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"2017-09-15 15:27:47"
Clif High (September 16, 2017) - Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse Restructuring Takes Place
\\Aaron west Austin and maybe a you know a greater representation worked at that center and I certainly hope so that would be really cool but that the that we're getting into Antarctica and at this level tells me we're gonna be busting out pretty soon right because I know I've run into some physical therapists and I've run into some welders right you get these guys had a few drinks in him they're gonna be blab unlike Meg you know Hey look what I saw down there they had me welled up this cage for this bastard or something you know that's what I'm looking for is that it will he loaned you all there it's gonna start right and you know how gossipy massage therapist or they've just got to talk to you because they got nothing else going all day if you the Dogon theory relate were all you know and say that my mom Zachary so chin and what he ... citron's bullshit okay Hon sorry he was a he was a Mason in ... all of the stuff that Suchinda of all the documents that such an supposedly translated we now have translated they're available from ... someplace in Chicago I think it's at university of Illinois in Chicago now all of Sanskrit it's translated to get at it on a online you can see the original ... working see the transliteration and you can see the translation and know where did such a never say it was on this tablet at this section that this word appeared he never did any of that and so if you but if you were to take all of surgeons writings you cannot in any of those tablets in any any way you can structure that language can you find what he wrote about so he was writing about some weird story that he was told to write about the does not relate to the underlying data and they pinned it on the cuneiform saying oh what's in here you and if you could only read this you would you would say this to you so it was he purposely trying I often somethin Eminem somethin wanted to create the whole night bureau thing planet X. all of that stuff is all bogus it's all misinterpretation anyway one that's what Wallace thorn she did say that I it stars can come through our resources I think that's an how ARE moon was created in Saturn you severe sign and there's all this evidence that but it's the whole neighbors stuff is a different deal I am in an electric universe if in fact there was a planet X. if it were to approach us even as far back as I say we're Pluto is we would have giant amounts of lightning that would be from our son all the way out to it and back ... so we would be watching it we would be seeing it this was recorded when yeah and when Venus was captured okay we were going along as a solar system and we snagged Venus Venus's orbit is the same as that year and it revolves exactly the opposite of all the other planets in our system and we snagged it and it just just come along but when that occurred the missile Americans wrote about the interplanetary lightning that they could see blue and green lightning that would go from the sun to this new planet that was coming in and everything got wonky there were giant earthquakes that wasn't a good time to be on the planet minute eventually all calm down one there we're talking the dole grounds I mean that are this all over the world and I've been into some of these places where you know I've been in Germany and I had a friend I'm not into caves but I had this friend that was a caper and ... so he took me in there and there was all these weird carvings of basically people with webbing between their fingers and you know mermaids and stuff on the site cables No Way Out no way no one is in the black forest ... so it's deep in Bavaria nowhere near an aquatic site so why are you making paintings of aquatic beings in there and it was ... of I'd it was not charcoal it was it was dark and so might been blood for all I know but it was it was old and we were kids we know what we're doing here just you know and he knew of him we told some people in the I never went back I don't know if they were still in Lebanon but we got the same kind of caves over here in the whole Washington state in several places east of the mountains and you see the petroglyphs in Hawaii okay I mean you've got some tourists up their their children around and you know making strange things on the rocks but in Hawaii they also have though all of the petroglyphs of all of the astronomical problems and the their representation of the normal and we see these ... aquatic beings all over you know I I'm not so fast can't get enough of it are you seeing any anti aging stuff yet your data sets yeah actually I can I can tell you about I can tell you about some of it okay because I'm involved in some of it myself or I well I'm so that you can this gets into the this needs to be its own book and get into it in a serious way like I am writing a book about it okay aren't well this is cool then here's some serious material for you alright ... not not from the ... a Antarctica the sight of it not from the ... data sets and not from the I. energy kind of things that it's talking about rather from a practical approach okay so I'm a few years back we discovered this new industrial material and it it showed promise in a number different ways and it's a very unique industrial material and we wanted to use this industrial material in a number of different applications and we need to make this ... and so it was decided at an international level that we had to do certain things in order for the singer this industrial material to be widely used in a in our industry and one of things we had to do was to determine is a unsafe and so big they they do you I actually think was a U. N. at that time was the science agency of the UN her decided they needed to know what the LD the lethal dosage of the stuff what's and so they let a contract with the French lab and the head of the French lab is a is a Frenchman of Algerian descent Tom I bring that up because of it it forms the basis of how he does things each culture puts an imprint Tatian of how you'd so science done by Hindus is different than science done by Algerians they just take different approaches just like software would be different anyway so the Algerian scientist ... decides because it's a contract that doesn't know what he's gonna do is a small sample study and high doses until he kills his reps basically we figure out what the little dosages and so he takes 12 reps 6 of the it earned 6 females 6 males on a separate amount into 2 groups of 63 males 3 females one group the control they go over there and they live in they just eat corn and drink water and stuff the other ones get this industrial substance now the the other goal of the study was to see if we could take this industrial substance and in a natural fashion and have it be legal to us as opposed to injecting it so they did not initially injected into the flesh or anything and so they give this industrial substance to these rats and dog day decided that the way to do it was to get the rats to eat so they dissolved and olive oil that turned out to be a hell of a task for him to do that alone and they ended up doing this and this ... industrial substances given to these rats on ... pretty massive dose ... once a week for a couple weeks because the the Frenchman wanted to collect his money on finding out what the legal dose was even wanna waste years incrementally get up there right and so that's why the Algerian aspect the practicality of it enters into it because it you determine the dose based on he guessed that this amount would kill him pretty quick well didn't kill and and it didn't kill and they were stuck at that dosage level because that's what they decided to go for and they decided okay though uses dosage level keep it up on a weekly basis and continuing over time and it'll it'll accumulate and in the rats and it'll kill on the neck sliced open the rats and find out where they died established a lethal dose they're done well time passes all the control rats die all the control rats had to your lungs or like simply pick up their thoughts while they're doing this because they want their wanting to earn some money and they're like all crowd but he was just so amazing what's going on okay okay so in this you can find out I'll tell you the substance you go look it up and you can validate everything I'm telling a okay so they ... either they give the rats these dosages and it doesn't kill and so some time passes you can look it up as to the mountain and then so they finally got a Frenchman says well you know these rats aren't Diane of this I got this other contract to see what ... this little dose of radiation hits and so let's take a couple of these rats example with this radiation also with the little doses will be done with them and they will also be able to come up and see what's going on with this industrial substance were beaten well radiation until and was way into the radiation was well over lethal dose well over lethal dose rats just sit there laughing it off there they're happy there bear in mind at this point up all of the rats have lived at least a one third again as long as they should have the role into their third year and they all these rats are genetically programmed to die around 2 years and ... and so the rats are going along the rats have good sure they look young ... there's no problems with them and finally they start getting frustrated they start euthanizing the rats and because I tried cancer causing chemicals to kill off the trying what you now they become mortal well they become really hardy ha ha alright until finally they ended up killing him and they killed these rats have very advanced ages for these rats far beyond what they should have lived and when they open up their brains are clean their lungs are clean their livers are gorgeous their spleen so beautiful the got no problems whatsoever in spite of all the radiation and all the cancer causing chemicals they've been fed to try and offer them and see what was going on and so whatever the substance is it's a it works on their system in such a way that it preserved there a internal organs at a level that was useful okay in in spite of the fact that in spite of the fact that the rats were aging but the rats were not aging as normal the amount of wear and tear they were showing was minimal there was no like I hear discoloration of the skin issues none of the systemic degradation that usually complete companies old age and basically they had no idea when these rats would die if they just kept feeding them this regular diet of the substance dissolved in olive oil so how they do this and that and over the course of time I think maybe the last route was killed 3 times and you have to look it up I don't remember exactly but I think it was killed it 6 years that was 3 times as old as the rational lived and they just killed because they had to know when they had in the study in the guy had to get paid and so they could not determine a lethal dose that way so another group was was commissioned to determine a lethal dose these guys didn't mess around they took some mice and they injected the substance in our water a base directly into the minds of the level of one tenth of their body weight and that and that killed him okay and it was an injection was a intramuscular but it killed and so they knew that if you if you had one tenth of your body weight of this material injected in you that was at least a lethal types and they had to go down right they can't they didn't need a monkey about with that no they didn't they didn't use it can get killed with this but yet that we know what time okay then it is going to be injected and then it later on shuts down all your the other systems and I really couldn't say why it killed him and then one of the doctors that was involved in the study said well if you just took a substance out of the water are just that much water being inject it and yeah sure take your box could kill you so they look anything at that amount would gladly right right so so anyway though so this is where we're at on that in the end at this stage this is not a substance for human consumption okay humans eat the substance constantly what we've been seeking while 2 years ago we've been seeking this the substance for of as long as humans have been around it forms the basis of alchemy alchemy was seeking the substance which was the you know the philosopher's stone blurb I of perpetual life all of this kind of stuff they've been seeking at all these different ways the Taoist have been seeking it with the other and the yogis are seeking it with boiling down mercury in all of this kind of stuff the substance occurs naturally in the planet it's concentrated in the planet and various different areas we have only become recently aware of the substances called see 60 carbon 60 but Mister fuller rings okay buckyballs and so Bucky balls these these complex so a carbon atom we have many different carbon is an interesting stuff because it has many different forms Mostow like gold only has one form in nature carbon we have carbon 12 come 14 carbon 16 Carmen 18 it's uttered center carbon 60 is unique because it it takes the carbon atom unfolds it back on itself so that all of the receptors from the carbon atom for connecting to other atoms are fully involved with their own molecule if you will under those circumstances there's no like a carb carbonic attachment to your to anything so if you had a free carbon atom it's kinda like a non US reactive is an oxygen atom little global into you so to speak right because it's got a highly energetic particle that wants to stick to something but just this former carbon does not have that they don't know why it does what it does but they do know that ... it does do that now humans can get hold of the star of you can buy it it's a readily available carbon 60 C. 60 is readily available from Europe in a purified form you can mix and anything you want and consumer it occurs naturally in coal it occurs naturally in the stuff called Sean got well it occurs naturally in this other stuff called ... ... ... she elegy to were asphalt of so it's been known about since arm the time of the ancient Rome it goes all the way back into the you'll get world maybe 6 or 7000 years it was a necessary part of their revitalization revitalization programs that people would undertake that was really gruesome if you get into the yellow cake perspective how they did it with the goal of time in all these various different mechanisms or or or schools was to concentrate this stuff didn't know what she 60 they just knew that did animals that drank water from this particular water the whole lived longer look better didn't age as much and so on turns out that water holes in a piece of land are showing guy turned material which is this like a primal material of the earth huge levels of C. 60 unit or maybe it was the Yom indignantly of Emily and mountains they would see goats and they would even see Tom the animals from the deep forests work their way all way up into the the mountains to go lick this black goo that was coming up underneath bomb of these glaciers and basically that was all of the material that had been smushed by the glacier into a very thin layer all the biological material in a concentrated the C. 60 and so that's been their form of it coming in these various different ways now we know it exists now we know what the molecule lives in now we can purify it on a cold and all these other things and now it's still an industrial product which you can actually buy it well you could even consumable ... and you get this affects myself but money still Amir they die free radical damage anyway and so I should say restless since I wouldn't it managing that really takes care of your radical in the free radicals and things that it our cells it that's how it's sold as an anti oxidant correct but does much more than that okay alike it does it does interact with the telomeres it does link in the teen years because the passing of the team honors is you don't have it's what they're finding anything about you that's not the kills us Iraq wasn't going but that alone I mean that is basically the ... that's not yeah that's your clock okay I mean you start off with the X. number of a man you know like that I the yogi say you know you're given next number breasts and when you exhale that last breath ... near or far in time that's the end your life or you know maybe the thing to do is to brief slow you know that kind of thing but you can only duplicate so many duplicates your humor get shorter well run on Billy injuries you know one action not until he's been working that night multiple interviews of them just some easing you came on my show and talk about how they found the solution they have it it's just really expensive and so they're trying to find a just just from thinking humors me says now that's not the only thing he thinks although it's not human years or longer in your cells are younger now they can get hurt well it can your cells deal with the free radical issue younger cells can deal with getting rid of free radical damage answers I think so they don't know yet into the I do it but they are doing a trial on with Madagascar these little lemurs because their little primate other tiny and they have 15 people sign up for the trials are happening in east but there's like over $2000000 so it's it's really expensive it's on a solution for the average person well also leaves us a lot of the stuff as he notes it leaves a lot of the stuff on addressed and here's where see 60 has interest yeah exactly this is this okay I predict areas into when you're you with this is off okay so on top of that okay so let's look at C. 60 in some of its other ancillary effects not only does it mess about with the length of the ... ... soul degradation reproduction issue right the more you reproduce the cell door duh duh sloppy or the copies become right okay it deals with that it also deals with the antioxidant issue the free radical issue instantly because the nature of the buckyball is such that the free radicals want to adhere to it and it's excreted so it pulls these things right out of you also also the C. 60 molecule can cross the blood brain barrier so it's pulling out toxins all throughout your entire system also as a side effect people that humans and I'm in contact with a great number of these humans through some French people I know that a great I mean of 4 from for a large number I can reach out to maybe 150 people to herself of experimenting with this material okay that have had some number of years yourself experimenting with this job well it's working in that is providing positive benefits to them whether or not it's going to increase their age we don't know okay because dirt do you know whether they if they haven't gone to an exceptional lifespan yet because it has been so on that I mean that is going in and read about the Frenchman in the trial with the rats and stuff that's only a few years back so we've only known about this for a few years I don't even think we cost crossed 20 years yet in in a certain order where they yes yes and so we have they're real people than they are during the eighties and they don't look have wrinkles and arm it it's not instant to carry it takes awhile so it is a reverse aging not an anti in check so slowly slowly it cleans up the free radical damage and thus your skin the next time those cells reproduce don't recreate that wrinkle okay it's it removes these these issues it affects the internal organs our it creates new of veins and ... a hyper oxygenate your body in a hyper oxygenate you down to the level of them the mitochondria within the cells but with out the free radical damage so it's it's it's not only hyperactive oxygen needing you yet some of doing so without the expected damage of all the oxygen can you get it the form that you're talking about that you could buy it is that that form you need or do you need it in a different form hard work don't know now you can go right now to a and all who shouldn't say it because the guy probably you don't know what they have to go through to create this stuff okay goodbye right here there Nichols St Louis so their tape okay alright so well and you have to be you know you need to you gotta understand this okay you gotta be very careful about this because this process is not gentle alright so they were anybody that takes the stuff you will go through detox now you could take little tiny bits and build up over time so that the detox was low level in continuous from months no no no no I I know because I I guess it was arms your muscles does it does or not does not close it and so we get different reports of different effects okay so so I know of 11 person who had could it that the tax you know strong okay no no it'll make them extremely uncomfortable people that are extremely weak cow woman that I know of that has a has had surgery for brain cancers had 3 or 4 surgeries for hard has had fiber sixth death experiences were harder stopped ... she's taking it with very good results in spite of the detox okay the detox is mainly gastroenteritis okay awful I've had it pretty hard to talk well okay let's let's be real clear about this this a little bit more than that okay this is not simply a better object to people that are older who don't really need that right and so it you may need to really think about this you have to be an adult with the substance and it is not approved by anybody for human consumption it is an industrial material and people will sell this to you as an industrial material in a in an oil based on what you do with it is your business now here's something to be advised originally they did it with olive oil the C. 60 in my opinion there so we're gonna get into some of of my opinion parts here see 60 works by being called an oracle magnifying other things so if you're taking a drug of some kind it may magnify that or it may magnify your body such that the drug is no longer effective we've seen both of these being reported by people that were in that circumstance so see 60 is not particularly gentle is not really harsh you're not gonna be vomiting or anything like that for days or or anything like that but because it's company oric I don't favor putting it in with olive oil because olive oil has its own impacts towards detoxing the gut and I don't think they're necessarily beneficial for most humans so the the guy I favor the fellow that I favor he makes it and he puts it in on well avocado oil or coconut okay and ... and in both cases they're going to be a lot more gentle on you simply because they are not alone the coconut less so but they're not themselves detoxing agents the way olive oil it's so if you take were so say the recommended recommended dosage was a tablespoon a day if you take a day tablespoon a day of straight olive oil you'll feel it in your liver and even even without the C. 60 involved so you just have to be very cognizant of this year it's not like it's a panacea it's not like it's an anti aging pill or any of that it is as though you've got to be taking up for a long time because of the ... if you're to obtain any armed a anti aging benefits but a in terms when planning your lifespan okay so ... without getting too far into it there's a difference between lifespan unlike space what a worker appears to occur here is that our life space is increased and then if your body is up to it you can have a longer lifespan within that life speaks and that's really a way to think well hold is going you're on correcting correct correct and sort restores all of those it is harmonious to you once you're into the groove of it and it might take some people a year but other people mainly only a month I would not advise taking this if I were a young person is not going to do anything for you if you know until you're actually experiencing some of those yeah Iraq I think they have on the market now it will mean that's us hunter but it's portable and some I'm getting available in available in the U. Japan replaces I'm and I'm gonna have my on but if it's not a full on it it's only 60 percent is gonna make them feel a lot better but it's not the full blown they will no retreat no here's the good part of the so rent if you were to go to the purple power is called see 60 purple power online if that's the guy who sells it in avocado oil and and coconut oil what is the website again ... see 60 purple power that makes the oil purple color okay ... and you know the poor poor fellow may not be able to keep up with it because you take some days it takes days to get the stuff to us all right right and should that be a problem for him you know so everybody needs to back off of his case if you order from him and let him make the stuff because he's got to gear up for it right and they have to do the little you know electric spinners that spin in a vat of oil to dissolve the stomach precariously but using US help you sell he's selling an industrial lubricant okay see 60 and in coconut oil or olive oil is sold as an industrial lubricant okay so if you were to take the olive oil in this or enter the coconut oil you will feel better because Englefield work energy because the of the ... oil that's being provided as a good fat for your system and because in my opinion the C. 60 is providing a comment or a benefit that is helping to purge out your liver and your and your gut bile but from the reported she doesn't live in needs to be in a book and you need to have all these cautions it's better to take the C. 60 with dairy products then not if you're not lactose intolerant it's better to take the C. 60 with raw milk chief for then commercial yogurt so it it and there's all these sort of things that you learn as you go along that make it easier on your system because bear in mind say that you were 80 and the you wanted to get the benefit of this if indeed this is going to a double your lifespan and there's no reason to suspect that you have to get it by a particular age in order to have that occur then you're gonna have to go through maybe 2 decades of a continual low level level of of detox in order to reach that 16 enters into every cell in every encourage change correct correct you're brilliant you're absolutely brilliant that's exactly what's going on in a take 7 years for your bones alone right so you for 7 years your bones are going to detox all the crap they picked up there to get rid of all the radiation all of the the pollution and all of this kind of stuff that gets in your bones that we can sample bones now and say that all look this guy was exposed to a nuclear radiation test at some point as life and his bone show that the sort of thing so so we do have those issues so it's not like a pill it's not so you gotta be adult about it you got to know what you're doing you gotta look at it as a decades long process beginning of thinking aging where it's just like any other fewer start figure it out but it's gonna you're gonna get gas incident which took a quick well it's you know yeah takes up the whole room instead of that it can only be a calculator or whatever it's not that we just don't have but and it's starting I because I've talked to enough people in and seeing us this and face it if we can live to be 200 more years you don't 200 live to be 300 let's say which you know Liz parishioner wanting her because if you can live to be 1000 why can't you live to be perhaps you know I mean there's no reason why you don't hurt ureter actually years they're actually as long as they're not ever consider it relative to consciousness and memory okay it yeah then when you start looking at us more science from a different culture shirt from different perspective but from your body they're correct yes but now we keep talking about our world needing if we need a girl in order for us to this might be our chance to grow up you know maybe we do time to mature yeah we need because few 0 years to be a mature species you know we got it we gotta figure out of courage and not have some lunatic who's in charge for hundreds of years book well yeah there's always that he's right but we had that for some time you know their budgets going all the way back but but I mean that's what we need we're children we don't do we just don't have enough time to grow up well you know the yogis do have a home and the Chinese even do have this deal where man exits use at the age of 80 and this is from their history right now here's some things to think about in the in the world when it was young ... shun Guite and asphalt home ... the naturally occurring concentrated forms of this stuff were more readily available in certain areas and so you know we help you know how we have on of the caucus mountains is being area lots 100 year old people will hate their shun guide the water up in there and so their drink of water was C. 60 and water was the 60 and it is not as good a way to get the C. 60 as is the oil in my opinion and is also demonstrated by the French the French the okay there may be a guy who may have been into this for some considerable time and I and I won't betray anything about him he's the is the old man in a particular a subgroup of of people that are sold experimenting with this stuff and he's the more rational of all the people I've met with ... and talk about the sort of thing and he's got a real good sense of it and his senses that the biology to your point that we need that that space to mature that our biology has been really chalked down in his thinking is that a maybe a lot of the structure around history and all of that is to get us to believe in our own minds the limited view that there projecting about of humans in history right and if we had a different view of ourselves all of sudden things open up and even ourselves just having different levels of thoughts going on about ourselves create a different environment for our physical body or energetic body subtle yeah and this is now this man I mean nobody knows how old he was or how long he's been doing this but if you have a question about this stuff and I get in a question to this guy he's got a very definitive answer he's never ever steered me in any way other than exactly precisely to the correct point of it all and so I trust his view point at this stage and so he's got some a lot of things to say about it you know so for instance is information conclusion that I can give you the information I don't know if he'll I mean you can we can ask questions I got a Lotta coming to me by the way because I was I was going to write a book on my own on this just hit it out now that I don't think we gonna won't bother right now that you're yeah I mean I'll show you the cover gonna stop you yeah I suppose so but anyway but so there's a lot of lot of references here lot of them research being done by Russians about this because that's where Sean guy to really found any more is in the Siberian some of these places you can go online now to Amazon if you wanted to take a low keep a approach to this you could go by some guy rocks and they do this in Russia and they do it in Germany when I got to Germany I saw this going on all the time in in this is back in the days when they still had honey wagons collecting human waste put on the fields okay so was before Germany was a high percent really rebuilt into the modern age and you would see some of the old farmers that we live nearby though women would would every week they would take them black rocks out of the Crockett and wash the rocks off and put new water in there and then they drank water out of that crock all week long it was some guy and it and it restored a made a healthy insults overwhelm something to it must it pass through but correct shaman shaman and in the alchemist in working on this for a long time were remnant civilization they probably knew about the stuff we yeah correct yeah and so we have the records of it that's why the alchemists were trying to always we discover there were always looking for something that had been discovered in the past that was known they could isolated that mean that could describe what they were after they just didn't know how to create it and that's why all of the alchemy all of our chemistry and everything was trying to recreate and even the word alchemy or from which we derive chemistry right and it's an Arabic word L. Kim 1. okay and the and the thing is that that in fact the whole the whole thing thereafter was C. 60 and they didn't know it was either boiling down everything they could think of to try and create this deep black stuff that they knew that it came from and they were isolated from it right they didn't have the asphalt in in the ... once the Roman Empire fell apart they were no longer trains bringing the stuff from the ... glaciers in India over to the Romans and we have all kinds of anti aging things in in ... Egypt with the pharaoh's and it was not energetic and was all related to darkness into blackness in the one thing about C. 60 is it absorbs light which is weird it's a weird molecule when you play around with it on its own seems to react to a cluster around lasers that are shot through the oil so it seems to what towed so somehow the look of photonic energy seems to be drawing it which when I thought that energy that you need me for some it's interesting read the I've already read other they talk there's there's just here and we're on the you know where speed or plain I am and it's breaking out now this I let your seeing it in your data sets I saw it some time back in then investigated it and have been doing research now on those for 5 or 6 years maybe because it was just like the crypto currencies run 2005 I started seeing stuff in the data sets about well what would become an anti aging movement within the though general part of humanity like everybody else I assumed we had to liberate it from the room the ruling elites but that's not the case it's being brought up organically so to speak S. routes out of the populations as a result everybody wanting to use Bucky of Bucky balls for Lou for lubricants with an industrial machines and needing to find out a lethal dose on it now there are people out there that are replicating the rat studies you've got other people that are doing on the studies on extracted chicken livers keeping those alive with C. 60 other kinds of stores now it was go back to their to their appearance though okay you're gonna get more energy taking the stuff and that's true and so you may want to live cardholder person you may want to ease him into a little tiny bit so they get the feeling of what the detox might be like your diet will adjust okay if I take you can build up your your current surge correct and then at some point you get into things and you and me as an old guy and I'm 64 you get up to the point where you would of better take some of the stuff and and the energy involved would the good are you talking now yeah yeah ... for 19 months so and I'm different I was suffering from 30 plus years of a disease that was would've killed me this year had I not a gotten on top of it and now I would as it yeah but not because of that I found that and after getting into that trying to cure the disease part right I mean I was wracked by a liver disease basically well hate one of the things you find if you look long enough usual find this connection between ... liver or habitat protection and habitat at rebuilding reconstitution and see 60 there's actually are documents that we can get through the NIH now about C. 60 rebuilding liver tissue and so once you start getting into that if you got a liver disease and you recognize you got a liver disease you start doing more investigation and we and next thing you know you're on this particular trail right and so you have more energy out of it it has weird effects you start talking to the some of the individuals that are ... taking it and one guy is complaining that he's got to eyebrow here's that he has to cut every day at least an inch off of okay he only the least and beginning to plug it in plug about in the one time you and the reason he has to is that he had won he plucked out to groups so as not to pluck it out again but he says he cuts it cuts an inch off every day other people it's toenails they've got to trim their toenails every 2 days because of the exceptional growth other people it's veins that are just new veins that are just growing all throughout your your body has its oxygenated and building everything and hear some of the other side effects if you're taking this stuff and you were to you know be involved in an accident or have to go and get even a routine blood draw the phlebotomy us might freak out because they'll draw fatal blood but a look like arterial because it'll be so oxygenated and so read they'll think they hit an artery and this is actually occurred numerous times and it's become somewhat summering it it does and it's become a sort of a story ... I had my flip on missing some what some of these people will say the burn my dog I lose a lot in translation because a lot of it is in French and sort of a patois French and ... Russian and German because these are the primary researchers in it in the primary self researchers the French seem to have been into it longer than anybody else except for the Russians Russians are somewhat closed mouth about there that day come at it from the sugar shun guide approach as opposed to learn of the ... industrial compound approach and ... they have a longer history of it the one in messing around with it and now you're starting to see some guy come out in all different kinds of forms and people are saying that ... well you know you wear the medallion and it helps you out and it may help you out because the C. 60 in there absorbs energy like electromagnetic stuff but it's not gonna do you anything on not the same no just like taking a water is not the same as taking an oil because it does get ... ... taken up into the liver it may have been a happy accident or universe saying we needed to know about this what's told a Frenchman to use oil would go to all that trouble responds to making a drink it because you won't believe what they're gonna go through to get this stuff to be S. innocence manager and what they did it oil correct correct intercedes you know aging is so there isn't the thing that and that I change the way I mean I just nothing yeah I'm just giving us the mood there range to mature and being you know able to think about things longer deeper for any longer is the issue I think and letting kids be kids longer letting it you know weddings this do their thing for a longer then they're having just so many things I will have other issues what I am chapter on the ethics of all that stuff but you know maybe works another point they're on their I have an interview action it's all cool about some right right that's it that's why into those the thing is I don't sign like with the crypto slugger love the guy saying Hey I'll tell you all about this just want you to sign an NDA or say no no no because I have too much anxiety because I'm sure all of mis speak and blab it out you know you are right on us though once we got off where she was much more you know but you can tell they have to come but she she admitted on it here that they're working with and that there were wish her because I explain what technology and Mike yeah in its patent by you pursue Colorado and in MIT's looking there and she was she said yeah we're working with inching down but right emitted do it yeah this is this is basically her getting too though like the blue chickens in their their own marketing group a we're seeing disclosure now in the form of the stuff that's being leaked out and are so our social order through the powers that be through the special access projects they're providing all these machineries the you know instant DNA analysis like you you see on TV that you know there's a crime and they take some of blood sample or something and they come back you know 2 minutes later in the TV when they say it's been the next day in the gut DNA samples they want DNA tests take weeks and even then they're there mostly unreliable in so but now we're getting into genome splicing and and reliability are in it and stuff that is just phenomenal then we also have you know the idiots out there with a quantum computers that we've got to do something with you know we've got that right that scary if somebody is you and I I would think that they would be watching that really cool and they know these guys are these guys are academics another alone up there straits you know what I called the they follow the existing paradigm right they don't look at any will even though they're deep into the wheel business without quite a computer and think no other they know they're pushing something away so that they can the quantum disturbance they call it the quantum effect they know that they're trying to push that away when I'm never really thinking what it is and what might happen from it as a side effect of that and so they don't talk about it there's no discussion about it in all of the documentation around him right so much or who runs straight and that's why the electric universe understanding what we are and not bombarding herself that are killing us that we actually understand it you know what yeah it makes sense you know ... will of you're made of this you don't want to be doing that stuff over here you know what I have xrays shoot natural you know and maybe Hey baby turtle watches and cell phones are too good IT maybe it'll change during a more peaceful maybe a harmonious I mean there's all sorts of other things but well that's changing that's changing anyway because the energies yeah well because the sun is yeah yeah yeah that's phenomenal yeah but they want this is just great thank you I like the talking you like once a quarter because so much happens that then we're back together like okay but yeah all the stuff you know that will think what Antarctica will yield next quarter the hot water so well before we see close this out how can people get hold of your reports I mean packed with so much information this one song crypt occurring is which people are doing those open doing those because of this okay of of about 24 months ago I discovered that there's something was going on the data over a period of time I discovered it was these blue chicken people that were because of the marketing effort coming from an unexpected area there were polluting certain linguistics and I've had done undo those so during the period of time that been working on and doing their impact on my lexicon I've been producing only the crypto reports and so I've had of the 6 crypto currency reports to give you ... they're produced over these past few months to give you a good overview of the situation as to what they are how they all work and what the relationships are to each other as well as some of my favorite pics barren mind that I think there's now 1600 a group of currencies out about ... on the planet in there's gonna be tens of thousands this time next year because this is the funding source now we're not really doing IPOs anymore the stock market's good weather just because we won't have new stuff coming into it why do an IPO and give 60 percent to the banks when you can do it on your own and keep that right and so so there's a huge economic incentive to do just that I'm gonna be doing it all to report here at the end of the month we ran into an issue and work able to move ... the way we'd anticipated I bought a house was covered by an H. away ... we we ran in all kinds of problems duplicitous real estate agents in this kind of thing and ended up buying a piece of raw land in an old rental house next to it were good we have the rental house and live in there while we build a house on the on the on the wrong land that means that I'll be able to because that we have is gonna take 3 months I'll be able to continue to report it to produce reports through November probably early part of November and so there will be at least one more critical report here for timber and ... den regular reports on October and maybe one regular report from for November then I'm also gonna do the alter one here and another one another all to report between September and October crypto reports that's the plan at the moment so you're in these are awestruck as to what so the first one then we check in being or is going to how much is and that's the end of this month right and see that the blue chicken guys were they were trying to their marketing efforts or marketing campaign it's a machine that was some idea I can screen out movies like screen out song sing screen almost a Hollywood but it never dawned on me there to even think about screening out all of the new age conference O. N. sphere or circle of information because it was never organized and so I wasn't expecting an organized effort to come out of that that in order to unite and activate the identified a market because so many people are interested in them internet and meet correct about correct and they have you know their their money goals and they got it all planned out it's all structured in the whole thing and it's a you know if it had been organic and sprung on up the my data sets would've been valid but they were pumping certain language because it relates to their money flows and so cause problems within my data sets and so as a result of that I've had to re tune up and I think I'll end up having to return about 16000 words when I have to go through each word after change values and 60 potential into 64 cells that are associated with that word and I'm gonna make sure I get the values close to what they were before the blue chicken people intruded with their marketing effort are you gonna and they affecting you as much now that people are so no I've been able to isolate one so what are they doing okay I was isolating them and 100 percent from that point on and isolating out all of the new age stuff on 100 percent to get out of there ... so I don't have that issue it means I have to throw more stuff away but I I just want a return it back to where we were because ... the accuracy rate then was much more accurate than it is now accepting in crypto currencies so my accuracy rate with the crypto currencies has been so high because it's in the narrow niece I was able to screen out all of the blue chicken stuff real easily and they go back to my regular routine with the regular lexicon because it didn't involve these what I think maybe 16 or 17000 words a guy thing about like 3800 words a I've purged of the blue chip and stuff so alarm yeah I know I know the printer goofy guys you know what I mean it's not like people making stuff up and then a lot of people are taking it seriously now it's like well here's here's the thing though there's a thing I look with the night vision goggles I see the secret space program up there flying around so if you've got those night vision goggles and you see those things it's like Antarctica at some point you expect one of those spaceship pilots come on down and start blasting you know I mean you would expect that to naturally occur because we see the I mean I say we I mean everybody with the night vision goggles you see the triangular floaty things you can see the big cargo ships and all of this so you know and they've been getting very reactive up there and there's a lot more of them now than there were 2 years ago so I expect I you know you want the loom P. C. V. O. sevens of third generation okay about 2025 $0 on eBay something like that and ... third decent to they work if you need to do ... ... all the optics will always have flaws in them you need handpicked optics if you're gonna do these and expect put video out that's decent on that they may run you about $6000 but tell what you got those things it's like around the world does not look the same hers up out there going home and if it can freak out if you you know and then you wonder okay what's going on and then you hear somebody that says well yeah I used to fly one of those and in a short easy to believe you know sort of as a following yeah yeah yeah then you you say well now wait a second you know this guy can't tell you what he used for money to buy toothpaste or what brand of toothpaste he used on that ship and you know we couldn't tell you any of the details that would give you any kind of an understanding of what he was going through or in the nature of the ship at all exactly so that it they're just piggybacking on the on the existence of the secret space program being visible so it's so well thank you so much your so much her to talk to you well thanks much I I gotta go and do some real work here and just hit just above my throat but yeah but quite quite fun ... but you know everybody needs to be cautious if you're going into that see 60 stuff you need to be really adult about it because ... you know there are those those issues yeah but this sort of self correcting I when I look at thank you so much and I have a great we yeah //

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