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"2017-08-07 21:04:42"
Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast (Strong Language)
\\you should be the Dennis Prager video which website it was an argument Israel where he was talking about why Israel deserves to exist and stuff after being there man holy shit I feel like people have no idea that I don't even know about was going on until I went to Palestine and saw how crazy it was but what Analecta me give me your thoughts and your so everyone mistakenly thinks that Hamas like controls Palestine but not true at all there's there's 3 different areas that were drawn up with the original partition it's the west bank which is totally under military rule by Israel and there's the Gaza Strip which is like the opener prison which they bomb the shit out of like every couple years and Hamas controls that area and there's Jerusalem which is an international city center ... that both Arabs and Jews live in but the west bank has been occupied militarily since 1967 and it's complete martial others checkpoints no all political parties are legal you can't having a gun is like the least of it you can't hold a flag you can't belong to a political party you literally can't do shit if you're a Palestinian leaders of the sit there and submit ... and if even if you share a photo of someone who was like killed by an Israeli soldier you go to jail and you go to jail for the amount of like months diet yeah based on the shares and likes the photo dell dell penalize you more and put you in prison for longer and longer I mean I'll tell you a story put a photo on social media of someone who died and they'll be like you're sharing a martyr inciting people to like commit suicide like on behalf of Palestinians you go to jail and and they put them in jail there's a 99.7 percent conviction rate kids are tortured kids are in prison it is absolute insane we went to the first day that we were there we went to a funeral some guys some farmer who was shot by Israeli forces and we went to the funerals horrible you know all the women are wailing and crying and as relieving the Israeli forces had set up a checkpoint right up outside the stoop house and started tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets like at people who were simply attending the funeral just to punish people for attending the funeral ... we went to another girl's house name idea whose ... who got shot in the vagina for peacefully protesting at some protests and they shot or 2 they shouldn't they shot 200 people that day one guy next door died another guy's paralyzed they have a policy called shoot to cripple where they shoot guys in the decks yeah who's fucking nuts man with the west bank is no joke I thought that I was gonna die several times we're at this checkpoint going through calandria and there was this old man walking like clearly drunkards something and kind of like walking a little bit protect this or should not the bullets are ricocheting off the thing and I you know my partner Mike who is it an invading soldiers Iraq was just like we're gonna die like they're shooting this guy there's bullets ricocheting I it is absolutely insane and as we go to the checkpoint the soldiers like Hey stay safe out there and as I have when you guys are arbitrarily shooting people and and that person was driving us had just told us that couple months prior to that some woman Palestinian woman because you can't go to Jerusalem like of your pals and there's like barely any policies or even allowed to go pray at the most holy site the dome of the rock in Jerusalem you can't go to the beach you're just completely constructed in a prison and you can't travel and and he was just telling us that months before we went through this checkpoint someone was going to the technical they got a permit to go to Jerusalem which is like a lifetime golden ticket like Willy Wonka and they're walking and they get and she just got executed and then why yeah she just got executed and she was bleeding out at this checkpoint and her little brother tried to help her and they shot him too and they're like hiding video of the as it was yesterday because I fucking hate Palestinians and Palestinians are are animals of these people it's sick man that sick it's really really sick Joe and I and I can even get the Gaza we were banned from going into this territory because I was told by the Israeli government that I was a propagandist and I was like an enemy agent and so I wasn't allowed to go into Gaza so because as hell but the west bank is at an under martial law and everything's a legal and you can't do a god damn thing and and it's super cool like we went to this place called Ramallah that was just like ... Oakland where they're smoking weed there's like openly gay people there like it's just completely different than what people think of Palestine now people think of it as just a bunch people with turbans on blown so and Hamas is like a are you elected how Boston like well Hamas does want Israel to exist cycle actually Hamas is controlling this one area for a reason because it was built as the surplus when Israel was created millions of refugees were put miles away from the homes that they were ethnically cleansed from and put in a refugee camp in Gaza and when the Israeli military wanted more and more land by the way all settlements in Israel are legal all of them are legal in the west bank but they just keep creating more and more and more and we would go to these villages I just Arab people living in his villagers and the settlers will come yet a fanatical fucking asshole to move from California to the band Arab village in Palestine and set up a goddam tractor trailer and just live on top their home and they can have and and you know giant machine guns they can fire bomb you they can shoot you they can beat you up they're protected by the state you can go the tractor trailer set up a home the state immediately runs a water line a power line and and a military outpost to protect you and the Arabs are just sitting there waiting to get killed or attacked it's absolutely insane and how the way home demolitions worker earns and Duke is like they either deliver a piece of paper with a rock over in their like here if you find it good for you if you don't then you're screwed and that's if you're lucky if you're not lucky or just your home will be invaded by settlers and we'll be for Sutter home there's videos of this all of the internet of like groups of settlers going in literally taking over Arabs homes and they just are forced out it's crazy man it's it's completely way crazier than I ever could have imagined how lonely over there for a month well yeah yeah and we were you know we're simply and people want squabble about like ... it's not apartheid there are different fucking license plates for Arabs and Jews like you cannot go to areas like Israeli soldiers were up arbitrarily set up checkpoints injure shut you out of your neighborhood and force you to walk 3 miles to your home like they can do whatever they want because you are under martial law and you can't you have no mobility like you have no freedom so it's really it's really bad and now we just did a whole series on the empire files talking about how Israel was created up until today and we go over that the settlements the demolitions the jail and and why I think there's no hope from within Israeli society to change because it's becoming a more theocratic state and a more fascist state as it grows because you have to be to maintain this Jewish supremacist state you have to be like more fascist and more controlling and more militaristic and in the way that you rule society just like the U. S. I mean people were considered out liar fringe assholes 30 years ago are now like the Christian evangelicals are now in power it's really really crazy I mean it's not the same because Israel is a white nationalist like that no supremacist state and you see the way that they treat Ethiopians and African refugees in and it becomes obvious that even if you're a Jew and you're black you still are second class citizen there have you interviewed anybody this pro Israel to interview a lot of Israelis and what did you do I interviewed a lot of Israelis ... it seems like a lot of Israelis will think about this in order to really reject the notion like you it's like rejecting being an American it's like such a hard thing for people to really accept so there's a huge mobilization within Israel people who are opposed the military who talk openly about how awful the occupation is how brutal it is how'd the in all the crimes they committed but you'll very rarely find anti Zionists who will come out and say that the notion of a Jewish state is wrong because it means you're just rejecting everything that you are like you who are you then if you're an Israeli and you are not Zionist you know it's like it's just a really hard notion freed up to run around but we interview about 40 Israelis man on the streets and and to be leftist as a slur so like a lot of Israelis don't even entertain the notion of ... maybe there shouldn't be an occupation all they're all just like okay well maybe we should have a more humane occupation maybe we should give them water like maybe they should have their own water doesn't lie saying occupation the occupation of Palestine or was it a lot so the west in the west bank has been militarily occupied furs in 67 ... so when Israel was created in 48 and there were those 3 partition areas that I talked about and ever since that happened Israel has just continued to take over more and more land in the west bank city settlement just keep growing and growing and growing and growing ... and so you know overtime there is like mass resistances that happen and then in 67 Israel's like we're going to do a large scale invasion and try to take over all the land and they just stayed and occupied this area and that is a been there ever since as it up like a huge international crime when interest communities like by the way the settlements are illegal in really condemning you at the UN and the US just vetoes it every time because US is just like boys with Israel unconditionally it's sick nanog they just signed that $10000000000 aid package given that Israel for the next 10 years is I I actually think it's $30000000000 over the next 10 years which is crazy because this would never be able to happen if it weren't just completely supported by the U. S. and wisest for I don't know ... I think that the U. S. loves using Israel's military garrison they love using that strategic point in the Middle East to have ... and also for someone was shedding some light this Israeli soldier that I interviewed who who was amazing as names are on a frog DNA he was telling me that the military aid package that we just signed with Israel it may look like just a gift Israel were like here's $30000000000 he said really what it was doing Israel has been like its own arms dealer it actually is one of a number number one weapons dealers in the world now it actually did like this huge deal with India as of the U. S. felt threatened right because where the military might and so we kind of locked in Israel with this giant pack and really you have to buy US armaments through this like so if you can accept this $30000000 a deal you have to go through our military like weapons to buy and if you want this money so that's what this guy was saying he said it's actually a gift us that we're locking down like our control over this country but honestly it's becoming so unpopular ... Obama had a big feud with Netanyahu I mean trump is discussing because Jared Kushner's personally invested in illegal settlements and he like as boys with Netanyahu itself had financial yeah that the Kushner foundation like his family's actual foundation has funded a legal settlements but if you find some charity in Gaza you will go to jail for supporting terrorism but you can go find the legal settlements and sponsor settlers to going live on top of Arab villages and that's fine I guess that's freedom dissing the most religions are aware yes I didn't even know I had no idea how crazy when you turn pretty volatile in pro Palestinian for awhile and I were you PC you're criticized about on your show were you you were furious about my god yeah and people are just it's so confusing and convoluted on purpose because that it really relies on Israel being the victim and for people not really understanding that Palestinians are not all terrorists and that it's really just a case of being occupied and like getting freedom so it's it's really tough man but a lot of Israelis want his wanna push the Palestinians can yeah 0 beta where they want them to go they won died they don't care as long as they're gone as long as they're gone I mean that they a here's an example of how crazy it is aloris arias a soldier there you know and in the U. S. when police killed black people and we have rallies like black lives matter people have rallies in support of these people who get killed in Israel they have mass rallies 30000 people strong in Tel Aviv if a soldier execute an unarmed Palestinian man and gets a slap on the wrist like this guy or Zaria executed an armed Palestinian it was on video it's a horrific video and because there is international uproar about it Israel had put on house arrest is really gonna put a house rests and that was enough for like a mass mobilization of tens of thousands people to come out and prove test the fact that he was getting even reprimanded a slap on the wrist again house readily available online we and they're chanting death to Arabs there's tens of 0 calm was slim look up Dan Cohen and David Schine ... they do amazing journalism there they were living that David Sheena's Israelis he's been there and he documents these crazy rallies these fascists fucking rallies that no one else has shown and until I saw that until I saw people chanting death to the videographers because they hate when you even film like what's going on there death the leftists it's really scary man it's just a completely different society here it is there is a split peanuts as a long videos if I could get and since they're the 2 of them the bro skis yeah go foraging yeah like you see this just like crazy we're being criticize all over the world as if they are righteous they kill for less than that United States is the worst possible legal and how dare use herbicides us when you guys do this shit we know good point I just feel more police the U. S. you blacks and it's okay because the whole circus the world per se that Israeli army are really murderers we gave them an official license to call us murderers stead of covering up in dealing with our selves why make so much noise who holds that she's pro covering in our once a soldier understands that he can be charged with manslaughter next time he'll think twice and that hesitation is likely to cost soldier are only part of this while this is not merely to our brother a lower so everyone's cheering on the the soldier research you know sitting in an open jail an army base the center the country watching TV here but then but then a VCR bill a again at all looking around the lower the Jewish people support you the Jewish people are with you in ways that is the Jewish people do not abandon their soldiers not to chant that there the past present or the future you won't whoa you know the Luna yes is to enhance it not a hero a there's not any of the hero they're all hot summary execution is like an institutionalized thing so they're all like why the hell is this guy getting persecuted for something that everyone just acknowledges that this is so the soldiers have to be ill in their eyes soldiers have to be religious xray go to their needs and time they want go to that go to that huge rally at the end so I don't really want to think that they feel like trapped and surrounded and that they make is justification because they feel like there's Arab states all around the coming out have in concert Syria and others as well as tedious though the help of god knows really soldiers would return home peaceably now both got all terrorists will be neutralized go to that party I go there flowers in the gun barrel I Israeli nationality hours shows the thank you for coming to 9 total respect that your answers are hard in this video people should watch it where it says yeah we'll flip the country over free the boy's death to Arabs where is that they are part Tom and I some of these guys get away with film this hello the day of Israel lives the that that Salem with yeah it's really great that there are it's very intense I mean you have Chris Israelis or the death that adoption and I don't know it's a 10 minute video but it's part of the when the giant rallies we have in our videos to ... when I'm miles yeah it's really wild we didn't want our old culture right square is full the screws for okay see saying that the established makes it seem like an Arab the son of a whore choose a soul world who is Nnamdi us you yeah he's like you know there is something they don't want this on film wailing came to embrace and love the army and the soldiers borrow his ranch in the football club yes anybody later Johnny like no no this isn't about killing nerves were about celebrating the army anyway there's some really crazy stuff like my friend David Lisak terrible music well god Nnamdi fucking sick of waiting for peace I will no longer dream about it until I die com together with this holy crowd I under a prayer like we would go into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and people be like are you ed well like they just immediately just have this distrust and hatred for Arabs it's extremely intense and unlike yours and I mean this is a thing that starts from childhood you are indoctrinated to think that every single person is trying to kill you so all these people are these guys at film less they're gonna fuck now they they've been jumped my friend David she was jump to someone came up to me is like where's your fucking flag because you like where Israeli flags as keeps a lot of these people like wear them it's extremely fascism and he just like my flag in their like ours your fucking flag made beat him up well took his camera and this this happens all the time I mean they were they likely he's an Israeli Jews so he doesn't get that much heat but my friend Dan is also you know looks like it but he is a Jew so they don't really give him heat but like yeah it's really dangerous to film there is really dangerous to document what's going on they must be particularly furious about Israeli Jews that expose the stuff so yeah they're not really tried it wrath yeah it's dangerous for them to be in the country pressure that's that that were really ruthless patriotism right that what Demona saying that the soldiers might hesitate if they can be charged with manslaughter you know system move Philly ads pretty intense side I feel like yeah that the whole Israel thing and people are confused about like ban and and this anti semitism thing look you can you can hate Jews in love Israel just like Richard Spencer is a perfect example Richard Spencer of the seas Israel is the perfect example of what he wants the US to be because it's a you know ethno supremacist nationalist state I mean that's a these people love so you can be anti semitic and still love the notion of fostering like a certain group you know I had a certain identity if so does it does he think we should've melt mandatory military service when they do well he he deftly doesn't want different races breeding so I think that he probably just wants like an insular society of authors like white people Jesus Christ Nazism running when you get a bunch of people and everybody has joined the army E. there's a Serbian there's a bond that they have it's very different than that of regular civilian bond and did the elected the indoctrination that you get once you've been in the military and you fought side by side with your brothers and sisters in arms a totally different feeling you know I know I know a lot of people have been in the military and some of them get deeper in it than others and like those people like that it's almost like an us versus them their society that that you know like that's a whole Chris Kyle sheep dog thing right now like there's they're protecting us but they together as a group are much tighter than any other group in the United States soon like mean there's there's division in all groups right but I got to imagine that the the bond that they have as Israelis all of them having been in the military all of them living in this one small area surrounded by Arab states it's got to be super intense they should have created Israel not in the god damn middle have the Middle East print for Australia like what what what the hell were they thinking it's not even about the history of that region but was it I mean Sykes Pico western you know empires you basically just drool line to the Middle East and divided all these countries informed all these borders back like 100 and 20 years ago I don't know like 19 when the sex because I don't know somewhere around that time so anyway fast forward to when the Ottoman Empire was colonizing this area and the British were occupying what is Palestine right and the Zionist lobby was really strong this is well before the Holocaust and they were super super strong and bold and then they were negotiating with the ... with the Brits about where they can form like a Jewish state and and there really was no support until the Holocaust where they were able to sell like you know the fear more and there is even false flag attacks where Zionist organizations were going around different Arab countries in committing terrorism and insane like alright like the Jews need to come in and escaped that you guys are being persecuted like they're actually carry out terrorism like synagogues and stuff and this is all documented yeah but the ethnic cleansing that one on I mean it's her effect there's dozens of massacres that happen in the formation of Israel ... because even though it was partitioned initially by the U. when I don't know who who gave like this international body the authority to partition the country on top of another country but on top of that ... there is several massacres that just continued to take more and more the land as I said and since it and I was called a knock buns all these people were expelled violently and purged from their lands and we visited some of these refugee camps in that people are just like we literally our houses are like 5 miles away and we're just stuck in these camps and we've been here for 50 years yet sick and they have and they they have like no water ... they just have one water tank every month and Israeli soldiers will go and sprays skunk spray which is like a military manufactured it's costing toxic tasting spray that sound that's like tastes like sewage water not just go like target these water tanks in the near water we fucked for the whole month they're just little things like this it's to make people's lives a living hell now what did you film when you're over there yeah we have tons of wheat on July we have what we have 4 episodes out where we you know I go to anti refugee rallies and I'm talking to people who are telling me that these people are subhuman infiltrators you need to be executed and rounded up and put in chains to use it's all on film I mean it's it's it's really crazy and I'd you really don't understand how bad it is and why it's so dangerous and how really it's been the crux of so many problems in the world especially not region like what we've done just to create the settler colonial state the middle the Middle East and expel all these people violently in the just unconditionally support Israel no matter what war crimes they commit no matter who they bombed matter who they kill it's sick and people don't respect us for doing that and and it's had superb critical when were engaging in military operations in the name of fucking morality in humanitarianism why do you think they openly support Israel the way they do it's funny you should say like why do we support Saudi Arabia to it was Saudi Arabia's oil leases or some logic didn't connect dots there really simple I don't believe the whole like Zionist lobby controls the U. S. I think that it's a partnership I think that the U. S. sees a lot of leveraging having Israel there but I think it's becoming more popular where it's almost becoming a liability because the rest of the world is increasingly realizing how fucked up the situation is and trying to boycott like the state you know and and the U. S. is it's knocking a popular thing like even when Obama was leaving office he did that kind of cursory like superficial thing where they for the first time didn't veto Israel or didn't veto like the condemnation of Israeli settlements and so that was like we do not do it but we just like didn't veto it for the first time in a long time and I was like a huge slap in the face is really when I was like nothing but just a symbolic and digester but that was kind of Obama's like fuck you as I was leaving but I really didn't do anything but she just it shows you that there's a lot of divisions I think from the inside and I think the government is realizing like it might not be worth it ... if the pressure continues to to mount I mean we need to put pressure on our government to stop this occupation because it's completely inhumane and disgraceful so you said you have 4 episodes of this and that our our young for a visit or putting more out we're putting that aside with them all the interviews with Israelis next warehouse only see these on empire files on our on our show on you tube they so what else is it just that's the name of the channel yes so empire files is the name of the channel and then if you go to the empire files.TV we have all of our archive on their //

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