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"2016-03-09 04:26:41"
90 sec speech
\\once every 4 years action day is added to the month of February came from 28 days to 29 days why don't you do this you ask I have no clue this year the world at the extra day and with the addition of February 29 comes all sorts of traditions and superstitions number one the best known tradition dates back to the fifth century Ireland when Saint brigade struck a deal with Saint Patrick's on women to propose on February 29 of course society has evolved to a point where such traditions are needed these days but if you're keen on observing it the best luck goes to those women who wear pants or read the what's a petticoat you ask no clue if you like defaulting through completely saying no to wants Bozell does carry a fine under league your rules if the man says no dearly your proposal either have to buy you 12 gloves or silk dress you might ask wanted to buy a 12 gloves no idea number 2 babies can join a club those born at 29 also have exclusive membership to the honor society up leap year day babies what's the honor society of leap year day babies don't ask me number 3 we've your capital of the world this even Anthony which is next to Texas and New Mexico it's a leap year capital of the world it holds a 4 day festival to celebrate the occasion including a huge birthday party for leading babies why are they leave your capital of the world you might ask seriously I don't know number 4 modern Olympics are always held in a leap year it's a good contact this year's Olympics will be held in Rio de how narrow in Brazil while modern Olympics always held in a leap year honestly I have absolutely no pretty //

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