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"2017-07-25 21:30:56"
10 Things Walmart Don’t Want You To Know
\\Hey everybody how's it going extreme trends here Walmart is a multinational corporation with the best deals we can find whatever we need something active excellent price it's no surprise that we often turn to warm up to get the things we need but there are some things that chic superstore doesn't want you to know about how we do things so today we're going to be taking a look at 10 things at Walmart doesn't want you to know number 10 free sample how often have you had this happen to you you cruising down the local thieves stole minding your own business and then all of sudden you hear a voice asking you if you'd like to try a free sample or some new food products that they've just released and the temptation overflows you you think yourself or what could go wrong that losing money if I take the sample if it has happened to you before way sorry to say that you are actually wrong one research a particular safe that taken the sample actually come because your brain but in a time and the you should indoor which in the from new and tasty product resulting in you purchasing the tree how can the situation be avoided the best thing to do some time is to just say no the next time someone offers you a free sample companies lose more money if you don't take the sample that when you do accept it I number 9 inflated prices now who doesn't like a good sale we often find ourselves clamoring to find the next big fog and whether it be on clothes or in gadgets but what if I told you the sale is actually a lie researchers showed that most super stores such as Walmart and JC Penney have been known to sell the product at retail prices while slapping a self the call on them making us believe that we are saving money when in reality we are just paying the same amount of money that we usually would offer the same product at a new list all researchers have also found that this technique in marked him he's very widespread and Coleman and he's done in a number of lives outlets for the sheer purpose of making more money the only way we can avoid being ripped off like they see fit we look at the prices of the products 3 D. mad about you website all get a rough idea of what the retail price with beforehand TheStreet got so out of hand that that was the case filed against JC Penney for this exact reason no bags firing workers illegally whatever we think of war mob we always reminded that they care about our needs under the low prices that's we never seem to think about the employees of Walmart and how much they are being paid well keeping the price is low how they cost especially to the workers walked by without proper reasoning and often the speaking out against the low wages that they receive but while on the job in 2014 the national labor relations board chalked Walmart with illegally firing 19 workers who railed for back to working can be in a separate case federal officials claimed that Walmart illegally fired discipline anthrax in more than 60 employees importing thanks for participating in protests against the company the shocking part if that Walmart claimed that all of that was the legal and justified it really makes you wonder if Walmart really does care about our needs number 7 strategic placement when we did that warm up we might think of the shelf layout in the store to be hop on a completely random but that's actually not the case each shelf in any of our house it's purpose the top shelf consist of small brands of regional brands and goal met brown the keys to give tone and texture to the shelf layout and held the supermarket stand out from their competitors the 2 shelves below the top are often known as the bulls eyes though and consists of best selling and talk brown said that the products come directly within a customer's line of sight making the customer more susceptible to pet use whatever is on the shelf below that we have the kids I level shelf these of the shell of the consist of child appealing products make any so that kids would want to buy them and finally the bottom shelf consists of local brands and bull items it just goes to show that some simple things have a meaning behind them will not implement the strategy just so they could sell more products to their customers number 6 supersized kat how often have you gone into a supermarket like Walmart and doing your shopping for the day only to look down and think you haven't quite bullets enough well a some natural feeling as research shows that the super stores usually keep oversize caught in that store to trick you into thinking you have a board to know from next door impact of research has shown that people spend up to 37 percent more just because of the size of the cost the looking around the store not only that but there is also psychology that comes play it when stores that use the small cot when we come across these mini site because we often sit culturally things while self that the store is very kid friendly and that they care what a reality go at it pairs studies have shown that shopping with the child will offer missile into spending over 230 percent more than what was initially intended however these may be there is a simple solution to this using the small cot while shopping can save you from the confusion all have I bought too late so I will help you a short E. patches exactly what you need and the amount you need I number 5 in the style music or the like the thieves stole the play music while we drown sometimes they play the latest pop songs and sometimes they play the classical they know will make us feel good music that will make his long for the simplest kinds out will make you spend more money yeah you heard that right nostalgic music played in super stores actually makes you want to spend more money 17 percent more to be exact these is actually a very color mock deploy and they play different music but he's the palm of within the store for example the butcher shop might play the sound of a sizzling steak and the soft drink all will play the sound of a drink they didn't just to get you to purchase the product only is not lost however as there is a way to avoid giving in to the power of that movie they bring you are owed this might sound silly but listening to our music in the stall while shopping actually speed up with shopping prices for you and can save you quite a lot of money in the long road because you would pull pray to them boxing number full shopping spree sometimes shopping can be a rush job or it can be something you enjoy doing slightly if you're in a rush how weather at most to the store including Walmart has something in store for you most markets like the study our habits when we browse the store and then designed the interior layout accordingly and this is what the endorsed the bombs coming action the little speedboat exist within said and also the store in order to keep the shop but looking around studies have shown that these bones because up to 15 seconds of the late in the shopping habits of a cook but which the person then spends looking around the area which makes them more susceptible to impose fighting even if they didn't need item this is a sneaky trick employed by most of the super stores but they say solution so that we don't pull into the trap if you stay alert to the web these indoor speedboats you may be able to maneuver around them and as a result keep yourself from a compact state you don't actually need number 3 grueling transfer now this is the columns that that he still what unique basically what it means is that all super stores up secretly designed to make you what the Bible of that products is a trick used by architects of the store and it is proven most effective one of these techniques is that they keep the essential products that purchase amid adventure in a studio show that people who found the items quick get away able to purchase the product and leave have a higher chance to return to the store regularly another instance if the inclusion of a confectionery stunned made the checkout rate just that in the schools these shows the usually filled with food we associate with a treat or will won't to complete a task that took them ethics the Swedes items a place they to trick us into thinking we need a reward for purchasing our groceries and making this pickup extra chocolate and go for the ride home these are just a few out of many tactics you buy Warmoth the usual looking to avoiding the next time you're out shopping number 2 a product displacement now what all mostly familiar with product placements these is what a product he's shown in the forefront of a movie or TV show more often than not some companies have been know to phone full episodes of TV shows to fill them with that product that's a new form of marketing asset base and the stores and most big companies and know about it product displacement is what a product if placed in your mind that he similar to what you know the product for example a still will install a knockoff Pepsi bottle in the store and that person thought about the product and arrived at the conclusion that that product with baseball Pepsi then the person will be more inclined to buy more Pepsi well Walmart knows this and they've even put this to a whole new level when they pounded with Procter and gamble in 2010 to reduce secrets on the mountains and even the Jensen project with parity of that product so that people would be more inclined to purchase them I'm with the increase in marketing influence in the market it's not surprising that this is effective for selling more products I finally coming in at number one we have a sell by date more than once we've come home with the cotton mill to drink and after a few days we find that the milk the wheat board actually expired and we now we don't have any during well it's been no accident as it turns out the store actually know that this happens to you and what's worse is that they actually do with you on purpose most of the supermarkets will keep all of the products that it needs of expiry date at the Ford to the shelf so that when people are shopping they will pick them up and purchase them now an argument could be made that the products of place that this way so the products can be sold in order to reduce the clutter in the infantry but a study has been shown that when purchasing goods Christmas double check the expiry date of the product when the perch in the boot so they end up coming back next week to purchase the product again there is a way of avoiding the flow and he's pretty simple to do we've got to do is purchase the products that are that the back on the shelves so you get the products that have the longest expiry date so that is in the top 10 secrets Walmart don't want you to know if you did enjoy the video or found the interest in the want to go check out one of my other videos likely get a video on the screen now before you do that though as a way to make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications so you do not make a single Okla but anyway thank you very much watching and I'll speak to you in the next video //

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