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"2017-08-27 22:37:47"
Weekly Discussion - August 27, 2017
\\welcome again everyone ... bill here in non funny wet South Texas Jimmie Dale you guys on yeah where were you I've appeared to beautiful like in delivering Connecticut 774 degrees in 0 humidity pill sorry about the people you are really sorry about that but I can break in probably a submarine right now in Houston I think it'd be a work done I don't have much hope of ever get nothing back but Robert minute you know you should bring your car that's terrible and you know it was just a car but that car it was gonna come back with more than 1000 horsepower your bill has June things with the god to please one piece of normal on the other keys just blacked out we'll get the red one just like that bill actually does everyday choose between 2 cultures but not pills keys you know it's funny you say that in my Dodge I do have 2 keys I have a blocky and a red key yeah I red Welt apparently don't want a good one you know he really want to throw it in probably or gonna try again ... with you too our intention is to make this a yacht a public interview and ... last time we we tried with you too we were taken down we we believe we were deemed as big news they would not respond I believe we we wrote 25 times and got 0 response ... as to why it was taken down it was never put back up ... we've been using them you know since that ... so we're gonna record is put it on YouTube and when they'd aside were quick news again will put up under them you know probably already if he is probably already eliminated but it probably won't back out of the bachelor big news of vaudeville well one of your historical calls well I put an article of yesterday ... connecting what happened Friday informally Friday was a big day as you put it jam of the jolly green giant walked in don't 2000000 ounces of gold 50000000 ounces of silver and by the end of the day gold and silver were up he added that the other day the dollar was decimated ... closed right at 9250 level and we're gonna we we I think there's a a connection to the output want you talk a little bit about ... about that are each 1:00 flight data action I mean this is diploma is it is because someone like a letter if I could start over that that we got from one of our listeners who said that if I may say he was a drug generally polite okay I we tender enter back the same way but what the letter said is it's like going to a bar and list your 3 old fart talking the book of the world what happened to ... gold silver market timing predictions are cluttered Patrick but then here is doubling the oil market all there is and it is is an art machine screwed it up but something else happened that if you had let the dogs those blood stream displayed the band I believe bills on Dave's on that one of the reasons why the dollar taken this trip from 1 of 3 to 193 and lower ... is ... the English during has relied a great deal on the degree of military power it actually the military power in the world and that every we were all going eek okay we would we actually think that money is made out of us that in cyberspace well what happened is we've taken a health club such a point of bug dub like computerization that ... somebody in in in a small country in the garage probably be obeyed something the size of the little tiny pistol and that the guys that were black suit and that what happened is are with their inability to create real camouflage by shutting down the ability via computers to recognize see and even protect where am I where something should pay now though the the the really cold we should collisions that we've had ... they're really you talk about there Arachne in in in in the ... who is in a barrel somewhere David talk about the the form of the of the damage that's been done recently in the various coalitions we've had between the slowest boat in the world on the fastest boat or what it's like we talked about earlier can if anybody just took the time to look at the photos that you could Google of just Google you SS rich Jerrold post accident photos there is damage to the ship looks like a beer can that at that time if the ship was in motion at the time that it was hit you would see a screen mark going down the side of the ship even if the ship was moving it relax 5 knots but she does not come to a dead stop it has a large mass moving through water so all it tells you when the media is not telling us this is batshit with a dead stop when it was hit both of them were at a dead stop when they were hit I challenge anybody to Google the photos income to different different conclusion so edgy your setting here that tells you the US military has an adversary that has any advantage that has the ability to neutralize what was thought to be the most powerful navy and the Air would you agree I I I agree I agree completely unlike shut the door because the dogs agree to but that it could I didn't know that you just mentioned it to me warning of the McCain was one of the show that that went through South China Sea right well who again if you look up where the USS McCain came from it'd just currently did the South China Sea it went inside whether we all agree or don't agree whether which China's exclusion zone they believe it is they have told us on several occasions to please stop doing that the war we are going to have to respond any can people not connected dots are we that far down the rabbit hole it you know I argued well I would do that average American doesn't realize that were being pulled out you've let your dog in my backyard for the fifth time and it's killing my chickens pretty soon the farmers gonna come out shoot your dog and I know that's just what can I interject although wanna quick Seligman story each Bernarda at burnout on movement okay and and you know we live in a large scale and does he took a train train him and he walked up the hill preclude such children to the house over 100 walking up the guy screamed a lot of winners of sada grin if that dog of yours that means that cow crabs on my lawn one more time I'm gonna kill it Burton yelled that no you're not the guy who'd why he because I'm gonna come and kill you first it I'm sorry delegate broke that story up I had to give a date for tall fences make good neighbors yeah Colin if you can play in the neighborhood I can see you you both in trouble right well it isn't that what China's doing building the South China Sea Val you're building a fence well that's a welcome guest okay and they are building a fence and they've been out of for years okay and the and the and when they built the island that was ... you know the biggest telling the world Olson one day that I that I can bar became an island they blinded that somehow were our ability to ... foresee ... is compromised if our ability to foresee is compromised then our ability on the battlefield today is compromised okay we fight these Afghans and we got every include drones looking for them and we're still having a hard time it looks as if it's back to basics and the only way we're gonna be able to fight is with who is with a very large club and a very strong soap ... the dog it you don't get one at the tank but we know where the good and the greatest ... ... traders mean mean mean ... who ... specializes in currencies guess who are prone Soros and when he gets when he breaks them pee breaks right he was a wanted man in it and after his attack ... took out a great deal of the Asian rim countries economically somebody of his size and they'll know something we don't know and not something has to do a great deal with dollar strength and from the last was a it's been about 66 collisions I think would picture was a big 1 and the need to we're being shown that our weaponry it had acquitted that maybe our intercontinental ballistic missiles can't find downtown Chicago yet for this year 11 was ... up on a sandbar put your grounding on the C. empire another with south but south Korean ship we collided with right so therefore so far since January that here but and then you can take that one step further Singapore has had and don't hold me to the exact number I know I could think of to what the top of my head so Singapore is also having issues south here we got it not economics any anymore we look nobody listening picturing a booming economy we know better we bring in Mister Williams will all get to severe depression ... by knowing the real numbers and the real numbers not the phony things in the size of that would be getting a lot of this week ... you know this week in employment all kinds of garbage those numbers are right what's really making this thing run right now in the dollar the just dropped 1000 points right but then you know I yeah I come from an era where people would be aghast then if you like I cannot I remember sweating up week 2 cents on film okay and and if for a bond markets and for ... ... for currency weren't rich don't act like they are now you know there's a thing called the death rattle okay I don't tell you it's all rattling like man then I mean pretty good on Friday Jan nice to see that type of action in the past UT easily see gold smash 20 bought silver down 50 said and closing right on their lows for the day people would go home and in just a horrible mood you know golden era guys email you guys and tell you that your loser if you don't know which talking about but that's the bartender the but yesterday's action somebody stepped up and bought the paper and it was it was somebody prepared ... or write anything like this happened I mean the poor guy had been going to the bathroom in the 2 weeks you know because we got 24 our market there was a big preparation that up but if a an enormous amount of anything came out take it all and build up not what happened that I call the blight looking because a player polite taught me that once when I tried to push him around but Lisa had the foresight to cover especially possibly could because I hadn't gotten serious well somebody extraordinarily serious in the gold market and if you don't reckon around the parking under you know a clean tech okay you don't bang along appearing and die you go through it and you know it it then the political ... strength it being given to golden week list of the dollar if someone will which is like a very serious creeping disease because the announcer 1.cadet you can keep going until you are and this is going to keep going until dole is reached Europe and dole has reached new highs and the dollar has gone down below 70 and if they would want it portray that 7 they were up from there and the long term long term downside measure as always been 56 right but the crusaders and buying power it's not because we're almost there now given any comparison lawyers there that ... it'll be interesting to see it kind of land there's another jolly green giant Rosalyn gold and silver of flies like this to see what happens it will turn them it will turn every commercial and the low turn every ... you know major international trading house because you know what I learned I learned that the kid in the over the counter market a very simple called one a one don't pick the jolly green giant in a place where virtual and this is really kicking the elephant they have and how to turn around swatch and so you know the fellow who wrote the letter is about being real guys opened a bar should put it you know and put out the next one he made a mistake there 4 horsemen because this is the okay give ordinary sign I think it'll every science lingo that you can take him cumulate history says that that the non market had to be in cyberspace with no demand below them or supply above are gonna be shown to be a a a a specter's gross not really and there are no specialists on the more so no one will know is going to occur in the act entered the capital to a halt so we're gonna become pledge grossly after a couple of pleasure crashing and a couple of and a couple of Fridays at you thought about that and I got the confidence a market in Los it means a confident there is a market there isn't there's a computer other computer that don't sort of bitch that doesn't have any ability but to be afraid or to be greedy and we have created our own minds and I think it did become evident militaristic like and it will be evident economically very soon and if you're not prepared then it would be like having a 50 inch rainstorm come down and ... not being prepared or even a pair of little books well I'm familiar with 15 inch entrance starve jam one of the organ again the market at what it does would come at the right I I I wrote yesterday in that the article I put our ... it would only take a few $0 I mean less than 5000000000 way less than 5000000000 ... to clean up ... comex gold in comex silver and I I you know I've said this for 40 years but had different ... I think it was April or may of 2013 one it was just blatantly obvious what they you know they were selling filling paper Dick was completely on back real capital is going to come in stand for delivery and that is the end of the game that's the end of the paper game and the beginning of physical markers 100 percent pricing model and that that is the latest game over that is reset okay not by edict the black market the real market physical market right supply and demand real supply and demand not not it is not a a paper they didn't even printed weekly paper gold little paper at all all computer occurs right you can't put it a contract then you see your contract and though they'll refer you to a website if you put up ... you is just a 2 line 3 line of comment regarding ... metal plates commodities look like they're they're turning higher yeah consumption if Doug.pilot okay I'm gonna I'm gonna bet historic point and I can and I can tell you I think that you can write you can cover your dots on that what we have metals and materials today without which we have to shut down major production from playing with a damp cell phone to launching an ICBM ... that mental you can't even spell I go through the roof and the other ... metal Scott and that are up meadows identified in in I. heavy construction are also either affirming of going higher and while everybody's watching the new high on the Dow what they're not watching is what creeping up alongside or no I don't know what to tell you about the Dow because Robert mind that every time a currency has disappeared for a short period of time it it it has the US stock and equity indexes have gone bad pony up well maybe we've already seen that maybe that's another.that never got connected because do you hear anyone even done ... Shia at CNN we can give you a solid reason for a new highs and ... any of the indices may 10 I mean the this is the ultimate game of but you know ... hoping that the that this one person 90 other you are it's gonna pay the price for whatever you dealing and then we got central banks one more central bank ever set up to go to B. investors insecurities I mean it's like the idea of a central bank I don't think of on that note Jim I don't know if you saw the story out this week Swiss central bank is a publicly traded that are and it's up to 88 percent in April and its holdings and the hawk has exploded this year well I think we're shut you link to that article every soldier every Swiss at every older swish the economist and and living around and market person to last 300 years is spending 9000 RPM in their graves okay I mean there never was anything as conservative as ... the Swiss central bank when I was a kid okay was like who is like it did divinity and a monk but in a month money wonder they become wild aspect which they are that's certainly showed earlier there's no way to say the not they're right now because they're making himself right but it'll help created prosperity which at some point will run out what they get difficult booklet print their own money to buy the own stock that he opened it pump I mean well if you buy the dip with money that you print to make your portfolio look better well basically it is it filtered but ability to handle large because ... central banks as a whole especially the fed ... have no way to go broke because they're they're centered because they're a checkbook our input and it could be the fed playing using you know you Stooges to make something happen I just can't get it through my head that is the you know the Swiss they maybe learn you know in the spring 2 generations but the Swiss blood in there somewhere and it says what the hell are you doing I mean Switzerland's is the vivid timely or by the union bank of Switzerland you Ballenger head and whispered okay now it's just another building killing not the reverse of the New York Stock Exchange you know there's nobody on the New York Stock they've been literally nobody that building is to hand the whole old and it holds 6500 people the stock exchange of you go down on any ordinary day knowing that means bacon the highest 25 people maybe 30 at the most the only time any group that is with a new issue and that disappeared everything has got the death rattle if you don't prepare yourself you heard the forecast of the hurricane and you worry and and you're given a figure to her pain it doesn't work you're the guy that I'm not moving out who now or you can say is is this ... ... dish TV receiver not learn level of the house the person doesn't have a bug out bag it is the person that helped they're hoping to god that the red cross country because for the same cause path of 3 days Hey Jim I want to make a comment on that because I am I'm in this storm club I've had people equate ... you know people that that date didn't believe that were in in the line and the forecast line where the storm was coming through ... ice I think what I hope people are missing is an all I mean I know quite a few people who did not leave because they could afford to go anywhere they could afford to leave you the price of fuel what do you think a motel would be high and dry okay yeah I think one of the $0 trip procurement winning a holder price like killing our kids going to the highest bidder and that's a sad commentary but I just want to throw that out there because it's it's reality well I would just say become a preference on okay you know that subsistence livers in the cabin in places like the arctic wildlife preserve all have a bug out bag for what nobody ever nobody heard 90 miles Elia one of the cavern caught fire and at 50 blowout flood you gonna broadside stand or you'll be okay into the bargain then you die but so any good subsistence liver right next to the door it is 3 people only paddling this fight back okay Lecter food little extra water so and but all that warm clothes and her and her and matches and things you you need or if not matches ... in a an art piece in a way to start a fire and we should back here totally exposed and nobody thinks about what if they were in bill's position today that bill prepared Soviet power but luckily we got no power how much cash you got the house not much good I got put people apply a plastic but patches that not something they they had and should have for for a 3 to 6 months apart ... supply of Dutch history I mean if if anybody ever made fun of ... people who make preparations they today are full because Texas neither that and those that have that are comfortable and knows it didn't have but are uncomfortable in those that didn't run because they couldn't afford to main idea and be with us anymore yeah anyone who was praying who was praying for rain in Texas can stop now yeah well it's like a story the minister ... in the in this Texas legeno he's on top of this is on top of this hellish then he sprang away like grant and but ... fire me combine it will put a layer is got to be the same take away louder and a guy comes via boat wants to put it put diminished in the boat I said dad ... you know god for the savings go away with the boat and the course you don't have that he does not among the same work do to the depth of the water ... guy him save you with the proper back okay ... ill preparation is up to us and ... we should all be able in all areas of our life assist pain ... some quality of life for our family or for ourselves a little and that you know in a the idea that nothing can ever go significantly wrong in global economic history just because that meant anybody who thinks a paper currency into Spain the effort they put into building the fortunes in their lives especially they actually work I mean I don't mean the guys that that still have everybody on wallstreet I'm talking about the fellow but the busy asphalt driveway I mean it anybody there was out there in the sun and selecting their work ... Holman what they've got in dollars the feeling that well Sunday my body like a workers all the did before I'm gonna have to fall back retire getting easier and easier occupation I you know it's just a second E. in battle pro Iraq what's gonna sustain itself is anything wrong with no the act teleported risk if you've got something you have no counterparty risk you'll have an asset that can be sold at some price and the best ones of course are gonna be those which among our historical monetary I was going to mention to backtrack on hoping you had had said just couple minutes ago about ... 6 months worth of cash when this thing goes cash is not gonna work for 6 months that'll it moved no okay but it will work full long enough that you got out of the you you got out of the grocery store with a 400 with a 100 ounce bar okay well that won't work no but it will work really good 4 months later when the cash stops working actually I thought of the idea we really thought she might die I really think that once this goes once we go into panic mode I cannot envision cash being accepted more than 3 or 4 weeks yeah I know but I like it and believe me as to when that point in time comes is only is only relative to this to the degree of the of the online and we have a reset in the marketplace yeah let me take it down to the shore appear but having some cash is I think you owe a wise idea for the purpose of buying peanut butter quickly jumping into anything left in a grocery store yell out of the system yeah and I get back into the into the discussion about distribution and whether or not distribution works without credit we just posted an article ... I think go thurs your Friday showing that ... fears is got there ... their suppliers are no longer supplying fears because here's is losing their credit yeah and and and not pure credit right but that is that is in the other side money losing its value to having to pay the people who drive a truck so you got both ... happening at the same time then you got a colossal economic of people he got a big hurricane yeah and you didn't make any preparations all of it I know you got 900 US power card that it would've been better to have a mind her horse power boat your garage okay okay suit will line Pataki oh no set prices make a bit you go you're gonna say David what select bring this market we're talking about we believe that the US is being challenged militarily it and economically and we have to come back to that again you know people will we talk too much about politics but empires cupping del our empire who we've within a very brief period of time and Americans tend not to think in 5000 year cutting spans we tend to think in like yeah well our recent history I'm all so to meet 5060 years right well that's a reasonable timeframe but that fails to encompass the fact that we're being challenged earn a 5000 year time frame are 5500 meters is an empire could possibly be coming to an end and what we're really trying to relate to the readers here's if you're going to be a proper okay so I don't have 100 grand mechanical by goal you still could fill 5 and 15 gallon water bottles you could still in even for the most stressed people but I if silver dollar a week Greta kid my grandfather used to give me a silver dollar when I used to go visit a he was alive went gold confiscation happen and he told me a story about it according and people have been several states away and my parents used to visit he would always give me a real silver dollar tell me it was a real money and don't spend it appears this is real money well I leadership in the same position I mean so what's a silver eagle salad for whatever 171920 Bucks if you took what you blew a lot of tickets and Dunkin donuts coffee and bought one silver eagle claw week for the last 10 years think about where you'd be at right now you have real money and you know a lot of what a lot of the value of silver comes down to which the average man's goal so you're trying to relate this to you know one were being challenged what could the average person do hopefully change their habits just a little just enough to buy one silver eagle a week and if they have the means by one goal point a week of their choice but it you know well I I think it's time protruding fashion okay and that I bought 22 tickets Powerball and what I wonder and what they can guarantee it is a violent one because the odds only one 300000000 lucky if I had one you'd had one hell of an opening in gold on Monday but it important input had been doing it as well little baby never shared your name fireball jam yeah good sellaband bent yeah well but you know Jim that actually that that homa pods standpoint would be a really great play that I could not give kids a you know why people buy this ticket so they can spend 23 days regret how that we get to spend the money went away I mean it is not your odds of 300000000 to one live on American we'll worry about that okay I think there well I think when you're a kid they called out Runnin numbers now they called the lottery while you got paid you know but there's a good job the kids back there don't pick it picking up the slip but now the global picking up to slip the computer does think about what the computer does and what happens if we've really blind okay what if what if somebody's a little guy somewhere him veteran little tiny thing somewhere that trump or list great ... technology that we think you are you not agree to protect us but if required flatten the entire world one of the guys I guess missed only a blip via net certifiable kid in North Korea got a hold of somebody well I would be talking to you on the phone right we we do have nots in this world almost everybody that runs a country and for the UN to have the guts I got the goal tell us that we should eliminate the first amendment has got to be the epitome I'm getting rid of that worthless building in New York yeah for those of you are wondering what Jim's talking about here de U. N. ... is recommending that the United States our band the first amendment in order to prevent hate speech do I hear a speech I give you my opinion on that if you think or guys let's wrap this up and ... will send it off to you to open it real or fake news or not well not even there are a there are gearing up to design this one going around file and then when you when people see it on video you'll you'll know that ... we've been deemed to be fake news again well put it this way I I I want a little bit but I want a little bit overboard in my English our guest challenging but throws out but whoever she hadn't speaking let you help us I've you guys have a great week Beloff stay in touch him do whatever it is you do would enjoy well build build a bill right now it is it is ... is paddling and with his with his veto it look at his new app and ... you and I are enjoying the day so good luck to you bill made it that damn rain stop X. I have a great week guide by sure well //

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