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"2015-11-10 05:40:46"
\\I thought miss Davis bacon many my colleagues today I have been talking about the wind which a flat tax like I goods and services tax hits hardest I in middle to low income families that is very true and I want this afternoon to talk about another disproportionate adverse impact and that is the effect on those living in rural and regional Australia and of course something like hi out of the tent tame poorest electrics in this country can be found in rural and regional Australia and a recent PWC report found that the gap between the haves haves and have nots in the cities and the haves and have nots in country areas is growing disproportionately again in rural areas but the key point is this Mister Debbie's began everything we consume in rural and regional Australia involves additional transport costs and of course this genius table add to the US transport out taxes please this becomes for people in the bush attacks upon attacks then when John how did just the GS take him Regis the exhaust on Phil to offset these effects is this government going to reduce their size further again infect when John Hallett introduced a G. estate he abolished the house now sounds tex what is this government going to do to compass site not people generally in this country but particularly those who live in rural and regional Australia this will have adverse affects right through the bush including in health services it's a bad idea and those opposite representing Bruce featured rejected the member //

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