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"2017-08-10 20:00:00"
Touch Your Toes (Flexibility Hack)
\\however wrong Donavan will full fitness faqs are you to talk a person that has never been able to touch your toes are you someone that's constantly stretching hamstrings but I never get more flexible by wise reminds hot in this media I'm gonna teach you how to permanently be out of touch your toes and beyond having permanently crisis in your flexibility it before I show you how to forever be able to touch your toes and beyond we need to understand what affects our ability to reach the ground the 2 key areas of restriction of the cops and the hamstrings the cops close but the ankle and the knee joint when bending forward if the cops are taught movement will also be limited the hamstrings cross but the ship and the navy so when you're flexing forwards hamstrings a heavily stretched one of the biggest reasons which will determine if you can Oka touch the ground use pelvis position as the hamstrings attached at the hip if the pelvis is anteriorly tilted to begin with I have things are already gone stretch this severely limits Urijah Martian he is made during a tar rage within anterior pelvic till I can only get to about mid shin hot that feels like my hamstrings are about to tear this is legit I'm not faking this this is literally as far as looking guy now let's take a look when I simply do a post your public till I'm stretched I'm done anything between these 2 attempts and you can see that I can get my hands to the floor because my hamstrings aunt starting at Lincoln position to begin with we need to take a body to stop and remain posted early tilted at the palace when we're reaching towards the ground if we can muster just this alarm will be our rage closer towards the ground without even stretching I have tricks I want you to stop this retained by farm rolling the cough find tender areas and spend at least 2 minutes self massaging the cuffs you can work up and down side to side who even sustained pressure opals moving the ankle through for random motion but fun rolling week down regulate the brain's perception of stretch which will allow us to move further up in the exercises were about to do I want to teach you IP an asshole contract relax stretching protocol for the cost on a single leg kick the nay extended strike and allowed to heal to drop towards the ground stretching this position possibly for one minute after one minute pressed the pull of the foot into the ground without moving you wanna squeeze really hard spanking and awesome metric position for 10 seconds after squeezing for 10 seconds slowly relax the tension allowing the foot to drop further towards the ground now from here actively troll the ankle upwards contracting hot the front addition for 10 seconds cramping may be experienced in this is what we want we want to teach a body this range of motion is safe and that we have the strength to handle after 10 seconds of driving the ankle upwards relax for another minute and then exit the stretch repeating on both sides remember earlier we talked about the impact of pelvis position one range of motion we want to teach our body how to control post your opponent till a highly effective ways of doing this is using a front plank with an exaggerated post your public to halt squeeze the glutes as hard as you can legs remained Streit breathing falsely into your stomach done just chill in this position really squeeze hot for the best results hold for 30 to 45 seconds now we are going to tie in some hip flexors strength with lumber Paul the control teaching a body it's Arteta flexibly here wall lengthening the posterior leg muscles start with by flattening your lower back against the ground then extend your nation right pointing your ankle upwards I want you to do 10 reps with each one trying to flex the ship as hard as possible dynamically and then on the tense rep holding at the and range of motion for 10 seconds of course repeating on both sides lastly to the centric we lengthened but the cough and the hamstring and to further solidify our strength and extended range motion and effective drill is to use both the stripe in a band single leg deadlift it's important to do but strike and bent legs because each will emphasize the hamstring lengthening that eve of the ship Albany doing this exercise is far superior to static stretching as with teaching the boy to get strong at long muscle ranks which will make reaching goto's a breeze with this one guy's 5 slur reps with the poles the bottom for but the strike and the bent leg variation do song both flicks I want you to repeat everything again except for the farm rolling with Freddie don not pot just go through the stretches and the range of motion exercises now comes the fun part let's play around with these inch one variations to solidify al Bundy working at extended muscle lengths as Wallace solidifying that lumber Toby control so we can permanently gala touch autos ambient to lastly as we have been doing a fair bit of forward bending inflection spine it's healthy to decompress by doing some spinal extensions debacle fight before Olson guys that's the whole sequence I want you to re test you hamstring flexibility how'd you guys did you get more my ball with this retain the school having taught us one thing that I didn't covering this media is the involvement of the Slavic nerve down the back of the leg if you're still feeling taught us you need a different approach to increasing your mobility and I'll come without a separate video as you can see from this video it's important that you choose the correct exercises and approach to address your individual witnesses because technique guesswork out of your training and stock trading in an open way to Rachel goals as fast as possible for more information visit fitness faqs.TV to Moscow your body //

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