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"2016-04-16 05:31:22"
1 min in class impromptu speech (to class)
\\Howard you modify a female so it could travel faster crime family mark Wright as soon professor okay ... I've become good all your time on off okay I how would you all make a snail goal faster I could be a one way the best way and the snow go faster put it on a mouse right so no sorry not not to turn up person okay so if you put on a person not only to be best known about 6 you make yourself go faster while because in comparison miss Nell will solve slowly made here are moving at light speed are you can also put salt on snails which means that you know it's not the shriveled up but then I start to run away here faster and you'll go back there along with it let's all yourself to you just because somebody about it because I think if you go back all right //

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