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"2017-08-16 01:30:42"
How To Make No Glue Sugar Slime!!
\\guys right click click here it is it is you know competition guys how to make no clue sugar line Sir yeah also dies notifications quite my last deal is Skype cool owski makeup lover and friend Arlene moos says in Gillian Wallace so you guys what could be the hashtag notification squad lake I do without you subscribe to me football bell Salmi guys will be notified right when I upload a new video after uploading a new video makes you comin out under 10 minutes hashtag notification squad in you'll be like when people see on the screen realizing member please leave a like and subscribe quite too eclectic in the commissary down below give us to the right is also nice I recently got appeal box though if you want to I'm asking you have to you don't owe me something now my next video or the next day after that I'll be doing a life you opening up all the fan mail I've been collecting it for about 3 weeks now so let's get right into the video case I. today you know I'm sure you guys how to make a no glue sugar sign so in case you guys need to make this site my speech and sugar next thing I need is lemon juice and wider the next thing that you need there is a boulder pleats makers Simon you guys wanna make sure to make waves the and last easy doesn't need a mixing to you as a friend take out your boiler plate and make sure it's my career as I said before magazine has a sugar and caffeine cravings for sugar but I'm just using this kind it's actually crying granulated sugar I haven't had any trouble Ripley even as much as you want sexual are I can I make a lot of time inicio little clumps of you know what the Clinton like the little Clinton or those in by no well actually no also guided this video that your question by one of my things in music so you check that you guys yeah doesn't add is your whole lemon juice see I think as much as you want and this is actually really cool because this one is actually edible which I think is so cool actually after adding that you have been I know water it can go in any order in any order though slaughter first or the let me just say you have to keep actually coming together which is so cool enterprise meekly kind of like a really cool like Joe lake think I love it more women more water yeah no I don't yeah it's really cool a little bit more sugar cook all my gosh you see registered everywhere making a mess yeah that looks like a pretty good enough limiting now what he doesn't keep Michael could learn much from moon when you left you should read more I guess like you're like a huge spotlight more shouldn't be over lunch with one Clinton is a huge quandary yeah yeah okay so that they can nothing you wanted stirred to like it all mixed in good see this it's like all mixed and it looks really cool personal so you know really sticky from now I ask you make some really good you guys are going to put this into the microwave for about a minute and if you start hearing like popping sounds ideas you can take it out spirit around a little bit you don't want to actually get there we're gonna keep going in the microwave Callister thing really bubbly at the top like aggressor warming up a bunch of bubbles so I'm gonna publish to make way for about a minute and if it is not for bubble tea at the top really boiling is not done yet so make sure you keeping an acquittal conceivable threat permit so I'm gonna be back when all the bubbles are okay guys so I just took out the sugar slime Perot and then my colleague has continue some bubbles at the top and it's actually really house that's why have the subtle McNamara button bring myself no here's what it looks like now it looks really cool and it's so thick at the bottom like when I put down look struggles a pickup which is kinda weird it's a really cool in this smells exactly like a lemon cake or something like that pretty smart it's close so good a Chrysler the cooling lackey taffy and now we're gonna mix it around a little bit more can actually find out a little bit more sugar because it wasn't too sick so maybe that's concealable though that's but there's like a whole lot more sugar pieces in there yeah so now you guys gonna put you mixture into the freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes so I'm thinking now in about 8 minutes or so do out there hadn't even put it into the freezer as long as like when it starts getting like when you touch it it's not sticky anymore suddenly I do so like all this water in actual turn to like Canoga hard little lake slimy like consistency which is so cool so I'm gonna put this on the preview now in the finished product will be done when I come back okay guys I just took out his sugar slime from the freezer and here it is on it's actually it's a top but I like sticking onto usually it's a really cool appearing on this can't hurt because I actually left it in for about 15 minutes because it wasn't a like warming theory cyclic often longer here it is it's really cool with more like a doughy consistency being really honest but if you play it with that nice guys district you like that little bit yeah edible a little piece of it it's his own you know like a woman popsicle like all chagrin is really good previews though how it really let go I can see how it come but you know it's really cool to keep posting at all it kind of hokey I really like this like I'm gonna play with this the key I'd say like if you want to store I'd say actually store in the fridge don't start with the same question because I might like army personnel or something after awhile but it's like if he is so cool I would say did give that same recipe and here if it's not forming what I did was actually at a little bit of corn starch so I'd cornstarch if it's not really forming at all because of that little thing to do little far make this or that so I could be like this video irv had a make sugar slime it's so cool looking a lot it was reduced to work off Erica slushy well with one cool yeah also I think to kick out my musically cool I could cracked open my rope lacks Kawaihae toys yeah it's all in the description and make sure if you want to know have to go on a series of my PO box we the description because it was same appeal yeah so I guess I could do a member please a like and subscribe to quite to click here in the comments some below give us a that's why I love you in peace thumbs up pushing aside I //

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