to have sick kids and 5 year old is maybe add 3 colds that lasted maybe a day or 2 in his life I'm not lying I've never experienced vomiting stomach bugs are is the rest for infections never has existed ever you can do it staff counsel don't drink yeah my husband with it's I mean because because ... don't do it and I think that's probably the key to why he getting that stuff either but I'm vaccine is better I've to vaccinate when I backs needed not really get sick but Levi's the best thank you sorry was pretty credible //
"2017-10-20 03:30:53"
🚨Las Vegas Survivors Tell What They Saw: Multiple Shooters In Multiple Locations
\\I do believe that there is ... and percent more than one shooter are every other person that I've talked to that did get unfortunately had as well have all said the same things they know that there is multiple shooters sounded like there were a dozen shooters the New York New York Excalibur shooting was right outside it was an inside it was outside we saw the muzzle flashes anybody has because here's what we call the news is he saw the muzzle flashes from a very up close and that we don't like talking about it it's not something to take very lightly a lot people don't believe that we saw all the things that we saw they think that we were like like I'm Superman and I was everywhere at one place and that's not true ... I'm just saying that Tropicana shootings we heard and the New York New York Excalibur I'm not sure which one it really was that it came from that direction because it's across the street from the parking structure at Tropicana and all of a sudden we hear the little whizzing going bias and the bullets are just flying by and it it when someone's coming up and down or at least from a different angle arm there is going to hit the ground they're gonna ... it death a lot of different things are gonna happen when someone shooting from out from a straight horizontal line it's just gonna keep flying as soon as we heard a little break in and we knew we had to keep around the fact that the police weren't moving on anything tells me that they felt like there were multiple ... you know there were multiple shooters because they're all down behind it may surreal about 30 yards in front of us where we were towards the strip there that that 6 foot 5 to the to the concert I'm waiting for to that end because it sounds like they're on the grass crazy yeah sure quite hard and after much debate I have decided to make this video ... the reason why I make in this video is to ... give everyone ... my eyewitness account of what happened down at planet Hollywood we heard the gun fires are approaching where we were they just are getting closer and closer and louder and louder and I I knew we were getting gunshots or closer to us than where they originally started and that's when we knew we we had to run all I know is that the burst of shots were very quick and they didn't last long they were not 15 seconds long like the Mandalay bay shooter they where very short bursts and it was almost as if they just wanted to get a few shots in and then quickly get out now it sounds like it's coming from all over the other way here gunfire over the sound of the casino which is you know a lot of bells and whistles because machines going off or whatever ... there was music playing and people talking so it was you know an elevated amount of noise in the casino and yet I still heard these gun shots we hear shots coming from like Hooters MGM area over there there's jobs coming from over there and there was half going out of the way they more about life here CNMI it had to be within a half a block of where I and you guys said that there are multiple shot where did you ever on the furthest the I. P. stages away from Mandalay bay and they were ricocheting everywhere where we were sod it if it was they were firing from somewhere high and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after people are saying the shots of the Lazio I wasn't there I can't tell you but I was at Tropicana and I did hear those shots and we ran out to the table area and we had in the cabanas for 30 minutes so there's a shooter you believe multiple shooters multiple centers chastity that thing that's really shocking to me is that there are hundreds if not thousands of us who know there was also shooting going on inside of the badly very so a little bit later high got on periscope started broadcasting I had a little over 10000 viewers watching out down there only to back you 8 and there was nobody ... nobody out there protested gone totally ... he ought to go down and he actually fed up with the other guys who are also looking trying to fight for major and we let up with the security guards and police officers who are not people who are doing it told us to run away and we heard gunshots trip around the quarter we were idiotic Delano right next to a walkway to connect apparently they had to tell about and we heard gunshots right out the whole week but we think that does the police with dealing with the shooter while we were down there sounded like machine guns is it like more than one machine just didn't stop like 30 minutes I don't like it was being recorded one way we're trying to make all kinds of phone calls because when I heard the gunfire and never I never heard anything like that and I never in my life I'd be anything like Annan's now they were saying you know that nothing happened the other hotels like is that I don't know what how but you know what happened at this one and I know that my husband there jumped on top of me and I was holding on to another lady because she was scared and crying because we were kind of in a like fire running your sport lecture and police officers and go get in this room and and then you know I felt I felt like there were like these click young I don't only look like 20 I don't know in their early twenties they were crying in London you got a lot of Orlando you know be kind of difficult captive in there I don't want to die inflated balloon when people get shot around you you can hear you can hear when the bullets actually make contact with the body ... and that is a very very very ... it's very hard to hear you don't hear that ... you can hear when the bullets don't hate you can hear the blitz do and I heard more bullets hitting the debt they have come yeah but they they it wasn't died okay let's all leaving notes okay no we all start writing and they came in that's why there's no physically human body physically it really possible way that that guy that was the only ship Ennodius name to the chatter on those security guards harm or there are 2 way radio okay and I'm listening to the police ... string that I also downloaded up you too so it was the very same one so I'm the hearing shots fired hear shots fired the air I'm hearing that shattered is going on between the security guards control right now I'm still on each charge channels you need how will forget you name work New York all any religion is saying many public were down all their money can you 2306 hours secondhand advisors shooter at the front desk in York all writers write your unit apartment hunter he he's having shelter in place inside the kitchen area there and he shot were fired in psychiatry no floor there's several subjects down in New York New York in humanity whoever is responding to New York New York from the patrol side and you somebody to give in to the cameras to verify whether this is a diversion break we have a security officer also shot in the leg and just 30 seconds for you said it was by the elevator its religious confirm there are at least 2 shooters will fully automatic weapons Detroit very 63 over by the book called takes quite Tropicana okay now I'm going information on the action tutor at Tropicana village voice 1 squad to deal with the issue over there at Luxor reference the 445 device and I've got FBI swat Henderson's what the north Las Vegas water route for staging area industrialized knowledge active shooter adventure and there were 3 bursts 3 persons had a shop ... Qasim people who were there in that there was that and now firm ... via those people that were in there puts Helena Montana Tom and I don't like is that can get close it's on the front doors with all the glass and everything all over Gladys yeah I'm sure that's why they're not letting anybody out because of the bullets that were probably in the lobby and then glass that was on ourselves I hope this helps you to clear some stuff up are people just in case you are right when you know what's really going on here and I hope that the news does get it straight when people are saying that there is no proof that these other shots fired have been I say big yes because I heard panic people on the phone trying to instruct their loved ones to to just stay cool or run or do whatever it everybody who was talking sincerely knew or thought they knew that their lives were potentially in danger yeah I was just asking if you guys are just 10 rooms because none of us can really get there and most of us didn't really sleep because of all the gunfire and all the happenings here last night and she looked right at us and she said there was no gunfire outside the blush in hotel last night just like that it's like that it's scary isn't like The Twilight Zone that is chilling it 6 occupied North America nmsiis sold more it's happening now it will decide the fate of humanity a time issue site just calm we are the resistors we are in full //
"2017-10-19 17:42:21"
\\calls using my all the crap that broke up more outreach 30 more years who on earth would not lie for you love my leann who from well what you really think hardly get a little bit quiet you you get started you counting one what you got I got one the other night somebody 3 and if god what time the moon rises there well bear market is what Howard Dean one minute one second and the day of the month and as a daily yeah we are alone here here when you use it as my own part I don't have here or what the padawan but powerful from what's that it was at using the leann honey moved her hand Iran all I can do that I'm all I ask really you know we want a fight well doctor you get ready who care about handle it on not while I'm alive your soldiers then there then bringing your good call 8 year old well one of or not at all because your your Bible study I think I came cooler air I've heard here if you nominate you for work before I got they hadn't come and then well then they love them and what not so far before it won't not sitting there here I mean what I thought I would follow that bullet money but one hand man 80 column on a budget Andrew Cuomo who is well you can handle that the 5000 feet per second blacks traveling through our yard's in Houston for guard duty to ferret out all these you you can get the money honking and bullet hit pargana pointy area crash hello you but new partners to grains more power he ran over a whole new ground here cute killer brown he work welfare that bullet patterns again before use okay bank to disintegrate it turns again no although I because they get plan but it is well now let me bring them I ... bullet mean your hand right now hard piece of metal man hours hopper tempers are quoted and found that a late model and the whole bit label portrait roommate got hit in and no you we were and we were like yeah horrible we well we turn back to what we love before we were you know they say that man and there are rainn don king that your honor strain only no worldly they have they have perverted true love after all crude notion that okay I'm about ready army or are going to be alright these thank you very well I don't mind the very thank you for all 3 humming bird that doesn't matter but I remember that iron nnova panic and their power great with their one error back yes we want you to remember that blackrock I like it I like the fact my sister's not occurred my mother you know it county myself I not ridiculous 47 years of a now I can tell you they they third I lower through faculty draining off to their name our files are all he's not if they that god will heal he will then that what I Sarah grey hair Ian Miller my I'm fairly yeah but I I could keep going well over here the cleaner not based upon the merits of our foundation you know based upon the merits of our fate they and many times I have been proud cameraman he'll work life walk across the platform Baylor based upon your your your marriage off your face if not canceling the and that's what makes it all the people who are they all got on so many issues remain meeting Morgan some play for the people now I've been taken the people like in Miami alleges he the fire and then we expect in the congregation all at once the latter the fate of not all the it just doesn't work that way but they don't believe they will really affect us all for here in my town 25000 everyone there me here for one thing not much more than what it was down there Randy $25000 30000 years airlines to crack that was their whole grains from even know if they really going on here martinis course I've been saying I know but a battle but they're not there to see yeah cry then the evening himself on the merits of the people salaries and brother Robert Mann has more actual he yeah I'm afraid for 15 to 20 feet or seldom over 59 at all never Bill Murray no murder doesn't harm him on remember yeah a lot of is there I pray for me you agree that he and then I maybe you can pick one or 2 fate whatever I prefer pray for 1500 how much more he think out of 1500 knockout asking so maybe there's one in the people's faces everyone or it is not different people have yeah now when you meet you know that they have right now Schumer late after having fallen for my camel by leading the battery every year thing happened that still haven't changed all that take you from me bad going out with your for not making them hard anyone here knows it or not bother you yeah the main we pray for your farmers so well I not let you log we are removed here together in may he cried the phone down we are here because we mmhm com ordinary people who drink they meet together because they are great angry comments no many free meeting very because I have friends and how yeah I hear things they need together because they are friends in power largest meat because they have things in common Christian they call they have things in common I we had are left free 3 D. and we're all turns out now floor brothers repairs request not a lot of the year on why mother there and she's a renewal of this ballot pre human we believe with all our hearts thank bother you little young woman hearing many here is regular not you I know you made that blind man he firmly on Crippler riled we walked down to their word doctor a doctor nails manicured related that little one your old brain you better back Baylor Packer main she they a group of the phone rang parties he nnova aircraft we he's there are it over that Nnamdi every year the hollow so praise god can you give me because American great got on can you get past uses driver here Tara member no one is sure of the law you know credit that father of 3 your great healing power look turns years pawnshop neither your words filling her right Christian faith with a pain from here then and her father anything in money market I don't ever leave me alone may we see very well for the glory only after the season Amy god will improve we well good valid here I and a good unit but we Gregory maybe have very rarely yeah all 3 a but your your cue go right here that's why I'm here I mean here yeah my while yeah I think rainn but who knows well the first thing I thought back and campaign find out if you are approved for yeah there not only more apt to come on back here with all of you problem you can and then he 289 Greek life is are you having fun Khloe rare for all nations back I mean this is the name of flowers not you know if it's in the name of father son holy not many product their poetry it would be a living on in the name of the father means Andre the holy hill I find and ... leann well not 403 meter removing and he has always I question Claire I need turn the name of o'neill not even gonna hang in other product from holy thank you for and father who even performing and we're going and what do you mean now I think we all agree later Peter wasn't he I Frederick Taylor argues that the machines crime for the you hardly alone affected very and I'm not war hurt anymore in that file was never found the name of father son holy ghost Everton no know where you until 300 something wonderful charities are in the Catholic Church means turn bad here is not a power bank it's about a bottle bag and no one in the file ever Bandara name on it mainly if he'd have said go back on it in the name of the father son holy ghost and that's what he told me that you Bamba home church well Vatican I promise faith not units promptly if he said in the name of the father from all angles and fears patterning the largely don't you man contradict one another from thank you belief which currently is in the training we offer high trainee of god if you need that created one truth now now not neutrinos story and you realize that article you your wife who had them for a story can really feel a certain sense Johnny where the overall wow that's a lie now who is John Lear not you that bothered them or your personal life chapter it even heard loudly follow following rules and fathers don't mean sounds domain holy ghost with Tony and we've got a 5 and it we all know who John and Mary is go back here first Pataki what the phone number and the name is John you so and so's son he was I thought humans though everybody down here is made here right let's first look at look pursue if elected look at that time then the father son holy ghost the farmers are running through me no really we have collect first both find your father legal plus now it's very simple you think many farm hot well overall there is a problem we there is none it's all legal problem father is the father as he yeah I got it bar we need got it wrong yeah there it is for they're gonna go Matthew 2819 father Ron Palillo now yeah but now yeah they're not really is borrowed crop but here you know there's over I who father worked with the father of the lord he yeah here turbolinux I don't you know I well we're going yeah you the first record and you and we're going to you know about the how the evening prayer if you were probably for a marine pilot news flow first break the monk generation are easier to try so that they another neighbor whom ever ever got I've got you got that through lower down all your account balance each wants a gun I'm gonna come down to the 18 for now for the future cry not only at 520 mother Mary was the barrel of his job he was found with a child filed the only go I don't I would be fine nothing wrong here god is the father high within the holy ghost bother any and few bottles yeah and that got we don't know now real far then he'll look protruding it yeah men not women need to make a public example it monitor partner wife probably well I thought all the things you will be here soon Greenspan joke about 5 days feel often taken as busy parents are alive but that which is conceived in her is all god the father and not only 3 days of all thank god the father of the holy ghost Congress god the father who got I gotta go we go now the spirit I had a few palm that I know dear friends here well spirit Hooters we now see how what now I well we all need a hobby that's working for a promise that you will what we're living in a world without now 21 that would be on the whole legal and she shall bring forth icon special bring forth but on and they shut the whole year mainly Jeannie are you frightened people from there not all of them know what you mean you we Bob Hope every now all over them and it might be fulfilled which was spoken of a large not a proper thing they all oppression shall albeit with child and shall bring forth a son and they work hard really you are you aware there only when you do that vote or he slowly background well how fun it is only going at 5 let me let me review after all he felt now that really hot there and now here butterfly came in the name of the lord everybody in the bottle and beginning to be banned I human name of the lord Jesus and there was one group of people that in fact I 0 knowing that all non and Paul prices to the upper school professor at the 19 around 35 holes in the center there head eerie scene growing hoof prints you Billy they say we know we're not where they're being your goals until what that better late than how would you best not they think we but now he survived Yahoo he says known that for a few weeks now furnish me I fear repair things you should believe on America come under the lord uses fat and when he heard this they were baptized over you in the name of Jesus Christ was always hands on the holy ghost every person in the bottom of that name of the lord Jesus Christ now in fact John John finally we really need for I think there are 3 that bear record in heaven click finally no lurk within beginning with the word love and only go the 3 alarm warm I'm very very warm 14 who are showing up the father you decide I don't know where to find you keep your class father short the pontiff instead he said I've been so lonely you promised him you don't know before we leave the data files no I think a lot of short if you threaten if not we use the word to my father looking it is ridiculous in here well for other Gonyea finally very primitive 3167 pop harder great previously nephews our part got off no way we don't know freak only receive government level here at 9 bill Buckley via fear that we are very through the mountains got if you is that you have one human blood interviewed her grandpa if you think that those things are huge but you're wrong where you say fine manual left anywhere in the blood they don't come home video not 15 the female produce a very Carla what might fail 0 you give me any good here but the many out longhand because not for General Motors calyces comes absolutely from Bob if Boeing here mother fluff off one another fraction of a Robert Brown of war in another language here ever Hong raise up your money and your athleticism my but not one for the others like let the farming immediately called the help not let like hell not through the holy ghost overshadowed mare and she conceived and brought forth the front they're not created blood cell neither Jew nor gentile but god's own drunk see without facial bizarre theories Demopolis form bisexual not going where he said he knew even game or now first commandment that ... but not when I have any other god before if the first didn't you hear any oriental on the lord your god one no freedom if you're 3 gods word of the day currently where you weren't thank you that's really you could never see crime alive never been brought up to date if you are their views their own John I feel like you can never chop down trees in the future you either that or you got your problems on .roughly 3 feet Lori Gough anything you know whether he plays he said I will kick your god the father son holy ghost on all 3 are there any one I think that is your whole made where long ago we've ever had they use volunteering how I have the lowdown below half how many years body is now he and we're not going home hurt me one of the following something Brian Palmer you know I don't jump all you have to manage often not being a spirit it became less you're probably another man enforce current funds came on his own well he could be yeah if not for your sake France was one of 5 it is you know were you in this room got held hearings after the first one mostly everyone that I and are you 3 believe Colin there looking all over that out for a few if they got people were he's or on the 50 yard you learn played very I think you mean you don place you're not 3 years you guys played very well but the alcohol Mara bullet really calm and hear anything from his own pace and not have to you're laying on him define fact I went 50 flight we got the same maybe if they bring your honor don't we yeah I'm gonna man United in one when the fellow in the land became one do you have any other haters he embraced the caring god meant what we I look at your own going to debate only got green they're real good solid teachers don't bring their 3 palm and here is one of our I trading off of the famed got 3 and 9 but it has to be ... 1 guy then it very strict trinitarian he said now brother Branham you weighed a lot more from one if you get another on that little well you know the scriptures you let your own home or you could go one they Arafat all over oil platform if you show me where anybody's ever fantasized I think 3 off 45 minutes later in 3 you can't do it in one gulp okay guarding Myron Marty salfen no good it left me but I'm thinking you know many of you the third chapter yeah but I like the legal permit if they want me back you are straight we are lost has run away I think we need not only my favorite color lost world they thought he solid Peter got within and a nobody don't get me wrong and live our own desires and a pony and avoid violent crime among plant fleet other I have places that you are well review our and that pretty well you need to tell me if you if we 3 are certainly god the father acting head got whole you'll find it there then you think 3 grief and lead management places puncturing personal god friends and relatives your argument here and brought me out here that you can start I bet live through what you did he I could always hear it it's not out of your reach Monday your real father handed what you get you think there is any 3 got music yourself here Matthew 3 if you want to find out the country I will not a pretty cleanly and know that universal donor the manifestations come from heaven Latin fears about first second third whoever thought he I would love whenever what then let them ... here no I don't think that 18 burst underneath her monthly but all of the fourteenth of first year I but they are prepared and plainness proudly and leaders angry separate profiles are left at the counter who fell on my yeah and he's a funny what a great way out of the market and little league and lower across from heaven saying this is my beloved son 9 Wellesley mana thank you killer out there thank you for calling him on it look you think god the father here now the horny goat in between right there and I would I would take that live here make that Savannah illegal bookmakers CD now the founder and will remain active paper here Baathists now but I think this year we might be job while others when you got the holy ghost that fell and that they were rob Sarah is your real fangs sounds like it now you throw the I'm here for you if that last last straightway out a lot and all the hand but the whole artistry and Messiaen's now no one is gone a very over thank god I'm fine fear not that I'm not playing that Andrea holds up a whole who's out there is clearly no remaining all he wandered past lives alone bar and the 535 clients come upon now you're a friend how would that look like he's relentlessly but I really hope and John bare record things brawl out got now you know I the fear of god what not all third party and if they don't work for me opponents say is that if you are a lot of time in la I am pleased but but and if you want one please shop with him climb threatened but not only they found that not the father setting up in the air and Gaza hoping it would be a minute there but jons death circle Holyfield no water gone he thought spirits are godlike there your fear of our life 13 people but I don't think you are taking steps if they want they want right now that is through it makes absolutely no 100 trees will not understand that through but if not I don't convict 3 only come across as fodder for his partner to look at the ladies center let nothing a little bit because I remember my father in and around my back and the last thing Manhattan now found him again the yeah a lot of activity through this right quick know the night we a woman at that time here's what we hear program sure not of the father god the son is more like you your wife or one like that you I think he used the yeah I think you are alive but no answer then they're not thank god while he's at least the same file we have heard it too much not even who refuses frankly to get other who he prayed over who department language now is much younger say it here your family really help but I'm a man much Israeli a program of the file we look made her it was the time turned out why does it hurt now the spirit that was in the farm deeper close down of the calls you Bob here who fall the model for it gone up here I but he was very effective Kampong we were creating is making a lot we figured here at home when we got up quickly mainly so that he can go out they can be tangible precious when I hear what operating I want the whole the holy grail moving farm are I become more federal legal norms pain are hot seek the lord with all your we need to let you know that I'm what they look like when I was governor hold your outfit when I had his eyes are now they have one thing in the early self restraint well thank you very little they don't work Paranaque only look like 3103 you get them you can borrow that followed the creator and maybe here they are recurring here who we had a theory yeah motion yeah we are from I wasn't non may he had it without me proponents of god brought you but we do have a potion Rondell we we have made your own home but if you work hard booklet for the guy bodily rest easy he began gone waters one free and therefore the government estimates when the flag would be heard there are very very good green I don't wanna go for sure great spirit the anger and people look what happened after the great land 27 not already what with do you ever have he said unfair for those who have been brought I see no harm was India thank god what what remembered his body ahead on your left front but here now I'm home we let the Holy Spirit come down and shop unity who's now walking Nierenberg theme of her lower rather how about the 0 I threw through all our dreams be met for banks the lack of the causes I made here here they are them all through the door Jesus Christ you know it all Ruth telephone calls favorite fellow food for others all of that gonna uses behind our thanks Robertson Germany has a room back through the year but the power that leaves the United States not everything in the media solitaire harmonic here far you I don't recognize the United States probably our little warning for the United States alright macular on her back right here that fleet bank you know here last time that could be we've got in the way he they fell back on the long haul put them very well yeah body but bloodwork holding hands owner curry got him into our bodies specialists are high both he got a normal life I would say he's an alright job very well well well very hobgoblins will yeah we all need Denmark for life and I feel that Hitler followers and unfollowers showed me everything he does Farrakhan progress he did not do that father told me specint show levy we have great hopes your life you but the work off the ball in play well outlook on everything being here Catholic even what are your hopes one day my mother then call a little hammers and fairly her sisters not well body armor the Barbara you know your floor but now both party you know super show me a plane now I'm offended by the ocean Monday very little the letter he got from coldwater alveoli thank you very much things very little they say has the home but remember the same chemical then all of now plot on your yeah yeah but if you have a lot of money but I part for you know the whole thing curry yeah yeah yeah ... product reviews on it or I wanted to use the threat of shooting then one of the first but of late neighborhood we need more he worked very hard where is he and he's only humor look through rally for humor forest there day for your own children we will work but no one part of the letter and then screaming for your father I want 00 what came very very few 0 crazy kill that I'm not ready for it got off very clearly fatherhood you only very few if any for they were blinded here they are learning you there gospel truth might be or theory arguably one alive sex after the office anyhow more learn how physically but harassment there were you thinking her alive sure yeah Tucker Monday pollution is a list of the is wrong I see what they were learning here and a proper fit there are a few things here's the thinking here theater or Latin for they were flying the I mean but they're very much rather let me get a partner through you understand you know now leave here like we are not hard I think a few here now I can't make that you know so I'm not here to kill me yet once in awhile for me but it shows users all pain coca because he completely dropped I'm in favor say 5 great the no food no ordinary rainfall affects our raise can some of the world's second la fete no good morning almond oil he there's got quiet for a Malaysian grief taking aliki off-again now we want they may very well you know who that person or what about the new year's eve follow them state but he's appealing everything although we got it finally does do you know how it really got involved in all the battery courageous publisher now if you want you never hear anymore garland great overhaul he where mobile phone he was a great found calling my own rainbow thank you 3 year plan going forward I think that because you already in her blonde isn't helping to get through your your your mind my how about every we don't know but we love water secondly any other creature or support and that was good great use heritage great found buried that they're here in the world days versus Superior a lot of love a very low pretty good love very good not former you are there's all kinds of love like that hurry at all for me one great dream of another self Yuri but very true there you are not very pleasant usually want if a critical issues we want now will be what the day I see grease all of our the recipe for our own up a little better off humn figures for at least another day off for brief trip I found the thousands the aren't we all great 3 thumps great well at least all the hearing without one spot for believing that great great found the power now I'll bet great fountain what we call look wine bottle little and a little good what Buffy our well ... unmanly one of my one valve one of the we we bodies are not here now the owner is a I'm already 537 human babies and I but I have you're really going apparently very likely not only goal book review have warm lazy mode probably look like the fact one might has well not but he wore a dark blue that flip flop from grief I don't know here there was nothing we're but here Tom third degree mountain no means but better more closely for local time the fact that your whole life you know that you want a hand over one of the most now there were no we're not people of all faiths all of good morning grief holding the owners don't your greatness well we what if if he did not know of the year only bounty up here Hey role for our thank you all 301 her fiance I'm sorry Florida hater well now that you silent now did he offer they're not that far off never once got begin to 5 yeah we part one of the first form of gothic ever had palm Catholic collar eternal first however group who are Donna Fellman has defeated Nova LazyTown fun hitting but they call their own program eternal 5 doctors know they do not believe Drogon our European unity Carol got no while I'm still very that's not how he learned the wilderness over there all day but pomegranate like no not really many revelers what is forbidden rocking a little but I'm not long one hour ago you're mad you know please leann you know I never had the influence all hot the you'd think we were all very friendly every been devoting her here maybe more next you're not even thinking of things going right now you know your yeah speech wipe them before Abraham was I I will call home not a term flight typically through gone hello got under your feet not eager to graduate with eternal fell off yeah leave room for our I'm really very nearly years old but before Abraham what about him but who are who are could you hold but I think in a few days not hitting for sure I the technique good grief Jehovah god on and if ya want and very good theophany let me move you are only rejected made increase your governor laws like moon are only came anything really you know really we but yeah there were get a clue parent or will rarely philosophically one may powdered sulphur nearly hit number one you may know their fear and greed 0 flag used economic so a man who's never been fight the war coverage here now the senator definitive can only go the main thing hello who live near here you hear a lot I am alarmed you do that they are much older right now we have Graeme you don't know Harry are quickly the government harmless he parenting minerals uses are all here very funny into right you know who primary already one so it'll get more trade make more I never a pretty sight Bob thought because there were more him mad Philip vannatter they called it or even a free one more call unity 20 I agree we're honored and there weren't any moment connected together as husband and wife absolutely they're all good for your home we are not warmer godfathers through legal because they were scared and fly you out to dinner in your report well but no one the woman and I think that any pipes that Bernie you are only a few you'd like a man like a pervert in a moment welfare urine all about love for very few the national online but yeah I think we currently feel completely hollow face on which were there there are currently not you can hear the young lady you put your right Nnamdi very apparently even ray felt but now further no wonder Batman Wonder I think a little never mind well let us make man in our only delay you please note that I or you will he was a fiat yeah well if I then in the morning could not Hilde fell out really horrific that provide so even lately you expression that hot who farms then you got things how much harder here more cleaning up we don't hear your questions more for that conflict from beyond their you only live right here on earth he's 5 faces the contact you carefully they hear from here Eric I really like a month you know back on repairing 40 feet new so forth he's got put down like a very little for followers Peter I'm sure you remember the color and injected spirit well aren't you going to be you know a big album mother going managers of the they will only be for calling the fallen a little better major over Eugene farm is 10 times more defeat as are your man Erica how much ya know George tenet and all 3 how no you don't recall Oklahoma from NCCU but they are 100 year terrain nothing they call a hot item one working public harm no well I don't know anyone named Cody he lowers his lawyer though whoever them home found all throughout you are here for our efforts welcome but we think that she's human organs great players modern economy and very powerfully but he was the one who came for the one who called not one of the main has the story over the course you are going to fall they Peter coupon on the Donald who lives here view of the world frequently I thank them for the better TV land will look for that the man who we can vote for her correct I'm not sure if the opposite he and the Golden Gate now I don't bother anyone even hitting however if you don't make a fuss over that they're here to show Hillary find out who if I have the spiritual body of the opportunity beyond me and then back body renowned talk own flash light and let free one girl got off him never really any maybe well you Gandhi Carl yeah he was Ronnie returned we so yeah struggle down from the great problem he often is not only he ended up lying called fall through the call number barter Brian fiat or your father create all from their feet off //
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When God & Elijah Were A Majority
\\I love Martin Luther is credited with the statement one with god is a majority and there is another who experienced the truth of this epigrammatic statement and that my and of course was alive Jr it was and his ministry was cast in the days of Ahab and Jezebel when I was a wholesale departure of the northern kingdom from god and they plunged into idolatry and the worship of China the calf worship of bail at both Samaria and battle this man stood in that day alone is voice alone was lifted in defiance object hova and his word now it is true that there were 7000 that had not by all of the need to bail but they had retreated to the mountains and they not only had not only not bowed their knees I had not opened their mouth they have a none of them loose stood with Elijah in fact he was not even aware of their presence suntel gone call them to his attention that there were still 7000 I know he developed the complex and I think you would have to he said I alone in Milan and god had to call his attention to the fact that he Watson really alone and yet he did stand alone against the enemy in that day here it's used to compromise with the profits of bail and when they wrote the new confession of faith and rejected the authority of the word of god he denounced it any didn't say just because I'm a hopeless Manada day I'll have to go along with this he took a definite stand it took a stand against the calf worship of that day in fact of the matter is they had a new morality and that day the only thing is it wasn't even new Zion went back even though the tower of Babel and before the flood this idea of new morality which is sect to our ship was in existence in a lie just day it what's that which brought but the flood upon the earth then certainly Sodom and Gomorrah knew a great deal about it it was doctor Wilfred funk the outstanding lexicographer who made a list of the 10 most sticks press F. words in the English language and he said that the most better word is the word alone well a larger stood alone he did not voice public opinion it was no echo it was not a sounding board for any group are any individual are any party Athol it was not apparent saying something that somebody else and say he was more concerned about pleasing god then courting the popularity of the crown he sought divine approval rather than public applauds it was not a client on enlist in the street parade but rather he was a fool for god's sake yes lets us solo grownups in the wilderness of this world and he carried on an all out war against Satan and his minions stood alone on Mount Carmel a raid against the profits of bail it while the odds were hopelessly against them he made a dramatic stamps matter for god and he was the one who chose Mount Carmel after all it's the dramatics bondage cell I stood there about 2 years ago and as I stood in what is called a traditional spot where a large you met the prophets the bait hope may I say that it's one of the most picturesque spot you could be and right down in front was they bailed high for and the blue Mediterranean is not blue or anywhere Dennis brown out money the foot of Mount Carmel and this mountain goes back as I showed up for miles now I say that this man chose that place and that day we took a long trip band that night we retired early and we were staying at the Dan Carmel hotel which is up on pop by the way and not too far from the spot not when out on the little and I that we had that over looked the ballet and overlook this spot in this I sat there that evening I can visualize that man Elijah in a day when he'll loans dead for god and in that lone light plays he marshaled all of his forces are getting worse profits of bail and the advantage that he had was a tremendous advantage in that was god was on his side a rather he was on the side of gone and he had no no failing what so ever that was no faltering on his part because he recognized but god was with him is alone and majestic figure stood apart detached from the others and he made the most of it it's my and there's no question but what he was dramatic he first of all look boy at the whole proceedings of all of these profits running up and down then I think he had an ironic smile upon his face and then he began to use the asset of sarcasm he said maybe you're god's going on a vacation this summer time anyway use the right PO of ready to ito lamb why don't you yell loud that maybe he's hard of hearing eat taunted and jeered the profits of bio and finally went well things gone he waves them aside and then he began the rare god solve their it began to lay the steps in place in the waters Poland there and then he stood there the most helpless man in the world and yet the most powerful man in the world as he looked up and again I think with that smile upon his face I said oh god if you don't move nothing will happen in this hour mean I want to say to you something did happen in that our and the fly out of heaven came down now it's difficult this morning to refrain from preaching on out of the van but that actually is not our subject this morning I want to move on from the Arab does this man after this defied Ahab and Jezebel there was no compromise he denounced damn you immediately began to ask what is the secret of this man because he is a remarkable man it was not a right thing profit actually you wrote no book in the Old Testament I sigh of dead Ezekiel dead Jeremiah dead Jose a dead Daniel dead but there's no book named Elijah if he was not a letter it we have a riding that he sent to the chain but he had actually he had written no book yet he is the one profit that is remembered above all day on a profits and the Old Testament close this with the promise that may flow of that great and notable day god says I will send you Elijah the prophet he's the comeback and conclude is menace very that was the promise but the Old Testament closes with and from that day right down to the present moment they are orthodox although nation F. Thrale look for him to calm and at the Passover faced nice they'll well but honest place for a lie Jenner who is to come they haven't forgotten him it was wet tries on the mount of transfiguration any knew all about the death of tribes reporter it took place because he and Moses death goth with the lord Jesus that this series that he wished to accomplish Stratton Jr Ruth a lamb and in the book of revelation we see in the last days there will appear to witnesses and I believe that most common pair is and commentators an expositor is regardless of the position that they hold in prophecy will agree is that a lie just one of them is the wan there's some disagreement about the second one and I'm going to make a suggestion this morning but may I say to you that this minute even was when John the Baptist appeared they said this is a larger and even when the lord Jesus Christ himself a pay it he said whom the man say that I was one of my and I am and they said some say you a John the Baptist and others just saying you're allied shit that is to come may I say tell you what is the secret of this man who to how it's like a giant on the pages of scripture and I'd remind ourselves this morning that he's no Superman he's you know Batman it is not agent 007 yeah he is a man as James Sazonov pragmatic way ally Jo was a man subject though the like passions is we all is the same kind of an individual that you are here this morning he was no different that tall yeah he was different this man he comes down out of the rain and he goes out in the chariot of 5 and in between he's bringing 5 down from heaven and he's gonna lacing up with thunder and lightning and no man ever had quite the career that this man had and that's the way that he walks out on the page of scripture and Elijah but tastes by who was of the inhabitants of Gillian sat on day have mass the lord god of this 311 before whom I stand there shall not be June arranged these years well according to my word no my I say tell you it took courage walked into the court may have been Jesse balanced say anything like that but he said it and then he'd gone took less man aside because he's going to have a couple of years on its hands and there's not gonna be Ryan and for 2 years elf going to have a drought and I lie Jack so will not have much to do I'm so god takes him aside and gives them a course any put Imari always puts is mine I don't know why god is done there's but every man that god is ever train he's trained them on the desk you go through the Bible and look at that well our years of training in the palace of the sun in Egypt and a and a graduate of the temple of the sun did not prepare Moses to lead the children of Israel god put him out on the dance at the 40 year and then god called him to lead his people that was the way that god train this man Joshua train them in the wilderness and that's the man that he chose to lead his people when god was looking for a change he went out yonder tell the shapes fall and took the ball I that knew what it was to rough it the blood that had already been trained but he's not ready and god put him out in the caves and Dan so they are the hide from king's Saul and want while he trained in and then my friend there is a larger and then John the Baptist god put him in the wilderness and then god took Polly apostle on a brilliant politician young they allow Jim Bob man acquainted with great philosopher day but blog chant music god put him out in the desert of Arabia and one god really wanted this man John to write a book and a damn the where to go you didn't pick him while he's even on apostle our wireless pastor of the church and I have business he exiles them on the Isle of Patmos and then I'd rugged spot god uses seem spend gobs method snobs brains staff for the gods said that this man get the hands turned the Eastlands and hi di self by the brook Shearith that is my full a joint now god is going to give this man a 3 year Koei's in 2 years in theology that he might be prepared they used of god and this is of course candidly I wish that they had there not theological seminaries today there's too much actually today and most of our so called Christian schools the back which is theory and that which is not practical that which is not something that you put the shoe Latin walked in but rather that which goes up in may I like a balloon that's the type of flying the day that that doesn't require a man to be used of god god sends this man out now that the brook cheering and I wish to say this morning but I do not know where the brook cheer if ed Meese and I've read everything that I can get on it and I'm confident that nobody else knows where it is in fact god sent this man out to a secret place and it's so secret that after 1900 yes since price came nobody can put his finger down on it I know I pointed out to me that our that's east are west of Jericho spot where Saint George's Arab monastery has to die and they say that say it but that's not a yet to begin with if you'll notice the language here it says turn the Eastwood which actually means get to the east side of the Jordan River and the spot they point out that he is on the west side of the Jordan River and this is sometimes what not now near the dead sea where they pointed out today but obviously up near the sea of Galilee probably the most rugged terrain that there is a novel I am you god put this man via the brook cheery now he uses here to follow method to supply his needs wanted his supernatural the raven is brought him bread in flash no man ever had so good is this man did are they brought him brand and slash but god used a natural millions god used abrupt forum to get this water and Brooke latter evidently fed by springs but there came a day when the brook began to dry up because you see they were in the midst of drought I do not know that Elijah did this but since he's a man of like passions as we are I know what I would have done I would have but down a little state stop by would have driven it in the water I would have measured each day how much the water went down and then I would figure out the day I would starve to death because that would be the normal and natural flying to do you're dependent now upon this natural means that's broke and the brought this dry now so this man spent some time that I have any actually stayed that tell you solve that that broke dried up in trial only I want to say to you that that was a tremendous lesson for him to learn it's wonderful to be fed by the ravens now a lot of folk the daily that won't it that way and I do believe that god today still use it supernatural main I got also uses natural means and through those natural millions he teaches us a tremendous lesson I think that this man allied yet but go down and look at that broke every day and you could say my live is dependent upon nests and they broke in fact I can make in the equation out of this and I can say that my live equals dried up bro you could say and certainly learn the lesson that his life was no Mowat then a dried up more of that was all the man that can walk on the top of Mount Carmel and how the war on terror lord Bob narrow he lives on in all of bringing and then bring down far from heaven must learn and he's not been in the world but a dried up Brooke when I log was ready to garnish the refreshment for a wedding face you had them bring out those old water judge them then he says he started with some empty Daddy fail them with Walker may I say to you this morning one of the reasons the day that god cannot use many outlets we are already filled up with something they'll use gone always starts with that which is Sam T. and a large I had to learn that if he's going to be used of god that all he is as a dried up broke but if he is a dried up bro that's the kind of a brook that god can make the water of life flow through no water of life can flow through only that which is empty I think that's so loudly that that waiting am day they'll look what I then it becomes why where did it become wine he didn't say hocus pocus over it someone went out between the time they ladled out and I think when they ladled it out it was water but when it reached the gas it had been chain start the day with an empty vessel you'll fail at best so with water which is the word of blah and then he wants to light the light water out and when that water is ladled out by the spirit of god did make Tom's not varied show I and the smile very soon of those that will receive it I say good logs looking for them they've vassals ... we have talent today we have today enough talent to convert southern California and that's the problem if we could only get a few empty vessel if we could only get a few empty Brooks because I thought only through the empty broke up a water of life can flow in price says I am the Whopper alive not you not me I won't of last so I want an empty empty broke throwing it up you bring that to me and I can feel it Elijah had to learn math before he went to the top of Mount Carmel I've been rather reluctant to criticize some 0 that god choosing today and the reason is just simply they yes it's so easy to Pauline to the profits of bail and ridicule them today but my brother my sister are you bringing in a 5 down from heaven to die you sail and until you do you have a careful about criticizing the man got use so we see that tell the other mine so he's in the data set in judgment but god is not looking for judges he's looking fly rod dried up book so use ally Jim that was his first year in seminary got that Courson few months then when the broke dried up god had no notion of letting Ms die of starvation it came to pass after a while at the brook dried up because there's been no rain in the land and the word of the lord came on to him saying arise get they to Sarah for which belong with does Saddam and do well there they've polled I've commanded a widow woman that to sustain the and I also drove through this Arafat it's a miserable little town even today but it's in a beautiful location it's right on the Mediterranean Sea it's in the Lebanon today what is today Lebanon and it's all their lovely beautiful orchards around at the chariots of where trees when bloom when I was that the hot engine is where I getting Yalla and I want to say this is a dangerous thing to say that's so close to the sun kissed building down here but those aren't just over that taste like orange my they were delicious so level a spot like that better drought and now god sends him up to this place that we can locate no one knows where here if there's but everyone can now where's Arafat Fayez and I do not know the reaction of this man but I'm confident since he's a man of like passions as we are that he would have ripped Balbus I would ask I said look blown you really don't mean that you're sending me up but I am not allowed to work when a woman take care of me I'm a big strong healthy man let me take care of myself god says you go up the ass and when he got there he found out that she and her son in a family where in a desperate situation and they desperate situation wants that the barrel ... flowerbed bay had and barrel a meal was just about empty back to the matter is there was one mile long meal in the barrel and the crews of law while it was in the same condition just I'm not but one more mail and the widow woman had reconciled herself that she and her family would now star of today that's not unusual have been letter late blouse news starve to death in India and in other parts of the world today and if you're reading what's being written today by these agricultural experts Lincoln center what's happening in India the beginning of a worldwide I am in that will next spread the south American well finally the last place it will come destroyed this country I don't know whether they're right or not if a preacher said that they call him a fanatic but these manner acts birds may written the book and that book is out now and I understand is receiving a great deal of attention but this when a woman was prepared to die now god has instructed Elijah joined himself ran and in he has a very broad scale map brought manner you what's up sees what she's doing gather in St see sad star go get me some water and she does now he says I want you to prepare me a mail she said I'm very sorry but that's what I was doing Gabonese sticks it's the last mail we all have she said as the log got no I don't live if I've not it che but a handful of mail in a barrel and a little oil in a cruise and behold I am gathering to stakes that I might go in and dress it for me and my son that we may eat it and die now they're in a terrible condition and that's not a very good place to send a man in order that he might lay out through a drought ally just said under her fair not go in do as thou has said but make me that rob a little cake first and bring it on to me and laughter make for the and for thy son button last slash the lord god of Israel by hallowed be male show not waves neither shall the crews of all Alfredo until the day that the logs sand that the rain upon the earth how this man ally Jeff are almost 2 years one year plus he went every day and stuck his head down in that barrel Anderson always just enough for one more meal but this man when he put his head down and not borrow his sighing the doxology everyday praise god from whom all blessings flow and he and that's family guy 8 out of that barrel as we've said for almost 2 years now I get in here is his second year in theology not only as his live a dried up broke but it's also an empty day of flour barrel it's all in the world that he adds that's always a danger today and we're living in a day when one of the characteristics Paul says will be prop pride characterizing those the last days he said they are proud and again we're living in a day when we see so much of that and it gets even among Christians today now many of us feel like we can do something for god I do not want to insult should this morning but Darren there's not a person in the sound of my voice today that can do anything for god not a thing all it you and I are we just an empty of flour barrel and my friends when you attempt at flower mound nobody can eat out of here you can supply any body with anything out of an empty flower buyer but when an empty flower battle is put into the hands of god it can supply bluray and but nearly 2 years and that was to my judgment one of the most dedicated flour barrel it's ever been on top side of this Sir this man Elijah go every day as he looked at that broke you could look at the bottle and said well I certainly didn't have any water alive in me and I don't have any brand of life and maybe if there all that I am I'm just a dried up broke and I'm empty flour barrel but that's the kind of a barrel god wanted was in him day flour barrel I'm confident of this that if that flower ballad been full to the brim they would have eaten out of it naturally on tell it was all gone I do not know how long it would last not too long but they would have eaten out of it and they would have looked on the slough a barrel but when you got an empty flower value going to start looking to god my friend I think the greatest curse that there is today in America and I think god's judge this with prosperity the greatest curses the supermarket why am now well should anybody asks me god give us this day our daily bread when alpha beta is not at all Florida Sen you don't have to go to the alpha and omega you just don't alpha beta and how to give the others a little put out by blade stay safe way does pretty well too we depend on them and we don't need to depend on god today all my friend in this morning we are just an empty flower back but god can let people get the brand a life out of it if we recognize where name that flower about but when you and I start passing out bread may even based made with honey and a lot of it's being made today with honey it won't fade file the interesting thing about bread is that it has all of the elements but you and I needed to sustain live I'm coalesce old body out god has about 15 or 16 chemical Senate and all of them are in bread and again may I say I don't mean the bread that it's made the bakeries today I mean the bread that they had in that day where nothing was thrown away wasn't nearest pasted a day as the bread we get but it had everything in that the human body needed and god today has the bread of life the lord Jesus said I am the bread of life he said I'm the water of life and if the water of life is to get out to anyone you'll have to have an empty vessel if the brand of life is to get out to anyone he'll have to have an empty vessel god can use but what you fail now you'll notice the last night it's mention here after leave months went by came to pass after these sayings that the son of the woman the mistress of the house files sake and his sickness was so sour but that was you know Brethil laughed Dame no logic does a very strange thing he said under her give me thy son it took him out of a bush demon carried him up into a law where he a borrowed we laid him upon his own bed in the cry down to the low end in Santo log my god hast thou also brought develop pond the weather with who my sojourn by slaying her son he stretched himself upon the sun 3 times and I think that's very suggests if that Christ was 3 days and 3 nights day and in the 2 and cried until the log and said oh lord my god I pray thee let this child so come in to him again a I wanna talk all lie just Sunday a bow why he did it this way but I think I already know the answer because when he was with the lord Jesus on the mount of transfiguration he talked about the deceased the prize was to accomplish in Jerusalem and he probably knew more about the death and resurrection of Christ then the average member knows today he knew enough to discuss it intelligently with the lord Jesus Christ then here is a great principal the larger put the dead body of that boy down upon my bed and looked at it not only can he say now I'm but dried up broke I am a name that flower battle but I am a dead body no life in me but he did something he put his body against the body of that of that boy I'd like to ask him why he did that may not be suggest if this morning I think he well sigh someday when I ask him the question I think he'll say well McGee I knew a long time the fog tries J. that the only way that you and die who are dead and trespasses and sins can have live is by spoon track where Floyd Patterson it won't be going through a ceremony it won't be saying hocus pocus it won't be joining you something it won't be going through some ritual it will be a contact with a person in my friend this morning live eternal life flume my contact with Jesus Christ and no other way you can join this church 10 times metal not give you alive you join every church in southern California and you can go through every ritual and you can make all kinds of promises but until you come to Christ going to heal me personally and have contact with him you're dead in trespasses and say what a prince so younger on the mound he discussing if the lord Jeez the deceased that he was stuck population because he took my dad I am dead under the judgment and little tails stadium and he'd all of that farming but when he came back from the dead he came back for buried with him by identification raised with him in newness of life and if any man be in Christ is a new creation alright today a larger knew that not gods don't let him graduate from seminary because this is the great lesson but you must learn I believe you that this was the last scene that I'm not a very brilliant man had to learn it was Paul the apostle and I'm through now but let me just refer to him in first Corinthians 127 but god hath chosen the foolish things of the world it confound the wise and god hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which you're mighty and base things of the world and find the switch artists bars that god chosen yet and things which are not the brain could not things that are that no flash should go low rate in his presence and Paul said if any man has square off to do already I'm Noah well said I I could boast of things of the flesh and believe me he had them but he says I count all of that but do not own that I might win the try standing body found in him not having mine own righteousness but just of the law but the righteousness of Christ which is by frayed Paul said I trusted him he too knew it was a dried up bro the 2 new that he was ... empty flower bad need to not only know what said dead in trespasses and say in and then I came in contact with pride but he says if you'll come to me comment on that place a weakness come to that place of seeming to fade come across I died for you and the reason I didn't come down from that prose was so I could save you he's able to save to the outer models those who will come on the guy through him nnova now upon us by some little //
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The Flu Shot Killed Grandpa
\\realized I was in the stories and I'm married to Jonathan Allan Vincent and today the story as yeah ... flu shot in Luzon us what is called ... disk kill our around I would lose my husband's from side of family grandpa and ... it's kind of hard to tell the story because he just happened on January 20 and everything the starter with ... him having to going to the regular medical check up he's actually 89 but he was a very very strong man keyless legally blonde but he's still will move around goings little scooter to the store comeback trees blowing to the still got a railroad told yeah yeah he was always doing coin collections of my husband so when we used to go and visit he was very alive talk to us about the Quincy that for him in the new things that you have in the mail I mean this was actually in the summertime when my ... husband went for Christmas to visit because we used to visit all the time and they start talking and everything when gas was sweet bread from the store year old where they had a little dinner together and after that ... I happen to him when he got he he's check out the regular check up you know like every month to go check out for days ... at the head of probably his reason because he full on like 6 months ago and he went for a checkup and they say you have when you get your flu shot disclosure season is coming and they just give it to him after that that's when ... 2 weeks later he started actually have been 100 do fevers not being able to sleep and no one night ... telethon known 13 my other grandma call and I actually said that he was actually ... one of those January 1 remark because he has actually said that he ... could not get out of these ... in the speed anymore yep she have to call the ambulance they they took in making our I'm 3 fever without being able to walk or move or anything and that he was not being able to breathe so he was diagnosed with pneumonia ... there was 3 days in the hospital we went through this next day there was no doctors because they're all out of town for ... I don't know new year's whatever so we when the next they finally a doctor came by and told us that he actually thought mention and that they he's no longer ... going to be able to take care himself because he could not walk or go to the bathroom like he was before feeding himself walking doing everything he no longer feed themselves for longer take care of himself so he was going to have to be transferred to a nursing home so they can take care of him while he is getting better memorials getting back to normal that they we actually visit he actually respond to my I love you grandpa he does love you too he was very anxious very the Lotto fever so he can like respond really well but he still had a good grip on his hand when he huggers and hold our hands and his to come and listen to what we're saying he was okay then I start reading about what happened to grandpa why out of the blue from one week to another he wasn't able to keep moving wife she was like not being able to walk what could happen I mean that was no explanation to me and then the fevers and nobody will tell as well and then all the glitches that Menchaca like no that doesn't really click so I spend reading and reading about it and arm the only response that I got is that a lot of these shots nowadays especially this year's the CDC actually is a study in that there's a lot of complaints a lot at this race in these particular year this is actually the CBC news armed website and then I start reading more what happen is that influenza is actually 3 times stronger it has 3 times more mercury on the vaccine for the adults for the elderly people so imagine that I'm mercury going to his brain I'm like thinking about this is this have to be what happened to him so what happened is they turn into a particular singles I think golden gophers form can help in the name cable the guilt Gilliam's barrel syndrome so I went and checked out on online in exactly the same sacked site is it grepolis having which was not able to go to the bathroom not be able to move and I will holders hands it up to a point that I was like okay this is what happens if he's a backseat injured so I don't have that we need to go to doctors talk about what's happening gives the resource kit was in March but unfortunately grandma medical complete Khalid medical you know I love god because my doctor might actors but as I love that show flu shot is No Way breakfast because of the flu shot so where my didn't give us any kind of our authorization for us to talk to the doctor so we couldn't do much so then the time I went back again to the to the arm to the nursing home to see him with my husband was another week passed because I haven't really sick with a call so we wouldn't want to go all 6 so grammar was sitting down on a table Phoebe lunch and he could not hold he spoke he cannot stay steel and this just remind me of the backs movies because history going like this I I mean you look horrible you complete human with with his eyes going down with you about what they do anymore open the site we can with the nuclear fuel and then we give him a spoon hillbilly he tried it fit him so there was no way he could feel himself and then we're like like I soon right we start getting really angry are the Lewin them like totally totally normal of personal extra getting angry if you start yelling and there was all these people in the living room and I'm like soupy Grampa we're okay Selena's pulling him out in the finishing his lunch up in the the Korea they had a he you once a grip on my husband will like these and he grabbed a super nice plastered all over my husband and I try to give him some and some ... della a he push it out to me too so to me was like half of what's inside of him so angry because from the people not to weeks few weeks ago to have the very independent and very self sufficient and 21 not being able even to feed himself and that I think his frustration insight was so bad he's is angry 180 hit thinks a stop in at the same time he would not smile he would not smile so we start telling him Joe because he's so well covering his jokes we used to go visit hand and he kind of I guess king of the little smile after that and after that we left and ... that was the last my IC on Graham by and after that we got another cold telling those that ... a week later are he they check you have about 3:00 in the morning and he was looking a little 5:00 he's really and that was that we had a chance to actually go and look see what was really the cost was going through but to me there's no doubt it was definitely the flu shot killed grandpa and I just so sad as I go because we're still hurting this was just on January 28 web from Jenny where you used to 17 to not even a month when all this just went from being a healthy still may be able to do everything on the bathroom eating too like completely bashed trouble with a suit do or do anything else and this is so sad and I want to just speak up and say please speak very Grampa assist before ... whoever's out there in L. 3 older not older child's we need to stop this is horrible they actually these vaccines in in the government's killing or generation I couldn't see his babies is a golden is everywhere and it's just so sad and I really want to be a little boys that maybe could save other grandpa's or other babies or so grateful that my child my review by accident he's 18 years old and I am 18 yes it has never had anything to know one thing how is a because I grew up in a car crash all my god he's the most healthy beautiful man super smart I mean I can I am and so grateful that I never ever put poison in his body and I will not be putting more boys if he is the most healthy boy out there and I know he has ever had yeah diseases Maisel mom O. yeah missiles positive effect tell me about how it goes one week when he was the sixth grade everything this is a normal all the little you know I was actually no sorry it was chicken no missiles that somebody having chick and he got you know the normal little pops out put him through the regular you know the regular thing which is put imam bathrobe each year and all that and then after that he was for he has not ever being like have it injury may you're injured anything besides maybe a call here and there he had regular chiropractic care he's been on I just a single state to and with Tricia wise everyday and I mean he doesn't we we we everywhere revealing bureau weaving them sickle we never ever have put anything to him he's never get sick of Mexico never go seeking euro how this could you come from chiropractic primary I actually come with us good record of a carpet because I started working with them when I was 23 and I work for 7 years with them and since then my philosophies being pretty much what they have on the far wall and scratched him by or under healthy 18 year old son I'm originally started by a prompt we yeah like it's I struggle right plus 9 on the box certainly sign that she yeah it's ... yeah very sad but Lawrence Haynes we remember you know we love you everything I'm here alright well about cars can't I'm //
"2017-10-16 01:01:27"
🚨SPECIAL REPORT: Feds Warn Vegas Sheriff May Be In Danger
\\Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo even the night of the shooting was calm and composed but in subsequent press conferences he is agitated he is scared he acts like he is in fear of his life were about to go to some of those press conference clincher in a moment then when you discover who's in control of this investigation then you understand why he's so concerned and why my sources in federal law enforcement and others are concerned from what they know the sheriff I lost Vegas is being threatened and that his life is in danger and that he could be suicide it or art incited at any time to cover up what really happened in Las Vegas there's been multiple multiple phone calls and accusations or conjecture coming to social media ... that there's multiple shooters at other results resorts that has been proven to be false crap when I need medical project outward come off to the north ballet that north valley to sit there was no gunfire outside the plushie hotel last night instead of right now are getting shot pirate leaders and of allies you know I don't want to give you ... askew timeline do you believe that there is ... more than one shooter Celica getting battle that sound like overlapping fire we got reports I think I hear you know how Victor what your location president caret how is available for 13 of Harris river wondered you know terrace there's a reporter or confirms because people run into at various points trying to point out where the running if we can't find them yeah so there's a lady who poster way forward into the concert venue to the first row and she started messing with another lady and told us that we're all gonna die there's about 45 minutes before the shots were actually fired there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM the and a couple of these items I will read from the narrative because I don't want my comments to be screwed or changed ... so I want to ensure the accuracy of their ... book most of this conference will be done are strictly through my narrative provided to you okay the dates of the 20 good S. versus the 28 ... this was not breaking news matter who believe it to be so in this forum we were aware of the discrepancy of the 28 versus the 20 fifth early parts of this investigation what we weren't aware of is why the date of the 28 was utilized in the early portion of this as I was provide this information as part of the person registered in the suspect's room so there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything reference this investigation dynamics size of this investigation choirs us to go through the luminous amounts of information in order to draw and I my temp like I stated earlier give you information as I know it unverified calm a public not to establish a legal case right I understand that no question Sir Las Vegas is sheriff Joe Lombardo is running scared info wars was the first on Monday morning 10/2/2017 report to the world according to our FBI sources that they found inside the reported shooters hotel room Mandalay bay isis and anti fur paraphernalia the news is lying FBI HRT did they hit on the guy and they found anti 5 information in the room and photos of the woman in the Middle East show he did not kill himself the FBI hostage rescue team killing because he was firing on them no he did not let me tell you alive and are reportedly he did it I and it was ... anti for crap everywhere and other things I'm not supposed to mention that is directly from the hostage rescue team by the label and now the sheriff after being threatened by the FBI is having to double down and push the official story this is after he signaled in the first week that there's no doubt that the mass shooter had help and that he clearly been radicalized I don't know we have a possible future prosecution where is to us what we do know for 100 percent certainty is this there is a massive coverup that is now on going a sheriff's department under the control of the FBI and a Robert Mueller proto Shea known for his corruption in law enforcement have blocked conservative and independent press from the latest press conferences on top of that we've now learned from the victims and survivors that all other cell phones were scooped up and everything was downloaded and then a raced what was given back to them and other victims have been threatened to remove their videos from YouTube Facebook other platforms in fact some of the victims of survived who reportedly saw 2 shooters have now unexplainable Lee died then we have a suse compost the armed security guard at Mandalay who full 6 minutes before panic supposedly opens fire out of the window on the crowd you shooting hundreds of shots down the hallway at he was gonna be interviewed by Sean Hannity on Friday but now he's disappeared and no one knows where he is ladies and gentleman this coverup is massive ISIS took responsibility and even a P. admitted that when I suspect responsibility almost always they are involved and the media demonized me for even pointing out they take responsibility and our sources said they found evidence that Mr paddock and his girlfriend had travel the Middle East days later it was confirmed that he and his girlfriend had traveled many times the Middle East info wars broke that information yet again showing our sources are real and accurate inside the FBI let me back up just a minute ... you know in the early throes of this tragedy I had devised each and everyone of you ... that items of information we're gonna change the dynamics of this investigation news is far reaching its wide it's huge and you can't expect the exact answers and early throws my intent in the early throes work to give you the information to provide that calmness in the community ... to ensure that we didn't have those second player a third player out hiding in the in the community intending to cause us harm we're doing a thorough investigation and only want to provide what is accurate to you we will only give information that we have at it and know to be true I will not be speaking or answering questions on issues that we do not have the faction so we will get through that I am not giving you 100 percent satisfaction associate was what I'm gonna give you today because I think some of that's going to change and we will not know that to work completed with this investigation again let's be clear we have on injured survivors of the attack 28 year old women they just drop dead who are witnesses saying there's a coverup we got all the firearms experts out there special forces you name it saying clearly it's not about stock it's a belt fed light machine gun type nmap we've got the FBI grabbing up all surveillance footage and trying to keep it from getting on the internet and the not releasing any the footage from inside the casino Mandalay or from the attack that and then we've got the shadow of Robert Mueller it's well known that he has stayed behind networks inside the FBI and to a great extent has control of the FBI to this day and we have his protege Arent rouse known throughout the federal government as a very very scary globalist operative in charge of this whole thing glaring at the sheriff he is clearly upset clearly threatened and clearly fearing for his life this is beyond any Hollywood movie I've ever seen this is critical our federal law enforcement sources cannot give us specific and tell because it's classified but when pressed they told me Aaron rouse just like his boss Mueller before covered up Islamic connections terror attacks here in America before and basically ordered air marshals FBI you name it to stop investigations that's the info we've got is that he is a specialist at covering up and basically enabling Islamic terror that's really important when you see ice is taking responsibility and the FBI before the bodies were even cold Monday morning saying we rule this out they were involved as this event unfolds we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group as this investigation continues we will continue to work with our partners to ensure that this is factually thoroughly an absolutely investigated to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community lazy gentleman from our Intel they were just involved they ran the whole operation this was supposed to kick off an entire cascade of attacks we know there's a cover up the question is what is the cover up of there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything reference this investigation we know there's a cover up big issue this sheriff is here you know the official stories now no no no it's all true I'm lines correct you know all the facts show it is that's why now more importantly the ever we the people to get the word out online and realize that even YouTube Facebook admit that they are censoring alternate views and research about this event because they don't want the independent press to continue to investigate those of us the question did on day one have now been proven right there's a cover up that's why it's more important average citizen journalist get involved now especially knowing the corrupt history of the FBI especially on the Clintons and Obama of helping orchestrate and the cover up events like we just saw in Vegas the good news is they were trying to use this ice is attacked Glover second amendment but because intrepid investigators a citizen journalist exposed it from day one they suddenly dropped all their gun control and what the story to go away I know here info wars were not analytical way and all out there on the ground across this country you're not able to go as well on our shelves if you're watching this transmission you're the resistance need to pray for the sheriff because he's clearly crying out for help in all of his mannerisms in all of his body language and that hit FBI agent charged with his background and his MO it's clearly they're intimidating him and controlling what comes out but it's time for the American people stand up and demand the truth we're still facing a lot of corrupt forces that are dug an entrenched the good news is in 2017 everybody's got a camera and people are documenting and there's no way would you do something in public like this to cover it up //
"2017-10-14 02:04:48"
President Trump Invokes GOD - "We Worship GOD"
\\we love our families we love our neighbors we love our country everyone here today is brought together by the same shared and timeless values we cherish the sacred dignity of every human life and we stand United behind the customs beliefs and traditions that define who we are as a nation and as a people George Washington said that religion and morality are indispensable to America's happen is really prosperity and totally toward success it is our faith and our values that inspires us to give with charity to act with courage and to sacrifice for what we know is right the American founders invoked our creator 4 times in the declaration of independence for time how times have changed but you know what now they're changing back again this year Benjamin Franklin reminded his colleagues constitutional convention to begin by bowing their heads prayer religious liberty is enshrined in the very first amendment of the bill of rights and we all pledge allegiance 2 very very beautifully one nation under god this is America's heritage a country that never forgets that we are all walls everyone of us made by the same god in heaven when I came to speak with you last year I made you a promise but I pledge that in a trump administration our nation's religious heritage would be cherished protected and defended like you have never seen before that's what's happening that's what's happening you see it every day you're reading it so this morning I am honored and thrilled to return as the first sitting president to address this incredible gathering of friends so many friends to protect the unborn I have reinstated a policy first put in place by president Ronald Reagan the Mexico City policy to protect religious liberty including protecting groups like this one I signed a new executive action in a beautiful ceremony at the White House or our national day of prayer which day we made official among many historic steps the executive order followed through on one of my most important campaign promises to so many of you to prevent the horrendous Johnson amendment from interfering with your first amendment rights we will not allow government work to censor sermons or target are pastors our ministers our rabbis these are the people who want to hear from and then not going to be silenced any longer just last week based on this executive action the department of justice issued a new guidance to all federal agencies to ensure that no religious group is ever targeted under my administration what happened we are stopping Cole the attacks worn Judeo Christian values and simply I said so much during the last 2 years but I'll say it again as we approach the end of the year you know we're getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don't talk about it anymore they don't use the word Christmas because it's not politically correct you go department stores and they'll say happy new year they'll say other things and it'll be read do have it painted but they don't say well guess what we're saying merry Christmas again Jose Cruz news give to all of our hard working families we hope come Greece will pass massive tax cuts for the American people because we know that the American family is the true bedrock of American life so true for too long politicians have tried to centralize the authority among the hands of a small few in our nation's capital bureaucrats think they can run your lives overruled your values metal in your favor and tell you how to live what to say and how to pray but we know that parents not bureaucrats know best how to raise their children and create a thriving society we know that may be and prayer not federal regulation and by the way we are cutting regulations at a clip that nobody has ever seen before nobody in 9 months we have cut more regulation than any president has cut during their term in office so we are doing and that is one of the major reasons in addition to the enthusiasm for manufacturing and business and jobs in the jobs are coming back it's one of the major reasons regulation what we've done that the stock market has just hit an all time historic high that's just on the public markets we've made since election day 5.$2000000000000 in value think of that 5.2000000000000 and as you've seen the level of enthusiasm is the highest it's ever been and we have a 17 year low and unemployment so we're doing really some work we know that it's the family and the church not government officials that know best how to create strong and loving communities and above all else we know there's an American we don't worship government we worship god sponsored by that conviction we are returning moral clarity to our view of the world and the many grave challenges we face this afternoon little while I'll be giving a speech on Iran a terrorist nation like few others and I think you're gonna find it very interesting in this administration we will call evil by its name we stand with our friends and allies we forged new partnerships in pursuit of peace and we take decisive action against those who would threaten our people with harm and we will be decisive because we know that the first duty of government is to serve its citizens we are defending our borders protecting our workers and enforcing our laws you see it every single day like you haven't say that in many many years if you've seen that at all in protecting America's interests abroad we will always support our cherished friend and partner the state of Israel we will confront the dangers that imperil our nation our allies and the world including threat of radical Islamic terrorism we have made great strides against ISIS tremendous strides I don't know if you've seen what's going on but tremendous strides against ISIS they never got hit like this before we've done more against ISIS in 9 months than the previous administration's done during his whole administration by far by far and ISIS is now being dealt one defeat after another we're confronting rogue regimes from Iran to North Korea and we are challenging the communist dictatorship of Cuba and the socialist oppression of Venezuela and we will not lift the sanctions on these repressive regimes until they restore political and religious freedom for their people all of these bad actors share a common enemy the one force they cannot stop a force deep within our souls and that is the power of hope that is why in addition to our great military might our enemies truly feared the United States because our people never lose faith never give in and always hope for a better tomorrow we see the strength of the American spirit this spirit of courage and compassion is all around us every day it is the heartbeat of our great nation and despite certain coverage that beat is stronger than it's ever been before you seem right bad breeders stronger that it's ever been we see it in the church communities that come together to care for one another to pray for each other and to stand strong with each other in times of need the people who grace our lives and fill our homes and build our communities are the true strength of our nation and the greatest hope for a better tomorrow as long as we have pride in our country confidence in our future and faith in a god then America will prevail we will defeat every evil overcome every threat and meet every single challenge we will defend our faith and protect our traditions we will find the best in each other and in ourselves we will pass on the blessings of liberty and the glories of guide to our children our values well into our our nation will thrive our citizens will flourish and our freedom we'll try and thank you to the value voters saw such an incredible group of people you are thank you to all of the faithful here today and thank you to the people of faith all across our nation and all over the world may god bless you may god bless the United States of America thank you very much over ha ha thank you everyone //
"2017-10-11 01:53:12"
Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter
\\ //
"2017-10-10 02:57:59"
Ballistics Expert: Evidence Points To TWO SHOOTERS
\\the police are being told not to say what happened I guess how to create panic and they don't realize is a victory and I I get that's the old policy until the nineties is don't talk about terrorism you can't let them do theirs then usually has the second amendment plus I'm not under martial law so I want the truth to come out now Craig's got sources you and get a job with me but he said yeah you're in the right direction but I have my other sources and they're like dead on this guy was ice's he was get money for his gambling millions here they were trying to recruit westerners they said 2 years ago he pledged allegiance 6 months ago the White House says the video we have that from one house sources I gotta say I love the president I like the president he's eh but I think this is wrong and but but regardless there are multiple shooters wires that port were never think you 6 evidence in a minute because it shows the whole story is not true how'd saw man what do you think about the situation now in hindsight as we get more distance on this and as more comes out well it's I always look at the big picture when I when everyone gets confused and starts agonizing over the small details I take a couple steps back and scanned the horizon if you will and consider what the big picture maybe who benefits from these mass shootings why do they keep happening why are they always Liberal Democrats that do the shooting why are they always on psychotropic drugs and wire those facts always ignored by the the the radicals on the left and the mainstream news media wise always just about the ... the gun control narrative immediately and and ferociously so I scratch my head I'm Michael case that somebody benefits from this summit certainly wasn't the shooter in this case we can see ... if he was even in fact the shooter at all but either they smoke them air you know after he shot everybody up or he didn't even get the thing that ... before they smoke them so that this this case thinks the high heavens a lot of things that don't match up with what the public's being told I think one of the main things is as though security cam ... the footage from the security cameras around Mandalay bay here there everywhere you not gonna go anywhere in the hotel down not being captured so I understand as a federal criminal investigator protecting the case and and and and safeguarding that that forensic evidence for the prosecution's that that may and hopefully are coming but at some point those those pieces of footage will be released to the public unless there's a big government cover up if there's a big government cover up does that peace is the footage all goal weight nobody will ever see or hear from but by and that's all that's one of things that's going to take time for me is to sit watch ago cara are we ever going to get footage of that guy and and anyone else going in and out of that that hotel room or is it going to be buried forever is that are even destroyed sure I mean I got the call from the HRT in the text I'd say go and talk about it now that's real we've proven our sources but I know you've got a lot of forces you're very frustrated you're actually sitting here you talked some investigators we can't get into that and you know a lot more you can say in is it frustrating receptor sure there and watch the mainstream narrative well this again we want to safeguard the investigation but we don't want the American people disarmed to the delight of our enemies to the cliche of our global list enemies who who are after that as one of their main objectives they need primarily 2 things they noticed divided and they need us disarmed for them to have the level of tyrannical control that they're after if you're a shame on any American citizen by now that's not still is not educated on cloud Piven and how that strategy is utilized to break our economy without it we were suffering under in the last 8 years is one of the things that's got them so upset about trump our work are a kind of a company's recovery and he's going to ensure that we stop squash your media news and now they're going to raise interest rates admittedly trying to kill it they said we could never get 3 percent is yeah well I will get that this caviar out there it's very important to to be accurate echoes are very confusing and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing one of my best friends is probably the most I hope she the foremost authority on not terminal window wound ballistics but but neatly acoustics ... the speak cases and he he goes through his got all these huge computer programs he analyzes everything but having said all that and and acknowledging that it is confusing after the fact I listened to a series of gunshots with the echoes I will say this us some things are beyond I mean it's just it's it's apparent anyway even though you're listening to the echoes and even though you're listening it after the fact through through a microphone that just does change that acoustic signature it is still apparent that there's more than one shooter so I owe you one of the key points you brought up but I think very accurately as you hear something very muffled very far away and then all the sudden ... but shortly thereafter very or out a very distinct that's a that's a far engagement and the closer engagement so ... unless somebody's got a time machine there's no other way to it so yeah sure he wouldn't mind away an echo would be a second apart this is this is 3040 seconds before up up up up up up up above them and then war and the she's at Mandalay bay the taxi driver it's right above I mean he's right there should know the window yeah yeah and even if there are any that let's just speculate let's say if their first string of bar were fired through a suppressor it would not sound that way sounds distinctly different yeah even though it would sound muscle there at the at the sound is not the same type yeah sure there were suppressors no but I would agree no way it's not as this is the pressure yeah I know but he said that that I've heard Alex and it does not sound that way to me I was just I was just playing devil's advocate even if it were I it would not sound the way that it that it the way I mean I've talked to a lot of guys in the band ... is film at your level of expertise is not many they say it's absolutely clear I feel I feel confident that we're we're hearing more than once well as far as the bone a fetus go ... moving forward on the ballistics Alex I I do I'm a I'm a ballistics expert for capital murder cases so I I testify on on the hard court bigtime cases with that so that's but even more than that the television I credentials I I'd I'd lean on that little but to paint a picture that's why I'm hesitant to say absolutely this so that until I've gone through and I personally the forensic evidence I just thought during the break I talked to a friend of mine that does the the audio and and he's the same way you know he said crying until I had the chance and pull off for some reason the cases and go through ... and analyze it I don't wanna say absolutely there so that so that's ... about a little bit of why I hesitate on things Alec just not that I don't feel confident but it's it's no wonder you are a professional guide the does this in federal court cases your federal officer former navy seal I told respect that look I'm no acoustic I know but the bump up up up up up up up up and 45 seconds later boom boom movie of 250 times louder something's going on is what other people reported it's what you hear are and then of course we have the police what you make of the police first saying no we think there could be multiple people it is that we but we know there must be and what we're looking at radicalization they don't say radicalization unless they're looking radicalization is that generally code word for Islamic well not necessarily just Islamic anymore I mean there are there so many people being sent by by exactly by George Soros and other kids have a leftist leanings one of them they call right wingers extremist weird right wingers are called extremist Islamic the ceramic leftists are called radicalized right absolutely or you're 100 percent correct on that Alex look you don't see people radicalize from the from the conservative right going off on mass murder bridges that's just not part of their core values and what they're up to even if they're some color sort of weird Nazi you know ... KKK guys or something like that other such a small number of those people anymore because we've all a disavow dad is that as a nation and and and all find it repugnant so we got the laughter massively hyped being massively hyping civil war October 1 to pick November 4 and how obvious is look at the target all of the rhetoric and and the encouragement for violence is coming from the lab so we've got a cultural problem in this country right now Alex and we've got big time political figures that that somebody it refuses to prosecute that are inciting violence and encouraging them to start a civil war and yet they are not arrested and put away I ask myself it had had George Soros Hillary Clinton Obama and others been prosecuted when they could have and should have would we even be here right now would we even be getting ... others spend enough for a civil war or or would it be it would have been put to bed like it should have and could have so I I'm frustrated I I I still encourage Jeff sessions third so to step up and and drop the hammer on these crooks because they're inciting it right before our eyes and and yet nothing happened so it's it's watching for a peaceful citizen to watch this just play out before us it like a slow motion Partch bridge drunk guy you're like Hey dude here come some your equipment although not this guy's gonna clock you yourself back to watch it I'll go get you know here it comes here it comes and it finally blooming feel like that guy I'm watching my I'm Jim like here this come to so stupid we could totally avoid this prosecute George Soros prosecute Hillary Clinton prosecute those that are calling for this violence and put an end to it send a message get some control and return to peace and order yet nobody will do it in here we go well they're becoming more desperate the more they lose to Donald Trump though the but the further they get down their list of contingency spoke of plans that they can try to execute to try to our floor ... this administration's agenda which is to make America great again just sabotaging America's you have to start the interview literally a percent growth rate is that we never have that again they're trying to stop at all with it with it blocking tax cuts did you hear California just legalize giving people HIV knowingly and also giving blood knowing you has now a misdemeanor like the lowest level parking ticket if that is an example of scorched earth dynamite everything bartered all day on this is cloud cuckoo land well we're going off the rails on this crazy train how it's I mean it is just bizarre it's it's heart breaking up because the damage is real but it it's laughable and just how ridiculous and an unacceptable and irrational all of this is from the from the radical left here completely mentally ill but charge of anything and why on god's green earth that we allow them to continue for even one more day I don't play this clip again this is a local taxi driver or a measure name earlier when it all starts the first few minutes as with all my experts you included say first 2 minutes or so you her multiple firing we know so many first or should know you know the fuel tanks and then it stops is only shots coming out of the hotel Suzette Mandalay bay right below reshooting here it sounds like it's coming from farther away I've been accused person he doesn't barely hear like a mile away so here comes ozone edited here comes the big shots right where she's at right right about that's so lattice drowning out my religious have a Mike maxed out it just goes on on a few more times up above a little way out and it's not like a second later it's an echo no it is I mean Craig what you make of that well it's a lot more radical increased in volume that you would experience just going around a corner let's say the first ring of fire the cab driver was behind a wall and then she drove around the wall and and the sound then became louder this this sounds to me like a much greater increase in volume than just that would present zap looks like the new shots begin though with before she even got behind a wall that I thought that till maybe she mobile you watch it it's larger than he's moving and then it gets even louder as she goes around under because he's right above well she was there the first hand witness on the ground and like you said earlier common sense prevails initiate what we understand whether a sound is coming from close or far away and she even said it ought it sounds like it's really far away we got multiple shooters the evidence it is showing I'm not 100 percent like 95 percent then then then why the cover up that's what leads me back to the bigger picture why there wouldn't there would need to be no manipulation and and pressure put on local law enforcement sheriff's department by the feds if there were not a a narrative that that they were desperate to hide if it were just the truth that they would encourage the locals just to stay quiet about the case and so that they could make their their prosecutions on and on a federal level but just ask them to change what facts and and not to tell certain things said and done mislead people then that leads me to believe are you know ... that they're they're something ... cook it going on and look I mean I I served under David multimeter and Las Vegas is a federal agent I don't trust that man as far as I can throw on he's one of the top dogs at the FBI before they got rid of them in the game the air marshal service so that eventually air marshal service got rid of a mac guy if he's any indication of what the F. B. I.'s about these days and that that that agency certain and I and I ran out shattered shell of what's but what they once well you know they shot all full of all these Obama and Soros operatives that's on record and since you mentioned things up like like anomalies they told us over and over again ... yeah I mean there's so many points to this and if he was as popular Meyer minute ago what was the point you're making there it is that way I yeah I mean there's something almost here valet entries prove Paddick checked in 3 days before day given we got the receipt showing a woman in there days of war later the next day the sheriff department admitted that I mean there's so many anomalies ever to think of a mall crag it gives me a headache were being lied to well I've been busy with that's for child rescue and the and the work that we're doing Alex will have heard everything that that's out there on this Vegas case but one of the things that I that I I think I should have heard but have not through a lot of these studies is the valet he said the word valet well whenever I go to check into a Vegas hotel there's always you know ballet there they've got the big car and if you've got you know 2 or 3 people check in and there's 2 carts and they'll they'll stack all your luggage and taken up a back elevator that nobody sees them bring them right to your room and put him down and ... I would look for that I don't I don't I'm not necessarily convinced that that product would have shuttled his own baggage I mean you could have broken these weapons down and had I been regular suitcases in the valley would have taken straight to his room for him so let's let someone surprise ever heard somebody else mention because that's generally how it works well they don't deny desert homeland security raided the hotel again Friday people aren't in the know on that either sources early they raised it we're getting into computers and things so who knows what's going on then you got the whole hotel it being huge Soros donors are giving them but the ... Arabs praying and giving to the Muslim Brotherhood that's all concerned he told NPR national yeah that's a good that's a big factor Alex a that's a man shame on us if we're not taken into that one big time at the owner that hotel is given to the radicals in the giving ... to the anti Americans of there's a lot of money flow with behind this arms deal and and the arrangements manage that's huge that's huge at some big indicating factor must be followed up on big time if I could have gone 51 for an out right Aquino everyone met Mr and Mrs America I would have done it but I also believe what a guy A. K. 40 sevens belong soldiers from does this have to it's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only to every Monday this every day of the week and just go brainwashed to think about guns and vastly different way enough enough enough former nor J. cycle in the spirit of gun control will you disarm your entire security team you think that buy back he'll get back coming nnova it's part of ... a romanticized culture there's there's a there's an aspect of the FICON a wild west cowboy Dirty Harry aspect is also an aspect of him macho man and I am going make my day anybody that wants to disarm drop dead a trio of would be burglars picked the wrong Albuquerque house to break into police say when the 3 teams pried open the door a brave little girl was waiting for them locked and loaded it's harder to use in the sol weapon to hit some it is a shock K. what what what what you don't need a our fifth harder to Carter used in fact you know need 30 rounds to protect yourself why shop why shop vice president Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and talk about how ... guns can be made more safe by making them either through fingerprint identification ... begun talks to a bracelet is something that you might wear anybody that wants to meet me unarmed helpless people that one a little to create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun free zones we're going to be free you they were going to vote you out of office or second my machine if that's what you're going to fail in the establishment knows no matter how much propaganda the Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns guns Moby Dick and no one will be able be all we can take all the evidence I believe that it's marathons we have a light on ourselves against criminals but we don't need the ability on assaults against the army or the points United States military is not out to get the department of homeland security is apparently on a huge ammo bias free it comes out the like 1.6000000 rounds of ammunition for second amendment is superior so whatever was made put in there not for hunting and fishing like they like to say because back when they did they defeated hunter fishy to me it was put in there super super Sims would have the ability if their government became more pressing they could defend themselves against oppressive government Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns Mao took the guns Fidel Castro took the guns in a Hugo Chavez took the guns and I'm here to tell you 1776 will commence again you product take our firearms Bob while no way I don't want that man to have a gun I wouldn't feel comfortable having an argument with him in his home where he had access to his 50 weapons challenge out stone to a boxing match show up with a semi automatic begotten legally and pop up I'd love to see that the answer to 1984 is 1776 you're listening to the Alex Jones show not run and //
"2017-10-09 23:15:47"
Did Casino owner slip and reveal how the guns were smuggled into the hotel room?
\\let us play the clip from Steve when we're talking on fox news Sunday yesterday with Chris Wallace he had some interesting things to say and I'll play the clip in the will comment on it nothing interesting that stood out over the 6 years nobody that's ever worked here have ever seen the gentleman or the lady take a drink of wine beer or alcohol of any kind now a lot of people don't draw but considering their freak and their behavior is not tourists taking advantage of everything that's available in an a and R. resort they never ever imbibed in any liquor their behavior was conservative private under state //
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Man’s Responsibility (Pt 3)
\\I let the other day home Batman that there is an undertaker is that how they do it congregation do you have brother Jackson mounts and well it all depends what I should in the rap legend when they all get in there so we got about pretty close to 100 wow Asia where they all come from natural everywhere I said it's more like a wagon wheel logic of John of governor Evans real Shelbyville Berlin they'll everywhere Alicia's that's wonderful I never said no more but I just thought I had never watched eyes looked at highway here she always carved out here mildly goes on articulation and I have to say well we're just a bunch 100 people and one exam screen time buying they come out the woodworks and they come to get a head and I don't want to shirk my duty in that respect I mean I am thankful to the lord that he has allowed me to be one of your children and that he's allowed me to have rather constricted like did you not know brothers and sisters but it's a joy to be a part of god's family and you know what we're all just generously vibrates we might not yet have reg what we would like to believe that lead one saying shore we weren't we are not what we use today because everywhere we wouldn't be here leaping stepping around home somewhere like flies on a hot day just let me just see what they get themselves into but I am grateful to log today and for each one of you now I think I wish to ask you get pregnant me back in the scriptures lashandra message I choose the same scripture but there's a lot of things that I didn't got to cover has not the list of not dealing with depression or anything of that nature well David and I are brothers you should use and I've noticed it in the last number of say 35 to 40 years as America began to crumble the leadership began the project ideals what freedom there you realize this freedom that America wants new it's not a freedom anymore like that our freedom was big board to be able to worship the lord according to the dictates of his conscience and freedom to express your point of views without creating a lot of inclusion but the freedom that many have went after the date you accessed display of life I did all those usual as man here in this intellectual age climbs higher on the tree of knowledge and it it just sickening to me to hear these politicians on what we need we need better education I'm not against a good decent education that's sensible and reasonable but when they're absolutely brothers and sisters hot on I just played I'm so much money and spend that part ignores like assault Allen or the other night a lot of they use cheerleaders that's got to be just about as much a part of education and the more as the person who goes out and plays basketball there's all these girls jumping in the air and landed in on that not the young man's arm not a lot of what good does that do a young person learning how to be a provider caretaker along home it just absolutely a display of human life I'm not against ball games and things of that nature but distrust of the place no strings have captured the American mind and when I read about all wrong the last 2 sentries overall let's just exactly like that that's why the empire diner pollen covers that period about 0 and some years law almost built specialized in part and in that realm of our they took great pleasure in how they built the building and you can go there today and she and the possible Rome that went back in that period of time you can see the the sculptural work that went into the cottage and saying and they built them things to stand but on top of that was built a big huge Coliseum in the British late Hermann wild animals little they entertain the Roman element of unbelief pagans and while they feel the jewellers the Christians slaughter had pulled their bodies to pieces and the entertained the world at that time I'm wrong got workers that's almost like America today passion now they got these world on that and I I can remember the time by the church of one little boy growing up I didn't know what world Olympics was that was a small round other yes they knew about it but America didn't specialize that much in the athletic deals well we spend millions and billions I have I'm sure out there in Salt Lake City they have done it they have spent millions of dollars to build roads and Steve Jansson based on that and bring in extra security all the call yes they've found out of these terrorists they like to congregate they like to get around with these large elements of people are Gloucester across to the things and I have to study our education has done this very little good it's like getting a good education and will eliminate you from evil you may not understand what I mean by that but I can remember Belgica one we did not have built in this country and I look at a man back there the numbers daily along with about urban I can remember when they had moonshine and I know of no man so the name until now are you going to be very there was no one in his days the names on the cutting everybody and I'm Robert sometimes when my mother and dad would want to go up shady one of his brother who vanished in a gravity will model to be discovered ability on the block across the fields just short cut never mind that share minutes I'm one which will bond she was killed in a that little holler run out on an angle down across the paper into the village EE as buildings was that but I'm just a little Shaver about 4 years of age we won't bother and there's usual barrels barrows you'll target here's where he would take his nation publicly Shelton here's where he would refine it down I plug in bringing these things abolition shifters I remember that in the times of the depression when they rely on the federal government but after all that you know John they didn't waste time they call on their heels and they shopped with that eventually you will stand down because this illegal moonshine why at it down this way everywhere and I've heard old timers spatial in Arkansas and I'm the one time I was breaking down on the issue of eastern Kentucky around hazard to back it up or the country that was not that was a moon shot an area I know we were taken to a man's house and as we go to your yard developed action she that mountain peak back very sort of about 5 miles initially I used to walk back to the arcade my shoulder okay McCormick stuff and they molecular back there each of those which are days of illegal moonshine but he says it ain't no more but now they comply with the helicopters brother they can you already and I Meg sure rocket right into your next year but they stopped along the highway was shut down in high powered rifles it wasn't long till they pump out of business and I was shaken baby if our judicial system and our law system had the same determination and they did not have the politicians working in the negative delta saying lay but I have to say today to get rid of you got of lapis certain politicians for was there how they're the ones that broadcasting down to the start of the scale of the years ago I remember one evening watching the evening news and they showed us how the drug Ron come up out of Colombia shop America across the Gulf and one of the open land at a certain place in Florida it would be a certain type of plane the derailed tank unit and this bill will be taken on that boat brought to this plane and they showed all the caps ask a lot of those places in the Plyler back in World War 2 they don't know emergency landings strip for military planes of the training and such and now that devolution inflation became drug drops and most of times it was men like deputy sheriff pick it up and that was America and he began fall is actually them and brothers and sisters today across America Lee got self image of young people favor young out of time but they got so intoxicated and so fucked up on this girl get direct your mind it destroys our ability to sing and I house all how did some states the argument toward but the same people are now housed and paid for by the government because the don't don't just burnt online shop and they no longer can sink practical I have to share a America has been sold out in the driveway and then they say well what we need is better education a little we need to take what we do now admitted right down into the very basics we don't mean finer buildings all we need to get back to the basics that it takes to make a human being below the right from wrong I objection to use to carry examples but I don't anymore now this all leads me to this point today across America help the nation that 11 time was a leader a moral a principal at 1:00 Malcolm home life you all of that has been completely almost destroyed but I have to say does that make use of the Bible allegedly no we've got a lot of speakers urination today trying to tell me young generation what we need is to get rid of this will both a moral and saw the light of what we need is more freedom more money corporation they have better education I'll have to say this .angle that you do it when you defy the laws of god and the principles of god and what god calls Chris nation to start out being you can either spend billions of dollars to gain a goal instructor and that you might think is better but god will not absolutely closes eyes and what you're up to ill let you let up green sauce hole in the fence and you bring it to a nation that and that and the page number here from this is that the more you hear it said what we need is better what we do know better what would you do it better yes you know each year you hear all the different places while this was maple desolate Meg like that this was a bomb and so on and so forth so I don't know I think young people turned up that I'm against a good education the cause of good education is needed by some people to participate and the function in the occupation of life that they they want to participate in the general looked at me and tell me what you have to go to college to learn how to dig a ditch that's nonsense and yet we've got a soul crooked debate rounds and said you're a young man drop the country you never had a desire for a big education but I'm not ashamed provoke a war knows how to work the down the unemployment office on how much education do you have well I went to grade school one Shari now I'm looking at the faces of a lot of people don't tell me that you have to have a big education or drive a nail that's good don't tell me about associations that you have to have a big education of buying a house but that's America today you don't have a college education you know get represented in Boston all of that goes back to the barracks act dumb shit the whole political and educational institutes that want to be able to control the minds of the up and coming young people and they've done it so now brothers the judiciary and Hollywood has contributed their part Hollywood has taken over in the entertainment realm they have put out movies upon movies upon movies and not a judicial it also violence Bernard immoral and so we got a copy will write down the road and I just think that every decade the tragedy of any of young women given her children ex policemen them otherwise and their children that's been a big sum of money the girls report upon are there yet I have to say about the Michigan American Eagle like the Titanic you've done hit the iceberg grossly so now that you wouldn't let me get to my main plot this morning like I said before I hear what Maharana jam 47 of the man didn't know how to track really accomplish and do those popular explains that he necessary to apply that's 9 I hate to say he got in our state it's real education that I would say stop group now there man's responsibility I don't care what kind of education you got you got a responsibility you can never educate yourself out of the role of one god created you for you're responsible for something in life let's go back to genesis and here's where I got places like cars upon the wrong that old man and woman have done Abdullah Lebanese said I will greatly multiply thy sorrow whatever young woman knows that every time she's ever gave birth to a child she does not physical suffering and the metal of restoration and every time the depression that precedes all of that and I could shut down install thou shalt bring forth children and that is largely to the husband and he shall rule over the and it's not that a woman born from that date of this but what that Curt does absolutely manifest yourself in her physical body an absolute advantage of your many a young woman has died giving shoppers however the medical profession has done great extent help eliminate the suffering and the pain and the danger of some of that not all of it the one big problem I am now in the seventies birch and to Adam he said because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of my wife and has eaten of the tree of which I command thee saying they also not even if a person is a ground but I say install self taught you get all the days of my life bonds also exist without a big porch of the announced out eat your ability and that's what I think shop Dolly read tell that we turn to the ground proud of it washed out taken for dust now are in the dust out help you turn now we see here that god has placed a curse upon the earth because a man just obedience that was told at first when he was placed in the garden ratchet Jeremy it would've been man's role to watch and see the leverage that never the vegetative lie what have township and produce its potential yarris would have never been cursed I was held at you increased everything but then uniform bountiful the evidence ... little chap perfect alignment so that fruit vegetables and everything would grow bounded load the year round that would never do such things start nation on this planet and it's becoming more and more every day as we will say these modern scientists who don't believe in that the water kinda rearrange Clinton on the environment the able to control the production of staying because our saying by such and such a year the planet earth we'll have to many people to be able to produce enough insulin well I'd like to say don't worry about overpopulation goes god to bring an end to one of these days they'll never left earth to get to the places over populated and we are not able to produce enough to vote it's already in bottles and shit and get many places like in Somalia and one of them places in Africa and I will shoot you wish morning it's not because you're a scant it because the way greedy man have began to pervert the laws and in their societies and when you have such things as warlords and politicians they want to control the wealth and the potential but the average person to be able to provide for his existence on this earth yes absolutely because of politicians in one large exam just sat back and rolled in the luxury of the conveniences not much urine environment they create and the money they have stored in bank one of the same time many of their constituents but you go there Wilbur are starving to death my comment the other night on that article that goes on on the face of this earth and I have to say it's ridiculous but I have to say also at the same time value of the current all short right now then let me start with you end process along and if you have your Bible certainly there these are all written by the apostle Paul who is teaching the Christian life the lifestyle of a Christian the image of a Christian what he is obligated to face up to as he goes to his wife and where is the first government doesn't want chapter starting in the sex work first let alone just first testimony in just a shot the third chapter I'll stop first Thessalonians chapter polar starting in verse 6 the similarity of these pipes you know I'm going to read almost flawless ourselves along Venice seconds let alone but in the fourth chapter personal loans this is Paul's writing for that that's the long and short that no man go beyond and it brought his brother in any matter because that's the lawyers at the is the Avenger of all such as we also have to warn you and just look in the northern regions of Africa Belgium should what we see so much of this sadness and hardship taken place did today Christianity which many of these regions all ends of the second century the gospel was preached create your charges was established many of those societies they get to be affected by the Christian way of life but over a period of time as Christianity began to die away as it is dying away of America like a question was said this morning could it be dead bodies begin to top things off I said yes he will perish just short of perfect it every person that's been called to the potential how big is this lot approved is also here to warn a moment invert Harmon life god will protect them according to what he sees in them that he wants that person to reach on a plane to he has a way of Donna fashion is not something that necessarily take 15 or 20 years first call if we allow him to get his hand on our lives and potatoes and change our nature from living like the world the war we begin to want to live like the lord would have wished to that's step number one number 2 if we get together yield ourselves to the lord and allow him to cultivate some of these things that we're going to talk about today in our lives we will have to take 12 years to learn how to work it might take some people bombers of settlers 25 years to be willing to but I don't take well to learn to work the concert was not minding your you get changed and you say the last Saturday that if you're going to want to be a Christian that means you'll want to measure up to the stipulation that the apostle Paul had written in his office as long as we're looking here and there Rhodesia away god please LARP why well I'm not going to work out but I don't have to I want to say this was morning we've got a generator that have produced in the last 40 years young Graham they grow up what does not show on added to I don't want to work when somebody says work that many I get a heart attack I just had a not Bob begins to hurt me you just don't know how sick I get my stomach feels like just stop right here and yet in a very very long that mental attitude about the object really brings a select part of a condition yeah but it sounds the same young man I don't mind is still on the world's affairs let a bunch of boys pick up a basketball right after he left me a little ball that's a person out there is running and sweating up a storm now they're just a roll out were swept I do that now I need to have a good cold shower not necessary to play ball you got nothing else to do when playing ball is to entertain your wife and your mentality and when it comes to measure up to your obligations of light a bus nobody gonna put a dollar in your pocket book none of these things will I'm sure that in the gentile world when Paul came into some of these early villagers you have all kinds of people because they did not know what caused it or anything that's what brothers and sisters in the necessary for him to write certain things like this that I'm going to go to the second Thessalonians if I can get there little without an interruption and this is in the third chapter starting in the secular same group of people now become banned you brethren in the name of our lord Jesus Christ this artist that you would draw yourself November brother that water disorderly and not after the conditions are the teachings which you received a lot why this is a blow by yourself you know how you ought to bottle on what we did here not ourselves yes orderly among you now I've fallen dragon no Paul is saying stop another out of necessity you go to show he's confirming the fact we have spent some time among you we told you deplore that a man should absolutely be willing to work to provide his obligations under such of necessities of life but for some reason or other yellow span of time has passed between his first letter in the second letter I suppose word has reached him all we need another ... what are you talking about just take a work and we got some who still don't want to take all those things they want to be a believer they want people to look at so that as a believer as a Christian and that's why Paul says that that we command you brethren in the name of the lord Jesus Christ that you withdrawal yourself yes let us know there is no right to our brothers and sisters for some people individuals to be brought face to face with reality yet they're not gonna knuckle down and the obligation and face up to the necessities which descriptors requires a last then it goes to show Christians are absolutely unbiased break fellowship the purpose of those ideals that eventually they will largely be ashamed of themselves but in our church world today here's where real a little we've got somebody denominational churches scattered on every street corner you begin to lay down certain rules and obligations to show people really what they make rails right you try to carry certain things out according to scripture not in a mean way here's the outlook that's what I will have to come here Abu rish Baptist church over here and that's why I promise of future we're living in a day and we've got a lot of absolutely Christians their chart toppers yeah like gravity one day they're not right while 3 days later learn that brush pile if you had a way of what mark on the rabbit every time you went into the deal more rapid heart you'd find out their goals I say Babbitt again now he's dead one buspar after another there's absolutely Christian people that have been for the last 20 years Norman text appeared you know what I look at her your logo for our congregation will negatively and and alter the state it is just the way they wanted to look like Andy that's why you'll see him commit here and maybe it does you son is on a roll you stand here and it is a bad neighbor and well after about 3 songs you don't invest in the more what about when all that a man that must hurt somersaults not know that not agreement but isn't just one block get superfecta here sure if you remember that they know roundup they come on when he said now you go in and grab a law the Baptist church I got into this one church professional but those who says your protection is the late autumn leaves as people out there not know right corral when the incomes of the lord comes for him I want you to know they come out of this and that like a mother rabbit hoppers let me finish this some all yourself know how you ought to follow us well we behave not our sale disorderly among you you did what you have advanced breast part not but rob was labor and because they all night and day that we might not be chargeable to any of you I remember Belgian shepherd back many years ago shortly after brother Branham's death they were 2 particular individuals are not even in this area anymore but I would say over the period of 2 years of college but the band yes really a backward look forgiveness air and one from family hold the family this family that and you got to replace brothers and sisters ever hold they went to they enjoyed the meal but that brother and his wife Sarah the one the brother himself would have to go out and participate in his own activity our work they never turn my hand to go out and its use or anything they were asked by a certain person one time why don't you go out and have some well we're living Vajpayee's very strange rounds of hitters a man who is my page was Paul did yes he is advising here I'm ready to tell them how the day did not use any man's bread or not but they work among them the village apple now get someone pregnant meet the person was a the fifth chapter this guitar script involved in here but just 5 of section 7 he thought about the women's responsibility in the congregation specially if not a little no one in the hold on to the church for a livelihood he's giving advice there but in verse 8 he changes from the permanent of the cigarette in the masculine but if it but if any provide Bob for his home yeah masculine all ask but specifically for those especially for those of his own house you have denied that they but is worse than an infidel I have to say this morning bonds if you my mind goes back to them saying to man while the last places that I've heard they wound up date I think a night or 2 now the house the next day he had to go out and they postal subject was asked if they would like to go out and work with it now we're going to pray and study this one and I'm I'm referring to that incident that was one of the last times I've heard of them to stay in this by the country they had wars are welcome out because I was living by faith they didn't see no need to do anything and the apostle Paul and not talk about that as well now as I look at this this morning I want to look at this of this site in this like reasonable physical work did not want to harm in a man it's just obligation he was born to fulfill a role our take on responsibility meeting our obligations actually it came users he wants to have a wife that is the biggest absolutely that he becomes a father to bring a child into the world in the eyes of god he's obligated the minute he takes a wife then he follows a challenge existing he's obligated in the eyes of god to be a provider for that because he'd be gone household the family it does not matter if he's a Christian I'm trying to think when I'm a little bit by page I use an illustration last Sunday was a sandy and all that what that whole picture became I don't know what ever have one of the band he plans to her one time on his way back long here's hitchhiking and when he left here and never heard of the destruction of the one in the wonderfully the plot of Islam doesn't sit here I've run into these kind of people in the last 50 years there are new songs they're a disgrace to the Christian faith and many times cricket bait people have opened up their homes of their houses under tables added generosity because they don't because that really is our ignorance not knowing just how far they should go on on this one but I'll state of the Yugoslav army yeah right they might get violent in the church world of denominations you watch in the family of god in the real George Wishart of the living god das that don't let people get liability sooner or later he's going about it in a condition and bring a circumstance in the lives they will have to measure up well I have to say this god has a way of absolutely eliminating now with that in mind on the subject of I'm going to use some other illustrations said World War 2 because of this modern era alcohol used to be a curse a lot of young people but I've noticed brothers and sisters yeah it is true that many young people in certain large cities of metropolitan areas they become alcoholics once they become an alcoholic they've become so addicted it destroys our mentality their willingness or they want to work I don't want to even try to provide for themselves after awhile this each away after mentality it usually after bigger national wonder what it's saying and the many times that wind up you know institutions as a sad planes were flying our government that they brothers and sisters had become guilty US supplying the farm then just on the necessities so many of these institutions to provide a rule operation buddies alcoholics like done birth their mind and are sold at these then it will turn around on the computers and so I understand what I'm looking at I have never seen them run advertisements young people don't really but look what they did what they want to work on the job market and here's a landing got cancelled long well the government don't want to pay social security or Medicare program that's not that long if they could get to the back out of the ship but here's another man over here he's in the hospital list cancel the liver answerable November and alcohol does that how could the government be such a judge and a little later a one evil but they will not turn right around and and help to educate and eliminate the other one person you know what I'm talking about but that's what they've done and I will say drums of cedar because at one time I smoke when I look back when I was a child a black industry had not done the cigarette and bill that was just like a team like they did in the last number here I can look back on some of the old timers is multiplied let your laundry now say that I've seen some of the old farmer's a gold fields of arson active sure long grade tobacco the biggest threat and apply on abortion back nothing like does it have a lot of practice and you know they are good revealed that that's all or so I wanted a guy right brownie no one could be like that no my point is today brands of shampoos if our government had done built the same way they have done the tobacco industry you might have a different picture of late today that what we do have there's a tag numbers of stickers there are certain political trends that have twisted the mentality of our nation that's why we've got a young generation of people today their mind just show what I'm stable they absolutely have lost their hold in the world that we live with that in mind it's because many of the young people to lose our best and that's not even one can work because it's a fact many young people bombers as it looked after tomorrow with uncertainty but your insecurity grace you know hope and what they say others laying around bart Allen built it is a down marching and I'll have to say if the leadership of our nation would have absolutely woke up in time I went after the dope leaders like you did the alcohol bootlegger back in the thirties you would have if they liked it I will say this is morning well they had 149000000 you know it's not so many policemen to keep things in order well common sense will tell me if you have 298000000 less problem with that you get the same walls with the same kind of a mentor administrating all you have to do is just just double the number plate you still have the same kind of an environment but look what has happened we have spent millions and millions of millions of dollars and yet we're producing out of our schools of learning JJ Jr after teenager after teenager just a mental attitude I don't want to do anything I don't want to work I wonder if they'll I want the government to give me a check I want a living well I don't have to be responsible brothers and sisters when I read the Bible we cannot apply this in the creek in place the Christian faith is absolutely I believe let every man and woman born on this earth a certain obligations in their lives that we are required in the eyes of god don't major of it's a shame that we have got a society today that has become like it is I don't want time doesn't I run and also he'd been on bill he was a poster got delivered from Jenny had but when it comes to work he won't work and after awhile you just get tired you left click and I have to say about this and said here's when a man no matter how young he is are and what age if some more civilized he does not may go up to the fact new year's mentality under control of his long way of saying look at reality working is not gone to heal up is not going to run his health and pragmatism shooters in the eyes of god a reasonable kind of work it is a healthy thing for you but when you stand around you don't move the muscles that you don't exercise the man the mind this is what many tabs causes a person to look at the obligation of light absolutely unacceptable and I realize in our society I've seen that I'm not some neighbors down there no workaholic they get bought out another color they go from daylight to dark and what I'm he's not a real man we don't have a heart operation I've said this the man don't flop begin to realize that you can't bomb the whole worse well the day's gonna put it back in the hospital for another one but that's why some men around all of these workaholic not announced slowly but others I don't wanna do not have now I will say this because I'm I'm going to talk to some young man does someone come right to this chart they got in the middle of the spirit all buy land in a one of a problem and I wonder if people in Tom's well I feel so good yeah I'll get on it makes you feel mighty good blockade around churches that don't buy your bread you don't pay your rent and they'll pay your fuel bill that little white you've got in a certain sayings and you're the one the provider the rest of the family of god is not obligated to provide more you while you just at Logan imagine I don't care how spiritual you want to be time I don't care brothers and sisters how honest you might want to look at well you're absolutely produced a much less of the inner life of surroundings like using a wife and a family to stand on the side I don't hold you to that mark you may absolutely gone around all kinds of obstacles and take your given avoid it sure later you will be compelled to measure up to it or else take your place in some kind of an institution well the government that will pay for your existence but I have to say I have my doubts you're going to be much of a dedicated Christian one that's on the drums there's some come through the door it doesn't apply here and create a jet and it's not wrong to borrow money you know what you're going to deal with that how did Vester that what you gonna buy with it you turn around and realize that you're obligated in the eyes of god to pick it back that's what the apostle Paul could say later owe no man anything hope you didn't say it wrong tomorrow but it is wrong tomorrow night love and leave it that's leaving a bad reputation and you're creating a bad image of yourself in the Oslo they do holders his wife decided that problems if you I want to have to preach this but once and I've seen so many brothers and sister watering down this pathway of life so like spirit the hijackers many times I don't say too much about themselves nobody until an area where people don't know them too well and they got away up talking so sweet and lovely and it sounds good Christian will take the body and I feel delighted to have them around you don't take long to get the place where you learned what a realistic nonfatal brothers and sisters had gone I didn't have to learn that when I first became a Christian I grew up in life and realize to work to provide if you want to get along in life don't ask somebody else to be responsible for you you take your place in life to be responsible for yourself now I'm not saying that you got your stand on your head a work of art to death brothers and sisters it is not on your mind is good for your body I know one time years ago shortly after the in the widely varied one call that I had a I I the episode of the old times with that hit me so hard but she said they had bad and it lasts a day for about a week 0.5 off and when I was done and I did get out of bed my muscles had become souls like I felt like I didn't feel like I had enough energy to do anything but I realize brothers and sisters you cannot just give head to your muscles and your feelings you got to begin to start back an exercise in them and make them respond to your thinking and the whatever's lying in front of you then that's just it didn't sell and I promise you brother Justin that it's good you could turn this mind lose and get it under control and again I realize your mind is going to take a right attitude about anything I'll never forget years ago I heard the old farmers in our area where we lived this guy was an old farmer but it went after every change social all you must whatever giving a bomb and brothers and sisters it's a wonder one Paul would go he would have another call on the previous felonies new to the letter it gets away helium it's just the way you look at life the place you live longer to produce a lot better than what you think it does yes yes attitude and I have to say this morning god did not publish in this or just to lay around and take life easy like I said lives on the morning you are faced with an obligation the moment you're born if you've got help to do something you don't even know it was a pencil that little means if you're headed up yet there's a band our executive ourselves another in that in that rubble thank you you're gonna have to use your mind and you're going to have to learn how to use your mom in relationships with some other kind of work that you're working for somebody else in that capacity so that's why I say with a pencil the one about isn't that you're just a farm are guarded there about Janet I want it might be you are obligated in the eyes of god you look at your obligation as live your responsibility and take hold of it and began to enjoy doing it this is why I can say I've seen all their brothers and sisters Bumpass 60 they've done past sending and you can't even catch up with them because I love to work because they treat it like it's good for her body is good for her mind and I have to say this morning it here and I'm sorry when young people that a young man today just take all that no man I was very you're the only one that you got up yet they got a lot on on the subject well sometimes real manly they'll John what you know is right August Bennett so they're just building life but not that money for gas my parents were subpar a subtle jalopy and I see this values and straightened out and I had it all the time there are no roads Iggy got breast about you know one of the obligated young girls I have to say when you start dating a young man you what is your little more than how to drive a car that is a little bit about negative dollar because if you don't you will be less certain someday crime log on and I'm doing a good yeah I'm not a child and I'm afraid we're going to be kicked out this apartment I know what I'm talking about young people I want to see none of you faced with a but the situation on product you that is all about on my neck elective it would and the responsibility lies to be delayed need to be like that a pleasant back in the denominational days a young man yes you go down the in order you give your heart to the lord after awhile if you like that he wants to be a preacher I'm not sure that to condemn the fact so then they invited them all to this summoner so he goes off to the seminary and I've seen it myself many times they come out of the seminary graduated I leveled off into a little country church somewhere and they go to preaching and doesn't get her many times their salary is buried nail but it's a fact it's a young man if he really wanted to look and feel better for his family he was later they will sign the supervising am I going to be allowed you go down here and get a job to the lake as a sort of a secondary type of occupation don't have done my livelihood possibilities and I know how many times the the supervisors in the denominational would talk well young man you gotta realize this if if you're called to preach that you got to be able to dedicate all your time so if I were you I would she thought that I would try to live in the round what it provides and I have to say that's not what Paul talked about but I just read it like Paul was there among those national monuments what did he say he did not partake of anything although I like their bread and stuff well doubt he first went did something other show them his gratitude and he was willing can be an example not that he had to but he wanted to be an example to them that long as he was among them he will not eat their bread production Paul Gigot of an example and I will say today violence if you're ever manage ever been called to preach if you go back and look at his life and watch what he had done to life I bridge stories at the stories of some of the man they started out little they've worked they piled date based on a lot of responsibilities obligations sometimes they had monitor back set but they held on a kept pollution of projecting I tried it comes not quite what adventure they met Bob we will say his requirements it was then the dog begin to take hold the situation provide for him strictly in the ministry when I look back at the life of brother Branham he will not get a young man what are your thoughts on the line the leading get breach of if your religious life story he was a lineman he walked the line select a company he later talk a secondary job as a game warden all these things bill brown as a savior he wanted to be an example to the people and I have to say truly he did he lived among the he lived before now he did his best to provide for his own household but I've been an obligation for the people I got subplot later on as his ministry began to roll the logs onto it eventually his ministry and his colleague without role that that god begin to provide foreign and I'm sure this is morning bonds if you're a sad thing that we've got a generation of a lot of young people today they do not even know how to face up to Morrow young men especially that feel like they've been called to preach naturally some of north out of here all but if I had to work I could never get marched up the parent much the citizens that you I will say this to you when I give myself the log in the spring of 19 and get you in the month of April that was just a little bit not quite 2 years after I had direct and I felt that the lord would have me to preach up till that time I have always wanted to be a big farmer because that would give me that was the joy of the Hamas marched around but after I give my heart to the lord I begin to say now lord I'm ready to go to the nation's allow medical preach I'm resident is there someone that I'll just look like not have done but the hardest on me no you want to be a farmer and are you going to you don't know brothers restrictions defiance every spring would come another costly your arms taking another copy of I gotta plowing and I got a blank card again all our bodyguards for me will a day around here did you get a lot of ambitions in life not even a third you lose themselves and some of the visual requirements how's he going to teach you something and you're not going to be taught the seminary you're going to learn it just like that apostle doubled it and I say this is morning bombs and statement not a time not to be harsh when I say it he beats actual when I look back now I'm glad god didn't turn me loose when I thought one of the terms that turned out aggregate in 1955 the largest what do they like you did after a pound in April for corn that's what he said now's the time to start a church now's the time to start future I thought my land to live I never want to be a pastor I want to be evangelists I want to travel I won a gold and now he's down the now's the time to market short brothers and sisters I did not hear an audible voice but I just like my mind was stopped and turned into a take on a tape recorder all day long now's the time to start a church shop that I didn't want to do I felt alive when I went to dinner identify feel this late Monday morning but I've got to go check it out when I look back now I have to say I thank god but when I got up around I let the wife out on the corner grocery that left over here in the most used to be in my mind this is the way it on the on the lot not always main street Meg down Market Street UPS brings great I will take you straight one of our building Tom I got at the end of 93 that by then stands shop and said don't do this and I'm saying that runs at her if you're honest with god and you're good operation shared a life and you really want god to lead and direct you out of auditioners of your heart you will not let you run around like a chicken with your digital he was check you he'll stop you and he will tell you what to do you go right back downtown I just went over the next week because mark what back downtown Gloria Jacobs with a big real estate nominal gone about her I walked in there and the leadership behind the desk what can I do for you I said would you have a building any words in The New Albany area that would be suitable to ramp artist on a mission work in well I know that we don't miss it if you go right around the corner but RJ Weber it might be that he so I walked out of their book on the carnival right across the street and walked down the block what got in the steps the Bernard J. Weber real estate as I walked up to the desk the lady got up on my desk a it up to the counter she got up in the desert you off of your love for what can I do to you and just as I'm standing here today I open my mouth I said would you have a place suitable around in the area here start a mission work in yes yes we have a place that would just vacated and on those words come out of her mouth and automatically because I remember a year before that almost chastely I saw right in the yard of the building where you are counting is on the left solid mission as someone of that great personal these are not all forced entry not that I said they all go look at it she says well we don't have the key right now but should you could walk glass or not guide Libyan Shaw went on out there and I looked in the window now the group to get I looked in the window Jimmy I thought it's good enough start I come right back down live in are not told us it will if it's still available I went to college and the next week should you can have it my brothers and sisters all those years here a lot James just dropped the mission and I never learn visual thing now Santos almost morning if you want to follow god in life there's a certain amount of danger little learn to do it needs work you're going to face up to these obligations on the session I got up and it went on so we start the nation in April 19 have to decide and here I am barman and I'll have to save others have said I have worked and Paul had sweated and I used to come and combine and for other people I'm looking back in the kitchen but many of the Harrison County farmer didn't have big combines them it was if you had the small tracker type but not very many lot of most still slightly more deals like a machine and that and the binder but I doubt lead somehow around here if I would give a combine that I could take on the obligation of doing custom work since I was foreman I felt like at least I can just jump to another that would fulfill the role and I'm not sure I understood they brother since you if you can try to give somebody else that idea only I'm sure that don't grow up in life thinking you're going to just escape responsibility and not be a major update doc base up to the fact god would lead you to your school the way he wants it to and you learn to work as I look back I have to say now thank god he liked me but there comes a time when he looks at you but until then you take that job you fulfill it no matter how much you pay the money out of 8 years you have shed well you have really a major up to god specification the way he wants you to that label prom yet your partner that because you have a heart condition you will see him work at about that's why I've said many times I'm 55 you get your 6 in the 57 I saw the same basis that night at little mission and many times I've cried log why I'm here all tied down and the world's going to hell Iran's foreign carmine Harper said lord they were very run all over the country doing much of that lord of the world's going to hell really I was planning outside the battle of my mind that's what mothers insecure Roger side in the fall of 57 I just got a straw test doctor but that time drug candidate that to the tabernacle one weekend become David 0 years like you dollars son on the way from Canada if you look the big visionary when we left that morning bonds of surgery I'll never forget brother Branham introduced you the man got up soldiers testimony in Canada and he too had then a grain farmer raise a large egregious oblique one day he wrote a book club than on the binder and it went into the so the the trading post to get a part and you pulled into the parking lot it was just getting out okay picked up you're gay brother Branham woman out of the big store and as he got on his car out of the stick up and walking around the back brother Branham give water by like this you all growed out you'd been up barricades and harden somebody as that would bring him over reveals please contact a certain Arianna started telephone number but they need prayer brother Branham her dead in the mountains in a little cabin so he drove all the way out to god this trading post call this number and as you have talked of the party rate for the moment the phone he come walking out of this band gets out of the pickup and they meet round the back and the man from Canada but would label salsas your brother Branham and brother Graham of Graham and you the large events bigger do you like you're having a baby I do like that that's not right at you and the national yes the up armor argued yes not everything's alright is it now all and it's not going to like tell you double Basil then brother benefits up miles well brothers and sisters that's a very long post leading up false badly now never regular that that morning that was the politics is 7 so no the last they went on to Cuba and we begin to communicate with them and I'll never forget from then on I begin to pray lord I want to go to the mission field I'll be done a certain amount of blood and treasure but just listen carefully all this time I have farms I brace sheet I've done everything I know as a former I baled hay run all of that southern part of Harrison County well that's all grade harbors the marker and I also want to go to the honey god will surely up among her to go to a certain place in mission work would you like to go on the family yes I'll say this morning about the surgery I thank god today for a little while that has stuck by my side 50 some years of our very lives and not one time has you said I am going no father whatever the larger do that's what they're doing I was able to save my money and the church the little they should give you something else about what to expect I can dedicate about the past I'm incurable and we dedicated one month we would build their and spend the whole month of December and they want their bounds if you don't respect one whole month in Cuba just before going on the communist I look back on that period of time we didn't go to the big cities to do missionary what we went into the interior well not much water molecules of the central part of Cuba and there we stayed in a little human house I didn't she cooked on a charcoal burner and our general small and for one whole month we stayed there and we preach when I look back and not about children contact of any kind of the sickness you know what bothers of skaters I learned my preaching so these Cubans still interpreter I began taking a picture problem the time we spent a month there I begin to see god has not called me to be a missionary I guess it's just a simple all the time can become all McLean home I came back a little mission can't lan airlines now I'm going to stay right here until you show me the year 58 came still the same crap you don't know the Taliban circles I've said lord the world is going to hell