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"2018-01-08 21:28:53"
Make Twitter Great Again #FreeChuck
\\ //
"2017-10-10 22:00:16"
Harvey Weinstein Tells Bill Clinton: "I Always Learn Amazing Things From You"
\\as somebody who's participated over the years I have to tell you that I learned so much especially about micro managing micro budgets in India I mean and how these women who were oppressed build companies it's an incredible experience and I just hope that for the audience out there they do participate and they do support you know because it's amazing or whatever Mister president thank you for being my guests tonight I can't thank you enough for doing this it's incredible and as I said I always learn amazing things from you hopefully they'll let us do this again I was just going to talk about movies that next time have a lot of electric that he didn't //
"2017-10-09 20:19:32"
EXCLUSIVE: Laura Loomer Confronts FBI At Mandalay Bay Hotel Over Stephen Paddock
\\the public 281 there's probably receive I think that this is resurging have any comment are you going to tell us why there without a fairly showed the fed you guys are still coming up 20 Sir down I didn't see it is that right jacket we asked them why isn't when everything for ballet and earlier and earlier yeah I know yeah people are not promise on the fact that there's evidence there yeah I saw them walking in the park we're trying to get around they're putting their jackets on why they are wearing shirts yeah I sure yellow light I mean there full scale cover up inside the we're effecting FBI agents we're not going to stop what happened so we got this is because I'm gonna show up for the fact make sure god bless your spot absolutely here the public and provide health regarding this so thank you from the ground inside Mandalay bay right now and we're gonna be writing you live US up have a lot of electric that's depicted //
"2017-07-05 08:34:20"
#CNNBlackmail Compilation
\\yeah but I don't like it that every bit of while what what or //
"2017-06-10 23:57:42"
Busted: Al Franken Cracks Jokes About Rob Reiner's Father Anally Raping His Own Son
\\have a look more like a lecture at that but didn't while she has a baby rob was routinely beaten by his father car not a typical night Carl would slip into rob's bad roll him over Swami down can say something like I'm thinking about hiring Morey Amsterdam the play buddy Sorel what do you show change dramatically ... arrow started in friends to sign have a bit more like electric that we didn't well //
"2017-06-02 20:01:35"
Kathy Griffin's Attorney Lies About Secret Service Investigation
\\I don't have all that much I don't like it that we didn't well can I just have one thing in his lover's attention to threaten anyone with this photograph this is really an expression for me it expression political satire and the fact that there's not an open secret service investigation for really ridiculous it's never happens right yeah sometimes redefining yeah I'm a bit more like a lecture at that but didn't while //
"2017-03-22 07:49:51"
Lee Stranahan Explains the Russian Hack Story
\\the entire contention that the DNC hack came from the Russians comes from a group called crowd strike crowd strike has 2 main executives who are public in this trial on Henry former head of cyber security for the FBI let's point that out former FBI guy the other one is Dimitri appear of itch Russian born and they were hired by the DNC to come in and look at the hack when the FBI ask the DNC to look at the servers they were denied multiple times at different levels them to point out that James Coney admitted this in a January 10 article yeah of forgiving in January 10 testimony in front of the Senate intelligence committee which is in my article it's link in my article none of this is conjecture so starting last June June 14 The Washington Post came out with an article that the DNC obviously worked at the post to get out there talking about how the DNC had been hacked and using crowd strike Shawn Henry Dimitri appear bitch about weight cross strait is not ducking interviews of voice America read the article go back it says must read number to read that one I didn't write it read that article I want you figure out what's going on here why would the DNC why would the DNC not allow the FBI to look at the servers Furthermore why would the FBI let them if this is an issue of great national security and the reason I'm making a big deal of this is because our president Donald Trump tweeted about this the other night and I'm answering them I'm answering his question yes James calmly testified before the Senate now by the way the reason you testified in front of the Senate is that the DNC lied just a couple of days earlier to bus speed and told them that the FBI had never asked them to look at the servers call me testified that yes we did multiple times but he said it's okay because a well respected private company decided what information to give us this is on the video a well respected private company that companies crowd strike who was working for the DNC Sean Henry former FBI guy endometrial parentage but just a couple of weeks before that January 10 testimony by combing they had issued a report on December 22 they claimed the bottle and meet me back up for a second that would look below and let me do this that it claimed that Russian hackers using the same virus that got the DNC had destroyed 80 percent of Ukraine's howitzers D. 30 style howitzers this is now been denied by both the Ukrainian defense ministry and by the group this just came out today and the group the crowd strike sighted but this is the group who were getting all the information from the crowd strike crowd strike who got this report completely wrong this is the ultimate in fake news they said how watchers were destroyed by Russians using the same software that was you stack the DNC and they use this to prove that it was the Russian government and this happened one week before what does a woman what happened on December 29 anyone remember anyone remember no not Flynn that's when the sanctions were issued against Russia and they released the jar remember that joint report from the DHS and the FBI who never look at the servers I would say that again the FBI never look at the servers now Dimitri Opare bitch in interviews explained the reason they released that report the reason they released that report wish to help tie in the fact that it was the Russians to the DNC attack he said that in interviews he said it bolster their case yet was completely made up completely false poorly citation incorrectly citation and then later denied by the defense ministry by the way the defense ministry of Ukraine denied that on January 6 and on January 10 yeah that's right the 6 I do is all from memory and on January 10 James komitet called them well respected this is a big deal this is a big deal this is a big deal now I can report this story at break apart and I have 3400 words I can do another story but how do you break through the mainstream America ne'er how do you do that I've been going to these White House press briefings for about 3 weeks and the way you break through that area Hannity I'd love to have handed the on by the way I'm supposed to get media request so I guess if I'm fired which I don't know if I'm buyer I'm just assuming I'm fired since I'm saying mean things about Matt but he can't justify and I told him an email us if you need to justify this you need to just my idea was to go to a press briefing ask a cogent specific question about it I'm gonna do the question again this is the question I want to go back and say this again I've been told not to go to the White House again or else I've been told not to go to the White House again now anybody who's seen me their nose I'm not I'm not gonna stop them to the White House I'm not going to stop going to the White House I was never given a cogent answer known not Matt drudge map what who's my supervisor which is another question but we'll leave that aside for now I was told don't go to the White House or else I don't put up with were else's I was told also in 2013 not to go to Lebanon I was also told a couple years ago not to report a Republican corruption by the way one the guys was reporting on Steve stockman who just indicted now in the case of Lebanon I quit in the other case I've been fired in this one we'll see what's going on here we'll see what's going on but I'm not the one in each dancer in this matter boilers and I like man she's not personal but he needs to explain to people why he's pulling me off try trying to stop me from going to the White House it's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen it breaks part wants to fire me all get someone else to give me a credential you think I'll have a difficult time doing that because I don't I don't think it'll be difficult time doing that I could get one tomorrow //
"2016-10-15 02:50:24"
Trump Accuser #JessicaLeeds Changes Her Story
\\was your thing 19 I think as a 1979 do you ever the actual date or anything like that general Tommy year was I wanna say fall did you ever tell people at that time and nobody friends now it was over 35 years ago I was hired by a news print company //
"2016-10-14 22:48:41"
Trump Fired Latest Accuser #SummerZervos For Stupidity
\\the really you have disdain for Derek I do now I've everyone in my teens I the phenomenal job and you tell me I was like a good one second job creating this rambling and I don't say would weigh in here leann a good job I think it's only good things well okay I did say okay as soon as I said that maybe they should 5 parents showed he brings me to the board and I mean it shows dishonesty I mean how could you tell someone not to bring you in and then make him a present when you will did you telling you not bring in Yasser Arafat's when I can I bring to you in Milan brought to and analyze it really is a problem I brought the 3 people in who did not execute on the tasks which they were signed Leo you less impressed with Manson now than you were 24 I I I have respect for people to have that that are in men so I have no respect do you think I'm unintelligent yeah I think you want to tell the Kennedys unintelligent but maybe lacks common sense exactly as you this why did you bring Lenny back you bring it back he was in the blimp but he was flying around having a good time because he did nothing to not step up when when he was called the step up darkly issue question you said he did nothing but he had familiarity with the area and he directed where the blimp plant how can you say that's of no value got somebody who knows the area Terrick tenuous thing fail because of you absolutely nomos truck you can't blame him for being a blimp and not coming back again the leading I blame them for their efforts you know but yeah but they still need leadership I gave the leadership but he's too that's what you like and don't like and whether they were good bet they probably shouldn't be in the room don't you they probably think they should have their own because they don't think I'm up some rather question for his what did you contribute to this time nbae make the calls in Europe in a blimp nbae contribute to this team yeah it's not were not things that well I make a now as you can as where the prime but why did you make of why did I mean I listen why did you some of I figure out and you can what did you contribute to this I think everybody let me if I fired so to go directly as she apple given there was nothing in the defense budget but that was about giving away if I mean if you interrupt me when I'm not erupting you doing to yourself 3 it still I am and you went to rob and I some you know laugh here I am we define and you keep interrupting mainly from doing it and in the end what Caroline said to you a show so they wanted but now you know what summer you fired I think though thank you make it by much I want to tell you that Jack she saved your ass with their own stupidity she saved your ass not full I I what side by side and then I want you know that's fine cheaper travel //
"2016-10-14 22:28:12"
Fake Rape Accuser #SummerZervos Was Bitter Toward Trump
\\NMO my well got fired and I can say I'm leaving happier with myself and I've never been did this experience I was able to be exposed to some of the brightest people in the country and I am learning that these bad people don't know half of what my family taught me but that make education in my own home //
"2016-10-12 06:44:13"
Chris Wallace Admits He's A Cuck on Immigration in 2006
\\ //
"2016-10-07 02:32:20"
Call With Ethan Chiel of Fusion About Buying 4Chan
\\everybody it struck Johnson here I am I gonna be calling this reporter from fusion ... right now and ... there was a story earlier in vocative running on how that is but uses the publication vocative that wrote a few stories about me wanting to buy 4 chan and also have a Billboard that we put up they call this lawyer who was helping me with that now I'm putting through the forge and offer then they want to talk to a lawyer about the deal and so anyway so here I am and I'm calling you send right now to answer some of his questions in real time well I you then this is Chuck Johnson how are your you know I so I hear you want to reach out to me or what what's up but a in the middle let me one moment like that okay I'm yeah I'm but I will credit your though I passed your interest in buying part but ... I mean I was in touch with your evening that he hadn't heard of you at all curious about who you're talking you are what your how you're trying to buy a Hoosier so I've sent out of some 3 different to your representatives of mine to reach out to friends of his ... but any offers you 100 percent serious and ... you know you can give them him feel free to give them my number which I guess you have now have because of caller ID and ... I'm you have been trying to reach out to him ... you last 2 days or so and ... you have a number of people who are interested in now helping me I'm one of whom my you know one of them you emailed a nobody ... right up there others to reaching out to him but he's quite Quentin if difficult guy to reach so ... it is treated pretty you know me and you have the offers 100 percent serious and ... reported chatting with him about about purchasing a I no no sweat ... please let him know that Tom I'm I'm interested and ... you know I I it he's he's proving elusive to get a hold of but we are we're very serious than them people I'm with ... very serious about buying it thanks so much even by that was interesting we'll see our we'll see what happens //
"2016-10-06 07:26:25"
Why Yes @hiroyuki_ni I Do Want To Buy For #MAGA
\\everybody ... so yes there been a lot of people have been asking me about the trees that arm accidents and my co founder researcher her now ... saying that's //
"2016-10-06 06:12:00"
Why Twitter Is Dying Thanks To Censorship #FreeRicky #FreeChuck #FreeMilo $TWTR
\\everybody had struck Johnson arts Wednesday night after with this ... yep not good not good today today was not a good day was not a good day because Ricky Vaughn our friend of mine god that I've talked to on the phone good guy are was summarily purge from Twitter why we don't know but it's funny because he was white or conservative or shit lording or having a good time we'll probably be mostly because he's white you see Twitter has a white person problem ... the gist of which is basically they will target you if they don't like your speech if you're white okay nothing but the death threats but the ice is you know recruiting don't do nothing about any of that stuff but if you're white and you're conservative they will just suspend your account without any reason they will give you a reason why they just take it from him you can spend all these hours these years accumulating it you could spend money promoting your your your accounts you could spend money designing software to protect your account from mass spam bots but of course they would just take your account because you're white that's what that but that's what we're has weight person problem now we get on the list of all of you who have been suspended almost all of them trump supporters by the way ... warm and mostly white war against the political raining assumptions George Zimmerman had his account suspended now I know what you're thinking he may not qualify because he's a white Hispanic according to The New York Times but George Zimmerman had his account suspended because he posted a photo not not a nude photo machine the photo on on his ex girlfriend ... ... snows current girlfriend again it is a lover's quarrel like why should tutor care but of course they suspended his account I was of course the first journalists to be suspended contract about my lawyer novelist might tell you and I was the first one suspended because I was doing real journalism by going after exposing black lives matter which is a movement I all but neutered by exposing the criminal backgrounds of all the various cop shooting does not become such a routine that I didn't have to do it anymore I train the internet to go and pull up the police reports of the of the purpose in all these situations are going fine social media which is why they've suspended a lot of the social media sites and you know my was suspended because he got enough gotten to basically up to see a tizzy with ... some people over ... the laughably bad new Ghostbusters movie ... and with Leslie Jones so I was suspended for doing journalism soliciting funds to do journalism and was suspended for that we climbed Reynolds of Instapundit USA today columnist who was suspended for young college we will run run over ... writers ms well within their constitutional right to if you feel in danger if your life to run of riders but of course he was suspended even though he's a law professor he was later restored but not after me mass outcry ... we good analyst out there was ... city McCain arm who was a Robert Robert Robert McCain's his passion say Robert McCain who was ... writing some stuff against fan frequency which is a feminist situation and that was suspended so too does not really a company it's more like a super pac being run on behalf of SJW is which is why today the one year anniversary of Jack Dorsey becoming C. yell ... it's time to examine some of the past of Twitter now there's this great book patching Twitter Nick Bilton highly recommend that you as a former New York times reporter he's currently once he's at Vanity Fair but in this book they're they're all sorts of discussions about about Twitter and what is Twitter going to be how is Twitter going to run and what they say in this book repeatedly as they say Twitter is a utility Twitter is going to be a free speech utility and Jack Dorsey himself has said you know we you know we are free speech platform he said this with it's probable lover dray McKesson is also that a black eyes manner I see probable because it's never been confirmed but they have been cited together me numerous occasions I'm McKesson's guy ... Dorsey's why the report to be by and these 2 are basically inseparable so essentially he is censoring content on behalf of his friends and and this is probably why tutors having this massive problem now of course wise Twitter really failing ... method a lot had fun people asking about this I kind of got into it at some length in writing the basic reason is because the amount of information on the platform is growing at a faster rate than advertisers ability to command attention now I once met with this ad executive on radio and he said look radio is going to continue to raise your have lots of money behind it art wise radio can have that much because he's a well because they were waiting for the next quarter in football greater the next quarter in baseball they're waiting for the next thing that Rush Limbaugh is going to say so Rush Limbaugh can hit is you know buttoned his thing and give his obscene profit pretty but I'm so do you know he you know he can he controls Appiah himself knowing you're on Twitter though the amount of information is going in a faster and faster clip and all the sponsored posts that are out there that people are spending money for people are blocking them increasingly they're not buying anything from them and if you're not retires or why would you why would you advertise on Twitter when you go to advertise on Facebook or Instagram which is much Bridger content about your advertisers you who your targets are no that's not right out you know face because she did a bunch of people and a lot of unethical things we're going to like why those things were so unethical and at a later day the short version is just like when you know when you go to watch the Superbowl on you know the television and frankly that's like the only time of the year I watch football sorry I'm not a very good American ... but you know when you watch the Superbowl and you sit there and you wait you know for the down for the next down or whatever you know the commercials command a very high rate 0 is watching similarly like when trump was doing the debates and Ron would watch the GOP debates and so that commanded a very high advertising ready it probably saved fox a from having serious problems on its financial reports given now given the ouster of Roger else now I'm Tina for Boeing not now what's gonna happen well Twitter's currently supposedly in talks with 2 different says Marc Benioff who is the SJW zest JW he is at sells for sales force is having a lot of trouble people are moving off of the platform for sales force and he was gonna my linkedin by Microsoft got cut their first and so he I'm yeah it's kind of like the guy who was cheated at the altar or whatever he's looking for any woman to marry sodomy decision to marry and so this is the year he's looking around the other of course is Disney I think it's highly unlikely that Disney will buy it now I'm for the simple reason that ... what's the point like why would you why would you wanna why would you own something where you can get it for free and you wouldn't have the liability issue of owning of owning it now I think what's going to happen is the earnings the reason this is all rushed very quickly is that they were coming up on the one year anniversary of Jack Dorsey's tenure there and the stock in the one year has more or less collapsed and partly it's because people like me have been calling attention to the bullshit you know when I was suspended I think trick or treating only $44 a share something like that outside half that value spin as low as a third that value so that's basically what's going on they're trying to rush out a sale before their next earnings report which is going to taint the property now why is Twitter having a really hard time well the simple reason is that the user base want something very different to the advertisers which in turn one thing very different from the site itself no in U. tubes case YouTube's a pretty simple concept right I produced this video you consume the video and why your re watching this video you are ... ... thank you for food honey ... while you watch this video you know you will be consuming this content and you watch it you'll enjoy it you hate it whatever bowl happen is you know maybe all sticking out in front of this maybe I won't maybe you'll just pay a PayPal me some money or whatever but the basic gist of it is the interests of the users who want to see content the content creators who want to create contents and the site itself once again in the middle some lads against it they're all lined that is not the case with Twitter Twitter's user base once free speech they wanna follow people who are crazy or trolls who work outlandish who drive attention and the trolls first came to Twitter because we were promised free speech Dick Costolo referred to her as the free speech wing of the free speech party they repeatedly say that they're open all voices except apparently hate speech is whatever they define it as a mother anyone even tell you when they suspend you why this is minutes you you spent all these years working tweeting building relationships and then like that you're gone no explanation just a taking and it is a far fraud and at some point someone is going to fight back and it will probably have to be me I'm not really excited about this I don't particularly like the fact that I may have to be the plaintiff for this number you really like having to spend the money or the time of the resources on this but some is going to do it Milo wouldn't do it and Robert sees you McCain wouldn't step up to the plate Glenn Reynolds wasn't suspended long enough to do anything about it Ricky Vaughn of course never you know that you know we really knows who he is so this is the basic this is the basic place there were and right now this moment it sucks because they're essentially show eyeing us they're purging us from the internet that's the plan and that's why we need to fight back I don't know how to do that other than build businesses I've been building you know we searcher got new year's I've other isn't in the works ... which I'm opening myself largely ... im's exclusively and so this is what we have it we have to fight back and I think what will happen is that will will be forced to join together to really ... truly when ... I dodges Cameron Strang lick my feet so I'm not not so very serious you know very serious note ... this is Jack Johnson I'm signing off on them free Ricky you know free Milo free Chuck ... but we're gonna start fighting back and ... there are some things that I'm working on right now to make that happen ... meeting with some lawyers to discuss it ... was mentioned I don't know you know this is a mention in Carless limbs blog a cave the New York times and I'm talking about Twitter having this problem and nobody on the links to some of my writings on Twitter below but if you look back by the way if you look back you can see I said to Milo almost you're in half ago that he would be next few months and 3 days before he was suspended I told me to be next you never believe me that I want to popular and 2 British into fabulous right but this is not how it works like they're coming for all of us there's not going to be an accommodation to one side is going to win and once I was going to lose more and I've had to be on the winning side do you but that I'm signing //
"2016-10-03 19:29:08"
Trump Supporters Attacked At San Francisco Bar Zeitgeist #MAGA
\\well I OneNote what we do right now you live on but what about you before pushing it for what it wanted what what well well well well well you don't you know I thought I'd bring it here outside you're out there I don't know if you're likely you'll you walk out I am getting it's got to stop go what are you kicking me out for what it takes to me on the street for what is your thing honestly more demonic free you know I don't this the public area the public area there is like well public what are you angry about what the problem what the problem is I don't know what are all the time I know what you're talking animals animals are you yeah well I can people can learn a lot okay I was at war gotten after just yeah you know how they're going don't know I'm not gonna ask are you literally just said we're not going to go watch us your body what I told him right Sir we have to do with some sports meant it sucks but you know what you have universal the bigger version of the bigger person is the one who doesn't stand up you didn't like value itself I don't want from now and August or you know gets over it research I just want my work is more workers is absolutely obnoxious but actually really a big I think you to unreal like electro and this is I mean there were the poker rarely United States of America I mean I don't but if I bought a nice yes we are here to do for schools I don't know what happened looking houses I mean I had a guy physically I I mean I have this on cameras avoidable I actually do //
"2016-10-01 09:09:43"
The Lynching of Jewish Trump Supporter Matthew Tyrmand By Neocons
\\everybody it is Charles Johnson on doing the cot news researcher how Jim Johnson broadcast in return really not a brand that's not very good at that related to research and ... right wrongs I'm so yes we're here today to talk about friends of mine talk about a friend of mine who's getting the crap kicked out of him by former friends of mine and the person in question is this guy Matt chairman and ... Matt team and is a ... //
"2016-10-01 05:47:06"
#AliciaMachado: U.S. Making It Easier To Become a Citizen "Because They Want Us To Vote"
\\but if they need a more masculine intercompany Ghana who coming Goodyear mesa equally who nothing even hotter got out of prison and that it's a momentary look nice fading without any mental reservation unlimited no NPO relations citizens of the it's an me I'm afraid the we got there and then we will soon do you want to do you do in 1000 years ago it got me end affirmative what if I had like soon to come Tony because if they were part of the parties if the if he's going to come in black woman yeah let the now it will but you know I go I see if there are no more trickle from a family film he got me in a later government we have not committed god man you have also got he said you're single me from Duffy on them among the sauna giving got out of hand only for it to have a single face I know aim at me commercial amity Ghana it may better meet etcetera how do you think you throw a host a victim not complement the only guy main thing yeah product there with most of my UnixWare lucky thought element they in my little you know he he would only modest that could meet with them you lost in the mix you know that I can report on the IBM amount McCord meet windowsa somewhat of a phony import that back when we have these immortal Campbell former Hong Kong one ASEAN fellow he fell from the main menu cover EAM in what Jane thank you second ripple is there not more to camp on the US census here many non I and we're not a common that's him almost anything that's I think the court would look a lot like that been on the they have put out one of some kind of time but if a man is a possible lawsuit media and you're gonna go fit this to allow no pastry not fair to me day it will be not but we think it heightens referred me they will battles on what the fuck is he did the photograph and bad that pulling out old quarters border for thought I hate that guy when I might need at age the money I have is to buy he is a government employees who only seem clear don't go not only my he make it gave us 1000 CEO E. up but there is a full tournament if he feels to me like that ICANN okay Nick the moment though you can approach academic field yet modicum of the I like the knife fell from you if the bodies the hollow moved to 1000 new bodies candle them showing how much trouble am 1000 if in fact if you need on a very scenic above bicycle but the program that Mike India no fault those who own one we got support let my your Yemeni Morgan don't let the bus in the name of devices the figure cooking at the moment but also neither every moment about a federal appeals I think it is sadly 1000 you thought I know how that could be done yeah we'll put it into like him yeah well I say except for a look at the Austin what the physical body physique and in all our defeat the meat inside and get he got because I mean only the ending glare but but the fact that a simple way so what gay ideally volume the I will just pay it in before my eyes and I me and that I was gay economy and you'll see anything at the moment though I mean would that mean ASEAN is that we feel we don't dawdle well but he's coming to put the gear and get what they they said hour not noticable without critical risen above the humdrum Robbie but I mean Gilroy failed him though then put a hole in the apple your Michael Muhney outlet enough jealously and gone by the Nazis you Estonian followed a step by east if 0 followed the lead you and that really was that if the company but I feel somewhat not by faith a I still sign you would like to if the E. yeah great battlefield of yeah yeah yeah even money demagogue go aced the E. Buffy out out means housekeeping for more troublesome is the other big thing I mean pick out I mean housekeeping play with that leann is the way so many bunches of all days //
"2016-09-29 05:15:28"
The Truth About Anti Trump Beauty Queen Alicia Muchado
\\everybody had struck Johnson here I haven't done one of these podcasts any a long long long time forgive me I've just been busy running researcher and got news both of which are doing yeah okay ... could check out our stuff ... but what I'm here to talk to you about well one of things I'm here to talk about today is ... Alicia Machado who is the beauty queen was name checked on Monday night's debate our by Hillary Clinton and ... what's it all really about well we shouldn't cut Machado was is this Venezuelan woman who was a beauty queen ... in trump's Miss Universe pageant I truck being trump he like to have really hot women around him your course like the exposure to take us 2000000000 worldwide audience and died saying this he ... who's mulled this week a pageant ... the miss universe pageant and in this fat and there was a woman named Alicia Machado who won the Miss Universe pageant and who are started poor cannot after she won it now ... this is a serious problem ... this ... if you're running a beauty pageants and your obvious are getting fatter ... it support it's an issue and so trump Buttram tried to support her trump trying to encourage her to get to work out on color eating machine know the context of course it here is that the media wants you to think I'm an eloquent in particular wants all the single ladies out there who've always worried about getting fatter arm to freak out into empathize with Alicia Machado the fact that she has a lot no name ... our Latino name ... surname certainly helps into the play here is to drive up the Latinos to get ... to get single women excited about the election but there's just one problem nobody did anything so into the rescue comes they got news researcher research team you can join us email me at editor it got a few really good research all buy from you and we started just blowing holes in this narrative first of all she had an eating disorder before trump got into an argument with her ... she has a history of making things up she went from me you know sort of slim you know 180 pounds 18 pounds up to about 4150 pounds ... and in less than 6 months which is quite means kind of impressive and you start losing endorsement deals one of the big endorsement deals that she lost was with catalog USA in her native country of Venezuela turns out pageants are kind of big deal down in Venezuela and so they did not like their pageantry winners fat and so she lost some deals there and of course nobody wants to talk about this but ... Carlos Gutierrez who ... was the first Latino I guess ... commerce secretary under ... George the th the second ... George W. bush ... he yeah I know that you know he he later turned out to endorse Hillary Clinton I'm he was of course the one who was part of the leadership team that made this decision now that the other top volume par for the course and we expect our media a lot of us but did they really really screw this up ... yes they they absolutely did so David armor tosco over the Daily Mail I'm C. will credit the daily 0 if they steal our stuff and we search our got news ... David Marr tosco has been sort of going through and and honey on the same grounds that we've been hunting on at at researching got noose and discovered that lo and behold she was linked to a murder plot she was a former porn star she ... repeatedly played poster plate playboy now not all that against her but maybe if you're trying to make a case about how she's a great immigrants ... you maybe don't want include the fact that she has cheated on her off fiancee on a reality TV show and this video that we just got online we actually link to it over got news I'm maybe you are so kind of want to note the fact that she got knocked up by a Mexican drug lord el Indio Indio who is the Indian the service code name and yet maybe now everyone sort of like him to ... maybe the baby is drug runner you know she's another house on a drug runner well so what we do we actually like pulled the record and she had an anchor baby I have 2 years back and that anchor baby is what helped her become a US citizen yes she this woman has a history of lying ... swim as a history of fraud owned by the way did I mention she tried to it she she tried to I had put out a hit on a judge in Mexico this is not good this is not good so this is the woman we're dealing with and she is ... start getting all this national attention we'll see if the media picks up on the stories we did a cot near us but it is interesting I mean remember we're in basically an information war right now everyone sort of trying to ... trying to mess with ... what's going on and we're in the sort of like major fight where ... Hillary is trying to maximize your support now I think that deletion which auto take the reason she tried introducer on the national stage and sort of failed I think that was actually indication that trump is way way way further ahead we were out world was injuring October and ... no single ladies the single fat women and the Latinos should already Serbia lockdown you Hillary should be trying to take off other people at this stage and of course she's not able to do that so I'm it's kind of interesting but I yeah so anyway so pollution which I know well we can break ins and stuff I got news for you bring some more stuff about it you can check it all out outfits and links down below but I am I really come wonder about what this says about the United States that you know Coolidge once said that did American citizenship makes you appear of kings and here we have essentially a porn star failed beauty queen coming to the U. S. and dominating our political discourse becoming a citizen no less and even though her ... baby Daddy is a Mexican drug lord who would have a $2000000 bounty out on him yeah so that's where we are in the current year ... with that I'm sending out and ... will probably be talk about some other stuff out in a second //
"2016-08-22 16:07:33"
GotNews Visits Gawker's Kinja Media Office To Investigate Nick Denton's Tax Fraud
\\having fun there having fun really close yeah I don't explain and Hey is this working journalists is working judges ne yeah no idea I'm always looking to both of my all carriers 0 this place okay yeah yeah yeah I thought I'm going through becoming so thank you so we are right now can John well I guess it wasn't here Morrison all Pepsi his name fear use for first floor it's like when we isn't here nobody this is like the first floor this is like where it's supposed to mean and there's no one there's no one in the offices that's really weird it's like no one is home and it said first floor really strange DC anyone you think this is this can just yeah I don't know who wants them Wallops their generation thank you second when you're priceless so I guess that's it right hearing yeah the rear hello is this can just no the other well this is we were just here like in tell me which I look because I know like Gawker sold today or simply yes you know you know I think it means so yeah I'm just sure yeah cool how does it how does it all work here songs so he's like that missionary and making comes see basically I think we are alike 30 or 40 people here how are mostly so you're a Christian and what's what's your name damage and I should have you guys were we are independent inimical ourselves we were just like traveling this yeah welcome to I think a lot of people Linda has been shipped so classy Nkrumah Ndamukong let's listen in the lake //
"2016-08-22 14:51:53"
GotNews visits Gawker Media's Kinja in Budapest But...
\\so we just came from the office is ... Ken je ... this mostly like 30 or 40 people that work there but we walked around here let in by this guy showed us what is the nature of his name and ... we're led and like we walked around and there's like nobody there early maybe total of 8 people 5 people it's 2:00 PM on a Monday or rocking right by the the house of terror right now and it's super interesting that so we got we got in to the place he will let us in but there's like no one around and we're like because if people saw me yeah vacation maybe some people Sir on vacation but places a total dead zone and we ask because today is the day that shuts down and can Joe was busy like this big property but no one was that they're not even the office manager they're always desk set up but it was like really really thank you and we can kind of show you that when we get ... to a safer place to upload some of the video ... but it was really interesting weird stuff and now we are walking down the street and ... should have more kind of thoughts later //
"2016-08-16 06:14:24"
GAWKER CEO Nick Denton's Husband Doesn't Support Gawker's Gossip
\\years ago net satin married parents Washington a performance actor who admits he doesn't share dens tastes in news you're not really interest in politics no not really you're not interested in Gaza I like a lot of fun this every now and again but not gossip gossip nothing that nothing they get sort of ... judgmental and finger pointing now likes in that but that's what he does for a living but I'm not married to what he does for a living I'm married to him them //
"2016-08-11 04:37:08"
Journalist Emily Youcis Asks Gawker's Nick Denton: "How Hard Did The Hulk Hogan Video Get You?"
\\ //
"2016-07-20 23:10:38"
Jamie Weinstein assaults Charles C. Johnson
\\ //
"2016-07-08 22:43:37"
Lavish Reynolds #PhilandoCastile’s Side Chick Smoking Weed With Kid in The Car
\\WSM are that was over sort by order of some 5 or you know 11 here J. Sophia Harris //
"2016-07-08 22:14:56"
#PhilandoCastile's Lying Side Bitch Smokes Rapper Weed in The Car With Her Kid
\\ //
"2016-07-08 22:09:35"
#PhilandoCastile's Lying Side Bitch Smokes Weed With Kid
\\perhaps who we've got the votes of the big 4 baby son if we've done okay better but okay week you there yeah yeah they had yeah now how about how about how you know so black smoke what do you have going here we played by some again hard to keep time my connection a week anyway all get in the Harbin no connects with less than a and this is 3 right Scott sorry baby they are you know we don't work on kids time if my connection gooder nonna //
"2016-07-06 06:40:35"
Did Convicted Pedophile, Gangbanger #AltonSterling Have It Coming?
\\everyone it struck Johnson here I'm doing a little bit of breaking news tonight ... doing investigation into Elton sterling who was out in sterling Elton sterling was a 37 year old man I'm black man ... in Louisiana who was killed in an altercation with police I naturally there is ... though rush to blame the police the police did it and of course all that is both //
"2016-07-05 18:39:20"
Here's The Puerto Rico Mall Paul Ryan Forced You To Bail Out!
\\ //
"2016-06-28 20:33:44"
WeSearchr Has A First Draft Of Obama's First Book! And Soon You Will Too!
\\ //
"2016-06-12 09:22:32"
GotNews Editor-In-Chief Chuck C. Johnson Answers Your Questions For Money
\\everybody it struck Johnson here it is Saturday June 11 and not having done one of these podcasts in awhile ... forgive me for being busy ... lot of family stuff going on lot of travel for work lot of ... we're gonna researcher we the ... information marketplace which backs tonight Mexicans and I've been working on there were 7 breaking news with the judge curial stuff ... and collecting researchers for my research group Bob you're welcome to join it if you're a good researcher ... many mail addresses and very got and Jared got me stuck on so alright so I how I have this policy that I try to do something everyday for my fans ... sometimes email me sometimes they Facebook messaging me sometimes they even call me arm and the user by the name of official jab ... asked me to do a podcast normally I don't just like responded the Beck and call people but sometimes I do I mean what the hell why not I mean this is so so I get you a conversation I always ask people to kinda join me and so here I am ... answering ... official jobs questions and I should note ... sometimes people give me money ... to answer questions to research things and I think official jabs at me like 50 Bucks maybe 25 work somewhere in there and I'm certainly so but the helmet cam girl and not as attractive as close as some others I've heard efforts some conservative female journalists I'm not naming names but I heard some of them act as Kim girls on the side to pay for their journalism habit not naming names not naming names money names but we are at the stage now where I guess a lot of journalism is going to be following the porn industry and you have like wish lists or things like that and people can go in give you things I can meet deaths I guess in a certain sense and then reach sings he kind of how it develops and I've always been of the view that porn is like a leading indicator of the future of the content industry it's are like the bleeding edge first there's corn then there's news and then eventually gets away down to like movies and things like that things that are high cost production and so do I so here I am ... summoned by official job and official job has some interesting questions I'm how does take them in turn because I think it's easier to deal with and and then I'll go and ... ... have a late dinner with my wife I'm okay here's the first one trump including the violent writers that harasses supporters also try out is if things you want to talk about just trump including the violin riders that harasses supporters also trump versus globalism Trinitron playing cards don't forget your hat how my hands in the car flock ... you think he's a racist sexist etcetera ours is understood river to see any merit did you hear Sam Harris really instruct on the Joe Rogan show ... didn't hear Sam Harris are on the Joe Rogan show and I don't know what to make of Sam Harris frankly like you on the one hand he's very good on easy ism questions and going after Muslims she doesn't have to do most devious professionally Theis go after ... got your questions all the time which I find kind of just boring ... or Cooper Mormons just even more boring Zamorin's are so nice but it was good question ... what do I make of all this antipathy to try well a funny kind of weird because for years trump has always been like this guy that everybody likes in home alone 2 for Christ sakes it's got a cameo appearance not so in people's living rooms for like 30 years I think I'm interested I find this new attempts to other eyes a guy who we've also had opinions on over the years and to be quite interesting all that the tribalism of the politics now I am I think that trumps rises indication of globalism's decline our lease it sigh that we've had P. globalism which I think I probably get around 4000 someone there right after rock Obama got elected and my general sense is that trump is a sign of things to come that he's basically the return of alpha males into politics now increasing economy's growing economies office going to business because that's where they can maximize their power they can grow their networks but in declining economies people hunkered down they become more tribal to care 50 Dunbar principle ... people you know their lives 150 people in their lives and so when that happens I think the office going to politics and I think that explains the rise of the Filipino president Dwight day so I mean citizens just going kill your drug dealers which I find awesome ... how that happens here in the United States I'm suspect it won't go and you see in the rise of couldn't and good of course is famous for allegedly killing journalists which yeah I don't think you're given the 6 percent approval rating a most journalists on the machine would be opposed to now I know it sounds crass but ... certainly seems possibility ... I'd your memory declining orders a lot of questions that were previously unthinkable gassed and so that's where people like me people who are creative journalists people are one of a kind journalists were few like us ... you take our kids now I don't really like I don't really like words that are like racist or sexist as trump a racist or sexist who knows who knows what's in somebody's heart really Lincoln house ... I don't and I also don't really like the the word racist mean whenever something is me ist statement they're really just reflecting the taboos of their time ... you know things just feel that's communist straight or that's fascist or that's you know ... anti semitic because von statement or Islamist means always this beast thing that's trying to group the whole group PO whole ideology a whole group of people and then they usually uses like this way of like attacking thing so yeah or or denigrating people who are thinking ideas that are not appropriate so Pete best writers and he CAC at any Catholic prejudice are you socialists that sort of it's really a majority of that was thrown around but now increasingly seems like a positive I'm as for me you know once a person because me causing me a racist I usually find that as well as any an argument rather than opening wanna I am I you know who I am color race is many times on the white supremacist it's kind of odd given my choice of color of mates ... and love I and of course in my personal associations ... but of course these are things that are designed and conversations severly reason because we are racist or sexist generally means that they have some interesting ideas Senate sonic out of use it as a tell to go and see layout of this person's being politically correct there thinking through issues they would otherwise not be discussed on no racist basically means anti leftists or both or it's busy a code word for anti white I'm and ... it's a long standing tradition of smearing whites who are speaking out for themselves as races and if you go you read some Derek Dalhousie I've taught Barack Obama is this whole idea of critical race theory this idea that racial minorities can't be racist because they don't have power and so therefore they're not racist well we will get you fired from your job you know for supposedly saying racist things then those people have power like I think that's pretty good pretty obvious in this day and age that white males do not have as much power as they once did that much of our media has hit you I mean you could see it all the time it's quite I'm quite revealing quite disturbing in a way ... and every regime sort of has it's has it's G. or its Cossack or its size its group that it's acceptable to discriminate against them I feel it's increasingly becoming the case white males ... particular young white males and of course I'm against that so to extend the trumpets color right repair racist and I think it actually hurts him anymore it's one of the things that you I'm now about the women writers so we have been collecting stories it got news about but the very people who are harassed and attacked during San Jose and I'm in touch with some attorneys I'm if you're an attorney or no an attorney who wants to help on this case we plan to bring an action against the city of San Jose and against the mayor in particular for a century is having a stand down order ... and you're not having the police protect people going to a San Jose event for trump and I'm gonna say like watching those images of men running for their lives getting the shit kicked out of them or what our hearing stories from pregnant women about how they were afraid of being having losing their baby because they're afraid of being assaulted man that's fucked up suck up in America and I guess that's why I own guns swine and use them if thank god I hope this is just an F. ... he if the occasion calls for it my ... my sense to is that in the last few days the server here I guess it's the ninth circuit court of appeals and she said that there's no right to concealed carry in California so San Jose sounds as the police don't have a duty to protect us but we also can have concealed carry weapons to protect ourselves so it's essentially open season on the US of us who don't believe the current regime of California's policies and that's wrong ... W. let's talk about how the Mexican government is funding these protests now we must talk about how the chief of police the light of anti white groups like la Raza ... nebulous like what the long history of the mayor ... Sam like Carlos anti white and activism out pro legal activism and this is a really disturbing trend I don't know what to do about it now other than to fight back with arguments and 5 veiling that to fight back with weapons of mass and I hope that doesn't come to it but every read everyone hopes that civil war doesn't happen until it actually happens to lose it and so I'm in that category now ... there further questions I'm Burke Hillary versus Bernie and what might happen at the convention also she would pick money as a running mate and if she goes away or will they slip Biden and well I am I think Hillary Clinton will not be charged with a felony ... now I know that there's a lot of felonious behavior that she's done I know that lots of people are looking for material I know zone zone not news to me I get briefings for my guy friends your readings from lots of people and I'll tell you that yes she should go to jail no she won't go to jail because of you have to sign off on it include people like Loretta Lynch who has a long history of anti white anti Republican and see Jewish prejudice and that's just now that's just what agree crumbles when we've done a lot of research on collateral and she considered some of yourself I'm and so I have my sources my suspicion is that the F. guys can continue leaking stuff suspicion is that this will continue and amateur thumping you reveals that'll be much like Benghazi shown actually do any time even though she deserves it she will actually the scandal continue and to a certain extent like the fox news based media has no incentive to actually go and they're not sort of actually go in and actually stop so the scandal sexually going get convictions he's a guy convictions like what the hell they talk about all the time I mean Hillary's email onscreen for business and so you should ask yourself why it is that a lot of these media properties that are subsidized by advertisers why that kind of continues I'm let's see here I'd I I'd I think Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party I think Bernie but he has no incentive to step down as far as I see it I mean you should continue indefinitely I mean no worst case scenario he just gets a lot of attention for his ideas get some of it is a platform he becomes the Goldwater yeah 64 to the Democratic Party ... so I think there's no problem with it I don't really I don't really have me shoot burning running I couldn't agree with Bernie Sanders and some of the issues ... I do think the college debt problem is is a huge one a serious one and someone that we should rectify I don't agree with Bernie Sanders on the need of a college for a year on ya missing that stupid idea I don't think we should be going to college I think this is a stupid idea to encourage people to go to college I mean my little young Opelousas privilege grants and is a stupid idea when I'm sorry but I do I do I don't your high IQ you should go to college you go get some skills I'll train you I mean fuck your vehicle and here I'll give you an apprenticeship if you have a high enough like you and I think you should go and do things that are interesting with your early now with your early teens here late teens early twenties ... and you do things that make you unique either make you one of a kind so you can charge monopoly rents your skills ... I don't think Joe Biden will get slipped in ... me as I get serious health problems also the killer Glenn had serious health problems now third question they want me to tell you want to talk about Facebook and Twitter and how I'm doing with them why be shorting face barbecue Manchurian Twitter for the last few months and might think that balance continues to so I'm thanks to Eric for kicking me off I'm apparently this guy Liz leaning away he's like the ... you like the black guy who was like going to get fired from Twitter and then he reached good over and now he's like director mention your slack by the way slacker him publicly traded companies short to Chicago because apparently it's not very secure and apparently it's higher much black engineers would you know is usually tell that company's not doing that well I'm I think you want to basically be shorter Facebook and Twitter long run because I think that as I lay out movies the and it's the end of Facebook and I feel fine ... I think that globalization P. globalization's going bad for social network that we've hit peak saturation in United States with Facebook Facebook continues to ban us so users algorithms to target everyday users but he uses real people all of whom are Liberal Democrats to control what news we see what's the training feature and I don't think they can preserve their immunity under the safe harbor provision I just CD 8 to 30 only they can do that I think they're going to be regulated at some point and I hope the US Senate finance committee which could you cousin does that ... I hope that the deaths yeah I think I think basically are short version of this is I think that almost all of the companies there were tech companies or form during Obama's years or group prominence during Obama's here's our shorts one strong gets into the presidency or even our clinic for that matter because the number of relationships between Google and fair and Google Facebook Twitter and administration are legion and so when those when those relationships are no longer valuable when the regulatory bodies no longer staffed by people who support Facebook Twitter yeah Google accept ira when that happens I think that companies will not be as valuable and I think that you'll see like a 2030 per correction and that's why I continue to be short those companies on my personal portfolio any not places a short because I think the idea that everyone in the world is going to the black in the same way that Americans still I think that's total bullshit and I would love love love love love to see the Netflix numbers because I don't think people up nearly as many people watch the neocon I think it's just a lie ... I think Stephen Crowder should sue them ... given you know what was revealed in that because my article I think he won't because it's basically signaling libertarian you know conservative type and I think he doesn't like to stand on but he won't do it because a lot of copulas conservatives are conservatives don't want actually fight so and Serena axis or my son of that short much fathers yeah so it's kind of like ... in all honesty it's all they all want to talk a good game all we all want to be a true one read our articles blah blah blah blah alright when you fuckers can see somebody when you can actually do something when you actually stand up for yourself and of course like I'm not interested in people who don't stand up for themselves was not I mean I think most people who are victims of things and don't fight back deserve to be I mean that's basically my read on I'm I like Steven Steven I've spoken on the phone a few times but you know I don't I don't really I don't really think I don't really think that highly of Steven ... I think he does I think it's comedy is kind of a little dated I think it's cool however the US I am I hope Stephen ... I hope Stephen continued is to grow as a comic but I don't really care about some of it is politics I think it's I think they're basically all this like right versus left try and stuff was really just a function from like 19 452 8 when growth was big in the United States and then now the growth is declining it's no longer a question of like who speak of love for conservative versus liberal it's now question of nationalist forces globalist it's not a question of the nation state versus like this cosmopolitan bullshit and so I just don't find Stephen stuff all that interesting I'm watching his stuff right now and it's like you know social justice were Canada you make me ashamed okay whatever ... it's yeah all this fight is all the signaling libertarianism and this is boring to me I'm do I'm bored by it ... and so I wish him the best but like I am now it's it's a little absurd you know it's a little absurd is the guy who you know does the whole Democrats on the real racist thing and I'm just tired of that shit who just have almonds Beyonce again just tired of that shit and it's good guy ... sets a good people on his show is never invited me on the show ... which is whatever is close to deny lashes a fraud and he's got a lot of people who are fragile and the conservative movement who want to basically just take your money and I don't take your money out for you ... while taking your money ... but you know using the money for good things to try and make the world a different place to actually put some skin in the game to risk things I'm just not interested in people who like create click bait and pretend that its freedom just not not interested I know this is the shit out of Facebook and that he won't ... I'll take any bets you want to get a side of it the worst case scenarios maybe I'll persuade him to actually be courageous who knows ... we search sure thank you so much for asking thank you thank you thank you we search your house going up just kicking off and do you have any advice for people who don't know anything about researching getting info that's not easily accessible how could I find out if Justin Trudeau's gay for example that's not one that is not one I can come up with that ... ... this woman judging pitch I guess is her handle ... she's come up with it and they're all these rumors that Justin should I was gay I'm literally carries guy we just we just wanted out you know the people now if he's had sex scandals whatever we have a bounty I think it only has 300 Bucks or so it might have more I'm just going to let you know if you're Canadian okay ... like Canada ... may go there in August by the way if anyone 7 Canada we in Florida seeing you guys ... you spend a lot of my childhood in Prince Edward Island and T. Dick ... leisure palace Halsey you do realize a single if Isabel telnet program going awful says ... classic been awhile since I've yet spoken French I speak much Spanish sisters living California but I'm anyhoo I you look so here's the way it works ... researchers is really big idea people don't really understand how big this ideas yet because we haven't really I played out our vision for it but it's coming short version of a long story is we believe that the future for the media is to deprive them of access to information and the way you do that is to create new sources of forcing that information and so the way to do that is to basically killed technology that forces journalists to cover stories that wouldn't otherwise be covered so some of the ideas that we have coming forward now have a bounty system solving crimes now we're gonna have the ... we have a bounty system for asking questions of famous people or people can put money behind certain questions ... in real time that you know some of the some of the fans who can go and claim that money ... so that's a valuable use of those famous people's time I mean how much money you I mean I probably spend like 600 Bucks test call Hogan a question question that he would answer ... I'm sure other people feel the same way and so I think that this is the big idea here is replacing the page if you the ad supported page view with the dollar as an indication of giving a fuck because it once was all this time lecturing us about traffic right it's traffic that matters traffic traffic traffic it was on the striving numbers are ridiculously overstated there is a list of all these companies that a friend of mine summaries only volleys I go we have 10000000 we have 20 mana for him and blah blah blah now look we do okay got news sake but I'm not interested in traffic commission influence and power machine money I'm interested in things that are like quantifiable and I don't really care that much about traffic ... because if you give a shit load of traffic and it melts on your servers and you've Harleys people you can actually make any money like what's the point of the business if the one of the business is basically just take a rich billionaires money and pretend you're running a news company while you know okay fine but I mention that I'm actually interested in building a community of people whose for my work this is just but I believe ... now you know I have some tips over got news I'm trying remember what exactly that your Allen's only put up ... I have some tips research tool tips and tools and this goes in the lights on my theories on research it's a it's a pretty interesting section ... I highly recommend it to you ... and I think it'll be very interesting and of course there's a social matter article about researcher written by mark your rank that I also had a recommend you guys we ... up her up in the comment section so we search on the coming information wars ... my right so let me just give you a slight preview of the future because why the fuck not right then why the fuck not ... this is kind of an exciting time and we've got a bounty of bats researcher right now ... and I think it'll be very interesting ... I think it's a very interesting time to be alive and the big idea that I have is if we're in a declining economy so let's assume we are just for the sake of argument capital controls seem extremely likely now know what is capital controls on the capital cost control and I'm just looking at the definition of this it's basically residency based measures such as transaction taxes or other let out right prohibitions though nashin nation's government can you to regulate the flow of capital markets into and out of the country's capital account so basically it's a way to keep money from flowing across borders now if you're China and shit is going crazy there right now so much so that some of us believe that an actual Cultural Revolution is taking place right now a lot of people are disappearing and you know if you're China and that shit's going on then what you do is you take some of your money crying get the fuck out and that's what's happening with San Marino sing hero valley happening of Hong Kong ... money going to Vancouver chevron is like a huge housing bubble there that's going on and basically that's why so much our cities are so on affordable that's what's that's the larger narrative of what's happening now I happen to believe that all of this stuff is very very good news for the future I happen to believe that this is all can be very exciting because what it's going to do is it's going to lead to more adoption of course of alternatives to current fiat money and I suspect some of it will be gold I'm not against the gold bugs I think this is like someone will be guns and gun sales will continue because through the roof and I think some of it will be in canned goods because food shortages may seem likely ... and with capital controls what will happen is people will try to figure out ways around this capital controls and one of the ways they'll do that is through echoing now bitcoin is streaming interesting ... yeah bitcoin spikes above $600 some 2 year highs this is you know arm I mean it is crazy how much money is going into big quite and all these articles does does big coin pointed pose a threat to China's economic security you bet it does so here's what's going on okay what's going on right now is all this money is flowing into that quite and the reasons happening is that there is there's the ocean money trying to get out of China still need to get out of China they need to get out of it because the economy is collapsing because it's fake ... and you'll start to see this is like the one the group you'll see the services of a lot of different organizations from China it will vary they'll let you know that the numbers are fake good did everything in this Congress can't countries numbers or fake and several of the house when he is trying to get the fuck out the way to do that is with decline much in the same way that like our was a store of value for Jews trying to go across borders and Nazi Germany ... then what wise is important well what's happening is there the value of the coin is you know that the base we there's $9000000000 in bitcoin right now the market cap of it clean this is from January 2000 I guess was on the first and the coin to now which means that like in a 6 year 7 year period equivalent from nothing to $9000000000 now if I'm correct right to $9000000000 that's roughly the GDP of Costa Rica awesomeness ... now if I'm correct on the mass and you know there are what's going to happen next is there could be other countries they're gonna start to put it there in GDP and 2 are either the basically the way other countries that are gonna have capital controls with those capital controls you're going to see more and more regimes ... yeah they're they're basically what's gonna happen is gonna some more more people buying bitcoin and which is going to lead to a spike in the price of a point and what's gonna happen is my bet is that it will be basically $2000000000000 that's kind of my sense on that where it's going to be by fun to be around 1000000000000 by ... by Friday 20 twentieth the latest and if it's $1000000000000 that means it's roughly it quite as an economy would be roughly the size ... I'm in GDP of like Germany I think somewhere in there yet like Germany ... or maybe Japan so it's gonna be quite large and once that large are all kinds of interesting things are gonna happen because we're gonna have money in decline the non singing along to convert that money out of that point they don't buy things and why the information and ... who owns an information marketplace that's right this guy so when that happens I think the world is gonna be a very interesting place and I don't I specifically we sooner maybe than than 5 years ago we probably the next 2 or 3 and when that happens I think the power of central banks 2 sensually inflated currency at infinitum is going to disappear ... and I'm looking forward to it I think it's going to be a very interesting future it's going to mean much more power in the hands of the individual for good or ill green much less power in the hands of governments corporations that kind of thing I'm mostly for good in my view ... and so you'll see a lot of journalists you'll see a lot of people have very strong personal brands I think that that's that's central to future now that there's more and more she hears more stuff we can talk about but I think that his you some sense of where we're going now this podcast has gone on guess it's gone on for 30 minutes I try to treat you things too long and of course like I'm sitting here and my cameras all fucked up secret beach got see my head I was and I said but ... anyhoo this is what I've been thinking about these are the ideas that I've been percolating on we got so much more planned for a researcher I mean we have a very much people can reach out to us ... about it we that people I mean we we funded the bounty about Nick Denton ... we found about bounty that Jackie Coakley when there's just so much shit that's gonna happens I'm so excited to tell you about it mean there's just so much stuff and I fuck it's gonna be interesting ... now I don't know what I should do about Facebook or Twitter yet I haven't decided I just got back from Facebook ban and ... it's going to be a little fun ... currently being sued by Gawker ... as part of their you know going bankrupt thing and that's exciting I I can't really get talk about all the someone talk of Gawker not because they don't fuck it's just I want to talk about how fucked up is that all these people are defending revenge porn let's talk about it so much other stuff with Denton but I have something very have something very plant for the bankruptcy hearing next week and I don't want to spoil the surprise so you have to bear with me just a little bit longer you know little bit Nobel ... with that my my dresses editor I got I'm adding more people to my research group ... via a high IQ if you spread the alright you believe crazy shit that no one else believes anomalous probably is true hit me up write me talk to me our hear from you from now Facebook email me better I got news trials that we search researcher W. E. we search search S. E. A. S. E. a R. C. H. and yet this is gonna be a really fun it's clear really fun next half of the year for me and for you because I intend to please I am please so yeah I'm but that I will allow all close out and have you take more questions you guys were medium apart gas you know and your question you asked me I you know got slash domain I'm happy to answer questions I'd I would have to be all day if people give me money frankly ... that the issue is I have other projects I didn't have any more money and so it's better if you time ... but you can change that you can not cutting Cellcom slash Tony it's ME more money and have the answer more questions if I can if I'm allowed to don't get me in trouble maybe too unusual Miguel one in trouble move I what that ... let Silas Chechen might //
"2016-06-08 20:25:35"'s Chuck C. Johnson on Megyn Kelly Talking About Obama Research
\\well there is no controversy today over some remarks president need at Loyola University back in 1998 first we got a clip last week featuring the president arguing for quote redistributing the wealth and later we got more of the speech putting that remark in the context now we have what we're told is the entire thing and if 3 minutes we will bring you the exclusive reporting from the entity that got its hands on the full tape we'll tell you what it says about the president's thinking on the economy and the government when Lou Dobbs joins us after our live report to react trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pull resources and hence facilitate summary distribute because I actually believe in reduced ... at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot well that 18 second remark on a lot of attention last week in some circles it is from a recording of that surfaced of Ben Illinois state senator Barack Obama in 1998 speech at Loyola University outlining his views of government and the economy well the next day NBC news said that Republicans had taken the remarks out of context and shared with the network considered the relevant remarks from the recording 35 seconds that the news organizations that demonstrated the future president only seemed to support the redistribution of wealth and now a third version of the remarks has surfaced it is nearly 2:00 hours long the daily caller website says it has obtained the entire recording it says it is very revealing dreaming out Charles C. Johnson he's a contributor to the daily and the one who attain the recording also with me is Lou Dobbs host Lou Dobbs tonight on fox business channel and a ray of syndicated radio host a Lou will react to another but I want to ask Charles first Charles I know you're 23 years old ... you need your young guy how did you get your hands on this bull recording and if you listen to it personally yes I listened to it in its entirety I had known that the tape ... existed and with the help of the editors of the daily caller we tracked it down to Loyola and I I center a source into ... in to have a look and then I sent another source to make sure we can get the video okay and so have you personally listen listen to order you just heard from the sources yes I've I've listened to it in its entirety from beginning to end okay and I wanna tell appears at your young guy what you're you're in a college guy you wanna ulcers rewards for journalism at your young age so I I don't mean to belittle you by saying you're you're young and you're just 23 years old ... art and so what it what are the highlights on here well the basic gist of it is that it can't it it's a bit like a Rosetta stone between Obama in 1998 and Obama now he makes all manner of comments about welfare policy about gun control policy about housing policy all of which inform his views today ... and that's why I found the tape so interesting he seems to make clear that he disagrees with the welfare reform that president Bill Clinton was responsible for that's right he says in his own words that he he would have voted against our he probably would have voted against the federal reform of federal welfare reform law and that's in contrast to what he what he in and so his acolytes say today what else is on there is there some smoking gun in there that we need to know about well one of the bigger things is that he says very clearly that he believes that the American people I do not support ... our air support very strong gun gun control laws on and that they don't pass not because people don't support them if they don't pass because their legislators are are essentially beholden to the in Iraq and obviously that the present has claim that he is pro second amendment while he's been in office and so now raise some questions I guess for some folks having listened to the whole thing what impression did you walk away with just said that this is it this is somebody who and it does it ideologically match up than to the president we have now I believe it does I think what's interesting here is that we see Obama as as are we hear Obama's a community organizer we hear Obama and meeting in and hanging out with other ... other community organizers in and around Chicago ... forever this is 1998 Obama had just recently been elected to the state Senate and so he's still sort of wearing his community organizing half and we can get so so so something of a sense of what he actually believes then and it colors what he believes now Charles thank you so much thank for having me who doesn't get your reaction on the tape he said don't refer to the Republicans as bad guys in is referring to the opposition is bad guys he he rips on some of the the favorites ... you know boogeyman for some of the Democratic Party right and he is in the context Megan of a of a a group of what I would describe as ... socials ... bigger certainly statist and day and to put this in the broader context imagine this October of 1998 president Clinton is president I'd states are having the economy is growing at a rate of almost 4 percent a year unemployment is at 4.6 percent things are good Richard M. Daley is the mayor of Chicago a James and you're the governor of Illinois things are going the democratic way in Illinois in Chicago and still there's this meeting of water obviously frustrated sadists who really have no specific agenda but other than these broad concepts including redistribution the president was exactly wrong there wasn't a majority who that was supporting in any way ... gun control in the country I he was talking about it welfare reform I in a way in which is is your telescope to the present you think about what he has done with welfare reform work requirements first in 2010 with obamacare he eliminates a level of work requirements for welfare reform now HHS doing precisely the same thing although they did not it it is really extraordinary to see ... the data telescoping of this young state senator are only 8 years ago about 10 years ago rather are moving ahead to now where he is following the same policies he is living the dream and it was at his father's here after that I started but is it a 14 years ago within 1998 well I was going to 2000 him more augmenting 96 at night and I should say it's another mother and just as confused another Maria 0 you minutes apparently that that's how long it is and Lou has listened to it ... that he's not he knows of what he sees only get a quick clip in this is that this is the future president talking about the working poor in Chicago ... and welfare recipients who might become a majority coalition that could be leveraged politically less but I think we really gauge people in politics is improved were doing significant a serious policy work are ... what I will be able to work for although my definition of the word for it is not so we hope making minimum wage but is also families for maybe 30 ... they are struggling and to the extent that we are doing research Alice what kinds of government and ... would successfully may paralyzed veterans we are then putting together a potential majority coalition does forward by 2 0 for this ... this then state senator is are at the Democratic National Convention talking about their no red states no blue states serves as the United States this is absolutely class warfare it is some manifesto from which she is reading and it makes clear why he does not like a welfare reform has put together under president Clinton it would destroy the coalition that he now has created thank you very much will be //
"2016-06-08 19:59:50"
VIDEO: Terrifying #SanJose Savages Assault On Trump Supporters In Their Car
\\alright I //
"2016-06-05 00:24:10"
Anti-Trump Reporter Discusses How He Manipulates Sources
\\I got a really good news today speaker level of our own both my faction growth ahead here among the participants program on the high school then that is why the ad redirected STP but the 8 of us now and out of squashing for quick access program financial managers saw the primitive is Michael no I meant I these are all I have a I knew you guys are in the middle of editing so anyone to get to it some looking at I'm not gonna speak for too long but I want talk about 2 things one is a Washington post ... and the second is how you interview really important people when you don't have a clue what you're talking about which is what I do everyday ... so I hide as race and I grew up in Connecticut and I drove down to Yale all the time I was in high school and dreamed of running the O. Daily News because I wanna be journalists and sort of by the grace of god I got to do that it it's it's a fantastic career being a journalist and meeting people you really don't deserve to me going places for free you probably don't deserve to go to and sitting on someone's fastening events ... it in America and in the world and I'm only 25 and ... and I'm very very lucky to to to be at the Washington post how a lot of my colleagues are at much smaller newspapers and ... there's the work that they're doing is is absolutely ... as interesting as what I do ... to seems like what I do is slightly more prestigious but at the end of the day were all sitting at a blank screen at 5:00 sort of pulling our hair and it's torture ... and it always will be so let's talk a little bit about the Washington post ... which is a daily newspaper you may have heard of so just just to see are familiar to you guys are with the post can anyone tell me anything about the watching postbus besides the fact that Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein work there anything at all anything at all you what you know about the Washington press okay ... how vote it's published in Washington and it's a it's not as big as a New York times is not as big as author draws not because USA today because it's the newspaper of the capital United States it's sort of like the nation's local newspaper and because these are awfully boring section some of these but ... it's gonna circulation by 0 people and as I said because in Washington has this enormously outsized influence over politics ... ends the present 8 states read this paper even when he's on vacation for a month and in Texas and the post as well as read newspapers that's owned by a family rather than a huge public company like Miami Herald or the Detroit news and those newspapers so were run by the Graham family and as a result we're not is not a subject to the pressures of your public companies that have to make a profit resembling the new haven register which is owned by a publicly traded company has suffered tremendously as a result privilege here you probably read the newspaper the problem not talking to you see by the number of sections in the the absolute breath of what we do this is a really significant newspaper and as you enter journalism you should be really aware of sort of what the newspaper that you're reading you know it is capable of an incapable of in just one of the things you should always notice about a newspaper like the Washington post's near Times Washington now is whether a lot of the stuff is written by the staff of the newspaper whether they really put their own imprint on the newspaper as some of the posts does really well I mean everything in here with with very few exceptions is written by the staff of the washing persons you read something like name reddish they'll see that there's a lot of content from other groups and therefore cobbling together me day and what that tells you is that we really care about our product put a lot of money into making our own product and giving it a unique sort of depth that's why we can have you know 25 or 30 people abroad in a place like Iraq where you get just a few voices from the Associated Press or any other kind of news organization elsewhere yeah that's all sort of boring but it does anyone have any questions about the washing post before us talk about interviewing if anything even burning to know about the Washington post doesn't seem like you have been yeah special yeah well politics ... the post is a very very political newspaper ... has a huge huge staff the covers the White House and Congress and all the various departments in Washington like commerce labor education ... that's really it's especially but but the watch opposes a local newspaper and all good newspapers I think are sort of local in our time start as a local newspaper but went national The Washington Post spike lots of but the conversations about it has never distributed beyond Washington Maryland and Virginia so the only way you can get this is on Sundays you might be illegal to news haven or one of the stores are here to pick it up but it's a very very local paper and that's what's fastening about the web is that the Washington post which is fundamentally a very local paper ... his red across the world by people who don't live in Washington and that's a very interesting challenge and one of the things one of the sections I I just want to talk about for a quick second is this one this is publicized source and it's designed for people like you who are the bane of every newspapers existence because you don't find newspapers you read them online so what the post is done and if you were there times you might be from the assembly Sunday styles or Thursday styles is we put out the sections that don't have any text so that people like you who don't read can can for that and I'm not a huge fan of the section high to think people actually read newspapers but it is really fascinating you should be watching for more of this you guys aware of all the free weekly tabloids I come out all over the country here in New York to see 5 or 6 them on the subway The Washington Post is so worried about this kind of competition it puts out its own free daily tabloid the competes against the Washington post and so much of what happens in American journalism today is about people like you and your reading habits and so every time you log onto a website and you don't pay for a newspaper it you're sort of what we're dealing with everyday and we have lots of meetings and conversations that that's is really fast and if you think about that and if you're going into journalism you should think about the way that you tell stories because were apparently not doing such a great job that people are buying our papers everyday how do we make it interesting and fashion it's also if you're gonna be challenging they're going to challenge the deal that you become jealous but what I really want talk about today is interviewing people and interviewing important people which I decided to do once in awhile and one of the things I just wanted to do to start this off with his his ask any of you if you had any major challenges in interviewing subjects for your stories even though they probably might just be people in this community if any here really struggled with an interview getting someone to talk about something you needed to like you talked about interviewing this curator at at the knights of Columbus resented you have any where the major challenges about that interview was it boring didn't go well did they give you the quick she needed yeah what part was this was one of the major components of the anybody else like have a really sucky in every subject that didn't offer any quotes up what would happen to you is it downtown Regis not that but they did they did talk to I asked like a lottery see you outside the lab research they if they were saying so if you ask what what your clothing authentic and they sat I wear what I wear and ... so what did you what did you try that well maybe stop it's good right yeah that's a classic the subject yeah what is they tell you to piss off for that for the cameras and microphones ... okay that's good that's very typical and anybody else well getting told to service to sort of pissed off is a good ritual to be initiated into journalism it happens all the time ... so let me go through this all of it you guys all have as a part of you I don't want to dwell too much because I actually only really want to convey a couple of really important things about how you interview people number really on the street ... because those are difficult in their own unique way but sometimes and hopefully soon in your career you're gonna if you wanna be a journalist ... you're gonna sit down with somebody who is really sort of powerful and influential and you're going to be pretty nervous about interviewing them it's been a couple things I just wanna go over with you about how you interviewed us people I'm sure I think Tom Geyer in his presentation was talks about how to go to regular people and not upset them and not freak them out found these are people who really can't be freaked out the kind he won't be talking about and and you're the one who's going to be freaked out and so how do you interview these people and this just a bit of background I cover Walmart and a cover companies like target all the companies you probably know and and shop a lot and I get to interview their senior executives there see heroes and it's never really a pleasant experience for the most part because I'm sort of scared of screwing up now give you an example so very recently the CEO of Walmart Canada washing pose we invited them they was mean a couple of other reporters another sitting on the table is the publisher of The Washington Post it was executive editor the Watson post all sitting there and no one had told me that I was going to be asking the first question basically introducing the sky so suddenly the arm the interview to 12 pages hands interview over to me and I have no I no idea what to do and I totally flaw and I I literally just bought for about 2 minutes and you know when your face gets really read news for don't remember what you're saying and that's what I did and it was sort of a disaster but we moved on and we recuperated and we ended up doing a really a really good interview and and hear some of them here some of the reasons why ... before you interview anybody really anybody at all the really so many important you should go do a fair amount of research and a fair amount can range anywhere from 5 minutes to like 15 minutes given like the access you know have to Google and the archives of any major newspaper so it was I was I was telling ray like this before if I were going to interview grave who invited me here I would do a 5 minute clip search and find out that he's won several tie and American you know scholarships for candy Yale and he wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper in Providence about gambling and what a sad day would be indeed if this had if this piece of legislation passed and all you need is love is something to jump start the conversation is someone walk in cold and say so we hear you on a really big company here ... tell me a little bit about Walmart we want to maximize this opportunity you have this person so you want to know something about them and 0 in on it and then go right for the only you don't wanna do you don't walk into a room and say and for your heart as possible question in the middle in the first you know first couple moments of the interview prison the person becomes defensive as a really awful way of starting an interview so something we did with the CEO Walmart was sure did some research on the way that he goes around all the stores Walmart in the world and when he does this as that he often puts on the skies like just like a ho hum tee shirt that says like Nike on it and a pair of shorts and he shows up in Japan along our it's walks around the store Hey isn't anyone I know who he is lest they you know they act super nice instead of you know basically something their noses at the CNN he can sort of deal with the service problem they have in the stores so I asked him about this this is a good way to get the interview moving he is very light on his feet to start talking about how he does it how much he enjoys it and we got a couple good quotes on that ... you really sort of need to to ease yourself into an interview you don't wanna you don't wanna you don't wanna set things off in a sort of you against anyone kind of way and if anyone has a what sort of found that they have somebody off so that you may piss somebody off in a store you bug than it was annoying to them so I went and did you think you could ever recover once that happens right right right right ready once you lose somebody in their view it's basically so so there's like a number of technical number taking can use it in and your case I do it all the time to go into stores across the it's free and talked people at the show when they're rushing there are no way kid just fail the test one of you know I could have no idea what people are going through so you have to treat it really gingerly in and the thing often that I that I do with with these people a sort of pretend I'm like kind of an idiot so walking the store and say Hey you know I'm sure you're really busy I'm working on a story ... I notice you're wearing these premium denim jeans from Walmart you know what you think about the fed I need something to sort of really informal for just like I'm working on the story and I'd love for your quote to be in the story how you know something like a little too formal something you wanna sort of identify with the person you're interviewing with so I mean and you never want to live but you you are allowed to certify debate what I you know I really really love that Sir ... fact I have I have one just like it and then you sort of you want to be where people are because ultimately really intruding upon their life this is a little less true of the senior executive who is being paid to talk to you has been totally managed by much a PR people and who is perhaps even being surrounded by those people who are watching you and saying don't answer that question which is a whole nother set up a whole other challenge but the key thing is to make some sort of connection with people and my friend Rebecca Dan who was supposed to be here today but who couldn't be and I talk on the phone us like and agree that the most important thing we could possibly say to you is that when you're interviewing people the most important thing you can do is make a tiny human connection with rather than you being the reporter and they being someone you need in your story which is the absolute truth you need them in your story you know it you know that's the game you need their quote you really need them to sort of believe that you care and even if you don't and let's be honest there are times you're just not going to care but you still have to pretend to you have to try really hard to make a connection with these people okay and this is this brings me to ... back to the back to the Walmart in him ... 11 really good technique is to 0 in on something they've written about for something they really care about and oftentimes I mean with people who've written books are written large articles and I would never read I would never ever read these books are really boring but I'll read a chapter of the book in a skillet not pick up a couple of words and not go into that room and I'll say to them I really thought we were was was incredibly fascinating but I am but I worry that your projections about textile production might be off given what's going online America these days and here here's a person who suddenly believes that you know something about what they do and you care about what they do when I don't and I don't ... and so this is really important ... and I'm not saying that I'm a disingenuous person but all good reporting basically revolves around you making someone comfortable and showing that you care and you want them to understand that you know you need to let them know that you now something about what they do ... I suppose 90 guys of Mississippi pull that off yet so far anyone pretended to read a book read chapter that hasn't come up when you work this week it'll come up ... critically if you go to a you go to a college junior colleges paper is nothing better than flattering a professor of X. Y. and Z. esoteric if you pretend to care and now and you should care obviously because it's important ... so we move on to the next couple of things that you really want to do when you're having important people and this is exit was on the front page I just address ... the most important thing that happens that screws up an interview is that somebody starts talking in a really technical way about what they do and this happens all the time in a particular happens in business reporting when as we like to say people begin using terms of art which is really technical things about their industry I covered biotechnology for 7 years at the Washington post and this is an issue where scientists basically develop drugs and smoke complicated issue I've ever covered they really didn't enjoy it at all ... and one of the reason that in in joy was of the good people talked in scientific terms and maybe I'm gonna 0 in on you because you're even the most social so far someone begin talking about are in a very particular way you didn't understand now one response which a lot of young journalists take is to sort of play along and pretend they know what's going on and right on the courts dutifully about profit margins and ... other complicated things that they don't quite understand and they get to their notes and it's time to write the story and everything we have in the notes is kind of Greek and the average reader couldn't understand that and they don't even really understand and this is a huge mistake as a one of the biggest concessions you need to be willing to make as a journalist besides pretending to really care about something that someone else cares about is admitting that you don't get something ... and saying to somebody loudly and clearly that you're really confused and it's embarrassing and it's it's sort of humiliation times and you have to do it all the time in order to be to be a good journalist so this happens with the secular from Walmart Walmart has a problem with its sales this is why they're trying really hard to get more upscale to compete with chains like target and when I we ask about what's wrong with Walmart sales the user were cannibalization which beyond even human meat and retail means that you're hurting yourself by doing something you're cannibalizing your own business and so I don't understand this and I had to keep pressing him as I do other executives at that company to really explain what that means and when they actually get down to explaining it it's totally fascinating Walmart has a strange philosophy which says we can go one of these 200000 square foot stores and go one mile down the road and build another 20000 square foot store which didn't seem to make any sense of how many people need to 20000 square for walmarts within like a 10 minute drive was it turns out they build 1 does really what has like $80000000 in sales and all the other 11 of them falls a little bit maybe by 20000000 but the other 1 comes up to the same 1 as the old 1 and the double their sales within that mile radius it works they figured out their smart people but it's hard to understand that seat to ask them what cannibalization means and they tell you that and you not only understand it you suddenly have a new story idea and one of the things I'd like to go to Arizona where they've really done this very very successfully and write a story about how that works why you need to Walmart for the mile is a very touching story and so by asking him to really explain this I really understand it and I get a really good story idea and so this is something you need to approach in all your your journalism ... India and some people actually think it's better to pretend you're more super than you are and every interview you do so the people overcompensate and really begin explaining things and sometimes people just hopelessly badly giving quotes and they just they just can't other equipment and you look at your notes and and you just you have nothing ... in that case you just use snippets of quotes in it enough to work around and sometimes it'll just happen but the other thing to do is to sort of just know that your interview subjects things and go to somebody else not gonna pretend that every interview goes so well that you get something usable but if you stick to the general philosophy that by playing kind of stupid and continuing to ask for explanations you're gonna get to something in English that he'd been you can use ... which is really important one of the sort of huge mistakes that that young journalists make all the time is they quote people in ways that are really confusing ... and they over quote people and they and so you really want to have as much usable materials possible in your interview by the end so ... does that I think is also as important as making a human connection this is the fourth thing about getting people to make news may not of applied when you were doing your work this week but it's really important to get to a daily newspaper article in a month late August when there's no news ... and you need news and people can break news without even realizing it at The Washington Post and other newspapers we call this committing news it's like committing a felony or a crime sometimes you can get people to commit news without them even realizing that you've done it and ... perhaps some of you guys have done this without realizing it could you know it was news because maybe don't know the area so well but he always interviewing people with an eye towards getting them to say something that can just make a story and when somebody who's important says something new and fresh about what it is they do and it's unprecedented and tells you something about the company or the direction it's going in with the university and directions going in with a high school in their innovations that are going on then that's news and you'll read in your reading meters it was all over the country stories that just begin with a sentence like the president I state said yesterday that you heave he regards North Korea as an enemy if you know the state which said during the interview provident amount to very much than somebody look at their notes compared it with what it said previously said damn we were really big story here just because he said something he key committed news and so when we have the CEO Walmart com to The Washington Post we wanted him to say something very particular and this last strategy that goes into heat conduct washing post right after Walmart has it in some people's minds rather offensively close a store in Canada that had unionized and to those who support unions this is like a pretty outrageous thing to have done but you know it's people's legal right to form a union and what is one or 2 in response Walmart is sort of rabidly anti union sometimes they close the store they would even let people try to organize and negotiate a contract and so we knew business are gonna be a hot button issue to try to get him to talk about and he knew it was gonna be our hot button issue to try talk about so he was going to Dodge it we're gonna keep coming back at him and everyone knows how this game works but you've got to do it you've got a great you gotta try to greatness so we kept throwing this question of 3 or 4 or 5 different times until he finally said something about him and what he said was not that interesting he said the store wasn't going to be doing well with the union and but then he went on to any kind went on to say something a little more interesting and here is sort of revealed a lot about himself and about the company and if you look at where we actually in the publishing this is what he said did you know my career that's not a fastening quote but when he gets down to the last graph where we say and this is all sort of puffing ourselves up in his first interview since they announced this we got to sort of establish that we got him first he goes on to say he won't do this to be altruistic it just doesn't work that way so instead of saying what he said and saying only that he would reveal himself to be kind of a cowboy when it comes to unions he basically doesn't think you should be nice to unions and any goes on to say it just doesn't work that way and this is sort of nuanced but but here's a CEO of the world's largest corporation kind of be in a little bit of a limit of a jerk and it's very interesting and so this is why we ran the quote we with the way we did and this is what you're able to do when you really press people to say something and it's not always pleasant to do a lot of times they're gonna push back and sometimes you can say let's come back to this later we only talk about it now we shouldn't leave that room until you've gotten some response so the main question you need answered that might create news and even if the answer is I won't answer a lot there's your quote then everywhere you know knows that you're smart enough to try to get the important question to ask and and answered or unanswered and then they know what to make of this person who didn't answer your question and this is this is but his son you really should think about one in every people okay next couple things are really really simple but I think our son was important things that can happen however that's something else actually about is what brought this on ... one of the techniques that people the Washington post's years and and teach teach young reporters is that we're going to do a summer's important and you've done a lot of research it's often quite worthwhile to just bring in a file it might not be for the papers that you know you use to do the research research tuck it under your arm you walk into the room and he put it down and you start during your interview and what what is this what is a savior that I brought this to the interview does it say anything they really do they really do my research and let's say it's kind of a showdown interview where Iowa tough questions and I've really done my homework or even haven't and I bring a sense and I have in my arm and I think it's really good to me thanks a lot to keep this right by my side Makana ruffle through it it's his opinions and editorials the reporting and you know application but I have it here and it's intimidation is what it is it's a way of saying basically don't mess with me done my research I know everything there is to know sort of favor that I'm here you know being so nice you I got it all gonna write at all so you might as well start telling me what you know what you know and this is this is a really good technique ... and I guess I have to do this all the time but I did do it once recently with the CEO of a big supermarket company how that's related to stop and shop it's the big you know sister chain in Washington and we had lots and lots of memos from employees who were unhappy at the company that sort leaked us and when we went in there I sort of made it clear you know I hadn't brought them all and I deleted all the names cut north and you know got for that open up and say oh my god this person gave him the memos to never want to bring them as the names of the people who brought them to you you know into a meeting this is important the only people in trouble but limited where I made a very clear during these apparently several hour long interviews and what I have it all here and that I was going to walk away from this interview without strong responses to some serious stuff in the in the story ... because I had and I wasn't and I you know and you know I overcompensate because I'm 25 and when I walk in there were you know in the in the room with somebody who is an executive at a company I'm really scared because I told you ... and and they're not and the only way to sort of perverse intend that intimidation is to be really prepared and to let them know you've done your homework ... and this is this is important in this fight just about anything ... in journalism but this also brings me back to what you do right after the interview and and how you conduct yourself because when the editors over a lot of journalists come to cut and run they're out it's over they never deal with the person they interview again and I think that's a really bad idea because the person that you just interviewed is someone that you might not need for a week or 2 weeks or like 3 years and then suddenly you really need them and if you have it and let them down with your story be not let them respond to something in the story force you just never bothered to ask them what they thought about the story then they're far less inclined to help you the next time and in the reporting which these guys have done in which I do in which you do a lot of the same people in a very small community that's very gossipy and talk to each other you need to be really careful if you need to be really thoughtful about how you deal I basically maintain relationships it's a lot like high school actually and being careful about gossiping the people and be careful how you treat someone your class who's a total nerd now then end up being really important and handsome downline and you're gonna need that we might want them for marriage for work for whatever it's exactly the same and so couple of things that you do after the story that I think are just exceedingly important ... one is that you arrange to speak somebody again so that when you're writing your story and you're inevitably finding a hole in your story you can go back to them has anyone found a hole in the story that they wish they could plug and even having trouble getting in touch with that person even for like a day that happened and you guys well you're obviously much better reporters when I am not a single person that I have we like struggled with a hole in your story a quote that doesn't make any sense what happens a lot ... in the end my line of work and we should set up a follow up interview and even if the peace that interview you basically kind of go over a few facts that you know you want to just clarify a little bit is a really huge way of building confidence among the people that you're dealing with who suddenly think that you're committed to figuring out something down to its last detail and this becomes really important people ... the other important thing which I never never do but I always tell people they should do ... is to get people cell phone numbers and email addresses because these are things you need when you're suddenly in a pinch something big happens and you don't have someone cellphone number the newspaper comes out every day you can't wait till tomorrow you need to reach them you need their email addresses you need a cell phone numbers it's something you really ... should get the habit of asking people about and then this is also really important just thank people when it when a story is over thank him by email thank them by a phone call it really means a lot to people ... it basically takes nothing of you to do and regular people are thrilled when this happens we can't believe that a Washington post reporter wants to call them back and ask them you know to tell them thank you and in some cases ask them what they think of the story ... and to be honest a lot of times they really liked the story different they did they like jumping up and down the clip that out they put on the refrigerator in the case of an executive goes into his files like an important example of how he's gotten good press for the company for how he managed an interview really well ... I'm sorry so corporately oriented but I cover business but it's applies to everything ... when you're covering government or college or high school ... give people some feedback let them give you some feedback then you'll build a relationship with somebody I can't tell you how many regular people who work from major major companies in retail because I've been nice to them and I called them back and I've listened to them rant and rave about the stupidest craziest things suddenly learned something really important because in every sphere the people work the C. documents they see memos they know something they know something you can't possibly know because they work somewhere you know work and they have access to things you don't access to they have if you're nice to them they want to help you if you don't burn them then they begin to trust you and then they call you at midnight when you sleep and they tell you something important and you answer the phone in and of really important relationship belts and maybe because of read about the we really fastening relationship that developed between Bob Woodward and Deep Throat mark fell the really fascinating thing that happened in our relationship isn't start off in a very personal nature and it grew and Bob Woodward went to mark felts Harris I need coffee with 8 inches used them although some people think that he did he built a really strong personal connection with this guy so much so that the guy would meet in a parking garage in the basement you know in Virginia at 2:00 AM in the morning and scribble things in his New York times of the relationships are personal in nature they're not they're not after awhile they cease to be professional and that's okay obviously as long as your body by all the ethics of these people have taught him when you've been here this week ... so this is really important so again just to recap I've been talking a lot and they went back to work ... than the 2 most important things you can deal you can do as a journalist anything people is to make a really really strong healing connection of some kind whether it's the fact that you like purple and he likes purple she likes purple something really silly like that or because you've just discovered some truly interesting shared passion imported as you're writing about he want to do that on some level it's really important I think I think you want to do is be open to criticism follow up with people and develop some sort of meaningful relationship with them so that they'll help you in the future and he'll be a better journalist for having lots of people in whatever community industry government you're covering ... who who know things and we'll share them ... because ultimately no matter where you are becoming a community of people who year we are sort of responsible for keeping happy and being accurate in describing so it is important ... goals for you to become a journalist Hey that's my presentation I hope it was helpful ... do any of you guys have any questions about our either interviewing for the washingtonpost and career stop anything I can be helpful yeah purposely add to people you're interviewing Israeli regular people well the best thing I mean the Tom Geyer talk about not taking out your notebook okay this is really important ... and let me give you another parallel when you have your when you had your did give her a tape recorder it's like the last thing you bring out when you're reviewing some money it's just really throws people off there like I'm gonna be on that tape recorder forever that's a lot to ask somebody so just like that of a when you you know me but I often do when I'm in a storm like a woman I did as a couple weeks ago ... usually someone's in a store a tenderness or never shopping cart full of stuff I walk up to them and I say okay ... I'm warmer working on the story for The Washington Post I see that you've bought a couple things from the women's sportswear line and it's going to be a subject of my story ... I'm really just an understanding your shopping habits when you buy where you buy it I think it really had a lot of you know interesting color to my story and I can imagine that approach not working and that's your kinda brought skin obnoxious many people the other sort of you know this is not a dirty secret it's pretty well known people want to talk about their lives and so you you have to go yet to go pretty far in the wrong direction before you've really upset someone emissive been burned by journalists in the past for you in Washington I had this joke I always use when people are not helpful to me oftentimes all interview somebody for about 10 or 15 minutes and sometimes I decide to ask them for their name in the beginning other times ask them at the end ... just based on how things are flowing and at the end sometimes they say I own I can I can give you my name and I want you can't use my name any guys out there so far it happens all the time my first reaction is to punch them because I wasted 15 minutes for my second reaction is a little joke I use ... because or in Washington because people people know this I think I'll let me guess you work for the CI a and they say no I work for the CIA and I say well then what do you have to worry about or some version of that because at the worshippers we basically have a policy that says the only way that we grant anonymity is when you're sharing national security secrets and how important are you you can give me your name to talk about the sports wear clothing you're buying from woman I usually play with that mean I see look it's been a great interview I really like what you said I really think it's going to add to the story but the post doesn't let us give you anonymity unless you're breaking the story of Watergate and will you tell us Lisa the indictment the president so you okay with that and they say the usually by that point realize they're being silly and they give you their names that some people just it just won't happen they will give your name and you get over it ... I'll be honest if you read my clips you see a 7030 split between women and man I enjoy interviewing women more I think they're friendlier the generally more and vocative them more willing to talk about the shopping experience it's a huge flaw of mine ... but you could begin to learn by looking at people over time who's going to make a good interview subject and who's not and since you're give Ewing everyday people on the street you don't need the right there's no right person is the person I want to talk to you and you develop a sort of sixth sense about this ... for me it's women in their forties they just like love to talk ... for other people it's if Europe and absolutely gorgeous woman which I'm not a mighty men in their fifties I mean it depends and you know you you play with all the assets that you have within within reason ... so the answer is that you you know you try try again but getting there is not a sin not basically for me Thomas what Tom buyers a great journalism and the last thing you want to do is for someone and knowing you're uncomfortable situation ... then I'll stop interviews if it I have a sense of the person just is not the right subject for the area well pretend the scribbled the name anger over that video ... you know you want to be nice to somebody's who's gonna like scribble literally like squiggly lines because no it's not going anywhere humanly rude thing just kind likes from ... profitable tricks like that many also questions yeah so where you bomb them really depends on the newspaper I mean that that the blanket answer is no but then there are all sorts of shades of gray and then it let me explain a couple couple insist that so when I covered record biotechnology which was like the pharmaceutical industry really really complicated science ... the worst thing that I could do is write a story based off interviews and try to get into the science is something that I didn't understand so what I would do is often call scientists who I work with on the story somebody at the company I was running out and I would read a paragraph and say does this sound right is this accurate is this wrong is that you know does it is it is some new wants off I've never read the whole story to somebody because you know his quote to you her quoti whatever is not something you really need to get into a debate about you don't want to do that and quotes are very special area where you you know if somebody often says to us that the post ... how only only do this interview if you'll read me back my quotes and you only use those crimes and it's a matter it's sort of an ad hoc decision every time if you're gonna do now but generally we discourage that because every day that somebody reads the post was like a sort of informal contract you have with your readers it is all pretty organic like I did this interview that showed up in a quote I wrote this story it's got my byline on it looking understanding about how this all works and nowhere does it say in the air but the people that I've interviewed got to hear their coach read back to them so do you want to keep like a certain level of transparency between the reader and you and until we you know decide as an industry or a newspaper or section that we're going to do that as an official policy when we're not being really honest with our readers about how things work that's ultimately like the test are you being honest with your meter and so the thing you don't ever want to do is get something wrong so Beyonce reader reader check things that people if you're uncomfortable reading a whole section of something back to someone then you could just say I've said these kinds of things are there is that right me develop there's no there's no hard and fast rules of journalism except you don't make things up don't let people buy things 3 I mean they're really basic ones but everything else is a little more complicated any other questions yeah yeah the whole time I mean at the other news if you become a place like Iran Iraq work for newspaper ... and college you can write for any number sections ... I can write and have written for The Washington Post style section which is somewhere it's are sort of ... ... yes I pick up which you can tell it's like a really fun section it's about fashion social life I woulda story about Jack Welch who was the ... CEO of General Electric he began having affairs with the editor of the Harvard Business Review and in his wife returning the favor began sleeping with her so far and so we are really fun time with that story ... so which of reconciling that for style and ... and major newspapers if you have a beast here ultimately responsible for that be it and if you have extra time you can write for other sections and there are papers were it's a very fluid thing where you can you can do something for 2 years and go to another section be a sports writer go be in that's a reporter but typically you want to do would be for all like a good number of years to get to know people and to get to have sources and begin to break stories and get to really know what you're doing is taking me about 2 years to understand Walmart to a degree where I can write really substantial stories it just takes a while you start reading books you start interviewing peripheral people who share things with your takes time so you don't be one of these people ultimately in journalism who knows nothing about anything just jumps all over the place so you do autumn leaves her settle into something you can do for it even if it's just a year 2 years and then jump around do other things so that's the question you can do anything you want any map time at every stop in you know along the way but to do really good journalism like this guy who you know cover Walmart for the Wall Street journal and write a really substantial book that is really fascinating and that I'm you know getting a lot out of you need ultimately to sort of spend some time on to be covering some so okay they were good luck with your stories how I want to give everybody my business card in case you ever ask questions about anything incident something internship which is really really great same journalism that's how I got the post I was an intern ... one summer so correct partners good idea that ... have you guys take them and you know me at any time ... they're really great community of people who are really really awful to each other and as we go along with their careers to people who mentor them and so I am on my career people who once again and work at the office and yes TV program written and other so if you have any questions please but I don't now those are David //
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Trump Hating Mexican Judge Mentions Mexican Parents
\\Jack thank you good afternoon and cerebral without thank you for because I know that this hearing thank you for the ranking member center early also for being present most said I'd like to thank also president Obama for giving this honor to me and to my family as I indicated previously my parents I came here for Mexico with a with a dream of providing their children opportunities and of they've been able to do that without the opportunities of this country has to offer I'd like to thank senator boxer and senator Feinstein for for their support for the advisory committee that recommended my name to senator boxer to pass forward I'd like to the time to introduce my family ... that was able to come today my wife Tricia and my daughter Natalie and also I'd like to acknowledge family members that were unable to switch and that were not able to travel here that includes my my brother in Indiana ruled my sister in Ohio Maria my father in law Thomas Yamaguchi and a host of friends who are watching on the webcast thank you for this distinction this honor ... and with that it's //
"2016-05-28 09:54:07"'s Chuck Johnson Interviews Jim Clemente about his FBI Investigations Into The Clintons
\\so here with Jim Clancy I thank you for for meeting with us Jim Brown Jim was an FBI agent ... for how leadership 20 to you for 22 years and now is currently a television writer ... and we're here to talk with him about his career in the FBI has well as sort of ... to debunk to examine some of the Clinton conspiracies that are out there ... well thanks Jim think strong abroad so let's let's kind of started how did you first get involved in law enforcement I can give us a sense of your career well I was so lawyer first I was a prosecutor in the New York City law department in the Bronx I've prosecuted youthful offenders sex crimes never became an FBI agent in 1986 I served for 22 years ... retired in 2009 at the beginning of my career I worked on the violent crimes bank robbery squad it's a Joint Task Force with the New York City police department and then I went undercover for number of years on Wall Street and other areas and then I worked public corruption and commodities fraud for awhile and then pull case homicides in major crimes in Washington DC those promoted to supervisor special agent and went to Quantico became an FBI profiler basically it's a behavioral analysis unit and it is the kind of crimes that we looked at were serial and sexual and violent crimes and we basically did research we did training and we consult on cases cross country around world struck what some of these cases worsen the more famous ones at the public would know about both Jon Benet Ramsey of the DC sniper case ... Green River murders ... you know any serial or major sexual crime ... many rape saying the Phoenix area ... there were a number of obviously child abductions that our workforce course my career as well that covering the news but many of them didn't make the cooks sure difficult work for sure I am necessary necessary course yeah I'm and and what what kind of dream you first to the FBI use was it thing when I was a kid I always was secure if I was one of solving them I read all the Sherlock Holmes books and thought I'd like to be a detective but never really thought about the FBI ... after worked a case with the FBI when I was a prosecutor I realized I when the agent explained to me that they're basically federal detectives and he ... he recruited me hear me now creation and I thought wow that's that's pretty cool I can use my law degree my law background as well as my curiosity of and I developed a reputation for being a tenacious I I like to find out exactly what was going on for example one case on came to me it was commodities fraud case but it came to me as a real estate fraud ... about the amount of up $25000 and when I started digging out into this company I realize that was a lot more going on in the end died of expected the CEO of $480000000 worth of fraud ... so I just didn't let it go rejecting ... sick thing with the web Hubbell picks ... that was a small fraud on the rose law firm had uncovered and when I finished digging those of Sumner $95000 with the fraud department to tropical web Hubbell case candidate let our audience know who who was well hello who is available and how did you first ... come become acquainted with them web Hubbell was the associate Attorney General ... under Bill Clinton and he was actually a partner at the rose law firm ... with Hillary Clinton before they came to Washington DC the ... faces of the frog was that he was basically using our customer accounts he was billing customers for his personal expenses ... so the rose law firm had during the course of the whitewater investigation they're working closely with the in fact counsel or they were I answering subpoenas of the from the independent counsel and during the course of looking at records they found some anomalies in this building they turn that information over to us we started a full scale investigation and as I said I think under cover a large amount of fraud by level humble ultimately went to jail pretty good he was silent as far but I I had gotten involved in the whitewater case in 1994 ... I was asked to come to little rock I was not told why ... and ... because I thought time the investigation was pretty much a secret and ... when I got there father asked me to review the commodities trading of Hillary Clinton ... I had been undercover US commodities trader in New York City on the New York mercantile extra strange I had a tremendous amount of experience in that field so they asked me to review the training records ... the situation was such that not only did Hillary come out with $100000 profit when she was selling short in a bull market which means she selling but she doesn't have the commodity yet as the market continues to rise she still manages to get ... buys she's able to buy the product back at a later date at a lower price which is very difficult to do during the course of a the bull market but those are the traits that were side to her on however during the course of that year of trading was also margin calls if you sell it at this price and the price goes higher and higher you have to make the difference up within 2004 hours you have to pay that difference and the difference in the course of that year was hundreds of thousands of dollars and she never made any of those margin call somebody else most so what was really going on well I think somebody was giving her the best trades and covering her losses and you just did the euro fighter that one Sir bomb it was unclear but there was one guy who ran the entire operation there and was most likely him but the problem was that it was beyond sexual temptation so we could do anything about that right and so that was our your first encounter with the Clintons yes me would you think would you make them at the time I mean well you know a lot of rumors swirling around the time I mean I I basically saw them as it's a small town little rock Arkansas through very small and the time specially very backward state I think was the worst in the country terms of education and so forth I think it it was small town enough for it to be small town politics people were all friends with each other and I think that was a lot of glad handing going on but there's always rumors swirling around about murder and so forth and I think those are all I'm so nervous about being a commodities trader what that was like kind of the investigation dated a worker that well it was the first time the FBI ever put an undercover agent deep cover agent into an actual fiduciary position lowers normally when an FBI agent goes in deep cover they have a fake background fake company that they work for a fake job that they're doing every day should I actually have to go in become a clerk and over the course of 6 month study to become a broker and that take the exams and get certified license which is what I did the problem is that it's a very stressful position at the time I think they came out with the study of what the most stressful jobs are in the number one stressful job was ... their excuse me was should start that over I'm not going you go there the number one spot most stressful job was their their houses air traffic control right and I get I get I get unlucky so go ahead and weeds we can count that's a tougher on the town and the most you have the most stressful this week they made a list of the most stressful jobs and the number one was air traffic controller number 2 was commodities broker number 3 was police officer so I had actually number 2 and number 3 going on at at the same time I had to wear a wire and get past security with that everyday going into the exchange you know that any of the benefit of actually being a clown no I didn't I didn't I had to turn over all the money that I made to put in a in a cap and a trust account in the not the end of the operation we get back to the company I work for they didn't know people I worked with didn't know that I was an FBI agent and then so but on the day when we were actually trading ... it's the floor had by city I soon like something like 5000 people working on the floor and in the pit I was working there was at least 200 men and then when the Gulf War broke out there was about 320 men in this pit because of the trading was so active and if you're we're all smushed together sweating out each other and violently trading in other words people couldn't make it lose millions of dollars in seconds so everybody was really on edge who's the most stressful thing I've ever done in my life ... on top of the work that I was doing for the FBI collecting evidence I had to actually be a broker and I was a fiduciary position I had to make sure that I didn't lose money for my customers which is not easy to do now it's not it's a very difficult job do especially when all you had was 6 months of preparation and you have to learn it on your own basically so it was a very difficult time but I learned a tremendous amount during that time so I think I think you know come jumping back to the to little rock for a moment I think most people don't really come to appreciate the small town nature of little rock on that it's me who when she really was bit backward kind is ... kind of like a little boy's kind network of Kentucky who you know if you invest in some of the many of the major players there come talk about that that part of your work on how that I started the process of investigating their wealth I wasn't the only one on you know sure your bunch of FBI agents in your United States attorneys are former United States stories a current one and other attorneys ... a couple of prosecutors from across country and bomb under Bob Fiske I think it was wrong really like a prosecutor's office ... I think we we did exactly what we would do in a regular criminal investigation interview people we subpoenaed documents we got bank records we look the phone records we we did everything that you would normally do they try to do sort of white collar crime investigation ... when Bob Fiske are replaced by Ken Starr is it changed slightly and that I think can star was treating it more like he was a judge rather than like a prosecutor and they would do things like write letters to the other side and ask them to explain things which is not what you do an investigation because it gives the upside opportunity today and cover it up if if they're not being legitimate then they can continue to get away with their crimes by by covering things up but I think that really solve the investigation took more time but I think they did well I think Ken Starr his reputation ... in the news in the media they they said he was a zealot he was going after him well by contrast the fact was that he was much less of a prosecutor he was much more involved in well anyway this out we see what's going on let me this another explanation for this and eat you really treated more like he was the judge as opposed to he was a prosecutor trying to collect evidence and bring charges so where where is most of the media thinks of him as just this bulldog aggressive investigator your experiences exactly office at the exact opposite and I think what happened though I think at first he hired a lot of he hired a lot of new attorneys who were sort academics and did not have any investigative experience and then after that sort of didn't play out very well he hired more I think aggressive people and some people who probably didn't really understand the way of what they were doing and did some you know goofy things I won't mention any names but ... they look kind of goofy things well for example instead of actually interrogating suspects when they were interviewing them they would give them the information we had and ask them whether they thought that was if they had more information about its or like the criminals ... best opportunity yes ... it was unfortunate and then you know sort of doing things like speculating about what the evidence was before actually finding out what the evidence was so I think it's in those kinds of situations you get bad investigations you you don't have to prosecutions but despite all that there were a number I mean if I think all but one of the times with the Supreme Court ... we won fighting for information that that the other side was trying to prevent us from having and there were a number of convictions at least 11 I believe ... of people that were surrounding the Clintons in assisting the Clintons and in many cases insulating them so you worked on the the whitewater case nam come talk about that it's been quite a number of years now and I don't think it's kind of in the back of everyone's minds capitalists get it in a nutshell what was the scandal and why is it important whitewater case and the whitewater investigation I think always checking future whitewater investigation was a number of investigations of criminal activity involving and surrounding the Clintons so so whitewater case itself was a real estate investment that the Clintons were invited and ... I believe they put in no money and then when the investment became a loss ... I think they rode off on their taxes despite the fact that they did not actually put in a money to have lost like this is one of things that ... that's foster had warned them against ... just pay the taxes don't open that can of worms ... worm state didn't listen to what I was one of the things that will get to Vince foster monetarism but anyway yeah so of that was the whitewater case on this also castle Grande case where where Jim McDougal and ... was friends with Bill Clinton that exposes Bill Clinton came in and said look ... my wife is a partner at rose law firm and she's not really not business can throw any business our way and so they brought her in the castle Grande project which she worked on an inconveniently when it was determined that that was a conflict of interest she lost all her billing records ... there's theories that they that she destroyed them ... at all the electronic records but ... couple years later in the White House they turned up in the room between her office and her workout facility ... they were found by maitre assistant of so clearly and they have those fingerprints on so they're clearly her copy of the records and yet they disappear during the years that the investigation went on and turned up later ... buddy think accounted for them showing up and kind of mysterious why well I think a number of things are during the time we were interviewing all the employees of the White House not the political employees but the facility employees of the White House every single one of them and one or 2 of them said they saw boxes with that fosters name on it for example and ... and I think we also work close to serving and search warrants on the White House because we got information that they have documents there that they had not turned over I'm gonna write that point thing started showing up or they would produce thousands and thousands of pages and buried it somewhere would be the documents that were actually looking for interesting so basically is overwhelmed with they try to book you know for your thorough CF find it I would be ... nettop touches a bit about the repeal of the rose contract tram brand of the lawyers kind of and you know the types of the law firm I mean them well the thing about the rose law firm was its most prestigious law firm in little rock Arkansas and for for many decades and Hillary became what kind of work does it do well Hillary became the first female associate there ever and when her husband was the Attorney General and then she became the first female partner when he was governor and ... shoes in the litigation department under Vince foster but she never tried a single case ... I mean there's there's there's a certain like and no show job well maybe I think she showed up but I don't think she will she never had any litigation experience but she worked cases so they would do any kind of cases on me from political cases too to real estate investments and banking transactions on its high level you know ... lawyer lottery I wasn't sort of like a face criminal law firm that dealt dealt with drunk driving and so forth so there is some people who say you know maybe the reason Hillary wasn't getting the best work there ... at the rose law firms sexism many what's your what's your sense of what she actually did their data data data well I mean the fact is that she did work but she didn't try cases and shoes in the litigation department but she was sort of mentoring under Vince foster and I hope he who was an incredibly right she is honest hard working man he actually graduated from law school number one is class got the highest mark ever on the Arkansas bar exam and started work that day he graduated didn't go to graduation so we could start work is very dedicated math and by all accounts he was a very honest person so how did you first come to to the rose law firm and how did you first get Kevin introduced the Clintons well he I mean he came to offer far before the Clintons did but he they bought in Hillary when Phil was elected Attorney General and then they made her the first female partner when he became the governor and that it's kind of it's not unusual in a law firm to have somebody associated with the governor of great prestige to the farm so they show him up or are moving up in the farm ... but I think you know she did database stuff at the firm and when bill asked Jim McDougal to throw her some business and he bought her the castle Grande project she became the billing ... attorney on that case the problem is that the course of that business transaction was such an it's been a lot of years so though the finer details I may not recall exactly but they want to invest in this with that they they ran a savings alone so the amount of money they can invest into a speculative real estate deal is a certain percentage up the whole deal so she is a big do could invest the entire the point something or 1.$2000000 so he maybe did the 200000 or 100000 of it from the savings and loan but then he let lance the rest of the money to Seth ward who was with then without any recourse he didn't have to pay the loan back then invested that money into the same project so it was a it was a fraudulent transaction and the Clinton spit bill apparently asked for this mid business to go to Hillary Hillary was the billing partner on that and then Seth ward who was you know basically a straw lead ... excuse me ... the straw investor McGrath basically into the project but it was all really just those savings and loans money so again when that was being investigated the billing records for that particular case disappear and then again showed up in the White House years later sorcerer having this pattern of of yeah emails now with the the Clinton email scandal obvious pattern of serve documents going missing and showing up at the right time we're not showing up at all was that frustrating as a as an investigator who was your what was your experience so yeah I mean when I do an investigation I want the target of my investigation necessarily to know exactly what we're looking for wider how much and and I don't want them to have an opportunity to destroy evidence or hide evidence so you have to do things ... into it Serb tissues matter sometimes you certainly have to do things by taking advantage of the whatever technologies available and you have to basically be very circumspect about who you tell what what you're looking for and the fact is that in that case I don't think that was followed ... of those those rules were followed and I think they were out allowed to sort of dance around ... divest occasion for the most part and the fact that Hillary could cost come out and say that when those records were found ... which she could come out and say well I don't know where the records came from like Ken Starr figure out where they came from or something to that effect is just outrageous I it's it's completely outrageous I think is very self interested and that was just the move to sort of put the ball in his court when in fact they were her billing records they were in her residence in the White House was no other way they could have gotten their shuddered through her so anyway but you know again ... at the time she was First Lady and ... I don't believe that ... she was a you know target of the investigation as much as bill was because because of the influence peddling major of it now ... countries that Vince foster I mean there lots of conspiracy theories and I hope we can kind of debunk some of them lawyer believe I did I I mean I did the investigation it's called an equivocal death investigation and basically what that means is when you don't know what the actual cause of death is homicide suicide accident natural or undetermined those of 5 cause of death and when you I'm sorry the manner of death cause of death is the is the actual way exciting queer nation blunt force trauma things like that but the manner of death is how the person died was the nature of that death and so I did an equitable death investigation into how did you how did you come to get involved with Vince foster well when I was when I was brought into the whitewater investigation it wasn't racial it to look at the commodities trading of Hillary but then ... also then I got into the investigation of Vince foster excuse me of web Hubbell and when I put that investigation together and we are prepared to go to trial they then asked me to look into the Vince foster investigation of partially because my experience I have been attorney a prosecuting attorney I've been I've green chemistry I was a evidence collector on the evidence response team in the FBI free half years so arm basically because of my experience they asked me to sort of re evaluate that investigation and so the under about this they did a very short ... report an investigation on Texas death but they kept a lot of things close to the vest because out of out of deference to the family they did publish a lot of the details but then all of these conspiracy theories just pounded so can start decided to reopen the investigation into and do a more comprehensive investigation report so what if you could do that well because they were all of their was a demand for by the public and I think because of the fact that it it there were so many conspiracy theories there's that wrong I mean don't get me wrong they were investigating the president I'd say if Bill Clinton at the time sure but they did not want some false rumors about homicides could be left hanging out there so I do this investigation we we did it and I incredibly thorough forensic investigation at fort Marcy park which is where Vince foster's body was recovered and we looked at the photographs we excavated the number 200 of out to 200 yards all looking for the bullet that that actually was fired from the garden and went through his skull ... we we examined all the other forensic evidence ... we hired doctor Henry Lee to assist in the investigation we did a lot of experimentation actually ... prove or disprove different theories and we were able to prove what actually happened that day in fort Marcy park as well as a psychological autopsy of Vince foster and what that means is we got into psychology we did we looked at him and at the fact of his depression he actually was profoundly depressing time he felt like his reputation had been harmed and I think there was a speech even that he gave yes you talk about the speech because I don't think most people know about this isolated gave the commencement address at Arkansas school of law that year and 9 times during the course of that address he mentions death and misery ... it was supposed to be a very high up lifting happy speech and he gets up there the president of the school gets up there and just very few simply introduces them as the top lawyer in the world and all this great stuff and Vince was very droll you very flat affect and he said they will come after you they'll be hard times and the V. stormy days and and when it happens to you in your career do something for yourself get away take a walk alone in the woods and that's literally the last night he did in his life ... but he is called his sister up a master for names of of a psychiatrist or psychiatrists who he could go to because he was depressed any was anorexic and he wasn't sleeping and because ... he didn't wanna lose a security clearance he wanted to get one who someone who have security clearance so that he would lose his White House security clearance he called one of those doctors the night before and he got his doctor to prescribe antidepressants the night before as well he took one pill but it takes 2 weeks to get a therapeutic level in your system ... there were a whole bunch of things that were coming together but the week before in his wife went to play tennis with the Hubble's ... on the eastern shore of Maryland and he kind of wandered off he didn't wanna play and she found him sitting in a park on the bench crying she said during the entire length of their marriage she had never seen him cry to including what is father died just recently and the 2 so what's wrong and he said I can't go back to Arkansas a failure and so he was feeling like he was failing the Clintons and some of that was due to the fact that Hillary was so mark demonstrative about ... chastising him in public about the job you store for the Clintons and she was saying he was not protecting the Clintons when his job was actually White House counsel not Clinton council of that she made all about him anytime there was a failed nomination anything time anything went wrong chic sort of turned off so give us a sense I mean Vince foster's previously Hillary Clinton sparks we kind of talked about coming clean your behavior of profiler ... consequent Hillary Clinton psychology about her relationship with Vince foster once they got to the White House things flipped ... Hillary basically was fences boss and she have an office even though she wasn't in the counsel's office she had an office in the counsel's office and so she was very present there where the White House counsel office staff was and she basically was telling vents in no uncertain terms that it was his job to protect the president from any scandal and from failed nominations and from you know not letting anybody ... look down on on the presidency the fact is that what one of things offense wrote about was that well let me back up sure okay because and remind me if I get to that anyone should but when he was sitting on that bench and his wife found him crying she asked him what was wrong in the city you want to go back to little rock of failure she told them basically what he talked about going back to little rock I want to go to the White House Christmas ball we're not going anywhere so she was not really understanding that that the of this depression at the top serve like that seems more like a CEO suicide so we can deal with the mounting pressure it is exactly but in that case she said do what you always do whatever you have problems write down a list right what you what's bothering you and I will attack them one by one and so alright that was the end of that conversation nobody ever saw that list until many weeks later after the suicide because the FBI was prevented from actually investigating his office actually searching his office and the lawyers for the White House actually did the search this document was not found but then weeks later when they were turning over Vince's personal items to the family one of the interns wanted whose office picked up his briefcase turned it over to dump it out to make sure was acting in them was gonna put things and and a bunch of piece of paper I think 28 pieces of torn paper fell out they put it together and it was actually a list wouldn't listen welts on a bunch of things I don't remember everything shut it did say that the that the travel office situation was basically ... setting Hillary up ... it was unfair to her and he wanted things that he said was in Washington ruining people is considered sport ... this was not used to the fact that every single item that is done by the White House anything no matter how good or how bad it's always politicized if it's something you know for the good of the people that that that the Clinton's White House wanted to do the other side of the house would always find something to complain about and he wasn't used to having people criticize him he was the number one person is law school the number one graduated school the number one lawyer in his law firm he had the greatest reputation in little rock and now everything that he did had detractors and so you really was not ready for that and so at some point the Wall Street journal I think the the wallstreet journal I think or the Washington post I can't remember much astri internally asking for a picture of him so that if they could do ... in one article column about him he said no I'm hot I'm not to start here I'm just a worker bee you know bill is the star and they took that as front and they decide to go on attack about and one of things that I found was that he had taken those columns where they basically criticize they said who is this guy some bumpkin lawyer from little rock when they criticized him he wrote in the column is very very tiny very ... distinct handwriting and he hero cop he wrote answers to the comments in while in the columns and one of things or the other things that I found after years we have to go to the Supreme Court to actually get access to the material that was in his office took us years to actually do that investigation that we should have been able to do immediately after he committed suicide but were prevented from doing it but when I did actually get to go through that those documents well the things I found was a book that was on one of the shelves was book of quotes and I opened up the quote the quote book I flipped through it to see if there was anything about suicide in there there was but then I turned to death and it there was a quote that I was circle and it said ... something to effect of at the end of life ... although the into life sat from all the guys new life springs and I've circled and he said isn't he wrote isn't that a pretty thought found next to it then I copy that and I showed it to his wife and she confirmed that it was his hand writing and she cried she cried so much and she said why didn't anybody show me this before and I told her was because we were prevented from doing with this but this is the kind of thing a trained investigator does he looks in every looking cranny so she said this is the first indication that I've gotten from him that he didn't do it to hurt me also there's all these years she had suffered in silence thinking that Vince Gill itself to hurt her to get back at her when it wasn't that all he hoped that it would make things better are based on this quote wow I'm well let's talk a bit I mean you're an expert in sex crimes and and ... conf tawdry behavior ... stuck it more about kind of maybe getting into the Clinton sex scandals were initially found you know the Monica affair for everyone I can attack at me kind of chocolate moving from Vince foster blocks handing out of the cabin moving into their investigation first ball I think will ... was an insecure kid I mean he'd grow up you know alcoholic parent then you know the level of friends and he developed a thing where a very young age the ability to make other people people feel comfortable he wanted to be friends he wanted to have friends so he he learned at an early age how to make other people feel comfortable around him that's like the perfect personality for a politician because he did it he had a skill and was very effective at one on one interactions with people you would remember little details about people years later bring them up when he met them again and he would even use it very effectively so I think his self image was very poor as a child and he built himself up and I think they're being quotes ... you know he couldn't believe how women threw themselves at him when he became governor either he became very popular and so forth on I mean they were sad sad stories though about when he lost the governorship ... after the first term and ... and he was at a grocery store shaking hands of people as they finished buying groceries saying hi I'm Bill Clinton I use to be governor you know trying to build that that grassroots kind of thing because that's what he was best at and so on but you know when they they did this whole makeover of the time for Hillary because she was very sort of anti establishment at the time that she was using her maiden name and she wasn't sort of towing the the Arkansas party line at the time she did a make over ... he ran again they one they were in there for good and then they with everybody knows the history of it they became president First Lady but the fact is that bill parody is his personality was such that he was over one hour at when somebody basically head up he did not expect that to happen he didn't you know we love that that whole allure of power that that he had now had with women and I don't think he had a lot of impulse control I think is a loser combination of low self esteem and poor impulse control that led him to sort of Dallas and you know that's not you know that's a moral issue not a legal issue unless a he's forcing somebody ... where there are you know there was at least one allegation that that he didn't try to force himself on somebody and and OR let's see sexually harassing someone now the Monica Lewinski scandal the most important thing about that is I believe bill is the one that signed in the sexual harassment law into law and yet Monica Lewinski lost her job because of the relationship she had with Bill the sexual relationship she had with bill sure and I think that really was the basis of why it was being pushed to impeachment that he you know he lied to the public about the weather the relationship happen when it was proven you know she kept the blue dress and it was proven that his DNA was on that dress I think it all you know it all fell down but I also think that that politically Congress decided that you know this wasn't the kind of thing that we want to destroy the presidency in really disrupt the the governance of this country over so Sir not a high crimes and misdemeanors have Trachsel probably are now I mean it would seem that there's no greater in balance you have between ... subordinate and ... boss then between president I'd say it's and a 24 year old intern that's correct I think it's it's a textbook case for sexual harassment I think it played out exactly why it is the way it played out is exactly why the law was written to prevent that from happening and so tell us about Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp story so little of it and I think anyone knows the story circa okay well Linda Tripp was actually Vince foster's sister in the White House and a fact when the day that he committed suicide he actually was in his office behind a closed door until just before lunch and he handed Linda 3 envelopes ... and said could you mail these and he said I left you some and then ends on a tray on my desk ... and they left the office and 2 of those letters have been identified one was a letter to his mother about how to manage the oil leases that were actually her source of income he was managing them with some oil leases that they had that that he'd been managing and he gave her instructions on how to manage them from that day forward he also said that his final payment whose life insurance and the third letter we have no idea who it went to nobody has admitted receiving it the theory is that probably went to one of the Clintons or both ... but nobody knows where it went soldiers are suicide notes yet away basically ... so the next ... so Linda Tripp I was actually working in the White House counsel's office under Vince at that time but ... when the controversies about Bill Clinton and sexual harassment were shorter royally ... Monica Lewinski met with Linda Tripp and said that she wanted her to sign an affidavit which Linda would have to swear that she was not aware of any sexual harassment by Bill Clinton ... Linda so what are you talking about you told me about what happened with you guys have me that sexual harassment and Monica then offered her the deed to her her apartment her parents apartment in though then the Watergate hotel wow yeah nodded her parents know that this is going on and I have no idea what was going on with the parents I have no idea but I don't think that Monica Lewinski was in a position to just get away with the H. 2 apartment buildings ... apparently certainly atypical for 24 a yes it is and apparently that was preceded by a meeting with Vernon Jordan and Monica Lewinsky but I don't think that was ever in I don't I I was not part of that investigation I don't know what the details were but that was I was the set up the start up of the investigation because Linda Tripp came to the independent counsel's office with those allegations that was then written up and sent to the Attorney General Janet Reno sent back to to the appellate counsel and said no you guys are going to do this investigation and that's when the the Monica Lewinsky investigation started but at that time I was I got transferred to ... the major case squad in Washington field office and then I was transferred to the I. promoted into the beer from alpha soon after that so I did not become part of those investigations she now don't yeah we're talking about the Clintons coming back you know there's obviously Hillary Clinton's can run for office and I do it they'll be people out there who will see this interview and I wonder you know who is who is this year Jim committee guys here right wing not what is now what situationist so yeah I mean if if you feel comfortable and kind of get make it clear to people you know that you're not out we're investigator yeah I'm investigator and and I'm not I'm fairly apolitical I mean I don't trying to either of the 2 main parties I basically pick and choose things on one side or the other for example I am very anti death penalty I do not think the death penalty should be something that is civilized society uses to punish people I don't think that you worked on the DC sniper case corset yeah I worked on a number of cases where heinous crimes I mean heinous crimes were committed but I still don't believe that the government should be coldly calculating the killing people because one you can make a stake into its overwhelmingly used against minorities great more in greater numbers than it used against people who look like me that's raw it shouldn't be there so I I have I have some you know I I believe in in very it's stronger gun control I do not believe that people should everybody should be carrying guns I don't think everybody's fit to carry a gun hand and I see I see examples of that day in and day out out every single day in the United States of America people are killed by other people with guns and Vince foster and had a gun being clinically depressed because you know what I love to weeks before well at least 2 weeks before his wife had started telling him please get rid of those guys that you have in the apartment these regards the taken out of his father's house because his mother was a free this father was going to use them to commit suicide Vince foster kept them but in Washington DC didn't realize that there was a lot of basically a handgun ban in Washington DC nobody while US law other than law enforcement is lax actually owned a gun and watch you see he thought coming for markets or everybody owns guns you didn't think it was a problem so you have the guns in itself in the top shelf this closet and his wife was trying to get him to get rid of them I think that when when you have guns available people use them and when you know people get it all the time people get angry and and have poor impulse control in and go into fits of rage if all they have is you know a feather duster they're not gonna be able to it until somebody with that but if they have gone they can kill some so far to say I mean you have you know ... heterodox views on a lot of issues and yet and make your decisions as you try to call it a day because like you see it in your physicians you know kids are kids are you know I'm extremely liberal in a in a lot of her use I mean you know I I if that day that everybody should have equal rights I believe that everybody should have a right to marry I believe that everybody should have a right to well it's too soon to their beliefs up until the point where it infringes on somebody else's life or liberty or their safety and I think that those things are you know I'm not I'm not a you know card carrying liberal I am not a card carrying conservative but those things that are important to me I speak out about sure but I am a political when I do an investigation I knew nothing about the clip Clinton's before I started that investigation I did I was I was really excited for example when Bill Clinton came into the political scene mean he kind of brought back sort of that Nash that Kennedy had when I was a kid when when you looked up to the president and the presidency as iconic and I thought he brought some of it back he was young he was dynamic server new type of Democrat yes that's not voted for and you know it's not that I hate bill I don't hate bill but I think that you know sometimes he did things that were not in the best interest of the country any any to me in the office I you know and some of those things that he did when he was governor were probably illegal so I've you know I don't like that but I don't I don't demonizing because of it sure sure will any give us a sense though like that you know they're all these people you know one of the arguments for the Clintons was that we're gonna get 2 for the price of one right that we're gonna have Hillary and bill I mean so like Hillary is kind of the the joke on Twitter well I think you know when when when I think Hillary misspoke when time is that we are the president I think during their that's right yeah and you know I think that that Beasley's what we would call leakage and the in behavioral analysis what that means is it something that inadvertently actually leaks out information about where somebody is really thinking or doing in the signs and and so I think that Hillary was very smart very strategic in our in our life in a career I think she stuck with bill knowing that that given the circumstances at the time if Hillary had divorced bills during all those scandals that she would never be positioned to run for president this point because of besides me I think because of the fact that this is a very male dominated thing the present United States it's still always been a man she knew that she would have to actually gain sort of a a national international presence I think she's very big very strategic about being the secretary of state about being a senator about being the First Lady I think that was all part of a plan that she was able to work out and it may work out for it may not because is also things that have gone on that you know she's she's not the nicest person in the world and and behind the scenes she's very mean to this service agents that would that not all the fact are laying on the table to give give us a sense of what it was like actually in the White House with Hillary ... because I don't think people really know this she demanded that no employee of the White House speak to her directly not say good morning not to hold the door for her or anything like that she demanded that secret service agents not be seen in the halls of the White House despite the fact that they were there to protect her life and the life of her husband so she was very give a sense as to why I mean what moves them the motivation she then like if there were cops you know in her mind she banned them from the residence of the White House which was the first time any president or the first lady had done so talk about and you know there's questions about odor issues with her instead of all sorts of what back when she was when she was in the the governor's mansion in little rock the state police were the ones that did the personal security for the president and she's refer the governor and as wife and they'd wanna stand next to her because she didn't where she knew where any deodorants she was very much of a hippie at the time and she just didn't wanna follow suit in our shoes as I said earlier using a maid named sort of she was a rebel and ... she did they did him after he lost the governorship after a first term which please we put together a plan of trying to drive all the way to the White House ... she did a make over hero got Hollywood friends to come out and give her a makeover and she'd just totally sort of re made herself in the image of ... First Lady and ... it was very effective I think behind the scenes she's a very different person and everybody who's worked closely with her nose out but her image she's she's good at a projecting an image that is inconsistent with what she's really like one of the things I found kind of fastening my kind of the the post Clinton presidency session she seems to really like drinking but she seems like having going out and having a good time well I think she's a new big I don't fault them for that now my you know her shirt it's it's not a problem that's not a problem what I care about is how she treats you move beings I know that when the bush the bush senior White House left they they were loved by the White House staff they took a personal interest in the the people who took care of them who took care of the facility not the people that were imported of power but the little guy and that is really that that really shows what kind of people they work ... bill was very nice to the people who worked in the White House that the political people Miller was not she did not want to hear or see anything from anything I mean you know given how much you observe the Clintons do you think Hillary will be able to pull it off me think she'll be elected or what what's your sense what will this will be you know Hillary come out ... you know she has a good chance I think because she's a woman I think the the country is ready for a woman president and I I would actually love for there to be a warm pleasant high was Greenlee ecstatic that that Obama was elected president I thought while finally the United States of America has done something tremendous for race relations and we've set the standard now for the rest of the world not just in our own country so I'm very happy that we had that you know sort of benchmark now ... Great Britain has had a prime minister has that female viruses so why can't the United States have female president I really think there's it's about time that we have parity in terms of a woman she get exactly the same pay as a man there's absolutely no glass ceilings sure initially no profession that women can't do if she's physically or mentally capable of doing that so but Hillary should be the first woman president and I I think I'd be ashamed because I do believe that she is way too self interest that I don't I you know I don't know personally I've met one time because I testified right before her in the grand jury when she was bought from the grand jury by by Ken Starr unfortunately I it's of secrecy erected or other what I said in there but ... she went in and ... you know we met before hand and she was very cordial to me ... afterwards she was not so cordial and ... she was she was not very happy when she left a great jury and ... that she put on a you know pretty face and had her hair and makeup done then went outside and said she just had a nice chat in front of the cameras ... she said she had a nice chat with ... Ken Starr and everything was wonderful when that wasn't the attitude she had when she walked out of that room now we come to going back the the founders gonna want to set a unitary executive for a purpose right you one of one man and one woman I guess responsible for the job yeah we got sort of a dueling executive and it seems sometimes like bill is yeah he he puts up policy issues to say things like Hillary ... via a on the serve pretty hillarycare kind of thing not in others she she source seems to align him for a charm fact what's your sense of like you know you for your profile and what's your sense of their of their marriage well he's cheating on her on me nearly as she honors presumably still doing it given away on a press mean that she just well I think it's a marriage of convenience I think it was it may have been you know I mean bill probably you know romance terror and I think she saw it as an opportunity ... to use his personality as you said his charisma because she doesn't either she doesn't have that she's she's learned she's she sort of copied from other people I think and and probably from bill but I don't think that comes natural to her in any way shape or form but I think it was and still am remains a marriage of convenience ... I mean he's basically flaunting it you know as if they're at their house in New York ... you know there's been reports in the secret service about a woman who comes there the energizer yes Sir yeah ... so there that's it's it's literally for appearances and for access I think bill brings her up at a huge vote because he is still remains popular with the number people in this country and I think those people will be loyal to him because well then sure now in your sense I mean obviously you're not investigating the sex life of you know of Hillary Clinton but they're all sorts of rumors and things from you know about her being gay about Vince foster knew what was your sense yeah as a professional and tell you that Vince foster wrote about her very respectfully in his journals he was incredibly dedicated father and husband ... there was actually no although there was rumors there's absolutely no proof or evidence that there was an affair between them I think he was extremely respectful to or you look up to her in a sense because he she was the First Lady of the United States and she was bill's wife and he was the president United States I think that respect may have seemed like more ... but again when they were back in Arkansas that was no there was no proof for a real indicators of any kind of affair ... that you know I don't care what her sexuality is sure I'm and it doesn't matter and there are millions of people who feel they have to hide their sexuality or world and it's it's a shame because the people should be judged by their sexuality and it's not just gay or straight there's a lot of bisexual people is well it's sexuality is on spectrum Amin header heterosexuality homosexuality people or 100 percent on either end of that spectrum all are the ends of the spectrum there's a lot of gray area between and people could actually change over the course of their lives you know it's not a choice somebody makes put people's actions you know they may feel that they can't act out they can't they can't be open about their sexuality but sexuality should have nothing to do with politics course right I know it's really not even a relevant discussion for this so I don't you know I mean I wonder though because it must must be difficult to have a husband cheats on you you know and and to not you know I have a relationship with other people well it it may or may not be sure of for her for that individual some people are asexual some people do not want to get involved sexually wish that some people do and she she met it I may have an arrangement ... I mean clearly she knows this they must have had a number of talks over the course sure decades that they've been together I mean this is not a secret between them but it is their marriage and they get to decide how to run the I don't give a damn what they decide shoe it's their choice alright so didn't foster investigation found that a lot of rumors that material going missing me what what would you say well the lawyers for the White House actually did the sort of search of the office and so there there was definitely classified information that he was working on that office and I'm sure that that kind stuff was removed because it's classified in that it's not meant for public disclosure so that could have been something that was taken out one of things other things that we did ... it forensically was we found that not only was that did the wife identify the gun when I finally showed 2 or years later nobody had shown her the gun she described it is silver but when I when I showed it to her and was actually a very old was like from the early 19 hundreds but most of blowing had worn off if you look at in the light it it had a sober like reflection and that's what she said but she said it was a cowboy gun yet that's the gun and and so she identified it plus there was an ultimate in the glove compartment of his car at fort Marcy park so what I believe happened was he put the gun in the ultimate in his briefcase at so he could bring the got into the White House so he took the other men al put it in the glove compartment while he went into the White House with his briefcase them we want for much the party took the cop got out of the oven Mitt and put it into his right front pocket what we found inside the oven Mitt was pieces of choose ... sunflower seeds or watermelon seeds and we found particles of them inside the barrel of the gun though she's me inside the pocket is right front pocket ... we also found lead antimony Barry inside the oven Mitt which is a gunshot residue and we found that in the pocket so we're in the trace how the gun got from his house into the ultimate into the eyes of the car ... go compartment into his pocket and then on to the side of the hill in his hand ... ... when he killed himself the other thing was that when the first responders got there one of them said they didn't see the gun in his hand well the gun pulled the trigger this way and his thumb actually got clot when the trigger recoiled was pitched in between the trigger guard and trigger and what his hand fell down the gun was concealed partially buys hand partially by his leg but for the guys who was ups kneeling by his head looking he didn't see the guy the guy that was kneeling by his knees did see the guy the guy you saw the gun described it as a pistol he didn't know that pistol is actually semi automatic weapons and that a revolver is called a revolver he didn't he when I asked him he'd made public statements that he saw pistol in his hand but you thought a pistol like a cowboy pistol not pistol like semi automatic when I so I went through and painstakingly went through every single detail of every single witness to that case and I was able to prove that actually affect he committed suicide was no question and I think since then actually ... since we published our report that second Vince foster report there's really been no ever has never been any credible evidence or even a credible reports that he didn't commit suicide I mean we've talked about the Clintons ... of Hillary Clinton kind of the person negative light ... professed just nearly in your professional capacity but whether things treats you admired about her I mean what is you know I think Bill Clinton has a number of traits that are admirable for a politician I think she's tenacious I think she is not going to be afraid of anybody and it's not you know it's not that I think she's evil it's that I think she sort of treat people badly and it's unfortunate I wish you had better balance in life I wish she could George treat people with respect no matter who they were whether they were law enforcement or military I think she treats law enforcement officers and military officers very poorly I do not think she respects and how do you make that determination based on her harp palazzi Asians I have you know she's told people and she's made those people who basically sacrificing of sacrificing their lives for her just get out of her way or they would be transferred somewhere else and punished and you know it's just it's not the way it should be done and she should have a you know a full and abiding respect for law enforcement and just because she feels like ... you know there's some sort of right wing conspiracy against her doesn't mean she should treat every law enforcement officer are every military officer badly me certainly not every law enforcement officer a military officer is a right wing person to begin with sure many of us do not identify with the right and some of us don't identify with either side but will you know except people on either side depending on what the circumstances are in and the kind of person there so this is the sort of the last question but you know you're an investigator I mean were there ... maybe kind of talk to the media right now because I think there there may be some maybe manufactured Clinton scandals maybe something's there cut taken out of context well where would you look at me if you're if you were you know giving advice to younger self in F. beat you know now the FBI cider what advice would you give to come maybe Benghazi investigators for the press generally about the Waltons first off let's talk about god another talk about sort of these ridiculous allegations against Clinton you have to understand that not everything that happens in the state department is public information sure there is incredibly important classified operations that go on around this world every single day and because of plot politics sometimes people in power have to make up a story to cover things because other things are going on that so if anybody thinks that Benghazi was certain simply about you know somebody dropping the ball or somebody you know wanting to cover up and make something sound better than it was just for pure you know where the political whatever area ... you know purposes they're wrong I mean the government and this government is incredibly complex and there's a lot of things that the general public just simply does not have a right to know otherwise we care honestly protect the country so Benghazi is a totally different animal than that how it's mainly portrayed in the press I think my brother talked a little bit about that area you know and interviewed him on that yeah so you know we'll leave it at that but there have been and got this goes all the way back to the whitewater days there have been these conspiracies that swirled around about people that have died mysteriously around the Clintons live hundreds if not thousands of people that are associated with them and be sure you know in their friends within distant relatives and friends of friends of friends and so forth and and people who work for them to differ capacities or interactive them at certain ways and it seems anytime one of those persons has you know you know a car accident and dies or commit suicide or whatever they automatically assume the Clintons were behind this massive conspiracy to kill each moment that 100 percent rediculous it there's absolutely I mean we we I was in little rock we're doing investigations we interviewed thousands of people there was what not one single shred of evidence to back up any of those allegations it's because please garbage right I remember reading on point that the average ... congressman eat something like 50000 people a year and the average person meets between 2 and 4000 right so you got imagine somebody who's politically as skilled as bill and Hillary on Hillary there meaning the more than 50000 people a year in the end right hive cities that they have and it's just it's just ridiculous to store we please this tangled web of conspiracy the fact is that they are politicians and politicians in general do a lot of things that are they're not necessarily above board what I've appreciated with your work is that you really kind of get into the mind of the person who right you really focus you really drill down now whether any cutting insights you want to you know come in part to maybe not investing people are investigators right on anything that you have observed about the Clintons that you think ... are kind of interesting traits that might be we are more fasces time goes on it might be like if I share a clue as to who they really are well here in beautiful houses and cruel be able analysis what we do is in direct personality assessment I'm psychologists and psychiatrists actually do clinical evaluations they talk the person's and a lot is based on self reporting where the reasons why we rely so heavily on behavioral analysis and why it's effective is because we don't rely on self reporting we look at somebody's behavior and we look at how that tells you what they're really thinking and what's really important to that for example if you go to crime scenes and you see behavior exhibited a crime scene we reverse engineer that behavior to the type of person who committed that crime a person commits a crime they paid particular victim at a particular time in particular place in particular matter for particular purpose all those choices tell you something about that offender why he's doing what he's doing here what level of sophistication yet how we can pull off the ground what's his method of ingress and egress what it was is level planning how much did you think about it beforehand or was this an impulsive act that that happened that he is going to jam up later I think you'll see although Bill Clinton is a very bright guy and he was able to eat read briefing papers and and look at a list of talking points and be able to talk about it for 2:00 hours as if he had read or FBI written that 0 page white paper that that a bunch of experts have put together in the weeks before he was very very good very very sharp Greenlee got in the room Hillary I think has become better and better at that but I don't think she has the the the quite the level of of expertise that bill has in the area of interpersonal ... relations and I think if you look at our personality you're going to see somebody who wants it done the way she wants it done the unfortunate part of that is issue to surround yourself with people who were afraid of her or is she going to surround yourself with people other smart people giver additional perspectives and actually learn from that actually take but different contrary view and not be afraid that she's going to fire them or you know jump down their throats someone who was with Lana thank you for having us ... there any other questions some but I think we thank you for the time I really appreciate it will grow //
"2016-05-20 06:55:09"
Zuckerberg: Migrants Are A "Protected Class" On Facebook
\\about hates comments on Facebook because recently more more of these comment has been posted it and ... affix you recognize this problem that's why you hired this task force Kian burden ... and they are trying to fix this problem but how exactly do they decide whether to delete a comment on that and will this task force be able to fix the problem and we have similar strategies for other countries this is a is a really important topic and and I guess we'll probably get multiple questions on this over the course the town hall today which is great I you know hate speech has no place on on Facebook in our community I N. engine and honestly until recently in Germany I don't think we were doing a good enough job right and and I think we will continue needing to do a better and better jobs ion I went to this summit at the UN I last use is September October night arm it I had a chance to talk to your prime minister and you know that to me really highlighted Bob how much more we needed to do it in this country arm to to really help and be at the level of support that we act should be at and and I I I I I thought have a responsibility to be out for for our community so since then we've done a handful of things I which is is a start how we partnered with our governmental and and local nonprofits to start the online as civil courage initiative which is promoting I'm counter speech and and ways to make sure that hate speech is minimized online I we've funded effort I here in Germany with her about 200 people are to be able to help our police and and make sure that our bad content is non is on Facebook but probably the most important thing that we've done here in Germany Islam your definition of hate speech in our community has always been around protecting ... if certain groups of people in a protected classes in groups of people and one of the things that is unique in in Germany is that Bob migrants are are protected class and and frankly before ... we start engaging more ... with government and civil society here in Germany arm you know that wasn't how we operated around the world there are lots of racial and underrepresented groups that that we considered outside to be protected groups that that ... that that we I have monitored for for heat speech are but really our education and learning more about our German culture in German law has led us to change our approach on that to now include I hate speech against migrants as an important are part of what we just now have no tolerance for being a part of on on Facebook so no this is always a work in progress are we I'm not gonna claim up here today that were perfect I would definitely not you know our system relies on people in the community being able to reach out and tell us what they think is offensive and then are we staff teams of people hundreds of other people around the world ought to be able to go look into those claims and and follow the guidelines to take on the content that I that that we still as hate speech it according to those policies but we're always trying to do better and this is an area where we we recognize how sensitive this is I'm especially with the migrant crisis I hear and and all the sensitivity around around that recently and John and this is something where just being engaged more with that with the German people and and the culture and government and civil society here I think has pointed us and helped us get an eye in a bit of a better direction there's still work to do we want to do that are but I think we we hear the message loud and clear and we're committed to doing better there's not a place for this kind of Kant Facebook //
"2016-05-16 18:50:28"
Listen to Mark Zuckeberg Discuss Censorship in Germany
\\you know hate speech has no place on on Facebook in our community until recently in Germany I don't think we were doing a good enough job I went to this summit at the UN I last use is September October night and I had a chance to talk to your prime minister how we partnered with our governmental online as civil courage initiative promoting I'm counter speech funded effort with about 200 people act to be able to help our police and and make sure that that content is non is on Facebook your definition of hate speech in our community has always been around protecting I'm in a certain groups of people Tom Hanks they're protected classes ... migrants more are are protected class but I I think ... no surprise welcome for and my name is cycle and I have a question demar life read your and I can trips up periscope and Facebook no in the moment Noah plumbing and to make videos in the next time live yes okay so my question is owned the one hand you opened the doors for everyone to the internet with but on the other hand you could almost them within use people who live in their own made reality you depending on what their posting reading but then I and I am especially in Germany I think it's a huge problem and when you look at racism and things like that so how do you want to pre when people living in their own set of problems I think this is such a misperception but the reality is is that social media is actually up probably the most diverse form of media that exists apart you know you have a bunch of friends and while probably a lot of your friends share your values on different things are you know it's likely that you know some portion even if it's a minority even if it's just 10 or 20 percent but ... there from from the studies that we've done it's miss much as 30 or 40 percent of people have different values different ideologies than than you do on your friend list now here here's the the kind of ... tricky part about human nature is what what we find though which is I think unfortunate is that even though ... you know almost 30 percent of the content in your news feed maybe I stuff that you don't ideologically agree with service from people who you don't ideologically agree with what we find is that people kind of tune that stuff out right and and are much more likely in news speed to click on the content into engage with it ... if that's what they agree with our beliefs so kind of fits this pattern of you know you're gonna watch the TV station whose editorial views you believe under the newspaper I was editorial views you believe in and I'm not sure how to solve that problem yet but it does so about artificial intelligence specialist so ... offered you a dedicated just south especially to any I am developing a home automation systems with voice control based on a ounce on so what I would like to know is what would you also contribute to that anti topic within Facebook for example what do you think that a I would be a great to avoid sample to detect and flag hate speech I don't know absolutely absolutely an RTS and and I can get a lot better I and it's a question is Hey mark we have seen some media use photos of victims or suspects from crime scenes or accidents that they took from Facebook including from posts that are non public without permission this sometimes leads to innocent bystanders being accuse do you find that okay well this is the side I took one if it's not a public Frodo then someone should not be taking your photo and using it publicly yeah so what what do you do to stay professionally on track and on time one of your cereal on you have a great team who who keeps me on time but ... most of the time you know specify come to Germany I try to stay on time this is like the one place in the world where I really feel like I'm missing out from not on top ... what are you views on insurance marketing and how do you plan to support this moving forward ... marketing influencer includes a campaign spots of campaigns way public against that's well let me talk about what we're doing with marketing overall and then and then I'll come to get to that is something that I actually I monitor this very closely myself because I don I wanna make sure that in every story that you see in new speed is is good ... I think the answer is yes yeah I think the answer to that is yes yes you know disintegration //
"2016-05-13 02:35:13"
GOP Candidate Busted Lying About Medical Marijuana, Assault Charge
\\do yourself a problem this when you were 12 years old winter we had because ... drinking and marijuana use that sort of thing appear pure wife is proof that the laws don't really stop the illegal trade in that's what you make of that Bowie for well girl watching sensual song when I was a kid smoking out the home button in the trenches look on the data //
"2016-05-13 02:27:11"
Paul Chabot Bilks The Taxpayer With Ridiculous Federal Grants
\\since the last time poll should go try to get into Congress and back to DC he's been hitting the Obama White House lecture circuit what's happening to the money you're spending supporting the Shabbos we can talk about where we are as a nation unsustainable right now tell the high taxes reduced ... worker productivity up but you know my wife in Arbil clash struggling for kids George action every year after 4 years when Paul lost a race again they finally got around to filing all their taxes in his years in Washington looked like they were paying off well $100000 in salary money you have delay county fair C. E. O. making $900000 a year that should be a public service job in the military work come in and make an attempt at that if we're lucky guy at the at the end of our careers carnations class our political consultant cronies making more than $150 an hour the IRS makes working families account for where they get their money binding accreditor Harry I got account new nose out of work does function and filing it in a very complicated process in America then dad can't afford any more tricky bookkeeping saying no to Paul should bow //
"2016-05-13 01:29:10"
GOP Candidate Paul Chabot Compared Medical Marijuana to Child Exploitation
\\once again Paul should bow who is trying to get in the Congress when phony polls not pretending to be a doctor the drug warriors using marijuana to gun from his past there why do we keep it illegal I understand your point will want to keep your when LST prostitution child pornography legal I mean it's a pretty solid pornography and marijuana yes we would any parent compare medical marijuana to child exploitation my sort of get in trouble when I was 10 all you have to put divorced ... before Paul was 10 his own father got convicted for having sex with no one who thinks that's typical belongs in to this day police you do take child exploitation seriously struggling to keep tabs on did Paul know where to find him all along I mean I could I could there's no audience I'm afraid to discuss this scared to level with voters told Paul should bow we treat child abuse is anything but typical saying no to a Paul should bow //
"2016-05-12 16:00:25"
The Joyless Pursuit of Corporate Comedy WIth Moshe Kasher, Jen Kirkman, & Bo Burnham
\\everyone it struck Johnson here it is I want to say it's mine it's now it's Thursday may 12 I'm it's been awhile since I've been a podcast not be like hand by the way fish in the trunk train I think is the high likelihood of enemy a trump d'elia I'm early so trouble alternate delegate ... for Cleveland which I'm deaf I looking forward to Sony to buy my hat ... by my going to get but ... yeah or what not to do I ... went east coast June your got some business affairs take in order for a researcher met with some would be clients for it man that was some yeah actual clients for it so he ran around York City for a few days ... all went well then from there I went to Boston to see my sister graduated from college and parents which was exciting and I yeah I someone at your grandfather for the first time I'd seen him since my grandma died I'm which was a few months ago which is a major power we don't sign me up for a living my wife ... but yeah so what what is today's podcast about on the other day I winds and just read one of the most joyless corporate bullshit exercises I've ever participated in ... I went to go see a to participate in a pilot for comedy central I don't know if you're familiar with the sky Moshe Kasher but he's a good Jewish comedian so like mailing way Allen's leftovers duration hipster comic and he ... invited me to be on his show problematic which was a pilot they're doing and Scott of the experience kinda weird saying going to do a pilot that you go to this and that sick a lot they have to go through you park way the fuck away from everything ... everything seems kind of like threadbare and torn down but it's also serve corporate yet people are wearing what they want to wear and I anyways so I ... I went to this thing you drove down from Fresno CA ally was meeting with some folks now anyways so sick art fuck it I'll go to this and then by me and you know was that the all time got to chatting ... yeah but now count political correctness and sensor shed been all those things that are like very dangerous and very light you know so is it problematic and the format of the show the Senshi mushing Kasher this other guy bow berm and I burn men ... Breihan yes that ace comedian and I guess from his firmest users that I went to Saint John as a rival prep school I went to and ... is very like a musical Guidice musical things out now armed there's other divers check their like Amy something I wanna say no Jan Jan fuck what's your name Jan I I shris guys like well known or some shit nam early sits with the Netflix people tell me Jen Kirkman Jen Kirkman that's the time and Joe DeRosa ... instead she's guys I comedians there you know lefty comedians there was sort of you of the world it's got a progressive and yet they're doing a show about how political correctness is like causing all this trouble and the contacts in it was essentially taking Jon Ronson's book Sabin publicly shamed and trying to you like a show on it and it kind of didn't work like narratively was kind of a weak shadow I would think it was they interviewed this chick got title yeah Jamie I think is her name Talia Jane and she was that shake you got fired Frahm yelp are for Azuchi writing like a fuck you yell piece about how she and her fat yeah show she was homeless and how terrible where she wasn't homeless she was worried about other people being home and how fucked that was terrible wasn't blah blah blah yup socks and how angry she was about you know all that shit no grisly guiding the sourcing mostly histrionic Inbal Shelton says much you know they finally got to me the service and here is ... try way Marcia Marcia ... Kasher came up to me and he came up to me and he was like no I'm I can do that that's contrived is your piece I don't know what that was about but it was kind of weird and kind strange but ... it was you know this sort of thing like they wanted me to be like that big the bad guy.the terrible the racist that whatever and of course I didn't contemplate longer goes gentlemanly impolite defended that kept the crew ... many of whom really likes me and saw her begin Facebook friends of mine afterwards and you want to start giving me and tell about what's really going on Comedy Central and so is this chick tagliere goes up there colleagues shows that this huge interview with our a terrible it is yelp as bad she wants a living wage 7 Cisco doesn't room a and you know frankly the whiny bitch quality of what you're saying was kind of like hard to deal with now look I'm not against the living wage I just don't know what a living wage it really is I paid a shit load of money like how much money they what do you think he actual value of your labor actually is Scammon cleared me and frankly yeah San Francisco's an expensive place to live I I wanna live there I I don't like it ... LA is expensive place to live but their various places in the country the lighting sock and I don't understand what you want to live in them and you know why they live socially in them when the rents like 7000 Bucks or whatever so long story short she goes up there she's kind of a bitch ... yeah she's trying really hard to be funny she's trying really hard to be like we it's sort of his early work in research like overwrought and kind strange and then they go and they have all these things about how terrible men are harassed women and have a shame them ... so your Gen Kirk man who you know she's like 41 years old apparently is that kind of good looking out I I don't really find it myself but you know whatever and she yeah I'm sorry but I she shames guys who were trying to ask her out and they went to this woman cards against humanity this woman named Lindsay ... cards against harassment presence humanity and she gives out cards to men harass women and she supposedly exam entrepreneur means Lindsey out of our last name is rich lives in Minneapolis and I think they flew her there maybe she flew herself there on how but they were like yeah trying to cause some shit with me and her and she chided because I'm showing like all you shell of the foreign colleges now I did then Scott her made that up I sued them was the whole thing I never shed over all rape victims I expose fake rapes I believe the truth is standard I mean all the stuff you know from the sting the got these projects that I believe in using the truth to trawl like fighting fighting power and so anyway so they were like China causing shit with me now much cash I come up to me earlier like an hour 0.5 or so before the show anyway asking about like all kinds of studies like you think Obama's gay you know those are the way they were like kind sake well it's complicated I mean Obama joined the gay club in 1979 I his your mentor Larry gold and all but admitted it I'm Obama had roommates that were gay he chopped the Pakistan with one of these guys who is who and of being gay later on 72 girlfriends that we know about each told ... to 2 girlfriends both of them deny sexual relationship and he's got some length to kind of you basically is basically a gay guy like was as close as I mean I guess we just sat now arm and then he's like trying to like other eyes me trying to make a big deal about that he's the guy you're like racist and homophobic might not really but yeah I am like relative to like his standards right everyone's racism was homophobic it's like the charge charge of being a witch and I I said she believe in using the internet to like fight for truth and justice in the American way and I'm not really you know I believe in basically telling the truth it's what I'm this from about 7 ways tally also they go you expose a rape victim is like not never express rape victim in my life I've never done that never happened it's never been a single case in history I've got news or we have exposed and named a rape victim period never happened will never happen no we've exposed lot of fake rapes situation and I'm proud of the role we play on that and making sure that people get yeah due process and are expected to process always fight for the bill of rights sat years lungs as United States of America or at least in so long as you know we have this idea of liberties which of course are all being eroded anyways system at a time for the go complete ... it was nursing a of another woman might bye Felicia our bye Felicia blocked by a few of them with the name so I called up my point up it's ... cards against I know you know this one cards against harassment was like trying to she's like trying to make a big deal about this ... I'll hold up a second yes I anyways ... yeah she's apparently like sending some should I name is Lindsay woman ... yeah it's kind of interesting so she like yeah she accused me falsely about a rape victim it's kind of funny and I was like okay how do you make money that was the other thing she was like kind of freaking out sick I make money how do you make money on a site wide eyed I make money ... and I'm proud of my accomplishments now yet by Philippe day I was this check this chick bye Felipe it has this account never any likenesses Scully 2980 followers I don't know it seemed kind of weird it's like calling out dudes who turn hostile when rejected or ignored so course like what ends up happening in these kind of situations is that some nerdy do pass out this other do I address Ascot this check you then get shamed and so he's like becomes afraid of women and of course the only its end up actually like changing their behavior are like the nerdy dude so I'm not actually that it's really actually the harassers so I mean there are such things as harassers no one no one ever since that we can actually definition of harassment Rusyns basically except we don't like which of course like yeah asking our hope you can you define its obscenity an obscenity again so you know we can define obscenity but harassment we can define so it was kind of interesting experience I mean you know the truck in this whole boatload full of multicultural people and I'm I was interesting I mean ... is that a good time like chatting with a bunch people there good time chatting with some cast and crew afterwards and I'm anxious interesting I mean it was a very fascinating experience and was a joyless thing and they re shot a number of things get like pretend the happier joking it's more and it was just like this very strange I don't have described it it's like you kinda know that Hollywood is Jewish and again I got nothing else that use like and nothing really anyways ... yet user gonna do their Jewish things you know like they're going to go in yeah I try and do what Alan better they're gonna try and do certain types of jokes and yeah that was a joke jokes about Hitler what went on in knowing that I was like how to use has some Jews prickly commute community Jews are left wing Jews they were trying to be like what's on the one hand other straight white men on the one hand and suddenly there choose me if Hitler or you know making fun of Jewish penis sizes or whatever and arm bets are like what happened you know it's like a lot of the jokes that were happening on Comedy Central they want transgressive they weren't like interesting there's like the same old stuff and was kind of boring I guess that's the bugs so I may knock on it it was like boring and contrived and like just too much now of course I hope the show gets picked up the Kehoe mode Moshe Kasher has some sort of evolution ... on his try to being a progressive that's against like the crazy aspects of I'm moving too far in the conversation you have with using a progressive that was against like the excesses of progress I don't knows where those situations kind strange and so anyway he was it was very interesting experience like I don't know that I would do it again ... but you know this is the thing that has taught me it's Tommy that like a lot of my friends who like what television shows or one that culturally to dominate television that's not really where the conversation it's kind of not really all that interesting it's kind of not all that much fun it seemed like people were not having a good time producing this corporate shell and re edit certain segments of the can remove bombardments and ... Jan Kirkman's I Netflix specials on yeah I was kind of interesting to me is like and to let you know that you couldn't say you can say whatever you want and someone was like done in a corporate way that was like only edgy so far like they couldn't say it could say things like nigger they can say things like kike you can really do anything like that was like properly transgressive and for me comedy is it properly transgressive it's supposed to be like edgy and of course after I left all these people are like aw man we would love to hear more from of the way you were talking about because you were like kind of fighting bucking the power fighting the power structure and it's like yeah I mean the I go where I'm invited people invite me shit I'm gonna go on now of course it's kind of like it's kinda sad in some sense ... that these people were like you know causes and shed no she's calendars to much man it was a little absurd ... to see see how you know how this stuff was going and I don't know I just I just feel like I just feel like it's progressive it's like social justice warriors of the world it's like Tyus you've like the market is changing people are just not interested in being tone policed anymore it's over like trump trump is clearly clearly shown help over your game is and of course I get only Sean Conley central it's a kind of interesting you're tossed you why you talked to point our whatever Tosh the talk show which was but easy which is more or less you know an interesting kind of show but more less like basically riffing off content other people produce on the internet and it just kind of like not that interesting I don't know any other way to describe it ... and so the only sure this kind of really interesting is the Comedy Central generations are the ones that they did for I'm approximate South Park South Park is kind of interesting it's kinda like transgressive I mean there's a generation of like white kids Bramalea white kids who were on who were the South Park conservative sees Brian Anderson's phrase these were people who were very distrustful there were very doubtful of can a pit progressive pie and he's and these the folks who like went on and that did the book of Mormon which is been enormously successful but yet the thing that they need to understand the Comedy Central on these properties our understanding is that they're losing talent to the HP as the world because they're controlling a lot of what people speak say they're controlling how and you can be what kind of jobs you can make yeah which which offenses you can make him before trying to atone police various jokes there in trying to present like a cool girl in it you're trying to present like an image of diversity or what have you know she's just like kinda weird it's like dude just like before you like speak going want to speak this is America like this is what it's about ... any hill I had a good time and I enjoyed myself a little bit I would do it again I'm not sure invite me maybe I don't now ... but yeah it's coming a long ass time you sit around for 22 minutes of course they want a light they want to make fun of like the white do the red hair me come on this is this is just like this is these are jobs aren't fun not even interesting anymore these the way in which the progressive era is over is kind of is not clear yet to a lot of different companies but it's going to be clear beagles are getting flayed often shows don't get picked up so I know might put a gun to my head and forcing the bad guys at the show doesn't get picked up minus 70 cemetery peta but I could be wrong I mean what do I know I I didn't ... idea I thought you I think I think new coke would catch on but that we probably using a lot more the metric system now that we actually are but well any who I am Demeter if you're podcast this we are it's an interesting thoughts on the trunk train the evolution of trump ... the evolution of the goth culture of trumpets political figure cultural figure in economic figure but you know today I just kinda want to talk with the county sensual experience of you know how how one should go and invades our progressive social justice territory I mean they're always talking about safe space that was one I can bite you did but of course they they just want to control it what you're about don't control the message and they have to do a lot editing that do a lot of presentation meanwhile like Gavin McGinnis is the Miley and offices of the world how in the Ben Shapiro's the world they just want to just let it ride by having a might you know just kind of like a lot of people say what they want to say dream it you are doing what they want to do that's ultimately like why the right is kind of kicking ass right now let people think what they want to think it lets them challenge had it sent in declining orders a lot of the thing the political questions that we think are settled aren't settled and they're revealed to be unsettled so princes when Marcia caches like ... I think you do all this work it's like against the was he said it is against the on the wrong side of history innocent why don't think history has a deciding goes up and down and around I don't I don't know what that even means anymore progressive the rest of you is just like every should just getting better we're just gonna fight like hell progressive you you sure and comic I I got a couple shit on that no regimes collapse their cycles to business are cycles politics are cycles disciples and fuck there's so I know I I don't buy any of the I think it's absurd but Hey you know much cash was nice enough to Miami on seem like a nice guy ... congrats on getting married I can get married like last year ... and I think they would like to hear more Bo Bergman stuff but Berman came up and I could mean he's like all is well how do you because your country or an asshole like me it's like bro you are telling police like they came after you 4 are saying they should do you want to say and you're still so fucking weak at Westminster college thank you Matthew for like being ironic for having fun what you just have fun man like what you just like let your freak flag fly and stop trying to be like so color within the lines snot interesting you know what I mean like yeah I like yours I like your music man like it's kinda weird it's kind of like kind of strange ... a out of the wrath of the white dude rapping for Massachusetts like I think it's funny and now it's a little strange are more power to you and probably the reason that you're you have a such political power such cultural power Rajidae others and why you have somebody media of 0 followers were still if it's about 100000 some are you got that is because your yeah you're different you're different unique voices Asian trying like height that you should be yourself let your freak flag fly any this party has gone on way too long ... I had some drinks that roe had some ... when I get time I mean I had a good time seeing how the other half lives invading their territory and they're like oh you're so brave you're so right it's like come on the live the life of my dreams everything's cool Xander gonna make America great again anyways so I'm yeah it can be fun that's it for today ... hope your few more these later in the week and ... chats in my //
"2016-05-12 15:52:59"
Lanny Swerdlow Discusses Paul Chabot's False Prosecution
\\are back in 2000 August of 2007 there was an article that ran one of the local daily newspaper circle the Sandburg being of sun and was an article about this people who want to form this group called a drug free community coalition recalled in an empire drug free community coalition up these drug feet really coalitions are sponsored by the office of national drug control policy that 700 over 700 up throughout the country they're funded by them and Paul should bow and his group wanted to start one here Indian empire get that funding of course and ... because he had a number of these drug free groups and here was a chance to actually get some money from the government so ... ... they want to get some publicity they went through the same ordeal sunset they were forming this group are going to have a meeting with you give us some publicity they did article on and now you think a drug treatment coalition they're good because her withdraw eggs in the community and what with the drugs he be concerned with well in our area they would certainly be concerned with heroin almost definitely methamphetamines big problem here ... but they've even talk about heroin methamphetamines all all they talked about was medical marijuana and closing the dispensaries that were out there providing this to medical marijuana patients all the organized it well this isn't really off the wall you think they would be concerned with that and that means not but all they talk about the article was medical marijuana not heroin not methamphetamines which ours really serious problem in the area which he won't do it well I took those medical marijuana I could hear what is going on here and ... the print article said there is going to be a other first meeting on October 2 ha at ... this senior center and so I ... I broke through an email asking to be you know about it and they sent me an email back saying out it's you you can scale we look forward to having you there in the sky stuff so I sent out a I was group by foreign marijuana prohibition probably hasn't newsletter and I sent it out to about 1000 people or so at that time on the news that I today they're doing this come on out and see what it's all about this group is all about you know going after medical marijuana and ... so I went out there to feel other people went out and when I walked up to the front desk where you have to sign in up and personally of Adam Aleman who was ... system for samba deal supervisor named a bill partners who eventually was cricket the crime thrown in jail and so was at an ailment for for destroying public property ... and ... he recognized me from a video of some videos I did I did so for a TV show for awhile called cannabis or marijuana compassion common sense and a lot of the show's run the internet he'd seen some of them any regular ice me right up the polls and a case of medical marijuana activist and this got possible who I never knew it just became unglued and came running up where I was signed up and says you can't come here we don't want I wouldn't quote we don't want you people here and you got we've yeah and I was kind taken back and I said what do you mean yeah I wanna leaders of the holiness of the public building you've invited the general public even sent me an email say you're looking for to be coming here and I drove all the way from palm springs Rancho Cucamonga which about an hour 0.5 I'm not going back here I'm going to go to that meeting and I walked inside and some of the other people were with me all walked in as well and ... we sat in the back row meeting started about 10 minutes after the meeting started I get the strap on my shoulders disembodied a sheriff's officer from city of Rancho Cucamonga and he said ... you folks have to come outside I wanna talk to you so I said okay you we all walked out and he said don Mister Shapiro a doesn't want you here and so you're going to have to leave and I said to I said well the officer you know I think we have every right to be here but we're not going to argue with you if you telling us to leave we're going to leave he said thank you very much the semester's work why want to talk to you privately and I said I'd talk before I was in no no no I said if you want to talk to me you talk to be with these other people here there are 3 other people there and he said okay I'm Mister should blow us says you pushed him and he wants you arrested he signed a citizen's arrest for battery and that would be neat had me turn around handcuffed me took me out to his paw patrol car put me the back of his patrol car and I sat there for about an hour 0.5 inch of the meeting was over at which point ... they came back to beat out a patrol car took the handcuffs off me finally and ... issued me a citation for battery saying I had to appear in court well she ball went ahead and went to the DA's office and filed a complaint against me for battery and the Samper dealership repair the deputy sap the district attorney's office prosecuted me it was unbelievable that they prosecuted me I mean this was a case in which possible said I pushed that's all just pushed him didn't fall down didn't nothing happened to just got pushed get a witnesses said I question I had witnesses so I didn't push so we had to win the St one said yes once and now he said I did I said I didn't nobody got injured nothing happened what's the chance of the DA's office decided VA to prosecute a case like that just about 0 it's considered a prosecute prosecutors nightmare it's almost impossible to approve well beyond a reasonable doubt but if they did it and ... the reason the DA's office went after me but in this ridiculous case is because ... I ... and the medical marijuana activist with a marijuana prohibition project that that was a time in which the city of Sambor Dino along with the San Diego county should be the county of Sandra Dino along the county of San Diego had filed a lawsuit to have proposition 215 declared unconstitutional because they said it required them to issue this state I did guard and in doing so would make them violate federal law and ... every 3 months or so I would March about 80 to 100 people to Samberg in the County Board of supervisors meeting and they always had this public comment section and so for about 2 to 3:00 hours December needle County Board of supervisors who rang bite patients but decrying their waste of taxpayers money and all this kinda stuff on this lawsuit which was being done mainly at the instigation of the sampradaya district attorney's office so they thought this was a chance to maybe take me out of they can get a jury to convict me that they could take me out and ... possible was a very very ... straight laced character and he was officer in the in the army had gone to Iraqi certain Sabatino sheriff's office he ran these organizations tried to protect its from drugs so they thought a very real very because you know a very charismatic person in here I was ... this elderly medical marijuana marijuana activists and they thought they could probably be be convinced the jury to get well are ... it was interesting that that that the ... during that time ... ... I I found it gingerly she came in she represented me it was a 4 day trial for days about whether I push dimmer knob and they went on it's just unbelievable well after the trial was concluded ... there was a the jury was recessed for not much more than 90 minutes and they arrived at the conclusion and the conclusion was I was not guilty out of of the charge of a battery and ... possible was very upset was opposed it in our area it got a lot of publicity out all the local newspapers of Samael Sonya about all carried it front page news believe it or not and ... so after about 6 months after the ... the not guilty verdict I filed a civil lawsuit against possible of for a false arrest in malicious prosecution ... saying that he lied when he had me arrested prosecute maliciously that lives trial if they went on for 4 years ... with his lawyer kept putting one stone after another one I tried I guess maybe to get to the statue of limitations and they almost got there until finally a judge says this is it no more he told the lawyer you either show up or I'm gonna hold you in contempt court and so we had the trial and I added 30 who was representing me but after about 2.5 years he quit maybe the reason he quit was because we kept no trial date was set he would set a week at this time aside for this trial and in 2 to 3 days before the trial they would get a postponement it was because you were fortunate money because I just can't do this anymore and I couldn't rest another lawyer take it so I had to represent myself and ... so we want to the guy we had a 3 day trial and ... I caught him why this like you did in the ... regional trial where he made statements like he was in the LA police officer he was not an LA police officer ... he trained all kinds things we've shown exec and once again he continued his lies and ... we rebel show where that you just a liar and that jury didn't believe so after 3 he had filed a counter lawsuit against me by the way ... trying to ... once again saying I pushed him and he was hoping this time the regional court was criminal so they had to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt that's why it's a prosecutor's nightmare it's very difficult to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt this in that civil trials only a preponderance of evidence so we thought now maybe it would be easier to get me convicted well what happened was a jury found him guilty of lying false arrest and did not find me guilty of a battery which you charge so he was he lost and ... he the jury was ordered to pay a little over $10000 to be in fines and court costs in this kind of stuff but most importantly he's now what's called a Brady copper Brady coppersmith Supreme Court decision which says that if a peace officer somebody associated with the police is ever convicted of lying in court whenever they testify ever again this fact that they lied in court before have to be made known to the jury and the judge in this kind of stuff which of course totally changed their testimony and makes anything that he would say in the court suspect which makes in just about useless as a witness ever again so ... that's how it happened well you know it's funny because after I got the judgment by others judge me for over $10000 I didn't get paid it was almost like a year and and and ... I had you know I'd sent letters to and all this kind of stuff we wouldn't pay and so at ceased he'd suddenly he jumped in to run for Congress he was going to run for symbole state assembly but then at last many changes might decide to run for the Congress the Congress person that in his district think it's me 30 first monopolistic my life as a 3 third yesterday had retired Republican congressman he retired and ... so he wondered run for the seat Republicans say that would be somebody's gonna get all the district had recently flipped to Democrat not by a lot there's a couple 0 more Democrats registered Republicans but ... ... so he ran for the ... deep in the primaries and the he was ... he won against some big review it here at the ... mayor of Rancho Cucamonga ray spent over $100000 he lost to possible possible was at the party and ... so here came into the big election between ... the the guy who after demi god nabob Pete ... ... mostly Albright that's not his name Aguilar Pete alula and ... ... so Peter you're impossible we're going to have this debate and so I said well so I went to this debate and I have brought a bunch of people with me and we had signs saying possible you owe any sort of $10000 payment all this kind of stuff and we were passing out these flyers about possible I we had lied in court been convicted of being a Brady cop and all this kind of stuff and ... ... we were going to serve him a paper that I was told that I had the servant or to file a claim against the court you have to serve and so all this friend of mine tried to serving any wouldn't take the paper and we didn't know if you just throw it is feet and say you would serve no one told us that we would have done that ... but he would take the paper and so I circulate and possible you'll be this money you know pay me up this kind of stuff my fall about the place and all those guys that got written up in in the paper it was kind of interesting was fun page on the paper and possible down a pretty pita yeah you are ed Doolan good job but possible did a better job debate and he came out looking better and so possible was expecting wonderful article to come out in the San Diego son talk about how we get a really good job at the debate in all this because but all the article talked about was the fact that after the debate I was trying to serve him and get that my money that's all the article talked about and and I'm sure I would have loved to have seen him when he saw that article because it all talked about was that he'd lost this case where you would a for fault where he'd been convicted the false arrest and he owed me money had papers so ... about 3 or 4 months after that I finally did get paid it was interesting ... hidden paying his insurance and it was an automobile insurance policy so somehow it seemed upset Sammy was this thing that well they were saying and and this is never been cleared up ... that that I was in an auto accident with Paul Fiona injured my back and this was a few I don't get it because Paul should bow turned my life upside down for that year that I was under criminal investigation I've made more trips and I can remember I find the calculated may 16 trips back and forth to the ... intra group among courthouse filing papers this all this guy went through a 4 day trial I don't know if you've ever sat in been in a trial in which you were being accused of a crime if I had been found guilty I could've lost my license as in our in all kinds of things was really a horrid thing this guy tried to destroy my life and it was a lie it was a man I never touch the doc he made up this what he didn't want me in to that room that meeting room I should've said this earlier he didn't want me into that meeting room because he was afraid I was gonna ask when Bersin questions and he was kind of a semi cop he knew he called the police and just said all this guy's here we don't wanna hear he's trespassing it wouldn't be much of a priority cops might not to get out there for an hour to so he lied he told the cops and I pushed him that's battery that's lights and siren stuff so the cops to be out there right away and they came out there and took me out of there which is what he wanted so he'd lied to get the cops out there to take me out there and you know I have sent a letter afterwards he will listen listen talk about this movie he he will give you continued went through we filed the false belief that replace report he was been victim to go after me he was going after me you don't know who the hell I was but I was this medical marijuana activist I was also gay and I'm sure he knew that it's no secret that I'm gay and not only that it's no secret I'm atheist if you Google my name on there because I use to be president recall United States atheist so I was just the absolute antipathy of everything that possible stands for and he pulled out every single stop and made my life hell for a solid year threaten my livelihood and everything and ... so this is not the kind of person that I think we should have in Congress and and so I want the citizens of the ... that congressional district to know what kind of person possible where's well he he had a website in which he talked about how he well was employed by the Los Angeles Police Department a as a as an officer and went into drugs in this kind of stuff it turns out he wasn't he was a up like a rent a cop not gonna copy security copper U. S. C. and apparently sometimes at USC they've interacted with police department or they had a problem so they would call the losses police department down there but he he said in his his website that he was a a police officer with the Los Angeles Mormon it wasn't wasn't out now why and are we would it in court we've he actually we got a 2 piece that we first testified yes I was a police officer lost its way for blah blah blah blah blah but did when my lawyer was going to have somebody from the LAPD come out there and testified that he was never a police officer we realize that was glad he finally been in court that he was not and he changed his website //
"2016-05-02 02:34:19"
Obama Jokes About Game of Thrones-Style "Red Wedding" But Murdered Entire Afghan Wedding Party
\\you know where you are Republicans factor I think we've got Republican senators attend Scott and ... quarry garden they're in the house which reminds me security bar the doors //
"2016-05-01 23:43:44"
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: John McCain Doesn't Vet Drug Addicts, Or Frauds, Or ISIS
\\with a lesson the demand for the demand for drugs in his country the supply side maybe we ought to try to work a lot harder to try to eliminate and for Sarajevo flicking ladies in waiting all we should take responsibility herself some drug traffic ecstasy heroin LSD and I'm I seem drunk by this has devoting your sources to couple was act using this house Dr so there isn't going to produce and production I have one of those songs 40 years now reducing hard roughly all but it seems very similar to alcohol yeah I think I just found out that the couple with shipping the drugs all over you class now has its own because he did not realize that operation went bill the big from the Netherlands how I mean I went delivered and if so busted through the door and one thing that size with right imagine what reasons why I disagree with that comparison is because ... I think that it's fairly well exactly wanted to drag supplying alcohol averaging anyway in fact there's some medical studies that say a glass of wine or something like that is actually the official half I don't not that I know exactly first first better ... cocaine or heroin or somebody should and you know that their resumes at work still typically their their lives Christopher Husn working with high profile lawmakers in Arizona government but I assure you those who having once assertion that some of the Al Capone was at the top of his game he had no real rivals anymore among Chicago's mobsters and he continued to expand his empire in case prohibition was repealed then over to their home heating that's scattered throughout the whole easily even if flat investigators say that sat in the well and believe that medical marijuana sorry for the ... leading pain relief of pain Chelsea Tylenol that the building was national statewide which my friends back in 1999 I first found out leaving Saddam over so that said how do you feel about the use of him yes I think it's great I love make some the best job you know dating and we play roles Joe uses besides main roads yeah well I just use and so I well and if you legalize all medical marijuana it's just sad that we have a difference and then on one supporter I believe most explosives I believe and I know that the serious fan ... discounted by anything that is a gateway drug except that it was a gateway drug title to special differences and thank you for that concealer because she nnova //
"2016-04-28 06:58:02"
Paul Ryan Advisor Dan Senor Defends Iraq War He Shilled For
\\ //
"2016-04-28 06:47:27"
Carly Fiorina Hated Ted Cruz Before She Became His Running Mate
\\ //
"2016-04-27 19:24:36"
Carly Fiorina Backs Diversity Initiative With Jesse Jackson & Bill Clinton
\\ //
"2016-04-27 06:15:34"
Donald Trump Is Right: Governor John Kasich's Eating Is DISGUSTING!
\\and then you see a meeting in the morning deficit I've never seeing he stopping penetration is not like those and I'm always telling my boy take small bites barrenness and yesterday he said Daddy who is that guy on television that's disgusting you did you ever see them they talk about presidential I see he's president if he puts and takes his biggest problem solving government this is not a presidential partial now you look at K. sick I don't think he knows what you know did you Sam he has a news conference all the time when he's eating I have never seen are you men being 8 did such a disgusting fashion I'm always my kids all of them I'd say children small little by small this guy takes a pancake Getty shopping it is about it slows scarcely do you want that for your present at battle creek I think Celtics disk Slade it's disgusting deficit he's eating today stuff figured I'd never saw right this big he's pushing it and with those I never saw a guy eat like this I told my son he was watching you said that he loved I said don't watch little bug suitable //
"2016-04-27 01:22:20"
Yes, We Killed $TWTR and Twitter's Culture of Censorship
\\children forum the Twitter slayer I am destroyer of all that is fate in the social justice warrior worlds //
"2016-04-27 01:02:03"
$TWTR CEO @Jack Dorsey Admits To Committing A Felony
\\lying lying at the teenager he created software that track the movement of emergency vehicles on a map then he tried to get a job with a lodge dispatch company in New York but there was no contact information on their website I found a way into into the website I found a hole from security hole and I found that I have is that the same thing attacking it's a hell yes ... hacking and hacking is a hacking is a crime well no criminal hacking is a crime hacking is actually I think my job application is not a crime none none none now no not a criminal and I emailed them and I said your security hole here's how to fix it and I write //
"2016-04-25 05:42:31"
Game of Thrones & The Walking Dead and The Rise of Trump and Sanders
\\everybody it is Sunday ... game of thrones day as the premier today ... I'm excited I'm very very excited I'm what will I get game of thrones so much ... could be the existence of the national Iraqi could it be violence in the sax and the depravity in the I'm clear morals of who should rule and why they should rule ... serve questions that we're rep wrestling with in our own politics that's all part of it but a big reason I like it is that it shows how political questions get reopens when Rick what a regime is collapsing it shows that politics is always changing the because there are always new factions new alliances new coalitions that formed and obviously it up it also raises questions about how different peoples interact with each other there's the Dothraki were the savages and there's king's landing who are sort of the the rich dilettante so ... who aren't as rich as they pretend there's of course the the northerners who want to be a free and independent state and yet they can't seem to pull it off because they don't understand the properties of the others and there's all these transgressions that occur on the show and frankly this is this is why I like it of course good game of thrones like the walking dead and yeah fits into our sort of cold for very very well because if you go back and you look at it culture over time you'll notice that there's certain trends that emerge Star Trek yeah the 19 sixties version of Star Trek not the JJ Abrams bastardization I was essentially at an optimistic account Kennedy liberalism gonna go we're gonna change the world we go inside and give them them the word of course it was a sort of like Peace Corps ask view you know we're gonna go incorrect racism gonna go correct Nazism and all the sort of silly notions are that that if they didn't Nazism and racism and fascism all learn things rather than the natural states if you and game of thrones is sort of similar bands so game of thrones presents man Inaho Bijan state where he's at war with that one always at war with different factions that are no permanent friends no permanent enemies I and of course is an existentialist rat that is existing you know get beyond our borders and these these these barbarians he's white walkers coming into our territory to kill us and destroy us there's really no way of defeating them save ... yeah same building the wall which should not gonna say it's kind of funny that you of thrones you has an existentialist or at impair solution is to build a wall moon maybe something that America could follow I'm of course there's this other thing too which is that they're in the role of the adviser you know that the role and make which power resides in those who believe that they have it to quote to quote ... various ... and there's this idea that the adviser is sort of not powerful but little finger 0 them it is able to rise up ... various is able to maintain control ... by by dint of his spies just something that I've followed here got news the use of spies and informants and and of course I am there's the more interesting question of like what what happens with with regimes as they collapse what what how do they collapse they become more violent they become more prudish things that were unthinkable become quite think upon become done as common practice and you know because there's the role dragons in the magic which of course and some level of of ... you know who creates it creates interesting new tools for the rougher the reader for the writer ... in this idea that that a dragon consume bin and change the status quo was about cow like nuclear weapons right though that the fact that you could just come in there and destroy everything and leave I'm so yeah I mean I love it I dig it now what do I find this interesting and and sort of a larger level well I am and I think that the economics of our time is that where we're balkanized sing the globalization is collapsing that there would be that they would protect globalization just the movement of goods services information are people that we should've gotten all the low hanging fruit of that on in our sort of what welfare warfare state that we currently have and so what's what's going to happen is that the system starting to break down and that's sort of why you're seeing on the one hand should stick candidates like Donald Trump and I don't see that as a criticism like I think there's like a lot to learn from fascism ... and socialist candidates like Bernie Sanders again I don't say that as a criticism is that as an observation now why are both of these candidates rising while in part it's because the economic growth of the last 5060 years in the post war period ... is declining it's collapsing and I as it declines in as it collapses politics becomes a lot more tribal becomes a lot more 0 sum and that no one sort of thinking about how to grow the pie had to go and you build new technology I'm guessing what had taken away from somebody else and of course is what we see in our larger in our larger economy as well with your big data is used not to go and grow the pie its use to try and season market share from our enemies ... them the popularity of our sports which we went from the more cerebral baseball on to the more brutish in thuggish afoot football ... of course you see this all throughout the culture once you start to see it this this idea that the economic stress the culture in the cultural to address the politics why isn't why Donald Trump become a reality TV star and what is reality TV takeoff well was because the economics of the studio system are collapsing and there was a cheaper way to do television which was reality TV and then of course knowledge from stepped into this and his show get dominated because strength of character strength of strength of the opportunities in the IT and insert a real understanding of like how to build drama how to build ... gets really keep the dialed up that if you could capture our attention ... now you know game of thrones like the walking dead which are by mine not mine measure the 2 most culturally powerful shows on television right are both essentially about the state of nature and the nature in which society and civilization has collapsed arm and have it no longer works for anyone in in in the walking dead there obviously concerned about others like Megan and ... the with the the the the people beyond the walls again there's a wall noticed the Wall theme and they're worried about being eaten alive by people out there who were coming to take their stuff and destroy them Somers literally the cases zombies which is this existentialist rap that any moment zombies could come in and destroy them ... boards in the form of violent savage is gone there border walls now these are of course politically incorrect thoughts were not supposed to understand there are savages that there are people who out there who wish us harm who want to destroy us and our way of life Wes was to think about this resources just think it everyone if they just read I pencil the libertarian case or they get universal truths of Christianity that on the day you know in the evangelical case or that ... we expose them to free markets and free people the wallstreet journal editorial page specter that somehow these these things are going to change human nature there are people out there who wish us harm who want to conquer us who want to see who want to destroy us and there are ... colonial era they have colonial designs on us just as our ancestors the colonial designs on them and so what why are in the final analysis mind game of thrones so fascinating is that it suggests that there really is no possible future that the only possible future maybe is of Jon snow comes back to life and maybe if Jon snow can can take over and rule that maybe he could be ... ... a good king but there's no notion of equality there's no notion of fairness there's no notion really of justice ... every taboo from hospitality to add the taboo against killing once can't ... F. or with children in the case of Stannis Baratheon all these things are up for up for grabs as everyone tries to take power and ultimately the quest for power leads to the ruin and destruction of great houses and great people I mean you know it's it's often joked that and you give thrones mythology that as soon as you like the character of soon with that character will be killed off and in certain some measure that's sort of what we do in our society to pound the proudest nails we defeat the smartest people we force them to go to get you to to ... to government schools we pound them down ... this or no excellence in our tradition and and you know from there is an excellent presented there's a greatness of soul is the greatness of spirit on the part of you know of dwarves like Tyrion Lannister who aspires to more than his stature one step in once wants to rule and in some sense should rule and there's this there's the there's of course the the interesting politically correct character of khaleesi of course wants to rule but can't really rule beyond her ... beyond her city of marine which is of course falling into decay ... somehow show she ruled the at the whole the whole kingdoms the 7 kingdoms Sir left unclear and of course we know that we know that there's the white walkers and the giants and all these creatures up north to you know create an even greater threat greater existential threat to our to our heroes so I like it because I think that we're we're seeing I'd I decline and liberal democracy we're seeing a decline in our civilization whether it's from trade deals that enrich certain people to expensive others whether it's in the form of ... that essentially inviting the world to become a part of our society and and of course change our society is the way in the form of their whole migration from from Asia and Mexico and Central America now these are all basically showing in the real world that the elites do not have our interests at heart and they give a throne show she wasn't quite nakedly and unambiguously that deletes care about the perpetration of the elites not about their own people and I wonder what the political impact of this will be over time seeing it day in day out I wonder to what extent that will actually drive the politics in the United States I'm no already this idea of there being a natural hierarchy of there being hive warns and low warrants of bastards becoming for you know being allowed the high born all that regime all of that thinking ... is of course very dangerous for our Republic ... and ultimately why I think the show is very powerful similarly in the case of Rick you have a white guy next cop who is essentially to attain he is a dictator he decides who lives who dies ... there's no real democracy in game of thrones area now and the walking dead ... there's a certain natural aristocracy that forms ... and there are of course always one step away from being extinguished and exterminated that is ... did a really dark shows ... they're very dark depictions of human nature I would argue that some other shows that have been similarly dark have been Tony soprano's ... idea Tony soprano and ... in the sopranos because of the sort of such a gangster who tries to make do with the modern world and course the wire which you gave a very realistic pretty yup portrayal of what goes on in our in black ghettos and the sort of yet decline est nihilistic liberalism that ... has lost all of its can do optimism from the past and of course you know there's there's a sense in which shows like survivor ... where people are voting each other off ... that there's a there's only one winner of survivor right there's anyone winner most of our game shows these are ... these are very starving ideas because they suggest competition no purpose of survivors not to grow the pie so that everyone can be a millionaire right not to not to come and change the island there and and go this little economy so that everyone can be thriving it starts out with outlast and outplay arrivals for $0 prize the winner gets everything that the loser gets the losers on their more losers of course gets nothing and this is this idea losers and winners ... which we come to learn from our game show world that idea is so in that anathema to our culture we're not supposed to talk about winners and losers we're supposed to have everyone has a participation trophy everyone gets a college degree and yet it's also somewhat true isn't it that they're the most of life is a pass fail test the most of life is not fair that most of life is actually quite cruel and thuggish amber edition one second you're alive in the next second you're not that things are taken from you that should be taken that's why I like him a friends and ... I look forward to watching the season and giving my commentary throughout ... and ... and of course I think I think in some measure the existence of a game of thrones ... it's a very optimistic one for our future it's a it's a suggestion that maybe we can learn something ... from that you know from a natural hierarchy or maybe not maybe maybe we're all just just rely corridor and ... the retard on got game of thrones and just now the PC platitudes our day many men reported hearing from you ... editor it got and we're building out some more researcher accounts if you guys wanna come on board ... email me editor and got I'll add you to the slack ... were researching some really fun stuff this week and ... I have some more updates in the near future Negri's packs begins in is vast fast at work on our on our side will have a problem with the next 23 weeks very excited arm yeah that should be fun look for hearing from you //
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Why Harriet Tubman's Status on The $20 Bill Is A Sign of Decline
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LISTEN: Alan Dershowitz Recounts The Controversial Prosecution of Mike Tyson
\\raping Desiree Washington a young woman whom he met when she was a contestant in the miss black America pageant in Indianapolis and he wasn't invited celebrity he called her at 145 in the morning and invited her to his hotel room where they engaged in sexual intercourse she subsequently claimed that he had forced her he said it was consensual the jury believed her following his conviction don king Tyson's promoter asked if I would represent the former heavyweight champ on his appeal was Mike Tyson the victim of the changing politics of rape the first time I met Mike Tyson was the night before he was to be sentenced and sent to prison Mike was deciding whether to accept don king's recommendation that he hire me as his a pallet liar he was in a hotel room in Indianapolis Indiana with his entourage after briefly discussing the case and the appeal he turned to me and asked point blank so professor I have 2 questions do you believe I'm innocent and what do you think of me as a person I replied that I had no basis at that time to form a judgment about his guilt or innocence since I had not yet read the transcripts he said okay that's lawyer talk now man to man what do you think of me I looked him straight in the eye and said if you're innocent your schlock he looks back at me and said you calling me a schmuck I said yes if you're innocent then you're a schmuck for going up to a hotel room at 2:00 in the morning with a woman who you didn't know without any witnesses thereby putting yourself in a position where she could accuse you of rape he turned to his entourage and sad this guy's calling me a schmuck he's right I want to know why you guys didn't call me a smock he's hired I need somebody who's willing to call me a smock when I am a schmuck that was Mike Tyson direct and to the point while preparing his appeal I went to visit him in prison several times the prison rules required that we sit side by side facing the camera whenever I would say something he agreed with he would give me a gentle love tap on my arm around my thigh a love tap to him when I got back to my hotel I was black and blue one day I saw a guard taunt him mercilessly and watched him strain to control himself he did a hard time in prison I sent him books to read about subjects that interested him such as ancient Egypt the roaring twenties and the history of boxing when I would come to visit him he would ask me to test him on his knowledge of the books he passed with flying colors mostly we talked about his appeal by phone Mike would have to wait in line for hours to call me once as I picked up the phone he heard my baby daughter crying in the background he told me to take care of your kid and he would call back later he was always consider at some people find it hard to believe but Mike was a wonderful client always polite always honest always honorable and always thinking of others he ran out of money during the appeal and I continued to represent him without pay I never thought I would see a penny of what he owed me but several days after he fought his first fight upon being released he sent shacks tat everyone of his lawyers for the full amount that he owed Tyson's trial had been a disaster his trial judge was determined to see him convicted and his prominent white collar trial lawyer had little experience in rape cases and didn't seem to like Tyson he was ill suited to the job of defending the controversial black boxer although he was assisted by several able younger lawyers it was to no avail the legal expert who reported on the trial for USA today described the trial as filled with mistakes omissions an elementary errors by Tyson's chief trial lawyer I had followed the trial in the media but I didn't realize what an unfair trial Tyson had had until I reviewed the transcript after agreeing to do the appeal I decided to start from scratch with a new investigation my goal was to secure a new trial for the ex heavyweight champ I assembled a superb team which included my brother Nathan my son jaman who had just completed a 2 year stint with the New York legal aid society following his graduation from Yale Law School and a clerkship with the chief judge of the federal District Court in Massachusetts the team also included my co clerk for justice Goldberg Billy McTernan who is a leading Indiana liar on the basis of our investigation and the new evidence we uncovered I was convinced that Mike Tyson did not intend to rape Desiree Washington and that he'd gotten a bum rap several of the jurors agreed with me after learning some of the new evidence one of them said we the jurors felt that a man raped a woman in hindsight it now looks like a woman raped a man another told the media that Desiree Washington the pageant contestant who accused Tyson of raping her has committed a crime in order to understand why these jurors had such dramatic second thoughts about their verdict we must go back to the trial itself and see how Desiree Washington the alleged victim was portrayed during the trial she did not allow her name or face to be revealed she was presented as a shy young inexperienced religious school girl who wanted nothing more than to put this whole unpleasant tragedy behind her her family said that they hired a lawyer for the express purpose of warding off the media because she did not want publicity she said she had no plans to sue Tyson and she had certainly not hired a lawyer for that purpose when she and her family were asked whether they had a contingency fee agreement with any lawyer the kind of agreement traditionally made with lawyers who are contemplating a suit for money damages they all claims not even to know what that term meant when does raise mother was asked whether there had ever been any discussions with lawyers about fees she said no and she swore that there were no written documents relating to the relationship between the family and the lawyer who was supposed to ward off the media as one of the jurors later put it when she Washington said she wasn't looking to get any money the juror believed her and thought then that we made the right decision another juror agreed saying that at the trial she was very very credible because she had no motive to lie since she was not intending to collect any money or to benefit in any way from Tyson's conviction this was the centerpiece of the prosecution's presentation to the jury that the victim was interested only in securing justice not in receiving money another key was that Desiree Washington was an inexperienced virgin before she met Tyson she testified that she was a good Christian girl and the prosecutor told the jury that she expected to go home after her date with Tyson the same girl that she was before her date a virgin she was an innocent almost naive girl according to the prosecutor she knew how to handle the hometown boys if they even dared to try to cop a quick feel das suggesting that she did not even knack or Pat as a waitress in Washington's hometown put it America thought this girl was a blushing virginal type under the rape shield law Tyson's lawyer could not counter this portrayal the prosecution thus use the rape shield law as a sword to present a one sided and as it turned out totally false picture of the alleged victim the prosecutor also argued to the jurors a variation on the dressed for sex very telling them that Washington went to meet Tyson wearing little pink polka.panties rather than Frederick's of Hollywood underwear suggesting that she did not put on the kind of sexy underwear that women wear when they are out to have sex finally Desiree Washington solidified her image as a non sexual platonic date who only wanted to go sight seeing with Tyson at 2:00 in the morning by describing to the jury how she responded when Mike tried to kiss her as she entered his limousine for the ride to his hotel he went to kiss me and I just kind of jumped back in other words the jurors were presented with the picture of a zealously religious naive virginal type girl who did not kiss neck or wear sexy underwear and for whom money or media attention with the farthest thing from her mind no wonder the jurors believed her testimony in what was a classic he said he said contest we discovered during our investigation that virtually everything she said her family corroborated and the prosecution knowingly presented to the jury was highly questionable if not outright false the Washington family did not hire a lawyer to ward off the media as they'd claimed but rather to do precisely the opposite namely to sell Desiree's story for huge sums of money after the trial Donald Washington Desiree's father publicly acknowledged that he discussed movie rights with the very lawyer whom he falsely told the jury he had hired solely to ward off the media in an interview he gave after the trial he admitted that I expected to get money from movie rights that's where the money is it also turned out that the trial testimony denying any contingency fee agreement and any written document between the Washington's and the lawyer concerning a planned damage suit against Tyson was perjurious immediately after Desiree Washington sexual encounter with Mike Tyson The Washington family went to see a high powered money lawyer the discussion turned to how the Washington family could parlay Desiree's date with Tyson into big box they talked about movie rights book deals and multi $0 lawsuits the lawyer carefully explained what a contingency fee agreement wise and the family agreed with this arrangement Desiree signed a contingency fee agreement which her father and mother officially witnessed the family was given a copy the prosecutor was fully aware of the contingency fee arrangement and of his witnesses perjury indeed during the prosecutors rehearsal cross examination of Desiree Washington the issue of the contingency fee agreement was raised yet the prosecutor did everything in his power to keep the truth from coming out he arranged for the Washington family to take the court room passed away from their lawyer so that he could not attend the trial and feel ethically compelled to stand up and correct the Washington's testimony when they falsely denied any contingency fee or written agreement with them the prosecutor also had an ethical and legal obligation to correct the false testimony given by his witness indeed he had an even greater obligation because he was the one who put on the testimony that he knew was false not only did he sit born the family but by keeping Washington's lawyer out of the courtroom he actively encourage them to perjure themselves the ploy worked at least for awhile but the road island lawyer soon learned that his clients were not being straight with the jury he began to worry that he might have an ethical obligation to blow the whistle as lawyers do when their clients or witnesses are committing perjury so the lawyer went to the Rhode Island disciplinary counsel the attorney in charge of enforcing the ethical rules that govern lawyers to obtain guidance she referred the matter to the Rhode Island Supreme Court which issued an unprecedented opinion concluding that the attorney had an obligation to disclose the existence of his contingent fee agreement to the Indiana criminal trial court because do you agreements existence might well have had a bearing upon the jury's determination he did so but the Indiana authorities ignored this new information despite the conclusion of the Rhode Island Supreme Court that it might have affected the jury's verdict indeed what could be more important than the fact unbeknownst to the jury that Desiree Washington had millions of dollars riding on whether Mike Tyson was convicted or acquitted since without a conviction it would have been difficult for her to collect monetary damages or sell her story to the media the only thing that might have been more important was that she with the active assistance of the prosecution had lied to the jury about her financial motive for accusing Tyson of rape when jurors learn that a key prosecution witness has lied to them the case generally collapses especially if the prosecutor was complicit in the lie it also turned out that Desiree was hardly the naive virgin she pretended to be once her name was disclosed following the trial numerous witnesses confirmed that Desiree Washington was a sexually active young woman who hung out in night clubs indeed her lawyer seems to have implied that Washington had been examined for venereal disease a month before she had sex with Tyson nor had Desiree chosen to wear her polkadot panties rather than Frederick's of Hollywood underwear when she met Tyson the prosecutor knew but withheld from the jury that her sexy underwear had been washed and was still wet when Tyson called her only dry pair with the ones with the polka dots not only was the jury misinformed about Desiree Washington's general sexual proclivities they were also denied the most crucial eyewitness testimony of what she was doing just minutes before she went to Tyson's hotel room she denied necking with Tyson in the limo on the way to the hotel indeed she testified that she rebuffed his attempt to kiss her and jumped back Tyson's testimony was precisely the opposite he swore that when he kissed her she kissed me and that on the drive to his hotel here in Washington work kissing touching the jury obviously believed Desiree's testimony because Tyson's was uncorroborated and self serving but it turns out that there were 3 eye witnesses dis interested outsiders who happened to be in front of the hotel when the limo pulled up who saw what was going on inside and outside the limo just before Tyson in Washington left it to go to his hotel room they saw them necking they were all over each other and holding hands on the way to the hotel Desiree denied both necking and holding hands of course the fact that they were necking and holding hands doesn't preclude the possibility that Desiree may have said no when it came to intercourse nor does it mean that a woman who engages in sexual foreplay may not refuse further sacks at any point of course you may and if the man then forces her to have sex without her consent it is rape but the testimony of these eye witnesses shows 3 important facts that Washington was lying when she denied necking with Tyson but Tyson was telling the truth when he testified that they weren't acting and that just moments before the hotel door closed behind them Washington it was involved in sexual foreplay with Tyson despite the importance of this eyewitness testimony by 3 dis interested witnesses in an otherwise uncorroborated she said he said credibility contest the trial judge adamantly refused to allow the jury to hear the evidence of the eyewitnesses she ruled that the prosecution which admitted that the testimony was pivotal what have been prejudiced by its late disclosure this was absurd the 3 witnesses have come forward before the close of the prosecutor's case after learning that Desiree Washington had denied necking with Tyson and well before the defense case even began there was plenty of time for the large team of prosecutors to prepare to cross examine them and if they needed more time the judge could have briefly recess the trial moreover the defense had brought those new witnesses to the attention of the court as soon as they could check that the limo had windows but the witnesses could see throw in any event surprise defense witnesses are common in criminal trials and the bill of rights explicitly guarantees a criminal defendant the right to call witnesses in his favor despite this the judge denied Tyson the right to call these 3 pivotal witness says so much for the search for truth in all my years of practice and teaching criminal law I had never heard of a case in which a judge refused to allow a criminal defendant the right to call eye witnesses who could help establish his innocence the law including the lot of Indiana clearly supported Tyson's right to do so it was a clear reversible error for the court to suppress these truthful witnesses it should come as no surprise however that this particular trial judge made such a bizarre and unprecedented ruling to exclude such relevant and exculpatory evidence the trial judge Patricia Gifford who used to be a full time professional rape prosecutor had prosecuted more than 50 rape cases she expressed extremely strong feelings about rape especially what has come to be called date rape indeed she lectured the lawyers against even using the term date rape in her courtroom and refused to give the traditional date rape instruction which requires acquittal if the jury concludes that the defendant reasonably believed the woman had consented even if she did not intend to consent after I had read the transcript it became clear to me that Patricia Gifford did not see her role in rape cases as being a neutral judge but rather as being another prosecutor with a stake in the outcome she wanted to see the most famous rate best in Indiana history convicted and put away judge Gifford made virtually every important ruling in the prosecutor's favor including the exclusion of those 3 pivotal witnesses in light of judge different attitudes and professional background in regard to rate it might be wondered how the prosecution got so lucky as to have her as the judge in the Tyson case block however played no part in the selection under Indianapolis law and practice the prosecutor was able to pick the judge who will preside over the Tyson case I am aware of no other place in the free world where a prosecutor gets to pick the judge and the prosecutor picked wisely if not fairly several distinguished commentators including Indiana's leading authority on criminal procedure concluded that the trial judge committed a serious legal error by excluding those 3 crucial witness says articles in the American lawyer and the New York law journal reached the same conclusion as did most of the lawyers and law professors with whom I conferred despite the strong issues that she knew would be presented on appeal accepting the prosecutors silly argument that the celebrity defendant would somehow sneak away and fleet to a country with no extradition treaty she also ruled that all the appellate issues would be frivolous that is so unlikely to prevail that it would be unethical for a lawyer even to present them we of course ignored this preposterous conclusion and presented these frivolous arguments which several appellate judges found compelling finally as if to prove he was an advocate rather than a judge she actively lobbied in the media against reversal of the conviction convening a press conference and according to news accounts expressing some worries about having her ruling overturned especially in an internationally publicized case in which prosecution costs alone reached $150000 she commented on the enormous ness of the reversal of a case that would have to be tried again like this we were advised by several local lawyers that she also personally lobbied the appellate judges against reversing the conviction these actions if they occurred would be unethical and in violation of the code of judicial conduct they could have resulted in her being removed from the bench but instead she was praised by the local media apparently lobbying by a judge is acceptable in Indiana if the defendant is a despised out of state are the case was a close one at trial judge Gifford's one sided rulings shifted the balance against Tyson in what was otherwise a difficult prosecution even without all this exculpatory evidence the initial jury vote was 6 to 6 eventually the 6 who voted for conviction were able to persuade the 6 who voted for acquittal but there was no reason to disbelieve Desiree Washington's account but that account especially when reviewed against the background of the information that was kept hidden and is now known is extremely unconvincing what then was Desiree Washington's account of what happened that night although Desiree Washington insisted she had no interest in having sex with Tyson she'd knowledge that she led him on and that she acted in the way a groupie would behave if the director of the miss black America pageant in which Desiree was a contestant even criticized her for behaving like a groupie she sat in Tyson's lap and hugged him during the pageant rehearsal when they first met she showed him a picture of herself in a bathing suit days ham her hotel room number and agreed to go out with him she took his call at 145 in the morning and agreed to come down to meet him in his limo she then went into her bathroom and put on a panty liner to keep her expensive borrowed dress from becoming stained by the beginning of her menstrual flow during the partying and sightseeing she said she expected to do over the next several hours she willingly accompanied Tyson to his hotel room at 2:00 in the morning sat with him on his bed and then went into his bathroom and removed her panty liner without replacing it how did she expect to prevent her borrowed $300 outfit from becoming stained over the next several hours of anticipated partying and sightseeing the most plausible explanation for the removal and non replacement of the panty liner was that it was done in anticipation of consensual sex moreover if you did not want to have sex she could easily have locked herself in the bathroom and called for help from the bathroom phone the bathroom had a working locked and a phone instead she willingly came out of the bathroom past a door leading to the outside corridor and went back to Tyson's bedroom where they had sex on the bed according to Washington's own testimony Tyson asked her during their sexual encounter whether she wanted to get on top and she responded yeah and proceeded to get on top not the usual position for a rape victim Mike Tyson had every reason to believe that Desiree was just another group be looking for sex with a celebrity athlete the rules of group B. sacks are well known the groupies want sex with superstars in exchange for bragging rights that they slept with the high scorer the champ for the star some like Washington hope that the star will fall for them and make them rich and famous indeed several other contestants testified that after meeting Mike Tyson Desiree bragged that she was going out with him because this is Mike Tyson he's got a lot of money he's dumb you see what robin givens got out of him she told a friend that robin givens had him I can have him to his dumb anyway to her roommate she said Mike doesn't have to know how to speak well he'll make all the money and I'll do the talking Tyson testified that when he first asked her out in front of the witness Desiree suggested a movie or dinner but he said no that's not what I have in mind I want you I want to fuck you a witness Johnny gill a singer confirmed under oath that Tyson said I want to flock Gil later asked Tyson how he could be so straight forward with women and Tyson explains that he was used to saying what was on his mind Desiree Washington knew full well that Mike wanted to have sex when she went to his hotel room yet she testified that she had no idea that Tyson had any interest in having sex how any rational person could believe that is mind boggling she may have been disappointed and hurt when he later treated her like a groupie rather than as a continuing romantic interest she realized that she could not exploit his sexual interest in her the way robin givens had done and she was afraid of the reaction of her family when it became known that she had indulged in a one night stand with Tyson a friend of hers told the press that Desiree only cried rape after her furious father found out she had sex with Tyson our investigation revealed that she had previously engaged in consensual sex with the high school football hero and when her father found out about it and threatened to beat her she lied to her father and told him she had been raped falsely accusing the football player our investigation also uncovered that Desiree's father had a history of violence toward her her mother had had Desiree's father arrested and charged with assault and battery against desert I in her account reported the media Desiree alleged to the police that her father hit me and pushed my head under the sink he continued slamming my head into the wall and the floor I freed myself and reached for a knife to protect myself a sworn statement by her mother reportedly said that her husband flew off the handle when Desiree told him she had lost her virginity well before she ever met Mike Tyson in order to avoid his fury once again this time for having consensual sex with Tyson Desiree apparently decided to cry rape once again at first she said that Tyson had tried to rape her she initially denied having sex with him then she said they had sex on the floor she told the female chaplain at the hospital that there had been some participation and consensual physical involvement on her part before he forced her finally she settled on the account she gave at trial that he had raped her on the bed with no prior consensual involvement on her part no one except Tyson and Washington knows exactly what went on behind the closed doors of his hotel room there was no videotape nor was there any physical evidence to corroborate Washington story indeed the available physical evidence completely undercut her story she was wearing a sequined started out that which she claims Tyson yanked off her as he slammed her down on the bed if that had happened there would have been sequins all over the hotel room indeed at the trial when the dress was gingerly introduced into evidence sequins fell off in the courtroom but only one sequin was found in Tyson's hotel room after the allegedly forcible rape nor were any bruises external or internal found on miss Washington that were consistent with her account of how Tyson had forced her to have sex she testified that Tyson got on top of her held her down with his forearm across the chest and forced himself inside her had the 230 pound muscular Tyson done that to the 105 pound Washington there would have been bruises welts contusions and even broken ribs yet there was not even the slightest bruise on Washington's body when she went to the hospital just hours after the sexual encounter the doctors found only 2 tiny microscopic abrasions which according to leading experts are perfectly consistent with consensual sex especially if the man has a larger than average penis or the woman has a smaller than average vagina such tiny abrasions are also more likely when 2 people have consensual sex with each other for the first time I do not use to each other's sexual movements Mike Tyson's account of what occurred on the other hand was entirely consistent with the physical evidence and it would have been corroborated had the judge not excluded the 3 objective eye witnesses who saw the couple necking and kissing just moments before they went to his hotel room despite the absence of physical evidence to corroborate Desiree Washington story the jury eventually believed her because there was no compelling reason to disbelieve the testimony of a young religious sexually inexperienced girl who had no possible motive to put herself through the agony of a rape trial but it turns out that there were very good reasons for not believing her as one juror subsequently put it she was very very credible at the trial but now she's not credible at all right now I wouldn't believe anything she said I would sign an affidavit that if we had known about the money I couldn't have voted to convict him Mike Tyson deserves a new trial in light of the numerous errors made by judge Gifford at the trial this should have been the easiest appeal I ever argued the law the new evidence and the judicial and prosecutorial errors made at trial clearly required a reversal of the conviction and a new trial legal experts who read our brief and hurt our oral argument concluded that we should win the appeal the law was on our side the facts were on our side and our briefs and arguments were much stronger than those of our opponents as the legal expert who reported on the trial and appeal for USA today put it after watching the appellate argument Mike Tyson had his best day in court Monday inspite of a trial record filled with mistakes omissions an elementary errors by the fighters acts defense team Dershowitz and colleagues argued that Tyson's conviction must be set aside Tyson got his money's worth Monday reversal of a criminal conviction by a jury is rare but Tyson's attorneys might have successfully pinpointed the crucial issues that will free him I am convinced and I think most observers were convinced that if Tyson had gotten a second trial with all the new evidence before the jury he would have quickly been acquitted but this was Indiana they had a trophy and Tyson and they had a trial judge so determined to prevent a new trial that would have embarrassed her and freed Tyson but she on ethically held a press conference and may have improperly lobbied the appellate judges the conviction was eventually affirmed on a tutor to tie vote by the Indiana Supreme Court with the Chief Justice disqualifying himself from participation in the decision on a phony pre taxed he had sent his wife to speak to me during a Yale Law School reunion event I was conversing with the president of George Washington University when a woman came up to me and said your New York style won't work in Indiana I didn't know who she was but as soon as she identified herself as the wife of the Indiana Chief Justice I moved away saying we can't talk the Chief Justice subsequently used this contrived encounter as an excuse to disqualify himself at first he wouldn't admit it but after I provided an affidavit from the president of George Washington University the Chief Justice reluctantly acknowledged the ground on which he had recused himself his recusal was particularly hypocritical in light of the fact that none of the judges who were allegedly lobbied by the trial judge to affirm the conviction recused themselves I believe that the real reason the chief judge got out of the case was that his own previous decisions would have required him to vote for reversal and if you did the public would have been reminded that he himself had been accused by a fellow judge of sexual impropriety with a law clerk in my house century of practicing law throughout the world I have never encountered a more thoroughly corrupt legal system than I did in 1992 in Indiana and a less fair trial and appeal than those accorded Mike Tyson if hard cases make bad law then the Tyson case proves that unpopular celebrity defendants often receive bad justice if Mike Tyson had not been a world famous boxer with a reputation for toughness and if he had had a zealous trial lawyer experienced in rape cases and a fair judge he never would have been convicted of a rape he didn't commit and if he had been convicted his conviction would have been reversed the deck was stacked against Tyson and he paid a heavy price the loss of his career and several years of hard prison time the what I'm convinced was a consensual one night stand with a young woman who apparently regretted giving her consent and then decided to exploit it for money eventually she got her money a large amount despite her sworn testimony that she wasn't interested in receiving any payment my decision to represent Mike Tyson on appeal generated considerable controversy and some out right animosity rape is a highly emotional issue which extremist see in black and white terms some radical feminists such as judge Gifford regard acquaintance rape in which the man honestly but mistakenly believes his partner has consented as indistinguishable from rape at the hands of a stranger at knife point a letter to the editor critical of my views on date rape made the point as follows Dershowitz further endears himself by explaining that date rape and acquaintance rape is an area in which differing perceptions may produce inadvertently false testimony about actions that fall into a gray area let me explain something no means no there is no gray area but in many date rape cases the alleged victim didn't say no nor did she say yes there are grey areas I received countless letters phone calls and personal attacks denouncing me for agreeing to represent Tyson on his appeal here are some excerpts it's too bad that a punk like Tyson can afford to pay for the top legal representation but since you had the right to refuse to represent him by fall you when you choose to represent someone like Mike Tyson you attach the Jewish community to your actions I now find it hard to understand how you can mount a passionate defense for a convicted rapist shame on you Alan Dershowitz if you handle this appeal the most surprising response came from some Harvard Law School students who should have understood that our adversary system of justice requires that all convicted defendants be accorded a zealous appeal I don't know what took place in Mike Tyson's hotel room on that fateful night but it may have fallen into the category of a gray area she believed that Desiree Washington wanted to have sex with him she may have been ambivalent or sending mixed signals though I doubt it it was a close case and Tyson was entitled to have his defense presented vigorously yet several of my students strongly objected to me their teacher representing a convicted rapist a couple of them even threatened to file sexual harassment charges against me because my representation of Tyson created a hostile environment for students who believed he was guilty the protest broadened to the way I discussed the crime of rape in class in my criminal law class I teach the law of rape as an example of a cutting edge subject but often poses a sharp conflict between the rights of defendants and the rights of their accusers as usual I take a devil's advocate position on politically correct issues for example although I personally oppose capital punishment I argue in favor of the death penalty and ask the students to come up with better arguments to oppose it unless they can they will never be able to persuade the majority of Americans including judges who favor the death penalty similarly in the area of rape I present positions that students are reluctant to defend but which many Americans believe I point out that according to FBI statistics rape is both the most under reported and the most over reported crime of violence for every reported rape there are an estimated 10 that are not reported but at the same time a significant percentage of all reported rapes turned out to be unfounded and this rate of false reports is higher than for other violent crimes all in all my classes on rape tend to be controversial and emotionally charged the majority of students seem to love the exchanges some even change the opinions they brought to class but my devil's advocate views on rape are deemed politically incorrect by some students indeed that is precisely why I insist that they be expressed the education of my students would be incomplete if they heard only the comfortably correct views I tell my students that my job is not to make them feel good about their opinions but rather to challenge every video that is what the Socratic method of teaching law is all about that is also with the real life practice of law demands a small group of students complained about my teaching rate cut from a civil liberties perspective by which they meant that I balanced the legitimate interests of alleged rape victims against the constitutional rights of accused defendants I responded that it was important for the students to hear a variety of perspectives about rape just as they hear without objection about other crimes I reminded them that the majority of students who speak in class present the politically correct views I also invite guest lecturers to present a feminist perspective on the subject the answer to an offensive argument is not to censor it but rather to come up with a better argument but these students don't want to hear and they don't want their fellow students to hear any perspective but their own they know the truth and there's no reason to listen to offensive lies I was told that several radical feminist students had met and decided on a course of action in response to my decision to represent Mike Tyson they would use the student evaluations at the end of the semester to send a message to professors who don't follow the party line in teaching about rape I was warned that I should expect to be savaged in the semester's evaluations when the evaluations arrived I realized how dangerous it would be for an un tenured professor to encourage the wrath of the political correctness patrol most of my students appreciated the diverse city of viewpoints in my classes willingness to broach sensitive subjects intake unpopular viewpoints very good at presenting alternative views helped me get a less dogmatic view of the law open to criticism fair in presenting sides that usually are raised the most engaging class on campus the most intellectually honest professor I've had but a small group of students use the power of their evaluations to exact their political revenge for my politically incorrect teaching one student said that I did not deserve to teach at Harvard because of my convoluted rape examples another argued that women be allowed an option not to take my class because I spent 2 days talking about false reports of rape another demanded that my teaching privileges be suspended in classes I teach in which rape is not part of the syllabus my student evaluations tend to be near perfect I always try to learn from my evaluations but I refused to be bullied into abandoning a teaching style that I believe is the best designed to stimulate thinking it takes no courage for me to exercise my academic freedom since I have tenure but what an un tenured assistant professor have the courage to risk the wrath of the PC cops our other less established teachers being coerced into changing their teaching by the fear of negative evaluations which can be fatal to tenure you bet they are and it poses a real danger to academic freedom and good education one criminal law professor told me that he searches for case books that don't cover rape if it's covered in the book and I skip it I get criticized and if I discuss it I get criticized this way I can blame it on the book talk about lack of courage I told the students who threatened to charge me with sexual harassment to go ahead I would love to defend against such a charge by demonstrating their mis use of the serious moral crime of real sexual harassment I have represented women who have experienced real sexual harassment including a graduate student who was told by her faculty adviser that the quality of her recommendation would depend on whether she slept with him I understand the enormous pain it can cause a student was devastated her self confidence shattered she wanted justice and to make sure that her career as an academic would not be hurt by her refusal to go along with the offer of a good recommendation that was real sexual harassment listening to differing views about rape isn't sexual harassment it's education in the case of the sexually harassed graduate student I advised her to file a complaint and bring a lawsuit and explained to her what a complaint would entail she said she understood and was prepared to indoor the depositions cross examinations and other attacks on her but the next day she came to my office and told me she couldn't go through with that she was terrified that it would destroy her prospects for an academic appointment to take on so influential and powerful and academic but she was also afraid that if she did nothing he would carry out his threat to write her a bad recommendation I suggested that she talked to the professor and tell him that she had consulted with me but had not decided to file a complaint or lawsuit and that she hoped that he would give her the recommendation she deserved she did that and eventually received a superb recommendation she is now teaching at a fine university so is he the students in my class never followed through on their threat some people lie exaggerate or miss remember I continue to challenge my students //
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Why I Am Not Going To Use Facebook
\\everybody it side check Johnson here ... editor in chief of got and the I just escaped the Yom the gulag ... from Facebook I was banned for a month for talking about Islam saying that //
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Let's Not Bail Out Puerto Rico For Paul Ryan's Billionaire & Lobbyist Pals
\\everybody it's Chuck Johnson it is 420 on 421 April 21 arm 2 dozen 16 ... tomorrow Friday is my half birthday I will be 27.5 I know crazy don't look so young no ... thinking about it a lot lately what does it mean age what should one do with one 's life these are all like real big questions enough to think about them a lot and what is courageous thing to do what are the best uses of my talents I guess we all have these come conversations or selfless those of us that are on some measure ambitious and one of the things that a lot of you have suggested to me ... given as I live in the Central Valley is I should run for Congress yes you're showing that correctly ... I'll go to my local grocery store some will come up to me and then I came and I really liked explores a you did and now I live in a very Republican part of the state of California such as there are few that there are and all people who have won a shake my hand the one selfie whatever get invited tolerable Republican Shindig skit you know whatever ultimately go to them mayor Shinn mission star but the reason I mention it is Paul Ryan ... not a very good segue but there you have it Paul Ryan was elected to Congress when he was 20 years old now Paul Ryan's birthday is January 29 I you he came in I see that see here Usborne so he came in are we is 20 years old I was when he became tears running when he was 27 so is running when he was my age he ran for Congress which is pretty strange E. became the second youngest member of the house of representatives so this is a guy who is now 46 years old and he has been in Congress since he was 28 and 20 years old I am so friendly says here that he started in 1999 and his 41970 so he would've been like 29 when he assumed office but even so he's been there a long ass time and I find that really kind of disgusting and disturbing and he is basically he's a creature of Washington he has spent most of his adult life living in DC arm and living no no of course he goes home on the weekends all the rest of it but you know this is his life this is his this is how it goes news reading you know was introduced in National Review audio means was introduced for hi I can then Hong Mrs and Milton Friedman all the name checking the you can do of and heroes of the libertarian movement in the 19 eighties 19 nineties and he read a mall he studied Jack Kemp you know the typical libertarian type libertarian service talisman tight and he was a speech writer when he's really young me knowing you was you know he was speech writer when he was 22 years old ... which was a good idea for conservative advocacy group founded by Jack Kemp Jeane Kirkpatrick and William Bennett so these are people who've just been around for forever were around for forever and who were more or less you know part of the establishment and he ... legislative director for US senator Sam Brownback where he worked on amnesty issues with his friends he's our conduct and this is this is his background arm yeah he worked for one year diss the sum total of his private sector experience I'm not working DC was working as a marketing consultant for a construction company Ryan incorporated central which is owned by his relatives so no this is a guy who no he hasn't had real jobs now of course you know he says I was a waiter owns capital guy will you know come on ... everyone's had like some shit jobs some shit summer job or whatever at least they used to before the legal came and took and so this is Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan is yeah he's become speaker of the house needs become speaker of the house in large measure because of me and you won't read the newspapers and yeah I guarantee you though it's true although certain publications to pick it up you come ms become speaker because of me because I stopped him McCarthy from becoming speaker by doing everything I could to expose an illicit affair that he had had with 3 homers and change the course of American history ... today getting for it no today I think you know I what happened was various neocon advisors to conventions situation use their political clout and suddenly Paul Ryan went from being a ahead of yeah head of house ways and means it's taxation arm to becoming all the sudden speaker of the house at 46 years old and through early speakership in his life ... and he's now he's now speaker and so what I find interesting about this is what is he choose to do with his speakership media were told all the time live by his advisers like and send senior who is basically constantly area for Paul singer's a hedge fund billionaire out of New York ... one of the largest funders of a lot of conservative establishment conserving movement we're told a lot of the times that ... you know that Ryan but this we're told one of the times of Paul Ryan is this great genius he's boy wonder is all the stuff he's a young gun and yet like he's kind of a loser Disney I mean he's yeah you get lost the debate Joe Biden awhile back he he hasn't really put his name on any meaningful pieces of legislation beside something to basically equate Medicare from people on and no use famous for you know for working out all the time is famous for being a fisherman and a bow hunter and he's famous for being you know like in the Green Bay Packers and he got the statesmanship war from the Claremont institute in the Alexander Hamilton award from Manhattan studio policy research both places by the way funded entirely by Paul singer ... news gotten some stuff from you know Americans for prosperity means basically a lifelong think tank I and people who grow up in the think tank world they lose touch with the voters they lose touch with everyday people and that's what's happened with with Ron Lewis William with ... Paul Ryan I mean he is you know he is great he work for Ryan worked for one year for an earth moving company which was funded founded by his great grandfather Patrick William Ryan so he's never really had a real job he attended the Washington semester at American University he worked I mean he's he's worked summers for Oscar Mayer and get it was got struck the Wiener mobile I mean so he's like trying to signal that he's one of us but Izzy well but as Paul Ryan shoes to do it this opportunity that I've afforded him by exposing you know Kevin McCarthy internet Elmer's and stopping him from becoming speaker the house would you choose to do first order of business is doing exactly what the billionaires wanted and so for all this talk about how how great all this anti poverty stuff is that Ryan's interested in promise talkin signaling about everything he's gonna do blah blah blah blah blah noise noise noise not what he just did his first order of business is to bail out Porto Rico and you know we we it we've got news you know me generally Chuck Johnson emerged in the troops because what we're about and the truth is that blacks you know and Hispanics low IQ Hispanics are just not as intelligent as whites now I can make those rules I'd I don't I don't wish them to be true you know basically the Ripper pecking orders understand is choose northeast Asians starling European whites none and so on and so forth and that yeah basically a big reason harder Ricans harboring does a basket case nation is because it's just that people are not that smart ... you can read some Steve sailer on this I mean there's a lot of stuff on it on I think he has this he has an essay gonna wanna say it's called although the amazingly horrible test scores ... ... of students importer Rico and he's got another one called like quarter Rico rules Americans of vice versa and it's more or less about ... it's more less about how these countries I basically have a whole conservative movement wants to be seen as like inquiry can so much in all my god we can do it and you know poor Rico is basically it's a fucked up place ... you know several years ago my parents and brother and sister wanted their poor Rico for vacation I ultimately decided was gonna do it not interested ... you know straight again real lot of money to travel inquiry go now if I was going to hang on the third world hell hole I go outside and hang on California I do love it more cheaply and ... no my wife was more or less of the view that on that was an interesting to her and so we can do it ... but Porter ego is as high crime high welfare rates low test scores and this is a place that's more less pretty fucked up and so I can get on fucked up if you cut cut corporate taxes or you cut the minimum wage you cut government spending all those things that national you know that various organizations are promising it's gonna be it's gonna be consistently fucked up for a long ass time because a fucked up place with fucked up people and there's a reason that a lot of them are running way the United States and it's because it's so fucked up now you know the technical term fucked up it my trying to besmirch animatronic cause trouble among trying to you know whatever but you know this matters how fucked up these things are matters to you in matters to the future of the Republic and it matters because first order business for Paul Ryan is to go push a bailout for poruka what is he doing now well he's doing it because one of his friends his mentor serving a mentor governor you Caesar konda these are kinda may sound like a name that you know arms is our kind of was until recently told 2014 or so and up until this election is actually working for mark ruby a super pac and this is a kind of as a lobbyist one of the groups he lobbyists for used to make pottery car 50 first state ... don't tell the neocons because I think there are decided that Israel's the 50 first state arm but none the less that that's the play and Paul Ryan is a very good friend of ... this is our condo they work together back in the day to defeat ... an immigration bill that would have restricted immigration coming states okay did you go read the nexus scores can read the article I put up and down as I Steve by the way pretty good ... no that's the that's the environment we have here that's the that's what's going on and become a socks in a way because ... no that's that's the environment more and and Paul Ryan is working to push this bullshit narrative that's what we should do is we should bail out Puerto Rico and what we the reason we should do it is that we can we can change them by giving them free markets and by making them better off and of course is something that National Review has picked up on no coincidence there of course ... even though all the talking points and everything is no right on cue right on the same page and I highly recommend reading the piece the Porta Rico debt bill is a good start he goes through basically says that what we're gonna do is read aloud court recounted a clear bankruptcy even though the president senator of our time one of the smartest honors our time Strom Thurman I went and I know you're not used to hearing that yeah by we research strong Thurman he's very press of man he denied what is it that I Hawaii statehood because he said it would create all these problems who is right ... wise created all these problems including giving us the ... keeping us presence in Iraq Obama and by the way I maintain that he was born US parents parents were Frank Marshall Davis and his mother I do believe he was born why ... but if it had been a US territory maybe we could have figured out a way to get out of it or maybe if I'm inside been successful and I have the Obama's father primers lives have been successful by removing the Hawaiian government ... on the have the Soviets depriving the U. S. I me in blue water navy maybe maybe things would have been different I don't know just a thought I'm so anyway so Paul Ryan is speaker of speaker of the house throw zircon does his are condos in pushing certain bullshit and here we are once again in a position where ... and here we are once again and we're in this position where where Paul Ryan is once again screwing us on behalf of his new billionaire associates now John Paulson mig give me some sense like supporter Rico was promised it then the basically said Hey all you bit rich people you rich white people you're rich Jews are you rich Yukon different go we won't tax you world's actual lot less and come here invest here yum with conscious you know make poor Rico great again okay so what happened they did it lot of rich people move there including Tominaga Bauer is given $10000000 that Ted Cruz super pac Umberleigh she claims yes it's unclear he actually has a and they'll move to poor Rico John Paulson big time it ran me down or make a donor give like $1000000 John guy and York pushes you know everyone says everyone should worry Kirk's appears move there and he says you know course pottery because many the Singapore going to be to Singapore of the Caribbean okay our house are working out for us where the Chinese people are going to get Singapore no course National Review wrote another piece saying you could be the elections dying for Latin America taxation okay we're all your Germans of course they're not anywhere there ... it's just kind of a joke the whole thing is kind of a joke and so anyways what ends up happening there Paul Ryan is pushing the story is pushing us ... and here we go again here we go again and we wonder why these things happen when they happen so often why we get screwed over and over and over again and the answer is because people in DC have never had a real job they've never had a real serious job and this is where we are right now we're doing the people who never had a serious job in their lives trying to tell us how to live our lives and trying to set up financial relatio