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"2017-10-15 21:13:56"
\\today when I talk to you about recruiting employees and this is really one of the key topics of running a successful business and I would say politically in very large companies it is probably the number one area of focus for ... many fortune 500 CEOs and obviously the person who put Thor the best team on the field of play new market is the one that wins and it's also the one that god this is the one skill that allows you to have a great lifestyle and when you have a good team working for you ... many rebels recruit that team it makes your life a whole lot easier unfortunately it's one of those challenges perfectly for small businesses that a lot watchmen years really struggle with I think it's because a lot of men had bad experiences you know I hired someone out whether full time employee or a house or a contractor and it didn't really work out they didn't do a good job and they ended up happening is I have to ... you know do it myself so now the police can't do it right and you sort of fall into the trap of you know if you want something done right you you sort of gotta do it yourself and the ... and a big part of that equation in getting others to do the work for you and do well is to recruit well and in a big part of that is knowing what you want some with talk of today about the ... guy 6 key ideas that we share what it comes to recruiting employees and how the important relief big picture lesson here and in all of this is that new recruiting and recruiting while Israel this one skill if you get it right ... back can really compensate for virtually any other weakness he might have ... in yourself as much so if you are not really good with detail like I am it's high ... then you can recruit to compensate for that I because it is important have people who are different in your business but it does have to be I if you are not good at selling out but you can recruit people get selling then you can use them to turn it revenue you know secrets were think of virtually any part of your business if you're not good at it ... by being able to recruit people and recruit them well how you can go ahead and sound comes a free week that's that's really being important so let's go and dive in today and are they really 6 mean ideas want to cover ... the first is really if first first to really philosophical and and it really has to do with the mindset you take in approaching a business particularly as it relates to managing employees yeah I want action if I mention it when I see team members I sort of include how employees are part time people contractors ... vendors companies so it really is thinking of just sitting on your team as well because of what it form they happen to it to be and the point really one emphasizes that businesses really team sport in it and I think we struggle this one for a long time and has a lot to do with yeah I think how we're trained in and high in many different cultures around the world you S. Asia parts of Europe as well that's I am you know you really want to work hard answer to within yourself and I think it comes from from schooling actually you know what when I went to school you know kindergarten through through through twelfth grade after a high school income you know we were always encouraged or required right rather to do well do work ourselves so I we couldn't really ask for help on tests for example from our classmates because that was can ... cheating and you will get kicked out of school and the entire system of education ... in most parts of the world are really geared toward idea frankly training people to become employees because employees and and so things like do everything yourself out work hard to get better grades ... don't ask others for help advocate that's cheating is really sort of meant to our make you a better employee out the prom with that is not all of us become employees in that some of us going to become entrepreneurs and to run businesses and in business arm during a meeting yourself is a liability hurts you ... because first what is no rule that says you can't get help so even though we're so used to this score we can to help I in business you precisely one do the exact opposite of what would have made you successful in school you know so for example I was very successful schools predicts ... my Dick got good grades went on to our a Stanford University which is whether sort of more recognizable schools here in the United States and ... you know it worked very well their work very hard to get it back rates in getting a job at soccer company which is that a consultant for so what a fortune for companies I guess mackenzie's I claim to fame is that ... more former McKinsey employees went on to be fortune yes than I am former employees of any other company world and was a really good training ground for exposed how out large businesses run things I am and what I realize that was once I left the concert several businesses that serve couple years behind years ago my very first business I was still in the do it yourself met now because I'm my my my performance as a student my performance as an employee was always brown measured relative to how well I did announce how how how hard I worked what results I delivered and had very little to with what other people now me were doing and the problem with that is when in business week between when running your own business that's not the case you know your income our is primarily determined by how well your entire team performs and not just how well you perform them so for example if you look at very big companies you know Bill Gates his his billions of dollars ... that's really driven by how well all the employees at Microsoft perform and at this point has been little do with how he does and every successful business that's really the case once you get beyond sort of getting started how well your team as a whole performance has a much bigger determining impact on your income and how you personally perform and that mentality unfortunately is not one that a lot of entrepreneurs hound practice no I think a lot of understand it intellectually but they don't actually using and what sort of get into a little more of how it's why that's the case and had a sort of get beyond that but the really big lesson is that business is a team sport and that's you we want you focus on having the best team ... in your company so that you can be I had it in the in the marketplace at your end harm and the and the side benefit is of course we have a good team you have the works of art which is always a a good thing that's really the US or less number one is ... business is a team sport and that it's really simple you know if you have the best team and they are but you're not person that drawing of a skills still win now ... a a sort of average much veneer with a fantastic team is gonna now earn outperform and dominate the competitors who have a very talented individual entrepreneurs who working by themselves ... and that was sort of lesson I sort of learned along the way and I looked at ... some here's who are making very good money but you know perhaps didn't have as many of the skills that I thought I had and ... but they have us what's it called recruiting down you know and when you know how to recruit you can pretty much beat anybody any one individual in the marketplace and if they don't know how to recruit so it's a really important scale this ask you of recruiting employees in between amber's because it allows you to dom in marketplace even if you individually aren't the most talented or most gifted person in your market answer really is a humongous at huge equalizer and terms of making you competitive relative to competitors how the second really big idea I want to convey around teams and and as it relates to recruiting is that teams should pay for themselves now most are many entrepreneurs there were lessons and people want to their team and it's important to be selective and add it when its nascent now when it makes sense to arm but that the philosophy I I see a lot of entrepreneurs ... using and practicing is the ads here adding teams are expense and also there is some expense involved but I want to sort of change the mindset a little bit out into that whenever you're doing it correctly whenever you add an amateur team you making okay and obviously if you add a person certainly not making more money than you've done something wrong kind of explain and now my know how that works but down here sort of 2 ways that a team compatriot cells are the first ones were these our number one is if you are hiring someone who himself produces revenue so if you're hiring a sales person is paid on commission ... they only get paid if they produce sales so that's a very easy type of higher to make ... if you're in the right environment you have a good plot that like that product every dismal sales person you and you had a good sales person could hire the they pay for themselves and more because they're bringing and revenue that ... for someone pays for their own their their compensation but also I brings in more than what the cost so in a particular situation when you have some comparison net profit for you you won at them that that's the easy one that the slightly less obvious one is the second way that teams can pay phones and out what that is is you can bring on people onto your team to help free up your time okay so if you are spending a lot of your time for example on our customer service or ... you're delivering products your customers or paying the bills or answering the phone taking out the trash or vacuuming office ... in those types of tasks now in the themselves don't generate revenue but you can still make a profit from an effeminate at your team by getting some to take off those take those towards off your plate and do them so that you don't have to giving you more free time can now that alone doesn't really create more revenue what it does is it gives you more free time but what you want to do is one and link that's to you working on some type of revenue generating activities so you want to do is you never it's one hire some of the free up your time ... because that's not profit producing decision what you wanted isn't a bundle to particular decisions together you want to hire someone or higher team member to free up your time and you want to work on something that generates revenue okay so this particular case with the doing is if you're very good revenue generator on but you're so busy doing things that don't produce revenue we do this you're hiring someone on your team do the work that's how was taking up a large portion of its personal time so you have more free time that you can then apply to generating weapon so for example if your best sales person in your car ... but you only spend you know 4:00 hours of a week now selling that's a big that's a big big big big messed up armed when you wear that could determine in revenues you wanna spend as much time any method is example if you're spending 4:00 hours a week general revenues I'll meet all else being equal if you were simply to double the amount of time to focus on selling to 8:00 hours you know double income as in that particular situation arm it is worth getting someone to to the other stuff that's taking up your time now so that you can focus on revenue generate that's where the other the other key secret is you want to link and the hiring of a team member to replace to perform some of the activities that that suck up a lot of your time anyone a link that to a revenue generation opportune okay so the key is to do both and the riff that's important is because if you don't link the 2 I'm a couple things will happen first of all you probably will hire somebody because it won't be for it won't make sense financially you hire someone your ankles and go down now in some cases that's good idea from a lifestyle standpoint ... because working too hard it's harder and harder relaxed ... but for a lot of engineers they just don't like it feels like they're wasting money and and and so they just don't do it it's much easier I think a lot much nurse if you link the decision to hire someone to do the that I the time consuming work that you personally to you so that you can focus on general revenues something that's I think it's a lot easier for someone except and in the key is you gotta make both decisions at the same time you don't want just hire some the free of the time you want to think in advance that well I had an extra 10 2030 hours a week well what would I do with it and and so I would probably work on critics new service at this new product right work on something more what work on my marketing or some other revenue generation active you are open you store where you know those kinds of Iraq those kinds of things anyone think about well if I if you take the 30 hours and I go hand in hand focus on sales and marketing experience pain in my business well how much money would that bring in over the course of the next 6 months or 12 months ... anyone complete number it is really not what the number is Abby just wanna come up with you know roughly how much more money couldn't make if I had an extra 2030 hours I and then you want to see what what would it cost to hire somebody to replace me and doing those things that are currently taking up an extra 2030 hours out of my way you must which numbers bigger and if the project that you're gonna work on for generating revenue ... isn't significantly higher than the cost it it would be to replace I'm the hire someone to replace yourself in some of the amp is the work that you have to do that that's a good decision because when you combine the 2 decisions it's a profitable joint the set and that's really the key here behind this is that you want to make ... sure that teams pay for them selves ships otherwise you know why would you want counts again so that the 22 different ways here are you hire someone who generates revenue directly which is up for you from us was to sort of ... to decide on the make fun of science and sort of not a lot of not a lot of ... resistance to because having yourself first the commission revenues for I am and the other is when you hiring someone who's just going to activity work do what the technical link that decision to a revenue to but here pride and that you've been meaning to get to ... and with a good way to do it and what happens all over time have I don't know what Clinton is like this ... year he he cannot he really needs to hire 3 people but he can't really afford to that right now and so what I suggest to him wise you out you start with the bought one higher up in most of these were I would say like busy work people sort of like a lot of time consuming things I need to get done and none of them were direct refuge ... but but this particular individual was a very good average writer but just at the time to focus on it so I suggested to him was take that you're of the 3 people about which one would free up the most of your time ... which one which person when you add them to your team would I transfer most the work from your plate onto their plates the most which and have a particular role in mind in the probably free up in between the 30 out as a week from ... which was a significant benefits taunting and then I said ... would you want to do is you want a link that decision to a particular hit this one prosecution means do for half a year just never got to I said you want to do the 2 together so you you hi this one person you focus on the new project get get it done because I have more time to focus on it your income goes up and then you come back you hire second and that's what this back and forth you hire a person free up your time you work on something it generates revenue you get the revenue Appiah more profitable you take some of the profits to plow back in the hiring someone to 50 to more of your time and you go fuck the next review project ends there is a sort of back and forth over and over again I stepping up your income each but the way and and along the way I'm taking freeing up more mortar time by transferring activities to to other people so that's where the really other big a philosophical point is that you always want make sure the teams pay for themselves and using these 2 different approaches are having a highly people which salves or hire people to free up your time so you can focus on revenue to our is our 2 easy ways to make do you pay for them I think the third thing is ... and it is also a bit of a philosophic and you really want higher hire people that focus I compensate for you and I almost want to say you want to hire people to focus on anything it's not your strength so even if you're competent at some it's not your number one straw in it you want to give serious consideration you do that for you and the idea is you want to free up your time so you only focusing on your street things that you not only competent not but exceptional and and the reason is when you yeah it's really the best use your time if your extraordinary talent in one area ... you get the most financial value pod with satisfaction and so I had the example I sort of give is that's on you know like Michael Jordan who was ... now Bassil player won the battle there around the world special and ... is very good at basketball ... now you know on his team ... you know I'm sure someone on that team is also in charge of doing laundry right I make use the lodges the uniforms are clean before I became for practice now you know yeah I Michael Jordan I'm sure did not do that that that do the laundry Bob because it's not a good use of time but you know he could be confident that if in fact he could be good at you he could be very good at doing laundry and so ... our own bodies exceptional and play basketball and so it will be a very bad use of his time if he would spend a couple hours knocking our day doing the laundry are for his teammates because he was very good at ... and I think sort of to understand that because he's so talented basketball he basketball and so you you as an entrepreneur how the same kind opportunity no there are a range of things that you are capable of doing but this probably only a small handful of things that you really really good at ... traffic of various people I know I know one person how for example is a phenomenal networker ... she loves me people ... yeah she has this huge rolodex and is constantly generating new business by meeting new people ... ends and that's something that's completely foreign to me not really great networker ... but that's what she loves a deal but you spend all our time doing things that aren't related to meeting people I don't see I have another person who is ... it was very good tactically arm in his and his profession nobody's doesn't like the seller whole lot for exam so ... in that particular case he's really got a line on some with either hiring sal working with other companies that can sell on ... let's see what else ... I have so that's sort of like the key idea here is you want to think about what you're exceptional ads the purpose of having a team is so that you can focus yeah ... and that really helps you grow your business and helps you have nothing 20 business a whole lot more and in addition you don't want to just hire people to compensate for your weaknesses witches ... which I think most people sort of understand you actually want to hire people to do the things that you're that are not your strength ... even if you're good at them and confident that them it's not clear that just become but it ... you really want to focus your time on what makes you exceptional now on I'll give you an example him in my business I I have ... yeah a bookkeeper CPR and there they basically process my bills and in do the financial statements and all that kinda stuff ... and when it really look at Max a pretty good at that you know yeah I did have a background that at school for learned about that and I'm sure the company and it ... but I have someone else do that before 2 reasons one is in no I'm not the best the world that it even though I'm confident I and I really don't like it ... it makes sense for me to have someone else do because I can focus on the things that I I do like the things that and I'm out you know exceptional out rather than just competent that's sort of a slight difference that I think a lot of options don't quite capture is that's about it you you're hiring shit really so you can focus on your exceptions I am a and took help other people do things that even that you're competent at doing just to get the free time because we'll find is that ... in this is sort of a broader topic but when you're able to really focus on on a small handful of things ... you're much more likely get phenomenal results enough so if you're good at something but only spending a 4:00 hours a week and selling you know if you can clear your schedule so you're someone 30 5:00 hours a week I mean you will see here US enormous increases in income just from the extra time and focus and giving it all the other distractions that's a really big and important idea okay the other fourth item ... sort of key lesson comes recording really gets into the recruiting process itself and and I have a very deliberate process only to you I it's a somewhat different than what a lot of small I think this is why I want bad experiences in in working with Louise and they many of them have been very turned on lost all businesses owners hire people and they're not happy with and what they do is they just sort of say how many other people doesn't know doesn't work very well and what what's really going on is not using a very good process for Harry people down and have a right to live but one that I and ... and it really focus a lot up front on looking way trying so most people when they look for someone to they buy the play a job description a sales person lots of it at that find some and and what you really that the porch I prefer is really being very very clear on the results you want that person ... and I think very clearly about what skills and knowledge that that person have to have in order to a deliver those results and so I like to encourage people to buy Michael results descriptions don't adopt a script you know the person one high right results the strip what were some deuce and then based her entire hiring process on whether not the people that you're looking at how the skills knowledge examples and and repetition of having produced those exact previously and this is a very important shift I think for a lot of a lot of business owners because the Frank this is not how most will do things now they say they try to hire a person and rather than hiring for a set of results you know when you hire people you get people when you hire for results you get results and which would you rather half because they're not the same they're deathly not the same ... salute key really is to focus on what you want the person to produce for you and so ... and and and not really let's what sort of the industry considers normal a typical or conventional arm and suffered simply because blood samples and I'm familar with a business that's ... those that was running in and York city many years ago I'm in Manhattan and this was a business selling the service that was sold primarily by telephone okay and when they ... looked at ... and with us from their looked out what kind of person they want on the phone they realize that ... that didn't want just sales people they wanted to deliver on that person that the on the phone to deliver a very sats predetermined cell skips the hand certain phrases and that they knew really worked in getting customers to buy and they wanted that's purse on the phone to be able to repeat those particular phrases in a way that was a very natural certain sound like they were reading script and the house was up from your had had a great I'm really a brilliant idea actually arms she ended up hiring out of work actors and actresses are I'm about used to work on Broadway you know so annoying him York City has a lot of theater has big feet redistrict and a lot of actresses and actors who are who are accustomed to memorizing particular phrases now their script if you went in at the play and then repeating them night and day in day out night after night after night trying to make it sound like they're saying for the very first time as is often realize that's the exact kind of profile that we want if that's the exact result be one up achieve on the telephone is someone who is able to repeat a a predetermined phrasing a script without making a sound like they're reading so from that standpoint that Nate beef the actors and actresses were a much better fit for that particular role Dan make a traditional sales person with 10 experience the way I think about what outcome what resulted trying to produce I have another Cup another clients are who is ... who manages the I guess the imp a publication are for lack of a better word and dial up until now he's been managing the publication himself in terms of what material gets into publication and so he's looking to hire an editor now someone who can take over ... that role for him and was asking me well what should I look for in an editor because I've never highland before and on my flight action was it doesn't matter what I think ... away you should hire an editor what really matters is what what outcome what said results you want this person to produce for you and somehow it he's he's in there on a particular field is a really is a very opinionated person is very much a thought leader he's written several books on his particular area and Saddam and so I asked them you know look you could hire someone the editor of a section you can hire some it's very good people but the if anything you area you can hire someone who was so past about your topic area but it's never really you know manager that a 12 apartments and I can make an argument depending on what you're looking for that any of those 3 would be considered quote unquote a good editor so it really depends on what results that you and so I said to him think about what you're doing right now Alvy activities and think about why you do that you know what alchemy trying to produce and and then use that as a basis for hiring person so if they have to manage a lot of people and that's the main thing they have to do is manage a lot of big team then you PI want someone who was very good at managing people I if the role really house you some of his very passionate about the topic are because we're in his on the cutting edge of ... of of leadership in terms of new ideas in his business armed then you might want someone who is very very very confident with the information arm but maybe just manage people very well ... and because I maybe got a lot of it would it be managed and so it really just depends on on what results you want the person to produce and so that's where they have the suggestion I give to you S. think about the the various roles and activities that you have our particular where there is respect think about what you want to change after you have you on board what activities they need to do and and more importantly when they do these activities properly what result what financial benefits do you want that person to achieve for your business and and typically it's I'm you know it's a book and one of couple different areas ... somehow were tied to generate more sales ... or reducing costs or improving quality for you so you can increase sales increase called reduce costs though typically you know that the 3 key financial now benefits that most will have and you know if you have an administrative person like an accountant or bookkeeper you know they're more about making sure things on screwed up and if you're having a sales person revenues and have lots of rules but we want to as well right down the results that you want ... which she if from this new and the second part of process is when you're interviewing somebody arm you want to focus really aren't looking for examples of that person's ability to deliver on those first so if the result if the role requires that I people who have how you view a different levels of experience then you wanna see ask for examples of how that particular prospective employees ... have managed people in the past and how they did it and the key the key idea behind here is ... the best predictor of future success is his past success so if they done something very specific and they produce of threat result previously in their career they're much more likely to to do it again so let's go back to the sales person ... there are lots of different kinds of sales people their sales people who are accustomed to working with pre the material sales per there's a kind of sales person who is ... sort of scary typically likes a cell like cells you could use cars that's sort of a ... American idiom arm and what they do is they don't we listen to the customer they basically try to push the product on to the customer and given the by even if the customer doesn't want it that's another kind of a sales person I even other still kind of sales person who is very good but they Sora of arms make things up as they go along so they're very reactive they don't use the same sales presentation twice but they're very effective because it will tailor the expense to that particular customer now those are all all 3 of those could be financially very successful sales people ... but you got to think about in your business which what results a 20 deliver you know if you want people who are sort of ... making up as they go along but effective warty one that would be saying the same thing and ... and depending on your answer that you would hire someone skills ... and and that's a very important thing to think about up up front I'm in the th and as you interview people that the the key important lesson in all of this is that you wanna break down the results you're looking for and then you want to specifically identify the knowledge or skills required to get the okay so you saw with results Vic what knowledge and skills now do you sort of knowing vocabulary knowing street jargon knowing it's work Papa would be putting porn like a financial services such straight and the skill is there a particular ability right I using computers in a certain way of being it's on every particular role you have you can have a need for particular skills as well as particular ... our knowledge that's required to deliver those was and when you interview people you want to do is look just go through the list you know if there are 3 key results that person has to be able to deliver and each of those has one piece of knowledge and want one skillets required a have 6 items and you just go through that your list of the skills and knowledge that require to get the job done and you ask them for example so give me 12 or 3 examples of how you did this how you can dump prove to me that you understand this particular area or give me an example of a you know 3 times that you have to ... manage other people in the in a situation where there is lot of discrete ... and we're looking for is just depth of experience for the more examples they can give you in each area of the month the more likely they can build repeat themselves are going for and this is a really important thing and actually yeah I've worked a lot of a fortune 5 companies a lot I'm actually get the sport wrong ... yeah I hear sort of lesson when when you particular friends to ... hiring of a fortune 5 it's yes and a lot of big companies what they do is they get impressed by the person now they think well this new CEO this this CEO Kenneth just became available army became out of retirement with a left their previous what you find a company they're so talented which just congrats person and in that by itself is a mistake because you have to consider what your company a company needs I am and if that person is going to be a good fit because he is going to happen is if you hire somebody they're basically gonna repeat what they did the last company I massively how it goes they have a particular style and they just gonna prove there's going to repeat what they know how to deal I mean just like all of us and we all do things a certain way when I drive the car Travis when a when a preface way and think about it it's all on a map and that's gonna be true for most people you hire all people by and large they don't change a whole lot I found some do but most time don't change a whole lot and if you gonna hire someone from scratching model hire someone who sort of doing the kinds of things you want them to be doing what I have to pick we train them and so on for different companies do is they don't really consider what the company needs they sort of hide the north town the person available I'll answer puzzles tells the person has all the one skills for but some of the problems that you have and so you see a lot of pick for to find a combustible up because they put the wrong person up in charge how without really thinking about what the company needed to be successful and so that's lesson can all learn from and in the key to that again is ... having the results description right in the job description and then when you interview people we're looking for examples of them achieving the exact same result you looking for and if it even if you have lots of examples it just really reduces the risk ... and making in hiring that person it makes it much more likely they will be able to do what you can do the job done and make you out more money I thought the final idea is ... ... less number 6 in is if you want to hire someone who is 100 percent qualified I instead of just putting some the most call lot of companies when they reek recruit they look for whoever's the bass and then they go higher now this at the service sounds very reasonable but sometimes the best available candidate is not a hot person qualified and this is where big mistake people have you know if the person is not a home person qualified to get the job done general it's not what harm the person at all because you not move me not getting rid of the whole problem they try to solve and and a lot of business owners make this mistake because they just want they want a body in there they want someone it's a repeat and the promise when you make a bad higher amid isn't much much worse than not having a not having it having hired anyone at all because a bad hire screws things up they make mistakes that you don't see you gotta go fix some much later sometimes don't relationships Somers and in a bad hire can really screw up a business pretty bad and so you are much better off having no higher because at least the promise of getting worse ... they and and the new high won't make the problem worse ... then hiring the wrong person because of one person can really screw things and when people hire the best available can't it what they're really doing is higher in the least worst can't you know and that sort of ... into a import distinction you know when you create these results descriptions ... they should be all things that the hired he's to produce the results now in order for you to be happy with that echo their purse the role your company so for example of for sales person they have and how beef ... produces a certain models that's maybe 2 to 3 times higher than their salary whether their compensation and have to do it in a way that customers are happy okay so those will be by 2 requirements now if you are how it someone who I who was sort of least worst album but can only do one of the 2 so they can only generate revenues and they could do that no problem but they'd be alienated and made all the customers angry then you can see how that's like not help you got the revenue temporarily be destroying a customer it builds at the same time you can hire someone who makes customers happy by giving them 3 things and you'll likely refuse all you've done is you have an expense you sort of damage financial situation but customers are happy but you know making my so that you can both cases you're better off not having hired anybody ... because both of these prong hires who were in elsewhere if the most qualified but not yet hearted person qualified they actually did more harm good and so that's an important thing is when you want to think about what you want the results you want ... you you wanna high only people who meet 100 percent of the qualifications now sometimes arm as you go through the process realize well there's certain things that the person you want you want them to do but maybe it's not really require that that particular person doesn't movie activity to and that's fine that's legitimate and reasonable but by and large when you think about the results you want a particular world produce and as you go through the interview process you wanna know again make sure that they have plenty of experiences in those particular areas I and then hire the person that's a haunted prison qualified to get the job now a couple of ... I guess how real world things and pitfalls to be aware of sometimes you'll find a Canada housing these amazing skills that you don't need and in that particular situation and a lot of people get so impressed by the skills in sort of don't realize why don't we need those skills you know so out in that particular case you don't want to give any additional credit you don't wanna favor that candidate anymore than the others certainly one of pay for skills that you don't with the and that's important too and I'm you notice this whole process that there's a lot of far up front in terms of what you're trying to accomplish with this higher and ... and when you see a candidate is really phenomenal that's amazing fans but have all the skills you don't need you have to ignore those skills because they aren't relevant ... Anna and a lot of you know entrepreneurs they this sort of asks up in this season who has all the skills ... and may can do all the things that you don't need but of the feet of the 3 or 4 things you really must have the missing one of ants and their ideas rather so qualified except for now this one area that they hire them anyway and winds up happening is you pay a lot for them because you're so talented even though you not really using what you're paying for and you still have insult upon complete so you still have to do it yourself and so that's really what we know when things sort of awful par I hear some other examples from from the real world the things when I think ... you know I make this distinction between their their its I or say there's 2 types of people you can they are what I call a player's him and and here's the difference between them and the reason I mention them is because you want to figure out if that while you're hiring for is someone would require a player or be playing our AP poll area someone that does good work and will do what they are told sake tell the do this you know comic a photocopy go read the script or whatever now they will basically do they follow instructions in the fall well and they basically do things that you tell them to do now when a player is very different and a player arm goes beyond that and what happens is they don't just do things to tell them that you they basically find problems and make them go away and the easiest way to us of explain this difference as if you tell be player do something and something happens like it doesn't go as expected what'd be playable to is is talk to you and say well here's what happened here is a problem what should I do okay so they are problem finders and they ask you to find now on a plate is something very different when something doesn't work exactly as planned they've been noticed the problem and then they make the problem go away and then when you talk to them is that why have this problem but here's how I solved it just want to let you know so these guys the a players there's the problem solvers not problem identifiers so be player you know is very cute in a situation where I found the work is pretty repetitive it doesn't change very much and I have very few unusual things have and that kind of situation where most of the work its will to standardize and pretty repetitive a B. player works with Ulf and they're much less expect them much less but in certain roles where a lot of problems pop up you know you gonna drive yourself nuts frankly if you put a B. player in that role arm if things are costly popping up that unexpected or unplanned for or do you just because of nature that particular role then you really want to have a player and they players one that makes the problems go away and instead of just finding problem telling to telling them to and it's it's important hang out you know a players in the couple key strategic parts of your business and spoke with different from but you want to think about that part of business that changes them ... that sort the least predictable and that's generally a good place to have a place hi and again a player solve problems that the players report problems ... and so think very carefully about Dan think whether or not you need may play repeat player ... and and the one thing with with a players are they do cost more but they're worth it harm I find in any given market how you can typically get an a player of by pain maybe 20 percent more and then then that you would pay a B. player but with that 20 percent you only get like 23 0 percent more value out of them ... because an assault harder problems ... and they don't make bombs go away and they're going to free up your time and your mental focus so you can focus on other things when you hire a B. player and you put them in a role that really demands in a player hound you what's gonna happen is you lost all your time answering questions the other on costly come back to you and ask you what does happen you know I've never done this before what should I do what you want to do and it's a little like every couple hours they're constantly asking you questions and you see this sort of very detailed questions on things you don't care about ... and you want to just take care but but but be players they think in a certain way and it really is I do what I'm told if what I can when I'm told to do cannot be down because of what happened I stop everything and I go to my boss mean Leo and I asked what they wanted ... and and in in certain roles that can happen every hour and you once was gonna come but you every hour ... because they're distracting you and it's sort of defeats the whole purpose of hiring someone ... slogans think very carefully about whether you want a player what they want to be a player for for that role and here's another tip when you're interviewing somebody ... and even when you're out running and I had to go find somebody to its interview ... I usually put the results description in the help wanted ad and I also go through with them in in the interview ... actually it's it's just sort of to expand and that's the use what I focus on after hire them to results and what you find is that's I what I found is that people who are interviewing they really like it they really like it a lot ... you know when I post job one and help wanted ads and for to fill particular rules aren't you people see you can but when they read my ads because I've been so detailed that what I want I'm the person to accomplishment is that what they want in them but what I want to accomplish yeah they have a very crystal clear idea that you know I know what it wants I'm very structured what happens is if they're a good fit ya that they tell me in X. and why ... it what happens is is it's very very clear ... it's not about whether I like the person not it's all that whether they get the job and so it's not like the politics involved it's much more objective and and I find it is what attracts a certain kind of person and now if a person's good they like stepping into a situation that's clear because it means they know exactly what it takes to succeed in not succeed or on us and if they know their skills are good they will do really well that's very predictable it's very easy decision to make and they are in her purse is not very good and they've sort of made their living off of hiding you know hiding their worth hiding their mistakes in and out don't want bill paying attention to the work damn when you show them how crystal clear you gonna you know what what's what standards you can use to evaluate the performance they don't like that because it's hard behind that kind built up go away so that when you that clear is sort of attracts better people in general and it makes the ones that aren't as good sort of you know go away a little bit and so I find that as well I'll get the thing to life when I wanna manages people after I've hired them I use the same results description in a little every week ... isn't it evolved over time but on their first data on the job so to speak I go with the exact same thing I went that I published when I was ma'am in the help wanted ads and I just expanded the more detail and so you know when I work the folks that there it's a really clear what's expected of them and the reason that's important to them perfectly after you hide them is and is that when it's very clear what they're supposed to do and makes it easy for them to manage them and that's a really big deal if the standards are really clear in terms of what you want it becomes very easy for the person in south which means it's less work for you to manage the now if you're not clear on what you want are a you don't always get good hires because he not clear which one kind of schools require deliver that and when you hire somebody and what you want is not clear the results you want are not clear ... they don't know how to manage themselves and so you kind of have to manage them a lot more and oftentimes you'll be using a standard that's in your head and not written down as part of this was for missiles description and that and you can be a happy you'll be displeased with what they're doing and the and your employees can be very frustrated because your of valuing them on a criteria that they were aware of you know so it was important for example to and I have ... your new hire be very good at that communicate with customers ... and and that was made clear and obvious in the sale in the recruiting process and and then when you hire them they don't they don't do a good job they get frustrated because they don't realize that was part could drop and so they get frustrated the Morales on is good the not the factor of ... and you have to manage a whole lot more whereas if you got I sort of decided up front that was important part of the role ... you only track we want to do that work we're good at it and what's behind them that much easier to manage because it was very obvious that they could do that's sort of I guess the more practical tips on hiring here in the in the real world and some of the expense so I had in doing on alright let me recap we cover today out before you wrap up this one session ... via it's been coaching program ... Celeste's number one again this business is it sport you know the best team on the field so to speak I is the one that wins and yet we're not in school were no longer employees are in this no penalty or a 44 getting out just others to help you ... in business and now it is a team sport for as being an employee of being a student it's all about being in individual happened it's fitting essentially in the individual sport not a thing let's number 2 is that you always want him to pay for themselves can do this by hiring people who turn it avenues sounds like sales people or you can hire people who free up your time so you can go generate revenues directly either way works ... but the key is every additional higher must pay for them so really I'm and less than 3 is that you will hire people to I compensate for your weaknesses and even to do things that are your strengths in in them and the whole ideas that you can free up your time so you can focus are you on things that you do really well or things that we can move the business for like sales and marketing I lesson number 4 is that instead of writing a job description you really want to write out results description think about the results you want I'm a particular a person at your team what results you want them to produce for you ... and it's really the results that matter the most down and don't be impressed by people who are very talented and have skills that are good but not really relevant to what you need them to so focus on on a lesson 5 is that when you interview people you want to look and ask for specific examples of when that person has produced the kind of results that you're looking for ... sometimes the only one of you want to see if they have examples of a particular skill set so high in the example of the telephone sales person ... who needs to read it read to memorize script arming their pre ... and of the person's previous expense as an actor actress is relevant you have you ever met my scripts and had to deliver them they can sound like you want reading them or memorizing them and an actor actress who's done this in a day and the outcomes that yes I've been there all the time I don't plan and that will be perfectly acceptable so you got you wanna look for examples of the candidates armed demonstrating particular up pieces of knowledge or particular skills that are required to deliver the results you want and and only focus on those examples that are relevant to the particular things that you need and don't be impressed by things that are are huge accomplishments but not relevant yeah stick to things that are relevant and the final one is that I was number 6 is you only want to hire the person who's a higher percent qualified not the best qualified not the least worst qualified ... you wanna hire only someone who meets all of the requirements that you ... because typically if you don't hire someone meets all the requirements in the only house we can do part of job ... you don't get all the benefits and you still retain a lot of the costs of doing it yourself so it really is sort of the worst of all worlds you know you can't you can free up your time nearly as much as you could have yet your pain if you're paying a higher percent of that person's salary or or compensation and and unfortunately a lot of will do this they hire the most of the best qualified person who's currently available and even if that person may not be 100 percent qualified and I think that's a very big mistake that should avoid you know because I my my my performance as a student my performance as an employee was always brown measured relative to how well I did announce how how how hard I worked what results I delivered and had very little to with what other people now they were doing and the problem with that is when in business week between when running your own business that's not the case you know your income our is primarily determined by how well your entire team performs and not just how well you perform them so for example if you look at very big companies you know Bill Gates his his billions of dollars home that's really driven by how well all the employees at Microsoft perform and at this point has very little to do with how he does and every successful business that's really the case once you get beyond sort of getting started how well your team as a whole performance has a much bigger determining impact on your income that how you personally perform and that mentality unfortunately is not one that's a lot of entrepreneurs hound practicing I think a lot of mother stand that intellectually but they don't actually using and what sort of get into a little more of how much why that's the case and how to sort of get beyond that but the really big lesson is that business is a team sport and that's you we want to know focus on having the best team ... in your company so that you can be I had it in the in the marketplace at your end harm and I decide benefit is of course we have a good team you have the works are which is always a a good thing that's really the US were less number one is ... business is a team sport and that's you know it's really simply no yeah if you have the best team on there but you're not person that strong of an individual in terms of your skills will still win now ... a a sort of average entrepreneur with a fantastic team is gonna out or outperform and dominate the competitors who have a very talented individual entrepreneurs who working by themselves ... and that was sort of lesson I sort of learned along the way and I looked at ... some the pick my peers who are making very good money but you know perhaps didn't have as many of the skills that I thought I had and ... but they have this what's it called recruiting down you know and when you know how to recruit you can pretty much beat anybody any one individual in the marketplace if they don't know how to recruit so it's a really important scale this ask you of recruiting employees in between amber's because it allows you to dominate a market place even if you individually aren't the most talented or most gifted person in a market answer really is a humongous at huge equalizer and terms of making a competitive relative to competitors how the second really big idea I want to convey around teams air and as it relates to recruiting is that teams should pay for themselves now most are many entrepreneurs there were lessons and people want and it's important to be selective and add it when its nascent now when it makes sense to arm but that the philosophy I I see a lot of entrepreneurs ... using and practicing is that you're adding teams are expense and also there is some expense involved but I want to sort of change the mindset a little bit out into that whenever you're doing it correctly whenever you add an amateur team you're making okay and obviously if you add a person certainly not making more money than you've done something wrong kind of explain you know might know how that works but down here sort of 2 ways that a team compare for themselves are the first ones were the easiest our number one is if you are hiring someone who themselves produce revenue so if you're hiring a sales person is paid on commission ... they only get paid if they produce sales so that's a very easy type of higher to make ... and you know if you're in the right environment you have a good plot if the cost that like that product every dismal sales person you and you had a good sales person could hire the they pay for themselves and more because they're bringing and revenue that ... out for some more than pays for their own their their compensation but also I brings in more than what the cost so in a particular situation when you have some comparison that profit for you you won at them that that's the easy one that the slightly less obvious one is the second way that teams can pay for and out what that is is you can bring on people on to your team to help free up your time okay so if you are spending a lot of your time for example on and customer service or ... you're delivering products your customers or paying the bills or answering the phone taking out the trash or vacuuming in office ... in those types of tasks now in that themselves don't generate revenue but you can still make a profit from it fermented at your team by getting some to take off those take those towards off your plate and do them so that you don't have to giving you more free time can now that alone doesn't really cream revenue what it does is it gives you more free time //
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\\welcome to today's tele seminar called inside secrets for reaching business goals your host today sleeve notes here Lee is a well known productivity coach author and human potential speak she is coached and work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and Lee has authored several books access is an inside job spiritual power tools for successful selling she is also the co author of the book walking with the wise for entrepreneurs and is the founder of the millionaire mindset coaching program and now here is your host the military hello I'm only built here our topic today is insider secrets for reaching business goals all of us as entrepreneurs and business owners and people with successful careers the reason we're successful is because in the past we have created very specific clear goals to reach for we've utilized our life energy in such a way that we've achieved success now if we want to go to that next level of income of great living style what we have to do is become aware of the fact that we have 5 kinds of energy every day and how we use that energy will determine how fast we reach our goals for example we have mental energy physical energy emotional energy spiritual energy and financial energy we also have 1440 minutes of every day so we have to have great discernment on literally how we use our energy in a way that allows us to manifest and achieve our goals accessible people value information and they value it because they understand that they will benefit by someone else's knowledge someone else's experience and that it will literally shorten their own you 6 fast time to reach their own goals by studying other successful people one of the most successful ... avenues that I have studied in my life is the famous book think and grow rich by Napoleon hill I highly recommend anyone who has not read this book to go out and invest in this book right away for the people who have read this book please make sure you pull out that book and re read it I'd like to remind you how this great book came about Napoleon hill was a very young reporter and he got an opportunity to interview Andrew Carnegie who happened to be the wealthiest man on earth at the time Andrew Carnegie was extremely impressed with Napoleon hill he saw a lot of potential in this young man and he made him an offer and that offer was for the next 20 years will you study the most successful business people on earth and figure out exactly what characteristics that they have that have made them so successful and for the next 20 years I'm not gonna pay you a dime to do it your reward will be actually the introductions to be able to meet and talk to and studied the successful people well of course Napoleon hill did take the offer and for the next 20 years did study the most successful people of our time he studied people that you all know such as Henry Ford George Eastman Charles Schwab Theodore Roosevelt Wilbur Wright John D. Rockefeller Thomas Edison F. W. Woolworth Woodrow Wilson doctor Alexander Graham Bell that's just a few of these folks now he identified 16 characteristics of the most successful people in the entire world now you would think that our entire educational system would think that this was important enough to teach in our schools of course they do not I would just like to remind you of some of the characteristics that Napoleon hill found when he studied these people and the first one was a burning desire let's face it folks all of us when we first started our careers are first started our business when we were excited we were filled with passion and enthusiasm we could not wait to get up in the morning to go to work and take care of what we had to and create and exceeded our goals but you know life has a way of happening things happen out of our control the world changes we get our into our careers and we've been there for a long time and somehow that passions starts to slip away a little bit well when Napoleon hill studied the successful people he found out that the really excited themselves continuously about their career that they continuously invited things that made them passionate about what they do he found that they reinvented themselves think they'd literally continuously got excited because they set goals for themselves that gave them that passion so I think one of the secrets that you have to pay attention to day is what are you doing that keeps you excited what are you doing that ratchets up your enthusiasm about what you're doing daily because if you're not excited about what you're doing then you're not stimulating your creativity about how to scan the landscape of your life and look for new ways to do thanks because as business owners as entrepreneurs life changes daily and what we want to start doing is get excited again because I don't know if you understand this or not but you have to bring out the child within you because within all of us is this possibility thinker all every child that you know is a possibility thinker and as we get older lot of us let an old person move into our body and we forget that we are possibility thinkers and if you'll again read the book think and grow rich you'll find that all the people that Napoleon hill study really war charged up and excited and enthusiastic about what they were doing and I think one of the secrets of that is loving what you do so every day of your life it would be who've you to make sure that you are grateful for what you have in your life and you look for the good you know what you focus on one expands if you focus on on the good in your career in the good in your business and what what what you're providing to the world what great service you are then you'll feel better about it or if you focus in on what the problems are everyday remember what you focus on expanse we have a choice every single day you no choice and not chance determines your destiny so make sure you're choosing to have a burning desire to reach your goals the second characteristic that I wanted to mention to you on top of having a burning desire why specialized knowledge now we all have specialized knowledge in our respective careers and industries wanted to ask you do you have specialized knowledge in marketing the reason I ask that is I'm a professional speaker I'm an author and the truth is no matter what a great speaker and author you may be unless you can market yourself to the world you'll be just average people you know I recite out of money every single person that I have studied who is truly successful particularly in today's age has learned the importance of how they have to market themselves how they have to market their business how they have to find niche markets how they have to get out of the norm and do things differently to create a name or branding of themselves or their business so the question for you is what specialized knowledge are you seeking for your particular business every particular day and don't forget folks that just acquiring wisdom isn't really enough you have to utilize that where some and if you want to be on the road to financial independence secret of life is acquiring wisdom that benefits you in your existing business right now how can that move you to the next level another characteristic that Napoleon hill found when he studied the wealthiest and most successful people is that they use their imagination to move them to where they wanted to go now folks we all know that our imagination is the workshop of our mind and there's a quote in the book I really love it says whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve now what are you doing daily that stimulates your vision of what you want your business to look like who do you associate with what do you read what do you study what kind of media do you allow to influence you you know the truth this success is not like reading a book where you go to the beginning the middle and then the M. access is really the opposite you go to the end result of what you want then you go backwards to figure out how do I get to where I want to go who can help me what resources do I need where do I need to get those resources how can I stimulate my creative thinking so here's the questionnaire for air by the way questions are very important in your mind because they literally for sure brain to bring up references and information that you need so intelligent questions leave you intelligent answers so here's the question how can I be a ground breaker in my industry or business and pull myself away from the competition how time per //
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Mastermind 3
\\ //
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Mastermind 5
\\mastermind the master minding what the other Dan Kennedy people that I know of at least talk about it because I know you're part of ... coaching master mind group how has that master mind group also wishes to do to have such incredible success well this in every way ... I I was hesitating to adding and adding assistant intimidated at I I do another about quarter $0 in fees you know 2005 as opposed to not having won in 2004 so it was an immediate ... Kenneth talking about how to get that done and how do you come forth and how to do it a little pain way ... that the that I can come from the brokerage it went up 50 percent in one year so anybody who doesn't use that master my principle that Napoleon hill teachers into it with other Dan Kennedy people is really messed up now and you do not about harming yourself well I think this is fantastic well I wish you can can continued success who so thanks a lot thank you very very much please good to talk to today might argue hello everybody we have Ron Carruthers on the line today how you doing today Ron Gidley how are you doing great Ryan tell everybody where you're from and what you do I bought first offense from Carlsbad California so the water it's about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego and about 60 miles south of Los Angeles and though I'm a college player it's what I've done for the last 13 years and basically I deal with all the parents who forgot to save any money for college which just like most of all however think we hear her or whose kids don't have a clue where they want to go or what they want to do or what schools right form we can I come in and fix all that great I think that's a really needed service I know that you are a serious Dan Kennedy marketing student so tell us how studying Dan Kennedy has assisted you in your your business well the beauty of of what I've learned from the and in some study his materials is really how to market that service in such a way so that a everybody that's finds me because my client more literally finds me I don't have to do any cold calling or anything like that ... ever be able to use that marketing in such a way so that I can attract the best quality people for from a business and for what I do as well as I can attract more of them then I could possibly ever satisfy so that I really get a pick and choose who I want to do business with before I really latched on to it the mastermind principle and begins for the marketing materials I really did you know there's a handful of other college planners and so I did what they did if they found one type of advertising that worked I mean really went out and copied it I took the fee structure and what they were charging for and and I copied them button and part of what being around on dance teachings and the mastermind principled getting together with other business owners baby who are in a different type of businesses you're allowed to see what they are doing different from what you're doing or what your industry is doing and so as a result I charge fees for my business that are probably 3 times what the average college player cops route and they will look at that and think I'm crazy but I mean look at what other businesses are doing in real you know for maybe not the same service parts for something else it expanded my thinking that allowed me to see far beyond what everybody else in my industry sterling now one of the things that I really like about dance team is ... he always is drilling in in our head what affluent society we live in so the fact that you're charging more than you know anybody else in your industry ... you know just goes to prove that that really does work and you know it's that the weirdness of it all which again I learned from here in a master mind group and some dance teaching says by charging more you know we actually get better behaved customers clients who want to do more of what we tell them and don't Cytisus much they're just I don't know how it works more compliant no complaints but it but it does so that's that's the weirdness of it all right that we do have a strange thing in our society about the more you pay for something the more we think it's worse so I know that Dan teaches that in and we certainly live up I know you do have a phenomenal reputation live up to that expectation that you give people tremendous value and I really do arm and a lot of what we've learned in added to our service to make it more referral were easy is things that I've learned from paying rent a master mind group again seeing what other seeing what a successful dentist does to make his clients feel comfortable saying what a successful on I don't know any type of business you can name it we can adopt those principles so again it's that whole ability to see what others are doing outside of your immediate business and to adapt it to your own business that is really part of what also helped really launcher business you know I I don't of stratospheric heights I guess you would call it that and in talent about the relationships you have with other people in your coaching master mind group I mean has that been comforting to you you know to hang around like minds well sure part of it first volts shared misery when something doesn't go well ... yeah I mean there really there really is you know it's it's it's AmeriCares yeah it's nice to be able to belly up with someone who understands because sometimes your family does understand your friends understand it don't run businesses you know but they don't appreciate your failures that appreciate some of your successes so it's nice to have somebody share that with and I think the other thing is it's nice to have somebody who gets a yeah I bounce ideas off Odyssey with their trying Europe's toe to let him know what you're trying out what works what doesn't you get that outside perspective you know again even the stay up or go to a call I just came back my rude person was a college players conference ... but what's what's cool about it is is it going back was a college players conference and again when I tried to explain to them some of the things that we were doing you know it's Murphy's we were charging that just didn't data so even though we're in the same industry were not in the same business and again the beauty is one explain the stuff to my master mind group members they do get and can offer suggestions for improvements and things like that why why thank you for your talent you are most welcome hello everybody I have Susan Berkley on the line she's from New York City issues in the education business Susan the question I have for you today was I know you're in a master mind group that studies Dan Kennedy's marketing strategies how have you benefited from being in that kind of group well you know the that the function that working in dance mastermind had for me was that ... it was almost like that of being without a business turnaround specialist you know I have my business since 1987 and like many entrepreneurs I'm not a college trained in business I had actually no training at all for everything I've had to learn his bid it you know on the fly and actually in the trenches and it wasn't until working with that band concepts and his ideas that I actually learned some basic business lessons that were costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and working with Dan and his ideas I was immediately able to fix them of my business leading money ... and I did know that until dad help me out and as a result was immediately able to add significant amount of it come to my bottom line plus the concept of having continuity income that has been out for you my business and that is a big Dan Kennedy idea the whole idea of building a customer for life my goodness what a difference that made so I would say that before working with Dan we were on a fast track to business failure and now we are definitely on the fast track the business to that he's been huge for my business I only have the debt of gratitude well thank you so much I appreciate that Susan and all you know that was very inspirational I could feel that all the way on the other end of the phone lines you're welcome banks hello everybody we have Bob read nearest on the phone Bob tell us where you're from and what you do I'm from Chicago Illinois I think you Lee and I am in the advertising business I help clients get ... more business locally how do you benefit from being an 8 Dan Kennedy marketing mastermind what day carries materials really have taught me how to market my business more effectively through his various ... courses that through his ... no B. S. books ... the master mind group has been what I call my implementation ... group ... the master my group really helps me ... crafted new ideas and test new ideas with my peers locally and I'm able to that a really go back a little bit because the group allows me to ... bounce ideas off of make sure they're valid at that I'm able to go out implement because the next time we get together ... we want to make sure that we've made some progress ... in our business so ... getting together regularly with people who are like minded and study dead Kennedys they will ... really keep your business are progressing at a rapid pace and Bob what would you say to people who are trying to decide whether they should actually join a master mind group well I can't say that I would probably still be struggling as a business or if I wasn't part of the master mind group it's the single biggest reason that my businesses god from ... 4 figures to months to a high 5 figures a month and I'm on target to reach us 6 figures a month ... late this year congratulations thank you //
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Mastermind 6
\\thank you for your time thank you hello everybody we have Jerry Bryan on the phone Kerry I tell us where you're from and what you do hardly ... this Terry Ryan in beautiful colors springs Colorado we run a martial arts organization out here great and how has being in one of Dan Kennedy's master mind group that studies marketing how is that assisted you in your business well I could tell you know years ago I worked for the post office and then I tried ran a martial arts school at night ... and I was just getting by and once I was introduced to Dan candies ... marking materials of success principles it changed my focus from teaching martial arts to actually marketing my business and within 18 months I had a a business that was grossing over $1000000 which allowed me to quit my day job I would think so showing and tell us a little something about the business and how the marketing has changed it well you know the I think one of the key approaches ... is I think a few years ago I got ... on Ripley's believe it not cut an aerial blindfolded ... as they start for our nonprofit organization and that it was that in using direct response marketing propelled us to a worldwide growth that we see today that is remarkable tell us how that the the master mind group has affected you personally in feeling more supported by the the people in the group well you know I I I think 1 of the key elements that I understand is the 8020 rule on that means ... 80 percent your activities come our successes cover 20 percent of your activities and that if you take that to a society point of view ... it basically means 80 percent of people out there don't have a clue what really works in business and by getting information from the top 10 percent and then affiliating yourself with other high achievers through a coaching programmer master mind group that allows you to to accomplish more in a short period find most people do in an entire lifetime well that is fabulous any advice for people who are trying to decide whether they should join one of these Dan Kennedy study and master mind group well all I can say that ... you know my opinion just use my my ... ... own experiences just like Napoleon hill said if they can grow rich you need a master mind group in order to achieve anything today and I think anybody has a chance to join a master mind group this teaching the secrets of Dan Kennedy direct response marketing areas other success principles I jumped at that chance I I guarantee it will change your life forever thank you so much acutely hello everybody I have doctored Jim fair feel on the line Jim if you would tell us where you're from and what you do I'm from a land so Pennsylvania and I'm a cosmetic dermatologist and how has Dan Kennedy's marketing master mind group you in your business well it's a very clear example is that I went ... from about $12000 net per month in cosmetic revenue essentially year 0.5 ago up to the current ... $68000 today in my practice even in my absence well and in New learned that because of the marketing things that Dan Kennedy was teaching absolutely using strategies that I learned from dance materials it has because pre qualified pre sold very eager patients basically a flood my phone lines making appointments in console so even directly for procedures all on auto pilot and anything you did specifically that you learned in the marketing group that you'd like to share with us ... yeah that the big thing is a mindset ... problem doctors have ... you know my current lifestyle wasn't always that way it took a catastrophic bankruptcy of the of the group I worked for 4 years ago ... because me to ... search out his materials and ... the common thread that ran through everything he wrote spoke about made all the difference to and it had to do with changing me first as a result of that that was the absolutely necessary ingredient to my eventual success and the lesson that really made all the difference was implementation deciding what to do and doing it even as the results were terrible just go back and tweak it and do it again and there's a second lesson and had a lot to do with dance time management principles which allowed me to do extraordinary production do you think it should be in the place that you're in today that if you hadn't been part of a master mind group actually studying marketing not at all I'm a real big proponent of the master mind concept and ... you know entrepreneurs of like like mine gather share their ideas troubleshoot their problems otherwise it's lonely out there you know out here in the Bernese nobody to talk to who really gets what it is we do my favorite mastermind groups have been the ones that I belong to that actually have folks from every industry across the spectrum and because a doctor needs to hear dead no business is different and everybody can benefit financially personally again it's back to this personal transformation time after time I would dance stuff proven right on target and I courage anybody with a lick of sense to find a group dance stuff and be ready for the right here thank you we have Harry Williams on the line Harry callous what you do or where you're from I'm an attorney and I'm from Peoria Illinois and tell us how that Dan Kennedy's marketing and mastermind groups have assisted you I've been a member of a mastermind marketing group for a few years now and one of the greatest benefits that I've found is not necessarily who's leading up to the group but the fact that you're among several like minded individuals entrepreneurs business owners and those types of individuals are ordinarily I think we've all found ... ordinarily very honest with themselves and other people and very blunt with themselves and other people but one thing about me and I'm sure and everybody else that I've dealt with this we all have a wonderword line spots ... things that are going on in our lives or behavior habits or tendencies that we have that we are really willing to acknowledge as being part of us and they may be in there usually negative tendencies are behavior habits and we tend to ignore those and even if somebody like her spouse or somebody close to us point those out ... we ignore what our spouses because everybody ignores what she spotted us funny sit at you know I don't say that because I've been married 26 years happily married up congratulations Jeff thank you but anyway when you're with the group of like minded individuals entrepreneurs and business owners they get to know you pretty quickly and they will point out ... things that you're doing or saying or thinking that ... you have a blind side too and that you're not willing to acknowledge ... and there want about it they're honest about it and at that point you have to listen to him it's not your spouse it's not your mom ... it somebody did his gotten to know you in that knows better and you know they know better so you're forced to basically front your own issues ... things about yourself that need to be changed and I think that's been one of the greatest benefits of being part of a master mind group is just being with like minded individuals who are one honest with you and to help you move forward ... personally you known professionally and of course that then leads to greater success and greater wealth well thank you very much I appreciate your comments well thank you and hello everybody we have doctor Charles Martin on the line hello doctor Martin could you tell us what you do and where you're from sure I am ... a cosmic an implant Dennis and I practice in Richmond Virginia and how has Dan Kennedy's master mind group and marketing affected you in your business well as you well know probably most dentists are not very good at marketing they never got trained in how to do it knew what to do and then what information is out there is just not workable for dental it don't administer the dental practice so you know it's it's a matter of finding something that works and what dance techniques hard to give you some I think that you can do that don't cost an arm or leg and actually work get new pages to your office and you find that being part of the master mind group has benefited you enjoy your profits what could well sure you know that the addition of more minds than your own ... working towards the goal of helping you be more successful ... has been shown for real you know 50 years to be accessible method of proving thing you know what you can't see yourself someone else can see and ... I've been the mastermind sessions where ... come away going I would never ever come up with that but the way I'm glad I did well this is fabulous well I want to thank you very much thank you hello everybody we have Terri Weigel on the line hello Terry tell us where you're from what you do I've //
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Mastermind 7
\\ ... my name's Terri Weigel and I'm from Houston Texas and what do you do I'm a real estate investor here in the Houston area I've been full time for about 6 years now so how has Dan Kennedy's marketing materials assisted you in coming outrageously successful we'll probably about 7 years ago I was introduced the Dan Kennedy and his ... magnetic marketing course and bought it and media leap implemented and it basically took me from having to work full time out in the corporate world where I was for 16 years it is his marketing material gave me the advantage over most of the other real estate investors here in the Houston area they will quit my job and go full time investing in real estate that's where I've been ever since and tell us why you think his marketing is so extraordinary in that it takes you to such a different level well probably the the most beneficial part of his courses that did it stop me from having to do cold prospecting and actually had ... people who were wanting what I was able to provide calling me in contacting me so rather than going out and picking up the phone every few minutes and getting told no I actually had somebody who was motivated and wanted what I had to offer in this case by in their house contacted me and said of me trying to search for them well that's only changes the dynamics of the sale doesn't have ... ... only if you hate cold calling with a passion like I do think that well I don't know a lot of people who love cold calling through the marketing had people the prospects actually chasing you yeah absolutely it was ... it it's a phenomenal thing to watch so when when all of a sudden your phone starts ringing off the hook and it's it's people who are truly motivated not tire kickers or looking to see what you might be able to do but truly wanting your services that's a great thing since I became a part of ... the the master mind group it it's expanded my goal so much I realized where I was in my comfort zone and it's it's made me look at it my business from a whole different level and I can tell you that after the first meeting it had a dramatic impact ... ... over $100000 in the first month wow ... it it gets you thinking that such a higher level ... and if you've got a competitive spirit like I do it it's it's unbelievable what it does for you to get you out there and get you motivated to do to do your business at the very best that that is out there I wanna thank you so much thank you I really appreciate the opportunity my pleasure thank you well I don't know about you but all those people really were exciting to listen to because they gave us real life stories on how being part of the Kennedy study and master mind group change their life so I'd like to remind you that all successful people are decisive about seeing an acting on new opportunities please do not let the bad habit of procrastination ruin your chances of being part of a life changing experience of being in Dan Kennedy study and master mind group you have the opportunity today to change your financial destiny by aligning yourself with other successful people's knowledge past experience wisdom tools strategies and creativity to assist you to move to the next level of your own success since we all understand that time is more important than money when it comes to climbing the ladder of success please do not hesitate you have to give yourself the gift of immersing yourself with new resources and learn how to market yourself and your business at an entirely new dimension and you can use Dan Kennedy's marketing materials to do that so your next step now is to get back to your certified no B. S. business adviser see if you can qualify to be in their group or if there are any openings in your area or you can go to Dan to find a certified no B. S. business adviser that you could join with to take your business to a new level of profit and productivity please do not delay these groups fill up fast and change people's lives so be proactive and phone right now you're certified no B. S. business adviser my best to you thanks for being on our call today visibly mounds //
"2017-09-27 15:42:35"
Mastermind 4
\\attitude to live your life how to have economy live your life from your own goals and he teaches what he calls the renegade millionaire mindset now Dan has spent over 30 years working with and creating marketing campaigns fixes clients problems and most important and listen up he finds hidden wealth in existing businesses now on those songs called today I have been talking about the common model of observation of interviewing people as Napoleon hill didn't think and grow rich Tom Peters also use this model when he wrote the book in search of excellence the other book that use this model was called the millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley I want to share with you that Dan Kennedy's model is different and it's different because it's in the trenches working its creating marketing campaigns for people fixing problems and living with clients in their own business lives to figure out how they can literally become millionaires and have a better lifestyle more time off and work clients are begging to work with them instead of us having to go out there and get those clients he has taught subjects and and in areas that other people have not taught us in the business world and that's one of the reasons I'm so excited about sharing with you about Dan Kennedy he teaches us about money in a way that we haven't thought of money before and I just wanna give you a couple of statistics that you might find fascinating for example 100 years ago or less less than 200 people in the United States were making $1000000 a year today we have 300000 people earning $1000000 it is predicted that in 2008 there will be 1000000 people making over $1000000 a year now I tell you that because you have to make a decision right now in your business goals to you in 2008 want to be part of that group the point I'm making here folks is that Dan Kennedy strategy for marketing can take you into a new level of money and wealth that you have never dreamed possible before another thing Dan talks about is the importance of having economy in your life now if you ask the average person why they go in to work in the morning they'll say to pay the bills now you'll get this answer from employees as well as business owners and entrepreneurs truly economy means doing business on your own terms what you want with whom you want when you want at the price you want where you want and at the terms you want so it's not just about how much money you make and how much money you have it's about how you make the money that is extremely important so there are some enemies I've autotomy that Dan teaches first thinking that your business is different and that your control by other people's opinions and beliefs are your control by past experiences are your slave to industry norms are you have a worker mentality instead of an owner mentality Dan Kennedy teaches something called a leap frog theory now if you've ever read the book winning through intimidation by Robert ringer you might remember that particular term you see the average person tries to get ahead in life by climbing the ladder rung by rung what Dan Kennedy teaches is ignore the latter and leap to where you want to go another important point that Dan Kennedy teaches is that business owners need to learn that they have to put extraordinary demands on other people he also teaches that all successful business people will most likely be criticized by your peers just as point of example if you think about Dr Phil there isn't a therapist that you know that probably doesn't criticize him because he's extremely famous and a very successful or how about trump or even think about Walmart so he teaches us that the only opinion that really counts is from the people who give us money another thing Dan talks about in his marketing advice is not only how we have to think differently but how we have to handle price differently because the truth is we live in an extremely affluent society and there is no limit to what a market will pay for goods or services if they are properly presented in the right way to the right market and I'll just take 2 names and you'll recognize that right away Starbucks Nordstrom's another approach that Dan has that's different from most people is his marketing for example he always wants most businesses to try to defy industry norms so people like Walt Disney in the home depot and Southwest Airlines they have all broken industry norms and you have to ask yourself how many industry norms can you break Earl nightingale once said all you have to do is look at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite to become enormously successful one of the most important things that I can share with you today folks is that when you study Dan Kennedy's marketing materials you will realize that you can get extraordinary results with ordinary businesses I'd like to make an offer that I hope you will take seriously Kennedy study and mastermind groups are available in different parts of the country I'm lucky enough to be part of one of these groups you can contact your certified no B. S. business adviser and see if you qualify to be in their group or if there are any openings in your area or you can go to Dan to find a certified no B. S. business adviser that you could join with to take your business to a new level but next what I would like to do is share with you some people who are in these groups because in their own words in different parts of the country they can share with you exactly how they have benefited from being part of the Kennedy study in master mind group learning new marketing skills so we're gonna go to the phones next hi everybody I have Scott Tucker who is a mortgage broker in Chicago on the line how you doing today Scott doing greatly area fabulous listen wanted to ask you because I know you've had great results with Dan Kennedy marketing materials how that has changed your business ... Jeez ... muttering orders were to start ... back in ... 1998 I I got into the mortgage business of the loan officer and ... I remember for the first 23 months not making any money and wondering how you're going to now make the next month's rent payment once we got time to ... puts money Sir right now ... sure you can dance ... tricks of the trade from the things he's taught out of these books and so on in things turn around for me me immediately ... that to the the map of the user testimonials now is is taken directly from what Dan Dan peaches ... from from that point forward after my first 3 months of starvation ... in the third month actually I I finally made $5000 but the next year I use all the instruction in teaching and ... I made $100000 my first year in out as in the business ... sometime later I was making about $152000 a year just working during the week ... as a loan officer for a broker and he ... we had a falling out and he fired me I took ... what I knew about what Dan Kennedy teachers and I and I went out on my own as an independent contractor one officer for another broker with the better commission split and and all that kind of stuff in my first month on my own doing my own mailings and everything all the other things that I that I do for memories brokerage now ... I made the first month of $40000 I had to make in the previous year I only made 100 521 how come I went on that year due that amount of money I just about every month I think ... that year the following year I made $442000 ... my 1099 that received the broker after that I started my own mortgage brokerage and ... 2004 I did about a half $0 in fees ... almost all that profit and then last year 2005 we did ... just myself and one assistant well both of us working part time we did $731000 and some odd cents and Nazis and again almost all the profit ... probably about 6 or $8000 profit there and ... I did it all working about 30 5:00 hours a week and using all the stuff to be impeached I guess that some of your competitors feel pretty annoyed at you at this point yeah other certain people that I ... I had you know but quite upset with me but ... you know I don't know what to tell them ... all they should be doing is what I'm doing more Dan Kennedy and you think well I'm from what you've just said Scott it seems that because you used techniques marketing techniques that they don't use that's why that's one of the reasons you're so successful ... it's the marketing techniques of the mindset that being teachers is the way that he teaches you to to manage your time it's everything that Dan has taught me it's been useful there's never been one thing that's been be yes ... as you know and everything is bent made an explosive difference in my life ... my income is just keeps loading every year because of the that the teachings and and also //
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Mastermind 2
\\time per day can I get away from everything and just think and by using your imagination you can work out the details of any problems in your mind before you go forth with them in real life so your imagination is one of the most important thanks if you can see what you want then you can play with all the details in your mind on how you would get there or how would you would rehearse what you would say what you would do and let's face it folks all of us are salespeople I don't care what your title is every person is selling your abilities your talents your skills your knowledge your business your product every single day and by using your imagination you can actually work out any kind of bugs before you get to a situation where you have to explain something or sell something or negotiate or even in a difficult situation are are dealing with a difficult person you can use your mind to see how you would act in that situation I think one of the secrets for success in reaching your goals is to have a very clear picture I detailed picture of exactly what the end results is of your goal Arnold Schwarzenegger had a quote that I really liked recently he said I can 0 in on a vision of where I want to be in the future I can see it so clearly in front of me that when I daydream it's almost a reality when I get this easy feeling and I don't have to be up tight to get there because I already feel like I'm there it's just a matter of time I set a goal visualize it very clearly then create the drive the hunger for turning it into a reality there's a kind of joy in that kind of ambition and having a vision in front of you with that kind of joy discipline isn't difficult or negative or ground you love doing what you have to do going to the gym working hard on the set even when pain is part of reaching your goal it is and it usually is you can accept that too I thought that was a great quote because it it says concisely there is going to be a little pain in reaching our goals it's just a matter of what we are willing to do are you willing to do whatever it takes you know I always say be congruent your girls don't set goals you're not willing to do whatever it takes to get there so when you read think and grow rich and Napoleon hill talks about all the successful people and how they and image to what they want you've got to take it upon yourself to spend a certain amount of time each day doing that so when you wake up in the morning I highly recommend that you figure out no more than 3 things that you want to image see that thing in your mind see it clearly fill in all the details of the site the smell of the sale of the emotion and see the end results what is that picture look like what does success look like get that framed in your mind so clearly that you feel totally at peace with it and then start your day so achieving goals in life is a matter of doing the things that normal average people won't do and the truth is average people don't tend to spend time imaging what they want in life the next characteristic I want to bring to your attention that Napoleon hill discovered that all the successful people who change the world were always very decisive they recognize great opportunities when they were presented to them I think about this did you know that when Napoleon hill was asked by Andrew Carnegie if you will spend the next 20 years working for nothing but I'm introductions to the wealthiest and most successful 500 people in the world how long do you think it took him to say yes well the truth was Andrew Carnegie had under his desk a stopwatch and in his mind he said to himself if Napoleon hill can't say yes to this proposal in the next 60 seconds or less I'm going to withdraw my offer and give it to someone else now just think if Napoleon hill would have missed that opportunity by the way he said yes and about 29 seconds now all of us are given opportunities to be decisive we often miss these opportunities because we're not decisive we don't say yes that opportunities because society has always taught us to say we're gonna sleep on it we're gonna think about it we're gonna considerate but it's the person who takes action that's the one who wins out I think it's important that you listen to your intuition and you train yourself to move past fear and say yes the opportunities by the way don't know if you know the definition of fear the definition of fear is fantasize experiences appearing real now think about that most of the things we fear in life is just our mind fantasizing about what can go wrong so when there's an opportunity in front of us and as business people we have to be aware of the fact that sometimes opportunities calm and that if we don't take them we're gonna miss out I think everybody on earth knows who Donald Trump is Donald is a very interesting study and the reason I think so is because he doesn't necessarily be look at money when he's trying to decide on an opportunity he says he asked himself how can I benefit from this opportunity that that's the most important question he asked himself so he doesn't look at the cost he looks at the benefits now as a business person one of the best things that you can do is start to be more decisive and to start taking more action you know there's an old saying talk is cheap what counts is action this is certainly true in the business world so ask yourself daily when you're presented with opportunities how can I benefit from this opportunity what would be my long term benefit my short term benefit how can I take this particular opportunity and mold and shape it into something that would be original for myself the next characteristic and the most important secret of achieving business goals is what Napoleon hill called power of the master mind every single person that Napoleon hill studied literally was part of the master mind group now this is the hardest part of success for any business person because you have to find an associate with other brilliant minds who understand your business or who were willing to help you go to the next level and reach your goals you have to find people who think outside of the box you have to find people who have created systems that work and can be duplicated people who can expose you to new workable ideas on how to maximize your skills your knowledge your experience your resources and exactly what you're doing right now by the way you don't have time or you don't want to ever have to re invent the wheel by the way you know that you should never have the I cannot afford it attitude your attitude needs to be I can not afford to miss out on specialized knowledge if I want to be successful your attitude has to be I'm hungry for knowledge and I'm willing to try things never done before in my business or industry now people in a master mind group can save you the old learning curve that we've talked about of hard knocks now I'm not talking about going to a chamber of commerce meeting those are nice but they're certainly not mastermind groups and even some church meetings call themselves mastermind groups what I'm really talking about is associating with and sharing ideas with the best of the best and it's the hardest thing to put together and without doubt is probably the most important thing any business person can do to bring about the most profit and results than anything else you can do to grow your business so let's just recap for a moment you have to take action you know you have to make things happen you know you have to be 100 percent responsible for your own success you know you have to have a burning desire where you'll do whatever it takes to reach your goals you have to be decisive you have to have a vision of what you want and the most important part of reaching serious wealth building goals is to be part of the master mind group now the other thing about being part of a master mind group is that you're being coached you know the truth is most people left to their own tend to fall off the wagon and stay there everybody needs counseling from the what's again just one big I dear can make a huge monumental change in your thinking actions and bank account I think some of the things that a coaching and master mind group can give you is that they will help you remove fear about what you're doing because you have wise counsel to talk to them about it help you to lead yourself because you actually will rise to the occasion I think you all know that 90 percent of the world of followers 10 percent of the world //

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