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"2017-07-14 20:13:14"
Bill Clinton and George W. Bush CRUSHES Donald Trump In A Long Interview (2017)
\\actually I was supposed to do that occur sorry okay well why they ask you about your your parents how are they doing I hate these tough questions a I thank you for asking ... told day had today that I was going to be on stage with Bill and ... you're the moderator and what a sight it well he was surprised okay you could surprise you could do anybody better yeah yeah whatever was available or doing well thank you very much and ... really fortunate to be the only president with both parents alive after the presidency and ... and so every day is a blessing may I have your mom and dad alive and they're doing well 93 and 92 years old and ... I thank you for asking out telling you asked thank how is Hillary doing good we yeah if you'd do our grand kids you know she's good they still did really well see their work on a book and we spent every available our with our grandchildren and my grandson just turned a year old on father's day wow which means every 7 years his father will celebrate father's day on his son's birthday which is kind of a nice suit and my almost 3 year old granddaughter sang Happy Birthday to live by this party can your granddaughters sing Happy Birthday in Mandarin no but you can I think it has been so ... what is what are your what you both have grandchildren what your grandchildren call you when you're called I'm called half a I what would your grandchildren call you a more humble uncle Papa a alright none them call you know if you're the one who told me that once you've become a grandparent you're immediately at the bottom of the family totem pole you're the least important person in the family sure so we qualified so while snickering talk about this guy will talk about your presidencies but you're now both former presidents and ... ... what's the difference between being a former president and president not one day you have the nuclear codes you can send nuclear bombs off you everybody is working for you and the next day when you leave office you have no power what was the transition like it nobody plays a song when you walk in the room anymore when I was lost for the first 3 weeks after I left office of get what with the music you know of actually I it's wonderful herb the I. pale almost moments very rarely in 17 years have I been given the fall 2 a well I wish I were there I could do this or on this this Sir I think you know you you have to be grateful for the time you have and then realize you should focus on today and the future and I think it's a it's it's both liberating and also ... it concentrates the member you don't have many years you got left but you feel that you the country's given you something priceless and you owe something back and so each in our own way we try to figure that out and I found it a really rewarding part of my life of love well I have so I woke up in Crawford the day after the presidency expecting someone to bring me the coffee and I Laura didn't bring the coffee I think the thing that startled me was a the sense of having no responsibility in other words during the presidency you cannot become accustom to responsibility have first it's pretty graven and slowly but surely it becomes ... unnatural party your life and then you wake up the next thing you have no responsibility and that was probably the most stunning thing for me but when you're both president when you try to do something you have somebody on the opposite political party typically who says it's a terrible idea and so it's hard to get things done in Washington may be harder than it's ever been now but hard when you were there as well when your former president you find it's easier to get things done yes panel you're trying to do yeah I think it depends first of all you have to realize what you don't have and what you did I thought it was it it's really true that I I love the job and I loved all the responsibility it's amazing how much of everyday it's taken up but I think you have to do as president and by the incoming fire and do you know when he was for example running I watched all of this debate with Al Gore very carefully and nobody said what are you guys going to do who if the al Qaeda blows up to World Trade Center and you see there's a lot of different ways and ... if you don't deal with the incoming fire it will undermine your ability to do anything else if all you do with his incoming fire you can't keep the promises you made when you were running so it's a lot of trouble know when you get out you switch you change all that power but that clutter for whatever influence you have whatever you're experiencing contacting from which you do and you have to decide what to do and everybody makes different decisions up president Carter I think we should all be thinking about it he collapses I Wally but he's fine he was building habitat houses in Canada it's what he decided he wanted to do and by doing any help habitat to grow into one of the biggest home building operations in the world so we all have to make these decisions former presidents I don't think it's that easy a frankly to get things done necessarily mean for example when the great accomplishments of my post presidency was the building of this building and and and the installation of programs that we think makes it make a difference but it was hard work to get there a ... Rogers nada made appropriations bill well not easy ... so but today when former presidents get together I which that happens in funerals unfortunately and also sometimes in libraries open it's not common that you get the other one what's it like in the back room where you actually say to each other when a former presidents are getting the other do you actually tell secrets that you never tell anybody else hurt if you generally say wedges program gonna start when's it gonna end or in the outside of me give shorter answers I think no it's unusual with us because we had them because when I was when I left office I tell the Muslims do you know if I can ever help you and I will do it if I can't in good conscience I won't but I'll never embarrassment public and you know Hillary was a senator so that I may have to make some comment to disagree with some policy here tonight but I will always do it respectfully and I want you to succeed and I tried to be as good as my work and then he gave me one of the great gifts of my life the chance to work with his father ... after the tsunami in South Asia and then after Katrina and we had a heck of a time doing it with a lot of good in that bought us all all 3 of us closer I thought about that for a moment not you ran against President Bush 41 it was a bitter campaign he was defeated for reelection how did you manage later to develop a close relationship was in that very difficult or awkward at times because you would run against each other he'd call you names should call him names how did you come together I think it helped that we had some contact before you know I was rep I represent the democratic governors when he decided to embrace these national education goals any at the governor's help write them and we started working together and then I I and I tried never to take a cheap shot as in the governor's association that we disagreed we said it went along we found things we could do together and I think the other thing is like I said he deserves autocratic because if he hadn't asked as to do this tsunami work together on not sure the relationship we have ever flower the way it did and we just like being together and on that you know you just it's like anything else sometimes you click with people and sometimes you don't always admired him I think it I completely supported what he did in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union supporting German reunification supporting European Union supporting the efforts he made and I made ... with as you say to die mixed results to try to integrate Russia into the family of democracies and everything and so we just started working together on the this tsunami thing was aliens easy to forget now because of long time ago but of me they lost 300000 people in I'm a matter of minutes and several countries in and then President Bush said America's got to do our part most people couldn't find along those little countries on the map but they were part of the global community that he was willing to take our fair share responsibility for but that was your relationship with President Bush we went ahead and you become close because like a different take on the on the what I think is one the most high when the most unique relationships an important relationship and US political history I think it starts with Bill Clinton being a person who refused to lower his victory over dead I was he was humble in victory which is very important and dealing with other people and ... and I think dead ... was willing to rise above the political contest no we're just starts with the individual's character and both men in my judgment displayed as strong a character and therefore the friendship was able to be formed now why do I have a friendship with him foot but because he's called a a brother for the different mother he he hangs out in our because you can't he hangs out main more not do well when you campaign you were campaigning against some of the things that the Clinton ministration Adan I soon when you're running in 2000 yeah probably nnova hot it will do that go ahead where we're both baby boomers were ... and we're both southern governors we had a lot in common ... he got along with people his legislature I got along with mine we have friends in common and so there was a kind of a natural it was it a natural ability due to respect and like each other but then so therefore if you disagree with someone doesn't mean you don't dislike it you don't like him right also you know I recognized that he was 44 days older than me okay so for 44 days we're in the middle this 44 day period by the way so I called him on his birthday and I said I'm calling you on bended knee because this begins my 44 days of respect for my elders when I was president I would call bill and ... you know he was very helpful and it wouldn't you know it was ... he he knew a lot about a variety of issues particularly international affairs and I was interesting and I knew I could a camera on him for good advice and ... and I was gracious and receiving my calls president Clinton thought you've done something that was very unique in it all of us are going to school recognizes sometime there somebody who's a student body president at the class president and everybody thinks this person could be present I'd states but none of them actually have made it except you you're the only person really in the 20 century who was a student leader from the beginning actually made at the present I'd states so what was the factor that drove you to keep you know being such a leader from from the high school to college to graduate school most people burn out and they say I don't wanna still be a leader and you manage to pull this off what we think the qualities were that in snug still by your mother well I also lost 2 elections along the way which kinda keeps you humble first of all I think college has gone way over rated I I think I got elected because I was the basically we're the last generation that was born without a television I was 10 years old for your television I grew up in a conversational culture where people actually talk and listen to each other and it will I don't know how these people make it to die I mean you got the average the president talks 8 seconds on television Snapchat's 10 seconds Twitter's 140 characters I mean you know we but my life revolved around meals and I had yeah I and my father died in on a car wreck before I was born so I still love him in my grandparents and their generation and my great uncle was the smartest guy in our family and he presided over conversations and involve the kids on them and he told me that everybody's got a story and most people can't tell it and that's that and the people were Intel inherently interesting if they can get all their own way so I was taught to listen and the look and I really think that's what it is I just cared about always thought I'd have a better life I could have somebody else have better life too and I like to but this guy and I got lucky I don't care what anybody says all these people tell you they were bald born in a log cabin they built themselves are full of bull so now I often think that I was partially responsive for being elected president because ... I work in the White House for president Carter and you may remember towards the end of your first term as governor we put a lot of Mariel boat people in Arkansas which made it impossible to get reelected and I thought that by not being reelected you were driven so much harder to work to the present later on so yeah I really appreciate all the kind of radically thank you for doing that so if the time you weren't that happy about it but now President Bush I'm I think I'm responsive for your being elected this way I worked in the Carter White House I got inflation to 19 percent that enabled president Reagan got elected and your father the vice president open he probably help if you become president or thought about that I think ... Clinton had a bigger role playing and you did because I don't think I ever run for governor had he not defeated day had in 1990 really yeah deben add very difficult for me to have beaten and Richards in 1994 because I spent my time defending at George HW bush who had been in the last 2 years of his presidency how and by losing a it it enabled brother Jevon made to return a builder can run on our own for governor respect which states both of you ran for Congress the first time he ran and you both lost ... so you have that in common but weepy lost first time you're trying to beat up an incumbent congressman and you lost ... did you say I'm out of politics are what made you say I'm gonna go now well I got a break in a way out I I think about 1 that in the house you know the Democrats it really well in 1974 house races because it was after president Nixon resigned but I ran against the congressman who was one of his father's John that's offering I'm running a shampoo no John he had an 85 percent approval rating and 99 percent name recognition has because suicide right and I was I was 00 and he beat me 5140 3 about 3 points and it's the best thing that ever happened to me we will that be in for instance but well this district we ran and had the highest amount of gasoline used for registered vehicle in America because it was a slow rolling all on hilly roads and you had to do stuff people don't do anymore your television ads at mount anything if you didn't do retail campaigning and I learned 75 percent of what I know about politics not first raced now where you it was at that time at Hillary Clinton Hillary Rodham then came down was help you in the campaign did did die you really think that that time that I she was going to stay down in Arkansas and marry you because you know Arkansas was not considered and her world that the place was the center of the universe exactly I did not know I had I thought I'd look I did I had won a pennant ... one step at a time minority Astor twice Timmerman she said no will times smart girl so the third time out to just come down here and they liked her so much of the law school they offer a job teaching and so she did know the also there were other job was the she was working on the house Judiciary Committee so when that whole thing was over she just took the job in it worked out pretty well but when you got married you said your wife for she said to you I don't want to ever make any speeches and you kind of implied you weren't gonna get in politics and then no no not true okay ... we got married Anna in November and the next year I campaigned for Congress bank but I said she never had to give a political speech and as she did her and she was pretty good at it I guess it's bigger yeah so when you lost for your house you rent a house seat yeah and then you lost 78 sure you say I'm out of politics and for awhile ... but it turns out like bill said is the best thing that happened to me as Ken handsome guy beat me said if I had to be bush's still be on agricultural committee well when you decided to run for governor in the against an incumbent and Richard your mother and father said you have no chance of winning the father didn't say that the mother did and what did you say to her when you want I have as if you are you gonna come the inauguration anon you look you know my mother you never you like pop off to her like that otherwise I I so feel florea so ... when both of you became president not your father had been president you had not I had a father than president but you've been around government book was the biggest surprise me the first day here in the oval office you've learned the secrets the nuclear codes you learned all the the crises that we might be getting into what was the biggest surprise that you found and when it hit you that your present United States all the power in most powerful man in the world when it first to get the first day the first week the first month we you know Harry Truman said that being though the most amazing thing about being president is you spend so much your time trying to talk people into doing things I should do without your asking him in the first place but what surprised me and maybe because I was can one of his dad's best gigs on me as I was a governor of a small southern state that was factually true and dub what was that you're so far removed from the American people that it's hard for them to see you as a 3 dimensional person and I had to learn all over even when as governor of Texas it is biggest Texas death I think you had a much more personal relationship with the people like Bob bullock is a lieutenant governor with a Democrat a very good friend of mine he loved George Bush and yeah I'm a thinking help and be a better governor so you know we were just used B. M. people and dealing with people and I it's it really surprised me how easily I could be turned into a 2 dimensional cartoon instead of a 3 dimensional human being and you have to discipline yourself about what to talk about how to talk about it and you can't keep remembering there's all these layers between you and people that didn't used to be there and that surprised me I I thought I was a pretty good communicator I thought I could you know and I just fillable face for 5 times so I figured out how to do it you became president very young age were 46 years old so if you had been present at 56 or 66 you think would have been different big or you have less energy at at that age very weird more experience that would you I think ... I think I would have been better in some ways if I'd been over and but I think I would have been not as good in some ways because sometimes you get a bunch non because you're too dumb to know you can't do it you show up and you keep trying to do it and something happens you know you so when you pair father was president so you obviously was were in the White House you saw what he did right and what he might done wrong did you take a lesson from that are you trying to separate yourself for your father no I learned a lot from watching him and ... ... and he he at what interested separation from him and he won anyone interested either we got a a great father son relationship and ... ... yeah I learned a lot from watching him them but my most startling moment came out right after the inaugural parade I decided I was going to go in the oval office and to see what it felt like and data unbeknownst to me Andy card had called upstairs in the residence scene as they had to come and so I was shot in the I had oval office at the dance they're kind of just taking it all and in walks my dad and I said I welcome Mr president he said thank you Mister president hospice often what was it like when your mother walked in the oval office a first time and you're the present I'd states she started laughing out well I mean it was so ridiculous you know the me the idea of it that it could never happen and ... but on the other hand when I started running she's the only person thought I had a good chance to win nobody else that Hillary and Chelsea were undecided at the beginning so but it made me feel good because you know my mother had a protest like she was widowed 3 times and ... she had a pretty tough life and she got up it 5:00 every morning and got herself ready was at work by 7 and did everything she could to take care of me and so I was proud to be able to show it to her and she was ill then but she live another year a just a little more than another year about the time and ... or obscures me a little less familiar she died the next June 6 I mean January 6 so what's it like to live in the White House lawn all of my mother said well I I guess so yeah ... could imagine get your feet off the Jeffersonian table ... when your mother was proud of course I mean think about this yeah she's the only was only one woman whoever had ... a son become president I'd states who father had also been present I'd states Abigail Adams but I don't think she was alive when John Quincy Adams became president your mother was the only person who saw her husband the president and her son pretty unusual and it so today I am when you're living in the White House is it what some people call it a captain of a prison because you really can't get out very much where he really enjoyed it's it's a great thing you are all the servants there in your go to camp David when you want is a pleasure to live there are not so much I think it if you've been if you live then informal life even though I spent you know almost a dozen years in the governor's mansion in Arkansas it's very different I mean if you've lived and a no a few been split god basically was self supporting from Tom of 19 well it was I took some getting used to it but I developed a real respect and affection for the people that work there and they I I developed an enormous amount of respect for the secret service in the risks they take and I've adjusted my self accordingly and ... I love living in the White House to remember very vividly the last time I got off of the helicopter marine one and walk to the White House as president before I would soon be gone he would be there and not I was consciously aware that I was going in there more optimistic than I was on about America than the first time O. attend more idealistic I just I never got tired of it and did you like living in the White idea is great it's really I hope they pamper you and ... ... it's and we do a lot of the staff they're the same people that work there when bill was there and many of the same when dad was there so we've gotten home when I learned I got no one went to visit and I but it's it's great it's really really a ... historic place it is ... it is a comfortable ... I loved every minute of living there what about camp David most people never been the camp David doesn't tell us what's it like to camp David said great place to recover retreat and relax or is it really overrated no I like to I mean it's a great place particularly if you ask for up well I love good most at thanksgiving because I bring all our family and you know and I like it when Chelsea could bring our friends up there and did you have a little more Lucia under the illusion that you have while you're on the ground more freedom of movement more water around time just it's great just to get away can like I want their lives and are we went there a lot and death probably used it more than any president maybe Ron Reagan did more but the reason we went a lot is one if we can better friends when the great delights of the presidency was to invite friends we grew up with in Midland for example and ... show on the right oval officer Shawn camp David but the other thing I like about a lot is at AM at I love exercise and the place is set up for a lot of hiking running mountain biking is a wonderful gem there and it's a deliberate app found it to be liberating and mountain biking is a dangerous thing and you've fallen a couple times may astra and but you haven't given it up for years and I still run and you don't worry about breaking things now okay and member the wrestling she was talking about so your former next that the jumping out of apparently today 85 remain your exercise is you you play golf but you obviously have lost weight since you left the presidency put in the vegan diet habit is not hard to do and less burgers how did not and when you have quadruple heart bypass and you will live to be a grandfather I don't give a second thought outside the you know I realized that I was highly prone to arterial blockage and I thought I'd cut my chances a little reward to see but it would be a grandfather unlike him who come from great genes I am now the oldest person my family for 3 generations man or woman Maya and so I thought it was I said you know I think I'd like to hang around town have a good time bin laden out it will be over sickens extend up now think all districts out long as I can so if you ... could run for president on it states or former president I states what would you recommend what's a better job to be present I'd say 3 years ... and you 2 were the only 13 people in our country sister who served 2 consecutive terms and your 2 of the 13 so you can surf the 2 consecutive hours would you rather do that or be a former president for 30 or 40 years what he thinks more enjoyable the first of all I think pins on what how you keep score but I think it you gotta be former you gotta live a long time as a former president to have the impact on this many people as you can as president and I tried to do as best I could on that but if you gave me the choice that service to terms yeah me too it and the reason why is the decisions you make it got ... I'm monumental effect on a lot of people and it's ... ... it was it's it's exciting to be in that kind of environment it does it taps it it it it insists that use all your skills and your energy in order to affect policy in a positive way they're singing about the presidency is it's often defined by the unexpected and that which makes a job EE interesting it's very interesting that a lot of our most successful former president serve one term John Quincy Adams you know what about Congress for 16 years and one of one of our most important about slavery advocates well we have our tap became Chief Justice Herbert Hoover came out of retirement and wrote civil service act of that they didn't want a good thanks and not feel it you know lives in Georgia now that blessed because we reasonably young and of brought upon those young and so you got you get can be double lucky you can survey years as president then do some other good thanks so ... I assume you would recommend the job to people if they want to be president I'd states ... John Kenny was once asked her press conference ... what do you think about this job would you recommend that job he said we're not to others right now I guess because I'd wait till I'm finished my tenure but would you recommend the job to people at the young put young people young leaders presidential scholars and they want to be present at 6 would you say it's worth the aggravation factor and all the hard work to become president or would you recommend a pursue over on the heart beat I of same he would not there's a good chance we're looking at a future president the most a 60 graduates here right well you would recommend that the highest calling of mankind I've often thought was private equity but you would say that being present I say it's a better than private equity right I don't know so we we make 200000 year end pension what do you make ... no money isn't everything but yes look like if we could just say one serious thing I mean I think there are a lot of really big question floating on route there a total slam the Mexican multi 0 there's a really smart guy gave a speech during the campaign and the campaign beyond what it was obviously nobody was interested by asking about it but he said I believe that this will be the first technological revolution that will kill more jobs and it creates and therefore I believe we will either have to have people with money pay even higher taxes exists subsidize people living who don't or the richest countries are gonna have to start planning first for a 4 day and ultimately for a 3 day work week because of automation robotics and artificial intelligence now no one knows the answer to that no I know that he's right or not but that means that it's not going to be boring it's not boring figured out how to make a deal with all these climate change issues to do it in time love to do it the way that helps the economy not hertz's it's not boring figuring out whether we can have a more broadly shared prosperity and still have growth these are very significant questions and it's also not boring figuring out how the navigator political world in which the nation states borders are porous not just in terms of vulnerability a terrorist attack but cyber terrorism in all this is going to be a it's a it's a fascinating sobering but exhilarating time to be alive and also I told George wants who you're told us about I hope you're not the first Republic and not the last Republican president who is not afraid of immigrants a new motherboard we agree with the I. we could go to South Texas and have a discussion about what immigration reform should look like but it's you put if you look at America we're only were having a the replacement of our native born population from natural births we can't continue to grow this economy lest we grow more diverse and taken more elements so we gotta be comfortable about it I mean aren't you glad that a Cambodian woman found her way to Louisiana itself I so if you love it you know boner great is you can find a way to Texas vannatter as you look both of you you look back on your presidency both served 1888 years and as I tried to say earlier that countries had roughly 550000000 people in our country's history been Americans 5 in a 50000000 Americans are over the course of history 45 of them elected president but only 13 people have served 2 consecutive terms and you were 2 of the 3 ... to 13 so I'm what would you say in your 8 years you are most proud of having it done I was most proud that one on the left office we had the broadest period of shared prosperity in 50 years that is where the bottom 20 percent income and percentage terms increase more the top 20 percent and nobody was mad at anybody else over it it was shared across racial and religious and regional lines they're not abolish inequality no and you can't market society but at least we found a way to have more sure prosperity and including 3 budget surpluses but I was I wanted because I think if everybody's got a decent job and certain look forward to in the morning about 90 percent of the other problems go away so whatever argument we might have let's say about ... healthcare policy or any other so supposing it will all become less significant if people think they can start a business and keep a job and educate their kids then families are stable communities are more stable and all the other problems get smaller what would you say in your 8 years you well that I've met autres Love Me ... it it is military it's a challenge to have teenage daughters and when you're the president and that's towers anytime Dave teenage daughters and ... at thanks to Laura's guidance and love that our little girls our family unit strengthened and I think that's a great accomplishment we have to have a you know what I think this is what I think a lot of people don't believe about people like us if you can take it seriously your most important job mature because of all the houses behind the father or mother someday wasn't hard when you're repressing I'd states you really have the time to be a parent as much as you might want as a kind of hard when you got all these people coming at you is that it was hard our girls one was Yale ones the university of Texas and so they work handy as we say and ... ... yeah sort but thankfully Laura spent a lot of time nurturing them and ... help map the hardest thing I knew it is like to be a child of a president and the criticism was harsh regardless Juche president it stank of if you're the child with somebody you love it criticizes shows were worried about our girls reacting to the criticism that I got and Laura was very good at comforting and I tried to do my best what's it like when you have a daughter and she goes out on the date and the father is greeting the young man and your president United States or your governor or president I'd say it's what is that it's kind of intimidating for the young man I assume well at the time I certainly hope so my it's right unlike killed his 4 friends you know that's did it and she never went out with more one boy at a time but that you know that chapters got shorter or longer depending but I remember she had one were found high school I really liked but he wouldn't take his baseball cap off inside so finally he said and it there one night a mouse that I really like you know that don't you he said yes Sir I do I said you can't wear that Cappadonna I'm an old fashioned person take careful this guy goes on to become an architect and when we when you put your dad and me to work on Katrina he was a young person just started out and I ran into him in Biloxi work with 3 of his friends like got leave from their jobs and there they were just 3 young people down there trying to help people put their lives back together that's the so I you know I treasured no my daughter still brains somewhere between 18 and 2526 people home for thanksgiving every year dollar foreign friends who don't celebrate thanksgiving or people who can't go home for thanksgiving and healing I've we feed them and they go around the table and sat with a grateful for rear and it made it even if you you cannot be pessimistic about the future if you hear young people say that so that's the thing about tonight a I told people earlier that came through ... that you're not gonna believe how bad tonight's event will lift your spirits about the future this country and okay what Tom what makes you both most optimistic about this country today the future our country what makes you most optimistic well tonight you'll see why am optimistic we've got people of good heart good skills willing to serve others and one of the most unique things about our country or the armies of compassion that exist throughout the United States that exists in spite of the government these are people the salmon traffic improve the community in which I live and ... and tonight we're gonna meet leaders ... who do just that and any nation that kind of compassion is a nation that guy in which they should issue we ought to be optimistic now when you became our former president one of the things that you are now famous for doing is taking up painting correct ... people work a little surprised because you weren't thought to be a artist before ... so why did you take up anything I was sensitive David amis plays so how did you decide to pay pick up painting and wanted to give you some of the one thing I hope people do is go down look at the paintings in the exhibit after dinner tonight ... or it's right behind here up the reason I did it because it heralds are vets I painted because I was bored I made it ... this foundation institute takes up time but not enough my exercise program one taken enough and so now I read Winston Churchill's essay painting is a pastime and I basically said if that guy can paint I can paint all right president Clinton ... since you left the president's you've changed your your diet and other things what have you spend the most time now that gives you the greatest pleasure now is the Clinton global initiative for building my foundation and trying to fund you know it's just that it it got so big so fast that it just took up all my time but and I'm I'm trying to make a more entrepreneurial that isn't trying to something that wants some gets really big can fund itself I'm trying to spend them all off now but there are health initiatives now gives aids medicine over half the poor people in the world who got it thanks in no small measure to him past and pep for even though we never took any American money it meant we could help drive the price of all medicine down everywhere and of the Clinton global initiative which we don't have any more in its previous incarnation but I'm working on some specific things you know we help 400000000 people with that but it's at sex life a lot of trouble you have to give keep at it all the time and at first I thought oh I don't wanna do this but I did not doubt the Unabomber workaholic and I didn't think I could be a gifted painter yeah but I admired him for doing that and you know I think he would tell you that the best thing can happen to you in your politics is to be consistently underestimate at pretty good at that you might think you greatly you make me a genius because I look like a genius because when the presidential race to 2000 started 1999 I turn on TV 1 night of White House and I saw him sitting on a bale of hay in a tent in Iowa is fours on though the first time you made that conspires to the conservative speech and I got on the phone and I said you guys better pay attention this he could be you there's a big tension I guess given if any party 3 times in a row in the White House and what he said 2 people who could go either way yeah it's compassionate syrup I give you same thing Clinton did but I do it with a smaller government a bigger tax cut would you like that it and that's it yeah it is we know starting with me we Democrats did not you couldn't Bob bumper stickers and it was brilliant and I thought they're gonna underestimate the sky also so I beat and Richards a better friend about for 20 years and she had a 60 percent approval rating anyone anyway because he understood the politics was about candidates conditions and culture and not just what position you were taken on the issue and he constructed a campaign that fit with words Texas was at that time I didn't know anything about you didn't have to dislike and Richards to vote for George Bush preshow he maximize the number of people he could get so how did the 2 of you come together to create the presidential of leadership ... program ... residential school one of the real problems with these presidential centers is that they become irrelevant pretty quickly and lesser something that ... that it captures people's attention and a martyr spellings cans predecessor said we ought to think about using a are these platforms to their call young people together and encourage them through a leadership education program and it makes a lot of sense in that with bill and I talk together in it and I have it just it fit right into our our our view of I had to be useful and ... and that's how I got started in the course inviting dads in LBJ's made a lot of sense ... who most people focus our attention on these libraries on the coast and stuff like that it is a valuable resource for people and and ... in what we call the heartland I also think you know one of the use talk to these young people here they basically you know it's a nice thing to go to our libraries we give speeches never think that bitch anything that what the thing they get most out of his being with each other and one of the things that's wrong with American that bothers me more anything else about our future is that we have separated ourselves and to like minded communities we may be less racist homophobic and sexist another thing but we don't want to be around very many people disagree with us normal and we get news in silos and the truth is in an interdependent complex world diverse groups make better decisions and homogeneous once and so these people would make better decisions and everybody knows that but they almost can't help themselves because when you get a national elections gets more abstracted and we all vote for the gridlock we say we had 8 so I think this is great I was tellin George for came out here I just came from like Tahoe where we both thought started and he finished a plan to save Lake Tahoe it's one of only 2 blue water lakes in the world and the Republicans and Democrats on the ground made it possible because the day had the ended mom and all we did was say yeah well I just came from Colombia where I started but he mostly finished plan Colombia which gave the country back to its people it was a total bi partisan deal because we started with the end in mind that we got to get back to that in America this is killing us all this fighting over nothing instead of saying what the heck we're trying to get done we have time for one more question and now with the CS finally both of you could ask answer this and for those who were presidential scholars or other people watching if somebody wants to be present I'd states is the quality that is most important hard work intelligence optimism lock what do you think it takes for somebody who says I wanna be present I wanna be like you I wanna be like you humility I think it's really important know which you don't know and listen to people who do not let you down now I also think you have to begin with the end them on that is you have to say yeah you got to win the election but why in the heck are you running that's a thing I noticed about him when he ran for governor against Ann Richards he didn't say and Richards is us klutz he said I want to be governor because our do 123 thanks couple of modern agree with what he had an agenda if you if you want to be president realize it's about the people not about you and when it's over and that's what a lot of these people who really are gotten office they forget time passes and it passes more quicker than it more quickly than you know you want to be able to say people are better off when I quit kids at a better future thanks for coming together you don't you did it you don't dislike a hot look at all the people have the or the people I worked over I think the most important thing is to be humble through listen to realize everybody's got a story all these alarms accuses only thing you disagree with and my platform was that Texas ought to take Arkansas I want to know what I disagreed with is he wanted to get all of our water not pay very much money so president I wouldn't swap it out for Texas oil a total you know Errol Flynn girl president Clinton President Bush I wanna thank you for your service to our country and the thank you for the leadership you've given to so many people and thank you for what you're doing in your post presidency thank you very much thank well yeah I feel okay //

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