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Farm Aid
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"2013-02-11 17:53:56"
Neil Young interviewed at Farm Aid 1985
\\well here we are back in our broadcast booth and each time we can we're always happy to have one of the performers come up and join bread that myself but this time one of the 3 organizers of this terrific concert Mister Neil Young has joined us welcome they'll well it's great to be here all tell you it looks awful good down there no not at all so railing so thrilling are you pleased with everything so far the way it's ... come off today a little problem with the weather but well I always found that weather helps you know a little a little bad weather helps these things it ... just one more thing to overcome people ... are undaunted by weather and I hope that's the way we can be with a farm problem well you know we are we're trying to raise a lot of money here but that's that's not really the most important thing and thank god because no matter how much we raise it wouldn't be enough to get out so ... well I'm here to say is that there's a bill in Congress that ... we have found made in the farmers the family farmers of America support it's really the only way that we can save the family farm and it's called the harkens prom policy reform bill of 1985 and value out there call your congressman on Monday morning and telling the support the harkens bomb policy reform bill of 1985 and time to represent you because that's where you elected them for then we can get this thing through and we can really save the American family farmers that's what you call a direct appeal and Neil Young that's when we need because your money on help but it won't save them we gotta get them congressman to vote for it now don't go ahead with the high was just gonna thank Neil for for being a part of this and for getting it started and it's a big endeavor and I was just telling him this is reminds me the old days we all used to get together the country in the rock and get together and and just have a good time this is just so thrilling to many places anymore we go to a concert and fly foreigner Neil Young it go right into Loretta Lynn and George Jones and it's great in the the boundaries are not there because we're here for an American because I love this because I love country music and I love rock and roll I'm in hog heaven here an appropriate phrase hog heaven we're gonna go back down to the stage to pick up more of our live coverage from Champaign Illinois ladies and gentleman onstage Mister Kenny Rogers //

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