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"2018-05-18 21:00:01"
Musician Feuds That Got Out Of Hand
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"2018-05-14 21:00:00"
Lost Horror Movies Nobody Talks About Anymore
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"2018-05-14 18:00:03"
The Most Offensive Video Game Characters Of All Time
\\ //
"2018-05-13 18:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of Ouija Boards
\\ //
"2018-05-11 18:00:02"
The Darkest Movies On Netflix That Nobody Is Talking About
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"2018-05-08 17:12:51"
Characters Who Have Destroyed Thanos
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"2018-05-07 21:00:04"
The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Andre The Giant
\\ //
"2018-05-07 18:00:08"
The Untold Truth Of Formula 1
\\ //
"2018-05-04 18:00:01"
Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People
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"2018-04-30 21:00:04"
Respected Writers Who Were Actually Terrible People
\\ //
"2018-04-30 18:00:03"
These Mysterious Underwater Cities Are Incredible
\\ //
"2018-04-29 18:00:00"
Headlines From The Onion That Actually Came True
\\ //
"2018-04-27 18:00:04"
The Most Bizarre Subliminal Messages Buried In Popular TV Shows
\\ //
"2018-04-23 21:00:01"
Past Predictions About The Future That Weren't Even Close
\\ //
"2018-04-23 18:00:00"
False Things You've Been Believing About Greek Mythology
\\ //
"2018-04-22 18:00:00"
Children's Video Games That Are Actually Really Creepy
\\ //
"2018-04-20 18:00:01"
These Famous People Used To Live Together
\\ //
"2018-04-16 21:00:01"
Strange Superpowers People Have In Real Life
\\ //
"2018-04-16 18:00:01"
Olympic Venues That Were Completely Abandoned
\\ //
"2018-04-14 18:00:08"
The Truth About The Big Show
\\ //
"2018-04-09 21:00:01"
False Things You've Been Believing About The Matrix
\\ //
"2018-04-09 18:00:05"
Star Wars Guilty Pleasures People Won't Admit
\\ //
"2018-04-08 18:00:04"
What People Actually Think Happened To Amelia Earhart
\\ //
"2018-04-06 18:00:03"
Historical Animals That May Never Have Existed
\\ //
"2018-04-02 18:00:01"
Bizarre Things Discovered Inside The Pyramids
\\ //
"2018-04-02 13:00:00"
The Truth About The Big Show
\\ //
"2018-04-01 13:00:01"
Groups Of People Who Live Their Lives Almost Entirely At Sea
\\ //
"2018-03-30 18:00:02"
The Most Stressful Games You'll Ever Play
\\ //
"2018-03-30 13:00:02"
Messed Up Things That Happened During The Viking Era
\\ //
"2018-03-28 12:00:08"
Mysteries Of The Human Body That Haven't Been Explained
\\ //
"2018-03-27 12:00:06"
Secrets The NFL Doesn't Want You To Know
\\ //
"2018-03-26 12:00:05"
Messed Up Things About These Iconic Rock Bands
\\ //
"2018-03-24 16:00:03"
Why Scientists Are Still Fascinated By Phineas Gage
\\ //
"2018-03-24 12:00:01"
Super Dangerous Jobs Someone Has To Do
\\ //
"2018-03-23 16:00:03"
Musicians Who Permanently Damaged Their Bodies While Performing Live
\\ //
"2018-03-23 12:00:00"
The Untold Truth Of Adventure Time
\\ //
"2018-03-21 12:00:02"
The Messed Up Part Of Gremlins Everyone Just Ignores
\\ //
"2018-03-20 12:00:00"
The Bizarre True Story Of Bigfoot
\\ //
"2018-03-19 12:00:02"
Moments That Embarrassed Entire Countries
\\ //
"2018-03-17 16:00:01"
Bizarre Archaeological Discoveries Found By Mistake
\\ //
"2018-03-17 12:00:00"
The Sad Fate Of Adam Sandler's Career
\\ //
"2018-03-16 16:00:07"
The Most Scandalous Tell Alls Ever Released
\\ //
"2018-03-16 12:00:09"
Wild Movie Theories That Might Actually Be True
\\ //
"2018-03-14 12:00:02"
The Worst Referee Calls In NFL History
\\ //
"2018-03-13 12:00:02"
What The Biggest Fans Don't Know About It's Always Sunny
\\ //
"2018-03-12 12:00:03"
Disastrous Movie Auditions That Embarrassed The Biggest Stars
\\ //
"2018-03-10 17:00:00"
Actors Who Cheated Their Way Through Movies
\\ //
"2018-03-10 13:00:02"
Most Misleading Video Game Covers Ever
\\ //
"2018-03-09 17:00:05"
Animals We All Secretly Want As A Pet
\\ //
"2018-03-09 13:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of Robin Williams
\\ //
"2018-03-07 13:00:06"
Movie Trilogies That Will Sadly Never Be Completed
\\ //
"2018-03-06 13:00:05"
Grunge How to survive if you're buried alive
\\ //
"2018-03-05 13:00:03"
Creepy Things That Happened On The Set Of Serial Killer Movies
\\ //
"2018-03-03 17:00:03"
Some Of The Harshest Song Lyrics Ever Written
\\ //
"2018-03-03 13:00:04"
Once Popular Words That No One Uses Anymore
\\ //
"2018-03-02 17:00:04"
Movie Extras Who Screwed Up An Entire Scene
\\ //
"2018-03-02 13:00:04"
Athletes Who Lost All Their Money
\\ //
"2018-02-28 13:00:04"
Embarrassing Things That Happened On Live TV
\\ //
"2018-02-27 13:00:02"
The Longest Movies In History
\\ //
"2018-02-26 13:00:01"
The Craziest Creatures To Ever Come Up A Toilet
\\ //
"2018-02-24 17:00:05"
Recent Discoveries That Proved We Got History All Wrong
\\ //
"2018-02-24 13:00:04"
Nickelback Became The Most Hated Band In History
\\ //
"2018-02-23 17:00:02"
Video Game Weapons That Work In Real Life
\\ //
"2018-02-23 13:00:07"
5 Cliffhangers We'll Never See Resolved
\\ //
"2018-02-21 13:00:04"
What The Avengers Cast Looked Like Before They Were Famous
\\ //
"2018-02-20 13:00:00"
The Most Bizarre Freak Show Acts Ever
\\ //
"2018-02-19 13:00:04"
The Darkest TV Moments From The 90s
\\ //
"2018-02-17 17:00:08"
Actors Who Went Way Too Far On Set
\\ //
"2018-02-17 13:00:01"
Kids Who Spent A Ton Of Their Parents' Money On Gaming
\\ //
"2018-02-16 13:00:01"
News Anchor Freak Outs Caught On Live TV
\\ //
"2018-02-14 20:00:03"
The Secret Ways Animals Say I Love You
\\ //
"2018-02-14 13:00:05"
Deleted Movie Endings Better Than The Original
\\ //
"2018-02-13 13:00:00"
Eminem's Insane Real Life Story
\\ //
"2018-02-12 17:00:01"
Memes That Destroyed Lives
\\ //
"2018-02-12 13:00:05"
Classic Movies That Have Become Hard To Watch With Age
\\ //
"2018-02-10 17:00:03"
Video Games The Gaming Industry Wants Us To Forget
\\ //
"2018-02-10 13:00:05"
The Absolute Worst Ideas In Human History
\\ //
"2018-02-09 17:00:00"
Famous Hollywood Stories That Never Actually Happened
\\ //
"2018-02-09 13:00:05"
The Most Dangerous Railways In The World
\\ //
"2018-02-07 13:00:01"
False Facts That Changed History
\\ //
"2018-02-06 13:00:01"
Celebs You'd Never Guess Are Total Nerds
\\ //
"2018-02-05 13:00:04"
What Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World
\\ //
"2018-02-03 17:00:03"
Times Musicians Were Too Wasted To Perform Live
\\ //
"2018-02-03 13:00:03"
Athletes Who Look Totally Different Today
\\ //
"2018-02-02 17:00:07"
What You Don't Know About The Most Popular Internet Memes
\\ //
"2018-02-02 13:00:04"
Whatever Happened To Boxing's Biggest Promoter
\\ //
"2018-01-31 13:00:08"
Classic Film Stars Who Were Actually Really Weird People
\\ //
"2018-01-29 20:11:18"
The Untold Truth Of The Super Bowl
\\ //
"2018-01-29 13:00:04"
First Ladies Who Were Actually Really Strange
\\ //
"2018-01-27 17:00:04"
The Untold Truth Of The Indy 500
\\ //
"2018-01-27 13:00:01"
Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of Star Wars
\\ //
"2018-01-26 17:00:07"
The Secret Ways Carnivals Scam You
\\ //
"2018-01-26 13:00:03"
The Untold Truth Of Mythbusters
\\ //
"2018-01-24 13:00:01"
Hysterical Movie Moments That Weren't In The Script
\\ //
"2018-01-23 13:00:05"
Kids Show Episodes That Were Too Risque To Air On TV
\\ //
"2018-01-22 13:00:00"
Athletes Who Have Spent Years In Jail
\\ //
"2018-01-20 13:00:02"
Desperate Things Shows Did To Keep People Watching
\\ //
"2018-01-19 17:00:00"
The Weirdest News Stories Of 2017
\\ //
"2018-01-19 13:00:09"
The Hidden Meaning Behind These Album Covers
\\ //
"2018-01-18 17:26:59"
The Untold Truth Of The Cranberries' Lead Singer
\\ //
"2018-01-17 13:00:00"
Disturbing On Set Deaths That Still Give Us Chills
\\ //
"2018-01-16 13:00:03"
The Most Chilling Stories From Abandoned Civilizations
\\ //
"2018-01-15 13:00:02"
The Messed Up Part Of Back To The Future No One Talks About
\\ //
"2018-01-13 17:00:01"
Who These Popular Songs Are Really About
\\ //
"2018-01-13 13:00:01"
Surprising Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Lying
\\ //
"2018-01-12 17:00:04"
The Most Expensive Things Tourists Have Destroyed
\\ //
"2018-01-12 13:00:05"
This Is Why Fans Never Got To See Iron Man 4
\\ //
"2018-01-10 13:00:03"
The Smartest Dog Breeds In The World
\\ //
"2018-01-09 13:00:04"
Things In The Oregon Trail Game You Only Notice As An Adult
\\ //
"2018-01-08 13:00:01"
The Messed Up Thing About Superboy That Nobody Ever Talks About
\\ //
"2018-01-06 13:00:03"
Why You Would Never Want To Live In The Harry Potter Universe
\\ //
"2018-01-05 13:00:06"
Movies That Went Way Too Far
\\ //
"2018-01-03 13:00:08"
Funniest Alternative Endings In Video Game History
\\ //
"2018-01-02 13:00:00"
Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once In Their Life
\\ //
"2018-01-01 13:00:05"
The Messed Up Thing About Batman That No One Ever Talks About
\\ //
"2017-12-30 13:00:01"
Ridiculous Things That Happened On The Set Of The Last Jedi
\\ //
"2017-12-29 13:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of Christopher Walken
\\ //
"2017-12-28 18:19:35"
Great Movies Coming In 2018 That Aren't Remakes Or Sequels
\\ //
"2017-12-28 13:00:03"
Things In Oregon Trail You Only Notice As An Adult
\\ //
"2017-12-27 13:00:00"
The Real Reason These Bands Broke Up
\\ //
"2017-12-25 13:00:05"
Sports You Won't Believe Actually Exist
\\ //
"2017-12-23 17:00:05"
Real Hidden Treasures Still Waiting To Be Found
\\ //
"2017-12-23 13:00:06"
Messed Up Things In Rudolph That No One Ever Talks About
\\ //
"2017-12-22 17:00:01"
Secrets Game Shows Don't Want You To Know
\\ //
"2017-12-22 13:00:07"
What happens To You Body When You're Always On Your Phone
\\ //
"2017-12-20 13:00:01"
The Dark Stories Behind Classic Nursery Rhymes
\\ //
"2017-12-19 13:00:04"
This Was The Man Behind The Barney Costume
\\ //
"2017-12-18 13:00:04"
Famous Phrases You're Constantly Misquoting
\\ //
"2017-12-16 17:00:03"
The Real Reason Humans Need To Sleep Under Blankets
\\ //
"2017-12-16 13:00:01"
Geniuses Who Were Actually Terrible People
\\ //
"2017-12-15 17:00:06"
The Messed Up Thing In Christmas Vacation No One Talks About
\\ //
"2017-12-15 13:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of Steve Irwin
\\ //
"2017-12-13 13:00:05"
What Will Happen Before The Year 2100
\\ //
"2017-12-12 13:00:03"
Amazing Inventions That Completely Mess With Your Mind
\\ //
"2017-12-11 13:00:03"
These Are The Most Terrifying Snakes In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-09 17:00:03"
Ranking The Most Expensive Movie Theaters In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-09 13:00:00"
The One Messed Up Part Of A Charlie Brown Christmas
\\ //
"2017-12-08 13:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of The Stanford Prison Experiment
\\ //
"2017-12-07 20:00:03"
The Messed Up Part Of Trading Places No One Ever Talks About
\\ //
"2017-12-06 13:00:02"
Whatever Happened To The Man With The Golden Voice
\\ //
"2017-12-05 13:00:09"
Things You Can't Buy In North Korea
\\ //
"2017-12-04 13:00:00"
The Most Dangerous Bodies Of Water In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-02 17:00:09"
The Most Controversial Movies Of All Time
\\ //
"2017-12-02 13:00:00"
Cars You're Not Allowed To Buy In The United States
\\ //
"2017-12-01 17:00:01"
Messed Up Things That Actually Happened On The Oregon Trail
\\ //
"2017-12-01 13:00:05"
The Disturbing Truth Behind K-Pop Music
\\ //
"2017-11-29 13:00:02"
The Real Reason Why So Many Irish Men's Beards Are Red
\\ //
"2017-11-28 13:00:03"
The One Moment That Destroyed These Musicians' Careers
\\ //
"2017-11-27 13:00:00"
The Real Purpose Of These Everyday Objects
\\ //
"2017-11-25 13:00:04"
What Most People Don't Know About Will Ferrell
\\ //
"2017-11-24 13:00:06"
Secrets Airlines Don't Tell Passengers
\\ //
"2017-11-22 13:00:02"
Clever Movies That Trick You With A Double Plot Twist
\\ //
"2017-11-21 13:00:02"
The Most Inappropriate Product Placements In Movies
\\ //
"2017-11-20 13:00:03"
Grunge Celebs Who Are Still Missing Today
\\ //
"2017-11-18 17:00:01"
We're All Breaking The Law Without Knowing It
\\ //
"2017-11-18 13:00:01"
What The World Doesn't Know About Comedian Eric Andre
\\ //
"2017-11-17 13:00:00"
The Untold Truth Of Abraham Lincoln
\\ //
"2017-11-15 17:21:00"
Fresno Gang Member's 'Hot' Mugshot Goes Viral
\\ //
"2017-11-15 13:00:03"
Famous Actors Who Can't Land In A Good Movie
\\ //
"2017-11-14 13:00:03"
Strange Facts You Never Knew About Twins
\\ //
"2017-11-13 13:00:00"
Secondary Gaming Characters Who Stole The Show
\\ //
"2017-11-11 17:00:07"
Underappreciated Horror Movies You Can Only Find On VHS
\\ //
"2017-11-11 13:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of Sinkholes
\\ //
"2017-11-10 17:00:07"
Celebs You Didn't Know Passed Away
\\ //
"2017-11-10 13:00:07"
Most Dangerous Toys Ever Sold In Toy Stores
\\ //
"2017-11-08 13:00:05"
The Truth Behind These Classic Sports Bloopers
\\ //
"2017-11-07 13:00:08"
Where Is Steven Seagal Today
\\ //
"2017-11-06 13:00:00"
The Sad Truth About Life On The Millennium Falcon
\\ //
"2017-11-04 12:00:01"
The Untold Truth Of Jean Claude Van Damme
\\ //
"2017-11-03 12:00:03"
The Most Bizarre Answers Given By Game Show Contestants
\\ //
"2017-11-01 12:00:04"
Historical Lies That Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Education
\\ //
"2017-10-31 14:00:02"
Creepy Coincidences Guaranteed To Give You Chills
\\there's no such thing as coincidences or are there many events throughout recorded history of odd ways of coming together dropping weird prophetic hints of things to come for bringing a sequence of events full circle here are just a few of the freaky coincidences that are stranger than fiction the armistice license plate in case you slept through history class here's a quick recap 1 of the major events that kicked off World War 1 was the assassination of Archduke France Ferdinand it's an event that's become so mythic that it spawned a number of weird legends like the idea that in 1913 he hunted down a white stag and was targeted by a mortal curses are we're not really sure about that one but there is 1 strange coincidence that's absolutely true and it concerns his car the broth and shift double fit in wasn't the cursed carve doom it was rumored to be but it did bear an odd message the car sat in a museum in Vienna for almost 2 decades before British tourist pointed out the odd significance of the vehicle's license plate which reads a 111118 as an armistice 11/11/1918 the famous state of the agreement that ended World War 1 predicting Pearl Harbor the attack on Pearl Harbor on 12/7/1941 changed the course of World War 2 global tensions were already high so it's terrifying to think that someone inside the United States may have not only known the attack was going to happen but may have been the public in the weirdest way past on 11/22/1941 The New Yorker ran a few ads for a dice game called the deadly double because advertising is a product of the times the ad showed the game being played by people hiding in an air raid shelter it wasn't until after the attack on Pearl Harbor 2 weeks later that people started noticing what numbers were showing on the ads dice including one at with dice that show 19 which seems like it could be referring to the date of the attack on December 7 other similar ads piqued the interest of military intelligence but it all turned out to be a weird coincidence the theory that these ads had advance knowledge of the attack was so widespread that the New York times even ran a piece in the game's creator to debunk it clearly the case of people's imaginations getting the better of them founding fathers versus July 4 ask any red blooded American what July 4 is and you're bound to get an answer that involves independence and hot dogs but July 4 has another strange significance it's usually overlooked founding father fatalities 5 America's founding father served as president James Madison John Adams George Washington Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe but that's not too unusual the weird part Jefferson and Adams both passed away on the exact same day 7/4/1826 on the fiftieth anniversary of the Wright declaration of the coincidence didn't go unnoticed when Daniel Webster voter joint eulogy for them he said cannot but seem striking an extraordinary that these 2 should live to see the fiftieth year from the date of that act and the heavens should open to receive them both at once only a few years later in 1831 James Monroe went up to powdered wig haven't leaving 3 of the 7 gone on the birthday of the country they helped found that's enough to make anyone believe in signs before you assume that July 4 does nothing but terminate presidents it also gives back thirtieth president Calvin Coolidge was born on 7/4/1872 9 elevens power there are plenty of ridiculous conspiracy theories suggesting the US government knew what was going to happen on 9/11/2001 but some pop culture coincidences are enough to make you wonder if something out there in the universe trying to tip us off one such coincidence is hidden in a video game called Davis at released in 2000 the story takes you to New York City were 2 buildings are conspicuously missing the twin towers while they were left out of the game for programming reasons which especially chilling is that the games more acknowledges their absence saying the buildings were destroyed by terrorists that's not weird enough there's also the band dream theater who released their album live scenes from New York on 9/11/2001 the cover featured an apple the statue of liberty and the twin towers all on fire when Noisecreep spoke to dream theater's Mike Portnoy he called it one of the strangest coincidences of my career and if you really want to believe that the truth is out there there's the pilot episode of the X. files spin off series the lone gunman which aired on 3/4/2001 and featured an airliner being hijacked and towers as well as a conspiracy theory to blame the act on terrorists it's not even the last of the bizarre coincidences surrounding September 11 triple terror according to the telegraph India the vacation nightmares of Jason and Jenny Karen's Lawrence began when they were visiting New York City on 9/11/2001 when it came time to pick their next vacation they decided to stay a little closer to their Birmingham England how they chose London and on 7/7/2005 they were in the nation's capital went for bombers attacked the London Underground in 2008 they were faced with making a vacation choice again they headed to Mumbai and they were staying in the Columbia area when terrorist attack the city on November 26 taking almost 180 casualties there's just one word the Karens Lawrence's need to learn staycation life finds a way life is 1 of the most iconic magazines of the twentieth century its pages a featured countless defining moments starting with its very first issue on 11/23/1936 on the inside the very first photo is of a baby being cradled in a doctor's hand that baby was George story and the caption reads life begins story went on to become a journalist but that's not the big coincidence here on 4/4/2000 life announced it was ceasing publication with the end of life magazine also came the end of stories life he passed away a month later of heart failure at the age of 63 thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
"2017-10-30 14:00:00"
The Untold Truth Of Fear Factor
\\ntelos about Joe Rogan fear factor was a game show involving contestants doing the grossest and scariest things possible all for a shot at $50000 over 9 seasons beginning in 2001 the show subjected contestants to every horrible thing imaginable and some unimaginable here's a look at the untold truth the fear factor it was canceled twice the television gods hate fear factor so much they canceled and not once twice now there were a lot of reasons the show could have been canceled including the fact that it probably should never been approved in the first place but in 2006 the original run ended for the most boring of reasons low ratings in 2011 though N. B. C. decided to revive the show for reasons known only to them only 8 episodes were aired and the night was pulled due to objectionable content leaving the show to be canceled again thank goodness that's behind us right awaits third time is not the job it's pretty rare for a show to get a third chance at life but MTV decided give fear factor another chance relaunching the series in 2017 fittingly the Joes rapper ludicrous as host there are a few changes to the new fear factor though as it focuses less on eating disgusting stuff and more on stunts that help people overcome their real life fears as an MTV statement put it the show is custom created for a generation that is increasingly empowered also more anxious than ever that translates the challenges where contestants must sit in an electric chair get covered in stakes or face their fear of drowning fear factor unleashed yes a show about people doing daring activities in real life became a terrible video game for the Game Boy advance called fear factor unleashed needless to say it received terrible reviews thanks to boring many games ever decide to only appeal to the show's hardness of hardcore fans whoever they are yeah Universal Studios has a live version ever watch fear factory lamented you weren't the one eating spiders are being drowned in the tank well then head on down to Universal Studios in Orlando where fear factor live is ready to test your courage yes in this live show several park goers are brought on stage to compete and legitimate fear factor style games starring creepy crawly he's and vertigo inducing heights so intense participants have to sign a liability waiver but don't worry if you are picked you may still be able to do disgusting stuff like eat bugs for prizes in a free show challenge array everyone's a loser if there's one thing worse than being subjected to all the gross and scary stuff on fear factor it's doing it all for nothing that's what happen in one season 5 episode where every single team of the show failed the final challenge meeting nobody actually won the grand prize of $50000 it's true that one team did win a pair of new monsters as a consolation prize but since they didn't get any money they probably had a paper the taxes themselves ouch gag reflex it might seem like a show is trying to kill contestants by making them each just the right combination of Ross spider alligator eyeballs and bull testicles according to producers though everything on fear factor was a culinary delicacy that unclear but the show's resident doctors in fact believe it or not everything eaten by contestants on the original run of fear factor was 100 percent U. S. D. A. certified who what a relief thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
"2017-10-29 14:00:07"
The Real And Bizarre Reasons These Movies Were Canceled
\\in Hollywood terrible ideas can get the green light for the silliest of reasons and promising projects can gain momentum only to fall apart leaving disappointed fans wondering why Tinseltown is such a tease sometimes they're perfectly legitimate reasons for the cancellation of been in development project but some exciting projects in hindsight were canned for no good reason at all Tim Burton's Catwoman most fans agree that Michelle Pfeiffer stern as Catwoman was the best part about 1992's Batman returns Tim Burton's on even follow up to 1989's genre redefining Batman we almost got more of it in the form of a standalone Catwoman feature starring Pfeiffer and directed by Burton but it was Joel Schumacher's Batman forever the neon drenched in 1995 sequel to Batman returns that killed the idea for good are so can appear on yup in 1993 variety reported that cat woman was rumored to be conspicuously absent from Batman forever specifically so she could be spun off into our own film however is dean of geek notes Batman returns screenwriter Daniel waters delivered his script for his cat woman on the very day that forever hit theaters and became an instant box office success and later the highest grossing film of the year all while sporting a noticeably lighter tone than the previous 2 films Warner brothers decided that dark and gritty just wasn't the way to go and scrapped cat woman which eventually morphed into the light goofy and supremely terrible 2004 Halle berry vehicle of the same name having learned its lesson the studio then swung super hard in the dark and gritty direction with 2005 is reboot Batman begins and never really looked back hell raiser origins Clive Barker's 1987 horror masterpiece Hellraiser launched a franchise that is widely considered to get worse and worse with each entry after 2000 Leavenworth the revelations that ninth film in the series delivered the final insult by replacing beloved pinhead actor Doug Bradley fans have little reason to be excited about the future of the series until that is a screaming nightmare of a trailer showed up on YouTube on Halloween 2013 and blew everybody's hair back you genuinely eerie trailer dub Hellraiser origins was created to aid in pitching to reboot the Hellraiser franchise by director Michael Hann concept artist Paul Gerard and dozens of passionate Hellraiser fans but a week before the trailer was up loaded Barker himself wrote on its Facebook page that he too was working on another unrelated Hellraiser reboot the legendary director as of the making of this video has a and publicly acknowledge the promising Hellraiser origins on sept which is now unfortunately define to make things worse Barker's planned reboot never happened either instead fans are getting yet another low budget direct to video entry in late 2017 Hellraiser judgment go Bob Baer holdings crusade Dutch director Paul bear Hogan is responsible for robocop in starship troopers which makes him one of the greatest filmmakers of our time in certain circles he's fond of mixing social commentary with crazy be movie tropes knows his way around an action sequence and loves to provoke all of which make his last epic crusade one of the more disappointing canceled projects ever the film reportedly would of stardom in his prime Arnold Schwarzenegger who also starred in Fairhope and total recall the sure to be controversial project about the medieval religious wars was budgeted at a cool 0 Bucks a ridiculous amount in the early 90 very Hoban was asked by the studio to guarantee he wouldn't exceed that amount but as Schwarzenegger later told empire he just wouldn't and that was it that was the end of that movie instead Carolco pictures decided to dump the funds into the 1995 pirate epic cutthroat island a famous flop that sank the studio John Lasseter is where the wild things are today John Lasseter is the big enchilada have not only picks are but all of Walt Disney and studios but in 1983 he was just an up and coming animator at Disney which was in a bit of a slump at the time Lasater was convinced he was onto the wave of the future he came back to executives with a 30 second test animation based on dax beloved children's book where the wild things are which blended hand drawn puter generated in the way did of geek reports a Disney executives at the time weren't really into any new process that didn't make animation faster or cheaper they would eventually come around incorporating CG I elements into renaissance 6 is beauty in the B. but they probably should have cashed in on Lasater sorcery a good decade sooner instead they waited for him to build Pixar into the most trusted and beloved Brandon CG I animated features before purchasing it in 2006 for more than $7000000000 10 things I hate about life 1990 nines rye romantic teen comedy 10 things I hate about you is possibly the most late nineties film of all time it was also well received by critics and moviegoers alike helping to bolster the movie star credentials of heath ledger Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon Levitt according to den of geek in 2012 at pretty much precisely the moment the film's target audience started to get stall Jacob doubt it belated spiritual sequel 10 things I hate about and then vanished faster than your old letters to cleo CD after several weeks of filming on up to make this teaser trailer production halted for reasons that are still completely unclear and just never started again a lawsuit filed by the film's production company a Q. star Evan Rachel wood of simply the film during a break in for while what insisted that the produce go much like the film's production the litigations simply petered out in 10 things fans were left in the lurch with nothing but a tantalizing sneak peek at what could have been another generation capturing farce difference between writing because I'd like my Skechers but I love my front thanks watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel 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What Fans Never Knew About Scary Movie
\\the 2000 Horace Bruce scary movie was a total game changer to manage to bring a heavy dose of absurdity to a genre that was getting a bit long in the tooth had turned in a note on a Ferris into a movie star spawned a bunch of sequels and featured a ton of cameos but there's a lot more to the story than that he is the untold truth of scary movie what's in a name from the start scary movie was conceived as a wacky spoof of everything that makes the horror genre crates and rights has shown a Mollen Wayans made abundantly clear with the film's original title last summer I screamed because Friday the thirteenth fell on Halloween which of course is a my ship of I know what you did last summer scream Friday the 13 th and Halloween purportedly another potential name for the movie was scream if I know what you did last Halloween even though these overly long titles were shelled the shorter simpler title still pays tribute to a classic scary movie was the original working title for scream I'll send you a copy tenth time's a charm in an interview at the time director Keenen ivory Wayans revealed that he saw the potential in his brother's shown on Mollohan's idea about it took 10 different drafts of the script before it was ready at the same time another Hara party was already being developed written by Jason Friedberg Aaron seltzer and dimension films bull both scripts to avoid any potential legal hassles scary movie used ideas from each of the 2 scripts Sir Friedberg insults so also credited as rights as on the film saving the horror genre Keenan ivory Wayans reportedly fell about a project like scary movie could be just the thing to breathe some fresh life into a tired cliche film genre saying and Hara you've had the Jason series the Freddy series the scream series the shamans been played to death he referenced how the movie at plane it's on the disaster movie genre on its head and was scary movie he saw awaits a similarly shake things up by melting the harbor with outrageous comedy well the film is not exactly critically acclaimed its box office and the cultural success speaks for itself bart as concerns one of the things I made scary movie so successful was new come a Farris is hilarious performance which included some of the silliest moments ever on film iris reports of the credits of the scary movie films for giving her career and opening doors but she admits that she was very naive of first and thought of success in the gross out comedy would make things easy for our in Hollywood instead she had to branch out to projects like lost in translation and an effort to Ghana some more respect as an actress in 2009 Paris told the AV club she initially questioned the decision to sign on to the horror spoof saying I have this moment during the first scary movie where I felt really unattractive and really concerned just like one of my doing Ferris said she never really considered herself a funny person and it took a pep talk from a director to get back on track according to her Kenan's advice was there's no vanity income a day Ferris said that the philosophy stuck with us and helped carry a throughout Dunphy comedy Korea no sequel in promoting scary movie the studio took a job at the sequel lights as that typically plagues horror franchise as releasing posters of the tagline no mercy no shame no sequel a clear signal this wasn't your typical horror flick by about one writes all the window when the fire is scary movie banks to $78000000 worldwide of a comparatively tiny production budget of $90000000 not surprisingly not sideline was retired in subsequent releases once it was clear the film would indeed sport a sequel all for the scary movie franchise would go on to encompass 5 films collectively grossing to short of $1000000000 at $896000000 worldwide a falling out the Wayans brothers may have created the scary movie franchise but it still belongs to the mention films and at 2013 interview Marlon Wayans revealed that the studio vice them to crank out the critically panned the scary movie today and he didn't even realize the third film was in the works into the vet abouts in the Hollywood traits he claims the studio basically stole that pitch for a third film before actually inviting them back to take on scary movie 5 bug bite out sign that the Wayans brothers have moved on Mollen said we had out Simon did what we could with the franchise I think scary movie is tired considering we have been seen anything since 2013 scary movie 5 Williams is probably right very ecstatic if it feels like thanks for watching quickly grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out this cool stuff we know you love thing //
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Ways The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Lied To You About Historical Events
\\the Texas chainsaw massacre movies might have been claimed to be based on a true story but the real life history that inspired the series was a lot different than what was presented on screen the 1974 original was loosely based on it heat a criminal who also inspired films like psycho and silence of the lambs but this is one case where history really is stranger than fiction since the devil is in the details here's where the Texas chainsaw massacre took liberties with dean's gruesome deeds don't mess with Wisconsin if there is competition for least geographically accurate biopic in history Texas chainsaw would win every single time while the movie takes place in Texas and it's right there in the title the true story that inspired the film have been over 600 miles away in the backwoods of rule Wisconsin not only did real life Leatherface at dean never set foot in Texas he never really left his hometown dean live with his mother and spent his entire life in a small town called playing field working odd jobs to get by what is mom died he lived alone in their dilapidated house surrounded by our possessions needless to say he couldn't been further from small town Texas as for why the cinematic story was set in the Lone Star state well Wisconsin chainsaw massacre doesn't really have the same ring to it more importantly Texas was where writer director Toby Hooper was born and that wasn't the only personal experience that with them foreman major shift for the screen version no chain saws Leatherface is weapon of choice might be a chainsaw but ed dean never used one other we did tend to relieve corpses at their ski and to make gross household items himself did the deeds with just a night Cooper chose to incorporate a chainsaw into his narrative because of his own experience at a hardware store the director admitted that over the holidays one year he found himself in front of a display of power tools and had a brief daydream about grabbing one and slicing his way through the crowds thankfully Cooper was a guy who made films about maniacs and psychopaths rather than becoming one himself so instead of revving up one of those powers us he simply added the idea to the at dean inspired flick you've been working on they're real body counts well the movie doesn't specify a time frame for it setting the hippie wagon the kids right up and indicates they lived sometime around summer of love but ed gains crime spree began and ended decades before that he committed his first in 1954 is last in 1957 but fudge states aren't the only numbers that didn't add up to the truth because dean's body count was also significantly lower than what was presented in the film in the first Texas chainsaw massacre movie there 5 people who fall victim to let her face and it's terrible family that's a relatively short victimless by horror movie standards but at dean's body count was even lower the infamous Plainfield butcher was only responsible for slaying to women Mary Hogan and Bernice warden it's what dean did on the side that makes him so fast day explains why his story caught to preside after a stroke took his beloved mother's life dean went full Buffalo Bill he started reading up by Nazi medical experiments in human anatomy began dressing in his mother's clothes and after a couple of years of this dean started digging up the corpses of women and turning them into furniture think cutting off parts for his collection their echoes of this in Texas chainsaw of course the very first shot is of a mutilated corpse died doing grave but while Leatherface in his family were cannibals who did some grave robbing on the side game was grave robber who graduated taking lives no survivors Texas chainsaw advertised itself under the tagline who will survive and what will be left which implied that at least some a leather faces victims and survivors felt and one does Sally the lone survivor escapes she may be covered in blood and short and sanity by the end but she's alive real life is far cooler than fiction for the women gaining counter there was no nail biting escape no speedy accident a truck while their attacker through a well choreographed chainsaw tantrum those who encounter gain never live to tell the tale both Mary Hogan and Bernice Worden met gruesome ends Hogan was shot in the back of the head while closing up a bar and dragged back to gains farmhouse there she was butchered her face turned into a mask forgetting that where gory detail that would later become part of leather faces cast him if anything wardens death was worse unlike Hogan she was later found naked disemboweled and decapitated with the remnants of her body hanging from the rafters of dean's barn interface stowed inside a bag nearby that discovery was great but there was some positivity to come of it her son was a sheriff's deputy who had noticed gain acting suspiciously around her store so the moment she went missing he pointed the finger again which meant they were able to stop that before you claim any more victims dean confessed to police he liked to wear the flash dead women dance around in the moonlight a detail that is somehow to horrific even for the Texas chainsaw massacre the N. happy ending unlike the movie in which Leatherface eludes capture when dean was caught he didn't escape he didn't carve up other people in prison and he didn't get a chainsaw duel with Dennis Hopper as Leatherface does in the so bad it's bad Texas chainsaw massacre 2 which also claims to be based on real events dean's last victim was Beatrice warden and after he was caught game didn't commit any more atrocities in the remaining 30 odd years of his life this is probably because of where dean spent those remaining years after his arrest in 1957 he was deemed unfit to stand trial and condemned the psychiatric care after being declared mentally competent in 1968 and tried for murder he was found to have been insane when the crimes took place and recommit this time to the men don't have mental health institute in Madison Wisconsin where he remained until his death in 1984 //
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Stories Of People Being Possessed That Will Terrify You
\\according to a millennia of religious tradition our bodies can become vessels for evil spirits and even ghosts of former humans with nothing better to do now that they crossed over to the other side the most famous was of course the case of Rolando that inspired the exorcist but if you're not afraid to look you can find all sorts of wild tales of people taken over by demon spirits and ghosts Lou done possessions one of the most notorious instances of possession came in the seventeenth century in the French village of Lou done when entire combat and nuns appeared to have been possessed by a series of demons with names like the via thing Asteras Zebulon and ages drama no wait ... sorry that last one is a digi mon anyway these nuns appeared during a series of trials that accuse the parish priest urban Grande of having made a pact with could being you can probably guess the priest had not in fact signed the souls of some nuns away according to professor Gary sable his problems actually came from being way too handsome and doing some not very priestly things with some influential men's daughters nevertheless in a series of public exorcisms these non screen to convulsed and spoke in double language leading to a public hysteria that ultimately ended in Grundy a being burnt at the stake the events of the loot on possessions were famous enough to be turned into a book by Aldous Huxley called the devil's allude died in 1952 which was then adapted as the 1971 film the devil's but this wasn't the first time these events supposedly happened an almost identical case of possessed nuns also ended with the crispy priest and Exxon for months in 1611 clears your mind a seal the book demonic possession extraordinary to life experiences recounts a tale from 1906 in which a 16 year old south African girl named Clara Schumann a seal claim that she made a pact with Satan and confessed as much were priest father Rasmus Turner according to the nuns at our school the girl would rip her own clothes make sounds like a wild animal and could speak languages she never learned seal would also recall from the presence of holy items demonstrated superhuman strength was reported to levitate as much as 5 feet off the ground and could transform into a snake like creature the left Fang like puncture marks in a nun's arm after biting her father her performed an exorcism window he was able to remove the demon Satan drop the Mike by levitating the girl 1 more time in front of a church full of people as he made his exit Michael Taylor in 1974 Michael Taylor lived in a small town in England called us it re began attending a prayer group during a time of depression when the group leader Mary Robinson tried to heal Taylor's back injury with holy ghost power Taylor became obsessed with her and the 2 would sit up all night making the sign of the cross over each other as totally wholesome and not at all weird as that sounds tailor's wife naturally became convinced that they were having an affair when she confronted them about and for the whole church Taylor began screaming in tongues in getting violent causing church leaders to agree that he was possessed and called for an exercise for 7:00 hours to ministers prayed over Taylor man busted over 40 demons but decided to leave the demon responsible for murder in there until the next day which turned out to not be a great idea unsurprisingly Taylor went home and took the lives of his wife and her dog police found wandering the streets naked and covered in blood streaming it is the blood of Satan great news he was found not guilty Bobby Jindal unless you're a real exorcism not there's a decent chance that Bobby Jindal is the first name on this list you recognize right away he was the governor of Louisiana from 2008 to 2016 gave the response to president Obama's 2009 state of the union address and was 1 of the many contenders for president in 2016 what you may not know is that while he was in college Jindal performed an exorcism on his quote intimate but non romantic friend Susan this isn't some weird rumor cooked up by a political opponent either he wrote all about it in 1994 in an article for the new Oxford review called physical dimensions of spiritual warfare noticing that Susan was quote acting strange Jindal decided to perform an exercise in together with members of a school's campus crusade for Christ restrain Susan despite her attempts to escape rubbing crucifixes and bibles interface and being surprise that she kept swearing for some reason well there is no clear answer as to the cause of the quotes sullen mood that led to Jindal suspicion maybe just maybe it was that according to a mother Jones article she was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time and Liza Michel how many times would you say is a normal amount of times to be exercised well okay 0 is normal but if you had to be exercised you would hope one would be good right maybe 2 how about 67 a Washington post article from 2005 tells the story of Condoleezza Michelle a young woman in Germany who began arousing suspicion when she refused to walk past a picture of Jesus and also started to smell like hell literally she would speak in the voice of specific demands and damned souls including Judas Iscariot who apparently threw shade on Hitler by saying he was a quote big mouth with no real pull in hell this incident was followed by a series of 67 exorcists Ms based on a ritual from 1614 during which Michelle stopped eating in the end she was starved into her grave weighing only 68 pounds at the end of her life while you might say the Middle Ages were messed up now this happened in 1975 Michelle story was the basis for the 2005 film the exorcism of Emily rose 0 at least are horrible and needless death led to a towering achievement in cinema brother Hermes there can't be a need for that many exorcisms right sure they're obviously a few circumstances when you've gotta do say 67 of them but generally it seems like you only really get 1 unless you're Hermie Cifuentes A. K. A. brother Hermes an exorcist who claimed in 2012 to exercise a staggering 35 0 demons over 25 years that's 1400 exorcisms a year are nearly 4 a day he lives in the cool grey in the West Indies at Columbia which presumably looks like that 1 scene in Ghostbusters just like all the time which surely has process has to be pretty simple right a little sprinkle holy water a quick 1 of these Christ come you know and then boom bam you're on to the next one right nope brother Hermes paints the allegedly possess black and places them inside richly drawn circles with chicken eggs in each of their hands he interviews the demons they crush the eggs that he sets the ring on fire okay fine that's rad enough to do 35000 times thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus I got all this other cool stuff we know you love to //
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Messed Up Things That Actually Happened During Witch Hunts
\\it might be hard to believe but which is haven't always been the cool sexy campy pop culture icons they are today throughout human history panics have a ruptured over the possible existence of which is among us and crusades against witchcraft have claimed countless lives historians estimate that between 40000 and 100000 people were tried and executed as witches and there was no shortage of messed up injustices perpetrated in the process here's a look back at the worst witch hunt the moments of all time Johannes Kepler's mother you've heard about the work of Johannes Kepler the guy who developed the theories of important stuff like planetary motion and magnification NASA even name the spacecraft after him just imagine how much more he could have accomplished if he hadn't taken a sabbatical to defend its mother against witchcraft charges in 1620 Catharina Kepler a 68 year old widow was accused by her neighbors of classic which he moves like sickening them with poisons paralyzing a 12 year old girl's finger and turning herself into a cat which kicked off a trial that lasted 6 years Kepler move from Austria to Germany to take over his mother's defense using science to convince authorities that his mother should be set free unfortunately Catharina still spent 14 months being tortured and chained to the floor for jail cell while her son fought for her life and she passed away 6 months after the end of a trial karma is for suckers what happens when a bratty kid causes the demise of 7 innocent people ... not much of it happened during the height of Scotland's witch hunting frenzy Christian Shaw an 11 year old girl collar families may drinking milk without permission and soon after that Christian was supposedly having fits floating around the room and coughing up everything from egg shells to hot coals yeah sure she was encouraged by her family the girl accused 21 men women and children of witchcraft and 7 of them including the milk drinking made were found guilty one of the men took his own life the rest were executed and Christian Shaw she got married and lived to a ripe old age is a wealthy and successful business woman which seems kind of unfair in the scheme of things the arch bishop in the which judge in the 15 eighties people in the German city of trigger for positive that the whole area was overrun with which it's resulting in such a mass epidemic of executions that soon there weren't really enough women left alive you accuse this led some people to start doubting that every woman in a 10 mile radius was really a witch but we all know what kind of people they were always Jan age 6 inter deedrick Flotta a judge tasked with sentencing some of the so called witches unfortunately for Flotta he wasn't convinced that they all deserve to be executed some of the women were given light sentences while others were set free entirely and it didn't take long for him to attract the wrong kind of attention soon enough he was tortured and executed but according to Cornell University professor George for flood his days were probably numbered no matter what because in addition to being much too skeptical about witches he was getting in the way of the political aspirations of the arch bishop at the time the affair of the poisons this scandal began in 1676 with Louis the fourteenth who became fearful of being poisoned after violence erupted at the French court 34 people met their end before all is said and done but the most noteworthy was Catherine this high a also known as love was on a poor woman who made a fortune concocting toxic poisons from would be assassins when her home was rated as a part of the king's investigation they found all kinds of which she wears including nail clippings bones blood in various other bodily excretions Bob was on was arrested in 1679 and she not only admitted she was into some shady stuff but that our clientele included the nobility which just goes to show that the kings fears were not entirely unfounded it's not paranoid if they really are out to get you Louis as for the main conspirator she was arrested and burned as a witch and eventually became the subject of the very campy French film depicting her scandalous downfall solely Sir is that the professional Witchfinder Matthew Hopkins it started his witch hunting career in 1644 when he moved at 6 and immediately claimed he'd overheard a handful of women discussing witchcraft of the 23 he excuse to none survived which was enough for Hopkins to declare himself which finder general in GoPro convicting and executing hundreds of women he made a fortune doing it and he helped himself along with shady practices like stabbing accused witches with fake retractable knife blades to prove that they didn't believe like normal people mark of Satan as a partner no ensure what became of Hopkins but his reign of terror was the subject of a low budget Vincent Price horror biopic in the 19 sixties and some people say his ghost still haunts misli pond in Essex where he hopefully here's people talking every day about what a total jerk he was thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Theories That Make Horror Movies Even More Freaky
\\there's nothing better than a good horror movie but it's easy to get so distracted by the blood and guts so you don't really take the time to analyze what might've been going on in the filmmakers had fortunately there are plenty of people on the internet who do exactly that sort of thing and they've come up with some wild ideas to make some of our favorite horror movies even scarier Donnie Darko is driving message released in 2001 Donnie Darko became a cult hit mostly because no one knew what the heck it was actually supposed to be about over the years since Donnie Darko is release a huge number of fan theories have popped up was he dead the whole time was it all a hallucination those are interesting ideas but there's one theory that suggests the message of the entire movie was actually a condemnation of drunk driving the theory started on reddit where user argued that the movie's message about drunk driving is pretty clear if you listen to it the hollowing carnival was sponsored by madd mothers against drunk driving and then of course there's the reveal of Frank and the demise of Gretchen after she is hit by a car driven by someone who it's safe to say was driving drunk if you think it's far fetched writer director Richard Kelly was asked he said I'm very against drunk driving and if people want to take that away from it I hope people home alone is jigsaws origin tried to pick 2 movies with as little in common as possible home alone in the saucier choices only not so fast there's a fan theory that suggests the home alone movie service the origin story of Jim it makes both franchise so much macaulay Culkin as Kevin Esther has some serious that's a whole series of seriously a burglar traps that are triggered by dom's n't now and in his hallucinations about the furnace monster in the basement which happens to be a very similar trap and sought to pick macaulay Culkin Tobin bell even local like yeah were sold sacrifice in the midst the Indian of 2007 as the mist was one of the most gut twisting climaxes ever lost in the mist Tom James character Drayton shoots everyone in the car including his son to save them from a horrible end at the hands for clause of the miss monsters moments later the mist clears the army rolls up in the crisis is over if you'd waited only a few more minutes everyone would live yet super depressing but one theory changes the entire theme of the NBA when the group is trapped in the grocery store the town's resident religious not Mrs Carmody tries to sacrifice Drayton son to appease god Mrs Carmody is obviously insane but at the same time what she was right as soon as Drayton finishes the job at the end the miss lifts what if Drayton's execution of his son was really what race the mess the Blair witch project time loop there were 2 schools of thought when the Blair witch project came out some people honestly bought the idea that it was real found footage and the other group left the theater with a headache but while the Blair witch project seems like a simple movie about people lost out in the woods one theory suggests that the characters couldn't find their way out not because of the witches supernatural shenanigans but because they were actually caught in a time loop the biggest piece of evidence was the sci fi channel pseudo documentary curse of the Blair witch which showed that the house in the film had burned to the ground in the 19 forties of all the possible explanations the idea that there's some kind of time warp out in the woods actually makes the most sense whether or not the filmmakers have bad idea from the beginning is unknown put in 2016's Blair witch the film's characters know for a fact that there's something not right with time and the continuity of the reality they're experiencing and that's even more terrifying than the idea that there's a real Blair witch after them how do you fight a time warp Willy Wonka's hell factory 1971's Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is suppose to be a kids movie which explains a lot about an entire generation really if they think that a terrifying descent into the death of Wonka's chocolate factory was suitable for kids and that brings us to the theory some think the chocolate factory isn't actually a candy factory at all it's hell and the boat ride is the trip across the river Styx is the grisly reaper mauling yeah the theory says that it's all based on the idea of Dante's inferno which describes the journey through the circles of hell each circle contains a different punishment based on a given crime just like in Willy Wonka where each child is punished based on his or her specific crime meaning that when Charlie wins the factory at the end he really wins the underworld ... thanks demonic signs signs had plenty of potential but for a lot of people the whole thing was derailed when the aliens turned out to be vulnerable to water did these highly advanced aliens really decide to invade a planet that could destroy them all with a rainy day but there's one theory that closes up a lot of the plot holes they're not aliens at all their demands that would explain why we never see any technology why there aren't any spaceships and why they're on this water filled world in the first place and then there's the part where Mel Gibson's character tells his daughter bow that he thought she was an angel when she was born so when both says something like this Paulson mine starts on my wounds can either classroom like she's really trying to fill the house up with holy water you know for all the demands a it's not perfect but it's better than super advanced aliens that just happened to forget about their one weakness being one of the major building blocks of life on earth drag me to dinner once you hear this one you won't be able to unsee it Sammarinese 2009 thriller drag me to hell wasn't about demons at all it was all the overactive imagination of a starving woman who is struggling with an eating disorder stick with us on this one the main character Christine admits that she was overweight as a child and most of the horrible things that happened to Christine can be connected to an eating disorder she's constantly being vomited on attacked in the mouth in giving things forced down her throat and just about everyone eats and drinks stuff through the entire movie except for Christine once you watch with that in mind it's almost impossible not to see Pennywise is Bob from Twin Peaks one hit theory that might even be creepier than the movie itself is the idea of a Pennywise the clown is actually double dipping has another creepy villain Bob from Twin Peaks for one thing they're both well named Bob in the original Stephen King book Pennywise mentions that his real name is Robert Bob gray if the name thing is enough there's the fact that they're both evil inter dimensional beings Bob came from the black lodge while Pennywise came from the macro verse since we humans only know of our own dimension there's no reason the lodge in the macro first can't be the same thing finally they both feet on fear and suffering like monsters ink but a little less cute thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Untold Truth Of David S. Pumpkins
\\if you're one of the millions of people who fall under the spell of Halloween's goofy as new mascot David as pumpkins you've come to the right place I wondered what Paul fumes aloneness I wouldn't he the Tom Hanks persona first made its debut on Saturday Night Live in 2016 but immediately generated online insanity now is well on his way to becoming an annual staple of the spooky season so now's a great time to take a look at what you might not know about David as pumpkins I viral inspiration have you ever seen the viral video known as little superstar well former SNL writer and performer Bobby Moynihan has hit his writing partners Mikey day and Streeter Slidell were fans of the clip which racked up over 18000000 views since it first hit YouTube in 2006 little superstar had previously been incorporated in the SL 2007 would bill hater and Fred Armisen performed a brief parody of the video at the end of an episode but that was nothing compared the bad breakdancing madness to call 10 years later the video inspired the 3 SNL writers to let their imaginations run wild we were watching that video the little others at a video of the Indian guy dancing around and he relents when he stops at the music stops and we thought that was really fun and we were like let's write something where were dancing Moynahan revealed the show's air date being so close to Halloween was the next piece of the writing puzzle we said there's no Santa Claus for Halloween my my gears like about David pumpkins I said how about David S. pumpkins the rest is his it really yeah the S. he'd later revealed stands for Simon for no reason whatsoever sounds about right silence is golden part of what makes David as pumpkins work is the fact that he doesn't really say much about who he is or why he exists he's just kind of there a grinning weirdo who assumes you'll learn everything you need to know about him just by watching him break dance with the skeleton pals but the original version of the sketch and pumpkins providing a lot more details about his wacky existence as a festive Halloween mutant Mikey day told up rocks originally there was a lot more dialogue and originally was set to like a peach so I kind of had rhythm and we were like do you hot and he's like maybe and then there was if you wake up in the morning and there's a pumpkin in your hall closet that means I hate you thankfully the mysteriously stupid Davis pumpkins we know and love is the one who eventually made its air and into our hearts low brow Tom Hanks is been known as an Oscar winning dramatic actor for several decades now making it easy to forget that he got a showbiz stark in comedy from bosom buddies and bachelor party to big and Joe versus the volcano thanks ability to be funny in just about any role is something we only get to see these days when he shows up on SNL even still thanks wasn't entirely convinced that he wanted to take on David S. pumpkins ... Tom Hanks in between dress and air are not a fan of the sketch namaha who thought it was very bizarre in fact Hanks even suggested that they save the character for the host to the following week's episode however he went for it and became an instant sensation even if he still doesn't quite get the appeal I'm not I'm not I'm not exactly understand it I'm there I'll be David as pumpkins for the rest of my life now here lies David as pumpkin indeed it didn't take long for Tom Hanks to reprise his role on the show well sort of in may Hanks came back to close out SNL's 40 second season in his infamous pumpkin suit but as they became David as pimp kids which is something of an upgrade or downgrade depending on how you look at it ... just a few costume craze as adults behind the scenes team might have considerable experience making custom costumes but for David as pumpkins they with the easy route we purposely went and we were like we just a 1299 suit and it's a good thing they did because fans of David as pumpkins went all out trying to snag a copy of the custom for themselves just days after the sketch aired outlets across the web reported that the suit sold out right away even though the price tag was a little bit higher than Moynahan remember imitation is flattery Tom Hanks was alone in being confused by the chaos of David as pumpkins his son Colin Hanks also had trouble wrapping his head around the bit and then I saw that and I said oh G. while okay but one celeb who really got into it was Microsoft founder Bill Gates who went on to impersonate David as pumpkins to promote his own a reddit AMA with an inexplicable Christmas spent yeah Christmas pumpkin between that the means of pumpkins popping up in famous war movie scenes it's pretty clear the character has done his job becoming a holiday mainstay which means pumpkins returns in September 2017 nearly a year after he first played the role Tom thanks to the teaser images some script pages that pointed to a pumpkins port to sketch on SNL but NBC had even bigger plans in mind the network announced that Hanks would be re teaming with the writing troupe that started it all for a 30 minute animated David as pumpkins Halloween special featuring game of thrones star Peter Dinklage judging by Hank sneak peek of the script hill actually have something to say about himself this time around and the press release for the special tells us it'll be set in a small suburban town on All Hallows eve and focuses on David pumpkins and his skeleton psychics who show a young boy and his sister the true meaning of hollow we answering none of their questions along the way will the show managed to recapture the fog nonsensical spirit of the sketch will know for sure on October 28 until then better practice your dance moves yeah I know he these are watching could the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Famous People Who May Never Have Existed
\\these days it's easy to hop online and instantly accessed the complete life history of any famous person who ever lived and even some it turns out that probably never lived at all yes despite all the legends and stories it turns out that some of the biggest names in history may have been totally made up here's a look at some famous people who may never have been real in the first place move on Disney introduced audiences around the world to the legend of move line but she was already a big deal in Chinese literature the tale of a warriors daughter dressing as a man and fighting in her ailing father's place is a timeless bit of bad ass girl power unfortunately there's not much evidence that a real malign ever existed this story of Milan first appeared in the sixth century not in history books but rather in an epic poem fittingly titled the ballad of Milan this story didn't really become popular until affair plays written in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries made maligned a household name which is ironic because when the player rights changed her family name to walk because it was more poetic something that probably wouldn't happen if this was the story of a real person sorry new issue alright that's it gonna miss out on your whole family maybe notice does not all you know about all your to Robin Hood the legendary English folk hero Robin Hood is well known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor residing unsure what forest with his gang of outlaws and wooing maid Marian the stories about him are certainly fictitious but could they be based on the exploits of a real person or was Robin Hood totally made up identifying a single person is the basis for the famous outlaw is nearly impossibly difficult that's because as the stories about it began to grow in popularity in the thirteenth fourteenth centuries random English allies began to call themselves Robin Hood so the historical records are littered with accounts of these many different Robin Hood robin hoods Robinson hoods these guys nevertheless some historians speculate that Robin Hood may have been based in part on noblemen Falk FitzWarin the third who rebelled against King John what robin hoods votes if he was the basis for Robin Hood been a name change was a good decision as folk outfits warrant doesn't have quite the same ring to it pope Joan the story goes that in the year 857 the Catholic Church received a major shock when the pope suddenly and unexpectedly gave birth during a processional it turned out that exceptionally talented woman had disguised herself as a man entered the priesthood and risen through the ranks to become pope all without anybody guessing she was female until the whole pregnancy thing gave it away this story of pope Joan has been held up for centuries as an amazing tale of faith and feminism but it may in fact be just the story bell was believed to be true for centuries resulting in hundreds of documents detailing her life not to mention pain's sculptures and even what many say is a carving of pope Joan in Saint Peter's square itself the Catholic church's official stance is that she's an urban legend and legitimate scholars back them up professor Valery Hotchkiss of Southern Methodist University believes Jones story comes largely from a single book history of Evers and popes written by a monk named Martin politeness centuries after pope Joan supposedly I think that and once that but got out everyone just assumed it was true making it history's first known example of fake news King Arthur unless you've been living under a rock you're probably familiar with the Arthurian legend you know guidelines the magic sword Excalibur invents the bro code with his posse and then finds the holy grail of creating the utopian society of Camelot human what it's only a model well well these fantastical stories are clearly a mishmash of folklore some believe the legends of King Arthur are based on a real person for instance some historians suggest the Roman military commander Lucious are Tory as castus as possible candidates picking Arthur movie from 2004 starring Clive Ellen follows this line of reasoning it depicts him as a Roman soldier others suggest Riata mess king of the Britons during the fifth century it's just as likely however that King Arthur in Camelot are completely made up which is probably just as well so second also let's not go to Camelot it is a silly place drive thanks for watching quicker grunge icon the surprise your YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Small Details In Blade Runner 2049 That Only True Fans Noticed
\\blade runner 2049 is filled with stunning visuals and massive worldbuilding shots with so much information packed into every frame it's hard catch everything in Blade Runner 2049 here so the small details and Easter eggs you might have messed major spoilers ahead master blaster between the more obvious holdovers from the first movie like the spinners and Terrell's tower eagle eyed fans may have noticed 1 particular artifact that made the leap from the original film Deckard blaster pistol and the new version isn't just close to its legal ancestor it's an exact replica actual price surprisingly it isn't locked in a highly it was purchased by a private collector he was gracious enough to lend it to the filmmakers according devices inside the making of Blade Runner 2049 the prop team used it to build decker's blaster all over again become a really close look at it and basically we recreated are the plaster again bolt by bolt nexus 7 they're a bunch of different replicant models in the Blade Runner universe in the original film Harrison Ford's decker was hunting nexus 6 in 2049 day Batista's characters a nexus 8 and Ryan Gosling's Kazin nexus 9 each new model marks the design evolution nexus sixes had a 4 year lifespan nexus aids like Batista sapper mort can live much longer and can apparently visibly age so what about the nexus sevens is far as we know neither film explicitly mentions a nexus 7 model but 2049 left an Easter egg that reveals Rachel from the original film to be possibly 1 of the only nexus sevens when Kay hunt down the serial number from Rachel's bones he found buried under that tree the serial number begins with an 7 most likely short for nexus 7 which leaves the question was Rachel the 1 and only nexus 7 I wish you a special version that could reproduce and if Deckard really is a replicant is C. N. nexus 7 to a real ghost while K. enjoy our tracking down Deckard they stop at a shop owned by a guy named doc badger decays toy course analyze badger realizes it's made of real wood and offers K. a real horse or goat as a trade surprisingly that line was actually a callback to Blade Runner source novel do androids dream of electric sheep in it Deckard is always looking for animals for example one line reads ever thought of selling your horse Rick asked he wished to god he had a horse later decker drops his entire bounty of $3000 as a down payment on a goat Deckard obviously loves animals which is hinted at in Blade Runner 2049 when we see that is Vegas hideaway is filled with animal sculptures not to mention a pet dog opening on March Blade Runner is notorious for the number of different cuts it has and even before release gots endless tinkering some scenes when the script got the job the original opening scene was one of those early casualties but decades later it was re imagined as the opening scene for 2049 basically the original script involved decker breaking into a replicants house on a farm and waiting in the kitchen for the replicant to come home eventually the replicant arrives sees Deckard and walks over to stir a pot that's bubbling on the stove the as Deckard if you want some soup and then Deckard kills Scott executive producer for 2049 must of love the original opening because he's been talking about putting in the sequel for years now either way it's a fantastic tribute to the first bill eyes in the sky in 1 of the scenes of K. flying above the city in a spinner several fans apparently noticed an airborne craft the resembles the U. S. S. Solanco from 1986 as aliens the ship carrying Ripley in the crew of marines it's hard to tell for sure just about every vehicle in future Los Angeles's big gray and blocky and even if the design was inspired but the Sligo deputy doesn't mean anything as exciting as a confirmed cross over however there is a bit of back story that makes this possible Easter egg a little more likely the Sulaco in aliens was designed by conceptual artist sid me a long time powerhouse in Hollywood sci fi visuals meet also worked on the design of the original Blade Runner as well as 2049 could that mysterious ship fans say they saw be an homage to 1 of the pioneers of modern sci fi now that's something we're thinking about thanks for watching click the drudge I kinda subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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The Only Characters Worthy Enough To Use Thor's Hammer
\\NCCU probably know all about for Samuel near and that only those who are worthy to wield it though they haven't really explored the possibility much in the Marvel cinematic universe there been several characters in the comics who were at one time or another worthy of wielding the power of Thor level home Loki it would take some insane weirdness and arcane trickery for Loki to wheel me only here but when you're talking about comics that kind of goes without saying during the 2014 X. min Avengers crossover event axis several members of the team were hit with an inversion spell which converted good be evil and vice versa including Thor and Loki with their roles now reverse Loki becomes a hero and Thor becomes a villain with a lot of mess to clean up Loki agent of Askar number 9 continues the story revealing them the only air which had rejected the evil for for being well evil chose good Loki as its new champion so that he could wield it against his brother of course all good and evil things must come to an end once the spell was lifted Loki once again returned to his evil on where the waves Captain America in the films Steve Rogers couldn't move me only are more than a little bit but in comics cap has grabbed a hammer multiple times over in Thor number 390 Avengers island comes under attack in the invading millions of grog subdue most of the team when Thor separated from you only your cap grabs the hammer and wields it for a short time before returning it to for this marks the first time a human can lift the hammer and was also uses a plot device cap was in a bad place with the Avengers at the time put his being able to pick up the old you're convinced or he was aware of the man who could be trusted but seriously if Steve Rogers is unworthy of the power of Thor who is I think beta ray bill every so often comics need to shake things up and the introduction of the force faced beta ray bill in 4 number 337 was such a big change that even shattered the logo on the cover and created a full on paradox in the Marvel universe could there be more than one for when an alien fleet was detected by shield for went to investigate and was mistaken for an attacker by bill the sideboard tasked with defending his people the Corbin nights as they journey to a new galaxy during their fight Thor loses control me only if you read the comics way back when you may recall that Thor turned back into his human alter ego the puny Donald Blake if he was separated from his hammer for 60 seconds that happened here and with Blake posing no threat bill picked up the hammer and was immediately transformed into the all new Thor Odin since what was going on in sap the 2 floors over as guard to address the whole 2 worthy wielders problem after a fight to determine who was truly the most worthy Odin they created a new hammer for bill called Stormbreaker Wonder Woman the idea of characters being worthy enough to lift me only or is it actually limited to a single reality in 1996 during the DC versus marble cross over Wonder Woman stumbled across the words hammer and hefty did almost effortlessly adding the god of thunder's power to our own and getting the new costume that really reminds you that this thing was published in the mid nineties however Wonder Woman never actually fought for in the story she was matched up against storm of the X. men while Thor took on captain Marvel better known today as she is Sam it makes sense considering that storm was easily Marvel's most popular and prominent female character and even when the fan vote to determine the outcome of the series unfortunately it also made the momentous occasion of Wonder Woman lifting Thor's hammer feel like an afterthought after swinging it around for a couple of panels Wonder Woman drop the hammer so that she could battle storm in a fair fight putting herself in a disadvantage in a way that gave the see an easy excuse for having 1 of the most popular characters take the loss Superman if Wonder Woman Sammer time suffered from being an afterthought Superman's turn it wielding the power of Thor in JLA Avengers was exactly the kind of climactic moment it should have been 2 issues after they fought each other in a knock down drag out brawl Superman and Thor had earned each other's trust just in time for the Avengers and the justice league to get into a full on team up that store was overwhelmed by enemies from both universes he threw me only or to Superman who was already carrying captain America's shield armed with the power of Thor Superman shattered an entire fortress in a single blow after the stories final battle however Superman found himself unable to lift it with Thor casually explaining that Odin must have lifted the enchantment for a special one time only emergency Superman might've been where the the let's be real that's the sort of thing that you can only really do once Eric master said in the early nineties store got a new identity a dude named Eric Masterson a run of the mill architect who happened upon a battle between the mighty Thor and an enemy named the mongoose while the mongooses name was a very threatening the laser weapon he wielded against or wives or was knocked down and lost his grip on the only with mon Dieu standing ready to kill the other guardian Masterson ran into the fray grab the hammer and wheeled it against mongoose who quickly dispatched in nearly killed him with masters in near death sorbet devoted to save his life given his obvious worthiness of heroism instead Odin bonds masters in the floor in the same manner he was bonded to Donald Blake back in the day what emerges is the ponytail wielding for for a new age eventually Odin separated Masterson from Thor but after deciding he should continue to possess god like power he created a new weapon called Thunderstrike amaze for him to use Masterson named himself after his new toy and goes off on his own adventures bodies eventually killed off and sent to an after life of his own by Odin who clearly can't make up his mind about anything Jane foster in 2016 it was time to welcome yet another new Thor to the Marvel universe after decades of stories that it seemed Thorkild cloned reborn and more don Blake's girl friend and long time for ally Jane foster picks up the owner and becomes the new Thor goddess of thunder she even alters the inscription on the hammer to read whosoever holds this hammer if she be worthy shall possess the power of Thor when this goes down the original god of thunder tries to reclaim his hammer entitled after he fails he relinquishes the name of Thor and takes on the title of Odense on adopting a new weapon in a cool prosthetic arm to continue a superhero lifestyle meanwhile the newly crowned goddess of thunder faces new challenges and joins the Avengers but maintains her secret identity foster now has all of course powers with no limitations and also has demonstrated a unique method of control over your here that the old floor never achieve you can alter the hammer's velocity and trajectory in mid throw and can even cause it to spin around an enemy at great speed trapping them that's pretty worthy don't you think lego Stanley we're yes Stan the man has envied lifted the hammer of Thor but not in the comics or movies he was in the lego Marvel Avengers video games because of course it was while dusting in the Avengers penthouse in the aftermath of the battle with Ultron Stanley's lego counterpart casually picks up the words hammer so he can get all the dust beneath it when he realizes what he's holding he quickly drops the hammer and whistles is way off screen too bad we never got to see him really use the thing thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Video Games You Will Probably Never Beat
\\what does it take to beat a video game in some cases all it takes is a few hours and a well written strategy guide for other crueler games however you may never reach that final victory screen no matter how hard you try here are a few games that you'll probably never ever beat near automata it takes only about 15 hours to finish near atomic has main campaign but that's hardly the end of the game effect the first time that you see the credits you're only about a third of the way through the post apocalyptic android adventure if you want to truly be began only to play through again observing events from a different character's point of view then you'll have to begin a third play through which unlocks the second half of the story and introduces yet another playable character and even then you're still not done take a few more steps and you'll unlock the game's fourth ending but as the credits roll again transforms into a nearly impossible bullet hell shooter finish that no matter how many times the game asks don't give up you finally get the best ending it's not hard to get the final ending but it takes many hours and it's not easy to find without help which is totally on purpose devil daggers players who cut their teeth on 90 shooters like the original doom and quake should feel right at home in double deckers throwback first person shooter from indie developer Sora the premise is simple kill everything that moves as quickly as possible if you fall off the level or make contact with an enemy that's it back to the beginning in order to master the only achievement in double deckers you don't have to reach the end of the level you just have to survive against increasingly difficult waves of enemies for a total of 500 seconds you can upgrade your weapons but as the clock counts down it barely matters the amount of space you have to move around in shrinks for the number of enemies gross only 0.1 percent of players have managed to last for the 8.33 minutes needed to secure the game's only form of victory and after that you'll still die anyhow darkest dungeon many roleplaying games and a group of adventurers into a dungeon to search for treasures but few explore the psychological trauma that results from spending an extended amount of time in the monster filled darkness darkest dungeon dice like usual characters can be killed by skeletons necromancers ghost pirates and pigment but they'll also get increasingly stressed as they head deeper underground forming neurotic works and in extreme cases going full on crazy once characters are gone they're gone for good and no need to train replacements the dungeon layouts change every time you had inside given how important request preparation is to the game you often find yourself in deep deep trouble before you even really get started since its release in early 2016 fewer than 2 percent of steam players have finished the game and that's on the regular setting the extra hard stygian mode has only a 0.3 percent completion rate persona 5 it's a well made game that clears the already high bar set by its predecessors but persona 5 demands quite a bit of attention players without 200 hours to spare may not ever finish winding their way through persona fives otherworldly dungeons when navigating its complex social scene not only is personified at least twice as long as your average single player game but it has multiple endings to and if you don't make the right decisions at a few crucial moments you won't get the real ending for Die Hard fans that's fine it's impossible to see everything that persona 5 has to offer on a single play through anyway but for the rest of us a single run is daunting enough sorry but looking up the best ending on you tube is a heck of a lot faster spelunking everybody loves spelunking the original version quickly became a favorite and HD remaster won and number of game of the year awards and is appeared on toy shelves tee shirts and even other video games and yet according to steam only about 6 percent of people have beaten spelunking without short cuts so what gifts the procedurally generated levels play a big part no 2 spelunking runs are going to be exactly the same meaning that memorizing stage layouts won't help you not only are the games caverns crammed full of monsters that you want dead but if you dial a ghost appears and hunts you down spelunking never explains what its various items do or how it's devious traps work either you have to figure it out for yourself usually by dying into you get the hang of 3 you can't beat endless Tetris you can't beat beat your ass why would anyone assume that you can beat 3 games like this are usually about racking up high scores not reaching in and and yet as the minds behind the threes porn Twitter account discovered threes does and it just takes a long time to get there in threes players merge number tiles to increase their values creating the biggest town the game which is worth 6144 points takes a really long time making 2 and fusing them together seemed impossible but it wasn't I ... even the developers didn't originally put an ending in the game figuring that nobody would ever actually get there 3 and a third years after threes made its debut someone finally discover the games hidden and quite possibly becoming the first person to do so at least without cheating thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel Lester had all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Strange Things That Actually Happened On The Set Of The Matrix
\\a Hollywood blockbuster represents thousands of hours of work which means that no matter how great the finished product some pretty interesting stuff happens behind the scenes of most films that we the public never get to hear about except on super cool you 2 videos like this one here's a look at the filming of the matrix franchise and some of the crazy things that happen when the cameras weren't rolling required reading matrix star Keanu Reeves had to read 1000 pages worth of philosophy and evolutionary psychology before he was even allowed to see the complete script for the film but everyone in the cast had a homework assignment to read a dense book of French postmodern philosophy called simulacra and simulation by John Bolger yard that's because the film's directors the Wachowskis wanted to be sure that everyone in the movie really understood the concept behind the matrix they could explain it when asked unlike Morpheus who clearly didn't do the reading unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is you have to see it for yourself this scene Warner brothers didn't want you to see the matrix special effects team studied everything from the physics of fluid dynamics to the exploding patterns of different types of glass in order to create this awe inspiring helicopter crash nnsl the whole thing almost didn't happen just researching the scene took so much time money and work that Warner brothers tried to have it cut in the movie entirely fortunately the Wachowskis passion one out in the helicopter crash stayed in using just about every kind of special effectively able at the time the matrix was a comic before it was a movie before they blew your mind with this breakout scifi hit directing view of the Wachowskis had only one other successful film to their name the lesbian crime drama bound so to convince Warner brothers to fund the matrix they got comic artists Geoff Darrow in Steve's gross to turn the script into a shot for shot storyboard of the entire film this 600 page story board was impressive enough to get the studio to take the red pill giving the Wachowskis a $60000000 budget to make their vision a reality Warner brothers only stipulation that they got to pick the film star though their choice of Keanu Reeves wasn't initially a big hit with the Wachowskis turns out they just didn't know Reeves had a skill set that went way beyond what they'd seen in bill and Ted's excellent adventure no code for all the white shirts were actually green if you notice that every scene set inside the matrix simulation is kind of green and queasy looking you're not imagining things it was a visual trick used by the filmmakers to give the world the sterile artificial feel which sure they could have accomplished with a filter in post production but costume designer Kym Barrett went the extra mile and put every like colored piece of clothing worn by the cast through a green wash that also goes extra nicely with the color scheme in the oracles kitchen the matrix took its casting director to some interesting places for Neil this training simulation was designed to teach him to keep an eye out for the movies evil agents but if you take more fetuses advice you'll notice something weird some of the people in this crowd look exactly alike for the filmmakers it was a subtle hint that whoever made this simulation took short cuts copying and pasting the same code multiple different times but for casting director Tim little it was a challenge because he was the one who had to scour the entire country of Australia for dozens of pale skin twins and triplets to use in the scene that wasn't the best part of the job however little actually had the most fun visiting local fetish clubs to find extras who would be comfortable in some of the films more extreme costume options the matrix recycles back in the day the sets constructed for the matrix reloaded and the matrix revolutions were among the most ambitious ever built like the 1.5 mile stretch of fake highway that was built from scratch for this chase scene but he didn't go to waste 97.5 percent of the materials used in the final 2 matrix movies were either recycled or re purpose to build low income housing in Mexico which means that someone is probably sitting in the living room right now where the very walls are imbued with molecules of Keanu Reeves kung fu sweat love Hugo weaving's epiphany one of the best parts of the matrix reloaded is the burly brawl where Neil battles an army of clones of the evil agent Smith this scene was partially accomplished their CG I but it was mostly done by making up a herd of stuntmen to look just like actor Hugo weaving and unfortunately this awesome movie moment shattered any illusions weaving had about his receding hairline talk about a bad way to find out that you're going bald everyone from the side let's go Jana Reeves give away a lot of me despite what you may have heard Keanu Reeves didn't donate his entire salary to the movie special effects crew but he did sign away his residual payments for ever in order to funnel money back into trilogies production nobody knows exactly how much money Reeves passed up in order to give the crew another 2 movies worth of job security but it would have been in the millions will give you a second to let that sink in he's the one it's watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Horror Movies That Became Real
\\for most of us the best thing about horror movies is the part where they aren't real but for a handful of disturbed fans these stories about slashers stalkers and blood thirsty vampires have inspired dangerous and deadly copycat killings here's the terrifying truth of 7 core movies that became true life crime scenes uhhuh nightmare on Elm Street it was September 2004 in London when 26 year old Daniel Gonzales dab for people to death a gruesome series of murders just like something out of a nightmare on Elm Street Gonzales reportedly fantasized about becoming a serial killer with horror film villain Freddy Krueger serving as his inspiration a diary entry written after his first murder read I will be a serial killer I need it I promise Gonzalez was sentenced to 6 life sentences in a maximum security sanatorium in Berkshire England but in the end he only spent a year behind bars before taking another life his own Gonzales was found dead in his room at Broadmoor hospital in August of 2007 perch in this dystopian thriller America has come up with a chilling annual tradition to ensure a peaceful thriving society commencing at the siren any and all crime including murder will be legal for 12 can not only did the film spawned a franchise it also inspired copycats John the thing crews who murdered 3 people during a violent 4 day spree in 2016 police couldn't explain cruises motives for the seemingly indiscriminate murders until they interviewed his acquaintances who revealed that before committing these crimes the killer had often talked about his desire to do a so called perch a jury of cruises peers responded by purging him from society he serving 3 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole saw with its graphic gore and gross out torture killings saws a franchise that's hard to stomach but one man found it horribly inspire in a clear copycat re enactment of a scene from the film 25 year old Matthew tingling murdered his neighbor 45 year old Richard Hamilton stabbing the older man repeatedly and then slicing through his spinal cord unlike this sadistic jigsaw tingling was motivated by ordinary greet he wanted Hamilton to hand over the can freeze bank accounts and unlike jigsaw 10 link won't be headlining a franchise be spending the next 30 years in prison for his crime Halloween after watching rob zombie's 2007 remake of the classic 1978 slasher flick Halloween 17 year old Jake Evans wanted to be like Michael Myers the mask lunatic who killed his family on the spooky as night of the year Evan shot and killed his 15 year old sister Mallory and its 48 year old mother Jamie on 10/3/2012 then pinned a confession explaining that he was inspired by Meyer's remorseless writing I was thinking to myself it would be the same for me when I killed someone unlike Michael Myers Evans will be back for a sequel in January 2013 he was sentenced to 45 years in prison scream Wes Craven's horror classic screen inspired a slew of sequels and at least one real life crime get 2001 T. reads here again lord 15 year old schoolgirl Alison canned beer into his home in Belgium under the pretense of giving her some VHS tapes that when Sheridan made romantic advances toward canned beer she rejected at which point he put on a ghost face mask and stab the girl more than 30 times jeritan allegedly placed her body on his bed but a rose in her mouth and called this bother to confess the killing which he claimed was both premeditated and motivated by the events seen in screen which just goes to show that he totally missed the point of the movie says don't you blame the movies movies don't create psychos interview with the vampire in 199425 year old Daniel sterling and 23 year old Lisa still again headed to the theater to see this buzzed about vampire film which starred Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise is its main bloodsuckers later still again woke up to find sterling staring at her when she asked what was wrong he said he was going to killer and drinker blood sterling must not have sounded too convincing because his girlfriend fell back asleep instead of running screaming from the room but she should have later that day sterling stabs d'elegance 7 times and did indeed drinker blood though luckily the woman survived sterling's attorney trying to argue that the film was to blame for sterling's crime but the jury didn't buy the P. empires made me do it defense they convicted him of attempted first degree murder child's play the film that weekend an entire generation spear of dolls this 1988 supernatural slasher centers on shocking a demonic plaything possessed by the soul of the deceased serial killer but it also played a role in 1 of Britain's most sadistic murders in December 1992 Bernadette McNealy kidnapped a 16 year old girl named Suzanne Capper who was stripped naked forced into a bathtub filled with disinfectant liquid and made to listen to recordings of McNeeley imitating Chuckie does tapes kept playing while McNeely and her accomplices beat their victim and ripped out her front teeth Suzanne Capper died after being dumped into a wooded area and set on fire McNeely and 3 of her 5 associates were sentenced to lengthy prison terms the story didn't end there in 2014 McNealy was paroled she's currently living under a new name in an undisclosed location in northwest England and hopefully not plotting a sequel thanks for watching click the grunge I kinda subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Terrifying Real-Life Story Behind Scream
\\scream was a spine chilling parable on the dangers of horror movie desensitization but beneath all the cinematic commentary there actually was a real life murder spree that inspired the slasher flick screenwriter Kevin Williamson was first move to write the film after seeing news coverage of a murderer known as the Gainesville Ripper he was so spooked by the story that he armed himself with a butcher knife and called a friend started laying it on thick about 4 genre tropes I'm familiar yeah the one with the guy and the white mask a box mounted stocks baby sitters after enduring terrible nightmares that night he woke up and started writing the screenplay for screen so what was it about the murders that had such an impact on Williamson here are the horrifying details about the true story that inspired scream the body count it all started on 8/24/1990 when 18 year old Sonja Larson and 17 year old Christina Powell were attacked in their own apartment Larson died first after being bound and stabbed and Powell was sexually assaulted before suffering the same treatment the entire thing seems straight out of a horror movie as their killer mutilated and post the bodies the killings continue the very next night with the murder of crystal Hoyt she too was attacked found raped and stabbed in the back her body was also hacked and reposition law enforcement eventually founder head on a bookshelf 3 days later a maintenance man was asked to check on a pair of roommate's name many to bota and Tracy politics he walked into their apartment and saw the to Botha was dead and polished like previous victims had been bound raped and stabbed a maintenance worker had seen her body when you open the door and later said she was laying next to a black back time the police got there the bag was gone immediate of the killer the Gainesville river the first suspect it wasn't long before authorities made their first arrest university of Florida student Edward Lee Humphrey was taken into custody on August 30 on completely unrelated charges of assaulting his 79 year old grandmother afraid stopped taking his medications for bipolar disorder and started carrying a knife with them on suppose it secret missions on the same days as the murders Humphrey was reportedly acting bizarrely making serious threats and brandishing knives he'd hidden under his clothes another college student even told police they talked about what it would be like to dissect humans killing stopped while he was in custody however Humphries DNA didn't match what was found at the scene of the crimes and Humphrey was released free to reclaim his life another suspect surfaces in may of 1990 a man named Danny rolling shot his father twice before fleeing the state of Louisiana he was later implicated in a grocery store robbery in Florida and when police located is forced campsite they were alarmed at what they discovered among his possessions were bloody clothing items weapons dye stained cash and it takes where he recorded his dark thoughts our live forever Mariah but I'm getting pretty good at it that means anything on the tapes he was recorded detailing the most effective way to kill deer and also claim to possess other personalities named E. nat and chairman I claim which he later present to authorities one personality is they don't mind the NASD is Jesse James tied wraps most eerily the tape also included him singing songs with lines like little girls are not all sugar and spice and you're a killer a drifter gone insane was tried for robbery in 1991 the would face trial for the murders until 1994 the confessions a month before rolling was due to go on trial he butted up with another inmate named Bobby Lewis ruling spilled all the details of the Gainesville murders to Lewis and when it came time to talk to investigators he would only do so through his new friend through Lewis rolling not only confessed to the murders but he also claimed he hadn't finished his mission before being apprehended he'd wanted to kill a total of 8 people rather than 5 it and pled guilty to the murders in court I've been wrong first one for now now the wrong there are some things that you just can't run from interesting one of those a few years later however Rowland said that he had reached his desired kill count and confessed to yet another set of killings triple murder that is taking place in Louisiana in 1989 rolling said he'd been the 1 that killed 55 year old Tom Grissom his 24 year old daughter Julie and her 8 year old nephew Sean in their home while they're in the middle of making dinner the mind set one of the most frightening things about scream was how cavalier the killers were about claiming people's lives seems like scary there's no motive said that too was drawn from these real life slayings in 1998 a reporter from the Hillsdale Daily News folk to rolling while he sat on death row while he refused to comment directly on his own actions he did share some of his opinions on the role serial killers plane society he said that society was filled with hypocrisy giving medals to soldiers were killed while condemning the serial killer who took matters into his own hands he went on to suggest that society should start a hunting season were serial killers were allowed to thin the herd as a means of satisfying their natural instincts to harm other humans the execution rolling was executed on 10/25/2006 and saying to him that he had composed himself as he was administered a lethal injection he never asked for forgiveness or expressed any remorse for what he had done all of the land go over and while the shock of the murders he committed a sin subsided since his execution the community of Gainesville hasn't forgotten what happen a mural is still painted on a wall on southwest 30 fourth street to commemorate the names of the victims 2015 the city held a memorial service for the slain students on the 20 fifth anniversary of their deaths the surviving families of the students sat with the law enforcement officers who couldn't and to Rollings murder spree and because of the enduring presence of screen people won't soon forget the true tragedy that inspired it the //
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Superhero Powers That Shouldn't Exist
\\flights fighting prowess invulnerability magic lots of money where superpowers again rich these are just a few of the super powers that have made our favorite superheroes well our favorites so what about the unsung heroes who don't have these popular powers sure these guys may not be able to save the world let alone a small suburb but they have their place among the pantheon of heroes right here a few superhero powers that probably shouldn't exist Leon noon yes Marvel's Leah new year's is a mutant who so sad that he doesn't even have a super hero alter ego when the Marvel universe was reduced to they didn't even count Leah in a nutshell pneumonias is a mutant with the ability to give other people super power via tattoos that roughly correspond to that power of course giving someone a tattoo is an incredibly convoluted and time consuming process meeting new year's is pretty useless in an actual fight unless you given 3 weeks notice and know exactly what you're up against any better not screw up either or you could walk away with all the powers of a dude with busted legs or something but Leon has his limits every time unions give someone a magic tattoo that requires a portion of his will to work meaning every tattoo slowly steps away his own straight as shown in the first 9 issues of 2008 young ex man when he reaches the limit of his abilities after trying to give someone the power of the Phoenix unions falls into a coma and is never heard from ever again doorman you know how Nightcrawler can teleport himself another stuff great distances that will well dormant can only teleport people to the next room he has all the powers of a door plus you have to feed him advantage door even Dorman's dad thought his powers were stupid technically Norman's body functions as a portal to a mysterious dimension filled with Iron Maiden album covers that can transport people through any solid object doorman stands against as shown in 2005 GL a miss assembled mini series this despite sounding cool is still a fairly useless ability in a world where juggernaut and actual doors exist the worst part is that doorman can't even control this power many people can pass through him against his will by simply walking into it in JLA number 4 door man is killed and resurrected with a bunch of extra powers such as immortality intangibility and the ability to summon a magic pair of skis good luck being cooler than Marvel surfboard guy gentle gentle as a mutant from the Marvel universe with the ability to become intimately boffin will giving him the potential for limitless strength while reducing his ability to find tee shirts that fit the comics even know that there are no limits to gentle super buff ness meaning he could theoretically fight the whole to a standstill or back and forth through a brick wall exit Gentles powers are kept in check by special vibranium tattoos all across his body that prevent him from becoming too buff the comics know that Everytime gentle Royds out it uses powers is baseline strength increases which is an issue because his tattoos will eventually be unable to hold back his rippling biceps it's a gas doubts this means the gentlest destined to die like the ratty as the ball gym rats exploding in a mass of bone fragments and testosterone from flexing just a little bit too hard forget me not there are lots of forgettable comic characters but forget me not is without a doubt the most forgettable he's a mutant with the power of imperceptible itty which is just a fancy way of saying he has the power of being so on remarkable you instantly forget he exists the moment he leaves someone's perception he ceases to exist to that person with all the memories of his existence instantly and permanently erased Axmann legacy number 300 mentions that forget me not fought alongside the expend for 6 years but still no one the professor remember him right even though his actions were consistently he relic after the death of professor acts someone finally realize he existed because the toilet paper kept going missing in the expansion is even killed because the good guys don't remember that he's also a good guy then again forget me not gets to ride trains for free because nobody remembers he's there so release there's that light lass it doesn't get more useless than this Bela rants A. K. A. light last possesses the fearsome ability of making things less happy sure plenty of writers have done their best to do some fun things with their weird power but at the end of the day she's less useful than the guys who can eat rocks and bounce she's also on the team with star boy whose ability to make things heavier is a much more useful version of mass manipulation the worst part when Ayla join the future superteam the legion of super heroes in adventure comics number 308 she was originally lightning lass with the ability to shoot electricity out of our hands she filled the spot left when her brother lightning lad died after he returns from the dead a few issues later lightning lass is basically written out of the legion until Dreamgirls apps are with a machine that's what's our powers without ever actually asking her if that's what you wanted on the bright side if you ever need someone to help you move it's deathly the hero to gunfire in 1993 DC launch event called bloodlines that was designed to bring the whole roster of edgy new characters into their universe by having a bunch of alien bugs show up and experiment with random humans 1 of those many useless heroes was a guy named gunfire who managed to survive for 13 issues with the most 90 superpower ever he can tear anything he touches into a gun it's explaining the story has agitating molecules which is essentially what gambit does to turn everything he touches into a bomb except the world doesn't need to gambit's 1 is plenty also for some reason gunfire sometimes carries a regular gun which is kind of like the flash running around and mope at as of getting his hand off by Prometheus was a pretty solid nail was put into his car man number one and issue set in the distant future where aspiring hero gave himself gun fires power and ended up killing himself right after uttering the immortal words all my god I turn my ass into a hand grenade star fox the character of star fox is problematic maybe even more problematic than his brother Thanos and considering Santos once literally kill half the universe that's saying something star fox has the standard set of superpowers like flying in fighting but as big gimmick is physically stimulating people's pleasure centers in order to send them into euphoria in other words he's a walking hit of ecstasy which is led to story lines where he's been put on trial for sexual assault all because he's unable to turn those powers off when he's interacting with people he's also been indirectly inadvertently and non consensually causing other characters to fall in love with each other so that's kind of bad even if you get past that pretty dark extremely uncomfortable interpretation of his powers he hasn't exactly had the greatest track record in actually using them as a super hero in incredible hulk number 300 he experiences what might be is defining moments when he attempts to overwhelm a rampaging mindless hulk with waves of pleasure first trouble pickets punch so hard that he lands 3 blocks away now if you look a little more like Black Widow things may have turned out differently thanks for watching click the drudge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Creepy YouTube Videos That'll Keep You Up At Night
\\all good things have a sinister counterpart for every adorable kitten clip you tube also has a video composed of soul withering trauma fuel even worse most of these are unintentionally creeping we put the links to those videos in the description so you can experience although for yourself here some of the creepiest videos on you too robe apocalypse the brain spot of Osaka university researchers baby Beelzebub here officially known as a photo has the stated purpose of helping scientists better understand human intelligence through interactions with a realistic child robot according to the institute of electrical and electronics engineers Meg actor in a federal is uncanny humanity derives from its numerous facial expressions take this one for example the common expression for that you can't find the nanny the hope is that a federal will elicit genuine human responses from care givers better training them to deal with real children sure most of those responses will be curling into the fetal position release the caregivers will really mean it MLB the horror show just about every video game runs through some weird glitches during development but usually the problems are ironed out before the world ever gets to see them but for some reason the developers of MLB the show 17 decided to share some of the programming hick ups with the world one of which happened to be a horrifying head morphing glitch rather than getting people pumped up about hitting home runs they just gave the world a taste of what happens when your starships transporter screw up yeah lead programmer Patrick Hager had a more positive spin framing the visual catastrophe as one in a series of problems being fixed but how would revealing such a grotesque flaw I encourage anyone to buy the game it's like trying to sell a sandwich by admitting you sneezed on it or worse I think of it like this if you're going to eat the sandwich you would just enjoy it more if you knew anointed fiery farewell according to this video's description a doll randomly appeared in the art of YouTube user premium a fit so what does he do he sets the faux baby ablaze and that's where it gets creepy seemingly sensing its own demise the flaming doll starts reciting the classic bedtime prayer now I lay me down to sleep after offering its plastic soul to Jesus the toy concludes its farewell by popping its battery pack and melting into a puddle also probably by haunting that guy for the rest of his life revolting Multics aesthetically speaking spider crabs can go right to help the spidery bastards boast a leg span of up to 15 feet and can live as long as a century according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration the average crab takes 15 minutes to more but viewed in time lapse it's an ungodly undertaking this video shows the beginning stages of the aquatic face hugger leaving its own dead self behind presumably to hunt down its favorite meal children's tears remember people eat these past yourself do you see food Pappy mail according to PBS Ronald McDonald was invented by television host Willard Scott who originally made appearances at McDonald's locations as Bozo the clown before designing unique clown to make the hamburger franchise chain seem more child friendly but in early commercials the character feels a bit too child friendly one clip in particular definitely smacks of sinister vibes Ronald meets a little boy and gives him free hamburgers the kids seem suspicious of this roller skating burger distributing clown but fortunately Ronald trained at the Stephen King school of clowning so he knows exactly how to win a kid's trust mon probably never could talk to strangers I'm not supposed to take stuff from screen came armed robbery bottle limiter McDonald hate well I'm not sure why you see now neck pain how we aren't strangers hardly the end of the commercial they frolic together in McDonald's parking lot just a happy boy in a strange grown man in a clown costume eating processed meat sandwiches ... the sixties female figure art is always open to interpretation but there's really only one interpretation for Jordan Wilson's art piece female figure run away an animatronic sculpture made of wires and fever dreams the artwork is halfway between a seductive woman and a dirt stained which but the worst part she can talk in Watson's own deep voice all while making eye contact with the viewer to put it bluntly female figure has all the sex appeal of the demagogue in in a bear trap which is partly the point Wolfson explain to the LA times that female figure doesn't aim to titillate but tell a story still that's one story we don't wanna hear late at night with the lights off baby secret dolls are basically imaginary buddies you can see and touch their lot of fun if you're a little girl or the anti Christ but there aren't many dolls that resonate with pure evil like Mattel's baby secret doll sold during the 19 sixties the dolls defining feature was its ability to whisper through barely moving lips without the aid of batteries her baby secret offers of a treasure trove of terrifying statements including hold me close and whisper and I like to whisper in the dark mind that's literally the set up for a horror movie thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Why The Set Of Poltergeist Was Truly Cursed
\\poltergeist was one of the most storied productions in Hollywood history in fact it's often called the most cursed film set of all time because of what happened to so many of its stars after the movie hit theaters but even during the making of the now classic movie there were enough real life scares to justify that reputation let's take a look at some of the freakiest things that happened behind the scenes of this haunted house favorite coincidental cast deaths perhaps the most enduringly buzzy aspect of the poltergeist movie legend is that so many of its cast members including 2 of the child stars died unexpectedly after the film was released the first instance happened when Dominic Dunn who portrayed Dana and the original film was strangled to death by her ex boyfriend in the driveway of her home in 1982 at the age of just 22 then in 1988 child star heather o'rourke died at the age of 12 from cardiac arrest after experiencing septic shock from a congenital bowel obstruction she completed filming on the third installment of the poltergeist franchise a few months before her unexpected death but the film had yet to be released at the time although other cast members would later Paris from more natural causes the expiration of the film's 2 young actresses caused many to speculate that their involvement with the supernatural movie had something to do with their untimely demise creepy clown attack before done and ... Rourke stats there was another eerie incident which nearly claimed the life of one of the Freeling children off screen actor Oliver robins who portrayed the middle child Robbie was actually strangled by the very animatronic clown the tormented his character so in the film if it weren't for the intervention of producer Steven Spielberg he's not sure what would happen to nothing good probably as Robyn's recalled the way they shot the sequence they didn't really have the special effects the way they do today so the clown doll had this extended arm and they had me act backwards the contraption caught around my neck Stephen saw that probably in the video assist deck and he pulled me away from it who knows what might have happened otherwise it was very fast maybe I wouldn't be here today as if that demonic clown wasn't already scary enough real skeletons achieving authenticity in a Hollywood production can be tough especially in the sci fi horror around but this might be taking things a little too far you know the scene when the Freeling mom is thrown in the muddy pool and all these corpses start to float to the surface around her causing her to scream and freak out well if that reaction seemed especially realistic to you there may be a reason actress JoBeth Williams revealed during her reddit AMA when we were shooting I thought the skeletons were fake I thought the prop department made them but later I found out they were real skeletons bought very cheaply that really gross me out talk about suffering for your craft left advising you on the road haunted homes Williams experienced a series of frights in our temporary home during production on the first installment as well she said in her AMA that the picture on our apartment wall kept shifting washy left to shoot the movie but she later decided it was her own fault for slamming the front door still just her theory but Hey whatever helps her sleep at night meanwhile author James Caan who is writing the novelization of the movie also experienced a case of the he be jeebies at home a lighting bolt struck is building as he was finishing up the project and blew the facing of his air conditioning unit across the room which struck him in the back after that the lights came back on and his video game started playing themselves and director Gil Keenan had perhaps the biggest case of shivers surrounding poltergeist while filming the 2015 remake the house he rented for production was the site of some minor inexplicable phenomena like lights flickering on and off for no reason and other equipment only working in certain portions of the property he explained on his own reddit AMA the house that I rented during filming was straight up legit haunted by female spirit dressed in black and I became aware of her within the first few days of staying in the house and only after I left did I receive a call from the previous owner who would move back in and was terrified by the goings on in the house and wanted to see if I had experienced any of it she definitely was there they didn't follow me back to Los Angeles but it followed me from set back to where I was sleeping during filming if that story was just some elaborate marketing ploy it worked because there are plenty of people who fully believe there were something other worldly going on with the poltergeist movies and I I on set oddities poltergeist 2 star will Sampson who is a real life Shamen and betrayed Taylor the medicine man in the sequel performed an actual exercise on the set of the film to rid the site of alien spirits he died a little over a year after the film's release from complications associated with heart and lung transplant and during filming of poltergeist 3 actress Zelda Rubinstein was troubled by photographic light blur that occurred during a photo session of the actress leading her to believe that the pic was taken at the exact moment her mother passed away the production of part 3 was also an explosive one as a garage that was to be used for filming caught fire after plastic fake I support on the prop cars ignited into flames and injured 3 crew members a fire chief responding to the scene told the Los Angeles Times a ball of fire chased everyone out there there was black smoke all over the place this was all supposed to be done with the best of taste but somehow it got away because of the miss happy said was unexplained since the crew Ansett were amply prepared to pull off the shot correctly when they began working that night and there that and then it changes your mask focused sounds like the choice to use real life skeletons came back to haunt everyone involved in this franchise thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Here Are The Original Jurassic Park Kids Today
\\Steven Spielberg change the game in 1993 when he released the dinosaur epic Jurassic Park which remains 1 of the most successful and popular movies ever made the impressive cast included 2 child actors who played the first ever traumatized grandchildren the park's creator John Hammond decades after becoming famous for writing from raptor where they now Joseph Mazzello talk about friends in high places in the 2013 interview with people Joseph Mazzello revealed that Steven Spielberg helped him get into the university of southern California by writing a letter of recommendation ms ello graduated from U. S. scene with a degree in cinema and television but it's also acted steadily since becoming famous in Jurassic Park for his role as the Dino loving Tim Murphy to sorry his biggest post park roles include the social network in which he played the Harvard student to inspired mark Zuckerberg and relationship status is that Facebook profiles and this dance in the H. B. O. any winning miniseries the Pacific in 2016 he made his directorial debut with the sports comedy drama until after staring chase Crawford Jim Belushi and the zelo himself the film is based on the zealous brother college baseball star who was scouted the plane the majors that ultimately didn't make the cut miss Ella will appear next is queens bass player John deacon and Bryan singer's Freddie Mercury biopic bohemian Rhapsody which began filming in September 27 scene Ariana Richards now here's something that'll make you feel super old as of the making of this video Ariana Richards is only 2 years younger than Jeff Goldblum was when he began filming Jurassic Park with Richards in 1992 Richards was 12 when she played lex Murphy as skilled young hacker well at least bite 90 systematic standards over the years Richards shifted from acting to paint it which is our main profession books shortly after Jurassic Park 3 leaks Richard said director Steven Spielberg a watercolor self portrait inspired by 1 of the scenes in the film painting now hangs in Spielberg's office along with their role as a pogo stick loving Mindy staring good in the 19 nineties cult hit tremors Richards most well known on screen appearances were in the Jurassic Park franchise in 1997 she briefly appeared in the Jurassic Park sequel the lost world and followed that can be opened a handful of TV movies over the years in 2015 to tell people if some great roller project finds me absolutely that could be a nice thing for sure at the time of that interview her latest TV movie was 2013 battlebots which was produced by the asylum 15 behind that start NATO and chief has enacted so me thanks for watching pick the grunge icons subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Untold Truth Of Tom Petty
\\rock and roll hall of Famer Tom Petty died on 10/2/2017 surrounded by his friends family and bandmates for more than 4 decades is quintessentially American brand of rock music won him his band the Heartbreakers legions of fans from across the globe and made petty one of the best selling musicians of all time a legendary career like that is full of stories is a bit you wearing my helmet here's a look at the life and career Tom Petty refugee everyone has moments from the childhood that define them after petting his adult outlook was shaped by an abusive childhood according to it 2013 interview with men's journal pennies grandfather a logger from Georgia married a Cherokee woman and family legend has it slew a man with an ax who had a problem with the union his father Earl was raised in Florida after the family flat and that he said his dad was an angry drunk earlier regularly beat Tom his siblings and his beloved mother who introduced him to music which quickly became what he called his safe place but like the blues the music also fueled his old man's anger they suspected Earl was so mean to him because of his interest in music and the arts which you're all found effeminate running down a dream that he told men's journal in that same interview that his mother was everything to him growing up crediting her with keeping quote an element of civilization in the house because of her his first musical influences were critters like Nat King Cole and the soundtrack to musicals like West Side Story the first record petty but with his own money scrape together from turning and coke bottles was the Marvelettes playboy from 1962 once the family got a television teddy says he realized it was a great big world out there beyond this troubled life in Florida any long to escape the Los Angeles or as he called it television city his way out around that same time when penny was 11 he met Elvis Presley Bob king was filming follow that dream in Ocala and that sealed the deal he later told Billboard it wasn't like meeting Jesus but it was close he went home asked his mother to buy and the guitar from Sears it started spinning his free time at a local music shop by 14 he had formed his first band Sundowners and never looked back make it better they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but without proper attribution you can also get you sued in the music industry in the last few decades at Patty's life there were 3 instances of artists allegedly plagiarizing his riffs but he never seemed bitter about any of it and only 1 case ended with penny getting a songwriting credit into 6 after the Red Hot Chili Peppers were accused of lifting Mary Jane's last dance and and California petty told Rolling Stone I think there are enough frivolous lawsuits in this country without people fighting over pop songs in that same interview that he mentioned how the strokes admitted to lifting parts of his American girl for their song last night and said it made him laugh out loud his laid back attitude showed up again in 2015 when he ended up with a writing credit on Sam Smith's stay with me which sounds uncannily similar to petty's I won't back down Smith said he wasn't even familiar with petty son but the 2 parties settled the issue amicably petty later told Rolling Stone there were no hard feelings and it was quote musical accident no more no less change of heart the year of Betty's death Confederate statues and symbols re emerged as a hot topic in the U. S. with many states choosing to remove iconography deemed sympathetic to the confederacy as it turns out back in 1985 any use the Confederate flag as marketing during his southern accent Stewart but later deeply regretted you grow up in the south I that you really never beat it out of you you know after South Carolina took down the Confederate flag from outside state houses 2015 that he wrote an essay for Rolling Stone apologizing for his own use at he wrote that he used the flag to help illustrate a character in the song rebels if things got out of hand and he had asked fans to stop bringing the flags to his shows he told the magazine quote I was pretty ignorant of what it actually meant it's like a swastika looks to a Jewish person he was down and it should have happened don't do me like that corporate sponsorships in the Norman Rockwell that penny stubbornly refused to accept them for any of his tours throughout his long career when Billboard asked him about it in 2005 he said it was about keeping the Heartbreakers independent trustworthy defense telling the magazine we started from nothing and we own it and I want people to trust it it's not for sale petty also refused to let the songs be used in advertising spots saying quote I didn't write them to be orange juice commercials sometimes I feel like maybe it's a dumb move because I don't know if anyone cares but I care immensely into the great wide open I know what counts that he was in good spirits and health when he in the heart breakers kicked off their fortieth anniversary tour in April 2017 but he hinted it might be his last telling Rolling Stone in December 2016 that he no longer wanted to spend his life on the road in hindsight the entire interview is hearing and heartbreaking after a 3 year low from touring the longest the band been off the road in 25 years petty told the magazine that he wanted to spend more time with his granddaughter among other priorities that he had made up his mind about future touring I'd be lying if I didn't say I was thinking this might be the last big one we're very aware that time is finite at the end of the year will say what you feel like doing then we'll figure out where to go next the Heartbreakers completed the entire run a full band shows on September 25 in Los Angeles Pettis mythical television city just over a week later the 66 year old rock and roll legend suffered cardiac arrest at his Malibu home on the morning of October 2 and died later that night at the hospital in the 2014 interview with CBC news petty said he was born to make music I feel that for some reason I was born with some kind of conduit to this you know this energy force or whatever it is and I couldn't have that happen through me if I really try to do it or sometimes when I'm //
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The Untold Truth Of Playboy
\\love it or hate it playboy's one of the most iconic American publications of all time under the leadership of the late Hugh Hefner's playboy became an American counterculture trailblazer influencing for better or worse the way we look at love making literature and even civil rights this is the untold truth from playboy stock pate in December 1953 Hefner reportedly mortgage the furniture from what would be his first when it's about as to him and used it to publish the first of the playboy however he didn't originally want to cool the playboy the magazine's mission statements declared that their intent enjoy mixing up cocktails and that old devil to putting a little mood photograph a female acquaintance require discussion but he actually wanted to call the magazine stock blase which sounds a whole lot less cosmopolitan on more front house luckily for half an hour a men's magazine called struggle wasn't very happy with the idea of brown's confusion after an odd dragged out pull brainstorm's new ideas with founding associate out in Salas who picks the title playboy on the rest as they say is history the playboy bunny with stags out the window the magazine needed a new mascot and half there and pull quickly landed on the bunny in 1976 hectare explained in an interview that he chose the body because it's a fresh animal shy vase yes jumping first it smells you then escapes and then it comes back and you feel like dressing up playing with that ago was symbols a bunny joyful judging the playboy gal has no lace no wonder where she is happy according to pull out its welcome in our to design the iconic playboy bunny which debuted on the cover for the second this year since then the bunny has appeared somewhere on every single playboy cover that what's often headed Papillon saying a minor controversy according to The New Yorker Hefner found himself in hot water early in his publishing in 58 when playboy publicist phone of a sick the year old gal tough to face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor but the case was dismissed after he produced a written permission from a mother though that didn't keep her from facing jail time it wasn't until 1984 that the matter officially instituted a minimum age of a team for the models reading it just for the articles in 2015 a playboy decided to remove clothes 3 images from the magazine with chief executive Scott Flanders the fighting the overabundance of auto content on the internet as a key factor 1 fact that he didn't mention however was pressure from the Chinese market though playboy is banned in China because of its pictorials The New York Times reported that China is responsible for up to 40 percent of the company's revenue thanks to licensing from 2009 to 20 for Dana Playboys international licensing revenue rose by 28 $0 which cut the company afloat distance American magazine branches actually losing billions of dollars every year still despite their lines on Chinese money playboy eventually reverse that decision and out of his most famous home assets about the magazine and went insane ironically this retrograde decision came for the mug sales actually viooz after it took the salacious centerfolds out proving that the old joke about reading playboy for the articles was actually try to at least for a little while literary legacy so why would people buy playboy just for the articles that might be because the magazine has long been a champion of fine literature publishing works by everyone from John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac it's off to see Clark and Margaret Atwood in 5 to ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451 was introduced to a serialized pages of playboy Ford's conjured as to the literary world path that was given the award of ana from Penn sent to USA Jamie will for vice president of the organization that told the BBC Hefner published Saul bellow he published Gabriel Garcia Marquez he published John Updike he published an extraordinary range of rice as serious literary rights as we would not otherwise get thing when you went to the grocery store and he was paying them substantial wages the right to through other people wouldn't publish sleek lines according to historian Beatrice color Meena playboy did more for modern architecture and design than any architectural journal or even the museum of modern art and she would neither because because I mean I had a Princeton study examining half his obsession with decided not Jack which was prominently featured in playboy's famous photo spreads co amino taught architecture magazine they really felt that this was a important soul actually crucial for seduction the modern apartment is a necessity for the bachelor who hostas around himself of all these gadgets and all this modern furniture and eventually even the architecture the playboy pad these are settings in which seduction happens romance through film so I genius free speech and civil rights in 2010 half that was awarded the first amendment award by Penn central USA which describes the honor is being given to a candidate who has done work in the domestic United States to protect the first amendment through the Hugh Hefner foundation Hefner's daughter Christie established Playboys on first amendment awards according to business insider since 1979 the foundation of the war the multiple recipients per year whose actions supports and often fight to preserve the values of the first amendment and half there was also used Playboys reach to promote civil rights in an interview with CBS deafness that I felt from a very early age that with things in society that were wrong another might play some small part in changing them he did this by the segregating the playboy clubs publishing works by Martin Luther king junior and giving a plot phones out spoken figures that such as the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the jazz legend Miles Davis according to people half no also strongly advocated for gay rights women's reproductive rights and religious freedom the magazine was so successful I knew I could do the other half of what I'm really all about which is you know the does the social justice that's right you have to do is a self described social justice warrior is the ultimate untold truth of playboy thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out this cool stuff we know you love today //
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What Actors Really Use When Taking Drugs In Movies
\\ntelos other things are legal and how likely the cocaine and heroin yeah still not so much and when it comes to selling onscreen substance abuse you can only get so far with the CGA high Hollywood's prop master still have to use ingenious practical facts to make fake drugs look like the real thing without hurting the actors who have to put this stuff into one 's up their noses or a elsewhere here's what was really on the set in these movies were drugs were on the menu horrible bosses Colin Farrell is no stranger to doing fake cocaine in front of a camera for real cocaine in real life for that matter back when he was one of Hollywood's biggest party boys but for horrible bosses prop master Michael Bates had the actor snorting powdered lactose the milk product it's so harmless actors can inhale it without hurting themselves that's good news for pharaoh who was reportedly so keen on staying in character that he would start the fake cocaine between takes pineapple express despite Seth Rogan outspoken advocacy for marijuana off screen cast in the stoner flick pineapple express wasn't actually smoking the real thing which just goes to show what a talented actor bill hater really is this is normal okay crime rob master Jeff but your purchase the movies fake weed in bulk from international oddities a company that specializes in but without any T. H. C. the substance that gets you high so that actors can smoke it alive without suffering any weird after tax Trainspotting you won't be surprised to learn that it when McGregor in his castmates worked shooting real heroin in Trainspotting in fact no human arms were punctured in the making a this film instead the film sprout master Gordon fitzgerald used a real syringe filled with dyed water which was injected into a press dedicar according to fitzgerald this method had a perk you can draw the plunger up and down at look let us make the liquid 21 jump street fictional synthetic drug is central to the plot of 21 jump street which stars Channing Tatum and Jonah hill as cops who go undercover to stop the threat posed by the street name H. death S. all I but well HFS is a fabrication Tatum and hill still needed something to put in their mouths when it came time to film the scene where they get high to avoid blowing the cover this solution communion style dissolving wafers with a handsome yellow food covering which melts on the tongue the same way as drugs like acid the wolf of Wall Street needless to say cocaine was featured heavily in the wolf of Wall Street which is set in the late 19 eighties so when it came time to do lines actors were given vitamin D. powder which is harmless to the body when ingested in small doses there's just one catch these were not small those I never had more vitamin D. in my entire life I think I could live in a car over in ADN American gangster powdered heroin was central to the plot of the 2007 film American gangster based on the life and career criminal Frank Lucas who built his empire on a fortune made by smuggling heroin into the U. S. on military planes returning from the Vietnam War it's also one of the most difficult drugs to take on screen which is why American gangsters prop master used a substance called mannitol doctors used to treat kidney conditions and reduce brain swelling but it's also used by real life drug dealers to cut heroin making it a convincing choice Scarface not all fake cocaine is created equal especially when the fake cocaine is actually baby laxative that's right in Scarface prop masters used powdered baby laxative to stand in for the massive amount of cocaine that bought sold ingested by drug lord Tony Montana played by Al Pacino and while the substance didn't get anyone high it did have certain other effects on the human body so much so that no one would want to put it up their nose according to actor Steven Bauer played Mary Rivera what happens when you start to much powdered baby laxative nobody saying but can't be good we've the breakfast club before people figured out how to make T. H. C. free we oregano with the perverts stand in for marijuana in movies like the breakfast club so that's what they're smoking in this scene from John Hughes classic film about a crew of misfits since the high school detention on a Saturday there's just one problem back in the day I still had some pretty weird ideas about the physical effects of smoking up one of the burning we need with its roots no thanks to the movies prop master that joined the passing around looks like jet but nothing else about this scene is especially realistic half Nelson Ryan Gosling's Oscar nominated performance is a drug addicted teacher in New York City would've been wasted half Nelsons onscreen craft look black that prop master Jeremy Balan founded ingenious solution an off white coffee mug that he broke up into about 1000000 little pieces indicting coffee a piece of broken stained porcelain would be set in front of a small ball of tobacco that smuggling let lending a realistic look to Gosling's they cracked by American beauty for all this talk of oregano and baby laxative it's worth noting that Hollywood still does occasionally do its drugs the old fashioned way like in this scene from American beauty or Kevin spacey's Lester Burnham get stoned in a parking lot in a realistic convention American beauty director Sam Mendes said there may or may not have been real pot available on that particular movie I couldn't possibly comment that Kevin spacey's giggling fit kind of says it all any of us we it's a perfect thanks for watching click the grunge icons subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Bandmates Who Hate Each Other
\\just because bands get on stage and jammed together doesn't mean everything about the relationship rocks in fact some of the biggest greatest most popular musical acts in the world spend just as much time squabbling among themselves as they do shredding solos and pounding on drums kiss currently 2 original members of kiss ace Frehley and Peter criss are on the outs with the group Frehley and criss left in the early eighties and apart from a brief nostalgia fueled reunion in the late nineties and at the 2000 have stayed away process in response Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have disparaged both of their strange bandmates Stanley saying they don't deserve to be and that he didn't want to perform with them during their and roll hall of fame Stanley went 1 step further in its 2014 out of the act claiming it Frehley and criss were anti semitic and it really collected Nazi memorabilia Frehley fired back at 2014 vice city saying that the anti semitic claims are bogus and that Paul and gene hate him because he was a drug addict though he's now been clean for years although they got along real well when entering the hall of fame it looks like that was just as much of an act is wearing face paint and call yourself star child blink 182 liquidity to has a reputation as a fun band but apparently there's some real turmoil behind the scenes which isn't likely to go away anytime soon according to guitarist Tom the lawn in the 2015 Facebook post its relationship with blink it's poison along left leg 2005 and return to 2000 but by 2015 the old feelings of animosity were back the band's quote squabbling in politics forced them to shelve plans for a new EP which apparently devastated the lawn drummer Travis Barker meanwhile told Rolling Stone that the lawn was disrespectful and ungrateful and wouldn't even tell the band was leaving a person kings of Leon they may not of been around as long as some of the other bands here but kings of Leon can apparently in fight with the best as reported by the telegraph most of the trouble stems from front man Caleb Followill drinking in 2010 he claimed to be sober for the first 30 minutes of every day and nothing more according to Rolling Stone follow will told an audience in 2011 I'm gonna go backstage and I'm gonna vomit I'm gonna drink beer and then come back out and play 3 more songs he managed everything on that list except the songs the band canceled the rest of the tour after a brief hiatus the band was back with a new album in 2013 guns and roses guns and roses epic problems began in the early nineties that for awhile nobody knew for sure why Axel rose and slash hated each other so much according to the band's old road manager the feud can be boiled down to Michael Jackson of all people in an interview with Rolling Stone Brazil dead Goldstine revealed that axle who was allegedly molested as a child hit the roof after slash agreed to play guitar on Jackson the son black or white Axel and slash only buried the hatchet recent with the reunion tour that kicked off in 2016 chances are these 2 are drinking beers together after shows but as long as they could bang up paradise city night after night fans will happily pay harassment Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith rock best when there gap even though they're almost certainly happier part in his autobiography rocks my life in and out of Paris Harry details several incidents where Tyler's antics have driven him up the wall the basic issue according pairing is that he and the band are in it for the music while Tyler is in it for fame and women Tyler meanwhile is a huge fan of Harry either in his own autobiography does the noise in my head bother you Tyler claims berries aloof and almost completely lacking in that sweet emotion as he claims Barry once told them just because we're in a band together doesn't mean we have to be friends so basically Perry and Tyler are 2 employees of the month to keep company driving even though they avoid each other in the break room every day Van Halen don't worry there's no issue between Eddie and Alex Van Halen their brother's best friends and let me tell but Eddie longtime lead singer David Lee Roth have more than a few issues as Eddie told Billboard rocks perception of himself is different than he is in reality were not in our twenties anymore winner sixties act like you're 60 so basically any sees rob as a giant manchild any bear sing stunts like its camera hogging in my game at the 1996 MTV video music awards didn't help matters and he has even worse things to say about ex bassist Michael Anthony who he claims can't play bass same every note Mike ever played I had showing he come over with a video camera and I'd have to show him how to play all the parts Simon and Garfunkel since splitting in 1970 Paul Simon and art Garfunkel have reunited a handful of times and it never lasts because you could barely stand each other the tips began almost immediately when the pair recorded an album and Simon jetted off to England to record his own solo material instead of promoting the album then there was the time both men vetoed each other suggestion for the 12 song on bridge over troubled water the album was released with 11 songs after that duo called it quits since then clashes between the iconic view of popped up over the years for his part Garfunkel has admitted to being open to recording new album although when asked if it was going to happen he couldn't resist a jab at sign saying you'll have to ask him it takes 2 to tango I like the tango so count me and you'll just have to bring a psychiatrist in his third member it doesn't sound like anyone's building a bridge over these troubled waters oasis few bands are defined by their squabbling board that oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher were seemingly always batting with each other as Noel told ABC in 2000 it was just drunk and that thing nonsense it's just 2 brothers in the band who have strong opinions about how things within that band should be apparently those drunken opinions get stronger and stronger until the band can best entirely in 2009 as no described it during the 2011 press conference we had missed the gig because he was hung over soon things escalated to free throwing well I picked up a plum I need to clear across the dressing room I smashed against the wall the brothers have yet to make up by all accounts at the 2010 brit awards Liam Gallagher accepted oasis award for best album of the last 30 years and thank everyone except Noel he also keeps calling his brother a potato on Twitter because why not hopefully mama Gallagher is Houston family dinners without the entire family around the Kinks oasis may have perfected sibling rivalry but the kids did it first ray and ray Davies had been at each other's throats for decades now and by this point it'll probably never get better that to have been going at it since childhood as Dave said in a telegraph interview I think ray has only been happy for 3 years of his life that 3 before I was born years of back and forth arguments that the best overshadow the bands amazing catalog thoughts and feelings killed the band in 1996 over 20 years later the band has yet to reform and the brothers relationship is stone cold best thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Best Improvised Moments In Movie History
\\there's no denying that a great screenwriter can make or break a film but it turns out that sometimes they're not the only ones who deserve the credit some of the best lines in movie history were actually improvise lead actors is both bands how frustrating not to be for those poor screen writers to slave away on a script only to have someone else come in and make a perfect line off the top of their head well their loss is our gain here's a look at some of the best improvised moments in movie history the fugitives it's a line that not only to find a character in the movie but an entire career when Harrison Ford's character tries to convince Tommy Lee Jones he's innocent of murder Jones perfectly sums up the world view of a federal marshal with a single response I don't care improvised line Jones immediately jump from respected character actor to a let's start this script merely called for him to say so you didn't kill your wife we're guessing that wouldn't have had quite the same effects taxi driver in the original screenplay for Martin Scorsese's classic there's a scene that simply reads Travis talks to himself in the mirror that's it doesn't seem like something that will go on to become a cultural touchstone that that's where Robert deniro came you talking to me talking to me test by score says he was improvising dialogue for the sequence deniro as a crafting the unhinged Travis pickles legendary tough guy monologue and turning you talking to me into a permanent catch phrase you talking to me with talking to me look at me are you talking to me talking to me Goodfellas how funny how me funny like come clown if you I make you laugh Joe because he went from a other act not just good act see none of them before the scene she told herself I think or says he told them to go for it that's not it for acts the Blanca it might be the most famous catch grace and here's a it was space even a free Bogart it's what inspires it was a pop really saying seem to fit the we're no longer a case the land is because or what to believe that one of the most famous movie lines all time almost and cutting room filming this at horror novel Jack Nicholson culture more specifically the opening of the show starring John is Johnny problem director Stanley Kubrick had been living in England so long that he had no idea what Nicholson is referring to so it just seemed like a weird non sequitur Nichols and convinced him to keep it and and the movie gained another iconic moment it's not the first time that Nicholson prove his improvisational genius however a few good men the C. attends courtroom showdown at the climax of a few good men Tom cruise's crusading lawyer demands the troops Nicholson was supposed to respond by saying you already have the truth that seemed to tame to Nicholson so he punched it up on the spot with an angry rant that instantly became the stuff of movie legends can't handle the truth the dark knight heath ledger's incredible commitment to his role as the joker was evident from the first moment he stepped on the street his dedication to the chaotic character manifested itself in at least one of the movies most memorable moments as the joker walks to his get away bus after reading a hospital to explode he hit the button for what's supposed to be the final explosion only to be disappointed when it isn't immediately set off his next move frustratingly but thing with remote detonator until it eventually goes off startling him into the bus was reportedly an unscripted moment courtesy of the brilliant ledger the empire strikes back it's the moment that cemented Han solo in our hearts forever as the ultimate romantic rogue based on what seems like it's a minute dad carry Fisher's princess Leia finally admits her love for him his response I know classic comedy but it was actually in the script instead board was suppose to say just remember that because I'll be back terrible right what Harrison Ford thought so too and just before filming the scene he came up with the new light instead even Fisher that no he was going to say it thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Bizarre Details That Never Made Sense About JFK's Assassination
\\of the 4 American presidents have been assassinated John F. Kennedy's death is the one that haunts people the most it's not just the grisly public manner in which he was killed that confounds the crowds there's also the matter of the rampant conspiracy theories apparent official cover ups and hearing missing links that still exist around the attack on the 30 fifth president of the United States how product out of here are just some of the many things that don't add up about the JFK assassination south of the border despite having one of the nation's most recognizable names there's a lot we don't know about Lee Harvey Oswald still don't know why he did it and we certainly don't know what he was up to in Mexico City during the weeks leading up to the assassination Mexico City in the sixties was the Cold War spies what Miami beach is to spring break gross it's been called the spy capital of the western hemisphere Cuban agents Soviet Morse and CIA operatives all rub shoulders there Oswald was a defector who tried to pledge myself to the USSR so E. partly used his time in Mexico to attempt to secure a Soviet visa at the day he visited the Soviet embassy just so happen to be the day the CIA's camera broke so we have no pictures of him there to flesh out the details coincidence and what is often referred to as the lone gunman now Oswald wasn't sipping on Margarita solo in Mexico City he was spotted at a party which may have featured Cuban diplomats joking about how useful it would be if Kennedy were killed considering the CIA disparaged June cop the spy who told them about the possible fiesta plot however it's hard to know if that was the source of his scheme speaking of the government's shady lack of interest without a trace perhaps the strangest thing about Oswald is that he didn't spend the run up to Kennedy's death being tailed by the CIA FBI or any other department an acronym for a name despite being unknown to factor Oswald had gone to Moscow in 1959 and renounced his American citizenship when the Kremlin rejected Oswald's overtures he tried to kill himself this desperate act was enough to bag Oswald a temporary stay in the U. S. S. R. to the KGB ship them out to Minsk to work at a radio factory Oswald wanted more than just to help make stereos in Eastern Europe though he later claimed he'd offered the Soviets information on America's U. 2 spy planes a few years later Oswald moved back to the states with his wife and daughter instead of being flagged and interrogated by intelligence officials he was largely ignored and left a waltz around town that he was a some traitor to the nation secret service slump the secret service is known for being quick on their feet during assassination attempts when it came to JFK's death there were curiously slow to get to their ego perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the potus mobile had its running boards retracted so his protection officers were farther away than usual but there were still about 5 seconds between the first shot which it Jeff came the neck and the second shot which struck his head and ended his life high speed response might of save the president but instead no one seemed to move driver William Greer didn't take evasive action Paul Landis following the Kennedy car didn't jump on board and shield the president with his body the only secret service guy that can be seen jumping on to the car in the footage is Clint hill who is part of the First Lady security detail and was fulfilling his duty to protect her it wasn't until after the second shot that feed really seem to hit the pavement in pursuit of the president's doomed ride post mortem morbidity the bizarre aspects of the Kennedy assassination didn't end with JFK's actual death if anything ins only got weirder the body was taken to Dallas parkland Memorial Hospital but it barely got through the doors before a fight broke out over who got to slice and dice at the local corner was a guy named Earl rose who thought he had dominion over the autopsy since JFK was killed in Texas when rose tried to physically block the secret service from the course he was thwarted by Kennedy's detail who took the body back to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland but that's not where the autopsy drama and it either JFK's autopsy doctor James Joseph Humes admitted to failing to remove and wavy organs per protocol and what's worse is that he destroyed the original report fumes claimed he had copied and burned his original report to stop the blood stained document from being a source of morbid fascination but it was still a completely perplexing move on his part on top of that the woman who developed the autopsy images that are preserved in the National Archives claimed that the one she delivered were different than what can be seen now the photo paper type was different than what her lab used to which suggested that they came from a different printing session altogether and those were the only documentation oddities that happened disappearing evidence if you've ever watched a detective drama you'll know that long before the good cop bad cop routine commences a tape recorder is turned on and plopped on the table but for some reason that wasn't the case when it came to the interviews done with Lee Harvey Oswald after his arrest in fact there are almost no official notes of oz what's questioning by Dallas police or the FBI the only record of Oswald's interrogation exists in the form of notes made by the 2 interviewers which I themselves rough and incomplete and what's even crazier is that some of the notes were discovered into the 19 nineties when they were found among the belongings of deceased officer and donated to the public the notes are very clear on one thing that Oswald repeatedly declared his innocence claiming that the images of him posing with the rifle used to kill Kennedy were faked other documents surrounding the investigation that have since gone missing include a note from Oswald himself an intelligence file on him and the secret service records pertaining to a trip JFK was supposed to take in Chicago a month before its death perhaps most seriously the tissue samples of JFK's brain which were under lock and key at the National Archives were stolen from their storage container a few years after his death talk about a head scratcher document dump what documents do remain intact regarding JFK's assassination may become public sooner than later in 1992 George HW bush signed the assassination records collection act which sets the date for all JFK records to become public as of 10/26/2017 in July 2017 some of those files came through early including 1 that indicated that by the mid 19 seventies the CIA no longer believe the story that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone actor despite maintaining that position publicly who knows what the rest of this document drop will reveal 1 thing's for sure with all of these bizarre question marks looming over the incident and subsequent investigations it's really no wonder JFK's assassination is still the most conspiracy theory riddled case in American history thanks for watching click the grunge icon to 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Incredible Athletes You Forgot Are Currently In Jail
\\it's a hard fall from the glories of the sporting world to the terrifying often demeaning world prison a lot of athletes were at the pinnacle of their sports careers before they were locked away to serve hard time for the crimes and you know what they say out of sight out of mind here's a look at some incredible athlete gotta currently in jail rae Carruth this Carolina Panthers receiver was drafted in 1997 with hopes that he would become a franchise player that could help the team achieved prominence in the league rae Carruth's rookie season was a success with 44 receptions and 4 touchdowns but but atop the freshman class for that year off the field he was engaging in an on again off again relationship with the Charlotte woman named sure Rick Adams that would culminate in a pregnancy which group did not one she was later shot in her car and succumbed to her injuries Anderson was delivered prematurely in separate permanent brain damage from blood and oxygen loss Carruth had been in the car ahead of her and stopped abruptly on the side of the road before she was attacked signaling her to pull over as well he was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder after the shooter testified in court that he was hired by Carruth's to kill Adams that's good sells referring to who got me into this I did it because he made me do it he was sentenced to 18 years 11 months and maintains his innocence I was not there I don't see the shooting I don't hear any shots I can't it's about anything happens recon railroad Oscar Pistorius at one time this story of Oscar Pistorius was among the most awe inspiring in sports history born with a birth defect that left both of his legs about 50 lies Pistorius is legs were amputated during its infancy but that didn't stop the blade runner from winning a gold medal at the Athens Paralympics in 2004 and later competing in the 400 meter run 2012 Olympics in London he was an overnight celebrity and earned very high profile endorsement deals as a result of the fanfare just 6 months later however Pistorius was arrested in connection with the shooting death of his girlfriend reverse Steenkamp Pistorius claims he misstep revert Perot home invader and shudder at their home in South Africa but prosecutors argued that the murder was premeditated as Pistorius and Steenkamp often fall plus Pistorius had a history of violence against women after a 7 month trial Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide and served a year in prison before being released to house arrest not satisfied with the punishment the appeals court overturned the conviction and found this story is guilty of murder in a second trial for that verdict he'll serve at least 15 years behind bars fast Eddie Johnson not to be confused with fellow NBA retiree Eddie Johnson Edward Lee fast Eddie Johnson junior was a full fledged star averaging and shooting nearly 50 percent from the floor he represented the Atlanta Hawks in 2 consecutive all star games and his explosive speed and slashing ability netted a career total of over 10000 points after basketball the former star completely lost control described as a habit you a felon Johnson has been arrested roughly 100 times with allegations ranging from burglary to possession of marijuana but it was his conviction of sexual battery and molestation of an 8 year old girl that landed him a long stand in the slammer he's now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole Darren sharper one of the most high profile professional athletes currently serving time is former broadcaster and 5 time Pro Bowl NFL safety Darren sharper sharper had enjoyed a highly successful collegiate and professional career and after retirement he went on to work as an analyst for NFL network he might have been a compelling on air personality but is behind the scenes behaviors were incredibly disturbing sharper was accused of working with a former police officer did drug and rape as many as 16 women in 4 states people had no contest to the crimes of 2016 and was sentenced to 20 years by the state of Louisiana as well as 18 years in federal court he was able to knock that sentence down to 9 years of incarceration thanks to a plea deal and sharper was still nominated for the hall of fame despite his conviction Mel hall let the older male hall had respectable 15 year pro career playing for the Chicago Cubs the Cleveland Indians the New York Yankees eventually a Japanese to he might not have been an all star but he still put together a solid career in 2009 however hall earned an entirely different kind of notoriety altogether after he was convicted of 3 counts of aggravated sexual assault 2 counts of indecency with a 12 year old girl youth basketball team coached during the trial multiple individuals testified against the former baseball player claiming that he often acted inappropriately and even live to the 15 year old girl friend for several years hall was sentenced to 4 decades and presents Darryl Hannah you know a native Darryl Henley was the star quarterback at UCLA and was drafted by the Los Angeles rams for whom he was defensive rookie of the year he was in the starting lineup for 6 years and the December 1994 took the field for the rams last California home game before he moved to St Louis that would also turn out to be Henley's last program in 1995 Henry was 1 of 4 defendants convicted in a cocaine trafficking case Henley claimed only to finance the criminal doings of a childhood friend but even bars couldn't stop is illegal and things while awaiting sentencing he allegedly convinced a guard to smuggle a cellphone to hire a hit man to take up the judge in this trial along with a cheerleader who testified against him ultimately neither hit came through because federal agents had secretly tape recorded family in a cell talking about the $100000 hit jocks so in addition to its drug charges he was also on the hook for conspiracy to commit murder among other charges Henley ultimately get a plea deal to put him away for 41 years Sam heard wide receiver Sam heard spent 5 years at the Dallas Cowboys and one season the discography collecting a respectable 53 receptions and 739 receiving yards he stayed busy off the field to hosting a football show called inside the huddle but is other pastime was drug trafficking and in 2011 he was arrested outside Chicago steakhouse where he received a kilogram of cocaine from an undercover officer that same night he reportedly told the officer that he wanted to buy up to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1000 pounds of marijuana on a weekly basis so clearly it wasn't all for him in 2013 he received a 15 year prison term for being part of a group that was trying to set up a 3 state cocaine and marijuana distribution Keith writes defensive tackle keep the right was a sixth round draft pick out of the university of Missouri who bounced around the NFL but after his career ended he turned to a life of crime with police linking him to 3 home invasions of 2011 alone it all right rang up 19 felony charges over his spring including kidnapped armed robbery false imprisonment and sexual assaults a year later he was given 1 of the longest sentences a former professional athlete ever faced 200 34 years and 8 months Anthony Wayne Smith a first round draft pick by the Oakland Raiders in 1990 Anthony Wayne Smith last 7 years in the NFL sadly he was far more successful at the criminal side of life in 2003 he was accused of firebombing a furniture store a charge that ultimately went nowhere after 2 juries couldn't reach a verdict later he was arrested and put on trial for killing 3 men brothers Ricky and Kevin nettles in 1999 datacenter 70001 worse than simply killing them he played with them too with the metal press there's a special he disguised himself as a police officer and approach them at the car wash many kidnap them tortured them finally shot that with the other said he was more straight forward simply kidnapping him and then stabbing a in January 2016 Smith was found guilty of the 3 murders and earned himself 3 consecutive life sentences Chad Curtis as a star for the New York Yankees Chad Curtis turned World Series rings in 1998 in 1999 in retirement he worked at various high schools including at Lakewood high school in like a death Michigan starting in 2011 he was there that his life took a turn for the criminal while working as a volunteer strength trainer he began to offer besides just a big girl athletes but not the boys 3 girls all between the ages of 13 and 16 later testified that his massages turned sexual with him touching and fondling various private parts both above and below the belt he accused the girls of lying and claimed that he was a man of god it just wants to help you and even plan to write a book with 1 of his accusers but the judge was impressed and he was sentenced to 7 to 15 years in prison Clifford at the before sports Clifford at the end was basically a done high school team who held up some customers at a shopping mall and was charges in adults while behind bars at the end took up boxing and not sure 30 you know record in route to becoming the champion of the Louisiana state prisons boxing Sir with good behavior at the ends sentence was cut way down to 10 years penny immediately when Perot upon his 1998 parole at the end quickly rose to the boxing ranks when in 19 of his first 20 kbytes his status as a rising star with tarnished in 2003 however after post prison Mike Tyson not at the end out in just 49 seconds at C. N. continued boxing but was soon back to his old criminal ways in August 2005 at the end broke into it check cashing place in baton Rouge Louisiana and stole $1900 to get away he tried to steal a car with 2 kids inside when that didn't work he still another car which also had 2 children inside he didn't get far before you read that right and police caught up with him after he fired a malfunctioning got it he didn't give his lawyers much to work with they argued that at the end was so high on drugs he was aware of his actions that it suffered brain damage from his boxing the excuses didn't work and at the end was sentenced to more than a century in prison these days he's given up the gloves in favor of a paint brush but as time served hasn't been without conflicts Thomas Paine finally there's Thomas Paine whose history of jail time is more chaotic in any action he might have seen on the basketball court before going throw Thomas Paine had been a standout player at the university of Kentucky who in the 19 sixties became the first African American play ball for the school he went pro in 1971 by joining the Atlanta Hawks but after just one year rape charges said his career straight to the trash he was arrested and convicted for raping a woman in Georgia and received a 5 year sentence for upon release from the peach state penitentiary he was immediately extradited talking to face charges for another race he was convicted of that one too and received a life sentence however sentencing laws changed sometime thereafter meaning pain found himself paroled in 1983 he became a boxer and an actor with this new lease on life but he promptly laid waste to a second chance in 1986 when he raped yet another 1 this time in California he was paroled print that in 2000 within Kentucky came calling again turns out the California rate conviction met he violated his Kentucky parole because of that the state could legally enforce his previous life sentence he was sent back to a Kentucky prison and very remains can definitely he's up for parole in 28 teams but judging on how he's clearly learned absolutely no lessons from anything he's done his chances of seeing freedom again are slim at best thanks for watching put the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Movies That Angered Their Real-Life Characters
\\having a movie made about your life might seem like a modern dream but for those who watch their stories play on the big screen it can sometimes be a nightmare for these real life people who are depicted in movies the experience of becoming film famous was not all it was cracked up to be here's why money bought if you're unfamiliar with the story of Moneyball it's a retelling of how Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane reshape the way professional baseball scouts and front office has put together a competitive roster movie was critically acclaimed but opens real life manager art Howe was not pleased with what he saw how was portrayed in the movie by Philip Seymour Hoffman and while Hoffman may have been an Oscar winning for stage actor how thought he was too hefty to play him that was the smallest of his concerns with the depiction how also took issue with the fact that he was represented as little more than an old school baseball dinosaur was being lapped by brilliant minds like beef even call the movie character assassination saying people who don't know me are going to think that's how I was you've worked to build a reputation and then in 2:00 hours this movie breaks it down who was also less than impressed with the movie's attention to players on base percentages because in his words that was a dumb moment no seriously the blind side for Baltimore Ravens on offensive lineman Michael for all the buzz that followed his betrayal in the black it infuriating while it was true that the 2 ways to commit become his family he made it so as though he was with protective instinct Sandra bullock guided into good at football in real life even playing football for you before he was brought into the as he told NPR I could not figure out why the director chose to show taught the game of football weather was SJ round ketchup bottles or Liane explaining to me what blocking I watch those scenes think no that's not me at all I've been studying really studying the game since I was a kid that was my main hang up with the film Martha straight outta Compton doctor dray easy E. and Ice Cube might have been the best known rappers from the groundbreaking group NWA but there were 2 others in the group who got less favorable coverage in the cinematic version of their story straight outta Compton DJ Yella and MC ren didn't become as famous as their peers so they weren't as prevalent in the movie DJ Yella it wasn't a big deal he told double XL magazine that he was glad they took a few liberties with this history because it added some levity saying it needed a little extra little more excitement to the movie and stuff so wouldn't be so tense so serious all the time for MC ren however he didn't appreciate the fact that the film characterized him as a glorified extras MC ren said that he felt disrespected by the movie because it failed the show's contributions to their song list writing and social media true fans know my role in the group as far as lyrics are concerned don't let the movie for you about my contribution to the group even so still gave props to the pick for successfully telling the story of NWA even if he wasn't in it as much as you might have life pain and gain this Michael bay crime comedy about a trio of bodybuilders went up kidnapping a guy might not have been the most prestigious movie to ever hit the marquee for the real life man who was victimized by the incident it had a major impact on his life in the movie the kidnapping victim was played by Tony salu as an unrelenting terrible person audiences probably didn't feel too badly about seeing brutalized by the trio of baddies Kershaw is incredible deserves bad stuff to happen in reality though the victim was a man named Marc Schiller later filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures for the way he and the crime were betrayed the time of his kidnapping Schiller owned an accountancy firm and a deli and had broken off a deal with a friend who later made a plan to extort him according to showing the movie falsely portrayed him as a deplorable unlikable sleazy route abrasive womanizing braggart I claim the movie ruined his life considering he'd already been kidnapped tortured and extorted by his real life assailants the fact that the movie victimized in once more was salt on the wound paramount later settled with Schiller for an undisclosed amount Schiller committed his version of the story to paperback all eyes on me this biopic of Tupac Shakur was a critical miss for several reasons not the least of which was how the movie recreated Jaidev Pinkett Smith's involvement in his life story reactor skewered the film on Twitter and accused the filmmakers of fabricating a scene where in check or read her a poem and claim they completely invented a farewell between the 2 she also denied the occurrence of an argument portrayed in the film calling the movie's version of events deeply hurtful Sally it's a scientific fact that everybody loves Tom Hanks and the man he portrays in 2016 Sully is a bona fide hero captain Chesley Sullenberger the third was the pilot who pulled off the miracle on the Hudson so named because it was one of the most insane emergency landings ever attempted and saved every person on board the plane but if the film's plot had been true to the actual events it would have been over in half an hour because all that time spent investigating whether or not he'd done the right thing was greatly exaggerated there was never any significant doubt as to whether selling made the right call the first set of simulations shown in the film to constitute damning evidence that the emergency landing was unnecessary show just the opposite and the final report praised both silly and the crew for their heroism the real investigators were none too happy about this accusing director Clint Eastwood of making manufactured villains out of them for the sake of dramatic tension now retired lead investigator Robert bends complained that the film had hurt his reputation what putting its level of realism somewhere between shark NATO to and shark NATO 3 when Nelson Mandela is widely regarded as one of the greatest men of the twentieth century and his wife is extraordinary in her own right for social justice efforts to our positions of power in South Africa her life's work is definitely worth talking about however she didn't want her life story to be told on screen and when when he came along with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson portraying her she took umbrage to its development and try to stop the movie in its tracks Mandela had originally asked to simply see the script before the film went into production but for some bizarre reason studio refused so in the end Mandela probably didn't mind it much that the movie never landed with the critics the experiment this 2001 film was based on the infamous Stanford prison experiment which had participants play the role of prisoners and guards in an attempt to shed light on the psychological effects of power over others results were not pretty as the guards wasted no time lording their authority over the prisoners subjecting some of them to psychological abuse and humiliating punishments like cleaning toilets and peeing in buckets the man running the experiment psychologist Philip Zimbardo allow this to continue for 6 days before calling it off at the insistence of his girlfriend the test push the boundaries of ethics but never did evolve into brutal violence and rapes as depicted in the film Zimbardo president of the American psychological association at the time of the film's release was not happy he said it makes Stanford and me and psychology look back to be fair the film does only claim to have been inspired by real events but most film goers probably can't tell the difference patch Adams this 1998 remedy about doctor hunter patch Adams gave new life to the story of the dedicated doctor who merged the worlds of medicine and clowning other reviewers weren't very impressed with the flick the harshest criticism came from patch Adams himself in an interview the doctor disparage the film for allegedly making his children week with displeasure he felt a created a hollow caricature of him was stepping around all the grueling effort he put into actually helping people we discussing the film's real world impact Adams pulled no punches saying we put up fake meaningless heroes to completely divert intelligence from a population so are kind of work if anything is denigrated he went on to lament that the film did nothing to bolster his real life efforts to heal the sick apparently depicting Adam's as a doctor who put animal bulbs on his face didn't leave a positive impression spotlight in an age where news outlets consistently get accused of alleged bias and fakery spotlight provides a noble portrait of journalistic courage and integrity the Oscar winning movie revisited how The Boston Globe exposed heinous sexual abuse and a dastardly cover up by the Catholic Church so a picture this serious might seem to demand a standard of truth seeking worthy of the journalists it represents however one of the real life people depicted in the movie was more than mildly offended as to how we came off in the fact school representative Jack Dunn was painted as a morally ambiguous figure who tried to excuse away abuses it's a big school Robbie you know that and then we're talking about 7 alleged victims over what 8 years the real done subsequently sued the studio for defamation and ultimately the filmmakers apologize to him and settled for an undisclosed sum the wolf of Wall Street although there were also penny stocks and tax evasion in the mix the wolf of Wall Street is really just about a couple of white collar hustlers that paid in cash and drugs based on the duplicitous rise of the corporate con man Jordan Belford the movie takes viewers on an intoxicating Odyssey of unabashed decadence but not everyone appreciated the picture according to injure green the picture is nothing short of cinematic slander his portrayal in the film was a blip on the movies radar putting greens might the wolf of Wall Street unfairly picked up depicting him as it folks willing degenerate who arranged illegal transactions for Belford see I told you his fantastic right moreover his alleged onscreen equivalent Nikki rug rat cosco wears a toupee and acts like a cartoon green took those indignities as a huge affront and sued for millions of dollars and when the studio tried to have the case thrown out they failed and in New York judge even ordered Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese to testify about the film if he does win the suit it'll give all new meaning to that scene with Leonardo di Caprio throwing his cash in the ocean won't or if you did just say that you say thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Final Boss Battles That Challenged No One
\\it's an unspoken rule that being the final boss in any video game should be a very difficult task a test of all of the skills you've accumulated until this fateful moment so when the final boss is a total washout it's hard not to be disappointed real gamers earn their victories and having that satisfaction yanked out from under you in the final moments of the game report hours into is a total buzzkill so you're a few games that totally skipped out on the final boss fights fable to the original fable ended with a pretty fun battle against a glowing red villain able to however ended with an old guy who could be killed with a music box in a single bullet when Lucy in Fairfax goes into his villain monologue in the game's final scene you can end the game just by shooting him once if you decide not to shoot and listen to his whole speech one of your pals will shoot him instead there's no way around the anticlimax take one shot battle which is narratively sound pretty unsatisfying as a player during a boss should be harder than pressing a single button borderlands a monolithic alien got that contains Pandora's box sounds like a bad ass finale to any game but the entire final fight in borderlands just if shooting at designated spots hiding behind pillars to Dodge tentacles and repetition the reward nothing players were so crest fallen that the developer acknowledged that borderlands 2 trailer warrior so faultless it's an ending that makes sense in context but gamers want loot and a challenge a crushing let down of reality that's what going to your job is for gears of war to are you good at holding down the button until something dies that's exactly what happens when you fight the lambent broom back the final boss in gears of war to all of your adventuring and all of the locust you've cut through pales in comparison to this epic boss fight right hope you enjoy throwing down a couple hammers of dawn in between watching cut scenes because that's all you're getting from this boss fight principal je the 2 thrones what makes the final boss fight in prince of Persia the 2 throne interesting is that the prince is essentially fighting the darkness within himself and given that the prince has incredible agility combat prowess and the ability to manipulate time you'd think that the fight would be incredible but you end up just chasing the dark prince across a bunch of platforms before you decide to stop and get back to Farah the prince's main squeeze way now turns out the prince I had to let his dark side go rather than try to get it to submit yawn middle earth shadow of Mordor or throughout all of middle earth shadow of Mordor or Italian stabbed his way across the land and killed dozens of groups in an effort to bring him closer to those who murdered his family he learned ancient skills and developed into a highly efficient killing machine so it's pretty disappointing when his final battle with the black hand is nothing more than a button matching game all you have to do is match a few prompts on the screen and will you win thrilling right final fantasy legend by the time you get to the end of final fantasy legend your game boys probably fused to your hands and you've depleted a year's worth of emergency double a batteries your warriors find out that everything they've been doing has been part of a game designed by the creator was some kind of weird top hat wearing goth person as you gear up to engage in the epic battle against a force that can create and destroy worlds game bug allows you to kill the creator with a single hit as it happens weapon called saw was programmed backwards so it instantly kills anything stronger than your warrior because this final fantasy apparently happens in Bizarro world rose rose all I Shadowgate perhaps it's unfair to ask for a challenging boss battle for appointing click role playing game when you enter a room with a powerful warlock summoning an enormous dragon from some kind of help did you have a pretty good reason to get excited politics though is one click to zap the dragon with your magic staff and the game is over of course it's all about the journey rather than the destination but a little bit of destination is always nice to even a little more of that pixelated dragon would've been nice a boy and his blob a pile of sledge name blubber comes to work to find a boy in order to help them save as planned it from an evil emperor who's forced the entire population to live on candy which actually sounds like the best election platform ever when blubber each jelly beans he turns into different cool things so his aversion to sugar is completely off base and he probably just as a problem with authority when you get to the final boss all you have to do is toss blob a single jelly bean pattern into a Jack and knock a convenient bottle vitamins on to the emperor and the world is safe because storing poison on a precarious shelf right over your head is apparently the blob alone in way Super Mario brothers it's not easy to criticize a classic like Super Mario brothers but it has to be done reaching the king of the coopers and level 84 is no small task but after dozens of excellently designed levels and predictable battles against me boss browsers 1 might expect his final form to be a little different sadly the ultimate Bowser is just more of the same is not even protected by clever maze like it's castle in level 74 and what you reach him all you have to do is jump over him for him with a few fireballs browser may just be the most consistently easy final boss of all time he accidentally kills himself in Super Mario brothers 3 by stomping around too hard but his attempts at villainy in Super Mario world are the worst will Bowser flies around in his weird on threatening clown head he checks the easiest enemies in the game at you when he's not dropping power ups the whole final battle takes about 2 minutes all while Bowser is plugged into the least threatening video game vehicle of all time clown seriously through your house Albert and I can you well yeah but let the poor guy out will as for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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The Mystery Of The Black Knight Satellite
\\lots of people believe in the abstract theory of alien life but some people believe aliens have not only visited earth they actually placed a mysterious device into orbit above our planet thousands of years ago that they use to communicate with humanity sounds crazy here's a look at the mystery of the black knight satellite first sighting in 1954 the New York Times ran an article saying that doctor Lincoln the pies had discovered 2 satellites orbiting the earth the reason this was news in 1954 no country it managed to launch any satellites yet whatever the pas saw it was enough to worry the Pentagon for awhile that the Russians might have beaten American to space the pas later said he made it all up while the army said no such satellites existed still many people believe the satellites were there and they were made by aliens it has like connection Nicholas Tesla is the internet's favorite scientist and is famous for lots of other things too like inventing the Tesla coil his dislike of women and a strange obsession with pigeons in 1899 though he made his most controversial discovery when he claimed to have received an electric signal sent by aliens he even published an article for collier's weekly subtly titled talking with the planets where he theorized the signal was from Mars modern conspiracy theorists however believe test that was actually intercepting a message from the black knight satellite the next communication according device in 1927 a Norwegian engineer named Juergen halls was listening to radio signals when he noticed that some of them had a strange echo despite turning to other physicists for help house could never explain these long delayed radio echoes some believe the answer is pretty obvious space race citing by the end of the 19 fifties the space race was in full swing and both the U. S. and USSR had managed to put satellites in orbit but according to skip toys on 2/11/1960 a radar used by the U. S. navy picked up the presence of a strange dark tumbling object that didn't belong to either country Americans freaked out worried that it was a new Soviet satellite but time magazine announced it was just an innocent piece of space junk however thanks to declassify documents we now know that it was a cover up as it was actually an American spy satellite doing reconnaissance on Russia but is that just another layer to the deeper cover up of the black knight satellite mum the lost tape even the French managed to get in on the conspiracy action in 1961 a scientist named Jacques valet made a startling discovery there was a bright unidentified object in retrograde meaning it was moving in the opposite direction of earth's rotation the technology to put satellites in retrograde is available to humanity now that didn't exist at the time when violacea recording of his findings though his superior confiscated the tape and a race the footage nobody knows why some people believe it's because the lost tapes showed proof of the existence of the black knight satellite or maybe and astronauts alleged sighting mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper which seem to be a reliable source so many conspiracy theorists put great stock in the room at that Cooper saw the black knight satellite while orbiting the earth allegedly up to 100 more people on earth even saw the satellite on their radar while tracking Cooper's flight one problem though according to skip to it Cooper was adamant that his sighting of the black knight was made up by UFO fanatics so what's the truth only the aliens know for sure the people of Absalon to Otis in the 19 seventies science fiction author Duncan London took those radio echoes your in house discovered in the 19 twenties and map them against constellations he concluded that the signals were from the start epsilon to Otis and claimed that a coded message said this our home is excellent lotus which is a double start we live on the sixth planet of 7 check that the sixth of 7 counting out words from the sun which is the larger of the 2 stars our sixth planet has one move our fourth planet has 3 our first and third planet each have one our probe is in the orbit of your moon London later withdrew his claims but theorists believe the mention of a probe orbiting the moon is actually talking about the black knight satellite orbiting earth recent sightings in 1998 the crew of space shuttle endeavor photographs something in orbit that look very similar to other images of the alleged black knight satellite however it was concluded that it was probably just a thermal blanket that if in lost in space in 2015 there were at least 2 sightings including an object passing in front of the moon and footage of the satellite hovering over Florida before disappearing in April 2017 there was footage released the tabloids that supposedly showed an Illuminati rocket blowing up the black knight satellite the jury is still out on this 11 thing is for sure if that rocket was fired by the person who actually killed JFK finally be close to getting some real answers thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Characters That Almost Single-Handedly Ruined A TV Show
\\it's hard to put together a truly engaging ensemble cast but it's magic when it happens occasionally however show runner sauce if you face is that throw off the balance of our favorite TV shows losing viewers and threatening to destroy shows legacy here just a few characters that turned otherwise enjoyable TV shows into an unwatchable mass Wesley crusher when Star Trek the next generation first hit warp speed the idea was to continue gene Roddenberry's vision of a United world seeking out new life and civilizations in outer space what no one expected was the most annoying addition to track since the troubles Wesley crusher Wesley the boy genius failed to make it into Starfleet academy more than once but somehow remained on board the enterprise because of his lucky attitude talking back to senior officers and often saving the day with answers that the adults couldn't manage what he didn't have however was respect not even getting stabbed earned this kid in the street cred eventually Wesley was but in this place by Capt Picard I know it's my finish me as an acting ensign but shut up Wesley and even his own mother and since I am finished here Sir may I point out that shot up Wesley Wesley would exit as a series regular in the fourth season but would show up at 4 more episodes further on in the show's run actor will Wheaton would later admit the criticism of the character herding personally but given how he's been given his own asteroid and remains a rising power in geek culture he's probably gotten over it if he hasn't well then shot upwards later 7 fox's first big TV it was married with children a series that still fondly remember today one character is all but forgotten however and that may be for the best young 7 wanker is taken in by the Bundys opening the door for al's misery to continue with the new mouth to feed still al declared him to be a true Bundy after awhile but with no additional story and a character too cute for what worked on a nontraditional comedy show began to sputter out Jane street the actor hired for the role had little experience and the audience wasn't reacting well after a dozen episodes 7 left the show by skating to the Darcy home next door and refusing to leave he was never spoken of again be out a few quick gags that reinforces exile Mary too and on the last another 4 seasons that turned out to be the right move my Herrera with A. B. C.'s heroes hit peak during its debut season creator Tim Kring was left with the problem how do you top a season that can reduce lovable time traveler hero power stealing bill and Siler and the iconic phrase save the cheerleader save the world when the show returned for its sophomore season they added my her air play by Dania Ramirez Maya and her twin brother crossed the border from Mexico into the United States looking for help in controlling her poisonous powers but a character just didn't connect and got lost among the other slow stories of the season worse Meyer remain mostly independent of the series established characters and showed little prowess as a hero way the writers strike causing the season the close with just a handful of episodes my was cured and rushed out of the sea Craig admitted they had screwed up the season and apologize to fans Maya was never seen again teary heroes of its own poison at least until was canceled rebooted and canceled again April Nardini for fans of Gilmore girls the breakup of Luke and Lorelai was the equivalent of having their hearts ripped out and there is only one person to blame April April debuted in season 6 as the previously unknown teenage daughter of Luke when she steals and tests Luke's DNA as part of our nerdy science experiment and learns that he's her father it's the beginning of the end Luke could no longer commit to marriage and he hides the reason for his decision things come to a head and when he's finally ready to commit it's too late the star crossed lovers of stars hollow find themselves done for good all because of a gawky 12 year old girl whose idea of a good time was counting salt shakers in years later actress Vanessa marrano would admit sheer self inflicted over the character in fact she admits she did sort of hated April herself when you hate the character you play there is no greater proof that they were no good for the show or the viewers cousin Oliver he is the ultimate TV Ruiner introduced in the fifth season of the Brady bunch cousin Oliver was Carol's nephew dumped with the family while his parents were traveling out of south American day we soon learned why they'd rather not be around however was their regular for all of 6 episodes but its tendency to cause accidents when he was around change the balance of the series becoming something of a real life evil tiki that curse the family the Brady bunch was canceled just a few episodes later and Robbie rest who played Oliver wasn't even tell the series was done he only learned of the show's finish when he found out he wasn't going back to work and yet somehow cousin Oliver isn't the most reviled character on this list now that honor belongs to scrappy doo for decades Scooby doo as pal that Mr yank have I'm mass ghoulish villains who no doubt what got away with it if it had not been for those meddling kids in 1979 however there is a push to cancel Scooby so producers had a bear through a hail Mary enter Scooby doo's feisty nephew scrappy doo the series was renewed although the diminutive pup would cause a revolution act still felt that day scrappy was the exact opposite of cowardly shaggy and Scooby always looking for a fight while the team's terror often set up gags scrappy had only that 1 aggressive trade soon after his first appearance scrappy even got top billing along with Scooby while Fred Velma and Daphne got benched imagine losing your job to the dog you can't housebreak years later in skivvies first live action feature film scrappy was portrayed as a disrespectful exiled member of mystery a so to review Schiavi all time classic scrappy best left in the cattle scrappy doo socks up he thanks for watching put the grunge icons subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Mystery Of Spontaneous Human Combustion
\\you know the story perfectly normal person suddenly catches on fire and poof there gone for years spontaneous human combustion or SHC has baffled scientists in amateur paranormal investigators alike like any other paranormal phenomena there are a number of logical explanations for spontaneous human combustion whether or not you believe them on the other hand tire we have to you the burning question it takes a lot of energy to burn a human body according to body burning experts because those guys definitely exist it takes somewhere between 1400 and 1800°F to cremate a human being that's a lot harder than a match candle or cigarettes the usual suspects in the case of SHC and yet according to a survey from the journal of clinical forensic medicine suspected cases of spontaneous human combustion completely reduce the victim's body to ash goodnight sweet prince round eggs in usually don't flammable materials 2 if given ceri fires must be there's actually a widely except theory that ex it's way almost phenomenon called the week if says that the human body can extort of like a candle under the right conditions according to the theory that a person's clothing catches on fire by say a stray cinder from a nearby fireplace or dropped cigarette the heat gets with the skin and melt the victim's body fat the fat becomes a source of fuel that keeps the fire going like an oil lamp if you've ever had a grease fire in your kitchen it's basically like that except with a person and I debate the wick effect explains most spontaneous human combustion cases but not all of them and as anything that's possibly paranormal there are number of alternate theories out there researcher Brian J. fort argues that it may be caused by ketosis condition that often happens in people with drinking problems in which a glucose starved body starts beating on fact ketosis increases the body's acetone levels and it's acetone is flammable the person is more likely to catch on fire other theories aren't so reasonable at least one scientist thinks that ball lightning a largely unexplained scientific phenomenon might cause SHC some paranormal researchers even think that SHC might be related to poltergeist those are interesting theories among obviously Aragorn every time rise to one of the most famous modern cases of Tanis human combustion occurred in 1951 when a 67 year old widow named Mary research died in a mysterious fire in our St Petersburg Florida apartment the mysterious fire propelled the city of Saint Petersburg into the national spotlight and attracted the attention of amateur sleuths all over the country but there may be a perfectly logical explanation for research demise in 2009 reporter Jerry bliss and who covered the research story in 1951 we visited the famous case now armed with some additional details provided by the FBI the FBI concluded that the fire had been started by research cigarette all thank you for not smoking murder charge spontaneous human combustion may or may not be real but it does have real life consequences including in at least 1 case keeping a suspected murderer out of jail according to a doctor's review article a woman named Nicole Miller and the Tories drunk burned to death in her kitchen 1 night in 1725 her husband was convicted of the murder and given a death sentence but a physician and Claude Nicolae cannot convince the court that Nicole spontaneously combusted most gullible judge ever yeah we'll go with that political fuel if you haven't noticed by now alcohol plays a big role in spontaneous human combustion cases in fact the link between drinking and suppose it cases of S. H. C. was so well documented that in 1799 a position even listed which spirits were most likely to cause SHC that science or not the public association between alcohol and SHC fan the fires of the temperance movement throughout the 18 hundreds prohibitionists used anecdotal accounts of spontaneous combustion to push the anti alcohol agenda claiming that the easiest way to avoid exploding is to simply stop drinking is a pretty compelling argument after all spontaneous human combustion actually became 1 of the main arguments for temperance until roughly 1928 a modern problem don't be fooled for the history of spontaneous human combustion is filled with pseudo science it's still crops up in the modern age the BBC article reports that in 2010 a 76 year old man named Michael fairy died at his home in Ireland according to reports he was burned to a crisp Dr Karen McLachlan the corner who handled verities case was baffled left with a blank death certificate McLachlan only had one choice he told the BBC this fire was thoroughly investigated and I'm left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion for which there is no adequate explanation was it really spontaneous combustion or was McLoughlin simply out of options leave it to you to decide thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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False Facts That Actually Changed The World
\\look back through history and you'll find that the idea of fake news definitely isn't new in fact there are a ton of theories stories and scientific facts that we now know were just hot garbage making matters worse some of those facts weren't simply accepted as truth but were used as the very building blocks of the world we know today for better or worse usually worse to infinity and beyond a few short centuries ago the United States was populated by vast herds of buffalo flocks of thousands of birds and dense forest who's a paradise on earth until foreign settlers came along and ruined the heck out of it with New World settlers found was so incredible that they developed with the British association for American studies because the myth of super abundance of belief that this unsettled world was limitless there were so many resources available but there was no reason to think that we'd ever use them all up so we decimated beaver elk links and bear populations and completely wiped out the passenger pigeon obviously the myth of superabundance couldn't be less true has the promise of wealth and limitless natural resources drove people west loggers destroyed entire forests and millions of bison were hunted down to about 1000 preservationist fought up hill against those practices and continue to fight today and fortunately they persevere a little that's why we have national parks and protected areas but that wasn't the end of our decimation just plain stupid by the turn of the twentieth century settlers moving west to create a whole lot of dry dusty land where nature once thrived and there's a weird very stupid reason that happened wired explains that between 1865 in 1875 people started believing that more farming would give them more rain the rain follows the plow became the mantra of the Great Plains and it was spread by everyone from journalists and scientists to politicians and railway parents who stood to make a fortune off people heading west even the Smithsonian Institution produced publications in 1870 on how planting trees and building railroads could make the rains come which just isn't how things work that's not how it works Santa with any of this work farmers kept farming through drought conditions which stripped away ground cover and turn the Midwest into the exact opposite of a rainy farm friendly paradise forming a useless dust bowl smell you later America was the only place humans ruined by being Demme's take nineteenth century London for example in the 18 thirties epidemics of typhoid influenza and particularly cholera decimated the city it was so bad that even the upper class started to sit up and take notice of the squalor behind it all was the miasma theory of disease transmission which basically meant that it was the bad smelling air that was making people sick and dead that was completely wrong of course since there are very few smells that can actually kill you musically the miasma theory actually led to London making improvements in sanitation and ventilation but there were still a problem after the cleanup and a marginal improvement in overall health did it generally cleaner conditions people would accept that bad smells didn't make you sick in the 18 fifties an anaesthetist name Jon snow not that 1 theorize that caller was actually a water borne contagion but the miasma theory was so widely accepted but no 1 believed him it wasn't until in 1892 cholera outbreak in Hamburg Germany that people started thinking that maybe snow had been on to something after all full of flam ancient Greek physicians wrote that the human body was governed by the interaction between 4 disgusting sounding elements or humors yellow bile black bile phlegm and blood if your body had too much of any of these juices it could become caloric melancholic phlegmatic poor sanguine when those humors were in balance all was well but if you had too much blood or were to come you were officially sick even by the nineteenth century this was still the go to theory many medical treatments were still being employed to restore the humor's balance including the dangerous practice of bloodletting it was definitely a case of the treatment being worse than the illness and countless people died from what was being done theoretically to make them better according to PBS newshour one of those people was George Washington well we don't know precisely what killed him the fact that doctors removed about 40 percent of his blood in an attempt to alleviate his sore throat probably didn't help matters the North Pole shortcut in this age of Google earth it's hard to imagine not knowing what's looking at every corner of the globe but it wasn't really that long ago that we didn't have a clue about what was at the north or south poles in the sixteenth century explores believe that the north pole's endless days would be enough to melt any ice that might have been there so the region would be a warm open seat and according to theory massive ice floes could only happen in fresh water anyway so there wouldn't be any in the arctic sailing straight across the poll would be a short cut so intrepid explorers but the next few 0 years trying to do just that it wasn't until 1879 that the ill fated expedition of George Washington the long prove that the polar sea was pretty much just ice after all when the ship was crushed by ice in an ironic twist however we might just be making the legend come true after all thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Banned Episodes From Popular TV Shows
\\as television evolves into strange new places deregulation regime that once covered every word and inch of skin on the boob tube is letting your standards slip still standards are different all around the world innocent friendship between a sponge in the starfish might seem fine on U. S. TV but that goofy camaraderie was enough to limit the broadcast of sponge Bob SquarePants 2 very specific hours in China and that's just one example here are few more be an episode from popular TV shows you are one South Park the last episode of South Park fourteenth season aired only once in the U. S. in 2010 and even then it was heavily censored their offense they attempted to satirically address extremists outrage over the depiction of the prophet Muhammad yeah raiders of South Park a warning by a radical Islamic group right here in America right here in New York they will end up dead because of a cartoon Comedy Central wasn't willing to take the risk of airing the unedited episode already facing death threats from extremists groups so it bleeped out any potentially offending dialogue as well as all depictions of the profit viewers were left with a whole lot of this you see I don't think something today the central even took it a step further and censored Matt stone and Trey Parker's commentary on the D. he really and omitted the episode from the DVDs that would be sold in certain parts of the world it was a particularly tough to the guys don't pushing the envelope but on the bright side they weren't murdered for blasphemy so that's a plus Boston aqua teen hunger force if the words 2007 Boston Monday night panic sounds ridiculous it's because well the whole thing was ridiculous in January of 2007 promoters of the adult swim show aqua teen hunger force hung it light up LED plaques in cities throughout the U. S. in order to advertise the upcoming aqua teen movie which featured the modem nights our vertical leap is beyond all measurement so what you're saying is your culture is more advanced because you can jump higher yes observe while most cities were bemused Boston went bananas and called in homeland security believing the adorable plaques to be bombs the whole incident ended up costing $2000000 in fines and settlement fees so it came to air a parity episode here later Turner broadcasting which owns Cartoon Network and adult swim refused turn on your tiny magnetic lights that way you look more like a device Dora Dora while the marketing stunt ironically work much better than they probably ever hope for Boston later suffered an actual very serious terrorist attack using an improvised explosive if you're desperate to see show that even it's it's been showed on acts a television don't hold your breath or just go to the internet where people's deepest secrets and James live on forever barbecue or dial M. for monkey Cartoon Network was known for getting away with a lot of questionable content the late nineties including some of the most eerily terrifying moments if any kids program another in addition to giving everyone nightmares forever Cartoon Network also ended up being responsible for a number of animated episodes that were banned after a single airing one of the most notorious examples comes from the dexter's laboratory spin off segment dial M. for monkey it's widely rumored that the episode called barbecue or was banned throughout north and South America because of 2 characters in particular silver Spooner who was created as an offensively flamboyant gay stereotype what and chrome who gets drunk and throws up both characters are probably a bit too much to appear on one episode of a show ostensibly for children other rumors claim that the segment was banned because a barbecue or a parody of marbles Galactus which reportedly upset the publisher there's more credence to that second rumor especially because the tech animated series ran into similar problems the 1995 episode alone together which features a Galactus parity named omnipotence was never released on DVD for allegedly similar reasons and we probably can't even talk in detail about why the cow and the chicken episode buffalo gals was only aired once but it's pretty much all about lesbian stereotypes but elephant issues tiny toon adventures banned cartoons are always trying to slip euphemisms through the sensors sometimes they're really trying to impart a positive message just in the absolute worst way the storm knocked down a big wire the 1991 tiny toon adventures episode titled elephant issues goes just a little over board by murdering half its youthful animal stars but it's for good reason right right the whole of the set contains 2 other segments about social issues but it's the 1 called 1 beer they got the whole thing taken off the air after just 1 showing since 3 under its characters get drunk in public still police car drive off a cliff and die in fairness the episode began with the warning that it was going to be addressing relevant issues but maybe the alcohol abuse segment could have dipped its toe in areas like hang overs or job loss before diving right into the whole areas punch line of vehicular manslaughter show Mr skinny legs Peppa pig it's hard to believe the toddler show Peppa pig is no stranger to controversy either the cartoon character has been accused by news Corp bad man piers Ackerman of being a Marxist Leninist and feminist extremist the show is also ridiculously accused of causing autism in children when many news outlets republished a satirical article from a made up university however there's one example of poor pep up being banned from television that's actually kind of justifiable the 2012 episode Mr skinny legs features the porcine family befriending a spider with the implication that arachnids are our friends and nothing to be afraid of it's a harmless enough message for kids in the UK and even most of the U. S. but a potentially deadly message to send to children in Australia which is home to some of the most venomous spiders in the world the Australian broadcasting corporation restricted airing of the episode on its networks but still accidentally published online due to a technical error viewers quickly complain that had the episode removed rightly terrified of Australian toddlers trying to make friends with deadly funnel web more redback spiders electric soldier poor gone Pokemon only ever hearing once in Japan in 1997 Pokemon's electric soldier Oregon is probably the best known band cartoon sense it actually because the medical crisis reportedly sending over 600 kids to the hospital after seeing that featured a flashing strobe light effect with multicolored lights kids started experiencing vision problems headaches and nausea was some actually having to be treated for seizures the incident got worldwide media attention because it's not every day a TV show shocks people into physical health emergency Nintendo stock shares dropped 5 percent press conferences were held in new animation guidelines or even made with medical professionals the cubist electro.Pokemon Porygon was dropped from all future episodes in the original episode was never aired outside of Japan giving kids seizures kind of makes all the Pokemon episodes band because of gun subtle racism and huge inflatable breast pale in comparison of course we think all these cartoons are banned for ridiculous reasons just wait till you hear about the band shows featuring actual evil 22 episodes in Mississippi Sesame Street Muppets and Sesame Street creator Jim Henson was born in Mississippi and the town of oil in Mississippi has a totally sweet public plaque declaring themselves the birthplace of universally loved frog nerd Kermit and you I wonder too I think needless to say there is some definite hometown pride for Hanson bought in 1970 the state of Mississippi actually banned Sesame Street from public television for a whopping days for probably one of the worst we possible a lobbyist group spearheaded by the board former mayor of Jackson Alan Cabot Thompson who apparently hated all things beautiful decided that public funds should be used to create a show was such a highly integrated cast of children in plain English the show was taken off the air in one state because of old fashioned racism and it was even against blue skin Muppets after a member of the commission leaked the story to the New York times nationwide outrage ensued and the band was lifted it ain't easy being green earshot Buffy the vampire slayer after gaining the power to hear people's thoughts Buffy thing she overhears a student planning a mass murder tests tomorrow Kelly Hong jokes on her the stillness is planning to commit suicide it's actually the lunch lady who's going to commit mass murder in a school well it's a pretty grim story line even for a horror comedy show the Buffy episode earshot probably would've made its air if it wasn't scheduled for the week after the Columbine high school massacre in 1999 the network for the episode before cared and waited a tactful 5 months before showing it because that was probably enough time for anyone traumatized by the real life tragedy to handle seeing a character holding a rifle in the schools clock tower as far as episode bands go this 1 may have been unnecessarily saw home the X. files fun fact the 1996 X. files episode home was the first network TV episode ever earn the now ubiquitous TV MA rating so it's probably not surprising that the episode rarely aired on fox and only ever did so the special warning not so fun fact it's because the entire episode was about a deranged back what's family who like making babies with each other killing people and killing their own babies the gruesome violence and weird sexual themes of homework unsurprisingly for X. files fans reviewed very favorably but being slapped the mature rating from sensors was enough to scare the network from ever running home again though it did eventually reappear in syndication it's now considered a cult classic and some would argue the best episode in the history of the series even though it has nothing to do with aliens conspiracies or anything remotely supernatural turns out people rather watch inbred monsters murder a bunch of people to discover if the truth is really out there thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Crazy Facts You Didn't know About Giraffes
\\if you look at a giraffe long enough you'll start to suspect there's no way it could actually exist with those long Max spindly legs and we are tongues they look like they defy a least a couple laws of biology maybe even one or 2 from physics but they do exist and it turns out there's more weird stuff going on with them you think here some crazy facts you didn't know about giraffes giraffe lullaby giraffe sleeps a little it was once believed they didn't even sleep at all in 19 nineties ally for the university of Zurich spend 152 nights watching 8 giraffe sleep and discovered they get their season burst ranging from 35 minutes to his little as one minute usually they sleep standing but sometimes they do lay down to get some much needed R. E. M. sleep curling up in a position that makes them look Baxter Q. itself but they do at night instead of sleeping while they harm but they do it at such a low frequency many people can't even hear it the human hearing range runs from about 20 hertz up to about 20000 hertz with the giraffes harm barely registering at frequencies as low as 35 hurts researchers have no idea why giraffe some port the sound has any meaning but knowing that they do it sure is creepy those crazy knacks you've probably wondered why giraffes have such insanely long necks you're going to have to keep wondering because nobody actually knows it was believed for a long time the giraffes involve those huge neck so they could more easily graze on tree tops but it turns out they actually prefer eating from lower shrouds which makes the tackle liability instead of a benefit some scientists now think those next involved because male giraffes get inviolate necking fights to determine privacy but that theory isn't widely believed either suffer now it's a big mystery one thing we know it's not designed for urban travel as their necks are so long giraffes and at 2 involves military service the walls of their hearts are act I think to deal with increased blood pressure while the giraffes blood vessels can expand and contract and also contain valves to make sure the blood flows in the right direction even when they've been their huge snacks and they need it a human exposed to the same kind of pressure change would pass out giraffes through history Julius Caesar brought the very first year after year up in 46 BC and according to contemporary records the creature so mellow it was bought like a dog on a leash the Romans gave it the name kamalo part of us because they thought it looked like a half camel have leopard the fate of Caesar's giraffe wasn't recorded but by the second century AD giraffes were being killed for sport in the gladiator arenas because those people were monster jerks giraffes were treated a lot better in China after being brought to the country by an expedition in the year 1430 that's because the Chinese believe giraffes to be the mythical Sheila beast said to be part course and part dragon with one to 3 horns appears body and access to oil cloven hooves and gentle nature so you know they were wrong the emperor Yun law even kept the giraffe around the legitimizes shaky claim on the throne because having a legendary mythical beast in your entourage is always go right yeah giraffe sex if you haven't spent much time thinking about giraffes having sex well we're about to change that unlike many animal species giraffes don't have mating season instead female giraffes are potentially fertile all year long male giraffes figure out whether or not their potential mate is fertile by tasting their P. and if they can't find a mate no problem as male giraffes have been noted for their high rate of same sex encounters once a female giraffe does get pregnant though it's a real process as a jazz station period can last up to 460 days and birth takes place standing up so babies are just dropped from a height of 6 feet how welcome to the world kid one problem the giraffe sex however is that they're actually Ford sub species of giraffes and the only interbreed while in captivity that's because whether differences put each species on a slightly different seasonal breeding cycle so they're just not hardy at the same time that exclusivity has become an issue as the giraffe population has declined by as much as 40 percent of the last 30 years due to you guessed it people killing them it's estimated there are now fewer than 100000 giraffes left in the wild and the Rothschilds giraffe is on the endangered species list with fewer than 700 left in the world the White giraffe in 2050 wild nature institute reported seeing a newborn to rap in the Tarrant Keary national park in Tanzania she wasn't an ordinary giraffe though thanks to a condition called Luke ism her skin doesn't produce color but other parts like your eyes still do tour guides named her momo and she's been in some serious sides she'd had about a 5050 chance of seeing her 6 month birthday even as a regular boring old giraffe and ... awesomely unique appearance made those chances even worse said she became a target for both human and animal predators so when she was seen getting 2016 people are pretty excited you go little although we're all rooting for you giraffes in space in the 19 eighties NASA was having problems with astronauts returning from space as the increased gravity on earth was pulling glide down to their lower extremities leading to fainting and dizziness answer that your wrath according to mental floss a physiologist named Alan Harkins realize baby giraffe suffer through the same problems when they're born and he is colleagues studied their blood vessels as inspiration for creating the lower body negative pressure device NASA also studied the circulatory system of adult giraffes designed space suits that could adapt better to different gravitational forces to boldly go where no giraffe has gone before thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Untold Truth Of The Big Lebowski
\\with so many other details to excess over about 1990 eights corky Cohen brothers comedy the big bounce it's no wonder the cult classic is still being dissected decades later casual viewers may not see much beyond the surface of this tale of a stone slacker is about bowling buddies getting caught up in a kidnapping but if you dig deeper there's more going on both on screen and behind the scenes here a few little known facts about the ballots and its impact the dude refrains appearances of John to zeros purple jumpsuit wearing Jesus character aside the many scenes inside the bowling alley bring a working class real nice films often cartoonish protagonists there are well you know it's just like ... your opinion man oddly enough however at no point in the film self clearly about the bowler bowl it's true the closest we get does that sort of bowling he is the one who ball and in the Baltic give that recipe Cohen Joyce bridges in both down in a 2008 fort worth star telegram he says he bowling last before filming hold on it does seem but he also says he the bowling in the film like many things in depends it down even for you draw your hand back if you exists the character of Jeffrey due to the palace was based on a real person something the Coen brothers hit at when you get into it backstory on my Whizzer one of the authors of the poor here on stage rear of the Seattle 7 that was me for 6 other guys Jeffrey doubt really was one of the Seattle 7 and actual antiwar activist group during the 6 and the port Huron statement was a real document authored by the group in the early nineties doubt began working as an independent film producer promoter which is how we met the killing he only has a handful of actual credits to his name including serving as co executive producer of 1992's burn belly the last rain forest but he's considered one of the godfathers of independent cinema for its marketing and he still active in Hollywood today working as a producer when he's not attending now Steve bass giving speeches on college campuses and yes doubts nickname is indeed good news the dude gas one of the most iconic scenes in the film is the home or sick also known as the find a stranger in the Alps see banks to be absurd censorship that receives on basic cable see what happens when you find a stranger they all once his stolen cars recovered to do thanks homework he believes the long car thief in the backseat this ends the dude and Walter on a wild goose chase winds up with 2 cars destroyed and the protagonist gaining nothing in their search for the truth behind the kidnapping ransom as bizarre as it sounds this whole sequence is also loosely based on a true story the character of Walter is a combination of a few people the Cohen brothers but many traits were generously borrowed from the life of all ex the man who green that felons 1987 movie raising Arizona explains car was stoned and he had to track it down to the impound lot he found the kids homework in the car and brought along his friend for an impromptu interrogation he even put the kids homework and evidence like bag and wore a suit to look more official the similarities don't stop there either the house was in fact owned by an elderly man using it I but not an iron block and a good day to you so far the dude disparages despite being a fairly passive laid back character there're a few things one definitely knows about that do you he lives bowling and white Russians any hates the eagles come on I had a rough night in my the eagles man and while actor Jeff bridges says that particular character trait led to a few uncomfortable encounters over the years with late people spread Baglan fry it up the Coen brothers secure Townes van Sant's cover of the rolling stones dead flowers for use the help turns out the rights of the sock brown by former rolling stones manager Allen Klein who initially demanded $150000 Ellen's invited into Watson early cut of the film after the eagles disparaging line clients that up in the middle of the screening and insisted they get half the songs for free that dude inspires Veronica Mars creator rob Thomas is a huge fan of big about a considered the biggest race of his cult comedy starring Kristen bell as an accidental amateur sleuth in southern California was chock full of references to the film many if not now this isn't bowling there are rules Mookie this is not non this is bowling there are rules culture Thomas says they were actually trying to sneak peek and prior movie ended the show line by line but couldn't quite pull it off after being canceled after 3 seasons and one big about the band journalist Oliver Benjamin was so inspired by the film he created his own laid back religion based on Judaism is a modern form of Dallas that's based on the news world and it has nearly 0.5000000 registered in our game Judas Priest as of the making of this video who were legally allowed to perform wedding ceremony certain states how many people are in the an ordinary church 200 how Hitler in a bowling league we are designed to be in tribes of people of 100 to 200 people and to look out for each other room but you not to compartmentalize thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Beautiful Natural Wonders Destroyed By The Dumbest Tourists
\\this nothing quite like the majesty of you in one of the world's natural wonders in person for some people though there's an extra thrill the joy of destroying that natural wonder if you've ever questioned whether humanity was truly stupid stop wondering because here's a look at the beautiful natural wonders that were destroyed by the dumbest tourists burn island burned Spain's below Eric islands far Mediterranean beauty on steroids which makes them a favorite destination for tourists that had dire consequences in 2015 when a pair of young Scotsman visited the pristine uninhabited E. led a separate isa and proceeded to burn the entire island down after dropping the lit cigarette despite completely ruining the natural wonder including the habitat of the native blacklisted Spanish police declined to press charges saying they accepted the fire was accidental time to make the donuts a pristine dry lake deep in the burning heart of Death Valley race track playa is home to one of the weirdest events in nature gigantic rocks move across its surface seemingly by themselves leaving a possible weekly trails behind it took scientists until 2013 to discover the mechanism behind this freaky spook show and the race track is still regarded as an invaluable scientific site at least it was until some redneck tourist in an SUV decided to do donuts over vast stretches of it one month later even more vandal showed up to joy ride across the natural wonder leaving tracks that will be visible to visitors until sometime in the mid twenties thirties it's a like jerks parasites in paradise located in the South China Sea the Paracel islands had until recently been shut off to humanity for decades this allowed them to become many evenings overflowing with abundant and glorious wildlife then in 2016 China officially open the islands to tourism resulting in the immediate destruction of the entire ecosystem as visitors gleefully 8 everywhere species insight even posting happy photos of themselves on social media to prove they are horrible heartless monsters to top it off the tourist and plucked entire species of colorful quarrel into extinction just so they'd have some souvenirs take home fire hazard spreading for nearly 1000 square miles through Chiles Patagonia region put as della Pena is the crown jewel of the country's national park system at least when it isn't being burned down by visitors which happened in 2005 and again in 2011 with the 2 fires leading roughly 10 percent of the park a charred wasteland naturally visitors learned their lesson no no of course they didn't 2015 apparent tourists were thrown out of the park after they tried to start an illegal campfire in a dry area of highly flammable forced luckily they were caught before the fire actually started destroying the park but it seems just like a matter of time before it happens again potty training Lou is a gigantic sandstone monolith that rises out of the flat Australian outback like some sort of mythical party trick it's also a sacred site for Australia's indigenous and non go people and used to be the home of an ultra rare species of fairy shrimp that could be found only in pools of water on the moon roof now of course that species is extinct for a particularly disgusting reason retired wildlife science professor Brian Tim's discovered the extinction was due to tourists pooping on everything so yeah not only our tourists literally cropping Oliver secret natural wonder they're killing off entire species with their poop in the process just while unnatural selection once upon a time the Galapagos wasn't untouched wilderness filled with countless unique species found nowhere else on earth then just a few decades ago a tourist boom brought hordes of people to the islands and those people brought boatloads of invasive species along with them already the island of Santa Cruz has been ensnared by habitat destroying blackberry and Isabella is being strangled by new creeper Galapagos ants are being killed and replaced by uppity mainland ants while tourists are also running over rare finches in astonishing numbers given that a single tourist vessel can bring some 300 invasive bug species difficult abacus we're guessing Charles Darwin wouldn't even recognize the islands he unfortunately made world famous Q. crash the devil's hole pupfish is one of the rarest fish species in the world they live solely in the waters of devil's hole in Death Valley national park and that's where they also were killed by a group of drunken hillbillies in 2016 after a trio of inebriated jerks chucked beer cans in the water vomited in it and even left their dirty boxer shorts behind besides killing at least one fish out right they also damaged food source and excites endangering the entire species going forward so that's basically the world's worst beer commercial hash tag idiot 2016 a self centered ego is named Casey knock it decided to go on a spree of destruction painting giant murals of her own face all over natural monuments across the U. S. national park system her spree defaced vistas from crater lake designed to Joshua tree to Death Valley so why did she do it quite to generate publicity for her Instagram account after internet sleuths put 2 and 2 together the government brought her to court where she was sentenced to 2 years probation 200 hours of community service and banned from all U. S. national parks thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Video Games So Bad They're Good
\\making a video game is hard making a good game is even harder sometimes despite developers best efforts game just doesn't come together but that's okay because which isn't bad voice acting and provide unintentional comedy other times the goal is making a game as bad as it can be on purpose and the results are monumental successes in the realm of utter failure here's a look at some video games that are so bad they're actually pretty good WWE 2 K. every year 2 K. sports releases another W. W. E. gas and every year it's terrible for the franchise's habit of including game breaking bugs has actually become the most popular part of the franchise in WWE 2 K. 14 characters can village in where they'll have W. UK 15 furniture got tired of being weapons and started fighting the WB 16 saw John Cena fall victim to apparent alien WWE 17 used former and champions no it Joe with a bra creating a rampaging be he was half man garbage can in short this is one case where the bulk pack is a few deadly premonition if you're looking for something incredibly ambitious that fails to deliver on any of its ambitions been deadly premonition might be the game for you featuring and silly outdated graphics terrible voice acting and story line because the pretend to make sense deadly premonition take elements of resident evil Shenmue Grand Theft Auto and Twin Peaks and mixes them together into a weird mass that falls short of all of its inspiration it also features controls mechanics and navigation systems that make completing the game a total chore but despite all that for perhaps because of it deadly premonition has amassed a cult following of hard core fans at the very least deadly premonition tries to do something new and it industry crowded with sequels and knock offs sometimes that's enough galactic dance off Kinect Star Wars it might have been the best overall but the game's galactic dance off mode is actually a lot of fun if you don't die of embarrassment first in galactic dance off players control popular Star Wars characters like land of heresy Boba Fett and more while using the motion 50 connected dance the pop songs but these are just any pops on their Star Wars themed covers of pop songs which takes the game to a whole new level of awful for example instead of Jacinda reloads right in solo players get I'm Han solo instead so earth defense force 2017 terrible graphics check even worst voice acting check alien corpses that disappear mere seconds after dying a razor thin plot or artificial intelligence no online multiplayer basic features that are completely missing check welcome to earth defense force ... and this mass also has 1 other thing glowing reviews from critics and fans who love the game because it sucks so bad saying things like what is so incredibly endearing about this game is that it's so technically a poor and and the physics are ludicrous yes but ludicrous is a good day W. like blowing things up without having to worry about literally anything else earth defense force 2017 might be for you 50 said blood on the sand many video games are power fantasies but you are as specific as 50 cent blood on the sand which allows you to control the famous rapper as he battles terrorists in the Middle East in order to retrieve it jewel encrusted skull worth $10000000.50 might be a once popular Grammy Award winning musician is only one person in the world wants to see the rapper single handedly win the war on terror that person's name is 50 cents still the game is actually much more playable that it has any right to end the insanely stupid storyline is worth more than a few laughs along the way waiting in line 3 D. that's a classic game waiting in line 3 D. involves standing in place L. one that ever goes and while there is a scoreboard you can't score any points the only thing you can do is punch yourself in the face keep yourself away fall asleep and you live by yourself too many times you die and that's it developer Raji best too said that his goal while making waiting in line 3 D. was to create a game that deliberately undermines the very idea of what a game is meant to be meaning the game can't be interesting exciting or fun good news he succeeded I embrace back controls usually spell doom for a game Abbas the studios and turn them into something of an art form at their ultimate masterpiece is I embrace where players control a slice of bread trying to make it across the room to a test fall on the floor and ability ratings grace but thanks to the wildly physics of a slice of bread keeping itself edible is almost impossible for most players destroy the entire house in the process of trying it all adds up to a frustratingly addictive experience but though the controls a terrible they're consistent meaning very patient and dedicated players can eventually master desert bus most designers don't set out to make a bad game but then Taylor did desert bus part of the bureau's planned smoke in mirrors video game compilation is less of a game and more the practical joke all you do is drive a truck from Tucson philos Vegas in real time the truck tops out of 45 miles per hour so it takes about 8:00 hours to get from one city to the other and since the truck pulls slightly to the right you have to keep your hands on the virtual wheel at all times if you manage to get to your destination you get 1.then you can turn around and drive back originally developed for the Sega CD smoke and mirrors was canceled due to lack of interest in Sega's genesis data that should have in the end of desert bus but in 2007 some gamers played during the live stream for charity and ended up raising over 22 $0 the annual desert bus for hope charity drive was born and it's become wildly popular sense in 201615 played for over 6.5 days straight raising nearly $700000 in the process this is my 30 second hour of staring at this TV with this road and ahead of me and it's just mind numbingly boring big rigs over the road racing according to review aggregator Metacritic big rigs over the road racing isn't just a bad game it's actually the worst reviewed game of all time according to Sergei through tough the man who programmed the engine the big rigs and runs on developer stellar stone release the game well before it was finished and it shows of the 5 racecourses that players can choose from only for actually work players can select the race as one of 4 different tracks but they're all the same opponents never leave the starting line obstacles don't stop trucks bridges don't keep drugs from falling and there's no limit to how fast you can reverse meaning if possible to propel your truck over the speed of light just think I had that would have been in desert night trap wanna feel dirty then check out night trap Agame allegedly so perverse that it prompted Congress to hold hearings and indirectly resulted in the foundations of the entertainment software ratings board the twisters by today's standards it's incredibly tame it features low production values shaky acting at a ridiculous premise about helping different strokes are Dana Plato stop vampires from devouring attendees at a slumber party okay game and become such a cult classic that a 20 fifth anniversary addition was released 27 feet some modern gamers can experience all the wonderful badness of night trap for themselves no thanks for watching click that grunge icon track your YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Messed Up Things That Actually Happened In The Victorian Era
\\a lot has changed in the decade since the rule of Queen Victoria sure people are still pretty messed up in modern times too but the things that used to go down in the late nineteenth century were some of the weirdest strangest practices we've ever heard of here some things about that time period that'll make you especially glad to be living in the 20 first century death photography the Victorians were kinda sorta obsessed with death and it makes sense when you consider the smorgasbord of diseases that stock Victorians measles scarlet fever diphtheria rubella typhus cholera you name it was sort of a gauntlet of death that children and adults alike ran through every day //
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The Deadliest Cars Ever Made
\\NMO deadly is your car you probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about it likely there are people who compile statistics to show which cars are the deadliest on the road now and throughout history so how safe is your right here's a look at the deadliest cars ever made kia Rio if you are the kia Rio in your deadliest current cars office pool you're the big winner unless you spend that money to buy a kia Rio in which case you're probably not reading this because you're dead according to the latest study by the insurance institute for highway safety the kia Rio sedan had the second highest death rate among all cars between 2012 and 2015 with 102 deaths per 0 registered vehicle years Selena 2009 the Rio topped the list with sperm them Nissan versa for the years 2009 through 2011 the Nissan versa had that but 2 spots on the institute for highway safety's 10 deadliest cars less sedan and it's back versions combining for a whopping 2 deaths per 0 registered vehicle years quote unquote good news the versa only appeared once in the top 10 for the years 2012 to 2015 own accounting for 95 deaths per 0 registered vehicle years so that's progress Hyundai accent for the cure real landed one model on both of the most recent lists of deadliest cars and the Nissan versa charted with 2 models the Hyundai accent how did both of them by appearing on the charts with 3 distinct models for the years 2009 to 2011 both the 4 door and 2 door versions ranked among the top 4 deadliest cars with 204 combine deaths per 0 registered vehicle years 2000 1232 15 it was the 4 door sedan and the station wagon models charting in the top 15 with 100 67 combined deaths per 0 vehicle years now all they need is to introduce a pick up truck version of the accent to really cornered the market on killer cars Chevy Corvair 1 of the most infamously dangerous vehicles of all time the Chevy Corvair rolled off the assembly line and into the firing line back in 1959 the Corvair had a major problem the rear swing axle because drastic overs during making it wildly unstable especially on corners Chevy compensate for this by deliberately under inflating the tires which worked fine right up until the owner noticed and put air in the engineers designing the car requested that a simple anti roll bar be added to the design which would eliminate the problem but Chevy purposefully left them out citing production costs once this was revealed in Ralph Nader's 1965 book unsafe at any speed Chevy was the target of hundreds of lawsuits and sales of the Corvair drop like a rock eventually forcing the company to discontinue the line entirely lower fares Michelin she'll Ford Pinto Hey remember Chevy intentionally allow the Corvair to be a death trap because it was cheaper well that's just a simple practical joke compared to the case of the Ford Pinto after numerous reports that a design flaw because the fuel tank to explode on contact during accidents Mother Jones revealed that Ford ran a cost analysis and decided it was cheaper to just settle wrongful death lawsuits after the fact that to actually fix the car needless to say this didn't exactly go over well with the carbine public and the wave of bad publicity forced for to cease production of the car you go 39 if you don't like you go with the mass production vehicle ever offered for sale in America were not just talking about the cost of this thing was a complete pile of crap from to all sorts of ridiculous problems including literally shaking itself to pieces anytime you got inside a Yugo you're putting your life on the line at any moment every single piece of equipment in the vehicle had a chance for a catastrophic malfunction even so the Yugo still found innovative ways to fatally fail in 1989 a woman was killed when a gust of wind lifted her you go into the air and flung it over the side of the Mackinaw bridge into Lake Huron that's horrified Chevy corvette known among current busiest as the deadly scar all time record that has the highest recorded death rate of any car tracked by the IIHS but much of that has to do with the drivers and less the car high performance speed machine the corvette is designed to drive fast first and where that safety later historically people buy corvettes tend to drive the fast which has led to a great many fatalities due to accidents at excessive speeds it's no surprise then that the vast majority of people killed in corvettes have been men under the age of 30 for watching grunge icon it's great to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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The Untold Truth Of Led Zeppelin
\\as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time led Zeppelin's history has been well documented you might think you know everything about the seventies rock gods but there's still a couple of things out there that will surprise you what is and what should never be it's hard to imagine Led Zeppelin being funded by anyone other than Robert Plant but had Jimmy page's first choice for led Zeppelin's lead singer worked out the history of rock music would be drastically different singer Terry super lungs read was one of page's first choice is different is banned which was then called the new Yardbirds but read it already signed with high profile producer Mickie most sweet voiced rock prodigy had to turn down pages offer but suggested the guitars take a look at Robert Plant who he described as a Greek god page obviously liked what he signed plant brought along his buddy John Bonham to play the drums rest is rock and roll history reach career certainly wasn't a failure but turning down pages offered a front lead Zeppelin was the biggest mistake if anyone's career ever read wasn't the only one to be offered the gig page also considered Steve Marriott singer for British rock band the small faces so why didn't it happen Mary it's manager was don Arden Sharon Osborne is terrifying father and a guy who called himself the Al Capone of pa gone all you have done done done page received a message from Arden saying how would you like to play guitar with broken fingers violent rejection took the wind out of pages sales everybody went back to their respective bands and no fingers were broken the knobs lead Zeppelin and the new Yardbirds when the only names that step of used on stage once the band played a show in Copenhagen as the knobs why the name change the name was led Zeppelin's response to eva von Zeppelin the granddaughter of Ferdinand von Zeppelin founder of the Zeppelin airship company who threatened legal action if they ever performed as Led Zeppelin in Denmark response page decided the band would change its name to the knobs first show in Copenhagen calling the whole ordeal absurd the group even tried to pacify the outrage noble woman in person page recalled the first time we played we invited her backstage to meet us to see how we were nice young lads we calmed her down but on leaving the studio she saw our LP cover of an airship in flames and she exploded I had to run and hide she just blew her top over the humanity good times bad times Led Zeppelin wasn't always the well loved band it is today early on some very influential critics saw the future rock icons as nothing but loud unoriginal overtly sexual bombastic blow hards in particular Rolling Stone absolutely despise them calling their debut album weak and un imaginative saying that Robert plant's vocals were prissy and concluding that Led Zeppelin wasn't nearly as good as cream which I just broken up criticism got so bad that Sepp intentionally name the fourth album nothing at all provided no band info no photos of the group and gave no interviews to promote it and also made one of the greatest albums of all time which probably helped ward off the critics for good Jimmy Page wanted to cure cancer Jimmy Page always exhibited a god given talent on the 6 string but playing guitar in the world's greatest rock and roll band wasn't his original goal in April 1958 a 14 year old page appeared on BBC television show all year round with a prodigy demonstrated his guitar prowess in a group with Schiphol musicians after the performance the host asked page about his future aspirations anymore we're going to do in the school took a skiffle no data Roboto to Lisa in an interview with I. T. V. 5 years later a 19 year old Paige spoke of different professional goals telling the interviewer he hoped to become an accomplished artist seems to work out houses of the unholy will not a master of the actual dark arts Jimmy Page was certainly interested in them enough to buy what some might call the most evil house in Great Britain that would be Alistair curly's beleskey house which the occultist magician bought in 1899 page by the house in the 19 seventies and though he never really lived there he visited enough to be permanently tied to it in the public eye being filmed in and around the house with glowing red eyes in the separate concert film the song remains the same legend maintains that Crowley was called away in the middle of a ritual that it summon demons to the residents he just never clean the place up the person who actually live there pages childhood friend Malcolm dad stayed there for 20 years before page sold the place as he told the Inverness career in a 2006 interview doors would be slamming all night you go into a room and carpets and rugs would be piled up even though is a self described skeptic dent couldn't explain why any of this was happening stealth comes surprisingly never called anyone about it well a you know thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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What Die-Hard Gamers Don't Even Know About Pac-Man
\\that man is a unique cultural artifacts he's is minimal and enigmatic is a hieroglyph but has the power to banish goes from endless mazes using nothing but have health and his gigantic body size mouth is pacman an unholy terror a faceless critique of capitalist and we or is he just a guy who's hungry for sweeps week those bodies here's a look at the strange history of video games most beloved yellow circle packages because me this feeling of giddiness like there's all these tingles running up and down my nipples park man originally pacman was simply talk man and not because he bears a striking resemblance to hockey the word cock is based on a Japanese onomatopoeia for eating Paku Paku which is essentially the Japanese equivalent of chomp chomp I just remembered I'm allergic to shrimp however when the games arcade cabinets made their way to the U. S. but man was changed over concerns the cabinet can be easily vandalize to say something much more rude let's be honest the temptation to scratch a little paid off that he is very rich pizza power nnova and pac man eat them all to eating stuff is the main goal of pack now you see it you eat it our palates ghosts and bonus fruits are no match for your relentless choppers this focus on eating was intentional from the start and it had a surprising goal the game's creator toto it without me observed the arcades had exclusively become playgrounds for boys with games focusing on spaceships and shooting aliens generally creating a dark gloomy environment how Donnie wanted to make arcades more acceptable to more people he told wired when you think about things that women like you think about fashion her fortune telling her food or dating boyfriends so I decided there should be a game around eating after eating dinner women like to have dessert if you take a pizza and remove one piece it looks like a mouth that was where my idea came from a strange in stereo typical as those ideas where it works making the colorful characters cute and using colors that would visually pop change the usual late seventies arcade luck ultimately the driving force behind the project with the idea that girls just wanna have fun and you know crazy Otto behind the scenes of ms pac bands traditional marriage into the pack family was an uneasy union between video game company midway group of MIT dropouts well Kevin Karen and Jack macrae were attending MIT they made side money off of arcade games that they had set up in the dorms being MIT students they began to propose ways to improve both the games and their profits and making games harder was the ideal solution they created acceleration cats to make certain games run faster starting with Terry's missile command when that modification proved to be profitable in the confines of the dorms they began selling at the arcades with the money they made they formed the general computer corporation and move beyond is similarly improving pacman they change may the panic that pacman game played by randomizing enemy movements and creating multiple varied mazes to avoid copyright issues they created a new title here which they described as pac man but with legs in cold lizard like guy's name crazy out of the enemies were butts apple's during the development of crazy Otto Atari sued currently McRae for infringing on the missile command copyright case was eventually settled out of court monetary hired general computer corporation to work for them instead making games like food fight once the dust cleared GCC contacted midway the owners of pac man to see if they were interested in buying the crazy Otto kit for their arcade cabinets seeing how the case with Terry turned midway made a deal with GCC EPB exclusive distributor of the kids but also hired them to create a mean they're faster version of pacman which became miss pacman Gennaro pac man fever and beyond the 19 eighties were a time when 2 grown men to dress up like disco hobos and write a throwaway novelty single about an arcade game and every crack the U. S. Billboard top 10 but during Garcia's original single for pac man fever was self produced but quickly caught the attention of CBS records who requested a whole album of similar material they crank out an album of 8 tracks you weeks the follow up their single success until the rest of the album do at focused on broader centipede docking gone asteroids desert defender and the obscure game mouse trap the album sold 2000000 copies but their second single do that aki con failed to make an impression like pac man fever the band faded for awhile until a wave of late nineties nostalgia for the band sounded reunite to release an album of new material about Mr T. ET and parks no word on whether or not they have plans cover how pack madness after ms pac man pac man fever reached new heights of delirious and the franchise's video game spinoffs and sequels got really we're which is saying something super pacman included features the creator toto it without me wanted to include in the original stuff like locked doors power at that makes pac man twice the size baby pacman confusingly alternated play between an arcade game and pinball machine junior pacman had strolling mazes professor pacman was an educational puzzle game because who knows why pack and now allowed pac man to shoot freeze raisin belt smoke and was followed around by a friendly green female goes pack land was a platformer that had graphics inspired by the animated cartoon series later pack games incorporated 3 D. virtual reality and whatever other novel the bells and whistles they could squeeze that forgetting that the original appeal of pac man was in its minimal simplicity we have yet to see a gritty first person shooter pac man but it surely just a matter of time but when it came to weird pack spinoffs these words just the beginning pac man goes Hollywood the ubiquitous yellow orb was popular enough by 1982 have earned his own Saturday morning cartoon show which lasted for about a year pacman players know that the game doesn't exactly happened there at the table and origin story so the cartoon show just went wild ignoring pack man's pixelated Aramark the animated series introduced pepper pacman as the heroes wife gave them a baby made them fight against the evil mesmerized but things got even weirder 20 thirteenth pac man and the ghostly adventures starts out with hover boards hip modern team versions of characters and hints of a horrifying war from which pac man only survivor genocide against the yellow pack people by the evil lord betray us the maze is some sort of after World Labra which pac man enters in search of is probably dead parents Zack and sunny who are possibly the original pac man and ms pac man that's right the original pack madam as pac man are dead yeah and he also has to protect that tree of life and those but monsters who crazy Otto there kinda back what was wrong with just eating pallets world records how successful and iconic is packed band well it holds 2 world records officially pac man holds the Guinness world record for most recognizable video game character just barely placing about Mario and most successful coin operated arcade game and that's not to mention all the other records genesis documented involving pacman like Billy Mitchell's infamous perfect game lay said there's been 10000000 games played how are you going to do it ISIS because I'm Billy Mitchell cells thanks for watching click the grunge icons subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love field //
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Reasons People Believe We Never Landed On The Moon
\\America loves a good conspiracy theory but none has captured the imagination quite like that time we faked the moon landing even though you know we didn't so what gives why would otherwise normal critically thinking adults believe that we fake the most monumental achievement in human history let's take a trip to the dark side of the moon and look at all the bananas theories about the moon landing the $30000000000 conspiracy president Kennedy first employed America to land on the moon in 1962 but by the time Neil Armstrong took his giant leap for mankind Richard Nixon was president and the country was neck deep in a war that look to have no end with confidence in the government fading it's not at all surprising //
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5 Seriously Disturbing Moments In G-Rated Movies
\\ever since it was introduced in 1968 the MP a a is G. rating has been assigned to assure audiences at the movie they're about to watch as good wholesome entertainment that the whole family can enjoy or at least that's what it's supposed to mean but every now and then something truly disturbing slips through the cracks and makes you wonder just how many of the ratings board members were actually paying attention during their screenings get ready to revisit your most memorable childhood traumas as we dive into the most disturbing moments in G. rated movie history all dogs go to heaven except this one time despite the cute reassuring title of all dogs go to heaven the film presented an afterlife it's actually pretty messed up in the beginning of the movie our 4 legged hero Charlie is shown getting drugged and literally murdered by his business partner to repeat the dog is betrayed intoxicated and then killed in the opening act and that's not even the worst of it since all dogs supposedly go to heaven Charlie finds himself at the pearly gates and decides he isn't ready to chill with got dog just yet I don't wanna die you got the wrong guy why because he's got to get revenge first but once he sets out on his return to earth planet eventually dawns on him that he might have just blown a shot at spending eternity in the good place so there's an extended nightmare sequence in which Charlie is told he can't return to have an in house to go to doggy hell instead and the filmmakers did not hold back on how terrible that eventuality would be his vision is a straight up lake of fire hell where Satan rises from the flames as a dragon and tortures him with demons it's as if Dante Alighieri scripted this thing himself or maybe just Ronnie James Dio all those little tikes watching that scene were probably scarred for life and terrified about what might come after the deadly burden of intelligence picking out a single disturbing moment from the secret of name is pretty difficult my son's life remember the climactic fight scene when the mean rat slices another across the chest before getting stabbed in the got in the dagger in the back that's pretty brutal stuff for a grade schooler to witness but perhaps the most horrifying moment comes in when we find out the reason all our Rhoden pals are suddenly so smart and self aware as it turns out they were captured from the streets and given intelligence in hand it's a human medical lab the medicine work so when the rats tried to escape the facility in most of them die in the process they can actually fully comprehend the value of their lives before losing them sid's toys there's a good chance that sid Phillips is the single most terrifying villain in Disney's entire filmography it's not just that he attempts to shoot buzz Lightyear in the space of fireworks that's actually one of the more normal things he does he also has a little toy lab at home where he rips all kinds of playthings apart just so he can Frankenstein stitch them back together in supremely freakish ways so this creepiest creations include a severed doll had with a guy outside that's been grafted onto a spider like metal body in a pair of Barbie legs attached to a fishing reel who they look menacing enough but what's truly disturbing is the fact that we know all these toys are secretly alive that they're probably actually suffering during all of sids experiments sex tree the same company that brought us those classic feel good holiday films like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer in Santa Claus is coming to town also tried to get theatrical with 1982 was the last unicorn in the results were pretty surreal the film follows a unicorn who's trying to find others of her kind but becomes trapped in a carnival filled with all kinds of tortured animal souls including a bird lady with 3 giant breasts she eventually makes pals with what was her name ... helps our escape my dear you deserve the services of a great wizard but I'm afraid you'll have to be along your journey he accidentally uses his transformative magic on a tree which wants nothing more than to make little sap it's with him I ... though I love so if you know any eighties kids with a strange fetish for giant wooden booths well this is probably why I love have I done the psychedelic terror tunnel 1971's Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory has been almost universally beloved children's movie for nearly 50 years but the whole thing is pretty cruel and wicked if you think about it consider when young Augustus gloop is nearly drowned in the chocolate river because he goes for the chocolate water in a room that Walker tells him is entirely edible or when violet bow regard is basically blown out for taking an unapproved bite of candy and has to be juice by the old Olympus whatever that entails and Walker himself is far creepier than any ironic punishment his factory could contain the climax of the film hinges on him manipulating and lying to everyone around him as a test to find a worthy replacement in other words he spends the entire movie messing with kids minds just for the hell of it in 1 especially terrifying scene he takes everyone through his stroke late psychedelic tunnel just to shock them with imagery of a warm crawling over a dead man's face in a live chicken having its head cut off with a meat cleaver throwing Willie sinister slam poetry is the grisly reaper mauling greatest mayors and but Hey how about all that taste kids thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Biggest Regrets The Movie Industry Will Have In 20 Years
\\all is not well intense all down sure studios are still making billions of dollars but the way they're doing it seems less and less a stable every year with 3 or 4 superhero 10 polls carrying the weight of the entire industry the system is basically become blockbuster lottery but it doesn't have to be this way here's a look at some things the movie industry will regret in 20 years remakes reboots and sequels sure this isn't exactly new trend 20 years ago there were plenty of sequels and unnecessary reboots too but today we seem to have reached critical mass it seems like almost every major releases either a remake of an old film or an adaptation of book nineties TV series cereal mascot for literally any existing property here's the problem without any new ideas to draw off of what will Hollywood be remaking a rebooting 20 years from now he thought 3 different spider man franchise is in a single decade was silly just wait because there's a lot more of that coming making everything dark in Grady some franchises like Batman are designed to be dark and gritty others however just aren't do we really need a dark and gritty Superman for spider man for Power Rangers considering most people go to see summer blockbusters because they want to have some escapist fun making those films relentlessly grim not to mention literally dark is counterproductive as it just gives people an excuse to find something else to do instead of going to the theater allowing the mid size movie to die 2 decades ago a typical movie studios development slate included everything from blockbuster action flicks to modestly budgeted romantic comedies and a little Oscar bait thrown in for good measure today studios make almost exclusively one thing tentpole blockbusters with budgets that rival the per capita income of small island nation you will in a way it makes sense as the international market is become a crucial part of yearly profit margins studios have turned to increasingly lavish spectacles to draw in foreign viewers after all giant robots laying waste to major cities works in any language subtle character drama and not so much but that reduces variety of the box office for fans and turns every film into an all or nothing gamble for the studios when Netflix's snatching up a Martin Scorsese Robert deniro gangster movie that seem to be too much of a risk for Paramount Pictures something is definitely off in this product placement there's nothing new about product placement Peck Smokey and the bandit was one of the biggest box office hits of the seventies and the entire plot is about how delicious Coors beer ads yes quarters problem cores beer you take that east of Texas and that's half I would like but these days product placement seems to drive the narrative itself leading to nonsensical seems like an a TM for a Chinese bank showing up the middle of Texas in the transformers franchise plus it's overwhelming man of steel reportedly made over $160000000 just from brands pain to be in the movie between Sears Walmart twists lawyers Gillette Kellogg's Carl's junior and many others the movie seemed like 50 percent super hero and 50 percent don't forget the buyer stuff on the way home that may help the bottom line but it erodes the quality of the movie in the confidence fans have in Hollywood it's like people only do things because they get paid and that's just really sad cinematic universe's the fifth element was one of the top grossing films of 9 7 if you watched it lately go ahead will wait of it back that's pretty fun right now what if the fifth element was the middle chapter of a multi part franchise how likely would you be to go back and care about it with the plot make any sense if you hadn't seen save the we will Dallas solo film for the fifth element legacies TV series or whatever else was required viewing to enjoy a 2 hour sci fi flick that's what it'll be like to watch today's movies 20 years from now as much as we tolerated Kong skull island which version of King Kong or future generations more likely to look back to the classic 1 from 1933 for the 1 from 2017 that ties in with the doll Godzilla movie from 2014 time focusing on theatrical distribution recently movie geek idols Christopher Nolan and Sofia Coppola threw their support behind beleaguered theater owners urging movie goers to watch their upcoming films on the big screen where they're quote meant to be seen because what better way to watch Nolan's World War 2 epic Dunkirk pour cold was lyrical western the beguiled then in a crowded multi plex Jan next to texting teams look seen a film projected in the theater still does make for the best viewing experience but ignoring the streaming boom in favor of theatrical distribution is hurting the bids in who knows how many more streaming options 0 be 20 years from now after all an entire generation is growing up streaming movies on iPhone over time see movies on the big screen will be coming each pursuit like music purists who insist everything sounds better on vinyl the movie business needs to embrace the future or else become forever stuck in the past thank for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Real Life Slime Attacks That Will Give You Nightmares
\\slime is irrefutable proof that hell is real and really gross it's 50 viewing aching and usually produced by something just as nasty slime tax rate actual physical contact the very thought of flying is enough to make most people feel queasy so naturally you should watch the entire video about the grossest real life slime attacks in the world let's get started hi way hagfish found all around the globe hagfish your deep sea monsters that look the way and have and when they are busy bee the underwater months Ewing's got all but why why would anything be that discussing there are actually 2 the face do first it makes them taste this in terms like blowing your bears mouth second when I had page get the munchies they coat their meal with mucus so nothing else will eat it again this is like blowing your nose lines to show everyone yours and that's just fine when the fish are in the ocean but in July 2017 a truck transporting 75 0 pounds of those ocean gremlins tipped over and lost its load hemorrhaging snot snakes all over the place this caused by drivers to crash into each other as this mucus engulfed them in their unlucky stretch of highway on the bright side it just getting there there is a bright side blue velvet but the word velvet in somethings name and it automatically sounds warm and friendly it almost makes you hate everything that's not made out of velvet so you'd be forgiven for assuming that velvet worm describes anything but a soulless harbinger of bug murder unfortunately that's exactly what it is to track their prey velvet worms unleashed a torrent of sticky slime then stab their victims with the mandible dagger to liquefy the bugs insides recent experiments showed that the velvet warm pulls off expresa tag via contracting ducks that squeeze mucus threaten narrow conduit give that freak you out just steer clear the little devils they're typically found in Australia New Zealand the tropics and on the back of your neck right now Spidey sneeze people like to compare splitting spiders that spider man because nothing in this world is sacred but you basically have nothing in common for example spitting spiders look silly in glasses more importantly spider man doesn't spray his meals with them a slime spitting spiders have an extra web.which contains a cocktail of silk glue and venom once they pick a bug from nature's menu they position their fangs like tiny pistols and bombard their target with death faced the lethal slime stream travels at up to 62 miles per hour and contracts on contact ceiling both the victim and it states it's hard to imagine anything worse than a machine gun arachnid with toxic ammo but nature has already invented a scarier alternative machine gun arachnids that hunt together according to National Geographic Singapore and spitting spiders hunting groups when they're young once they're old enough to leave the web younglings work together to massacre pray in units of 4 or more that's horrifying to imagine so let's look at that funny spider with glasses instead shellshock sales typically resemble living I crossed and move like cold molasses but not all of them fit that description case in point the worm snail which doesn't move at all and still manages to be grosser than every other snail combined see because warm sales don't move nature has harmed the immobile gastropods with to Wrigley appendages that past mucus what a microorganism gets caught in the net the warm snail sex the whole thing back into its mouth got buster Florida is the Noah's ark of invasive species everything from giant python status deco eating snails have settled there causing all manner of mayhem of the sunshine state's many intruders The New Guinea flatworm easily qualifies as one of the nastiest Amir 2 inches in length the creature sounds completely unassuming but as outlined by the Miami Herald it's a Pandora's box biological poor the flatworm wears a coat of toxic news and hosts a brain parasites it's communicable that humans to eat pray these flatworms cough up their own stomachs which used deadly asset that comes in handy for the favorite meal snails the bypass snail shells they simply puke their guts out and let their innards drip into the shelves opening remember Florida stucco eating snails those things in the link that human hands and New Guinea flatworms gang up in packs of 30 to 40 feet that go ahead and take a moment to digest that thought garner chief no I just think I'm gonna matter killer pitcher plants are generally only useful as either decorations there salad for both of your cat but that portrait of harmlessness fades pretty fast once you enter the world of carnivorous plants are aided the tropical Asia pitcher plants are nature's lethal pale horns only rather than holding alcohol they just make you want to drink to forget any creature unfortunate enough to enter that plant slides helplessly into a pit of digestive slime that dissolves the victim and swallows it like quicksand the more it resists that bastard sinks into oblivion and if that was a horrifying enough at least one species of picture plan the Philippines has a slime bath strong enough to devour full size rats you'll never look at flowers the same way again the anterior and candidates the life cycle of the lancet liver fluke it's kind of like a romantic comedy if you replace John Cusack with the slime ball and some brain damage so more like an Adam Sandler comedy all all alone all lancet liver flukes begin life is exempt help too when a snail eats the poop the exit effect the snail which now have to expend energy encasing baby parasites and slime balls ants come along 8 the slime balls because why wouldn't day that's where things get brainwashing the young food forms take over their new host's brains and force the ants the climate top blades of grass that's effectively suicide since grazing animals can then eat them allowing the parasites to spread to new hosts who knows maybe even you can be infested with these things so we got to keep an eye out for any zany wacky characters that pop up who is whatever you want Rick we're here to help thanks for watching with the grunge icons subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Cliffhangers That Never Got Resolved
\\cliff hangers can be a thrilling way to keep audiences interested between seasons of TV or installments of a movie franchise but if the show gets canceled or film flops it's all build up in 0 payoff here are a few instances of frustrating cliffhangers we may never get the answers to terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles the only terminator related TV show to date ended on a cliffhanger that completely wiped out the entire terminator storyline in the finale John Connor gets into the future meaning he didn't stop judgement day in the present so nobody in the future had ever heard of him that's how the series ended the one savior of humanity reduced to anonymity eliminating any reason for Arnold Schwarzenegger to try and terminate his mother and from born in the first place rather than give 0 chance to fix this time paradox fox canceled the show because it was too expensive and wasn't giving great ratings as for what could have been we have no idea the show's creator has refused to even speculate so it sounds like we're stuck with the ending we got the one where all just never happened Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman it was a rare Superman story that focus just as much on Superman's relationship with Lois is the part where he's a super hero that keep saving the world in the end of season 4 of Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman included a suitably domestic plot twist Lois and Clark find a baby and Clark sold bassinet along with a note saying the kid now belongs to them unfortunately the network chose to cancel the series before we can learn anything about the baby a move that part Superman fans hungry for more Lois and Clark's executive producer later said that the kid would have been Kryptonian royalty with Superman like powers given to Lois and Clark by his mother to protect him from assassins he will also grow at an abnormal rate turning into a pre teen in a matter of a few months will this super kid ever reunite with his real parents who are these mysterious assassins we'll never know because ABC yank the show over low ratings 28 weeks later original fast zombie flick 28 days later begat 28 weeks later which ended on a cliffhanger that foretold what would almost certainly be 28 months later at the end of weeks survivors fleeing London get chased out of their helicopter by ravenous zombies and as the shaky cam settles down you see the Eiffel Tower in the background meaning the plague has spread across the English Channel sadly today nobody's followed up on this massive plot thickening at all part of the issue is that Alex garland who wrote days but not weeks has little interest in returning to the zombie world he created in a 2015 interview garland said he shared a concept for 28 months later with director Danny Boyle garland won't otherwise be involved in any sequels and there's no word on when or if they will ever get produced deadwood this exquisitely vulgar and violent H. B. O. western ended on an ambiguous note which likely satisfied very few of its fans the long awaited showdown at the end of season 3 between bear and George Hearst in the town of deadwood wound up not being a showdown purse just back down and left but not before forcing elsewhere engine to kill a woman at his request last we see swear engine describing her blood off the floor attempting to cover up his crimes what was the fallout we don't know because H. B. O. wouldn't let us know why ain't you up and running again comment to square while ratings for deadwood were find the price tag was not H. B. O. only agreed to finance a 6 episode season for a so called short order the creator David milch refused in April 2017 melts submitted a script for a 2 hour deadwood movie to HBO but as of now there's no word on if it will actually get produced if it doesn't actor Ian McShane says to blame each Rio that's all I say on that subject technet thrives on the house cannibal despite glowing reviews from critics in a devoted cult following interesting place to start in B. C. pulled the plug on Hannibal in 2015 after 3 seasons unfortunately this axing happen before the series storyline wrapped up leaving us with the final image of will Graham plummeting over a cliff with Hannibal the camera pans down to the cliff to show rocks crashing waves and no visible bodies the Gramm survive elector live to cannibalize another day we may never know Hannibal showrunner Bryan fuller expressed interest in shopping the show to other networks but nothing is currently in the works taking the already violent and gory showed a cable or streaming would surely reinvigorate the fanbase a cannibal drama on Netflix or HBO delicious thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Animal Behaviors That Still Can't Be Explained
\\we learn more about animals every day as science continues to unlock the great mysteries of why these non humans do what they do we don't know everything there's still a ton about nature's creations that baffle us to this day here are a few animal behaviours that still can't be explained why do cows face north or south when eating probably don't think much about what direction you face when you eat aside from towards the TV what counts too almost universally account will face either north or south come dinnertime and while we know how they do it we don't actually know why according to one German study cows consents earth's magnetic field and will align their bodies to face north or south while eating sort of like a compass that goes great with a one sauce what's more the study discovered that dear also here to the north south thing but why when birch conform to the planet's magnetic fields it's for navigational purposes but mammals don't migrate away birds too rendering this magnetic path seemingly pointless and a later study revealed that in larger herds the cow is paid less attention to the direction they faced while showing down but why the change animals rarely do stuff for no reason virologist Richard Hollins best theory is that mammals did once routinely migrate a lot and the north south thing is a leftover evolutionary feature but that like everything else is simply a theory how do animals predict earthquakes we've known for a very long time that animals know when the earth is about to start shaking and we even know why we learn the stuff in basic earth signs an earthquake produces 2 types of waves a small P. wave and a larger S. wait animals can sense the tiny P. wave that comes before the S. wait much better than humans can't so when they do they know it's time to run what's baffling however is that some animals can sense an earthquake weeks before it actually happens according to historical records in 373 BC a huge earthquake rattled grace but the rats snakes and even centipedes all got to stepping long before the natural disaster made its presence known to humans to this day we have no idea why researcher Joseph curse Frank theorize that there may be more warning signs to earthquakes than we can currently cents which animals are reacting to it but despite all of our fancy equipment we still haven't since the thing point snakes how do sharks navigate despite shark week being America's number one holiday there's plenty we don't know about sharks like exactly how they navigate the ocean spike much of it being dark empty watery space shark skin effortlessly go wherever they need to go sometimes over thousands of miles without getting lost scientists from the Scripps institution of oceanography think it has to do with the shark sniffing their way home there scientists took several wild leopard sharks move them roughly 6 miles from home plug their noses with cotton and release them in the opposite direction of their stomping grounds other sharks without cotton in their nostrils return right to their hideout but the ones who couldn't smell wandered aimlessly well a smile then but despite the experiments findings not everyone's convinced marine biologist Ken Holland from the university of Hawaii at Manoa thinks the cotton ball charts confusion was just due to having stuff shoved up their noses which would probably disorient anyone other studies dispute the chemical idea suggesting that sharks use changes in light and temperatures clues there near the finish line for now both sides guesses are as good as any why you crows hold grudges pros are scary smart and as it turns out surprisingly petty as researchers in Seattle learned in 2011 not only do they remember the faces of humans who held them captive del foster grudges to the point where they'll attack pack and dive bomb their X. captors even years later to a crow revenge is a dish best served forever why they do this however is unknown we know crows have incredible memories but we don't know why they insist on attacking somebody they don't like instead researchers are focusing on ways to keep the crows from dive bombing people into oblivion like treating them better while in captivity whether that works to curb the revenge fueled mines remains to be seen but it certainly never hurts to be nicer to animals especially the ones who remember why do lonely ants die ants are incredibly social creatures if you run into one chances are there about 15000000 more nearby as it turns out they're not just social because their strength in numbers in fact if it ants left alone they will literally die and do so super fast in the 2015 study a species of carpenter ants was shown to die off after a mere 6 days after being separated from their friends lived an average of 2 months when allowed to be social kinda makes a bug's life seem extra dark now the isolated pants were observed walking much more than socialites and while they ate as much a social lance much of the food never left the crop area of their stomach wear a hat store food meant to be regurgitated for family so they ate a lot but very little wound up in their digestive tracts so they all but starved to death and we don't know why certainly sounds like depression wider their digestive habits change so much are they looking for family as the study theorizes I'm gonna follow him home killers whole family right now all that's certain is that a lonely and is destined for death that is until science figures out a way to create anti depressants perfect eh thanks for watching put the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Why It Would Suck To Live In Westeros
\\game of thrones fans might like to imagine themselves taking up arms with the Starks for joining denarius Targaryens eclectic squad their adventures aplenty to be had in the realm of Westeros but before you get too enthused over the idea of becoming a ... westerosi here are some reasons why working your way into George R. R. Martin's world from a song of ice and fire would actually be a pretty terrible experience believe his future choosing a religion is always tricky but it was stress the implications of picking who worship are far more complex than they ever could be on earth because pretty much every faith has been proven true and yet they all conflict with each other take for example the fact that the lord of light's followers relish any chance to prove their god's existence by burning or resurrecting pretty much everyone they come across between Melisandre secret chrome body and Jon snow second life there's no doubt something real is happening there then there's the drowned god who's proven that what is dead may never die at least sometimes just asking your on Greyjoy about how that works and we also know the old gods are valid because of whatever the hell is going on with France starting his new found bird powers so what can you do choose the lord of light and your anger the drowned god next time you're at sea go for the drowned god and you might incur the wrath of the old gods it's an endless the vicious cycle of power from on high that makes even the iron throne occupation look stable making matters worse is the fact that a lot of those religions require human sacrifices if you're a commoner or in some cases even a princess you could easily find yourself on the chopping block for the higher tax no fun in the sun it's a fairly common knowledge that seasons can last from multiple years in the world of a song of ice and fire Westeros has been enjoying one of the longest summers in living memory by the time game of thrones picks up but as we so often heard winter is coming the running theories that the longer summer lasts the more brutal winter will be so forget relishing in the sparkling sunshine with the kids in this world good weather is nothing but a bad omen talk about a Killjoy snail mail with wings westerosi magic might be awesome at times but everyone's reliance on ravens to carry messages to and fro is about is antiquated and ridiculous as it gets contacting someone across the 7 kingdoms isn't like it is here you can't just text your best friend a quick updating holiday gift to hand write your notes using quills and little scrolls and pray to whatever god you chose a few minutes ago that the raving you've chosen doesn't crap out mid flight or get intercepted by nosey spider just think about that next time you get frustrated over having one bar reception on your phone on communicable disease your honor if we might have valid concerns about potential outbreaks but it's nothing like what the westerosi face just ask Jorah Mormont how fun it is to come into contact with a stone man and start showing symptoms of greyscale the cure for that as we've seen is not very pleasant I hardly ever what's worse is there's no quarantine hospital bed for you to get stashed away and with an IV to ease the pain instead having grayscale makes you an automatic pariah who must live out your days in exile with the other crazy stoned man were both gross and lethal and stone man never get visited by hospital clowns the faceless aria start might make the faceless men seem pretty rad but let's be real here no one in their right mind wants to co exist with the super Sassen you have trouble trusting your neighbors now just imagine if you lived in a world where literally anyone could be a shapeshifting murder in disguise who's talked to kill without question what's worse is that in George R. R. Martin's world you really can't even overlook your own shadow was a potential threat remember what happened directly for raffia politics is one outraged which to take you down where you stand without a blade in sight snow's no being born out of wedlock in modern times isn't a big deal when it comes to families nowadays who's to say who's illegitimate anymore in Westeros however being born a bastard is bad news you're immediately condemned to a life of indignation and contempt have no claim to your family's house and you even have to take a name that alerts everyone to your status as less than the best you can hope for is a bastard eastern legitimization if you're lucky or resign yourself to a sexless family list life of taking the black of the night's watch and this is all just because of someone else's naughty bedroom behaviors you had nothing to do with a fair all the jaws thanks to modern civilization we hardly have to worry about wild animals making a meal of us anymore but in Westeros there several species that are just eager to feast on your flash among the fabled creatures that have been confirmed to exist in the books and show our dragons in dire wolves each of which has its own unique way of bringing you a grisly and untimely and your car and let's not forget about all those white walkers looking on the other side of the wall that would be all too happy to turn you into a snow zombie politics is one wrong turn at a horse you've got a good chance of coming face to face with something that's crawled out of your own nightmares no and as a bonus your own pets can be taken over by skin changers so even your most precious per baby can suddenly find itself inhabited by some maniacal wildly who wants to kill you 3 decades thanks for watching quick the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Bizarre Survival Tips That Could Actually Save Your Life
\\the world is a tough unforgiving place and finding yourself in the wrong situation to be a matter of life or death luckily we've got a few weird tricks that might get you out of a jam here's a bazaar survival tips that might just save your life one of these days killer Khan so you're heading out to go hiking in the Alaskan wilderness or whatever you do when you're not sitting at the computer as crazy as it sounds avoiding cotton might just save your life and no you don't have to be in Alaska cotton can kill you no matter where you go for what time of year it is the reason hypothermia the science behind white cotton clothes put you on the road hypothermia has to do with the way cotton growers forming empty spaces within the fibers that allow to absorb 27 times its own weight in water not only do these empty spaces mean you're going to get wet but since water is attracted to cotton cellulose it's going to take a long time your clothes to dry the wet fabric leeches away your body which is a recipe for hypothermia fire from ice once again you lost in the woods with no help in sight in no way to start a fight if you think this directions about Staten fires in the song we didn't start the fire I don't think so if it happens to be winter you're in luck well kinda there's still the whole freezing to death saying but ice can actually save your life you can use a ball of ice to focus the sun's rays and start a fire just like you can with a magnifying glass the ideas to find a clear chunk of ice then carbon into a sphere the heat from your hands will help smooth it out it takes awhile sure but Hey you're lost in the woods but also gonna do death for dinner survival is have a whole list of guidelines to help you figure out what's safe and what's not safe to eat out of the wild that's a lot to remember chances of it sticking with you are slim to none so if you think you found something that might be a legitimate food source don't just shove it in your mouth and pray start the edibility test first told a piece of the plant on your skin to see if there's a reaction is usually takes only about 15 minutes if all is well do the same on your left then you tell if it's still all good choose but don't swallow and wait 15 minutes if there's no irritation swell of beds and see what happens the important thing is to wait between step it might take several hours but at least you'll know for sure some plants just want you dead I ... nnst written trusting your reflexes often means the difference between life and death but the fact is you can't always trust them starts off with a protein drink okay still doing that home that's the case with rip currents which can travel as fast as 8 feet per second quarter unsuspected swimmer out to deeper waters according to the United States lifesaving association about 80 percent of rescues happen because people get caught in a rip currents so what do you do it David Hasselhoff isn't around ignore your reflexes and don't fight different current pulls you out away from shore don't try to swim against that's only going to tire you out instead your best options are to swim parallel to the shore to get out of the current it can't do that tread water and wait for help one thing that a rip current isn't going to do is pull you under water to staying afloat and keeping your bearings is crucial to getting rescue like the master there's nothing cooler than an epic thunderstorms and let your dog and then they're terrified they're also pretty scary if you're stuck out in the open if you can't make a shelter National Geographic suggest crouching down balancing on the balls of your feet and cover your head the ideas to make sure you're not the tallest thing in the area while minimizing how much your contact with the ground and whatever you do don't lie down because lightning can also travel across the ground the jellyfish myth everyone knows that if you're stung by a jellyfish you should have someone PR gonna have to pee on it yeah what according to pop science the only thing that's been shown to slow the spread jelly fish talk is vinegar other popular cures like dousing the spot with alcohol and scraping up the tentacles do more harm than good actually cause more the toxin to be released and as for the peak your it's true that you react isn't commercial jellyfish sting treatments but when it comes fresh from the source it's too diluted to do any good Villanova everyone an American carabiners crash course jumping out of a moving vehicle seems like one of those things that only happens in movies hopefully it isn't something you never do in real life but what if you actually have a reason jump out of a speeding vehicle to get away from a carjacker or you're crazy wife yeah the Cordy stuff currently there are a few tricks that'll give you a better chance of me you have a lot first he says that while you want to leave the car what's going as slow as pop the hand brake isn't an option as that'll cause the card a slight increase the risk of you getting run over when you did park patting your elbows hips and knees with whatever you have is crucial the more padding you have the more confident you're going to feel mmhm they it comes time to jump curly says that you should jump so you hit the ground on your back and the back of your shoulder what's your least likely to shatter and you'll be able to start a role that helps get rid of the rest of the energy just whatever you do make sure samurai copies and driving behind you how they met 2 well I thanks for watching with the drugs I kind it's got to are you to check plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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What Most People Don't Know About The Illuminati
\\we've all heard of the Illuminati they're the guys behind all the political assassinations and fake moon landings and they'll stop at nothing to bring about the New World order or something so how did the Illuminati become the information age is version of the Gestapo thought police an inquisition all rolled into one got a Spanish Inquisition revision old under hats because we're diving into the secret history of the Illuminati with varying Illuminati the roots of the Illuminati go back to 5/1/1776 when a college professor named Adam vice hold founded the secret refuge we called it the Illuminati of Bavaria think of it as a secret club for wealthy male fans of democracy and tolerance soon it's lodges appeared elsewhere in Europe and the secret got too big to high as you might expect non democratic authorities were none too pleased to learn of vice shop secret club from 1784 to 1787 do Carl Theodor of Bavaria crackdown on secret societies outlawing the Illuminati in 1785 Warszawski uptown and the Illuminati of Bavaria shut down that should have been the end of it but that's only where the conspiracy theories began expanding conspiracy so why do people still worry about the secret club that was probably defunct centuries ago fittingly it all goes back to 1 paranoid guy in the 17 nineties a French abbot name Augustana barrel well nearly single handedly invented the modern idea of the evil doing Illuminati according to his theories the Illuminati went underground and secretly took over the European freemasonry from the inside and that sparked the French Revolution of 1789 very well explain all these theories in his 4 volume memoirs illustrating the history of Jacobinism according to parallel the Illuminati were medieval Satan worshippers on a quest for ultimate power crazy sure but wait it gets crazier double trouble others don't parallels theory might have been the craziest theory about the French Revolution but wasn't the only crazy theory the same year that parallels memoirs came out Englishman John Robison published proofs of a conspiracy claiming that the Illuminati were secret threat to governmental stability everywhere you know 2 movies about the same thing sometimes coincidence coincidence and the reference it was like that but with these 2 eighteenth century eliminate a conspiracy books some things never change the crow the connection over the years the Illuminati is alleged ties to satanism refused to go away in the early 19 hundreds the most messed up satanic elements of barrel wells theory returned thanks to Alastair Crowley at the peak of Crowley's notoriety the media called him the week it is man in Britain he certainly was a controversial figure who turned being illuminata us into a cool rebellious idea for where does on the fringes of society communism in conspiracy theory culture what actually happened doesn't matter as much as the stories people tell themselves and with that in mind there's one big piece missing from the Illuminati conspiracy story communism weirdest communism fit in the big luminosity scheme for the answer we need to go back once again to Bavaria at the time of the holy Roman Empire according to theories by Brad and sherry Steiger the Bavarian Illuminati survived in the form of reading societies devoted to literature and self improvement they propose that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were members of those Illuminati reading societies when they wrote the communist manifesto in 1848 Steiger goes on to say that historians got communism isn't some idealistic industrial cap he says that kind our Illuminati by this logic the Cold War wasn't about fighting Khan it was about resisting the Illuminati clay for a New World order and you know what happens next it gets worse Henry Ford dig deep enough and the Illuminati conspiracy inevitably goes from adorably 92 horribly disgustingly anti semitic and for that we can thank Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company in 1921 Ford reprinted in English translation of a Russian propaganda article called the protocols of the elders of Zion in his wildly anti semitic newspaper the Dearborn independent the protocol supposedly described a secret meeting of people Jewish men commonly understood to be Illuminati who got together to plot world domination so why does it matter that Henry Ford chose published the protocols in his newspaper besides getting Ford name checked in mind come as one of Hitler's heroes it also gave both wide distribution and global credibility to anti semitic lies according to The Washington Post those same anti semitic live show up constantly in today's Illuminati obsessed conspiracy theory culture twentieth century takeover the second half of the twentieth century is where a lot of the modern Illuminati conspiracy theories picked up steam it was kind of inevitable considering all the clandestine spying and technology advances that were happening at the time in particular FBI director J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO dim surveillance program from monitoring row was supposedly tied to the Illuminati as was the CIA's project MK ultra a program that ghost soldiers with LSD in the hope of developing super soldiers even some president supposedly have the inside scoop on the Illuminati threat in 1961 president John F. Kennedy gave a speech that some corners of the internet call his Illuminati speech why because of 1 single line and we are as a people it apparently and historically opposed to secret societies with secret societies was he talking about it was 1961 so probably communism or maybe the mafia but that wasn't really the point of the speech it was about the freedom of the press the same freedom that allows today's conspiracy buffs to claim he was killed by the Illuminati the illuminata strategy pretty soon paranoia and conspiracy theories went mainstream Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shaye capitalized on the widespread interest in conspiracy theories by writing the Illuminatus trilogy in 1975 3 psychedelic Sir 5 we released as one value based on the most outlandish conspiracy theories the author's learned while editing the playboy forum the Illuminatus trilogy basically established the sub genre of conspiracy fiction and continues to drive interest in sinister seek societies you're talking about Illuminati it's no joke digital Illuminati in theory just about all of current human knowledge is available on the internet not to mention roughly 70 percent of the world's cats in people close population so why is the truth about Illuminati so hard to come by well move over Al Gore because according to some conspiracy theorists the Illuminati invented the internet why would they invent the internet well so it's easier to brainwash everyone obviously the telepathic bastards they embed themselves and memories that I may use those to multiply and spread out takeover planets in other words Illuminati conspiracy theories are getting more convoluted with every passing year did the Illuminati orchestrate the world's wars are the enormous satanist Reptil who live in some is it all part of their plan for a New World order you can ask the internet but you probably shouldn't thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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False Facts About DC You Always Thought Were True
\\so you think you know comics even if you can cite every issuer swamp thing defeats Batman or Superman perform surgery with his heat vision there's still a good chance that some popular but incorrect DC comics legends have slipped in your comic knowledge without you even knowing that there are a ton of erroneous assumptions about our favorite DC heroes and villains and everyone seems to believe here are a few of the most misleading myths about the DC universe Batman never kills a major part of Batman's characterization is his one rule he never killed anyone mostly as an extreme reaction to the murder of his parents its form the core of some of the best Batman stories ever written have however show us that tool is more of a look really in as early as today sure is he on to let people learn to live any the to write those officers before the Batman character was really set go back far enough Batman had no problem using guns either Batman has actually killed in kill in modern times to teen 80 eights Batman number 420 Batman fights the unfortunately named Kate to a stand still realizing you can't or capture him Batman Watson in the sewers in rooms sealed by a reinforced steel door in just leaves the villain to rot the story was so unusual that a few years later another comic added to the event by saying that Batman called the cops instead of just leaving the bad guy to die if that's not bad enough Frank Miller's all star Batman and robin featured a bad man who said a bunch of thugs on fire and then got it on with black Canary right in front of their burning bodies keep it classy Bruce joker and Harley are in love fans of comics most destructive power couple like to refer to the classic Paul Dini Batman story mad love is evidence that Harley Quinn and the joker are perfect match the marketing for suicide squad didn't help emphasizing romantic shots of the 2 from the movie so what's the problem joker simply doesn't love Harley he's actually an abusive manipulator mad love in most Harley Quinn comics regularly emphasize that Harley was in love with a man who alternated between ignoring her into using her that while joker me I love Harley Warner brothers Sir or at least they love the chance to sell countless shirts to teenagers who don't know the whole story him they called joker crazy aqua man is useless he can talk to fish you can swim pretty well and he can talk to fish is there anything else aqua man most people never really read comics about aqua man unless he happens to be appearing alongside the justice league compared to demi gods who can punch you through time and space the ability of selfish what to do seems less than impressive except doc a man can actually do a whole lot more in fact he's pretty much a legit badass first sawfish telepathy is cooler than you might think since he can weaponize the creatures found across 3 quarters of the planet given lives in the C. R. command will have a chopping down on you no problem sometimes you can even use his fishy telepathy on anyone who will fall from aquatic life which is literally everybody his skin is strong enough to resist knives a machine guns he can swim at 175 miles per hour any you see in nearly total darkness while it's true he gets weaker if he's out of water long enough akel man can actually do most what Batman needs billions of dollars and gadgets to do if that means our command has to spend a little more time in the pool it's a fair price to pay green lanterns are vulnerable to yellow it's a weird weakness but green lantern use to get us to stick by anything yellow yes anything yellow how about this does only sold the green lantern will come may I assume character still suffers for because of comic strange retcon lanterns are pretty much safe against all parts of the spectrum back during the death of Superman story arc the alien Mongol and cyborg Superman completely destroyed co city the hometown of green lantern hal Jordan al goes crazy kills a bunch of other green lanterns and becomes a super villain named parallax what does this have to do with the weakness yellow sit tight we're getting to it 10 years later parallax was revealed to be an intelligent cosmic force that embodied fear once imprisoned inside the lantern speed power battery so having a yellow fear got inside the source of the green lanterns power is what once made them vulnerable to yellow once the green lantern corps in their battery were rebuilt they were only vulnerable to yellow when they let themselves feel fear veteran green lanterns canal shield themselves against yellow simply by thinking great thoughts well at least until you get to green lantern's appearance at all star Batman but that doesn't really count Mister freeze was always a tragic figure there is possibly no sadder villain in comics and Mister freeze his most high profile appearance came in Batman the animated series where most fans learn the story of the scientist Victor freeze who tries to preserve his dying wife in cryogenic spaces until she can be cured of her disease once freezes experimenters shut down by his uncaring superiors freezes accidentally transformed into an icy villain who needs to stay in a special suit to keep his body cold but none of that has anything to do with freezes comic origins where he was first known as Mister 0 a mad scientist with the freeze ray who didn't show up until issue number 121 for his icy condition is immediately cured by steam he also appeared in the 19 sixties Batman TV series where he was called Mister freeze for the first time but you still a generic villain that was played mostly for laughs his name wasn't even Victor freeze it was doctor Shah Ivel critics and fans alike responded so well to the major changes that first appeared in his animated origin they became his official story in the comics video games cartoons and even in his introduction to the Gotham TV show but nothing will be better than this big screen debut right are still the dinosaurs nowadays there is okay maybe not thank for watching click the looper icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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Unexplained Mass Disappearances
\\nggas are disappearance of the entire population of Virginia's run up holiday in 1588 is 1 of America's most legendary unsolved mysteries but it's not the only time large groups of people that seemingly vanished from the face of the earth here's a look at some of history's weirdest unexplained mass disappearances Astor when Indians just outside the small town of lake mills in south central Wisconsin lies the remains of an ancient native American city named ask Dylan by the settlers who discovered the ruins in 1836 this city contained it stepped pyramids conical mounds evidence of housing fishing and farming and even a substantial defensive stockade wall containing up to 30 watchtowers at its peak ask the one cut of house upwards of 500 the site was a band and despite decades of research nobody knows why was because route war so far that faded the citizens of ask villain when Roman night leeches in the year 108 a D. an inscription in the northern city of York England mentions the presence of the Roman night a military unit of around 5000 soldiers station to protect the city from the wild and have Scott well by the year 122 though they were gone replaced by the new 6 bleach and no record exists explaining what happened the night what is known is around the time of the appearance the Roman Emperor Hadrian traveled all the way to northern name personally oversee the construction of a gigantic wall across the whole island of Britain in northern invaders in raiders it back many have theorized that the wall was built in response to the destruction of the night legion but while Hadrian's wall still stands today no sign has ever been found at the final phase of the missing ninth legion a population of great Zimbabwe the name Zimbabwe is an anglicized version of the shown dialect word that means stone houses and it comes from the name of the mysterious city great Zimbabwe have massive technologically advanced city great Zimbabwe was the center of trade it was home to roughly 18000 people at its peak which makes it even more bizarre that nobody knows what happened any of those people who seemingly all vanished mysteriously about 400 years ago in fact it's such a mystery that nobody today knows for sure who even built the city or who live there all we know for sure is that once there was a thriving city now they're just mysterious ruin OJ civilization according to archaeological discoveries the mochi civilization thrived between the years 1 and 880 experts at metalworking irrigation the military also had a thing for human sacrifice and for disappearing completely off the face of the earth so what happened at the estimated 25000 people who belong to the boats a civilization theories abound from drought to civil war but the only ones who know for sure are the mo che themselves wherever they went fifth battalion Norfolk regiment many legends have sprung up around the state that the fifth battalion at the Norfolk regiment that British military unit which joined the guy let Billy campaign and Turkey on 8/10/1915 and seemingly vanished without a trace just 2 days later according to a dispatch from the battlefield they charged into the forest and were lost to sight or sound not 1 of them ever came back that's weird enough but 50 years later at a reunion of survivors of the battle 3 soldiers from New Zealand claimed to have witnessed the British battalion get swallowed up by a cloud which then disappeared up into the sky those reports have led to decades of speculation that the battalion might have been abducted by aliens historians believe there's that much more likely answer course claiming the end it was simply killed by machine gun fire behind enemy lines where their bodies were unable to be identified until after the war in 1990 still the first hand accounts of the battalion's mysterious disappearance have fueled the debate that still rages today thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you want to //
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Bloopers That Got These Reporters Fired
\\we all make little blunders at work and usually it's not that big of a deal but for those who read and report the news the public nature of their scripts can not only result in widespread internet mockery can sometimes earn them a pink slip as fans of anchorman know all too well I'm tired channel 4 news team I'm Veronica Corning stuff and I'm Ron Burgundy ghost yourself San Diego doesn't just happen in the movies that here's a look at some bloopers that got these real life reporters fire pensive performance if you've ever been caught goofing off at work daydreaming or picking your nose or whatever you probably just got treated to the gentle suggestion that you remove your head from your rectum and carry on with your job not so for for Australian newscaster Natasha exhibit who was fired after going to a happy place and not coming back into the cameras were already rolling believe we can reach ABC news mailed Sylvia now to sport wave married Shane news director Gavin Morris later backtracked on the anchors dismissal saying exhibit was just being taken off the air but not actually let go for her part eggs will be sent out a tweet blaming her mesmerizing Pat how do you measure success is there anything that matters more to a professional athlete been winning the playoffs not according to Comcast sportsnet reporter Susannah Collins who insisted that the Chicago Blackhawks were totally focused on the post season despite some serious distractions all season long they have been saying that this is the season at that matters and despite the fact that they had such a tremendous amount of sex during the right during of success during the regular season 3 days later Collins was fired supposedly for unrelated reasons but it was pretty obvious to everyone that our bosses weren't comfortable discussing Patrick Kane's love life when in Rome most on air mistakes are simple slips of the tongue but one reader for India's state media agency Doordarshan had a much larger problem while reporting on the visit of Chinese president xi Ching Fang into 14 she misinterpreted his name and read them as Roman numerals as far as international incidents goes this would seem pretty minor but it was still enough to get her fired even though plenty of other news acres around the globe have struggled to figure out his name to gene pinkish changing things shouldn't be singeing paying to see Jim being seen Jim been thinking visit to prison or should it being Gennaro identical does she being because I don't want to seem to be celebrating an assassin when Lebanese politician while lead I need it was assassinated in Beirut in 2007 not everybody was torn up about it least of all national broadcasting network anchor south sandhar wish the anchor woman then says so why did it take them so long to kill she cracks up laughing and her colleague joins in then she double down by suggesting some new targets then the anchor says in reference to anti Syrian Harlem how much fat fat fat fat should be next I'm counting them down viewers were outraged and Darwish was immediately fired 3 months then NBN reinstated her and she issued an on air apology here's hoping she doesn't try to incite any future assassinations farewell found out as the late local news broadcast wound down on KSN in Wichita Kansas on Saturday night in December 2013 anchor Justin Kramer signed off with a version of the same closing tag that pretty much every late night news anchor uses the end of broadcast music was playing the cameras and cut away to a lovely view of the city at night and viewers were chest settling in for Saturday Night Live but then he pulled a move straight out of Ron Burgundy's playbook great Odin's raven primer lost his job 2 days after the Saturday night broadcast getting the news first thing Monday morning for his part he took the firing in stride saying I did something extraordinarily unprofessional it's something that's drilled into you from the minute you start in this business to always consider the microphones high Tony judges Kerr's are you kidding me I mean shoot thanks for watching could the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Things About Ancient Egypt That Still Can't Be Explained
\\few civilizations have had a more mysterious reputation in ancient Egypt but the point of a mystery is to solve it and over the years researchers have learned a lot about the land of hieroglyphs public cats and very strange walks but there's still a lot left to learn here some mysteries about ancient Egypt that have yet to be solved how did king tut. came to think comment is perhaps the most famous of all the ages parents particularly since he was so young when and while his tomb has been thoroughly ask historian still don't quite know how it it's kind of humbling infant sadly any obituary that might have contained the answer has long since been the ages so all we've got is a few decent gases in 2013 a group of U. K. researchers revealed that he had significant damage to his wrists along with a broken leg //
"2017-08-18 14:00:04"
The Strange Truth About The Bermuda Triangle
\\stretching from Bermuda to Porter we go to Florida mysterious patch of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda triangle has supposedly swallowed up over 1000 ships and planes since the seventeenth century why exactly do so many people seem to go in but never come out here's a look at the strange truth of the Bermuda triangle mysterious disappearances exactly how many people have supposedly vanished into the Bermuda triangle is unclear mysterious incidents and disappearances have been plaguing the region for centuries but it wasn't until the twentieth century that people really started noticing the patterns thanks in part to the publicity surrounding the fate of the U. S. S. Cyclops which left Barbados on 3/4/1918 with 309 souls on board and was never seen again the navy suffered another mysterious loss on 12/5/1945 when a group of planes on a training mission led by lieutenant Charles Taylor flew into the triangle and never emerged Taylor ignored pleas from his men to turn back west towards lance and refused to switch on the rescue radio which would have led them to safety compounding the mystery is the fact that a rescue plane sent to locate the missing pilots also vanished into the triangle and was never seen again all told 27 men disappeared with the navy board of investigation saying we are not able to even make a good guess as to what happened and the legend of the triangle grew even more later that decade with 3 commercial flights disappearing off the face of the earth between January 1948 and January 1949 resulting in the loss of 83 people since then numerous small craft of also vanished in the Bermuda triangle including the highly publicized incident on 5/15/2017 where 4 people presumably died when their twin engine plane crashed on a flight from Porta Rico to Florida the legend grows so how did the Bermuda triangle become you know think according to the committee for skeptical inquiry reporter Evey W. Jones was the first to write about the phenomenon back in 1951 the term the muted triangle first appeared in 1964 in a story by writer Vincent goddess for Argosy magazine that was the 1974 bestseller the Bermuda triangle by Charles Berlitz that really turned it into a full fledged phenomenon in a decade full of mysticism and crazy nonsense Berlitz his theory that the disappearances were connected to the lost city of Atlantis or UFOs helped propel the Bermuda triangle into a pop culture happenings and where were these UFO supposedly coming from point a much closer to us in our own world allowing ships from another dimension to slip into the time warp windows respected of being located ... that explains it scientific theories numerous scientific studies have been conducted in an attempt to discover just what is going on in the Bermuda triangle if anything is going on at all among the most popular theories are the ideas that methane gas bubbles are capsizing ships and creating turbulent air patterns or that the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream lead to sudden gigantic rogue waves or dangerous microburst that could sink ships or crash planes another popular theory that has endured for centuries is the idea that a magnetic disturbance in the Bermuda triangle causes compasses to go haywire leading pilots to become disoriented this was actually once true but according to the navy due to fluctuation in the earth's magnetic field this is apparently not been the case since the nineteenth century tornadoes Atlantis and time portals for every semi scientific theory about the Bermuda triangle there are 5 more that sound absolutely nuts psychic ed Snedeker for instance believes the region is filled with invisible tornadoes while the cycles of writer Charles Berlitz still insist the lost city of Atlantis is down there filled with powerful energy crystals that destroy any foolish humans who ventured too close to the undersea ruins there are also a few theory suggesting the Bermuda triangle acts like a doorway into new dimensions some say the area opens up into the pits of hell but according to Ivan T. Sanderson the triangle is one of 12 spots around the world known as vile vortices and then there's Bruce Gernon who claims he actually once flew through a space time warm hole in the Bermuda triangle that spat amount above Miami shaving 30 minutes office like time needless to say like those actual scientific theories about the Bermuda triangle none of these ideas have been proven yet either truth about the triangle well it's fun to discuss wormholes microburst and Atlantis the truth behind the Bermuda triangle is much more shocking it doesn't actually exist that's right the Bermuda triangle was just an idea invented and propagated by writers like Vincent Gaddis Charles Berlitz and others actual authorities have investigated and found nothing like the Coast Guard which says the Coast Guard does not recognize the existence of the so called Bermuda triangle has a geographic area of specific hazard to ships or planes in a review of many aircraft in vessel losses in the area over the years there's been nothing discovered that would indicate that casualties were the result of anything other than physical causes no extraordinary factors have ever been identified really it all boils down to just one simple fact the Bermuda triangle isn't any creepier than anywhere else in the world just has a really good PRT thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Prestigious Awards Given To Undeserving Winners
\\yeah what is it that this is it's a major war if you win a major award it usually means you're the best of the best at what you do sometimes you win because whoever voted for you wasn't right in the head that day that's the only way to explain how these incredibly prestigious awards got doled out to incredibly undeserving winners the busiest beaver award goes to fill us now yeah I swore per usual says bush Houston beaver Jethro tolls metal Grammy it wasn't until the late eighties that the Grammys got around and noticing that hard rock and metal music existing when they finally did they assembled a solid list of nominees for their best hard rock metal performance category Metallica ACDC Jane's addiction Iggy Pop and Jethro Tull the Grammy seem like it was Metallica's to take and justice for all was red hot and they had just blown the Grammy crowd away with a blistering rendition of the song one and then and the winner is a crest of a knave Jethro Tull toll frontman Ian Anderson admitted that he thought the band would lose which is why the band didn't even attend the ceremonies even the Grammy website throw shade at the decision calling tell a fine group of long standing musicians but arguably the least hard or metal of the nominees the very next year at the Grammys realized what metal actually wise and Metallica won easily no flutes require you got it thank Jethro Tull for not putting out an album this year right steely Dan's album of the year Jethro Tull was the last time the Grammys got something wrong in 2001 Steely Dan released 2 against nature came and went without any major hits but it's still got nominated for 2000 ones album of the year Grammy it's competition iconic albums by Eminem radio head back and Paul Simon and the winner was 2 against nature Steely Dan according to Rolling Stone the Grammys were getting Flack for even nominating Eminem in the first place due to his profession lyrics Steely Dan also won that year for best pop vocal album meaning a group of 70 soft rockers were suddenly poppier than in sync and Christina Aguilera even Walter Becker of Steely Dan was confused telling MTV I thought that it was weird that were in the wrong category or something we are the world's record of the year you have to go all the way back to 1986 to see when the Grammys really started getting down he celebrity soaked we are the world is pure schlock even the artists who formed on it think so Billy Joel told Rolling Stone I remember most of us who were there didn't like this nobody would say so I think Cyndi Lauper leaned over to me and said sounds like a Pepsi commercial somehow the musical event got honored with a Grammy which is even more baffling when you consider the classics it beat out which included dire straits money for nothing and Huey Lewis and the news the power of love when's the last time you heard we are the world on the radio simply put the Grammy committee voted for sentimentality over substance and now look incredibly silly though there probably used to that by now driving miss daisy's Best Picture Oscar up against films like dead poets society and field of dreams driving miss daisy probably should've had much of a chance of winning 1989's Best Picture but it's the film that wasn't even nominated for Best Picture spike Lee's provocative do the right thing that got the worst chast even Jim bass singer took her time on stage to mention the snub but there is one film missing from this list that deserves to be on it and that's do the right thing driving miss daisy meanwhile seemed like a step backwards from progressive filmmaking in the years since Morgan Freeman himself has expressed regret about the movie saying in an interview with the guardian that his role work to popularize quote this wise old dignified black man that's more special guardian than human it's not a compliment and of popularizing that tropas daisies legacy you can see why the academy should have given the nod to Kevin Costner spooky baseball team instead Steve Nash's double NBA MVP Steve Nash was a damn good NBA player but his winning 2 MVP awards in a row makes no sense the 2000 42 5 season Nash won the MVP over Shaquille o'neal who had just gotten to the Miami Heat and help the team and the best record in the conference bringing them to the conference finals where they lost in 7 games meanwhile Nash did roughly the same thing with his Phoenix Suns bringing his team to their conference finals where they lost in 5 games the voting was super close Nash edged shack 1066 to 1032 clearly a case could be made for either man but then Nash won MVP again after guiding his sons to another first place record and another deep playoff run the voting was more decided this time around with Nash getting 900 24 0.200 36 more than lebron James who was at the time about the only good player on the Cleveland Cavaliers heaven just guided them to their first playoff run since 1998 it's unclear how that doesn't scream MVP to basically everyone in 2017 Nash was quoted on CNN saying the MPP is such a subjective thing that it almost says more about the voter than it does about the players that might be just his way of saying that in the mid 2 thousands voter subjectivity was off the mark Peyton manning Super Bowl MVP without question Peyton manning is 1 of the best players in NFL history that's set when he won his first Superbowl in 2006 the decision to ward in the MVP was just about the worst that could have been made in early 2017 ESPN's Mike Sando ranked all of the NFL MVPs and manning Super Bowl 41 not ranked 40 first out of 50 but since everyone below him isn't a transcendent icon of the game his run looks especially back well as Indianapolis Colts 129 to 17 it was almost in spite of man his numbers were decidedly mediocre and his defense basically won the game for him manning's one touchdown throw happened 6 minutes in and the rest of the game was the defense stuff in Chicago's attempts to score the Indy defense had just as many touchdowns on interceptions as manning did 3 field goals from Adam finitary one of the best kickers in league history didn't hurt either ultimately it seems like an award given to a legendary beloved figure just because he's legendary of 11 just won his first ring so why not keep honors on that doesn't change how one of his defenseman deserve the honor several times more than he did but at least 21 his final Super Bowl in 2016 people was able to demonstrate real class by celebrating with the one person he truly loves beta the first guy you kiss campy Papa John okay the first guy you kiss campy Papa John okay it can't pay advice he does a commercial off for awhile thanks for watching could the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Secrets Airports Don't Want You To Know
\\there's no 2 ways about it flying can be stressful but does your trip to the airport have to be difficult knowing the ins and outs of the airport gaming not cut down on your wait time but it could help soothe your nerves here's a look at some secrets that airports don't want you to know the golden hour nobody wants to miss their flight so arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare is just part of smart traveling but that our you spent cooling your heels in the terminal isn't just a stress free time to unwind before your flight it's also when retailers target your wallet yes it's true according to the economist that time waiting for your flight is when travelers are most vulnerable to impulse purchases at the shops and restaurants in the concourse there's even a name for the golden hour in fact some stores go as far as to adjust their sales based on departure times so next time you're waiting for your plane keep one hand on your money otherwise you might just be tricked into spending more breezing through ticketing itself was so quickly they'll have plenty of time to shop upstairs TSA troubles if the wait at the security checkpoint to get into the terminal seems insanely long that's probably because the TSA is woefully understaffed according to the Chicago Tribune in may 2016 alone over 1000 passengers miss their flights at Chicago o'hare airport due to excessive security lines it's not getting better between 2011 and 2016 the number of TSA screeners at U. S. airports actually dropped by 15 percent and the screeners that are there aren't necessarily trained as well as you might expect 2015 the department of homeland security revealed that TSA agents failed to find concealed weapons in 67 out of 70 test runs it doesn't seem to have gotten any better sense in 201711 passengers walk through JFK's terminals and boarded their flights without being screened by security at all the TSA said it was fine because the passengers would be screened after they land which is kind of like shutting the barn door after the animals have escaped me guns knives grenades claiming all known about any state yeah Big Brother is watching you with security issues plaguing the TSA it's no surprise the department of homeland security is pursuing other options including a facial recognition scanner the contract passengers anywhere in the terminal even crazier a company called Jenny a photonics has developed a laser molecular scanner that can pick up even the slightest changes in molecular composition from drug residue to what you had for breakfast some of that technology is still a ways off so in the meantime airport security around the world is relying on good old fashioned conversation security agent begins chatting you up they might actually be sadly probing you for information using a method called controlled cognitive engagement which screens for suspicious behavior by tricking liars into giving off settle tells including nonverbal cues like fidgeting or lack of eye contact so definitely don't try to smuggle monsters in the country already Willie because he's we just get back down the hall show dangerous dentistry if you have a dental emergency at the airport there's good news as it turns out some airports actually have an in house dentist yes it's true at new York's LaGuardia JFK airports for instance the dentist is a fellow by the name of doctor Robert Traeger who has been working at those airports for over 30 years you may not want to see and if you're an undocumented immigrant however that's because trigger has also been pulling double duty as an INS agent since 1997 his job examining the teeth of immigrants and asylum seekers to determine whether they are minors are not since there are special procedures in place for the deportation of minors priority is to make this process easy for each and everyone of not you not you know a nice try not you know if he's going Khan no bad bar codes there's nothing worse than losing your luggage unless of course it's having your personal information stolen from you and that leads to a bit of a catch 22 for frequent flyers because it turns out those barcode tags airlines use on your luggage can also be hacked by thieves sure it sounds crazy but according to PC magazine those barcodes can contain all sorts of personal information including your name address destination and frequent flyer number information that thieves can access by scanning or even just taking a picture of your barcode so the next time you take a trip remember to throw away that bar code once you've arrived because losing your luggage is one thing that losing your identity as a whole lot worse thanks for watching click the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all the school stuff we know you love to //
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Weird International Flavors Of Your Favorite Snacks
\\are the wonders of traveling abroad beautiful for investors exploring unique cultures and eating the local cuisine like this wavered Pringles and veggie based kit Kats when you stop and a whatever year international equivalent of a 711 might be you'll find that the locals have different views on what makes backing so delicious here are a few unusual so that you'll find around the world Japan's get the popsicle Japanese ice cream company tacky new hero is afraid to get weird and their bizarre tasted popsicles is no exception after the unlikely success of their corn chowder and cream skew flavored treats they win even crazy releasing a line of the politician flavored pop 6 what's the politics you may know it by its less appealing a ketchup spaghetti which isn't just for prisoners in old school gangsters anymore get past their nightmares mascots and you're left with a sucker that smells like tomato if that sounds delectable the U. Japan awaits your visit otherwise just boil a pot of spaghetti like everyone else but not catch up Spain's ham ruffles when you think of flavored potato chips you probably think sour cream and onion for extreme flavor blasted Nacho cheese you probably don't think him but that's exactly what Spain has to offer ruffles Sambora Hamas which literally translates to ham flavored is a salty snack food mixed with a Celtic meet the Spanish it better go pick has a special place in local cuisine with the finest grade of him being a bit ago Debbie up which is when the pig dines on tons of acorns giving its media succulent nutty flavor so how does that translate to potato chips well they look just like regular ruffles and have a hint of ham flavor to them pick up a bag in Spain if you like but you'll probably do just as well to eat a regular old ham sandwich and then go and get some actual debate about baby out because that sounds delicious Asia's crab Pringles you're not likely to find ships that tastes like seafood in the U. S. but in Asia they're all over the place perhaps the strangest is Pringles line of soft shell crab flavored chips for those people who love the taste of bottom beating crustaceans but not the act of eating are preparing them made from crab extracts which is probably a whole lot of fun to collect these chips apparently really do taste like crap whether this is a good or bad being is that do you know if you're fine eating chips that taste like a fake inner beef hamburgers a crap ship really doesn't seem like a huge leap Japan's we're kit Kats if you live in the U. S. the craziest kit kat labor you've probably ever had is white chocolate and however is kitkat crazy belt throw any flavor into the Max and it'll probably make money kickass became huge in Japan due to a combination of expert marketing and linguistic luck get to catch you means to surely when the Japanese they're currently over 300 flavors of Japanese kit Kats and a lot of them sound like somebody made them up to ruin someone's day with Saudi Sakay pumpkin putting soybeans purple sweet potatoes and roasted corn among many others most of these have no business being lumped together with Chuck and yet clearly people enjoy them because they're still being made how about there on some of those cheese cake kit Kats are way Japan you keep the big data once thanks Japan's mountain dew Cheetos you thought we were done with Japan you know she does that taste like mountain dew is a perfect combination of the 2 nerdy as snacks of all time instead of settling down for a round of Skyrim with a bag of Cheetos in a 2 liter of mountain dew you get everything you need in 1 convenient bag with no risk of spillage sadly these miraculous snacks were available as a limited time offer back in 2014 suffered out all you can do is help Frito lay brings back some day until then you'll just have to settle for Japan's sugar butter and see we'd sell Cheetos and hope that America will 1 day and brace flavors beyond cheese and ranch one can dream Scotland's hagas chips outside of Scotland hagas is perhaps the ultimate fear fear if you can eat a seats heart liver and lungs wrapped inside the sheep's own stomach then you're truly worthy of the kill but good luck having authentic hagas in the states anything with sheets of 1 and it has been banned in the U. S. since 1971 but that doesn't mean you can't have things that taste like how I guess though we'd get guarantee joy at nnova it reminds me of the smells leann Houston may it's actual haggis is too much for you perhaps Mackey's had gets chips would be a better starting point after all once you remove all the weird organs trapped inside another weird organ basically left with the taste of lamb when even weirder flavor of chip Mackey's has you covered with pride and cocktail then ascending cranberry roast ham and even whisky and haggis for when you need a bigger kick them what mere pepper can get Pakistan's lemon pepper 10 they're staying for just about any fruit out there though good luck finding anything but orange in the states welcome I can't get no Tang around here you want limit and pepper flavored Tang Pakistan's got you covered it's hard to understand the wonders of lemon pepper tank but showing various way people gawking at cool dry people walking around with lemons does its best to demonstrate the refreshing qualities of lemons and pepper together at last in a drink mmhm legs were watching with the grunge icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel let's check out all this cool stuff we know you love to //
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The Untold Truth Of Louis CK
\\over the last decade Louis C. K. transition from a moderately successful stand up and one of the world's most recognizable comedians for while he frequently minds his personal life for comedic gold both on stage and on his acclaimed TV series Louis there's probably a lot about the comic you don't know about here's a look at the untold truth of Louis C. K. see Kate is actually is last night //
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Most Dangerous Camping Spots In The U.S.
\\from snow capped mountains to unforgiving desert the U. S. national park system is home to 84000000 acres of land which is visited by more than 300000000 people each year for lovers of the outdoors it's heaven on earth but for less experienced adventurers tracks into these American wilderness escapes can be downright hellish fresh air no screens and didn't really get a job and what do //
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What Life Was Actually Like For A Real Pirate
\\in between bouts of pirate talk and rocking out to the pirate theme the metal band they'll stone cold LazyTown whatever's Moyle speed you may have always wonder what life would have been like if you actually a pirate yeah as it turns out your life in the cities would have been drastically different from the one seen in movies like Treasure Island and parts of the Caribbean this is going to be the new look for the nineties you're going to be the first pirate well I don't wanna be a pirate good choice being a real pirate was rough with a capital R. Columbia just said that are ya ready kids going overboard when you think of pi Webroot probably sold fights walking but the truth is if you as for pirates you crucial ruthless merciless and violence beyond the gore yes a horror film actual pirates you keel hauling by the tie a prisoner throw them overboard and