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"2014-11-04 12:41:37"
\\hi guys so I thought that I would just like to see this audition video that I just made just not my voice is kind of course I apologize but I'm kind of stick kind of been yelling a lot because of this script ... we I'm actually auditioning sending audition video for a talent agency and so I figured I'd let you guys in on this until agencies this one particular most I assume alone require a one minute monologue just because it's short and to the point and so I picked this one minute monologue for specific purpose I picked it because it has kind of a range of emotions it's sad but it's also angry ... is on just one thing and also you want pics like active ones that are your and you're doing something you know I'm yelling at people it's I think a one day I went to the store if you don't reflective once a month actor I really think that this is a really good one so I'll let you know you thought of this to you I hope you enjoy we hear mean you're getting a divorce not just cannot be happening to me did you work things out I mean it can't possibly be that bad to know how embarrassed this is gonna make me at school everybody thinks we're happy I'm always telling people how in love you to our hope one day it I want to live like that we would I got into really I don't mean to switch schools all my friends parents are still married you know tell me please tell me what's going on tell me why you're leaving how could you do this to me a good 0 some go I promise I'll do better well it was shopping but I do stupid things up doing so is there anything every moment well I don't think that there is no such thing as making it better for everyone this is the worst possible thing that can happen and I will never ever forgive either of you //

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