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"2017-06-25 03:51:59"
Glenn Greenwald Exposes Democratic Party
\\horrible mmhm for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee is racing to apologize for his tragic decision to tell the truth about his own party on Wednesday former Obama labor secretary Tom Peres admitted the party's 2016 primary race was quote rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton and he said he was the candidate who could restore see to the Democratic National Committee big mistake presses comment outrage Clinton supporters in a few hours later he slithered on to Twitter to apologize Greenwald runner article for the intercept saying that Prez's apology says a lot about the currency the Democratic Party he joins us now from Rio de Janeiro to explain what exactly it says click that suffer coming on ... she ate you have this line at the beginning of your piece which is where I would recommend to our viewers inching piece you said that Hillary Clinton won the meaningless popular vote on our way to losing and it the singular charisma Barack Obama captain popular have enabled many to in order to a broken the Democratic Party is in what way is it broken exactly it seems robust right now when you say it's not so there's obviously a lot of attention paid to the did to the presidential election into the fact that Hillary got 3000000 more votes than than Donald Trump which is true bomb but it secures a lot of really critical facts including the fact that obviously the Democrats don't have control of either the Senate or the house the Republicans do they now have lost 2 thirds of governorships which are also now in the hands of the Republican Party and they are one state house away from enabling the Republicans to convene a constitutional convention on their own because they will have 2 thirds of the state fully within their grasp both controls ... both houses of Congress so it's a party that has collapsed as a national political force in the United States it it's not just the presidential election and why why exactly I mean it was still very close presidential election so it's not obvious that we would wind up where in the place you just describe what is the core problem of the Democratic Party think right now well I mean that's 1 of the things of the Democratic Party ought to be asking in unfortunately they're not asking if they're so obsessed with it denouncing Donald Trump with calling him all the names they called him during the election with talking about Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin ... and Jill Stein and everything else other then that question that you just ask when the Republicans lost in 2012 to Barack Obama even though they had control over all these levers of power they got together they issued this autopsy saying here's everything wrong with our party here's what's wrong with our messaging the Democrats are showing no signs of any kind of self critique why did they lose they lost because they favor policies throughout the 19 nineties such as free trade ... miss such is on a little getting rid of all the restraints on Wall Street such as ... having jobs go overseas that the Clintons advocated and they continue to advocate those same policies and then wonder why people in the rust belt who have no economic future no economic and nothing but economic anxiety heart mending the party in droves and there's no attempt to to examine that or even talk about it interesting so the party that wins the middle class typically wins the national elections because that's the demographics of the country if a bunch of smart Democrats got together to do the autopsy and I but at some point they will they got to what specific conclusions would you encourage them to recheck what should they do now well let's look at what they did in in 102016 day they nominated a candidate who was a career politician who is extremely rich and perceived as being out of touch and indifferent to the needs of ordinary Americans she spouted talking points and focus group are approved messaging com and I think they need fresh voices ... to begin with I mean look what they did after this debacle in 2016 they went and they re nominated as their minority leader in the house Nancy Pelosi 1 of the richest members of Congress who has been the minority leader since 2002 anime Chuck Schumer the top Democrat in Washington even though he spent his career serving Wall Street so I think any fresh voices people who aren't petrified of their own shadow who don't apologize for telling the truth like Tom friends did and you think about how to serve not Silicon Valley in the billionaire class and their donor costing corporations but the people who actually vote and who are really worried about their economic future with really good reason it's it's so you keep coming back to economics and the lack of an economic message and so do I mean if you were to sum up in 1 sentence would that be at them they just they're not telling the average person in the country by voting Democrat would be good for them economically yeah exactly that no of Neve know affirmative platform and you can call Donald Trump every name in the book a racist and a bachelor authoritarian on misogynist and some of that may be true all that might be true but unless you convince people that you're gonna make their lives better then they're not going to go to the polls and vote for you maybe the love stain maybe the vote for your opponent but you're not inspiring anyone in that is the core problem that they don't want to address maybe you have to travel all the way to Rio de Janeiro to see that clearly I can probably do I think you're absolutely right Lindley Hudsucker joining us appreciate it hi Doug thank you appreciate it sh way //

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