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"2011-05-13 07:27:01"
What Really happened on 9/11? - William Rodriguez
\\well folks once again I'd like to welcome you all to freedom law schools 2000 fix health than freedom conference and for those of you who judges join us today im pei mon I'm the president of freedom law school and host for this program and to introduce our next speaker was a very special one I like to bring you Mister David long Kleist well thank you was again folks I commend you all for being here and for participating in this constant and most vital search for the truth now what you're going to hear today it's gonna be very difficult it's not all your be difficult for you to hear but it's very difficult for a presenter to present this information now for those of you that have seen 911 in plain sight you know how shocking some of this information is it's very difficult to assimilate and absorb on your first sitting you're going to experience that again when you hear what our next presenter has to share with you now I've met this man over the past 2 years I spent time with him I've met his lovely wife and and this man has been through it as man if there ever was a definition of an American hero this man is the embodiment of that definition gentleman who without any concern for himself with his own life on the line save hundreds hundreds of lives September 11 the gentleman that I have the deepest admiration and respect for I wish him well because the path that he is on it's very dangerous right now they say that ... her what is it that the what is it that they say it's in the world there will come a time when telling the truth is a revolutionary act when you hear what our our next presenter has to say you'll understand why that statement was made I'm not gonna take any more of his precious time I should open your hearts open your ears open your minds and understand what you're going to hear very well change your perspective on what's going on in this world today because as I stated in my presentation yesterday every thing that we're experiencing right now in this country predicated on the events of September 11 I didn't gentle is what I did with a deep honor and respect I have the privilege to bring to you a good friend a true hero to William Rodriguez you wrote a whole the my god welcome number one I wanna say thank you to payment for bringing me over here I was ... it was very important for me to actually do this presentation I was seen now Venezuela not training that National Guard over there or not desastre managed and ... to meet with Mr Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela to tell him about the truth about 911 and I found that very very pardon to make this presentation how we thank payment we thank American free press will help us ... to come back over here our and we opened I want one that or who has given me though the red light and they will green light actually the green light to to lose ... when the bank Telemundo we have out there and wound up a major media network who is covering the events on this given around a couple hours it's not very often that you get a major media network to call very dis kind of ... presentations or even so these very important is going to be child probably tomorrow at 11:00 PM at the news ... school in context and if he doesn't show tomorrow because maybe I'm no other big news probably will take precedence then it will be shown on using okay so watch out for is channel 52 correct thank you well my name is William brother his I am the last survivor of the north tower I work at the World Trade Center for 20 years I was just the janitor charge of all the stairwells the building my duties was to clean the stairwells I don't 911 of course my life totally change I was recognized at the White House 4 does airports now but I want to talk a little bit about the 911 commission the 911 commission is a book of 576 pages 576 pages of lies because the 911 commission exit because I want with 3 other people to Congress to ask that we wanted a formal investigation all day events of 911 and you may remember that the president said we don't need an investigation we know who did it that was the wrong thing to say to the harmonies we had the right and we wanted to know so we press for an investigation they didn't want it so we also technique that they have used against a lot of the people our with Dave excuse of the war we put wheels we put wife's a father's love their loved ones every television show every news network ask for investing in and they couldn't handle the emotional toll that I will create on the American public so we got the investigation I testify behind closed doors they didn't want me to the testimony in an open hearing everything else everybody else hoping hearings usually he reads mine was behind closed I agree because I did not know why was a process and I thought up to that point that they were going to do the right thing we created the family steering committee and we gain the commission 168 questions to answer we only have 22 of those questions answered we wanted to have a family member to be part of the commission and they say we don't want to allow that because they would have access to national security papers and a lot of our free time I'm Bologna's we never got it so we have to press for questions to be answered we never got out those answers up to that point we thought that they were going to do the right thing the final report shows up what is a price I hope testimony was omitted he doesn't appear 27 people that I gave them doing that too I interrogate they note baiting called not even one of them now the families are angry I finished the report and that's when the whole fight starts recognize that the White House I was being trained for politics because they wanted to use that image I mean the Nielsen New York almost every week as a leader of the families so they saw an opportunity lava political ally and to use the pointing the finger to the IRS and then I went over to Hillary Clinton as a ... Mrs Clinton now I'm going to make a profit in front of the federal ... building Loma in lower Manhattan I would I would put 5000 people and she said talked with talk so well what do you propose a well what about when amnesty so I like the idea so we work on something called a tax relief act for victims of terrorism which actually the races or eliminate the taxes for 2 years for any victim of terrorism those I mean only what trace center victims or anything that happens after 911 so I any victims right now will have that ... pardon and again I didn't know the whole thing about Paris but anyway we got enough misty which is good and that became the media expert for the newspapers Telemundo in New York I'm the expert for them CNN en Espanol and ... something very interesting happened as I was pulled from the rubble I told my story that I will tell you now exactly the same the international press precept that without any editing the local press the national press over here the edited now that's when I work on the legislation for getting out though on your fans scholarship programs and again it was a proven record time and ... is when I ask ... our ASP Sir to do an investigation of la the 911 commission emissions you probably heard about that now let's go into these let me tell you what happened on 911 I wakeup late I was about to be there at 8:00 in the morning a miracle by every morning I would go and have breakfast the windows of the world which was a rush on that was located on the last floor of the north tower so all those people that died over there where my friend I came in at 830 in the morning and I told my supervisor among the ways it didn't make it because we don't have anybody get nobody else wants to do your routine no it is to do 110 floors of stairs nobody wanted to do it they will do it and they will be trembling for 2 days her knees yeah salt I made it on the off please was located on the beat one level we have 6 so sub labels are the what was it that B. one B. 2 all the way down to be 6 I support off he was on the one now building one north power and the stuff that we're connected to the basement I'm talking to the supervisors a 46 we hear huge explosion it was so hard that bush doesn't upwards from the floor we went up although Walsh cracked the full feeling completely fell down this spring sprinkler system got activated and they were screaming all over it I have that moment I thought that he was a generator.blew up on the beach to level because we have the mechanical room with all the pumps all BR electrical power for the building was located in there so you might not not only sense but remember I was in the building for 20 years I could tell the difference of something coming from the bottom of something coming from the top so when I went to verbalize that's slumping blew up probably the mechanical room we hear pa all the way on the tall the impact of the plane don't be private events there was an explosion in the basement prior to the power being hit by a plane I don't think my word for it anything that I'm going to tell you right now I'll be here as we said it on 911 not only me the fireman's first responders victims that came out of the building now we hear that impact on the top and everybody status with the 14 people in general in the office and all the sudden we we we hear a person coming like this with the high techs and the pain explosion explosion I when I looked at him he has all the scheme pulled from under his armpits all the way to the top of the fingertips and he was hanging like he was a piece of grow when you pick up a glove letter handy it's likely like I thought it was Moby when I realized it was his keen when I finally did look I phase he got me seem part on his face I think what happened he was in charge sake the elevators I don't understand so I want to pick up the move I went to pick up the phone to call death EMS unit that was located on the south tower I when I go to pick up the phone another explosion on the top I'm the walls crack more I really thought it through to shake such that we gotta get out we gotta get all I took that the guy was a black guy named Phillipa David that's fully paid and I let everybody out I we went out to the loading dock we get outside there's a non humans coming over we stop me I'm gonna type of Mr Felipe David a by a guy from our ... believe via who was on the V. 2 level was in charge of reeling off the machine's with water in the building the vending machines and with us sodas and I saw he was in his room in his cross it he said there was fire I you pull his hand to cover his face because of that he was like a huge explosion and that's how he made a he tried to make it through the elevator he couldn't make it so he went up the stairwell one flight up and that's how he went to my to my office so I took them out but I really am lives he goes into a coma in the ambulance there's one I have for the first time a plane hit the building a plane hit the building a security guard was standing right next to me with the radio and that's when I look up for the first time and I see DR the whole the debris coming down the fire but from beyond on a vision that I had because I was right on the corner of the base of the building you couldn't see that the antenna so I went crazy so we're gonna go up because I thought right away of the people from windows of the world that we gotta go up we gotta go well I'm just putting people that I. 2 counties that are not you stay here my supervisor the guy 3 times my my size well if there was overwrought readers you know going in there you say here's a Noah we got I mean now you stay here so I took the radio for the security guard why Neil and I running inside the building through the loading dock down the hill when inside there was water all over now water all over it on the basement how come there was a water on the top floors again an explosion of the basement now I get to the south tower because after the 1993 bombing they created something called the OCC up the operation control center on the south by what they spent $153000000 to retrofit the building and they are so I wanted to tell them that I had a person that was one that outside the building so when I get there this nobody in the office I'm hitting the board approved window nobody answers I found a guy called Jimmy by right now work without maintenance company who was on the lower basement from the south pathway who did not know what was going on it wasn't what's happening and I don't know what what I heard I when I heard on the radio I couldn't believe it so that you have an idea of how many people probably died on the top level without knowing ever what was going on now I don't you gotta get out those are lady at the entrance to the Marriott hotel on the basement not heard the whole thing but the not bear to leave her post because he was a new worker I too was afraid that she was going to be I think you can get out now moon on the long Neelam Neil get out now it's nobody here I left the south tower I run again towards the north tower when I get to the north tower how do you know prelude mater's art that a house is not a regular rule is just a match that is that because all the water was going very easily in so I didn't god please help me I was not as crucial person I was not and at that moment I found in an area that was supposed to be clean of any construction debris huge metal pipe I took the pipe we're against the door force the door open and that when he opened all the doors opened the swing was afraid of it ambient music and when the door is open I'm sorry when the doors open the bottom door and when he gets to the bottom makes all the water on my site to Russia MP by itself because you elevators now when I picked now I see way below beast who people standing on no on the one log we water up to here what Paris I was killed not comprehending what's going on and I said god help me again because they're screaming help help help help I'm looking not CDC I practically coming out of their faces and there are I know how to get down there so when I say god please help me I remember right away that in the area where they have to trash compactors the electricians always hot rodders but they always Piper mob we change so people would not feel them because he was easy to come inside the loading dock with a truck water lottery site and take it so they're always tie them up with cherry okay let me find one please let me find one I run their and the incredible thing is that the only one that was not shade was the longest one of all the letters and 18 feet long louder which I took a look at a lot I took it dropped inside the elevator shop wedding site all open that that that that that the greed got them all out diplomats outside the building put him in an ambulance I went back inside the building again to the loading dock running because of my concern again was how to help the people a windows of the world and I'm like my friends my got my friends and I scream at we gotta go biking nobody wanted to glowing so I sound going again so I went in and I found police officer they need Liam from the Port Authority police who was in charge of the canine units he meets me that have really space quiet what's going on I don't know do you have the key I think yes he meant that I have the key to master keys there were only 5 mustard he's in the building that people with the other 4 were trained on igrice escape rescue efforts and they were the first one to run out I was just a janitor and the reason that I have Becky was because I saw the Port Authority 1997 because I fell down the stairwell and they couldn't find me for like 3:00 hours and I won the arbitration and they have to give me the key and I can open the whole complex of course the Port Authority police noon because it was a high security level key that I have it so I think that's go we got to the lobby now all the fireman's are there waiting with something called a far access key which is a killer they putting any elevator I'm in the elevator result will go down a few 0 will go up to pick them up so they've been waiting for the elevator to forget about the elevator there's no elevator follow me I know the base weight and I have the key to this farewells final me so these whole unique ladder 6 follows me as we start going up the stairwell now he was shot people because poor people talk about the fireman's now so much equipment in their back with about 7250 pounds over Quitman between machines to open doors a machine to break things you know it was solved hard to go well because people were coming down and kept bumping into him to us there will where we only have 3 stairwells ATP and see there was the longest one of them and they are as we make it over there to the third floor we have to stop and regroup because it was so difficult like the less gold by the AC thirties which was the one that faced the area that the building was hit by the by the plane so we start going up I now we start the RTC we have to go an open and free now I'm gonna tell you why the watch I think there was a classic 8 building for anybody in construction here will understand that pass a bill that means that could be the worst one open one will open 31 open 1 will open all the way to the top the reason they do that is because as a skyscraper over here I I think got 27 floors high they have to have the safety to encapsulate a fraud a fire because otherwise the pie will consumable than going up though the fire so they do that they will sacrifice maybe a floor to but everybody else will be safe so that's why open those doors was crucial initial you though these are the stairwells no big look at that no re entry next we have 382 floor how the problem was that that what I said that was short shook tall building and student weeding is clearly not a lot of people the turnaround was costing people getting fire people getting higher people retiring was a cause so a lot of people didn't even know where the exits where they made real only 2 times a year they should of had mandatory drills so people will know every time that they will to work for the first time where to escape I didn't have that that's one of the recommendations that we made to the ... not Tony stood on a safety and technology now which are going up and he was so hard because these poor people couldn't continue at the same pace as I was going I had no equipment in my back I have no of fireproof clothing dominated biblical I guess my uniform and I did this farewells every single day so basically at that time time that time I was very skinny very very skinny ... I will sometimes 2 or 3 floors are both the far department opening doors one in the offices screaming for people to follow my voice letting people out as I went up we heard explosions on the third zone the first one is from 44 to one you have 1 at 110 to 7878 to 4444 to 1 the building was divided that way when I asked what authority what are those explosions and so on maybe the gas tanks in the kitchen what I think building only electrical kitchens hollow right this is the mail was horrible putrid was a you my genome I'm mourning and sold forgetting talking to throw that's exactly how we smell over there and ... Chuckie moment was that a person comes down and said we have a person in a wheelchair on the 20 second floor deck and a brief I go down 2 flights ... below and I called the fire department they tell me that they have a person in a wheelchair what can we do shift though we will make it there and does he actually will always leave the handicaps for the last of the many have power they just took her jacket there could then they dropped on the floor I went with this summer they even took their books and they laid down and it was so sad just to see that and they believe tells me the police officer with the you know the floor day yeah I say what can we get water is what the machine a vending machine on the other side so let's go he breaks the machine without taking the water putting them in trash cans I we distribute them the fireman's I get the opportunity because there was power in their become a foreign and call my mother I wanted to call my mother importer recall to let her know that I was okay in case you heard slumping then I did I not leader that I know what that everybody knew what was happening but also because the point of what are you doing get out of there mom I'm okay nothing has happened to me the thing actually than here I'm helping the far diplomacy that's not your job get out say mom I have to keep these people don't know what they're doing they don't know the building because almost total disorientation everybody was so what was was going on chain of command over there it worked so I don't worry I call you later I'm not gonna make it to the fire I don't want to take them to a certain point I'm coming down but I can only give them the key so hung up the phone on the radio I how my supervisor Rodriguez William Rodriguez abandon the building right now I continue seems they favor here I continue going floor by floor Albany letting people out until I stop on the 30 third floor why the 30 third floor because on the bed and floor I had a closet with all the supplies every 16 flora I had a little work cubicle to put stuff up for the for the stairwells and there I have like no paper mast but I use for the cleaning so I want to get this paper mask to the people coming down the stairwell no mind you the people that is coming down some of them are caught in the face because they're sitting in front of the offices with a window some of them I joking but I never what the hysterical pain that everybody talks about that never happened I guess everybody will see chart because nobody expected these and we didn't know what was going on so I continue going up and get to the 30 third floor I find that lady trembling on the floor on a fetal position she had not choose so her up but on the stairwell no it couple of people coming down remit people from the cafeteria at the 40 fourth floor I think paper out and at that moment on the corridor I hear something very strange on the 34 floor I hear stop being moved around and heavy stuff you know like those of metal dumpsters scratching the floor really heavy stuff not why was a strange because the 30 fourth floor was a floor that was got out but the construction our crew of the word trade center and it was closed in other words elevators the nonstop here there was no walls there's nothing there half of those people that you know maybe I'm not in construction that's what $1000000000 when and then I moved out they got it out and they make the money redesigning the place to the specification of the near panic hope to hear days is the first time that I felt fear on that day so of course I knew somebody was there so I bypass top floor I'm going to need to the upper floors people screaming people these day I guess the biggest Payne I'm nightmare that I will have justice here screams if people feel talk in the elevator claiming for help so I make it look 30 ninth floor on the 30 ninth floor from the opposite side of the stairwell homes David Liam we too far she they have the white shirt and we all gathered together to talk about why we were going to do next and at that moment box we hear the impact of the other tower I need titled the building we hear pop pop pop pop pop I don't the radio we here we got 65 would not 65 minute difficulty floor or not floor by floor by floor up to the fourty 4 floor we're depending on floor 5 right away and I going to a prison we gotta go well we gotta go well we got to go up and I and and they believe there will be no you thought you know what this is not your job my mother again I think you want no I'm going up is that you still actively under my responsibility better if you give me a hand with the person in the wheelchair on the 20 seventh floor and get out isn't you know I'm going up to please Willie just give me that don't do me a favor so I get ahead not gonna do it but I'm coming right back I run down to the 20 seventh floor I scream to though farmers I have orders to get this guy down right now the guy was already picking up on the wheelchair put on a rescue basket an orange basket tied up and 3 farmers stood up so let's go so we kind of bringing him down the stairwell we go down we continue listening to small explosions in the building I know the southern honks opus feeling off the wall I coming logros but it was Chirac I don't one of the out bid that that means that I never get it was that building was chipping constantly saw the fluorescent light the holders change position and you could hear the likes breaking in line all the way down pop pop pop pop so when I own my god what is his older son we hear a huge palm south tower collapse what we going down the stairwell we lost out of violence we fail I remedy guy on the other on the rescue basket if you have one of those masks look at us and I said don't worry after this we're going to go get a beer and he looks at me and go like this I don't drink I don't drink we make it to the lobby when we get to the lobby.beautiful marble how many people have ever been to been to the workplace and right but I'm not all that was on though on the mobile everything was pulled from the wall and the only thing you saw was a cement patches with a mom who was before so it all got what he's bees at Penn past me I look to the left everything was collapse the doors of the freight elevators on the passenger's elevators on the lobby where open the swing maybe something happened from the bottom I keep the doors open from the bottom up like this I said again because of what's going on one of the fireman's name was that Reagan hard look at me safe settle beyond humans so I turn to the right and goes to the wayside Avenue entrance which was the main entrance to the building Eichel culture every glass from the area out was totally destroyed there was glass chowder everywhere look to the left buildup of fire safety director ... area was totally collapse and data I mean Chuck again I get to the front where the cubicle another cubicle the revolving door was there was no revolving door just empty space I get to the front right on top of me and you could hear the the hoping coming down boom boom boom and yeah truck practically getting squashed I thought I was in Peter's room ... the mall for you see the heat that guy that the vapor and everything and all I remember I said at that moment was god please don't give my mother Payne who see my body in this letter find my body I recognize it because what I saw the bodies that I saw and that's the only thing I ask for and I knew it was going to die I suspect that that yes I was there all the solvent dish but what came from every orifice on the truck purge my face burn my leg might I have listed a few have this car my knee was open I don't know how totally open and now I know I'm not dying squash what I gonna die of a fiction because I can agree I put my face on their money I put my shirt right on there I said I'm going to die just going to wait that because I can't I was a magician put 30 years and dies to build this Cape though that the skateparks that every magician dos escape that the straitjacket escape everything saw you know we always thought that you have to relax you have to contain your breathing and that's what I was trying to do locally CNN on global BC known from Brazil we're filming from the world financial center site and they said the last person came out right there and they pointed to the area what a rescue effort started and that's how it was safe that they now they pull me out in the middle to read that Boston did not disperse for hours that cloud I remember when they pull me from under the only thing I could see was though fluorescent lights on the jacket of though farming I'm a flashlight and a guy screaming this way this way and then I saw the word ambulance backwards and I want me stay there for a for for for oxygen for like 15 minutes came out this is at the perimeter of ground 0 get out and the first thing I do is run back to where the truck was to make sure there was nobody else when I get there I was taken out on the Nick of time because the tires blow up and the truck completely collapse so it was it was a mission and ... remember looking through the rubble I did not breach that connected the work financial center with that worked right center Thakore laps on top of us several fire trucks I went on there I found a to both sides pulled the book and I stay with one leg is I and they are that's when I said I cannot continue doing these and but I stayed in the area on field CNN call me come over here and I went over there and I thought well my mother probably think that I don somebody will be able to senior let her know see I went over there and I told CNN totally ... in shock and I lost all my friends the Port Authority police officer that was with me they believe die everybody that the person on the wheelchair the whole story how I heard an explosion how explosions in the building that went live on national TV all over the world so what I'm telling you right now is nothing new been out there after that I became of course because of the I. media attention I do what I do with the size of this user to organize a families and that's how I started fighting for benefits and so on now they go bar was that you see these people Philip without me came out other Colma 13 weeks after remedy I do not know these people personally he sees me on on NBC talking about other problems with the red cross not giving money to the ... victims and and so on I he sees me on call doctors and I think I got saved me so everything goes up a reunion on television I was very emotional police believe that David his testimony was never hurt by declamation and he was there how about all the Yumbo aren't cool that's ... crowd PBN the Christian network during the encounter on ground 0 sees me on TV the same pain I think I think we that's the money never heard by the commission either David lean's survive on that the rubble it was may Sarton after that he loves his dog this is the encounter for Telemundo in New York saw my starting static to be body baby because only what he wants by all these people that way there and the reason we do these is that we need the true we need to find out when you have Richard Clarke coming on national TV and saying we value we lie to you our president fell you are government fell you a YA Condoleezza Rice refusing to testify for the commission you may have more important to find out the truth and that's why we do these we all this the victims I lost 200 friends 200 friends I never going to see again you know that your emotional inventory that you have to gold paint like your whole family is wiped out so I have to be the voice for those people that don't have the opportunity to talk for themselves to play for just these that's why I'm going all over the world here they don't want to listen they're listening out there and they're doing the right thing when I thank all of you for this opportunity all we ask I continue asking questions the families of the victims and the survivors believe and rightly so because we have been through the whole process of the investigation now we have been lied to that they have used our tragedy for a political agenda that we do not agree with that we have been you don't those are little people right now we have left that movement from the 60 that post so hard but he was right it's gone the patriot act one single act this administration has taken all those rights like that Congress Senate legislation they all into it so we have to fly back we have to get our rights back because every time that something happens when you are more passif and trunk while you will hear on the news red alert alright alert they got to keep you because only on secure they have to control you they have to control you they put people different television programs always okay that the check my bags and check my phone and if I have nothing to hide and I going to feel more secure I believe my right to do that to feel more secure is okay what that doesn't make any sense //

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