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"2017-07-31 16:29:51"
Channel Update - 7/29 - Vlog - Kenson Plays
\\well this is just a small update from confirmed place I've been recently doing some videos with Zach power 16 and I'm currently working on getting them edited and uploaded I was waiting on a few things like graphics to be completed and maybe an intro that I can put into the video amber before release them though I got to get some more graphics work like I said so if you guys have any graphical skills create like a little short little 10 second intro or even an outro card I would like it to work be able to work with you to and what you did me because I'm in uploading to YouTube and also cross posting to evade me I'm just get and this may be some also some major changes to the channel I'm gonna be working on getting to the is that a week if possible one on Monday one on Friday and I will be cutting my streams out down to one day a week I do enjoy doing streams for you guys but it just this really seem to be working out that well so that's why I'm going to be doing one YouTube video or 2 you tube videos one on Monday one on Friday the one on Monday will be a guaranteed gaming related video the one on Friday will be either a blog like this or another gaming related video except for this week I'm gonna be doing this log here released on Monday so that way you guys can get this information as soon as possible and I'm hoping to do at least one vlog her my if not maybe one every couple of weeks and then I can also post those on my blog as a in bad on my blog post I have a couple of different series planned for the channel including thank Antec gameplay ark survival evolved gameplay and dislike funny random moments when I'm playing games like maybe if there is a funny way that I died in depth or panel carnage extinction or something like that I can't upload those little clips into like a montage type video I'm videos will most likely be posted in the mornings I will give you guys time to actually watch the video comic in the comments below and to watch it throughout the day I'm I highly recommend I highly prefer post a comment on the video it's on a you tube or viewed me south ... before posting a comment on discord that way it'll show the activity they'll get the videos ranking up higher on you too and get you guys to end will builder grow our community even more and the more we grow the community the better right ... the reason why I'm cutting out the streams because I've been doing streams for roughly 3 years now and it hasn't really John really anyway have been ... Pauline average of 3 to 5 the whole 3 years and I do know that it's not all about the viewers but I feel that after 3 years and not getting anywhere it's just a little down heartening you know that's why I'm gonna be switching my focus primarily 2 you tube and bit me with fast streaming streams one day week on the topic of those streams I want you guys take ... devote on in the comments what your best time is and then I can kind of figure out when a good time to start the stream of the earliest form a probably would be about 10:00 AM and the latest I'd start would probably be about 3:00 PM our unless I get enough I'm thinking of people saying that 4:00 PM sounds better it all depends on you guys will you guys be what would be best for you anyhow I will be picking the day because I wanna pick good day that it's in my schedule better that way it doesn't conflict with rest my weekly schedule of my you tube videos my family my real life responsibilities and all that I want to make sure that I'm not conflicting with any of those so you pick a time I pick the day and we'll go from there anyhow everybody you have a fantastic day I will see you in the next video I //

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