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"2017-08-07 21:25:49"
Jordan Peterson: Why Feminists Love Islam and Hate the West
\\I read this quote once and I don't remember who I said it might've been Robert Heinlein's for crying out loud science fiction author that springs to mind but it probably it probably wasn't inhibit the proposition was that man tested ideas and that women test of man and I kinda like that there's something about that you know I know it obviously it's an over generalization but we also don't know to what degree women test man surely through provocative occasion it's a lot because like if you were to test someone you have like little conversation with the Mike you poke the hell out of them you see okay like I'm gonna let go after you see where your weeks parts are and it seems to me that this it seems to me that in this constant protest and use of shame and all of that that goes along with this with this sort of radical movement towards egalitarianism that there's a tremendous amount of provocation so Karen Strawn made a very interesting comment and reference to this video she's a very bright woman and I think she had a lot of interesting things to say for those unfamiliar with pick up artists parlance should test is believed to be a manufactured a grievance a woman uses to test the mettle competence and confidence of her mate it is an intentional provocation accompanied by an implicit and sub conscious desire that the man put his foot down set reasonable boundaries and demonstrate that he will not be bullied nagged shamed or jolted into submission the purpose is to confirm for her that he is capable of doing what needs to be done to provide for and protect her and her children her thought process is if you can't stand up to me how will he be able to deal with the cavemen down the valley who keep us up all night revving their motorcycles let alone bring down the massive doing or fend off a saber tooth tiger according to pick up artists the worst thing a man can do when his woman is shit testing is assumed that the grievance is genuine cave in to her spike her seeming to demand that he submits if he does she will lose respect for him and when she loses respect for him she will believe that she's with a man who is not worthy of her which in turn makes her angry and resentful of him she will then escalate the shit tests each grievance becoming more and more outrageous and irrational in a desperate bid for him to find the plot line and say this far no further I have to admit that the last 50 years of feminism in the west have followed this pattern so in other words feminism is a shit test that western males havoc all collective we failed I thought I'm gonna say this too even though I shouldn't but if we can but we met her don't believe this but I'm trying trying to figure it out you know I thought it was absolutely comical when the shades of gray came out that's just I just thought that was just so insanely comical that at the same time there's this massive political demand for like radical equality and and is it safe with regards to sexual behavior and the fastest selling novel the world had ever seen was SNM domination right it's like how well we do know where the unconscious is going with that one jointly and sometimes I think like because one of the things that I've really tried to puzzle out and it's not like I believe this right I'm just telling you what I've where the edges of my thinking of being going is that you have this crazy alliance between the feminists in the radical Islamists that I just do not get it's like the feminists like why they aren't protesting nonstop about Saudi Arabia is just completely beyond me like I do not understand it in the least and I wonder too I just wonder bloody well us this is the Freudian means but is there an attraction in all the is there any traction that's emerging among the female radicals for that totalitarian male dominance that they've chased out of the west and I mean that's a hell of a thing to think but I am for all I am psychoanalytic reminded and I do think things like that because I like I just did see no rational reason for the only other rational reason is that well the west needs to fall and so the enemy of my enemy is or isn't yeah it's got exactly know what is it the wrong way the enemy of my enemy is my friend yes exactly so Islamist and liberal yes well so that that could be the case but I I'm not going to shake my suspicion about the unconscious balancing because as the demand for egalitarianism and the eradication of masculinity are accelerates there's going to be a long way in the unconscious for the precise opposite for for I'm back right the more you look you scream free quality the more your unconscious is going to admire dominance so that's well that's how you think if your psychoanalytic reminded and you know I'm a great admirer Freud he knew a hell of a lot more than people like to think so it's partly why everyone still hates and even though it's 300 years since he you don't really really been around so Karen is like a genius she has a lot more to say about this and and god damn like it like holy crap she she has a lot of good insights if feminism is about shit testing at least in part their strange relationship with Islam is I think an over compensation for the consistent failure of western men they have bullied western men into a state of total weakness and capitulation and are now subcultures sleep attracted to the equal opposite extreme I don't think they want masculine authoritarianism but as their only men become increasingly pussy of authoritarianism becomes more more attractive by comparison so basically it western men are the equivalent of these beta male nice guys you know you like to the beta mailed nice guys were always like sucking up to the hot girl there secretly in love with you know where is that where as Islam is like the authoritarian bad boy with like a criminal record who you know all the girls are secretly like yes secretly wanna have sex with right ... where god it's it's it's so ridiculous a guy I think very much for watching please like and subscribe if you like the video I am a relatively new channel on YouTube so every like and subscription is gonna help boost my rankings and don't you may pay a fee on every little bit helps and follow me on Facebook and Twitter yeah also because of YouTube's new policy of putting controversial videos in a live state I will be mirroring a lot of my videos over to did taught me and mine Stockholm so please follow me there links will be in the description //

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