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Methods of Depopulation
\\is difficult to fathom but the people of the world justice people elsewhere in the world are completely unaware that their own elected government with the assistance of the United Nations have since 1945 poisoning their own people chronic but some people like to repair their fertility and the chief necessary democratic project in order to avoid wars of necessity of course without or not so in population growth is a sub the war rationale population stable level me the grown nor did it will be able and will not the resort to war to take by force the resort if we can every kind stabilize its population equally then peace can be maintained for all time across the world and we would never again have to experience the horrible destruction and chaos of war you know days we find it difficult to understand how the Romans do pleasure from watching men fight to data gladiators right here in the Coliseum for no apparent benefit other than the entertainment of the crowd yet Roman society somehow found the sacrifice worth while since that time we believe to have made moral and social progress and to behave more humanely towards our fellow human beings but the reality is that the gladiatorial combat with Roman times pales by comparison in scale and scope it's not in cruelty but the sacrifices imposed on us by modern society the Romans reduce demand the creatures that marked out for slaughter in the arena for the gratification of and purse and the mom they to national community of today this condemned humankind's to slaughter in far gentler yet equally deadly wakes for the sake of managing the global population the faithful have gathered in Rome from the 4 corners of the world to witness the canonization of 2 previous pokes and to pay homage to an institution they trust and respect the Roman Catholic Church they represent every Christian denomination under the sun but it is not their faith that is their single and most striking common denominator what ties them all together is that they are all victims of the global depopulation policy a covert and secret program of population control that seeks to reduce the global population to a stable level and the place chemical and biological agents to undermine human fertility as well as a variety of psycho social and economic methods to support the family the methods used by every country to control population growth have been dictated by the level of development and the existing infrastructure as much as a by political will or lack there off and have either been imposed by force and the section from the outside or adopted willingly by the governing elites of nation states that have relied on the moral technical and monetary assistance of the United Nations its agencies and the greater international community well China has used the one child policy bass open legislation and India has employed covert surgical sterilization the west has resorted to covert chemical sterilization fluoridation is the west's method of choice for suppressing fertility in both men and women it has been used throughout the west since 1950 and fluoride is delivered either to tap water table salt or milk depending on the country and its level of developement a few select and wealthy nations in northern Europe use compulsory dental plans to ensure that every citizen receives periodic applications of fluoride directly in the mouth regardless of the delivery agent used fluoridation has been imposed on the populace under the pretext that it combats tooth decay which is completely inaccurate and dishonest of the 4 methods water fluoridation is by far the most widespread as it is used on nearly 1000000000 people the world over one of fluoridation however is only possible in places with a modern infrastructure of water treatment plants and therefore even in wealthy nations it is only viable in cities that have at least 10000 people salt fluoridation is the second most popular fluoridation method and is in use throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region as well as in a few European countries that have abandoned water fluoridation milk for a nation is suspected to very few countries and is used as a supplementary method of fluoridation elsewhere to keep human beings make conspecific of fluoride poisoning toothpaste and dental health products throughout the world are fluoridated to close the loophole created by the modern habit of drinking bottled rather than tap water the depopulation lobby has replaced the glass with plastic bottling starting in 1980 and is used a specific fertility depressing chemical called this funnel aid BP a for short to manufacture 2 kinds of plastics Polly carbonates and epoxy resins BPA is ingested when it leaches into food and beverages for human consumption since nearly every plastic bottle on the planet is now made of BPA based on the carbon rods and almost every metal and aluminum can in the world is lined with epoxy resins containing PPA people are chronically exposed the lining of metal cans with BPA is aimed at both the urban and rural poor who are more likely to eat canned soups vegetables and fruit and will thus received more than their share of fertility depressing agents as they will ingested from multiple sources but as of the population lobby has a strong eugenic component to it reducing the numbers of the poor is a desirable outcome spreading powdered aluminum oxide at high altitudes by airplane a phenomenon known as chemtrails is a rather new method of population control that is restricted to NATO countries and is aimed at breaking the back of organic and traditional farmers to make room for corporations and their genetically modified crops the aluminum strayed falls to the ground and poisons the soil and the water which is to intended consequences first it makes the growing of traditional or heroin seats impossible and forces farmers into bankruptcy thus freeing the land for purchase by agro giants stand ready with aluminum resistance genetically modified seeds and secondly aluminum binds with fluoride compounds and greatly increases fluoride toxicity and therefore reducing the human body's toxicity threshold level previously thought safe in other words you can do far more damage to human health with aluminum fluoride then you can do with just fluoride and you need less of it that is why for example the spraying of Eris lies Lumina is far more prevalent on the western seaboard of Canada and the U. S. but tap water fluoridation is scares and people ingest fluoride from bottled water and soft drinks as well as canned foods but at lower levels than people whose tap water is fluoridated poor countries do not have water treatment plants and therefore cannot Florida their tap water salt fluoridation requires the political will and stability necessary to co opt a select few politicians and bureaucrats but Africa's political landscape is a volatile and for ever changing and milk fluoridation is expensive and morally reprehensible as it targets innocent children through free milk school programs and secondly when they're young and defenseless African leaders moreover have largely resisted international pressure to poison their people that is why the depopulation lobby has devised effective methods of population control for Africa specifically and more recently for other poor and reluctant countries was voluntary cooperation was impossible to gain if the depopulation lobby could not control the number of people born into the world then they would increase the number of people leaving this world in other words if they could not tackled the population problem at the front end of life by controlling fertility they would and did stock of it at the back end of life by increasing morbidity and mortality this was deemed necessary for Africa which resisted any and all attempts of population control the HIV aids virus was specifically created for the sub Sahara African population by a cooperative effort between Soviet and American scientists in the employ of their nation's military industrial complexes it was designed to do maximum damage by undermining the immune system and to have an affinity for people of color it gradually achieved its intended goal once it was introduced into the blood streams of countless innocents in Africa Lucille and Haiti by the World Health Organization through its smallpox immunization program that ended in 1980 in section is as high as 30 percent in some African nations and 70 percent of all aids deaths occur in Africa more than 1000000 people die in Africa from aids annually and nearly 2000000 new infections are registered every bio engineered flu strains such as and one H. one the swine flu and the bird flu viruses have been used to manufacture mass fear of pandemics and condition the public to the practice of mandatory vaccines or government mandated vaccinations programs this will allow the authorities to target specific populations when and if the eugenicists decide that a new deadly strain must be introduced into an unyielding population as it was done in Africa Haiti in Brazil until 1980 genetically modified organisms on the newest and most sophisticated weapon in the eugenic arsenal and are intended for the developing world where chemical population control methods cannot be applied due to poor infrastructure primary GMO crops are corn canola cotton and soybean fierce resistance to GMO crops has however put into doubt their viability as a global fertility depressing agent their advantage however lies in the fact that the people targeted will be growing their own place and pay for it which makes GMOs ideal for poor nations was governments cannot afford to pay for population control of any kind beat chemical biological or bacteriological their advantage lies also in the fact that they can be engineered to do as little or as much damage as is desirable and no one will be any wiser for it ever since the United Nations assumed primary control and responsibility over the global the population policy in the early 19 sixties it has been looking for more humane ways to achieve the intended demographic objectives and it's concentrated much of it effort and resources on finding psychosocial ways to change the dynamic of family life and to put enough pressure on families and individuals to make it difficult and undesirable to have more than one child various countries have encouraged various forms substance abuse to detract individuals from family life and to cause the dissolution of mostly low income families by premature death chronic illness or crippling debt the west has promoted the use of recreational drugs China has encouraged excessive tobacco use and Russia has made alcohol sufficiently cheap and ubiquitous to create a nation of alcoholics as a result drug addiction has reached epidemic proportions in many western countries and particularly in the U. S. and Canada where tens of thousands of families are destroyed by drug addiction annually smoking debts have tripled in China over the course of the past decade and tobacco has become the number one killer causing 1.2000000 deaths a year by 2030 the number of tobacco related deaths is expected to reach 3.5000000 a year and it is forecast that if trends continue third of all males in China will be killed by tobacco by 2050 even more disasters as Russia's alcohol problem alcohol consumption has nearly tripled over the past 16 years and more than 0.5000000 Russians died of alcohol related deaths annually in no small part due to alcohol abuse the life expectancy of Russian males has dropped to 59 years 17 years lower than their male counterparts in western Europe these patterns of substance abuse have dire effects on family formation and family side the counterculture of the 19 sixties which brought about the sexual revolution was encouraged in order to break the sexual taboos that prevented the mainstream from adopting widespread and uninhibited contraceptive use it also made drug use socially acceptable and set the stage for the introduction of ever more destructive drugs both legal and illegal creating a drug market and an underground economy that relies on drugs and prostitution is antithetical to families and has become a breeding ground for HIV aids the hippie counterculture the 19 sixties was followed by the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender the L. G. B. T. counterculture of the 19 seventies and 19 eighties which brought about acceptance for and decriminalization of homosexuality in time for the explosion of LGBT caused by the effects of long term exposure to fluoride which raises the incidence of sexual confusion from a naturally occurring level of about 4 percent to an artificially high level of 15 percent the most subtle and insidious form of population control is the manipulation of the law to criminalize formerly acceptable social behaviors and the mess the quarrels and to incarcerate a large percentage of the poor in order to prevent them from forming families and raising children throughout the western world and especially in the U. S. Canada Australia and New Zealand this form of population control fulfills the eugenic requirements of the policy as it targets primarily minorities and the poor the 0 tolerance domestic law minor drug offenses and that 3 strikes law are typical examples of legislation designed to fulfill the requirements of the global depopulation policy the 0 tolerance domestic law is designed to break families apart at the slightest conflict by removing discretionary powers from the police and giving the state to the authority to go over the wishes of spouses to press criminal charges that result in bank and family dissolution conflicts that could result in the privacy of homes within minutes or days are given the status of violent crime to destroy families separate parents from children and to transfer their wealth to the judicial class the 3 strikes law mandates harsh sentences for anyone who has been convicted of 2 felonies and what part being convicted of a third felony faces life in prison it was first applied in Washington state in 1993 and then in California in 1994 to compensate for their lack of fluoridation due to popular opposition and then spread throughout the western seaboard for the same reason as a result of such eugenic laws hundreds of thousands of families are broken apart annually in the English speaking world as well as in several European countries in the US the judiciary has become the primary tool for eugenic objectives giving America the dubious distinction of being the nation with the highest incarceration rate in the world and also in history at 743 adults behind bars but every 100000 citizens when people are correctional supervision and on house arrest are factored in the US far surpasses even Stalinist Russia in the number and proportion of prisoners to the general population statistics also show that visible minorities bear the brunt of a car serration mania that has gripped the United States and to a lesser extent much of the western world Canada ravages its native population by this method Europe statistics as well as Australia's are skewed by the fact that immigrants are held in separate detention centers and are not counted as in prison economic pressures are also used to create an environment that is hostile to families and especially to the raising of children the United Nations favorite methods for reducing the number of children is women's participation in the workforce in the name of poverty eradication women's education and employment have been given the highest priority to this end the women in the developing world are being encouraged to get educated and forced to leave the traditional place at home to seek employment the working woman has less time for children and therefore less incentive to have children a working woman will also delayed childbearing to satisfy career ambitions well the demands of the labor market but since women makeup 51 percent of the global population a steady influx of women into the labor market depresses wages worldwide at a time when unemployment is already a chronic problem the world over this mass migration of women into the workforce is also displacing men economically disrupting traditional patterns of life confusing generals and pitting men against women all of which aids the cause of achieving smaller and fewer families the demand for excessive and unnecessary credentials is the means by which entrance into the workforce is delayed in the developing world so as to prevent young people from starting families early in life when their biological clocks make the most fertile the average age for women to have children in Europe and Japan is 29 while in the U. S. it is 25 throughout the developed world women today have their children at least 40 years later than women in 1970 in the first half of the twentieth century when the population was not subjected to social engineering European women had their children in their late teens and early twenties by delaying entrance into the workforce both men and women I'm entire decade has been shaved off from women's childbearing years the media is being used to condition people to the rabbit consumers and to dedicate their incomes to excessive materialism rather than investing in children as previous generations did the consumption of goods and services in ever greater amounts has become man's primary preoccupation in a socially engineered post World War 2 era giving rise to a consumer society that is self centered and is relegated children to secondary status foreign aid followed by World Bank loans and then by IMF austerity programs have intentionally created spiralling debt in the developing world to deprive poor nations of the revenue needed to invest in infrastructure and social programs coupled with plummeting commodity prices and western protectionist this has become the formula for poverty that the developed world has imposed on the developing world to create economic conditions that are hostile to families monetary coercion has replaced military conquest to control the resources and destinies of other nations this is done to halt the population explosion that prevents the developing world from catching up with the needs of its growing population as much as it is done for the rich world self serving need secure access to vital resources on foreign soil this catch 22 situation is the cycle of poverty that the architects of the global the population policy hope to break worldwide by instituting task medicine now all nations that are late newcomers to population control measures the population control lobby is rightfully concerned that 90 percent of the people born in the past 50 years in the world were born in the developing world thus in countries that were already poor and could least afford unrestricted population growth after church claim moral authority of Christopher one of the same time keep secret its knowledge of the world's greatest Janice ho ho ho have to call 6319 fifties Peter beforehand adorning the washers the blessed then I modeling speak slum and in the process you have health and probably these are questions that could be in a over the next few days here for the time I want to say test there can be no church without what can the notion that without compassion they can be no trust with honesty they can be no fake without should speak the truth praxis and deliver us from evil you have the ability use it a lot you have a trust on otherwise Christ who have died in vain //

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