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"2014-09-20 08:13:24"
\\I have a problem is the monopoly game which is controlled by the federal reserve that private bank which is actually control of a London it was manipulating all the dollars to put him out put more and more people into that so the illusion of equity they have in real estate is coming apart be players better analyzing everything are expecting massive foreclosures next year and the beginning of what we call the recession you know there were some 29 but your house it did you live in you that you don't you don't write you have contractual right to transfer the air space Sonny can you paint taxes to the state right for the global 2000 discussion 2 we had the real problem that they have is Kissinger says they're just too many people on the planet and 40 percent of the world 22 0 atlas exist on less than $2 a day this summary of the global 2000 report I put up on the website no but I if you look at it it makes sense to get rid of people so they did what they said they're gonna make got like decisions on who lives and who dies now obviously as some that means we set on we were planning on using new problem neutron bombs on the major cities collect contains most of the what they call you actually heard this essay on the me I was in the game died my hand back I was making such a mess they decided rather than kill me which they could and they just invited me into the inner group and asked me to be the finance chairman at that point I probably would have been in you know secretary the treasurer here some whatever they wanted to do with me but what I was doing prior to that so you know make it right I would volunteer to become the president of the company and I going to liquidate and we get rid of the expendable containers that was my job animal containers meaning human being Basra yeah it's amazing that we had contact with those who use the data numbing away from their usual cedars today so you're happy with your human resource so let you know how you are as part of the commodity even in the in the business section look at it you have a cost labor what is labor and human resource right when you gonna put together some kind of product well the inside of the game always are used neutron bombs today they figure the biologicals are much cheaper they're still planning on the plan is to get a war started in the Middle East and they're still planning on using a neutron bomber of one of the bombs that they've got developed on Israel and match to begin Arabic or were 3 which is on the cards and what it's going to happen I guess they even put the monument up to this whole program called the Georgia guide stones hello I yeah I have signed up land you know and they've got it all set down his alternate languages they want it it basically it's they the complaints are very concerned it just to get the thing going in the Middle East and it's not going fast enough I mean Carter put the saying and so we have really planting thousandth with the war starting in the year 2000 the Middle East reduce the population the paradigm of 500000000 have one world currency under the ha ha homeland security or theme that you want to call it ... they're going to declare an emergency which you're going to shut down everything my friends my CIA associates online conference anymore CIA's crooks in action yeah there are professional liars I'm a big big that'd be if they have that job yeah so I have to look at what you're doing anyway they're so concerned that early in the country to most of them are going to Latin America ... meanwhile they're closing in everyday right now just closing and to make it so we're going to be set up in these enemy prisoner war camps I published a book call chaos in America in it I was asked to build an enemy prisoner of war camp I put the contract in this book so you can read it yourself Mrs in downtown Las Vegas read on a railroad tracks says enemy prisoner working their own thoughts their bully him all the way across the United States right now bush signed an executive order ... taken the O. forks in the army places we shut down to get those organized to hold the so called dissidents now with the definition of a dissident and the problem is that we're gonna enslave ourselves because most people want to keep having to come in and you're going to follow the line you just rocking yourself into neon prison camp then we're gonna come down to the extermination just like World War 2 well I'm I've lectured together I know fills my he didn't even I know he's dead and so what what what what about what he was saying about the number they figured that time he was 129 bases before he died underground that argument that was that all for the elite yeah really what they gonna do address the people they just get rid of them leave them above ground in the radiator now my son had been appear businesses spent the last 3.5 years in the secret city in Russia they're about 12 years ahead of us there 22000 nuclear warheads and course where the target the Soviets had other 3 nuclear submarines on west coast and 3 on the east coast there but 2 football fields like 5 stories tall and they'll learn nuclear power and nuclear ending their major cities what's going on well because the plan is the northern hemisphere is whether gonna release the nuclear bombs in the theory was that the winds from the North Pole there come down because that's increasing drastically will go to the equator and there will be a very little spill over because of the reverse of the wind because of the southern hemisphere so therefore the nuclear radiation here will be a lot more than the southern hemisphere and the fate accompli you believe Kobe himself or yet they think they want battery hot and bothered about me talking they don't get what you know or not what he's gonna do about it and you have no idea what China's until you go over there for yourself with 1300000000 Hempstead almost well well over 4 times our population it but you know I spent some time over there with them at some government friends it they they think they're going to what they're gonna do let the west and go habits fight and then they want to clean up its its been 5000 years we went around the world when I get through and what they're doing acquiring all the assets they felt that yeah Canada and the United States the property there will of the proof growing areas movie enough to take care of their people and that's what they're looking quietly let me make bot Turley left of the camera resource whatever is left of ... you seem to be getting in the position to be able to print a fair amount of together which is which is quite interesting well on what I walk my talk I played the game he played the game you know that you know one online and I know I and I like essays to play around with the world leaders so I know what planning on doing with a change of heart when happening news that made you decide to share this information would have happened to be in front of a well like it come back to a a moral situation that happened they I think when I was I clued aspen ... about my 2 daughters up there so they could go you know skin and that when I was on a limb by did to this meeting when I walked into the room world leaders are there that's when they asked me to be the finance chairman as they said we'd like you to be the finance chairman for the next president United States and the first thing I ask is why me makes several we owe you a favor member I told you have volunteered to be president the company's away damages record it yeah I can charge me important just gave me I think and that it will ask what they said that that you think governor Kean the Akai be good or be a team player did the list you know nobody's Frank so I next thing I asked him I said well wait a minute you know I just started this $0 project and it's a don't worry about it will put it on ice and I should okay who wear size where you can do that and then I said the next thing was who is going to be the next president now this is 2 years before he became president they said Jimmy Carter as a kid who specializes democratic governor George units I've been voting Republican and pawnbrokers and some don't worry about we controllable neither will I get the next question is wonders of finance chairman do I hope I didn't do a management plan over such stuff they said we sit down we care as I said ... Ted Kennedy within right next to me and to admire pot you know he did kill concert Georgia love this job you really good with money where to send you off all the state democratic functions to raise money for the national Democratic Party and he said you need to real Foxy lady Jeff then my daughter worked in telekinesis while I'm gonna go to bed I certainly don't hit that my daughter she's 14 and his response to me was I don't care I was late but I really didn't know what to do it was that moment when it really well that was part of it yeah I got up I walked across the room right Dan talked appear to though his wife who was the prime minister of Canada that and I'm certainly proud of them was little half cigar box a white powder no I'm looking around the restroom I said my god something hit that point if the world leaders have to resort to this I don't think I want to be part of this I mean I don't even need a liver there are even though the pollution and getting everything else attack but get rid of all the other people I mean I was raised on a packing house of slaughtering animals and you get to the point where people are just animals lab and then I got a little bit more about the details of the plan 2000 of the annihilation of the entire planet as like a stop or something unnoticed we got to be stopped //

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