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"2016-11-24 00:19:02"
Dr. Steven Greer : The Biggest HOAX in Human History
\\this understanding is key otherwise everyone's gonna assume anything that we don't understand is that surround is extraterrestrial moreover anything that would become over and do an independent state attack boom is extraterrestrial when it isn't it is not it is absolutely not it's all a lie it's the biggest hoax in human history gotta wake up to this so when you begin to hear that begin in from the forties and told not that long ago there were multiple crash retrievals of these objects they it wasn't because he's interstellar civilizations to no running around with IQ's for 600 so I'm like a down syndrome child and but they heard you know very advanced the it they were running into the deployment of the system and they were based all over in the began to be basal over the plan and by the 19 sixties they've had successfully propagated those around the globe enough locations covertly that they could track him target an extraterrestrial vehicle hit it and have it to become disabled now obviously not every anti object it appears has that happened so it's not like it happens every nanosecond but it has happened dozens and perhaps hundreds of times I met with an officer in the air for run in the army ... who was at fort Huachuca out here in Arizona arm intelligence headquarters who had been in an underground facility ... in the seventies where there were 9 extraterrestrial vehicles wind up an autopsy bodies that were in a storage there so and that's with one facility and that was 40 some years ago fort Huachuca it's in near tombstone but ironically Arizona so with these facilities began to be developed that are all underground and they were studying the extraterrestrial material that operation was very separate from the conventional let's call it extraordinary anti gravity research going on in other operations there are very few points of contact so this is where you get into a complex understanding of death T. S. FBI top secret special compartmented information on and the compartmentalize ation is very very specific and there could be people working on say anti gravity control systems for the Lockheed skunk works but they weren't allowed to talk to and that know anything about the people studying the extraterrestrial materials but there would be a few points of contact that would bridge over alright but very few very tightly to that's how that is structured and I have had the privilege of interviewing people who work on both sides now when you begin to consider then we've had over 60 years 2 years trillions of dollars in black budget unacknowledged special access one sep unacknowledged special axis completely black funding of this kind of research and development both on extraterrestrial material and on other conventional and the then augmentation of the man the conventional anti gravity human with the extraterrestrial study material you can begin to realize that what's out there that humans control is fearsome and awesome and unfortunately to the lay person or to the average general admiral or president indistinguishable from an extraterrestrial object in their mind so that is really the danger point that is where you have the risk of you being able to take these objects that are 0 percent man made and for example this boomerang flying objects seen through the around the the Hudson Valley I believe this one and the Hudson Valley events in the reported up and down he was 88 and people got right up her knee it look what's underneath see the little tunes and structures in grids and what have you I found extraterrestrial S. man may probably all the Boeing phantom works at a Seattle and they were just seen what the public would do so people stop on the freeway reporting it tens of thousands of people solve these violent a little bit of a humming sound like a transformer 0 percent mammy 0 percent for everyone looking at it thought it was ET this one thing false flags RT happened but they've been beta testing the system with these kinds of events another one that was reported are the big flying triangles to 300 feet across remember these Belgium other places underneath so these have been reported and they have a grid structure very manufactured very man made silent except for a little bit of a humming sound you're close ... electromagnetic graphics floats along now here's another layer confusion that I I think getting the chance to share this with with Mister Charette there are extraterrestrial objects that look like an approximate the man made ones do you want to get a little more confused the center that if there's an extraterrestrial event that happens they will then put up a man made one and they'll hoax a man made of then piggybacking on an extraterrestrial just a really confused and that's happened many many and there's a whole up authorities that that are very strange looking this this report another one see the structure reported in a case now Mr stratus collected the best well I witness documents of these at close range from people and then done models and drawings and what have you in their excellent and these are all man made now to anyone who would casually see this and then objects that were very similar to what was seen in the the Phoenix lights the sort of objects you know fraction apartment on a fraction of a mile across also handy not always are can be human man made ones if I'm confusing you I apologize but I think the nuance of this can't be lost anymore we can't be simplistic and frankly stupid and that's why when you have these wonderful you know renditions that he's he's done here's another one showed earlier and this one this is a wonderful putting them in on this one because someone got up beneath the close enough to this is the the structure under this anti man made also so there's an entire history of ... airspace research and development that's now 62 years on ... using technologies that are having to do with mass cancellation anti gravity and those have been deployed purposely so that people it'll get into the media and thousands of people will see it and it will either hide an extraterrestrial then an overwhelming or it will simply be a way of them testing the system see what will the people say what will the media say how are they going to react and then they can refine there algorithms their their protocol or how it took to do the hoax wrote this is how they refined the false flag over 60 year period now one of the people who you all have heard of I'm sure who is a Lockheed skunk works head for years until he passed away is ... been rich and you know I have people who were at meetings with him where he confirmed that we had things that could quote take E. T. home ... and he also acknowledge that ... every point in space and time is connected to every other one through and that telepathy is sits calmly called Israel etcetera but but then rich may not have had all full access up to that level and in some letters that we have courtesy of Mister Sharat and these ... I just laid eyes on these today I have a letter walk he'd advanced aeronautics to a gentle many and to and Mister John Andrews he says ... and the first letter that was written to him was do you think that the UFOs are real wouldn't accept and so on and he says in response to your letter I am a believer so is Kelly Johnson ... course spy plane with regards to ... another gems come I do not believe any lucky person could or would have made that commitment rest easy and wait and it's signed been rich 7/8/1986 and so then this will the the letter he he'll ask for a clarification and he says did you mean ... you oppose as in man made or extraterrestrial and been rich the head of the low the very famous Lockheed skunk works for is his dear John is the ... 7/21/1986 yes I'm a believer in both categories I feel everything is the ball many of our man made UFOs are on funded opportunities he underlined U. F. O. in on funded opportunities in both categories these are there lots of kooks in charlatan so be careful best regards been rich here it is both of this positive now he again would not have had a complete all access pass into every compartment extraterrestrial and man made because the intelligence officer that we have who recently interviewed confirmed that the ... area at Nellis airforce base that dealt with manmade advanced UFO type anti gravity was completely separate prom and hermetically sealed from the extraterrestrial a silly underground that was ... run by people not a tease but that had the E. T. craft they were study we've also had it confirmed that the very famous cash Landrum case I mean people heard of this the early eighties and there was a craft outside Houston the head of core breach in the spewing radioactive material and ... injuring killed a couple of women and if they were being as it was that look like ... a saucer and it was flying and they and they had the call in helicopters to assist in it made a crash landing in a remote area this airforce off the special investigations official on camera admits that he was the principal investigator that for the airforce put out there fought the cover story that it was a UFO and he said it was one of ours but the skin of the craft shell was extraterrestrial power plant which they had not been artfully figure out we had a hybrid system that had a nuclear power component that had a filtering problem and a core breach and began to spew radio activity on people this is on camera this is safe a lieutenant colonel name rank serial number 10 this is gonna be explosive this movie unacknowledged up so what you need to understand is that the intelligence community is thrilled if the UFO committee says it was a UFO it was all alien when in reality not ample if both some of it's ET some of it's man made some of it both a cash Landrum crash case was both so this understanding is key otherwise everyone's gonna assume anything that we don't understand is that surround is extraterrestrial moreover anything that would come over and do an independent state attack boom is extraterrestrial when it isn't it is not it is absolutely not it's all a lie it's the biggest hoax in human history gotta wake up to //
"2016-11-12 07:42:09"
Dr. Steven Greer: Will President Trump Speak about UFOs?
\\someone at work and we the American people do they get Congress the Senate members of the armed forces vice president president to release all UFO area 51 in project information to the public and stop the secrecy the template in America all these years well ... first of all by supporting this project you're doing that secondly I think it's really important that because with the social media now that everyone post to their friends collie neighbors whoever in their Facebook and Twitter and social media network this information that we're spending now and find your voice to speak about it I'm very skeptical that the US Congress or the president if even if they held a hearing that they would be allowed I have the testimony of the truth tellers be at it they would probably pay it a dog and pony show is horribly sort of a staged event like all these commit committees have been now I think it's important that they have a hearing but I think people need to be prepared for the fact every time they'd have one it's been hijacked by the intelligence community and turned into a dog and pony show so that the the reality of it is we the people are going to have to do the disclosure and then we hope as this takes momentum there will be a poor coming from different governmental circles ... but I I think that the question a trade certain ... Thompson and that is that the Congress and the president would have access to these unacknowledged special active projects I even if they had the courage in the intent to expose them and what I have found that from 1993 until today is that most of the time the people who are in key positions in the government and even key position at the Pentagon who should have access the anything different for those do not and when they tried to get access there either completely turned aside or threatened so the question becomes how do you have the checks and balances required in a democracy this gets to the whole concept of an ongoing campaign which we've been engaged with for many many years to have whistleblowers come forward from the intelligence community like this airforce fellow and the others who come fell forward ... people who can get it documents materiel information that's credible and put put it in front of the public the the official capacity of people in the government what's it been interesting to me is that when you meet with these guys and women I would say that with it rare exception they know much less about this issue than any of you listening to and if they try to get their staff to inquire including the president they're basically like to and this is also the case that people at the Pentagon that I've met with them at which generals and admirals at the Pentagon very senior position who were not part of this Cup all secrecy who when they made enquiries were flat out told nothing's going on or were told yes there's an operation here because I would give them a document which the project code name or code number on it and they would say but you don't have a need to know this happened to admiral of Tom Wilson who is the head of intelligence for the joint chiefs of staff it happened to the head of the defense intelligence agency which is nearly as big as the CI a but if the Pentagon's intelligence and the it happened to many many people I've met within the Pentagon and in the Senate and house thought I'd I am I think that people need to understand that even when the there are good people who have tried to get to the bottom of this and they're like 2 and in some cases they're threatened so this means that it has to be a the citizens of the country here and also overseas those of you listening from the UK Australia of Russia need to find people who will come forward as legitimate credible whistle blowers and step forward and do that I think that that is pretty much the only way this is going to happen I am with the alternative media we have now the social media you too what have you we have the ability to reach enormous numbers of people ... that were not reachable in the past and so that's something everyone can do it mainly network it is clear white being an ambassador for this kind of disclosure effort in your own communities and in your own beer because I think if you begin to talk about this issue and I do that all the time I'll be flying on a plane don't they owe you know where you're going what do you do and how to tell and they go well at interesting you know I knew someone blah blah blah and it like it's all networking so that kinda network building something every single person on the phone call ... so that that sort of one way of understanding this ... meanwhile we can all hope that people who were in legitimate ... allegedly I should say legitimate power in the government will do the right thing at some point ... but having witnessed this for 23 years the foot dragging and the politicians ... less if they I'm not holding my breath I think it's very important that we contain to do this as an independent ... activist group of people of //

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