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"2017-08-08 17:10:36"
BREAKING: Biggest News Roger Stone Has Ever Broken
\\multinational combines the fictional groups like specter and chaos and things are modeled after and that's it mentally what George Soros does she about to get the huge breaking news exclusively right now did you get that that that has been double checked by some of his forces you got fox news and we've got to stop is memos get the president that's the big secret I gotta stop my information in those memos get to the president I don't know how much stone can save but this is huge are Roger stone thank you for joining us let's let's I know you've just rushed back to DC this morning you just got there you're you're leaving your hotel have key meetings right after this interview you just checked and Sonny you gotta hurry I'm Bubba please give us your info and again watch watch your back thank you very much Alex it's interesting that yesterday the attorney Larry Klayman okay did that I would be a targeted or annihilation as part of the trial take out up I am not afraid I'm actually here to meet with other loyalists up in a new group that we have sounded the membership of which is cheaper call it the 45 groove because we're here attack and defend our 40 fifth president up we have word definitively that act is really intelligent as intercepted medications general mac Bhasker to George Soros reporting on a regular basis are on the reorganization of the White House at what is going on on the inside the oval office I have double checked this with up with 2 different sources very high up in Israeli intelligence I actually expect the bass litter to Israel off from Israel United States up maybe farming this for news organizations this afternoon of this is not surprising because as you know Alex first reported here that a woman named E. all not ill actually once worked or Soros and the open society operation I've been brought into the White House by me masters is definitely to handle them all I got was a director of of of of of of large operations which interface with other foreign governments and intelligence agency so this is the big multinational breakaway group is open society great but they recruited a lot of other intelligence agencies into this multinational group to engage in trays up and up it on this one I think is not easy to explain under what circumstances in what universe or Donald trump's national security adviser be or anything George Soros a sworn enemy of the trumpet and spacious are a global question was demonstrated again and again that he cared right a wire utilize islands bride were achieved his goal and why not he never gets he never gets in trouble not when he was selling out his fellow Jews and helping round them up and not when the overthrow these governments not when the fun of the Arab spring he just he hears he thought of vampiric life of delightful carnage yeah so the McMaster problem is a real one I do want to make one correction I I said inadvertently yesterday our report that it was speed band called Matt brought you ask you not to run the Mixmaster stories regarding Susan rice I misspoke that was incorrect it was Gary cautionary the president's son who off-again I can also tell you that while Sean Spicer and right speakers I worked very hard to make sure that the presidential Lou sorry did not clue anything publisher of both ordered by the daily caller right are infowars.are out all in a number of other excellent alternative sites how we want out of this weeks ago it's not confirm there's a black list of 12 hardline supporters better americana other tried and true and that are exposing meat master purging I anybody exposing the fact that he's in bed with Soros and as long as well Ian and again this headline is a perfect example it's day misnomer up in order to secure a statement in the president's supporting that pastor they essentially disassembled saying some people are conservatives not post orders some people are attacking the master because he's not issue with pro Israel Mister president so would you put out a statement saying he's incredibly Israel of course the president apply now that it's used as a white it endorsement of us of pastors activities but I can tell you for it absolute fact president was not briefed on the fact that big bastard gave Susan rice a pass said there was nothing wrong with very gauging a little espionage up and that he I extended her security or national security clearance with president was not told these things within the context of the attack are met past so up he is being manipulated let me tell you something he hates being manipulated they're not going to be successful in fighting at all they're not going to be 6 us or is it not in isolating and because he will break out you will fall old Fred you will fall E. support to you will all those you know you were with him of from the beginning I am the first time the president weren't something that he should have been told by his handlers but he wasn't there will be helped by a I notice that pattern that when he's given good info but but but learns that it was blocked from him he particularly acts on the info they tried to keep from them ... you especially ones from tried and true sources that continue to have the other real 6 sense of what's going on let's play a clip of the fox Sunday out with this ... reporter I'll on their the Charles hurt I you know above bemoaning the fact it will they be successful in isolating the president here this my master has I believe 3 stars on his shoulder but his military bearing hasn't protected him from a campaign of vicious leaks coming from people within the White House who regard him as sort of a sellout on foreign policy Kelly has to get that's he's got his hands on that problem right now and I think a lot of people inside the staff are looking to see if you can really get control of it because if he can't well then I think you'll have established his authority people will do what he says but is somehow people find ways to work around even John Kelly if the pack channeling directly to the president and sending him memos that due to reflect the latest Alex Jones conspiracy theory continues and I think Kelly still has a problem as he does so Roger I I'm I'm only back to Soros because it's proven the McMasters in bed with the groups that are working for the open society the world government that Soros is kind of a cut out that multinationals use to carry this out but specifically you do not want to build up your contact in an and neither of I and and you feel that the other memos in the rest of it but not just from this guy I mean they know what's going on and I don't know how much we could say how much we can get into audio dealing with all this for people's you'd understand we continue to break huge news like prima's can be fired by the weekend and it was gonna replacing because we do at the highest levels forces and thought about us having sources if that then they really are on Capitol Hill trying to sell the idea of overthrowing the president drugging in saying he collapsed killing him either looking at seizing the media we're looking at shutting off Sean Hannity as soon as this happens Rush Limbaugh Matt drudge I mean there's no selling out to this they're not giving us quarter and they're gonna come after our jobs the economy these are horrible people this is a multinational group wants to bankrupt the country divide up for pennies on the dollar were under total war or attack and we needed to see the president move very strongly against this outside multinational threat and I get it's outrageous we've got a double agent like McMaster clearly and there but you know you're talking to the highest levels confirming their monitoring people communications other governments are into the foreign governments you know Harar here's McMaster with brief things in and taking orders I'm just like general Jones is not a bad guy on some ways but you did say I get my orders you know every day from Henry Kissinger that live about that was treasonous but this isn't Kissinger early season I'm you know what we're dealing with here is is just unbelievable garbage and there and and so I don't want Saddam out there pushing coup violence authoritarian takeover but so we can organize against it they all look Jones is crazy he just made it up and said gay frogs are gonna have a coup or something eyes social war just an incredible moment historically Roger well look let's look across the the the heart rise up Limbaugh it really what did all reporting live there's a slow motion boom in place they'll get it there right on the money this is an effort co op Donald Trump if you go quietly into his room and they are you are you at to spend work on the wall as they are able to do this some marine his corporate tax cuts they are able to persuade him not prosecute the Obama NSA explained why would there Regis NASA base sliding of working isa or are they will blow the president sleep label in there until Robert Willard but appointed lawyer work I executioner is prepared just bring his trip I'm the president this is very reminiscent of the way general I'll hate walk Richard Nixon towards the exit all the time professing his loyalty and the fact that he was quite better and when in fact he already had Nixon's exit of their folly once it had that was the main Deep Throat a I believe that that is the case a up is loyal pierced in the Pentagon and the neocons are any realizes that next year and I can survive I therefore he does a number of days to check exit off including the famous 18.5 minute gap which was not made by Rosemary woods was made by a general theory and that spread ours are if you read my book Nixon's secrets this is of course all that are here has friends with Nixon after he was president now let's expand on all those they're doing the same thing or tell her body go along with this take care yourself where we're gonna get you were to put you in prison too and knows these guys are rolling over like cowards well it's not like you're just rolling over let the Pentagon run things like 1974 this is leading the in the 1975 this is leading globalist command that 10 literally destroy our families take our guns wreck the but nation and destroy the country I mean he will ya but no 1 can join with this this is this is insane everyone must fight against this system I got I think the president's in a good position we keep tweeting a lot these watches own your network now starting at the once a week program they're horrified of that they keep saying O. C. N. N. polls say don't tweet because they want to put their lives out not have them counter it I think the president's got to go on offense big time ... what do you think you should do right now on the back of the Soros well how much of that we're not gonna play this extended at mouse they're gonna try to play it away as the United States they're going to be like a mushroom even in the dark NCTM crap up unfortunately down trump you have a naturally inquisitive story guy who likes to talk with you all up and likes to get this deal for issues are he didn't get for example in the failures in our veterans health here program from some over some focus group he got it by talking to veterans the more you heard the angrier he got you get straight from the paper you get sustenance from the people that's why they will not in the end be able to isolate it as hard as they may try right now it's problematic that he's not seeing bright or or daily all or info lifted this these things are not included in his new summary are and there's nobody surfing that magic help carry it is for them because it's confirmed they don't want to look at it drudge but he knows to go to drudge and so that's why reportedly they're trying to even keep it articles off there about what what McMaster really did he didn't just say how to's arising keeper clearance so I can talk to her now he says she's good unmasking the president's good spying on him when he was a candidate in his family is good the president even know that Mick master dead dad that's the facts well you had a terrific story in the freebie into days ago indicated somewhere hours the UN ambassador was unmasking hundreds of people I'll bet they were all Republicans but of based on my information the president has not yet been reached about it it's not clear that the president weekly understands the scope and depth of the surveillance that was conducted by Obama you put it another way Donald Trump said he was surveilled that well our he was right it was Iraq is the place of work document delivered in November moves if I want to expand on this Roger those are the talks the president he is sharper upbeat all look at the stock market look at the economy look to a 3 in no new companies just came and he sees that as winning that's what I calling crazy he just a straightforward business guy that be a believes in and free market to a strange thing here in the news he's depressed he's this and that from the Intel I've got with a convention to compromise about day 75 on a bad health bill he got depressed by that because he went on the road his constituents were generally mad this poll numbers did actually get the only real time so long as he's being real he's happy but they're selling this idea that he's downbeat but but there's a bad side to that he show up to be focused on get the economy going in securing the border which he's done killing the carbon taxable and all the rest of it yeah that I think he's too confident ... up at a social they're saying he's he's he's depressed and I'm confident I think from what I've heard he's too confident and 2 positive not real audio underestimating how dangerous these the serpents are well he's very very proud of these recent to rally in Ohio on Pennsylvania and now more recently in West Virginia because they confirm what we saw in a the polls are wrong people vote with their feet and they show up at his rallies a in this story I'm C. N. N. admits they had 9 to 34.against him in every poll they're totally fake a a and I believe president ... is totally focused on the economy once his corporate tax cut is is very disappointed in the rational of issue of give a damn what service but have abandoned him on devotes it now would like to water down his entire economic package I in all honesty we reached a point Alex yet where in Washington the house and Senate Republicans are no longer afraid of don't well they don't think that he will break out of the box to challenge that ... which I think may be a miscalculation if you want to get their attention Arafat needs to take out a couple Republican incumbents some of the worst characters are out there that's right I'm watching him raise them record money breaking you know 7 times a record when a new income comes in 6 months and they did and they sit there bitching and backstabbing and because these older establishment Republicans about that I mean old fart they love CNN they love them as could be see they love fox which is turning against him and I love being patted on the head by CNN which had swept her throat the second verse take a bubble gum and they're just so stupid and such archaic anachronism who don't even belong to the modern age they don't understand if they destroy 12 as Pat Buchanan says they are going to make him an even bigger martyred the Machiavellian sodomy I hope they do but then another coming for me next but I don't think like that look at Hillary what I got and we can make him 3 times the money we ever made you know I mean a lot of our things like storable food 95 percent less sales we were people who were buying more food now than they used to but you know what I'm glad from St because it's the right thing to do I mean that the people you know fish but the thing I think of things like I'm Machiavelli like what's good for me what's good for me as a good world an honorable world not a scumbag world run by witches like Hillary and Kim John Byng dongle sorry others are gonna be honest with you and Hillary but one I'm not sure they'd be able to find your body or maybe my either up but ... it in all seriousness in this case up some guys stand up with president summers got to eat are not break through left a coon residence naturally inquisitive I think the generals have their work that's right but I know you got to go and we got a got a break to 5 more and you gotta go because Roger stone now officially works as a correspondent with info wars coming up ... next month he launches his own program 3:00 central I everyday for 3:00 hours of my sort of edge and of course right here in studio owned Troyer water station stations usually don't pick shows up right away yeah I'm lining up to pick up the broadcast so shattering the right back to him here in just a moment that broadcast arts September 4 night it was a good 20 second I believe out but if I got to do this because I skipped ranks and everything else we need your financial support to launch all this I don't say you know were fearless and look at us run kamikaze missions but we are and we're winning but we need your prayers we just read the articles in the videos and get around the censors and we need you to buy the products the children's us super blue bubble gum flavor all natural fluoride free iodine ... slashed loyal silver toothpaste is back in has been sold out for 3 months my father they are we not retired yet but Dennis oral surgeon designed it it's doctor Jones approved new fluoride free with coil silver and I am 9 trooper blue mouthwash is here now it's it's it's still concentrated but not the 10 to one might emerge essentials are both excellent well but the the other they're apples and oranges we have 50 percent off out of the gates because I want you to try these products when you get it in the house silver special I you get electric toothbrushes silver impregnated the Superbowl mouthwash to colloidal silver superbly toothpaste and all of that 50 percent off forget it by itself at what 11 percent off its 1776 part of 1776 special but whatever you do support the broadcast commit to do it today sign up for auto ship in an additional 10 percent off cancel any time it is an act of rebellion to fund us that's why every big show is attacking our funding and trying to take our sponsors and demonizing us because we're in a war and you see it you understand it so get Milo's the but dangerous it meant garrisons great coffee table book with the song as best cartoons you whatever you do take action the new special is a 1776 special that we also have some free shipping on several items free shipping on everything that you dollars or more triple 82533139 call today 1 of the for specials specials on water filtration we're starting the specials on Alexa pure breeze air filtration system amazing at 149 you can't beat a combo unit 406 our dollars triple 8253313 niner triple a triple 82533139 I want to thank you all for supporting us breaking through the mind control breaking the conditioning understand its flag poles being the veteran as we take from the Saddam and the filth like Nancy Pelosi and others second hour straight add more on Mick after confirmed he giving intelligence briefings to George Soros illegally every day we have a data file the agent //

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