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"2010-10-16 21:16:34"
Satanism in US Military
\\in our investigation we discovered that some of Satan soldiers are also high ranking officers in the United States military here in San Francisco's presidio army base for example lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino led a double life as a satanic high pre the colonel scope is listed in the San Francisco telephone book and a phone answering machine both of his affiliation ... is the temple of the temple is the only international satanic religious institution fully recognized by the United States government indeed the army does officially recognize satanism as a legitimate religion and supplies chaplains with this guy will ministry have a satanic soldier yet unofficially some charge that army bases become sanctuaries for devil worship just last month under a full moon I took a midnight tour of the presidio brown police investigator add up a notch are you saying that there was a satanic cult active right here on the on the day yes we believe others either substantiate that they had to pick an acquittal is going on there's an altar in there and all the graffiti on a wall would indicate that I had to find very ... fortification during war to go over to where they had ... gun batteries I can fit pentagram painted on the war through the words printed darkness on this wall actually several inverted crofters and other obvious panic ritualistic painting or crumble judgment we've agreed to conceal your identity but you are an officer in the United that's correct and you were an officer in the United States Army during the time you were a member of and according yes if you parties at the presidio know that havoc organization with active on their face during the time that your they were very much where I guess the president base commander colonel Rafferty says but today at least I know of no satanic activities whatsoever in the sharing fate is a maybe a constitutionally protected religion it's similar to another recent case that the United States military academy at west point here charges surfaced connecting ritual child abuse at the presidio daycare center to the devil call there were here parents and others allege that have been it pick the young children were ritualistically abuse by soldiers of fate what actually was done to the ... oral copulation sodomy ... defecation ... ever urinated on the former chief juvenile investigator at the presidio at having not ski is here is now a deputy sheriff and Sarah Santa Clara county her look we know we note Sir for the record that you were originally implicated in the dreadful charges of child abuse we note also but no charges were ever brought against you and presumably you have been cleared would you like to comment on why those charges were brought against you well the entire time that ... the so called child molestation scandal was occurring at the presidio the time period when ... ... these terrible events were supposedly taking place I was assigned to the national defense university in Washington DC and my wife was out there living with me but is it not a fact of a 3.5 year old girl identified you as the alleged perpetrator of molestation know as ... and matter fact it is not the case an accusation was made by her stepfather who was an army chaplain speaking on behalf of this child in her original interview with the FBI she denied ever being molested like seem the right you are innocent until proven guilty you are never charged in this case I don't want to belabor the point I have seen however the affidavit for the search warrant of your home and they indicate the child is speaking to the authorities not her father this was after she had been the subject into therapy let's say you are innocent of that you are no longer at the presidio now in Saint Louis but you're still a serving officer colonel in the United States Army do you feel it is inconsistent with a high ranking officer pledge swore to uphold the constitution of the United States but you are also a practicing satanist not in the least in the army is not of my religion for the last 20 years there's never been a problem with it any more than there is a problem with other members of minority religion but let me read from the satanic Bible cooked one of this is been not the number one ... ... I guess command death to the weakling wealth to the strong how can you believe this and still uphold the constitution of the United States death to the weekly well for one thing what you're looking at there is a highly polemical book that was never meant to be taken literally and realized he has all yes and I'm aware of that and I'm also saying that members of the church of Satan understood that much of this book was in the form of a polemic it was a statement said it was dramatically made but was not intended to be taken literally all its respect that we should not take this book literally correct this is doctor Walter wrote just answer whose daughter was allegedly abused at west point United States military academy you were a captain in the United States Army aside from what allegedly happened to your door to which you I know you allege was part of a satanic cult and having nothing to do with this man I said again for the record what is your feelings are on the fact that a serving officer in the United States Army is also a professor fitness to high ranking person well I think I in this election year we've heard a lot about values for all the ... we've heard a lot that our little children should be saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag on Mister fino has identified himself as an anti Christ he preaches that is leader of the temple said I don't think I'm misquoting him I find it inconceivable that we can have candidates talking about one nation under god in having our children say that hit by the same token we can have somebody in our army as a colonel leaving our troops in battle were opposed to the very concept of god and whose whole purpose it is is to fight against because //

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