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"2017-08-10 21:00:08"
7 Cutest DIYs you HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! DIY Emoji Projects {Easy & Cool Crafts}
\\yeah it seems to show you emergency and why is it never seen before if you like the Mounties click that like button and comment your favorite emoji her shout out in my next video and if you'd like to see more fun DIY videos click that subscribe button this is when you will need 10 ping pong balls along with the campaign pong balls you will need a set at 10 alley destroying light I will leave a link down below to where I got these make a hole for the light stupid and I started with a thumbtack and then I used a wooden skewer any screwdriver to make the hole just a little bit bigger once the hole was big enough for the life to fit in I painted all 10 of the ping pong balls yellow once the paint was dry I started drawing on emerging faces on all 10 of the ping pong balls the a I you WNED I there are all night after they were done last thing you do faced each light in the hole that had created earlier I all there is to be easy ping pong emoji light I it the it I will show you 2 different DIY is to use these recycled Starbucks for she nobody start by removing the labels from the front not all and then just remove any of this the residue for the first DIY idea on the bottles and you streamlined into muji who for that crap I'm going to clean up with some glow in the dark yellow P. there is my bottle in the cap once everything was dry we're going to use these yellow or bees to fill the bottle I I the model was full of worries I added a little bit of water I will be using these many alley party lights that are okay to use in water I will leave it went down hello to where these going to use 2 of the lights for this one I placed him on the path and then you some hot glue to secure you can twist the lights on and off place the cap back on and that's how you make this light up or beans a mo cheeks it wakes you recycle one of these bottles is to paint the bottle listen yellow glow in the dark I paint is dry I drew a line in a movie face and flirted and listen sharpies that's how you make that glow in the dark and no gene you can use it or flowers or you can store your food pencils or make up brushes and for this I'm going to use some photo paper that I found at the dollar store if you don't have photo paper you can also use cardstock paper for the it started from this one you will need to print out this I muji image I will need a went down below where you can how next you'll need a clear phone case is that over the image and trees around it's traced out then just cut it out here's mine after it was kind I'll place it in the phone case and traced around the camera hole and cut that out Nnamdi complaints your phone in the case and that is how you meet these easy and fun analogy iPhone cases NPI their idea is to print this out on card stock paper and then cut it out once it's kind out take a piece of the card stock Sri surrounded them low GI and then cut now you should have a front end up she is the kind of paper you would like for your mailbox trace around the piece of cardstock and credit out it's once you have enough sheets of paper cut out to form your notebook then just take the piece of cardstock place that on the back the emoji eye on the front include the together apply some owners glued to the top of the notebook to bind it together set that aside and let it dry here's mine once it was dry and that's all there is to this easy DIY analogy I you know starting next week I will be using some brown model magic start by rolling the brown clay into estate shape once it's rolled out then you will need a lip balm or a feed container you just take the top of the lip balm or beat container and start rapping that brown clay around it to make it look like the emoji poop there is not even once the play was wrapped around it to make the eyes in the mouth I'm going to use some white and black model magic I rolled out a piece of the white clay and cut out issues shapes for the I. M. one for them now I yeah yeah yeah I had my white pieces cut out I just head out to circle black pieces for the middle of that I next a displaced the eyes and the mouth on and I let that dry overnight yeah yeah I think the lip balm in a poll I added enough Basilique to fill the container into the vast lean I added a little bit of cocoa powder and stirred that together it was mixed up I filled the container and once the clay has hardened you can place that back on the container and that is how you make the another cheap though lip balm soon I am going to recycle a water bottle in you just want to find one that has flat side I started my tidiness site out the piece that I just cut out I drew a text message bubble then I cut that out I painted my text message bubble with some blue acrylic paint here is my after it was dry I used a hole punch to punch a hole in one of the sides okay traced out energy face along with the letters and she can I color those in which sharply I thing I did was I added a jump ring any keychains and that is how you make the text message on though G. keychain I don't like to give a shout out to the 3 people who commented their favorite beauty related emoji and the last video remember to comment your favorite emoji for this video for a shout out in my next video I hope you guys enjoyed all of these DIY and though jeep please remember to like subscribe comment and share until next time I hope you guys all had enemies scene day //

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