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Mystical Maya Journey Informational Webinar
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Noetic Global Gathering: Consciousness, Communication, and Change
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Is Telepathy REAL? | Extraordinary Abilities | (remastered)
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Sensing the Future | Precognition and Science
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Imagine the Future... Episode 6
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Imagine the Future... Episode 4
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This is the Institute of Noetic Sciences
\\she T. food he's instituted which excellencies has forged a frontier of a deeper understanding of how consciousness interacts with our world and how we can harness that power to help humanity and the planet decline upon the 14 pastor Gould a give Mitchell on skin forties the adventurous spirit to date we one of the largest multi disciplinary team working on some of the most profound question voting boldly pushed of what marrying rigorous sign its duration program with the west take creating a sustainable future is to gain a more how does it work what do we leverage it's awesome we species of maybe must find a middle way of science and all personal in and no it is to busa which to moving cost via an illusion of separation and see the beauty school and school each if we'd be we must be fooled in our exploration Julius deeper understanding of consciousness and in the race on internet connection //
"2017-05-26 22:30:00"
Deepak Chopra and Cassandra Vieten
\\did not think you so much for being willing to join us here at the institute of noetic sciences I'm Cassandra beaten president up ions and all of you know Deepak Chopra and I wanted to ask you a little bit about this interview that you did with our board chair Claudia wells about your do you well you are the universe well yes so we you know items the book in this way it ... to contusion that said do you know this is a human concept construct in human consciousness in other words yeah we made it up there's no such thing as the universe just like there's no such thing as a body or a mind a desire herm Schuman concepts well a human construct constructs 4 moods of knowing and experience in human consciousness so consciousness interacts with its Sir modifies its yeah as moods of knowing in the form of sense perception sensations images feelings I'm thoughts these are all acquired via qualities of awareness so when I ask you what is this you might say it's a wallet but if I showed this to a baby at all it could have is an experience which shaped I smell a texture ... I taste you might try to eat it so well leave it to throw it to it depending on whether it's having a good time or not but it has no concept well it well I have no concept a I food but no one said 2 glasses or if I ask you know you what is this you would say it's a hand but the baby would experience this in the same way isn't experiences this and so anything that you can give a name to or display at because those are human ... activities anything that we can given name tour described from do once to quirks to quanta do stars to galaxies do a body or her mind decide names humans have given 2 modes of knowing and experience in human consciousness they're just mortified forms of consciousness so if we were to get to the bottom line and that's only because it's useless everything else is a human construct also in consciousness so that is only consciousness and why is this important to know because it's important to know is through constructs we created what we call human civilization you know so we might modify our moods of knowing and experience to create technology are music science well ... philosophy of tea on the cheek religion am god ... humans okay because adamant spike name snort your rough knows that it's called it's your off right so and everything this weekend given name too or describe is our construct based on consciousness modifying itself as sensations images feelings thoughts and menaces sensations that includes are you know sense perceptions so there is no experience of this without this scene look this and seen all of this ambitious and this and this and this aren't gonna stars and galaxies that scene is a modification of consciousness is an activity of consciousness just like hearing is an activity of consciousness and textures is that the experience of a sensation or texture isn't experiencing consciousness I close my eyes and just felt the sensation without thinking was there too our hand that sensation is a modification of consciousness as it is being as is sharing as this tasting as his smelling but also thinking so you know when a baby sees this it's just an experience then we said this is a while it is there and you have a body and no go babysit us to have interpretation of experience in human language and creates a human universe so we are experiencing a human universe nodded draws an interesting you but even that doesn't is a concept in our human consciousness this is important because you by creating constructs we have created what we call modern civilization and science and technology in theology and religion and everything but the consciousness in which those construct some may that is not in tight only better the experiences out in terms of modulations of consciousness are in time which means that the real you which is the round of experience it is not subject to butter debt only experience is subject to but her debt to sensei I have a body well which one do I mean I had the body of a baby a teenager of my every molecule in my body is recycled you've been in the last couple of years so I do this just an experience of consciousness within consciousness as this which you're seeing right now and this activities in time the mental activities in time ... what we call the brain is also construct because how do you know there's a brand new experience a shame enough form or if you want to spend that took seats on the cat scan by creating constructs we created civilizations but we also created out of bombs and nuclear weapons and climate change and extinction of species and now it risking our own extinction so in a sense your inner fork in the road because there is no solution to the hard problem of consciousness if your on to logical primitive is matter but what does matter it's a construct it's the interpretation of an experience the this is the tradition of an experience and so bizarre unconsciousness and needs to be done at least not in time it's formulas but without it there would be no experience so far at all our experience of dying or any experience you know during a thought or feeling or emotion or an image so if you get this don't need the universe exists in us as a construct that we made it up in the region recycle those concerts at work generations ambience of trying so we think are constructs a reality but reality is the consciousness in which those constructs are created so I hope I'm getting through on this is a very important thing to realize you know this not crash sorry it it turns that conventional way of thinking about things on its head because most of us in this area in the west which hot that everything in physical reality is real and everything in your consciousness is imaginary that were so it it's all just Imaginarium there were not important yeah but bottom line is if you can see it touch it tasted smell it think about it conceptualize it and imagine it it's not via what is real is the formless awareness in which those activities occur and what is the implication of that for people's everyday lives one of them at that I can see is that it really makes a big difference how you cultivate your own consciousness right yeah makes a huge difference also it snowed realizes chin that reality cannot be a system of thought beat science load religion or philosophy or any system of thought to it can hurt you T. all its you whatever yeah reality is well the do you know where innocent research could thought arises which is actually you know if you agree yoga yeah but she's so that you'll get decks that did this thing that you know through meditation we get to the source of talk to source of thought is also the source reception it's also the source of conceptualization imagination and creativity so it's the source of the endless so the source of thought and the source of perception is the source of batteries recalled the universe and the scientists so the real you is not subject to birth and death the real you is time less than 2 years you is form list but speed instance form and did you you cannot be understood through a system of thought but only through transcendence off talked ... ditches or purpose of yoga they're merely you is so Turner you know in the bud Whitney thought fire cannot but Nate weapons cannot shattered it well I'm we cannot make it dry weapons okay let's hydrate it's on bond it's eternal it's you you are the universe ombre bust me's the phrase our home I am bill must meet the universe so we're not even talking irv metaphorically you literally got the universe in which the body mind and you knew us under unified activity through your own says interaction yourself is not the body mind to buddy my daughter and experience in yourself so is the and therefore we can collectively participate in the evolution of the analysts nutrient that which we call the universe you know 2000000000000 galaxies 760000000000 stars trillions of planets where did they exist in our awareness gun separate the experience or that took those guns conceptualization of thought all of the mathematics of that open you can separate that from the consciousness in which students there is the activity so bottom line there's only consciousness and that's who we are and you know who what do you know listens well thank you did pack that's really really helpful and I know our people will let hearing directly from you about it thank you likely say you take the time with this deep packet I hope you have a wonderful time with the rest of your PBS filming and I can't wait to see you in person again soon okay is //
"2017-04-05 20:50:10"
The Science of Magic: DJ Taz Rashid Interviews Dean Radin, Phd
\\welcome everyone to global purpose speaks I'm your host that has Rashid and I'm a musician who travels to mindful festivals and events all throughout the world and one of my many passions is to have conversations with that transformational leaders learn about their unique missions and how they're changing the world I were doing a short series of sneak peaks on the upcoming ions conference either science and what connects us I which is happening July 20 to the 20 third 2017 in Oakland CA so this talk series is creating partnership with instituted no like science ions and global purpose movement which is a collective of change makers convening and co creating earns arts current shift towards a world it's working for everyone and today we're speaking with dean Raden PhD who's the chief scientist at ions and author of best selling books conscious universe and tangled minds are super normal I which won the 2014 I silver novelist book award and that before joining islands in 2001 ... Dr Raden I conducted research at Princeton University university of Edinburgh and the SR I international dean welcome it's great to have your global purpose speaks thank you so I am I hear you're working on a new book and will be presenting at on at the ions converts in July open can you what can you tell us about it well this is a book on magic moon and when I talk about magic in most people's minds what comes up is either Harry potter and lab that's what I thought yeah were ... Houdini yeah like Las Vegas stage magicians ... occasionally people will think of ... within or neo paganism or something of that sort and what I'm talking about is actually underneath all of those forms of of magic ... and it's the science of magic I'm so science and magic are words that don't normally fit together very well ... athlete there a couple of people have written books on the science of magic but what they mean is hi how would we take existing technology and simulate what we read in Harry potter I'm you know hardly make a broomstick that would actually fly something like that while but using existing technology or maybe slightly enhanced future technologies and that's not what I'm talking about either I'm talking about traditional esoteric practices of magic and what science has to say about first the reality of those things and also whether or not there's any way of understanding it in scientific terms so in studying the at the nature of the history of magic I turns out that there's basically 3 forms of magic that that then become illustrated in fiction and demonstrated on the stages tricks in and the 3 forms are divination which is not necessarily just seeing the future but seeing beyond the ordinary boundaries of space and time marrow so divination ... the second alcohol force of will which is that your your well your your intentions somehow manipulates the fabric of reality let's force of well and the third category is called theurgy which is from a a Greek 2 Greek words that together mean ... roughly cod work sorcery something like that movie what it means though is the evil cation or communication with spirits and so the it's a notion of ... in a traditional ceremonial magic you evoke spirits and then ask them to do things on your behalf if you're lucky yeah and if you're not so lucky then they'll they'll get you so that's what that's what we mean by traditional magic 2 the divination force of well and theurgy yeah so like as far as this conversation goes like what you know what is missing in the conversation that you're hoping to illuminate through the topic of real magic like what's well the first question is are these things real yeah right they one of the things you find when you start studying the scholarly literature on magic is that it is unbelievably beg me it's a huge literature so starting at least 2 to 3000 years ago on people for starting writing anything one of the first kinds of books and manuscripts of people were writing it was about magic mom so we go far enough back in history it was all supernatural magic meaning that we didn't understand how anything worked so is obviously lightning was the gods throwing Thunderbolts and volcanoes is because I got got mad really it was all divine beyond human understanding yeah somewhere around ... probably around the early Middle Ages ... people begin to recognize that that some things in nature had regularities to them and this debate became natural magic so the transition from supernatural to natural magic and by that I mean people found a lodestone was a natural form on magnetics are there certain kinds of herbs you could have which would get rid of a headache and that sort of thing that you no longer needed the concept of divinity to explain certain aspects of the natural world including the move into the stars and their certain regularities there from natural magic that turned into what we know today as science science can always blame it on Zeus you know so I will just what this began was a are a way of people to understand they actually were in control of some things yeah so many things we don't have control of it some things we do have control of your some parents are you Bo more in in ways right yeah so if you look at a traditional forms of natural magic and alchemy which turned into chemistry room has strategy which turned into astronomy and you have ... herbal medicine which unit pharmaceuticals yeah but there's a force type the fourth type included all 3 of the previous but it's been left out of science man that was mental magic because blond man out of me mental magic mental mass again because alchemy wasn't just chemistry yeah it also involve the intention of the practitioner yeah and the same is true with astrology the same is true of the herbal medicine they all involved intention and also intuition to know how to do things so that I put that in the category of mental just so with with this presentation that you're going to be ... presenting at the ... at the conference you also have a co presenter taking on this topic ... from the lens of a practitioner as I understand I'll just seems like a really unique approach can you tell us about who you're planning on bringing on and what's what's going on with that yeah so this is a ... mentalist a person who creates illusions of real magic up but it is name is Elaine new and is a little unusual among stage magicians and that he also thinks that real magic exists so he uses like a shaman would he uses a fake form of magic to create Allah and tweak the lease in the direction of real magic while so I'm doing it from a scientific perspective he's going from a performance perspective and we haven't done it before so we'll we'll see how one aspect of the I'm really excited to see that I'm just you know from your research abounds in your work you're currently conducting like what what can you tell us in the next few years you know either ions are these types of bike what can look embrace Roos do you think we can expect to see with the way our technologies growing ... imia connecting with science and spirituality just from your like we have to like you know speculate on a few different topics but would you guess what would you say I think I think the breakthrough first will be a theoretical breakthrough in Dayton breakthrough is probably a little bit too strong it's more like if you look at the leading edge now in many scientific fields and us and scholarly fields also you find that there's a new model of reality that's beginning to be developed and so then and an easy way to describe this is that you think of what's the basis of scientific knowledge we usually think of it in terms of physics so what is physics resting upon its resting upon mass and energy in that sort of thing we that model has not been very suitable for understanding the nature of consciousness packed it immediately gives rise to the idea that the brain is literally generating awareness so this is been a puzzle for several 0 years in philosophy and a major puzzle in science as well into more and more people are coming around to the idea that maybe consciousness is even more fundamental than the physical world I'm if that is true this suggests that the knowledge pyramid does not sit on physics headsets unconsciousness and then the that the trick is how do you get from your awareness into the physical world and their many people working on that very issue so this is the leading edge in mathematics and physics and and quantum physics and philosophy and punch of other fields if that approach is correct then suddenly a whole range of things that are considered anomalous I'm old no longer be anomalous yeah it maintains the structure of all we are you know which is important we don't we can't throw away the textbooks we gather to good we just need a more comprehensive way of looking at Samus out onto the idea and I think that's what we're gonna see coming out for the asking to go deeper so where where can we get more information on the conference and how people can get like stay in touch with ions what's the best way I probly Sir website okay a lot and then on the front page of see information about the conference in Oakland in July when hot and lots of other things about what we're up to dean thank you so much for joining us today and ... thank you everyone for joining another episode of global purpose speaks I'm your host has Rashid and this talk series is great in partnership with ions and global purpose movement a collective change makers convening and co creating in the globe current shift towards a world that's working for everyone and you can join the conversation at global purpose and get more information about the conference at no slash conference and we hope you can all join us on this summer in Oakland it's gonna be a beautiful event thank you off the scene next time //
"2017-03-13 16:16:32"
Consciousness and the Observer Effect | Dean Radin Ph.D | IONS
\\so now just minutes for you know it's a little device that shoots articles good eats should the particle sweet used parts and you can see them on the particles go through surprisingly the other side Deborah to bounce where it shows up none of this is surprising apart this is part of what he ate how do you ever experiment with new shoot like let's and that's gonna show a way of life after Einstein if you're and reduce our strengths are white we'd be here and up until about 100 years ago on a white bus away okay did you think of the way at least you think of life as an electromagnetic wave just like me wasn't really do happen works with you no you never experiment will shoot like art wasn't like photons hit a couple slain and it doesn't take long for you see this white light Attar and it produces on the screen so you're saying that sometimes our weights but this is only true is turns out if you're not looking you look at the screen but you can't look at what's happening with the photons as they go through the slats beginning but Mister you can do the same experiment once alternate time yeah illustrate that its not the photons are colliding with each other but there's some aspect of the full time which is what we like structure and that's why you see this pattern but again it's only true if you're not looking accounts go the moment you do look both hands are going to get a completely different see what you're ending up with Alice particle there's something peculiar observation which changed behavior of that's where a child what comes because yours Mr shot right doesn't like it a little if you look lines behaves like a particle if you know it's like when you use the course is the famous ... wave duality aspect what other mechanics and on mechanics the waves are actually great it's a possibility ability and this then it's hurting our equation which is away integration describes how we view things work only sunlight waterways its waves hospital which is an extremely abstract idea when you are it's not real things like mathematical abstractions we are so weak particle duality you must lie light you shine it use rise to a problem which is not solved it under me accidents colic one measure reg my problems was like that you have some sort of a system which asks you don't say anything you have some sort of a measuring apparatus it will look so there's gonna be an attraction here were the measurement apparatus interacts with the system to answer it and in terms of the waste mechanics you do something called answer product stinking major seasonal I'm either and when you do that it shows that the system and the measurement apparatus are no longer and it's a strange thing about waves is it when you have waves to collide with other ways it just makes more complex way so list and your product is a complex way and so how does the manifest world we were made out of articles but I mean it's it's not you just the way so if what system in an apparatus collide a common tango you will get a slightly different so we can think of light as ways act what we're gonna particles article like because the packets which we gather space when you use a photodetector to measure what I will put that into the counter will use the human eye to look after it and you die NASA signals to the brain and this is how we measure I but it's a mathematical form this each things all the Hambletonian you can think of is just a matrix yes it's N. dimensional matrix so we think of this world is usually 3 dimensions of space and dimension I'm so and in this case I use 3 it's a it's an S. Ogontz the first part of it since Hamiltonian describing what I respect it's also a photodiode accounts here right brain each quarter which can again be described as Hamiltonian which is probably Morton's reading mention be a higher dimensional space but it is just basically are complex matrix so if you have a song on intractable sort of diet you want to know what I mean annexed also us about it you do this chance for broader you multiply matrices together and you end up very he switches Anaheim's now it might be 3 dimensions of space time and am dimensions scribe photodiode and so now we're quite mechanical perspective you out is extremely complicated matrix it isn't as an times and mentions it now what you did are at the counter connect photodiode we get more complicated Asian and so on and you can see pretty quickly that you don't need to make too many steps in this before you end up is horribly ugly when you structure very complicated a famous Irish this is John bell drew a picture of what this is kind of like unless cited these pictures wage structures in the right side person looking so some is looking at a double site system the for this car John is drawing near its weight like a afterwards we have should look at it that way but it article so it raises the question of what's gonna be I'm going to change declare where you've got to change so that you stop being rude wait like potentials and turned the world as we actually experience is this the unsolved problem want measurement problem under those potential stern and the actual but turn sparked and potentials into classical what's so this is interaction that's others are so you get one of the are super essence in our mechanics you know sort of classify all in her thirties are so little were much more smart even is recognized her contemporaries and jump on women is the one who okay foundations of mathematical foundations I'm an ex in its present form is it what the Bible up on weekends so you got a license measurement problem in the way but it was just a matter of form somehow we must say and this is their receipt IP server and Islamists always if I can work to Clark's one being used your system the other the observer New Jersey system to follow all physical process used arbitrarily sized server is meaningless ... aperture Beijing we don't know how to act it's like it seems to be outside the system this what's my head I'm going to say that the measurement chain ends only one knowledge of the measurement is registered I'm running on it extra physical actor something outside the school work so so this is a stunning action many business that I don't like that idea us their businesses they started out as a world so I can have something outside world which is interacting with the rest of it doesn't starting what so I'm going was actually staying down there in order to stop this wave like chain and turned into the world as we see it you need something else why not to bring up the I. mind itself eat non physical thing is you your subject of sex not one woman was not alone actually almost all rounders army annex is all these famous people who started by mechanics they all basically introducing it was sucking Burt you you're about consciousness that doesn't seem to be captured by what we know about this Alan it was important wait a quantum world turns actual work so these guys wrong as in 1900 about 930 but that process when are these are the later developments on annex over to the present day and you can still find many visits us were puzzling over and we get this strange mathematical equation which works so well we all like 30 percent of the world's economy depends on the Croatians being correct you hurt his knee up on me and I stopped and it would sign the components in computer just one angst sign it and works reasonably well so and check out is a theory that is really good except it means just as possible how was it earnings potential or you but so I believe it is too much but I just want to show that that somebody founders like Max thank you you must work want that first place aren't you under it I said I regard consciousness as fundamental regard matter as a director oncologist only in 31 years using their most of these guys I wavered on the lotus first any of this world needs implosion concept consciousness is how reality earlier when shorting are famous for earnings equation consciousness cannot be ignored or equal terms our consciousness is absolutely fundamental we have our start reading it's difficult for the mac that matter of fact this is just to accept it you know substratum of everything is up and are another one that's again an article talking about mental universe is this just shark when the true cost to do so in the end everyday physics universes irony back all all of this is talking about is that the only way you know is your awareness so everything else becomes model you know it's a really good model which is a whole world out there it's still going through your awareness so the reason I mention this later 1 are all the other ones like when he's 1930's this is 8005 minutes in nature was I can beat top science journal so this concept is reverberating through time many generations as assist your struggling notion what is happening you find even lower where some health physicists are staying at least this one Max Tegmark I had a lot a new way of thinking about consciousness is sweeping through science like wildfire well society publishing an article I don't use it is as much earth sciences O. R. out your dice are saying that you're also consciousness is a fundamental property spike this all systems and specific causal properties it basically says that you could create a robot which is as conscious we are maybe that's true maybe it's not true behind very I you know that you're talking about consciousness in his for a mainstream neuroscience physics it's no what's new in the past 5 years likewise your yeah people are beginning to approach the thundering in question I said well what abuse the human eye as actor we'll get entitlement directly okay tell us something there's a number people how makings ends there and all 11 thing you see again and again these kinds of talks where these kinds of neighbors you for the first time ever first I am ever going to do such and such this is almost never true somebody somewhere has not only thought about it early written books about this this is not for the first time ever what where's the evidence so we are always a few radical business as normal as everyone of you mentioned so far easier theorists where is the evidence that consciousness real units is it all in some way well if you look at the physics literature you can find 1 article 1977 and this is from our team at MIT Shimoni in this business as you used up a really complicated ways weather observation of assessments difference I did one experiment with 550 or trials or some you tried to ask whether something had been seen before it yet it was taking the church hopping is bigger changes in many so they got exactly chance their experiments we sort of dropped it want but they do mention in the article it somebody else one of the other students did next are starting up to 60 percent here which is a person about chance actually pretty good makes you wonder well why didn't they follow that are well it it so that was 1977 I do need defiance are up John is printed on a Princeton University published results are there studies at that time in working this at 9 for about 5 years and they were showing up with little youths are one of mechanical random number generators that you simply wish or the numbers to collect once and you get one goes up you wish for number zeros on down if you don't do anything to save yes getting up this notion of observation changing world us the random number generator circles or wants so that was if I why wait even know this is grandstanding and the reporting actually quite good evidence nobody in detention how and the reason that nobody pays attention at that point was that it was not clear that anybody else repeat this okay a laboratory reporting something else is repeated at all it means there are a couple years later writing also an eyewitness Princeton needed about analysis or all of the studies that we are physics literature and other literatures we're doing experiments up this you're on experiments publishing 59 to 1987 152 publications reported by 62 different testing enters 597 experiments 235 controls and just you can see at a glance at U. control studies you'd expect normal ... and you get some very much like a normal curve but the experimental studies or anything but more it's a 7 segment result 9 minute I'll talk a little bit more isn't that segment is about so this is a grandstand that increase this act or as 1989 it was very clear that tax base respect you Sir physical system it changes that evening what signal yours are the large hadron collider very big or very fancy looking machine is a lot of blue light you eliminate this machine because their people in Hollywood know that if something is going up Wu and it must be psychic should have been perfect so also they ran the single minded expose on Iran trillions and trillions of our interactions between particles celery and we ended up with this paragraph so you look here at the bottom you cannot grasp is 56 this is this is what enabled understand it if only because I waited another slide so we have a certain new both sound mass or at excellent 0.9 sigma significance what does it mean it's it's retaining back to the normal ... normal earth you have how different how internet research deviation that you can easily marker most lots lots of measurements are based on this kind of idea as you can see here between plus and minus 3 standard deviations are re Sigmar you account for well over 99 percent of all the data so if you end up with something which there's chance no middle went up with measurement which is why we are here that gives you confidence that you measure that's real so that's probably about 56 I said well is way beyond chance and was good not you get both gigs and one of his compadres to get enough arts I'll likewise you may you remember a couple months ago that gravitational waves were detected this is an artist's conception of a gravitational weight right are this is the signals correlated signals at the ground this to mystical significance of the signal is about what she might needing to sites which are you know I 99 percent sure it's real wanna be mentioning Sigmar again I'm going to give you a sense of what passes were Nobel Prize level style and deserts and energy surge that we've been doing and others so no look it again that the literature is very clear with them parapsychology were all that mine in transit matter it hasn't penetrated 6 well actually any other discipline very much except this is beginning to change this is 1998 I double slit diffraction experiment investigate claims of consciousness related anomalies on my desk but you can use I guess also visit Mike Anderson Akron stand ins and jumpers your university in Canada I can experiment with the double subsystem got us into your results I stand jumpers like long skeptic indeed not you see this again and again equal work I am open to the idea will get results listeners are certainly excess you can not bigger salt another college and do not look forward to your manager version of this experiment with any each 8 got significant results ... user system beforehand it it seems there afterwards you revel in it a few years later and did not I wasn't sex it was a meta analysis finds some college in Germany who look at that point at all yeah experiments look at mine better extraction and this is the result in while I wait cement treatment and how it will ultimately come up with a different kinds of ways of thinking about results it's between 3. 6 then order seem well not quite good enough to be to expose some look where it got so what is the result of the scientific community's first response basically saying there's a huge literature out here look through the telescope when using so we are also science is I will not get you over the head as you are but when the nice things about being an alliance is that we are not beholden like our jobs do not and people liking what we do so we can do anything we think it's worthwhile in 2008 I decided to revisit a site yet so here's the instrument that we use it's called Michelson interferometer when works is you believe should be in coming and last it's absolute nearer or is true markets bounced it comes up mirrors state go back together and it creates an appearance look just like the double slit system except it's computer consultant way we asked people what your mind in that arm of the other interferometer yes that does suck you're basically observing photons is it okay ask it should change away into our goals what was your idea so we put all of this out when we had our laboratory in the building next door in the basement recurrence items now I hope we've got the interferometer and Clara you ask people at meditators to cast their mind into the children grow in that particular spot we asked you know and simply observes mentally a beat there's a but it's mine but he's outside the box you can't see it use only think about this I waste money they as leaders all once it's out there it's in Spanish and groans we just looked at arrow that's looking at the interference pattern is actually able to get a 2 dimensional picture okay pattern itself so this is not a color enhanced version you can see as abruptly shape to you're in sentencing and now we've got one of the holes and you can see that we're not only has one slit and you get the diffraction what so if you take a cross section of those you too slow to get as Ripley pattern once they get up and look at the difference between the 2 and this is what we're hoping our this difference will be what happens when you observe versus owners that's rich articles very simple you're what happens again your pattern the judicial and it's also simple on that you ask somebody put your mind 20 seconds not placed in the other room that I showed you and even there look at photons in your mind's eye and then you told your mind out restaurant 20 seconds and I will do it yeah back and forth a budget this is what you get notes are being what your mission taking place you get a pretty much flat line use no difference what's going on in your broader if you ask somebody to do this with their mind reminding the box you get this upside down only way which is what your critics say not everybody was able units this was produced by Sonny Mehta you us ahead of national interest them meditations sightings and at the time was admitted getting probably 60 years 60 or 70 years Elmwood in particular was adept at the city's you special abilities that you get students and Asia so I just slumming data how did you do Hollywood was and so I said well if you send your mind into the bar and it will news and notes on site here point was art or world is inside there look at the results of all the people we get run 18 people summer non educators are meditators all of the action was in a minute you just pull out a group you get 4.286 approaching Nobel Prize it slap all the odds against you I'm I'll okay meditators did well because you're going to get any yeah her primarily because they're able to follow instructions instructions in these experiments are abstract it in instruction as I mention in your mind's eye you could see something happening now it requires stable attention so you don't have attention practiced likely that is thinking and we'll do it for 2 seconds and start dreaming cheeseburgers Riz meditators are able to sustain a on our it's since I was successful years later we decided let's just use double doubles real jobs very simple a laser was older a double slit screen the reason why I didn't do this initially is because these the slabs that are involved here are 10 microns across and millions either meter it's something that is one of your errors you couldn't get through that's all would be small it has to be small request for putting quite soon there it has to be about same sizes are so that the game is very smart and Michaelson Robert we tell people to imagine that you betrayed yourself down to about 10 microns and seeing the photons as they go through you can do that you should and collapsed wavefunction should make it German articles like shot so that's what the apparatus looks like when the outside the inside you have well thing that holds the double slit you had the cameras all the line camera John street which means a second it'll put the camera actually sees a pattern that looks like this is it the interference patterns ends up like you see what diagnostic amber what you looking at it looks like this pattern which is simply mimicking their someplace that right some places that are not so after during the lab in my younger days what about yours how also there's a patter what is the pattern that Aristotle and what would what would it do this experiment is you do it for you transform up that had arresting would just spectrum look like you subject at 2 spectral analysis and there's 2 primary peaks there one is it you think of this pattern has a very arch sideways we only see half of the sine wave nevertheless you can see that at singing requesting any other frequency are these fast moving lines in there which of the bands that are so what we target and it was first off we have to question his observation reduced doubles our we're talking about acne yes the fast moving interference pattern and what we hope happens as you observe system an aspect of power goes there that would indicate that conservation accidents so work also seems before you in this case we don't 30 second periods you server 30 seconds drop back and forth back and forth in most of these experiments are used Lina's horse you care to demonstrate yeah so since we ran 1000 session described in various experiments that voice wants me yeah order so many many people or reject grease in the only disruption so what people actually do subject we we have to assume we are further again I'll be disgraced following is it works so we're we're dealing with a differential measure it means that we will look at how the U. Abernant yes while observing versus while not serving difference irk and we're hoping that that difference goes down which in in a double slit component is is dissolving when you look so here's our first pilot study using a double set system you sure are measures the green one is all subjects involved as you 31 sentence right now it means just meditators and Daddy on it so again we see over and over again the meditators do better Starman innominate in the double slit our dropped during observations that we were very so you didn't work eyelids studies using different groups of people different designs I'm and all of them meditators did quite well you know there's a bunch of controls are this is about 100 sessions total sessions run 20 minutes doing this task so under 20 minute sessions we run all bunch opus same sessions but no people around CRB apparatus begins by itself does not like us knows rob is nothing should not and then yours are overall experiment was false so this is an observation so I'll collapses the wave function it takes away like structure and turns it article like structure and again but it isn't really well in the control test your we know that our equipment was working properly something about Inman's observing with their mind yeah and as John bundling then suggested that it's yet should is a factor that is brought into the experiment and causes Otan speaking you you know them formalists are and where we we pretty specified will have is the people who would get the sessions are we try to optimize everything we can think about what you've learned up to that point and we ended up with classic result we didn't get the Nobel Prize in the end it's not as though it was a perfect it I mean this the basically following orthodox quantum mechanics we don't add anything quantum mechanics not doing anything any kind of violence at all equations results were simply say what happens you can which are annoying and said you you get it also so after doing this for awhile I'll get another formalist airman must same result we decided to put it online see people to try it themselves so we do something in the laboratory course you have to track somebody in Iraq was easier to do what we were up here has been one of my back because you have lots of people on campus many of whom are aging and meditation another things so we just go into the dining room at some point take a there are some and we were able to get a lot of people so that it but now it's more difficult where we are and what I guess mostly so we put this version online so there's a double census form and we ran this operates 3 calendar years right both 1314 overall about 5000 sessions for dumping it all and then we also had a 7000 sessions owned by a robot which was done program to simulate a person wait work let's ask so if your person going to the website let's see up is blue rectangle on your screen and with instructions again means voice over the internet how is you do nothing on seconds now it just now is concentrate and you see a squiggly line on the screen it is likely one was going up it was good meant that you heard your insolence in system and then just hired and along with that was like a whistling what's it about tracks you can do with your eyes closed it wasn't going to go up and you're doing well so these are humans doing it be then sent simulated humans will clinics system that would call into the system the same way that you might want to get it exact same way there's no one there it's watching except me abstract so the account number Caesar parents matter desk this gives you some other measure offerings visibility rituals abilities something most of the crop in the bottom of each one stretches and gets a relative measure of how much ingenious there is production is when you take this French measure in user retention collapse interviewer and you go away in this matter trance so that's always been designed so this is the result of only 2000 well be alert serving you have all these numbers below 0 some of which almost reach 56 and when the village which is looking at well that was pretty good and if I went bottom you're going out really well because we're using the internet and you knew where people are coming from because it also yes we will look at does the effect Dropbox distance the answer is not a test in lot of people and you must Europe Asia the affected person was independent it's that's up to 20000 clunkers which is is as far away from here as you can get anybody know where that is where the earth would you need to be 22000 auditors away which as far away as you can chart soccer okay no Sir ours so it effect sizes that we're getting it use it for instance doesn't we rented for 2 more years I 13.14 and got pretty much the same results slightly better when younger more I stick my results known Nobel but also we're we're fortunate that I Nicolas Trembley it's our post are you age the in physics who heard about our experiments and sat down to install that seems interesting if it's real so we actually inherent state or among all obstacles you're 2 months you our officers there wow synchronicity so any other titles interesting use your with us for 2 months he was debating at the time whether she continuances because he wasn't that interested anymore we just got the HD it was thinking instead of becoming an instructor or how how pounders going into are into mountains and in a minute grace is because he enjoyed that too and felt it was more interesting physics so the reason I came to visit us because if what we were saying was true and there's some aspect of business which is very mysterious way more so is this thing you would be we inspire go back into the academic world so he'd reanalyzed alternator from 262014 using baskets you cannot basically the concern that our results are correct we didn't make an analytical stick equipped agree counsel so we're happy with that need another business it was near Monterey are I give all the data from our 2013 online experiment he also is a racket using Islam you publish is Nicolas hasn't published is results here Easter telling us that we're not making mistakes and what we're doing it still raises the question of whether somebody else can replicate our study using the same and design somersault so working with universelle unseen in Berlin to actually replicate our not a skeptic says wait a minute there are trillions of photons per second and the continuous eat also system that's what we're using a laser that shooting trillions of August 2 how do you know that it's a quantum and this is a good point because the moment you start using huge numbers of things you might use won't be getting classical I so it's the classic process is rather than on so I said well that's a good point let's try using one 's own Hernan our so it is S. what does system that's made by a company called each stand which is nice off-again we adopted it river are the Sir so when this works is as follows you and measure when you're on the interference pattern look if the move a little slide measure you move the slide you can count the number of photons are actually making to that point and if you do that you keep moving the site over you show that to mean is actually very tight your error bars and staying with you any this year so I so if China dirty white is actually showing up in this way adders I slide shows up at a minimum they are at minimum it means that there's not much like getting there and the only way that light and not get there is if there is an appearance patterns going on there deconstructive destructive interference preventing light from going so the sermon becomes very simple we will ask people who look at that portion of the interference pattern and if they're successful and interfering with your parents and what you suddenly start show up yeah we opened happens is in this experiment more light shows up we used a design used many designs for it 11:00 out now is this little creature which isn't Buddha statue which has an LED inner so the more successful you are an experiment writer if Greg yes all this unit would expire I think it was done in a dark room so the only source of light was the sort of yellowish motto which would glow brightly if you're doing well otherwise you get drunk are so this is it 2 things going where one is that it's kind of cute at you got immediate feedback as Malberg scrimmage that are you doing but also people don't like being in the gardens in order to not be in the artist you have to make a Buddha China so what was eliminated would be admitted you're as a result of the experiment didn't go up as I said what what we're up to 2.I I we publish that 2015 and we got work or so we don't 17 experiments on the site so far I couldn't eat in marina permission to talk about it so I we didn't 17 experiment you can do a meta analysis where you look at all of it and see what's happening overall is the result of house I need I began using different ways of analyzing the data it's somewhere between about worse you are too 86 well I think most good enough writable price which you get to your so it's it's looking pretty good no question that it is raised somewhat technical but the question is are the results of the sea duty the acting is a term that says when you're doing experiments but you hope that you can end up with is a good he got a very small art bell you a probability that results due to chance so most psychologists and in other fields as well try to get it Alou lesson point of our which would mean that the odds against chance at the result you're claiming is 21 I think in chains and so there's a tendency there were researchers to start settling with the data insane or at certain none try taking this you keep trying things to hack away at the bugle using them up with one of our and this is well known especially in the social sciences that people do this or not doing slut you're selecting a thing and then just like themselves why they're doing that motor to get good results so it's now is this nice website go to which speaker Tom where you can test see whether or not he acting is responsible for your socks you end up with her insular who cares the results and the actual experiments 17 experiments and Gregor is chance and when you do the analysis senator Lees are studies showing actual evidence isn't as good you're acting or not it is does have evidential value overall estimates about a 76 members all this is due to be hacking I didn't like it once your probabilities greater than point 999 not and needs no there is no it wasn't speakers that we overall see about 7 segment is not due to us acting away at the data in order to get it is what it is everything is so maybe we didn't agree on experiments overall a parking lot 17 of them because those the ones that were well this first of all not least because somewhere experiments didn't work so well but there's also analytical ways of dealing with your students because I don't wanna go details on this but the bottom line is basically that that's chance in these little things is ... what things you're dying to show where where the actual attack so when you start doing analyses to see whether we simply last songs hind catcher out there there's no evidence that's like reporting which we know to be the case because you publish everything yeah but somebody else in our and there's lots and lots of other ways of looking at this in the bottom line is selective reporting results so work and this is a question that is not resolved yet so it at this point it's stand waiting speculation I like little doggie and don is asking your dog ask must answer so when you ask a question of this word underneath that what you're basically saying is what is the framework in which we can fit those facts it doesn't do violence to what we already understand because it does do violence to what we are you understand no one will and and for good reason like what we understand allowed us to make this technology so that's got to be true it's pragmatic be true but you're right we understand in that observation is making his so it gives us all just mention how are you all are familiar with the continent dressed like also it system after my dinner and inner the reason why you thought it up the continents were drifting about because a geologist he noticed that if you look at Africa South America under certain kinds of soil that turned out to be almost identical and the circle just well in America and North America Europe and almost and the shapes are sort of interesting looks like a jigsaw puzzle below par when you first mentioned this in the 19 twenties this was like the worst heresy that you can imagine because it was not a good sign that the obviously the continent's though who it there fixed somehow so that's a stupid idea nevertheless better was convinced after awhile that because not only of the soil but lost souls turned out to be the same concepts it I have forgotten works north side of South America and elsewhere it's so look like something was to or in the world partake in with this notion of 200000000 years ago look like that moved now we look like that okay her first came up with this idea is just meant for how fast accountants who was much much faster and we know that it that's one of the reasons why it was rejected esque basically saying that confidence removing 20 centimeters per year well that's that's fast you know break I'm ready I'm awake wishing us so he was off on his estimate I designed it was correct nevertheless it what I'm sad and we are to believe editors costs you must forget everything we've just been learned in the past 7 years and start all over so it was dismissed and told he was long dead in the 19 sixties finally you're gagging understand that they're actually plates at slow and are up underlying structures in that actually would account for this bank or Chile you've been dead for 40 years well the thing about frameworks no brainer did not have framework you didn't have the the underlying knowledge that we now see why these things one example is sex I will lecture on docks and I will talk about dogs for 3:00 hours talk about every kind of job that you can see owning a dog in the middle okay it won't have any problem with that until I say okay now let's talk about rabbits I never had a president cop look lot now heard on that Iraqi forces exactly the same picture Greenstock my biggest thing here and what you see depends on so is this true enterprise okay so if we change our context a little bit about what's happening in the whole set experiment maybe we'll be able to steer away in a sense so we're gonna do what you serious first theory is prevailing theory in science and in particular in the neurosciences which status and you're nothing but a pack of neurons in your machine that's that's what is currently thought to be true in the nearest this is a star what science how scientists develop a reductive materialism and it works like this is it I don't yeah industry biology and psychology somewhere near the top where just a rising right yes reductive materialism because it's based on a model of emergence like we know that their electrons everywhere lootings insider at right where else things emerge out of that are complex the square level so organization also causation and news from physics upwards this is one of the reasons why it's expensive being foundational science when we get more money mostly other areas are such that people who need better topics but most students after awhile well so inculcated into their students that when you get out I permit doctoral program you have no reason to not eat this anyone tell you anything else well the story is already begun to crack a little bit because I mechanics is somewhere near the bottom physics and one mechanics is extremely unlike almost everything else stay because it's no longer in space are it's not giving us any more it's relationships it's weird stuff right weirdness next stop so there's already a crack beginning our nevertheless most scientists and brother who your deal with their own discipline but interactions between us don't most people in biology don't know all that much about physics and vice versa one psychology don't know much about it either begin to see our is it took 100 years it's finally beginning to see you're on 6 yet quantum chemistry now ideology on psychology it's like what what Isshin our answer is not too much of a stretch to imagine that goes all the way to the car so it's not going to want them awareness if that is true then suddenly all things hiking and interactions are out here are not so strange after all the US underworld strangeness a quantum world is that things are connected through space so that's one possible witness in you're away which I think is probably better is consciousness is fundamental and so you're talking about what words like idealism were adopted out of order check isn't murder one is home it's all having to do with the notion that really what's going on in the stock market rail which just prior to space doctors that's a new ace we should be sitting all persuasions we do that we might use such terms I owe a good bonus this system up this notion implicate order from which yes order arises this is an order which all and others it said is intrinsically mental it's a mental space is not visible once objectives so rather than using the word emergency use workers nation because it's a little bit like saying that there is kind of a strange substance here which is not like a physical world from which means precipitate earn much like when you look up at the sky and it looks perfectly fine you get nothing else stones coming out well it precipitated out of the medium itself so this is suggesting physics and chemistry and everything else precipitates out of this underlined you it shouldn't it needs a new poll awareness down from the top of the pyramid and put it so you could use worklight consciousness if you wish or other words do it mental construct and the reason why that's useful is because just like electrons permeate everything well we have awareness reading everything well this is where to such oath were physics both were spaced are suddenly all these strange things about psychic phenomena and other things I mentioned begin to make sense because it means that your your subjective why is may need all this stuff that's where the awareness comes for and that's what we're spaced so the back you can have a connection with somebody at a distance doesn't it doesn't when you buy wants any of that it simply says we're living in a sighted world which is sitting on a different subject and this is important to us one of this year's you find and science for people's occur rear walking about physics or biology or whatever don't read some is gonna come along like that here hell no that's not the way it works they do not to throw away their nobody wants to do that and they don't need to because within each slice here each discipline it's all correct we did change over time is all do but it's not wildly incorrect it just needs a new case yet most people work in the bounced between ions intent to work what between here and those other ones and that's where our notion that consciousness is fundamental in some way and we don't do it right rest so you see more and more people get it right systems by Stuart Costner you can do visit us couple months ago east and west were developing ask Therion complexity theory center aims at first it was hired there so escort which just came out beginning in March missions are work a lot you need it we are first to our work on the double set experiments the artist it's bits and now with this notion of what it all always real which trail is it is our top you have the classical world we live in the very bottom you a quantum world which is and god knows what and there's a poor use which is the enter a boundary between into waste round is how do you transition between the 2 is now saying that consciousness must be on the mental required it you see this in books like white materialism Aloni actually I think that what the end of materialism beyond physicalism it's called my name because most waning of materialism so what many more equal in different disciplines and science are beginning sank so imparting is going up which you can say ... scientific perspective it's very exciting wrote pragmatic perspective what it was but one thing is also looking around for anomalies of consciousness it's not just like you it's things like this so we know it was Mozart inch in Einstein others were considered a genius as all alone when you look at their biography saying that they got the right yeah well out of the sky it rationally figured out they just got it from somewhere in the new pocket looking biographies of electrons even some contemporary Moser's it didn't compose they will what was already in room only for their it's just like they just think it is now well neuroscience resected we are here intellectually any perspective we don't know how to work at all so there is an anomaly it does not fit into productive materialism but you can see it in very nicely with other models not you have some funds what we also millions autistic savants but there are these other character other types of what's called acquired so required to want is somebody who has a brain injury also down one day and I'd never played the piano before and then they recover from their brain problem and I think I look at your audience I never touched a piano before so that's pretty strange even stranger is a sudden surprise without any injury or anything goes to sleep one day wake up the next day and there expert militia yes you are any idea how such a thing what was your intuition and psychic phenomena mystical experience all the rest of it all of these things require different way of thinking about what's going on here which makes a lot more sense but it was a model and it doesn't insurance model so if your interest in these things about you are wired and sudden Sir bonds is I want to treatments this is really a minute if you know nothing about at anything spooky reticence easy in this case this is not like showing sudden psychic attacks these are real people who will do very bizarre endings yeah grist how do you respond to your car what are the practical implications process well there too if we don't it were okay sidestepping energy healing shop because we don't think we don't know how it works and use words like subtle energies because they are not what else learns to use well 8 thank you listen terms I hope what is the mind actually durability your summer experiments others that it actually can manifest aspects of the world and maybe encourage energy you got I was saying opened it we are not taking advantage of people who have expert in Croatia make better decisions and we end up with the political situation we should I post people and cultivate and then use them as a resource you owe us figure out how we're going to survive this unity extended years in addition it's worse were answering use these questions why are we capable of something about the esoteric traditions correct so life after death and I like this guy is like walking into the universe I tried it on my windows about you could come another question we get asked just as the mind absolutely Alaska market where another words if you're able to look at something I think that since and simply the act of looking causing it me in certain ways that what's going on were our minds are active not passive so we are goals and intentions so is it the case that our minds are actually actively schirer one way function well it wouldn't says yes we are actively steering what's going on we're not simply passively observing the world we are pushing around mind you purchased it's manifested real a reason why people are not levitating things happen is largely I think us one of the ways this works is that it has to be compatible with what society wells don't mind if you are thinking I know you don't know what their goals are going to their suppressing what's happening nevertheless you can't help but usually big things occur because the individual especially under conditions of some shielding where there aren't able to exclude it unrest were all and you make interest or gridlock you're //
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The Science of Consciousness
\\I I I I I nnst I it's I I I the depending on the shoulders of unlocking Jewish and duration we are uncovering a greater awareness based all multi generational develop greater cooperation I mean it's we no more than an when the world is 10 full back old paradigms of duration collusion and divisive we must stand together create a holistic sustainable solutions for our human family and option I the I I and the the //
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Consciousness for a New Generation - a webinar with Kate Noble, PhD
\\you know it wind and welcome to consciousness for the next generation web in our series my name is Andrea ribbons and I am delighted to welcome you here today with our guest noble man we are so grateful to have you along on this next month journey with us if it's your first time to end remaining together at first and third when they have them working at and and we can now could we get started I'd been since his exciting topic is that we now have all of our recordings and that we'd been doing up on mine I'm gonna No Way Out work slash can and will send out that email link to everyone just so you know if any of the previous recordings you I was great so without further you know and we have no voice acting is the professor who got sort of consciousness studies in the school of science technology engineering and now at the university of Washington all and she was Bennett you got here UW faculty member since 1990 and while she's there she repeated and now directs the minor adjustments on the first of its kind in a public university though it's so exciting here are what create it and there's a consciousness club there at the university of Washington file well I'm with the big creating MP think paying so we're gonna have diabetic and a little bit who I am its process of making a catch the studies program a reality and what they're studying him students and and the average creating ways that units that they're taking this in public you so here I am so so delighted that you're here with us today I'm so welcome I'm doing it yeah one we believe there you too no but I have to warn all of your guests that I have never done this before so they have to bear with me I can as I tell my students I am great about flying through the multiverse but I'm not very good about technology so I we ready for me yeah yeah go play locais well hi everybody I wish I knew who you were but I don't so I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself and then also I I've got a whole bunch of slides which will be available through Ryan says well just to give you more information about what I've been doing at the university of Washington and why I've been doing it and then you I think even more importantly what students have to say about it I am in my clinical and counseling psychologists and I actually went into graduate school and how my goodness long time ago now 1976 there recently and I went into psychology graduate school was not because I was in love with psychology in fact I'm as an undergrad I had to on not only dropped out several times but I was also on a pre law student had never taken 1 psychology class in my life and then shortly after I studied I started law school I had on an anaphylactic reaction and ... wound up having 3 cardiac arrests in 3 very powerful near death experiences in a 2 hour period of time and that happened on in October of 1975 hello that was right before Raymond moody's book life after life was published and really there was nobody at the time who was talking about near death experiences so when I came back from that experience ... from the third of those experiences when I was given a choice about whether I wanted to come back to life or not I'm I made the decision in large part because I wanted to do when I am now doing which is teaching about consciousness although it's been a very difficult journey in many ways Tom several months after coming back from a near death experience I dropped out a law school obviously and I went into psychology room not again because I I felt that there was anything there for me but I also thought it was the largest tent I'm in which to ask these kinds of questions and I was really fortunate that the chair of the department I was willing to allow me to do that and I I guess I want to start by saying it's really important at this time when so many of us are pioneering this new discipline all that we find allies I'm allies within the department's allies among colleagues and allies at the university because where at the at a time of enormous paradigmatic change and all that kind of change is never easy to bring about so I really encourage you to find allies wherever you are if this is something that you think is important on premium to do I am began to teach consciousness and 2001 on the Seattle campus where I was a faculty member for 20 some odd years I'm I was able to teach one course a year for the honors program and I taught one course 2 year for 8 years until 2008 all that time I was trying to find an academic home in which to expand the program because not surprisingly students would finish their first 10 weeks suburb of the town consciousness class and they would want more and I had no opportunity really to give them more and finally I had a conversation with the person who was provost at the time and she said you know it's a slow the statement that really shocked me and that was literally there will never be consciousness on this campus and when she said that I knew that I had to find someplace else if I were really serious about creating consciousness program fortunately I think the multiverse intervened at that point arm although California has a long ... history of branch campuses which are no longer called branch campuses university Washington didn't the main campus in Seattle was the only campus hotel about 20 years ago and for a variety of reasons 2 additional campuses were created 1 up in Bothell which is about moved 20 miles north of Seattle and then another 1 down to coma which is about 2030 miles south I'm I'm a became friends with a professor of physics at the brothel campus who was also a Buddhist Alan and a meditator and when I told him that I have been unsuccessful in finding an academic home to create a consciousness program you spontaneously asked if I would consider coming to bottle and and during that he had just been asked to create a new school of science technology engineering and math I'm which have existed at that point I'm and she said that he thought consciousness would help to expand the minds of both students and and faculty members was I willing to come and do that you know I thought about it a lot arm and decided that I would go and do this because it was the first time that a way opened for the possibility of creating a really dumb integrated entrance disciplinary programme conscious and so on into 10 I I transferred me back lake won awful campus and she began to create what is now the minor consciousness although the lighter watched formally in our fall of 2014 so we have been up and running now for 2 years on there have been probably about 300 students who have taken at least the first of the consciousness series I'll bet 50 students now were finished Reiner along and let me let me tell you a little bit about the minor and students reactions to it so I hope that I'm not going to be able to that will be able to do this I think I'm I have to I took my screen somehow there we go from the beginning okay so the minor in consciousness at the university of Washington brothel is trance disciplinarian and to grow and what that means is that what I try and do is introduce students to the study of consciousness through reading different ranches including psychology which Israeli depth psychology neuroscience quantum physics quantum biology in contemplative practices I don't it's not makes a trans disciplinary integral nature really comes from but that's it phrase that was crying by Ken Wilber and I and I really appreciate it because I think it's not it's important consciousness do not simply be studying this scientific and scholarly literature but it's also really important for students to meditate to pay attention to their dreams and to begin to develop flexibility for Whitney and exploring their own consciousness and so for that reason the minor as I say here uses both objective and subjective methods on to expand where ness to teach students about the intersection of marine didn't matter and ultimately to enhance both individual and collective well being for me I'm this minor comes out of my very profound near death experience where it became clear to me that we were at a tipping point in terms of the evolution of the human species and that was very important for us to grow and mature psychologically and spiritually at this point I think that's a very hard thing to do without guiding people through that transition and giving them access to that over 100 years of research that shows us that we are much more than what scientific materialism has has try to on hypnotized into port within ourselves to bring so that in a nutshell is is the description of the minor one question that comes up a lot is why and minor rather than in nature and there were 2 reasons for that first of all you know consciousness is not yet on a vocational path students if anybody wants to study and and become a scientist or scholar in the field you really have to find a different field I didn't consciously so what I wanted to do was to create a way to teach students about consciousness without having to have them compromise their vocational plans consciousness is not yet recognized as a legitimate area of academic inquiry which seems really silly to me but nonetheless that's where we are so this way students can market can major in psychology or business partner saying or physics or anything they choose to and they can also add a minor which will not only give them ... access to this phenomenal field how consciousness studies on but will also enhance whatever it is that they're studying in in a more traditional context and the second reason that I think eyeliner is really important is because it really brings together a lot of students from different disciplines nursing biology psychology education all these different disciplines come together and students can really have a sense of how they can integrate consciousness into the ideas that they care about most in 2 ways on into the kinds of things that they might wanna do in their adult life so that's the reason why it's a minor rather than a major I hope there are some courses that I created for the minor on the first one they're farther reaches of human nature is my arm way of appreciating Abraham Maslow and and his arm book of that title on it introduces students to the field of consciousness it introduces sent to the scientific studies of non local mental phenomena healing near death experiences but role of meditation and so it becomes really critical because most students come into consciousness not having a clue about what consciousness means okay fully absorb that biases on on scientific materialism and many of them frankly comment thinking that that everything that they're about to study is no way it will work and so by grounding this in the scientific literature they very quickly come to realize that there are a lot of very powerful scholars very powerful scientists who put their careers on the line to all introduce humans too than nature and scope of their minds so that's a first course and then the students go deeper true consciousness to we get much more ... into the study of neuroplasticity and particularly the role of attention and intention passion and belief in creating our minds in sculpting our minds and sculpting her body seemed really creating our individual and collective worlds and we talk a lot about the emergence of a new paradigm of consciousness that is slowly but surely I believe supplanting home scientific materialism neither Courcelette teaches the psychology in science of dreams and the reason I teach this is because you know I tell my students it's very important to realize that every person has at least 5 periods of dream during an average night's sleep out what most people don't take the game seriously they don't remember their dreams they don't work with their dreams and yet dreams are a phenomenal wave beginning to explore consciousness particularly when one learns to become lucid so in that course we talk about the cross cultural history of dreams going back to ancient cultures we talk about our contemporary psychological theories of dreams starting with Freud and young and moving up into Calvin Hollins certain work contemporary researchers we talk about different ways of incubating interpreting dreams and we spent quite a lot of time talking that lucid dreaming and what we are learning about the nature and scope of consciousness strictness of dreams then a hand on and consciousness for 24 that's consciousness in the natural world and what we do there 6 lower animal and plant consciousness both from scientific perspectives primarily the work of Rupert Sheldrake and the shoe monic research about animal and plant consciousness and then I did and and we end that course studying the arm the Dalai Lama's for ethics for new millennium because I think it's really important for all humans right now to understand that we are not the top of the food chain but that we have deep ethical on responsibilities for collaborating with them interacting with no other human out scheduling others other species including the biosphere how a book that I use for that course is on journey nor beach the cosmic serpent which I think is just a phenomenal way of introducing students to what we are because the mindedness of the natural world and then finally the last lesson a teacher's co consciousness and well being naturally are focusing more deeply on non local dynamics working at entanglement in it to land as really underlying principles of psychological and physical reality I am and focusing on ways that students can not only continue to expand their minds but also promote their wellness your own well being and find ways of integrating consciousness would cheer the activities that they will undertake I'm as they move more deeply into our home their adult lives so that in a nutshell is the like is it are the portions that includes the goals of the minor are ... as you can see there creatine extensive I think I'm I I definitely want students to be able to explore the complex relationships among mind body and brain I want them to do be able to do that with intellectual rigor and open minds with what Rupert Sheldrake calls constructive on skepticism rather than compulsive skepticism and always keep in mind with the Buddhists call beginner's mind so that becomes sort of the deaths context the platform of everything that we do in all of the courses in the minor I want students to become knowledgeable about them literature that constitutes the field I want them to be able to talk not only with each other but with contemporary scientists and could couple of scholars I'm about the different theories of consciousness I tell my students when they make the liner they probably no more than about 90 percent of practicing scientists and scholars in the field on and that's in part because there's so little information available in higher education because of the taboo that dean Raden talks about quite eloquently on the taboo against consciousness so another goal of the miners to learn to meditate on I practice or teach students are very basic mile behavioral form of mindfulness meditation I also let them know that there are many other forms of meditation that they I hope that they will explore in practice I am but I think it's really important in an interloper Graham that they not only use their intellectual skills but they they really strengthen their ability to reflect to be introspective onto and to arm explorer take seriously the subjective content of their own lines on we know that meditation encourages people to become more compassionate more insightful more resilient and I think through they've got liner I hope that students will be encouraged to do just that and finally I think I want them to get a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives you know this is a very difficult time as we all know and a lot of my students feel extremely pessimistic depressed nihilistic anxious Ron and I think it's in part because they've been told that there's no underlying underlying meaning or purpose in life and you can't study consciousness seriously without realizing that pretty much everything we can talk about reality Islam and as students explorer consciousness more deeply one of the wonderful things that happens as I will show you in some research that we've done on is that all of a sudden they feel optimistic they feel sense of curiosity and hope it's almost as though they feel like they are re awakened to a kind of excitement about wife that they lost a long time ago so those are all of the goals and I happen reach army into creating and teaching the minor I'm in just the last June my work my students former students and I finished and published a study which is called why conscious teaching and learning at the leading edge of mind science and on this was a study that we did over the course of 4 years Pacific like to look at changers and beliefs about consciousness during our ready and the personal and intellectual effects of studying consciousness and for students who completed the first quarter of the consciousness Reiner so we collected data from 16 undergraduates who were enrolled in consciousness oneness with colic during autumn quarter 20132014 or 2015 and we did a couple of things one which we give students are beginning at the end of the course are a questionnaire developed by in months British at the university of western Ontario called on the police about consciousness and reality questionnaire we wanted to see whether students our beliefs changed and how they changed over the course of 10 weeks we also did I grounded theory analysis odds final reflection essays that students wrote and I'm followed that up with an ethnographic real time analysis students questions during the course so we were trying to get as deep a census we could about what happens for students ... in the course of 10 weeks I would when they're being introduced most for the first time in their lives to a very different idea viewpoint of reality and let me just quickly show you some of the town that results I'm I won't bore you to death with ... statistics but we've seen in 2013 to 2014 and 2015 that students believes in all these different areas changed profoundly and significantly on I can refer you to their original study that he wants published where he talks about what the questionnaire and tails our and what these different categories are but let me show you this figure because I think it's particularly interesting they did this on this shows you the pre and post test results from around said students completion of the questionnaire the anti physicalism scale tells us whether we know it suggest whether or not we believe that physical reality is is all there is or whether we are more than just the physical beings that we inhabit religiosity talks about on whether or not people believe in a personal god with if they have a theological orientation or spiritual orientation that's interesting right religiosity because it doesn't necessarily mean just the traditional religions then leaning subscale ... looks at how ... on whether or not people feel the need for sense of meaning and purpose in their lives extraordinary experiences tell us whether or not individuals have had these kinds of experiences whether they are you know knowing who is on the phone when the phone and when you before you look at caller ID me or whether you had an anomalous healing experience on the extraordinary believe scale shows us whether or not people taken these kinds of possibilities seriously or not arm in our growth speaks for itself do people feel that being introspective than reflective it's important terms of their overall development and finally the transcendental ism scale is that combined on scale that measures changes across all of these different dimensions and as you can see students beliefs changed powerfully I. N. significantly on or all 3 groups of students over there string year period of time in that article we go into much more depth into the ethnographic analysis to to not only be able to see quantitatively how students or exchange but also to look at what they say qualitatively on which I think in many ways to some of the more interesting ahlam information we are also right now in the middle of starting a new study which I'm calling my consciousness matters hello and what I'm looking at here is what do students say after taking 2 or more courses and consciousness program also why does it matter to them I know my consciousness matters to me but I think what is much more important in in training a new generation of scientists and scholars is to understand more clearly why consciousness matters to them it does your consciousness doesn't matter to most of my colleagues in school of science technology engineering and math at university of Washington Bob Hope in fact they really wish it would go away because they don't think at all which students do and so I wanna understand from their perspective what is it that they tell us that they have learned how the grown how they've changed why ISIS ... study important to them and I'm just in the process now of analyzing about 200 final reflection essays but in preparation for this weapon are here are some of them that categories of understanding that debt down I've been able to discern first of all students tell us that as a result of studying consciousness they feel I'm market increase in well being on both personal and collective level and they tell us all kinds of ways in which they feel healthier on psychologically and emotionally on as a result of learning this material they tell us that they acquire some critically important tools for self discovery self development self awareness they gain a much deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life in part because they discovered that there's a whole lot more lying in reality and what they've been led to believe either by the scientific materialists dogma that they've grown up with or for many of them also the arm more dogmatic religious beliefs that they sort aren't they tell us that they have an increased respect and appreciation for the natural world and a much deeper awareness of humans responsibilities to the sphere perhaps most importantly of all they feel this profound opening up their hearts and their minds they feel hope optimism empathy the compassion and for many of the students so said this is the first time that they can remember ... stealing curious and excited about being a wife and they feel a sense of responsibility and a real determination to engage in the world in ways they never considered before they also tell us and I hope we get a chance to talk about this war in our our chat session they also tell us that consciousness is not for the faint hearted you know they they grow and they change in unexpected ways and sometimes what they are learning scares them to death sometimes it's very frustrating sometimes they feel or many times actually they tell us that they feel more isolated because they leave class excited to talk with family or friends or colleagues or other professors and they find that they run smack into a wall aren't aren't materialists ideology which and and then they go silent so they say you know they think the stunning consciousness the most important thing if they've ever done but they also say that it is not without its difficult to and here's a quote that I found from one of my students who said my whole viewpoint on how I change on how I perceive the world around me has shifted more times than I can count I've experienced so many paradigm shifts in my thinking that the war I know the war I know that I don't know anything at all and that's both good news and the bad news I'm studying consciousness I'm from entrance disciplinarian Ninjago perspective I'm last couple of things I want to talk share with you our first of all tell you that the consciousness club come a number of my students in fact workroom were co authors with me in the first article that I talked about started what they call the consciousness club and this is an officially sponsored university of Washington club I'll name me regularly to ... bring different activities to campus to expand their ideas about consciousness to cross fertilised each other to engage in different experiences like going to the century deprivation tanks ... or different meditation programs all the consciousness club and in 2012 every year I wonder whether it will reconstitute itself because students graduating new students have to come in and take the club over I'll bet I and every year students have had stepped out and done just that so I think that I'm having a consciousness club is a nominal way for students to engage each other and create a really critical community I want to expand their own lines and to keep the study of consciousness Hawai for them I'm an I guess not brings me to the end of her can I get out of this I don't know brings me to the end of my conversation about town the liner in consciousness and why do I do that's the politics you know we really do need a new generation scientists scholars to move this field forward most of us who have been in this field for a long time on are getting older were retiring we are leaving with you know some are reincarnated and in order for this you know to Lou and Tim were ... and develop even more we need we need to we need millennial struggling young people who take consciousness seriously want to know out study it professionally and in bed these ideas in that profession work that they do so I I really want to own courage you could be part of that Nick and Rick that sits forward Hon that's the end yeah I think I've talked now I think it's so wonderful I just I really wanna stop to honor you for that trailblazing work that you're doing in green this constant studies program into the school systems and a public school universities so I just am so inspired listening to you in here and how it's affected the students and it it really struck me when you're saying it's some people at that first time they're filling curious and excited about life and you know that's so profound and truly transformative education so I just I was really struck by a bat and just really one honor what you're doing there the first yeah yeah it's really it's really exciting to me I was on how can I read you something I was just looking at one of the papers that one of my students wrote in and this is particularly powerful on this is a student who grew up in a situation warmest unbelievable abuse actual abuse family views 12:00 when she went through chick completely disarm retention and in this worst yourself in science and then became more and more depressed and doing what she says was the end of this but there I'm paper that you left the end of the minor last they still don't know exactly what my career will be but I know it will I know that I will continue on to get my doctorate know that I want small but growing and if we do have one of these artists building living I want is that community as much as I take so grateful for the opportunity you have learned all of this material and I cannot wait to see where that link that she is on her my well this is this is really transformative work now we're here and not only intellectually psychologically engaging but it is roundly in motion ... and spiritual healing no no yeah just it touches me so deeply and that's one of the main and initiatives that we have with next Gen is to let people know that there is people out there studying there is the tribe and you were talking earlier about finding al-assad's weaponize the chance for people to gather from anywhere in the world to come together in here topics on this and begin to talk about it so it just ... yeah I really touches my heart that this is happening so many places in the world and it's happening Eric the university and yeah and and but the conscience club that has started there has also inspired us to help people and who are tuned into the work of I and start their own conscious clubs on campus so I know there's a lot of students well and I'm undergrad and and doctor another all others post op people who've been on these weapons are so there's people all skills were in school or who are and how to squeal and interested in learning how to take this into their career so I yeah I think or yeah it's so great to have ... kind of this perspective of bringing then I'm at next January really here to provide a hub for people to gather together and learn information enjoyed that speaker and a communities own no yeah the work that you're doing is so important ... ask because you know when you look at this field and how it's developed 9 network was 1882 when the society for psychic research first formed in Britain and then in the United States they can to gather the most profound lines of their generation to look seriously take consciousness seriously and that research and was developed in Rome and become more robust over the years but nobody hears about it my students all say why don't have we never will like his new now is that as people get older and as they leave this field when they got it this well go underground unless there are new millennials new jam people would comment and I and take it seriously and embedded in their work so what you're doing critically important moon create great well I want to open up questions we have some questions coming in here so I'm gonna go and open the tough questions and if you are on the weapon and you've been with us before you'll see on the right side of your screen I guess you control panel that has questions and you can type your questions into us and we'll read them on and you can also ask live questions by raising your hand there's a little symbol of a hands and you can get past that and in a raise your hand and then I can I mean you know and then you can talk directly with Kate I'm with you for your questions so I'm go hand and take them and then I will start reading them up here learn okay so we've got none says I'm I'm wondering if she's encouraging Christians to become active in such existing organizations as the parasite logical association and and so on so almost more yeah that's a great question yeah I try and introduce students to all of the different organizations was so serious and so but they can they can not only riches of pay hound but also seen where you gotta figure out where their their tribe is where the community is where they will go next absolutely you are beautiful there are a number of other non question here from la Haye and she's asking if there are opportunities to take some of the consciousness courses online and I planning on making an online course for the teachings that you you know I get that question the line in the answers you know I'll and then there are 2 reasons for that one is out I think that consciousness really requires face to face kind Lou or do you wait around I I find online education sort of very cold in all living and I think for consciousness secondly because you look at what what is consciousness doing it's telling us that everything written part of that reality right I mean the bottom line is everything we can talk about reality is wrong well that's not an easy we they entertain yeah rules welfare as you take this seriously well it raises all kinds and anxieties ... questions that I think we're doing wrong are they still face water to deal with or no right now I'm not doing online but you know somebody in the future we'll do that yeah yeah I know great points about the Howard in person especially with ease yeah and okay so we have earned majority says yeah let's see such a great start to the weapon aren't thinking so much and is there a possibility access a reference list from the courses you teach she's doing a PhD and Australia I just since then but doesn't have access to this kind of courses so maybe some of the boxers on the things that you you know I would be happy to share my syllable I harm anybody who wants it so they can enter a menu and I can do is send you copies of all of the syllabus I and then you can distribute them I can not bring it my son had that they also have all the books that I use I'll I'll also send you a copy of the article that came out in June in Europe ontology article because that has a lot of records to are you or not necessarily soul of ice so I will I will do that later today you are from curry on it says they can't make me think here for her benefit yeah it out for for a couple of books in particular bell on in consciousness or consciousness and well being I used Larry gas used book which came out 2 years ago one line which is fabulous I used recruit children aged dogs that no we mothers coming home access very it is Jeremy Nairobi's ... has make certain 24 consciousness ray is Alan Wallace's book embracing line to help students understand the power of scientific fearlessness and got my interest in science is not scientific realism I think consciousness one I use list white neighbors ordinary knowing yeah text followed by Brandon movies life after life and so or I can be a long so I keep going back to those principle on scholars because I think your work is so powerful and so accessible to students were just coming time that's all in pulp contained in the still by which I will send you great yeah and then will descend that will probably just attach that arm under the video on the website river on the scene we cast him an email to everyone who's here's the person I am now if we've got a couple questions and and I'm sending your your butt reference lists that it's desperately wanted and needed and great celibacy okay so one question again is how to encourage adults who have completed their college degree to become more active in consciousness learning oh well that's a great question for which I do not have a great answer ... because it is very nicely of you know I really like I don't know what to say I get that question true I'm we we think community but community is something this field people create so I I really don't know how to go about doing that not connected to meditate terror that might be a possibility or ions I think that's where the online community maybe I have been the greatest in because I suspect that there aren't many people around the world very isolated who may not be part of the meditation community more or a spiritual community that fosters it's kinda conversation and certainly they're not going to find it higher education mainstream higher education so it may be creating something like you're doing clients will do that that way for not only students could who are currently in school but also people who have finished to not yeah absolutely and and I don't do I have on that is that for an hour Iran's website we've got a few good a and I can actually take that into the box and sent it out to everyone not aware and into sending that out to everyone now you can look and we have about 160 community groups all over the world and it's these people who are looking for a connection in mind to explore consciousness spirituality science I'm in a really open minded way so if and that's why I'm resource of finding community in your local area so you can either join an existing community here or start one yourself and we've got a ways to help with that because we also notice you know there's been a lot of people started community groups say no it's a first place I've gone working really talk to people about these ideas and have open minded ... many different perspectives in the same room talking chewing over these different scientific findings and spiritual practices that and it's really inspiring to people who feel like I'm the only one who's interested in this you know so I don't really want to encourage everyone is here I'm civic community groups is the I'm the older version of that in the consciousness clubs on campuses are basically the way to do that as student groups and we did have someone ask how do I start a conscience club on my own and see if I can find out how do I start a conscious government on campus and I can give some input from my site from what we're trying to do here to help support that I am with laughter see here kind of any advice or perspective you've gotten from I'm listening to the students who start a conscious up there I am university of Washington well you know the students decided to organize empire made me cry first in but I'm loosing my ability to speak I'm the first impetus for the consciousness club mean when we were trying to get the minor you can imagine the back of and the process once it was horrible yeah there was resistance every single step of the way every time I went through curriculum committee worship through now and then when I went through all of that Reagan Ralph to propose the minor I'll the miners that wound up sitting on a vice-chancellor's ask working here you wouldn't eviction would disapprove it sure wouldn't the mission went responded the students I am really clock when there was packages 20 the student organize they we're back with the student government they created a conscious club so they became an official university sponsored club they had some which meant that more access runs rings and then they organized and and met with the student government soaps 50 of them crowded into small room with the student government and they insisted since they were paying the to which they wanted but minor and they insisted that the student government passed a resolution asking the minor to be approved by the by students that's about how this is really cool this is that it would not have happened otherwise and they I think that the vice chancellor her stamp which so blown away by the fact that the students organizing and it's the first such organizations 1960 7 views what the next day she signed when the approval and it went to being at present university occurrence later my mum officially authorized so that was the start of the consciousness and and I don't all you need are a couple of students couple 0 spirits ... to willow creek club to create a space yeah you invite people to that speech and then invite speakers infrared space heater different activities are you know I live on our at Pacific Northwest and you have a really powerful kind and it conscious here rooms insert been able to bring to campus to groups projects that while conscious one way or another of and they got the money from the university to do that concern answer what so you know yeah you creativity but it just takes a couple of people to start this no it doesn't take a village create the village but it does take a few a few I am a nurse yes yes and that's probably hear how the approval of the consciousness studies minor actually came out you know fine let's look at this from the students because there are some key there that's just such a powerful lesson also of the power that students have to say we want this and how it worked with faculty to really make it happen so that well you know what I want to encourage students to do this because there are faculty in hiding a conscious yeah but they are terrified come out you know I'm a tenured full request and that means that as I tell my students unless I get drunk and run over one of the in the parking lot I can't be fired well I don't drink so yeah but the bottom line is I'm saying I'm protected and so I can get this risk but there are a lot of black young faculty who are not safe and not tenured or not protected yeah so it really is important to Hoffa supporters for those people to come out advocate creation good luck beautiful beautiful and and we've got a question from Adam Blake who says why is this field so taboo at universities no use for a great question you know I think it scares the hell out of people it's a totally new paradigm I've written a lot about this and I wrote a book in I'm not plugging him but only but in 2001 I published a book called writing when spiritual intelligence growth of the south in part of what I was trying to figure out was why is forced war in race noting rate week school very eloquent his will talk a lot of people play Larry gossips I think that we have been collectively the last 4 your sins lies science I think that it's important that science arose when it did because the religious warfare that want what 0 years or so was terrifying science really for rank but the problem is that it offered and a methodology or paradigm that we focus in reality we have more space enter your talent and to the point where people forgot that there was such a the more that was independent body and so you know that's my very short answer but we what a thought to this over the years I think we are towing away from but we're not there yet I'm great Kim and down we have a good we still have some temper questions and we got a lot of questions coming in some personally I can't get to them all but will try to and see what questions we can answer so we have a question I'm from another Kate searches is how Kate if you were to start a well yeah before you could start your career in constant studies from scratch and from this day what would what happened you tape would you still go down the psychology roots yeah I would I would you know I think a lot about this okay hurt Charley tart talk about this I mean I thought that he was getting I think psychology probably still the biggest you know it it's really important to be able to speak not only to the inner space but also to neuroscience because that's where a lot of very powerful research about non locality and the power of intention right on is coming to the fore so you know where can you do that well I think if you're gonna take consciousness seriously lost a profession when I have the best Ron was credentials that we possibly can reacting to each tune but I have that I'll end psychology neuroscience are probably the best places start but I mean yeah I think they're probably the best revenues I was gonna say physics but I'm not sure that that's really true I should know on I have a blog rounding on this it's really I think one of biology but I'm not sure that that will be good professional platform to launch yeah that's a that's my 2 cents perfect speak you make it yeah it's interesting to see just even over the series how different people interred and so some from psychology we have some from physics we have some problem biology that it that it has kind of a cool to see how the different ways people have really establish their career isn't that ... there's something else here and are able to take that and we've been into in her brain work absence and Sarah and I left the I or my whole explaining years from now at minimal at least that there will be field quote conscious it will be a chance well then what if you know anything about 2 major and it into your doctor working at it entrance through all those different models were not there yet yeah that's that's where we're headed over the areas we did it and great yes so one and prison is asking if you ever do workshops outside of schools are as good or other places well I haven't I mean you know it's certainly something we could talk about a week great to organize something like that with my hands nice you know you guys all that much more more full platform I do often upper left hand corner of the map you couldn't do it yes yes and I do wanna say and make cited where in process and am planning our conference right now for an a for everyone who's on the line it's going to be in Oakland California in July 2017 so that saved the data that now but we're getting a lot of speakers and a lot of people I'm soooo bad so it will be a whole week in immersing into this kind of thought and open minded experience in spirituality and science and so I just wanted to bring that up as in 1 more place of work in the tribe gap there and learned this information and then expand the net so I'm that's 1 place that I will well yeah I will come down and do a workshop great great great yes you must bring a next Gen tracks the ones that students can come present their own worker theories and have much more preceptory experiences I we had written it's just fresh off the press that we're having in July opens I wanted to mention we're here I'm no great so we do have a couple more minutes of me to scan some questions their arm so we have and bearing up memoranda and she says terms you press access for books which we've got already and then and says I wish I could move to Washington 10 and she said I'm wondering how nurses incorporate this into their career just finish my BSN and with her left ear so I sent it to see if you have anything about nurses you know I try to I courage the school of nursing to incorporate consciousness and that they are completely closed so that same time too really we experience in psychology and other disciplines of saliva well no you know you you can do this you have to be a pioneer I think that's you have to be willing to one of the great I think tools for nurses is therapeutic number alternative and complementary medicine practices because I think that we're seeing Krycek really needs is what not the school's necessarily but the nurses and sells because of the nature of their work are much more open to those who Alytus no no no absolutely beautiful beautiful I'm great we have a question here from Brian and Brian says I have read so many many books and consciousness but I want to know now how to develop on my own kind just as my own telepathy clairvoyance mediumship skills out of body experiences and asking if you have any suggestions well meditate meditate meditate become lucid dreamer right really I would meet Robert Wagner's but Lucy do you we're going self adults with a new satin I'm there is an international academy of consciousness based in Portugal and LA right war anyway their mission is to teach people to do out of body experiences widely so that's a resource one row institute a still from in West Virginia and they're doing a lot of work with different technologies in order to but if you have a body experiences aren't I do think it's a really important if you're going to develop that part of yourself it'll have a on meditation Munich grounded in that and also to make sure that you make that your psychological Nick that's really important because no matter where you go you take yourself with and that that you take all of the baggage as well as all the good stuff only baggage can become much more right when if you don't know that it's there yeah now foods great knack great advice on the good well we think we do have more questions but I'm looking at a time it looks like we're coming to the end of the time but this is just such a rich exploration with you know and I can see just by all the questions coming in and the excitement both this is happening at the university is and how people can get involved and have many out messages saying thank you I enjoyed the weapon are many times so I just wanted to pass that on to you from everyone is here on the line and so yes so please everyone who is on here join us on the first and third Wednesday of every month following through December will be joining together at 4:00 PM Pacific time to dive into different aspects of much the studies and what that means as the next generation coming up in this age in this time and how do we actually corporate into our lives and careers I'm and knowing that there's a whole bunch of other allies in people who are also interested in this book on the internet as well as I am hopefully we can help facilitate connecting you to other people locally and through conscience clubs are community groups so we're always here to ask questions and to help with the next initiative you can email us at next Gen I know what it which is in O. E. T. I see that Oregon this obvious and that email is now so deep gratitude to you thank you so much Kate for being right now prosper as they sat on Star Trek yeah yeah where no one has gone before are my friends yeah you know I think everyone will see you next time by //
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Extraordinary Abilities | The Sense of Being Stared At
\\didn experienced the strange sense that would being watched owns turn around and find someone can write Addis it's no nothing fairly common experience does this is it just an illusion the result of Saddam will noise or is it some believe a real sense hence too deep connection between us you might be surprised to learn scientists designed experiments to find out pioneer in the studies spotted just repeat Sheldrake we found the people getting the gas above chance whether they were being watched by another person and had a location another study by psychologist William rouse and anthropologist marriage sweats also found positive evidence sounds banks that are their experiments used closed circuit TV decency Glenn distant locations during randomized trials one person would focus intently on the distant persons image without any ordinary with 9 results suggested people were sensitive to another person's trained on them the city struck emotional responses by measuring changes in the body skin conductance from to slowly increase during times when a person is being remotely observes a similar study this time looking at brain activity college Eckstine writer at the institute of Nordic sciences reported as a positive evidence sounds thinks that I'm going to great lengths it's quite possible outside factors tightly controlled conditions still produce positive results and match analysis published in 2005 which looked at a large number of studies concluded the first social order apparently repeatable fact had been demonstrated results against chance ranging from 6 212 0 21 the dissonance full alongside the others once it talks about a connection to the world each other strange sense of being stared at challenges mainstream assumptions about mind yeah seems to be real yeah WNED this //
"2016-10-07 01:57:57"
Is Mind Over Matter REAL? | Scientific Evidence
\\you should married seemingly influencing matter have been posted across many coaches and throughout his many the stories could they have bases school the relation scientists I've been conducting Armonk nearly as only my Max studies such as those by JB line in the 19 thirties well basic by today's standards they investigated see if people could influence the outcomes of simpler times like die strokes one positive results were reported in the 19 seventies physicist how much more refined the approach by designing the first truly random number generator all are in G. Schmitz early are in G. drive it's quite fit from the release of electrons from a piece of weakly radioactive material she had found the one participant mentally intended to influence the R. N. G. it's happens actually changed to go slowly in the direction of their intentions the fact was very small but overall it was highly city significant Mr experiments such as those carried out at Princeton's engineering anomalies research the partridge fun Schmitz resolves when participants intended in our energy to produce Mohyla counts the testicle outputs departed from randomness in accordance with their intentions nearly 3 decades of research produced positive evidence from Mike matter of fact succeeded without against charms greater than 1000000000000 to one I other experiments such as those carried out by researchers at the institute of noetic sciences not only supported earlier findings they found the changes in mental states and chat emotions also seem to influence our energies when researchers took our energies to advance where large groups of people engaged in some unfortunate motions devices were often seem to depart from that ordinary random behavior the global consciousness project left what prison psychologist Rogers Nelson took decided to commentary scale setting up a worldwide network of Irene she's now some predicted the global fax Trini attention of entire populations my produced a tactical departures from randomness across the entire network over 2 decades some 500 globally significant events putting new year's celebration terrorist attacks natural disasters where sensitive significant increases since Toyota in the network together Beyonce that these results edited charms Greta and 1000000000000 to warm it's how these Tara and what they mean remains serious and yet a large number of studies indicate the where tens go order mysteriously folks my master research tends to the existence of an important relationship tincanz in the physical world implies that the ancient belief the mind occupied and the mental place in reality could have a basis train //
"2016-10-07 01:57:56"
Is Telepathy REAL? | Extraordinary Abilities
\\uhhuh NPI all experienced violence deep connection with allies family members close friends and lovers on occasion a report profound sense of closeness seems to try no more than a and the beat still but explore scientific research suggests a real them stairs connection exists join us in 25 because just Charles tart pointed serious experiments finding support sex surprising widespread attention experiment recorded the brain activity too emotionally bonded process but it was separated from each other Tom found when one of the pots supposed to run to my stimulus fashion line the brain accessing the other distant artists also increased these findings published in 1963 who followed 2 years later my cynic's Berman carried out by TD Dwayne and Tom's Baron some medical college this study involving identical twins published in respected scientific journal science researchers found the moon one twin was instructed to close their eyes not the natural creases I've written levels in the brain these rhythms listen increased in the disk twin another study looking carnations and brain activity was published in the prestigious scientific journal nature offered by physicists Russell talking how puts off report detailed very compelling evidence the psychological bondage individuals retain mysterious connection even once separated in experiments led by physician Rhianna Standish Boston University how do significant correlation in brain activity was observed between a preselected couple with a strong emotional bond the study used an fMRI scan a trickle of blood flow to the brain researchers reported positive results in a specific portion of the brain associated with arms against charms 14000 to one over 2 dozen of these kinds of studies have not been conducted perhaps all around the world the evidence strongly supports the existence a kind of unconscious mystic fabric of reality discovered by one of physics make comedy is apparently not local connection and yet the specific means by which mind in the physical world connect remain mysterious to see another side effects seem to call for medical revision of the scene limits these facts suggested mind in world continuous ways that challenge materialist to some the mind is an illusion with no place in nature consider fundamentally isolated from each other and to welcome the evidence hints to deep and perhaps spend it sounds Shedd I don't see was it a trick of deception telepathy could turn out to be real yeah WNED I //
"2016-10-07 01:57:56"
Can We Sense the Future? | Precognition and Science
\\war room yeah all of us experienced initiative hunches gut feelings about things yet to unfold somebody 5 times the future in that dreams I just describing a profound sense of timelessness during meditation these experiences suggest mind extends beyond the present moment well I just solutions Ross again scientists thought experiments to find out well the twentieth century must precognition experiments invited participants to predict the outcome Hootie Tryfan like a randomly selected picture caught what I start prices plan on the gases such is the and overseeing appropriate reported no real effect served in recent decades focus permission research if did to the unconscious one approach exit unconscious fluctuations in people's nervous system precognition exists the nervous system might react just prior to being exposed to some stimulus these experiments participants presented a series of images some of which I highly emotional intended to cause dramatic psychological response these could be graphic images of surgery or accident scene contrasting these Comminges featuring mundane seems textures furniture results in these experiments which were first carried out by dean Raden show the physiological arousal is indeed slightly higher just before an emotion image appears on the screen create in terms this mysterious sensitivity feature hands pre sentiment in response to the surprising findings professor Dick Bennett at the university of Amsterdam conducted a series of experiments using a nearly identical design been in study was also remarkably successful producing very similar results since then presentment research is continued in a number of independent locks many factors can reported in a range of biological processes including skin conductance partly brainwaves and people dilation analysts report animals have found evidence of the sentiment in mainstream studies been originally designed to test of the variables NBI Congress experiences been reported throughout his to remain a part of monoculture they found the way it's what language in our stories many of us went to pay close feelings of points feature bands pre sentiment studies the growing evidence top section sound familiar boundaries time precognition turn out to be real WNED //
"2016-09-15 23:40:21"
From Physics to Consciousness ~ Gabriel Guerrer
\\most bizarre thing something exists I mean what does it mean you know it's a kind of feeling that I had during my childhood that there's something very special happen so I once during my studies and then I see we're all dead CERN laboratory beware feuding that the particle us that either biggest machine the are and that's all well that's where I should be right so I start moving in that direction I went to Rio de Janeiro start doing my master degree in enough that might might PhD working in collaboration with one of the experiments the alley scene being rarity our interest about and symmetry else matter and I'm I matter wide but does it mean elves stuff so yeah I then went to CERN I stay so tell one year there is wisdom in Switzerland engineers are I made a lot of us interesting things I I was working in the underground for awhile at helping to install the medium chambers and bill and each CP experiment no one is under article is that eats up article yeah it's a broad our brother lost electrons more happy so forum for awhile was very exciting to do that and see all can scientists from all around the world get to gathering Butte is very complex machines so if you have a very real good idea you could knock on the door off the guy who's in charge of everything and say Hey I have this idea and noted that that's the kind of thing that's was welcome Dane that that's what's credible to see that happen was very exciting part of that thank you some point out there I start feeling there you will hear that very dance feeling that there was kind of other option other best to be taking scores when they start doing physics I had these big questions like what's happening the world why I'm here I want to understand in a different way off just breaking the world into tiny pieces of matter that are very abstract you know you first place what are these particles about what is quantum physics telling us about the world that we leave you know what I was more much more interest of both these kind of quest no the thing was what is the most interesting question that they can ask you know that's the thing if you talk about the musical experience and there is this own senses off some kind of non look all known do our experience and added if that's what is being claimed by 0 years off people wearing to this kind of experience if we find that for example celibacy Israel the thing that they are claiming that there is a unique TV I that some kind of shared space outside the 3 dimensional world well if the levity is real it makes sense what these people are claiming there are all these results already up well sigh and if they are very they are very own all of the traditional academic a world few people will say that there are no interesting results that cannot be reproduced but it's one kind of interpreting the thing in most of people were not aware of the results that meta analysis for thick begins felt a legacy for example by the result is very powerful what does it mean you know yeah but does it need and why not science start looking to that direction then really trying to replicate as residents maybe there's something missing from the current picked well maybe consciousness Sparta physics like Byram just biology are psychology are maybe it's kind of a swimmer mental field of information and something that is missing from the current it sure of how we understand the and that's very exciting because then he'd bring goes back to the game of trying to understand the world was not just about them outside world banter can you sickle saying though it's about cautiousness and I know what's conscious and so maybe that's not just curious what do you guys have maybe that's some kind of a more and the mental since awhile everything's a live remote in if you one very interesting consequence aras all this is correct is that you Sean is a lost art Putra world instead of just being separated and competitive because we are you know like well if we are somehow connected only change though do you know the story that's Martel here about what's displays and what is your place what should you do it's very interesting because leads to a more much more built a school interesting world group and that have god ultra logical basins well it's not clear if mine is the only real saying and everything right arises from the mine are mind it's one more steel that we must bring to physics it's not clear if he is a field if we're going to have a mathematics up all that you know so what they really believe that we start doing doing more and more is trying to replicate those Titans read yeah I believe that side is a very interesting class I don't know if it's right but why not making those west terms seem that scientific way using the best of them methodology of science to require these meeting office the mind consciousness and the outside world why not actually for me that's the most 6 //
"2016-09-14 19:26:12"
Next-Gen Webinar ~ Helané Wahbeh
\\hello everyone my name is Andrea living stand and I am delighted to welcome you to consciousness for the next generation on this in the 6 month webinar series and I'm just really excited to be a long and that's a winning journey with you all and we decided to host this weapon are to speak specifically to young people interested in consciousness studies and consciousness research on and to find out what it is why it matters and what are some of the larger social implications of doing this work and also to find out how do we get into this young how do we make a difference ... and pursue a career within this feel so we want to answer some of those questions for you well and also give you a chance to interact come in and ask why questions to leading researchers educators and innovators on within this you know so for those of you who may not know and institute of noetic sciences is up 43 year all the nonprofit organization and here we are really dedicated to supporting individual and collective transformation and how we do that is through this consciousness research that you know you're a little bit about today I'm transformative learning and of course engaging a global community which you I'll are hard at so welcome and and this series is going on the first and third Wednesday of every month all the way through December and it's going to be a 4:00 PM Pacific time so if this is your first time definitely come back and join us we have a really great lined up for you all for the next earned several months so and we are really blessed to have her in a while I play with that she is an ions scientist and she is also an actor and assistant professor in the department of neurology at Oregon health and science university she is a natural happens this position researcher with a master of clinical research ... in she's also published on post traumatic stress disorder stress hormones are ideological outcomes of mind body medicine on and immune outcomes in mind body medicine and the use of objective adherence and mind body medicine studies so she turns on just a real I mean seemed researcher with a rich background that she's going to be talking about today and some really fascinating and interesting research with and meditation and and and that's mind body connection and you know in I am so as you listen to the presentation if you have any questions you can write in your questions and being control panel on the right side of your screen you know seen that there's ... place to type in your questions there is also a place to raise your hands they all seem I'm kind of on the top left of your control panel there's a little image of a hand that you can pass and to raise their hand they will see that over here and we'll be answering all of the questions at the very end of the last 10 or 15 minutes of the presentation so but you can take your men are raise your hand anytime and we'll see if you will went back to them at the end of the presentation so without further ado I'm let me pass need might over to her then a wombat and she's gonna talk to us about the ins and outs of meditation research today so her and I think you so much for being with us today and take it away so I'm gonna share with you I call this the ins and outs of meditation research group and I will be talking about meditation research but it's really the story of a 8 a clinical researcher and how I ended up to be here at instituted know what experiences during the research that I am today and so this is me I'm about I think about 3 years old here super inquisitive I would take that little shovel and Beckett and dig in the sand eyeing things that was always had this really inquisitive and curious mind about how well the world where and I am growing up this is my grandmother and she would always tell me you're gonna grow up and be a doctor you're going to be a doctor saying no no no I don't think I'm gonna do that but she saw something in me and about this sort of healing and inquisitive nature of who I was and I was actually named after my great grandmother so Lanny who was a midwife and a healer for her village and people would come to her from miles around to help heal their illnesses to birth their babies ... and I always will heard Amazing Stories about my name's sake arms landing my family is also kind of unique in that time I grew up ... orthodox Christian I went to church every Sunday but then we would have seances at my grandparents house once a week where we would sit around and and my uncle would channeler my grandmother which channel and I had this very sort of esoteric background is well each and of my Anson uncles here have some sort of psychic ability that and my grandfather was very interested in studying so I had this kind of esoteric background as well I went to run UC Berkeley for my undergrad and I was still super curious about the world and I'm decided to do an anthropology as my major I kinda rebelled against this you're going to be a doctor thing I wanted to go my own way so I was an anthropology major and students curricula article dig up at fort Ross here in California at this beautiful amazing historical site and really got to explore how different cultures interact with each other and when there's incredible diversity around that through on my anthropology course says I took one class called medical anthropology and and found out about something called natura pap that medicine I am when I thought about being a doctor I saw the western mock model I am allopathic medicine in there was something about it that today right remains so I was really excited when I learned about nafta topic medicine so I graduated from college and wanted to explore a little bit about natural medicine and other things so I ended up getting a research position it was my first foray into research up that UC Davis Alzheimer's disease and there I worked with I'm patients who had concerns about their memory I was the psychometry just which meant that I would do that cognitive testing on and the patients to see how I'm and here they were with their memory and that is part of a larger team they would do a diagnostic diagnosis sent and treatment I'm dimension Alzheimer's there so that was really exciting to me because it was my first taste of researching how research works and how you collect data on how you have to do in a certain way have research questions and I'm proud to design a study so you can answer those research questions so I'm through my kind of soul searching process I found that this natural traffic medicine was really what I wanted to do because it can bind that curiosity the inquisitive ness and I have a philosophy that really resonated with me I am so nurture patent medicine is founded on this philosophy that includes the healing power of nature that we each have our own innate ability to heal within ourselves that we want to identify and treat the causes of illness so getting to the root cause of what is going on instead of I'm just dealing with symptoms first do no harm so that our treatments are and ideally noninvasive band not harmful that we're gonna use that are the least does possible to support a cure I am doctor as teachers so walking your talk as a doctor and educating the person about health and wellness treating the whole person soon I'm just looking at one system but looking at the big picture and the big picture of their health and then also focusing on prevention so that this whole and philosophy really resonated with me and I was fortunate enough to get into medical school and 2 and get a and other clinical doctorate and nurture traffic medicine so in Oregon California Washington and many other states for the country and not to cut that physicians are general primary care physicians and have all the rights and to be able to see patients in that capacity at the same time arm during my nature path meditation at school that was when I got into meditation so I was exposed to many different and modalities including mind body medicine and not really really excited me and and I got to experience it firsthand through a because spiritual teacher that I went and sat in dar Shan wit and just really resonated where it's on the teachings which basically said there's no one way and but here's one way and if it resonates with you know that this can work for me I just learned how to meditate did quite a bit of meditation and got really and convinced that meditation was an amazing tool that could really help me and potentially others and that mind body medicine is incredibly important and needed to be integrated into healthcare so I graduated from now to public school and started my practice I had a private practice I'm aware I saw patients for a variety of different I'm illnesses using metal Ossipee and all the tools that I had in my tool back to support patients to hear and after a few years so I'm doing private practice thank god this intuition that something was missing for me and and I didn't quite know what it Watson again through some soul searching I realized that I really wanted to get back into research I didn't know where to start with that and when I was in school we did have a research department so I just started Khan asking around and found out that none the school that I went to actually developed a research department and now there was one so it's called the health got research institute and I volunteered there until I was able to get a postdoctoral and position and true that position I did my first research studies and those were on binaural beats and and we looked at they were small pilot studies we looked at it the binaural beats actually did that entrainment of the brain waves and and then we also looked at the facts I bring more updates and I don't know if any of you have heard a binaural beats but it's when you hear 2 different sounds frequencies in each gear so this year my Europe beat that's it 10 hertz and this year my each Europe beat that's at 18 hurts and the difference between the 28 hurts as what you read and essentially she here in the brain and that brainwaves could and trained to that so they would start modulating at 8 hurts as well so hurts means cycles per second so there was a lot of and media coverage about this topic recently because there's something called I dosing and digital drugs where people said that they could create binaural beats that would replicate I want sky or peyote or all these different drugs and and essentially allow people from listening to the sounds to have this I am drug induced state anyway I got interviewed by a number of media stations and as the expert scientists who sang well we don't really see that you know it does the entrainment so maybe there's something else going on there but I am that it's not the same thing is taking drugs so when I would miss out on a false god I and learned about another post doctoral opportunity where I could deepen my research expertise and this was at the Oregon health and science university so I applied for that postdoctoral fellowship and received it I'm in the department of neurology there exists the organ center for complementary and alternative medicine in neurological disorders so they had a post doctoral program that I applied for and was accepted to so through that program I enrolled in something called the human investigations program and that was a pretty rigorous education and clinical research and and I eventually received my master and clinical research from that so that was you know about 2 years of course works including by statistics in critical design and how to conduct human research and many other classes like that but that was a really great foundation for me about what is research what is clinical research how do you do it and a very rigorous and systematic way I'm a couple years into my post doctoral fellowship I applied for a what's called a career development or so usually after post doctrines academic and trainer research tracks you would apply for career development award which is in many toward award that allows you more funds to do a research project so I applied for that through the National Institute of health and received that it was a 5 year grant in the clinical study I was working on was mechanistic pathways mindfulness meditation and post traumatic stress disorder I was really interested and how meditation worked ... and through many synergistic and synchronicity is ended up working with people with post traumatic stress disorder I don't really have enough time to get into am call that today but maybe we'll have some time during that questions to get into that so you know I started becoming that experts in PTSD and mindfulness meditation I did a systematic review with a team looking at complementary alternative medicine for PTSD and found 9 meditations studies that actually showed some pretty good evidence for using meditation repeat your sting I am and the paper for that 5 year study was actually just published and just 6 months ago and showing that we did see changes from rancorous meditation on mac the way mindfulness meditation worked especially in our study was probably top down meaning that their perceptions and beliefs about their symptoms I am is kind of what I expected them to the changes that we saw in there teach your sting so okay this was my kind of like an overview of my academic research career so 10 years of academic research career so this isn't necessary shape brag about me but just to say Hey this is what academic research means it means publishing peer reviewed paper is means during poster presentations book chapters lots of scientific presentations writing tons of grants ... mentoring other students I am and that you know there's a very kind a specific track now academic research ... expects W. and not there are high standards for the type of work that you produce in order to continue growing and your academic field so there was a bit of a glitch for me as I continued at Oregon health and science university with my meditation research because I found that I couldn't really ask all the questions that I wanted to ask so inner materialistic paradigm that's kind of the dominant paradigm right now and the brain is basically where our consciousness lines and that our consciousness does not go beyond our physical brain but this kind of puts it behind her sorrow in terms of the questions that we can ask so for example in the meditation research that meant I could only do you know objective physiological outcomes I couldn't ask will you interacting with your teacher are you knowing any energy from your teacher or you know are you having any paranormal experiences during your meditation those couldn't even be asked and there's so much more that people experience during meditation and in between each other's people that I felt like I couldn't really get into I'm at OHSU it just wasn't accepted to be able to Aspin's research questions so there is actually I believe you're a revolution going on in science because this materialistic paradigm just isn't really standing up to the evidence that we're seeing especially where I'm a quantum physics and and not that concept of non local crime just now that we really can study these broader and aspects of consciousness in a systematic and rigorous way and so I decided to step out of my kind of conservative academic world and that's how I ended up here at the institute of noetic sciences I was ... invited to come to a future of meditation meeting which I'll share with you a little bit more later that happened here ions and as an expert in meditation and saw the work that items was doing things like wow I would love to be part of this team and over and the course of a few years was able to come be share so I am very very grateful for that we have a wonderful and amazing synergistic team of scientists from many different fields and where it all feel incredibly fortunate to be working with each other in this area because we get to look beyond the van how we get to say okay well this is what we see on the surface what's actually behind that where the pieces that are are behind the veil that the questions that people aren't really asking but that we are increasingly having the courage to ask and now we can study them with the rigorous and systematic methods it's not that we're throwing the whole scientific methods out the window were still using rigorous methods but where and we aren't afraid to ask their difficult questions that might push against our dominant paradigm so about meditation is to be that this was the type of person that you think I'm an out when you think about meditator but that's not true anymore and the interest in meditation is growing substantially and in the eighties you can see here that you know there's only 36 papers that were published and if you go up here to I 2015 inner there's 385 and this is a whole exponential curve but growth of that publications that have been put on meditation so it's not so uncommon and a survey that was done in 2009 of Americans there are about 30000000 Americans that meditated and in 2002 was actually 17 so that number doubles in 7 years I think it's time to re up does aren't Hanes survey that they don't and I matching or be quite more quite a bit more so now we have seen ... was meditating apple and Google on Nike there included and employee wellness programs and it seems like meditation is everywhere and that anyone can meditate even dark skin it's a and you know it's on the cover of time and Newsweek and rifle revolution science of mind focus and stressed out multi tasking culture so meditation especially mindfulness is kind of the new hip next thing I am meditations been around for a very very long time existed before written history and it was usually as part of a religious framework I mean there's many different types styles of meditation and there's not really one kind of concise definition of meditation but there are some common themes one is that there's at self observation of mental if you need I am right there's a piece of intentional crocus training and not want to cultivate an attitude that highlights the process of what we're doing rather than the content so when we're thinking about it when we're observing what we see and are running where we're in the process of it rather than what we're and there's been some great work done about the different types of meditation like locusts attention open monitor thing and automatic self transcending I'm threat Travis Maharishi university did a really nice study reviewing and the different eat cheese studies that have been done arms different meditation types I am and so I want to spend a little time ago talking about mindfulness and and how it has become big and so you know I'm taking this kind of background into meditation to just look at the field like what's happening in the meditation field what has been studied and if you decide you want to be a meditation researcher what are the areas that you could focus on where there really is a big meat especially and means no edit currents acts so first let's I'm just talk about my influence the rancorous is and most often defined by John Cabot soon as king attention in a particular way on purpose in the present moment and non judgmental thing so this paying attention pieces observing here on moment to moment experience what's going on inside of you and also outside if you in a particular way has to do with the attitude that we bring to the meditation room norm judging patients beginner's mind and then on purpose has to do with setting inattention intention why are you meditating what's your motivation behind your practice and then just acknowledging that it's totally normal for your mind away dinner and not the whole process is just bringing your focus back to sometimes it's easier to understand mindfulness buying and what is not mindful or the opposite which we can call automatic pilot so I don't know how many of you driving and thinking about something that has ... engrossed your attention and also new and up at home nearly awhile I have no idea the last 10 miles of travel I actually got here so that's in the opposite of rain rings so I'm my focus is really wonderful because it can actually be applied to just about anything we have our formal practices like sitting meditation and I'm the body scan and ran for movement but there's informal practices like mindful brushing on your cheek or mindful eating of a meal rainfall sh showering you can pretty much write anything so just take a moment I can't see you all but I can imagine that you're all in front of me I like you just close your eyes I got bills comparable to you in a just a very brief practice so just close your eyes and I'd like you to just pay attention to your brat swante your breath moving and an hour to your body feeling a full inhalation internet pull exhalation keeping your undivided attention on your career right and then go ahead and open your eyes again so that's just a little taste of mindful breathing paying attention to our breath and the moment so when I give this to this little exercise in front of an audience I'd say about 99.9 percent of the people when I ask how many people had their mind wandered during that you know 99.9 percent of those people raise their hand and say yes so is our mind full or mindful and it's challenging to being ranked over and yet it with practice it gets easier and easier so John Cabot Zinn is kind of a father of mindfulness in the west he created right from the space stress reduction or chronic pain it's a structured program and there's been a number of spin offs that have I'm coming from that for running you know suicidal ideation to drug you drunk used to eating childbirth parenting kind big long list there the important piece that I think made it very arm approachable to people here in the west is that skills were taught independent of the religious and cultural traditions that was totally secular there's no talk about spirituality or religion and that made it easier and more ways to become accepted so it wasn't happy doing relatively generous this clinical program and it usually entails on bodies camera paid attention to different prints your body some formal practice like sitting meditation I am for movement and then the informal practices that I mentioned when forensic daily activity was I'm meditation and mindfulness has been now been used in a number of different populations healthy adults adults with chronic illness in children and adolescents with chronic illness and there's quite a bit evidence for its use and effectiveness there's been a few systematic reviews and all of them kinda say the same thing which is that I'm meditation improves anxiety depression and pain and not done because a sustained effect and up to 6 months out and that the data fact is equal to ... evidence based treatments that are already being used like cognitive behavioral therapy here I'm or even from our pharmacological treatments so this meditation work I'm there's been some study on this as well we there are some common themes that are emerging around how it works first is attention regulations so where I put my attention makes a difference in terms of how I feel bring awareness to the body I am and being in touch with what is happening in my body also emotion regulations so being able to be comfortable and uncomfortable emotions too and harm understand that we are not ... mentions and that they're just moving through us and also compassion and self contrition and that it can get all these things improved health and also decrease rumination experience avoidance amendment banning there's just a whole change in perspective of the south so if I'm not my thoughts and not my emotions then who am I and you know allowing people who participate in this to come to a deeper understanding our and the nature of who they are there's also been some really cool studies with narrow in reaching to see what's happening in the brain so this is our one study it was with 300 meditators and they compared them to non meditators and they found 8 regions of the brain that work consistently altered and meditators and I had to do it meta awareness body awareness south and emotion regulation memory and that unification between the 2 sides of the brain this same researcher did the same study I'm 2 years later and this time had a lot more studies in and included are 527 people and 31 studies again comparing to non meditators and they found a very similar brain areas that were affected and I won't go into this but this paper is really interesting because there were enough do you know where they could split it up by type of meditation and so what you see here is for all the meditation together but if you look at the paper your interest in looking at the paper itself actually break it down by the type teaching there is another really cool study that looked at and so these 2 were comparing meditators to non meditators so this study actually compared expert meditators from when there are meditating to not meditating sooner and looked at their their areas of the brain that were activated so self regulation and problem solving adaptive behavior interception watering pottery body states reorienting attention in processing so relevant information so it's kind of the same story here that we're hearing the same study looked at room functional changers over the long term services meditators versus non meditators and and so when I say functional changes what that means as they gave them a task to do and to see how well they did that task and the meditators had done improved not improvements that were better at doing these types of tasks again we have memory attention our prospective taking being able to get through things high level and I decision making in terms of complex tasks it seems to be looked at structural changes over the long term so what's this this is actually the structure of the brain are there actual places in the brain that were different in the meditators courses are non meditators and we see slightly different things here but again a bunch of overlap sub regulations are control problem aren't focused problem solving at central so all the studies have been either comparing meditators tomorrow non meditators or not meditating 10 non meditating there haven't been that many studies looking at St night with meditators who have a meditation intervention to see if there's any changes bring 2 that have been done and or at mass general character and what I serialism and her team and the sun just after 8 weeks changes and the amygdala which has to do with and Russian regulation and man areas I am memory process saying and again this perspective taking and separate self referential processing so I pine is pretty incredible that after an 8 week chorus this illness condition was mindfulness based stress reduction I am compared to a control group they actually saw our structural changes in the brain it's pretty amazing there's not much research on this sort of intervention piece of this is an area that could really be developed quite a bit rather so what's next this is kind of like that you know academic outcomes that you know really safe research questions excuse me getting a little bit more into what's next what are the topics that need to be developed and order more than no any type and so like I mentioned this whole MDS are in the spinoffs are all tied in person in group settings their weekly classes 2.5 hours each and over 8 weeks and then there's a full arm pulled a retreat so in a research lab which found that this was quite intensive at a lot of people were just not able to travel or they didn't want to do it and especially with my it was traumatic stress disorder participants they just really don't want to leave their house and didn't want to be sitting around in a group of people trigger tension to do that so we started looking at alternative formats and we did a cross sectional study looking at internet versus individual formats in terms of teaching meditation or and found that people first this was administered online so there's a bit of bias there people are very interested in internet or individual programs so I think there is and a lot of room there to study alternative formats of meditation and also the dose of meditation we really don't know I thought what an appropriate dose ends this 8 week format was you know created by John Cabot soon but different doses of that format haven't really been tested and in fact you'll see a lot of papers how are and reduced dose and also the classes are shorter the whole practice is shorter and are still seen I am positive aspects so we and decided to go for an internet version and created an internet rank first meditation program and you know it's administered online it had BDO's people would watch the video they fill out and crush gens and they would have home practice that were guided meditations that where they would listen to each week and but we set this up so they can really do this at any time and any place of someone's a shift worker they could do in the middle of the night I'm and also at their own pace so we found that this program compared to just having guided meditations improve people's practice time and which was kind of one of our original research questions was could actually get them to practice meditation more and it did I'm and this paper was actually just and accepted for publication Richards exciting so you'll be able to see that and we're journal medical internet research and really soon so many of you may know about this already there's kind of apps that have come on mindfulness and meditation you know meditation bells or and more structured programs like head space where they walk you through on different medications I have to admit to a certain time each day I'm there was a really nice review apps mobile applications for and mindfulness perhaps I'm in here is there PMC ID number if your intellect and read it so there's a bunch apps here it feels like and this kind of meditation technology field is almost getting a little too saturated at this point am what's challenging is that a lot of these apps don't have any evidence behind them so they haven't really been tested like they're out there in the public but we don't know if they really work all the clinical research our current you know group programs that are in person and there really isn't a lot of evidence on these apps and it was really tested it actually where we think they work because we know meditation works but to the apps actually where do they help so that's a whole nother and area of research there and could be done I know us some people started looking at best but there's a lot of room for growth we I'm in collaboration with Richard Miller creating in Iraq smartphone out so I Reston's another form of iron meditation I am it's really great for people with PTSD because it has some you need peace is to not program that are specific to them so we're working on getting not an outgoing and studied so what about the BR and so the alternative formats you know are really fringe from there conservative meditation researchers but can you take it even one step further which is what we love to do it irons so and you know our consciousness from what we learn through Clinton physics can go beyond our physical brain can expand beyond and beyond this sucks right here and I owns has done a great deal of research terms of looking at that and I won't get into that but you know cared connections from opposite rooms or random junk number generator research we know that our consciousness goes in your and we are and one thing that we're doing now is a systematic review looking at these transcendent experiences of our consciousness some people might call it one and source of money here there's many different traditions that have different names for this experience of having our consciousness go beyond our body during a meditative state so we've collected data on about 40 studies and I have see similarities arm and are working on finishing up that manuscript so we can get it published so when people are in this transcendent state what is happening to them what is happening to their physiology this is that future meditation research project I told you about and that was done here at grounds it was over a number of years where we brought I am meditation expert researchers together to talk about what are the next steps in meditation research how can we push the boundaries and really be asking these innovative neurotic research questions and there's a little you to blink there at the bottom that you can go to to see some videos of the scientists that were interviewed on your part of that project I am so as part of that we did a cross sectional study we wanted to know Hey we think all of these and you know transcendent transformative extended human capacity things are happening with people during meditation we hear all these anecdotes but is it really I mean are people really experiencing not or is that just because we're in our clients network so we did a global and sent out a global survey about 1200 people completed and you see here where those people were around the world and it was about 1100 sheep or a little noticed were female and most middle aged but the age range was quite different and it was from over 66 countries room on the planet which is pretty amazing and they all had quite a bit of an average meditation experience almost earned 15 years I am in in the last month practiced earned more than daily are more than weekly and there was quite a variation in terms of the types of meditation would be dead but here's the interesting part so we just have a number of questions OPAP you had these experiences while you are meditating I am and regroup them in different categories so physical sensations have you had ultra breathing altered sensations in the body sharing bisschen similar taste and you see here you know these numbers are quite high school 88 percent had ultra breathing 85 percent had armed unique sensations in their body alter hearing or tradition and we asked about spatial temporal and experiences like culture time or increased synchronicity needs are altered space and again this is you know a majority of the people are having these experiences while other meditating so sorry I'm not sure if I made that clear we asked them if they had any of these experiences during or just after meditation I'm ultra awareness Bahama omens cultured identity you know very low report of disturbing emotions we wanted to get it back kind outburst banks of meditation that no one really talks about either none relational king says you know feeling a collective energy needs during non physical entities killing attraction or the teacher and man extended human capacity some sort of telepathic experience are clear point experience receiving a message while there meditating and then 31 percent actually have a psychokinetic experience where they felt like they can you know move something your arm exert US force on and the material world through their medication so we are working on this manuscript to robin have that published soon round that we recommended US 6 areas of research that really I'm have a lot of room for growth in terms of what we could study and mystical transcendent transformative experiences social relational context of the meditation practice so if that's done in a group or on your own or with the teacher and no less physical perceptual phenomenon extending human capacities and difficult states and stage a certain changing so there's really no one during work earnings very severe I shouldn't say no there's very few people during work arrested there's a huge room for greater and am becoming a meditation researcher looking at these research questions so if you're interested in learning about and our data or this program that we did here this is the website know addict or dash pepper one earner all of the videos so it's going to be an online orders and we'll have the paper there's not a bibliography and then also have and questionnaires up there because often will get questions for researchers single I wanna ask this but I don't really know how to evaluate that and systematic way so we're hoping to have questionnaires online that that people can download to use for their own research studies alright so what if you wanna be and meditation researcher what would my advice be having gone through you know my kind of securities pounds to end up about where I am now and I guess I should clarify this would I want to be and no wedding meditation researcher I so I don't think I can be doing the work I am now with out the foundation that so having an excellent science and research education I think credibly important I'm trying to be able to publish papers as early as you can volunteering with people you know joining people's labs and to see if you can help out with the data collection or help out in some way so that you can get your name on publications find like minded scientist so you know obviously our hands is a great and resource and tool to be able to find researchers who are interested and asking noetic questions about meditation I mean or is it organizations aren't great asking more difficult research questions like on arms and there are others we aren't the only ones but and searching those terms organizations out and seeing if you can play again in some way depending on where you are with your arm not education and then hopefully talk about this a little bit more later but you know deciding Hey do I went into an academic track or a non academic track meaning do I want to go through the system first and then jump off to do no extra do I want to just go straight through the nomadic stop without going through the system and you know I put a bunch of and go up there there's a ton of people to help me plus all the work that I've done and I'm very very grateful for not and I will now open it up for questions you don't Love Me didn't great thank you so much in her name and we're just gonna have gone on about 8 minutes here or any questions that have popped up over the course of this presentation so again you do have a question box and you can type in your questions you can also raise your hand there's a little image of a hand you just press arms and then I'll be able to see yet on my site will ever you moments I'm sure some questions to come in yeah and great we hardly have several and go when okay so I have one from G. RJR and she Sir thank you for the amazing presentation which speaks so much to me I have learned the practice of chi gong meditation while living in Asia this type of meditation moves energy through the body and the purpose is for health used for self or as alternative medicine and she says I use it reset regularly and recently I have cured myself from backache term and she says the only cure I have found so that was not a question but just a comment about really you can I mean wonderful yeah there are some papers in about chi gong actually and so you might be interested in looking outside especially for balance and older people I believe and then she did have a question of what type of research is done on this type of medication yeah yes so there's not a whole lot when she gone but there are a few papers that are out there and I remember they were on balance and culturally and there's also you know there's the movement she gone but there's also and the energetic chi gong out which is normal energy medicine but I believe that there are also a few papers about that as well so if you just go to Google scholar and type and I'm chi gong I imagine that you know you know how we get 10 to 20 papers beautiful you think here great so we have a question drop Joshua Roberts and he says have any research been done in terms of longitudinal propagation of mental energy and and 10 I am so people like test ride and more recently Erica dollar ... have into it have confirmed longitudinal waves I'm so I'm not quite sure we might have you come on here to clarify but you guys just wondering is there a more direct explanation of meditation and on time and a few and that's a great question I know that and I think I'm understanding your question the intention piece we're definitely studying intention here irons and are working on developing some clinical and nonclinical studies about intention first clinical to see if it actually works and then nonclinical to see how it works as we are quite sure how it works yet and maybe that's the ends answer so I think what you're saying about the longitudinal waves and I I I don't know how it works and I'm not familiar with that piece of it great great here okay great so we have a question here from Connor Hughes ... and they say through your research have you found that there has been a demographic or maybe a subgroup within your cool that has the shared experiences of meditation arm at extremely young ages but without any training since some of its more no wedding experiences with people who don't have formal meditation training right hunt there's been no formal study as far as I know that has looked into that so that's a great project that you can take on if you if you and mark to my ... my aunt personal can anecdotal experiences is that the further along we go so today there are many many more young people who are having these experiences than when I first started my research so that you know I don't know what's creating it if there is like just an energetic shipped to reclaim enter more people are into it but that there are more people experiencing at younger and being okay with that and essentially becoming advocates for which is why we're doing this presentation right because we're speaking of that I will not we need you to house support this word again spread the word about it we're your honor yes yes definitely and I would love if you the kind of the point you in debt at the end of your presentation if you can talk about this academic versus non academic track because things so many of us young people who have had experiences are just really intrigued by be is arm anomala happen outside of China mainstream science fiction paradigm that we're currently and really wanting more information arms so I'm just curious to hear your advice on going academic versus non academic and what are some ways to her I'm sure yeah I think you could go both ways I'm so the academic track would be to go get a traditional you know research degree whether it's a masters or PhD here clinical track kind of like I did and and then you know attempt to do nomadic research with and an academic university and and then the other path would be to not you know go through the academic track and just try to start doing and nomadic research with out the academic training I think the education piece is key because I believe in order to get more credibility and the noetic sciences we really need to do rigorous research and that means having other researchers that know what they're doing and have been trained on what that means and so I think having that around ation of a really solid education about what research is in the scientific method is very very keen and then whether whether you go from there of trying to find but you know like it which is you it was amazing that I could do meditation research that that was pretty un you know innovator for them that they even had a can or meditation research going on there but I couldn't ask you know the kind of crazy will questions that are amazing and that I can ask here and I and so there are some I can I make you universities you know in the US and definitely globally where it's okay to ask those questions and and you can do your research there orange you know you get your training and then you can and you know attempt to collaborate with other researchers are joined other institutes that are more out weirdly doing no edit research beautiful and so for the students we do have students armor on the call who are in college are masters at getting there each day so as far as some of his in school right now wears wanting to ask some of the more difficult questions or more out of the mainstream questions do you have any I mean do you have any advice right now I do I think it's really important to and good come out your teachers and a very un organized and clearer and systematic way so instead of you know saying oh have you heard of the you know blue guys that come out of the sewer and I'm just going to some random example that you say Hey I'm really curious about this phenomenon that some people have experience here is my research question are the blue guys coming out of this the sewer real share some ways that I think I could study that I could put a video camera at each of the sewer things on this street European so come at it in a kind of discerning and systematic way instead of just kinda armed throwing it out there for like an anti shock factor I don't know if that makes sense but definitely definitely name makes sense great and I'm just watching your time and realizing where right at 5:00 right now so I just want to say thank you so much your her name for all the work that you are doing this yelled and for talking to us today on and think you for everyone who is here on the call with us and we do have a consciousness clubs program set up right now and this is a part of that so if you're on a college campus on and you're interested to talk to other students about this and really dive deep into I'm noetic topics why it matters arm and what we can do about it we're here to support you in that I'm getting up on our website and connecting with other young people who are interested in these topics as well so we're really passionate about growing our community armed and will be having more ways to interact with a community of next Gen I'm coming out each weapon I that we're on so definitely states urine and we will be sending out a follow up survey I'm so please send in your you back we would love to hear from you on what works and what you're looking to hear for our future webinars as well so ink you again so much for everything everybody you weeks and for our next presentation with our CEO Xander beaten and Intel then thank you all so much have a beautiful day in here //
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New Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter ~ Dean Radin Ph.D
\\I some by now everybody knows a lot about the double slit experiment going to go through this very quickly if you take our elementary particles quanta photons electrons and so on you send them to to slits and you look at a screen is to see what happens if you don't know which of the 2 slits the particle went through then you get an interference pattern and this of course works to as well if you're sending the mystery is that as soon as you do not by any means which of the 2 slits the article goes through then you get a pattern that looks like it's particles this is of course leads to the famous wave particle duality and in a much more practical sense it leads to the sort of thing the caption says it says the cost of the flight went up because we acknowledge his existence so there's something peculiar about observation and this is of course the fun to measurement problem which you can has been described before here but I'm gonna do it in a simpler form you have some sort of a system which can be a double slit any kind of physical system some sort of measuring apparatus and measuring apparatus doesn't observation of the system from a a quantum perspective you take the tensor product between the 2 quantum systems into physical systems and you end up with a system and the measurement apparatus no longer being independent so we can say that the 2 physical systems are entangled so from a quantum perspective we're just dealing with complex waves there's there's no particle like behavior get John belt made this sketch illustrates the problem well where does the measurement and so if you imagine that you have a full time then it goes to 2 slits and I had to screen you might have a photodetector and then you may have a human ... a counter that looks at the number of times that the photo detector goes off and then the human eye in the human brain all those are physical systems all of them that are there for quantum well why do we see a particle what is observation make a difference so this is sometimes called the other van Neuman chain or the Heisenberg chain where's the cut made windows quantum become classical John von Neumann said that the measurement chain ends only when knowledge of the measurement is registered by what he called an extra physical factor in other words you can't use another physical system to and the chain because it just becomes more quantum so you need something extra physical by which he meant consciousness and he wasn't alone in his opinion almost all of the founders of quantum mechanics said something like this in various ways but go away back to border and and even plonk they all said something like this and this continues to the present day as you know this is a today a minority opinion within physics but nevertheless it has a pretty prominent background so I've been aware of this of course and everyone offers theories about consciousness but nobody does anything about it when it comes to this particular problem the measurement problem so what we did and in the laboratory as we we built a double slit system unfortunately it's a very simple type of a system ever laser you have a filter you have a double slit and you have a camera that looks at the result so the only new element in this experiment is that we ask people in this case the good meditator to keep the double slit in mind and to imagine in their mind's eye that they could see which of the 2 slits of the photon went through at this is as we could as far as we could tell the only way of directly testing whether consciousness is actually collapsing the wave function so this is what the apparatus looks like a tube sticking out of the long box here is that ... the far end of the helium neon laser and the the the the ... double sled and the camera inside the box with a sealed system we can't see it with your eye you can only use your mind's eye this is the camera is called a line camera and this particular one is 3000 pixels long and online and what the camera sees is an alter any band of light and dark this of the interference pattern ... when you look at this in a software you can say well how bright is each band and you get a picture that looks something like that show up yeah so you get this sort of calcium looking shape and that's the way of looking at the interference so we start with that pattern and and if you're a you can do for you transform which is picture be and the peak in the middle is now the double slit spectral power and this is the way we initially started doing these experiments with looking at their power spectrum and this is convenient because again we ask someone who in this case in the laboratories 2 meters away from the sealed optical system we have some to keep the double slit in mind and then the measurements very simple we predict that of observation is doing something to the interference pattern that the double slit component of that interference will go away or at least it'll go down an addition because this is an abstract task though the double slit itself is about a each so it is 10 microns across and if you simply hold up the double slit to somebody to love to have them look at it they may or may not even be able to see it so it's difficult for some people to imagine that they can in their minds I see what's going on in that space so we do a real time analysis of the at the double slit power and we use that to adjust ... feedback tone so if you have somebody doing the task they could look at a screen which is showing a signal where they can simply do it by listening to the tone and generally what we do is we have like a a droning tone and we ask the person to make the droning tone louder make it just louder because it's a very pleasant tone and then ... that if they would know that they were succeeding through that time this also provides a way to to focus their mind on the task at hand because mine wanderings it was a big problem the protocol is very simple as well we compare the doubles the power during mental observation verses no observation again a voice message which says now concentrate and then now relax and this alternates I do the up observation periods for 30 seconds and the rest periods of 30 seconds plus or minus a random 5 seconds for reasons I'll mention later this is repeated in a typical session 40 times so the whole session last 20 minutes and the measure that we're interested in is differential measure resting what is the double slit power while observing verses while resting so I had it and many ways of doing the statistics we generally presented in terms of his he's as the score or effect size so we did our first experiment in this form Alice is for 35 sessions 20 minutes apiece 15 people contributed at overall you can see the the mean and one standard error we did actually pretty good meditators did a little bit better than the non meditators and ... the prediction was a double slit power would drop during observation and indeed that's what we saw so when we do experiments of this type especially when they work the first time early suspicious about the first timers a factor their bodies very enthusiastic about what's going on does so we we repeated again and again so we did for pilot studies each time adjusting things in various ways and or looking at different kinds of aspects of ... of the design and in each case each one of the 4 pilots Eddie's meditators did quite well I if you just combined everybody the green dots are the overall result and in some of the experiments and non meditators did not do very well ... they tend to mind wander pretty quickly so there's a as remember there's a 30 second period we're asked to do this abstract task of putting your mind in a box at a distance and they can do that for about 4 seconds and then they can't do it anymore so the overall result of the pilots that he's was this and IDC again overall and had a pretty nice effect a meditator to quite well none meditators overall that god actually closed chance and we ran the same system this by the way was 200 5020 minute sessions 100 37 people and we ran the same system again and again ... as controls which of the white dots and we don't see any any ... artifacts within the hardware or software or analytics and that would suggest that there's some kind of bias in the system so here it looks like observation was collapsing the wave function at least the meditators could do that and the control tests we don't see any effect so we were encouraged by this to go ahead and do a formal experiment formal in the sense that we pre specified how many sessions we would do in advance of 50 sessions so here is the result of the of 50 session room preplanned experiment using the same analysis that we had used in the previous experiments and this gave us a 5 sigma result so for those of you not used to the term sigma its and think of it in terms of the score to same thing standard normal deviates so we got a 5 sigma result when people were observing and when nobody was doing it serving we got almost exactly chance ... when we do an experiment like that we get a very strong results the keep in mind that a 5 sigma result was able to give ... CERN the Nobel Prize refining the his critics particle which turned out not to be exact drop ... will we got 5 sigma result too but I haven't heard from the Nobel Prize committee have and in even it and we were also suspicious of it because that seemed way too good so we did add another formal experiment again 50 sessions we did other things I don't have time to talk about on this but one of the things I'm showing here now is this is the control results ... and it's lagged in time and the reason why we look at the results lacked in time is because if you ask somebody to now concentrate and in a little while later it now relax you can't switch your mind instantaneously so we expect that there should be a delay in the written and the results of the experiment because it takes mine the mind to switch gears so this provides a actually a nice secondary way of looking for the results of we hope to find because if there is no delay then you have to be suspicious about the results so here's the so here's time 0 which is when the instruction is given to switch your attention there's the experimental results with the lad from 0 to 15 seconds and effect we got a slightly better result the 2 second delay so I I'm not gonna talk about this analysis again for the right remainder of the experiments but we did this sort of lab analysis and all of the studies that we've done so after doing of second formal experiment again getting over 5 sigma result ... we got suspicious or maybe this was because simply by proximity of the human body even those 2 meters away from the the double set system we figured that maybe with somebody's asked to concentrate the lean forward slightly and for those of you who work with interferometers you know that they're exquisitely sensitive to everything so we we thought maybe the temperature change from a body one inch closer verses one inch away would be sufficient to make this result so we decided to put the entire thing on the internet so would be sure that we could rigorously separate people by distance so there's a double slit this is sitting on a rack there was a bunch of servers on it ... and we we ran this ... for 3 solid years calendar years 20121314 ended up with over 5000 sessions done by human observers and 7000 done by robots observers now explain what that means in a minute so when somebody would sign on to our website this is a public site by the way we got people from around the world to do this in a non observing condition what you would see it as blue rectangle on the web browser screen and simply saying please relax and you'd hear no sound and then it would switch should hear voice saying now please concentrate and then you which are saying this line move along the screen the instructions were to make them lying go up and you hear a kind of a whistling the whistling sound that was a tone and get rid of the tone would go up and down as the line went up and down we did that so again you could do this experiment with your eyes closed there are also lots of checks and balances built in here we knew for example of somebody left the experiment while it was going and we were then mark would restore all the data but we'd market as this is an experiment that how that was not completed by a person for the what we call the robot experiment and it was a Lennix system which was designed to simulate a human now the beauty of this is that the everything was exactly the same as far as a double slit system was concerned because he didn't know we think it didn't know whether human was looking at it or Olympic system because they both came through the internet in the same way so we have very nice control for human observation versus we don't know whether landing system is conscious or not but if it is it probably doesn't have the same level of consciousness as human so here's the interference pattern of this is that the central portion of the interference pattern that camera would see what we did and this was a simpler measure than we did before and this is called French visibility which looks at the other peak and a trough and measures the relative difference between the 2 and this is nice because of if you work with lasers you know that they they're not in amazingly stable some of them are more stable than others we were using a helium neon gas laser which is known to do things like remote hopping power levels will slightly change and if they would jump through some statistical hoops in order to reduce the effect of that mode hopping but for French visibility don't need to worry about that so much because this is now relative measure and takes into account that there may be fluctuations in power so it's more sensitive measures well so the prediction is fringe visibility while you're observing we go down silver disc somewhat similar to expect expectation that doubles the power would go down in this case its fringe visibility so this is the result of the sessions and 2012 or 2300 and 3 sessions down by the Lennox system I had these are the middle 20 fringes of the interference pattern at shows in terms of the scores where it was there's one or 2 of them that were around 3 sigma but overall it was pretty close to chance and this is what we got with human observers so some again approached 5 sigma differences that was 2089 sessions by 689 people around the world so what's nice years are able to look at yet another issue which is does distance matter so this is the distribution of the effect sizes from where we were in California to the farthest that you can get from our laboratory which is South Africa which is 18000 clunkers away and so we did the a linear regression turned out to be flat to 6 decimal places but not know it actually that line looks like appointed 0 but is below 0 that's have what we end up with this number affect so the observer effect is independent of distance we then again in every case we do an experiment and get a result like that we don't believe it ourselves and it have to replicate it just a convince ourselves that it's real so we did it again the for calendar year 2013 and 2014 ... so here are 5700 sessions of the controls so this is no cumulative deviation plot so cumulatively you should expect that the deviations that you see in these and this experiment should sort of hover around 0 I shouldn't be any systematic deviation and there were there isn't is slightly positive movement in the 2013 data but not in 2014 this is the controls then we look at the experimental results jun 2013 we got a a cumulative ... March towards fringe dropping fringe visibility dropping which is what we have seen before and what we had predicted 2014 it just kept getting more and more positive and this was a big puzzle ... we as far as we could tell that the system was the same it'd be it's turned on and has left on for the entire year it's never turned off the program is the same everything was the same and when you do the statistics on it sure enough completely reverses so this is a big puzzle it took about a month for me to figure out what was happening here and they're the reason why it reverses it so when you think about ... conventional coordinate system because remember that the way that we present the feedback here is a ... a squiggly line that moves on the graph and going up on the graph was linked to feedback the fringe visibility was dropping so that's the way that we had set it up in 2013 2014 we decided to slightly change it a little bit with the hopes of making the feedback little better but we forgot something a conventional go a cartesian coordinate system looks like this but in adobe flash it's upside down and the we wrote the third browser at the client program and slash or forgot that you have to reverse the sign well why does why does adobe do that it's like it's backwards well it's because it goes back to the a the the old days when we had CRTs with the raster scan and would start from the top and go down and so they they left that code and to the adobe system and so you simply have to remember that you need to reverse signs which we for that in 2014 so it meant that in 2014 the feedback was reversed and the results were reversed so this suggests that the observational fact we're looking at is is an active effect it's not simply that that consciousness collapses the wave function but it more is that it's something like a quantum Zeno effect and it's steers the direction that you're going so when you take the overall results from 201314 in reverse the sign of the results in 2014 you get a very healthy result for people and very close to chance for that on the robot sessions by the way all of the state it's about 80 gigabytes of data it's millions of camera frames with the interference patterns we'll all be it's being put online as we speak and will be available ... eventually when all that data is uploaded so anybody can look at it so now skeptics say but is this really a quantum of fact given that you're you're dealing with a gazillion photons per second with a continuous beam laser add to which I replied it's a good point let's do the same experiment one photon at a time so we used a commercial system ... it's that ... it it's a little over a meter long ... and you can shoot a single photon at a time and then see whether not you get interference with with with with the double subsystem and the right end of that that long ... chamber is a photomultiplier and that's what to text single photons so the way to do this since you're measuring one photon at a time as you use set up of what the photomultiplier look sad and then you move a little bit moves a little bit you move a little slides here only getting a little piece of the interference pattern and as you move that back and forth you can actually trace out an interference pattern and that's what you see here and it's about the error bars on it that it's very tightly controlled so in this case we decided to have observational linked to one of the troughs at the trough exists in this case because of destructive interference so we figured out of observation is getting rid of the interference in fort photons should increase in this case at that point so we set up our of the system to look at that point with a prediction that when people observe the system the line with a lot and we'd sticks experiments on just gonna mention one briefly we call this illuminated Buddha experiment because we have a little Buddha statue and put an LED in it that would get brighter the better you do it and that would experiment was done in complete darkness at there is also the tone associated with this he could do it with your eyes closed but this turned out to be very pleasant kind of thing to do because in complete darkness the LED would light up the slightly yellow colored Buddha and it would it would glow yellow and it was a very pleasant experience ... we found actually in all of these experiments that if you think of this simply as ... as physics one on one it may or may not work how we spend a lot of time making sure that the individuals that we chose were comfortable and understood the design and gave them all a lot of ... leeway in terms of how they wanted to mentally interact with the system so the psychological side of this is just as important as the physical side so this is the result with the the eliminated good experiment we predicted that apple would go up and it went up by 2.5 segment so that was good as we publish this last year and it's got a a prize for the best paper and natural so we've done 17 experiments of this type of most of them 16 of them using a double set system over 8 years and you can put this into a meta analytic software the bottom line is this the depending on whether you use a fixed effect size or random effect size somewhere between around 4 to 8 ... signup affects so it looks pretty robust and all of this is still predicated on the idea that we're expecting a drop in double slit power so in a in the case of ... 2014 and the online system actually the results weren't in the other direction so I'm not taking into account variance effects this is simply a mean shift and I mean shift terms it's still 48 sigma because then also ask questions like is this due to P. hacking ... will notes not due to be hacking other results due to selective reporting no they're not due to selective reporting he there's lots of of way of nice software now they can put ... used data that goes into a meta analysis and start asking you questions about questionable research practices of course we knew what we were doing we knew not to do selective reporting and not to be hacking not to do a whole bunch of things but it was nice to see that the software confirm that that was the case so we so far I have to independent re analyses of our online data from 201314 Nicholas trendy is ... up a PhD ... postdoc in physics who's in France and he came to visit us for months and we gave them the 80 gigabytes of data and said see we see what you can get so he was able to confirm that the results every reported and that paper which just came out this year was correct and a second analysis was done by Wolfgang Baer his of his assistant and United States ... in he independently verified that the results were correct as well and he he did publish that result in terms of replications of the experiment there is a physicist at the university sal Paulo who I don't have permission to to say who is ... but he is doing the replication I actually sent him our little double slit itself like a $200 piece of metal so I sent him that and then ... 2 days ago I asked him well has going I didn't hear about any results yet so this is exactly what he wrote in an email and the last days of his been an intense mixture of feelings I'm oscillating between all my god and wait something must be wrong and this by the way is pretty similar to the results of the same feelings that we had when we were doing these experiments because you don't often get results that are 5 sigma and any experiment that we were showing up here so the reason we kept doing replication this is exactly the same sentiment that that this is just the same so he's gonna visit us starting next week and will remain for the month of may and we'll go over and in fine detail the ... have his analysis and his methods to see whether he should be leaning towards oh my god or something must be wrong what of whether other explanations for the results that we've been seeing in this well first of all maybe there's something idiosyncratic about the apparatus that we use well we've used for double such systems may get that pretty much the same resultant all of them ... vibration is always a problem when you're dealing with interferometers because it's extremely sensitive to vibration most of our experiments were conducted inside our election identically Sheila chamber which is a solid steel double walled and 2800 pounds so normally you have an optical table very heavy one that would damp out vibrations in this case it was as though we running inside an optical table 2800 pound table is a very good damping of vibrations ... another problem that may be a result is that since we're using 30 second segments that if power happened to fluctuate a 30 second period you can end up with an artifact and this is why we use random timing on the on the the non observation periods between 30 to 35 seconds to decouple so that in case it wasn't an external cycle eventually it would it will wash out because we were no longer exactly 30 seconds a signal drift is always a problem as well is very small changes in temperature well causes interferometers to change so when necessary we would the trend the data ... we measured temperature at the the laser itself the double slit near the human eye with multiple thermocouples and we didn't find any effect due to temperature ... did we were very careful not to use parametric statistics and this is all the stats were based on our parametric bootstraps statistics which take into account funny business I may be going on terms of the distribution of data I mention that they're too independent analysis so far we know it's not the hacking the nose that's like reporting and independent replication is underway so common questions and that signet arise how do we know that the participants are actually performing the task well as in any psychology experiment you kinda have to assume that they're following instructions we don't really know yes way run lots of sessions with lots of people in this case though because a we were also have the capability of doing as neuroscience we took advantage of of the fact that ... alpha the synchronization is associated with focused attention so we predicted while people were doing experiment we took their E. G. and we predicted a correlation between the amount of alpha D. sank and changes in doubles that power and we in fact got a significant correlation of the type that we predict how come no one has noticed this before well 2 reasons one is unknown to look for it and the second is that the magnitude is very small the magnitude of this effect is a very small fraction of one percent so if you were gifted with not thinking that something like this could happen it was simply look like noise it's not noise in our case because this is exactly what we're looking for so what's the response to that so far their sponsors this and the reason is is clear it's because extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence in this case requires dozens of independent replications for people is our believing this and the running applications yet except maybe the one in so Paulo I was so turned on replications and why should anybody believe me well as Johnny Depp tells us that's actually not true that their number applications the look in 1977 Abner Shimoni and his team at Boston University didn't experiment in the same general idea to see if consciousness would collapse the wave function and they did a song with some different designed it and use an optical system like I did but did it for 500 54 trials with a 50 percent chance hit rate and I got exactly 50 percent so they kind of lost interest in it but they mention in their paper that somebody else did the same experiment and they got a 60 percent hit rate which you think might have encouraged them to actually do it again but they didn't so and just sat there in 1998 I'd stand Jeffers at York University in Canada did experiment with the double slit system I got nothing so not significant result but my goodness and use the same apparatus at Princeton and he did give a significant result so what we have now are 2 out of 4 tests were successful and that's it well it turns out no we we want more we always want more so that many of you may be aware that for many years people have been using electronic random number generators where the numbers the into basis of the randomness are a quantum phenomena either radioactive decay times or a hug electron tunneling or other phenomena like the one in the upper right there is using of photons it hit a mirror have silvered mirror need to go straight through a bounce the side which is a random quantum random affect so people have been using these things from us over 50 years now to give an example 1985 by John and Brenda done of Princeton University think didn't experiment with a random number generator they ask people to aim high meaning they make the generator prisoner ones where lame though more zeros where do nothing as a baseline and therefore highly significant results and what was the reaction to that my goodness and it's the same suspicion you always get that it's one laboratory producing a result that is kind of outside the mainstream so people are suspicious so a couple years later ... Roger Nelson and I when we were both at Princeton decided to see is it really true there's just one lab showing his results well it turns out over a period of about 30 years that there wasn't just one ladder 68 different instigators reporting this and 152 publications and not just one experiment but almost 600 and 200 controls new look at the overall results on the controls get something is very close to chance terms of mean shift and terms of experimental data almost a 7 sigma so so there's replications the same kind of analysis was done again 2006 bringing it up to date but only looking at a subset subset of about half of the studies that have been done using random number generators and again the ... sigma was somewhere between 3.6 to 4 segment results if the authors of this study suggested that the reason the reason for those results were selected reporting and they say gave reasons why they believe that I don't believe it because I'm pretty well aware of everyone who had reported this and there simply aren't enough people around to reduce the effect by selective reporting so what's the overall reaction to something like this were saying why would you look through the telescope no a we don't want to and the reason a system a lot of people have felt an effort explicitly people saying if this is true we need to look for a way the text books so we can't throw away the text books because we know too much already that is probably correct with each band each discipline science so what do we do with us and visit present the world's fastest ... analysis of what's happening here so reductive materialism is predicated on a model that looks something like this physics is at the bottom chemistry biology psychology consciousness is somewhere near the top of the consciousness doesn't mean anything and from this perspective at the idea that mind and matter directly interact with each other in some ways for business or at least it's very difficult to think of a way that it could work now Stewart hammerfists come up with an interesting model and there are more and more models coming along to suggest that there may be a way to stick within the existing scientific paradigm and solve this problem but the other approach of course is to take exactly the same disciplinary structure but just take consciousness and stick it down there gelatin in metaphysical base on which we set from this perspective just like in physics you have electrons ago everywhere up in the pyramid here we have consciousness it starts at the bottom it goes everywhere up so this is idealism panpsychism neutral monism used whatever your favorite term as from this perspective that had the real puzzle is how do we get from consciousness or awareness into physics because if you solve that problem in their people working on that too well then all the rest of it is perfectly fine we don't need to throw any text books away except we're gonna throw away every 2 or 3 years anyway because that's what happened then I throw away completely it or just revise so in this case my matter interaction actually is quite easy to explain so here's my conclusions and first of all the role of consciousness in the physical world can be tested it has been tested many times in many different ways the results so far suggests a consciousness plays some sort of an active participation in reality so we have lots of collaborators have worked with us over the years and number of different funders ... I'm gonna leave this up for a bit if you want references to all of the studies that have published including many more studies you go to a tiny and that that spot and you can find it it may be that this is the one that Newton messed and I thank you for your kind attention uhhuh but they wanted to ... well Steve Coffman get gets ready leave that alright excellent excellent work dean ... be interested in I if there was some grant money available in doing a ... meta study that covers all the work that's been done because it's that is missing the only medicine buddy was Zaid impart it was not you're asking a scientist it would be interested in funding exactly but OJ good yes so let's talk the I our accident or I have just 2 questions one is the role of the few the book you gave over with you the bucket of the fall out if you don't give it up what happens on the second one is that the U. Fonda partition between out of la ... equal ... synchronization on that fixed sites seems reasonable but the you also found the effect with that you've done it right I I IT cannot imagine what kind of you know making it with John because they affect over the internet what's thought your 2 explanation Stanford the first one is about the role of the fee to bark the rule of the what feedback right told so we we use feedbacks and and feedback in almost every study mainly as a way to focus people's minds on the task but also because of transactional ... interpretations of quantum mechanics so it is simply an easier way of imagining how a human could interact with the system at a distance through the interaction itself to the feedback then became the way that the 2 are connected but is it possible the feud about itself with causing this effort of what the feedback because effects so when we do a control study we have exactly the same so the feedback is running during the control as well so if it was an artifact that was caused by the feedback than it would have shown up in the control studies and they don't are on the second question was duh how how it's possible that you know even if I thought the synchronization is stuck because of this effect when you're doing it enough to meet our way what ha how it's possible to produced I for the same kind of effect through that you've done to the to the internet yeah a little we don't know about if course it suggests that whatever's going on in terms of consciousness is not it's it's non local if you don't have to be in proximity to the 2 more questions or run date of love it talk of course but you you mentioned the quantum Zeno effects of how guided the leader dog could you just expand on that I thought you were going to expand on that I so you're gonna talk about the Clintons you hope and I will talk about that one excitement but but how does that guy well how does it I don't know in in this particular case though it is a well known quantum phenomena that the means by which you're observing is system can push it in different directions so in this case with feedback that basically reversed what we originally had seen okay which caused the reversal thank you yeah so I am addressing these interpretations of quantum mechanics where consciousness collapses the wave function but I guess it's just obvious to me how this kind of anomalous effect provide any evidence for those interpretations over about evidence for example you know really boring evidence or to have like you look at what's going on in the double slit you get the left results remove interference patterns and so on you might think that's prime officially evidence but it turns out all the other interpretations of my mechanics accommodate that evidence pretty well there's to be that what you have here is if the evidence holds up evidence for some kind of mechanism the interaction between brains human observers and what's going on in the ... in the double slit for that center that's independent of the of the question of interpretation I would think but all the interpretations of quantum mechanics will agree that if there is I'm such a mechanism of interaction observer what's going on in the double slit then you'd get various collapse style results it seems to me that it's not clear to me that actually gives direct evidence for kind of interpretation much as I'd like it to well remember that the motivation for this was explicitly looking at von Neuman said about an extra cool factor so we use the extra physical factor in as best way that we could think of doing it and in fact is confirming it leads to a small degree of what I know it was basically saying that it was beginning to cut the chain and why didn't complete completely collapse my guess is because ... well we did see better results with meditators versus non meditator so there's something about focused attention that is a critical element and it's it's a very difficult task even that long term meditators found it difficult because of the abstraction of the task but we're looking at other ways of making it easier for people to interact with these kinds of systems in which case Mabel gets on the results Abed Devon Norman meant extra material because entitlement is physical one please be quick yeah I'm just curious about the effect of conscious and unconscious processes song on this type of experiment so if you were able to design a paradigm that I you could ... suppress the interaction from consciousness because the unconscious processes are in place while Erin this is rising or is there that say what will W. your expectations so he managed to suppress it from cards uncle just closes his equally incorrect or if we were able to suppress unconscious now if you were able to suppress at the interaction from consciousness using there are various techniques to do that well we could use things like distraction we'd use the simplest possible method that we could think of initially which is simply to withdraw your attention from the cyst the way we do that terms of the feedback is you don't get any feedback so that portion of it is cut but that we've we've sort of other things too likely to have somebody read something on a screen or in other forms the problem with doing strong distraction of attention is that it takes a lot longer to switch back into the task we don't want to do that right that's giving around of applause Democrats mmhm //
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IONS Community Group Intro ~ Cassi Vieten
\\I'm Cassandra the new president and CEO of the institute of noetic sciences irons was founded over 40 years ago by the Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell who was the sixth person to walk on the moon and as some of you know on his way back from his moon walk Edgar had the window seat in the space capsule and how to what he called an epiphany where he number one recognized his essential interconnectedness with everything he saw and felt like he could see sort of a divinity or intelligence or order shining through everything the second was that when he looked at the earth from space you can see there are no boundaries between countries when you view the earth from space those are human constructions and so many of the other problems that are facing us on our plan now are really caused by T. shins so we thought when he came back to earth same I'm tion of the ingenuity and resources and time Gee that we'd spent going into outer space investigating inner space that that might really help us evolve and for the whole plan so he founded the institute of noetic sciences and over the last 40 years grown into a global organization really ions rests on 4 pillars one is direct experience direct no attic experience which means that when you have a subjective experience that you know for certain to be true that you feel in your heart kind of the way you know that you love a loved one they may be couldn't be measured directly but you know that it's true all the same that's what we call no attic and so what Edgar saw was let's take those deeply subjective experiences and marry them with objective knowing or science and that's really what the phrase noetic science means so the second pillar is science and this is where we used the tools of objective observation to look deeply at those subjective inner experiences with all the same rigor that we use with other methods of scientifically investigating the natural world we turn that lands inward and we find out when somebody has an experience like Edgar had of oneness or in a connection is there some physical realities that is there some measurable reality to that sense of interconnection when people feel connected to each other at a distance or they feel like they've had a massive transformation in their world view sometimes even in the space of just a few minutes can we get at what makes that happen for people and a positive transformation level how can we make it happen more for me the third is giving people tools and ways to apply their new understandings both from their inner knowing but also from science to make the world a better place whether it's in your family your own life your neighborhood your community your school your institution we really look at how can people take no attic experiences in the science that has been conducted on those that expands on those and re infuse the world with soul and heart and spirit and even a kind of magic sometimes we like to say we'd like to re instanton old and the last is community and so when we look at the major transformations in the course of human history that moved us into a new way of being like the renaissance or other scientific enlightenment what we know is that it started with direct experience people scientifically investigated or objectively look deeper into it they came up with ways to apply in everyday life but the most important thing was getting it out to the community and giving people places to go where they could share what they'd learned where they could explore without fear of being put down or ostracized when they can really be all of who they were and that's what we hope the islands community groups can be for people so we have nearly 200 community groups all over the world and I've traveled to visit many of them and a lot of people tell me that it's the only place they can go to talk about topics that are very deeply meaningful to them in an intelligent way without having to subscribe to any kind of dogma or rigidity but just taking that exploratory way of being one very powerful function of the community group network is that when we have a piece of news or some kind of a success story or a way that no attic science is really making a difference in the world we compulsive out to the community group network in a way that rapidly travels all around the planet and in that way we really believe that the community group network is a fundamental part of ions mission 2 in a way carry the message sometimes not even carry a message but carry the right questions on to the world so more and more people begin to open their eyes to a different way of being a different way of knowing and to that meeting place of science and spirituality head and heart intellect and soul and really the inner knowing in the outer ways of knowing so we appreciate you being a conduit for that global network and please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you I'm //
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The Future of Meditation | Cassandra Vieten | IONS
\\well I'm Cassandra beaten president and CEO of the institute of noetic sciences and I'm here to talk about the future of meditation research this is ... time that has been unprecedented in the amount of meditation research being conducted and published and as you can see in this graph in 1980 there were very few publications on this case on mindfulness ... and it's just grown exponentially in the last decade and especially even in the past 5 years and so this is really been due to the efforts of a large number of clinicians and researchers and scientists who understood the value of meditation for psychological well being emotional health and physical wellbeing even things like community and brain function and all those things ... and in the beginning it was really hard to get them western scientific community to understand that meditation was a viable topic for research so they engaged in a strategy which was basically taking meditation as what was a primarily a spiritual practice that comes out of several contemplative traditions including Buddhism and secularizing it and making it into a psychological intervention that removed the more spiritual components but left in the more mental cognitive psychological components and so that is one thing is taking the practice and secularizing it into something that would be palatable for regular western medicine and also then kind of narrowing the domain of meditation research to not look necessarily at wet meditation was originally meant to cultivate but looking at primarily physiological psychological cognitive emotional and ... you know brain function body function as the primary outcomes of meditation and in a way taking out all of the stuff about awakening enlightenment cultivation of wisdom and compassion and empathy shifts in identity mystical experiences being more connected with god in some contemplative practices and so in a way it was threading this needle to say the way that we're gonna get meditation into the west to make it useful for people for reducing suffering is to narrow it to the aspects of it that are kind of understandable to the west and this is kind of similar in away to the way that acupuncture research has taken place which was and initially acupuncture is the method of traditional Chinese medicine where the needling has to do with helping the flow of chi or qi or the energy in the body and so that was the primary purpose of the needles as western scientists started to get interested in integrating acupuncture into medical care they kind of gradually took out that energy art key year chi component and said well when you insert needles it releases endorphins in the body and that has an analgesic effect in so now there's been sort of a material lazy tion of acupuncture in the theoretical understanding of the mechanism of action and that kinda makes it okay to study them so all of this is actually good in a way because it's allowed a pathway for these practices that were rooted in spiritual traditions to be utilized in the west for medical care but the negative part of it is that it leaves out an important part of the story and so at this point they're sort of that off limits to scientists to students to educators to medical professionals stay away from certain things and it's okay if you study traditional Asian medicines or if you look into meditation but if you really want to be taken seriously get funding get tenure not be excluded from the scientific dialogue make sure you stay away from these kinds of things like experiences of oneness and interconnectedness or somebody's our cities which is the word for kind of the powers that can come along sometimes with these kinds of practices shock Dian kundalini energies where people feel this rush of energy through their body in that it feels somehow important to them and might even have an effect at some point in their life of enlivening them more than they used to be but this isn't something that we're looking at yet in meditation research very often people often in meditation have experiences of karma a past life recall reincarnation experiences visions increase synchronous cities I perceptual changes like E. S. P. extrasensory perception precognition experiences of god in deities even other non physical entities and there are people who have very difficult moments during their meditation practice difficult stages of doing it and because we're treating this a little bit like of meditation is sort of a natural antidepressant let's say in some studies in a way it's not even asked sometimes did you have any negative side effects of doing your meditation practice there can be sometimes on the way to cultivation of increased wisdom emotional balance periods of disorientation de personalization listening of ego structures and that can be really distressing and but that's also not usually included in either clinical practice or in research there's also really interesting phenomena I think when people meditate in groups or in places where lots and lots of other people have meditated where there feels like there's an energy that's created by being in the group of meditators or that there's even an energy hanging out in the place where lots and lots of people have meditated and that people kind of feel like you know when there's a bicycle racing you get the draft of the bicyclist in front of you that somehow meditating with other people or in places where thousands of people have done it it helps them in their practice so the question is what what is that energy does that really exist is that just a perception there's also a very strong tradition in many meditation traditions of teacher student transmission that it's not just a teacher giving you instructions on how to meditate it's actually the teachers awakening themselves that somehow and Thomas contagious and helping you get the meditation practice better because they have a certain amount of clarity so these are all right now in the scientific literature quite anecdotal they're just things that people have described experiencing but for the most part it's been like let's just not go there those things are too strange ... there too weird they might contaminate the scientific method and let's just leave those out and so what we have thought this future of meditation research group is that maybe these things actually are important and maybe they represent I have really fruitful opportunities for future researchers who might want to investigate these other aspects of meditation so this group of about 20 people with another 15 or 20 advisers has met for 4 times over the course of 3 years and during that time we shared each other's work and experiences and we came up with 6 domains of meditation that represent this essentially uncharted scientific territory that we think might be important to study and then we thought well if people want to study and we need to help and encourage them and give them some tools and ways to do it because so many people are being told that they have an interest in these topics that's not possible to study so this group is come together to recommend directions methods and measures we've written a paper we're creating a web resource where researchers who are interested in this topic can go download measures are materials are protocols and also an online course so the major critiques of going into this field is that you're gonna hear if you say look I really want to study this teacher student transmission phenomenon or I want to study is it true there's an energy in the temple where someone's meditating that's different than what you might get when you are meditating in a hospital classroom or something well first you're gonna hear you know that is non scientific you can't it's just not part of science or it's up form of pseudo science it's not real science and what I would say to that is that there are no on scientific topics there are only and scientific methods so these phenomena are things that you can study using the scientific method in the same kinds of measures and methods and protocols and tools that we do for every other aspect of human experience in nature and the second thing you might hear then is well if the topic then is okay to study there's really no way to measure any of these things so you're gonna be banging your head against the wall and the truth is that there actually are a number of measures and protocol that exist for studying these domains and there's a really great opportunity to develop new measures for these domains and that it in itself could provide a fruitful line of inquiry the third thing is that you'll hear that these Sir experiences are phenomena that happen but they're not very important they're just sort of at the phenomena of the brain there illusory they're just kind of even so it so in the scientific and a tradition they'll say it's not important because what's really important is cognition changing emotion changing symptom reduction and physiological things changing these other kinds of things are just sort of weird things that happen that you should really pay any attention to and even some of the meditation traditions will tell you that so you know you go to the teacher and say I got this thing just happened to me and I don't know what it was but I feel like a connected with my dead father go ahead it you know and they'll say don't worry about it go back to meditating you know don't get distracted by this thing when in fact for many people and here at the institute of noetic sciences we've done an enormous amount of research on people who have experienced major positive transformations in their consciousness that brought them to a place in their life that was richer and more meaningful and full of purpose and more joyful more connected more full of compassion and empathy and altruism and what they told us the key factors were in cultivating those ways of being that felt more functional and more happy to them worth through these experiences that they had had these extraordinary experiences sometimes a feeling a sense of oneness or in a connection with everything or feeling a sense of connection with quatre divinity or feeling ... ego dissolution so they didn't just feel like a separate individual but they felt an aspect of themselves now that was connected with the greater whole and that those really worth pathways to which they found emotional balance cognitive balance less add tension throughout their day less attachment to the things that were stressing them out so it's kind of interesting so I would say these experiences are tremendously important at least anecdotally from people that we've talked to in their worth investigating just because of that and the last critique you'll get as well even if they're scientifically viable in their measurable and they're important they're so rare that they're almost meaningless you know they don't happen very often so one of the things that our group did is conducted a survey of meditators to find out what are in fact what is in fact the prevalence of these experiences and were they important to people and so as I said earlier there were the 6 domains one was mystical transcendental transformative experiences either during after or related to someone's meditation practice second was social and relational aspects of meditation so most meditation research up until now has focused on the individual primarily above the neck interpersonal aspects of meditation in other words what just happens inside of one person what has been less well studied is how does meditation affect our related this to other people and what it doesn't matter if you're part of a spiritual meditation community or not the third is more contextual aspects of meditation practice this includes the external context and the internal context so the external context is what kind of rumor U. N. who's the teacher what kind of belief system are there any kind of a coup to months or their bells or other statues of their deities associated with it are there any kinds of aspects of the religious or spiritual context or even the clinical context you know what what kind of a setting are you in and then what do you bring to it as an individual in your own background does it matter at all what you believe or what your intention is when you come to meditation practice and we think it probably does but there's been less research on that the fourth is anomalous physical phenomena related to meditation which has to do with things like getting very prickly cold hot feeling energy surges feeling extremely tired ... seeing things hearing things feeling electrical kinds of feelings and we think those are important to look at because what is happening when somebody direct their attention toward their breathing toward their body sensations repeating a month try whatever it is why is that causing some intense physiological thing to happen as they do that are out afterward the fifth is extended human capacities and so there are many reports of people who engage in meditative practices and they have really unexplainable things happen like knowing that a loved one was in trouble or feeling that a love one passed away and then finding out that it happened or thinking of very similar thought to what their teacher then says or ... you know being able to see something that's gonna happen in the future having increased synchronicity is the more they engage in meditation practice feeling like more and more throughout their day they're sort of part of the flow so they're seeing these interesting connections between things that could be coincidences but they also could be meaningful coincidences so we're interested in looking at that and then as I said earlier difficult states in stages of meditation practice when people feel a sense of terror or dread or sphere or pain when they engage in meditation practice and instead of helping them sleep it disrupts their sleeper maybe instead of helping them with anxiety it increases their anxiety so I think we need to be really open minded to the concept that these could be seen as number one negative side effects to meditation for some people they might need a different type of meditation practice or they might be very necessary steps in the pathway towards positive outcomes but it's something that we might be able to help people with more and maybe have less dropouts from meditation interventions if we went ahead and asked about them and learned more about what's happening when people have a really hard time so when we did this survey we asked 1120 subjects ... to respond to a lot of questions about whether or not they had had any of these experiences in the course of their meditation practice the only requirement for being in this study was that you had to be over 18 and have a meditation practice or have had won in the past ... are resulting sample was 59 percent female and 41 percent male from 66 countries there's a pretty normal distribution of education and age a mean of about 14 years of meditation practice with the standard deviation of 13 years of practice and the psychological health background of these folks was in alignment with population norms in terms of ... had they ever been diagnosed with a psychological disorder and so we're not going to go through every aspect of the survey it's described well in our paper on the future of meditation research but just to give you an idea this is what the survey looks like during or after meditating have you experienced an altered sense of your awareness or you know did you experience an altered sense of your identity such as feeling like someone else transcending your personal identity experiencing a new identity or feeling that you had no identity and the response that was this is never happened this is happened once this happened 2 to 5 times this has happened many times are this almost always happens and so there were lots and lots of questions like this in the questionnaire and this chart would be very difficult for you to read on the slide but you can go to the web resource which is that no slash F. O. M. our future of meditation research and you can see this summary of the results that we got on many of the items that one I wanna show here is that what you're looking at on the left hand side is the light blue that's the response this almost always happens and on the very right hand side you're looking at the dark blue which is the people who said this never happens so if you go from the left to the right from the light blue through the red that's the number of people who have had these experiences at least once if you go through the green those that's the amount of people who have had them 2 to 5 times the purple at least at sorry them many times and the light blue almost always and so if you look at the proportion of the sample up through the red that's had these things at least once it's pretty enormous and many times is also pretty large maybe even more than we would have thought so nearly half for over half of people having some of these extraordinary experiences ... and then this is specific experiences that if you look at the bottom you can see that a fifth from the bottom is clairvoyance or telepathy for example which I think many many western researchers would say that's extremely rare I have never had anybody tell me that but when you actually ask someone you can see that over half of the sample reports having had that at least once and then nearly half many times so I think this is really important these experiences are happening to people ... when we go through each one of these the prevalence is pretty high I would say the lowest prevalence was this question about disturbing feelings of fear or dread or terror so maybe that difficult states in stages doesn't happen quite as many people but certainly these extraordinary experiences are happening and I think the main point of this is just to say that these experiences are prevalent so the second thing is maybe they do happen but do they really mean anything to the people care about I mean you know maybe the people themselves are like it was important to me so when people endorsed one of these experiences we then followed up with a question in the survey that said how meaningful are important to you was this experience in other words did so the experience have an impact on your thinking or feeling your sense of self for your world view and again most of the people said that it was important to them so ... in this one this had to do with clairvoyance for example and I have the 400 people who said that it had happened to them quite a bit 40 percent say it was very important to them and then another 20 percent saying that it's quite important so this argument that it doesn't happen very often and it's not very important I think this survey really speaks to so I think the main point of my presentation here is that these are topics and experiences that can be studied scientifically and rigorously they can be measured using existing measures and there's a lot of opportunity to develop more rigorous measures especially with the advancements in technology that we have they are prevalent at least in our population of people and I think that they might be prevalent in the general population of meditators and they are important to the people based on their own response and then as a clinician and a psychologist and someone who's done a lot of research on transformations in consciousness we have a sense that these experiences are very important to people's sense of self to their identity to their relationship to others to their relationship to the world really to their general understanding of the nature of reality completely and this is what's so great about meditation research is that it's not just about studying meditation and its efficacy meditation research allows us a window into human potential whether we really capable of and into possibly what is the nature of reality because it seems like people engaging in these practices are changing something about what's possible for humans and so this again is the online resource the slash F. O. M. our future of meditation research and this contains a a description of all the meetings that we've had as a group together a link to the paper in the survey in the data and they're still data in the survey that could be analyzed by folks so if you want to let us know if you want to analyze that that would be fine and the online course lots of resources for researchers including measures and methods that you can use to study these techniques and then a link to Iran's meditation bibliography which is a collection of all of the published research on meditation from the early days through about 2013 and then ways to search for a literature on meditation so in closing I'll say to be courageous about your scientific topics and be in touch with the researchers who are part of our group if you're interested in studying these topics and thanks for your attention //
"2016-04-28 20:02:30"
The Science of Consciousness - Helané Wahbeh
\\welcome I'd like to share with you about the science of consciousness on multiple levels it personal their relational global and beyond despite the 7 //
"2016-04-06 03:35:42"
Meditation and Human Potential ~ Michael sapiro
\\this exhibition I'm interested in not only self development ... the use of medication to help with anxiety and depression I find a sense of purpose and meaning so if you know what parts of meditation practice can facilitate change in healing and we can implement those in the clinical world so that's one reason our understanding meditation sure scientifically what's awesome about our group to future meditation research groups that were pushing the boundaries of what we already know go into what we want to and what we're doing excuse unique in our group is for recognizing through our own meditation practice that our minds don't have to so we're inviting human potential without limits the best we can in this mood knowing that a mind without limits agency and responsibility and so the group is hoping to study meditation ways that haven't been thought of before but that still impact us who daily basis so people assuming they have these deep experiences that haven't been studied researcher science wise but they felt that phenomena logically meeting thing themselves we're going into those layers of self experience of meditation and starting to break it down assigned stars to see what can be done use in the clinical sense in the hearing room swat communes in academic world to teach what's positive but what we're finding is that human potential is endless limitless it's so hard to me quantify that high we operationalize that well that's what we're hoping to do with this group and you //
"2016-04-05 14:58:56"
Meditation and Our True Nature ~ Fred Travis
\\so how did this go beyond the usual ways of study issue the first will be similar is would be using the tools science science is just making a picture of the world and you make this up it's really a match and in your brain then you projected onto the world does it fit what I see and then you go back and you change the model so this fundamental process is still the the bedrock of what would be the difference will be a types of questions will be asked about intuition about precognition about experience is outside of your usual waking state transcendental spirit sickle experiences I feel that he should be valid areas of research science I think the major difference is where we turned the scientific I and we're looking at ... Rangers intersubjective experiences which I'm buckle scientific lab at this point would not do a key point is something however abstracted non material it is it's real it's going to have real effects that means it's going to affect how your brain functions your breath your physiology heartmate look can it's on so we can use the the measurement tools of modern science but we can ask questions which are outside of what I think we're seeing is the maturation of the science because you have your model you projected onto the world and you see the goodness of fit and what we're finding is some experiences that we could put into them typically what you do in science you put them off to the side what is happening is is these experiences are growing the experiences of sense of self which is not limited to a narrative style not limited to a body our sense of self which is outside of time and space how does that relate to who we are how does that relate to how you relate to the world as these experiences are being seen throughout meditation to the need for science to address them is make up so I think this is it's a natural process of maturation of site is a consensual process so it's a natural maturation we as meditation researchers to take that step let's focus into those areas of science that science was not able to study and let's do it by having very strong conceptual models a very strong research methods to actually addressed fundamentally who we are is we're not our bodies are not our age were not our nationalities we're not a level of education we're not our thoughts are not our feelings worth fundamental value of wakefulness alertness telogen switch it's actually shared by everybody //
"2016-04-03 20:43:59"
Science and Meditation ~ B. Rael Cahn
\\the state of meditation research is really exciting you know there's been a tremendous amount of growth in a relatively short amount time so for those of us who are really keeping up with meeting the studies as they come out sometime this even hard to to catch up with the most recent studies that a colleagues are doing all around the world but a couple of the most exciting aspects are number one we're really starting to hone in on this sense of what's happening in the brain in association with particular aspects of the net meditative experience in particular the aspect of the changed relationship to our thinking process so the mind supports awareness and the mind also supports all kinds of contents that arise within awareness and we're getting to the point where a number of people are really starting to tackle that question of what's going on in the brain in those times when awareness is present but some of the content the kind of self narrative for that specific ... instantiation of representing this or that has dropped away and instead what's really and the individual's awareness is just awareness itself it's kind of expanded interstate so we don't know the answer yet but we have some clues that have been coming out and building upon each other over these last few years and I think that understanding that will really give us a lever towards using the science that then help inform how to help more people spirits this kind of inner freedom what's become clear is that the mind and the body are in a 2 way relationship with each other all the time the body is sending messages to the brain which have of manifestation in mental awareness and mental awareness is somehow mediating processes in the brain that then have impact on the body and so they if nothing else one can conceptualize mindfulness a meditative practices as mind body practice the practices where the mind is really specifically engaging both with itself and with the body in its best Vic waves and more than anything else with the the research at the key in the clinical demand has shown is that engaging your mind in that systematic way with the mind body interaction actually has healing affects you know both on psychological disturbance as well as on many different manifestations of physical illness nobody well it makes a lot of sense that in the early stages of meditation research a focus on those aspects that have a very great deal of correspondence between great basic mechanisms of the psyche you know attention a general sense of well being or anxiety or depression there's also a real deaths to the meditative journey which is born out of this human desire for understanding ourselves and meaning in so the future medicine research is really an initiative brought about to engage in a discussion about how we can start to plumb those steps from a scientific point //
"2016-04-02 13:10:33"
Meditation and the Search for Meaning - Charles Tart
\\was sitting meditation scientifically you could ask why study meditation I would put that as part of a bigger question mark study the you would mind but after all the mind is what we've got I see the world I act on the world I reflect on the world through my mind and we have our ordinary mind which is very much a cultural construction skills of biological one but it turns out that's not enough for most humans we need altered states of consciousness we need at least temporarily quite different ways of seeing things to get a feeling of greater meaning about what life is about so you look back in history people of always seem gauged Wasif creating altered states of consciousness it's part of their search for meaning some that's getting drunk and that comes at a high price tag drugs of one sort or another meditation rituals should do it for some people so we want to know we want to feel deeper meaning that's what meditation culture how do you think the fielders meditation research is changing in 1969 I published my book altered states of consciousness and there was nothing like it around but a lot of people young people especially were trying drugs and meditation things like that people have no understanding of what the hell was going on why do people do this kind I am Kloot dissection in their own research or meditation because I'd read a lot of very unusual literature people didn't even know existed I proudly boasted in the section on meditation that I was including 2 thirds of the English language literature of meditation which sounded very impressive to you realized it was 2 of the 3 studies there was essentially 0 now I proud to say practically 50 years later there's so many studies on meditation that now profound but I'll also add that most of the studies have been carried out with kind of the mindset of is this good for your health and it can be quite good for your health and all sorts of ways so I'm more interested meditation sport the search for meaning search for some April spiritual aspects of that we need a lot more and this program that no I think science is a sponsoring is pointing out that we need to research on spiritual psychic aspect Jason it's good that it let you sleep better make sure less anxious and all that sort of thing I'm all for that sort of thing but if you don't get deep meaning in life start to do crazy things in a desperate search for meaning do you think the field of meditation research will move towards him which we see consciousness not something deeper than just an amazing proxy of the brain the I can't quite say official but let's say the most common view of consciousness is that it's totally materialistic that somehow consciousness is produced by the pre we're very materialistic culture and for good reasons we are materially incredibly rich in progress compared to where you so but that ignores evidence that consciousness can do things that material laws and processes don't act actually result so I think we need to move toward you that consciousness is primary or at least as real as the material kind of stuff and then that view has to be no monster I have the view of the mines for instance that my dream is sort of like a local computer and it handles a lot of the evaluation thinking decision making as I take in stuff with my senses so for and the materialistic view is that's the end of the story but I think our minds are connected to some wider current and that occasionally influences what we do we need to study it's like you could study automobiles with no reference to drivers and there's lots you could find out but unless you understand something about drivers and their intentions you're gonna miss an awful lot of what all if you have any personal experiences stopping crazy to explore what with the nature matters he just thinks might be I wish I could say I'm so good at meditating that all sorts of wonderful experiences of happened but I'm not and in fact I tried to learn meditation off and on for 20 years or so and eventually decided it must take some special talent that I don't have and I gave it up and but I was already interested in these wider dimensions and in altered states of consciousness general you know I'd been a subject of experiments of psychedelic drugs for instance so I knew there could be fantastic things spirit some people can get there through meditation eventually I met a meditation teacher that actually show you you want the actual story Yetzirah I was at a scientific conference call and unorthodox ways of healing with electromagnetic waves and things like that and somebody asked a friend of his who was a meditation teacher to come and give a talk about meditation a man named shouldn't Zenyatta and I went to hear him talk because I'd given up on meditation by them but you know I had to keep up with 6 and as he talked it was like the here is on the back of my neck started to stand up because something in me said its man actually knows what he's talking about direct experience and I realized that I'd heard a lot of famous meditation teachers talk but I didn't know from the way they were aware that they've actually experience these things are aware that they were just the beneficiaries of 1000 years veteran better writings on how to teach it I was impressed enough that when he offered teach meditation classes at 6 clock in the morning in the winter which was ridiculous for me skip before breakfast either I went and she had a way of teaching meditation it's sort of step wise sayings that I started meditating start being able to summon the strength and since then I have followed his experiments I was mean to call them because he is experimenting with different ways to teach you know he knows all the old traditional ways but he's also a student of hal Buddhism which is where he was trained as had to change to adapt to different cultures historically gets its is working on that adaptation of the man's a genius I won't call it teacher for the capital cheered me is also my buddy it how it is a very real human being but I think he's so at some stage of enlightenment traditional Buddhist thing because the teams and stuff I've just started inquiring friend who's a professor somewhere who would like to meditate but it just doesn't know how to do it I'm going to recommend that you contact Shannon said no Christians ants also quite an intellectual and I think if somebody that intellectual could learn to meditate maybe there's hope for me the unusual unique and valuable factor of this ions program Tatian is that it's making us try to look at the things are actually an important part of meditation is a search for they're pretty much being ignored again it's it's nice that meditation could be shown to help you sleep better so that it reduces stress at least as much as adapters I I I nap myself works very but it's this deeper search for meaning that we really have to look at this is no I can't say no but probably very few human beings ever put in thousands of hours of training to learn how to meditate because they thought I will make me a little more efficient by job or a little less responsive to stress they hope to find some deeper spiritual being that's what this is about and each meaning that is essential if the human race is not to destroy itself it's always got this material gratification that's a cereals are 0 sum game if you get it then it's not there for me but if people could learn to meditate efficiently efficient present tap into this deeper spiritual meaning there could be deeper satisfaction some like that don't depend on using material resources rapidly is greedily as possible //
"2016-04-01 16:48:16"
Meditation and Western Science ~ Paul J. Mills
\\in the west premiere emerging here's science could say and people follow science and tend to do things of science shows that it works and while anyone who tends to practice different forms of meditation will quickly coming to a realization of potential benefit or real benefit for themselves to get somebody to move in that direction to begin to adapt it into their lives it often takes scientific findings maybe some of the reasons starting out meditation motorsport hypertension might be drawn to start practicing so they get the benefit of lowering but then over time other things begin to dawn is this is why I would say conducting research is important it mainly to get people do at but also then we're scientists to like to know how things work and we can delve into things such as these aspects of human development meditation doesn't spend researched a lot more us for many many decades has been much like the process of science itself very reductionist meaning we've taken this modality of meditations on the whole system water into the west but in the lab we operationalize that we start starting those things that have been started have been those that can be measured you can choose what Trish warm that's all good and relevant for all but there are lots of other features of human existence that are really really important now we get into the world of spirituality and mysticism many different manifestations and historically science or sciences in more traditional academic institutions couldn't go and that as a general status is still here today so the purpose of this group of scientists getting together is because we all ventures in these other domain while on and off so we're trying to lay a bit of a roadmap this is the next frontier in the search and try to provide encouragement for the next generation of young researchers it's okay to move in this direction please do it it's really //
"2016-03-31 19:59:08"
The Reality of Meditative States ~ Arnaud Delorme
\\yeah sure sure meditation research project is to bring students we're starting this year old you're the worst younger interested in studying meditation researcher lots of them and then like you or hear what's out there because has boomed in the past 10 years you know lighters many many research on mediation clinical applications anti stress and there's a lot of bad but there is very few spiritually oriented scientific studies so we're trying to show that it is possible to do that what can you do what tools can use what what kind of that questionnaire and what kind of methodology can use and no state you open your mind about what is possible I think most of the mediation researcher were interested in frontier topic they're interested in what it is that need heaters experience in the states well you can call it somebody you can call it like meant and that's a mental stage where they have the experience of being connected to all things so what happens in the brain first you know you're in your chemistry it's not a mental state to experience every day and also is there any reality to that state are they really connected his name so we just have the impression of being connected to things all these questions are open you know lots of people say they're close all the just like an illusion in her brain announced it has been demonstrated and there's certainly data to support if tenet I Potts's so I think it's worth investigating so we're opening the field of mediation researched you ask questions that were previously considered a few //
"2016-03-31 19:58:54"
Meditation and Extraordinary Experiences ~ Dean Radin
\\officials very popular now but meditation this is taught in the west is only looking at a very thin slice of what the original idea of meditation was out so we're attempting to do is to say that we now know that meditation is good for mental and physical health what else is good for for there we look at the historical knowledge which says that actually yes it probably has health and other benefits but it's actually intended for much more than that one of the things that we found out as a result of doing a survey and also just talking to people about their experiences is that Martin many people will encounter anomalies that is especially is considered in the west I got better things like synchronicity sinful apathy in clairvoyance and enlightenment and all of these words that from la western scientific perspective have been pretty much dismissed as superstition so what we're interested then in doing the research is to find out first of all the people have these experiences and the answer is yes in the second as well what are they are the experiences what they seem to be or are they in fact illusions and so to to look at that question more deeply we we need to turn to fields which have not been and within mainstream science like parapsychology and we find that some of these effects are true in principle and it looks like meditation can stimulate their their out of experiences and people some people might ask why do you need to study meditation especially advanced forms of meditation and that same question could be applied to virtually anything why do we need to study anything and that the answer is that I the personal experience is important and useful but what's actually happening that's what science is about to figure out how when you have a subjective experience especially if it's one that's dramatic in some way well what happened maybe it was an illusion maybe not so to maybe not part becomes really interesting because it suggests that if somebody is extraordinary experiences that people have during meditation turn out to be objectively true then it challenges the prevailing paradigms in science and that becomes extremely important enough //
"2016-03-31 19:58:25"
Meditation and Human Evolution ~ Shamini Jain
\\the future of meditation research program by the institute of noetic sciences has been a courageous 3 year project ... that has really brought together some of the brightest minds in meditation research to begin to ask the questions of what meditation //
"2016-03-18 02:34:13"
Psychic Abilities and the Illusion of Separation ~ Dean Radin PhD
\\nnova well interested in what is reality even with a small are where large are and reality is what we perceive some audiences would probably say yes this audience well here's one of the many ways of demonstrating that you perceive this reality this is the famous optical illusions where tiles 8080 are the same chain it's the same thing animated show that yeah acts same color due to a perceptual trick in your brain your brain recognizes that when shadows occurred in should look brighter her eyes compensating for and so it basically give a 3 hour lecture only on visual perception and exclusions of it but I'm just using this as a waiter get you out of the room mindset that what we perceive is not what it's another example of the same thing at the bottom looks white basically outlook stark we can we cover up the 8 years and you see once again that you know your brain is telling you that must be different here's another example you're imagining that you're looking at spinning girl from the top maybe it would look at this and say whiskey spinning clockwise and when you see your spinning clockwise counterclockwise so about half an act now will do is say here's the same thing but look at the girl on the right now look at the Roland Sattar it on the last you can easily shift I want due to the other something by a having a different context so this is a way of showing that out and it's not only that but we perceive is an illusion it Lucien as Sheik strongly eye contact here's another one a missile example of foreshortening Chris that's street artists and use this kind of a trip will be much more difficult to use when we have virtual reality glasses 3 dimensions of course immediately shows it that this here's another example outside down these women look perfectly normal we turn it right side up see that something has gone wrong and again this is now due to a particular portion of your brain which is hard wired to see faces so when you see the face on this form you know that's face like characteristics and you don't see it in detail so you can't figure out what's wrong with it you do see in the correct you know that it's rock in what's happened the courses that guy's mouth turned up so subjective and objective realities are you see what we expect to see and we believe what we are to believe what we wanted scene politics all the time we didn't get much sleep awesome broke all this neat reality legalities are very thin slice really so then what's what is really out where our brains are tricking us all the time how do we know what's real does a clue we can get from physics who is in the transition from classical to rock and roll the classical perspective we end up with us WebSphere stock rings popping technicality I shall be fixed reality and spacetime these are all refinements of common sense Alan E. basically says had murdered get anything to move or change you need to shut it a Saudi is the assumption of a uniform or unidirectional movement of time sick more often than amex watch which really says that even if you're not looking at something it has fixed properties so did the famous case that Einstein was saying is it does I mean if you look at you don't look at the moon it's not there more well what a perspective moon is still there but it does not say properties it does and specify nursing assumption of an absolute space and time this is what our everyday experience tells us he's workin case then you didn't have to move your body over here at this particular time your consent are you know if you go down to the elementary particle world all that goes away all of it is completely on is nonlocal world it's a causal it's just a bit for universe and it has an update virus protection and and there's no space talk so well from physics says if you want to know what reality is Pete physical reality arch our reality it may not be anything like what we experience we get rid so that's the world of separation everyday world but that is a world no separation at all if the holistic in part okay hits but not real reality it's not such a do it human experience so you see here char we're on one scale it's kind of experience but it's mundane were found and the upscale whether it's common or rare so we should start putting these things we have come in my name got feelings how many of you have ever had that feeling about something which later turned out to be true how many have you never had a gut feeling so I guess the same question of audiences were filled mostly of skeptics sceptic societies according to us and talk about psychic phenomena I ask that question roughly 75 percent of everybody says well yeah but then I say well it might use psychic phenomena and all the so everybody feels that feelings feeling being stared at out on the left is on the phone rings and you know no I just appealing premonitions created inside lists if Indian summer and near the top Pablo mystical union so who reports the sayings comment Monday marvelously everybody princes let's move up the scale start giving these people names you learn to do that genius strategy and the reason I put it in this forum is that simply point out that you this is part of the spectrum all this is that I am the politics then the capacities of the mine the euphemism so we don't have to about psychic mystical experience just exceptional experience spectrum is interesting because all of those phenomena strange for one reason or I say suggests that mind transcends time and space telling us stand is that why we know from physics perspective if we don't do that Arkham world that the physical world I'm space away same thing seems to happen looking experience it includes from both subject of an object observations that they're stopping strange that happens we look at the people here reality nothing is set in the upper right of this but we have the saints indigenous it seems people are very rare beyond the reach science actually nobody understands why geniuses rip you but it's very well accepted because those are the people shake civilization one side of the scale very calming effects easy study but highly controversial in order to to look at this in more detail we don't need to leave our sets land tree little it's it's my so what we do in the laboratory what's been done by colleagues around World War I 50 years to study some subclasses of these kinds of experiences because they are neat mobile laboratory default abuse classes permission passes people were isolated were shielded from each other into something like that left a person's intention is impressed and for the world some way outside in the service you get information from the world al-assad's so can find your way it's retro pop knowing something about ask that you couldn't have so please it reported throughout human history that are always happiest names nevertheless there so within this audience how many of you have experienced one or more of these 2 banks basically every audience yeah even skeptics if you use euphemisms for these were so what we do in a laboratory to study it a lot that's just because people have these experiences doesn't necessarily mean that real as we know the brain is tricking us all the time there are things that ... loosens and once it we get beyond that see what's really going her number athletes had been used so probably most famous one that's been repeated many many times not so it involves a sender and a receiver were isolated I shielding or I just ... the game is that you centered sense of a mental beat the receiver so I got drunk at the console is a German word meaning Oldfield to sign a red light that receiver in Hong Kong he cut it in half but putting I'm Bob over each eye and then you take and phones I'm white blaze that we're so that the receivers has to remain awake but everywhere they look the only seeking every everything that they can hear a song it hissing sound what is the US is within about 10 minutes most people will begin to get a copy your brain is thinking I'm awake should be seen or heard something but there's nothing there some so you begin to basically hallucinate in a waking state it's very easy for imagery Iraqis this was done intentionally because they want the receiver at the end state waiting for some sort of stimulus to appear stimulus in this case is coming from the center spot I hope I tried to do that yours out where the outlet used to be and all ansys is up at reprise campus here in the basement like building where Eric now has his weapon at I like to go back we had our physiology so if you walk around the back the building and when it's hot at that point you would see are electronic and if the children grow it's almost 3000 pounds of solid steel but Walt rounded so when the when the going to Roman door is sealed there's no external magnetic after a pause at her about 10 kilohertz very long radio waves block kilohertz and below are streaming occupancy rates and not in class at other see what we haven't done that how exactly so your niece we know that any conventional means of signal in the box we have a lady named a ... who sat in on cost face you know is one of these people who you started a new life was filled with spontaneous side bets she is also maybe the only one of the only women in the United States has been initiated the call I'm going in and Siberian shamanism well at least person putting on the ping pong balls whose research assist so here's what we hope happens that what the sender to send something mentally to the receiver you can't simply ask somebody to mentally come up with something you try to send it as of the 2 people to each other than they had shared memory likelihood is at center thinks that something is greater than 0 chance something receiver will think of it just because you have let's start with you because we you are who also targets beforehand we randomly selected what grant looks at one of the in the experiment works then the receiver Mike an image out or maybe just well that's great the record anything at this when you're in the sconce felt state is very difficult only you likely to forget set in the same way he might forget here's an example the receiver is then taken out of the gospel condition after the sender's try to send them something for about 20 minutes I back anything the satellite signals ready are you the new look at 4 pictures one of which is the real target and in this one for me chance the receiver with us the right target one more time sometimes people say well what would you do a control but it of cinder out Nick you get what you want for which sponsors how could you possibly get court one for but in the center of sending possible provided that there's no room very careful not to get a clue because receiver has no idea what the target who is making the argument target images are would not for and less information so here's the session that we did with our or images that were chosen beforehand because if there's one of which was the floor was selected I possibly die Elsa the rough but what use is around 80 percent of everything else that Paul looking on idly Ellery so maybe I image of a pop rock let's think yeah by the way afterwards said that she did not work model and she knew that that word it's something to do are but not much more after only so if you were a judge in this one section which of the 4 targets you think that the sender sent well I'm sending this was heard pot contractor was building a building for and she did it all happen to notice that all of its kind in gray seemed to anticipate she was thinking about terms of of the building so she wanted a certain kind of window was thinking about this window in and right Alton said I found a certain window that you might like to start at the very thinking this happened often costs were ill and ray right away doesn't leave a lot at the at all if you'll be integrated receiver he said okay have you apple could you come in and we'll test to see whether or not there is really some kind of so in this one once I got 90 minutes for us to do it get it so that's one try with one it would say well one example may be selected out of thousands and the other ones didn't work what happens when you have to do and if people try to repeat these so these experiments very similar to this in the same experiment let's get it since about 19 twenties risking look specifically at the consulate experiment and you can replicate 122 experiments by 20 lattes 600 sessions at which the one you saw Caleb was once at transit right you see I sent each one is a box with with the error bars showing the result if each one of them it kind of it at a glance you I can tell you that it looks like many of them work didn't work this is why not analysis popular because I can't always tell for a week effect I think it's actually we so I'll look at this and if you look here ash and you see much more clearly that we're not regressing to the need of 25 percent were actually going 30 could you do the statistics on the likelihood of being at 32 percent chance 25 percent the answer is not against chance of 300000000000001 it's been discussed many times him on the top how would you turn watch Republican so if any do you academic psychologists says that there's no evidence for any kind of psychic it means that they're not reading on well all the other thing I want to say here is that about the past 2 decades when you look at the effect is being reported piece by the way are unselected subjects it's mostly college stuff we ask you get better so the fact that of requests the move that over the last 20 years interesting skeptic would say well maybe all of these are done badly were something like that you should progress down and eat eventually we're not state with 20 30 if we get selected out people claim to be telepathic where family members are identical people who face validity would suggest are ability and I think you can do in this database then we're talking not 30 set for life if you and but because this is mostly composed of ordinary people it suggests that we're dealing with 80 human ability it's mostly a hot chicks they are you can about it in the laboratory to a small extent but it's a real it was also 300000000000000 quadrillion 21 we need it means that left the US meets escape and run this experiment 300 school Einziger itself as good reporter and what we actually did add up how much fun it with a do that it would be longer than the life of the so it seems reasonably certain let and a skeptic that say well maybe these are not really well sites maybe people are reporting policies they're pretty good once in so these are alternative explanations some of which are built into the design another one Sir Hollywood include things like could there have been some kind of leakage target where recording mistakes her fraud and part of that spiral here's the fun part of this subject the bottom line always is what happens if somebody who does not believe up here a second Bob but does this experiment skeptic but we have no answer to that 2005 skeptics ... experiments I'm about is throughout 2 professors in their article explicitly say they don't believe hours but to their credit they went ahead and did until it's fair said after it's that he's overall statistically significant rid of their is what we've been saying for 40 years but because of their initial position he added that this was precariously close demonstrating comes to my psychic powers and so we are who we are I this is this is a great entree then too isn't success that's what I showed reporters frequentist we get a number like these incidents 6 takes into account the expiry I guess upbeat analysts so it is these people are our eyes to the point where I think that the probability that the left and that much 20 some skeptics elections will spawn that there I think it's true maybe to the point of and the minus 20 you are probably then you take that you've heard probability you added into we know you can make an assessment as to whether or not you should change your position well your initial positions 10 months twentieth you're not gonna change but if you more reasonable and say well maybe make no accepted 12000000 chance 6 then strength of the evidence should change your ID how did so we can analyze is now 7 public bodies factor you only look at the column 8 got the once remarked by so the column was a case of its factor in this is showing the odds ratio up to my office what I offices is that psychic ability excess remiss if not it's just you know when it's and it is not excess so if you end up with a bass factor of less than one it means you're you're favoring the other high profits so I just wanted so so that's what it says here strength of evidence that is not good you go up to the top a skill writers and and you were written 100 to one in the rule of thumb is that this affects the sunset I mean it's collecting relatives analysis done in our psychology journal it also shows here that for the guns fell case resultar 18000000 to one more than so unless you come from a position where you think about it is impossible almost everybody should change upon a lot of things offices over hours nonetheless since maybe 3000000 there are other ways of looking at this site in this case we're looking at remote what her point here we have billions but what strength of the evidence is sufficient at this point you can once even prominent myfox skeptics including this a college professor in the UK prominent skeptic who sat in a magazine interview her newspaper interview I think that the studies humid heat most actors or normal that means that if elected he was not controversial in the data would be over while would not be except because what is controversial even Richard Wiseman doesn't separately Seth tells us is that it's a priori probability what he could exist is extremely well sound and the mind some quite skepticism is of course necessary in science but if you're if you're a prick probabilities are so low that you don't accept the possibility of stopping it's not insights we go through the same kind of presentations for multiple forms let the points it uses probably a dozen different classes of experiments he now fuck about one class of people the yeah question is there a subsequent this right or left socio some evidence hop on the north side insists that in general though I misheard seems to be martyrs church like this but it's crude crude way of thinking about it because the left and right are not really so mortar form function mission and not language athletically so some experiments have tried to send things like numbers and some people can pick up the most people shakes or if you do with it wait number books alright bring so one of the kinds of experiments involves in light of my detector is a logical measures so I Fiano ... selected leave Italy very good and so this is a scene where you you have so it's allergy so we use that record skin conductance apartment or some other it was nobody down from the computer screen that is blind person presses a button it remains like for 5 seconds a computer randomly selects a photo photo might be complex it's here scared by things up where it might be scary like that snake in the shirt colleges I'm reason I mention this because any picture is going to be received an idiosyncratic way we tried strings pictures that most people would respond to in the and then the screen goes blank for awhile and then this 30 to 40 times and that's what session people 15 to 20 minutes we tell people that if you see a motion picture wait awhile reverting to slow down so that you go back to the site as people do that sometimes you don't general we try to encourage that's we could so here's an example of a calm picture all of the positive emotional picture sure negative among you like that so when you get both from a moment that the image appears well understood what happens seen a motion picture your sympathetic nervous system arousal you see that skin conductance or use their after you see how picture you have a little fun arousal because you were expecting to see something it was so that's understood how the question is what happens before the image appears because it randomly selected and nobody knows what it's not the average ball emotional pictures together to the cockpit jurors this difference call a presentment or I call it presented because it's not recognitions not conscious