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"2017-07-24 19:00:04"
\\I scored a desoto and today I'm going to tell you how I almost died what people titled these videos I know it's a lot of click bait but like yesterday I almost really dies it was literally yesterday when this happened my friend was like I had my time you wouldn't go kayaking listen why yes of course a gay old time me up for that while on the bench there so we get the guy out he goes into his car pull up zoo this plane bay he has like the paddles and life jackets and everything I was like lotsa kids whose lives jacket because I've done type work only literally just like where in the water in the saddle again living our lives a very narrow 5 it's all in a cool I like this is where it's at no no no we are going deep to the mouth of the ocean or never come now as I okay so we needed to where I live I guess so I put that is Ryan I'm online everywhere tail ghostly at my home by the I get and he gets and we close our we're living a lie fading benign inside music is just taking in the scenery birds are all those in this you know like just like it all and living my life it was a windy day there is a way to where lex ways and what and I think this was a hot other season I herself I like we need to worry about what and they kind he was like over there seems a lot of water means years so maybe we in 2 years out everybody the Gatorade is you know our Libya's in from hello rest days in Lebanon really is about get out of the water and it okay go try to oil take Mike I don't want to go in the hollows in its loyalty gar is it about you look like you mean little wins on no Sir don't touch let's go oil tank ways anything here I understand more more water ... Hey what amber I'm reading my legs now just slowly sink does it have wary both you guys are that's all you do and water Hyakki that were in its head 10 okay let's but the one I so you see you see he it takes time in the water is Cole Nichols are hot which is how I wouldn't royal tai let us that way which is what they'll bring some no big deal so we've over the kayak still told by we are just in the middle the hosting Gallo by what are yeah in the middle of the ocean and nothing yes maybe many so I'm going to panic because I feel like if you panic in these situations is I make it a whole lot worse itself like a slow whom what do we do now and he's like well just take your feet to make certain stay warm most at 8 woah but how do we get out of this situation said them of being stranded in the middle of the ocean and me in says well I'm I'm a mean the courage will be silly closest a sewer bush's soul are we weren't going anywhere saws there and my guy I . a little bow something indicted say's us so were there I was 8 Formica an hour 45 minutes running water not knowing what the hell's going to its allies jury get in the C. why are going crack see no one 's gonna see as it's the middle of the yellow snow but I think we sal volunteer valuable see bonded like Haiti's I those days no we're not Hey we're just 2 bodies that night he the water Donnie we can you please help us like how was dead or something you know like I can't read you had a salvo of my new over the cloud radio waves I want to be I don't want to be when and when he called and is what is your house this finally the Coast Guard here same day drive right how yeah yeah they go off in the distance Monday it is so low as I he is a little more pointing to where we're at waving waving waving I know you the Orange Bowl around over to you ... as Strona swim real hard real hard they pulled me up by my lights out it's above alright it's advantages thank you logs saying parents and by ... was like boom young girl who 4 days in Los Angeles you have to pay 5 now is going to he learns a lot of what I might have that they savings a middle of the and then there are a lot of this is can what about the government how things yeah and I in story a save me free and then they brought so are he doesn't know why I don't go don't hope you nearly hello since day said this the thing oracle we maybe I'm on be it a year I wanted yellow sand I want to be in a luxurious around and then I end up here a little itchy Satan so that's my story almost done in there of the ocean crazy mom and over for that life in math and science I hope you enjoy this story time Scott for more videos and I and he yeah //

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