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The Crimes of the Clinton Foundation - Conversation with George Webb (full show) Jan 6th 2017
\\politics is the art of looking for trouble finding it everywhere diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies this reset inquired comes from Grachev mocks welcome to survive in the metric sizing gentleman investments we can it's a pleasure to be with you once again and I'll be your host for the next step how I learn interesting show for you to save me from this little bit add holds the norm for what I do on the NYC interviewing someone to die this is an interview that was recorded yes that I and a man on interviewing is a make or George wave and we are discussing the crimes over the Clinton foundation your recently you might ever heard me discussing on me and on several interviews that I've done the need for people to go look a link on my website cold where is Eric Braverman you got my website the car has struck Coleman it's right there on the homepage and that will take you to a collection all viewtrip clips there been offloaded Boy George waved and these clips are basically an investigation into the Clinton a mouse the revelations incredible revelations of come to light in the exposing of these a miles what we really see here folks is a criminal organization which is manufacturing war and has been manufacturing war for many years we comply seem to our situation in the Middle East on this same woman as I should and it goes back there taught us to hide she tossed the costs of our it really goes back a long way and there's a lot of research is on long it been looking into this investigating it and a lot of the research is being compiled Boy George where and it's been put on his YouTube channel you 2 channels of course being subject to all sorts of problems when he started doing a series on weight is Eric Braverman who was I see are from the Clinton foundation the first 50 to dis videos were deleted from his you chip shall one morning when I wakeup and he is currently having problems with his web Saddam problems with his videos being trunk tighten all sorts of things so it's an ongoing problem for me there is definitely an ongoing effort to well this information and to still be getting to the public to present to the world is being conspiracy theory there's also been a huge effort that the media has undertaken to assure the people that they're not allowed to look at Hillary Clinton's a mouse to disinfect the crime to look at Hillary Clinton say miles and if we want to know what's in them we have to wait until the media tells us and that's what we're being told anyone which is a pretty good indication of why you should gone through the same houses sulfites in if the media is telling you know to guard the then you definitely should go there that's just why they play things and really fucks defected the media is not addressing this information is not talking about on the TV should show you just how complicit the media is in covering up these crimes and that makes it very important for people to stop reporting on this it makes it very important for independent journalists such as myself such as yourself to start talking about this information and maybe you're not independent journalists my view to someone who's listened to the radio show sitting and the kitchen title and enjoys sharing information with your friends will this is informational you really should share because this is information that people can understand the average man on the street can really understand what's going on here people who don't have a conspiratorial mon sit and look at these and they can say that high we've got a serious problem there is a very very serious very bad and very ruthless criminal element which is infiltrated into US politics that is in fact destabilizing not only the United States political system but also the world and this is really what a lot of the wars that was saying a roll of fat fucks words come from so it's incredibly important from my shin and it's extremely important that you share this knowledge and share this information with the people around you so that you can read up this criminal element Formule political system and get a little bit of control back in your country I think that if I'm not people become aware of this information you gonna see some pretty big changes happen pretty quickly in the United States if the United States changes for the better then it's going to have a ripple effect and you're gonna see a lot of other countries forming into lawn behind it also you got to see a lot more people wanting to investigate what's going on in their own respective countries you got to see a lot more transparency introducing to the west and political system if this knowledge guys enough traction it's important for my shin FARC's side please share without further Jr he is the interview with George where which was recorded yesterday on 1/5/2007 train and I hope you enjoy and share this information so do it well welcome to the show it's a pleasure to have you here I crack me up tell me about this work in Maine what you've done with this research what what really led to this I mean short people been looking in the Clinton a miles but then you've you've uncovered this incredible network which judges shies exactly how government is run shows but only shady dealings are going on behind the saints what led to old is headed you sort of get to this position you're in now you've sort of got these unraveling so much like a spinal list it's unfolding every diet is more more information coming to log it's exposing so much not headed had this all this come about that you suddenly releasing the incredible videos of all the while been telling everybody this is some of the most important research on the internet at the moment of their big link on my homepage okay would you check out these videos because this exposes the system in a way that people can understand such headed or stun headed you get to where we on their well I'm just a citizen like everyone else on the citizen journalist with no training in journalism but ... to keep things that happened over the summer and one was when the DNC leaks were coming out and then this assess rich was was shot and herb shady circumstances or in the middle of the night in Washington DC I mean and that was unsettling and then the second thing that happened was a a guy named Sean Lucas ... sued the DNC because of some shady things that happened against Bernie Sanders that the DNC did against him and then he ended up dying in very odd circumstances and they're both young guys one was 25 or near it out it was probably 32 something like that and the other day and ... the CEO of the Clinton foundation this guy named Eric Braverman ... who had been there for about a year 0.5 we came in about June 2013 and he was there while it looked like you try to change things but couldn't do it and then the last act in non let's see 2015 up early at the end of 2015 seasons there about a year 0.5 anyway he goes missing ... and there's rumors that he is cleaning up to the Russian embassy I'm so we don't know if that's true or not but it it it had that kind of it did have that kind of spy novel intrigue was like is this another one you know one is gonna get away or not and it's gonna make it so that a lot of drama on the actual drama and I just started following it after about 7 days asking where is there Braverman that was the kind of the the key of the whole series and I just kinda continued with that you know you kind of wonder this man this semi people sort of drop off around the Clintons is remarkably saying to have a very very long lost expected Sequatchie get involved in business with the Clintons but some try and was just a very brave man disappearing you decide what's going always is he gonna be another statistic or should I just keep on all this and so you've been watching Eric Braverman at it's led to just pouring through got Hillary Clinton's a mouse and fawning and all this other stuff that that Eric Braverman seems to have been connected to you and possible reasons why he my flesh yeah sorry I can't remember the Greek terrorist fable or whatever were obsessed red you know that you just start pulling in that it tends to unravel the whole garment you know here are you you just pull on this thread of Eric Braverman and then it just all this subterfuge and ... chicanery ends you know ... machinations you know just keep coming every day and ... so that I I I'm not trying to write a spy novel but it does have a lot of people do see it has this steel of a spy novel because there are so many I am you know kind backdoor dealings of subterfuge is going on and you do have this solid base of evidence of these emails and as there are several different groups not just which ... Hillary emails but then there's human emails and then there's the stock traders emails and then there's the sid Blumenthal emails and these are all people in the Clinton foundation connected the Clinton foundation everyday something happens that reveals another piece of this puzzle ... so some people have just like following the series because it had does have that quality and then there's another group of people who are really want to just like drain the swamp credit saying and and I don't want to force trump's head to make sure that this doesn't just go by the wayside and that it doesn't get near the swamp really does get trained and so they're kind of researchers so they come to the site and they add up to so much a room you know reporting of sources and citations to really support so that if a trump really did want to pursue it he would have this case just lots of sources and citations the first day to pursue a case we are not that's the important thing is well maybe we do need to drain the swamp that's was that this information is so important is like a spoiled because you got more more information coming every diet what you're really young couple days a mouse when you connect the dots you've basically got the Clinton foundation is is a basically a criminal organization which is been set up to overthrow countries independently of government and it's got connections good going to hike she threw ordering 3 high chief ... possibly human trafficking 3 Heidi and even vacations come back as far as possible and what happened back there with Hillary Clinton I mean this is phenomenal when you look at the a man of war and destabilization we've seen around the world in the last couple of decades you can try so much of this tour to Hillary Clinton it's just phenomenal and these emails expose the whole thing and like people are expecting trump to do someday but if he doesn't do something about this image really it's it's really gonna show his hand as well because the information is sire in your highs he it deep showers now the world is really run it shows what governments are really doing you know yeah well well I'm one of the things it to Eric Raymond said ... you you know when he left Clinton foundation and the Hillary email saying was is starting to be exposed in March or or April of 2016 are people he went to the press tried it because he's the use you can just kind of see he's an ethical person and he goes so crass and he says you know follow the money follow the money and that'll lead you to you know the secret of the Clinton foundation so small beach donation and that is we really all I've done and it is led to following arms deals you know killer who was involved in a lot of the Senate Armed Services Committee in the U. S. here ... kind of this Senate you know the John McCain in the England to grams you know getting in all these are arms deals and then there's you follow the money in terms of oil deal so the Senate foreign relations committee is involved in all these oil place so you have Joe Biden with this side over here in in the Ukraine and you've got you know a lot of like a you know Rupert Murdoch and Larry summers and all these other cronies have been off the coast of Syria ... with Jericho because Jeannie energy and you just you find all these things that are just just below the surface but if you follow the money it and you bring them to the surface everything becomes clear and and that's a that's a part of a series that I enjoy as it makes these things were so difficult to understand before just bring it to the surface it's just very simple and straightforward understand yeah you say that all these people are being taught in subsidiary companies and it's also about this whole whole wave is a whole network set up in and out all of the the mind plies in politics in military seem to have shit hits in the enormous profits from selling pots and little little gadgets and gizmos and 8000 things that you made for war planes and tanks and whatever sorry the whole thing is set up to manufacture war to keep it going and it seems to be the mind function of government and the people with these gas attacks and when you look at what's really going on through us Syria this whole thing has been a bit really building a clock upon through her from ma from Qatar through to bowl garrisoning autonomy and it's been so many reporters have reported this plotline is going through in this speak conflict with his but apparently it's rag tag group of losses terrace which a rampaging across serious so what's really going on the ground in Syria because it's not anything that we're being taught me how can you build a plotline through wars on if it's actually a war zone what we've been told in yeah well NC the first objective of of using the sarin gas attacks was to clear what they call a rat line in the rat line is and this was reported by ... some some great journalist Serena Sharon was one of them that I follow ... but they carried little 25 gallon cans of loyal to these trucks and they load the trucks up in the trucks go one way and ... then they come back with guns so oil in one direction no just you know rat line and then a country other and that was you know kind of what uprooting came in and started bombing knows well convoys and you know how are you the US could have missed this you know these oil facilities are huge you know these oil reservoir circle you know you couldn't you know war one what and throwing bombs get so it's it struggle in a strange imagination that the U. S. wasn't complicit in this in this rat line but the idea was if we overthrow we you know we need to overthrow Assad slow witted Salafis oil rights off the Golan Heights and oil and gas I'm just like Libya which had a lot of well and the interesting thing there a spy novel interest in Libya is that I've got to try to build a gold back African currency so he was having people whisper in his ear saying Hey take all those that the money that you've accumulated from all this will trade done ... and converted to gold and and start of gold reserve bank so there may be I you know I show on my site or citations that there's 9000000000 that sid Blumenthal tells Hillary about 9000000000 in in gold but there are estimates of up to $100000000000 stored all over Africa and there's this battle going on between the a star day yeah 6 from England and the French intelligence on one side and and CIA and Hillary on the other side to define the goal so it has a little bit of that as well you know Canada Bourne identity thriller nature to it as well and we still don't know if that Goldman founder and that's the thing is always different factions apply here as well and evenly over the war in Syria what's going on in the late 70 people blamed the U. S. for this house is it are you U. S. back covert invasion of this missionary force it's gone in a but really it's safe to been done independent of government you gotta wonder how much the United States government really I had to do with this invasion or whether it was simply damage control yeah otherwise I have to apply it to try to cover up the swap you know because ... if if this swamp is explosion is going to bring down the entire US government and that's the beauty of trump coming in now because he's in a unique position being a businessman with my political history he could actually drive the swamp America could cite fights if he does it in the wrong why and that's why I think this is so important that this information is coming out now and while we push it sat on the tiger one how much did the the actual government the United States has really been involved in what's gone on in Syria or anything in Libya because that Connor been pushed into it ago one of water have insane in the meanwhile I would invest in a little bit further but you've gotta Wanda how much is been on the government's hand in hand much it's been people working below the surface to push him into this situation well good grip beauty of ... opened well what are my little project is doing art on you to business is not my research it's these other folks these contributors to come in and actually pinpoint the actual emails so you can actually connect the dots I mean it's it's not a heard a news article it's the people writing in their own hand so for instance you can see the names of the projects you know 0 footprint was the Nick he cut of the profits are adopt racial plan to take over Libya and then timber sycamore was names takeover ... Syria and you know there's been reporting from New York times on both of those and then they're Seymour Hersh you know Pulitzer Prize winning journalist has talked about the sarin gas coming from Libya to Syria so a lot of connect the dots with with emails at it you know with a bomb out kind of signing off on these 2 projects but not signing off on the gas on the sarin gas part of it and so you can see ... the Turks trying to push him into bombing you know you said this red line you said you would vomit they used gas and the image that the Turks are coming in and end in an Obama saying Hey are no I'm not gonna do it you know and so it's it's kind of the Obama shining moment where he says now you will not push me into this so you go those details are actually a merging and I think it's as important for the world to know and it important for history see actually what the true says and ... lego set in in man because strength of my presentation is in the citations and sources because you actually see the physical email that people wrote but that does really ... noticeable thing about this from a is is hell this is progressing as a business yeah it's a business of course it's it's about me ya obtaining resources and making a lot of countries but the the sheer complete enough to disregard for human life that happens along the white you and and the human harvest that happens alone why Sonny open mentioning on shows recently our people have to understand when you have a war when you go into a country younger villager town the first thing that happens is I usually round up all the women and children and ship them off somewhere keeps some there's fewer shields or whatever but this is a harvest it that I just kill everybody that these people are resource and these resources that data and and the sheer brutality using sarin gas that quickly wiped her pop lawn and when you look at what's going on in the United States demand attention that's going on there with the government you've got to wonder what someone like Hillary Clinton use use this sort of method a guys there are people in America I mean she's prepared to do it I've assays they're prepared to do what what looks like a tactical nukes in Nye in IT to crack that earthquake to release all the oil it's very doubtful with that one realist liken this has been shown well your research is well but you've got to wonder how health bars is when compared to guy she's backed into a corner yeah you know you make a good point because with the a sanctuary cities and then you know you have 20000 singers there in Libya and then to only 2000 battery cover so that 18000 somewhere and Obeidi's some Soros email Soros to Hillary males talked about the overthrow of Albania so some of those fingers went to Albania someone to Boko haram because of that era Nigerian airforce was gonna get some planes and so it's not book Karami did some that still leaves about 15000 as well there are reports there's a lot of singers Angela thickness and it doesn't work yep there's reports of over there in the Mexican border in over the Arizona border of ISIS training camps so you know people shooting at targets in the White gloom and the whole the whole bed so if those are have been pre positioned in Chicago and in San Francisco Los Angeles you know the key cities Seattle our that our sanctuary cities you could have a situation where you have one or 2 plane shot down and then you have a look Raza which is the political arm of the Sinaloa drug cartel asking for a mansion you know otherwise will shut down everything coming in and out of o'hare and I'm I I don't mean to be you know dramatic but that is a real possibility was possibly site it is awesome training camps in in ... ... Arizona on what you mean by this is official is awesome training camps in Arizona just over the border just over the border and in its in mind citations and with you know the photos and everything so again this year things that researchers provide to me I'm not you know is of course I don't hold losses training camps I would imagine one of the orderlies ... airs on coal I will agree room what they've done is they have people on the ground ... reporters and so forth and say okay we have influx from Syria Syrian refugees into these yeah areas they're doing things at this branch that seem to be you know kind of like a earlier you know it terror like little heart desires yeah yeah yeah turns our duty type things okay well then don't offer hope they'll tell you bad that on the news and all gone right somebody's health issue unlicensed gun according to terrorism I mean it's amazing that I can just have the reporters going there with cameras so it's only sauces training camp that we think they're playing those terrorism but that we're not really doing you bet that's right the way they do this to elicit these may end up in the public mind you know as the enemy unreal continue please open but it's been such a such a colon thing out doesn't surprise me at all but type place can well like I put it out there on the show just to mention that ... so that there's a heightened sense of awareness if it's true then good for you know national security it's not true then sighed I'm not saying the Mexican people are bad people I speak Spanish that's on the map Mexico a lot of times I love the Mexican people I'm talking about the elements that me you know she used to be a terrorist on the Hillary hired I mean Hillary hired a terrorist element Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow to try to overthrow 3 different countries and the plan operational planners 7 different countries and there are 32 different countries that Muslim to brotherhood is in so I'm not you know I didn't dream this up on my own one day just to go get Hillary in our lives hell yeah I'm just sounding the alarm bell you know that song yeah yeah yeah and I've not good on your good on your bottom it's it's been such a convoluted where we think we can do a bed is waiting Sanna comedy think trump will actually do anything about this hi welcome so wild card and I saw some of your ... your great videos are in on this and you know it's it's amazing that perception that someone in Australia has of me at American politics is that spot on ... everyone's wondering what trumps going to do up until today I thought he just was going to do the billionaire cabinet and D. oil cap at a big oil type cabinet in that has its benefits I think but then he did name somebody today a guy named Dan curtain ... who actually did the prosecution into the Markovich hardened Marc rich people don't know who this is is the guy who bought Qaddafi's oil sold it on the spot market and and make it I see all these billions of dollars and also made a lot of money for but you know I I mean as earlier you know water be Israeli so you know you made a lot of money money for the state of Israel which is put out and I know the SQL Zionism and all that but he did and ... so Dan Burton is going to be able to drill down ... on you know are all in this situation as a national security adviser so up until today I would've said trump's going to just sweep it under the rug but today ... with Dan Burton I think maybe there's a hope that truck goes down yeah well I'm hoping will demand a public pressure that was saying look what things look pretty guy coming to log in another spirit huge psychological operations happen with that but it has exposed this this global child trafficking that work is real and with what's been exposure these Clinton they miles of what's been exposed the Clinton foundation's up to I think he's getting pushed into a position where he wants my kind any fights or he's gonna have to do something because other wars is gonna be some sort of revolution asunder because I think too many people gonna be let down if he doesn't do something is becoming pretty obvious now that the world is round box bodies criminal Kaballah what we see with the Clinton foundation this is just Hillary Clinton this is just her foundation all these governments working collusion all these politicians have their own foundations are better we started looking into all of them we're gonna fondle sort of we dealings going ons are hardly trumps getting pushed into a position where half stack and that is my great hope yeah well I and I think you know a good thing that I didn't realize right away as I was really focused on the oil deals us focus on the arms deals but if you look at the child trafficking there was a reporter from Canada names into Bartlett and she started doing this oh great reporting as well as the Serena shim traitor Shimon fortune was murdered by the Turkish intelligence but unable violence still recording and they're saying Hey are these white helmets that you see in Syria better going in and pulling kids out of the dust and so forth and collapsed buildings during the day are doing great things in there on CNN but at night there's a different group of guys with the full beards you know and the whole are you know with isa cellphone and so forth and they're taking kids out and they're never seen again the putting them in these orphanages and if you think about the child trafficking it's much more valuable what child to sell to a like a Middle East Sheikh then up 25 gallon Paris kick carrier of well I mean you know it's going to take a lot more fodder for the child so and that's gonna be called a marriage I am so I think you're you know you did this chapter asking clearance you here on earth is is absolutely true and it's it's almost the first resource that folks are going after when they do this land these land clearing operations it is the first rehearsal for the go so you don't damage that the women and children they were too much money and what we've we've identified it is during night 0 children bring tractor and the world every year disappear every year a lot of these come from war signs laden come from shark its situation who opens in stock that's the first thing that they were you going there you clear at what you the other valuable human resources and then you are for all the other stuff and and this all seems to be tied together and when you see that this does happen this is the first step in going into a war zone you begin to see why there is so much war and and when you look at the tossing the kung translation you look at how many people involved in the subsidiary companies just manufacturing products for the if they fought for example you begin to say why there is so much warm while will never stop until we call it for days and hopefully we can push jump into doing them a look of cities Walcott he's he's very likely apply he could go design wise Hillary Clinton this time wise George Bush summarize any of our bodies in unique position that he's a businessman and he has no political history so he can Mike that giant UPS increase pressure enough to do it so they were gonna see this on full pretty quickly when he takes office it's margarite hug the tele did it did it will happen telepathically hitting her bright NASA would like a bright man now speaking he would George website price we have a break and we'll come back in a few minutes thank you for joining on the issue that's was a pleasure to have your company here on the show I'll speak you dine in a little while thanks for listening and welcome back ladies and gentleman on here having a conversation with George waved we are discussing the criminal code volleyed hidden criminal Kaballah is actually what the Clinton foundation really is the Clinton foundation appears to be doing all sorts of damage are on this planet and the ... the blot on Hillary Clinton and his almost unmeasurable harshly look at the man of wars we've had the last few years a lot of this can be near squarely laid in the hands of of Hillary Clinton when of course there are other factors as well but Hillary has certainly done a good deal of damage would say that it's mostly coming from Hillary though Georgia doesn't seem to be this coming from bill that might have been built to busy playing saxophone in chasing a woman around but it seems to me that Hillary is the one who really has a hand in the fall I yeah and you know 1 of the things I learned about it I was through Madeline Albright and so she was with the Clintons era in which Bill Clinton administration as the ambassador to the UN from 1993 to 1996 but then she was the secretary of state from 96 to 2001 with Bill Clinton and I've learned how closely Hilary had mind meld it with her she was almost a shadow secretary of state at that time so all the machinations that came out of school so slow and and Croatia and you know Montenegro and all the splitting of balkanization of of ... Yugoslavia just really had kind of Hillary's fingerprints on it that's where she got that taste of blood I'm so that that's that's one thing I've learned about it and it's sort everything since then you know when she became a senator and got on the Senate side arms committee was kind of a continuation well I also afoot that say her defense she was the first person to use stinger missiles and given to ... are given to the mujahideen for instance that was done by others zbig new Brzezinski I'm so she just basically turned the volume up she turned the volume up and said okay well I'm gonna give it some Muslim Brotherhood and we're gonna do 32 countries and I'm not gonna keep track where they go where they go work Brzezinski said okay I'm gonna just keep as tightly controlled and Afghanistan imprisoned ski was tried to clean the Soviet Union Eric at work here because the class with 10 year war because the collapse of Soviet Union Hillary has no you know what your political chessboard ambitions her ambition is that gold you know here oil you go over there it that nothing's which you with you know ... some geopolitical game which which rush it's just of resources play yeah we can just put these ... terrorists anywhere we need them to bay and if we see something they we want we can get them to cry a little bit of instability so we can go into sight of papal that same studio things to be the standard MRI with with what Clinton's going but he said the suddenness so he can basically do this he was named after being government to go on despite what country she said all this out washes inside the prominent but the point I make over and over again is all this happened please the outside the state department completely outside the CIA the delta force Aquino's hired with general Grange was completely a contractor a mercenary ... force I'm dead though the other night goggles and the laser binoculars to be able to paint targets for the NATO bombers you do need and you need a NATO clay but you don't need involves a the US our forces and so forth and all you really need is a Tony Blair and a couple of other people it in the E. you are to ask the agenda and so it's ... it's a very dangerous situation even now eve because she still has the goods on all these NATO people and I don't know people remember Valerie Plame are in show Wilson but Valerie Plame was the person that that it was kind of saying there is no word on weapons of mass destruction you know when George Bush was trying to make a case for the Gulf War well before that I don't best was 2003 before that for 96 22 1 she was the mata Hari of certain of NATO she was setting up all these parties and they're trying to get these generals tune you know ... get a compromise position over a period of time to try to get them at it involved in what's known as a brownstone operation a brownstone operation is we have you know 12 low light cameras in your film you know the general having sex with somebody they should be having sex with the other 12 year old girl or better yet a 12 year old boy and so you can use that that's the gift that keeps on giving you know when it comes time for you know a NATO air strike to sum up you just remind people you send a picture of the room you know with those cadastre you know weird art or whatever you Cinematheque sure right before the big vote and you while I you get you get a NATO air strike out of the deal I don't and so that's the whole are hard workers equation that people don't understand that there's leverage on the spokesman there's blackmail being used and it's a very standard CIA operation called a brownstone operation yeah that's something that'll be nice suggesting the paper was voted so we don't get any response from on so many politicians and even chrome Sonny law enforcement official officials and judges and things of that near Kandahar ranking system is because this dirt all these people there's quite literally shadow will but he's he's been on this world which are hardest colder people found bicycling is this this secret society that exists behind this society which is bombing this this spacious and that's what's happening Italy's human harvest is about that's what the harvesting at Tom is all about how the CI resources giving is running on a treadmill and running between the lawns but but this is so important in half how important you think it is this that people aren't really look at this this Clinton information that the depth of of corruption that we see in government I mean it's all year in the same although I think it's incredibly important people it is and what what do you think we can do to to get this set to a water orients you get the media to arm to stop paying attention to it well there's a there's a trove of any note some called it the treasure trove of 650000 emails ... that humans had this is gonna be the 14 different ship of state department email accounts ... that you're either gonna cover everything from the Iran hostage nuclear deal to Libya Syria them but you know the Turkish crew you know everything what what Hillary did was ... she moved ... charges you know by email bunches source slices of emails to her server in New York and then she would have these Chinese hacking into it or she'd have whoever she was selling classified information hack into it and then she'd you know quickly remove the server so she she cried at the staging server open up first upstate New York and then ... that main server was down in in in Brooklyn arrow with the Clinton foundation or misc cited evidence the key to the whole case is the 650000 emails because that will expose the whole thing and trump cannot ignore that I mean that thing it exposes not only of the connections but all the smoking guns you know what I I have an email already you'll see in my presentation where you have said sid Blumenthal from the Clinton tradition say general Grange has a plan to take Tripoli you know buy it already hit 30 days I mean it's L. and police and then to the CIH east please send me the plan to topple Libya yeah I mean this is you cannot argue with Joseph incontrovertible evidence and so I think it's this evidence based approach is that best way you know sunshine is the best disinfectant it's Hillary would say and Cruces emails now that the FBI as sad we need 5 years to recruit to review these animals and even though in 9 days they went through supposedly a cursory ... investigation the pressure needs to be put on the FBI to produce these emails they just produced 371 of these emails to give us a taste to try to say oh look the other way there's really nothing to see here folks keep moving keep moving but even in that they gave away some more ... secrets of what's actually going on the people have a right to know what their government is doing and that's why we have a federal records act and United States everything you do as a servant of the government needs to be recorded and recall glow by people by by any citizen and that's that's really what we need to do is have the pressure he Bonnie's pressure on these public officials to produce the scene there can't wait once they have emails at all on for well you're exactly because this is Mrs sound not just the scale this is this is my Jr criminal activity this is treason Mrs Burgess of national security this is giving away state secrets or ensuring that slightly Stalin this is the histories of the highest order it really is I mean through the same although of often said that Hillary Clinton is a career criminal through these emails it's been shined that she is not suggested on mama loss writer shows she's arrested every every associate of the the Hillary Clinton foundation should have their assets frozen should be investigated immediately and that the people of the United States really need to stand up and demand this because your country is run by criminals it this is crime Kaballah which is milking you of your wealth and sending over the money of the seas to finance all these control of wars and then finally all the money from these wars back to people what the Clinton foundation this is absolutely it's incredible it's actually my eyes in that this is happening and it's important it's really important that can you expect a have a country with a viable government of any kind of role if this is just to let you go ya on investigative and non night is spent and they get pardoned whatever happens you know I mean happen trump even expect to run the country will have any talk of control over the government all when you've got these damn vodkas that exist within government which is gonna on them on every single entity yeah it it's incredibly important that this be ... be looked at and everybody who listens to the Shari reporter who has looked at this information is there now where is Eric Braverman these videos you got a website the crest upon you'll see a big lake right there on the hive try jumping adding every video to it daily now you also download these videos and keep in mind keep the information in there for you because you had eyes hello you forced elated but we've we've got to get this set was many people as possible because like aside is evidence based approach it isn't theory this isn't your conspiracy theory in a program and the Illuminati haunting this secret tell this is this is the one that has been working in government which is actively worked to sell selfies secrets and undermine country after country after country as well as the stables United States I think he's a he's a threat to the info world a Clinton foundation and foundations like it and those people associated with the Clinton foundation only to be investigated because I or posing there the global situation when alien sigh earn gotten caught yielding very less absolutely you know who did the US went through one other period like this where we actually you know she Yashoda spotlight on this and that was the church committee in the late seventies ... early mid mid 707576 and the church committee actually went through and investigated ... you know all the CI a folks in hand and FBI folks and and what ended up happening ... was a lot of road rules being rewritten and and we kind of got clean for you know so like a drug addict you can clock struck said you know we gotta clean until about 1984 now indoor come back in and we get back on their habit and it's just one of those things where if you go to the house cleaning the if the situation doesn't get better if you have a criminal enterprise that's working at in a ... you know in Queensland even or you know what I'm saying if you let it go it's gonna go down to ... you know new New South Wales in the Middle be and in Victoria not too long after that if you keep letting it go it's just one of those answers and if things work the same thing in the U. S. ... in investor Clinton issue it's this malignancy that if you don't cut you know cut the cancer out it just gets worse and people just kept slipping sweeping it under the rug and so that's what we really need is his characters you know a precision of the whole thing you know as you say and and investigate the whole thing ... an email to the key I don't even wanna see pillory necessarily go to jail as much as I want to see that email so that everyone can see the actual truth around the world and then where we are we are adults are all like to see the war still and I think that that would be ... good step towards global peace exposing all of this I mean whoever whatever happens to her remained yeah I mean some because obviously he is a 3 hungry I I mean do I want to say that not honestly anyone on some you get angry enough where the problem is what they did like after that that the church commission on all that what they did was they went out and we can't know that happen again I'm gonna putting all these laws you control the media and gagged made hearing gag whistle blowers has got to the point now where it's is virtually legal to report a chronicler crime is committed by government at him but what is ahead we get to that position I mean we've really got a look at this and and this is such a good opportunity I mean out of got so much respect for what you've done with the search and those those contributed to helping you with that and your presentations in the way you presented this to everybody but it clearly shows the need for the American people to stand up and cold is set out United that did the crime in the corruption in the US government is is absolutely out of control and no late at night politician to you Viking to any any position in your government can hope to make any changes or will bring many positive situation for the country or the world until this cancer is cut out so is extremely important papers share this information I think and what what he thinks coming up next to me still going through the miles is a is a much more to uncover you think we've got the the gist of it a no there's there's lots of clutter active ... itself of federal around information request before it requires as soon as a group called judicial watch and they have a team's going and are you know everyone of these emails that Hillary sense there's a corresponding party on the other side so you can fully at the other side it they are arm you know a government entity so as for instance David Petraeus I was a general at CENTCOM how much is this Central Command for the Middle East all the way to Afghanistan ... he has 1000 emails back and forth Hillary that they're suppressing it and at about 30 of them answer that search term Benghazi so if it does become available at the at here again we go that golden trad holiday golden thread you know we had more become exposed the ... the pressure points that I would encourage everybody to look at is here we have it in in our government ... the oversight committee ... for the Senate and we have an oversight committee in the house the house was burned ... the most active and we have a guiding Jason Chaffetz and their accounting crate Gallagher or to represent as one from South Carolina and one from Utah they're the ones that I had been kind of pushing you know saying Hey you know this is the law federal records act you need to produce enough they started with this and in December of 2012 so here we are 5 years later and so he still does not produce the emails that regional request so ... if you know they are the ones that the public needs to put pressure on the state do not drop this you not drop this is when this becomes a a total so light it will really expect question if you like the Pentagon papers you know everyone said no you know the U. S. and is doing all these good things there just nipped at the Pentagon papers and said all my doctor what we've been doing you know call these years for this 12 year war and it's it's that the corollary is very close I would say to Vietnam message no word yeah well I agree I think it's in incredibly important people are Mike this is public as possible put pressure on everyone like and it's gotta be invesco this is gonna come to log so suppose the other question don't we need to ask you is where do you think Eric Braverman actually is well a good question I turns out that it may be a week ago are he was our diversity it's what's called an email receipt so there is a way of sending 8 email but you can see the person opening email after a special program that I I not exactly familiar with all the details but actually receive that email and it was on one of those wifi ... it noted that trace the IP address of on one of those plane flight and the original line up location answer to an FBI location and ... we see our southern United States so the plot thickens right where's the real high you know who knows you suddenly and you know I in women will your eyes and within an incorrect and we're monitoring is a monoamine easy if we don't well yeah yeah we don't know we don't know who's written a custody we know that he's in Israel we don't know and issues and ... you know seal island Georgia it's it's a mystery and would just keep going at it everyday I can I have your website that people can go to to get all this information in one package I did and it is being blocked and I have had a lot of trouble ... which also videos being chopped you know don't property lot narrower and they started chopping it either and it'll be 6 minutes on you know 6 minutes to 12 minutes so won't make sense you know so and I don't really have any militants and people to write a website because it's kind of being blocked some here that just doesn't surprise me George though would be booking this boy who would they be blocking this of truncating your videos that doesn't make sense out of it no I've had many interviews ... with the ... calls dropping and so forth but I don't wanna get you know too paranoid about it but if people just go to George web and just search George Weber to beans and then you to ... it'll be there and you'll see a very robust community of people making comments and I I call it a family puzzle you know it's it's not something that everybody you know who else could get totally into the depths you can just take 2 people I thought you know you can say you know pick a person of your choice in this drama and then Clinton foundation into a group Google search and see what you come up with and send me the link and that you know it's a daily puzzle everybody can play style will I love you work brother I think you've you've made a fantastic contribution and I urge everybody to go and look at this slick a sitting government website is short the way is very private and we're just going you chew events web 2 babies or search for where is every brave men and have a look at these videos it really is compelling research site thanks very much for coming on the show are brother to place to talk to and dumb as the research on falls to try to get back on a little bit later we can figure out where it's going for me well I do thank you very much leisure okay no problem but what and so that was my discussion with George web yesterday and the information that he is presented is truly compelling 5 should really is in this so much more we groove covered in the interview but he's actually done a bad 30 videos on the topic and it's all there on the playlist on the web so we can find on YouTube is well it's just so difficult to cover all of it because the spider web is so convoluted and guys insanity directions and just so many people involved and he goes why back as we mentioned during the show their cars while right costs of our IT is involved human trafficking is involved the Muslim Brotherhood is involved is so much involved in this far Exxon I do urge people to go and check out those videos or to actually put a couple more minutes of interview on may have it on didn't get much harms wrought with the recording and so I ended up couple of minutes short say have make coming in here and talking to you at the end of the show on a reassignment but also it is wrong to view people 5 so not really much of an interview I don't interview people very much and I really know the right questions to ask I just try to have a conversation and see where guys but I really don't think on the one who should be interviewing papal because what I consider myself to be very good at it but I hope you did get something out of the interview anywhere I could to get something out of the shower and I do urge you to go and look at this information is extremely important that we get this out to the public it's extremely important we put pressure on the trumpet ministration to make sure the Clinton foundation is investigated and it's important for every citizen of the United States say their name date every citizen of the water if you want to have a country that is viable and functions properly you simply cannot have this talk of criminal element involved in government and when you look at what's been done with the Clinton foundation had we discuss she can overthrow countries now she doesn't even have to be involved in government and all the stuff that she's done recently she hasn't been involved in government to do is just been done she hasn't needed to be involved in government sought it needs to be exposed frogs people need to see what's going on I need to see how they being applied and nobody out they can expect to have any talk of honesty or any talk of decency or integrity in the loft wall we have this sort of criminal meant that is involved in government and is involved in half the world is run we're never gonna get anywhere will we allow these wars to continue sharks and all these wars have been manufactured or Love Me contrived and all of these can be seen via the on the mouse with light shows exactly what they're doing fuck so it's incredibly important people get this information at the papal and that is it from a fights when they're completely out of time thank you to anybody who supports a website thank you to all contributors to the pie chart a cat it's the only thing it's been going fuck safe you can afford a couple dollars a month would really help things if enough people can do it maybe I can actually get some assistance of some current but thank you to all those who do help support the website thank you to those who continue to listen to the sharia thank you to those who Samuel economy miles it's always a pleasure to come and talk to you all look forward to speaking to you again next week please taken very good care until then you like cash my friends electric sh //

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