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"2015-04-07 13:29:51"
2015 New Year's 3 Minute Speech: "Team Work" by Yasunari
\\nnova last week's contest if anybody yes go tomorrow to people listen everyone they're still mystique is clearly defined roles and responsibilities going through there strengths so try to point out one thing that you can do for the team design your do you know your strength the noise flanks is there any border you did a good dealer I learned this from a basketball courts in high school what did you do and I think the I was really into playing basketball do you know what kind of player was I was terrible my nickname was Mr 2 points man I only make one gold one gate only no matter how many times I tried and tried and tried we really he has I couldn't find a way the true question so one day I went to my bus people quotes and she said I know yeah pretty bad should but you had much heightened stamina the number of the house to design your work leave your strength and the real life my strengths was developed a stagnant but at the same time our team's weakness was also stamina because most of the plays out of our team young keep every smoker is the playing basketball really get tired Everytime I looking stand in the 6 months later we have a championships again the feeling of the game lucky because the mainboard but at the end of the game young kids work out of stomach opponents keep out of stamina or plays I'm sermon so who was the only person we can keep writing to worsen no one could stop me and find we won the championships so I didn't know my strengths what started until my coach told but to make the strongest team all members you define districts no matter how we have lots of time you are there must be no votes all of her strength makes a team successful do you know your strength if you haven't found it yet she closed fine design your they do it //

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