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"2017-08-13 20:37:51"
\\is everybody its lead how you doing I'm at my apartment just a block 0.5 from where crowds strike is located here in beautiful downtown crystal city Virginia ... we value the office during the week us this is a big one this is a big periscope only get the stuff out of the way fairly quickly citizen journalism school I'd really like to be part of it also populist.TV the Soros documentary fundraising thing these are 2 ways you can support what we're doing and I would really like you to consider that ... we're really dependent on ... your support at a loss to put it we don't we don't give your news experience it's flooded with ads and ... we're trying to expand the team that we've been doing that you can see that a populist TV and citizen journalism school really is a way to save journalism please please please in the corn especially considering the seizure I'm under personally my YouTube accounts been terminated I'll talk about all the stuff in the second I would really like your support okay well let's get to the topic at hand but your supports important I got I got to say would given the topic at hand do me a favor retweet this puppy ... let people or talking about so one of the things I like to do is a journalist is connect dots this is one of the things that the media is notoriously bad at another good connecting dots when they make up the dots right if they if they look like they're good at finding dots that they make up ... and they're very good propaganda they're very very good a propaganda ... and they're very good propaganda with the leave out and ignore certain stories such as the fact that crowd strikes the only people to examine the servers to James Komische testified 3 times that nobody else examine the servers that in fact there is no conclusive technical proof of Russian hacking at all none big nor did the fact the crowd strike got a report so wrong that the Ukrainian government had to retracted that was their December 22 report the crowd strike themself retracted dozens of media outlets reported on the report but they didn't report on the retraction I want you to think about that they reported the report but they didn't report crowd strikes retraction but let me connect dots for your vote to connect us really give you a few different events here my YouTube account is terminated this morning 10 years of work all my videos I post a minute to print in years gone gone YouTube account terminated adult out tell you why in a second ... mon ami table to get that all the way usually counter makes I got 3 strikes against me like community guidelines for posting sections of al Qaeda recruitment videos over a year ago when I was reporting on ... at break for news and obsolete investigative reporter Breitbart news and we do stories on al Qaeda recruiting a story I got into by the way because over a year ago the previous year let me just tell you quick because it's important I think it's important by January 1 20 fifth full of building blew up in downtown Minnesota downtown Minneapolis in the little Mogadishu area the explosion came from the second story and proceeded out words was a very cold day was absolutely freezing does anybody remember the story because the media barely covered it on to say it again a building blew up that morning and the explosion came from the second floor I reported that story I reported on that story and I quickly started to learn about all the al Qaeda recruiting that was going on in the little Mogadishu area of Minneapolis here's a few facts that the media didn't report to you because again I do fact based reporting that's what I do so I contacted the gas company and I posted at below I wasn't working for bribery I contacted the gas company and did an interview on audio with the gas company the gas company said it was not a gas leak in the extensively explain to me why it could not have been a gas leak and what they've looked into to show that Furthermore I posted an audio interview with the police the Minneapolis please who confirmed for me something I have heard earlier that a police officer had been in that building 2 minutes before the explosion was literally sitting outside in his car when the building exploded it was a gas leak you think someone would have smelled gas gas ... has no natural smell but they give it a smell so you can tell about a gas leak here's a here's another fact department of homeland security was spotted on the scene but immediately the police and the fire departments in Minneapolis immediately the fire chief in particular said will will probably never find out what happened here the polling ever figured out then they said it was a gas leak but at any give this is after I had audio proof of these interviews extensive interviews let me throw in one other thing al Shabab is the group ... is so small you in al Qaeda affiliate group and they didn't attack that night January 1 they did a bombing a double bombing attack in Somalia that night now if you know anything about the way al Qaeda works one of the ways they like to show the power that they have is they like to do multiple attacks coordinated attacks it it's a way for them to prove that their worldwide organization the site makes sense so I don't know what happened with the bombing but I know everything that I told you I know it came from the second story window I think I know who did it because it was the last body that they found that identified the media did not report this is somebody that arrested 20 something times 28 times okay well aware as I did this all with no platform privileged type I report ... so I started looking in to something I didn't know anything about at the time which is al Qaeda recruiting in the U. S. like out of that dozens and dozens of people young men Somalian men from that community have been recruited by al Qaeda and again because I do reporting I found the videos so sub school in lower back to work for bright part I continue reporting on these stories and in things like Sampoerna Dino I started to get this is all but why mix it I'm getting to why ... ... might YouTube account was terminated because it's significant never bring up 3 other things including McMaster the attack on Beilin including the recent smear about me on CNN by Jake tapper were Jake tapper if you saw Friday Jake tapper literally said that I me not in general should be investigated by the FBI my political activity did you see that because that's what happened on Friday okay so to connect all of those things and connect all those things ... Adam I talk about that story but what happened was I started looking into the ... al Qaeda recruitment videos and so when I was writing about them a bright part I would take sections of al Qaeda recruitment video I watched hours of al Qaeda recruitment videos they're very slickly produced they're in English now when I say that and they they give they point out the lie that Islamic terrorism is not Islamic remember that remember all through the Obama administration where we were told that Islamic terror and isis is not ISIS they're not Islamic that's what we're told right now by the way it looks cool bookmark and right now do me a favor retreat is a lot people in the room retweet this is there someone in the trump administration who said that they don't like the use of the term Islamic radical Islamic terrorism yes there it this McMaster don't take my word for it look it up look up like master radical Islamic terrorism multiple times she said it multiple times look up his speeches on you too again unlike some sucker MC's who call themselves journalist I do extensive research I watch hours of speeches if you watch speeches by McMaster he repeatedly says that Islamic terror is not Islamic it's basically an aberration from Islam that's what he says over our okay so the reason I posted these sections and by the way there's graphics stuff in sections but I didn't leave the man I'm only of what I was posting was people talking about radical Islamic terrorism and what they plan to do in that their Islamic and I use this as a journalist and I said in the description of this is I'm posting this is for journalism to show people what they're saying so because of 3 of those videos that I post that I got 123 strikes and I'm out at you to these are videos that I post a pre journalistic purpose clearly labeled as such they did not contain graphic violence and that's why you to ban me after D. monetizing other videos of mine that were critical of Islam other people I know have had their videos demonetized and taken down for criticisms of Islam they Jake tapper story where he suggested I should be and I'm gonna go over this again as quickly as I can some people repeat a lot of stuff I have so much information I tend to go off along fact filled tangent so forgive me but ... the Jake tapper story that aired Friday was a C. N. N. story was a smear on my friend and mentor Steve banding together remember if you don't know why I am Steve ban on hired me I'm the guy I'm the only guy I know who was hired at bright part by both band and and Andrew Breitbart I was close friends of the inter bright part I worked with Andrew the last 18 months of his life I quit huffingtonpost over their treatment of world right part in her bright parts spoke I could show it to you but it's on you too so it's gone now Andrew Breitbart ... Love Me L. respected my work in Steve Bannon said I was the best investigative journalist in America that's why I am okay so you don't know why and that's why and ... bigger smear piece on band now a few months ago again if you don't know and this is what people in the room ... I was in the White House for bright part news and they told me to stop going this is after band and had laughed and had no influence of bright for bright part told me to stop going to the White House because I was going to ask a question at the White House about crowd strike the only people to examine the DNC servers Matt Boyle contacted me and said did did did do you have some guy on the White House you're suffering White House the only thing goes Charlie says you can go well Charlie spearing is the ... is the White House correspondent there I don't work for Charlie at work right when van and hired me said you answer directly to me did did did he give you guys some going so I said well I I said I'm not going to I said I'm not going to stop going I said the only question is whether I do it for you guys right do it independently somewhere quick right part ... then I was offered a and I was doing radio by the way another reason that band and then and Matt boil a forgiving another reason that Alex Marla the editor in chief and Matt Boyle had to take me down a bright part is that they suck at radio and I'm very good at it so and really it when I say that I I don't mean to be mean their horrible radio host map oil particular it's painful listen to and I was doing radio and everybody who it is there's good radio host I'm not written to someone he does radio is a great radio host but Matt Matt and Alex run thing so they'll get rid of me so anyway Cassandra Fairbanks who I was I was friends with was working for Sputnik and they were expanding their radio and they were looking for a trump supporter and I said I was I met with Sputnik and I said why have any restrictions on what I say no like any out restrictions outside work no they offered to pay me as much as bright part was paying me as an investigative reporter to do the radio show and something bright part never gave me which was health benefits Furthermore I been reporting on the Russia story for a long time and I knew that the Russian story was PS therefore Russia offering me a job was awesome because I knew would make people's heads explode and Furthermore suggest we put my money where my mouth is a lot of people are cowardly true a lot of people are cowardly they will say ... well I I think the Russian stories be yes but then of room Russia offers them a job basically split neck which is funded that's not exactly the Russian government but it's it's publicly funded close enough right but I don't I don't want to split hairs on that they will be just like all my god I don't want to do that some people might think I'm have something to do with Russian I don't care about any of that because I was attacked mercilessly working for bright part people we were over brake parts not a big career move right which is why so many people they're afraid because they don't want to leave because they they're under the illusion that they'll never work again or something did people tell them that all the time all you work FOR bright part you'll never work again so it was Sputnik offered me the job and I've been doing a radio show for months and if you listen to it it's a great radio show it's a movie and a birdie supporter I have no restrictions on what I say they've been great to work for Mindy and my boss over there has been great they've been 100 percent supportive and I've been able to do all sorts of outside work so on my own without any influence from them whatsoever I looked at this McMaster thing once she started getting rid of people inside the administration I told her I thought of beginning a tie in the dots the people least gotten rid of all critical of McMaster's theory on Islam they all believe the problem with Islamic terrorism is Islam and they all believe that you cannot look at Islamic terrorism without examining Islam now that may sound dove right but and here's another video that they deleted of mine and they deleted all my videos I didn't interview with Claire Lopez a few years ago that interview was clear Lopez she explains about the purge that happened in 2011 where they basically said you can't talk about Islam anymore and there is a letter that was written in October were all these Muslim do you are you seeing the dots connected here the move to save McMaster by CNN has to do with protecting Islam the move to fire me prohibit the move to terminate me that year to has to do the most devastating thing that the that counter to make masters narrative is just looking at the videos these are people who aren't Muslim these are people who are devoutly muscle okay they also deleted everyone of my videos that I made when I was in Lebanon in 2013 when I expose that your tax dollars are going to fund al Qaeda the your tax dollars are going to fund the radical groups they're fighting in Syria these al Qaeda affiliated groups those are all gone every video I made in 2013 along with the date stamp showing that I determined 2013 right 10 years were empty I'm telling you 10 years of my work is just gone to Scott just got now the move to get rid of banned them is a move to get rid of if you look at the stories the crackpot conspiracy theories accuse stuff and that guy Richie guns is accused of by the way his videos on you too someone better grab that that I don't know how long that's going to be there it's so disturbing to me that the that the videos you gotta understand from a journalistic purpose you too deleting every video let's say they found let's say they found the al Qaeda videos offensive we just pull those down they deleted my entire account like yeah we know they did that your job is part of go goal we know about what Google did on the diversity stuff journalistically there is now no longer way to prove there's no archive list people of a screencap one of the things my you tube that was good issue club change the date on things so if I say oh look I said this in 2013 you can go and see that I posted in 2013 but this I you know I I'm I'm suddenly realizing everything it's like a it's like if anybody's ever lost stuff of fire or been burglarized I never lost a fire but I've talked to people who have they say that months later you go all wow I just realized that I lost all these photos of my dad or whatever right so just as I'm talking to you guys right now I'm realizing things that apply some people are asking about it back up YouTube was my backup right it's a big cloud storage space I had 1000 videos up there so I have no idea if I have and it's got it's got the dozens and dozens of comedy videos that I made that star is very very historically what they've done is the equivalent of what the Muslims the the by the way the Saudi funded the the people your taxpayer dollars funded the ISIS what they've done destroying historic relics were YouTubers done is they're destroying historic relics that's what they're doing they're literally rewriting history that one should dig what's going on here there literally rewriting history they want to make it so you have no way so the smear machine is all that exists that's it and again these works were clearly works of journalism I want you to understand what's going on ... but I say that to point out this is not about me I say that to point out that I'm getting I'm getting stock what I'm realizing what they're losing this is about you and this is why tomorrow but do me a favor please retweet this please share this on Facebook please share this on Twitter along with the no people can skip all of this other stuff fire McMaster you need if you're a trump supporter you're not trump supporter I'm not interested if you're a trump supporter you need to go full bore ahead that McMaster needs to be fired Monday morning 9:00 202-456-1111 202-456-1111 post a phone number post the hash tag this enough people on here right now where if everybody here right now post the fire McMaster hashtag do me a favor da again I'm ring carefully to that periscope but I've said this before but some people believe some people dont I I understand there are people I understand there are people I get it who were like I understand there are people who go well Gee why do you say stuff about certain image because I've been doing this I must say it say what they have said before I'll say it again Sir Richard has written that he had no idea who under bright part was in December 2015 well that's when my friend had been dead for years right never been gone for years so what I see someone come along and they clearly have no principles except every breaking wave popularity I worry about it especially when they're able to acquire a lot of followers very quickly by pandering to the because I've been doing journalism for 10 fricking years so my record is very clear my record of reporting is very clear my story is very clear I was on the left writing for the Huffington post expose the Edward story got kicked out daily because eventually quit the Huffington post when they mistreated Andrew exposed to pick for black farmers scandal that was later confirmed by the New York times with Andrew bright part it cetera etcetera etcetera ... so I'm not the flavor of the day and I got 788 0 Twitter followers now and I've been I've been on Twitter longer 99.9 percent of the people on the first journalist to interview a congressman on Twitter that's how long I've been on Twitter I did that back it up so my record is really clear and I've been warning people about what's going on now searches up there throwing Bannon under the bus to Rosie gray at the Atlantic it's on record that's what's going on that's what's happening after 4 months leading people believe that bad and somehow had a sure which had an inside track to abandon you never stop people from saying that because even want Israel source to be found so but I think kids for a long time my oldest son just turned 25 Shane you seen showing the shame and I did a video when someone pointed out they can tell Shane's knowledgeable because there's no gap well with women chain a liar conversing about material Shane's our research have like I okay so shame when we talk there's no gap he just knows the material I think kids 25 years if you have kids don't have kids let me tell you something about kids because this is it's it's important to realize about people if you don't have kids you won't get this if you do have kids you will kids on full to understand they unfold you can see your kids when you when you've known them 25 years you see you see them you see their personalities start to unfold who they are it too you see who it makes them where they are at 6 what makes them where they are at 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 that makes sense if you have kids it does if you don't have kids it doesn't really make sense but people reveal themselves over time people grow into themselves over time and and that's what I say sort I see so like survey trigger will cheat is kind of growing into himself which we're seeing who is singing can look at some of the stuff in the history and the way he deals with the history in ways covered up certain parts of his history and he hides it right you can see that and that's what I'm that's that's what I that's what I've been saying but again you can't so that there's certain so I can tell you but I can't tell you can lead a horse to water I can tell you the stuff I can tell you how I view it then you can decide whether right or wrong that's it you can decide whether right or wrong as you when I get to know each other more as as our relationship where you are maybe it's just you're watching maybe just in the audience but over time you'll go hold people reveal themselves people's character reveals itself over time okay Nick masters character is revealed itself over time and the danger in the cervix thing is he's putting false things in there whether intentionally or unintentionally it doesn't matter false things into the narrative if people are going to look back on it when when the history of the stuff is written people are gonna look back and go that guy was saying a lot of stuff that's not true and the media covered him a lot and they pointed out that the things that they were saying were true this is why when I took the Sputnik job I called Rosie great the Atlantic and I said you may find a quote where I said I'm on the Russian payroll the reason I said that right away I got that that's it not cheating pride that out of me I don't want to split hairs on that because I'm not ashamed to be working for Russia all say that again I'm not ashamed to be on that pay roll right now because and by the way if they stop me from doing what I do all just quit if they say well you can't say that you we don't want you talking about that anymore all go okay bye and then I'll quit but right now given the relationship we've had I have no problem because the Russian narrative is bogus and when I see what's happening and I reported this a lot in Ukraine where it's they deep state the CI a Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John McCain all fomenting a coup in the Ukraine when I see what's happening in Syria and by the way I'm lying about Russia making Russia the bad guy in Ukraine but I see what's happened in Syria where it's Barack Obama and John McCain and Hillary Clinton and the deep state the CIA all making Russia the bad guy in Syria and I went to Lebanon I interviewed Syrian refugees and if you 2 had deleted my stuff he could see it right now you could see what I said in 2013 they're trying to make Russia the bad guy to cover up their own misdeeds in Ukraine they're trying to make Russia the bad guy to cover up their own misdeeds in Syria there and by the way let me throw in the other player here see I am a Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John McCain and George Soros every point in the stories comes up at every single point comes up and who is what country has issued an arrest warrant for Soros that's Russia and the reason rushes Soros's enemy is because he can't figure out a way to make money off it that's the reality this is a guy who's back Nazis actual Nazis that's it Soros can't figure out a way to make a Buck off Russia that's what it so the thing that connects all of these dots is there and and if you read Russian media this is what I learned in 2013 they're very clear on the terror threat don't forget don't forget do does anyone remember the Saint Petersburg attack we talk about Paris remember that one that came and went mediators wanna remind you about the Saint Petersburg attack that was a major terror attack mediators water banks about because the media as the other factor the media is hid the truth from you about Ukraine the media said the truth from you about Syria they had the truth throwing about McCain they get the truth from you about Hillary Clinton they the truth from you about Barack Obama they hid the truth from you about the CI a I'm old enough to remember when the media actually how did the CI a and reported on what they were doing that's gone sin I got people like me and were under attack and we have these great means of communication we have things like you to but watch what you say watch what you say we have periscope but watch what you say but but they're not counting on and what they have no way to get around the internet was designed to go around problems like this I love you know anything about the history the internet it's designed to route around interruptions so they have no way to shut me up just the same way bright part had no way to shut me up I tell me I couldn't go to the White House I've been to the White House since they're all be there again right and I would point out something else and you could see this the other night right you could see this the other night if you watch the video that I made was shown which is still up the periscope still up it was up on YouTube but they pulled it down I'm doing 2 other things that unfortunately enter bright pardon never got to do any even Steve banning that didn't get to do they didn't get to leave a legacy to understand the serial Xander Breitbart was gone there was almost nobody there with his sense of journalistic timing or ethics as soon as Ben and was gone Matt Boyle turned on him like the weasel that is that was a guy who bag enter Bradford dire Andrew Breitbart told me when he first like first timers to my manager book ... that boil the Sunni interpret person this kid would cut his right arm off to work for me I no maybe I'll hire somebody did here's what's going on I'm building a legacy and doing it 2 ways I have a family business you saw my son Shane right very very smart my son Jack works just but just as importantly part of the family businesses citizen journalism school where were already having an impact there were already creating great journalist for putting that work out there treatment and I'm very proud of that I'm very proud of that but it doesn't mean anything if you're not part of it so I'm going to urge you again please go over citizen journalism school the best deal is the yearly deal it's 500 Bucks right now for a year if you compare that to education where cost $150000 to get a media education 500 Bucks now I understand 500 Bucks is a lot for some people so we also have a broken down 59 Bucks a month which is less than 2 Bucks a day we have new courses going up all the time we have new lessons we have but fewer days going up all the time we've new instructors coming online a lot urge you in the strongest way please criticism journalism school and watch the videos over there the most important thing though is I'm a do another video on fire McMaster tonight and then another one tomorrow to do a concise what I like to do these longer when sometimes because I want you to see the dots that are being connected Saudi Arabia spent a tremendous amount of money and other states like Bahrain Bahrain spend a huge amount of money supporting the I I SS were McMaster was for years I've been talking about this for months break participe selling good good for them reports catching up not really but half heartedly catching up on this other stuff appreciate your time I appreciate your retweets we're not stopping we're not slowing down we're not shutting up and further more we're creating a legacy we're creating an army of people who know how to do factual based journalism who know how to do the research that I know what to do it's not enough because here's the thing about here's the thing about this the reason you create a legacy is I'm going to die right period you never know you never know what maybe I'll be here another 40 years right maybe I'll die today you know you don't know but when you go you either leave something behind and I have a body of work even though you do just destroyed that but the biggest single thing I noticed was a top for a long time I used to work in TV and film I taught visual effects I taught graphics and animation I have people who I taught 2025 years ago say I ever career because of you and thanks and sometimes you people I'd never met they watch videos that I may they wash instructional videos I made so I I've his keen sense of legacy because I lost standard okay because I lost Palma gunnery is my mentor when I was ... working in marketing and add new Jack Paulson guy plot pulse the second guy were lost ball by winners like 38 years old enter divers 43 all may have been younger than that right yeah man yeah I was 20 years ago the Los Paul so yeah I guess you might you must in 38 that sounds right but I and and by the way will well I told Andrew just a few weeks before he died should you remind me of my friend Paul McGovern but Andrew said overly was I said he was the director marketing at this company I work for genius guy I said he died very young Xander said don't tell me that don't tell me that my biggest fear is dying out that was and that's what injured told me a few weeks before he died so again I believe in god ... ... and I didn't always believe in god I came to that belief because enough things happened to me I had enough experience where I'm like I want a life fighting here I see plenty of evidence of this I only get to a big theological discussion as part of the reason I believe in god is I enough experiences like this happen right think we are in god's timing and the fact is we're trying to build legacy that's what we're trying to build so I go I don't just leave behind my work but I leave behind other people who know how to do good journalism al all a leave you with that little just leave you with that thought which is again so people I'm not my my the people I mean the trench with want the truth they're not pandering to people the people I'm in the trench with want the truth and they're brave about it pandering is the opposite of bravery pay attention pandering is the opposite of bravery when I left huffingtonpost and I work with the inter bright part freight provably true story I lost every friend in every business contact I had on the left I was in journalism IP is making money I was doing well I was regularly featured at the Huffington post I was getting outside work and I lost every single Fran and contact that I had on the left because I dared to say yes there's a massive multi $0 fraud that the Obama administration is used to pay reparations the black people never farmed a day in their life at the expense of actual black farmers that's a big herd story I got smeared by media matters like I called a racist it's formed the basis for the lawsuit that contributed dander bright parts death in the sense that he had a congenital heart condition and I'm sure the stress lawsuit didn't help Jenner stand that's what I'm saying and I did because journalistic truth was more important being liked by my friends journalistic integrity is the opposite of pandering you understand it's the opposite up pandering SO in the New York times confirmed the reporting Andrew and I had done in a front page above the fold story unfortunately after Andrew died and when the reporter Sharon left free air told me I'd never seen bigger push back from the White House the Obama administration's freaked out about that story I knew we were over target so my loyalty the people I'm in the trenches with are the people who are brave enough to take the hits I gave up stuff I gave up stuff to do journalism in the first place I had a good career in Hollywood I liked doing it I like doing I I I like doing video work I still do video work because I like doing it I've been doing it since I was 14 years old I liked doing video production I gave all that up I give of my Hollywood privileges to do what I do and so when a guy comes along like certain Richard never even heard of my friend until 2015 and I say I'm jealous of him I'll use the analogy made the other night Pavarotti ain't jealous of milli Vanilli and if milli Vanilli he's dancing around like a ridiculous non shampoo moron bragging about how many records they sold all look look we're milli Vanilli we saw look look summers I don't care how many followers you have Andrew Breitbart Love Me Andrew Breitbart praised me publicly Steve Bennett hired me all you got was a tasty divorce settlement which by the way what man does that but I digress but I'll say it again what man does that is that chauvinistic of me what man brags about the divorce settlement they got from their wife the my wrong ladies I just just I know I know he wears open shirts but what man brags about the divorce and by the way what woman brags about the divorce of what they got from their eyes but at least I get that I mean that happens right that happens but like like out what I'm not supposed to say that because he voted for trump because he was pushing all right means my wife is that what I'm supposed to not do I'm sure to not say that because he was good at pushing memes on Twitter history will acquit that well history as you want to quit that well I sleep well at night sometimes too well anyway love you guys appreciate the time hopefully this makes some sense the few people understand pillars when I see people who screw up stories I've worked on it bothers me because I work too hard not given up too much there we go okay spread this around love because I really get some food I wanted breakfast yet by I like David knight alike David nylon like they would not quite a bit okay but //

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