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"2017-08-16 23:52:38"
Sugar Is 8Xs More Addictive Than Cocaine.
\\the what makes you sick and overweight making nearly one in 4 teenagers pre diabetics it's not fast I studies in rats you find out that sugar is 8 times more distant than cocaine a new study by the university of Texas at Dallas has found an unexpected connection between Dover and certain types of rarely I we've at yeah well I'm sure you sell it this is your fault the average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar a year that's roughly 22 teaspoons every single day doctor Barry Horowitz says those increases are the result of a very real sugar high sugar is like any other again drug you get a temporary in a recent 43 cocaine addicted laboratory rats were given the choice and for sure after over a few team play puree and for the 43 shows her food addition is a real thing it's not a matter for a biological fact studies show that your brain lights on sugar just like it doesn't computer heroin thank goodness in the mall other uses a small one on a big ones to get the system are you get a capital a jug of because people have any idea how much does any and maybe they don't I figured that well I came out I'm ndan it was on 43 rap the relationship between sugar and can Sir lead scientist 2 conclusions sugar use contributes to Sir and going without it can slow growth of the you're an expert nutrition doctors talk about sure cancer is an obligation to host the tabloids are which means there is a sugar feeder so this is known for about 70 years and these rats had a choice ... choosing sugar water to consume or cocaine 94 percent embarassing shouldnt our water and our kids they consume even more 30 fourth teaspoons everyday this is the reason that 70 percent of Americans and 40 percent of kids are overweight and new science proves that sugar is biologically what's on your dinner menu tonight anything that might be addictive to your children if you are thinking no rocks and sign it's going to show you why you process is much more powerful than ever decades we have the science show with drugs neurosurgeon get us to come back for more I don't think one of those things you know this 23 Shays a show that fans that single take the equipment that all that that is this during the mmhm 100 years ago those folks consumed only 4 pounds of sugar a year this now however the average person take 40 times this amount 100 house of sugar a year Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize using a the aged Europe well clearly sales were they'd prefer burning sugar glucose ... and they have roughly 4 to 10 times number local source here's on their cell membranes this interaction is not an emotional reading is for sugar and flour which you hate your blood sugar more detail sugar hijack your taste buds your brain chemistry and your hormones and your metabolism the question is how do you break the addiction Kristin Kujawski has had regular check ups with their endocrinologist for the decade then she weighed more than 300 pounds Kristin had an addiction I need something sweet annnnd everyday something you know right these rats were already previously cocaine addicted and they switched from the cocaine to the sugar water and what he also observes the sciences was work harder and went out of their way because through that you can make school hyper colorful to not get sick I'm back for more this one here this 44 packets of sugar in this one fall too far there are food manufacturers had enormous amounts of sugar usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup products we consume all day every day the drinks and serial soda snack even food you wouldn't ex like spaghetti sauce and peanut butter therefore what we find is diabetics because an elevated blood glucose have a higher incidence cancer ... elevated intake of white sugar elevated blood glucose levels even if you're not diabetic there is for thing like this corrosion and I'm really referring it appears to be sure addiction sure so we're different to show her nbae away home and you'll you'll pick whatever she hi animal studies that show where they give the animals a diet that will induce low more normal for high levels of one codes with cancer and they find it's a dose dependent response Harry was the conclusion was that sugar is roughly 9 times more many in cocaine which is a pretty theory major Dr that allows us to modulate our total food intake for 2000 years or more and then all the sudden 30 years things broken seemingly beyond repair you can lower blood glucose the animals stay alive longer so sure in cancer are definitely slowing down they inject radioactively labeled glucose then they use a Geiger counter like device to for the sugar went because that's for the through because through the sugar fear starvation clearly let and left and does your brain you have enough you don't get collectors signal your brain thinks of star diabetes is actually going up faster than obesity was around the world and that took me to a question of was there something specific in the western diet that wasn't driving chronic nmap let me her pleasure except that a lot of pleasure as it turns out is not in the process of going for more pleasure we have changed our dopamine system //

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