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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)
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"2017-08-09 11:59:25"
\\do you know about the 8020 rule yes is probably the most powerful rule but you can never stumble across and you can use the 8020 rule and apply to every area of your life so check without what is the 8020 rule use 80 percent of your time on the 20 percent that brings you the most results you see most people spend 80 percent of their time on the 80 percent that doesn't bring them any results so let me explain many years ago when I was like Hey I want to start a YouTube channel I would spend 80 percent of my time thinking about starting it okay and I realize I was focusing all my energy on the 80 percent now Wilson green me anything because thinking about something won't make it happen and then I'm like wait a minute let me reverse that then I started spending 80 percent of my time on the 20 percent that was bringing me the results which was actually doing something so almost yourself today whether it's making money losing weight 7 day vegan challenge how might really putting all my energy on the 20 percent how my spending 80 percent of my time on the 20 percent because you will find in every single action you do it's the 20 percent that creates the 80 percent results 20 percent F. books 80 percent results so that is the secret 8020 rule 20 percent cooked foods 80 percent rule you could apply this magic moon to every area of your life 8020 this is what big businesses are using this is what the most successful people in the world the using and then you just say no so good to be alive baby chan eng Gadda now alone and how the beautiful day the divers we are out here on the 8020 just well grieving get mad good Oscar on a baby have a beautiful day infinite ward is diving deep once again stay well stay healthy you 8020 20 percent effort 80 percent results //

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