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"2017-08-05 08:45:03"
Breaking: Young Famous Holistic Naturopath Found Dead (UPDATE RULED SUICIDE HANGING)
\\Hey guys it's Aaron Lisbeth health not and I have a very serious story for you tonight ... I'll wait for an audience to build for a moment and the I'm a little more said do this evening and it's our Friday night about 930 eastern time and ... so looks like we're getting an audience here yes it is very sad so some of you may have already heard but I wanted to bounce the news are that we have lost one wonderful ballistic Natcher pathi Cindy a crystal thing that is crystal popped across my screen arm but diet yet this is we have an arm broke I guess Brosius I say her name and ... I have brought her work I know we had we had known of her wasn't a good friend or anything like that but it's very sad and just let you know it's not me and a lot of people unfortunately are sharing that it's also not a hoax the family has put out a note that folks this is not a hoax please please we don't know the official cause of death yet the family has not announced that they have asked for privacy during that time after saying she died very suddenly and that please respect our privacy during this time when they announce it publicly I've heard rumors that I can definitely you know doing announcement but ... just because somebody said well my friend tell me my friend Tony and also the other thing is we had some people on the page saying it was hoax because they call the office they said she still taking appointments and she's not dead because her answering the voicemail answering service voicemail still on you know like answering machine so we usually when somebody dies immediately are they don't turn off their answering machine because they can't I'm not trying to be sarcastic here but really among people so for the few people who post on my page she's not dead her answering machine still aren't you still taking appointments and they got so bad that the family had to post something that it was a hoax have a little respect came alright so let's go to the article I want to show you a few things probably first will show you the statement from the family because we had you know doubters also we have many videos of Tom and the natural path to also was very outspoken about vaccines and I yeah I just have to put up with a lot of lot of drama already because of the so I don't mean to be sound short tempered ... and just like last week when doctor lens for police allegedly jumped to his death in the middle of Manhattan hatin on 30 third street between Madison and ... yeah you know the street Park Avenue with his wife with types ziploc notes in their pockets ... yeah I got a migraine then I got one now I don't know what always happens whenever there's a death so we don't know yet how she died on their been rumors but circulating but again I'm not saying anything until and unless the family announces that is I've usually been that way about it cell ... she was shy young stunning did a lot of TV shows here we and you know different yeah news coverage which we can look at and I was I was at the amazing woman but I just want to show you a couple things really quickly so just that you know because we can't even people in the comments I'm not sure what's going on what's in the air but ... you know this is the only site that says she's dead no one for other information is another fake news no it just so happens genie that ... we announced it first so I mean yeah I'm not proud of the fact that we usually do but you know people send it to us so and only after the family announced that I had heard a rumor the other day that she passed but I wanted to wait until they made an official announcement so let me go here to stay with me stay with me on this is her official page so you can see on Facebook ... and share a number of books out was a best selling author and does so because of in part I'm sure because of folks not on our page but everywhere this is pretty sad this Lisa has to come on in St Anne's cousin I'm sorry to say this is not a hoax or joke thanks for loving thoughts kind words as we grieve we appreciate all the nasty respect our privacy okay he really did die so ... and yes it is it is truly sad and ... also they said it was a heavy heart that she passed away suddenly so she died suddenly on Tuesday August 1 I 2017 so ... I just wanted you to know that that is real because I understand that we live in a word world of skepticism where people don't believe that and it is really tragic I will get to the questions in just a minute but I want to show you another thing this is our website as well sorry for the dirty screen I don't get a moment free and this is her website this is it and brushes website some of said Dr brush but it was she was a natural path I don't know if that would she would refer to herself as a doctor she some doctors don't anyway this year where I 2 days ago I was sad to hear of a bomb alert and that the US of a swine flu increases we approach cold and flu season what is the setting what is the setting the stage for you guest of swine flu vaccination there's talk this one through vaccination even come I cannot stress enough for uses Ambrose for each of you to do your homework before you ever get vaccinated what is in a vaccination live and dead viruses the Marisol mercury derivatives does contain mercury extremely dangerous preservatives made from ... ethylene glycol you know so that you can actually read more I I missed that part okay now a lot of these posts seem to have gone away but this one still here so I'm she talks about the dangers of vaccines as did many of the doctors who died in this last year as you know we have over 70 something I think I forgot a link in the article which I'll do momentarily because it's ... being read by many thousands this last 2:00 hours arms so formaldehyde now we all know this so ... under talks and a percentage and if I hadn't seen this affects the nervous system and are known to cause cancer may cause insomnia copping headaches ... aluminum toxic cancerous one of the greatest risk of having the flu shot is a brain disorder called the key operates under a month I don't know how to pronounce all this I appreciate high because I don't always I'm not you know I'm not a natural path which could be triggered by the vaccine GBS attacks the lining of the nerves causing paralysis okay so anyway she goes on and on it speaks out of events vaccines quite a bit talking about the dangers so she was outspoken she was controversial she wasn't afraid to tell the truth and us so I again we've lost another one so yeah and you might know we just again lost when Scarpelli his wife the other day and Justin Damon I see she posted in 2010 do you think they deleted recent post on the blog Susan I I'm not sure Tom that's a great question I don't know at this time ... and I really don't know what to believe on our page anymore says Brenda I'm Brenda this is real ... who was the most recent doctor taken out what Gerald this is the most recent if you want well because we don't know the amber she's a natural path so you know some people say doctor but if you wanna know last doctor would be a DC doctor of chiropractor was Glenn's Scarpelli and I think he's still on the front of the site so I can go there and show you again that's me that's that's heard 2 different people because we got a lot of people already rumors that it was me so it wasn't ... I'm not that I've seen not seen that before so that was planned Scarpelli his wife from last week ... that was the last official Dr to jump to his death from ... you know up from a simplistic clinic with his wife out with type 2 guys ziploc beat typed notes suicide notes and baggies armed and they left their children behind upstairs so allegedly allegedly folks okay I their colleagues including doctors have come out to the news publicly and stated they do not believe that they kill themselves are at the let's go back messes this is a different story now you can watch the videos on that as well so ... so what works now yeah I screwed it all up okay anyway I I really don't know what to believe Brenda says well we know that she did die ... so evil runs the planet until we do until we the good unite Chris is very sad my got a laundry list of toxins as Brian so sad says dina Patricia says how many now and that's a good question prick Patricia you know I've shown the pictures the big collage that I made of all the doctors with the help of my I. T. person arm or graphic design whatever and got their awesome and so were about 77 I believe and I will be updating that with my editor we're going to do an official update how and some people say but I sell on Snopes it's not true they said Snopes said Snopes says it wasn't suspicious look guys this is U. S. A. today the other day this is that July 24 Snopes is turning to its loyal readers to avoid shutting down because USA today obviously pierced appears to bend over and do whatever you know let's promotes nope so they can reset group race money and they raise the 700000 I know $800000 because they're about to go is to shut down with court documents including ... allegations of fraud and embezzlement and defrauding the company for illegal activities may not care what you do in your pastor what you do but don't defraud your company you know so that they're about to go on there their book they're saying they're saying they're about to shut down and trying to avoid so so please don't don't show me Snopes anymore Snopes is for dopes okay on maybe not an appropriate time to go into that right now so again on her page they have officially announced it on it's not a hoax it's real armed and yes all the doctors have died you can't believe anything Snopes says and you know they're just disinformation artist and they lie we are you know that they've been caught lying so many times now they're getting shot down allegedly ... do doctor Michael have made provisions to protect yourselves from being murdered says Kathy Cunningham Kathy that's a good question all we have had we made provisions to protect ourselves we have security detail which isn't fun arm and die he we have well yes we have we have we have security detail that job that you'll fall maybe I'm going to grocery store walking outside grab some from the car and they scare the hell out of me so yeah we we do we have to make provisions a big farm is very proud powerful says Brian had a flu shot January and had a metal taste about an hour later and it's been 7 months and I still have it says Kerry never again carry I'm very sorry to hear that remember the future flu shot is not really effective anyway and that's a fact even the CDC estimate that big pharma's powerful says Deborah yet Justin was not targeted due to being holistic she was gunned down by a police officer that already had complaints against him this one that this is one that truly is not a conspiracy all Bethany and I never said that Justin Damon's death was a conspiracy we have very close friends in common eyes he she was shot by a police officer you're right some people say that it was that police officers fought some say he planet advance some say he was program some say he was startled and I don't think unless you were there any of us are really ... qualified to say what exactly happened I never said it was conspiracy and of course because of our very very close mutual friends in common that Justin and I have I did include her in the series and again she was another blonde that nobody got us confused as they seem to get this item that this natural path that we just found out today confused arm but yeah with Justin game and ... like I do I don't think any of us can say I never say that any of them are conspiracy I just report on 77 holistic doctors many of whom we knew or had close personal friends in common like and are like Justin Dr Justina game and by the way she was a doctor and she was holistic and she was a cancer researcher and maybe it's just a coincidence that's right Bethany Iraq says please stay safe and this is so concerning sandy says what is going on welcome to a couple doctors who are in here we cannot lose the good ones anymore lord protect the real doctor says Yulia so out Lisa says what was her name her name was amber oaks and let me show you the article again it's B. R. O. C. H. sabi R. O. be obedient O. R. O. C. H. sorry guys and as you can see it's right at the beginning so ... II O. R. O. C. H. I know that just got a little bit of a migraine like I did when doctor Scarpelli and his wife were found dead as well after they jump allegedly jumped on there are many interviews were she speaks with Montel Williams on there's I mean she and it's great that when she's on national television on some of these will play a little snippet of a couple of them I should have been cued up but that she speaks out against amalgam fillings and things like that so I think yes No shoes come evidence shows cool and hang it way back here she's had she was diagnosed with MS and diagnose on scene probably started her illness little duffel in the mosque she was hit hard groups have holes in a wheelchair policy ability to talk move she had breathing issues doctors brazenly gave her will roll up the way they say you know I home of the time really nothing we can do thinking with that speech like can all go home and die and this woman has now been symptom free for 14 years have as NPA for old the book healing multiple sclerosis please welcome and the link to so nutritional medical for total recall unbelievable the the thing up and dreaming about diagnose put in because we again causing half that we have correct needs we trashing place to trash out to give a little background I was a sugar addict I was eating it's 24 I also I'd write every and in my mouth by the time I was 15 I had so steam summer not compelling Simenon and I was typing a Munger and going at that he wears down the bodies so I wish we could play all of these but they so many so Beth asks was it an aneurysm Beth I don't know I know that I I think that says she's died little but maybe less than 2070 2:00 hours ago that I don't even know if we can state for sure that has been something I've heard but I want to wait for the family to announce that before I would ever make such a claim because I obviously have no idea and wasn't there and don't know ... with the cause with the official cause of death is or if they have ruled on 1 at this time and here's another 1 she does which is really can't talk about supplementation you mentioned that a little bit and what is important to either in getting rid of candy into or up to multiple sclerosis supplementation is key today because I love to say we can do it all through our food but we can't because you really need to eat 5 to 6 times what my grandparents 8 to get the same nutrients there's just nothing left in the soil and believe me I don't like taking pills but you know I'm 45 I'm very healthy and the key is 18 with quality possessed so we were about the same age as you can see and this is not just brand new but she was a similar age to me arm and maybe a couple years older and ... and said she's very very healthy there's some great lot of videos you can what see in the article seriously you and doctor Michael isn't a doctor Michael and Mike Adams are all in danger says Kathy Cunningham Kathy I don't doubt that we could be in harms way and we do our best to stay safe I'm not sure what else to do at this time I think it would be the harm it would I would be more so I would be frustrated if I were not able to report on the deaths ... even those difficult as it is to report on them her name was Sam broke at Christine Clarissa says Snopes is a scam yes everybody kind of knows that but we still have some people John says god bless you Aaron what would be a what would be do without your voice love and honesty thank you John that's very sweet and you know you are who make the site that's why I asked people to share these into just get awareness out there and people say why even you know the contacted the FBI we had a sort of a holistic doctors right certified letters to the federal bureau of investigations and I did articles on that and they did they wrote more than one and did not get a response but that does not mean that the FBI is not investigating but I have no specific knowledge of that one where the other so Chris says hi Aaron Brian says Snopes is another story and are longer than on the paper no longer on the payroll exes F. where reported that fake news website that's stealing your content and trying to sell girls yes that is true guys we have on a fake website world news direct if you could ... up if you could report that and they are stealing all our stories I'm sure Anne's pictures up there now by now which is tragic and also have really horrible stuff they do and I did write Facebook and sent them all the information they wrote back and said honestly ... since it goes to even though it was linked on Facebook in there actually advertising the girls on on Facebook they did not take the site down and Facebook said we don't they said they're not going to take it down and they don't really see what the problem is that was pretty scary aren't we were hacked to health net news was hacked so on we have beefed up security we were hacked the other day just after we let people know about the fake news site and the illegal activities they were doing on there and that they were you know sharing everything from our site we wrote a Facebook got a response that they were going to do anything on but we do ask that you report world news direct so arm yeah thank you for so much for doing that Eric as you can see Facebook hasn't taken the page down and still has left a page up that says they're selling ... girls they can do anything to 2 men which is insane up be safe says please says Joe yet our page gets taken down when we tell the truth and are you know that what worked for the truth Sayers I mean more less other link keeps breaking up sorry Jody I owe link breaking up a boy I feel concerned a for myself now says that the shot he rest in peace so scary guys let me try to ... see if I can make it better for that link hope hopefully we get a bigger broadcast again is that any better everybody ... it's frozen up for me so I try to ... her name is amber wrote that Kimberly I'm also having trouble with your broadcast of guys refresh the page they definitely try to cut us off recently I tried to refresh the wireless we are on the fastest wireless that I know known to man pay quite a bit of money for this wireless I'm sorry for a very little bit of a migraine like I said like I had last week aren't we have the fastest high speed internet in a band with that I know known to man obviously run wireless because I'm using a phone I Kathy says thanks it would I would be extremely upset if something happened you thank you for all you do thank you Kathy on John explains metallic taste in mouth ... indicative of poisoning I hope ... through guy catastrophic poisoning from had they in the flu VAX all I lived through it says John I'm so sorry John scrambled feeds as Nicole what we don't know my god and real loud and clear broadcast in Los Angeles as Rachel thank you Rachel used to live in LA many years out 8 years I'm sending positive energy in praying for safety of your doctor or call I'm grateful you for being our gorge on our gorgeous blue planet Erin Elizabeth thank you so much Linda that's very land abit that's very sweet are hopefully were back on I think uses Rachel coincidences Chris not a chance I got another I. that 71 Donna think were well over 70 now Kerry says but it's good to see you don Carrigan another regular Carrie also regular says John thanks for confirming of course my doc can't find anything wrong is making a very anxious Kerry I'm so sorry and again yes I I personally would never take the flu shot night I'm glad that you're ... hopefully detoxing from you might look into ... you know you could I I can't give if it were me how to say this I can't get medical bicycles over me I'm not looking to see doing I've might look into doing detoxification for myself she was a hero and of the highest order says John Shockley god bless her eternally I suffered from this level of poisoning remember guys on that and broke spoke out against backs nations and other controversial issues she was not afraid to speak the truth and other holistic doctor mysteriously dies how many says Maxine I think where it 77 all Julie says 77 seems like more than a coincidence brain to keep you all safe were living in scary times for truth truths can get you killed very scary Michelle says too many holistic doctors dying ines is airing this is appalling I remember years ago when I was a student homeopath in Ireland hearing that some of my lectures in London up my lecture sorry guys little bit of the I said this migraine but I had to go live in London who are treating aids patients had there and I can't see the rest of it ... I knew I should know how to say your name because I'm Irish eyeing but if you could I need I need could you am sure I'm saying Iran could you put the rest of your posts because Facebook won't let me expand it Facebook seems a welcome to another Erin Elizabeth wow that's crazy ... that states there says this is terrible news someone is murdering these people and says was broke reach wide was she pretty well known I'm thinking it's those who have widespread influence or targeted well it's scary to it seems it's very difficult to change minds about around vaccinations lan I'm not sure she was on television shows on it and she had some ... bestselling amazing books out there ... so why you know I guess it depends what the definition of widespread would be she has maybe just several 0 on her Facebook page so on a hurt Maxine her name is amber of hopefully rock I feel like I'm in deja vu silver madam villains is a film that has had just can't read at night silver amalgam is a cover up for mercury which yeah I killed slowly and painfully I had mine removed all in by a basically non holistic dentist all elect 10 hour sitting in ... got very sick from Atlantis as I thought had multiple sclerosis yes Linda showed the video earlier that she had had a mass and talked about on overcoming it and that she was very healthy and ... died suddenly Linda's I'm sending positive energy prayers for the safety of your doctor recall I'm grateful for the both of you ... I'm gosh we are going back sorry guys I'll know ... I don't know what happened here yes sorry France Wass says so sad to hear those good holistic national path doctors die Nichols is my son was kidnapped and I asked the FBI 3 times for help but they denied my request Nicole I'm terribly sorry to hear that and I hope that you're able to get your son back that's crazy what the F. says drew it's about time our and Andy's ... start packing get large dogs in their homes and start training to become black belt in martial arts to protect ... their lives through and you know we don't don't step and Andy's we also have ... Andy's and the energies and Andy's indios and DC's and a couple P. H. D.'s even in the series and one and PS so yes we have all sorts of different doctors all those are doctors except that you know nurse practitioner who I'm sorry ... hinders practitioner right who would be right below and you know like Apolo but stepped I the below Dr Johnny says thank you Aaron Tina says another one yes I heather says thank you for speaking prayers ginger's is happy I won't do much closer to rule by pharmaceutical companies evil advocates I'll gosh maybe were interrupted little better good now no sound okay interrupted the came back that's better good I can hear and see fine but I don't see Joni's comments not sure why thank you for reporting the tresses dina hearing at Minnesota says brandy I reported a fake doctor Cola account to Facebook that they responded that it didn't violate their policies ugh says Linda Linda it's pretty amazing these days we have a website world news direct dedicated to copping thousands of my stories and my pictures and you know I write about like my dad in eyes at 80 year old are gonna be AT hang glider pilot and doing a father's day tribute they have all you know what my personal pictures up there they're doing illegal activities and Facebook won't take that down so you could Linda go to health not forward slash contact if you could send me that link I will have the McCullough team take care of it for ... for Joe Carroll says you're the best loud and clear now and New Zealand keepsake braces thank you for the truth so help lead and lose you guys when I somehow scroll back in the comments yet by high must happen when I went and tried to refresh the wireless yes I have all those facts before ari treatment and the whole thing almost killed me says Deborah bash Deborah I'm so so sorry up 70 doctors and how long okay 7070 something probably close to 77 brandy and that would be in 2 years and a month so just over 2 years since doctor Bradstreet died ... actually well which it middle June so 2 years and 6 weeks okay Patricia's I haven't heard from you in awhile so happy you're back in strong thank you for all you do thank you Patricia yes I'm not sure why maybe I'm being censored I keep up the great work asked as Monty thank you Manz thank you Hey welcome Lou ... Felix puts the link up for truth about vaccines I'm humbled beyond that along with Dr Nicholas and I get that stuff really great documentary I'm I'm biased spreading your work here in Brazil says Daniel so very sorry sis Peggy use in the world word holistic could get you can get you killed says they don Carrigan a longtime regular I too have all my amalgam fillings removed says Wanda that's good now I recommend a whole I would not recommend if it were me I would go to a holistic dentist to viruses is crazy ginger says we need to ask the public to put out drones around these holistic doctors homes in around their areas for safety precautions and catch those murders and the act and pin them down says ginger Smith Johnny says great work keeping us updated stay safe John Jim says I'm sending you healing Erin for your headache thank you Jim actually I could use it today I appreciate that's a little Russell's a longtime regular try this acupressure pressure solution being stressed squeeze your earlobes breathed deeply the liberal in slowly to the whole thing while saying who saw stress can bring on migraines Eric and I'm sure it has wires unprotected another's not says Lou that's a good questions as Lou I mean I mean says me really am sorry guys when you get a migraine you know it does your head that's a good question Lou Lou Drago longtime regular and ... I don't mean to laugh during such a serious broadcast but on that's a great question I blew I I don't know the answer I really don't resident says hi Aaron another regular actually followed her work what a shame frightening actually resin I know you're a regular here and I I'm just so sorry then for your loss and I just I can't imagine how it is for everybody I had a stroke after for vaccinations says Linda 3 required as a new hire which ended my 20 year health care career I also replaced my amalgam fillings thanks to doctor Michael is information and a truly and I can't see that Elche I can't see the end of that Linda wow I'm so glad that you survived the stroke in that you got your amalgam fillings out I'm sorry that the major do 3 required vaccines and yet do for is a new hire and I'm so glad that shows been of help to you and has he has to Manny Maxine's is posted on my site let's see if it comes down you know hopefully we don't get hacked again but you guys we got hacked it was just you know that what they did is put up like da obviously not a sign up that says sign up for like $100 off Walmart or something but we've since I really beefed up security we had security beefed up but we'd like to the next level because left speak of the devil sorry that was ... I can't really say somebody's out of town and you can guess who that was calling me so they have to wait much of course bad timing much love and prayers of strength it concerns me that it isn't and the subsidy to get a flu shot when working in the medical field the government which I have done every year but when and I can't read the rest Judy but I wish I could I can guess what you might say though and it is tragic parents is my internet has been up and down all day and lots of earthquakes today to Karen that's crazy to think it's a fracking Karen's very smart cookie I've known many years Daniel says I have a channel on YouTube and I'm spreading your work along with my work thank you Daniel I really need to become more active on YouTube and I have realize I don't even know how it works you guys I mean I've been on the only had the site 3.5 years I didn't realize people made these really kind videos about me someone had 2000000 followers and were making video sharing my work and I need to do kind of a thank you YouTube video but I know that's like the protocol right ... what did they do to her how did she die says Tina Tina we don't have an official ... cause of death there's been a couple there's been a rumor but I at the family has not said anything about for privacy so hopefully if they want to they will list the cause of death they did say she died suddenly and of obviously unexpectedly Jessica says we appreciate you so much arm so Johnson's only use a biological dentist extremely important when dealing with hazardous materials very sad love ascending love from South Africa idea idea hope I say that right it with that migraine I can't even pronounce normal words correctly so ideally I'm thinking of you ... all the way there in South Africa enormous it says sin sincere condolences to the family definitely Ozzie and so she got says what's going on I know I'm just get all the names wrong tonight I every week to everyone other day at Dr dies is something going on that I'm not aware of ... well we sure have a lot dying ... near Amman says what's what is the matter of for her case of dying we're not sure yet welcome Denise Aaron you're the best as viola thank you viola and hated Hannah hater Lou big hearts are Malcolm fillings the silver color feelings don pretty much anything but the White composite fillings that would have metal I'm I have a relative who studies it I mean isn't really immersed in the dental field she's not a dentist but probably more knowledgeable than a lot of them and has advanced degrees and really doesn't think there should be any metal in the mouth and I have an old crown that has metal I'm getting that out ... and actually had one root canal and have that removed as well have have the tooth pulled in the back which is sad but arm yes so honestly a lot of people just believe if you can avoid it that once you have no metal in their mouth ... and I don't know how her health Huggins who died I guess kind of suddenly I thought it was his belief as well I want her site and took her picture and post of the number of deaths of holistic doctors and of course no mainstream coverage says Maxene trainer I know I know it is sad Donna says so sorry rest in peace thank you for all your works is Tina I've lost count of all the people mysteriously died must be over 20 by now says Deborah east conoid Baker Deborah east conoid Baker hall we are at over 70 actually in 2 short years so just 2 years 77 Maxine says lenses so many concerns for you and Joe safety as in my ... Osama near concern for you doctor recall Joe but I think you're right on for being so vocal in direct giving yourself so much back up and with love says land thank you land a longtime regular so very sad what's happening says Krista Cass's please Erin please be careful please thank you Kathy and down that yep that's that's all we can do right is to try to get their message out there and and be careful and hopefully if I get of this migraine have a little rest tonight Linda says I'm praying for this holistic doctors family and friends definitely Linda I cannot imagine what they're going through and then in addition having to write that it's a not a hoax because people are saying it's a hoax I mean come on you know this it's sad I feel so badly for the family my heart truly goes out to them to Zack said Eric says Aaron the laughter's okay people need to react with sadness people practice Addison anyways it shows that you are genuine years ago was dealing with the death of a friend Paul and I and I can't go on antidepressants I can't see the rest your post there because you can see if I click it it can allow me to delete or block but it does allow me to expand that gotta figure that out step he says this is got to stop 77 now so sad don says thank you Aaron Johnson absolutely silver are the least 50 at least 50 percent mercury that's correct slow killer rest in peace Dr Huggins and yes John so true and yes the John is right so you got at least 650 percent mercury in your mouth with those feelings which you want to get out I Johnny says I can't find any dentist in my area who will help me remove metal fillings Joni I I if you go to health net I'm not trying to promote the site but if you go there we have a just look for like holistic dentist or ... holistic Dennis search we have us a list and all holistic dentist around the country loose as I agree no metal in the mouth see I mean why would you write could you composite fillings are white I'm not saying they're perfect but if you you know and also if one can find a holistic dentist they might find they really don't need those Billings fillings serious is overkill makes it too obvious what is happening now over kill indeed as an at Sierra another unexpected holistic doctor death amber Roach and if she isn't it Jodie and yes it is definitely unexpected and sudden as they said but she is an MD she is a natural path it's too late now so I'm not trying to be not from the patio to smile at people now I don't wanna read that one Rita incorrectly Chris says thank you Erin very sad await more information from you and deftly Chris I will update it old man I have won gold crown I guess I need to have that replaces want a yes really it's best to get all that out of your mouth and it's probably not 100 percent gold I'm just in my opinion and I would do if I if if it were me that that's all I can say don't give up I don't want to give love medical advice I and had so many mercury fillings are I had so many mercury fillings there was no saving them says Jim Tom that's sad I hope you're able to but your hope you're able to get out each says keeps the safe I John says audited after referrals to biological Dennis trust me I had all mine dry drilled out a catastrophic consequences yet John that's what I think they did to me too because I had mine done in the nineties I was young I was like that even 25 and I knew I had to get him out but I I knew it was bad for me but I hadn't first basically dry drilled as well ... heartbreaking she made a huge impact this Christina I Deborah says yes saving now to have metal removed from my teeth please I'm praying for Aaron you Aaron and doctor Michael up please stay safe thank you Deborah and thank you to everyone who has put the word out there and I and I know that there were comments it was a little disturbing that people thought this was me and it's not so having a but it is so sad tragic I mean I I wish that I were reporting on another death at all obviously Jane says I'm getting a black screen with no sound at au if someone could tell Jane to refresh your page how do I get the list of the doctors who mysteriously died I know that I need that Maxine I'd say go search for 60 holistic doctor death but you're unfortunately gonna get you're going to get the a list of law and of that you're gonna cry get Snopes comes up first with a fake news hold on a second hopefully this doesn't show any and that ... all this was another one you might have seen that that the holistic doctor was shot to death in organic restaurant that I reported on and on that was 2 year 2 months ago I know it's just come out again today from on another site which is fine that they're covering it and they give us credit but it's not a new death so ... let's see if we can get this to come up along this again ... so this is not all of them but if you go holistic doctor that series over 60 dead and just over a year well that is true but now we're 77 I need to update it I know guys I'm trying to like a one woman show here but I have an editor now and she will help me add probably another well over another dozen doctors that we have to update on the list on no way what happens is calm but yes we don't we don't know yet for certain other family has not adept announced an official cause of death your info so valuable we appreciate you says calf thank you that's is praying for you and doctor recall that we love you and never stop speaking out everybody that's right that makes a great point and thank you to cast to you know really it's all of you who make the site when you share these articles on and let people know it the year you know that you're not sharing article some of the other sites sale they were they're deathly murdered I never say that but you know that you're gonna be sharing something where everything is bad it even snowed stride calls out was caught lying you know so you can't trust Snopes now looks like they're getting shut down Veronica says which is an awesome thing actually and I'm not not that I know I'm not into ... censorship whatsoever but when you're directly calling the anointing yourself is god's order true and false and then calling other sites out like ours who are telling the truth and then caught lying it's kind of sad Veronica in Ireland says I am against guns but I advise all holistic doctors to training Carrie Anne says over 70 list of doctors and healthcare practitioners are but deaths in the energy industry to Linda says look for a holistic dentist here there you go I A. O. N. Marilyn says this is so sad once again and we do an article on that to land and I think we link that in our and on health net news so yet deftly go straight there that's that's awesome exit you just tell me to feel whatever you feel and it's all okay Eric so on if you yeah that's if you're if you're saying that and said that you're kind of doing some communication there that's well that's it you know it is just so sad when we say that on a suit soon at my brain is not so so then Rhea says my heart goes out to all of them all of them definitely don don who's a longtime regular says years ago when I was a child that's all they would do on my parents told me when I got older Sir says terrible are the still I are these still isolated to certain locations earlier on it was primarily Florida doctors and it was Sarah and then it definitely did expanded the first if you were in Florida and we even have and 3 or 4 occasions we have 2 doctors dead in what sounded in one day I mean literally founded in one day and several cases so was pretty crazy arm and I will definitely update this we're gonna either over the weekend or a if my editors off for the weekend that on Monday all we would be doing I'm updating the peace and I definitely getting the other dozen plus dozen plus added onto the list I mean that's that's how quick it's been going Adonis is a well I have 3 silvers as Donna yes definitely I I thought were me I would not keep immensity but you wanna go I would only go to a biological holistic dentist to get them out Steve says Aaron you and doctor Cola please be safe don't take your safety for granted thank you Steve it's important bye Felicia says Philip okay at 1.I had 12 says don Amelia says what where was this I'm so sick of hearing about all these wonderful doctor deaths 1000000 that's a great question and she had lived in New York I understand that that had been in Los Angeles but if anybody wants to let me know I have not confirmed the actual location of the death though I thought it to be Los Angeles but I'm not 100 percent certain and I will fully admit that now we have a rain storm coming I mean so I have tons of mercury fillings in root canals I'm not sure what to do Cathay if it were me I would definitely go to holistic dentist and and get some ... you know get a second opinion go to if it were me I tweeted to Montella Liam's about her and he follows me on on Twitter well Jim that's great let me know what happens yes she does come look like uses viola somebody needs just needs to take out pharmacists can Ismael says thank you for the info Maxine says thank you groups I've lost you owe Lynn says several sites say it's generally okay to say Natcher path a doctor in the United States national Catholics or license to diagnose and treat disease and I can't see the rest but I know Lynn is a long time regular which is why I called a Nazi path and I think on even the videos on the website they referred to her as a natural path that's why I mean that's why I didn't say doctor if you notice that so ... again like if we restart this one here I mean there's tons of videos honor can I actually had watched hertz it's come into multiple sclerosis supplementation is clean today I just want to see what the caller ID love to say we've okay all through our food but we can't so they do caller Natcher path there and actually I remember this video gosh I knew that I had Yummy we know I knew I knew our but actually there's even a well it doesn't want to play so wait let's see but yeah I had I feel about diet so many people that we talk to stress the importance of an alkaline a crazed information which over time equates to disease so what's a civic that we mainly do is we DO excessive red meat Kathleen okay so what those are all good points I would say anybody should be doing excessive red meter caffeine on yes I remember her even more clearly now it's hard to keep track guys there so many ... you know there are a lot of young after paths a week and a D. C.'s antes de owes so I mean it is it is a little crazy it's hard he always keep it straight ... ... to mill has come here and put up and to bill thank you for the Snopes link that you've provided for us that say the holistic doctor deaths conspiracy to mail Snopes is already been called out as a lying site and as you might know on July 24 I'm almost all of mainstream bent over and posted the articles basically baking readers to go get the money because Snopes is trying to avoid being shot down they also have court documents alleging death fraud and embezzlement and ... defrauding the company for illegal activities so I don't really think comel that even though they did get $700000 from people who just don't know better I really think that most of the people here can school you that Snopes has been caught law lying after anointing themselves as god of true and false and I don't need to show their pictures are I know people say the one is 400 pounds the other 300 pounds I don't care how much they weigh the doesn't matter we don't need to go there I know people get on the case about weight but I don't care if they were fit muscular athletes the fact is that they've been caught lying before him quietly changed their stories when I call them out and now it looks like Snopes is getting shut down and in part there's alleged illegal activity and I just again don't care about people's pastor what you do for a living but please don't defraud your company and they are you know and say that your unbiased and also run for political party and say your unbiased so thank you for the Snopes link though that the male Halliburton Halliburton are you was related to a Halliburton I don't even wanna get started on that John says I work with the Nicholson Snopes family if you only knew what John Shockley you worked with Dave Edwards Nicholson first of all isn't it you work with that snipping please send me a message okay go to health not news hunt well you got me there and I know Johns regular John go to help not news for slash ... contact and send me send me an email right now on that okay definitely send me an email I want here if you work with the US notes family and I would love to know what you know maybe this Nicholson a not Nicholson I think you're right Dave Nicholson sent sent me ... and Barbara so please send me an email right now John please I had no idea and I know your regular Cheryl eyes and hearts is airing you and doctor Joe are such blessings praying for you to be kept in god's protective care you are love thank you Cheryl and doctor Michael and I Joe do our best to stay safe and we are so sad when we see whether these doctors who we knew all over you know will followed and I haven't even because he just called and I am I can say that that is just traveling back from somewhere I'm not even sure yet because this is only announced hours ago if he knew her well on but we did know several of the doctors you know they were knew them well this is so outrageous is very hard to believe it's happening Renato says I know I know Maxine says please send a credible link for people to see Maxine trainer I'd be happy to do so here's a credible link for people to see so I don't know if you're saying that because you want a credible link but I've already done so at the beginning of the video and I'm quite happy to do so again here is amber Roche as you can see Ambrosian broke I guess it said natural path hears her page here's and list of her books even translated in different languages and here ... Maxine is an announcement that it is with heavy heart they announce the sudden death of a man and then they even had a goes far to tell people this is her cousin and it is not a hoax or joke please respect the family during this time she died suddenly night in what 70 2:00 hours ago so there you go you can go find a page 2 and you can guess everybody I had some people on the website say look you're the only say that's reporting it so it's got to be fake no it just so happens that we tend to break the stories and not just on holistic doctor death on thousands of other topics which is why I don't want to brag because I give my editor so much credit and our tiny little team of only 3 it was 2 for most of the time but we award winning site and have millions of monthly visitors because we tell the truth and usually get the news to you first before anybody else and people say oh my gosh it's a hoax it's bacon they say well it's not and despite the funny name health not news were telling the truth Jerry says Saint sending prayers for the family of amber rose god be with all of us yes definitely ... Larson's tonight I like to pray about the loss of our hero heroes and speak protection over all the doing right things speaking the truth in protecting the health of mankind I pray that the truth be and why Laura tears so I wish I could read the rest your comment I cannot expanded on Facebook arm but I agree with you and I think that's a great idea to pray for protection for all of them and their families as well and that and the third the doctors alive their families everyone and the doctor in the families of the doctors who have perished why does this keep happening says don and how on earth is it going to stop Donna that's a great question I wish at the end of this long day that I had them you know of a good answer for you but I think awareness is important and I'm doing my damndest all I can't I mean we even after I had had for fractures and a broken foot we've I went and spoke at the universities to what 3 th at 6500 holistic doctors and 40 8:00 hours into cities trying to get the word out about these deaths but not to have these doctors live in fear but to turn up the volume to ... literally to speak out and to not be afraid and to carry on the message of these doctors and I only wanna be helping the boys for them because they don't have a voice any longer and all we can do right now is to spread awareness and let other people know it actually ended by saying it is okay to save Natcher path a doctor Lynn said okay gotcha such carnage so many lost already says Nancy I'd John Shockley I am me says Gen yet John Shockley please instant message me Khamis's Aaron we're a with you you are a blessing and altogether we are more strong praying for you and doctor McCullough thank you combine and really you know what that stud praying for all of you too and sending you all thoughts and prayers because it is such a tough topic and I really appreciate those who have stuck with me even when I've you know kinda migraine going on Margaret says Dr mechanical esque scared how does he feel Margaret I think it's kinda like any of the doctors I talked to feel signed and even myself writing about it but I'm not a doctor but I would say that sometimes they're okay in a skylight but maybe if we'd lost somebody or you know we we have moments were it would buy thinker he's okay I can't speak I cannot speak for him but I can just say that many of the doctors I talked with sometimes are fine and other times they seem like 3 deaths in such a short amount of time a doctor Glenn Scarpelli his wife allegedly jumping office holistic clinic in the middle of Manhattan and dying and you know jumping to their deaths with these types suicide notes in the pocket and then they get afraid again each having a note arm so that that would be the best to describe will do errands is John sorry late again says Marge it's okay March ... so veal says even though I'm not a doctor o'neill says I did note you doctor Michelob were married Veronica we've been together 8 and half years on but we I guess you could call it whether you not believing in that OBGYN of in any state it is a state license I guess that you have for marriage believing in government licenses as little as possible we're not legally married though I guess for cyber told the other day were common law and so the Ellis is even though I'm not a doctor but I speak up about vaccines in cancer my parents and my husband are scared for my life they hear all the doctors are getting killed who speak up says bill and I do pray for your safety as well and Renee sends a shocked face keep up the truth reporting says Michael thank you I was wondering how did she die Steve we don't know yet I know your longtime regular here arms were just with the family hasn't said in their been rumors but I can't speculate so all I know that it was very sudden and shocking so that's all I'm sorry yes I meant to say the Mickelson's I'll take a bit to get a message to you my messenger was shut down today what timing censorship is that my friends is John I know John we were hacked remember Kathleen says thank you Aaron of course you're the only one reporting this lame stream is too busy talking about Russia says Maria god for bid they cover up the actual news like this ... in Jesus is names as Gloria Janet genesis thank you Aaron Matt thank you for the hundreds of sharing this thank you up so much Maxine's isn't thank you for your courage and letting us know I wanted the credible news site so I don't miss inform others from the fake news okay Maxine I understand and I I I understand yeah I promise that health net news has all the links on there we have all the videos on there we have the links to the death of yeah I mean sorry to the family announcing the debt we have the links to on to and speaking out and broke speaking out against vaccinations very clearly on her website I have screen shots and now we have it on video right Johnson's you can't step out of medical industrial complex or your targeted this is very serious as John Shockley Kathleen says yes hash tag pray big Cheryl says thank you Erin and others a lot more Melissa so sad could the metal fillings be at least a partial cause to my lupus I'd not quite a few of them always had bad teeth even with good care I was told since I was adopted and maybe that may be partially caused ... I'd be very interested I'm adopted to Melissa once you send me a private message to one health net news I I can't read the rest your comment ... so yeah I am curious yeah I'm adopted as well definitely didn't have a well great pregnancy with my birth mother or several the first few several months of my life before I was adopted weren't the best Joni says how how do we make it stop on but I I don't know for sure Melissa I would definitely holistic dentist and I if I were you I would find a holistic dentist in your area Johnny says how how it may stop palaces top we must have some cures to save our healthcare system regardless how it's designed the system includes putting group will bust if no cures Ella hunter says show her Facebook page a last 2 messages of notification Aaron I I did your Facebook page Alahan throw I'm not sure if that's what you mean do on the show again nedra says why does this keep happening somebody knows something and they should stop that's true oh no not again this is insane so Cheryl this is shocking says Michelle's John says Shockley says yes miles's I've researched extensively MS LS lupus all on immune diseases related caused by mercury fact arm and some say by you know lot line there's a lot of theories on that I have said before doctor McCullough is a lucky man thank you Jim and he seems to be the topic of conversation tonight maybe that's why I called big pharma is but ... then vindictive sorry with my my headache it's hard it is not want to jeopardize big profits birth reports wealthy investors says ... Gil Cavazos us Suzanne's is joint thank you for joining okay we're at the at the end of the question so I did show her site and die yeah it's very sad they it is not a hoax as a let you know and just the others a few comments it was upsetting and I understand but when people post she didn't die she still taking appointments it's so funny that when someone states something as fact even I'm like oh my gosh if I'd made a mistake I mean I got chills and then I looked it up and they said well I called in our numbers working they still have the voicemail well obviously she just died okay so the family had then post a note it's not a hoax and I feel terrible for them so yeah we reported it correctly since the start like we usually do guys ... and it's very sad to cover this kind of stuff with 60 minutes or 2020 report the story Lois arm I was on Discovery Channel recently ... and I don't know I know some people of the family members have reached out to 2020 but I I think I don't say I think that was was 2020 or maybe 40 8:00 hours again I'm confused arm also for 40 8:00 hours did good mention my is show my site my collages at least briefly and talk about that was that doctor death but said some people think it's a conspiracy you know or something and it wasn't really very nice but yeah I've done Discovery Channel and some network affiliates all but it would be great if they would cover that that Lois remember who runs the mainstream news what do you see on the commercial commercials every 5 minutes we see ... a pharmaceutical ads and big aggregate big gag pads big agriculture ads like Monsanto is this fake news so sure he Milburn no sherry it's not fake news if you go to health not news you'll unfortunately see Anne's picture right on the front of the site and you can click on there and read the links by her family letting people know this is not a hoax health not uses award winning site we have millions of monthly visitors and doctor Michael and I pride ourselves on telling the truth I don't even sell anything all I do is work 7 days a week to bring you the real news I used to own nonfiction news sometimes I wish that were about my site were still called because in the wake of fake news it's sad that people are quick to jump on and say it must not be true maybe because we're a little bit and denial of what's really happening in this country or world and we don't want to believe it's real but yes everything we say Israel verified and even Snopes is tried to say it's fake gets caught lying and then has to quietly changed their story without giving a public apology because they know the health net news tells the truth far more than they do and they're getting shut down now according they say they're getting shut down or trying not to dances I missed it how did she die we don't know yet on she just died just announced that 2.5 hours ago thank you Arent for reporting your braces cam if it weren't for you aren and I'm sure many others wouldn't even know about any of this thank you Sir Steve foster thank you Steve Carey says Aaron thank you ... algo Kerry says you do be safe not again big pharma strikes against Cheryl is there a protocol to help bridge about Richard body from the chemicals in vaccines well Kim Andy Cutler who just died the other day doctor and the Cutler a holistic doctor did have a protocol that he did off for chelation and and for especially for kids with autism are people maybe the head had vaccine I you know poisoning quote unquote but he just died suddenly of a heart attack the other day I think 61 so arm you might check out that if I if it were me that's what I might do the Alyssa stay awake people and that is true and on that note I'm gonna see if I can call the good doctor back ... and ... who's been traveling and I love you guys and yes I will stay safe and all of you stay safe and I ask that you just share the stories and make people more aware these stories credible it is not a hoax we have it well documented we have 3 different videos by and broke you can watch where she's telling and sharing in speaking the truth and that we must keep the message of these doctors alive and keep their voices alive because they no longer can speak for themselves Lucas says what the hell don says so are people thinking they got rid of her because she's curing people is that the theory don we just found out a couple hours ago she died I don't think there's any theory and I wasn't there so I would never claim to know that information and I know one way or the other Kathy's is evil I'm so sick of beautiful human beings being murdered love you too says don I'm John says I don't recommend colors protocol ACC it's way too difficult for must most you know John there are other protocols that's true a lot of people thought doctor Andy colors protocol was very complicated so that would be one I still would look up but some people have other ones if you have something you recommend you like better that's awesome I know rest in peace my Darling Aaron what happened gone too soon so sherry I'm I'm alive sherry okay guys and there are a lot of posts I think I'm not sure if you're thinking I died but this isn't me so I'm here okay just to let you know but on it is that this is so I'm I'm I'm here and this is doctor and baroque so I should appear name in the video how do we how did she die do we know yet Loretta we don't know yet for certain no Crysis take care hearing Jim says take care and see you next time hope it's a happy one and Suzanne says this is just so sad so happy you're back says Margie yes coming fast and very curious stay safe everyone says Karen Bailey and I know we were signing off with thousands on a broadcast but I just ask that you guys sign up for the newsletter that's it that's it because you know yes obviously get the book a lot but I just want to get on the newsletter so you can get this news health not news and just click on the scroll down to the bottom and put your email and it takes 2 seconds because I'm getting thousands of people sending the articles that have already covered that other people are sourcing me so just signed up for the newsletter get on that and you'll get the stories first that's all dont die don't sell anything so Gertrude says who is the surname was amber wrote she was a natural path by Aaron keep on trucking said Cheryl he can only tolerate but himself for 6 months as John anti Cutler way easier to chelate now there you go John that's true and they're definitely other protocols and I hope that you'll our message me John I'd really like to talk about ... Snopes which is for dopes and all the other stuff we're talking about and on a brighter note not to end like this but for those who say I Google it it says nope says that none of the deaths are suspicious you know it's not says beast besides the fact that they admit there's might be getting shut down Snopes for jobs also says that one of the deaths were she was stabbed at multiple times in our home isn't suspicious because it was a ... intruder are on an unknown assailant so that's not suspicious not not in this case guys that was another case of isn't married Bouvier inserting forget the names but obviously if it's a holistic under osteopath but whatever is ... stabbed at their home by an unknown assailant that's a little bit suspicious to me okay ... or other holistic doctors nervous about this gene yes but I speak to thousands of them across the country I try to answer as many emails from those I cannot explain that this is the time that they need to be more vocal speak out for these doctors that can't have no voice anymore and not be afraid and to get out there and turn up the volume I saw you exposed human traffic ring so be careful with that says Lucas thank you Lucas we got hacked twice after that on his so genes as are other was okay as we read that as another is this another mystery death of a holistic doctor well she was a natural path Mary and we don't know enough details yet to say if it's truly mysterious nope this for dope Kim says awesome ha ha EDTA chelation infrared saunas GC maff hyperbaric chamber a IP dialer diet sorry detoxing all products you use is Cathy young Kathy that's a guy the love your post sherry says sorry Aaron I have the name wrong very sad news it's okay sherry on that's alright thank you Aaron says Jamie please recap where how to sign up okay no problem and I love everything you do keep up the good work says Erica and I gotta remember Deborah asked about signing up friends is you can't destroy the energy therefore we live in that's a great point Frank I believe I do truly believe that so all you guys do to sign up for the newsletter it's super easy if you don't want to just go to the site itself me good health net news but just go to health not news for a slash join I don't know why it's coming up with a Google search areas so that a health not news Ford's last join go right there health net news sports last join you put in your email you don't really joining anything except that update newsletter and you get a you know the full length book so yes get on the newsletters you can get these updates guys we got 100 not 1010000 were bigger than that right 200000 yet we're not it but we're getting there we're getting there so get on the newsletter you know it takes an army sometimes guys so thank you love you are be safe god bless you protect your doctor or call us is Wanda thank you wanna Loretta bells is this world gets harder and scarier by the minute Loretta believe me it's been a tough day high agree I mean and I don't mean I'm not saying I'm not being a victim here I'm just saying it's tough for me to report on this definitely Amanda says no not another I know it's so tough and yes I we just we have in particular with I'm doctor Glenn Scarpelli he was obviously handsome man and his beautiful wife they were young and we have another young 1 with this doctor and Justin Damon was 40 who may have just been nothing more than being shot by a a cop but we don't know for certain thank you for all the hearts and love and I'll definitely see you guys next time and Audry says what so I'd really have to let you definitely watch the video on this 1 and ... stay safe Erin and doctor coalesces Eric thank you guys love you guys time uses scary definitely and I'll see you next time zarrell Elisabeth health not good health net for slash join get on the newsletter I don't send it off and a lot of times at 2530 breaking news stories in it and you'll hear the news here usually first before anywhere else alright sad as it is in this case we cover a lot more than sad deaths too and some of it's actually good news sometimes which we want to have yes please take care Chris from Bali Chris Jacqueline in Bali hello and that's right which are on vacation right now as I desperately need one arm and data I bet it's beautiful there right now okay you be safe says Audrey you to Audrey and all of you I love you guys see you next time piece //

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