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Meditation 101
\\I welcome all of you to the institute for spirituality and health I'm John Graham and ... we're honored to have you here I just want to tell you briefly our mission and that is to increase awareness of the role that spirituality plays and healing and it does play a great role you'll probably all know that you guys are spiritually attuned and ... sure you know that well we have a blessed evening to not tonight and US dirt Nelson our our who is ... director of our programming here has done a great job in pulling this together in our 3 great speakers he will introduce I know all of us will leave blast and so prepare your hearts right now to be open and to receive and ... I'm excited myself so come up Stirton so your words to us he has some things he wants like tourists good evening everyone ... how are you all good ... let me just point out in in the event's past we've had here it's always loud and buzzing before him we get the meditators in here and we have just a very peaceful tranquil room before the program it was it was noticeable a lot and we all commented I'm worse I'm I'm really happy to see you all here this is a great turnout on you feel the energy in the room and ... I'm just I'm I'm thrilled that all of you I decided to come and we hope that you enjoy this evening come back in the on so with that I guess I'll introduce ... on collects Gillan ... uncle rex ... has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation for 40 years you studied with a world class teachers ... Mr going has been a full time instructor since 1974 when he founded the yoga institute here in Houston and that institute is one of the oldest yoga studio studio businesses in the country his time more than 25000 yoga classes 75 tended retreats 300 meditation workshops so going out teaches at the yoga teacher yoga teacher training and the national sort of certification of course here at the institute and in Santa Fe and is on the faculty at the institute for spirituality and health he is very important part of our team here and we're blessed to have him ... so can we all give her give a hand I felt like oh my god a hell hole in the US I yeah I was sure I did not have holy sock them okay so thank you for coming thank you for being timely so the group how many your ongoing meditation practitioners the daily practice so those of you that no very little if anything about meditation first timers good okay so we get into it ... generally speaking there are 2 basic types of meditation gods what is called a guided visualization and the other is called a concentration technique so what I'm referring to is any specific technique of meditation regardless of the lineage of it comes from Mr Christianity Buddhism Hinduism all the isms Taoism Sufism will be one of those 2 types and I got a visualization practice focal point that you concentrate on changes through the meditation concentration technique the focal point you focus on is unchanging so an example of a guided practice would be prayer in the western Christian tradition an example of a concentration technique would be using a mantra take the same sound and it's repeated over together both techniques work both are good the guided visualizations focus more on opening the heart center a concentration techniques focus cultivating one pointedness a my laser type concentration so if you're right Brian oriented and you're into things like music are riding anything creative you'll be intuitively drawn toward a guided visualization practice conversely if your left brain oriented and you're into things like me you ... mathematics logistics science I could intuitively be drawn more toward a concentration technique when we meditate 3 things happened number one the mind quiets as the mind quiets concentration deepens number 2 in his concentration deepens we began to hear clearly the message of the heart so at the end of the day meditation really becomes the practice of listening having said that you can't hear the message of the heart with a monkey mind so our meditation techniques come back to this focal point of concentration to help quiet the monkey mind so called human beings rarely are we being human because we're so busy doing other things other than being so we should really be called human doings stead of human beings when you meditate and as the mind quiets the thought process slows down and the analogy I use is if you look at an army of ants standing up in what appears to be one unbroken line of bands if you get down on your knees and look at the ads what you see is one and the little bitty space another answer those answer your thoughts when you meditate is the M. slowdown you began dropping into the little space between the ends and this is when we have these epiphanies our house so they are hearts happen between the ends in the yoga tradition there's a series of steps that we go through help cultivate that awareness so in the historic teachings of yoga Patanjali's yoga sutras he laid out basically hate broad steps that you work through it so I just take you through these very quickly so they're called the 8 limbs of Raja yoga the 8 limbs of Patanjali so Lynn number one into limit what is called the young man's which are the abstinence suits and their 5 yamas and these are things that you don't do things like non layanan stealing so on then you have the many are moves which are the observances so these are things that you do so these basically bike up what I call the 10 commandments of yoga the user moral purification so you really begin first getting your more life in order once you work on that and what you begin cleansing yourself internally you go in the limb number 3 which is called asana for yoga postures so the third step includes the whole body of on the go there are literally hundreds and hundreds of yoga postures were you condition your body so your body doesn't scream at you when you meditate let number for this call pranayama pranayama means control breath so after use stretch it's about a formal seated position you do control breathing practices and they're merely it callebs and ratios and it needs but there is a definite relationship between the right of one 's breath in the state of one 's mine so this is why breath control is so important quieting the mind if you're hyper and wired it upset you often find that your breathing is a radical none even conversely when you're Carmen concentrated the bright becomes almost nonexistent very shallow when quiet Lynn number 5 this call proctor heart so Pratihara you're sitting you do the controller breathing you close your eyes turn your awareness in word and you focus more on what's going on here and here rather than externally so it's a shift from external awareness to inner awareness when number 6 is called Ronna Deronda is concentration so this is where you pick a specific technique that you're going to meditate on so whatever wisdom tradition you're comfortable with this is a map of that you would use whether to prayer concentrating on the brat any point of concentration let number 7 is called the other Deana is the actual practice of meditation this is the running off process of your mind so when you meditate the mind doesn't really shut off it is slows down so as the mind drifts you come back to step number 6 which is which is concentration the mind dress and you come back to 6 of my dress and you come back the mind will drift 1000 times but 1001 times come back and then when number right it's because somebody which is the final state of you're conscious as you sit and meditate 3 things generally pull you away from that point of concentration number one the sounds that you hear sound of my voice some of the air conditioner sounds inside or outside the meditation space number 2 sensations in your body sitting on the floor and suddenly your leg feels like a piece of wood and it's a dead to the world so you're focused on that and the third thing it gravitates toward are these myriad thoughts drift through your consciousness so as you said and you're focused on your point of concentration sessions of the body sounds that you hear and other thoughts drifting the my so it doesn't really matter what technique you use you really honestly need to kick a few tires and discounted see what works for you and it's just really a process of elimination of practice and practice and more practice now having said that you do need to give each technique whatever technique you gonna be working toward time to work so it's really unwise to ship continuously just choose a practice stick with it for awhile and be fairly consistent with it so if you look at your handout does everybody have a hand anybody not have a hand out the the box of I don't know what so what you have here maybe a dozen different practices drawn from the different traditions and on page one this is called a meta meditation blessing of loving kindness and there are a myriad iterations on this one specific practice so classically speaking you generally do this first you say this aloud you articulated and it takes maybe a couple of minutes to go through this so those of you that have done my little training how many people have been through the meta practice a good many of you so you know who did this right yeah who no Cathy Kathy is here so this is cab is in relation Cathy Natalie so again you actually say it's that you bless so first you blessed you go down to the fourth paragraph you bless all of your family members so you actually articulate their names you go through the entire blessing from there you bless your teachers bless all of your friends bless your enemies then you bless all sentient beings seen them on the same board and to be born so you know one is eliminated everyone is included so turn the page the monkey mind meditation this is generally the first practice but I take people through and it's very simple you do your little breathing practices and I would I would recommend this if you meditate for 10 minutes a day if you take 5 minutes and do control slow breathing some yoga breathing some of domino dichromatic breathing and then you meditate for 5 minutes you'll have a deeper meditation that if you don't do the breathing beforehand because again the breath has that connection to the state of your mind in the the rate of your thoughts so what you do our lives that you simply close your eyes and you allow the breath to assume the natural tied in the body's natural tied in the body and on each in breath you think the word rising or breathing yeah all I'm and then on each out breath count back starting at 100 so it's like O. M. you don't say if you think it 100 calm 99 and so on and when you forget your number start again at 100 so you and number 72 and then suddenly you're in Chicago and you don't have a clue where you are really if you get out of the nineties you're doing pretty good turn the page pause and then sighed meditations of this is that of a terabyte Buddhist lineage and a very big U. S. John cabbage them up and up at UMass has made this world famous just through all of his wonderful work in this is very similar to the Mikey by meditation the only difference is it's thinking rising on the N. bribe and falling on the opera and every time you Bindra she come back to rising and falling so each time with relaxed in breath you think rising with the relaxed out brought falling turn the page again no doing in labeling so this is kind of the next step in the possum practice where rather than rising falling everything you're ... wherever you mentally repeat twice so you begin with rising on the of breath and falling on the up wrapped in that if you hear a sound you think hearing hearing if you're drawn toward a sensation in your body it's feeling feeling if you're bored with the entire process it's boring boring if you become aware of some clothes diversion that passes in front of you and you suddenly watching the movies of your mind seeing seeing and this becomes a continual stream of consciousness to nobody cultivates a moment to moment awareness of whatever it is that's in front of you at the moment turn the page meditation on pay I don't know what to say about this because it's exactly what it says in this is like a 2 page scripture let's play by believe let's say we're gonna sit for 60 minutes and so we're gonna gonna sit on the floor and you gonna sit cross legged and as you said for like 3 minutes a fine and then suddenly after about 3 minutes if you listen station your body but the instructions are if you move in 60 minutes just get up and go home because I don't have time to deal with you if you're not disciplined enough to sit 60 minutes with no movement so 60 minutes with no movement perfectly still so now I'm more minutes go by little beads of sweat start forming in your forehead and you start shaking and vibrating and suddenly your leg is like a piece of wood and your how old were you drawn into that sensation the first other than pain what is it you're going to feel ... legacy painful but the next thing you feel was anger toward a collects because I'm the one forcing you to sit here with no movement so what you do is you first give up the anger you go through the metal process of releasing the anger and giving it to someone who's not attached to your anger give it to god give it to your mother whoever then you go back to the pain so there are 5 little steps you go through in your mind dealing with the pain number one you locate the pain in your body in your mind where is it it's in my leg number 2 notice whether the pain is stationary indoors or doesn't shift from one part of your body to another number 3 notice if it ships how does the ship through your body is a liquid or is it solid number 4 notice if there's any specific color affiliated with the pain some people see color some don't and number 5 notice whether it's hot or cold so you go through that little lamb blowing through these I mean that takes you maybe 20 minutes to go through the up a little practice but if you're someone who does experience pain it's good it's a good practice to work with turn the page again this is called away which of them ride meditation so you've set any Sarab any sensation and he thought going back to those 3 all those dudes they just simply create a little ripple of the month it's all of this so you don't get weighed down if you hear the metro line out here and there's a nose and saying you can't kill all the birds outside to have silence so Sam sensations thoughts all 3 to scribble rep and then you go back to rising and falling so rather than counting rather than rising falling to see it as a rep turn the page again mantra meditation so there are myriad mantras to be worked with this is a much of that robbed us taught me many years ago I got a got tape her got to a Paris soon got a body swap ha it's called an expansion Montreux were you expand out translation is gone gone beyond beyond the beyond to the home classical you do these integrated into your breathing and then you actually chatted allowed summer melodic others are just kind of drugged out of the monitor and this is a drowning what I call a droning mantra you don't release you can sing it but oftentimes Estes drowned in you repeated and then to become sub vocal and then you eventually just about doing it in your mind quietly because that articulation so Botros Aurora and most effective and died with large groups of people over an extended period of time the page again looks bad shouldn't guided visualization so this is pretty self explanatory you can actually take this these are scripted out for you so you can actually put them in front of you in just give yourself a heads up and got yourself through that so this is where you visualize a little Heidi being inside of you sitting cross legged in your heart center it is like a 30 will be made of pure love pure wisdom pure light it's not a skin and bones being and then you let this being expanded fill your body to where your body simply becomes a skin covering their body and then you expand that to where your head is over the roof of the building your body is kind of floating in outer space and the whole city of Houston is that you then you expelled out again until your head is in the heavens and your body is floating amongst all the planets suddenly planet earth the whole planet is in your belly and then you keep expanding until you dissolve into the formless and there's no inside there's no outside there's only light in space and then what you got you have to come back turn the page so what we're going through in about 15 minutes really it's about a year's worth of teaching so you do each one of these for number weeks conscious eating while 3 the 4 pages but yeah move it is still is I love this meditation is where you're sitting let's say we're all sitting on the floor sitting in a chair I know Bob and you're going to take people soon through a practice and everybody is sitting perfectly still and that's startled stillness turn your awareness inward you were left in a room full of people meditating but he seemed to be perfectly still but you know what Brad is moving through the body the moving of the diaphragm you have the beating of your heart movement you have the blood is it pulsates through your body to move it you have a little bit of all of these organs inside of you and what appears to be a room full of still people you have all in them mentally you have the mood of your money I gotta but the money that never shuts off so you have all of this move been happening still it so this is called movement within stillness store owner still lives internal movement always something going on inside your body turn the page herb Jesus I love this little mantras those Christians lord Jesus Christ son of god have mercy on me a sinner I take it down the lord Jesus Christ have mercy take it down to 3 words Christ have mercy and take it down to one word mercy so I have 8 minutes left so why do we do this why don't we cut the sitting in just have your if you're at a chair just have your feet flat on the floor so do maybe a couple of minutes of breathing the so I'll do this cannot were gonna breathe into account of 6 and as we do this breeding if you'll do some dive from manic deep belly breathing we'll hold the breath to account of 3 and then we'll breathe out to account of 6 so we'll do that for a couple minutes and then I'll take you through this little for the more so as you said if you all your posture is important so let your wife step out of your hips bring the rib cage up out of the waste and have your head straight away close the mouth close the eyes so excel breathe out an empty completely into account of sex ... out we then hold yeah sale hidden ... ... one ... they'll dislike the eyes be soft her as you saw in the eyes feel the eyes filled up roll back ever so slightly in your head shoulders are loose and let your belly be soft and easy so you have an easy for belly a soft belly to allow the breath to assume it's a natural tied in the body allowing each in breath and each out breath to come and go on its own and with each in breath the word rising with the job breath falling so at the end of the day really meditation is simply about remembering to come back to the point of concentration regardless of what that point may be practice of remembering remembering to be present clear aware that way in mind open heart thanks a company Woody Allen says 80 percent of life is showing up so just like you showed up just began a daily practice yeah thank you so much lex ... for that general overview of meditation and giving us this packet of tools that we can take home with us ... I hope you all learned something ... they get some money Trappist monastery the time home to Trappist monk Thomas Merton in stock inspired our next speaker ... Bob has said during his 6 years of studying for the priesthood doctor has a has had many trick credentials including being co founder and president of the contemplative network ... incorporated dedicated to inter denominational Christian contemplative prayer doctor has said is a vice chairman and faculty member of the institute for spirituality and health and a structure Rice University and the university of Saint Thomas he just concluded a course on a science and ... and religion is a faith in science he's a valuable member of the I. 6 community we're happy to have you here today ... and ... after that general overview we're going to dive into a couple of specific traditions so ... think about how they're a similar and different and enjoy a please welcome doctor Bob has no well after hearing of how many people lex talk I was thinking of the moors not a grand that not a uncle great great I told I guess master I'd like to become a monk what kind of monkey asked a real look yes I said he poured me a Cup of wine here take this no sooner than I drunken that I became aware of a crystal globe forming around me it began to expand until finally it surrounded him to the smoke one minute before it seems so commonplace now took on an astonishing beauty I was struck down after a bit the thought came to me maybe I should tell him how beautiful he is perhaps he doesn't even know I but I really was done that wind had burned out my tone but so great was my happiness at the sight of such beauty but I thought it was well worth the price of my tone when he made me assigned to leave I turned away confident that the memory of that beauty would be a joy forever but what was my surprise when I found that with each person I met it was the same as soon as he would pass on willingly into my crystal glow I could see his beauty to and I knew it was real is this what it means to be a real mark see the beauty and others and to be silent I knew monk Theophane who wrote this he's passed away since ... th the tales of a magic monastery it's a wonderful book and unlike some of his other Trappist monks she's the only one he wrote we're gonna talk about the Christian tradition of this prayer practice and I want to ... 30 minutes right we'll talk about ... 30 right 40 minutes on what it means I can't be long winded I'm going to have to be silent ... Trish the Christian tradition obviously stems from Christ's teaching and when you Christ was asked how do you pray in Matthew 66 what he said was not the our father first what he said was go to Europe in a room close the door and pray to your heavenly father secret he will hear you secret do not be like the pagans who use many words and only then did he say the our father me and the Christian tradition latched on to this and in the fourth century the desert fathers and mothers in their aromatic on us and on us whether to the desert in Egypt and try to understand how to live the way Jesus taught and fortunately there was a journalist pro a journalist name was Casio Saint cast you and he wrote the conferences which was basically the longest working Christian antiquity written into it in Latin only very recently translated into English and conferences 9 and 10 for about prayer and basically what he did is he went around them to the monks and the nuns and asked how they were doing and what they were doing and if conferences 9 and 10 they talked about a word a Christian tradition word with a capital W. it's got they were talking about give me a word and this if Cassie was a contemporary of Benedict it's so Benedict actually looked a little bit later he was that it was young with Cassie and Benedict took what he wrote and built it into the rule of Benedict which became the guidelines for all the pet monasteries and convents and there have been mistakes ever since and the term mystics comes from the fact that the church was not sure what these people were doing yes they were praying industry and I thought we have no idea what they're doing it's okay keep doing it but don't tell those dumb lay people about and it was a mystery to the church and so they called the people who practice this is synonymous with contemplative and the term contemplative his pretty much accepted across all faith traditions and it's a concentrated form of prayer that lex referred to second form and in the Christian tradition there's been a long tradition of the first form guided meditation visualizing yourself being with Christ feeling the sand come between your toes this is our classic Jesuit spirituality but I M. more enamored Trappists because they don't waste any time I get to it and so ultimately it comes down to what is prayer we have to ask our that's question talking thinking listening and there have been definitions all over the map if you read the only people of crew reality everybody had a light slightly different but ultimately it's relationship and in any relationship it's going to be rocking it's good see it's good loving the way relationships are but it's a deepening of a relationship and in human terms an analogous scratching would help describe how that relationship builds you just meet someone I just met a number of you I went up to introduce myself the first thing is my name is Bob have someone here and in that initial discussion an introduction what you're about and if we had a bit more time might find out that you might be interested in meditation that's why you're here right but that's kind of like reading the gospels for the first time saying who is this guy Jesus you know the second level would be more that that's where the quake ship the second level is more friendliness where start to enjoying meditating together are you Joe I played tennis together the third level is for and that second level is more analogous to pretty much reading ... enjoying seeing what Jesus enjoyed enjoyed each so you're eating and you're enjoying those things together if you were with him a third is French friendship where you say I you know you might be in trouble met you and I know what you now listen if is anything I can do to help you I will and it's mutual and we all have experienced that as human beings and this is really the first prayer level that most of us get to the way to remember it is a CTS it's adoration contrition thanksgiving or supplication basically we're doing all the talking there's nothing wrong with that but that's the level that most people reach and most people don't go much further than that a fourth level in the human relationship usually I have a volunteer for this but no more were fake your way here is you know somebody so well you know what hurts it doesn't hurt and you don't need to say anything all you do is hug each other that's what we're seeking in this prayer its relationship with god we're seeking that divide hug and in any hug it takes 2 people a hug you can go out like this but unless the other person is ready it happened but we're not in control of that other person we're strictly here put our arms out divide so question is how do we do it now they're big books on this subject one of them is open mind open heart by father Thomas Keating in their books in the back if you want to get those with the DVD of this have a summary of this class we just gotta teaching on convergence of science and religion this is the original one lex being the great great great grandfather actually was at the first retreat with Keating on this subject I'm here to was is the heir apparent to Merton Merton never really talked about a methodology Keating nailed and it's basically a learning process that was learned from other traditions but stork we grounded in Christian tradition and conference rule of Benedict so there's a very solid traditional foundations and theological foundation basically what it is is we're building this relationship with the Holy Spirit that dwells within us and were seeking to embrace that Holy Spirit within us now I'm a Catholic deacon I wear this if with liturgies but it's a monastic cut it's white has a hood to go to the other room with long sleeves to hide your hands and a quiet but this dance the Holy Spirit something that we can't force we can only be present and open ourselves up and there are over 40000 Christian tradition denominations I obviously can't speak for all of them they had once we enter the silence there's no dogma so I've taught this to the Baptist episcopal the Quaker the orthodox ... Catholic ... a whole series of different Christian churches because and the vineyard church nondenominational because in that silence there's no dog but in terms of understanding this say that in my tradition we believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within everyone regardless of their faith belief and that everyone can go to heaven regardless of whether they're Catholic Christian or even theist so we're not out there to try to convince everybody of our way that is not the issue but I say this because once we've done the dance with the spirit within and we recognize that indwelling god and almost spontaneously we dance with the spirit and others as mark Theophane said a crystal ball embraces everyone and so it becomes much easier to be loving and good because it's not something we have to think about now I realize this sounds a little strange but once we practice this and we'll practice it for 15 minutes here's the method it's very simple a profound first I'd like for everybody to sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground and those who are sitting in the lotus position wonderful I wouldn't try it myself I don't think I could get ... put your hands on your knees and as I explained the method close your eyes now you're gonna pick a sacred word or an image is gonna be a symbol of your desire to be with god make it one syllable preferably no more maybe 2 at the most have it be a word that doesn't generate thoughts on its own it might be gods but that might generate a lot of thoughts it may be peace spirit aba ana and once you've selected your word that is going to be a symbol of your desire to be with god and as lex said the monkey mind is going to generate many thoughts the key to this is to remember that we are not our thoughts we are more than our thoughts so every time and this is absolutely the heart of the prayer so listen up Everytime we become aware of our thoughts become aware that we're engaged in our thoughts gently ever so gently turn to the sacred word gently let go of those thoughts in return now you may have 1000 thoughts that is not a measurement of whether you did good job on this prayer whether you have one or 1000 Everytime you become aware of your thoughts or become aware that you engage with them you return ever so gently to your sacred work the thoughts could be many things that thoughts could be did I turn the lights out or I picked the wrong word all right here that clock or someone coughed all of those treated something that we gently let go I returned to our sacred word a profound as of this practice is that we are saying that we are letting go of our most Perot profound and most cherished possession our thoughts we are letting go and letting god by letting go of our most profound possession and we're doing it gently and we're not going to be hard on ourselves I take it you all have your sacred word art image I'm going to start with a song phrase and our first hit the gong once and then I'll do the psalm and then I'll hit the gong 2 more times and at the end I will hit it 3 times at the end of 15 minutes and then I will say the our father in the Christian tradition but do not say it with me and by the way through sacred word or image you know not saying that you just think back on it and when you hear me say the our father get the sense of the pace because once we've gone deep into this prayer which takes practice 20 minutes today twice today then it becomes easier each time if someone would dim the lights please be still and know that I am god be still and no that I have be still and no we still be what the the our father who are you haven't hallowed be your night the hurricane didn't come you are well be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us primeval are yours is the kingdom the power and the glory now and forever you know yeah I think you so much Bob on anticline founding director and resident teacher at dawn mountain practice studied and translated extensively in 3 of the 5 Tibetan traditions she is professor of religious studies at Rice University in Houston Texas here and the author of 4 books and numerous articles doctor Klein has been a practicing Buddhist and a student of Buddhist thought since 1971 doctor Klein earned her master's in Buddhist studies from the university of Wisconsin her PhD in religious and Tibetan studies from the university of Virginia and her Donna teaching sample size is the need for embodiment in meditation practice and foreigners awareness that encompasses cultural as well as personal insights sure since 1998 been developing and leading Buddhism and the body workshops with Phyllis paying the supermarket offered in Berkeley he sent Esalen institute Inc Big Sur California and Arizona and is married to Harvey Aronson and they've been traveling the path together since 1970 let me say thank you again to palm and ... if you could all give a very warm welcome to talk a client yeah well nice just to sit silence a bit after that very rich presentation very interesting do you agree that it felt good to sit in silence for a bit it's very interesting that that is the case ... we have such a profound teachings in various tradition that all of us have the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is in everyone the language in Buddhism is that everyone has put in me in other words everyone many traditions of ways of saying that everyone has some profound capacity in quality and potential which becomes a little bit more evidence if we just let ourselves be because it's there so like the ocean stirred by the wind but the wind dies down the ocean will just com they place of shining restful gentle undulation because that's really it's nature it's just something else that tends to disturb it and it is easily disturbed so we tell our I think we all know this about ours were easily to stir yeah her and yeah one of the teachings of a meditative practice is that those disturbances are not all that we very profound thing and we've heard different descriptions this evening about the value and importance of being able to let go go but it's hard to let go isn't it we've all these things we want to think about we want to go on dare I say we the mind the mind enjoys with the mine likes to do is spin and devour information and objects in the mind just like that perhaps you and what it takes to bring us to our question or meditative seat to our practice and a daily basis where's similarly kind of deep love for what we really are the ocean of our being the waves really beneath the the waves are but somehow we get all excited about certain ways we forget the ocean so I want to say a little something about the importance of love it really underlies and motivates so this person assumes that whoever hears this message has enough love for their possession their car right there on the set up and get out from whatever they're doing and respond so this responsiveness to what we love to what calls us of course operates at many levels in our and in this spiritual case on me to stop good luck yeah okay now that's interesting somehow I assume that that speaker was talking to somebody else but not us the other kind of assumption at one time ... but this information really this teaching this experience that we all have ... just letting be whether it's the beach and now with your cats ... with your left bird I just being at rest we tend to notice that something more exquisite come for then we other ma otherwise so at the very heart of the parent is a deep intuition that this is the case against much evidence of sense that there is something within us but we can in fact access we can develop a relationship if we can get to know what we can make it stronger and more central and and we do this through a 3 fold process at least this is how British street give it well automatically sit on our question and dropped into the profound state of calm duration career after a day running through the maze of our lives takes cultivation takes power we've already heard it takes practice it Daily News so a few words about I'm of the press that she we go through as we cultivate met it's very helpful and talk about 3 phases of learning selection and meditate so money means learning something like the pages that uncle lex kindly handed out for us it's very helpful learning about the a basic structure or ... belief or themes in whatever tradition you are following because that cognitive knowing will help hold you why does it make sense why should I developed one pointed concentration I don't want to well because it will help me settle down and give me access to and that is deeper me deeper in my nature than I otherwise get action or because I love god and I want to connect with the divine and that can only happen if I rest a bit and give up some of my ... more negative ways of first thing my energies it's helpful if the practice that we're doing actually make some kind of to us it's one reason I think why there's so much interest nowadays and science and faith or science in meditation meditation is actually good for you lot of a science now it actually boosts your immune system the less you to heal faster it that your telomeric health the telomeres that are indicative of many many ... issues of health is still longer and they're getting shorter is curating health read all about it it's all of the in there are a lot of positive effects ... meditation of meditation on your body so there are some learning that's important read some of the literature and literature about then also there's the thinking about what is this really mean to me well it means that I might have to reduce my team so that means I'm going to think a little bit about my values my priorities and I when I remember this great love that I really do have for coming to know what is most exquisite most divine most compass sing in my universe okay a little earlier and it's hard because there are other things and then finally of course meditation the love of what is possible for us take us a long way and this love expresses ourself in meditation expresses itself in the very act of so I'm gonna name 3 areas of which we've heard there is the cultivation of a 10 focus president all of these were we are 10 paying attention isn't how do you feel in some he looks you really listen the so the cultivation of a 10 Russian of love also for us you gonna give yourself in in all of these threads that Polish and directions there is the cultivation of love itself taking care of yourself really very sweet and knowing how recognizing consciously how passionately you want what feels like it will bring you have very very to recognize because that tells you something about how everybody else in the there's a famous sutra from the early tradition of Buddhism in India ... king and a queen often tell this became a queen a walking together in the king says you know when I think of all the living beings throughout space being very majestic I realize that there is no one as dear to me I not the romantic interludes you might have an ex but this is how meditators talk there tried we tried to be honest try to look at our real feelings and they're not always that pretty they're not always politically correct but we have to go in there and see what's actually there in order to move past it you have to go through the breakers to get to the open they go through your own so the queen says you know fire when I think about all the Mara through space I realize that not one of them is more dear to me I can imagine a sort of looking at each other I'm this okay we've chest said well they got a Buddha Buddha's life court in the story and what I say those I repeat it with me it and I memorized the downstairs get a lot of repetition but I think it's worth something so bogus says the blood of the great art type of being compassion wisdom is says you know when I get that all the living beings throughout space which would is considered capable of doing I realize that not one of them is more dear to me than I am to me so the isns and then he says in just the same way are all being dear to them so this kind of brutal honesty becomes a bridge to actually connecting in this sense of love of self real love of self which will also involve in interest up passion act really for during your deepest per most profound nature not what other people see when they look at you when you're dressed up for display rule not what you have to present at the office or in various kinds social situations or even in intimate situations but really really this wonder what you are Longchamp of 14 tree great additive to bets as you know we are all of this nature that we have it's it's a treasure house foolish could we be I fail to pay attention so this love of ourselves that I'm talk here is inclusive inclusive of this love of our real nature and was just like a beautiful story that we once we start to realize that we have this tremendous capacity everyone everyone hands it and once we recognize that there is tremendous poignant in the suffering that we bring upon ourselves the other Zen master Hon famously said it is hard to hear in a way it say even all these years he said saying this in the midst of the Vietnam war should we must be compassionate for the victim and also for the rapist he would say this to the boat ... on one of my teachers going go with say we must have compassion for the hunter as well as the deer no map that onto some of the atrocities that we're hearing about the news that days these days that's not easy but at least you can begin to see how poignant it would be to see that saying that these people who were doing hideous things without a doubt top of harming others there please please a living and from that poignant there can be a real for those and for oneself because we also do pretty rotten that compassion first self than for other begins to dissolve the distance between self and other begins to dissolve this kind of objectivity or object relation or reification of you over there me over here I want everything in my pile I don't care what can your pile but you know what there's only one pile and we start to see that we are one world the alma likes to say that I love to hear that you know might be there in the olden days you could kind of butcher your neighbor or the next country pillaging next town and you know you get away with some wealth and yeah be better off but the way the world is now so small so intrigued and did everything that we do our clothes are made in Vietnam zil everything affects everything you cannot cannot wear is old fashioned no we cannot devastate our neighbors on this planet without that devastate so I compassion for oneself opens to come for others which really if we think about it begins to dissolve the false boundaries that we create in our lives self and other good in bed and opens to whizzed so these 3 deeply into related aspects of you got to pay attention to see these tension a passion self in the opening to wisdom see how ingredient love is so that's how we practice and when we practice we can express this love by being kind to ourselves and 3 words about that what's important in actual meditation we will do and while I'm talking take a moment to and your palm 3 short guidelines practice all of them ways of expressing love really a love of the depths of what you are one is relax this is gonna be a a very deeply support and relaxation not a couch potato kind of relaxation but we would be using axis to relax give up king that you can troll how you meditation say okay only one have 100 Bucks per relax that all sin relax your kind of goal oriented ... grasp on how it has to be doesn't have to be any pitch third pressed into what does arrive so whatever happens is there doesn't have any one way if you find yourself scolding yourself for being too structured or whatever remember your gods word if you would remember the principle here is John to learn force yourself so the way that we do that as we have heard body is very so we begin here too with establishing body as a support for us another act of kindness for years so if you're seated in the chair as before flat on the floor if that's possible you do if you meditate at home on a chair find a way that you can see it upper rightly something like a Anya sprig of grass bursting out it's spring time it's just rising up out of your rib cage lex's but not in a forest away so years straight but nuts and can be very helpful to build a support awareness that you feel is actually coming to you seated here with a lot of support and that support actually comes to you from center of the year center of the earth as it happens is directly beneath times just reflecting on that you might notice that there's some relaxation lemmings has a lot of support center of the earth is directly beanie fuel and there is support for you in this moment coming from the very depths of the earth and not only that the center of the earth is perfect alignment the bottom of yours this is a lot of support center of the earth in alignment with your spine is providing support for your entire body your chair this floor so we might become possible if you see it today or overcoming we days and weeks that you allow your chair or the floor beneath you to actually hold you usually where straining a few more muscles to hold ourselves up than is actually NASA's and allow yourself to be hell to be supportive from the center of their the deep deep support for your chair your body in the center of the earth itself and direct alignment with the bottom of yours and that alignment can the news through your navel center of your abdomen the naval center you switch you would experience as your center of gravity of very deep place in the body and this too is supported from the center of near this alignment in your body is actually natural to the way your body actually wants to be you're not artificially superimposing anything with all of the support your hard males and relax because this alignment moves Amir's into the center of the round in the also through your heart center not your physical heart that the center of your upper body relaxed hard the possibility of opening being comfortable and easy feeling this support can Breen is to moments motional stress because the body will translate this physical sense of support into a sense of emotional so and we all need the alignment continues past your throat your crowning even to the apex of they so already you are part of the vast alignment you're a very near to the gently place here at 10 Oprah Cheney breathing in whatever way is most you letting your attention gently rest on your breath simply the president to the sensation love your breath moving in if you're inhalation moving out with your explanation whenever you notice that your attention has wandered elsewhere you translate bring into religious continue should hear breathing together for a few minutes in silence the exquisite ness of grieving 3 freshmen it bring feel that energy coming into your loan and the natural feeling of relaxation when you let it go American the alignment of your body what a year sitting means your breath has an easy pass then and now we remember you can't control how your meditation will unfold you simply are showing up for your mind has wandered into spring of the no big deal if you like you can imagine that some kind of luminosity luminosity of grace is descending from a bar gently entering your crown moving the farrier body dissolving the difficulty light integrating with your being no this occurs as you continue to be aware if you press body lining up and this way the divine becomes visible in you new practice with a sense of being divine women and at the same time with enormous humility for our foibles a human being Cheney with your breath for another minute yeah very gently with your next inhalation let your attention arrests your whore no sense all the positive energies graves that is somehow present at your heart now kindness a passion for your cell ready to segue into compassion for so we like to close in meditation with a sense of sharing our goodness our good wishes with everyone in the room and everyone throughout Spain so with a sense that the natural clarity of your mine is taking the form of a luminous soar above life if your car you know I have to try to hard to make it be there it's just there by and inside this luminous or is the luminous letter and awe it is in a and we're going to sound the sound off 3 time being very attentive to the sensation of sound and why and your own good wishes spending from your heart to every cell in your body first on the of with the second ... this luminosity carrying all of your blessings and good wishes goes to everyone in the room by the end of the third aw she expands out to the city of the world and by the end of the third eye it's as vast as space and you're offering your good wishes for the happiness of all beings everywhere to Morrow I the thank you so much and so we have about on 15 minutes left and ... I'd like to give you the opportunity to ask some questions so on I'm gonna bring up the chairs up here and you all can use a hand held my and ... will give you all the opportunity I think they're in small enough to where we don't need to pass the Mike to the audience members but if you could just speak up so everyone could hear that would be really wonderful and if I own you have ... someone in particular you're asking a question to you could let them know and then or you can ask a question to everyone and that's the question is why ... lex mentioned earlier the chanting eyes effective ... in a group she is a curious why that is well there's more energy we experienced that's really the reason if you have a group of people there's just more juice put into the sound of the mantra now having said that people do practice smut routes open trends a double meditation by so so but if you have the opportunity to work in a group with the mantra if you want to touch ... group chanting vigil practice that the heart normal resting heart rate is about 880 beats per minute and so music is very soothing because it matches the heart beat that particular Tibetan seeing bowlers 83 beats per minute so part of it is physiological as to why music it is that way and chant in the Christian tradition was meant to bring you into that resting heart rate it's physiological and spiritual there's also a sense of community that grows we all literally vibrating together and that gives rise to a certain sense of support and fellowship so he's asking ... sometimes when he's meditating he gets this sort of full body really intense kind of it feeling a buzzing feeling and ... is that indicative of a problem or is there a way he's practicing that he you could improve upon our is that something that's normal tell us to do with a breathing technique how well you you'll you'll remember to breathe coming when you meditate the bright does become shallow at the very thought one not breathing is a thought that will start the breath again so in yoga breathing artist tied into the yoga tradition the deeper you breathe the slower the Beretta and you actually breed than 8 times the amount of oxygen her breath your breath it's compared to what's called inverted or upper chest breathing so you actually spend your life I'm not directing at the meditation but just through complete yoga breathing you follow me through here taking fewer breasts that you live longer Sam actually 96 I just pray slowly I used to same 66 beryllium is not so funny anymore so but I do hear your question as you the deeper you go into meditation the more shallow the breath but you will remember to breathe so is it good bad it's to why this open all nice so he is asking ... for longevity you know those links but in the longevity and template of the practice of meditation is asking if there's any particular lane lineage that ... will make you live longer ... do do any of you have anything but I just saw that study also somebody sent it to me home comparing the lifespan of Japanese women a there are into that there are certain practices that are considered to be long life practices and I don't know of any study and not that many people do them their advance practices I don't know of any study that surveys ... how that pans out for a larger population of him and you know important as the health outcomes are and there's no question that seems that that certainly ones of longevity could be extended simply because of reducing stress and stress is a huge ... rvtrader of many other kinds of illness but I just like to mention that if we go to the traditions themselves Alicia speak for the British tradition its ultimate purpose is not to lengthen its ultimate purpose is to really get the juice out of this life which has to do with it's which isn't to say these 2 things are and but it is a why Tara in the Indiana put extra anyone else have a kind of a question no this that one person dying to ask questions to reduce the shutter is there yeah there you go there's a guy I ask myself a question that I answered see when we were practicing this ... prayer for practice the Christian tradition how many people felt at the time was shorter than it really was raise your hand welcome aboard okay well I guess that's certainly oh yeah yeah we go so it's a question about focusing on heart heart rate and heart beat ... verses are focusing on breathing on which is a really great question because both are pretty apparent when you're still so you know I think you should really be up your teaching this it really doesn't matter you doing great yeah so why did you come I yes so just one quick announcement those of you that are here that are collecting hours for either yoga alliance or the ... advanced training I have certificates for you so Grammy before you walk out the door yeah we have another question so this so this is a great question ... so if for experienced practitioners of of contemplative practice or meditation of the question is do you ever find yourself sort of is it easier to to fall into that that that place that ... you do when you meditate and do you find yourself sometimes not meaning to fall into the place when you're in a certain situation and and in doing so ... it's it's just a question about experience in meditation and how your practice will change with ex surly through practice alone the qualities that one is cultivating become more available so there are multiple qualities like compassion so maybe instead of feeling furious that somebody has done such and such I think ... so that quality of compassion may come a little more frequently than it used to of and depending on the tradition I mean the Buddhist traditions really one is seeking to be always in that status on a question of falling into it one is seeking to be always in a state of presence and that is not so easy but that's certainly that's very much the purpose and you know it's humbling you practice and practice and practice and then things destroy you often then you laughing okay so I go and practice more it's not a ... a gentle curves but definitely there's something more available for you over time under different and different lines of access I would say I'll defer to my wife yeah whom I don't know nano seconds in moments some longer so I'm sure practice but with practice yes I find myself at a stop sign with my foot on the brake brake and doing it for a minute between like changes I do not do it at 60 miles an hour well thank you all so much I think you for coming before handed over for John for some final words other to John for some final was I just wanted to let you know that there are some materials at the back Bob I'm mentioned earlier that he has a a book and the DVD on that yeah is available for purchase and also doctor Klein has ... has provided us some and materials and especially there's an event being held that on mountain on the 20 first of this month it's free on that you can pick up a flyer for and I'm sure any of these great good people will be willing to answer further questions to you as you make your way home I wanted to tell you I believe the most important single thing we can do right now I'm in the United States is to reach out to people across borders the red cross religious traditions across racial traditions and what's happened here tonight I think it's strangely imported do you all realize just what what is taking place we begin to see ourselves as one and I want to tell you I thought it was rich having these 3 traditions presented so beautifully and ritually and yet they sounded like the sun it wouldn't log interesting where we used to think you know ... we Christians would think you know people in eastern religion all my goodness and they probably thought the same of us but now I think we're at the point that we're beginning to see that if we're going to live together on this planted planet we're going to have to break down these kind of barriers and these kind of meetings are where that will happen and I'm just so blessed that we're doing it here at the institute I wanna which all please give a round of applause for spirit Stuart Nelson who else labored hard to make this happen and it is from a deep passion in his heart and what a blessing these 3 so speakers have been to all of us so please go in peace ... to love one another love the lord if you're in that tradition but go in peace //

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