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"2018-05-16 09:30:00"
JAMIE'S SPECIALS | Italian Rolled Lamb (Lambchetta) | Jamie’s Italian
\\ //
"2018-05-14 18:59:14"
JAMIE'S SPECIALS | Puglian Burrata Bruschetta | Jamie’s Italian
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"2018-05-13 11:30:01"
Royal Roast Chicken for Harry & Meghan | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-05-10 11:25:58"
Jamie Oliver’s #5DayVeggie Challenge
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"2018-05-10 11:04:51"
Sign up to #5dayveggie Challenge
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JAMIE'S SPECIALS | Nduja Casarecce | Jamie’s Italian
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Simple Tray Baked Salmon | Bart’s Fish Tales
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JAMIE'S SPECIALS | Seafood Linguine | Jamie’s Italian
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JAMIE'S SPECIALS | Chicken Under a Brick | Jamie’s Italian
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"2018-04-29 10:27:37"
Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-04-27 09:44:24"
JAMIE’S SPECIALS | Steak | Jamie’s Italian UK
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"2018-04-24 11:35:46"
Behind the scenes with Jamie Oliver.
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"2018-04-22 11:30:00"
Crab Linguine | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-04-15 11:30:00"
5 Things to do with… Potatoes
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"2018-04-08 11:30:01"
Chicken in Milk?! | Jamie Oliver & Gennaro Contaldo
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"2018-04-01 07:41:16"
Jamie’s NEW Book | 1 Ingredients | QuickER & EasiER Food
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"2018-03-30 08:28:01"
Chocolate Celebration Cake | Jamie Oliver | Happy Easter 🐣
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"2018-03-25 11:30:00"
Chocolate Hot Cross Buns | Jamie Oliver | Happy Easter!
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"2018-03-23 16:27:42"
Butterscotch Blondies | Claire Ptak
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"2018-03-18 12:30:00"
Family Minestrone Soup | Michela Chiappa
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"2018-03-11 12:30:01"
5 Things… Quick and Easy
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"2018-03-04 12:30:01"
Easy Ratatouille | Alex French Guy Cooking
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"2018-02-25 12:30:00"
Ultimate Fried Chicken | "JFC" | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-02-18 12:30:00"
Jamie’s Gado Gado | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-02-16 19:30:01"
Friday Night Feast | Four Awesome Weekend Dishes | Episodes 9 - 12
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"2018-02-12 18:10:08"
Valentine's Special Archive Mega Mix.
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"2018-02-11 12:30:00"
Smoky Pancetta Cod | Jamie Oliver | #QuickandEasyFood
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Live with Jamie Oliver | Behind the Scenes.
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Jamie's Top 5 Healthiest Cereals | Jamie Oliver
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Valentine Mega Mix | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-01-28 12:30:00"
Jamie’s Mexican Breakfast | Avocado, Egg & Black Beans | Jamie Oliver & The Body Coach
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"2018-01-25 11:53:04"
The Wonderful World of Tomatoes | Meatball Sub | Mega Mix.
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"2018-01-21 12:30:00"
Tomato, Aubergine & Ricotta Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Everyday Super Food
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Friday Night Feast | Four Awesome Weekend Dishes | Episodes 5 - 8
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"2018-01-14 12:18:56"
Jamie's Top 5 Healthy Tips | Quick & Easy | Jamie Oliver
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"2018-01-07 12:30:00"
Panfried Cod and Ratatouille | Bart's Fish Tales
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"2018-01-05 19:30:00"
Friday Night Feast | Four Awesome Weekend Dishes | Episodes 1-4
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"2018-01-02 13:48:35"
Kick off a Healthy 2018 | 1 hour Mega Mix
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"2017-12-31 12:30:02"
The Perfect Bacon Sandwich | Jamie Oliver
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"2017-12-25 11:00:01"
HAPPY CHRISTMAS | Behind the Scenes of Jamie's Christmas Competition.
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"2017-12-24 12:30:00"
Perfect Mince Pies | Jamie Oliver
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"2017-12-23 22:55:42"
Jamie Oliver's Christmas Classics Mega Mix. X
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"2017-12-23 12:13:19"
The Perfect Steak | Barbecoa Piccadilly
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"2017-12-20 19:30:00"
Jamie's Italian Christmas | Cracker Ravioli, Balsamic Potatoes, Porchetta and Tiramisu | Channel 4
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"2017-12-19 19:30:01"
Christmas Gingerbread Men | Jools Oliver
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"2017-12-17 12:30:03"
Classic Christmas Tips & Hacks | Jamie Oliver
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"2017-12-15 19:30:00"
Christmas Gammon & Eggs | Jamie Oliver & Nanny Betty
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"2017-12-13 19:30:00"
Roasted Whole Salmon & Potato Salad | Alaska | Bart's Fish Tales
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"2017-12-10 12:30:01"
Boozy Pear and Chocolate | Jamie Oliver | #QuickandEasyFood
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"2017-12-08 19:30:00"
5 Ways to Pimp up Your Condiments | Maddie | Jamie's Food Team
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"2017-12-06 19:30:02"
5 Things to do with… Chicken | Food Tube Classic Recipes
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"2017-12-03 12:30:01"
Pierogies with Damian Kordas | Jamie Oliver
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"2017-12-01 07:00:01"
Jamie's EPIC Christmas Giveaway
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"2017-11-29 17:30:03"
Chocolate Pudding & Chocolate Custard | Cupcake Jemma | #MyFoodMemories | AD
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"2017-11-26 12:51:23"
Spaghetti Bolognese | Gennaro Contaldo | #MyFoodMemories | AD
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"2017-11-21 19:30:00"
'The Best Oyster in the World' | Food Busker | Montreal, Canada
\\ //
"2017-11-19 12:30:00"
Crispy Duck Lasagne | Jamie Oliver
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"2017-11-16 17:30:08"
Incredible Mac & Cheese | Food Busker | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\ //
"2017-11-12 13:21:26"
Limoncello Tiramisu | Gennaro Contaldo | #MyFoodMemories | AD
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"2017-11-09 19:30:00"
Chunky Vegetable Soup | Jools Oliver | #TBT
\\ //
"2017-11-08 19:20:45"
RIP Antonio Carluccio | 19th April 1937 - 8th November 2017
\\ //
"2017-11-04 12:33:23"
Sausage Casserole Catherine Wheel | Jamie Oliver
\\ //
"2017-11-02 17:30:10"
Fillet Mignon Steak | Alex French Guy Cooking | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys mean hope point of bringing to life people's incredible food memories you send in loads of them I don't pick some great ones for us to re create brought so send this in his food memory of whom most amazing filet Mignon when he went on a beautiful family curries I'm the perfect person to bring this man me back to life is the one and only Alex known as French guy cooking calm voice facing him hello guys is so I'm gonna be recreating Russell's food memory that beauty food feeling manual steak with a better calling south days if you want to see more brilliant Scully so if you want to win some grand you hug both appliances head of after the food memories have but for now I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about this fantastic recipe Richard had just beautiful steak on the independence of the seas a massive cruise ship any was there with his partner Laura is delta may see so I guess we never forget that Yuchi foo food memory looking at the scene and joining the vicious who how perfect is that you describe the think as soft as the books and the films were so intense and so flavorful food of medical and then be stuck and Prunty this is a recipe I make quite often because I really enjoy my French food obviously but also reach out to new restaurant just to be sure that I've got Russell Smith you through now let's make some anything ... medium size frying pan will villain height I am using my husband gas hub because it has a really nice and wide he distribution I want to get it nice and hot season a nice believes they've with salt and a nice drizzle of olive oil remember to always always the staging of the parents because it does prevent things from burning I'm feeling that I think about 3 to 4 minutes per side with a warning medium rare that's how roots and like that but if you wanna just biff to your liking free free to do so when the first light of dawn just flip it and do it again it's really about the but you also feel besides so in your thirties reading credit aside on a plate along with a nice note of butter because of that and let it rest for about 10 minutes let's move on to the paper gone so screwed that ThinkPad Unruh heat I'm going to use white paper cone slightly crushed see the Pentagon to remove the power though and stop it from building in the past down nicely toasted now let's deglaze the pan using front if result of white wine we just got by how so John of the heat then I've concentrated be stuck in a reduced that by a third some of the heat and I'm doing the double cream you don't build the cream which one to thicken the sauce we need to lights Duffy could've that affects number 2 we did anything mean that's so small CP in most sign me and this one special for you ruffle you know your source is ready when you can do this on the back of a spoon I'm assuming this with the beautiful much and some cream spinach because that's what's written had only screws and now that beautiful to see Nikki so's or about that's the and there you have it rustlers you would see food food memory and the feeling menial with pepper council I got to try this moon just think he's thinned out associates seem keen difficult to read giving some nice kick to so rest and I hope it is as good as the one you had on the cruise if not better so depressive can cook this amazing piece a point of giving you a brand new gas how and if you guys want to win a 4 set of Hartmann took them 3 believe and and tell the competition bye guys //
"2017-10-29 12:30:01"
Black Olive Tapenade | Jamie & Gennaro
\\yeah larger is we've all known everything go look a long ways Jim all wrong ya might still runs his tongue tied other obviously love just being next week have a coke can we thought we could hear really really simple recipe a black olive tap that we do and James a time on ice I'm gonna serve it with they cannot tell the Musika I wanted to be a massive take care this is a really important tip from means an alright time pava have a final lives with the holy when you buy at the stone on if that's had this done removed the brine penetrates the olive and it goes dry it cooks it too much okay so looking guys if we put a lot of our lives here on the board right now you can basically do what's in our stern upright so you see just a squeeze olives the other point or not and this is the moment is gonna coming out look when they're alone he means thing and it will occur does me unless I mean I skate right or you just grab something that's flat and you guys not not this is the way out you know I'm just talking about all the fun machine art was concerned when you're not yeah this way we've got beautiful fresh delicious tasty olives now with no seats so what we're gonna do you think it's going to chop but you just show up there and tomorrow to combine the flavorings that we've done in the James Italian top not because we want to balance with some sweetness but didn't want to hear this one with me because it is sun dried tomato which inform the minute job alright in Saudi awed by you chop are you mixed Amanda and then we add just a tiny bit of garlic so for me I just coughed about gone just under your rock and then we got fresh Oregonian so well put just a little bit and then but that would show the end and then take a tiny little bit of lemon zest thanks 5 tiny bits will make all the difference now as you know I mean Jim are we need to be obsessed bye week just a lot with my friend Tina and a little bit of chili does increase the tiny bit one of my favorite spices is ... final states to Springfield I'm just a time to just turn it just that I knew just crush him not I think this question if you come on the road up in here is quite close right so what we can day and I can just run my north bring 0.5 and that will give me more appear on one side and then coarseness on the other side when Ginori puts the only volume not only those gonna join up all the flavors and it's going to be absolutely delicious if I'm making tapping out a home is great for kids you can put a little bit into some pasta sauces to give an edge now in Jamie's Italian we like to be a little bit dramatic because I think temperatures Rini really important in the story so what we do is we take some lines and then I'm going to do something that in our lives today which is spying kit and I really thought I would go I ugh yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean we gonna get a lovely day she can do this with a lovely beau time if you put a little so it was not it stays coda a little longer it is about texture and temperature then we gonna take a little bit bow here I'm gonna fill this without a wonderful confidante and then we gonna place that on top so this gets kept cold can you tell us about these plot no chair Lana Benny chan believe somebody check old Belichick they come from saab west on the C. silly and wandered off July that means nothing crisply full of flavor and we call these on the menu the world's best olives Harlan bears and people never complain because they are really very wonderful and we take when using bread we cracked up we put in a tough night this a lovely way to survey a lovely way to stop me now of course if you come to public there yourself incoming James time and will do it for you they guy fantastic beautiful olives are nice tapping on and conquer the whole scene well I think it is cheap assume gems father bless your are you saying why are you here is green and fresh it reflects my generation in your own yeah we got up and ring Philly that that's going to another one yeah well I choose we've all known ennoble //
"2017-10-26 16:33:19"
Garlic & Chilli Prawns | Bart's Fish Tales | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys mean hope point of bringing to life people's incredible food memories Patsy sent in her fave memory of the most amazing chili garlic prone sheet and I have and the perfect person to bring up rooms back to life is the one and only bar bonds fixed thank you Jamie a Patsy I'm going to bring the memory of these amazing promised back to life and guys you got to try to speak to why do I if you were to see more of these brilliant stories and if you want to win some hot point kitchen appliances click the link and head to foot memories hop but first let me tell you about Patsy when she tried the prongs for the very first so she wasn't totally now south of Spain many years ago to get on with apartment day there were sitting at the seaside table full of top us a glass of chilled white wine smell of the garlic in the chilly sounds perfect right but whenever she goes back to Spain and she orders the stitch it has never been as cute best it's delicious prawns fried up with some good olive oil chili garlic bit of lemon parsley and some lovely bread to serve I now want to recreate this ditched to be just as good if not better so for us we need to get our province ready so you could use any promise you like but make sure that they sustainably sourced and today I'm using king prawns first we need to remove the head remove the shells except auto parts and a safe the shelves in the head because they've full of flavor and perfect for a stock or sauces now I'm going to defame the promise because this might give a bitter taste in a dish finally chopped 3 cloves of god yes he loves a lot of god the seed and chop the whole red chili okay not a partially take a leave self and chop it up now it's time to start cooking you could do stage in a pan Betsy tell this she had this in there heat proof dish like picks I don't have this dish straight on my hot points guess how so this Hubble gives great heat distribution across the ditch during the prongs cook evenly and don't worry by the way if it's heat proof dish one crack at in 15 years of oil enough to cover the bottom of the dish I'm using really good Spanish olive oil because it gives lots of flavor case in our first at the chili and the garlic now have there for around 2030 seconds so the flavor get well infused into the oil so hop a teaspoon of a pre kepada given to stir beautiful colors I'm now at the problems I want to have my parents nice and juicy and that's why I want to give them like 2 minutes each side turn around said this tape shot at we define steel and look at this call us we have to read with a wide of the problem and now degree and a squeeze of lemon turn the heat of and the rest of the party so this is ready I take it off the heat I mean season it's sprinkle so to go with this dish some nice and crusty bread warming up in my hope points of I'm going to have a taste right now Robert is a super delicious if you see inside a bit sweetness of the prom together the spiciness of the sausage she be in the garlic in the big city tough dilemma on top and aspects he did on the Spanish coast a nice glass of Spanish wine that thank you Betsy for sharing his memory with us it tastes so good and to help but see cook this this at home appoint is giving I guess how and if you want to win the whole range of hope part kitchen appliances click the link and to the competition my god //
"2017-10-22 11:30:13"
Eggplant Parmigiana (Aubergine) | Jamie Oliver | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys Jamie Hey I heard you really really well so me and the whole point and we've come together to bring out and celebrate some of your most loved and cherished food memories and I picked out some of my very very best if you want to invoke the competition go to food memories how you could win a whole load of hope point equipment now first out cloud yeah Italian boy he is go a dish that is so special to him basis from his honeymoon it's a beautiful aubergine comic John didn't lysis so cloudy I thank you for being here aubergine Parmigiano exactly like you know straight from my Capri he was a great experience that obviously was a romantic time deafening you just got married we know chalice it's worthwhile to nothing yeah childhood sweethearts something like I mean you know it's nothing like a very good deal for me yeah let's see fix I describe the dish to me was like you know in disk patents this can then like you know with boxes and fried and then hides layers of ... tomato sauce and mustard and lines come more so I know this other cheeses it was just fantastic you're not gonna we've gone back to the hotel we've researched exactly how to cook it and we're gonna have a guy I go missing from the chef woman glowed bake at famous chef and he's now in run at a restaurant I believe because lack of oda hi Jamie iCloud deal plow do I'm really glad to remember my recipe and like it so much I hope it is just as good as if you're ever in Rome come see me at my restaurant I wait for you by bless you thank you very much nice one what a chef thank you chef and he's been amazing this dish is at my normal style known as don't normally put over Jean and talents to that you know this is quite yet I just finally sliced the skin of the I. machine this will be fried later we gonna slice this just under a centimeter thick he uses the cutter to cut them into perfect desks and do you remember how big it was when you had your 5 layers when you're drunk at the time because I because he told us 3 yeah that's it season the OBG coverage completely with the flower going with the ache Doyle turned he out now in use in the whole point hope help point is the reason that with it site thank you hope point have you ever tried to recreate this dish for you what the Hon no and when I think some of us are actually soon like you know he's in 2 days a better focus like yeah I was even the flower place the pet IBG into the oil while these fry we gonna make the most simple tomorrow source 2 because the garlic and if you could have a little bit of olive oil to the pan add the garlic Basil grown up this is the quickest source never we gonna fry this off organic tomorrow's hope mums and I'm going to squash but among them Matthau Italians doing that yeah we love like today the kitchen paper he's gonna take away for the excess fat turn the heat up and now I can take the other machine skin and fry it have a look at that Cialis is crunchy and crispy now look at that but it to one side the tomato sauce is done develop a season you are cheese maker can you explain this Martha it's an H. mozzarella cheese has me smoke so we've got a incredibly robust flavor right yeah I'm gonna slice this into little half sends me a slice it and I can see you've brought some of your homemade cheese mozzarella is it a full I'm gonna use a little bit of your cheese in this case process that we're gonna have just a little tomato to the base and then we got the I'm sure you do the same thing all Tomaso smoked scum Aqsa you'll most where that are gonna Basel in each there as well we're gonna do 3 as the web and we repeat that every time finish I mean Johnno Reggie on so we're gonna put it I love the hope would happen we gonna come back about 10 or 12 minutes I'm hungry I be like you know foss if a couple of days so I thought if I know for this that bringing memories back bringing memories back let's have a try all this or is it everything you wanted it to be it's better all that sounds good but now I can make it for my wife the OB scenes crispy but meaty a soft and the smoking a cigar she's scum off I just bought the rights and the right job you know rather pretty that site love the people try this recipe pa O. of a gift for me and hope point to you is we're going to give you a prime use Paul I don't often thanks a lot thank you very much plus they can you know the about it so guys what you what you fool click the link and get involved and to the competition and you could win a whole load of we keep point equipment //
"2017-10-19 16:45:11"
Cooking a Chicken with my Car | Jamie Oliver & Land Rover Part 3 | AD
\\leave at Landover have pulled this off this car is amazing is a dream come true and I got some ideas for some great recipes it would show up for the care and I'm gonna feed it to my family Masterson Cookin I'm gonna cook a bunch stuff for the family at the back of this incredible Cookin Matteo it's amazing just look at it account believe I actually did it that's good that's come on we got a proper old school great history coming off the Tolkien the power of the engine there's another cooking method happening from the engine slow cooker my take to make that a really good value 10 minutes it is James curries and in this case ultimate by being look at I've already made my the roda the engine let's just cook upper portions it's only gonna take Tim perfect from may to knock up start super super simple pound full of Basel from the herb garden out here smash up in my piston Malta stone and mortar oh yes and then just go in with a little handful of pine nuts I'm just a little bit garlic off drive a little bit Thomas and and then all I need is oil and we thought about that or should I say Langevin is thought about yes come on you know that makes sense check in with a lovely past that and then I'm just gonna mix this up and even though this is a one office the unique failed this kind of things in here that I would really love to see him because of the future look at the college guys this is a brilliant okay genuine passed very genuinely made in this beautiful thing next mushrooms so we got some chest that mushroom similar oysters so one of the techniques are like today is get a nice non stick large frying pan really help Kerry and then I'll go in with the mushrooms completely dry just finally slice couple of cloves of garlic 2 or 3 highlight was making on some garlic freak it works so well I have got a lot of with the mushrooms it's time begin our comics out because I got some wicked have here pads is my thing right say we got some lovely flattering Oregon I and time I always use to take her to me when he took a campaign sign there we don't so how does that king city is just toasting there's no caramelization of the stage there then you reach out and you bring down your extra virgin olive oil and you just get in we can go in with the herbs and the garlic it smells absolutely incredible because we use it for colorful wild mushrooms garlic not even over a spice they're about my spice rack Becca however going to one Oregon acumen but then I remembered that my spicy stuff my really spicy stuff is in my spicy Joe and all you need is just a little pinch of chili any guy that's my tie stuff let's just chop up the taste by now the stage a noble patah this boxer we made mixed up all love it and that's the kind of medicine and all that just 10 little trips of lemon juice makes all the difference is that a little bit of magic his humble but beautiful mushrooms on topics you could cook bat pole own this incredible car and it's not just what you do is because it's not wait he take this co op amounted may refer camping holiday it is brilliant pay we have the ultimate Cookin family car only need now is a family yeah grabs well yeah Esiason like the other co pressed extra virgin olive oil and then for me this is going to heaven there wasn't chicken a the guys what you think the main thing rabbi would you think to make a guy who I really enjoyed that Cup for me my family and everyone at lunch I have a you can have the drive in Las alive it's a book lying I see the other videos click willing I //
"2017-10-17 07:08:38"
Lamb Balti Curry | Chetna Makan | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys mean hope point of bringing to life people's incredible food memories so let me lose himself in her food memory of her dad's amazing faulty curry I'm the last person to bring this back to life but with you know the people is the one and only check thank you Jamie and thank you Liz for sending in this amazing memory bother me if you want to see more of the stories Alwyn some brand new hot button kitchen appliances click on the link and head to food memories help in the meantime let me tell you 5 Liz and attacked Liz's dad was going like it and he left to go to the memory of his lumbar D. has really stuck with delays she vividly remembers him sourcing all the spices which is much more difficult and unusual in the eighties than it is now there's so many mirrors off flavors going into this dish Q. men got a missile lock onto them and it's made with beautiful land show into it's going to be really good you've got to try this I'm gonna start by toasting the spice is I'm using her point induction hole which heats up nice and fast and I'm gonna get a pan on medium heat I think duty spins off Cordy and the seats and one teaspoon of came in scenes gyros fat for around one minute something to get these into the basin in Montana I'm going to give it a good bash but once these are ground up on then add Hoffa teaspoon of chili powder Hoffa teaspoon of dumb Rick powder one teaspoon Gara masala 3 to 4 green cardamom pods and to be Leafs mix this up and leave it aside for the time being you now going to get on with the body sauce you gonna get the band back on the whole of one medium heat stocked with duty was spoons off vegetable oil in the pan Clayton 2 centimeters or fresh ginger and a large clove of garlic Frye that for a minute or 2 a first time Liz's dad made this he forgot to put the lid on the mixer and it was everywhere syndicates shifted and hectic dairy Donna before mom came back study on Winamp great 3 I'm going to skip the blind this leads to go down nice and slowly for 10 to 15 minutes unclean soft and gorgeous this is really nice deep golden color and all these caramelized onions are good at this beautiful flavor to the sauce and it's ready for the tomatoes I'm not I would use fresh tomatoes but uses dad said that life's too short for that so he preferred using didn't tomatoes and that's what I'm doing today squash adorned with your hands and in the wonderful spices and give it a good mix for over 500 ML of boiling water we see that this for 30 minutes and give it an occasional stop another spice I'm going to add to this he's dried me tea leaves now this is not easily available and this is something Liz's dad would have liked because he likes to go out and look for these particular spices so should bring Liz's memories flooding back I've also got conflict the spirit of tamarind paste Hoffa teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt the sauce is ready now so I'm going to move it aside and get on with the last and for this station I've done my usual trick and marinated big chunky sure to meet with yogurt and lots more spices I mixed 0 ML off not to you get with Davis food off ground Korean death and a teaspoon each off ground Cuman ground ginger chili powder dumb Rick unsolved I mixed that in which owns a plan that I covered it and left it in the fridge for 2:00 hours now it's ready I'm gonna see the meat in one tablespoon of rich demonoid I'm gonna fry these infections the founding it and make sure if found for their once you land is all nice and brown goodness Derek through into this lovely sauce beginning get the little one and this is going to go into my heart point of an act once a D. C. C. 25 Fahrenheit gift that an hour 0.5 this is going to make the laundry Tenda and all the juice is when you go in and it's really can't while I have that man was so so good this should bring Liz's memories flooding back I cannot wait to try this Liz you're going to absolutely leftist the loudness so tender this is hopefully as good as your dad's land bonded to do helpless cook it at home what point on giving her an induction hope and if you want to win a whole set of appliances then click on the link and entered the competition //
"2017-10-15 11:30:00"
5 Things... Vegetarian | Food Tube Classic Recipes
\\how I love the people okay I'm going to give you 5 incredible recipes to celebrate the humble legends fast rest mean we're gonna do is the 19 nineties and black bean soup it was poached eggs is so so good yes and celery roughly chop it in a pan 2 tablespoons of olive oil we're gonna go into celery garlic we're gonna get some time killed by aids see finely chopped onion bellhop actually goes in then Pat has we love affect this a nice little paint chips evening goes in Garbo here I've got a small bunch a Korean to hit I want to use Tartikoff for my Fausta on this phone call stores that they go in you and the leaves again the going my pumpkin a fountain I'm gonna take from killing Korea and the guys and then we're going to go in with the king spoke one line that a little sweet of all the boys run things are actually the highest protein things that you get 400 nails well for some companies at a house and just put stuff and then I want to be in a gentle Hey man we gonna go in with Arabs we go to audience less service up this wonderful hearty dish treasury just line up right to have a look today hi all yeah in next up we gonna make the most amazing curry cooked by Monica he celebrates veggies and plan a which is so so good never in the midst of so I've got a heavy bottomed pan on medium heat so I'm going to outlive your point about teaspoon of Cuban seeds life my medium onion why was the primary I'm going to just life clothes and garlic at this stage I'm going to obvious spices a pinch of turmeric teaspoon off crush me reaching photo nice heaped teaspoon of calling on the product I've got some shop bought Pinero is almost like home to me jump of the funny roughly I was so got my iPhone gets a lovely crunch to the dish I'm going to out once more tomorrow to do it as well an inch piece of fresh ginger a bit of lemon juice to squeeze on top and some fresh coriander so it's done you can see the ponies nice and soft so that's open a jug freezing complete and ready to some of learn the next recipe is that absolute stone cut by other machine Tommy John made by the one on the kitchen how why Michael so you want to hold our hands and you need to garlic 3 spring almighty god help you need about 6 full tablespoon of olive oil 2 teams have chopped tomato yes let's give them a little splash over watch why vinegar little soul black paper I am Basel yeah I slice and agree with 3 large pulled the jeans just little bit so some great nice I mean John up just a little bit gonna put a little source can I say grabbed crime women can be sooner little patch of olive oil now you gonna put a mini album substance ready now Milka do they so the next up we go beautiful rich people on mine mine kind Kappa is doing a fantastic veggie frittatas now it starts with whatever is to buy cheesy using whether it's potato sweet potato costs in it Harris Steven nice harmful in Japan give them a bit of a match for the fall I'm not gonna cut to angst now just gonna mix those yokes 10 the heat the last stop picking on top of la I mean sprinkle some kale ordinance do this is just Nnamdi concede that really really really finally let just puppets heh evil spoon of so of this and just sprinkle it on the top just gives gorgeous kinda these yeah meal for all the family next up Carrie Ann's gonna do a beautiful mac and cheese classic simple comfort first we need kilo of macaroni passed out and now I've got a nice medium sized at the 0 grams I'm still too but we made a white schools otherwise known as the best no fool 0 grams of plain flour now we can add some milk safe so it looks almost like it does swap from a wooden spoon to a witness and had a bit more mellow we at the mill question late because he put it all in a once you will get a chance to be it's the flour and then you will end up with lots to tablespoons of English must that I want to have a nice generous pinch of soul and the most generous page of Peppa freshly ground at 500 grams of mature agenda so we're going to do is going to within the species to melt into the source let's get some past stuff and we have the cheese sauce all of this into the tray of great did some more cheese onto the bolt sprinkle them over the top and then we need a great big half full stale bread crumbs Thomas in the oven look can you see guys but with a creamy reconvene this on the face and the crispy crummy she's I couldn't then they go guys 5 beautiful veggie recipes that are really really delicious fun tonight and you'll never have this than me while you wait for it //
"2017-10-12 17:00:45"
Grilling a Steak with my Incredible Kitchen Car | Jamie Oliver & Land Rover Part 2 | AD
\\n't did it look at that ... my notes I was kind of I mean to have enough when I went down 2 line drive a special vehicle operations you know they said of what you like there are just 2 of thinking of the sky like this just having over they've only gone I'm actually made it they've done it brought butts welcome to the new family car but notes lot you've ever seen before we have a rotisserie another snow registry is a plus the culture crap hope hope they've done more than miles okay but to chairman we can make our own credo new guy shops anymore how spice rack ice cream sheen icefield we can make ice cream in the windows of the car are my you know this is the closest kitchen of ever had let's look at this high def TV you play any your films or your favorite cooking show who's your favorite chef runs all yes very funny and we go wifi Fred Hoka yes that's what they will come webs we have a herb garden growing out of the car Roger to gain but a check without yeah it's a touch is a next time you say I'm hungry a guy okay son Phil rebates not by a whole meal bread there you go press the bus line yes Sir yeah yeah down a fantasy that open button yeah son I have seasonal selection of jam love yeah I us we have memo is perfect toast what do you put on toast OPEC come down now would you go what does the toast before the jam out but yeah good lads into my fridge Sir so we have a wife clean surface who now plate storage right site they should types have little choice I don't nice but there's mess here who's gonna have a problem with that mess well yeah so that we go U. S. B. ports around the whole car everywhere new your toes what you find Polish squeamish soul that is no way a machine that is a U. S. P. vacuum cleaner yes yeah nice job now what does that mean like with these touched yeah closely I think yes he does not look at that this is super high quality high pressure prose coffee mica yeah oh yes right hi you can see the meals yeah jump out you my friend I'm gonna love this fresh pastor imagine this when we go down the Cold War I'm a guy campaign how cool is that very very cool is gonna come back quickly got check that's it what's your favorite thing that Betty Cooke the barbecue I slice up my something for you yes going to going to right look at this but kurai yeah what he needs to cook steak flowing and so I'm pepper sigh lookup landrover have put a dispensary of oil and vinegar look at this so we're gonna have a little squeeze a only willow I'll have you know I you know but then again a changer like that you've got one click for so Sheikha and then you switch it to pay but not the park the path past rabbits thanks to it Chris I did just that okay but you see this barbecue is a grow as a guru yeah a gray over coffee what reading on the grill well I yeah yeah nice job but okay let's cook these the week I think about all the things that we can cook come okay past them no sooner did not use them eh face came loose sounded more like it extremely cook with the car click the link //
"2017-10-08 11:30:03"
Parsnip and Pancetta Tagliatelle | Gennaro Contaldo - AD
\\Nnamdi play ball and I am in peace beautiful island of Sardinia with my very good friend a best Dolly and I got a call me saying rentable I get 10 that we get our snips and check you know when I update festival on you some nice ingredients I have the spunk plus the department onions she really gone palm isn't fun checked off deceased local punch at the beacon get punch at that anywhere around the world so unique to remove the Ryan that kind of a small straight he only needs a little bit past makes government hall come again it just needs a lot of to do a little strips right audience buckshot use quite a bit costs onions woody sold it say I use in a box Hoff then we're going to be to Cheney I would use in about support over this one now we gotta stop first of all we need until the only bathroom and only bought even on the high temperature doesn't burn a space career become a lot because all the boys should you stop the mountain into bits I'm Jeff industry things Meg Shaw benefit check them 0 really go free speech because if we go first but it could become a little bit stopped that you have Manion there was a little bit get a bar flips what was cheery staring at then you get some nice time right summit lots lots inside price nearly ready you get somewhat inside Powell Mar golf Maori scene writeable yeah would probably lead to season a little bit but not too much because some forget the planchette talk when baby doc kind of saltiness lucro beats pepper could we start elected how pretty cool or media heat for a box 2 to 3 minutes coming in the house now the water was for the best with a fresh pasta that's affected very long capela may need to Israeli settler someone look all my calls my fish right there yes all yeah put it back with a little bit about the renaissance tear it role might go I need to put a little bit of a finely Johnno for demand yeah yes Israel one today home go killing west achieve ares little real farmers and and no one a fried sometimes I just for the most part not I'm finally before never see now Pete pops them and got then just green here for a minute well before a frame up don't worry I will do Amanda think there's enough lotions up up regular inside you get to allow the planchette did that 11 he chewed me but let me tell you that the level onions across the parsnips to grab a we got pasta try a whole have a goal //
"2017-10-05 17:00:28"
I Designed My Own Kitchen Car!!! | Jamie Oliver & Land Rover Part 1 | AD
\\nmhg gonna go inspect my own car at Jack you a line drive a special vehicle operations I don't take that lightly and look at that I'm very excited voice Jamie on the most maintenance me nicely this place is amazing what what is it this is where we take our favorite customers spoke their cars walks the vital statistics of this comment server a TD 6 on the bar top speed 135 miles an hour but can you cook it and we've got 9 USB ports if you get a double a and 9 times to you got 20 fantastic USB pose a cook can we just came out when I look jump in from him all yes you got in the room there yeah not open this got a fridge go for international freight will not touch that toaster homogenized hosta in our times in a traffic jam right on the fence it would nibble French toaster pantry mouth come on coffee please tell me that we can get coffee into this machine I lot tropical fate and not just a quick release don't even have to look slow then Nick into that how did that happen logic look at the Saudis boys not a thing happens this is brilliant bass and the main thing about storage I wanna be I put out a table somehow I wanna be making pasta gloss growing some herbs will sprout wings and sprouts Clint remotes to feed them is I like this you can't you know you get with the PA a whales obviously the most important thing about a whale is it turns right how bout we put a little joy one man right and we can bring Butta and how about a massive spit roast Ryan I think we need to go around and look at the engine in the front of the US can be a best chance again some kind of power takeoff for spit roast to take power directly from the oven up from the oven from the engine but maybe the engine Cup enough in I have bass because I am a okay back to that state rushed no I'm not an engineer go of me but I spat coax why big ones and small ones so if we did down the power do we gain more strength then we could probably turn more than just chicken we can upgrade watch this one to half a cow I really could spit roast spade is about this was I think it was right it's kinda which I think is done to you as a from this is what we're talking about boys right right okay let me paint a picture plagiarize sorry when spring in the cuts welts up a kind of funny mountain we've gone I still spit rice that goes off the front of the call bear with me bear with me very depressed machine hips run butchery table rotisserie French toast coughing fruit and vegetable in all boys this is amazing waking to type this call to the next level this is very very exciting //
"2017-10-03 16:00:00"
Jamie’s Quick and Easy Food | Banoffee Cheesecake, Mango Prawns and Roast Chicken Tikka
\\Hey guys gemmula Hey I'm on the set my Braniewo cooking check Jamie's quick and easy thing if you wanna see some great recipes carry on what you the but I the I //
"2017-10-01 11:22:34"
Linguine Vongole | Authentic Clam Pasta | Jamie Oliver | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys I hope you really really well so me and the whole point and reached out to you for your most precious thing memories and you gave us such an amazing response click the link go over to the hope that the competition when you could win a whole load of hope when equipment of all the food memories that you've given us I'm gonna show you one that really appealed to me this is Amanda she had a fun time time in Milan when she was younger and there was one dish that she loved so much linguine Vongola white wine parsley garlic and clans actually delta of a dish so Amanda linguine Vongola kind is a picture I was ... 21 and it just ... graduated from college and 23 fashion designer so ... go on a plane with my portfolio in a couple of friends and we fell out sometimes at a job of the the 2 fellas that you went with this is one of them this is one of the things life yeah and save it yeah it was good fun we were just teasing and cheap cheap pastor restrooms and discovered this dish 1 dime of things quite brave tweeted because in 1999 British paper demarini shells for shellfish and you know by 3 shows to the side of organized to think of it I think that success cooking to home state you know look I've tried painted amusing tunes climb right which which is not gonna work never gonna yeah what would it mean to you if you could legitimately quickly for your friend a very proud hopefully through the dish they along the line I yeah how mountain lake nothing's okay abilities ingredients in it's in the you wanna be cooking with lovely northern Italian white wine now we've done loads resets spoken to restaurants old fruit Milan and this is pretty much how it let's get master if you want the water boiling seed now and then I like to get a little basket weave job interview with another bus you if I like it to go yeah it's not that was right I'm sure you didn't mention her house I don't know about it I'm moving home one garlic clove Pappas how will it will chop up that with the posse when I've seen nana's cooked they say use the Stoke Stokes if they're finally flights are very sweet yeah arms texture yeah crunchy these are Italian clams we fly in these in these are the exact same planet of your local fishermen in the toy any today is flat with hockey half the flat with your fishmonger annual but yeah I mean I think what had the yeah so that means that they're full of water me is extra extra full of Arab you use yeah let's get the pound on the high heat now armies in the lobby ha pointcast repeat so give you really even heat distribution going with the olive oil right garlic Chile some people Chinese fresh chili with us not so classic we gonna give it a little agitation yeah the minute it starts to Carla then we go in we've you along the way give it a little shake and then some of you wind play if the flash no money not much to go on then I those little crime would be popping a puff in the G. so come out and they cooked when they arrived can I ask you one thing about the art of I usually cooked in coconut oil no not because they actually if he will come to you and I will put you in jail okay would the stones take me back and feeling younger already yeah so we're gonna try the pasta still got a bite to eat go in now we can go in and spend time training now joining we're gonna go in with the parsley tough around then you out a little at the end will happen is the liquid in the oil will boil together and then become one and when it becomes one it's like a cream can you see it coming together well sorry your very own things we anyone's allies the jeans who may and hello extroverts newness the it is like being back there so let thank you for being here I am really not really nice to meet you a fantastic share your food memory and the good news is hope point they gonna give you hope and I'm often brought out that and I got one last thing because they'll be so I see the guy with the fire I don't yeah running the kingly if you we've just because I'm in the again even though I know you do of the icing on the cake you guys get invoke piddling go through to the hope and keep yourself which //
"2017-09-28 16:30:30"
Chicken Fajitas | Food Busker | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys I mean hope point cost you to send in your most incredible food memories for the lovely Claire here have a food memory to die for she had the most amazing chicken for he is at a restaurant called send your Dicks and when I heard the name of the restaurant there was only one person to bring that memory back to life John Philip Bosco on the TV how lovely PayPal if you want to learn more about these amazing food stories and get the opportunity to win a whole load of hot point Kay and click on the link to go through to the food memories hope but for now let me tell you about flies fajitas Claire works in Cornwall I've seen your Dicks she's got a big personality and shoes acts to be the main today that she said it was the best time of her life she moved having the chicken to hate it because it was small okay who got succulent chicken you got the beautiful Pappas I it was almost 6 lane we spoke to the restaurant we've got all the ingredients we got everything we need to bring this fun food memory back to life start with a tablespoon of oil Hoffa teaspoon smoked paprika Hoffa teaspoon of chili powder and Hough teaspoon of human and now we want use of Hoff along so I soap yellow pepper and red pepper into one centimeter strips slice up a whole red onion so different chopping board for roommates get your chicken and slice it into nice the chickens taking on a low spices or what flavour and wash my hands and then season out with soap and set it aside only to take this to the next level give it out food Pliska twist and so we're gonna make a Mexican spicy addition quick multi source potential spoon of oil into a pan and get 2 tomatoes in that let's get this on someone hope point Gossard it's going to really give me the control I need to get the source just trying I want to table spoons which partly priced Hoffa teaspoon of cinnamon a full teaspoon of Cuman little pain each of chili powder incorporate all those ingredients so I let that cook for 23 minutes and then I had 200 miles of water so on cooks what a great 15 grams adopt talked into it it's gonna have a real depth to the source makes the chakram and set it aside right let's get one pound on I'm gonna cook once he to mix in 2 batches because if I put a bullet in it was steam Ramanan sizzle I would wash my hands class is that it was spicy safely and types that so that again I'm going to say yeah and then we move it around look how delicious but looks it's cooked that's found himself and get out to see if out the open straight on to apply in the multi source you chicken on and then guacamole beautiful calming Jacobsen nynex coriander leaves no finish off with some lime bands hikes this beauty so good soon smugly me those beautiful peppers and onions if given a real sweetness I mean you got the debt to knock him to talk but from the moment a source for this is this is you have got to try this day I'm Claire I hope you like my version of you Killa chicken fajitas to help take cook this dish hot point of given right gaffes hauled click the link to enter the competition for your opportunity to win a whole load of hot point cakes //
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Quick and Easy Food | Crispy Squid, Pork Burger and Orange Polenta Cake
\\I guys Jamie Hey I'm on the set of Jamie's quick and easy thing if you wanna see some great recipes carry on watching I I the the I my now //
"2017-09-24 11:30:39"
Incredible Italian Soup | Zuppa Toscana | Jamie Oliver | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys I mean well I case to me I'm hopefully going to have reached out to you I we also for your amazing food memories if you haven't seen what I'm talking about click the link and you could be one of the people that we need a whole load of amazing hot point the Quitman we have so many recipes sent in amazing ones and there was one that stood out it was from a lady called right it's a romantic story in Italy in Pisa it was just before she decided to get married upon them and it was a sink zuppa Toscana Tuscany breaks seat 8 so so good he's the ultimate comfort food and I'm gonna share it with you now sorry right this is a really important issues yeah it really well we go we went pool a dinner in this quiet when the seeming cafe we all that they say it looked pretty hold we got they own Michael if Lewis who I think it was just something simple is not the prettiest or not is actually to be honest is quite a bit things to sell bonds has taken to soaks well expected and he was in the hospital the time right now holiday at the side get married and my husband trying to get make and sends a conduit with it's got 20 years in shape I couldn't think of a nicer and this he presents a given I'm really confident that I can get you tonight it as of today we found the actual it's nothing I had a book on Billy which you had this in fun time me we've spoken to them yeah they called this soup zuppa Toscana yeah on the menu that's right that was for the Taurus action is called riboletta which means reboilered I don't quite a 6 week so I'm going to be easy and I love the whole point hope here he's okay 7 nice big pan yeah ... put on a medium heat so long ago just a couple times based sometimes yeah you could use my bike in Chile and we've got some fennel seeds which you're amazing now we gonna start adding the carrots that's a big one so we're gonna go in with a salary for sure hung in chopping skilled live pretty cool I the rest of my chipping skilled okay will continue to it so if you stand out in a poof everything we've done so far defeat you can achieve okay put this down there be amazing now have the same 50 shades of gray now pay so we're gonna do no less than time things up take some rosary anything this in coming out and saying you will yes brother in the story themes we're gonna go in with nice plum tomatoes now crush these in your hands now we got some lovely Cavellini Baines John Baynes why he's just not mix them okay what next come alone is my favorite by cabinet durability Goans yeah why not just have some fun with it or thought about clearly is just done that so in with the Commodore Nero turn the whole Bob or my lovely hopefully hope and we gonna bring to boil and to simmer it for about 30 minutes this is my husband I was a great day and they would abuse statement right so I would just really sucks delicious nonfat Celebuzz I would take the right amount now and the bread into the same advice terrorist you know this is starting to break down Yankees can't name and it's going to cream in an oddly about now for about 10 minutes if you do this now and then leave it tomorrow it really is even back June to see how different itself to be a time close today because I had some hidden away a month appointment it just kind of gets their eyesight even more ugly yeah the creaminess is amplified now this is the time to correct the seasoning with salt and pepper right 10 Hey off now and get extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and that's about IT tablespoons loud oreo is an ingredient yes yes yes yes we have a little taste wow that is only believable I am beating it yet but it makes one crack really even it reminds me so much of it let's hear what I don't mean anything I'm thrilled that I'll be able to recreate a secret ballot and not just takes so peaceful I'm really be mine that's the thing with the memories they can unlock little feelings that I'm against that's the real deal my friend hounds can it Jane asked now you can make this meal money man I know that this you present couldn't so go one more big enough to give you that me and my friends a whole point again to give you a brand new album what Senate brandy hope I don't think I'm going to send it to you Ralph it only took great care in this setting cool thank you how well you're the guys if you want to win a whole and hope we can just not right then come home hillbilly head on over to the computer on the house involves economic //
"2017-09-21 16:31:19"
The Punk Rock Chef | Christopher Haatuft | 'Neo-Fjordic’ Cuisine
\\little wonder which could make a lot no my name is Christopher what if I run a new stuff got restaurant here in volume and we serve you guessed it seafood I will show you around the restaurant my neighborhood maybe a couple recipes if there I'm just lucky we try to be a ... it's a very local seafood restaurant but trying to look forward said looking back at the we're trying to look at what a seafood restaurant in volume should be a friend of mine who was at your working in Copenhagen came up here to help open they were joking like yeah cool today you guys all go forging all the time to go forwards everything free restaurants but here in Baghdad we go few origin so we got out of the fjords and we Fiori which are shellfish and see we did all that stuff and one night we were maybe a little drunk and I voted on Twitter the founder of meal shortages cues in awe and a couple days later it appears in the new and end at a New York newspaper says the surface dictated near 40 because you know shift to stop what if there were like well okay so now we have to actually deal with this what has started to actually mean is that we it's kind of an and Michael rich knowledge so we're in the fjords for 20 minutes out to the ocean one hour up to the mountain plateaus they're reaching here is vastly different from the eastern part and ... over the northern part of Norway at work Copenhagen or stock holding it anything that is corn Nordic I try to use that as as a guideline for what we do like have infinitely sound stupid because we say well ... is this dish ... New York for Dick and if the answer is yes then great we found a new classic but if it's not then you know like it's not a it's not 100 definite thing but it's it's a nice way of of looking at the ingredients of products and techniques and recipes and say is this natural for where we are if our diver finds a lot of mahogany clams then that's a product that we should do so regardless if it's traditional Huseyin from this region or or not because we need to utilize what sustainable and around us and we have the ability to create something that is for the future I have my diving gear in the boat house of my diver I call my diver he's kind of his own diver but he died supplies us with shellfish so is my dog so I can put my diving gear on and then they go diving with them and what we see there is you know I I romantically you know that would be the inspiration for the dishes or whatever but I'm not that romantic you go 1050 meters down and they're scallops crab mahogany clams all kinds of seaweed okay as a weird looking crab and and starfish and crazy you know sea urchins and that's all there and you pick it and you take that and all the sudden you find something that like you find a a C. we that taste like truffle and then you take that home and you start using it the scallops that we get from magnet among us are diver are always on the menu and some form first thing we ... use a charcoal grill a lot and these are the skull we just put them down the middle there not the biggest ones but they're very very fresh I like to have a little bit of ... like it tooth some destructive bite in the scalp so I cut it straight down the middle then I have a little bit of oil my here just a drop will go so scalloped or a naturally very sweet like when you grow them you bring out that sweetness so not too long you cook the scallops through makes it bouncy injury so we just want to get in the heat very hot sauna along of texture and the kind of a big executive chef so I have very soft fragile fingers while Justin here and it's a then they would be able to pull it off we have this contraptions for a girl Sir has nice color but it's not cooked all the way through but it's hot all the way through there so I pulled up the plate here to start with the small dollop of a cucumber sea weed mandates range to scallop around the mandates so that they all thought should a little bitty regret before every bite you take gets a little bit of everything on the dish this annoying finishing at this and then being told that you should have a little bit of this some of that over this on the fourth I have these few covers here that's been a pillar incision in them this has no effect except making it a little more labor summoned and silly but we have some ... some grilled cucumber that we marinate in ... and Doyle then we finish it with a little bit ago so this is how you're able to charge a lot of money for this here at home we can make a nice deal mandates in the city cucumber salad and grossed out and you will basically have the same dish I got into cocaine a little bit through the back door did really do anything I was ... no good useless punk rock kid that day I only want to party and by coincidence a friend of mine did some catering Aspin help letter writing articles about you know recipes cooking and you lied and cheated and that bullshit my way through that and that led me to be hired on as a chef on this the rest off fell and then I started my that proper training so I lied and cheated myself into can still mahogany clams are these old clams that have super intense flavor because a growth slow and very bright this guy here you can count how old is this if you count all these which were not going to do because it is probably a word strewn years old they are known to be 400 years old and ... you probably won't be able to find these at the market but you can use a clam or maybe an oyster even a scout used this anyway we stop it right here this is where he puts his foot how it works going to send there is too much holding it together biting might might occur one here they won directly on the opposite side we just disconnect them you can open it right here right here big fire the size of it gives it its own set of challenges I like to clean this the way the Japanese clean some of their families which is basically you think of the foot right here no no it's a contract that so super tight trying to hide in this show so this great sure that foot it's very dense clean up this this you can use breaks.under fire you don't have it makes a little milder more so no come along they put they don't give you 3 pieces that's right we get that straight on the waters 20 minutes before they arrive here their in the ocean I like sermon them wrong they get very junior and also that have a little bit of a crime sure to some the wrong I have their drill cabbage that all spilled some dice will turn up yeah ... flower game Girlz recall this in which and I have some seasoned ... but a real I had a little bit about a mile to the clients the buttermilk gives it the city also little bit of a body at the turn of bass I have been the sole the types the bit of chopped parsley today Sir they will make a pile of this in the bottom of the plate just a cabbage business but in the for that around the clams we think this flower petals honestly because it makes it look nice there we go that's how you cover up a mahogany family grow cabbage the restaurant is so politically neutral that you get away with anything we did a fundraiser for it costs a hospital we do a lot of volunteer work and try to add some political awareness into the restaurants we don't just use it to the bridge before I'm gonna throw some garlic in time to hear we only work in yeah Eurasia video we can manage to better yourself good job the work that's right never forget that so we try to be ... socially aware and add a bit of a anarchism and you know punk rock mentality into it but hide it under layers of you know luxury and finesse but but but but the line but yeah no I would I would love to combine that being in yeah nihilist in SF thanks watching if you're ever in Norway please come check us out at least fucking her in volume but I they have less money but I wasn't I was in Tokyo and I bought my wife a smile like a plastic ... contraption that pulls your mother that your mouth out sure think your work on your smile Claudia I feel I can hear that I did that okay //
"2017-09-17 11:30:00"
Italian Vegetable Tart | Gennaro Contaldo - AD
\\Viewtiful islands of assault enough to make a funk tastic nature thoughts yes vegetable thought with my very good friend Beth Dolly here going to lobby I too so simple to make sold tasting festival you need to wonder 25 grams of flour you need one on the grounds all best Dolly with bothering all the vines easier to walk a special when you make a pastry because it's not doc aren't so you mix all together you makes it well little pinch oversold then again you mix it but you have to work a little bit you can say look a lot to become black assent then use couple of tablespoons of what that's just to regroup it grab them all together until the table and then start to use your luck you might pass that you can see the way he sold to get up stop to give me a minute giving about press it to we have a group that now I need to rapidly cynically fair putting aside the free each rest police the now our rich another one is coming my chick this is the identification for about half an hour so you see pressing your rent then the other side as well when you rolled around press 3 always make sure then you roll it around no sweat not is done slowly got so easy 6 when you use it that Dolly we bought that in all of all you don't need any firearm beneath because it will stick there is a full for all the doubts that are you have group them again rabbit holiday then you get I think for long top well the last try to adjust it don't be afraid to check out yet excess why I'm the emblem on the sidewalk this big Sierra is to remove it not less behind bake it for about 10 minutes time to do the Philly so I just grilled some open James I need to I mean get the paper that's it Blanche way we've got a nope he grabs go straight there let me start with Anya open up a little bit not a strong 2 will divorce papers site Lebanese Jews trade to so the second bout to a couple of minutes to 3 minutes Selena web old Papis grow so you can enforce reason a little bit and then traded Statham a little bit you put a little bit over god know that given the lovely smell and roll ma'am flavor humorous there little bit of Chile to remove the top you brake kits I would put aside the about how kind of a very fine by so 3 large leaps mad when I cut the sound believable that mix all together now that assembler I talked just put it differently spread it all around because of the color and now would you DO budgets when show you cover the coolness thank god thank god stick we got to my clinic snap first of all you need to 3 or lake rockets makes yeah to wanderer a milliliter of a male sport only sites it makes sense little pinch oversold because some beautiful so picked a recall. ... but I leave a bowl rating sad about 50 grams bill in the mix this is unsold to recall bright kid your rant I'm hooked grabs mix again core among thought for the mix not we have debated this one for about 25 foot 2 testimonies one on the line in the 18 she was that but all my god if you sing correctable look at dace look at this a little bit more celebrate this is how do you tasting I lived with a cheesy as well dumbass or okay press buildings try to make a so good I would go and a jolly well you know why W. //
"2017-09-15 18:30:01"
How To Make Mustard | Oktoberfest | Maddie - Jamie's Food Team
\\hi guys and welcome to future I'm not even today I'm gonna show you how to make delicious whole grain mustard from scratch flavor to it beta this recipe is so simple and you and you need a few ingredients half a homemade gift and if you like the taste of bed it's a really good way to get into cooking let's get started plays 115 grams of black must say it's 115 grams of yellow mustard seeds into a large bowl a 250 males affair and cover with king faud leave it reads temperature the next day her half of the seats into a blender but then again let's break down the next then returned the blitz makes Jeff back into the home state I've one tablespoon of sea so one tablespoon of running stuff already unscrewed sterilized and they have a delicious homemade whole grain you can set us on a hot dog coefficient through and have a nice cold there perfect combination prototype you can use anything you want for this recipe wanna give a guy by //
"2017-09-10 11:30:00"
Easy Fish Curry | Quick and Easy Food | Jamie Oliver - AD
\\our guys way gonna make a delicious so easy fish curry this is delicious and it's beyond quick I'm beyond simple enough filled fresh fragrant and is perfect for mid week kids work and we want kinda nice results really fast if coming to me and my wife like even the kids like because it's still nice and mild I love a curry and this is from my book quick and easy 5 ingredient food and you know sometimes you know when you will big flavor fast you need a few tricks sell these things pretty much always live in my country pack tax calm apace I'm using the lime pickle is wealth that lovely so not using enough it's gonna be amazing coconut milk there's actually any 2 fresh elements of a beautiful cherry tomatoes that nice and bright and some lovely flaky one so in a way you run your tea things to come by French surely this gorgeous different color tomatoes cut the smallest and how yeah on a high 8 that's a non stick pan going with just a tablespoon of oil put the tomato skin side down and I just wanna school does Phyllis is the beginning of the story as the plan heats up you can put a few and how if you want as well for 500 grams of beautiful tomorrow is there kind of blistering them charring them it's a little fiasco but it does help I'm even harder here today 500 grand but it could be watching make room code anything get this is valuable just cut it into little chunks about 4 cents to mia will put that straight and yeah I'm not going to shake I have a moment this is completely neutral you know we could go to the Mediterranean we got grief if Billy Bob we want to take it India I'm for that money is the perfect place obviously it forever this is legit this is like made with love and care for the whole bunch stuff in here ground roasted toasted lips off the sorry I want one he favors fame now have the jaws in that brilliant box these little puts a great there's one he paid was going in there I mean the lime pickle here and again there's a lot of loving care in here a le pickles and you get a lovely so of sourness from the line smell already it's phenomenal I'm gonna go straight in with some coconut milk give a shake and they actually than the system a lot minutes gently and you can have the most delicate delicious colorful view full coverage the guys look at that come on in no time to go you curry it smells incredible all I do now just taste the source correct this evening so I so pepper if you like it's nice mild spices so let's do a little bit rice in the bow and then if you want a buddy up with some Papa domes beautiful and then as far as this curry's consent this will easily serve for and if you want to swap it your own fish go for it will pro loans really really nice and of course exactly the same recipe he brushed you could do that so they go guys get in there in what's so good about that it even though it sows so fast the complex is gone layers of flavors and spice and it's fragrant and it's not simple hall but if I wanted to pick up I could but it's really nice my kid today that the Mises loves it so they got guys a beautiful so easy fish curry made by me woman to help until next time guys take care //
"2017-09-04 19:30:01"
Jamie's Quick and Easy Food | Eggs, Meatballs and Mousse
\\Hey guys I mean hit run along a set of my brain you cooking sherry Jamie's quick and easy for you if you wanna see some great recipes carry on watching I yeah I but I yeah you no //
"2017-09-03 11:30:00"
Antipasti Meat Plank | Jamie & Gennaro
\\face to face up proper faced not faced a face to face yeah yeah yeah parmesan old one job John wasn't one bad so we can have a fun we're gonna try and give you some principles ... that continent rules but we want to celebrate anti trust which is coming to town it's version of so like the Greeks version of many things unites having fun is tickling the taste buds getting a propane set dates for you mean yes and we like to have fun James Allen by putting on the big planks right also sizes massive ones small ones home we were famous for it it's a great fun way to stop it is a date and this is a meat pie and celebration flavors spicy fresh co crunchy so let's show you how to put it together so fast up we like to celebrate a cheese or say it could be a nice peccary 9 yeah despising hot about it and we ought to pay the peccary 9 we have music bread and Cheney jam is such a great combination now means American have a little have fun he's gonna fly some kids make for some prosciutto you are going to put this in Basel on the boat but the pressure going here Love Me nothing what fun there we just gonna lay that in little waves on the board its mandate so last week for you to full swing nothing found annually sure if they're Rio Rio luxury sedate though I think beautiful soccer training school for a tiny amount of smashed some joy tomatoes on top would just have a little bit of fun on top right now it is beautiful cute as spike's ... ski shop Judy poppycock everything is on the faithful we're now going to go into a panel salami and up till now but if you only and this is very common in Tuscany he spoke world difference Arab suicide farms rooms vegetable as well little bit of garlic as well if audio to go look professional being say the final states that peaceful we cut it a little bit become now what we are today is gonna celebrate that clinch off site contrast of color I'm just a flavor check and so you got the crunch there the music brand the number email keep going on and he sweet and chili jam aiming at the Basel book containing sun dried tomato just different mouthfuls spike's nothing clean prosciutto so I'm not nearly that final kill any which is really really good with them all together here which is we've pistachios sometimes we do it shuffles I mean on the old site mixed up with some olives and some papers that we can kind of just put in and around like that at all system pickle Chiles that we celebrate we use we were really really love them and then now that yeah that does most of that follow so he'll be profitable for me 30 you know we got is the path that he will seek out which comes from some do not Google juice Mulally recording a cheese then that is not so near Rome's and then we go lovely mozzarella the bowl full of which is common near repressed stormer Compagnia we got on the parachute but the sound that mia from a Benetton neon bunnies and then we have the some down years there which is fast from the oval office region are a we love to eat like this ourselves then we went on the rain I still celebrate my amazing things that right now it's final random one cabbage beans carrots we dress them you got mustard lemon juice ... olive oil guys in and then a whole lot of men in as well just fashion or out there we just mixed up right and I slowed as colors golf ball beliefs and this is a meat pie but with a vegetarian plants would be seafood pranks and there you go my friends beautiful celebration flavors I put it on the teens bicycling to raise it up and then underneath slow in some love the home life of cartoons and I mean beautiful Chris square gorgeous bite mushrooms are littering is such a nice sociable wife face to face a problem face the north face face to face yeah first fight faced hope of ever the guys come in come say that James talent for our home just fun and celebrate beautiful flavors yourself so so you done so prompt yes no until next time shall I mean that if she //
"2017-09-01 18:30:00"
The Rise of British Charcuterie | Cobble Lane Cured
\\we're coming here and when I got behind a lot of the amazing British secretary Veneman James taught and I'm going to say how we make it that's for the city I'm cobbling kid myself they see and not some other reason we may think they're making these kind of products ... is because this this itself that we traditionally make in this country if it's really important to get the right me so could you products and when when you make a a kid his teeth so it can be Bob is although Salamis you're going to take about 30 to 40 percent waste out of not me say you're gonna really condense was that the flavor is going to be much stronger than it's going to come across a lot more in a sucky for part of the neighborhood and ... and the state of something okay so whereabouts that makes our funneling ganic salami which is about a dozen of ... Talian thing of piano and as you see here we go out spices right it's a no go so sugar an old guy like ... very 3 here we have the meat ready set go 75 kilos of me ... of which you have ... with limited from fat meats and to say that we're gonna like the leading into that mix the first the plot will go in up to it and disassembles a mix enough I'm breaking it down too much we can apply the spices ... we just gonna make sense so we can see that the spices and distributed nicely now ready to add that thoughts in me when you make a tsunami were like really really good clean but I find that the oneness of nice Honda thought from the top of the pig when in doubt spine welcome the tougher the lego from some of the soda not found if you make it really flavus and to see and that's gonna stop it ... drying out through the arbitration process okay say as you can see here the me in the far distant is not quite evenly now we go on spy Susan see federal see their friends put on that black pepper and if it's very even and that's a that's right enough what's to stop filling out in some cases this is going to be said for about 8 weeks and ... facilitates optimism is done with filling out into ... natural caissons citizens beef meadow and ... is probably be seen tested early enough that I we have a vacuum so that's been that which is going to eliminate any adult was in the salami which is really important for our I put it to the end of see any at pockets in the salami is a space for about Syria melalui to do no one and then that's really what we just take our time for now and ... there really could tell time it makes of the salami those as high as possible and the other is going to ... prick the salami and that the reason the reason ... within this is just ... Anne's of small out of those I just underneath the case and making escapes right away and ... ... egg does help anyway so get out for the case in a little bit easier so now we've hunger the Siamese there now ex gay fiamma tracing process stocks over here okay so we're gonna put the slums ahead and I'm gonna put a probe into one of the Salamis from head this Saddam is going to be heated up it's going to be ... songs it's be so slightly fermented which that means in this price that's gonna bring down the PH level of ... in ... meets which is I'm gonna make it safe for me to say competitive salami we just made ... and this was about 5 days in here and you can see it's time to cats ... a lovely wife mode gripe on it already ... you can see the ... the fat stunned just the profile a little bit as it sounds amazing oyster families wait also over here freely and premature aging process I have some pepperoni slowly Dhaka this instance nights of his us tonight don't really get a moment write me and tell me to stay on the right color because that once the ... Saddam is gone for the premature a some process which takes about one week it's going to come out ahead so I made my choice in them but I will hang for the duration of the ... monetary sometime and so eighteenth the right weight loss and it's already 3 products is I think in saying Hey we have plenty of stock ... the product is going to hang in here for between full weeks and even up to free fall months today is we have ... coffers or they were the very very few are really is not space well hit this mode is a really healthy this is what makes a product takes you need nobody else has got the same mode is us this is going completely organically is not of a packet and that this is what's gonna make our products tastes like cobbling kid products as we come down to this side of the maturation room the products again began o'donnell into the slow motion made and yet this is the same salami for about 67 weeks old now so this is nearly ready to pack you can see how much weight is lost ... it's probably is nearly half the size of what it was a memory to me made it and that they cut out the sites get packed we supply ... that the graves of independent lifestyles small picture is and ... just so small modern British cuisine restaurant last survey about putting the poly involved and a 50 evenly psychiatric them I really get off of people once we left me income sucking 3 floor amount I knew Joe is my slow constantly to make this a more sustainable and price that consume in the ... because as a whole we need to see find ways each that's me say ... by buying got really high quality products and consuming less you'll probably be just as happy if no more happier than by the low quality products and aids in a lawful thanks very much cool watching this video ... if you want to find out any more about who endured find a website in the disk your books blood //
"2017-08-31 09:53:09"
Behind the scenes @ Quick and Easy | Jamie Oliver | Channel 4 | UK
\\all of the people here we are is behind the scenes both quick and easy 5 ingredient no we want you guys to genuinely make it say if it's about getting their instructional smashing or get into it crispy like dates we we have to show you that push the boundaries of how we feel until I get behind things get into things if evolution of everything else I thought fuck all his knowledge has been stripped back into the night super user really chic could reply I'm sorry contrast the filming on the fat the guys got really nice cameras and well explain this but I got very excited about this how much better than 20 grand so if you remember his face displays call up anything about is the I'd like to how long ago big pool don I never never had thank you I hate love about I didn't have my car fool 15 years unbelievable how many bad choices believe it or no under every recipe is probably 5 or 6 tests but cooks and non cooks and then we get here in time I every everything hopefully genuinely guy yeah you guys have a government have success so here we are in a fix name to fix because it's got sex in the middle I live here okay //
"2017-08-27 11:30:00"
Harissa Chicken Tray-bake | Jamie Oliver | #QuickandEasyFood
\\WNED good luck yeah hi guys we're gonna make the most delicious harissa chicken tripe like it's a beautiful colorful Mediterranean style mail full of flavors is from my book Jamie's quick and easy 5 ingredient foods is all about 5 ingredients working really hard best friends okay so we got chicken beautiful sweet peppers onions minute how we got the most pull ingredient I recess so good nobody mixture of Chiles and spices delicious look at these papers that's so beautiful push in the little cove I want to get rid of the seats and then just tear it up it's a rough size chunks 2 onions here cut into quarters kind of fun pick them but little petals mix it up look at the colors so beautiful season not see so peppers well we're gonna go in with some extra virgin olive oil open eyes tablespoons and a little squeak of vinegar vinegar really helps to bring the flavor out everything and then you get the sweetness from the peppers and onions Souness from the vinegar sweet and sour so it's going to taste absolutely amazing and then I'm gonna use some Paris and that her research is a north African pipes chili paste they come in different flavors provide he's pounded out joy Cheney with oil and different versions of spices and the flavor is phenomenal so nice teaspoon goes into actually here I mean come on their own he goes on fish and in this case is going forward over the chicken and that will might pull the difference give us a nice little mix then add a little trick for the chicken put in the tribe holding on some family and then get the tip of the knife at the top of the caucus and run in knife down let the knife do the work Cathy cut that down and then we can open up like a book now the next take longer to cook breasts so we can intervene and what we can do is come right down to the barn right to allow the heat it but not just the hate flava right so what we're doing is with evening up cooking times when making it look more appealing and actually I'm robin the harasser and the oil nor those flavors inside outside the chicken the flame is going to be so good then we gonna lay that chicken on top of the veggies let me wash my hands a little bit of sea so on top and then in the only guy 50 minutes to an hour 190°C which is 350°F and when that cooks the amazing the chicken will cook into the village vegetables thing often flavor the chicken it's a beautiful beautiful harmony you gonna love it look at that the smell is amazing and the way I love to serve it is actually on a really nice rustic board beautiful veggies that her research has mixed with all the stuff that would normally make a beautiful gravy so you get this source I'm just gonna scrape that down and then put that back over the chicken beautiful freshman over the top so fragrant absolutely gorgeous I can see is that Christmas skinhead yeah so go Cheney and the spices and all the sticky goodness said that wasn't Brian's lap right tacos 9 some nice little Christmas absolutely beautiful guys give back god hates our tasty way way imposed if you enjoyed that and you haven't seen my book quick and easy 5 ingredient food and click the link and it's got loads of ideas with 5 ingredients yeah //
"2017-08-21 14:54:11"
Jamie's New TV Show... The Bloopers | Quick and Easy Food | Channel 4 | UK
\\day one on the new job look how excited the boys are it's going to be epic honestly look that is just yeah yeah right express request I'm ready boys yeah with this debate just sent me a deal on gross it might it we go 6 on the ground here and so I'm just looking about so but even the busiest of you we have to mark the dishes to help bring their how I to have done so New Britain wholly different cattle a fish and then I one don't know this but I'm looking somewhere for a rule or and when my hair's looking right at stake we could affection all his son this is my for and some of them make these packets over almost impossible to get instant which makes life just I you didn't like logical mamak my are you sorry I don't in like I think what they do to us today swing tonight //
"2017-08-20 11:30:01"
Lemon Chicken with Smashed Sweet Potato | Jamie Oliver
\\hi guys how the well I can't wait to make a really delicious nutritious super quick chicken meal receive marinate chicken with lemon and spices grilled on the child growing said was smashed sweet potato and beautiful sprite broke me vanilla lives that's the into the spirit and the idea behind the marinade down here we have got spices black pepper here we can tell you we got the chief Rick and a little seasoning so take this is a recipe and if you don not the spice you can put it back you can different spices you can make it your own site on the greatness and garlic in here take my little lemon cut in half lemon to one side the fragrant skin it's unbelievably tasty we'll squeeze the lemon juice in on this I'm just gonna finally chopped the posse here it goes and then just a little piece of onion they specifically in the army and the society works in man to really help penetrate the flavor in I've got a little bit of some appear I hear just a little heat teaspoon like that and then we'll start bringing it together and normally I'd use an olive oil pulling these in rapeseed oil here look at that right that is flavor right there get your chicken breast caught not chicken breast in half I'm gonna get that marinate rub it all over and of course if you could leave this in the fridge overnight state I'll go acquittal pan on full whack begin the guy in of robotics both sides of the lemon here we're gonna charge grill that and this is interesting because when you Charles grail a lemon instead of just an acidic lemon juice our the guys that have a little look this isn't about men and how look at the college guys look at the color math is flavor harmonizing with Iraq Dominicana Perry out which brought in Brooklyn New boiled sweet potato and been a smash hit I let's play up very simple mid week did not tasty I'm really really healthy that is done because that dies it's a nice she brought him brought me here the ... polyps he just breakover just apple the flavor is phenomenal got a lemon this child growth finish that of that lovely rapeseed oil squeeze that lemon over the top she had little choice yeah very very good that's absolutely delicious a lovely quake midweek mail full of flavor full of flavor if you want more inspiration guy Jameel of that come with large recipes legitimate space the guys get marinated is right okay //
"2017-08-13 11:30:00"
Cappellacci with Sage & Butter Sauce | Gennaro Contaldo - AD
\\I know many people do you know what I am hi mom just beautiful island double sub enough we my very good friends best Dolly and I got to talk link credible dish yes I'm going to cope company that you would say Jim Bob that you're aware lobby so simple to do so good festival you need to to prepare your ingredients you need to spinach branch of a couple of minutes we saw all the water out got to meet BCS ricotta not to make fun of me John of less but the mixed together look innocent Lebanese recalled with a fork thrashing we'll be able so but Dan I lost not the least promise put about a tablespoon and a few farms him off June tablespoons easing Rick's all together early on I made some of fantastic by stuck if you wanted to see up to make it possible click here on the site that's it Rolex ever so easy when you gonna possibly like this I'm not use ironically slowly slowly closed the gap go back in again don catch it and then you go straight down the middle cops to a little square simple you know about 5 to 6 get some feeling just a little bit would recite one thing is very important try to do quick because when he comes we speak become break anyway let me show you have to pull the U. corvettes full that's close it enterprise 6 when you have a site and look at them I'm home I do another one fold it Bryce sits rowly moving around grapple once I so easy to my time for cooking now right straight in one the only effect committed so sick going outside without use that now let's put some of best Bollywood battering only bars even on the high temperature doesn't run and I give it a lovely back to a sensation I got a melt inside the lock on the older boys really really got you could say get some sage order inside yes ma'am he's unbelievable incredible knock we need a little bit of a box of what that yeah all moaning mark them fusion the soma block them but what do I have to say just incredible not a stump with the prospects are this is unbelievable I don't know I guess they don't to get that given our status nice little revolver palm isn't own fault I sat jun on plastic out slowly what voltage yeah because god oh yes this is what Chester doll loudly I'm a bottle on top as crop some palm isn't no all I just Chris some of the St Jude even Bob Taft full of flavor just let someone thought a vicious Appalachian feeling safe I'm going to try I'm going to try all my calls Paul marsh go all best promotion of a flavor a sense they're not making this prediction Derrick called got and I'm lost them back then we just sage that infusion above flavor why salt have a go fry you wanna join Jim //
"2017-08-10 18:30:01"
Raspberry and Banana Sorbet | Cooking With Amber
\\ever Kelly can cope with amber and get excited because I'm gonna be sharing a dessert recipe with you guys there's going to blow your mind and impress all of your friends this is my creamy raspberry banana sorbet inside a dark chocolate bowl got this really creamy sweet and tart sorbet in this rich luxurious dark chocolate bowl it's awesome it's kind of like the craft meets arrest me it's so much fun to make and I really want to show you how to do it let's go so the first thing we gotta do is get our view chocolate and I have a book here of this silky smooth melted chocolate and only did was we got a sauce can be filled with some water we brought it to a simmer and put this ball on top so we made a double boiler and then we filled it with 560 grams or about 20 ounces of dark chocolate you can you semi sweet whatever you want I like dark chocolate so that's how we got here and then we just mixed it and was good at the end so that its silky smooth so once you have this you're going to let it cool and focus on your balloons so we've got these little water balloons because we want our goals to be like individual portions you know I think that's way cuter so all we got a deal is structured out at first just a little bit so it's easier to blow up you want to be about this big like one good scoop of ice cream portrayal that I'm gonna do is take spoonfuls of the chocolate and put him on this map now the point of this this so that our bulls have some sort of a face I have 6 dots here on my tray anyone it should I spaced out so that the balloons are bumping up against each other and all we're gonna do grab by the top like this and go straight in and you can swirl it around like that and place it right on your little circle this would be so much fun to do with your kids and you can even donkeys and spring goals or in some sort of cool aid for later like edible glitter that be awesome so with all this leftover chocolate you can either dips more balloons or are what my family does if we put it on a wax paper and then we just let it sit and harden against if we ever need more chocolate weakness remounted recycling the chocolate basic cooking now is going to put these in the fridge or feel like my family and you're free to just completely crammed it then you can put them on the counter for about an hour to an hour 0.5 or until they're completely hard so it's been about an hour and our balloons are fully solidified and hard so what we're gonna do is take some scissors incident just kind of like poking 7 people live out what to do this carefully something to lift up the top of the 0 we're just gonna do a little step like this and I'm gonna do is just pull it away from the sides of the walls just be patient and gently pull it and it'll come right off no problem these look awesome all I'm gonna do now it's just carefully I'm stick them from the bottom look how cool that is now on some of them you might have this little problem he hit a little hole did you have that don't worry it's fine you just melt a little bit more chocolate and just take a little spoon and doesn't let in on the map and let it sit for another 15 to 20 minutes you'll be good to go and I wouldn't want to making our raspberry banana sorbet I have to go home and look in here but we all need a quarter Cup to start song and about half the things we have about a couple of these gorgeous frozen raspberries what's going I and last but not least too frozen bananas for that's NBI at at the rest of yeah Alex really gets me and look at this consistent and it is just this gorgeous paint color you can always pop in a Tupperware in your freezer and that it harden and a little bit and you can pick up ice cream scoop and actually make it really really are basically just saw officer and I like it like this so we're gonna scoop wooden door pulls this is purely and and then I get look how cute that says I am in love with this I think it's such a fun way to play it can you imagine making this for your friend if you like yes I actually made the food and I made the bowl how awesome is that now we see though if it tastes we have a little bit a survey and chocolate in there I'm oh my goodness okay first off that chocolate at such a cool texture because it's super then it almost crunchy and then it starts to melt but the flavors of the rich dark chocolate goes perfectly with that through detainee Karimi sort of a a big chunk broke off and I'm just using it as if you're looking for a while factor desert this is the one to try it's gonna impress all your friends and family is gonna be so so awesome so if you give this a try comment that below let's not you think also that subscribe to my channel with amber ensued to 4 tons of awesome recipes thank you guys so much watching and Phoenix by I //
"2017-08-06 11:30:30"
Classic Carbonara | Jamie Oliver
\\faster cream by can cream NPI guards we gonna make spaghetti carbonara classic Eileen dished pastor cheese bacon what's not to love right but is really controversial I wanna give you what I think is the most authentic recipe so fast up guys you only need 5 ingredients one Charlie this is that cute chick of coke and I think it's it's all about the facts stilted it's got pepper is dried and it's aged course it's similar troops month by can I think it's a pretty good results actually being see this is quietly so trying to get them to not cut off the you need it ... this prime Schecter then most people I promise that but actually the more classic is Nicolino Romano she's its crumbly XLT free range organic cake stuff black and then optional gothic the first up guys grab the pasta by 2 hands twist it into the water by twisting it won't stick together took a tiny amount of soap in this water she's out of one Charlie it's still take this beautiful profit take I 8 minutes cook so I got my going Charlie I'm gonna remove the skin and I'm gonna take a nice sends me a slice a big one Charlie roughly chopped base to about half sent me a chunks now the plan is called 10 onto a medium high heat the reason I want to coat is because I want to Brenda the the going Charlie goes in to the pan I miss Patty's getting hall they're the garlic a crack and then put it in the pan as this starts to sizzle facts will just pull out some of that perfume from the garlic then there is the black Pappa it kept going up in the past in the morning cricket get a little stiff this is one of the most important debates and no one really does it K. honestly this is the outer skin this is much milder what we have here is the inside part the peppercorns which haka perfect for a good haul carbonara the going Charlie if the in golden now it's down to the ex ex a really really delicate and if you don't treat these right you end up with staff fried noodles and we don't want that I'm gonna take a bow I'm a crack the ache straight into that I'm just gonna have a little Peck arena to that somewhat 20 grams now it's time sensitive so we're gonna have it with Scott we got doc one Charlie but the fact that's come out of it and that's what you want you want attitude in college now I'm going to remove that got it Taryn the heat off and you can extract the pasta and the water into the pan use the water to stop the frying waterpik water that warped her on the file that is what's going to emulsify to become a creamy so when not crying anymore can you hear that quiet no throwing its who only then can we think about adding our a Catholic talks we had some more liquid I that's the creed get the cream for the amount of attention of the cooking water and the fact technique and timing got a simple as this is technical yeah your friends your family came around the table glass of wine Kelly snook carbonara when you finish with more Pepa won so excited I get the carbonara Viewtiful little finishing but we know that is as classic as I can keep you guys from chefs from donors it's about quality ingredients that one Charlie the peccary no amount quality aches the pack up he could good past that and then the sensitivity of cooking it right come on there's a little path to people and of course the most important thing when you eat pasta is don't watch it eats it when that my friends is a thing of joy //
"2017-07-30 11:30:00"
Margherita Pizza🍕 (Pizza Julietta) | Jamie Oliver & Gennaro Contaldo
\\tomorrow that's VA from me all you are the second best to my wife guys I case away gonna make who pizza this is paid staff duly at that off my wife well over the name Juliet Ireland the Juniata is one of that everyday pizzas to nice thin crust beautiful little cherry Christmas sides and 3 different cheeses unbelievable guys if you want to know how to make the perfect pizza place quickly about at the end of this maybe I could do not to show how work for the guy very simply gonna put on a little wooden boards now you can do this high and ... into can just go out and just get on full whack a little pizza stone tastic or block granted for pre heat from the oven that replicates the kind of underneath feet that you would get from a wood left at the witness he of course is about 250°C which is 500 and we gonna spell off like the Margarita simple Moscow then we go on with the west I'm Jack's so this man was beautifully from Tom count one of the question the makers in the world what we notice is when he was making the chatter attempt to win quite high just like when you make mozzarella we felt just a minute we had a little test it was amazing the quality of the milk and the cheese it's unbelievable music specifically at James time after that we just put little baby carrots mark fixed on my back and then we'll finish what's not so and when it goes into the whatever I love the way besides a popping out prop up drop off all my pizza let ha ha so military men above them was a rather just take the little small in surprise and we just sprinkle those Quinn usually use the paddle back to shoot I've got a lovely delicate flavor and then just a little bit of shaved on the side that is a turbo charged Margaretha that he's the Juniata wonderful tell me tell me tell me and take me up on a mac to get more information you're always welcome until then tomorrow that's being all you are the second best to my wife and you know him when she has it yeah that senior job without can you get pregnant //
"2017-07-23 11:30:00"
Roasted Salmon with Green Tea | Jamie Oliver
\\wagon a day arrives to Tyler salmon which is being season was so packed a green tape and sesame always going to be a magazine plus fantastic whole grains and a salad busting with victims of course you can use regular salmon filet I'm gonna cook this beautiful salmon tiled cooking fish on the bone is really a peaceful thing you get more moisture is more forgiving if you slightly over cooked it I'm just going to be scared of it stop on making Hough sent to me cuts about a centimeter of power it looks kinda pretty with a and a bad thing but the real reason we're doing it to get seasoning in that also allow heat to penetrate so it cooks beautifully we want to see is met with so pepper then we got this kind of because of going green tea simply tear open a green tea bag and sprinkle over the fish Taiyo it tastes incredible and of course she got that slightly Asian oriental so via just kinda kicking in that's I just tapped the fish in and around all exceeds 9 finally slice a clove of garlic and push the pieces into the cuts in the fish because when not garlic roasts the natural oils will come out of the fish and and they'll start to sew a fry the garlic get teaspoon of sesame oil and pass it on to the salmon skin that best sesame oil will make or the difference it will transform unlinked or those flavors and seasonings then this needs to cook for around 20 minutes on 190°C over 50 Fahrenheit tied to the sunshine salad was a court sunshine because it's colorful I'm going for carrots tomato chick carrying crashed but pick your favorite badge and make it your own chops shaven slice but different shapes and sizes security model tried this before I cut in home fest and then you get these lovely cops and these will catch the dress in these come a sweet I'm better I mean you got the store kid so often people throw the store in the bin but actually this is the most delicious pop side let's just figure out beautiful I'm adding man god because I love it but you can swap out the papaya peach or nectarines I mean that's already looking very appealing talking to the dressing squeeze the rest of the flesh from the mango stand at some long season to taste with low self soy sauce I'm for a final flavor kick had some red chili then what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put this on top of the dress and I'm not been addressed yet a Chrysler there's a sunshine salad ready and raring to go next Steph fried rice get the Panamanian hate the left thumb sized piece of ginger or just scrape it with a knife this amazing group contains a compound called Jean Girault known to have anti inflammatory properties if you eat it regularly now I'm using that one important brown whole grain rice which I've pre cooked and put in the fridge in the pan we want a teaspoon of sesame oil and then go in with the gene Jeff I want to close the jinja in that lovely sesame oil and I just turn it down a bit a little bit too fast what would you do it if you to Spain wanted here pull the ginger laid out quite flat I don't want to make a clean to crisply Ben Franklin a teaspoon affect me thing once you get over challah gonna going the cold whole grain rice I'm just jiggled about you know I don't rush it just bring it back to be so hot self and maybe a little bit comic crispy in some parts as well which is nice I cash checkout salmon bass had about 20 minutes look at that really really gorgeous time to play up toss the salad in that vibrant dressing then it's going onto a platter with the ginger whole grain rice top it off with the salmon tile stay in the you can just listed by that look at that take out the bone and you're ready to dive in the salmon it's so juicy not green tape just give it excited resource perfume just gorgeous in the rice news all this private but just 600 calories per portion plus nutritious fish fantastic whole grains and a salad bursting with vitamins it's full of the good stuff view full I am //
"2017-07-16 11:30:04"
Tomato & Ricotta Bruschetta | Gennaro Contaldo
\\anything but I am in the pop inside out which is a lovely band combat did in the small kitchen and I'm going to make it is fun fast they don't wanna fill Motorola unique called doc we'll skip era where ... lottery is so simple anyway first of all you need a very good it's how to play lasting Brett grabbed a slice and yes I will about 3 a fall shot you got very often we go to a new one on top that less doing some all look a lovely color stuff to get this one I'm late some anonymous one via toward the borough Scott restricted means 8 descriptions are you come and relieve romps a former top home my goodness we don't waste my bitch is just that Fong testicle right festival unique to sweet cherry plum mocked this particular one discord among docked at the north from the work of the day not so so Dick according to some months out swimming a trace you get some garlic actually I'm gonna need you know Chuck Chuck Matthew afternoon after the after the child I'm gonna wanna talk about sending about them out that you can I submit is cheating ready find a slice then some lovely face Oregon now just few leaves that makes so too bad that but I'm on top loudly on the lines very so a little bit on top little bit double soul crushing between your finger I'm going to give a quick shake their not all gonna put aside what Alan home using that phone then they Ivan temperature is about to I'm going to I'm going to 20 centigrade you put to me now on the phone about 2 to 3 minutes because I'm not that that's very soft that got very many weight but keep checking but you need only to be won't die only mine mine all sunny but I've so cool well I'm going to sell some ness mekaniske we have a from back from from the telly just what we use in general value and also we have passing the Buck on Cheney of about from this moment 7 the column of popcorn at because they're small more put Chino is like a Gen novel and Genevieve so this is the smaller one so we complement does we do for you my can we really creamy it a large spoon already caught got put on a different channel so then we'll apply pass your question won't today that I didn't go one makes don't just read the knock yeah homage some some dried tomato paste all I got some sun dried tomato conduct dressed to mold and with a little bit of vinegar population the dogs all if you can find all you dumb one of my kids we only Jimmy Fallon compile okay that's not my kind of respect them at night you get a gothic you rub the garlic you can hear the noise well you know I've found dried tomato paste terribly from Motorola unit called doc pace look rob go d'amato originally gone and this is so as and drive to my credible not sweet innocent is a must promotional flavorings and golly with a lovely flavor and chilling with up front did you only got I'm grazing along the wall we if you read a lot these you know when Jimmy tightens what's if you really want tickets and there is no data you can always ask can not I //
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5 Things to do With… Strawberries | Food Tube Classic Recipes
\\I love the people is that time of year when it's Wimbledon in Britain I'm not only means one thing guys yes drew Brees we love him so tight and I'm going to keep 5 of my very favorites Joey recipes enjoy that's not go bulls it gets the crowd going and he's give me a few left handed in his time it's the one and only John Lott Rahmon you agree balsamic vinegar first of all onion when you use nice Melba baka I'm gonna put about 2 underground so this fantastic 3 supple rise spirit alleluia walked up a box of wine the bouffant tossed the stock unique about strawberry wound so not the lead roles all stop and start extend it not probably go see in Israeli I thought he ought nice little bit of a box cutter about 3 tablespoons of palm isn't god let I thank you l'espresso profitable really some would win the Cup why don't I up next don't you for people with a might some homemade lollies yes very delightful and the one and only carries it's going to do this in style your pre the move very slowly by did give her one bit of advice yeah just let the lobbies sex yeah I have 20 mills of water that's about right then you can get your squeeze lemon juice this is 65 males 50 grams of sugar to school raise a gonna go into your wartime fresh lemon and sugar mixture I'm using her Glenda so when the blue please come into the recipe is actually going to be hold me freeze so poor in slowly trying to dribble anyway okay so now we gonna put men Frieza moon here we go really good next probably gonna do a somewhat Cup picture better known as enough become made fresh pins which style Joan Ludo going to show us exactly how to do it the only advice I have given them is Mike show yes subject how old how peculiar but just put up into nice little time and then shoot what to be women known without strawberries for Mississippi you would need about 510 tennis ball colored lemons usually scrutiny of the limiting to slice last but not least the orange peel so we're gonna pull 250 members of a car next we're gonna added one part again of a really nice sweet from Leviticus fridge overnight or at least 45 I was the same that really think yeah we want this to be a cold soda cups let's get some ice in it this is out of the secret weapon a little bit of sweetness from some ginger ale filled with Kevin and I started to really get your your spoon in there let's give it a try shall we all that is unbelievable next up the one and only Hannah Jennings gonna show you how to make a story swordplay infiltrated with the wonderful perfume and fragrance of al the flower yes I trust the first thing you're going to need it on wax lemon season uplifts your whole lemon I go back here the ground full of nice bright stories hit you first enough ingredient if al the flock will you explain to us the government realizes this mixture is ready to be frozen people an ice cream machine just pop in that China and then into the freezer once it's frozen if you haven't gone ice cream she don't worry you can just pop it in a free the prefix China up with for every half an hour or so Telesat no that was really really good next up we're gonna do beautiful 45 second ice cream which juries might buy me and this one is going to be a real smash I'm gonna go in with about 500 grams ... frozen strawberries on about the same quantity of yoga I'm gonna Sweden with some honey just with the up basically smash in my school it's like a little ice yeah a little symbol of payments delightful homemade ice cream what more do you want apart from 2 or 3 of us so there you go guys 5 fantastic strobing recipes to celebrate Wimbledon knowing something we've done a good job game set and match I'm sorry about all the rubbish you little punks but you know once you get going come to get the swing of things //
"2017-07-02 11:30:01"
How To Smoke Fish... In a bucket! | Jamie Oliver
\\this is probably so cub scout stuff even though I got kicked out the scouts don't worry about I don't judge me on that beautiful smoked fish trout drones horseradish sauce in a lovely little will crest and onion salad you can go and buy ice mocha but I want you to come by smoking because to be honest only needs a pocket right so we put a housing boom for F. live very very simple to filibuster it with about //
"2017-06-25 11:30:00"
Vanilla Bean Custard | Jamie Oliver - AD
\\but I love the people we're gonna make some home made costed of course you can buy it but it will never taste like home my site is really simple ingredients we got some single crane we've got some milk sugar egg yolks and some vanilla and a little bit of help from a beautiful piano music it's up to me to pick up my JBL of I. T. file range of hard anodized ceramic pans that peaceful and perfect for making this site on a medium high heat we go in with the milk I've got 500 mentally as well pretty much point the milk into a pan this will make enough custody for 6 to 8 people depending on how generous you are I'm gonna go in with 500 minnows it's under males of cream yeah now traditionally you'd use double cream I'm just making it a little bit more skinny with single crane and I've got a nice little trick to help you keep it nice and thick silky a little bit later so that's going to come up to the hate what we any state is get discipline the knife to go into the vanilla bean and I'm just going to slowly bring my knife down and wants a gun at you expose day and it's very simple you lie on his back scenes facing you and then I'm just gonna run my knife along the length of a poet and guys that's what it's all about that is the beauty that's the joy of cooking because that little amount makes all the difference so to put that on the edge any guys and then second it scraping down it goes and then you can either put this in as well or popping in the jaw of sugar to my bring up to us in the meantime we're gonna go in here are separated 8 love lead free range eggs we need just the gods must can I make it nobly and soaking so I defy tablespoons of sugar to the ball and then we wanna whiskey out if anyone a cream does it get and you know what is dominant one nice and pile silky now if you want to kind of do what I've done and use a single cream what you can defer nice little tricks issues just a teaspoon of corn flour and what that does is just work with the custard to make its silky and to thicken it beautifully so of course if you go for the double cream you don't need it if you go to the single cream it really helps to get the same consistency that any guys you whiskey in not I'm still we're gonna let this consumer away an associate from 5 minutes all of that flavor out of Manila and then I'll show you the next day what we wanna do and accosted is not just make something Sweden been in every and delicious we want it to be silky and smooth so we think that by taking a little bit of the hot milk to the ex fast pulling 19 that it's about given a splash of it and then what's going in I'm in that way it doesn't show up the eggs we can whiskey and I am once that's all mixed up then we can go back in to the milk and then we just in a day little figures of right and that just turns stood over so is being heated really evenly and it's on a lot of hate so it's quite gentle and we'll let that cook for so 234 minutes okay so the custard is done I'm what better to said with constant the gorgeous apple crumble come on but before we go there come check this ought not to test it by check in the back of a spoon put anything different on that if you hold it if it doesn't run perfect lovely lovely consistency so absolutely delicious a classic if you want the recipe guy Gemmill over the come and check out this guy out of the corner my favorite bit is you get double crispy bits course then you want CBS full of flavor sigh lovely people the one I'm more about go to C. file range then look in the information but polite I think what out is an amazing it's really lovely to go the custard welcome to join in //
"2017-06-21 18:52:14"
Ultimate Vegetable Curry | Chetna Makan | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\I I'm tape now I love making Indian food and today record point I'm going to show you the ultimate which carry this is inspired by Charlie which comes from been job the north of India and it's packed full of spices ginger garlic coriander chimney with lots of fresh vegetables my mom who still lives in India makes this very often she's an amazing cook and it reminds me of cooking with her ... and sitting down to this new year together with my family it brings back so many memories I'm using hot point gas hope which gives me great control on the temperature at 2 tablespoons of oil to keep the temperature medium high heat add one teaspoon of human seats for quality and I'm keeping the seeds in because I wanted nice and spicy now means actually it's hard like I can feel it hope this for 10 to 15 minutes until I get Gordon brown color and they are the perfect kind of vehicle did slowly grade ginger and garlic into the audience now useful one thing my mom always says is do not Josh because this is going to give you that ultimate fever in the country pads stewed tomatoes to this done up the heat to medium now I'm full face for 10 minutes had to Davis being off the Montefiore to this I mean okay for another 8 to 10 minutes slow cooking so that all the flavors come together it's all going to be in life if you me and I'm gonna be thanking me later now add all those places one teaspoon off tell me about a half a teaspoon off cheaply one tablespoon of going and the powder and one teaspoon off guard on the side of my mom always has the spice books and these are the basic spices in her books that always ready for whenever she needs to go one teaspoon of salt at 0 and mellow for boiling water one teen wolf chick peas we got all the liquid as well as some women now had all the vegetables to this I got a medium sized cauliflower I hadn't fully off green beans one medium size carrot get all those long Nicholas now add frozen peas give it a good mix on this matter stakes me back home when I was studying a V. from home ... and I would call my mom you know when I was about to visit and she seemed what would you like to eat when you get home and I would very often seek any just make me some Charlie absolutely delicious I was throwing another 0 and mail off boiling booked up good makes little one temperate shared medium in the room and leave it for 20 minutes until the vegetables are cooked properly files I'm gonna finish this study with a tablespoon of double cream and fresh could end up quick makes and the are ready to play to upgrade some steaming hot tries I've also got some non fight can attract business time to my so so good my mom would be proud of it you can tell the base of the curry has been got nice and slowly hope you liked my food memory mean Jamie and her points would like to know your studious of P. shed it with us using the hashtag my food memories and tell us about that special food that takes you back in dying if you'd like to see more food memories including Jamie's for Katja then click on the link up here and go to for memories //
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Eggs Benedict | 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver
\\dice a case to I'm going to give you a great recipe that I would love on father's day is eggs Benedict I'm gonna give you 5 version of eggs Benedict but caustic look small town then smoke on them grilled mushrooms for the vegetarians and then we're going to have a nice punctual with direct crap then number 5 classic that we do in public burnt ends Benedict okay holiday so spaced out with 2 X. I'm removed just the yuks then I want you sympathize with a pocket but we need guys and we just gonna melted Hey I got a pan panning to Porta the bowling talk at a little table strains of what one vinegar we had a little bit so a little pepper thank try as you wish it's gonna stop the Dublin 5 slowly add in the bottom if you die with concluding it will split that at this point take it off the heat I'll remove that then now in pitch with Mike that the beginning service and then what would happen if maybe now lights if someone puts on a high heat and splits so it's quite vulnerable stills so a brilliant way to stop that is just get a good old fashioned them as well put boiling water in and preheat to and then pulled away and this is the best place to put a fantastic holiday source and just pour in it's gonna stay warm part 2:00 hours source done the guys let's talk about ex right one of the ... to an we are going yeah I can't wait for locks let's make it let's make it happen night I'm gonna show you how to not only guarantee the perfect poached egg every time at both shows guarantee W. occurs and it's really simple site where you think he proof cling film get a little bit of olive oil so we rub that on there then we get out both put that on the knee and then just use your hand push between film and when we get to gorgeous take the the lovely free range organic ex and in that guy meant simply all we do is pull up the sides and we just squeeze feet around an entire in all it couldn't be easier sucked let's take these bags put them into a simmering water so while that's cooking let's talk about flavors so fast up July grilled mushrooms and when you join a grim about like a nutty on completely different flavor next come by smug salmon we got the hand you know this stuff is nice and normal right we've seen this before but that's just kind of play that story then we've got crap you can just get it and you can dress it sucked in with olive oil even with Chile a basso a little squeeze a lemon juice mix up and it will be divined delicious let's explain the last one fun ends it's over and Bates all big cold cold box full of beautiful short ribs of beef for any of the barbecue meats and then we just dress in a big barbecue source and that's it right next my eggs they've had a brow I in Hoffman's the mushrooms here already and with the mushrooms very simply you know that cooks and they draw I am I look a little bit on interesting pretty good nice extra virgin olive oil on here like a pinch of salt pepper and again the squeeze a lemon juice and even in the upholstery of from of that this is going to be a thing of joy one more thing spinach put it in not good upon just well it down you that you just made for a second again just a little kiss of olive oil and lemon juice the evening and that's all you could possibly need beautiful that done so now I'm gonna take my buns you can tell us what you want but not too much I say you went to the spongy okay lovely extra virgin olive oil let's have a little bit of that very very nice then we can go on with the smug someone first peaceful the next one we're gonna go hand good quality joy cute smite time lovely and then the spinach on their and a few new place of those gorgeous mushrooms that's and then we're gonna go to the crab really nice and then the butt ends amazing right them go the extra simply cut off the end like that and then you can just grab this and put it up and it's not gonna break is beautiful this at the end of the story goes holiday soaks over the think and rich a little bit of a city mushrooms IBM Z. a probably the new look the Wonderful World of eggs Benedict today go guys I hope you enjoyed that if you want to get the old man something beautiful for father's day checkout with Jamie magazine subscription it's fun tastic value full of ideas chefs cooks artisans United we get into that Mike every single month until next time //
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How To Make Scones | Jamie Oliver | AD
\\of people waiting to make homemade scones love doing this up we do it every single week the kids love it it's really really really easy I'm gonna be picking up my peaceful bikeway range Whitney's 5 on the grounds of self raising flour 150 grams of diced and unsalted butter I will put a picture so in because I'm one then to decide how much so goes in on one of my pension a couple teaspoons of sugar in just to kind of give an edge of sweetness and I want to be swing just gonna take it off of savory okay then I'm gonna go in with 2:00 am so send me hate like that ... fight that's going to give a nice little rice then why wanna do is just rub this together it doesn't need to be perfect if you've got a few blades of and butter so of in the mix it's all good it gives a lift and rise sheer brute force guns that bring that together little splash of milk and then 150 grams of lovely dried fruit random you know you got a precaution our crime breeze cherries you name it you can do it I just put a little orange juice on top of it and leave it for about half an hour justice or slightly re hydrate thanks lovely fruits and then actually I'm gonna hug this together I'm trying not to overwork it because it seems that comes roughly together by this how coverage already chill out in the fridge and then I'll roll it out in about half an hour site we got some beautiful concerts here all kinds of shapes and sizes with the fluted I'm applying a range of different sides as well I'm going to just do a little mixture of all of them really just the kind of get the fun go in don't go straight onto a baking sheet I'm gonna just I adore these some of the same thickness they gonna cook the same time so we got beer for San Frisco and that you can put a little milk on top or the bottom string to use a little extra virgin olive oil not very classic but I mind it's perfect for the job brush them until they're cooked up an absentee shrieks in the oven 90°C 350°F cooked us for about 15 minutes until they've doubled inside go nice and go and then I will put them together simply classic like Karim and jam so the loveliest guns I've had a cheeky little 15 minutes in the oven best game on a cake rack so that these are rough and ready on my own rustic and only know the miss white paper meets or about the flavor and right crumbly jam clay crane gorgeous if you work that value Honda you will get a more perfect shape and content the thing that takes is good club the cream has to be one of the most ridiculous delicacies in the world some lovely Jan actually simplicity at its best so what you do like cream or jam first like I call it crazy like you can see how show this gorgeous Scott is moon lawyer you absolutely gorgeous cigars when going for this weekend Scully school go free if you want more information about what peaceful bikeway lately I've are not bad novel it would look like stuff reveal the recipe just click the details for the //
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Spaghetti & Meatballs | Gennaro Contaldo | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi lovely people today I'm going to make it spaghetti make more this is one of the dish my father used to my kid water memory and never forgets himself for a lot of the problems in the garlic inside a used fried will be slightly meatballs so I'm really not sure on the room and 50 ground before it to wander on 50 grumbled beef right all around tablespoon of olive oil little soul paper oldest memories A. almost feel if my father beside me my hands how directors the way they used to do it one all day behind him we didn't together fresh bread ground have the full album possibly 3 probably garlic chopped want to find make sure you will love the cheese 3 tablespoons promise and he's the king not one of them must the ship's comes along stuff that makes you so now the memory of my father he used to make me do that and they used to always said now you all she's by the mind my father used to say not to make a big islands out because if you make a big on that ship calming the drop the spaghetti as well while you eat too sunflower roommates I don't affect Ryan's I'm Mitchell from I saw volleyball I skinhead pleaded with both my Quixtar half and wash my hands turned down the temperature little brick because she cooks too far felt good to work on the soft point school she can control the grass the way you live efficient joy they make more than ready who told me to go and do your way she smacks so use common all they used American it was the king on my commute to poke and use to say to me PP I chair BR chimneys had locket yeah Papa yes under lock it Jesse's memory because he's feeling anyway yes Lebanese sources I need to put a midmorning sites hope all the up well how Murphy's didn't we just didn't need to be more to see more about 10 minutes yes fresh spaghetti what that job I I don't buy blocks yes oh yes mom isn't leads summa Basel from the original evolve this is I get 3 wait make both this is my main federal yours Ashikaga my food memories kill kill on sight see more mmhm //
"2017-06-04 11:30:01"
How to make Hollandaise Sauce | Jamie Oliver
\\I'm going to give you a great recipes we're gonna like the most amazing Hyundai source but it's going to be easy and I show you how you can keep it without split in it I catch it starts with 2 very good ex I'm gonna remove just the yuks kite now the egg whites you can use for loving ranked so the egg yolks go to I hate //
"2017-06-01 17:00:06"
How to make Lemon Curd with Yuzu | Cupcake Jemma | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\NPI on cupcake jam and I'd really like to set a very special rescue defusing 11 cutlasses slightly unusual but really delicious this recipe is so simple you gonna start with 5 objects on using large and exile with David but he can't keep the White Sea commit random stuff for guys for anybody 5 like yikes you need to add one whole EC and said that I'm going to add 110 grams of Costa Suga 60 milliliters of Usagi sky like a Japanese line it's a really beautiful fragrant citrus fruits you can use fresh easy to use if you're lucky enough to live in a country whether fresh easy from force me I don't monies Abbas dust of one lemon and the chief of the slum goth nasty contraption for this 50 milliliters of about 3 tablespoons in a little extra which is basically the gist of what up one lemon which is quite convenient now your ingredients in it's time to put on a binary don't make it to halt the eggs too quickly just hanging out down at the vet and put your foes he preached both Papa over the top I'm just gonna status gently with my west for about 10 minutes and it will start a thick enough money to get its a rip in stages socially well looks like someone looking for is when I pull my boy scout liquid kinda lands on top of the surface of the cut and cut doesn't melt him so that is a rip in stage nice day so to finish the cut off on these apps 60 grams of Boston is cold and got to thinking to stop hoping to cool down suffer from picking I'm just gonna chalk that up a little bit continue staring out with the west today or mounted 3 I was also melted then you just need to then sip it not going to get rid of any kind of lumpy bit that you don't want a nice smooth cut so we do this while it's still warm so just going through the sieve a bit easier already smells so nice about using the net how don't bring what you think of my own but you can that's the user and inside of a lemon zest about I'll be delicious with a spatula just make sure you pushing all 3 waste not want not my grandma populace about I am and now it's important to chill this before use it say covered cling film because you don't want to have a skin forming and wait for it to cool down and then walk in the fridge ... yeah look a lot of strong P. goodness it's so tiny I think I can use it to the lemon curd makes even more shop mais Lovelace really nice balance if you want to know how to make a simple lemon sponge based on my grandma's recipe just click on that link I'm going to the food memories hop bye guys //
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Lemon Sponge Cake | Cupcake Jemma | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\I I'm cupcake jammer if you don't know me I am a Baker of cool things wait I'm today I'd really like to share a very special recipe with you it's my lemon in USY cut sponge a sweet and tiny combination of fluffy lemon sponge filled with using you 11 code mistake is also one of my fondest feet memories because it's something my grandma alright Rini's to make for me with dive on a Sunday and we have tea at 3 on the dole every time and this cake would come out we have with Paul about great on I absolutely love that memory is actually one of the fast times the fed's memories of eating I really want to show has a lemon cuts on I've added a bit of use little bit more exciting I'm not making 3 layers said that this really to this is just a simple lemon sponge based on my ground city I have 375 grams on so to process and 375 grams of cost to Chicago be this together and it really me now comes out takes about 6 large free range eggs again out these one at a time and give me a really good mixer a permit for about 30 seconds after each one I school might make their money for the theft of 5 lemons into my mixed up it's time to put some flour enough go 375 grams of self raising flour on illicit thoughts straight in both this and using a metal spoon because I don't know if any of the Arab I've created already not so far in incorporated hope for a half tablespoons lemon juice I'm also going to put a little bit of vanilla extract focusing really gently say I have 38 inch tens on a live greased online the possums so try to be as even as possible I I'm going to level itself and just to make sure that it rises nice and even they embody the crimes palette knife about and now it's time to break in and I've got my whole point of the pre heated seats 70 degrees C. which is 325°F it's important to have good often which has lots of speculations that the opaque rice nice and evenly on I'm gonna break these for 20 to 25 minutes and I'll be ready when a skewer comes out clean from the Middle it's assembly time I actually trimmed the tops of 2 of them just to make sure of a nice flat cake normally I would actually trim the edges off and to get rid of the clerk of brown but it's but micron and since this is an homage to grandma Iranian I am not doing that but my lemon cut in a piping bag all ready to go another with a piping bag filled with lemon buster credit with a nice small round nose Lemass like to start with just a stop thing sliding around open up a little blob of this but the cream in the middle and that will just take the cake see the cakes and and now I want to create a barrier for that lemon because this is not only going to create a nice wall for the lemon cut it's going to be really pretty looking from the outside some of the Bedouin and now you need to fill those 2 channels with your Yummy zesty lemon cut put your second let alone and then repeat the whole thing I'm pretty good some icing sugar over the top but one nothing to pick on one edible flowers so you pretty thing my grandma would be really proud of me cool yeah look a lot of striking goodness got a big slice of cake unopened means Obama south of us now I need a shower 0.5 lovely put out great in grandma's house we would know of had this case without a moon mark goodness soon that is so good be right back to my childhood at grandma's house and middle point really want to know your feet memories I think and both use the hashtag my food memories and if you wanna see mostly memories including Chinese and click on the link up that I'm going to the food memories hop by guys //
"2017-05-21 11:31:16"
Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\hi guys I am so excited to share with you I mean the important miss but to me it's not just a great recipe it's a memory is a really poor memory with my cousin Mike for culture crispy taupe spongy inside when you make bread with love and care passion it tastes so much better than anything you could buy to help us do it I'm gonna bring in the past and told me the very first time general calm down so I know a cool in my London that he was my first post in London when I moved from the country and you were very young young ball it wanted to learn and everything great gotcha your maintenance concha in those days no one was doing it know in England and we're not like my first mouthful so good that we gonna give you the picture recipe for me is all about love and care we have strong bread flour 500 grams I'm gonna make a well in the middle and Juno is gonna season the bread with about a teaspoon of Cecil one slash a of yeast goes into 300 millimeters tepid water I'm gonna add this into the middle let the for doing the hard work beautiful ritual he's broken the seal but that's alright less people gonna think cooking and the culture of cooking is a little bit like this is about friendship or family and parsing recipes down to the generation and we keep the thing to live United when I learned to make your fortune are the atmosphere was hall sway often he'd be in hardly any clothes I think that would prove it up like a little welfare punched on a and the film a pity I need I do not have like 100 trades and I used to get them ready for him dust dust them with flowers Samaranch stranger nicer ways to write little messages yeah droll no he pitches yeah and ... all to beat you know well so you just what I need this for a good 5 minutes look at that now we're gonna let it for you get close and we wanna make it warm with water I mean one now if you it was this we have while garlic we're gonna tear this up to take a nice pinch of so I'm gonna pound up to like a kind of much like a pesto I remember when I come in England that also the one dollar one I was screaming sprang up a jolly with an accent piece for oil that's ready you wanna take try olive oil stop it sticking and then you know I had this incredible tape stale bread might you blend it until we have breadcrumbs the bites a real crunch thank you know it's gonna lay the dough down in the tri I'm gonna get it's not me wild garlic on to the full crotch robin looked at the Carlyle group we use our fingers to go down right to the book we create in the text a slight mountains and lakes all 3 or 4 green oil the dolomites Genaro just gonna roll up some garlic and we gonna push that into here flowing toward the dolomites among the mountains yeah plummet really no I see so not why so why so we gonna wrap this in the warm damp cloth I'm gonna let approved for one while you ready yeah spongy gorgeous dire I'm gonna put in my whole point up in right and having good equipment is so important like the one at home previous 220°C but in so gently gently gently gently 20 minutes 25 minutes I'm in a common way to show you ... look at that and now that you know is going to feed it more oil yeah sponge or my goodness me look so crispy it brings back so many memories is in days early on the toe spin the button spongy in the middle Saul spongy if the money's hello delicious scrumptious bright how my god I'm recipe I hope you enjoyed my food memory with Jen alright it's one that's really close to my house and guys mean hopefully we want to see your food memories click the link go to the hop on it all the information you see other videos are gonna love it's a godly wife full share your food memories it's gonna ram I think come on //
"2017-05-15 14:00:03"
Jamie wants to know your Food Memories! | #MyFoodMemories | AD
\\right you lovely people I'm really excited to tell you about the project I'm working on we gonna make and bring to life some of your favorite food memories it could be the most perfect Sammy Ginny had it with a certain person or maybe a retro tie in that always used to knock up I know you've got another report you mean hope point when I hear about the recipes that you care about and we want to relieve some of those special moments by showing you how to recreate that dish in your heart we could do is put your memory on hash tag my food memories right what's the food way way you describe it to be a picture or video of some of the film for me right now it could be as simple as humble or extravagant is anything you can imagine what I'm looking for is some of the special ha and so Lester share out have some fun get romantic shed a tear click on the link if you wanna see my fave men me right now for a little inspiration check it out that's about guys coming game called //
"2017-05-07 11:30:01"
Fresh Prawn Linguine | Jamie & Gennaro
\\his face in my friend every people our case that we were going to do the best selling prone linguine dish with beautiful Angus things from James Italian writes and number one selling dish at but we come because the source I think I got to know too much love too much cared too much tension if you want come into the restaurant but we can give you something really quick this kind of on the signs to avoid we're gonna cook some freshly made linguine from James I mean but you could use drive through problem I'm a decent garlic some chili we go along things here an app pro once beautiful prone you ready if we got 3 minutes that's what we gonna take away that he could not evil and that can always go some dry Chile to get that lovely flavor going and finally slice some garlic we're gonna use possibly and some battle absolutely delicious a little shake of white wine and we will be laughing this is one of those lovely and I think the taxes that you can do it super super quick Cheney's got the garlic we all that well at present alright nodding they become of his knees along to things which beautiful cut straight through demonstrate trade off by that and then what you've got is the flavor and then I want you get in there take that little by now and we can take this little source path town here and which we can remove everything else is completely edible just a little bit of all the boys some prunes and we're going to get that back in the oven stuck that is not a lot of the basic right to go with traditional cherries here the answer starts to cry out we can you know just running around with a cop cook now and then we can go in with the tomatoes just like that so very fresh seafood will be perfectly cooked and it's a lot of people just releasing.and stuff and so back in the oven we got it we just toss up some parsley of yeah I'm a slice the Stokes now roughly chopped believes not that stork stung from the way they've read the really could just find the flight and then what we can do is that just a little bit of what one not much auto tiny little trees though goes in just to loosen up the flavor is the oil that she's coming out with tomatoes put distortion want his face in life Brian all hopeful way that god locked yeah so we got to boiling so you boy here and of course if you're using linguine from high and follow the path construction so I would just put a little they don't get that boiling I'm gonna take one minute to cook low cut off this is some great this is I upgrading I think you're gonna see him tightly linguine on the war's going to drip into hate and at the same time I'm gonna add a little bit more extra virgin olive oil cold pressed and the oil and the hot water and the juices from the tomatoes and the longest in the phones it's all gonna come together to make this so keen to life peaceful source one this is so cute how much you can do it yes yes yes yeah a little bit the guy so we're talking about quick Sharon linguine if you want to have the one involves a source that we spend hours on income is James Italian because that's quite a work for this is a quickie that is she's very good definitions can get a sweet from the tomatoes both are get a flavor really quickly from the shell of the longest day put out the me sexually general thank you all my my dinner tonight prone on the line to steam linguine with a white wine tomorrow's herbs and a lot of John Paul the //
"2017-05-05 15:03:32"
The Best Burger & Beer | Barbecoa Piccadilly
\\the guys we were neither one of the best things in the world is a great America and with great bear buys and match made in heaven I'm here Abaco out jobs to take it to the next level to the next level the story starts with the most amazing Welsh one eBay it's sweet it's the most perfect calm for a better for Patty and its ground really chunky and we for me here by half right every single day and we only season on the outside and then the topic overshoot cheese I just love it who's over now we go slow cook tongue in sparrowhawk souls and then is bounded time right we make the bombs here on site this soft this spongy and suck up all of the juices from the party and we got Picos I'm not my friend is a thing of beauty I might go not is what we try to do public comment ultimate Patty Perry I wasn't tank bear which I'm telling you is so for rural and beautiful and smooth it's literally from the tank from freedom prairie and we have a special time here and it's like drinking the bear in the prairies incredible what a combination actually having if you wanna check out but billing yeah old you know what just what came you can walk into the bar anytime Conway was sadly don't you worry the mission of //
"2017-04-30 11:30:00"
Jamie's new Barbecoa Restaurant in Piccadilly
\\hi guys join me here hope you well I case I'm a bar but come on Piccadilly and this place is an absolute joy is the most elegant Mechon but I have you come in and you've got the most hold on deco bomb with my friends countless with kings Bourbons spirits champagne Rozay the whole caboodle and then downstairs is the most for some rational it's here it's like an hour ocean liner it feels so classy and again and of course centerstage if the kitchen cooking of a fire and life on and we've really invested in people and is the ultimate kitchen the chefs us how lucky they cooking with the most amazing prodigies but these amazing primal cooking vessels handles Papa grails Argentine grails you know I'm really really beautiful over charcoal Hazelwood SLB school simple food but done with real love the great thing here is I wanted to really start early in the morning breakfast brunch lunch often the thing Dana chefs that dedicated each they will publish a breakfast thing 1990 I I pasted team also double up during the patients this week been through and of course off the main tape and we don't do anything by house when making a pastry upgrades Hey on some and with smoking of course one of I love you need fishes and Saudis time much more the idea that you can use it in many that way should occasion it's go private dining room for a really intimate Dana of course the restaurant it's like buzzing buddies buzzing but you can really hear it before so she got it fails intimate cozy even numbers and those in the and was really beautiful about being in the if every now and again like attending the me claiming feel twinkle of the life changes really romantic really stylish and desperately reflective of where I am with cooking the kind of food on one a week or so kind of environment come and see click the link at if you wanna put the table and of course up another tonight videos things that we're proud of but I guess thanks the number the breakfast how little click the link how what we do in here she //
"2017-04-28 17:11:20"
Jamie Oliver's Top 5 BBQ Tips
\\Nnamdi people Jameela Hey I hope you well it's time for Steve barbecuing tips are high tech number one myself ahead of brush really really cool basically any woody herbs Rosemary thyme sage by a Oregon I tie onto a spoon or stick put into oil put it all around me fish flatbreads vegetables is absolutely fantastic it keeps things moist and delicious adds a beautiful lie of flavor it does have a really really Joe must try to imitate next time you're in the garden center and you see those little war spritz's brilliant get a couple of those right on it Vinica okay Dusan flavored vinegars chili some herbs some red white wine vinegar in there spritz that on you me as it starts to sizzle and as you turn it it's good for 2 things a money thing apply onto the keeps ice flames down and stop you burning you may as well tip number 3 whether working on gas for charcoal wood fires always join have a whole area and a cool area and ideally having graduated from one to the other this way you can have direct the colored caramelization and then take it through and just finish off men slow cook it's very sweet and delicious and gorgeous next thing favorite soaps that brilliant especially for delicate things like pork chicken and seafood just smash up any herbs of your choice spices chili ginger that combination that you love smash up to a pope and then add insult let it drawing on a try and then smash up again it will last a couple of months and that just simply on a piece of fish overview for vegetables when Mike so much different gorgeous flavor really suck too next if you one incredible meet with amazing flavor around the outside if these regular steaks or chops cut log back big economic cook so quickly you'll never be I guess the proper color only to get a double or triple steak Bottrop carry this why you can spend more time in that beautiful fall as we call it that's caramelized go amazing flavor and it's still blushing and you see in the middle invest in that annual barbecues will never be the same again as you know I'm very passionate about cooking outside and all the fun to be out with friends and family a beautiful food to me among barbecue team have been favorite away we've creates amazing products for you guys to check out all the way from small bomb colorful pull barbecues up to that beautiful just Bob you hear this the full of fun and it gets even bigger than this a big old 6 burner and that's getting greedy but it's a very beautiful thing so if you wanna check it with Bob keys that we're doing and a whole load the accessories that come with it check out the website below and this loads more stuff to come to good luck take care WNED //
"2017-04-27 16:00:01"
Colombian Coffee Adventures | Episode 3 | John Quilter AKA Food Busker
\\I'm what you call your exit point so we were in town to visit a coffee farmer we both desperately wanted to school Bernardo and his family if he's coffee didn't taste good enough we'd have to go to another producer so we just on the way to the mail the mail is what basically the planes that were trying on but autos potty I get taken to one of the room up the rug humidity and then it's the moment of truth why would find that waiver that coffee from a incredible follow at the most amazing time at it's gonna cut the mustard size 6. on our way to the mill we run across something wanted to find since we've got to Colombia quick going to look at it chocolate of Krakow we wouldn't get it looks like that either right it's a bit like coffee in the it's a haul seed could fill .drawings and then for the Jews they take out the after show that and then they frightened and in Naples and then not get broken down I'm so happy we got there I'm taking them home on that if a man thing I'm gonna try and dry them out and then I'm gonna try to make to check a box that I so the mill is a place where they the green beans from the farm gets sorted process graded and ready for export yeah it's the male that decides how valuable these things all on what we're gonna pie for them and so it was super excited to get there and see the protests in the way that they started scoring this car when it rains it coming and they've been ... we've taken a sample forget dropped into a off and then the process begins so what happened now they switching sides out any foreign body then the next game are rock solid taking off the Arabs and dry separating out rigged up great movie will run a lot faster than large ones heroes them together the small ones will be bun and the blind would be ruined finish really cool room area is quite quickly falling out black coffee that effective power copy or given all coming out of right roughly and then 108 the brains come down they get dropped into the fact we're not going to run those things all the coping process so coping is the international language that's been created to communicate the quality and tanks of a Cup of coffee so there were 6 coffees on the table and you know we knew which one are heart was going to choose is going to be Bernardo's but it needed to be I think fears on the lady that was doing their coping with machine securitized there so she's an expert in coffee ... and saloon Ellis because look what did she think of this coffee it it was really really faint I Saad what she can I really like that that yeah I love Audis videos so relieved I've loved every single second this whole process and I'm just glad if they think that you have not Bernard us coffee hit the spot we confirm the container there and then Nina pop London because okay so just for the fun call cops arrived at the ranch style the magnet this is where we start working for us it's roasting the individual fibers that the world I'm roasting it took Crookshanks bring out those fibers club back coming green beans inclined run scraps of the most interesting it would get better and you can create an 15 calling for coming out of the road something for growth weather moved around the cool down and then they get right in front of you to pull bringing in a completely lawful now Hyundai going into the photo we ground a budding crop called and I tell you about but we didn't would date but you know what it's like scuffle tomorrow we're not done yet so where ... 15 minutes here before the flood gates open up in the public come rushing in to taste our coffee Philibert lot wolf we don't why did we do this because we we love it weekly minute but in 15 minutes time foolish people to come through the door that's what they think the really mass writes really haunting open math but I'm gonna start to this post to show you what to do with the coffee flour right ever since I got back from Colombia I've really fallen in love with so these we found gluten free are delicious soap a soap 250 grams but.chocolate right back into fall some breaking them down into little Mel to blow chunks because gonna melt the chocolate and the butcher and that's gonna be the west side of the ingredients for these crimes okay sets the chocolate done I now need the same amounts of what's up unsold fixed 250 grams then it goes right we gonna get this on to the by Marie which is basically hot water in a pond this goes on to talk and it starts melting which spirits up all melted together okay so let's go really incorporate the down as you can see is this beautiful silky chocolate gaily loveliness now we're going to add another 250 grams this time of golden calf sugar talk about it now and I had 60 grams almond flour and 20 grams of coffee fly this thing to remember is we've because he thought they should be made from a cherry print dried out and it's been ground down into a frown Putin is that it's gonna have to expand its out of these in a pinch of cinnamon and those just mix those together so got 6 tanks which those together and then I've been into the mixture my helps give it body and they can open a can see based jaw mixture which just and then just to bring all those flavors out a nice little pinch so transfer the mixture into a tight and it's been great ago grease proof paper inside it's gonna be situated whoever you cooking feel that all of you I just finish off and adds a nice presentation in a bit and no tennis we gonna take some nice good quality pin up but that just wasn't free to talk okay so that's looking beautiful Paul shot a good guy needs to go into a home open but 100 68 but 2025 minutes you know many 21 is still wobbly in the middle which cook on the apps on okay the moment of truth let's see how it's doing this is the easier than cooking on the side of a mountain just look at that I was so good so we need to let it killed after 10 minutes and then when I lifted out slice it up okay so that's completely chill down the house which is going to take it out drop it down from then to slow how beautiful these coffee Flatliners yeah no more east on the piano but is gonna give a nice like challenge to the chocolate Paul all what bar okay they look amazing let's take a mountain see what people think but these because the flap brownies well yeah I know I know look I appreciate I think I yeah they're on camera you say Ralph reed flower brownies and my A. from flowers of cherries join a chart the benefits of a break crappy product is gluten free does that make you happy would you like to try it involves super moist cooked fresh this morning yeah pretty space nuts to take a bite tell me what you think what makes you happy as well their brainwaves I wait it got so it's not like I had any doubt my mind are any nervousness whatsoever anything we going out really well yeah yeah people excited to talk with 11 it really that's a one person Jeffrey I mean if too though I come by to take his company this is the money I got a lovely sweetness about it yeah yeah I like that you guys have done because of them really well regulations yeah absolutely delicious yeah the I'm his smiles all around just so delighted that people love burners coffee as much as we did yeah and that we get to it tissue but honors incredible story through his company and I think that's the importance Gandharan to souls not small it's simple it's a way of food and drink well done your job my good signs do you want to try but not as coffee think filling in the description box below I //
"2017-04-16 11:29:21"
Awesome Lamb Kebabs | Jamie Oliver
\\guards I can't sit waiting to do a really simple but delicious land combat it's a really lovely ritual to make kebab you marinate it the day before but I wanna show you the ones I like to do which is when you go for a walk in the park or if you grow it yourself get a rose miscue right and what we have here is a fun time not true skua I'm why we need to do is get a knife and a slight angle like that and Happy Days okay so let's start with the marinade guys this is going to tenderize the meat is also going to flavor it let's start with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil the juice of one lemon goes in all like to see that we have a little film pepper herbs like Bailey if it's really really nice I just remove the little still like this and then these leaves you promise up the gonna be amazing I'm gonna put the rose Rena's welcome to the skiers I wanna use a little bit of snow in the answer is not gonna praise if I'm gonna smash the up to pretty much a pope some nice this amount is from that you have to have a press the more because this is what flavor is all about and it's literally the Otis kitchen gadget on the planet I need enough to plug in a couple of quite garlic to just lightly crush those and then that will start going a little bit more so give so that's what it's all about that will absolutely make full with different and transform beautiful Maronite we'll mix this up I'm gonna put into some amazing spring lamb tender and delicious they cut into inch chunks this is enough SO 4 to 6 nice size kebabs and at the same time I won at some veggies site I love it I just have been so nice red onions cut them into quarters I'm well happen naturally they just break off into little petals you could have any color peppers you want the lands an inch then I'll go about inch on the peppers and then it's gonna sit peacefully on the skewer them a little chilly here is going to remove the seeds the hot pot and artists the entity to some lucky person will get that the one thing I forgot as well which is from the garden which is really really nice is Oregon I went flowers cuts it time now hanging on the radiator a window and you get this fantastic droid Oregon I we're going to give us a nice little massage up so once you've mixed up guys I would love to marinate that overnight it makes all the difference I'm not gonna do it today right is still taste delicious but overnight makes all the difference please do it site let's load up how wonderful it okay fans and mix it up to me onion I wanna tightly packaged too much I want the meat and veggies to have access to equal hate and temperature so let's just load these up just a lovely simple combat course you can make it with hopefully different veggies and now on a plate is a beautiful thing soda I want something to put my compact Ian and I went through this lovely little fabric the guy recipe quickly I so it's a very simple I just cut it up into full so we go acrobats we got a real flat breads so we have our regular barbecue here and then I want a mix up because I'm I'm gonna use just a regular met oboe put that on to the barbecue that will get roasting home very quickly and then what I wanna do is just row without you can roll amounts over a fence beatific site because that metal ball is quite thin it doesn't take much time 2 Hey up until I was gonna lie is a straight out of a month that we gonna put out wonderful kebabs on that they'll go straight on the barbecue I'm old really take care of those and love them Philip this alone look at the bread you don't want to rush it they should just Krakoff I have a little bowl of heaven say you can see how quick that was to cook up just give me a little bit I hate on the other side use Rosemead OCI not just for skiers but use it as a brush and I'm a does it make a difference absolutely does make a difference it really does that guy's beautiful then of course you can put in some salads and then I like the red cabbage just failed so vivid and exciting cement leaves it just it will fragrant with surprises for the younger that life with men so good delicious we wistfully remove skewer leaving you with the wonderful bowl of goodness that you can just roll out and squeeze and squeeze and then put in your mouth and enjoy absolutely delicious not guys if you wanna check out a whole load of my cooking utensils and products are being used in in this video please have a look we got some amazing stuff quickly I and have a little look at Daniel the shop reasonably //
"2017-04-13 16:00:02"
Colombian Coffee Adventures | Episode 1 | John Quilter AKA Food Busker
\\guys jonquil to I. K. the food was good now you know me as the guy that puts food on the street well what you don't know he's 3 years ago I set up a great coffee business school crucified Colleen and I could find about Dale it's been a roller coaster ride thing of the business over the last 3 years and now we've got one of our biggest challenges yes we've been invited to showcase our coffee up one of the most important dates in the coffee calendar look didn't coffee we're so proud of her coffee but we want to create an exceptional blend it's been awhile with the festival but the clocks ticking if we're going to develop morning telling but to get the best blatant gonna have to go to one of the best in the world the coffee guns Columbia we were interested to go on the around sept lies we would be non event and when we open the business this was at the top of the list but we just couldn't afford to god club is a very very special place for coffee the second largest ... produce of coffee in Latin America and uses some of the finest coffee from around the world the north of Columbia critically Sierra Nevada region is a place where some wonderful cops come from critically classic tasting coffee I just hope these guys don't mess it up so long way to go ticket ripoff 430 A. M. in Bogota just spent 12:00 hours on the flag they feel no good alright Tim yeah my first impressions about it so one incredible 6 just he means Boston soon urban environment so full of energy amazing food on the street corners ha ha open up just some of the best between him and the same so will calling met with some copy people on and off to the guy I think the highlight for me all the time telecom markets they've never seen proof baggage cost so much color it's just Gosling how beautiful everything is why don't I do if I don Chris is saying and what is a famous chef and other times going to shows run so they don't well no one I never really wanted fibrous but hoping for a juicy survivors Jim I yeah yeah this is the first thing that they give to children in Colombia thank you really delicate look back I it's yeah CNBLUE's this welcome left to live is what left to electric lady they the somewhat collect trick now it's Nixon like it's trickling on the back where does he think it was like a little juggling actresses think it's incredible lemon and lemon plans states behaving more concentrated those lame on our takes a bit of time to be released while and so the lemon a thought I reached out to a great company in Colombia ... Kudlow husbands that stands for the same things we stand for they work with the small farmers and help them re invest their savings in earnings back into their farms to constantly try to improve quality and that is such an important piece because the improvement of quality is what improves their lives the company started Columbia maybe 6 years ago we are the only 2 people in the team pickle 20 disciple only sell and buy organic coffee because we believe in this is to be the year to spending 27 to be a good harvest or very good you have followed the grease production and the quite difficult he's very differently than last year and you expect prices this year to go up from last year all my reason well the market now I see is very high yeah thank you very much for having us really for plantation one of the great right now street food some fixing the problem energy trouble right and you see calls everywhere is a rich traditional things get your coffee in the morning from one call men compete you practice from another planet this lovely lady openness allow me fuel Jack pressed upon a home cooked anoint will be no one sailors approaches what it is cold we the public get if these people have long political but feels he said at the beginning bye bye it's cool little it's not only therefore the Buddha let me do it let me deliver souls I like it I see the focus is so perfect get a gun and it seems they don't check now twice and then I'm going to do that I mean she's number one sh what Camilo well with the school underpass Cologne Kalika court will take up very no paying lip looks up alright and site which phone and then that's going the good idea how cool calm and have a look at it I'm going to well my but it's important for us to go direct to source you know to really build enforce those relationship some the gray not really good thoughts along and coughing there 1000000000 copyright nights from 19 you from the south away from Columbia and this one is from India this is one of the parts of the copper triangle in Colombia both from king do you call this and without all that also in line reaching gets hit in the mouth believed a troubling there it's like can I now work for the 2 hour drive from Martha to sue anybody close to here pain we call it but I don't and on a part really he meets really hard but you can always but I yet no Duncan and I've got a little I large John well Hey Hey how are you yeah yeah yeah and so you're you're from Santa marta really really account how much do we want ... why would you view golf confinement yeah he works it points out yeah put our name down for that cold cold alright well yeah nice one within a couple guys delighted by I did some units of filming I think it was on just let me know react ya buddy yeah tears to Bogota him on so was your day inside are the best I have a cool market decent cocaine incredible whereby if hooked up with Lois coffee got the little and kick the tires feel pretty comfortable about it nice and can't wait to get to ... they're the ones that are going to take us to set the bar to yeah because those guys are me to die I know like John we got this container for you are you up for a lot Boone boots I can but you committed to contain it here wish you had done that written just not I'm just not comfortable yet there's so much up in the air and we still really need to really take that coffee we just tropical fluid Sierra Nevada mountains NMO thanks to the if someone with the same support from throwing book //
"2017-04-06 16:31:16"
Gennaro finds an Incredible Italian Cheese Shop! | Gennaro Contaldo
\\I love the people I'm in New Delhi involved all stick he's even I double cheese shop or local stop but Michelle you I never see so much booze lots movies lover the souls incredible one of we got a lot when he called that was 7 long tall or so sorry the right Biggs still come from the San who comes von Belov stock he screwed up is not sure it is real I am what operating credible danger room then we got a lovely form Gina also no matter who you were before Thomas how was that each of us freeing and that some of the rocks which is the baskets so when you reach it you really test prep some groups in the mail and everything else I'm this is 3 months old this is the blog does it is a local chiefs sometimes former special object without it we do you when our right off this I or go sports half hope not almost like pop with a large bowl beside my mom it would lodging not we devalue cheese that is a story that has probably shifts disease wife is so good you may be stuck in the same experience which I admit is 100 broken Jim Dobbins click copy on you will explosion abruptly explosion play I think credible beautiful place might deal boldly make your minds your shoulder that yeah well //
"2017-03-26 11:30:01"
Maple Cinnamon Buns | Vegan
\\hello and welcome to future if I might be from Jamie out of this thing to say today I'm gonna show you how to make some amazing maple cinnamon buns but the perfect gift for mother's day the the best hope refresh out the oven so there are great things like to make the term mixed warm almond milk used to make full served with a small bow in another bowl mix ground flaxseed Wharton melted coconut oil with plain white flour and whole grain flour at the cinnamon and see so stir in the yeast mixture lead to dire at least prefer one out the ball rolling out into a long rectangular shape tonight you're filling out to theopen on those 40 Stein ritual dates and some toasted pecans along with the ground cinnamon and maple syrup plenty of a smooth consistency add your mixes of the does spreads even then then rolled up with ways tightly into a dog and curtains and 9 slices places slices into a bay convention allows approved by the 25 minutes bake the fancy minutes leave your bonds to cool slightly and removed from the 10 so make your icing mixed together some almond milk and ice age Drusilla via bombings chop his finger over the reserve tasted pecans and so and they have it some peaceful cinnamon buns the path that treat them on this day let me know how you get on in the comments below by //
"2017-03-19 12:30:00"
Perfect Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver
\\how are the only people I hope he well a K. we gonna make hi I'm absolutely right British I think there's many many variations of written a whole lot of respect over the years but this one is super creamy nice big chunks of fish patching the spinach in the pay works told me well what if my family with time but one paw on here for some boiling water of co one try on here now the beginning of the story starts with a little tablespoon of olive oil in a cul pan let it heat up I'm going in with one Russia of smug bike and now I know you might be thinking why one Russia okay are they went biking in the fish pie per se why do you want that incredible smoky flavor then I'm gonna use some spring onions right a slightly sweeter flavor we gonna get and then we go in with the spring onions now if the queen parent I could have no benefit and peeling it whatsoever I'm just gonna slice it lengthwise this beginning where wages so of sweating off the bench that actually paralyzes the natural sugars 5 a we go with the carrot this is partly really really fresh one of the best bits of a fish pie other than the fish is the pinnacle potato we tell right and I wanna pimp it and not just in flavor and visual appeal but also nutrition I wanna give you more stuff is good for your body site what do we do fessed up at the tip is done paying for the most nutritional Paul title is the skin for the potatoes go into some boiling water now potatoes Acosta stodgy Cup they don't ban feet if you have too much of them that can be a bit of a problem so by going 5050 sweet potato and a tight tight where really you know doing cool stuff football that until that just to have softened and cooked that obtain the codes let's join those last themes of going is really important selling some actually straight away just leave that a couple minutes so let's talk about fish you in about 600 grand a fish right self go Feynman diagrams of salmon 0 grams of problems you can take that completely away and just reflect what's good in your local fishmonger is right but I want to do is just chunk up into bite size pieces we need to turn these veggies into the price of a truly delicious source so either way I'm going to do that is we're gonna add some flour 2 tablespoons of flour go in I'm not sure thickening agent so I will mixed up and now we can start at 600 new of milk done and it wants otherwise it will just not work and it was thought to think and this is going to give you that lovely silky witness 2 teaspoons of English mastiff are gonna kick this party pop up golf frozen peas and frozen spinach of golf for underground for each I don't think these up in here I just thought economy and the source of this guy really going when I go in with the peace now and we have a fish like the salmon on the pros fending off now we don't really need to cut that so we just naturally mixing up that's got a perfect now but I'm thinking this can be a bit dry when it's actually cooked pop a little bit of water or milk I'm just going to stand out 3 as 125 grams of fat to cheese season the whole dish beautifully the last of the plays this week because you know I don't I would be much aqua not seeing the 2 different colors a deathly give a nice little season of so and some pepper and now that sprinkle on the top not you don't have to take it right to the edge the reason I'm done this I kinda went up on that mountain trying and the more peaks troughs the more surface area the more crispy bits well my wife's Nevin are come on let me know when the site's nice and juicy crispy crispy crispy I always go for the corner because I get double crispy bits so I'm going to tell anyone that it's a really really good 17 nights that was solid wedge of lemon let's have a little try super creamy the at topping with this week the tie on a tie as really really good nice little tip them the fat cheese which is quite unusual in a fish pie works told me well you wanna know more about my new book Sikh faith family classic quickly I books up there and enjoy take //
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10 Food Tricks & Tips | Jamie Oliver | Kitchen Hacks
\\Nnamdi people have you ever gone a little piece of eggshell any rags when you crack in them will let me show you the quickest and easiest way to get rid of it we've all done it would make an offer that will make him a cake I'm a crack in our rags and then a little bit over random show just accidentally though falls in to the economic thing is the not joins thing is to get in there with your fingers but if you don't get it it always runs away and it's kind knowing the easiest way to do it believe it or not is to go back so our friend Mister show any commodity out easily get those annoying bits show every single time Happy Days let me show you how to remove the skin easily and fast from an avocado get a regular spoon not this go in here push the spoon raw icon to the skin and push against the couple behind it simply knock out works every single time really really good let me show you some really easy ways to chop and slice you got it so I said we want a calf I'm on the way when our fingers to go over the god of this I just need a little time shopping method we can just continue to chop through this to Mike chopped garlic not the cross jumping method very site that describe your garlic lie about this just put on a flat edge discover a millimeter slices not quite to the end by that then flipped over and do exactly the same many put on his side and then you can actually just slice fast rope jumping misfit let me show you how to take the phone almond avocado safely to just remove the little bit stem from the end it might look like nothing but that can send you a knife in a totally different direction which is really dangerous and then put the other college down very phony and then carefully but slowly com use in no way a power down to the stone in the middle and slowly rotate the avocado so it's just gently cuts around twisted how many tapping on the board I know if it comes it's so important to have a sharp knife let me show you how to sharpen it fast out you need to get a steal thought with a healing the knife I sly angle and we go evenly to the tip and we do the other side Taiwan to really bad or you should need to do amassed cold knife maintenance let me show you 2 ways to pale Eugene just in the most efficient way the most efficient way to pay off a piece of ginger is simply to use a little spoon and scrape it just thought that it barely pails just the brown skin off let me show you another way to pale ginger you can make them ice fantastic ginger teams available teaspoon honey one of the most important things to do when you're cooking in the kitchen is secure you tell people that we show you how it's the simplest thing on the planet to do but just get yourself a little T. town place it on my back pour some water on by this I mean what kind of shape to whatever shape the surface on the board it's I'm gonna show you how come with a paramedic out put it to its flat side on this I put my knife in and you're gonna hit the other will shape pit feather out the knife so it goes around the pit tightly slide into 3 now once you've done that you got 2 choices you can even put the tip of your knife just under the skin and then just gently row the knife over the skin and just remove the skin not that ... get a separate study gloss nothing see fragile it should be push it it takes off the flash like this emplaced you are left with the fresh here tightly and off Kidman awful mice in the same place and then just thrilling row the pit and that is for the chef let me show you the easiest way to take it paid jobs away from egg whites now one way is to balance the young backwards and forwards from one show to the other that's the classic but the thing is sometimes become appears to god and then it goes in Iraq what's that mean Semarang the not gonna work and that means you've lost your ducks the other way to do it crack it into your hand and let it slide for until you got you got and then there's one more flamboyant way to do it get yourself a clean MC books will take the top off squeeze a little bit of the air out and suck up the oak I'm gonna show you how you can get those beautiful cat shows how the pomegranate bought yourself a beautiful pomegranate cutting I wouldn't put your fingers open on that hold the hall over bow or salad or any dish and just give a good spanking which most people love and I literally just tumble out //
"2017-03-14 19:30:01"
Gennaro meets Dario the Italian Butcher | Gennaro Contaldo
\\I know many people are and I am in desperate time with a beautiful smile I'm sorry how would you treat your friends of mine pummeled let me show you obey god or Allah me home we all realize yeah he said well I don't know what this is legal albeit this one months old he spoke grapes switching corporate many different variety but this one is a very fine disrespectful parent you know this particular one is about to give up drugs it is fun but that is not the part about the money but if you really want that understates the palm comes upon some try to come on the job without it you project powerful and she will show that band some comfort don't make sense why why so paper lots finally I'm always known to the final of the final review space walk and hopefully some of that connect to the podium then it makes sense to think about that is to say a lot Beaumont's not the dots stuff to project anything yeah so young to share but that would be cheaper to own a bit across the name actually these pop factory sweetgum rotary balding off I go see that so inside so it's all good that you're set to help yourself so I do think that it is not real then you learn about shows like that sent to come up to me Gennaro //
"2017-03-12 12:30:01"
Sweet Potato Chilli | Jamie Oliver - Ad
\\okay guys wake anybody can the most delicious gorgeous veggies sweet potato roasted up beans gentle spices herbs chili economy so so good for to 5 of you 5 written by today in one dish come on you know you like it and also how many big amount my brand use famous still range by TI felt stuck let's get cooking so it would take is absolutely amazing really really nutritious so just slice these in half hog wash them and I'll give them a little score out this schemes really nutritious I don't take the skin off and I want to try and come up into each chunks I would take a racing trying yeah I mean I'm gonna go in we've olive oil seasoning of souls Pappa I mean cayenne pepper just a nice little pinch I've got a little sentiment here and then some Keamy nice savory and that will just yeah she took it through look at that all of those flavors of encrusted and stuck to the sweet potato and ask that roasts you get one for Christmas in the skin the inside because really Karen millions though Jeanne gorgeous I'm not gonna be amazing in that state so we don't take 1 on them and I just wanna Hough it I wanna roughly choke or the vetch roughly around 11 if sends me is and it's all of dice panel we'll go in with olive oil the onions strike in the ass case have a couple of private garlic just funny slice them and then let's do the peppers cut the sides off and again roughly chopped that I placed into the same size as the onions you wanna break down by cooking to get the natural sugars out that will give you the flavor was going with a yellow pepper wonderful colors look at that not quite like to add a little seasoning now but we'll go back to our spices again a little bit of that cayenne pepper just under takes very little print shift cinnamon that and human and that's that's host with veggies now it's absolutely fine I'm what's really important I believe when you caramelized and you don't have tossed books and pens the having that thick Boston which is essential in this time you know give you really even heat distribution perfect for cooking next we're gonna go in with some calling on the scopes just finally slice them or roughly kitten if you want in the guise costs now is amazing we're going with complicated therapists gonna find me so I said I believe the pips in because I want a little bit more hate next up we got a guy with a classic kidney beans really get fee to tens further hurried let's go in 2 tens gorgeous plum tomatoes and I'll talk things out these things with water in with the water you can announce similar that for like 2530 minutes this now get better go sweet potatoes out the oven and they should of concentrate if and on lobbying crispy let's have a look look at this yes we've got back caramelization then Ishmael skins if you squeeze it absolutely soft gorgeous in the middle so often often out predictable chili looks like that is cooked down peacefully you can see is concentrated it's reduced by third site you got that watch Julie but by then staring the lovely dry roasted so if you take it in is gonna be text really really really nice and I wanna just add this through right colors really healthy I wanna get some nice car and now just jump out and stay at the in Houston look at those colors absolutely amazing and I love taking you know it's a little pot like this to the table Imus said that with some beautiful rice look out guys I'm Walter is all finished that with a nice little love of yoga really refreshing and a lovely contrast to the heat spikes in the chilly a few little bits of coriander and if he little bits of Chile you guys full of color full of excitement and with the avocado back east 5 of your front page in one meal there you go guys that is my fantastic veggie chili you gonna love it please give a guy and of course my in my Jamie on the mighty power range if you want more information on my pants on the whole range and other ranges click the link in the details but I //
"2017-03-05 12:30:00"
The Porkie Pizza | Jamie & Gennaro
\\are lovely people mean Genaro Hey where imam about how we've let the would often we're going to make the most amazing only gonna do a poll of tea now I take the time and we never used but over because kept on love peace so we thought okay well if we can do it I want to do it properly sorry wonderful artisan ingredients really go first up I I'm gonna find a slice 2 cloves of garlic produce some of the modern sound and then the pen up we go straight in well the garlic this will start to fry that 1015 seconds soon as I happens going grabs ambassador and tear in that you know as soon as it starts to from right we're going to get the fragrance from the bands who and the gothic if you want to spy kit with a little chilly that's fine put that in as well psychopath I'm not without a second's in then we go in with the tomatoes now these are already cooked so we only need to reheat them always trying get the plum tomatoes not the Passat to and not the chops right but what you need to do is have a nice little helper like you know behind them wildly intelligent my yeah I can pull my tonsils into his hands the clean hands of course and he's gonna crunch them up certainly guy second one comes in that they don't want to use your hands you support or without much hope that the mushroom Kosovo that just comes to a boil well done switch off you can use on Sammy things with any past a delicious dinner or so you can have a legal soup national meeting got me to focus on Arafat but then we don't brand has some great jazz all deceased all appear J. somewhere or in purgatory you crack some makes it all alright how Poonam delicious now that's turned this source and tomorrow so beautiful full of go out very simple I'm gonna take I wouldn't Ford rub some flower and fly that generous gonna paste pizza on today we can use the little bit of this beautiful homemade source therefore that the love of the oil and then what we wanna do is put on some incredible ingredients Q. makes me cough pepperoni I'm not sure he said I made by lovely little startup pull cobbling Cuba the most amazing free range poke and I use traditional recipes and then making it in Islington in London and we sprinkle them on itself absolutely beautiful so I will crumble one and then we'll slice another of course like I see it in there that is she's out as it cooks really really nice next to it we got some pine Schechter really thinly sliced as well so I would just put those on top because we want nice to get nice and we got some palm is an going on top and we go very special cheese hit west kind Jack's the perfect melting cheese and this is my but Tom Calvin out west kind Chita so we put this on the pizza season it it's a little bit not that and then you guys in Chile China yes this is suppose sevenths cheery and give you duck kick photo so is because is preserved given a whistle different flavor put them on top Scheck in a big shock for any guys yeah I'm now take about 4 minutes to cook until it's golden and crispy when it hits the heat I that it really pops up and you get a wonderful Christmas on the outside and that real spongy fluffy hollowness on the inside article critical political political laugh look at that what if by that that's perfect absolutely perfect just a little bit still a problem isn't and don't forget the lovely always up all nice crispy bass all my problems you know what that we've tomato it athletes shifted much better than we do I thought now that all it takes all of the baby if at all possible contacts as really but me phone call really good you wanna come to see is that James talent of course just but we are about it see the information come in CS and taste the poll cake which is answering finishes with those wonderful artists and ingredients and Jen are Welch we do now popped me to just a tad yeah well I still at Phoenix chin would think up some pasta and what I wanted process well also blocks we can to somebody did the skeptic about one was because well June one Spain's cannabis can I pretend and submit cannot beat sailed just that little bit a chilling sight shall we do ducks do //
"2017-02-26 12:30:01"
Scrambled Egg Omelette | Jamie Oliver - AD
\\are kind of the people we're gonna do the most incredible breakfast or brunch scrambled egg omelet with the beautiful tomorrow salad finishes in battle and an amazing chili sauce and I will be picking up my pants Jamie Oliver by TI para range and showing you how damn good it is let's get going fast out I want to do a peaceful simple tomato salad just slice up the tomatoes about a centimeter thick so we want to celebrate shape color and of course flavor why one a day these mix up it's a multi on the plate join change up the colors how beautiful it was a lovely celebration of ingredients sprinkle some lovely things so and just a little bit of pepper and the no side a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil few Basil leaves like that so that is your basic tomato salad now I wanna Conchos that we've only like you've never seen before but to go with it I want a little chilly souls any cheap easy like have a look down here we go red green yellow Scotch bonnet but why wanted to if you don't want to remove most of I want the flavor of the fruit I want it to be amazing song the tightly ends off the chili my that and then I want to run the knife down the middle and I'm going to remove the white membrane and the chilly scenes and that's been really really hot pop we don't want back okay then all I wanted to it's funny slice Chiles like this now this can be so you can use on anything with past ... which salads on she's not Monserrat affected cheese you could put it on rusty prelude steamed fish and if you might hear it will last for about 45 days easily in the fridge so when it's nice and finally choked Chilean or in some nice oil 3 or 4 tablespoons goes in and the chase of one lemon said nominee hot she still has a definite a nice page of so in their mix it around okay it is time for the most important thing in this recipe we gonna make a scrambled egg omelet so what does that mean we want the kind of shape of the omit that still penis cover and wrapup really Cody gorgeous chasing scrambled egg size 6 X. go in to this call little Jews love milk just a splash so we've got the eggs with a little pinch of salt into the pan we gonna go with some butter seems that mounts we're gonna go in with the egg and then I'll meet a spatula just to go around the sites I'm just slowly mixed around those curves COBOL every part of the pan and big breaking up and you'll be quite fast and then after stuff to firm up and get to that point where setting one up a little bit of cheese in the middle here I'm gonna take it off the heat and you see just look at that texture we got only on the button scrambled egg on top then I'm gonna use this to flip it like this I'm gonna use the pan just the kind of got that and what's going to happen the only just go to the edge and when it goes to the edge on that just get this info it back and you get that wonderful shape and then we go one over could be excused eggs are really sensitive so they're gonna hold about this go over to ask him about this 10 out straight on to a solid looking back we get out noise and we gotta come down that we gonna cut deep into our own that I'm just supply I didn't like that look at that then we get back to the source in the depths of the my silky perfectly cooked all minute like he'd never seen before finish with a few bits of bands on top I'm brothers and sisters come on who wouldn't love that with hot toast you're pretty P. dies the whole point of this you get that love the silky blonde outside loving scrambled inside and then you hit up of the Cheney source and the tomatoes administer it saga of it's a really wonderful technique and I believe we need a plan that doesn't have home copilot's you need even cooking writings to be non stick you know you just wipe out now stunning but when in the sink to squat down it's good to go again and if you want more information on these pans and all my other ranges and click the link in the description but polite I can't //
"2017-02-19 12:30:00"
How To Make Bread | Jamie Oliver - AD
\\ntfc I'd let me show you really simple bread recipe this is a really trusted way to do it is super simple and you can do it easily home the self is really good fun I'm gonna be picking up my peaceful bikeway range this is gonna Mike to nice big pins passed out we go one kilo both strong bread flour usual hands to make a well and then what we gonna do is at least to some tepid water also chaise are 7 grams so we can add one such a to 620 millilitres of tepid water so if you leave that for about 5 minutes what you gonna do is activate this dormant dried yeast I never felt the bubble absolutely stock about looks and mix it up what you can do is add just a little pinch of sugar to the tepid water now what this does is feed the yeast go in white say out they'll say give you peace slightly dark let me just begin to thrust up and then we'll make it that a nice generous couple of pinches so to the flower well we're gonna wait for that east to activate and start kind of bubbling at that point we gonna add the water to the well now you see I'm using my 4 kids and I'm just bring in the 4 can from the outside to the inside it makes like a kind of porridge fast what we want to make is a peaceful Smoove elastic die this recipe is normally bang on but sometimes paying on the weather you know the falcon reacts on different he said be prepared to add a little bit more water or flour depending on how it looks lick surely use the 4 until the last moment when you count use it anymore and then we're gonna go for a crisis of needing now I can kind of tell you there's a specific technique but really just move it stretch it brick pit really rob and rub it on to the model he will become less sticky of course if you got little stuff but so does he commute a palette knife scrape the data off of it every time you need it Johanna making the Clinton stronger stronger and therefore it's going to track and stretch and hold in those deaths is that the yeast create okay guys so that that's how about 10 minutes needing now and this is gonna have to proves fast proof will be ... to develop flavor because some sort of put in a bow rub a little bit of oil and you can do this live about 2:00 hours until it's doubled in size or you can even do it in the fridge so it's colder and improve slower but what you get is even more flavor will develop more flavor so you choose which way you want to do it I'm gonna come of this we have some cling film so it's kept nice and humid and if you look over here he's a die this had 2:00 hours proving so let's have a look not a little bit of flour SF is here and pull out Mister all split this value in half here smash the air out of it and then what we did today is just fail these 2 modes here need out into a bowl straight and next thing I do is get myself a tea towel and I just put it under a warm tap and I wanna bring out so it's a nice humid environment announced simply put this over the top unleaded prove for about an hour parent house into his double in size and then we'll break it sorry guys after now you can see it's doubled in size I'm gonna put in the middle of the oven the album's pre needs to one degree Celsius which is 400 Fahrenheit 30 minutes in the F. 35 minutes into it so sound hollow when you type it will be good to go okay guys start off to 35 minutes and I took the bread out the team I wanted to hear a hollow sound and then you know it's fluffy and cooked on the inside of course the top is really nice and crisp let's have a look inside beautiful look at that a nice simple sandwich or toast might've homemade bread tends the everyday and the pouring into something sublime and gorgeous if you wanna see more Mike gorgeous bite where range hit the eye out there and check it out it's beautiful and if you wanna see a lovely recipe for Irish soda bread made which American talent yeah he's Italian and don't go skiing in Stephanie Irish and the details are in the information box below you gonna have a lovely Tonka connects a great respect second till next time guys by the //
"2017-02-18 10:30:00"
Gennaro's Secret Italian Allotment! | Gennaro Contaldo
\\how many people I don't I mean Tuscany on film it's a widget Jeremy I was a very very lucky to find ... lays a lot to me score under several cryptography and summing Richards so many different cauliflower in the hot D. chunks 5 trusting all bridges viciousness more one Solari sit W. Brilz well you fry well you make a very famous couple often which using chat with god so many Gemma thought it cannot believe without a Rosemary we usually or somebody for almost every thinks for the most part for those beautiful polenta chipped might come very famous Jen not apart kept up wage 8 days say EAM Corriveau helped define I all you know you may we use our usual octopus ever as well when I go round of collecting my wild mushrooms out ways to make show then I branch the time inside what time I get a lot more flavoring jitters it's unbelievable powered up about a globally build one draft pick safety so good yeah what afraid of what I favor I cannot say you pawned image everybody now you find low level to place all over the world I am sure you will play the sound your house the last double gold jet flower we use a member that in restaurants future for a fantastic job crushing her lips you Blanchett's and then you fill it with so many different goodies you approach or you're breaking ribs very lucky to be so lucky to find all these ingredients the lovely papers that also reusing Jemmy Todd solid growth is incredible chart tryna yeah then on the statutory mental me study fashion talk father she fat Chauvet deny us into a bed the seamy pregnancy and our our create dole not gonna stop but I didn't go well well one would threaten to belittle your PMR number established it was you that you wish you the pungent gross them easy targets I submit to the battle Robert Siegel Monique I don't know how well Gennaro dog went to the gym I they one job not //
"2017-02-12 11:37:48"
Beautiful Breakfast Tortillas | Jamie Oliver
\\NPI guys when I made the most amazing breakfast 20 years last so quick so delicious it's an amazing breakfast brunch or lunch lovely ex little bones of men Chega cheese talk here avocado lime quarry and that she be source it's gonna be great now this recipe comes from this book Jamie's America is one of my favorites I think the recipes are absolutely incredible and in this recipe of course where an ally wearing piece that I with the Mexican communities I spend a lot time in east LA and on different jobs working in schools in different districts met some amazing people this talk here is the Hamas to them it's so simple I love making this for like 2 to 4 people I get a bunch of plates and I just put a couple of things in the a table first up that's just slice up in 2 months so per coriander leaves and longtime a fresh chilies so that's the tomorrow type up then we're going to go on to the avocado part not have occurred I can depending on the variety stop subsidizing discovery the thing that will stop back is tres actually line so just a little squeeze of lime juice a lot so you think you can find a slice if you want and then you can just push it down just to make it look nice I'm going to use some wheat tortillas here rethink these are called upon to here organic dry pan non stick adult woman crispy edges woman bending them for reading a poem time on I medium high heat at least ex we gonna add a spring onions or scallions I saw variations of these ex in the states and and with the Mexican communities I really love this method the man take a cheese so I'm just gonna great by heat table spade that's for seasoning if you want to take get a knife and a little nuggets of Munch a guy and they won't fully melt completely until you finished so you get little poems of cheese and you scrambled eggs these extra my chickens and say they're all different sizes and that's what happens when you got chickens because the different ages 6 actually probably enough for 4 people actually having a few ribbons of ya come the white is quite nice so that kind of release whipping out that is absolutely cold I'm gonna use just a tablespoon of oil and just a little bit of data in we go wave the ex right now I love to use spatula for this really important we think lovely little sheep in here silently on the take off the heat now because I'm reading the temperature and I don't know why the cookies we want sheets and on the cooked if it's cooked in the pan will be over cooked in your mouth and in the place in with the spring onions song just folding the sheets over the texture that's what we want really loose ex we haven't kind of cook the protein so they ridiculously found and it's like you know it's textually incredible with that little bones of 9 Chega I'm this evening in the flavor you will never regret cooking eggs like this so let's play one out of just warmed up a tortilla one side is not crispy is nice and bending and then going to get some of these beautiful tomatoes 9 Jace coriander seasoning beautiful beautiful colors avocado and then we got these amazing acts and this is all about texture light is flavors the homemade chili source comes out this one his next level click the link up there ... and I'll show you have to make my one took me months to get it right and then why my day it's finished just with a little Munch I go over the top long strokes I look at those college guys that just reminds me of my time in America with my might re guy needs that I absolutely gorgeous I be like that if you do like if you wanna do the chili sauce pick the link up there or in the information box below the breakfast happy brunch happy lunch you guys yeah the //
"2017-02-09 17:30:00"
Friday Night Feast | Rack of Lamb | 8pm. Channel 4. Friday. UK
\\n't I NDA nnsl I I I I the I but this nnsl I the I the I the I //
"2017-02-05 12:30:00"
Sweet Potato & White Bean Chilli | 5 a Day Dish
\\be so it's a given always a fun song to die San Angelo state and getting ready for the often when the US done let me give in again and I the well no the it the //
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Sweet Chilli Salmon Stir-Fry | Katie Pix | Ad
\\cheap I'm Katie banks and like me come home and eat the whole thing happens we favorite TV programs on and think Swindon assistant that just because we've partnered up with the some of the fish chi to bring you one of that brand new frozen range person just for laughs I'm repairing that today the delicious vegetable noodles staff fry that can be cut up that's means sigh we had assaulted today with also 16 which I buy delicious so think Simon sustainably souls for the compliment she Cheney lines and ginger dressing and enough votes we've got Hyundai little often bad for the going to Steve Wasserman include this recipe is enough for people delicious portion I think this comment with any path invoiced and delicious fish again I lost worry not instructions that will aid the packet now this is going to be up and at 170 degrees centigrade 28 has not seen the other and we now 28 minutes make I think science desk and frankly I'm going to mimic those foods oriental flavors mountain Simon with all vegetable stock price a festival noodle I'm go ahead nice pot boiling water and I'm just gonna kit kat 125 grams of taurine free range egg noodles and just an aspect pack instructions the wealth is a cooking for 3 or 4 minutes I'm gonna make a full suite is safe is simple and then take a tablespoon and a hot aplomb so with a good heart and home tablespoons of honey the Jews of one line and then we can't seasoning full of 3 schools 3 get a little mixed up internal is played all noodles are ready something to drain those off in a call into and then I'm just gonna throw some cold and his needs and seventies and now it's time to press on she's against top Chinese page and now you can get this week easy in any generic market through just about a quarter of a Chinese cabbage hit one rad which is me finally flights 3 boring onion a discount off of the act I'm just gonna go asinine with when I shop freedom and then we just come out and all should this not peace we took off the grounds about one who centimeters agenda and one clove of garlic now final present done it's time to work and that you know tapping little Khomeini S. family of cool disoriented slave is that if a man could walk on a puff on a nice client he waved off the table Spain vegetable oil will be adding in full of flavor is I think may put on famine in the offense to uptown we gonna ads in agenda and all Ganay now mind you know fresh veggies so we can stop without spring onions RFF it and all Chinese cabbage I'm gorgeous sales should be your the thing about men on the hay and do nothing tenure down at this point I know you're thinking pretty but public employees because we wanna play kilo extreme reinstate the free throw in fact available today soon got 50 grounds all present he's coming for 50 grams of bean sprouts going in there as well found them in own I'm gonna put a meadow think he thought he heard right another team and love laser just gonna push everything to one side I'm gonna aunt Amy fault schools combination to the side of the pan and then once you got it's a little bit reduced we're gonna make 6 through a new stuff points only ready to welcome home tossed site the don Haas salmon is nave perfect it could and would have to do is to heat up on delicious sore feet cheating on and ginger dressing the to heat the schools are going to place this Saturday in a pound of some remorse at the full moon DB cap when you heard him off call but now we're ready played out by that it didn he fishes stink the healthy people trouble with have to this mail couldn't full salmon with associates hitting it live and ginger dressing on that's to do stuff prize it thingy it's vibrant absolutely delicious guys more information makes you check out the link for the souls of the in the box below and //
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How to make Chilli Sauce! | Jamie Oliver
\\well the people we're gonna make chili sauce where onions tomatoes chilis side of me because this recipe will make 350000000 is I which is that not but my advice to you is time this recipe 456 do a batch cook a whole year I love you okay the spirit I think price has some these a fairly hot chilies on putting 12 of them in you can the seed the Chiles but I'm gonna say about the seeds little bit later because I want the heat but you adjust it to your liking 2 onions it's regular white onions and then 2 cloves of garlic pale those the new guy generous pinch so what panther just chop it up caller I just love the color I'm just gonna add it to a pan with about 2 tablespoons of oil medium pace that's mixed this around look at that onions garlic chili I want to blend the fresh chilies with chili powder 2 teaspoons and by sweating this off you gonna get sweet flavors bomb going to use a little bit of sugar to balance that's a 2 tablespoons sugar will let that just simmer away for about 10 minutes to get those lovely flavors going I have a look at this guys you can see that Sweden is reduced in size already now 6 right plum tomatoes the better tomorrow is the back of the survey chocolate or not you gonna get such good flavor from not and then it gets really exciting 150 millimeters of vinegar but I'm using apple cider vinegar the link between Chile and apple it's phenomenal it's pretty phenomenal I'm gonna back out with some lovely cloudy apple juice 250000000 so they thought and I pull back bone not just in sweetness but in flavor with the chili with the onion with the tomatoes scan the bees how good really really good so we gonna bring this to the boil I'm gonna simmer for about 20 minutes then went live check what we wanna do now it's just have a little taste well that's what makes me do you see that getting going ... actually they put the little reset it says he's a natural chemical in cap does release be home serotonin and and it picks you up it's unbelievable I mean I'm I'm all into it smells amazing it's got good cake pull this and to hear liquidizer until find if you like it so clear just put it through a sieve by this I'm gonna keep it rustic today but you do whatever you like it really is an amazing way to brighten up pretty much any dish turn the heat off now that's boiling I find a little taste well you that's what makes me feel like every time I do it if you want it to last year sterilize them jobs or bottles or whatever you want to keep in that kills all the bugs to everything is there also including this and let's put actually source been to apple it just ignore my mess and I apologize it's just excitement Akan I just don't hold myself and I'm gonna go back in here the 5 minutes that's going to sterilize it okay so that way it's gonna last a nicely we as filler up whenever I do a batch I would keep some I'm a dime but but they're realizing it I just put some strain the fridge anyway last week week 0.5 easily they got a guy's surely south ... is really good I'm really excited about it we go to sterilize one 's really cool we've got the ones available for now beautiful is a great gift even though this recipe straight forward honing greetings all I would so love and and it took me months to get right so if your Cheney source lava forward it share it Shimon that's a long sigh Shimon Shimon shook his house okay if you wanna see some nice restaurants were much if South click the on button on their opponents in the comments box below so have gone a bit with but this stuff just makes me happy honestly ... died this is my hi this is my everything love other I love you I I I //
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Angry Mussels 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver
\\this ngga how many people it's about time if you never a fool to try some we gonna too angry muscles such chili garlic and some tomatoes we gonna happen just opened the broth we're gonna have them over toast I'm gonna have them with some beautiful spaghetti there is nothing negative that these bad boys do they clean the water fuller goodness that absolutely delicious I think about 4 minutes to cook fell is the ultimate false food now you can get your fishmonger to print these for you they just Washington put a little bit of flight that they really really simple today if there's any that are open just get rid of them a pan of boiling water and I've got a griddle pan those 2 things signify take in the beautiful muscles 2 ways first up so it boiling water let's get the pastor for the linguine grab it with 2 hands twisted and then when it goes in it will spiral around and then it won't stick together so nice little tip that the plan straight on their view him we gonna to a beautiful crostini right so we gonna get a nice chunk of interesting great and then we're going to do piece of touch to turn that down nicely now in here we gonna too angry muscles set out to be out to source and Italian source based around Chile garlic and some peaceful tomatoes tightly ends of the Chiles the seeds of the really hot pop we want to get rid of those cut into little scripts olive oil a couple tablespoons goes in go straight in with chili I'm bring out from a cold pan I hope so it really kind of skews the chilly in the oil and then I want to slice up some garlic 2 or 3 clubs will be just fine this is superphosphate this will be done in the time that it takes a cook spaghetti night from a tool in with the garlic let's change up additional kind of parsley Basil herb I could see right find we go straight in and they go into the oil and the flavor is bleeding me T. really savory have a look at or anywhere else absolutely gorgeous but back on here turn the heat up 40 will not be nice a little bit of lemon zest just a couple of strokes no make all the difference all I can smell it already the men if this garlic starts to look Goldman right here in with a muffled a little bit of what one it's when a gesture it's on full lack I'm gonna go in but some offers now you won't plum tomatoes and then use your hands to really scrunch but tomorrow's through your hands so you get a nice nice rustic to mark Phillips with white wine right lead on top 4 minutes or until a more open and they're gonna be incredible with the toasts transform it just get one clove garlic cut in half rub it once twice 3 times point for around the rim that is very very nice really really pungent and gorgeous look at that so you can tell when the life of the cook when they've thing though you can we can happen just open like that with the broth peaceful like taking the juice from the button you just hello taste all a little bit longer it probably just made the whole thing incredible you got a lot of chief coming out there not chief as well loves could go on things that suck up flava could right that great it's a really fun time so plain open simple then we got the toast and we gonna put the muscles on top when a court order that use just go straight into the toast it sucks it all up and it just makes it slightly more Stan Cheung and then on the last play gonna go in and then when the past is slightly under and what is going to suck up that lovely flavor wow linguine with muscles super super delicious I would finish that with good olive oil absolutely gorgeous enjoyed it muscles angry style we've linguine on toast and as they are //
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Charred Veg Salad | Jamie Oliver
\\n't how are you to be people like I weighed in at the I. W. it was on supper Dana I is a brilliant way of game 5 of you 5 for adventure day in one meal grilled blackened to rest delicious vegetable in a rat with couscous fat cheese they're gonna melt in your mouth and be delicious and it's a real pleasure to Mike so first up over here look or that color color color that's what it's all about so I just put your veggies on hand onions just paled by a machine peppers tomatoes cautious also we put up a Chinese on hit so we gonna charge these bad boys up when you come in caramelized does not show sugars from within all of these flavor start to change and become so you're adding smoking isn't hosting if you're wondering what this thing is I'm cooking on below is a cool little kinda rating which means you can so stuff out with you anywhere these 2 days of never met before said to me the post rich in England from klaxon of course you could do this in a large frying pan on high heat dry nonstick frying pan turn the motive enough to Russia leaving going for about 78 minutes sometimes it might take a little bit longer we're using cuscus here how weak couscous that Choate up from the White couscous to the whole wheat and it's brilliant because you get more fiber and that's definitely one of the things that benefits all of us so I'm just gonna cover couscous with about one centimeter of boiling water I'm appropriate to so in and just put a plate alba lie that I'm not I'm not sure he just fluff up another wave to a huge amount nutrition it's not the me that Hazen not sound sunflower seeds just a handful of each a nice tea spinner a pinch of Oregon and great for flavor a little pinch of Kenyan just a little kind of hommage saving us there joy chili I fennel seeds fantastic site one doing hands on just hosting up please not soon seeds and spices to wakeup those flavors and essential oils and it's gonna make it tastes are truly amazing so I put those into a pest LaMotta now smash them up miniature oil to come out and this becomes a wonderful sprinkled but you can put into your salad points you'll rack with a nice mixture of fine and then because I because Chris is done we don't if there anything else to that we've blackened now that she's here you can fail with that soft at with some of the goals of the cut that you see now peppers onions and the Chinese pull off the skin get rid of any kind of blackened bits and if you just kind of running a finger along when they're just so slide off my back Simon the peppers will put out stalk and the seeds of course some no job it's absolutely delicious its flavor that's a but the man not to jinx this comment about really nice Chanukah not to addressing we just pack everything up sure there's an easy way to do this I made that quite hard for myself you then often aboard a psycho posted that basically there's nothing technical about this is just 0.5 Cup the veggies look at the colors get your veggies in dress it with some nice olive oil about 2 tablespoons will hit absent vinegar works really really well about tablespoon seasoning I choose a herb like mint really really good Terry out and then mix it up E. create is useful seasoned venture you know you could put that slice potatoes and sort of tie a full 9 you could put that on the fish and rushed it says a really fun time operation of vegetables the wait to finish this dish to get a nice little tia straight on the body he up the tortilla just on one side really let's play this up we go out of the tortilla to take it out statement beautiful fluffy discuss it sucks up all those flavors from this beautiful veggie Greek yogurt here in that just a little bitchy source and then the lovely not concede sprinkle really really good last but not least factor just a nice little sprinkling because she can use a knife a folk but I'm not to just roll it up I get in my go because it's quite messy sometimes when I'm going to do this to get heat output of you had so no one can see a John got a bit insecure now thanks I feel like I've //
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Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Jamie Oliver | Jamie’s Comfort Food
\\the ultimate toasting do you see on the inside but topped off with a crown of crispy cheese when I use a flashy sourdough bread we use in a nice humble white bloom bass sent me a fake get yourself some nice butter room temperature always helps many like bartering and do both sides of the butter NBI self about strikes out and you can use any change that you love that's going to mount nicely a good chatter at red Leicester once the cheese grated pilot have full on chip had prayed and gave it a squeeze and we're going to put it into the time you'll need your frying pan on a low to medium heat so we wanna do is spend about 3 minutes on each side get and beautiful and go with that perfect temperature to get the middle Susie now I'm going to place some white on the top I just use whatever you go around you just the way down the hall mmhm so I KYW us remove the whites now and we have here a perfectly legitimate toasted cheese sandwich right lovely how many will be happy with that okay I think I'm I'm gonna go right I layer of cheese around the bottom of my little pan hit no mice think of it like a little doily and we gonna take this cheese sandwich we're gonna put it final talk and in the course of a minute and a hall it brings out completely different flavors from the chains saying save the file splitting from the chains and that's another opportunity fat is coming out 5 means we cannot flavor just a tiny little page okay tiny you probably won't even say it they will taste it not I think home I think not be quite rough with it then what are we scared of it and then you get on the main thing can you just hold it we by the time that we count to 30 we then created how crown I mean I would love it's a good bet for the queen then we put a little bit more change we put in the middle this is the final turn full turns to perfection guy supports her but faction in the eighties and we go live at the 10 minutes because inside that toasty and in the cheeses like opinion degrees Celsius this get the brown campaign I can going grab a mango chutney after the company this is what makes the world go round crispy give me fluffy golden affection mmhm loan mmhm bowling Ngong //
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Perfect Chocolate Souffle | French Guy Cooking
\\yes I do this is Alex from plans get looking in today I'm gonna show you how to make a big vicious and sweet chuckling softly this dessert will ever reach and chocolatey flavor indulgent and that can and you can to death for special occasions to impress you so if you've seen my stuff before you know that I like simply find French cooking and meet with more accessible so I simply means to Bruno otra puff and we use that word because the student is what makes this so please so sue for ladies made around 2 things first off a creamy base and th