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"2016-07-24 17:46:23"
Obama shares the best advice he received from President George W. Bush
\\welcome back to face the nation we continue our conversation with president Obama picking up where we left off talking about Hillary Clinton you built a team at the beginning and you were really clear about transparency we're gonna change the White House and the trendy transparent to send a message the country felt let down by people she set up an email server that was neither in the spirit of the letter that transparency that's no small thing based on the what you'd told everybody that transparency at the beginning right and I think that she would acknowledge you made a mistake ... but what I also think is true is is that if you'd been in the public eye for decades at the highest levels of scrutiny folks are now finds mistakes you make I've made mistakes I don't know any president for public official at her level who are gonna look back and say I should of done something like that differently but what I would also say is that the consistency with which she has devoted her life to try to make sure that kids get health care and a good education and that ... their families are getting a fair break if they're working hard and that America uphold its best traditions of foreign policy ... on the big stuff she's got a right but if you make mistakes you gotta admit I'm quick can be come clean well you you said that about that we are the Reverend Wright you get you said afterwards you said you know what we learned you got to get this done in the other ultimately government as a human enterprise nope none of us are perfect and this job by definition leader of the free world present a United States of America that the most powerful country and wealthiest country and most influential country in the history of the world it's a big job and it it has gotten more and more complicated and the speed and the pace at which your movement is different and if you think about now that we know our history about the errors of even our greatest presidents of FDR or JFK or Ronald Reagan or ... Harry Truman then what you realize is that ultimately each show us who occupy this office including me ... are gonna in some ways in some areas fall short of the ideal ... and I promise you if you occupy this job long enough your your kid acutely aware that your your painfully aware if I I there are out there isn't a day where I don't say to myself I wish I could have done this just a little better I I wish I could explain to the American people this issue just a little bit more effectively I I wish that I had some perfect scheme that could bring about an end to the the the crisis in Syria quicker so that big because I'm seeing the consequences of ... events their unfolding all around the world but the but what keeps you going is the fact that ... you're doing your best that you you are what you have put together a team of people that could not the working harder or be smarter or more effective and ... we also know is is that ... at the end of the day our democracy works because it's not rely just on one person but it's ... it's a process of self government were were all involved in making the it's a little bit better FDR and Lincoln were both ... talented at ... leading both sides of an issue think that they agreed with both of his honesty over rated as a presidential quality it's interesting I I actually think that honesty is not overrated I think it is absolutely necessary ... because the trust you have with the American people is ... currency they can get depleted and it's hard to build back up what I also believe though is that ... the issues we deal with our so complicated and ... trying to ... move all the pieces together Dick to to move this huge ocean liner that is the U. S. government ... means that ... sometimes hold your tongue sometimes letting things play themselves out ... knowing not just when to act but also the went to a hold back in and see how things are playing out so that you can pick and choose the time to do what needs to be done because ... the moment may not be right yet ... you know those those things I think are a matter feel L. ... Lincoln and FDR were masters added ... idea I'm not and can barely but hopefully after 7 half years I've got a little better and what's the one piece of advice that your predecessor gave you that worked that was a really useful well I and first of all that I've George W. bush despite they are obviously very different political philosophies is a is a really good man and and ... has been very gracious to me into Lawrence but gracious to Michelle that the whole family's been terrific ... try to useful pieces of advice the first ... piece of advice ... was ... trust yourself ... and but no the ultimately regardless of the day today news cycles ... and the noise ... that the American people need ... their president to succeed ... regardless of political party at which I thought was very generous some of the second piece of advice is ... all his bureau hand sanitizer because a if you don't you're gonna get a lot a lot of colds because he shook alliance write news you can use absolutely right the products I don't we also visited the oval office while we were at the White House Friday that's coming out //

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