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"2017-10-03 16:00:04"
ONE OF MY FAVE SCRATCHERS! Loteria $3 California Lottery Scratcher
\\words of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today I'm in a place I looked at a ... look the daily our look there yeah $3 California lottery scratchers leads go we've got 3 of them were going to get a win here get that W. let's get that W. okay off you know how to play this you just scratch the cards down here scratch the correspond symbols appear and then you win based on the row you gets odds of winning a prize is 13.7 for cash prize 1 of 5. part of $30000 yeah yeah let's zoom in a little okay per lo lo right there all rights and let's were a yes let's play hosted a bonus card last though world unknown unknown worlds the boots I remember when we played an entire book of this for a group by I was a lot of fun it was crazy is so much so many tickets I was nuts the heart and I don't know what their frog we do have the frog hopefully distal jackpots left scorpion this is when you were a lot there yeah I think the old one is gone already should be gone by now uhhuh the cello the deer the latter okay who chance here for $20 a barrel the hair $20 chance the musician alright we're getting a decent number of symbols here their hands $50 chance with the moon moon a barrel ... yeah yeah yeah aero okay level much as to where we've got 1 more $5 chance 300 or 12 on it we can get 320 and I think that the price because we got that we get both so we can get $50 though they can do 50 or we can do 5 rooster watermelon ... no that's not it okay the federal office next tickets let's go give us a win here let's start with the bonus card this time mermaid okay we have the momentum nice the barrel came out in the next car this star this son yet and the sun you know looks a little different musician yet we have it okay let me come up with the question so you can earn kept books who $5 potential here what should I ask should be related maybe it can be am I guess just a random stuff that's all I used to do I did random things when I first started the Catholic system I was asking random random things and some puzzles sometimes I'm the pie can we get a win here the mail and we have water melon but it's different it's not the Marilyn yeah it's confusing the palm 2 more the mandolin ... 305 I don't think so assumes a loss canoe yet okay a no win there this is a $3 ticket odds are lower cash prizes one and basically 6 and ... ticket is 1 of 3.74 so we when .went on this one the last ticket and we got we got lucky okay you got wait let me come up with a question for everybody I'm maybe I can ask a question of ask before because we have a lot in you new fans here laden use ... since I last had a Catholic system palm O. while we're not getting very many symbols here well let's see I'm you know what let's see you tell me where you're from give me the country let's let's just go a country I'm curious where all the fans are from where is everybody from where is everybody from let's see which country can can win the most comments of your kind of your of your country whichever country has the most comments I'm going to give all of them kept Bucks in the from that country alright so tell me what country you're from don't make it up don't pretend you're from some country are not from come I represent your homeland and tell me what country are you not are you from but let's just say where are you now like where is your primary residence where do you live your primary residence alright where do you live right now represents come on tell me your country down in the comment section below we've got people from all over the world you might think because this is the California channels so probably you know United States and no maybe nots it depends on who's gonna comment who's not going to comment and ... if you make an account to comment make sure you subscribe at the same time okay we can get $300 when $50 one or $20 when that's it drum Flockhart or hands no we got a rooster we do not need that rooster alright well unfortunately this is a loss if I missed anything please let me know but for now let's go represent your home and your nationality your you know your national but your your country represent your home alright what country you live in right now or where you yeah I don't see where you from her say where are you residing right now right down in the comments section below 2 wins and kept Bucks let's go let's see where everyone's from I and I keep saying where you're from but you know what I mean I'm not a repeated you know where you know what I mean make sure to subscribe thanks for watching guys make sure to give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to give thumbs up by the way it does help a lot if you can't commentary thing if you could just thumbs up that would be awesome alright have a wonderful day I'll see you later that I I //
"2017-10-02 16:00:03"
STILL LOOKING FOR SWEET WIN! California Black $20 California Lottery Scratcher
\\what's of everybody how are you doing today my name is Katherine today were gonna play a California black premium $20 California lottery scratcher with the jackpot up to $5000000 this is a nice tickets the new California black series and how do we play match the numbers 10 X. 20 X. 50 X. also win also will all 30 prizes woo hoo and odds of winning a prize one in 2.89 cash prize 1 in 4.0 6 and we are going to be playing this in the group by the group by numbers steam that we are filling up and by the time this video comes out ... by many Ifill but if you are interested in joining you can email me at kept empire after and I can tell you the spots left and how you can sure and what the real Deborah you can also go to catch them com slash scratch your dash group dashing buys on more if about a group buys and what group buys are going on going on currently alright let's go let's see what we got here and I'll be doing one group by ... at a time and once that group by is over we'll do the next group by that because my on on steps until I find a really good retailer that can redeem my tickets really fast I need them to do it really fast because otherwise it takes a long time and I know a lot of people suggested grocery stores are good place but a lot of times the grocery stores tell me they don't they don't have money or they just don't have I don't I it might be the managers just being lazy you know the only one I want I want to help me redeem tickets but that's that's bird that's kind of the feel I got when I went grocery stores there are some places that you know are bad but most the time they don't have enough money for me because I'm not redeeming a couple tickets sometimes I'm reading a live special funding group by could be re redeeming you know a lot of tickets I might not be worth a lot sometimes but you know it it it's still a lot of tickets potentially and sometimes they just don't want to do that like you can see the look in their eyes there's like hi okay like I guess I'll help you might do this your job and you got it you gotta redeem tickets you gonna sell tickets you better be ready to redeem tickets are at like come on man come customer service lets go alright what we have here can we win I'll have one take it I just want to show you guys the school take at 56 can we win turn ... okay 14 were half way through let's go I believe I believe we're gonna play an entire book of this I can't wait haven't played a full book in awhile I want to do a book and we are going to do a book spots are filling and they might be full by the time this video comes out this possibly it's not full but ... email me kept them fired you act G. if you want to join and play with a bunch of people it's $30 per entry we're doing 20 people total $30 an entry and that's comes up to $600 for all of one book of this is $600 30 tickets 31 60 notes you left ... please 15 place 17 ... so close alright well unfortunately that's the end of that we did not win and I hope you enjoyed anyway ... make sure to subscribe make sure to like this video regardless and offered to give you guys a question you know what this is a kind of a short video but also give your questions he can earn kept Bucks Catholics are the currency of the cap empire channel and you'll be able to redeem them for awesome things I'm gonna add more stuff and I'm revamping the system but you can win Catholics right now as I speak so for this video let's do an easy one for this video something related to may be scratched jurors if you have a tip on how to better she increase your chance to win a ticket are win win prizes I mean when prices then let me know that okay down below and if you don't know it's okay you can just say not sure but if you know of something if you let your friend told you or if it's a you know even if it's a man or something I talked about already if you have any tip at all or any suggestion let me know in the comments section below and that'll be for Catholics are thanks guys I'll see you tomorrow for another video but I //
"2017-10-01 16:00:04"
SCRATCHER WIN STRATEGY WORKING!!! Tripling Bonus Crossword $3 California Lottery Scratcher
\\wards of everybody how are you doing today my name is Jeff and today we're going to play some tripling bonus crossword 3 helicopter no lottery scratchers and I've got 3 of them so triple tripling bonus cross words yeah ladies in a while this is a nice stick in a lot of people really like this one nice to play a lot of this on the live stream and ... and it's it's a it's a fun one it's a good $3 ticket through it all across is there a revamped version they keep releasing new ones and yeah alright so how do we play this this one we need to get at 2 words to win the tickets there's bonus letters there's a bonus word with the prize boxes of fast $20 by this is a nice ticket for a $3 ticket and what are the odds odds of the prize one 0.3 for cash prize 1 in 4.17 jackpot $20000 ... right so you are ready for this let's go how should we play this normally let's do the first one normally and then we'll speeded up how about that earless do that okay starting with the bonus letters would we have we have a CEO wait listed a fast Buck food 19 so close okay we're looking for a C. irv riots ... as anyone keeping up with the craziness with the whole North Korea thing that is getting a lot about little out of hand ... you know I'm not gonna lie I was kinda worried keno trump likes to speak his mind and I was kind of worried that he would piss somebody off and ... north Korea's probably the worse to to ... to say things about an anger you know it's it's getting bad I'm I'm actually starting to get legitimately worried you know I know the media likes to just ... you know try to they they like to talk about things that will bring fear people because people are you know people are more willing to read things like that about fear and ... but I I think it's legit I think it's getting pretty bad and I feel like every day it just it just gets worse and worse we don't any J. here okay I miss anything don't worry I'll find it but I feel like it's getting worse so I'm actually starting to prepare I I think I spoke a little bit about this in a previous video but I'm stunned to prepare a little bit you know just in case of emergency ... and I talked to I talked about earthquakes and stuff so really I think preparing for emergencies good I think everyone should be prepared at all times and you know it was you and your family and where you live with always be ready for a emergency whatever it might be you know whether its nuclear war or ... ward 7 earthquake or out of or a hurricane you can you can kind of compare in the same way like if you prepare once it all kind of cover you and all of those and all those situations so I'm I'm starting to prepare you know I have like food and water around my desk area and I've been preparing a pact with you know some emergency supplies like a first aid kit some food like rations with some water some ... like emergency blankets better really compacts but are really good you know for keeping warm in case we don't have shelter and ... yeah all kinds of things all kinds of things I'm starting to prepare and ... I'm actually wondering is in does anyone anyone know like what you know the best things to keep in astronomers the situation is like what kind of things should I should I prepare like let's say we're preparing for preparing for like ... don't know just the situation where we might not be at home and we won't have access to food and water and possibly you know the articles like what what is like what is like the one most important thing let's let's use that as the question for this video ... will give kept Bucks to random people in the comments section down below what should I what is the single most important thing that I should have been some kind of emergency pack like an emergency bag would go bag the single of the single most important thing I know the lan things are born but what is the most important that I cannot you know skip out on and and I guess if you have like a you know a list of other things then feel free to write that but tell me the first the most important thing and then and then other things afterwards I'm curious I'm curious and that way it also help other people who are watching this video and other fans we don't have we don't have any letters here by the way I'm looking at this and I I thought I was missing letters but I'm not seeing them ... yeah I don't it'll help everybody so if you know if you're an avid like a survival internal survivalist is that is that a word survivalist then we would love your input here so tell us tell us tell us give us some tips and yeah we don't have any why here no not anyone okay well it's not looking good here guys not looking great and I will find out at the end okay S. okay alright T. one thing I learned is ... like ... in case of a nuclear attack probably the most dangerous thing is the most the thing you can prepare for is the nuclear fallout which is what that mushroom cloud is made up like that signature mushroom cloud in a nuclear explosion we know where where blows up and then it goes up so that nuclear that cloud is a radiation that when that comes down the nuclear fallout tech materials that are the have lots of radiation and that's usually what kills people and it's it's much more awful way to die from that then then from ... the initial explosion so you can't really prepare for the initial explosion except maybe you know live somewhere where you this you know probably won't be a target of a nuclear attack ... but you know if really act actually you know what I'm not I'm not gonna see you can't prepare for it because you can there are people who have survived like that bombing in Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima Nagasaki right there are people that survives who if we can effort here by the way ... if there's a circle that means that you get triple a price different mentioned that well there are people who survived being very close to a dead duck site that ground 0 I guess of the ... nuclear attacks that people have survived because that way you survive well from what I learned is you go underground as as far below as possible and away from you know away from the outside like the walls so if you're in an apartment building if if there's no garage the best is is the center of the apartments where you're away from walls and here as far away from the outside so as I center as you can be if you have a garage like a parking garages office that subterranean that goes down that's also really good and I think the best is like one or 2 does like 2 or 3 floors underground and ... without hopefully without any sort of windows or advance or or doors or anything that goes to the outside that's that's the best news for you know as far down as you can go is is better ... but the protection is it's huge is really really strong when you're when you're down below so just telling you guys giving you guys some knowledge on what I've what I've been learning you know because you never know could this could save your life I could save my life and if I don't I don't know if I can save my fans lives I've done my job okay Dennis letters I did I'd scratch the UN I didn't scratch it whoops I didn't ascribe to letters my bet when we got this I'm gonna play other to ... faster don't worry we're gonna do it using the speed method speech scratching ... shade you there's still more years no okay you and I think I got a month early got 4 letters left he I think we have 4 letters the other spoilers yeah P. with the P. okay when we got a alright we've got a big valve right there gotten a boom boom sharing riots lots of days the base rights Kerry no stuff more still have more okay got him 2 more letters come on give us something good L. there looks like we're not going to get this ... no we have a G. just getting we could get the bonus word did I miss an our or and no okay so I know we can get at this is he will have a more letter left with al okay L. L. come on we we have one word even ... alibi we got one okay we got one word potential for another here I do you miss the D. here and here not bad and and no L. K. L. layers whining friends outside our and F. and E. W. okay last one here it's going to be E. low wage is that enough is that enough didn't get the bonus word E. come on no ... is important but I don't think that's enough to get us a win here okay so we have one word I see one word alibi if you see another one let me know if I missed any letters let me know we don't have the are we don't have the K. don't have and don't have S. we have to queue okay miss that and we have the E. earlier we have E. here okay now and write and add now be a win okay are nope alright that's it so no one here that's okay gonna have 2 more chances here I'm gonna play these much faster you'll see what I mean we're gonna use across our method okay $20 no no instant 20 make sure you can see everything here on the screen I forget I'm not looking at the camera sometimes I don't realize it's off screen okay camera let's see what letters we have give us all the vowels give us that now as our it is important important letters I CL on C. S. O. were missing and a like okay no a vase do we have that we have E. I have ... what have you we have a live okay no eighth that's okay bonus word doesn't have an a so we could get the bonus word areas cross out all the words with aids in them boom boom a a a a a and okay decent number of words but could still win let's see where the bonus were doubts de we have owe you owe you VT for the win the she ... no we miss the T. teaser good letter to have okay we do not have the tea he okay cross upwards of teasing them which is ... lots okay T. T. and T. alright we have I even why E. yes we do we have E. we have why okay first word potential for win here ... so S. E. W. no we don't have the S. ... I no es that's not a good okay pursue is gone what about body DOD wide V. O. D. why we got a win here all we gotta win one when out of 3 ticket so far we could win the next onto body the O. V. why and then you lightly E. Y. E. okay there's 2 words that's not what it's not over yet gray for triple G. we have our I see the why no no we don't have the are located on our that's okay no the men big data for another one D. E. and we do we got it we got more than a ticket what are alright alright alright anything else hold on hold on are do we really know how they are we don't okay den confirming D. E. S. I TT 0 O. N. we got it 1233 words $4 will take it will take the 4 box heck yeah our rights I was worried we were going to win a single thing okay confirming my strategy 20 all okay with do this one quick the cameras running out of batteries let's go can we do this can we finish this I believe I believe our guys don't forget comment down below comment just do it right now if you want to know if you haven't already comments down below what is the single most important equipment or items just a single item most important item you should have in ... in an apocalypse situation or emergency let's say earthquake or a nuclear war or zombie apocalypse I guess it's different a zombie apocalypse let's say one in which you don't have to really worry about people actually not enough I'm gonna leave it open I'm gonna leave it up and it's not any zombies but you know if you feel like a gun is most important and then you can say gone but you can't say like on plus ammo to get you know you don't worry when you with you have a gun and ... situation like you want to defend yourself and ... emergency situation you're not even it's gonna be harder to get ammo so we're not gonna you know if you still think a gun with some ammo is more important than anything then feel free you know or could be an axe or what okay I'm one thing about my answer I give to get in the next video guy okay let's see what we have we have a E. I. O. U. why we have all the bells way bonus W. we don't have the WKBW's not here with going cross out the words with DW's and looks like there's not too many okay look a lot of short words teed we have T. T. E. A. Rick E. a and we don't have T. okay crossing out the tease what about the V. E. E. E. O. P. while the shorts kid short kid K. I. D. would you have kids okay potential for win here potential for wind bike not we ought to be okay be use U. S. E. U. E. no acts okay etiquette no there's no T. right which noted there's no TV no taxi else there's no es no TNO acts are those are really important letters here no tea no ass mail and a I L. we have a I and now we have it and but no M. okay no M. no es iron no are okay battery ran out real quick but don't worry we are back and you have no idea because I cut it out but because I told you you do know okay ironed we have iron we don't have in our I think we're missing the are yet no are okay thanks there's no tears no es ... general as the general you know are no are really no tea no tea and weak are stick with the kid one kid and nothin else okay we've got one when the death 4 Bucks I'll take $4 I didn't expect to win anything but it's ... I was testing my strategy and it didn't work this time so don't worry I'm going to reveal to you still just that I'm still take getting some data and still learning I'm gonna start the website that I was gonna be basically a lot about the lottery and scratchers playing in general I've been playing for awhile now and I have ... collected lots of data on wins and losses and ... just lots of strategies I learned and I'm sure you would want to know that so I'm going to start a blog just related to the lottery inspectors very soon and I'll tell you guys when that is not also one announcing group by if the group I still have spots email me a calf empire at you if you're interested and you can always check the website to see how many spots are left and what group buys are going on you can go to cath slash scratch your dash group dash buys and final thing is the free website where I partner with brands and products and companies to give you free stuff all you to do is pay shipping those watches really nice watches and jewelry and archived sunglasses and all kinds of things there and will get be able to get more partnerships that and they're more sales we get so go to wow such and get free stuff just pay shipping and yeah that's it's how wonderful they think you're from free support make sure to subscribe make sure to like this video and I'll see you tomorrow for another scratch a video on the calf empire but I think you //
"2017-09-30 16:00:01"
MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! Money In The Bank $5 California Lottery Scratcher
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Katherine today I'm gonna play some money in the bank $5 California lottery scratchers and ... look at that we've got a white line potential don't know if it's anything probably nothing but it's still cool to believe that the white lie is somethin some higher chance of winning maybe don't know are at one in the bank hardly play this week if develop banks but we've got a 5 X. for 5 times 10 expert times may the numbers and the odds of winning any prize wanted to appoint a 1 cash prize 1 and 5.34 and ... I actually just randomly reminded me there are new ticket in California and I plan on playing them very soon ... when this video comes out I probably bought them but the new tickets there's a new what are the ticket there's a nuclear Dulles web those tickets I think it was ... $3 one maybe and there's a new $10 ticket and there's a new poll critic at poker ticket is $5 does that means did those markets yeah probably $3 ticket or $2 the last you tell us where those tickets were were $2 tickets but it's the ticket looks a little bigger so it might be a $3 ticket I'm not entirely sure I'll get them soon and play them we got a win on the first money in the bank take it Yahya there we go ... and the $10 to get is like some diamonds it's really nice it's like got lots of sparkles on it's really very showy showboating that's very nice to get all make sure to play them on the channel a sap is their new tickets they just came out ... filming this on the Tuesday and it just came out today I think today or yesterday so I'm excited I thought it would come out next month but I feel like they've been California lottery's been really revealing our ... not revealing ... like re releasing really salary are I release him new tickets like more often than usual that's how I feel underneath alright we got a win here yeah 36 let's go would we got we got a sick kid are I hate ticket I will take it now let's see if we can pull up with 2 in a row here money in the bank fast 50 spot need a 52 when they're 50 423758 highest prize of 1 on this ticket I believe is $50 haven't gotten anything more than that the $50 not too bad okay cam'ron 2332 1 of 515 I'm not sure if they're jackpots left there probably are I don't know if I've seen a actually I have never seen a game that that paid out all the jackpots by the time the ticket is over I I not that I've seen and never seen it happen alright that's it so I don't know I mean I bet they do because I don't know when they close the games like what's the criteria for closing a game is that they sell certain number tickets are wide if anyone knows let me know in the comments section below I know knows when they call it that close out a game of scratcher card I use it by time or is it by how many they sell a homey jackpot Sir ... order what curious if anyone knows alright come on let's get a win on this one I think this is going to be a loss and we we will win on the next ticket final ticket the fourth and final ticket I believe because everybody doing their own gear hope you're doing good at 39 2007 PM on give us a win 13 25 let's see I am revamping the scratcher the calf or about the scratching their cap Bucks no one that I am revamping it so I'm gonna start giving out Catholics here and there you'll be net you'll know I'll leave you ... reply to your comments if you did get kept Bucks I'll make sure to do that I haven't done that yet then you kept books but I'm revamping the system I'm giving more rewards among ... also add ... including other rewards I'm gonna add some rewards for ... getting free stuff off of the website so I know everything's free on the website this website that I created to partner with brands and companies to give you free stuff that you only have to pay shipping for I'm gonna have rewards on there so that ... that stuff on the site but I'll pay your shipping for you that way it's you know 0 percent pre I'll pay the shipping for you that's that that'll be what what you'll get out of that alright so if you want to know what the site is is while such that's the site everything's free just gotta pay shipping and handling on each item and I am adding more and more stuff I would appreciate it if you could you know spread the word so that you know the bigger the site gets the more stuff we can add to it like you know the real legit awesome stuff awesome awesome stuff right and Kay and if our ... and also the group I mean to me make all my announcements while I play this one on one more number yeah 30 are you love and ... anything else did we win anything wait 37 no no I don't see it 28 demo something I've probably missed something I hope I did but if you know if I did let me know in the comments section below ... group by if you want and if you want a spot on the group by I'm pretty sure by the time this year comes out we stopped spots you can email me at kept empire at G. also if you want to see how many spots there left and how the group by the work and everything like that you can go to WWW.calf it's right here ... slash scratch your dash group dash buys up the link right here and once we fill up the group will be if the play a book brand new book of the California black $20 ticket with the jackpot of $5000000 and second prize of $100000 which is still going to be a lot split between 20 votes $30 per entry again if you're interested email me at cath and higher at G. au I forgot to give you guys the question of the I guess question of the video question of the video what is your favorite type of scratcher let me know in the comments section down below what is your favorite type of scratchers okay you can say something like a poker or just a normal game like this or you can say cross word you know cross word or you can tell me you'd like $5 to get the best you like bingo tickets your life got in Opelika Frogger type tickets that those are my favorite had just let me know in the comments section down below I'll be giving out kept Bucks to random people and you'll be able to use those and for all kinds of things if you want to know what you can begin the 4 again affirmation can be found on kept and the specific page for the kept Bucks is kept slash cap dash Buck sorry guys I'll see you later missions subscribe make should give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day bye bye //
"2017-09-29 16:00:03"
Lucky Streak $20 Scratcher! LIVE STREAM MAYBE THIS WEEK!
\\what's up everybody a how are you doing today my name's calf and today I'm gonna play a lucky streak $20 California lottery scratch your you know let's go ahead and play this in a long time and I keep saying that because I really haven't played that much variety in a long time but I'm glad I'm playing all kinds of tickets because is bringing a lot of fun for me to do these different tickets and I hope you guys are doing it to all right let's we play this you can get a jackpot $5000000 for lucky spots we instantly when money 751 in 500 down here we matched to win or we can get a tenant for 10 times the price 20 to 20 times and a black star to win all 28 prices low I have got for not on this ticket odds of winning any prize 1 of 3.05 surprise one for 4.40 okay let's lay so you know can be able to see the entire to get the whole time but I'll try to show ... that the more important part of the ticket rights okay let's go I've got 1 ticket I'm testing out some strategies as usual that I've been doing recently on how to win tickets more often and ... yeah I'm continuing that's just letting you guys know also want to let you guys know the ... their group by we are filling in spots now I've responded to everyone who's emailed me there's 1 person though I accidentally deleted your email I forget which 1 but I didn't respond to you by now make sure to email me at caffe empire at you know the comment that was you and also if anyone else is interested in joining the group we're gonna be playing California black $20 scratchers over gonna play that for the group by number 6 team hopefully we can start soon so get your entries and and if you want to enter email me at calf empire axe G. okay let's see how we do here ... by the way I don't know face told you guys but my phone is dead I popped it in the toilet of listening to a podcast after got my ear buds were and and it pulled the phone off the the the water and I did that the toilet the tank and fell into the water then unfortunately I could not save it ... so it's that you know I'm a step in the bottom here it's dead so died but I did get a new phone finally after I think about a week because I ordered that I pre ordered the iPhone 8 yep I I I. freer the iPhone 8 I was gonna just get the 7 but ... my mom actually because of the company she works that she gets a 25 percent discount on apple products I think on all apple products or at least iPhone so I got $200 off which is crazy awesome so I decided just get the iPhone 8 ... and I couldn't really wait to get this get the iPhone acts and honestly over $1000 for that phone that's that's a little bit much that's kind of little bit much I mean that's like a gaming PC you know that's that's that's that's too much yeah ... so you know what for this question question of this video which I hope you have no idea why I'm asking this question I am going to start doing kept Bucks again and giving you kept books so you can earn kept Bucks for doing all kinds of things writing cool comments answering you know my random questions for the video and you know I think it's it's it's a good way to get to know you get to know it for you to get to know me too and just have more fun plus ... you know reward you guys for just being awesome and willing to you know check in the comments section so comments section down below much you just tell me what phone do you have right now and do you love it or do you not love it ... war what phone do you think that everyone should have or what phone do you once just something related to yours your cellphone if you have a cell phone what phone do you have owned a web phones people have okay I'm gonna say no wind so far yet I didn't look very closely at all the same kind of distracted apologize if you here just to see the ticket ... yeah yeah this channel is a little different I don't just play tickets I try to chat up with you guys and get to know you guys don't I'll tell you if I match something looks like nothing so far we don't have any fifties 44 so the comments section down below tell me what phone do you have what self when do you have and ... anything else relating to the cellphone ... another message from the kept empire is okay last number here there're come on 35 how does a 45 but I don't think we one does anyone see a win let's check it real quick 46 to do do do do do do nope not there ... man too I'll have one ticket unfortunately too I'm testing out some things 19 I see and 9 and I don't see in 19 okay 1313131313 up 18 percent 17 ... the love and no 1845 I thought I saw 45444943 okay and 48 snow and 6 slot number 6 ... okay well that's a $20 loss unfortunately alright let me get my message out real quick so you don't know already I have set up a website where I try to find brands and companies that are willing to give away products for free and all you do is pay shipping and that website is wow such while such I put it right here and over there I want such you can find all kinds of stuff like watches some really nice watches and sunglasses and jewelry and things like that and I'll be adding more and more things I did add up here your phones ... the school like loan the dark zipper style your phone and the more stuff you guys get no more I'll be able to ... partner with companies to give you more look different products a variety of products so I'm gonna be adding more and more stuff on there I do have some more ... baggies partnerships and ... they will come shortly but check the site often because I try to add you know if I get a partnership I try to add like one product per day or 2 products today so check that out while such and ... one other thing oh yeah one other thing is I miss you guys dearly and I want to do a live stream just to hang out with you and I will probably play some scratchers I don't know how much but I will play scratchers and it'll be mostly just to hang out and it's been a while so I really miss you guys and I hope you guys I hope to see you guys there I'm gonna aim to do it on Friday of this week Friday will start at 11:00 AM Pacific time as usual and it's on it's going to be on the YouTube channel so if you go to my you tube channel right here that's ... you know you slash calf empire and then you can do slash live at the end that will take you to the link I'll make sure to put the correct link here that links wrong I make sure that the right one right here as you're watching this so hope to see you guys there Friday if I change it ... I actually a fight when I confirm it then wolf will do it for sure I'll make sure to make a short video announcing the official you know schedule of that light stream and then we'll do if you don't see a video on that then that means I decided not to I didn't have time but anyway if we do I hope to see you guys there love you guys thank you so much for the support sorry this video was a loss I have more tickets come and help you to see you guys tomorrow and the new video mission to subscribe to the kept apart channel make sure like this video and have a wonderful day also goes to Morrow to that I //
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AWESOME MULTIPLIER SCRATCHER!!! The Multiplier Game $5 California Lottery Scratchers
\\whatsoever but is how are you doing today my name is Kevin today were gonna play the $5 multiplayer game California law to risk rapture this is a very unique ticket got 2 of them I feel like I should have bought 3 and if I don't wanna be's to than that kind of further proves my strategy which I will tell you eventually and not you Tekken talking about my strategies and I'm going to tell you guys exactly what the strategy is anyway although prize one 2 jackpot prize of $200 so here you have your I hear your numbers down here you get all of them that price everything apply yeah I I think so right yeah yeah yeah I will okay reading them multiplayer game and ... actually you know what I'm gonna be create a I have a blog style website maybe maybe off of the cap empire website sigh or maybe a new side of just tips and strategies of how I ... the kids and ... described winning in in general and maybe even how to light a scratch well I just do hold on what am I doing with them I've been playing this right yeah yeah I am wait much your numbers oh no no you know what I'd totally explain the game wrong sorry I wasn't I was not paying attention so you have the winning numbers here you have your numbers down here if you match the number you win you win that prize and then let's multiply this whole row is multiplied by that and this whole rows with my bad accidents every row has a multiplier and you win if you match the number sorry I'd explain to totally wrong I've only played this a few times and on anyway going back so I'm gonna create a site I know I told you guys I was gonna write an ebook I probably will write an ebook just on like strategies on winning the lottery and scratches in general but ... I want to create possibly a website or blog style site that I'm going to talk a lot about non just you know have different posts ... on certain types of tickets maybe on $5 tickets how to play $5 tickets or how to win in how do ... under no increase your chance of winning playing a $20 ticket and ... how to I don't know maybe even tips on how to start a YouTube channels you can play ... technically for free you know by by making some money on you tube and plane tickets on on the channel so it's just gonna be related to the lottery in general and ... that's going to be that's probably going to be ... a separate site I'm thinking and we just got a win on the first ticket very nice we got it bom 12 anything else 33 no appellate scratches multiplier so we notes come in one acts could be a one X. times jackpot 41 okay so yeah and if you're if you're interested in a site like that I'm sure their sites out there already that do that but for me like I've been playing for over a year now just plane tickets on the channel that I I have a lot of you know I've learned a lot about the lottery and how to play and scratchers and specifically so I kind of want to start like ... guide site slash blog site about about scratchers and you guys are interested in that let me know in the comments section below if that's something you would read and I'm you know I just wanna help you guys make more money win more money playing the lottery and I don't want you know I watch I want you guys to only lose what you really have to lose but there's certain things you could be doing that could help you make make more Soviet agents in a site like that just tell me in the comments section below I would love you just feel like I'm interested in your your blog your scratchers blog and I will start that up a sob and it'll just be you know little content by little and I'll build up it's something hopefully okay 34 let's see what we got sorry I'm I'm chan my myself chan away so much I just it's like talking to talking to you guys you know it's much more entertaining for me okay got $6 got 6 Bucks that's money back I don't know arms are more than money back and in no doubt that there was still a prize on this game okay second ticket committed 2 in a row I we have 2 tickets if we get to grow Abby Amazin heck yeah Miljenko Gadda 9 we got a 314158 so yeah that's mine plan I know I've got just a lot of stuff I want to do and you know with my ADD I have a duty and I just have to keep doing things ... and so yeah I really do want to start a blog on on the lottery on scratchers a lottery and ... you know help you guys figure out you know how to how to just win money and make money ... and like I said I I don't know if you saw my other video but I announced that ... I'm I'm gonna be doing legitimate like shout outs for people who are trying to build up their own channel if you have a channel and you have a a good video send me that video and if you know I'll give you something you know my my I'd buy some tips on if you can make it any better ... but if it's a good video and ... you know and you you want to legitimately grow your channel into something then I'd be happy to share it with ... with everyone here at the cabin fire and ... you know give you give you an appropriate shot out so people can check out your channel but it you know make sure that it's all good stuff because you know I don't want my fans to to see you know channels that aren't really serious about you too band are just trying to do it just for the money you know if you if you're really serious about growing a channel and are becoming a legit youtuber that I'd be I I want to help you out I wanna help out as much as I can okay so we got one win here $6 went on most part game that's okay we'll take one when from 2 tickets I hope you enjoy thank you so much for watching again if you would like to if you want me to start a lottery block slash website to give you tips on the lottery in general and are just making in making money and winning money then the let me know in the comments section below make sure gives you a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to the you could YouTube channel really does help I appreciate all the support thank god love you guys Kevin by family and I'll see you tomorrow for another video about //
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KEPH BUCKS ARE COMING BACK!!! Mega Crossword $5 California Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Katherine today we're gonna play some mega crossword $5 California lottery scratchers have not played this in a long time long long long time so we're gonna play this music not just a little bit see can see Lolo so that if you're playing while I'm playing you get some luck from Lolo of how do we play this one is just a regular crossroads need at least 2 words to win on a single single puzzle here to hear to win or you here to me 21 each to win and letters are they're gonna multiplier box and that and let's take a look at the odds on I got to the supply odds of winning any prize one to cash prize one 5.75 a jackpot of $75000 I think the biggest I've won on may be $100 maybe 100 all across her not this ticket specifically but I on a crossword oops that's the barcode don't want that I've gotten maybe 100 Bucks that's like the biggest when yeah haven't hit anything big from hitting a lot of words maybe $75 from words like I just I just don't really see it so the day that we see something big big big ... that would be that's immune exciting day okay let's see how we do here ... what letters do we have with god vowels are a E. you know I we have ... and we have the you and why so no I let's go ahead and use the cross out committed and I'm gonna cross off the words that have letters that we don't have that way we can play this little bit faster maybe up played a second one normally yeah probably but let's play this first one with the cross a method a circular cross a method in and out just played on the lawn like most people play them para que if you have any strategies on playing these like better I guess like maybe a more fun way to play them ... let me know in the description down or in the comments section okay first word web we have it I just sighed that's one word already comment section down below let me know how do you play these tickets okay we need at least one more word for a win let's see warm W. so I see that and we haven't are for the win we have a P. ... we don't have an are okay that's crossed out the words with the bars in them and that's actually a lot of words flew no no that's that's a letter we needed very badly apparently okay let's see guy G. U. Y. for the win you why do we have a GE Gee we have you why no G. okay van vis a and for the win no and a little excuse E. acts see you S. U. S. E. we don't have cedar no no no no no no don't have to see okay nothing there stay S. T. A. Y. we have a wide S. T. for the window T. okay no T. for about echo no see there's no see and clan maybe P. well no L. we have a we don't have it and neither do we haven't although we don't have no okay it looks like that's it for the first puzzle we got one word we can still win on the second one let's go tots T. O. T. there's no TV and that's because of the words of the eyes first because that's easy that's a easy cross off ... I come on ... okay and there's no T. so it's cross that the words of teas and then delegates who walked her ... yes no no Labrador go ... gala gala she there's no G. energy ajar AJ we are we don't have the are you know are who are leopard no are amber no are you cry no far a maze maybe maybe that's the only word we have a and a Z. E. yes we have maze okay ... may use cross that okay her scratch that even don't have an and and I saw one more nephew ... no and I handle no and gay and I think that's it okay without one word on each unfortunately that's not enough to get any wind and the multiplier box was a 5 X. okay moving on to the second and last ticket this one will play normally one knots listed as one normally okay first letter we have a W. should we do both of them at the same time that's kind of ... that's kind of hectic but you know what let's go for it let's do it because we're gonna have a letter so we got we got a play about the same time let's do it come on give us a win if I miss a lot or I'll get to it at the end it makes it easier to see when you scratch off a lot of it ... W. W. is there any W. on the right side I don't think so okay okay okay okay alright SK for knowledge kangaroo K. for Kathmandu higher okay KKK thanks parents go to the right side I guess K. agreed Mustang reoffending no Forrest oreo K. only one K. how of not a great start L. okay al is one of those letters you want L. and like T. M. S. those are the letters you like you like to have you hope to have the they're usually in a lot of works fell I like that a lot of words that they give you these puddles L. okay on the right side elk nail olfactory oriole or is it oreos or really maybe ... their team there's ... baseball team Gloria what is that something Oriola I don't know I don't I'm not really I don't really watch baseball too much the watch baseball all that much I've been to ... Dodgers game in a way because I'm in LA those pretty fun earn a you you you you even got that okay right side you come cuter must staying and that's it maybe fill factory kind of the year you ask assets over here we've got em M. M. M. M. the letter M. okay got one and ... looks like only one on the left side guy one for Mustang Mustang who has a Mustang who drives a Mustang yeah I'm curious what car did you guys drive what I want to see what the most common car of he kept empire fans are what's the most common car I bet it's like ... Navia Camarena Toyota Camry or ... Honda civic those are pretty common right ice to have a civic ... what car do you guys just because you drive let me know in the comments section down below what car do you drive whether it's your car your parents Carly whatever car what is your current daily driver I'm curious what you guys drive in the comments section write it down write it down there and you may get some point some cat box you don't know what kept but start things you can spend on the calf empire channel and you can get cool things and I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm kind of revamping the systematic have time to focus on back is not really a priority but I'm I'm now able to have some time to do it so I'm going to add some cool things that you can redeem your cap Bucks for so elected when Catholics I'm gonna start giving people kept locked giving people random kept Bucks and I'll I'll figure out the exact price system soon but in the comments section below what car do you drive curious now given random kept but that's what I'll do I'll start giving random Catholics and if it's like ... question or you know something that you have to answer and there's like our actual right answer for then you know the people answer correctly will get Catholics but in this case it'll just be random for those who participate I will give you kept Bucks I will put your name on the site you have kept Bucks and if you don't know what kept books are you can go to I think I think the page is still up kept slash cafe dash Bucks and ... yeah that's why I put information about group buys and everything if you not sure if Kevin that's where I put all the information about your anything going on in the channel you know goals we have ... been updated and make sure to put you know if I give you kept Bucks your name will be on the on the kept books page and you will have kept 6 your name and you can redeem them all if the dues just email me tell me what you want to redeem them for her right now if there's price on there just kind of ignored because I'm gonna change the prizes and add new stuff on there ... so I yeah calf Bucks get some kept Bucks get kept Bucks you can also use kept works to get the giveaway entries to get more entries you get chance better chance to win them and all kinds of stuff so better to have kept the thin not have Catholics so and the question for this video will be what car do you drive maybe what car do you drive and what car do you want to drive what is your not dream car but you know something a reasonable dream will save reasonable dream car something that you would like to drive next and you can be you can be ambitious perfectly fine let me know guys in the comments section down below car you drive now and maybe your dream car H. to have anyone yet are any any words yet I don't do any word yet I probably missed letters don't worry I'm gonna get to them see like this one right here W. misstates gonna miss letters it's gonna happen I will get to it behalf I missed them at the end completely then you should definitely let me know in the comments section I have a car tell me what car I've you curious of right now I I most of my wife had take the car and I usually I take the motorcycle so I got I got a motorcycle I got ... little Honda Garamba is like it's like only $4000 and you know you know much cheaper than getting a car and ... I I wanted to get back into writing and and I got it wrong on purpose because it doesn't it can go on the freeway it's not legal on a freeway unless maybe if you make mods and you get it approved but it's not legal the freer because I I don't want to be tempted to get on the freeway I don't trust LA drivers in general you know including myself hand I don't want to go into the freeway is just a higher speeds equals higher you know higher chance of death if I were to get into an accident so I I want to stick to local roads only to reduce risk and so I got a Honda grom I love it it's awesome if you're thinking about getting into writing it's it's a great little life ... it's not like ridiculously powerful that you're gonna get flung off the bike ... it you you know you might get bored but it's it's a great bike to ride for local like if you just planning on staying local roads like it accelerates fast enough and it it's it's hard to find a ride it small your short or if you know if your girl and you ... you know like it if you feel like you can't handle a big by because the big bikes are are no slick sports bikes are really any by the very heavy and this bike is like half the weight so you know if you're if you're smaller person whether you're us a smaller and smaller Geyer small girl I I would say honey brown is kinda like ... you know size wise like a scooter you can you can you know comfortably sit on it and plant your feet down that's very important for for writing and being ... you know and being ... confident on a bike like that's very porn okay we got a first word here we might get a win this might be it might get a win here we got 3 more letters left E. is a good letter here come on if we can ... we can get a win right there that's 2 words or let's see what else yeah I got a monograph I got it ... long ago like it's been less than a year it's been it's never even left in the year and I have a blast with it I I take it out when I you know need to go buy scratchers are you get to the PO box my wife took the car in sheets usually Stephanie usually has the car yeah we got a first word on the right side too right chance to win here come on come on lots of he's lots of eighties K. O. do you do you do not know no G. right T. not yet okay last few letters to see see take the C. hunger room I feel like there's something here are ... yeah we have in our own I got they are just getting yeah I see any other scenes CCC okay over here echo we needn't go very badly we could really use a no ... see here and I think that's it okay last few letters be casting you were gonna get a piece because Cobb right there I did I don't think this is going to be when the can we need it T. B. B. B. B. cargo factored in duh I think that's it okay last letter is going to be a G. ... I don't know if that's enough I'm pretty sure that's not hello to even after we do have enough okay we have the F. here G. got a G. guy G. here page ... Mustang and that is it folks okay a now we have the L. here okay let's take a look what words we have we have size and I don't see any of complete words do we have tea no tea a ... D. E. P. D. T. A. D. P. and time and would be nice we don't have the and okay confirms the left side is not a winner right side we have elk one word oh man I should have bought 3 tickets I think I should about the tickets prime better and ... P. we haven't and okay the and so a DR no way and I don't think this is a win okay multiply with a 10 X. within the really nice yeah we definitely don't have 3 words you have to get only 3 words you can multiply it to get a prize doesn't work that way so we have to get 3 words and we definitely you know even if I miss one word it would be a ... and if we got at least one more win one more word that means we got there but I don't I don't see it so well we did win alright but it still still working my my strategy for buying tickets is still technically works out about 2 tickets those because my fall I should've gone 3 ... but anyway I hope you enjoyed that video and make sure to give this video a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure to have a wonderful day but I well I we //
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GREAT WIN ON $1 SCRATCH TICKET!!! 9 In A Line $1 California Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is captain today we're gonna play a few 9 online one dollar California lottery scratchers people keep asking for one dollar tickets which is kind of interesting because I think one dollar tickets aren't the best tickets but people really liked watching it I guess so and if you want to watch something particular looming on the comment section below I always read them threats let's see how do we play this one get 3 the same row column died when the prize uncover 3 X. in the bonus box ripple the prize and then the prize boxes what you win win up tonight that's pretty good for one hour to get odds of winning any prize one 4.8 cash prize one 0.5 okay so we need nines and we need them to be in the same row column more diagonal let's see how we do got a 2 ... K. there's the first 9 for our rights maybe a 9 right here okay potential to win we got a winner on the first tickets whirlpool can it can you get double line I don't think it matters because only 1 prize okay first ticket first win odds are low on a 1 to attack and we got the winner I'm test still testing out my theory on how to buy tickets so that you can ... no minimize your losses and have a higher chance to win and so far it's been actually working pretty well okay bonus box is a 1 time could be 999 prize box is going to be money $9 what all okay that's a nice win on a $1 ticket I did not expect that $9 win wow well there's profit already that is a beautiful when 9 Bucks $9 we have 3 more tickets I'm gonna play them but we are in profit already even if we lose all of them that's ... spent $4 made $9 it's $5 profit we got and ... debts that's still pretty good yet that some pretty good okay last chance to win down here we need a 9 right here too in a way are 2 in a row now it's not gonna be cuter out euro on a one dollar that's that's that's really lucky we're getting actually pretty lucky and I'm thinking the way I'm buying tickets I need to keep doing this because yeah I'm still testing still testing I know it's gonna be quiet decent amount of time ... but I'm going to tell you guys exactly what I'm doing I'm gonna write this book on strategies and I'm gonna try to you know figure out strategies that are different than what you've seen already and possibly other books ... you know most of the time that the books that are out there they tell you why I think it's they're still good but you know it's good to know basic strategy on you know tickets if you want to actually make money ... obviously at least it still requires a lot of luck to win consistently but there are ways to make your chances much better and even that even though a lot of books right a lot of you know ... a lot of common sense stop about playing scratchers are playing on gambling in general ... ... I just realize you can get diagonal didn't think about that okay we didn't get one another tickets okay ... I think it's it's good if you if you aren't sure of what the basic basics strategy has done yet the books can be good but I'm gonna give you strategies that are gonna be a lot better than just common knowledge ... you know a little bit let's open up these prize box to see what's underneath okay a $25 with the one X. right interesting on the detail was to but I I have some you know theories and strategies there's a 999 who that's what the jackpot prize of flight okay and I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you guys okay I'm gonna write I'm gonna write like ... it'll be like an ebook most likely not probably not a physical book because this is just takes too much to to do one like that when ebook is easier much easier as another jackpot prize 99 okay Hey we got $9 I thought it was maybe a jackpot prize my son 9 but $9 still very good I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to the give of our you tube channel and look in the description down below ... every video because I should put something interesting down there like ... recently I'm putting that stuff website where you can get free stuff it's our website ... an apartment with brands TV guys free things it's while such which one would you guys know that ... and also maybe sometimes information about groups by one not so always check the description there can be something in there that might potentially you know give you access to a group that will make you lots of money alright I will see you later Michigan was Vietnam's up and have a wonderful day but I mmhm //
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8 INSTANT WIN SYMBOLS ON 1 WINNING SCRATCHER! Ruby Red 7s $5 California Lottery Scratchers
\\words of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy today were gonna play some ruby red sevens $5 cal leap over NY I a cigarette should ... as it is we are yum look at this ticket it's actually pretty nice looking ticket went up to $77777 and to to win we need to get a black 7 to win the prize read 7 to win 3 times the pride and ... ruby red yeah ruby the red red ruby red ruby 7 time the prize odds of winning any prize one in 48 cat prize one 5.01 and 7 is my lucky number personally what is your looking what is your life it's down below answer me this is what is your lucky and if you have a reason for it let us know if you don't have a reason for its okay just say the numbers but the number down there in the comments below just van your favorite number you're lucky are not even numbers are you're lucky number of lucky number a number that is you feel is lucky that helps you win tickets helped you win scratchers when lots of money you tell us and I'm curious as to what number people would pick then I kind of want to do like the questions again and give people kept Bucks I'm good don't worry guys I'm going to set up a system I know I've said it a Brazilian times but I will set up some system so you guys can get points and you can redeem them for prizes and money and you know cool stuff yeah does that sound good now that I have though while such now sigh I can you know maybe give stuff away their like completely pre pay for your shipping and everything turns interesting maybe with points so if you wanna let me know your lucky number down in the comments below maybe that'll be the first question so you can win points and if you have points already from before of course you can still use them and I you can use that for giveaways and there's lots of things you can use them for and I will give you guys waste when but and similar comments in the comments to second below your lucky number and I will do something for everybody who answers okay everything a person who answers we got a winner bom 7 first number we got a win and we got another women and another 13 wins for women's 5 words what's heck yes 56 Omar gatt del Mar got we got a 3 X. we got a 3 X. a red 7 however neither of black 7 whole leave guacamole holy moly guacamole Regis guides 8 wins I think 8 wins 123456 7 black sevens and one red 7 to give a 3 times a prize this might be a $10 winner $20 when I will be presenting big bow let's go let's see what we got this is a nice when okay it's a dollar looks like it's attend Alwyn out take yeah I mean if we're going to get 10 Bucks make it exciting right make it exciting at least okay we got $4 maybe $20 sexually $5 $6 okay $7 I think this is a $10 when this is gonna be one dollar to the up 10 Bucks will take the $10 that's double that's our money back so far in these 2 tickets I've got 2 more can get 2 in a row let's go now is an exciting $10 with I kinda like that of a California I know some people don't really like the small prizes but I mean it doesn't matter how you get the prize it's what the price is if you get a $10 win ... with a single number and you get or you get a tunnel when from like a win all it's the same thing it's still $10 it doesn't mean that you had a chance to get something bigger but at least you have the you know the the hope of potentially getting something big to yeah then instead of you know if you just went when something you know small you're like oh I know it's you know not going to be a big big when ... but anyway that's that's how I feel I I want to stay positive yeah I like I try to be positive when I played to gets obviously ... you know that doesn't mean I I I I I should think the next one 's going to be a winner and then again and again until it was all my money you know financially gotta play responsibly but if you're going to think one way might as well stay positive guys stay happy or I keep a smile on your face and trust me your life will be much better don't get angry about little things there's no point there's no point is you know plenty of things to be actually legitimately angry about but small small trivial things like oh man the prices are all low it it's not worth it it's not what you get to stay happy guys your you'll live much longer and happier lives and enjoyable lives by not getting mad at the small little things you know like if you're driving somebody cuts you out there like you could choose to either get mad and do you know razor boy you're you're hot your blood pressure for a little bit and you know complain about it all day or you can just feel I well I mean you know some people are just bad drivers and consider drivers whatever whatever Norman know what I'll be honest I do have road rage but I try not to let things by I whenever something of road rage in like an incident happens and I'm like okay yeah I try to think about big about it to myself should I be mad I really be mad is that gonna do anything is going to affect I really going to change the outcome you know if the other person even and know whether or not I'm mad and is it if they did is they come in as a kind of matter no not really and then and then you come to it helps you feel little better just by letting out a yell then you know the Gulf War but don't do anything stupid I've seen so many videos of people just because someone cuts you off like they go into some like crazy road rage like you try to run them off the road or plot a gun like that's you're gonna ruin your life just because someone someone you know cut you off it's not what the guys not worth it you can't play scratchers in jail right rallies I'm pretty sure you can okay plastic it's going to be a loss unfortunately but ... will take our single win here are cool little $10 winner with 7 black sevens and one red 7 I hope you enjoyed thank you so much for watching and I hope you have a fantastic day best of luck on your scratcher plays good luck everybody hears the low right here for you lock this is for all of you alright make sure to subscribe to the cabin party channel by pressing the subscribe button down below they should have done the fun somewhere over there and make sure to have a wonderful day bye bye //
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2 CONSECUTIVE WINS!!! GETTING LUCKY! Set For Life $10 California Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is captain today we're gonna play some $10 set for live California lottery scratch your yearly we've got 5 of them and that jackpot prize is $20000 a month for 25 years that is pretty sweet alright so we got a match the numbers or we can Brooks you know we can hit a double my 20 expert 20 times to get the jackpot of 20000 a month for 25 years 20 pay a month that's a pretty nice prize are at odds are 1 other point 76 cash prize 1 in 4.85 though the thing with that much money okay month is pretty solid I can definitely support ... you know family full on family with that might kids you know we're not quite there yet but we have starting to plan for its yeah we are starting to plan for it but I am working hard trying to get their you know make sure they're going to be financially be financially set my children and I hope we have to worry too much but to ... yeah I'm working hard let's go 13 let's do this 7 come on give us the life that would be nice give us now life life life life these 25 a K. 46 I haven't seen anybody get the jackpot yet maybe somebody actually maybe someone will but I mean like I haven't seen anyone get ... Mike money for life jackpot on our channel none of our fans we've had fans who've won big prizes but nothing nothing in the jackpot now are nothing in the money for life and you know one of our friends have hit a jackpot though $0 prize on the $10 to get creativity pretty nice to win that no I can't even I can't even imagine what it would feel like to hit that prize just I will probably go crazy yeah I mean crazy in a good way you know high usually go crazy on the channel okay no one on the first ticket I've got 4 more don't worry we're gonna play we're gonna win I believe I'm checking out my strategy on winning and we'll see how it goes 462214113134 K. how's everybody doing a got some cool new things coming on the channel and ... yeah cool stuff is coming I'm gonna plan a live stream of scratcher live stream I haven't done one in a few weeks and then a plan to do 1 do we wind up 3114 I'm gonna plan 1 now announce it let you know when it's going to happen ... but it is come and how we got a win here all right 22 and ... okay ethanol so for 44 year old 2223 come on give us life that would seriously change change my life it would change my life for the better 25 okay 22 no I know cash $15 okay will take 15 Bucks yeah yes we will will take 15 Bucks okay I got more tickets were gonna play more tickets we're not done yet I know usually I I play until I win and then I stopped but you know what I'm I set fees 5 tickets decide to play for this video and I'm gonna play all of them okay whether we win or not we're gonna playable logs go let's when it one the aids new ticket should become Herman out soon I think there should be some coming out and I actually know this month Verity release some tickets I think so next month next month should be some new tickets wonder what they're going to release ... owes a de let me let me announce few things the group by scratcher group by I don't know but it when I'm filming this video that groups not bill but if you'd like to join you can email me at caffe empire at the G. we're gonna be doing a book of this right here California black $20 ticket went up to $5000000 it's going to be for 20 people and it'll be $30 per person and ... I'm actually only accepting then mo now for entries are you still accept PayPal the PayPal has some issues and ... it's just it's just not gonna work so then mo over gotta win 2 in a row what's okay we're getting a lot of nice wins here ... Venlo yeah Ben mo Benbow I but you know me you know me a Kevin fired you know not calm and I'll tell you exactly how to ensure and how it works if you not familiar and all that good stuff okay 43 actively got 2 in a row here okay we'll take a ticket 10 Bucks 10 Bucks money back on that and we've got 2 more can we do 3 in a row again 23 in a row in 2 videos I mean even getting to know rose is phenomenal so let's get a 3 in a row okay so group I would do a group buy we're gonna get back into the group by them only gonna do one at a time because my you know as you guys know or if you don't know the retailer used to go to where they can you know over exchange all my winning tickets really quickly and any time of day they closed so now I have to go somewhere else and it's not as fast so I can redeem to get invited Thatcher as fast as before before I could handle 2 to 3 groups you know I do them pretty quickly but now that you know my retailer that I have to go to now they're they're kind of slow and redeeming so I'm only doing one at a time that way that one group can get all the attention and we can play it quickly okay I'm gonna play them as fast as possible play them play them play them and hopefully we can win something big biggest prize so far on the channel was $500 and that was in a group by that we won that and we haven't had a jackpot and you know obviously the I'd say we shouldn't have one yet but forget the odds let's just win one and beat piazza okay no win on that let's go final ticket buying mill ticket okay we've got we got the 2 in a row I think the tuner a move if we can win 3 out of 5 2 to 5 is already good 3 to 5 better okay let's get 41 third if for close 13 give us the live 24 life I believe come on give us life I know you want to give us the life 37 27 7 29 30 15 45 and other way can you guys see everything okay can you see the numbers are right please let me know if it's too small if you want me to try to zoom in more or if if it's good hopefully it looks alright 1646 11 last 2 numbers here we go 48 and 18 snow win in okay will take the 2 wins in a row that scene are still good tunes in our own right here bone and doom and before and the video I just wanna tell you guys about the sites where I get I get you guys free stuff and only got to do is pay shipping yes it is free but you do have to pay shipping for each product and ... yeah if you guys are just idiots allow such just wanna let you guys know because I won I know you guys like free stuff and a lot of people have been really grateful for the site ... because you know they can get gifts for the friends are you know their kids or whatever and it's very cheap go check it out and I just realize the sexually a white line I know why line is probably nothing a lot of people have been telling me that some people will still believe in and some people say it's not really much but Hey we got that what this is the white line top and bottom right here and we got them to end so I like to say that you know you win more often than not but usually it's not much but it's still exciting to believe right okay hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching really appreciate it have a wonderful day everyone make sure to subscribe makes the like this video give it a thumbs up and have a wonderful day Bubba //
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OMG 3 WINS IN A ROW WITH A WIN ALL!!! Twisted $3 California Lottery Scratchers
\\words up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today we're gonna play some $3 twisted California lottery scratchers yes we //
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\\gray what's up everybody how are you doing today my name's cast and today I'm going to show you the results for my super Lotto plus and Powerball lottery tickets that I bought the other day the results are out and did we win millions of dollars but I'm no we did not we got the complete opposite of me completely bombed on these tickets so we only got one set of numbers each this cost a dollar a year that's Powerball is $2 per set of numbers and we literally got no number ... not super Lotto number for this ticket for this drawing was 436384046 and 20 and the power a 39 48536768 and power 26 eyes you can see we got nothing no a window that's okay really spent $3 and video to show you how I did which is terrible but we have actually done pretty decently before I think that 3 or 4 numbers is actually pretty low odds to even get something like that and ... actually with one set of number it's also very low odds to get a single number match and that's usually the results if you play but the thing is if you win right now the chapel for super Lotto is 16000000 and Powerball is 53000000 I will be buying another ticket and also you guys on the channel hope you enjoyed spin short video if you'd like to see more of the lottery the California lottery games then please let me know in the comments down below and to make sure give this video a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to the calf empire channel and have a wonderful day I'll see you guys tomorrow for another scratcher video on the calf empire but I we this //
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TESTING MY SCRATCHER WIN STRATEGY! High Card Poker $5 California Lottery Scratchers
\\works of everybody how are you doing today my name is captain today we're gonna play some high card poker $5 tickets yay $5 tickets poker one of my favorite this is one of the first tickets I've ever played will poker but not this one it was ... was called it was a high card poker was another but anyway it was it was a poker to get there all about the same and we're gonna play this I'm testing out a new please let me know down hello if you like and the better straight down on the 2 it looks pretty good on the screen but you gotta tell me I wanna I wanna sure you guys we like it okay what we start off with listed the fast 50 chips fast 50 over here if we get a 50 we win $50 right away and no I didn't get that I'll let me show you the I because some people don't really know how to play this one so the odds are 1 in 3.62 cash prize 1 in 5.31 and object what prize the 75 $0 and how you play this game is poker hand you just have to beat the dealer whatever the dealer has you have to beat it with your poker hands and if you don't know poker hands they list them all on the back right here in order from low to high low being a high carb just 1 card and then hide being the royal flush tend to ace of the same suit same suits okay let's lay I love this ticket I love it love love love love these tickets and not so much when the dealer has trip aces though okay those are called the deadly trips because usually when the deal has trips you probably lose yeah okay so we got a pair of fives not going to be enough 2259 okay a pair of shoes definitely not enough come on we need we need ... higher trip okay to pair unfortunately to pair does not work I know that 4 cards kinda matched up versus 3 but nope not in poker do not win Mike that's okay Jack Jack 6 6 hearing another 2 pair not enough if we win will probably get like applause sharp for house or straight okay right here potential old my data okay even though it wasn't a straight they have lost potential club club club club and then begin with the heart at the end that's usually a bad sign when they come to give you you know you get close to winning by you don't quite reach it but I always have hope because you never know you could still win queen green for 4 okay to pair who got a pair have actually we have no car bars hands right now no guard Bosnians that's when you hadn't actually not not just getting this is a car by hand where you don't have anything not even a pair there's says and this we we end with a complete car bys of a hand car bys if you don't regard buys it's it's it's when it's complete garbage garbage okay on to the next ticket we have 2 more tickets I'm actually testing out a theory on how to buy tickets to increase your chances of winning I will write a book on it eventually but I'm testing of this theory and I'll tell you guys more about it once I figure out you know if it's if it's a good strategy or a good way to play but yeah you'll see you'll see I I will let you guys know I'm going to tell you guys exactly what it is okay we've got another deadly trips trip mines and over here we've got completely got our bars for 57 ... clubs clubs and then another car by JFK to complete our 5 hands no win yet 358 Jack hearing another complete garbage can you know we might wind up I actually forgot to do the bonus card I'm going to do it just show you what it is over here you get a multiplier that multiplies your winnings over here we have a 20 acts that would've multiplatinum by 20 times even a $5 when Bobby $100 went but ... nope we did not get any wind so 20 times 0 is 0 okay we finally have something to paired not enough to beat it though ace ace 2 3:06 am carapaces Kerry queen queen 57 king just a pair of queens come on give us one win give us one win okay potential here for plus we got a flush there we go okay so when you play this ticket when Houston when you get a lot of our body hand that looks like you know there's no no hope you you're more likely to hit something towards the end I don't know that's just been the case if you continuously get really close to winning you're probably gonna lose especially on this ticket against our troops but if you keep getting junk completar buys like carbide provides garage right over and over again yeah but yeah I I feel like there's a there's a better chance of winning okay let's you a bonus chip is okay to one exit could be a ticket it could be a jackpot can be anything it's going to be a money okay we got $6 they will take $6 on $5 is better than to get better than money back we got our one win alright I'm I'm satisfied really I am I'm perfectly fine with just hitting that one when let's go down here let's play the next 1 though come on 4751 okay know when they're this 1 we're gonna play backwards from into our hands first and then we're gonna play the dealer's hand okay we got a pair of 5 3456 ace not in the same suit it's alright but alright does not mean anything know when their king king 9 Jack queen that's a pair of jeans 2249 queen apparent use king king another pair up 2 pairs kings intends okay dealer Diller has just the pair week week this is the winner if you'll have nothing is the winner ... okay given some few pairs here I'm thinking the dealer probably has trips this is probably a lot of cable got garbanzo there and for the final eighth a scam on another ace no 6 6 and agree okay that's a 2 parent killer probably has trips this is probably a lost with the with the bonus chip is first it's a one X. come on dealer please have nothing please state Bates that's it for months ... dealers got the trips yep healers got trips so unfortunately we're gonna lose every single hand there but soon we got away with a single winner of $6 I know that's not profit but that is actually confirming my strategy it is confirmed my strategy I will tell you guys when what the strategy is very soon I hope you enjoyed this video I'm switching things up as you guys know I have a lot of tickets and they're all very different I will be playing poker again Friday for another 23 weeks because I have so many of the ticket to go out there and if you enjoy that make sure to subscribe to the Kevin party to channel make sure to give this video a thumbs up and let me know what you think about you top down view of the camera in the comments below just say you can just say yes or I like it or yet better or no I don't like it or whatever you want just give me a quick little comment to give me a feel for what I should be doing alright I love you guys I'll see you later have a wonderful day bye bye //
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\\works of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy and welcome to another cat empire video of the lottery slash scratchers so today I'm actually mixing things up a little I just want to show you guys all the scratches that I bought the variety I have that I will be playing in the next probably it'll probably take me about 2 weeks I said probably twice it'll take me about 2 weeks to play and also for this video I'm going focus on 3 tickets I have people in other trees states that don't have you know try to mix things up on the channel alright are you ready and kind of a cool announced and that is something I haven't before okay first let me show you real quick it's that are to come this week bold look at this lucky she $20 haven't played that in awhile $20 California black eye I played this not too long ago but I don't play too many of them 100 times up to 0 out still come in we have a set for life $10 tickets we've got money in the bank $5 tickets ruby red $75 ticket set for life $5 to get ... what else do we have here a multi player game $5 to get out the cool 1 got poker yes we have poker we also have ... some wild to go wait hold on mega crossword I don't play too many of those got ... 1 bingo got a tripling bonus cross word got so much stuff look daily ... ... our look that he ... and twisted and some $1 tickets so I'm gonna be playing them in the next days okay gonna mix things up and of course if I do get fan mail ... scratches to play I'll make sure to prioritize those in play them before I play these I think that's probably a better parent let's move on to these cool tickets over here diesel lottery ticket so let's start off first with this 1 the mega millions I'm assuming here boom boom boom okay so you can see actually the day is Tuesday the strong was for Tuesday and today when I'm filming this it's Wednesday okay I'm filming us on Wednesday but this is the Tuesday tickets and unfortunately we did not win anything the winning numbers were 928315061 and make a number 10 jackpot was for something like an 80 or 90000000 that's a lot of money and I did not win the only number I got was 150 that's that's just a 50 and if you're not familiar with mega millions let me tell you real quick how this goes so you have your 5 a regular numbers here and then you have your mega number there and you have to match as many of the 5 numbers and a mega number as possible to the winning numbers and it's each row you can't it's not all of these combined you know I can't just I can't find the 9 somewhere in all of this each Russell grow a right here since day so in that road you have a 928315061 and I can attend if so then you win the jackpot so that's how that works that's how mega 0 works and it's 1 of the lottery's that's in multiple states but ... California was 1 of the main states the house that okay so no win unfortunately air and by the way guys I know you know but if you haven't if you didn't know.if I win a jackpot I will be giving a huge chunk to the fans to you to the people who watch you know how much I appreciate you guys and I can't you know run this channel without you guys so just know that if I win something big I will be giving a lot of it away and yeah you will just you'll see one day we're gonna win we're gonna win on the channel and I give a lot away okay cities to to get we have super Lotto which is actually that the highest chance to win because it just has less variety of numbers to get ... destroying is Wednesday this video comes on Thursday but since I'm filming us on Wednesday the results haven't been released yet so I'll make another video with the with the results of this and so we have one just I just bought one dollars cost one dollar for one chance for ... what's that what's the jackpot right now super Lotto is 15000000 so I know 15000000 doesn't sound like a lot when you think about the lottery but 15000000 ... cash value is something like dirt there was like 10000000 maybe and then after taxes if I get about 67 $0 cash which is still on and then we have the power ball which the jackpot this is actually about the hardest to win its run in many many states the jackpot on this 1 right now is 40000000 and hopefully we can win something there right so I'll give you guys the results when it comes and hopefully we win something on the cat empire so that's it for the main content for this video ... real quick I want to announce his first thing if you don't know about that the website that I built to partner with brands to give you free stuff it's called while such mallets wow likable while like wow such me super random it's everything is free all you do is pay shipping so 1 of the free it's the product is free but you got to pay shipping so that we can shift you so just wanna mention that required a case you don't know about it and it just and download the website and you can go check it out and one day one big thing I'm going to announce ... besides I should actually tell you guys the ... what's called the group 5 yes group by I got a lot of emails I'm gonna respond to you I promise and if you would like to join please email me at calf empire act G. and were going to be playing the $20 black ... what is called California black with gold company but yeah Telford like this summer here we are going to be playing this ticket right here we're gonna play a book of them and if you're not sure how it goes you can go to my website for the channel calf go to the group by page and you can see exactly how it works I'll make sure to update the number of spots left but it's first come first serve and first people to send their entries and will get their spots there's 20 spots totaled $30 per person and ... we can win up to $5000000 so I've you did you know me don't worry don't don't panic I'm going to email you back it's coming and if you would like to join you can join you can email me at cap and higher at tell me you're interested and if you do I tell me you're interested make sure that you check your email have voted consistently to see if I sent you an email back because we need to get those spots but quickly and you know we want to get movin so if you email me and the double check your email for like 3 weeks you probably won't get a spot art and final final announcement are you ready this is exciting what okay soul lot of people I have been emailing telling me they're really interested in starting their own YouTube channel they're really interested they've been I don't know that they just feel like it might be their passion and they maybe they want to make a little bit of money or make a lot of money ... maybe they you know lost the job you want to do something interesting you know you like scratching tickets and stuff like that and so what I'm going to do is besides me already giving you a free advice so if you want advice on how to start your channel and really anything if you want to learn how to do anything and you need some you need some help just email me don't don't you know don't be scared just email me Catherine fire at you ... but really what this announcement is about is that I'm going to be doing some shout outs for channels that are good so if you have a good channel or if you make a video let's see started channel and you like that and you make great videos please send me a video at cap empire and you know talk all you like cats I could use a little bit of help getting some traction to semi at the video you want me to look at I'm gonna give you tips on what you could do to improve it or tell you if it's already amazing and if it is good I will give you a shout out on the channel ace a specific genre and this is just because I I just want to help people I just want to help people achieve their dreams and you know become a big you to bear you know I'm not a huge you to provide you know we're getting there and I wanna help you do the same so if you are just dreaming of becoming youtuber and then on a plane tickets or even if it's not a scratch off anything send me a video I'll check it out give you tips and give you a shout out alright so that's it for this video I hope you enjoyed my takin my ramblings and I'll see you guys tomorrow alright love you guys thank you for the support which is described to like this video and have a wonderful day I'll see you later about I //
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SCRATCHERS FROM NEW YORK!!! Black and Gold + Cashword New York Lottery Scratchers
\\wards of everybody how are you doing today my name is catheter they were gonna place in New York a lottery scratchers this is sent to us from Vinnie are fan Vinnie thank you very much many for these tickets really appreciate it and I got I got it awhile ago actually and I just haven't played them yet but saw planet now hopefully when something we can sensibly nice back to Vinnie and by the way if anyone wants to send tickets for us to play on the cabinet by you can send them to my ability to fight if there and yes send it on over play it and send you the winners are donate the winnings or whatever you'd like I will do all right there your ticket still okay let's see how we do here bom bom bom are got some eyes going to go ahead one we only have one of the and we have one of the black and gold $5 ticket so we're gonna do this one time just take it easy relax everyone just sit back relax enjoy and yeah ... I guess ... out talk again about the the websites of the free website because I want to make sure everyone knows about it so everyone gets a fair chance to get free products so website while such meow.comics in the description of these videos down below and you can buy or get free stuff and just of the Pacific everything is free and just pay shipping because I figured you know like a lot of brands and products and you know companies they approach me on as a youtuber and they ask me Hey would you like to you know promote our products your fans and tell your friends about it and we'll give you you know will give you something free but not necessarily to the fans and I'm I'm thinkin well that doesn't sound I mean you know it makes sense I see why obvious because because I have like a reach you know I have I have a fan base ... you know people who are amazing and follow the channel that I can reach the firm from so it makes sense for them to give me something but they don't necessarily give things to you guys and I feel like they should give something to you plus they should get something to me like something to me so I can show you what it is and then they should do you know they should give away some things to you too that's that's how I feel like when a when a celebrity like an Instagram or something are you to like me get something for free I feel like they should give away some XP should give me some more some extra things to give to you guys so I decided to start the site where I would I would find different brands of products that are willing to give to the fans give give it to the fans and not just to me so that's what I created the site and there will be more and more products on there as we as we go along I launched in not too long ago and ... every single product is literally a price tag of $0 the only thing is I used to have to pay shipping so there is it's not completely free but we know when I see free I mean you know how to pay for the product but shifting obviously shipping is not really part of the product so you do have to pay shipping ... and you pay shipping ... for each item that you order set you order one item or your 10 items you'll you'll be order you'll be ... paying paying shipping for for each item and that's because it comes from different warehouses sometimes it depends on their availability and since they're you know they're willing to lose some money to get their products out in the hands of you that you know Mike awesome awesome I I I wanna see ordinary people but you know just the regular regular Joes and you know the house to meet all of you guys ... in order to get the product out you they are they do have to ship it so that's the only thing you gotta pay shipping ... you know some people are like oh hates it's not really free but I mean the only way I could really do free as if you came to pick it up at you know at these warehouses or if you picked it up you know if I had a bunch of them and you pick that up for me or something like that you know does it in the store if it was in a store then it would be free then it would be hundreds every because there's no shipping route that we have to ship it but in this case we do have to ship it to you the shipping cost is still much cheaper than buying one of these products anywhere like much cheaper you know it's still a you know it's it's not even if not in great value it's amazing value ... like some of these facilities watches I've seen what's website southern for over $100 you not the minimum these products like $50 a piece ... plus a lot of these you know where you put the place you get these products you have to pay shipping to see you you're paying $50 plus shipping of the at least so in this case you just pay shipping that's it easy so it's are you know good idea for you know if you need to get a gift for somebody or ... I don't know birthday gift Christmas get some like that is a good way to do it ... we got one word by the way how we need 3 words okay to know if this the $2 cash work to get across were to get but we need 3 words okay got one so far even get the more and then anyway I'm I just I just figure out how announce it you know in these videos since I since I just told you guys about it I'll I'll make sure to let you know because not everyone watches everything on video and I wanna make sure everyone has ... fair chance to get you know products ... though there is a limit to how many you can get in one in one order you know it's it's still pretty it's still pretty high it's 20 order 20 products which is a lot but ... you know we set some kind of limit so that somebody can just come in you know take everything that that wouldn't be fair to everyone you know we we we don't want one person to just come and buy everything we want ... animals with people but we did have someone order 10 products that's perfectly fine 10 products ... you know I all I ask is that you know or these brand all they ask is that you just you make sure to share pictures of the stuff you dad and you know tell your friends about the Wasatch the website and tell your family about it and share it on Facebook dance Instagram and Snapchat snap your products and you know just share that's all that's all we ask is just to share share the products not like actually share like let someone someone to watch because you pry never get a pack but but share like show them that this is available you know it is that our website exists and these products exist but it yeah alright enough about that what are we gonna get on this ticket we need an E. very badly even in a right here it's a lot of over this than are here sorry and and I think we have live S. no no we don't don't ominous I see that are are come on K. we have a P. random no okay or we do have this D. here you know this are sorry missing letters that where we're gonna get him asks you can know do we have any case at all get another are we needed II a or S. that would help allots any of those letters he a or as we have another word here policy when it okay come on with last letter it's going to be Z. as the sand is eager to have anything here now what does that I mean are we missing something doing I usually in and Alex in California if you don't win then you get one word less than of there's a second right there sorry I missed that them what's what's vin is that it has something to do with New York maybe okay as we got them and we got our we got 2 words and that's going to be it's unless I am completely blind which is possible 2 words okay doers that's it alright no win on that that's okay we have one more to get guys one more let's go black and gold ... expression back ... it's a double sided game not Hyatt's a lie gets ideally California's gonna probably release one soon because we usually have a double sided game now at all times usually I I I played 2 of them so far ever since I started this channel so I read another was gonna come ons in because we haven't had a new one in awhile a double sided one adding luster was on holidays I think that was the last one are many let's get you win here I'm gonna get a win for you here okay 18 13 11 14 who won T. one 19 well 6 or and sits on 9 okay we that's just a front pool more sinister back on the Michigan stuff 6 click okay we got back over almost missed it almost forgot I almost forgot it let's zoom in here you can see okay revealed 3 matching symbols in the game when the prize for bill to matching symbols and 2 X. 2 and double when real 2 matching symbols and 3 X. for triple the price I love the scouts get low on here Los turned gold by the way you I'm sure you've noticed lower lows turned cold you mortally gold yeah but that's a good thing gold diskettes oldest golden's lucky okay gold is for ... fortune fortune okay diamond diamonds what gem does that count as a diamond is that diamond a diamond is a gem right I don't think that works gold coins and bell yeah you have to be exactly I don't think that gem works in if it does work let me know because yeah okay I think Jim is different Jen is like just a generic you know jam was a diamond is a specific type of jam apple apple that's gonna confusing well when you put jam all on top of I'm on top of the diamond okay one more job if pot of gold and pepper that's not going to do part of peppers maybe particle particle pepper okay no win no win on either of these tickets Vinnie thank you so much for these tickets though thank you for sending them I do appreciate it and everyone please think of any in the comments below for sending us this ticket so that we can experience it on the channel for everybody I have cool California could come in the next few days I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe if you give this video a thumbs up and how wonderful they guys I'll see you later Bubba //
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WE WON ALL PRIZES!!! Set For Life $2 California Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Katherine today we're gonna play some set for life $2 scratch was sent to us from Sacramento Sheila thank you very much Sheila for sending us these tickets to play on the channel really appreciate it and we haven't played too much of this and there are still $4000 a month 25 year prizes if they're so let's see if we can get some the big 4 Sheila got tickets let's lay a little bit different I told you guys I'm gonna buy different to get some play different it gets in and you know try to make this up so that things stay interesting on the channel will be I still enjoy the videos here if you want to see any specific ticket just let me know you can Kevin fire at you they really ... or you can let leave a little comments down in the comments section down below okay so in this tickets we can get a 5 X. symbol to win 5 times like some went off with the 2 and not all friends I mean to win $4000 a month for 25 years which the jackpot and double money server which ... is an automatic win get let's play 32 457 law right first ticket can we get a win on the first ticket I hope so and by the way you know that 3 insights that free stuff site I just released standard we told you guys about the acts of the first people are finally getting their products that psalm that the people who heard about the website before they were helping me you know there I I announced to somewhere to ask for help in figuring out you know how to build the side and things like that and ... so the people who saw it first first first like I guess pre launch today said they ... got their products finally and looks like most people are satisfied I haven't heard anyone complain about anything really and if you guys don't know it's the website is W. O. W. while such now S. U. C. H. M. E. O. W. while such and I'll put it in the description down below but it's just a site that I started that I'm ... basically partnering with ... you know various websites in various brands and products and companies to to give you guys free stuff on all you do all you do is pay the shipping you do have to pay shipping now when I see free the product is free but you still have to pay shipping because we do need to ship it to you ... you know if I could make it absolutely free I would but you know like unless I own the shipping company or something there's not really a way to get to to ship it to everyone for free eyes is available only in the United States right now I just wanted to let you guys know only in the U. S. don't worry I know some people in Canada and other countries they they wanted me to figure out how to get it to them so I will figure that out and I will ... adjusted and let you guys know a sad but we have been getting a lot of orders ... ... yeah we've been getting a lot of mortars and said if you do order something just make sure to keep an eye on you know we got a win here without a first went there to get keep an eye out on your email because we give you updates and with another one holy when all 34 is going to be a win all 1134 whoa okay tech here and there we go we just got a when all I'm pretty sure a month we missed one right here somehow look at that others being voted 15 is left out but that's okay we got 11113434 server Blevins 11111111 yes it's go but you what we got okay one color okay this is a $2 to get one dollar $10 maybe well take a $10 index that covers the cost of all the tickets that we just got so and that's getting break even on even ... $2 to give that's pretty pretty good pretty rare doesn't happen often we got 10 Bucks there we go she left $10 winner Mira that's pretty that's pretty good that's a pretty good one there really is $10 meet 5 times the ticket that's like winning $100 or $20 yeah let's even when one more that we can get profit now be better profit is always better profit profit ... both and I'm going back to the the Wasatch nothing I was I don't know I just try to talk to guys or something every single time and since I just released a sigh and I know a lot of people are gone really appreciative of the sci and I'm glad you guys like it ... yeah that's specific site everything will be will be free and it'll just be the shipping costs that's it shipping cost and that's all and I'm each product is shipped separately so you know because depending on the availability so there is a shipping costs for each item bias remain you know that's so that way if you order one night in working order 10 items it's you know the same I will ... figure out how to make the chipping chipper and I'll make sure to somehow give you guys a discount on shipping maybe if you order more stuff out you know for sure I'm sure they could do some kind of discount ... but anyway that's not just check it out you don't buy anything and you know you know that buying and you still buying it technically but you know it's everything I literally everything on there is $0 is free and it's stuff that you would find on other websites ... for a lot more than 3 allot more than 3 I've seen some websites sell this kind of stuff or you know some of these products seventies watches for over $100 move over $100 and on our site while searching out icons 3 right 33 for free you get like free if I give you guys free ... all sides wanna make a quick announcement okay no more wins this thing got this 1 when I just wanna let you guys know about the the ... group by I've gotten a lot of emails about the group I am going to start accepting the entries for those people I'm gonna respond to you if you emailed me about the group by our response you ... this week and we will hopefully ... filled our group this week and we can get that started going maybe this weekend or something that would be 1 for right now alright anyway I hope you enjoy this video thank you so much watching mission to subscribe to the channel make should give this video a thumbs up I'm gonna have lots of cool tickets come in the next few days and I hope you guys excited for that love you guys thank you for the support and I'll see you later but I //
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Finishing Up California Black Premium Scratchers!!! Onto NEW Scratch Tickets!
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today I'm in a place in California black $2 scratch yours I just had a few of these left so I decided let's finish these up before I go and buy new ticket I promise I will probably not played these company black for a little while because I played so many of them and ... yeah we're gonna play some new stuff all kinds of cool things in California I'm in a play different tickets and variety and make sure we had winners and all that good stuff yes good stuff good stuff good stuff okay let's play let's see if we can get a winner 4 of these tickets can we do it can get a win all that would yeah I'm pretty nice and I just want to mention I totally forgot when I action that free video product free website where everything is free the while such me out I'll come my way that you don't know about that just go check out the website you'll know exactly what I mean free and to have to pay shipping but I forgot to mention that it is because only only to the you states I'm sorry everyone I know we have so many fans all over the world but right now just for now it's going to be only to the United States until I can figure out shipping for the other countries ... first it'll probably you know Canada will probably be opened up and the ... probably to like the UK and Australia and the the big countries ... and everywhere else I will figure out don't worry I will figure out how to get it shipped over there but right now it is only in the United States okay only in the United States that website all the products on that site and if you have no idea what I'm talking about again just go check out the site while such it's my website where I ... basically everything is free all the products are free I try to get partnerships with various brands and companies and products and try to give it away to you to use not soon enough for me to have and to to tell you guys to go by it's just straight up free for you and it's it's not like the you know their website it's my website and ... again everything is $0 and literally $0 and the only thing I want you to do is to share and make sure to share share share share just lots of sharing of the website ... and the products that you get just share as much as you can and that's all I gotta do and everything will stay free and if there's ever anything you want specifically ... not like a specific brand or product but like just a general like only got a 5 X. okay I'm not I'm not a general who it is a 5 act like if you want ... I don't know shoes on the website tell me and I will find shoes okay to add to the site from the I just let me know in in the in the comments section down below in the comments section in a pillow in each video tell me and also the Lync for that website will be in the ... description below okay description below alright let's see what we got here 5 X. we got 5 Bucks okay maybe not but I will take $5 yes we will and let's see if we can you know I'm not play the last one let's go let's play the last one I like to finish strong with wins but and let's see if we can just when just one that would be nice then we can finish strong too but not a it's okay but we get rid of these tickets and played freshman you tickets comment on the plane you did not like the newly released tickets but just new things that you haven't seen on a channel in a while on a plate 34 okay no win on that that's okay we got 5 Bucks we lost a dollar that's a look we lost about 3 plus a I will not about we lost 3 Bucks that's okay that's fine we'll take it we'll take the bottle back and I'm gonna bring you new tickets they're comin I promise and I'll make sure to have videos every single day I will try not to let you guys down but I've been working hard on all kinds of stuff just like ... while such Meowth website and I appreciate all the support thank you so much make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel make sure give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day guys oscillator Bubba //
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Have Some Luck For Your Scratchers Courtesy Of Keph Empire! California Black Scratchers
\\Hey everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathleen today I'm gonna be playing a $20 California black lotteries rapture company black premium that as women to $5000000 can imagine winning $59 I can I can imagine it and it feels good alright match and even a person with a winning numbers win a prize 10 expert 10 X. twenties between 50 expert 20 times tips for 50 expert 50 times sigh and a win symbol to win all 30 prizes automatically and because as 1 and 2.89 cash prize 1 in 4.0 6 let's play I've only won once and I got $20 back and I think that's the only time one let you know what let's do this backwards let's go symbol hunting symbol hunting I love symbol hunting can we get all 30 prizes what a video that would be hard what the video that be nuts let's go how's everyone doing how are you doing on your tickets has anyone hit anything big recently you know if you see if you have something big like I don't know looks so safe then the thousands or or Jack potter something big big like a big big please email me cap empire absence email me with that picture I would love to share with everybody make sure you know give you credit make sure to tell everybody unless you don't want to be known as the one who won the jackpot something you know if you know of people harassing you and what not then just tell me and I'll make sure not to share your name but we've had some big winners big kept empire winners big winners fiercely part of our Kevin by family we've had $1000000 winner seriously 0 percent no joke $0 winner we had $40000 winners many of them $50000 winners $0 winners absolutely amazing to see and I hope the lock on the Kevin fire rubs off on you make sure to play your scratchers while you watch these videos and hopefully that you know my losses turn to your wins and my wins just turn into your Wednesday Arceneaux symbols that's okay because we can still win by matching the number 42 looking for 42 and I don't see it snacks number 49 we do have a lot of 40 nines here no 49 today though okay 14 please 14 no no 14 15 for 5454 3450 to 57 no no 54 41 come on 413151 I'm will go a lot of forties is not that one okay 53 and don't think we have 5375552 29 2 more chances here 29291 more chance last number 24 my 4 plays these 24 24 I don't see it ... I don't see it okay you know what I'm gonna play I have a final accounting black unfortunate I have anymore of these $20 once I finally went up to play yeah we should what's quite shallow alright so this one we can get a taxi private satanic symbol and then also has a window on the California blacks have win all symbols which is really cool super cool man super cool get 3313261 30 35 32 37 27 43 14 39 aids 12 11301324 70 no no no 16 mayday mayday 44 36 29 last chance 15 or that's a lot that's another loss I'm gonna play you know I hold on you know if that's I think I'll be the end all right that'll be the end we tried our best onto tickets we did not win don't worry I'm gonna buy a lot of tickets because I know you guys like to see winds preferably right okay don't read it I'm gonna get more tickets were going to win and I hope you're doing much better than I am with these tickets best of luck on your plays luck coming from low this is for you guys you can come back to this later if you don't have to go now but best of luck guys I hope you do I hope you guys have something big and make sure you know me if if you have some big wins Kevin fire at you our guys have a wonderful day stay safe from the hurricane and I'll see you later but I //
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5x Crossword Bonus Match $3 California Lottery Scratcher
\\anyway what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today I'm a play a 5 X. crossword bonus match school rat sure and ... unfortunately I only have one of these foreign plate of let's go was blank see what we can do I'm gonna do multivitamin okay bonus match same letter then we wind up bonus 2 more letters for our cross yet this is a cool scratch you the last one actually of this book yeah there's a black like square that means this last last ticket of this group of tickets book of tickets heck yeah let's go let's see how we can do here I I discussed everything and I'm sure some genius fans already figured out if we won or not I wonder if you could do that quick okay well vows we have we have a we have no E. O. we have I owe and the you and the why who don't have an E. who that's not scared in yeah you know what to do this one at a time yeah let's go one letter at a time now we have a let's do this let's go through to have one ticket you know make this video little bit longer tad bit longer you know if you're to figure out we want not you're welcome to close out the video butts I might ... tell you guys about something cool later not getting the cool thing is actually the ... the website the new website where there's free stuff it's not really a giveaway website I don't call it a giveaway that website but it's like ... I it technically is it's a free stuff website where everything is free everything is $0 now the only thing ... only catch yes there's a catch but it's not really what it's not what you think the only catch is that you have to share that product you have to ... tell people you got it from where you got it from you know the show people your new watch like show them in person to show it on social media be like I got this for free ... and if you could share the website my website wow such which is the website where we are pretty much giving away all the stuff if you could share it out be much appreciated you know just shared on social media whatever that's the only thing I ask is if you do ... order something on there just share it with as many people as you can get because that way if we share with more people let's see if we have any others if he shared with more people than we can get more school stuff on there that's the plan okay more cool stuff more cool stuff yeah that is the goal here so really I mean that really benefits everybody if you share it then we get more cool stuff and that means you get more cool stuff and then you can share it and then more cool stuff and then you know the cycle of cool stuff for everybody really really nice nice things for everybody for free aunts who doesn't like free I like yeah how lamb then I'm gonna get some of these products to myself I'm gonna get like one of everything but I'll I wanna make sure you guys get I don't wanna be the one to to just get by if everything out you know and I think by I mean Pfeiffer live for free just the base shipping so I mean technically yourself pain something you know because the shipping is nothing I can give away for free because I I don't really control shipping and in order to get the product you guys just got hit a shipping and handling so you know just pay the shipping handling that's it he's busy J. gotten sheriff's with everybody all your friends whoever you think would like free stuff you're safe and it's not just like you know it's not related to scratchers not really it's all kinds of stuff watches like there will be closing on there there will be internal swimsuits on there though be Sir sunglasses on others bracelets on others ... necklaces on there and I'm just gonna keep adding more and more stuff as I get more and more people are more brands and ... companies to to give us enough to give perforate right but the plan okay do anymore are Syria would if yes we do every year okay sorry I'm like talking so much but I feel like it's something you would want to hear yeah and I was dumb people you know if you're not interested in hearing what I have to say while I play these tickets you're welcome to mute but it's you know sometimes you get free stuff out of it and probably don't want to miss out on that okay Caremark whoever was staying safe by the way ... actually people have been checking on in on me ... people and like out of the states because you know they want to make sure I'm okay but actually California's doing okay was getting some crazy he waves and thunderstorms randomly but now you know nothing as severe as a hurricane on the west coast on the east coast however on on the east coast my you know friends my kept empire family on the east I hope you guys are doing good hope you're staying safe I hope you know just just be careful out there it's it's very dangerous route hurricanes are kind of crazy ... fortunately we have to deal with that in California but of course we have to look out for earthquakes here and those are not fun not fun at all see okay we're we're gonna close here right we're gonna close to end kind of but close doesn't really mean anything and ... structures does knots nope nope nope nope okay ... of sorry that Gee if not us that's gonna see no we don't have a ... no irony looked ahead we do have a G. I see you a feud quite a few days though to see if I missed any letters let me know in the comments section below also related to the the free website while such accounts can refer to as Wasatch wow such meow because that's what the site is ... while such marathon right if ... who is calling me right now okay never get if you would like ... some things specific like some kind of free products specifically like if I don't have any any socks on my website which I don't right now if you want socks tell me can you get some free socks up there and I'll I'll reach out companies and try to get it on there a sap and we have a lot on I have a lot of actually extra products lined up that isn't on the website yet so I mean who knows maybe I have and I'll make sure to put that in first so let me know you guys tell me what you want seriously just tell me if you like can I get this for free can I can I get this can you add this to the website and I will try my best 2 added to the website so just in the comments section or email me or anything you want whatever you want to do contact me in any way possible but comment section Indy it down here is is actually good way I usually read it I know I have been responding to everybody I apologize but I do read your comments and seriously thank you very much for all the support you guys I read all your comments you know don't think it's going on scene because I remember remember you guys the ones who write comments and contact me and you know I I remember you guys okay always I will always remember you so thank you very much no matter who you are everybody all the fans I remember you guys 0 percent okay M. O. we got one word here alright one more but this is the last letter ... in okay ... we have ass let's go ahead and get his ass is out of the way we have we have I yes see I'm missing things we have ... we have see yeah at the end you get to see everything at all it all comes up like I can see it really clearly now we have our and we have and laugh well can't come on get get on it okay so we don't have the Gee we don't have tea and we don't have E. and those are literally the only letters remaining here right E. G. M. T. while all right do we have anyone here much we have one word but we need at least 2 words to win and I'm not saying a second word looks like that's going to be it for this tickets ... alright sorry guys I'm going to do when I'm gonna buy a budget to get right now I'm finishing up tickets that I have that I happen to have sitting around I'm gonna buy a bunch to gets and makes you play multiple make sure to hit a winner in every video and I'm gonna buy a lot of right if to get so hope you guys excited for that come in thank you so much with the support really appreciated make sure to subscribe to the Kevin party to channel and give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day guys I'll see you later but I //
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California Black $2 Scratchers & NEW GROUP BUY INFO!!!
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathleen today I'm in a place in California black $2 California lottery scratchers with the jackpot of 20000 duller is let's play this is a nice ticket really really shiny black diamond looking to get match any of universe the winning numbers to win uncover a 2 X. to win double the price goats you've made 5 X. to invite her the prime and we to win all 10 prices your data and the odds of when in prize a 4.09 cash prize 1 in 6.92 alright let's see yet playin how's everybody how are you doing how are you doing I'm gonna do a live stream soon and I'm gonna do a group buy C. O. you know what I said I was going to announce a group by and I totally forgot I totally forgot about that okay here we go I'm you know what I mean and on to right now okay I want you to email me we're going to play ... there is a new 2 should we play the California black $20 ticket pull on hold on everyone hold for a second if you want to see this ticket just fast for a little bit shoot should we do a book of this one would be $600 ... with 30 tickets yet 30 tickets I'm pretty sure because usually the 20 other books are $600 should we do that should play that for should we do another I don't know California California goal that $30 ticket they're still jackpots left to Jack 5 to $10000000 jackpots left I want you guys to let me know in the comments below actually what you want to play for those of you who are interested or if even if you're not interested for those of you who want to see of an entire book video let me know what you want me to do and we will start a group for that for that scratcher okay if it's that one if it's going to be the $20 one it's going to be will make it $30 per person and it will do 20 entries totaled $30 per person $20 20 entries total you can sign up up to I if it's your first time signing up you can sign up to up to 2 spots that's the maximum if you if it's the first time you're joining one of these if it's not your first time then you can sign up to actually more I'll let you sign up to more if you're a regular then you can sign up to more weekend I've been getting a lot of emails and I think it's about time that I start a book so if you want to do a book army kept empire then email me at calf empire axe G. and tell me you're interested and I'll tell you how you can enter there will be 20 spots and I'll start feeling them as soon as you see this video camera and also announce on Facebook probably Facebook and ... maybe Twitter to let you guys know that we're going to be starting that it's been awhile and you know the fans want it I'm gonna give it to them so we're gonna we're gonna do it we're gonna play on down I haven't played a book with you all in quite some time now and I've been craving a book too I haven't played like massive amounts of tickets in awhile so we're gonna do that heck yeah we're gonna do that that will be fun I'm excited alright it looks like no win on this ticket so far no one on this ticket come on let's get a win here 29 eighths 21 there're 80 their team 161227 and okay sits still no wind that's okay that's alright we're gonna find 1 I got more tickets let's go I'm gonna play some of the older to get still I'm I'm you know I've I've been wanting to play like war games some places don't have word games anymore because these tickets are getting old ... ... we got a win here we got another one here 22 matches 2 matches during matches what words 3 matches 4 or no no no no no 3 matches 3 matches Earl got 3 matches heck yeah 99 and 14 you're about a year ago alright have had city we'll see what we got one dollar Caltech one dollar another dollar got $2 of our hands another dollar for $3 weighted I think it will bigger Bucks again from $3 like it I like this how they get sick alright thank you so much for watching everybody that's it for this video much appreciate all your support thank you for subscribing if you haven't subscribed admission to subscribe to this kept and why you do channel make sure to like this video as well and also I can tell you guys what the free website you like free stuff seriously free stuff free stuff hunter present free then you can go to wow such that's the my website where I am apartment with brand stuff to not give the celebrities and and you know so ... celebrities and influencers free stuff but 3 step to the average person to average amazing person you know just because your average doesn't doesn't mean you're not amazing you are amazing all of you amazing kept in my family free stuff not just for me just for the fans right just for the fans Wasatch Metacomet of the in the description of everything over here from now on until I have no more free stuff to give away all right that's it alright thank you one of the day but I //
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\\work so every throw a day how are you doing today my name's Katherine today I'm gonna play a blackout bingo and maybe another wild bingo scratcher boom possibly if we get a loss on this one I'll also play that one because you know I like to try to get some wins on our videos honor scratch videos hope everyone's doing fantastic this is a $5 bingo scratcher from there's a really cool 10 bonus card up here and there's ... bonus not the good stuff with the good cars to for I've dollar bingo I think this is the most expensive bingo ticket in California and therefore have better odds than $3 so let's see what we can do here having played this one and I thought I haven't played a lot of ticket but I'm gonna I'm gonna try to play a little bit of everything I know a lot of people have been for ... gets more variety and in the ticket I play so I'd be happy to do that I'm gonna to get a bunch of different tickets and play different ones every single day if possible unless of course there's a new ticket that comes out then ... then I tried to you know reveal the new tickets and play those for at least about a week that's my goal okay let's go 169069 I hope everyone is staying safe the weather has been insane and when I see insane I don't mean just the the hurricane I mean I hope everyone on the east coast is doing well hope you're staying safe you know staying away from the the same hurricane or ma and what ho her make her can Jose and ... there's another one right that's crazy I feel like the world is coming due and is it just me the world is coming to an end so not only the hurricane there was like ... what 8.5 earthquake in Mexico there is also ridiculous heat wave here in California like San Francisco had had their like the highest heat record ever recorded ever is like 110 degrees all my god I was there and ... nor cal for a wedding and ... whom I Gadda nor callous northern California by the way for those of you who are familiar with that term and it was like 105 degrees 10 degrees crazy crazy crazy and at night it was like 90 degrees I kid you not I it was extremely hard to slave I mean my my parents house are there AC broke and it was absolutely just miserable trying to sleep in that kind of weather while I yeah and not only that and there's more there's ... there's been like lightning strikes in Los Angeles the password is and the bay area now and that came out of nowhere whose like 85 degrees what degree weather and then those cloudy and then it started there was lightning lightning and thunder and I've you look it up on the news apparently there are like 40000 lightning strikes within that within a day or something insane like that I I I swear the world is coming to an end so I mean if you live anywhere really I hope you have a some kind of emergency pack I'm kind of like a big fan of crazy on like emergency and ... like my wife and I are zombie apocalypse includes yes I guess we just like to imagine what it would be like if there was a zombie apocalypse but of course if you prepare for a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for most other and natural disasters or you know there's like World War and like with North Korea and the nukes all my Jesus what is going on guys what is happening to our world what is happening it it just it just doesn't stop it's just nonstop things that just don't really happen you know I'm gonna say global warming it's if if this doesn't you know convince the few people who are not sure about global warming that there is global warming or something wrong with our our globe then I don't know what will convince convince those you know people just give an open mind you know global warming is real guys it's real it's bad it's having devastating affects historically temperatures rising and all kinds of crazy things like all the stuff going on right now happening her hands and say by the way if you are you know are interested in hearing you know all this and you just want to see described are being played out recommend you mute my video and turn on like us scratching sound track you can hear the scratching you know and play some of your own music maybe did you know that it is not that hard I'm pretty sure I miss numbers because you know when I when I try to chat with you guys I miss numbers I miss things have I missed anything just let me know I'll go over at the ends and but right now I don't see any wins I hope you guys can see it okay I hope you can see it hope you're watching this on a bigger screen than your phone that would be that's that's what I recommend is watching it on appears something bigger than a phone like a tablet would work no phone maybe you depend on phones everyone's got no huge phone screen now like that like iPhone 7 plus or his 8 now Ivan 7 some plus huge screens okay did we have we got a lot of corners here alike corners okay 18 the varying from here we have 49 that we got 49 of 39 18 I 18 come on let's get a win here okay we're close that the ticket at least I'll take a ticket right ticket out take it alright I 27 if you missed my video yesterday we didn't watch yesterday's video of the mail Wednesday video if you missed it you should go check out because I did announce something kind of cool that I've been working on which is our website where we sell products and everything is free everything everything's free now you're probably like ... cap what are you doing like how how is everything free how is you know what what are you doing like I hope you're not going broke cash because then you can't really place crackers anymore for us on the channel don't worry it's not it's I'm not the one actually paying for these products I'm trying to find ... you know I'm tennis I'm setting up the site to get companies to give free things to ordinary people and not just you know celebrities and influencers self I have people approaching me here and there ... you know asking to promote their stuff on our channel and obviously I don't promote everything because I you know if if I don't think you guys are gonna like it or it's not something that you know aligns with my values then I don't promote it to you know I'm not not a sellout not gonna promote everything that every single company approaches me with someone up from your pick and choose the things you guys will actually actually like or enjoy something maybe a product or service that you actually enjoy so this website which is ... you can go to wild such I know super and them W. O. W. that's you see H. M. E. OWC at the end of this video ... a preview of what's I would want to look like but while searching out a calm there's this products on there which I'm constantly adding new stuff of free stuff all you do is pay shipping shipping does take a little longer but I mean Hey it's free guys and stuff is free yeah you know you you gotta be a little patient especially if it's free right so it just takes a little longer so I'm when I say longer it like a week maybe of week long that most like maybe 2 weeks so it is not that who we might get a 10 X. multiplier here boom that would be great I guess 59 ... so we allow such an outcome I set it up I've been reaching out to people companies brands to get free products on the site and ... and things are disappearing fairly quickly as free stuff should disappear and once they had all this all there but that the quantity of free stuff is given away for each item then it gets it sets sold out on the sites officer sold out I mean giveaway all of the stuff like it's all gone like too many people wanted it and I thought yeah certificate ecommerce I just go on there you can buy things you know it's it's safe obviously did you buy to pay with credit card I don't think people's enabled ... bike there with a credit card whatever it's like it and it looks like just a regular site let regular you know ecommerce site we can buy things like on Amazon or wherever you buy things ... but everything is free literally says $0 everything says $0 account so you guys after this but I just want to let you guys know because you guys like free stuff and I love you guys because it kept empire family and who else would I tell except for you guys you guys of the first to know so you will have ... first pick on what you want you know first pick on ordering products ... but it will be announced to the rest of the world this week south just letting you guys know but if there's anything you guys want us in the know in general like if you there's if you want more watches on the side if you want more I don't know stars are like a bracelet or you want shoes or shirt or something just let me know in the comments down below in this video and if you do video let me know the comments below and I can work on getting that on there on the website ... and you should also check out the full page is ... Facebook actually outfitted hung the comet up with all the links down in the down in the description account check up but all the public the website in the description and everything in the rich description okay homeownership the Sapporo quick and you can check on there but ... like the Facebook page if you guys don't mind that that's actually probably them one of the ... like the top ways I'm gonna be you know I'm gonna be like updating the site updating on what is on the site I'll put a picture of it on Facebook and stuff and yeah if you guys could share the site or you know social media and you know wherever you know your friends go like this stuff is free that's gonna run out I'm telling you because I'm your friend which is why I'm telling you guys that you guys are my friends are at so share as much as you can that's all I ask is this just to share that way we can get more and more stuff on the side ... you know as we as it gets bigger and bigger but for now there is actually pretty decent amount of nice ... watches and ... sunglasses on there already and some other things anyway this is a scratch but it lets check out what we have here I apologize guys feel free to pass for you know you don't to sit through all of my check and Schatten up you guys okay this is kind of all screwed up here I don't think I see any wins there could be do we have 61 ... 6161 night the up no no don't see it okay nothing there no diagonals no lines nothing there K. almost almost but no and no all so close with the corners here okay it looks like there's no win and I don't see anything up there if you see a number missing let me know in the disco in the comments section below I would much appreciate it and I'm gonna go ahead and say goodbye to those people who are here just for the Scotch video I'll say goodbye have wonderful day I'll see very soon and for those of you who are interested in seeing what the Wasatch meow free products that looks like I will show you right now okay here we go okay so this is the site this is the you are well let me go ahead and zoom in here it's while such now I know that's a ridiculous logo but that's the logo W. O. W. S. U. C. H. and P. O. mouse that you and this is the stuff that's on there right now I'm adding things constantly as we get more products from different ... you know different companies and and ... brands so this once this was gone already we only got a few of these really nice watch everything look $0 083 follow your dreams what's and it's this one 's really nice actually got one of these for myself my wife ordered a few things too she ordered the sunglasses simple sunglasses usually about 39 Bucks shipping is about 899 depending on where you are but for most places it's a 99 also I want to mention that it's per product because they sent out possibly from different warehouses and depending on availability ... so it's not just 899 and you can order you know 0 of each item that would not be good then somebody could come here and take everything immediately so it's actually a 99 per product and that's you know that's just the normal shipping rate like if you go to a regular you know retail website to buy from watch like this you would pay for the watch and you pay for shipping anyway ... but in this case everything's free just got a free shipping that's a spaceship thing ... because we do have to deliberate but if that's the side I don't want to take too much of a guy's time but just want to show you this is the websites and social media is down here Twitter Facebook whatever whatever Instagram and you too and I don't have too much stuff on there because I did just launch the site gasket up all lower like those pages as well I would much appreciate it and really guys I'm just saying you this because this is for you god like free stuff we have left how many 51015 but 20 products on here right now 3 that are gone already sold out ... and I will be adding so much more as we go if you guys want something specific any kind of product just you can give me a general like I want a sh I want T. shirts or I want I don't know stop when a stopwatch is ... I don't know pocket watches something anything at all let me know indeed descript comment section comments section of this you to video I'm not pointing at the website down here below this video below this video on your browser or phone or whatever you love watching this you do video on and tell me what you want tell me what you want and I will add it to the site I will find it I will get them to give us stuff for free and added to the site our guys thank you so much for watching really appreciated have a wonderful day everyone stay safe and I'll see you tomorrow for another spin rapture video but I //
"2017-09-13 16:00:00"
MAIL WEDNESDAY! I'M BACK! NY, Cali, and Mass Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy I am back I'm so sorry for missing the videos for the past few days I have not done something like this since we started channel but don't worry I'm still here I'm still work and you know me with ATF and working on a bunch of videos and a bunch of other stuff and I'm happy to announce the other things as well as I will be running a giveaway to say a poor I did bring 24000 20 4000 subscribers recently and I cannot believe it's I'm gonna you give way thank you guys thank you for patient for these videos but we are back now on hopefully reggae schedule flat on this page and tell me cath please give us our videos we need our scratch video we need our scratch just tell me okay and I will get right on it alright so I'm actually gonna start doing like ... weekly mail Monday or mail Tuesday or actually this time it's going to be male Wednesday because yeah I've been working out whoops I've been working on things so male Wednesday thank you very much to these people who sent an e-mail some of this mail has come in over 2 weeks ago I'm sorry for not like you know showing it and sharing it until now but now I am here so thank you very much if anyone wants to send something you can look in the description down below and you can find my address down there alright let's go ahead and look through this stuff what do we have we've got some scratches for a collection we've got some scratches to play and more scratches to play and move some lovely letters that I got from awesome bands just saying thank you for the channel I thank you for watching thank you for being a fan I appreciate it okay well let's start with the first piece of mail look at this to scratch as we have never played on the channel this comes from New York from Vinnie diss the New York lottery thank you very much many I know a lot of you know who videos if you don't Vinnie is amazing he's been a part of our channel and are kept in my family for a long time now and has been supporting like crazy so thank you penny for these 2 tickets I will be playing them very soon and I think I'm going to do a live stream although live stream and play all of the scratches they got in my fanmail Soviet send me fan mail to actually play out to those in the lifestream because it would just be so much better and also make a video don't wear make a video give appropriate shout out to you and put it up on the channel right Vineeth thank you very much for this $2 cash were $10000 and black and gold $5 to get these look great I'll make sure to play these they sat and send you the winners okay next piece of mail let's take a look I've got a budget to get your look at this now unfortunately these are free play Andy's are just for my collection but thank you very much to Ryan Ryan in Massachusetts thank you for sending me this mail these scratches for the collection I think I have this one that's about it I think this is the only 1 I have I may have 1 of these I've had some band sent me a bunch of Massachusetts scratches for that collection now by the way if you don't know I have a collection of used to scratchers the biggest you have ever seen that you will see ominous actually make a video of my entire scratcher collection and it's absolutely nots I don't I don't even know how many I have I'm gonna say over 500 unique scratches from around the world Simon she got that very soon the let's take a look at what we have for collection this time first ticket we have a 71121 from Massachusetts $1 tickets silver sevens $2 ticket to dollar holiday surprise 25 $0 a life for over a life for a 25 $0 a week holiday goal of $10 ticket and $1000000000 bonanza $20 to get while PEF to $10000000 that sounds awesome alright thank you very much Ryan for sending me these tickets I appreciate it thank you for adding to our have empire scratcher collection and again if anyone has scratchers that you've already played and you have a bunch of different unique ones please send them in to the calf empire can look in the description down below for the address PO box 491584 Los Angeles California 90049 arrest moving on to the next piece of mail and over here we have some set for life tickets yes this is from California I know I can get these but are amazing fan Sheila sent us 5 to play on the channel thank you very much Sheila thank you thank you thank you are super sweet she's been supporting the channel for so long since the very beginning I know a lot of you have been supporting and I want to thank everyone who has been supporting for such a long time and you know what even those people who have just subscribed or if you're gonna subscribe today thank you very much for the support on Geffen fire pre shit it and you know that helps keep me motivated keep me encouraged and inspired to continue doing what I do have which is making hopefully amazing scratcher videos for all of you self 5 separate light scratches the $2 left alive when $4000 a month for 25 years I will be playing this on the channel again possibly live stream and I'll make a video on it too thanks you and everyone else who said the tickets and the last piece of mail actually is a letter thank you very much I just one acknowledge Maria thank you very much for the letter you sent me very sweet letter and yes you were asking you can join in on the what is that the party trained to riches yes absolutely and I think I'm going to guess Maria is referring to the group buys I am going to start another group by soon I am having a little bit more time the reason I stopped it was because I don't have I didn't have a lot of time to do them and I didn't wanna take forever to do the group by so I pause that but they are coming back when I get emails literally every single day asking if I'm going to start them up again and I'm gonna start them up I have a feeling this this new one that I'm gonna start up it's gonna feel very quickly but you know what we're gonna go one at a time I'm gonna start a new group by I'm gonna announce it probably to Morrow okay to Morrow to Morrow not today tomorrow and I'll also announce ... some updates on when the lifestream is coming the next live stream and I have some other kind of interesting announcement comes going to put these you know tickets over here just to make make a kind of pretty on the background here but I have an interesting announcement I've actually ... been working on this website that site is an E. commerce site I know it has nothing to do scratchers but I feel like you guys would be interested in this it's a site where I sell things and everything is free now it's not it's not really me selling think that's me acquiring kind of partnerships with different brands you know accessories of watch companies whatever bracelet companies and ... that's a lot of clothing and accessories but there's also a lot of other things that will be added but for now this website has a bunch of watches it has sunglasses it has ... some necklaces and bracelets and it did have a scarf but it's sold out and yet so things are going quickly because everything on this website is 3 you heard me right 3 all you have to do is just pay the shipping because we do have to deliver it to you and that's all you gotta pay just pay shipping on it and everything is free song I'm looking for more and more people like more more brands and companies to reach out to because what I realize is right now most of the people who get free stuff from from companies including companies and watch brands of whatever the people who get it are people like me who have you 2 channels who had Instagram profiles where you know I don't know models are celebrities or whatever right I don't think that's very I think that everyone should get free stuff and I think even the normal just the everyday awesome person such as you who is watching this video deserves to get free stuff and so I know you guys like free stuff so I decided to you know tell you guys this even though it's completely unrelated to scratchers type you guys are interested the website is super and okay it's while such that's W. O. W. S. U. C. H. I heard a YM air drying here okay pulled aside W. O. W. S. U. C. H. N. E. O. wow such me out like meow like a cat meow are also put it in the description below everything is free and once they are given away once I give away enough products from from each of that you know people who contribute to products each of their brands are companies who contribute product once I give away the amount that they want me to giveaway if it is pretty much gone that's it once it's given away there's no more left and so things are kind of this very quickly as expected a free stuff but I just wanted to let you guys know because I feel like I should share that with the cap empire family and if you are interested in any of this I'm sure you're tuned out and turn this off but if you do like free watches and these are some nice looking watches and with sunglasses and bracelets and whatever or if you need to get a gift for somebody and you just want something for free then this is what to do it I just want to mention that shipping does take a little longer instead of like you know a week takes that maybe about 2 weeks maybe about 12 actually about 12 days sometimes so shipping takes a little longer but the product is completely free everything on my on this site is $0 I I literally put $0 and I think because it is $0 and just pay shipping that's it easy right art thank you so much for watching this video I think that's it for male male Wednesday slash tell you guys about ... kind of upcoming things happening on the channel because I'm sorry again for missing out on all the scratch of ideas but there will be scratched videos coming very soon the next days are forever hopefully I hope everyone is having a wonderful day I want everyone please in the comments below let me know what kind of ... this is relating back to the free stuff website while such I know it's super random let me know in the comments below what kind of stuff you would like if you have a specific well you know what kind if you like watches tell me one more watches if you like ... therapy like toys if we want toys for your kids let me know if you want toys you know whatever it might be it can even be electronics I'm not sure if I can get you know expensive electronics but I'll try my best I'm just in the comments below what do you want for free literally what do you want for free and I'm going to get it for you and put it on the site and I'll make sure to tell you guys first on the calf empire when I add new stuff by guys have a wonderful day I'll see very soon but I I I //
"2017-09-06 16:00:01"
SCRATCHER WIN WITH WHITE LINE!!! $20 California Black Premium Scratchers
\\what's of everybody how are you doing today my name is Catherine welcome to the capybara scratch video today were gonna play the $20 brand new California black premium structure with the jackpot prize of $5000000 which all of them are still out there because this game just came out look how nice this take a look though look at that while that is a bi yearly right there I should make this the thumbnail probably I think I'll make is that I'm now yeah it's really nice okay ... enough about that ... 10 next to intense when it's our 20 times but expert the times and when all symbol which we've got it's time recently and on this ticket I mean are on the black series tickets all the money at a price 1 and 2.89 cash prize 1 in 4.06 alright let's go this is by the way a white line on bottom tickets all we did win the previous ticket so we win this one that's 2 in a row plus the white line confirmation well coverage and only on this one let's say 20 233345736 and 55 here we go 27 47 17 53 nothing yet 42 for hope for a white line 49 you can actually work 35 56 I'm saying things I swear I saw winner but nope 51 11 to 46 58 13 34 7 steam 59 31 Therry Savarin warning 6 got a lot of numbers 8 3 a single theory 12 32 or carmine 15 45 and 44 alright looks like no win on this it is a white line on bottom though when all rights of way that would've been 2 in a row that we've been too crazy we tried we tried the wireline I don't know I have another idea about the white line though and it's actually a different kind of white wine I kind of explained it all rights where the white line is actually not a part of the ticket it's it's a white wine because by now I'm I'm guessing the printing machine you know like scraping the top of it either that or maybe the cashier happen to give it to me like that but one of my biggest wins of all time actually my biggest one of all time ever on the channel and personally ... it was a ticket that had a kind of a weird scratch on top like not over any numbers of prizes or anything is just off to the side I have no idea about that but I haven't you know I've only I've only got a few tickets that were like that and ... they were pretty good once we got a win here there we go we got the 14 okay that's an early number when are we going to pick up another one here we're gonna be single when with the first jackpot of the prince of this ticket would they give us a jackpot that early I don't know I I guess anything's possible 37 let's try not to reveal a here 39 that would be insane though a $5000000 prize while cash off if you pay if you take that all of the lump sum it's probably like 3000000 and then after taxes I don't know maybe 2.5 or so that's a lot of money that's cash money in your bank account with a few $0 you you can do a lot with that you can make that go a long way okay I'm not seeing any other wins any other number matches not yes glad we got somethin second ticket see if we can win something bigger than what we've won with so far we got one ticket back $20 when so let's go number for was a 14 yeah 14 number 14 that ticket adding that the ticket or is this the Z. jackpot now it's this ticket alright hate ticket I will take it absolutely will take that are and I hope you enjoyed we gotta take it when I was a white line on top but again you know we're just kind of making things up here as we go but I'm sure as we play more more these white line tickets will figure it out something there's got to be of some kind of pattern we're gonna get guys I believe alright thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe makes to give this video a thumbs up and everyone best of luck on your plays have a wonderful day bye bye //
"2017-09-05 16:00:07"
\\words of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today when I was in California black $10 lotteries correct sharers yes I've got 2 of them left we're gonna play them and hopefully for anyone something so I can go buy some more okay on this one we can get a 10 X. 20 X. or win symbol and the odds of winning any prize are one of the book or to cash prize one of 3.9 one of 2000000 dollars okay words go winning numbers are 21 16474485 third and I 2 on a 5 tool one in 9 21 a 7 28 days not which is a 2130 26 love and 46 no so close 38 states 45 close again 247 318 a I don't know what this 133 42 32 43 alpha so close we got everything else no N. alright I have one left one more California black $10 to get laughs $10 overflow carpenter black premium premium yeah that makes a difference premium premium versus non premiums and I think it just makes it sound cooler in general alright here we go last ticket 32 can we pull off a win 4537 I don't have any more of these 34 now if they had a 6 7 9 or go down this way 41 43 well 48 39 random exchange 15 46 O. nosso you love then 1832024 14 44 26 and 31 how it's not there it's not there fortunately no well that's okay gotta have some losses right I would play more if I had more but I don't have anymore so that's going to be that I hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe make you give this video a thumbs up even though we lost so that you can give us a lot in our next video thank you so much how wonderful they also tomorrow for another stretch of video on the Cup and fire but by //
"2017-09-04 16:00:02"
\\whatsoever but Hey how are you doing today my name is Kathy welcome to another calf empire scratch your video today were gonna play some $5 California black premium a lottery scratchers is the brand new $5 tickets from the California lottery really nice looking shiny spankin new tickets all let's play jackpot up to $50000 and like flash yeah so we have no summing up the hustle this spring due to okay here we go 29 1411 20 re got 3330 to 37 let's just hit a winner start 43 states for a full or twenties 6 28 rarely a test who well 42 27 96 teams 715 narrow and 41 no we got 14 now 41 alright next tickets I've still got 2 tickets don't worry I believe I believe do you believe I believe but usually when I believe it's like snap for not going to be a winner okay 2139 there do 44 25 3535 no 2713377 164322234 know 443423 26 111512 no 3232 we got it we got the win all right before it runs out we got a ticket to what's that who who to work well out your foe yet of the deck but we got to get to where we can get that just ignore that we've got a ticket you yeah before the battery ran out all right I hope you enjoy thinking so much for watching I hope you have a wonderful day make sure to subscribe me to give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day but I //
"2017-09-03 16:00:08"
\\words of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathleen welcome back to another video on the calf empire a scratch your video this is added to della California black premium ticket we are back at it again and guess what this first ticket that we're gonna play has a white line on the bottom sure interesting so we are going to see if we can pull off another white wine still trying to figure out this white line is does it really mean doesn't mean anything at all really like what and what is how did they create the white line and it's kind of a random spot between 79 and 80 it's not even that the book ants yeah I I mean I don't know if anyone knows anything about it let me know and by the way I want to announce that I'm actually creating a website it's not that kept empire website where there's information about just our channel of actually making a website that I'm going to be ... writing and having other people write articles and ... all kinds of cool things about the lottery and scratchers where you can learn how to buy smarter or how to pick better tickets or how to play and have a higher chance of winning and other you know things that you can see on just any kind of lottery enthusiast website I guess we can call it a lottery busiest website and I'm going to be focusing on giving guys good information like I said I'm gonna give you good information about how to pick better tickets and how to have a higher chance of winning I'm gonna put all of the information on that website I decided that I think it needs its own website ... and what's cool is I'm also going to make a forum on that on that website so that all of you you know all you wonderful people who came to my life shares of stock who like to chat with each other that can be a place we can all come together and chat and hang out and ... yeah that's kind of in the works right now that's my plan for the future so just what do you guys know I'll let you know when it when it gets built ... and if you have any suggestions on what you like to see on the website momentum are anyway we actually lost the ticket so white line bottom we we lost and it's on this this ticket that we thought we would win the white lines but ... almost like him I'm completely blind and I don't see the wind right now that there's no way okay now look at this right here we've got black premium another one yes is the same as before but the white lines at the top okay are you ready while at the top here we go 25 16 okay for him 20 third can we get a win then it would still old technically be a white line with him you know that the top ands yeah we did lose with the white line on the top before I'm a maybe it's not a polite without close I got confused for a second there okay no win on that one alright interesting so what I thought was white line is not her person and that's what it looks like okay if you got let's just keep playing and see if you can hit a winner here okay 301223 got 26 30 we got a win and there we go yeah yeah all we got another 123 we've actually gotten all and another 1 okay alright that's cool 721 anything else 31 and 23 weeks what why okay we got a 3 wood before and that was a $3 this is the foreman we've got 30 we've got 23 we've got 30 we've got 23 let's go $2 maybe $1 and $1 4 and a 5 yes we got a fiver Amy I will take it yes I will alright you know what we're going to go home with that just the $1 loss but at least you got 5 back we've actually been getting the surprise of this so I hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe makes you give me a thumbs up this video and also if you have any feedback about ... why me and I I did really sure the website but if you have any ideas of what you like to see on the website like something specific why I obviously everyone wants to know how can I have a higher chance of winning on just the lottery tickets and scratches I know that's a big thing but if you have anything specific that you like to see on there I'm gonna do my research and I'm going to write you amazing articles and help and guide articles that will hopefully allow you guys to win more money alright how wonderful day I'll see you tomorrow for another video on the cat but I //
"2017-09-02 16:00:07"
SCRATCHER WHITE LINE WINNER TEST!!! Money In The Bank $5 California Lottery Scratcher
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today were gonna play some more lottery scratches on the calf and hire YouTube channel this is the money in the bank $5 scratcher with up to $500000 which is actually pretty good jackpot for a $5 ticket really nice okay we can get a 5 X. 2 in a 10 X. to when we can match number 2 in and out of winning any prize is point 81 cash prize one in 5.3 for that's how let's do this him on who you know what and we also have I take it that's I did not realize very interesting and that is the lack ticket of the book is it is a 50 to per book actually I don't I don't I don't so I think that not $50 spots we are going to test the white line theory again I think that the white line looking kind of thin but I think it is I'm pretty sure and it's on the bottom which if we know anything potentially or at least ... I think it might be the case its status the white line on the bottom is the good thing that's how you win but we don't know we're testing here if it's not then it's not a definitive no just means it might not be yeah it's not a person I don't think it's under percent but so far recently it has been 100 percent where the white lines on the bottom and they've all been winners white lines on top that wasn't a winner so I'm really really curious I'm very interested in testing in this theory out and I I don't know how I'm going to really test it out but you know just at least noticing it every time we play is a start get money the bait nothing there let's go white line theory here we go putting it to the test white line is on the bottom confirmed right there if this is a winner then it's gonna be very interesting 50 odd spot don't tell anybody don't tell anybody if it is the case don't tell anybody do not keep it to yourself I will share with you but you guys keep it yourself otherwise you know there although all begun in no one will ever get to really test it yeah okay know when yes first row okay no win not yet so we've got 2 more rose 21 Los 35 close again 44 ... no no 4342 okay I don't know about this may be maybe not maybe nots 13 mean 15 more numbers laughed this is a white line on bottom I'm not sure about this one no I don't think so clutch win at the ends 30 all you know alright so white woman bottom at least for this ticket for the California black premium it's been working but we have just confirmed white line on bottom was not a win this time does that mean that it's not a higher chance to win name we don't know but I'd like to keep testing it and I actually don't have any more of those tickets so we're going to end it there I just wanted to really test that wireline theory and ... to have one loss is interesting it's interesting or I'm not going to give up don't give up on me if anyone else has any theories about what they think might be you know a way to predict winners or maybe a higher chance to win anyone has any theories at all as crazy as it might be let me know in the comments below if you don't mind sharing let me know in the comments below if you have any theories about you know what might give you a more higher Chad a higher chance to win like if you have certain numbers that just happened to win for you let me know just tell me what state the ticket isn't here what's the what to get it is and what your theory is like maybe last last ticket of every book you always went something like that where it's always I want like 100 percent ... of the times that you played where it was a winner in certain case so let me know are down in the comments let me know I would much appreciate our guys how wonderful they make sure to subscribe make should give this video a thumbs up and like I said probably but by //
"2017-09-01 16:00:00"
\\words of everybody how are you doing today my name is Catherine welcome to another calf empire scratcher video today we're gonna play a 5 X. crossword bonus match scratcher this is a $3 California lottery scratcher with god multiply I've got a fast 20 spout got bonus match and we got the puzzle this is a really nice $3 for from California odds of winning any prize are ... where's 13.36 can surprise when 4.21 prices range from free ticket to $20000 a writes this is one of those for gotten scratches that I had that I just had in pout Sean the side of my desk and I just delivered out I had it and on the plate let's go let's do multiplier first now become interesting okay multiplier is a one X. fast wanted our spot is a 24 bonus match Gunn I never got a Z. K. no match there rats that means we have 2 different letters at least and we get the same letter there that means we went that's how you win that deathly when this price but those letters also count to this word bank are the letter banks you can use it for your puzzle so even if you don't match it and you don't get the instant when it's nice to have 2 separate letters to use in your puzzle I don't know Z. is the best water but I for sure I will take okay let's go down here let's use the cross out method shimmies across some of that yeah let's use across a method to go little faster 3 guys are what letter are we missing here let's look at the files were missing and a I don't see it I owe you and we have the why so we don't have a let's go to cross off the words with the ETS in them the cross out method where you cross out the words with the letters you don't have and that means that you don't have the work because then you're off the scratch one at a time you describe something hard things you don't look for it at all it's the best way to do things okay vogue to have vote maybe V. ... Gee we do have you any you and wait we don't have an E. all I just looked at I owe you wouldn't look at the E. H. E. my god toilet rather lucky well that's a big letter we don't have that's not good at all okay no E. no E. you know you what about Bob let's just look at that real quick M. O. nope he either okay we need at least 2 words to win something now a no E. no E. no II and no you know we I think we just have mushroomed and that's the last word I see we should have it because you even if you don't win you should at least get one word less than what you need to win mushroom and U. S. H. H. H. H. Ohba H. are hopeful and I was like I'm blind again okay so we got much room we got one word and that is not enough to win we get the Stewarts don't worry I have more I have they actually newer versions it's just a newer released version of the same ticket I think it's identical pretty sure its an identical yeah oh if you're wondering why I'm not scratching this part this is where the bar code is if there's nothing here the multiplier they're talking member here your chance to win to act or acts or 5 if your pride that multiplies this right here Leah if you wonder why not scratching that there's nothing there it's just it's a bargain it's part of get $20 off 24 okay multiplier is a one X. okay bonus match with god and our and a P. no instant winner there going down here what do we have Tom moaned what do we have not a thing we don't have we don't have anything and I don't know why so we have anything this we have letters that were supposed to have but I don't see the aid after we don't have I don't see the a are we have the ... it with you we have I. O. and the you and we are missing the why that's okay it's not too bad but the AE probably a letter we want we could still win this don't worry that if you miss vowels you can still win it happens all the time but a we we don't have a right okay sometimes I start crossing things out and I realize we have the letter that's the worst thing to do specially when using the cross I met that make sure your 0 percent sure that you don't have that letter okay alright tip short letters for our short words first T. I. P. we have it okay there's one word we need at least one more were to win ... moments maybe M. O. then he I see the tea and we haven't M. no we don't have the and no N. okay else for the win yes we do E. L. esteem we got a winner 2 words that's a ticket so it's a one X. prize to get anything else efforts E. and if no at ms no mischief and telescope or skip Lucifer skip pass K. I. P. we got another one 3 words $4 so far alright we got more than just a ticket back telescope telescope E. L. T. E. L. A. S. C. O. P. we haven't forwards telescope confirming and T. tell let score better go yes wow got it I thought it was gonna be a regular when we got more than that or anything else to be miss anything else that's 1234 words for $5 and I was miss that I would miss this ticket entirely I thought it was I I didn't even realize I had to get my books will take it yes thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe and make you give this video a thumbs up and best of luck on your lottery endeavors have wonderful day Bubba //
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\\worlds of everybody how are you doing today in my name is Kathy welcome to another Kevin buyer scratch your video gonna play a $3 while bingo today I have a few days left and decided I should probably play these tickets before they you know discontinue the game and I can't redeem the president workers who knows there could be a $20000 jackpot prize right here just waiting for us to scratch Hobie crazy right okay if you don't know this to get this is a bigot know while just a standard bingo game and it's actually pretty in one because it has the wild's I don't think they all have one spot which gives you instant when potential plus multiplier plus it's got these free spot they always have response but anyway it's a fun really let's go bingo bingo bingo switch it up from you know a California black tickets that I've been playing this week and our rights we got 29 unfortunately no one in their let's just cracked will fly now 5 X. multiplier okay this is a win this can be a potentially pretty nice wins yeah because you can't win just one dollar so that means can be at least a $3 times 5 but also can't be a free ticket so could be something better okay enough talk let's play let's just get going now right move 6 denying let's do this I don't know what the best way is for everyone to see everything that's you know being scratched here because I would love to have your help in playing these tickets only scratch the free spots to wallow mad at 69 of them got a corner here nice now try to keep this as interesting as possible nerve K. corners are always good my favorite wins on the corners and really the only reason being that corners are the easiest to end will not be easy yes but it's the least amount of numbers required to win so you know Rick as compared to like a line or yeah even a line line is the next best the line is 5 numbers corners or for that only costs but only fix for which is nice okay I'm 26 alright 26 okay we got already outlined potential there nice nice to get the 26 year this actually come hard to scratch for some reason maybe it's been sitting around too long we need to play these because there are still jackpots laughs I think yeah there's Jack what's left there's jackpots left and we could be holding it can you imagine you win a jackpot you do you have the fight lets you find to get in and you win the jackpot and the games are over and you can redeem your to get anymore that's that's worse I think worse than losing is worse is having a winning ticket and not being able to redeem it that's that I think that's a status really sucks I mean just it'll still be interesting on you too but he would still suck on him that even this ticket $20000 I know it's not $1000000 to $20000 to a good amount of money even after taxes okay we got to the corner here who out the corners that's $5 times 5 of the 25 Bucks yeah I want to 25 Bucks but he wants to give me 25 Bucks out take it and I'm sure you would too and 32 and 32 I know you can't see the bottom but ... you know I'm doing my best here don't know how else to set this up so you can see everything in I figured out and 32 K. look sick which up one if I missed any numbers please let me know in the comments below bill I kept you miss this number here and you also got a winner you got a jackpot because you missed that we need an ex down here you're wanting you to fax your reaction almost have a Diagon already and we have a 11234 former numbers for the jackpot but unfortunately get attacked by and times 5 zombie hunter Kay and the biggest prize 20 so in I think that means that we can't get jackpot unless they allow wait for $0 times 5 but I don't think there's a $4000 prize okay be 14 okay it might not be a jackpot ticket but it could still be a very good winner with that with the 5 X. yeah yeah yeah yeah see sometimes you don't want the multipliers because you want the jackpot potential that's more exciting even though it's much more you know rare to get something like that 28 how's everybody doing everyone doing get I miss everybody I'm gonna do a live stream soon I promise people have been asking they want to live streams I'm gonna do once we got to the corner here nice and it it won't scratch for some reason we'll just have to destroy the 74 we got another corner here we just need one more which need 8 to win Weatherfield we got it already know we don't have an 8 get 74 with another 7 for down here all rights I'm gonna play some fan mail if you send fan mail I apologize for not playing them yet I'm gonna play them and try to gather up a decent amount of fan mail so I can do it all together thank you to those of you who have sent fan mail of really appreciate our mission give you proper shout outs and all the good stuff and I will send back winners of course if anyone would like to send tickets to permit a player on the channel you can send them to me at Kenneth K. E. N. N. E. T. H. that's my name at PO box 491584 Los Angeles California 90049 and that's in the United States of America United States of America right send them to me I will play them and if you would like me to donate them to charity I can do that you like me to give you back the winnings I can do that can do whatever you want there your tickets so you don't have to donate any of the winnings if you don't want to I think a lot of people ask that question that's the biggest question is ... do we have to do or do you keep the winnings are like what you know I I don't keep the winnings nope I give them back most of the time I give them back for the gets donated to charity and may be you know left the house time some of its donated to the channel which I appreciate and we we got the quarters we've got $25 at least whoa oh okay we were sitting on a gold mine I'm gonna I'm gonna call a $25 went on a $3 to get a gold mine we were sitting on a gold mine and we had no idea I need to confirm this real quick before we move on we got the 8 holy guacamole Rolly Poley goalie propaganda 68 wow 69 bone with weight 6 now offers number 74 we got the report without destroying it 74 we got $25 already I okay I'm speechless while we're sitting on on a $25 to get a good about $25 in my pocket and I had no idea I don't even I don't even know while wow wow wow alright it's not over yet ... if we didn't acts that would be crazy we could get a next 13 numbers left for next that would be $250 for only god $250 on a on a on a legal ticket I think I've won $50 that's probably my biggest win of all time on a bingo ticket but I don't know I don't know if I did for the percent I can't tell you for sure if I did or not this could be ... my biggest bingo and I don't really wins you know that big on on a 3 delegate on talk about on a $5 bingo I think I got that yellowish but on a $3 bingo Tuesday okay this whole scratches okay would say that they are going to get a good look check it out that's that's that's corners okay we're not done yet 63 okay we could potentially get another line or something this is exciting I did not expect this when I started playing this 50 I thought it you know would probably just going to be a loss and it's okay it'll still be fun ... but we ended up with the win okay almost a diagonal there were still going 50 Kay and that will really scratch sometimes the scratchers are kind of hard to scratch it just it just happens is just the material they use to print these yeah sometimes not good okay 30 I 303030 okay we got a 30 there do we have another win somewhere that I am not aware of maybe we'll check in at the ends B. 11 last number okay we didn't get that acts but that's okay because we got a friggin 5 X. with a corners here corners is $5 times 5 is $25 corner corner corner corner look that no other lines no other you know excerpt I don't think there's black out on this one okay over here got ... nothing there nothing there and looks good but nothing there no corners no diagonals and I don't think I missed any numbers if I missed any numbers at all please let me know I will go down for the like this and you can kind of check it for me I would much appreciate it thank you guys think you thank you thank you okay $25 in our pocket that's a nice bingo when I'll take it I hope you guys enjoyed it very much if you like to see more bingo tickets or if you'd like to see more word type game to gets like crosswords and things like that I do have a few crossers I'm gonna be playing this like this ... beautiful 5 X. cross or bonus match if you like to see more of those let me know because yeah just just let me know whatever you guys want to see on the channel you let me know I'll go by and I will play it and you can go to the California lottery website to see what tickets are in California unfortunately I can't get any tickets are buying tickets from other states or countries you want to see something from your state of your country you're welcome to send me some and I'd be happy to play them and give you proper shot on the channel and yeah that's it alright guys ... ... ... yeah my few box is I told you I'd be a lot but it's also listed in every single video descriptions of you look down below in the description you can see where to send those tickets alright make sure to subscribe makes you to give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day everyone I'll see you later but I //
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\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Katherine today were gonna play some California black premium California lottery scratchers but this time this is the $20 California lottery scratcher the brand new ones the big Daddy and if you're wondering if there is a white line at the top now I have a theory and I'm gonna tell you after I scratch this on what that theory is okay are you ready here we go this is a white line tickets let's play now how do we play this just like any other ticket you match the winning numbers or you can get a 10 X. 20 X. 50 X. multiplier to multiply prize or win all symbol to winnow father winning any prize is 1 in 2.89 cash prize 1 in 4.06 alright when it all to get so far we have seen lots of surprises on this ticket if you haven't seen the other videos you need to go check them out and I'm actually gonna do this one backwards we're not do a symbol hunt here it's where you scratch the numbers first your numbers and you look for symbols because if you find a symbol you win automatically because you know you want because symbols are instant win I don't know it's just a fun way to play and then after that we struck the winning numbers and see if we have any other wins or if we didn't get any more suppliers are instant winners than we see if we got a win at all alright let's go looking for a 50 X. is the biggest multiplier here whoa $5000000 prize by the way somebody did win that Powerball the recent Harbaugh's supposedly the second biggest Powerball of all time and I think the prize ended up being 760000000 or something like that somebody in Massachusetts if that's you if that's one of you watching right now huge huge congrats I can't imagine the feeling of winning something like that and I hope you use that money you know semi wisely so it lasts forever and you can do everything you want ever you could ever imagine you can do and ... if you can support channel of it I would much appreciate it para okay no I really don't like if I won I would be giving so much of it away to you guys you know idea you guys are supporting the sound you are keeping this channel up that's why I try to give back as much as possible to you and to charity alright so no multiplier no instant win this is the white line now if white line says anything huh if there's anything about the theory then we're should win this and I don't know if that just made any sense but you know what I mean for 5 interesting set of numbers just a 4 to 5 but we don't have 4 to 5 I have a theory of my own and I'm going to reveal it after I played this ticket right here I'm gonna tell you my theory and ... I I think it's a good theory but we're gonna find out for sure ball normally for shipment we're gonna find but the 8 we have an 8 salon of single digit numbers here to 54518 and over here we got 964 the wrong numbers butts we're not done yet 17 okay come on come on come on are a way of 181916 lost number is a 27 maybe maybe I don't see it okay Everytime I fury before I play the next ticket we're gonna play another one I have a theory so this white line is actually on the top if you don't remember ... the previous ticket or if you do remember previous tickets that we won with the white line the white lines were on the bottom so my thought is this is the first to get that I bought from the retailer my thought is that somebody but previous to get and they won so they stop playing and that one had a white line on the bottom it's about the white women the bottom possibly that's the winner I don't know 0 percent but guess what look at that I got another ticket with a white one on the bottom there's the white one on the top which is the next to get this is the white line on the bottom if this ticket is a winner then we have 3 times in a row one on a white line on bottom to get so it's not just any white line I think it might just be the bottom white line on the bottom anyway gonna play this one okay let's play this one hopefully we can just get a win and you know be good with that and the other one will be another video but ... we'll see if we don't win this one going to be able to play that and we will see if that white line theory is correct maybe that's why you know you know how I said sometimes white lines are losers maybe it was because it was a top white line the white one of the top not the bottom so far we once we hit we get 3 white line tickets from this California black premium ticket and the the ones that were winners have the white line on the bottom and the loss was the white light aside white line on the top yeah a white line on the bottom with the winners and the white line on the top was a loser but we only we don't that you know we only test that 3 times just now I don't remember the other tickets ice I could go back in my videos and find those videos where we played white wine tickets and we hit winners and I can find out if the white lines where you know if the winners had white lines on the on the top are on the bottom sorry son John should start to get confused and if that's the case that would be very interesting and that's why I think you know possibly that's why I think that white line doesn't work is because it's not just any white wine it's the location of the white one anyone else who has seen of some information I know this doesn't prove absolutely but it's kind of an interesting theory right kind of an interesting theory and so far as as far as I know there is no way to predict a winner by just by looking at the ticket based on the serial number or the ticket number there's no way to predict if it's going to be a win or not from what I know so far now I've been playing a lot of tickets over the past year since I started this channel and who knows if I discover something I am we just got one here okay we gotta win this isn't a well any white line ticket but we got a win at least we got well at least I don't I'm going to share that with you guys okay you guys keep supporting me and I will share that information with you and only you only the people who watch the channel I will share that with you and who knows maybe I'll make some kind of ... you know write a book one day about my experience playing the lottery so much and you know my my discoveries and my theories you know I only call them theories because in order to test it really we have to play millions of tickets and that will take quite some time but the government 5555 right is my first $20 premium side California black premium to get wind could be the jackpot would be given Jack but that early I don't think so bullets it looks like a tick yeah it's it's a ticket Haiti ticket I will take it all right that means the next time I play this California block to get we will be playing this white line to get it this is the winner then things are gonna get very interesting on this channel I will seek out a bunch of white when tickets and we're gonna test it for sure get and also means if that is the winner we're gonna have 2 in a row and that usually doesn't happen so for it to happen at being a white line is going to be kind of crazy right are so I hope you enjoy this video make sure to subscribe nation to give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day but guys //
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\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Jeff and welcome back to another video on the calf empire this is the brand new $10 California black premium scratcher from the California lottery win up to $1000000 we've been hitting some really interesting wins $102 $5 tickets while I can't believe what for the first time playing in summary and hopefully we can do great luck but if this continues it will for sure solidify the that this California black premium series is amazing and to buy a lot of them okay we can get 2 connect simple here 20 it's in here when all symbol here and of course you can just winning numbers to win well as the bed now it's a pretty enterprise cat ... wasn't well my god okay odds of winning any prize 1 in 3442 cash prize of 1 in 3.96 California black who really up shiny shiny shiny okay here we go read here we go and you know what's interesting we have another white wine to get on this scratcher as well not this not this particular to get the next to get actually has a white line the next weekend to get after they are separated by a white line and we're going to see if that will confirm the crazy theory that the white line means you will have something potentially awesome now sometimes you lose but sometimes you find something awesome and that just sounds like the lottery in general puts the white line you know that I feel like people say they win more often than not and you know I think we have to play a lot of them to confirm but we're gonna try our best to figure that mystery out on the calf empire okay now if we don't win anything here we will be able to play the white line ticket and former numbers left 3 more numbers left few chances here 27 and 4727 and 35 okay we're going to the white line I guess we're going to the white line so if you don't know what the white line is ... it's it's like this right here do you see that that white line separated by a white line right there whereas usually it's not I know that looks like a white line but that's just because the screen of the scrap the material that's that use to separated this one actually has the material and it has a white line now I have no idea I don't know if if this is you know this is real fifes ... you know I won't lie I have seen big wins from white lines I think the ticket that we got to the the $500 winner on the channel the biggest one of all time that actually had a white line now not this kind of white line but it had a weird streak through the ticket like in a weird spot here interesting out okay let's test this white line theory it's either going to be just to get on the next ticket now I'd say we should probably when one or the other but you know if we lose votes that are like okay well why Linus you know it's not her present RT no it's not 100 percent so let's see let's play let's go market go go go 25 47 and we had a winner this is the third $10 ticket I am playing the third California black premium to get action say not that our technology get general and we haven't won anything yet and I'm playing consecutive tickets we got away are you serious white line white wine alright well so far white line theory is looking good at least on these California black premium tickets now if you ... are in Los Angeles please don't go buy out all the white line tickets and leave none for me if you could send them to me I would love to test the theory and of course I will give you the wind backs if you guys have any tickets with white lines whether it's in the California or other states send them over so I can play them and I will send you back the ticket if it is a win converse that but I would love to test this theory extensively but we just got a win here this is a white line tickets alright 22 let's see what it is I mean it's a win no matter what it is cash and $15 okay take will take 15 Bucks it's a win now white line doesn't say it's always like crazy when that it's crazy when that happened but at least we got the win white line theory continued we're gonna keep investigating this our amnesty 5 white line on my $20 tickets I hope I do all my god do I really have one I see a white I'm pretty sure that I have white lie to get on 20 alright that's coming tomorrow I hope you guys are excited thank you so much watching this video make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel which is right here and it's really easy to do if you have email account you can just click the button and sign and and very fun to just go get you down that's it and you can get entered into awesome giveaways on the channel right make sure to also give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to have a wonderful day everyone I'll see you later though by //
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\\works of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy today were gonna play some California black $2 tickets this is the brand new $2 tickets that came out scratchers into California lottery years sweet gods to dollar tickets yeah and he's a good looking tickets yes they are they're nice and shiny looks like black diamonds and we got actually pretty good price video where I showcased the brand new tickets that are seen right here ... if you see that you should go see it because we won so received maybe there are grouped up or something like that that's perhaps so let's find out if we can win something not welcome everybody welcome hope you enjoy this video here we go call maybe when Elsa will this time maybe maybe ... multiplier there's also there's a 2 X. and a 5 X. multiplier maybe maybe we can win on others I can't let's see we got 311527 can we win 2 in a row this is consecutive tickets we got a nice pry the last 1 can read win 2 in a row is it going to happen and if not we have more tickets so that's okay let's see how we do 32 33 30 so close and that well over 12 is not gonna do it all right now where we got another one here I go number 77 life gets 311233 okay 21 a 7 32 close 7 28 seats 13241615 16 off we got 1326 no it's not there okay and if you engine isn't a second chance you also get some kind of bonus entry to there's like a bonus trying I think they're doing that with all the new tickets every time you take a comes out they have some kind of bonus dry which is pretty cool so even if you don't Windies we got a win third ticket and we got went to get a win on actually the left to get ready for the first time we played and we just got another 1 right here on the fourth circuit so first import and we got another no match 3112 can we get 34 to close it out well we got another 31 okay ... 30 you know no no 29 11 28 and 13 okay interesting got 311231 we'll take it until we got one dollar with $100 one dollar and I'm just one dollar $3 when yes it's a $3 win I guess we'll take the $3 when that's fine alright I hope you enjoyed I usually try to play until we hit at least the winner and we've just got a winner I hope does work setting I think there's gonna be more suddenly so hope you excited states here and I'll see you guys tomorrow for another scratch video on the calf empire make sure to subscribe if you give this video a thumbs up and have a wonderful day but I //
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\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today I'm going to show you the brand new California lottery scratchers that just came out this week this is the California black premium serious I've played a California black before and it's all kind of a similar to get but now this is the new one and it's shining in all its awesome and we have the $2 to $5 to $10 in the $20 scratchers brand new we're gonna play one of each and we're gonna see who can hit winners on at least one of them please write at least one this is a really nice looking to get a look at that moon don't worry I will soon so everyone can good luck at these wonderful the $2 one California black premium went up to $20000 match any numbers to the 3 winning numbers when you get a 2 X. for double the price 5 X. for 5 times the price in a win symbol to win all 10 prizes all I love those winds symbols a win all prices are really fun when they're really fun yeah awesome awesome okay odds of winning any prize 1 in 4 Plano 9 cash prize 1 in 6.92 or care let's say if we can win anything good on this first California black Q. duller tickets alright I'm excited for this this is a great ticket I actually have some great luck with the California black long time ago the California when we got a winner on the first tickets that's what I'm talking about a year there we go first ticket we gotta win 3535 and I I don't know if they got a 5 acts as well what's first tickets first tickets Brent you scratch your ... 42 and 23 okay we got the 5 banks and ... number match ... no idea what this is gonna be listed number first $5 okay this could be a one dollar here 10 or wind up to 10 Bucks anyday who 20 are you serious did did did we just on the first ticket he gets this went pop what $5 $15 $20 win on a $2 to get this first California black to get that I am playing I didn't play any off camera I didn't play any for the camera weather channel is the first ticket I can't believe it okay I alright you know what let's let's play more let's keep going let's see how we can do on the other ones we got a plan I know that's likened at the $18 profit video right there but we're gonna play the other ones and if we lose all the other ones you know it's still perfectly fine because we got that pretty sweet when our this is the $5 black $5 I know a lot of people said they like to watch a 10 minute video so much I make this about 10 minutes we'll see opportunity down though Jack on this 1 what else do we have on this this is a 5 X. for 5 times and then there's a 10 extra 10 times and then there's a wind ensemble again odds on this 1 is 1 of the 476 cash prize 1 in 5.24 okay $5 1 if we win all of them this is gonna be my favorite stretch of all time I know I know it's just come it really is just luck that you know you win something like that but my god I when do you see $20 went on to college it's without policy that it's pretty ... rare to see a win like that I know it's not like the best whenever obviously right but it is a rare it is a rare win and it is good when I mean $20 on a $2 ticket who would not take that right there who would not take a $20 $18 profit on the ticket raise your hand I mean maybe maybe if your I. Zillionaire yeah sure I guess but even designers they care about money every every dollar counts right the riots they can get a win on this $5 ticket though mmhm doesn't look too good so far 31 now 1328 okay looks like we missed it on the final to go that's okay that's the 5 all when let's move on to the hand dollar ticket and we have a $20 one as well hole while it is $10 is $1000000 potential ticket booth got 6 winning numbers we've got 5 times for 20 chances to win it says right there 20 chances to win there's a 10 X. on this one and a 20 X. on this one and I was well and Steve Wynn all symbol on winning a prize wanted report for 2 cash prize 1 in 3.96 okay odds seem actually pretty decent man yeah it actually seems pretty good I don't know I I don't remember them being this and this is a $10 ticket though so yeah I I actually don't really have much luck like great look on $10 tickets but windows let's zoom in a little bit further here okay let's get low low in the shop alright 20 chances are you ready here we go now we are ... you know down 5 from that ticket and then first to cost $2 but we did win 20 so we're still you know we're still up even if we lose this one will still be up ... 3 Bucks right to have the disease of the yeah 3 Bucks will still be up there but even if we lose this one let's try not to lose this one try to win this one and then we also have the $20 one that's coming up right after this ticket right here in the same video gonna play one of each that's why I usually like to do a show you all the brand new tickets and I hope you enjoyed and if you do like these videos just let me know that way I know to do them you know you guys should tell me if you like a certain video either hit the thumbs up button or tell me that you like it in the comments it's better if you tell me the comments that we I see you know who like that who doesn't and ... that gives you an idea of what kind of idiots make because you got give me you know if I from what you want to see what scratches to see that I'll actually played a structures so it I do take your input very seriously okay no win no one on the $10 ... we're going to go with the clutch went on the 20 ought to get a month I missed a win on this don't worry I'll scan them all and hopefully I find it let's go $20 to get this is the first one I'm playing but why hope somebody didn't buy the prettiest again it was a winner and then they just stops and it's possible but you know 2 in a row there in row happens 20 don't take it again I'm sure that they get first $5000000 jackpot I think there's also 100 does not a prize on this one nice nice and has a 30 chances to win this 1 has a 10 X. 20 X. and 50 X. plus the when all symbol all of the winning a prize 1 of 2.9 cash prize 1 in 4.06 is there a to get your free ticket price yeah there is okay so we gotta win this 1 we are now only up $3 yeah but Hey that one win covers all these losses and that stuff was pretty okay let me do my tad bit here okay there we go rights let's go if anyone want anything good on this once already just send me a picture you can email it to me at calf empire at the G. or you can send it to me through Facebook through ... space for messenger onto our Facebook page or just you know you can even just posted on every page but I think it's better if you give it to me that I can you know posted on our Facebook page for everyone to say that I don't shop for everybody share your awesome winds send me your pictures it doesn't have to be just this ticket it can be any ticket but right now you know I'm playing this to get some just requesting this one specifically alright let's see can we get a win this first $20 California black ticket California black premium I should say that I'm playing 15 okay nothing yet so it's okay 11 still got some chances here I'm gonna say that probably lost but you know you never know the retailers that I go to they have to have people who like buy tickets and they'll buy multiple tickets the by play it and then if they lose or something to play more or even if they win they might play more so sometimes if you buy the first ticket in my and of being a loss I'd say it and the being a lot more so than when but that's not what it was that you know don't don't go by that it's not for the present you could win the next to get because not everyone plays it right away you know on the spot 45 all boys okay no wind not yet 9 come on can we clutch this went out can we do it still got a $20 when I will take that and I know I know we're going to be down after this ticket I know but at least it's something that covers a you know some of our some of our losses at least 21 to end it I don't see you when I don't see a multiplier don't you win all symbol I don't see a match but that's okay Hey we'll take them really nice $2 winner right after we got to focus on I know we lost on that one but I also bought a bunch more of the tickets and they're coming up next and so those will have a higher chance to win I mean just because Alan with a loss next on might have a higher chance no not really but if we look at this $20 went let's focus on the beauty of its nice that's very nice I I hope you enjoy thinking so much watching please give this video a thumbs up to give me more luck for the next video as well as give yourself look I will share my luck with the calf empire with all of you and I hope you guys win big best of luck on your plays best of luck on the lottery and scratchers and flock of whatever you do to make money best of luck thank you make sure to subscribe make sure to give me a high 5 and have a wonderful day Bubba //
"2017-08-26 16:00:00"
\\what's of everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy and welcome to another kept empire scratcher video today were gonna be playing the $5 California black premium school rapture brand new brand spankin new with the California lottery we're gonna play this let's go has anyone got a big win on this yet anybody and all anybody anybody I think some people got $500 winner's already we have not got the win yet we only played one and I hope is doing I hope there's something for us we got something nice on the $2 now we're waiting for something I hopefully the $10 and the $20 whoops I kind and a small price that's okay I mean you know everything when you should appreciate small when big win because everything when is money back it just means that you can either you know it's much more money you can put toward a new ticket which is ... you know potential for a jackpot we just got the wind all symbol we just got the wind all civil whole my god okay you can kind of see there's a dollar that's probably a dollar prize right there but still we just got the wind all symbol okay let's zoom in on this let's zoom in on that for your focus come on come on focus focus you can do it go back with go back let's go back back up back up through trooper okay let's just play it wow seconds again I'm gonna save California black something special ... I'd I don't is there a point to scratching these I don't know if you can actually get a maybe you can get a multiplier on top of that I don't know let's just scratch these just provided by these yeah okay again almost laughed wow which we got a little symbol honest on the second $5 ticket that is absolutely amazing and you know what's interesting this is actually one of those white lines it gets I totally just realized there's a lot of theories about these white wine to gets where if that in between the tickets if it's a if it's a white line it's supposed supposedly a winner or a higher chance to be a winner I know sometimes I've gotten ones where there were losses but in this case we just got a white this of the white line to get with the wind all symbol so I mean okay let's look I see a dollar I know these prices might be small but the fact that we got the win all symbol at all and it was a white line to get maybe there's something to it the white line mystery will call but the White Lion mystery our the white wine theory does anyone else know how it might work potentially life as anyone else all we got $2 there okay heh heh heh I think the $2 out of the all of the one dollar Tennessee of one dollar school we got another $2 what is this $20 to $20 yeah yeah we'll take 20 Bucks we just got up again when all wow alright second taking California black this is going to be an exciting ride because the next couple days I'm going to be playing the $10 and a $20 to get $2 ticket we got a nice win viability get we got a nice win now ... what we what's the win total when what is this 1234567891011121314151617181920 okay 20 Bucks will take 20 August 4 times return we'll take it wow awesome alright I hope you enjoy the I did not expect that to happen but white line win all maybe we're gonna we're going to test out some more alright make sure to subscribe to this video announces videos channel make sure to subscribe to Geffen buyer channel I have giveaways coming big giveaways and they only get bigger and bigger and if you're subscribed and you can get in on that action for free and make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you don't mind every single video you watch on the Kevin part just hit the thumb's up real quick it's easy to do and it really does help a lot so if you can't support us by sending you know tickets are you know supporting a monetarily or with comments or anything like that just a thumbs up if you don't say anything just at the bands up and I will love you forever our guys have a wonderful day I'll see you later bye bye I the //
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FIRST $20 CROSSWORD SCRATCHER WIN! Crossword Deluxe $20 California Lottery Scratcher
\\works of everybody how are you doing today my name is Jeff and we're going to play a crossword deluxe $20 California lottery scratcher to daisy yes we are and odds are 1 in 3.10 of winning any prize cash prize 1 in 5.29 jackpot prize to $0 this is the most expensive car the point here and I don't think there was ever a more and if anyone has a $30 ticket or $25 to get or 40 or $50 across in your state let me know that no actually let me know what is your most spends a ticket in your state or country I know some injuries and states have really small prizes but some of you guys have big ones like Texas let me say Texas you have like a $50 and I think there's $100 now underdog does anyone have 100 all to get just let me know incomes below what is your biggest to get in your state or country I'm curious I wanna hear from every single state across the U. S. as well as all countries around the world right tell me tell me tell me tell me okay let's play this to get past $100 by one I think we need to get 100 to win this hot one of 4 to be one of $4 no that's not have not worked okay so there's a multiplier this bonus words there's 33 ... 3 puzzles here and we need at least 3 words per box you get a ticket price at least at least 3 words that's how to win alright let's see what we got here yeah that's the wrong place to scratch and we've got letters we've got letters Houston we've got letters Barbara got L. G. U. G. outside of heat health women's P. L. U. G. S. X. V. N. D. E. BK Y. J. F. R. I. C. H. O. N. someone is doing some leaf blower action outside my window ... my god kind of probably ruining this video right now as we speak and if it is I apologize that he's walking away okay let's just play this let's go ... more rights let's do the bonds were pressing a senior we have senior as eve and I told our room we got a bonus work I don't want to get to damage and I only have one ticket and we just one S. E. N. I ... are we just friggin won the bonus were already ... alright let's go was virgin go we got of I'm not initially Fresno I'm sorry nope nope can do that okay let's go word by word and we're actually ran across the list if we have a I don't we have an 8 of 8 we have to be I owe you and oops sorry and ... yet we have not they are a look good across the words of the gays in everybody's across a method because it is a lot faster and which you know I know you guys want to see the price you're very excited anxious to see this someone I've go quickly okay don't worry we're gonna see it very soon very soon units you ice I know there's you you N. idea but we don't have the T. okay no T. let's go across the words with the teas and then that bad it's gone by the way at T. T. T. T. tall okay and okay villa V. I. L. L. O. no there's not a lot in the idea across that up I when W. each E. N. W. H. E. N. I see H. E. N. no W. no dubs are I know dubs farm Brilla no that's in a an umbrella U. K. okay follow no W. only ... en el why are we having O. N. L. Y. okay we have one more here we've got one word so far pilots there's no T. okay naughty job is not a one across those up lows no W. check maybe C. H. C. H. I. P. yes that's 2 words okay we're not going to get only 3 words that we don't we'll get 4 or either that or we just have to work because if we get 3 words that the ticket but we did win this a catch as we can with the ticket and like something else you would if you get a ticket you just get a ticket just how it is runways gone and I think that's what's worse spot no duty and we got 2 words okay 2 words we get the prize boxed here and I don't want to scratch it in case it's seen no it's a it's just a ticket or something and then we don't you know there's no point playing the rest of it it could be a jackpot could could be known in a check plus 10 words okay let's go down here I I don't know how they do this so bad I guess we'll find out chrome another no way to really but I don't think so C. H. are sorry can't see that the words I know are the letters up there C. H. R. O. we don't have it and get we don't have the M. alright that's that's crossed out okay pretend that's crossed out no M. okay we have no a no TV no W. right now to yeah now a now a uno a a notes E. no es or that's a lot of words a no T. T. they ... rough maybe we have rough R. O. U. G. H. I think so R. O. U. G. H. yet okay we got our first word and there's none of that there's no M. no T. dish maybe I best H. okay there's our second word agenda no nimble no and no M. and that's it for now okay moving on to the bottomless sea one X. alright last prize our last the last puzzle here let's get out but there's no more but his words is only keep one 's wits affect on broken that's a long one that we might actually have we have to use a gun V. R. O. K. E. N. of while we have it okay we've got one word drink we have that is this going to be a big win our eye and Kate that's 2 words are ready what's okay hold on hold on no there's there's a lot of no never mind that might be it no M. that way we just got the 2 words right there no tea no tea right not consecutive NOAA that might be I think we just got the 2 words that's like in the entire thing the first 2 words that we looked at our that when one once we got weight 0 E. R. O. busy no nosy okay no W. their nosy no and no and no and no and no T. okay yup I was right we only we got the 2 words we got though we get the word only 2 words we had we got them first first to work that's crazy it's kind of funny okay let's go up here we have a win seniority send your or senior let's see what we have what's the prize going to be it's not going to be a ticket but $25 we will take that $5 profit yes will take 25 Bucks absolutely alright I hope you guys enjoyed watching make sure to subscribe make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you like crosswords let me know the comments below and also don't forget tell me what is your biggest threat to get in your state or country right right things much how wonderful day bye bye I //
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The Multiplier Game $5 California Lottery Scratcher
\\words up everybody how are you doing today my name is Jeff and today we're gonna play dumb multiplier game might think this is the the second newest set of tickets that came out yeah this is pretty quietly too many and I don't know if I've won anything maybe one thing I don't know but it's a pretty cool game right tears I worked you can one of the 2000 you have each rover here to grow up enough and you scratch those numbers if you might to the winning numbers you win price and then you have a supplier the end if you get a some fire you multiply Albright 51 there yeah it's not cool yes today is I think it's cool are at let's it's $5 ticket and the odds are 5 cash prize one 2 is that like a subject $200000 okay let's play with got 4 rows can we get something nice and why am I scratching this first a look scratch appear first because there's no was symbols or anything so no simple hunting but that's okay I want to begin with an entire row if anyone's one an entire row even if it was small prize send me a picture of it Geffen higher after G. sends me that picture I would love to see it okay compact 43 let's see ported 40 my god so close we offered you 444 okay we've got more rows first rows of busts there without multiplier basically multiplies nothing you get ... for 5 numbers time 0 nothing nada zilch zip okay here yes there are no one yet all rights twined Yates almost 34 to 129 14 now at the 4131 day and the last row we have 36 16 who won T. one who that there's a $200000 prize right there or Mike gad if we got that 22 that was a 727 no and 12 okay let's look at the multiplier see what they look like low 20 times 3 times one times and 2 times interesting I have another ticket do we have a list of the multipliers in the I'm no we do not doesn't say okay but we know there's a 123 of the 20 this probably ... at 10 probably 20 shoe difficult part first without become interesting I don't know a stretch Onex okay there's a 10 and there's a 5 alright I don't think there's a 4 I think they went 1235 I could be wrong could be wrong or right see what we have here to work with 34271676 all rights one T. one 14 358 3232 who got away it is a one X. could be the jackpot prize we got another one no we didn't know we did not we did not get another it's 3031 I thought we had 31 okay through all my yes them I guess she okay don't worry everyone relax alright relax we have one win this could be big jackpot prize winner and say could be because it could be if the one act I you know you can't win a jackpot prize times 10 or something because you can't win anything bigger than 200000 tutor thousands of the oil price nothing that one single spot can be 200 KM then be multiplied by 20 times or something no no no no no it means total 200 that was like a 10 times more choir would think 20000 on the spot okay this is possible yeah we got the single women well 32 could be $200 dollars isn't going to be or is it going to be a ticket I I was going to win it really is to indicate out oh my god all its money I'm $6 $6 okay alright it will take 6 Bucks adds better than a ticket right arrived I hope you enjoyed it we got 6 Bucks back it's not 606 6 doctor $0060 to $1 profit on the ticket but of course we did lose the other tickets so we lost $4 and that's perfectly fine as long as you enjoy that's all that matters to me thank you so much watching make sure to subscribe to the channel just click that subscriber buttons are subscribe button it's very easy to do and it takes less the minute you have developed out already then you it's me just click it and sign in or puree funny just quick and that's it takes less than 2 seconds and I would much appreciate it if you joined us alright make should have a wonderful day everyone I'll see you later device the the //
"2017-08-23 16:00:00"
\\words of everybody how are you doing today in my name is Ken welcome to another cat empire scratcher video this time we're gonna play some $5 set for life tickets unless we hit the jackpot here on this first to get what can you do how do we play hard we win what we need we need that the woman is able to pretend I'm to win 10000 5 years and of course you can do number odds are one in the reporting wind cash prize one in 5.brief for but I we haven't had a shoe much look recently but I believe I am believing today I believe in you believe in let's do this backwards let's do the symbol hunting like I like to do okay for for one for insurance staying no it's not really interesting I'm just pretending interest and is making something out of nothing or at okay but it makes things interesting the numbers of self not so much okay gramma let's say what can we do can we get to see ... win here any sort anything at all okay no instead what I think we ought to win I think we have 13 do different doing knots I thought we saw 13 nope 121415 okay just getting false alarm 35353535 you know 41 no it's 44 and 14 mmhm Kay who won T. eighths 18 this is ... 1 of the newer set for life will this is the newest set for life series tickets and know when they're alright I wonder if anyone hit the jackpot yet I'm curious I'm gonna go look that up after this I'm I'm very curious good to keep ... notes on what kind of jackpots are available still you know all the Jack but they're gone you probably don't want to play the ticket you know unless you really enjoy the ticket and they're still other good prices left then absolutely go for it but if you're you know try to win the jackpot you wanna make sure there are jackpots to be one ... old you know what actually but an interesting thing is there's the second chance program at least in California where if you will you know once that once the ticket is pulled from the shelves and it's done the game is done you can buy them anymore and it's over they will actually give somebody who has a second chance entry I am a jackpot price you can still win the jackpot price by submitting to get losing ticket so if you do keep playing even though the jackpots you know for the regular game are over you could potentially still when the jackpot prize interesting right yeah I have a lot of entries and I have yet to win anything from second chance and I'm still waiting for that day okay no one on that are I I've got actually got one more ticket no let's see how we do not have not won anything and so I should probably check because maybe maybe I did win but didn't get any emails so term ... I don't know or maybe they've been trying to call me and I've just been ignoring the calls that could be it too possible okay well but as far as I know I haven't won but we've had fans win bid Jack or not jackpot but the ... second chance prizes I had 1 of our fans win 10000 I believe 10000 or 40000 I can't member something like that tens of thousands of dollars yeah Q. 110 over 10000 I put it up on our press page and that was pretty cool so I know for sure it's possible you know it's possible and a lot of people win every single day every every use every week I think people can win some kind of money some amount of money ... up to tens of thousands of dollars something like that yeah okay all my god this is the last number here last tickets team that's definitely not what we needed holy cow we won something we want something guys it was the first to get to I feel like a total video it's a deal a total idiots alright and I apologize we did when something 35 right there 35 right there I just miss things you know and thank you by the way to everyone who did comment as soon as they thought like you have you got over there and I wish whose lives you could tell me door there will be a live stream soon I promise we will have 1 I'll let you guys know ahead of time you can you know take the day off to come and join our live stream of structures I let's see what we got here sorry we got it when it's 86 get hate will take at least we got a win all around I thought we lost everything we got that when we got the win on the first to get I would have stopped here I would've won once again and stop and I would been a $5 money back on by dollar but now we know we lost the other 2 but anyway thank you so much everyone who did let me know the comments like you guys are right ... and that's it that's the ends are it makes to subscribe make sure to give this video a thumbs up and I'll see you later but //
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CLUTCH WIN SCRATCHING Find the 9s $1 California Lottery Scratcher
\\words are my friends how are you doing today my name is Jeff and I'm here to play some more scriptures for your entertainment and if you are entertained all you not entertained are if you are detained then please leave a comment below telling me I am entertains to say I am entertained that's it I am entertained and over to like this video and also some since put that NASA was super subscribe super subscribe yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly super subscribe to what the heck is wrong with you today okay let's play some tickets I'm assuming here so everybody can magical magical here this is a nice ticket is 9 in a line to get and getting a lot you play one dollar ticket so I am get 3 nines in same row column Dagnall when the prize in the private thoughts and cover 3 X. symbol in the to win triple your prize winner tonight 190 dollars and odds are 1 in a 4.89 cash prize 1 in 9.5 one in 9. wanted I'm point 59 for the serious 19. stop saying that we're going to play it says that 1 in 9.59 but you know what we're gonna beat those odds right here okay kisses 1 okay so far okay we got a chance here and we have 9 right here okay good women 9 right here don't know if you get double win double win okay I'd I I found out he wears ... because we get a double was yeah that doesn't I don't I don't think that happens our prize box are going to fuss with one next prize boxes $40 side you can just give us the $40 that's okay without more we've got more to play this is the red version blue version just didn't work for us now this is look and all too similar are familiar like what just happened to us in the ticket we just played what's what okay are what's you seem a good thing this this is like I mean this is the same positions of the ninth I thought it would be similar not exactly the same it's exactly the same out cable I mean these numbers are not the same obviously the president but the nines okay well interesting sometimes you know what some of the California water is very interesting if it pulls off some strange things it's not it doesn't behave like a lottery or like the cat I you know or like ... California water even I mean how do I know what it really be it's like I've only played thousands of tickets now ... there's just some times were some scenarios where things are just really weird and it's like how did they decide or how did their computer decide print he's like that's I yeah I don't know I'm sometimes it's good good right sometime this is weird I mean I'll take weird over over just plain losses that are boring bites ... yeah okay looks like no one here either alright these are consecutive tickets I think one in these these next 3 I'm about to play are because I just ripped it let's even to get in here coma I believe I believe for 3 okay 99 here 9 911 9 5 okay not quite the number we needed 9 okay way no there's no chance are never remiss I there's no not not nothing that okay we've got this ticket and we've got 3 more tickets that's like all my tickets all of my fine the 90 gets if we don't find out a day 9 here right here 19 okay we lost yeah we lost for the present yeah yeah okay we've got 3 more tickets you know what was going to be connected because maybe they just don't like being separated may which up to keep them together though given some better luck maybe how high does it right here right here yeah I thought might have to be 9 nope okay this loss even of all these are 9 yeah yeah okay well that's not a 9 but come on baby come I was I was sick my bed in my bed better let's go nines give us the nines plays 9 right here on my cat home I've got don't mind got ... come on 99 good ... now it's another one of these but again I guess we've got we've got one more tickets everyone brace yourselves this is going to be a rough one grace for impact okay I don't know why I'm scratching like this but not who potential okay okay it's not one of those weird double wins we've got this could be a winner this could be a win all I have never been happier to win a dollar ticket the last ticket this is literally my last ticket and I can even show you I don't I don't have any word on the machine check that out I don't know there's no more dollars because those are all my tickets and I need to buy some more about it ... I'm gonna buy the new tickets and I'm sure you get a sub but tape with up to date we have to win there let me see what price we got while we got it we got the win I'll take it listed both boxers got a one X. okay we got to take it all right to get hate ticket I will take that ... of muscle right to get out take it I'll take it we got the win clutch win at the end it's always exciting when that happens isn't it always somehow see what ice what I'm saying the lottery just never know what's gonna happen alright I hope you enjoyed thank you so much watching mission scribes makes you just tell me I am entertained in the comments section below and ... might do something special for those of you who do do it Arab him tense or I love you guys I'll see you later bye bye I //
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STILL LOOKING FOR $100,000!!! 100x The Money $20 California Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy and we are here for a video sorry this video is late I by the way it's the solar eclipse day have you seen the solar eclipse ... I actually have not because I have gone outside but I've been watching it all over the internet and it's been absolutely insane it's been pretty cool I mean it's been pretty hyped up and if you saw it I hope you enjoyed it I hope it was just very cool to see very often I hear the next 1 is in what 2024 something like that yet insane and if you saw it or if you have any pictures are cool pictures talk then please send them to us at kept empire issue send it to me at cath empire added are in any way let's get started with some scratchers but when you scratch it and I will be playing them this way it's the California black series it's back and ... yeah well enough about that stuff let's play this ticket is the 0 times the money $20 California lottery scratcher really good to get still $5000000 jackpots lap and I'm pretty sure they gonna discontinue this very soon but I hope not before they give away those jackpot prizes are at least you can get something are a fan Sheila had a dream that we $100000 on a yellow ticket and we're still going parts of this is the dream continued we have not won it yet so it's still alive aren't we needed a 250 there didn't get it down here we can get a 10 X. 20 X. 50 X. were 100 X. and we can also just match the number okay let's play how's everyone been doing I miss everybody I miss you guys because you know ever since I stopped doing the live streams you know consistently I've just you know I've missed talking to you guys and you know it's very different talking to you and just reading your comments it's very different but I do enjoy hearing from you guys so you know Pete please keep leaving comments and just being your awesome selves and you know I'll try to respond as much as I can but for sure I if I don't respond I at least try to read them so leave your comments down below anything you want just tell me about how you're doing tell me about the videos like today tell me about the eclipse what did you think ... did anyone I hope nobody looked at the sun you know ... without any protective ... protective solar eclipse glasses that would have been a bad idea 2697 okay no wind yes ... that okay anyway let's talk about the new tickets while I'm playing this the new tickets there is warn you tickets are there are for you to gets there's the $2 California block $5 California black $10 California black and the $20 California black tickets and why I am gonna plan this week like us that and I would like to do a book I haven't done it I've put it off because I just had so much to do so many other things going on that I've been trying to you know get set up and get together ... so I'm gonna try to do a book because the book does take up a lot of time so that's why I put out a whole but I'm going to start it again California black I've played the previous versions and it's an awesome to get a you know it's very similar to this ... but I don't know I just I just like the California black look thing looks pretty snazzy so we're gonna play that that's a $20 book up probably do a group buy on thinking about its and she's trying to see if I can find time and if I have time I will definitely do it okay looks like no win and it's very possible I completely missed it if I did just let me know down below in the comments and I apologize if I did and we're gonna play another one actually because you know I don't I don't just lose and stop I do have to chew more so you know when this one of the next one how may have to just ... just take the loss and I'll go and buy new ones of it you know what let's play this backwards let's do the the ... which publicist symbol hunting nothing symbol hunting we directed before but let's see if we can get some symbols here come on 20 X. te or there's also 10 X. right 10 X. 50 X. 100 X. come on come on let's go has anyone won anything big recently let me know if you want something big I've been getting some Facebook messages from people and some emails from people of your big wins if you have any big wins recently or you know ever if you're new to this channel you if you want something big before you a picture of it send it on over you can messages to me on offense with Facebook page slash kept empire or you can email it to me at caffe empire at G. and I'd be happy to share it with everyone else and ... would also see anything else on a toy guys will know symbols yet but that doesn't mean we lost ... I'm gonna do live stream soon yep we've got some fan mail I would like to do live streams to play those and if we do they leave the group by I like to play that on the live stream as well I think it's a lot more fun playing with everyone so that's the plan right now I don't know when I'm gonna do the lifestream but I'm aiming for I mean for next week let's say next week okay let's see if we got any wins here come on 45 let's get the least one win even if it's money back you know something's just somethin just show us some good faith California lottery that you have some prizes for us okay no 34 come on California Lotto I know you want to give us that when a we also have ... of the California not California but Powerball across the U. S. Powerball is that what 650000000 or something whoa that's why I'm going to buy tickets and I don't know if I'm gonna do a group buy tobacco that's on Wednesday so if I mean if I do it then they would be tomorrow and I have to get the money from everybody and I think it's too short it now if nobody wins this one then maybe I'll do a parts all we can do a Powerball fool maybe with everyone in the channel we've done those fools before they're a lot of fun and it course much higher chance to win with playing with a bunch of people then just by yourself course you win less money but I mean my 1020 $0 less money is insane I think that's that's fine enough less money if left the money is $20000000 you know I mean even if it's $1000000 aus awful ticket absolutely will take it okay do we get any wins here of command last number here 1622 I didn't deter deter deter turaco my ... would not okay I have one more ticket so those 2 tickets I bought together proportionally did not when I did buy this one to get ahead $20 left and I bought it ... and there's a there's a line here because I fold it and put it to my pocket because I hope I yeah I was once walking somewhere and I decide to just buy it and I didn't have anything diffidence of it ... alright let's go let's see if this is their tickets this could be the $0 winner ladies and gents are you ready for this here we go gonna play this 1 normally 222 I like I like that okay to 22 the 75419 sometimes when I see certain numbers I just I'm just feeling that you know you just feel like it's going to be the 1 come up 222 maybe then okay no 55 come on baby please show us their win just one witness soon little or no 56 there team 37 5 for the theory 137 15 6 46 3 for 42 17 now now 17 38 44 28 one 39 there are now 2636 49 only we have any forties 40 1:00 hours is not look and Garrett 53 not looking good at all 52 we have a few chances of those 23 it's not 22 come on 3 numbers left 18 no it's an 8 and 19 we have 2 numbers last year we go down to the last 2 numbers 35 and we are so close to the we No Way the whole way fortunately I know limited limited like like a like a football player like ... you know what it would cause it to announcers perhaps no it that's okay it's alright that just means this dream is still alive and you know it just happens sometimes it just happens you know you know you know what I mean got 3 tickets unfortunately no winners and we're going to ... von I've got more videos come in this week every day I'm sorry late today but at least the video is here hopefully hopefully while I'm doing this I have time to edit this and put it up I think are going up I thought you guys later thank you so much for watching really appreciate a mission to subscribe make sure to like this video and leave me a comment anything at all to say hello what's up keep me updated but their lives I love you guys thank you for the support I'll see you later bye bye it's //
"2017-08-20 16:00:11"
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name's yet today we are playing the final tickets up Italy 20 euro to get it to 0 X. beloved and that tickets and won the mobile Maxine nearly are Daria to gets thank you so much your for all these tickets I had a blast I hope everyone else enjoyed them over the last bunch of days of playing that Slovenian tickets and if let's see how we do on the final to Syria and that 23 to get it's time to say like 3 I mixed together but 3 tickets here we go okay we can get a tax we get 20 X. 50 expand 100 numbers very nice lots do you this here we no the winners we got a 75 year window on the last video of you telling scratches on a 10 year old to get that's a nice way you're wondering one euro is like a little more than one dollar so like 75 year is probably about 80 US dollars or so yeah tried by a US dollars is that right yeah yeah a US dollars yeah that's our okay so 13 and these are the 20 your tickets hopefully we can win something even bigger on the or share a 5 yet 42 maybe a multiplier maybe 100000 euro win that would be crazy this is the ticket that one of our band Sheila dropped out of me hitting 100000 when maybe it's on this ticket maybe it's on these tickets it's not really yellow the open there is a yellow ticket never mind I see yellow ticket take 15 56 40 39 32 before 53 52 20 a it's 49 44 41 ... one more 27 Nov 17 okay no win on that one that's okay because we have another one and then we have another one see what you can do here one more 0 extinct it these are the final Italian tickets ... I'm so sad there's no more there been so many of them playing so many they've been a blast thank you jerk thank you very much 1347143284 26 28 states well 21 35 52 groups that 55 with no fifties 22 E. 11 16 one team not one chief for 36 49 42 still nothing yet 30 I think 23 of us I miss something 1939 and OO 45 37 more 54 40 and 51 okay still no win unfortunately we have one more tickets there we go this is the coolest one there is 100000 euro price could this be the one could this be the one pigeon dreams that Sheila had it's on a fan ticket that would be amazing students Maxine noble maxi nearly if god did it 20 to get yeah this is a great looking about love in this okay maxi bonus ... what way number maybe we gets more also multiplies twice possible okay ... will just keep those in mind not sure okay good they believe the multiplier there las one okay 431744 yeah 31 we'll find out if something matches then we know we have a winner well 38's 24 may 23 51 41 50 26 45 15 53 46 49 48 our North America 48 one team to 34 47 36 19 last 5 numbers 29 16 54 40 alright come on last one it's a 50 to yeah looks like no way no one on the 20 year tickets there are you get you get anything maybe I missed the 4344 4344 17 it's not there alright well we tried we had fun we did pull out the 75 euro least this is what 60 euro in cost so I think we ended up pretty actually pretty close to break even with all of the Italian to ... I think it's pretty close ... better than a much better than half for sure so anyway now is a lot of fun day he so much juror for these tickets had a blast with anyone on select some tickets you can look in the description down below for the address to consent and to and also make sure to pre redeem them beforehand that way I can play them and I don't want to send them back or anything but if you do send them and you know that's on scratch that's okay I will you know I'll play and I'll send it back to you you're welcome to do whatever you like with those tickets because they are still your tickets I just want to play them and I appreciate you guys give me the I. play all these wonderful to get around the world so thank you very much thank you for the port nation subscribe mission like this video and have a wonderful day but I you I I //
"2017-08-19 16:00:02"
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name's Geffen today were to play some 10 year old tickets from Italy thank you so much juror for these tickets really appreciate it is look awesome we have 2 of them to 10 your tickets and hopefully we can get something nice for your did you lose the 5 your own ouch gets a look like if we find a horseshoe we get 200 year I played and if we get that he gets Lucy 10 radio host 10 times president I don't know maybe you know so let me know comes from love hopefully we might someday rematch something that's got I'll be very has that scratchers and you you won a match numbers tell you when protect match numbers if they want you in my next match numbers that is how you win lots of money okay that's terrible advice alright therefore let's just try to get them in here let's concentrate on this ticket focus all of our energy are positive energy into this and hopefully Paul some better off out of our rabbits hat rabbits have pull a rabbit out of the magic paths that is the structure 13 45 31 it's not there that's okay we've got another here we go move C. bonus multi your opponents because yeah bonus lights Russia I do okay wait just those times to all lo these are numbers ... nice I like that okay 36 25 let's press scratch those last again if I scratch it and I can't see them on the plane alright go 45 love and he team earning one 26 19 46 one of the 1956 okay no matches yet 24 with the match this did these are down here right probably 5 times voters 19 all we got its we got we got 5 X. we got 5 X. okay 10 X. 42 no we got a 5 X. let's ... let's play the bottom part first well we got we got something yes there you go that down here 30 X. and 50 X. whole walk them only okay there's turn the symbols or in the flipper symbols are none yeah brown gold dropped maybe bank diamond and the island okay 30 times money the times pot of gold okay who got one win here what is it going to be closed 15 times to the 30 wait wait wait wait wait the times 5 60 we just get 60 house 5 knows nothing speak your map right Senate by 75 what's if you have the other 5 miles apart I I don't know the 2 that's a 5 X. why ... warrants words 35 right if I've done by survives on about 2 is 30 times to 60 years €1775 we did a lyrics we got its we got the win we got the win we're looking for biggest went out into the structure Italian sculptor that made up for a all over the 5 no scratches plus this 10 euro 5 euro and tenure of structure wow nice win on a 10 year to Kim got 23 us any 5 ladies and gents you got some 5 we'll take it we'll take it alright away that's it the 2 tickets and then we have 20 your tickets coming up next from Italy I hope you guys enjoy the video thing so much watching really appreciate it and it should subscribe make sure to like this video and have a wonderful day Bubba //
"2017-08-18 16:00:00"
\\was not everyone how are you doing today my name is Jeff and we are now playing the final seventh and final 5 euro scratcher from Italy we have 10 your tickets and 20 your tickets thanks to juror thank you so much juror and but this is the final 5 year 1 and we'd lost 65 your tickets and 20 X. me for now the stick pretty much everywhere and hopefully the the one that's gonna payoff at the is that would be great we to it's 5 your losses but we did only play one of the so you know that's just kind of that's that's just the odds the odds of the tickets that's what happens now we can hope for a final win here all 41 so close time is not close but you know same numbers in doesn't mean okay 35 go on 17 place 28 just one win even just money back oh there's also to explain exactly what my one just a barn there are ... no way alright well if no win on the 5 year tickets but I guess I get in the in the bright side I keep all of them for my collection so I try to win juror something big on the tenure of 20 I'll try to do that okay thank you so much for watching everyone I really appreciate your support thank you for subscribing baking forgiveness video comes out and how but //
"2017-08-17 16:00:07"
6TH FIVE EURO SCRATCHER FROM ITALY! Turista Per Sempre Scratch Ticket
\\wants everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathleen we're playing the sixth 5 euro scratcher from Italy thank you so much juror presenting us all these tickets really really thank you thank you we have the sixth 1 we have actually not 11 of these yet by I believe let's see how we do go to restart their December a okay see ... probably numbers appear probably the team 127 you live in 18 okay ... massive numbers 30 22 can we get a win surprisingly having gotten 5 your tickets while that's another one of these things service to December I was just the spot that there's no number 1336 23 and fourty wine okay nothing there let's go down here or do we have a cocktail and maybe match talk to okay over here we have Tom O. we know those of the symbols and then if the magic here that sounds right sounds right umbrella ... man's another lots that's okay we have one more one more hopefully that's the one right belief that these tickets have been awesome thank you so much juror for sending us these tickets I hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe to the campfire family and the general and make sure to give this video a thumbs up and having but the //
"2017-08-16 16:00:07"
5TH FIVE EURO SCRATCHER FROM ITALY! Tutto Per Tutto Scratch Ticket
\\what's a good way harden today when it's gotten today were to play pay 5 euro to deliver to tow scratcher from Italy think is a much needed to ... juror forcing insisting ... so okay and ... some I'm recording this during my life stream so that we can see the panel Robert has decided to drop another $50 into the KF empire well the same ticket some of the ticket 5 year of 5 your ticket Robert thank you very much thank you very much $50 I Kenny I don't even know what to do I don't know what to do that front players to get everyone watching okay okay us mitigate Roberts Roberts to generate so you guys are too generous I will do my best to continue entertaining second be rough worthy of these same donations thank you so much thank you Robert yes they think everyone everyone thank you for everything for everything everyone watching this year thank you for watching this video you guys are made thank you I guess they figure thank you thank US gives a thank you to the end of it thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you ... multiplier thinking thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you thank thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you very much thank you Dr thank you thank you 50 times ... hundreds ours they give thank you okay thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you //
"2017-08-14 16:00:00"
3RD FIVE EURO SCRATCHER FROM ITALY! Nuovo Miliardario Scratch Ticket
\\what's up everybody are you doing today but it's gotten today on a play the third 5 euro ticket from Italy thank you so much juror Fresenius these tickets normal milliards audio alright let's go if we get the little gold symbol there ... we get something 10 okay star get behind see that I I don't know what that is but it's gonna be a winner either way all we need to know is if or not that's it anyone want to tell me what it's about tell me in the council the comments yeah that's right about sports so that everybody can see I appreciate how's everybody doing however is doing well this got me really fast video I just realized as I started 3313 20 44 please there you go alright we're still looking for a winner in the 5 year of tickets from Italy I think that's it Lulu up lately yep that's it alright well I hope you enjoyed the quick video and he did Michigan's vehicles up and describing joined together by family and have a wonderful day the US I I it //
"2017-08-12 16:00:06"
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name's Katherine I'm playing a 5 year to get today 5 euro Italian school rapture we've got a lot of times badges and a decided to split them all up and clean up simply because I deserve I think they deserve their own it video so when I do that he by the way for 2 juror person you get these beautiful tickets thank you think yeah okay jumping into it don't know how to play just gonna plan this looks great I don't want to just because we need to play this and the government money ever win money into play more tickets and then fly more to give them a more money and more money thing or tickets all the like look area or look at it okay complain this totally moronic I figured out how to play that's we just gonna go for sometimes in the got a taxi cab is no taxes scooter there's no script okay thought about about ... that's more like a yacht there's no yacht at Becky no no I key okay ... what okay we got we got back should Tara shit sorry with god's got one one Evey Athani via it's like a gondola or like a ski lift Ronald come up something okay we got Eiffel Tower no way that we don't have it though okay car Taos I hope we have a nice nice nice nice describe your material down here is different than the one up here okay next one got like a train no we don't have it of come on cocktail no cocktail sure if you're on vacation that have a cocktail binoculars yes we have it okay potential here for when someone want to get one win okay diving or some losses are yeah sunglasses there's diving what's next to it okay up there is again another potential we need a votes every other boats starfish no that won't work a Mike I'm on work okay media is that like a wallet the thing while it all oh no got cards it looks exactly the same look like it totally look like it alright well looks like a no win if I missed something or played this come quickly of certainly please let me know and I will check it out I'll scratch surprises with you if there's 10000 and $10 $30 ands 5 505 0 it is a €500000 nice alright well thank you for watching though guy got hooked observe birds or something pick you for watching make sure to subscribe if you like this video and I see guys tomorrow for another 5 year old Italian structure but I //
"2017-08-10 16:00:07"
WOOHOO 5 EURO TICKETS FROM SLOVENIA! Slovenia Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everyone how are you doing today mining skipped today I'm gonna play some 5 euro pull tabs from Slovenia I thought there were scratches and I realize they are pull tabs and I guess you know some lottery tickets wooden column cool thank you so much juror by the way for sending all these tickets and this is final of the Slovenia scratchers structure slash pull tab really excited 6 really cool and it is a pull tab so straight right we'll see let's do it let's go ahead and pull tab this up and see what we got a whole new right full time it nicely ... done don't rip on me please okay a ready made 3 to one well above Wall wait wait all these are structures this is amazing holy water this is a this is an amazing figure Mrs those factors not a pull tab wow alright let's do this instances but these are all scratches right here scratcher scratches scratcher this is a really really nice 5 Europe will tap apap I'm your specialty poem full time now okay here we go yeah there is and what we have to do with who knows one euro or maybe we just when everything I think with the match probably match okay to Europe's ... right mathematics one year to year yeah what sport what's throughout both what's forced to run post try nights coming out so hard to say primus this is like a super ticket there it is kind of like a spitting or one of the super booklets here was gonna keep playing here this is a sweet sweet ticket while okay €0 €12 €20 maybe a match the re on this one €10 €10 50 year ... okay nothing there anything here no nothing there okay that was probably not to win the first one is probably unmatched 2 and then it's probably unmatched 3 yeah okay moving on we have 2 of these to play this is really nice while really nice to get Slovenia's got a lot of cool variety and really really nice looking tickets Lavin hits 2000 year is definitely one of my favorites of all time really unique within tickets okay another 30 come on let's get another 30 maybe one okay there's one let's just get one at least we got one I think okay so we're going to win at least 5 years because I got one there yeah yeah yeah we go okay no one one year so far probably not 100 percent sure let's just pretend okay thing these are all the same type of game got a match match 3 2000 there's 100 there's a 100 okay 100 or 500 and the 10000 to ended okay nothing there the next one got 500 I took pet store pet store 10 5500 another 500 18 10000 villages when one euro is that possible no and 10000 okay well com did we win one Yuri that continue here lost one I think it's Austin and who knows what this ticket one euro one euro I think this is going to be ... when your room and on our campus €50 another one year to Europe's 500 years okay can only be one here and we got one okay this soon but this is a buy your ticket can you in less or do we win more and I just don't know right now okay what would we get owners others simply discussed there doing with the link how did we win to your own one your that makes sense I think that makes sense we got we these are just instant winners so got 27 and 5 I'm pretty sure a Persian Gulf ideas will take it we'll take his the fire to get in the mix but somewhere that you went to your house we'll check the next again if this is nothing up here then we'll know for sure so I think we won 5 years they will take money back on that okay we got one more to go it's open it up I like that you have to actually open it up and it's like sealed okay there you go yeah ... I think if this is a one year and this is a 2 year you win it I yeah see that was a 0 okay so we did win 5 on the previous one ties and this is 0 okay SO 00 so just instead winners why we got hints that women don't know how common that is but in California to get some just US tickets in general you don't really mean instant wins all that often there not counting like matching numbers it's not really it is that it's just like you scratching your whatever you get you end although so close okay 30355550 get their lips sorry knocked into the camera next one we got at least money back on one of the fine with that here we got 1501006 1501000 nice matched it up right there okay next one this one might be a loss we can at least keep one for a collection I would rather win them and send the money back but I mean if we lose at least we get something out of it even if even if we lose I see Mr get that it's our collection and still something so it's not the worst thing and a fifth the call so close okay 2 more chances here to win something 18 star or not that's 2000 102 0 3030 30 2000 200 full of clothes okay last words last 11030 1000 20 3030 or 1000 either 1 school I think jurors down Friday one ... 200 okay no wait on this one that's okay this one will go to my collection but we did pull off 5 money back on this and do you know that's not that's not too bad at all so I hope you enjoy this video thank you so much for watching missions scribe to the camp empire channel would love to have you as part of the given by family and make sure to like this video and have a wonderful day I'll see you later the //
"2017-08-09 16:00:16"
GREAT WINS!!! 3 WINS OUT OF 4 SCRATCHERS! Slovenia Lottery Scratchers
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kevin today I'm in a place more Slovenian scratches //
"2017-08-08 16:00:06"
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today when it's gotten today replacing more slovinia scratcher sent to us from juror thank you so much juror my Manzoor thank you slovinia to your road tickets I got 4 of them they look amazing and I'm very excited to play again don't know what we're doing okay Sarah looks like let me double check that's on all the tickets it said it directly Trenton which is like like whistling Easter in this case Jack Collins okay ... yet this does look like we need to some he said it looked like me to this is exactly like parks like you know that loony tunes right like 0 lyanne or yeah yeah it was mostly think ... wouldn't scratch over here alright let's do this 13 693 okay which have to match numbers I think that's that sounds right by 19 well come on come on give us more than we 71710 if you get iwin that it I think that's it I think that's it's and looks like no 13 no 6 and no 3 know when what's done here ... barcode cartoon barcode okay no one on the first ticket I'm pretty sure next to get a holistic it looks awesome to get across but it is hard to get but it I I don't want to scratch it spread I have to I must alright what we need to do ... there's all parts of this is going to be difficult and okay assist 21 in Roman numerals there's a heart there's a diamonds there's ... what is that like a joker another diamonds another hearts what I have no idea why this is a lot more confusing than I thought it would be to Europe's I thought it would be a simple card game I have no idea what just happened to be when we went in we need to find the joker and the joker do anything for us did we win we might have maybe I don't know let's just say we did we what we got to Europe pretending one let's just pretend we want everything I think that's a good idea now make things really positive now making a lot more fun where you went every to get you never lose well I guess part of appreciating the tickets on the wins this losses okay so that 21 we saw the last to get ... was up there so it was this just another another card guest okay ... is it a threat the match match 3 probably but I think we've with the joker it's in okay this one is €20 we got a diamond diamond spades fade 22 we match too we want we got 20 years pretend we want 20 hours okay I think we lost early but we want we won that one we won every single ticket today we're doing so well this is like on another level how are we winning some are we doing this must be like the luckiest channel of all time winning every ticket I feel like we're gonna win this one too can we won 4 in a row 151118 4 in a row 8 that's the price of one 7 amts parents 5 17 at 11 everyone like her room one Hogan pretending one again but we won we gonna win we matched that's it right 11 we matched 11 go to your house heck yeah we got it we got it yeah we got the win in we got a win in I think I'm pretty sure we got a win this one simple right we got 11 we got 11 that's €2 I've got another €2 that's a lot of wins today holy cow we just one everything will take it we want everything to get yeah we won on that one for sure how definitely this is the one where you have to match no numbers anyway definitely 1 that 1 okay this 13 at the match 3 symbols for sure I mean joker counts is what everyone right so that's technically you know we match diamonds and speak so that's another arcs are hearts parts yeah that's another win under present we won ... another one and we just had to match 21 with something that one is in 21 C. execs I was and I we got €20 there that's the biggest win today €20 and then we got to your here by matching 11 for this all you have to match we got it we got 2 years that we did pretty well Jeremy did really well hope you guys enjoyed you guys enjoyed this awesome winning all tickets scattered via Michigan this video a thumbs up make sure to subscribe and I'm one of the but I the I //
"2017-08-07 16:00:07"
\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name's Kevin today we are going to be playing a bunch of one dollar sign up one dollar one hero scratchers from Slovenia Slovenia yes we've got 11 of these structures 11 all different kinds as you can see thumbnail hold me cal look if look at that look at how many scratches we ever gonna play all these and I'm trying to I I decided to just jump into it and offer how play until I actually decide to fill it so we're just gonna play some of these are ... what you call it the punch punch cards I meant something to me what what what the word was ... what's called someone to tell me tell me in chat what is called the ones like this we just punch it out punch some punch card but the same time right but I'm gonna wait for somebody tell me ... up beside gotten there and stuff like that still don't know what I need to do something about to something and then get €10000 that's that's all I can now so I can see what's going on scratch it all matches so bad sessions ... you know what I need to use the structure tool that he said this is from George by the way your juror no fat shoe juror thank you very much for these tickets I appreciate it okay never mind I can use this this is too pretty and it's also kind of smearing the structure that you know but it's beautiful and one of kind of but this year for good luck after that I can do that right good luck good luck charm 3 good luck pull tab my god pull tab thank you very much guys thank you pull tab novelist vote so there are few people times here is very distinct okay we're surcharges and you know I think as as pro professional scratchers you know that we all are we're gonna understand exactly if we won or not just by looking at it even if we don't know what is going on yeah I I wanna scratch is nicely of god I'm kind of damaging it sometimes special just kind of hard to use ... I don't know what that is I don't want to damage these are so pretty I just want to keep them but I got a scratch them I have to see if there could be big winners that I need to send your wait that is doing do you get no hold on no not not not not my idea we have to get 2 of that symbol of no that's bar code I think okay I think that's 6 did we win probably the question you're asking right now calf to just when I have no idea and your prayer asking the wrong person because I have no idea I have no idea it says 2 of something right there's a symbol there that either tells me I need to find 2 of those to win that or if I find one which is basically to that I went to me when but that's on the side and let Chad told me if I wanted you tell me in the comments did I win or not did I win and you have to answer the question for everything to get all right here go pull tabs from Slovenia number one let's do this ... hideaway so I just pulled that I hope I'm not showing this if you can redeem this on the side you got it right yeah oh okay and then we all hope all I see kept his turn really sucks yeah and then the bottom right sorry it's kind of like the it's the it's the lighting it's going greasy right okay here we go and 3 to one we got to go to Europe even when is that is that when I mean we want the bar code hi barcode on of matters we went to Europe okay you tell me tell me did we win or not this is so cool playing and having no idea we wanna by the way on the other end of this video I'm going to sign these little pieces of junk I'm gonna sign them with my autograph and I'm gonna send them up to 3 random people in the car hello I'm gonna sign these these little pieces of scraps of paper and I'm gonna actually put a stamp on this and send it to you so pick its loss I apologize probably will get lost and until we kidding I'm not gonna do any of that but I will be skipping out scratcher sign scratchers to people in my life and right now that's what I will do I mean I could sign those people have asked for strange things before like when I had my mustache people ask me to shave it off and I put in a bag you sign the back and give to someone and ... it's strange that was I was I was agreed to that yeah yeah but we have no regrets I've seen lots about me because Slattery because there's a fish and it literally tells me nothing on here and ... it's it's a fish staring at the sea horse with and super some reason apparently climbs on ice is there is this true crimes of eyes like that yeah and only the sea shell has no eyes they decide to give the climb eyes begin to Stephen the starfish as eyes and they didn't give the poor shell eyes I mean it's kinda messed up the menu I'm not living here you got you got to get on yet again on this or I get to do this right the poor because what you have like some hate against shelves or something go ahead on the shelves tell him okay they're given the numbers let's match the numbers that's like the easy way to do it right 10 we got 29 okay anything else that it awake there's another number well we're just discovering things all over the place and I think we had the match the number probably or can we added up it almost as a 20 night actually as a 39 939 alright whether we have the added up a match I don't think it's it's not that no wait a minute you know when that one is probably most likely very possibly know not only alright more injuries suffered this looks cool I don't wanna scratches but alright scratching the box that yeah ... this is nice I could actually scratch this nicely and hopefully ... keep it in my collection okay got 120 probably a matching game 5 others attacks I think that says no that's like I know you did not win I don't think this is a winner of 125 125 what happened just now I I can't tell you what happened because I don't know what's in the back I think we should look at the back kinds itself kind of tells us right okay on the back of this ... it says we did not that's what it said wanna know what it said it said we did not win okay wait hold on this or anything the other half nothing really happened like don't touch my treasure box don't touch my box he took a box you get go get our little novella cute the penguins school what cute penguins okay I think everyone I don't know even if we win something I don't I don't know that's that's the theme of today's video is I don't know what I'm doing I just do things on on camera and I hope that something happens okay when money I hope sometimes I just don't know this scratches really nicely I like this this is my favorite ticket by far we got to 6 that enough Berlin give me when I don't know that tell you somebody in the comments of this video Cleese tell me in order which ticket did I win on which to get that I was a for everyone to see and I will pin that comment for everyone to see okay parents are here 2 times in terms 3 times got 2 times 2 times 2 times what you have 6 with the match to do them match 3 nothing in much 3 March 3 my master got much too again did I win I don't know I don't know I don't know what's going to blank it's going to be playing any place that is not just about ways about appreciating the ticket look up the ticket and just have fun in general has always having fun whether you win or lose or even know if you want to use I mean it kind of ours the okay don't don't just ignore me completely it does matter it does matter because if you win 1000000 Bucks because of me just like Karen threw it away as you know bad idea you know I'm about to if you realize it through 1000000 Bucks that is a bad time okay over here we have no matches whatsoever not yet I think they're still 2 more yeah there's still 2 more down here okay 1000 I think we need about 3 unless which is 1000 years and a 10000 okay this one I think I can say with ... and 97 percent certainty that we did not win and we need to match the because we match the 2000 we match the 210 0 and I don't think we want $11000 so no one on that no one on circus and it's good that I think it is easy because we have not got to okay this circuits tickets are amazing I feel so bad scratching these like how can I do this to how can I do this why am I do well yeah just stared the tickets they're gonna play themselves alright we've got you hundreds I think we get a third one it's safe to say that we won ... but again I don't know I don't know to potentially to euros 15 okay former jets I believe the almighty god we matched 100 a 0 to 2 and 5050 really that it yeah that's it we were so close I was almost as I'm sure we're going to win yeah yes but I agree yeah someone in chat said ... it's really funny scratching with our goals under percent I think this is the way the new way to play tickets it's just scratching it and not even like wondering how the plate just structure described scratch yeah our best guidance that school lizard check treasure chest with no cap angry cat guarding it it's good right that means we might win this 1 now I think we may have 11 of these so far maybe 1 or 2 but again I don't know I I I just don't know okay let's see if we can win something here too and this is how hard scratches chose just as hard to open very hard to her I don't want to damage the ticket though because I do want to add to my collection if we don't win and get 10000 I think the 6 numbers here we need to match re possibly okay 505050 0 doesn't begin with 1000 or 50 and either way I don't know whenever we get I don't know okay got a one pretty sure that's a lot British pretty sure that was lost but we have another one yeah let's go do this doesn't you know when you're up there where the numbers when number right there yeah we got 1000 this artist back some the scratch the spot where the numbers are they've got 10 got 10000 track $1010 10 euro potential that would be a good price 1000 okay 1000 or 10 euro that's it nothing else is possible 10 all my guy you 10000 I mean we don't get 10000 we got the number 10000 but we didn't actually win anything I think we lost and get all rights next one this silly Cokie I don't know those dice on there they're very happy they look very possibly she doesn't have a ring on her finger though so I'm gonna say they're probably been dating about 12 years no end in sight ... he's like happy because he's not like tied down you know what she's like pretend happy you can tell she's pretty sad like underneath that small she's pretty sad like a sheet she wants a ring and he just won't commit so we're gonna erases eyes right here for the for the girl alright 50 fifth getting in mastery 2535 that's that's it okay to get to Texas I'm sorry I'm sorry she wants them ring on it on a finger but that was this is different what this is not the same game that's why they're not getting married or not in the same species what is this but I think with the match what would probably mention probably matches are no wind alright here's another couple this couples actually been dating for about 15 years ... and she is about to kill kill him for not voting again she has no ring on it very angry you can tell that is not a happy face you know looks a very seedy yeah better hair is right doesn't mean I just saying her hair is red okay erasing his eyeballs 10 so he doesn't see the danger right in front of us okay wife coming after him for not putting a ring on it this is a lesson listen to those men out there you've been dating for 910 years we will have a job you both on a school you might even have kids it's probably about time to put the ring on it this is how you do it alright this later you get you find the best friend of of your wife or your potential future right and you ask you ask them you get some information from do some you know summer espionage which some future potential wife the espionage direct us the secret message you guys how do okay alright know when they're because the clock couple is not happy alright last ticket we are finally at the last one drop and this is only the last one of the one euro Slovenian tickets ... we have a bunch of other things that are bigger in value and then we have a lot of it to get so big you sure thank you very much this guy ... it's kinda strange this is kind of an odd situation because they are clearly in how ... where they're in a volcano this guy is clearly like a doubles minion ... or he's just a mutated being in a volcano because of you know living in a volcano I would recommend living about him about what and ... he's he's taking the Hosen hosing down the fire truck the fire trucks we can imagine there's a fire somewhere and they're not holding down the house there hosing down the fire trucks what that led to such as we're only make one a year earlier I think I can go to Europe there's an ex doesn't expo we went to Europe if you go to your on last again I think we got a win we finally got a win ... 96 percent sure this time we got we got you guys enjoyed we played a lot of tickets still don't know what happened I just scratch them and the funny thing is the person who sent them jerk he said just play it and ... yeah he's not gonna help me out at all because that's awesome juries you know he really thought they'd be so mature doesn't think it's and it also syndicates for me to display aimlessly with no you know with no which color printing in what's called this whole bit is good I don't know so I don't have a good day guys major subscribe Michelin's today and as you //
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\\what's up everybody how are you doing today my name is Kathy and today were in place in crossword frenzy $3 North Carolina lottery scratchers yeah thank you so much just pole barn builders for sending us these tickets I appreciated only we can win something it's a ... within this doubles that doubles as prime doubles prize and price about 0 loaded with $30 prizes nice its words yeah pretty simple straightforward let's go she will let us we got so used across about the knowledge just going across the if I miss a letter please let me know because most likely I'm going to miss letters going ... in this in this you know using this method probably gonna look miss letters just tell me just by a Mister lower their limit the free spots first the double spots the Duma spots anymore esses and I don't see any Marxism okay and we've got a deed ID ... we've got one right there Denton debate sit down there I don't and we don't have any more or we don't okay beef we gotta be I'll do this one regular and then I did on the one with just to kind of do it differently change it up change things up a little bit think it's more interesting now okay I probably missed the B. somewhere just let me know in the comments and if you're watching us on the live thing just let me know in the ... check box like if you miss the literate their X. ... I thought I saw one X. I don't see it though see god see see right there see right there ... ventilators debate so let's not that right at a P. P. for Papa okay we're gonna go near it up again I'll be nice and there's quite a few piece think I thought I saw a white beard that's that's a decent number he's I think yeah yeah okay you're my world was halfway almost half way H. any word yet we close I mean the 3 words 3 words duh unsigned 3 letter words are publicly but I'm the largest okay our version is the letter right now should look up occasionally W. W. W. we do have a W. there and we have no more W. thanks M. we have an immense myth yes sure ... that sit mentally it's topic my goodness of ... I simply gonna first word we need at least 3 words by the 3 words to win something we were so we're gonna get 2 words for sure ... at least I'm pretty sure because usually when you play crosswords they give you if you don't win though give you just enough words to miss the price in this case they give you 2 works if you don't they will give you for sure to work because they want to be close they want you to come back for more like I almost won it and then come back and get it they sometimes that could lead to some big ones all rights you you flares are getting kind of hard to see no ... or we don't have any use with no use at all no use okay Jay did I miss anything no I don't regret Jake GA DJJ today Jane OJ yeah I know project ... without the okay there's our first word nice first word we need at least 2 mortar still kind of parliament for letters left they're good letters could get their GED there were missing like a big files think we need that her I missed you suits suits worse pursuit others are okay let's get an E. or T. or E. entity we got the E. okay wait the win I think a lot yeah we're gonna win we got a double we got $6 already move our rights there's an O. an onion owe them SO I others thank you thank you okay Godwin got popped we got suits and we got a view and this is the double so that's 3 words $3 plus are not $6 but we're not done yet we got a K. can we pull off something else or is this a $6 when $6 it's pretty good who got a cake for Kevin Harlan see Kate and we got a okay a main too little too late I we've got these right wing wait we just want a lot I didn't scratch these I instruct these ... what am I doing how god my cat is attacking me he's like you miss the ease what's that's $10 Madonna with scratch everything he's an ace userbase why did I not why did I stop stretching east what what's wrong with me Jeff what's wrong he wanted to stop you've got so many east so much potential you gotta structure more holy cow we did pretty well I I would say that's yeah I think we did pretty well Dennis anything else and our live and know our know why nope and tea tea would be nice but a holy cow holy holy cow scouts the Boy Scouts because the holy one 234 words plus the double that's forwards $5 of $10 why do we get anything else did I miss anything else because if I miss even a single word that would be $20 that would double the price bring much did I miss a word is there were done somewhere that I'm just not looking I would have only 1234 yeah go for no and no teeth and I think that's it we got 10 Bucks scratch bottom because you know much okay I which one I want to scratch the I wanna scratch others T. that would start about I don't scratch the parka T. O. there does TV and as an end somewhere T. E. N. ... but where is it I'm not gonna find it is this was again and someone teach ICT is that T. but I want letters I'm looking for T. E. ants no that's not what we want right there well there is there is we found it we got it 10 we got time T. means 20 now I don't think so that that looks like 10 we should have spoken I I don't see any other word so that that makes sense right we got 10 but a present confirmed confirmed alright got 10 Bucks Peggy I will take 10 box yeah our support barn builders will to come but I think that's profitability could he sent me he sent me for loose change and then 6 of ... will $6 worth of this that's $10 right 6 yeah some dollars we just won $10 and we got a dollar for him a loose change so that's profit $11 one dollar profit so far over to get things done and we're not done yet we could potentially potentially get something here potentially 2 in a row that possible bring it across a method on this okay to kind of household things could this hit a winner one dollar profit on it on 6 tickets one I want to get into religion gets profit is a good day you get profit on $3 one dollar to get such a good day really it's alright let's go to speed this up here 80 I you got all the bells rang beginning plus why okay very cool and what are we missing here let's look incredulous look pretty I. N. K. week we got the first word army what are these these must be Frank tickets there's not there's no way what I say as a wife okay I see a why there's no that's alright all A. L. L. gave no else okay no elves and ... no asses okay let's because of the words of the asses as I see quite a few of them Ken and yeah right there and I think that's it okay amid a M. I. D. a em I do you know A. M. I. there is no D. okay no deed I means expedite is gone flax F. no there's no L. egg E. gene no G. O. K. we got we got our one word right there Dave okay let's keep going ultimate all timid know how there's a house because of the words of the else there's actually a decent amount of those explain clearance well I mean I that's that's 2 words one more word we got a win for there's a lot else here once there's nobody ... encore maybe he and I see all our yeah there's no see though okay no see alright there is no corn opera ... to E. are a no E. okay no P. there's nothing I think that's it so we got 2 words we got 2 words ... eighth and I nothing else I'm looking on the screen I don't see anything else that's it alright pull our builders thank you so much for sending us these tickets I'm happy that I'm I I was able to get you a dollar profit at least I mean that dollar profit still good rising got $11 back from $10 thank you thank you thank you and if anyone wants to send tickets you can look into from down below to see by the pillbox majesty send those tickets to and also please if you can redeem them beforehand and I'll just make things a little easier and I decided you know to let you guys know that alright it's watching makes describe nation to like this video and have a wonderful day Bella //
"2017-08-05 16:00:02"