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"2016-06-07 01:12:37"
Education: Motivation for Students
\\Nathan riding in the back on health plus I see it most self at your age it's not you will fail at some point in your life accepted you will lose you will embarrass yourself you will suck had some this no doubt about it I was the biggest say yeah I now I'm not going to stand here and tell you that Fabian's I'm period in my life as a dog one you are lying to you turned into a lot of disappointment a lot of failure a lot of say thanks a lot of the a lot of pain education is the great equalizer they all of that an honest man down there on a low level because the light lost so I've I'm where I was way out I have that's no WEBN everyone that place the fate I don't believe that all those by happy right now question just 11 days when we don't think that's right employees this that's this like I'm with what I what I right what it's I that this all how it hurt bad life there is always some yeah while there is life there is supposed //

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