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"2018-05-04 01:33:13"
To our wonderful campaigners – thank you!
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"2018-05-01 09:11:58"
It's time to send the Tories a message.
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"2018-04-20 13:26:47"
The cost of living under the Tories
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"2018-04-19 09:09:26"
365 Days of Chaos
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"2018-04-13 16:26:41"
You can't protect the public on the cheap
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"2018-04-11 15:39:02"
This is what the Tory housing crisis looks like
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"2018-04-10 14:13:47"
Vote Labour to protect our police.
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"2018-04-03 11:56:54"
Register to vote by 17 April!
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"2018-03-23 12:09:14"
It doesn’t have to be like this.
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"2018-03-08 11:59:51"
Phenomenal Women - International Women's Day 2018
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"2018-03-01 11:35:30"
Hope is for the many
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"2018-03-01 09:50:06"
The Thinning Blue Line
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"2018-02-28 17:50:49"
Here's what Section 28 was all about
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"2018-02-28 16:29:53"
Britain after Brexit: Our Plan
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"2018-02-15 09:57:09"
We Have Launched a New Animal Welfare Plan
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"2018-02-15 07:57:57"
You can't have community safety on the cheap
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"2018-01-17 18:33:04"
The NHS staff on the inside of the crisis.
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"2018-01-17 13:24:56"
Theresa May vs. The Truth
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"2017-11-20 12:28:42"
An industrial revolution held back by the Tories
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"2017-11-20 12:16:46"
Transformative change for Scotland
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"2017-11-09 13:28:55"
We're urging Theresa May to make homes safe from fire.
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"2017-09-28 11:28:57"
A vision for a better Britain
\\what do the macabre office is thing called school I learned to play that because I wanted to feature from my children the owner of the late but have to moon I do think a labor government would change a lot things in the UK to David because I knew that they were the only party the cat about the NHS millions of people voted labor at the last election hoping for a batch of Britain yet despite losing have majority Theresa mine the Tories refused to listen to the voters the S. stubbornly sticking to their bail program of posterity families up and down the country a feeling the brunt of this relentless attack on live except as wages stagnate inflation rises the patio pocket Swiss less and less that the image of 5 years and I've not had a pay rise but Mister you question the fees private patrols going out and bills and utilities are going up if the tourists carry on is about is going to be coming out with 5060 0 pounds with day to strike a small mortgage despite a massive dropping resi applications and that's because people that want to leave her to death with a labor government we know that with no tuition fees with better schooling we can have some of the best doctors in the world I trust the labor party because I know that they are the only ones over the last 50 years stiff created any social good for I think the policies and the decisions are being made will be once I Chile mate big differences to the lives and normal people my belief is that the labor party is a hope what we're both offers is the opportunity for proper wages all of which were sick for education and opportunity to rebuild the health service the NHS lurches from crisis the crisis while the elderly and disabled struggle to live their lives with dignity I Scott's social care the ... dry dat it does frighten me I may have to go into a cab home and what do I do I've got a modest house do I have to sell the house none of us want our grandparents or parents to be left alone with no one to look after them weeks require that people who've worked all the life commits IBM didn't so I think the labor take can I think they care about families I think they care about children and they really care about the most vulnerable people insist being the best manifest him since 1945 in a program they sat down Hicks apps in the mafia protection the NHS improving social care and that was inspiring they want a fair person and they want to be careful everyone not just deleting society a labor government would instill hope in me and so many other people the labor party represents hope for the future we'll vote and we can support the labor party and be content that we couldn't even to our grandchildren a life that will be healthy and only 6 labor has a vision for a better Britain a Britain that puts you first a country that values our public services and those who work in the country that we're investing our industries delivering decent jobs and decent wages a country for the many not the few //
"2017-09-27 14:25:31"
Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech to Labour Conference
\\thank you very bring home leads to order please I've always secretly wanted to become friends share conference thank you very much for that thank you so much without wonderful welcome and this incredible feeling spirits and unity and love and affection we have here this week in Brighton thank you forum you know what's what infectious let's make sure the whole countries infected with the same thing so we meet here this week because a United boxing in every lots of Britain we winning the confidence millions of all colors king out our ideas and our plans our country's future that have already inspired people of all ages and full backgrounds United in this party and it's a real privilege to be speaking here in Brighton city little's only have a long history like the conferences but also inspirational labor act it was over a century ago here in Brighton teenage work enough terrible conditions facing her and who work she risk the sack you risk losing her job losing everything joining shop workers union off to she'd learned about the existence of the union from a newspaper that had been used to wrap fish and chips and she was so effective standing up the women shop workers she became the assistant general sector that union before the age of 30 young women paving the way in that role she seconded the historic resolution trades union Congress in 1999 setup the labor representation committee so that working people would finally have representation in parliament Leighton representation committee kind the labor party and it was this woman Margaret Bondfield who later became the labor and trade and in 1929 first ever woman joining the British from Brighton drapery down next Margaret Bondfield story is reminded of the decisive role women have always played in the labor party from its foundation and our party in government will take action close the gender pay gap we will include use mandates read the I ordered to plus and gave the equality and Human Rights Commission funding the needs to drive through the tanks labor has always been about making by working together and standing up full that's is what we are in the light one prince against all predictions in June we won the largest increase in the life of 5 since 1945 and he laid his vote for a generation its results which is put the Tories on notice and labor are on the threshold of power yes do well enough and we remain open for that but we've become the government in waiting are outstanding shadow cabinet team here today thank you for all your good thank you for the work the little bear claw positive numbers thank you for that a good way to go because right colleagues around the table anon message the whole country could not be clearer labor is ready right to tackle inequality ready to rebuild on National Health Service ready to give opportunity ready to give opportunity to young people dignity and security the whole all the people ready to invest in our economy and meet the challenges of climate change and of automation reading the book peace and justice at the heart of our foreign policy and really to build you a grass if relationship with your well we already and the Tories Canadians that is certainly Jerome I would definitely not stable Clinton hanging on by the big but the story government does have one thing they have the magic it's been flown it's been put to use on not gonna say good uses 2 years it when it was needed to keep to resume my Darling street it was given a good old shite along the whole we now know the price of it's approximately 100000000 pounds for each Democratic Union this them paid hearing during the election to resume my told voters they face the threats coalition of chaos your member that well now they're showing us just exactly how that works I don't just mean the ones deal with it pay it's got a coalition of chaos all around the cabinet table but if I'm on the mailbox Boris Johnson and David Davis act each other's throats squabbling imploding maneuvering to bundle the preamp out of number 10 and take your place at the first opportunity instead of getting to grips with the momentous issues facing this country what with coalition Imperials is no joke just look at the rectal the conservatives have been in office the longest fall in people's pi since records began homelessness doubled look around the streets of Brighton every other city and you see the effects of it and they just waiting list lengthening school class sizes growing teachers leaving over 4000000 children now living in poverty 20000 police officers 11005 flights is lost their jobs because of the skill more people in work and in poverty than ever before hundreds loan demand well the United Nations for violating the rights of disabled people but still strong and stable callous but it's calculated because nor is calculated making mousse millions in the name of severity pay full hefty tax handouts for the rich and powerful conference your address in the election campaign stop the Tories in their tracks the election result is already exhibit one touring you turn after another over some only some of the most damaging policies cruel dementia tax scraps within 3 days rebellion now because we can't one to bring back grammar schools I've been ditched who threatens people will the band with little ones of little claimants don't pledge Tory pledge bring back eventually dropped as well I their plan to end the free school meals and exist in primary schools has been banned the reality is this barely 3 months since the election this coalition of conservative chaos tearing up its manifesto tearing itself apart that the rest of ideas Annette bereft of energy we've got plenty of energy and joy of that green beans ready cherry picking like ripples stead voting on brexit so I think the prime minister very generous you're welcome books go the whole hog and hysterically abolish tuition fees scrub the public sector breakout I think we can find the killer who George you for that George is over there this is a weak and divided government no purpose beyond clinging to power it's labor that's now setting the agenda winning the arguments for a new common sense about the direction our country should type what principles come from my mom and dad and the way they brought me up in the principles that guide me they come from my family they come from the community I live in a very proud to represent Simpson's ripoff livewire roots in the ground everything that I do plus conference there were 2 styles of our election first was on manifesto drew on the idea liberal on the ideas will members and trade unions and the hopes and aspirations of communities a work places all over the country and we were clear about how we would pay for it ask the richest and the largest corporation stop paying their fair nor could lead to redistribute within a system that isn't delivering Hans full not sis so we set out not only how we approach services but how would rebuild and invest in our economy with the public beyond engine of sustainable growth driven by national and regional investment banks to generate good jobs unreal prosperity in every region and nation of this country our manifesto program of the molten aggressive Socialist Party that's rediscovered its roots and purpose blocking the trend old across Europe and blueprints the other star of the campaign you all of all members because the borders and the trade unions our doorstep another social media campaigns young people sharing messages and stories on social media hundreds of thousands organizing online and on the ground to out flank the Tories big money machine really the only one here to die in Brighton you represent the largest put party in western Europe with nearly 600000 members alongside 3000000 affiliated trade you brimming with enthusiasm and confidence in the potential of all of our people the real potential that is there you are the future let me say straight away I'm old humble everything that you've done along with hundreds of thousands of others across the country take us to where we are today and I've never been more proud to be your elected leader of this part mon election campaign gay it brought millions to the electoral register I'm inspired millions to go to vote for the first time and later a party of unity bringing generations and communities together rather than putting young and old against each other is what the Tories did we will never seek squeeze one generation support another under like black people win together the result results of our campaign can and see John McDonnell said John macdonell said it's amazing knows nothing of the day the gray beards got it wrong John I'm really not sure that is fair we wiped out the Tory majority winning supports in every social and age group I'm gaining seats in every region and nation of the country so please please and I take another working holiday and make another impetuous decision like the moon labor camp going machine grind ready to roll well because there was some people wouldn't come election well thinking of some of our more traditional media friends now come on we've been kind and gentle here they they ran the campaign they always do under orders from their tax exile owners crash labor and every time day before the election remember it well it wasn't angel they long to one paper devoted full team pages to attacking the lego policy in the following day all vote points out daily 10 percent nevertheless many trees died in vain the British people saw right through so this is a message to the daily Biles and no next to next time please my kids 28 pages look this is serious message to a campaign by the Tories and their loyal nasty personal and it fueled abuse online and no one was a target of that more than dying habit you just told me Diane has a decades long in total misogynist and racist abuse faced with such an overwhelmingly hostile press army of media and social trolls it's even more important but we stand together yes there will yes there will be thrown but they can never ever be any excuse for any abuse all anybody by anybody we are not having yet not tolerate it not accepting it and not a lot thank you thank you for that very clear that we see it logged if Democrats votes then you know I surround those decisions and go forward that is the labor party here this week I'm out in communities every week diverse welcoming democratic and ready to serve our country it was no big it's most important things right now than an incredibly important cannot be reduced repeating fairy stories from the side of a bus waiting 15 months state the obvious as a democratic socialist we accept and respect the referendum results but respect for democratic decision does not mean giving the green light to recklessness Tory Maureen Greg's with gender that would plunge Britain into a crumb style race to the bottom in rights corporate taxes we're not going to be passive spectators to a hopelessly inept negotiating team putting at risk people's jobs rights and living standards a thing more interested in posturing for posted vantage then in getting the best deal for the country Jimmy Thatcherism I switch in Florence last week did you not the cabinets for a few hours until her plane touched down at Heathrow if full the divisions broke out again never walls the national interest so ill served on such a political issue if there was no other reason for the Tories to go self interested brexit bungling would be reason enough so I have a simple message through the cabinets Britain's site put yourself together will make white one thing leads me my right away 3000000 European Union City currently living and working in Britain all welcome here lately I've been left and right cloud of insecurity by this in the future socialism I please through watching show you all gives them the full guarantees they deserve today because if you don't we will when we're in government since the referendum results Albrecht focus a bubble on our economic future that future is now under real threat powerful faction in the conservative leadership sees brexit was a challenge to create haven on the shores of Europe a low wage low tax deregulated playground the hedge funds speculators you talk would do very very nice out of this no question tool but manufacturer industries would go to the wall taking skilled jobs with them our tax base would crumble a public services would be slash still further we now less than 18 months away from leaving the European Union and so far Tory trio leading the talks of got nowhere and agreed next to nothing this rag tag Canada spends more time negotiating with each other than they do with the European Union I think I a cliff edge threat 6 is at risk of becoming a reality that's why labor has made clear that Britain should staying within the basic terms of the single market in customs union fall in them it's a transition period welcome at least that's the reason why is belatedly accepted but beyond that transition it's to unite everyone in our country around a progressive vision of what Britain could be but with the government stands for the many not the few labor is the only Ponce I can bring together those who voted lead and those who backed remain and unite the country for a future beyond brexit what not does in the negotiations is to achieve a settlement delivers jobs rights a decent living standards conference the real divide could not be clearer Sean bully Tory brexit driving down standards all oz the put jobs first and works for the many one guarantees unimpeded access the single market establishes a new cooperative relationship with Europe a brexit that uses powers returned from Brussels to I bought a new industrial strategy to upgrade our economy in every region and nation one that puts our economy first not fake immigration targets fan the flames of fear we will never follow the Tories into the gotta blaming migrants for the ills of our society it is good migrants who drive down and wages the worst bosses in collusion with the conservative government they never miss a chance to attack grade unions and we can people's rights at work labor will take action stop employers driving down pain conditions not panda to scapegoating all racism this holy soon is too important we left so and that internal battles their identity labor will hold the government squabbling minister sure Karen every step of the way will not seem kiss Thomas and the storm breaks and very god thank you yeah I'm sorry world because you can say that should be standing ready to take over when this government tries when they failed to negotiate a new relationship with Europe works rule to help create a Europe for the money for the future that the truth says that under the Tories Britain's future is at risk whatever the outcome of our economy no longer delivers secure harassing Cuba well paid jobs all rising living standards there is a new common sense emerging about how the country should be run that's what we fought for in the election and that's what's needed to replace the broken model forged by Margaret Thatcher many years ago I'm 10 years off to the global financial crash the Tories still believe in the saying dogmatic mantra deregulate privatize cut taxes for the wealthy we can write some work delivering profits for a few and debts for the many nothing has changed it's is employed stuff in a political and economic time the Financial Times put it last month that's on financial system still looks a lot like the pre crisis one and this isn't from the Financial Times us up a bit the capitalist system still faces a crisis of legitimacy stemming from the crash now is the time that government took a more active role in restructuring our economy now is the time that Ulbricht boardrooms were held accountable for their actions now is the time that we developed a new model of economic replace the failed dogmas of neo liberalism that is why labor that is why would you just repair the damage done by this dirty full market Connie with a new engine Namik role for the public sector Kitty where the private sector has so evidently fight click the war during the spring of the 9 companies in England 6 well now owned by private equity all foreign sovereign wealth fund their profits I handed out in dividends to shareholders while the infrastructure crumbles the companies pay little or nothing in tax and executive pie was sold as the service deteriorates that's why we are committed to take back all utilities into public ownership to what then there was still public course there is much more that needs to be on national investment bank and the transformation we'll be harnessed to mobilize public investment create wealth and good jobs when I met business groups have been very Frank with them we will invest in the education and skills of the work force and we will invest in better infrastructure from energy to digital but we are going to ask big business to pay a bit more time the Tory approach the economy glory approached Nicole knew isn't on rural distracted they've not focused on long term investment and wealth creation when you look at what they do rather than what they say or Iraq driving down wages services and standards to make as much money as quickly as possible good governance let government notes is the servant of the people lots of global corporations and they disregard for rampant inequality holding hands with a public services that is dying palace in the poll made our society more brutal unless Kerry now that I grated regime chilling refuge Grand Hotel I know horrifying fun in which dozens perished on him tiling avoidable human last one more kiss an indictment not just decades of failed housing policies and privatization and the yawning inequality in one of the wealthiest Paris and cities in the world it's also a damning indictment of a whole lot of that is council tax refunds for the wealthy above decent provision parole I'm which has contempt for working class communities before the fire attendance group a dreadful residents had worn and I quote the words that should hold old politicians a grateful action group firmly believes that only a catastrophic events would expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our land Greg so it's not just the results about political stands for a failed and broken system which labor must and will replace the poets band or crew we wrote pollen those who were living now those who were briefing chrome the earth if you want to see how the poor die come grin full Siva tower unless the world changing dream flower thank you bankrupt one little we have a duty of the country to learn the lesson I'm sure that a changed world flowers I hope the public inquiry would assist but a decent home is a right for everyone whatever their income for whatever their background and now movies should be homes for the mentally no speculative investment for a few look look so have you housing record and you understand why gradual residences about the conservative kind since 2010 homelessness has doubled 120000 children don't have a home to call their own home ownership has full thousands a living in homes that are unfit human which Haitian that's why along with our shadow housing minister John Haley and I thank John for his work with gold trim a review social housing policy planning building regulation management we will listen to tax across the country I propose a radical program of action and bring it back to next year's conference but some things are already very clear tenants are not being listened to we will insist every home is fit for human habitation a proposal this Tory government voted down in time and we will control rents when the younger generations housing costs a 3 times more than those of their grandparents that's is not going to rent controls exist in many cities the world and I want our cities to have those powers to tenants to have those protections we also need to tax undeveloped land held by developers I love the poem wolf we purchase as ed Miliband said use it or lose it one only families need homes off the ground floor we must think again about water cools regeneration scheme 3 generations is the much abused word too often what it really means is forced gentrification and social cleansing private development okay private developers moving we are very clear purity but we need to go further as conference so I did yes so when councils come forward with proposals for regeneration we'll put down to Marcus based on one simple principle regeneration under a labor government will be for the benefit of the local people not private developers don't have the strength of good one little mistake 3 developers must get a home on the same site on the same terms as before no no Susan lensing know Jack no exorbitant secondly councils will have to win a balance of existing tenants in this all could pull anything about him take flight real generation real regeneration yes the mini let's not ruling house that changes parties uniting tribute to a public sector workers 5 artists who ran into grants which how to save lives as mac told us that conference the health service workers caring for the mind in the months terrorist out does brave police officers who confronted the attackers London Bridge they see me thinking llama many of us you who gave his life when terrorists attacked our democracy all public servants make a difference everyday between a decent under threat were threadbare society everyone praises them everyone praises them but its labor values them and is prepared and is prepared to give them the pay rise they deserve a 7 by year after year year after year the tourism lies to Warners and as Hong nations Dr nurses a big ostrich folding Livingston yeah off to you if thoughts educate all children properly in ever larger class sizes more teachers than ever leaving the profession because protect the public on the cheek the police and security services must get the resources they need not 20000 jobs lost through police car nothing scrubbing the public sector pay squeeze isn't charity it is necessary to keep our public services fully staffed and strong that is the labor committee not everything worthwhile costs money though like many people I've been deeply moved by the tiny mirrors come change the organ donation there are more than 5000 feet click on organ transplant waiting list but a shortage of donors means in recent years only 3500 of them get life saving treatments they need so to everybody who's life could be saved by an organ transplant can have the gift of life from one human being to another the law has already been changed in Wales under the accent thing should've held on the Welsh labour government thank you bill Whalen thank you well flight with with us and many of the things and today we're making commitments a labor government will do the same for England in lieu in the last couple of days John macdonell I feel long bay leaves how we going to develop the economic plan shows a stable growth and jobs reach all parts of our country thank you John and thank you Becky for over there I'm the basis the basis of their work is that no community or region held by so we will establish regional development banks to invest in an industrial strategy for every reach everybody feels this country and every life but the challenges of the future go beyond the needs turn our backs on an economic model this failed to invest and upgrade our economy we need urgently face the challenge of automation robotics it could make so much of contemporary work redundant that is a threat in the hands of the greedy but it's a huge opportunity if managed in the interests of society as a whole Tom Watson spoke extensively about this yesterday and he and others in the shadow cabinet working hard thank you Tom thank you the shot a prominent we want to reap the full rewards it's great technological if they're monopolize pilot Prof few but if share the benefits they can be the gateway for a new settlements between work and leisure a springboard for expanded creativity and culture type of automation technology means we training and management of the work force and it must be center stage in the coming years so labor will build on education and training system from the cradle to the grave putting because people not one that will live with them that's why we will establish a national occasions service it would include school free tuition for all college courses technical and vocational training so what's no one is held back Michael's and everyone has the choice I'll give millions factional lifelong learning too old is sensual in the economy the huge shift of employment that will take place on the impact will automation must be planned and manage it demands the re skilling of millions of people only like that understands and will deliver that I was so and the writers said yesterday thank you engine of all the work you do in the way of our national education service we run 3 a principal universal free and empowering that's conference is central to all socialism for the 20 first century for the many not the few during the election I visited German side college in the you have a wonderful new MP Laura picked yeah right yeah ma'am please reading life identity into autonomous that college office I don't courses in everything from I teach a beauty therapy from engineering to child I met the pledges construction workers they stand to benefit from labor's 250000000000 national transformation building the homes people needs and then you transport energy a digital infrastructure our country mates by changing our economy to make it work for the whole country contact place in isolation changing how our country is run people to take control of their own lives our democracy needs to break out from Westminster into all Colossus guard Klay and economy with power is on the council all around the world democracies facing twin threats one from the emergence of authoritarian nationalism but is it tolerance and belligerent the second is apparently more benign actually equally CBS it's that big concessions big decisions should be left to the elite the political choices can only be marginal and people are consumers first and only citizens a very distant second the book is silly the main much more than that I mean this thing to people apps on election time not just the rich and powerful who used to calling the shots but to those of the shop and who really know what is going on but given example the greater Manchester police officer who warned to resume my 2 years ago the constant neighborhood policing were risking people's lives and security his concerns were dismissed as crying wolf like the care workers sacks when they blow the whistle on the abuse of the elderly or teachers intimidated when they speak out about the lack of funding in our children's schools well they don't exist during the war when they warn that the NHS is crumbling before our eyes all blows the whistle on patient safety we live uprising for society not only where rewards will fairly spread but what people are listening to more as well by governments local council and their employers some of the most shocking cases well not being listened surely be the recent revelations widespread child sex young people are most often young working class women have been subjected to the most repugnant abuse the response slice in making sure that everybody's voice must be heard no matter who they are or what they're back the kind of democracy we should be the kind of democracy that we should be aiming for is one where people teaming science in high society is run how their workplaces drive for the local schools or hospitals around that means increasing public accountability and democratize ation of local services Andrew green was talking about that on Monday thank you Andrew for the work they do it means democratically accountable public ownership for the natural monopolies with new participate tree forms of management as Rebecca along Bailey was setting out in his speech it means employees given the voice of work with unions able to represent them freely free of undemocratic fetters on their rights to organize I promised you studios ago that we would do politics always there's quite a few who prefer politics the old way but let me sigh I said again we will do politics and the vital word here is we no no just leaders saying things a different but everyone having the chance to shape our democracy our rights as citizens pourtant as our rights as consumers power devolve to the community knocks monopolize in Westminster unwatchable let's take it a stage further Mike public services accountable to communities business accountable to the public and politicians truly accountable to those we serve let's the next labour government runs will be written by Jane Healy putting power in the house the creative compactor committed people of this country both at home and abroad what underpins our politics is our compassion I know solidarity with people including those now covering in hurricane damage a caravan I sent a message to our family in Dominica last night's I can send Ireland is destroyed they don't know what to do they need help and support damage all over the Caribbean flood us in South Asia in Texas on the horror of the 2 earthquakes in Mexico on the loss of life as a result blacks our interdependence is a planet could not speak more obvious the environmental crisis in particular the moms Coleman global response that's why the president drums threats to withdraw from the Paris climate change treaty aside alarming there is no contradiction between meeting our climate change could and investing to build a strong economy based on high skilled industry in fact the opposite is the case action on climate change a powerful spoon to investments in the green industries and jobs of the future so long was is managed Potts all a sustainable transition we know tragically terrorism also recognizes no boundaries we've had 5 shocking examples in Britain this year alone 2 during the course the general election and one in my own constituency both Andy Burnham so they come the men as Manchester and London played a crucial role in bringing people together in the aftermath of those brutal attacks thank you and thank you for what you did what we did in uniting community the targeting of our democracy teenage girls on a music concert people enjoying an artifact worshipers outside a mosque commuters going to work all these horrific crimes and we all you nice in both condemning the perpetrators I'm gonna support for the emergency it's security services working to keep this site all of our communities came together and not just in London damn those all walks of life and all 5 but we also know that terrorism striving in a world that frankly are governments of help to shape but it's failed strikes military interventions and occupation where millions when millions of people full stop we have to do better swap the knee jerk response another bombing come the long term help to solve the conflict rather than field and we must we must put our values well foreign policy democracy and human rights a not an optional extra to be deployed selectively so we talk with silence cruel Saudi war in Yemen will continue this fly on Saudi Arabia for the machine of democracy in Egypt or Bajrang full well the tragic loss of life in the Congo which the media very seldom called like 3 although scientists a gun doing some sushi Jim champion of democracy and human rights please do all you can and the violence now against the red hanga in my mom run hello the United Nations directly the ring finger we we should stand firm for peaceful solutions 2 international crises tone down the rhetoric back dialogue negotiations wind down the deeply dangerous confrontation over the Korean peninsula and I appealed to the United Nations General circuitry Tony are good terrorists use the authority who has to go to Washington and to go to Pyongyang Kickstarter that's essential process of dialogue let's give real supports and the oppression Palestinian peace we the 50 year old move to January 2 states solution to the Israel Palestine conflict Britain's voice needs to be heard in the the world we must be friend states now more than ever values we share a not served by building walls running immigrants on the basis of religion polluting the planet or pandering to racism and let me say frankly conflicts speech made by the United States presence U. N. last week was stepping threaten wall untold of tearing up international agreements devoid of conscience Santa human rights and universal values it really wasn't a speech that should have been might our government our government has a responsibility it cannot meekly go along with this dangerous course if the special relationship means anything it must mean that we can say to Washington that's why is the wrong way do not clearly what's needed the case of one body with thousands of jobs announced steak thousands of jobs at risk prime minister betting our economic future on the deregulated trade deal with the U. S. might want to take a moment to explain how 220 percent tariffs a going to boost our exports in this country so let Britain's voice be heard loud and clear peace a justice and cooperation ... inference it's often said that election can only be one from the center correct Unna anyway got snow Rome so long as it's clear the political center of gravity isn't fixed well on movable new rule is it when you stop it's like that it is because they know everything is enough if he affixes people's expectations on experiences trying and political space is opened up today is sent to ground is certainly not where it was 20 or 30 years ago I DO consensus is emerging from the great economic crash and the years of austerity when people started to find a political voice for their hopes the something different and something better 2007 clean maybe the yeah one politics finally caught up with the crash 2008 but both ways often people a clear choice we need to build a still broader consensus around the priorities set in the election campaign making the case for both compassion and collective aspiration that's the real central gravity in politics we I know the political mainstream yes woman who's grown adult movies the popular that is what most people in the country she wants not what they've been told we should once convert swallowing labor is on the way back Scotland becoming once again the champion of social justice thank you because you for your leadership in Scotland thank you on it taking over I do ever know lead Scottish labor I'll be working with them delivering a unifying socialist message that will continue to inspire both south and north of the border we saw that in the election campaign we sold out you know to be out there doing a little that's why our policy now has around twice the membership of all other political parties put to movements we have lived we lift the status quo behind but we must make the change we see credible and effective I hope we've left around divisions but but we must make our unity practical we know we're campaign ready we must be government ready to respiration is matched by a confidence during the election campaign I met in this in the people in every in every part of the country I did the same over the summer pressed with the determination of so many people to try to make their communities back impressed with the hard work that people put in to try to deliver struggling public services and I met struggling single parents young people held back by the lack the opportunity pensioners anxious about health and social care public servants trying to keep services together low and middle onus self employed and employees facing in security squeeze living thing but hopeful hopeful things could and that labor make many having voted before or not he is part but they put their face in all parts of we often antidotes to apathy and despair to Missouri and let everyone understand this we've come this journey not to let you down because we listen to you because we believe in you like my car label will deliver a pretend well let me know if you //
"2017-09-27 13:00:16"
Annual Conference 2017 - Leaders Speech
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Conference Catch-Up | Tuesday
\\hi Eddie is on here ... welcome to our round up of day 3 of the labor party conference here in sunny brighten when the sun is behind it but it is sunny but it's on the issues come at great cover anyway it's sunny just goes on today it's about people web of public services firefighters police force ... and they just start teachers and transport workers and many other people working around the country they kicked off on conference over the speech from eye shadow business secretary Rebecca long Bailey who talked about our plans for the for industrial revolution yes this fall you can look it up kids then our shadow education secretary I'm gonna write it took to the floor to talk about labor's plan transform education coverage is much more than just the big speeches is a wide range of groups get together here at the level right I called a few of those good in the afternoon we had from government it's worth a fellow it's very hope this afternoon about how labor will always stand out and and they concluded with Tom Watson identity lead ... talk about labor's funds to help people who are addicted to gambling he wants Congress as it happens on the labor double Dutch UK or face focus Instagram and Twitter at if you want to join the conversation using hashtag lab 17 to show your best bet that's all for me ... ideas I've hit my body conference tomorrow day fortune in from 12 noon on Facebook Jeremy Corbyn doing his big speech live and I'm off to persuade the sun come out more it's almost coming it's threatening to come out and then it'll be left inside thanks very much for this //
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Tom Watson’s Speech to Labour Conference
\\what do what was before all the ... before I begin my speech I should say that it is being a nice this afternoon that this country has lost 2 of its finest working because the great toad the blues I'm Corey queen lay still both Tony armless with great supporters of our policy a great service to this movement and I know you would like to share your thoughts and prayers with their loved ones okay thank you for being here once you enthusiasm T. a passion Julia hauled works on behalf of the labor policy on behalf of our country I'm grateful to everyone of you the last week the prime minister made yet another speaks to reboot yes a guy who breaks its strategy she didn't chose to deliver this last of like to store I should in the great city of Florence but no one seems to know why for politicians though Florence even more than the city of done save them a teachings of Michelangelo city of Niccolo Machiavelli so I can only assume the volatile guns picked the venues well I could go who admits to blasted with a dozen of the right skills to be prime minister full one cities like he was wrong so little is known of the rest of them have the skills to be prime minister either so now he's back the material is famous at Boeing's was that it's to feed it the love this mantra runs is deep in the Tory party is blue threw a stick of brought several fear is how they win fear is how the government they were strangers behind this government's callous treatment of E. U. citizens living here it's with the head it's with the pedal feel of economic ruin that they justify their cruelty to our nurses and teachers our armed forces that are police offices it's we've via the guy how ma poorest and most vulnerable well turning a blind eye to that please friends I'm gonna be honest with you come from fear is a powerful force it won the tour was elections 22 20 this year the magical spellers being broken Jeremy sold this country that we don't need to be afraid that another white is possible living in favor is not so levels now we can choose to live in Laughlin hoping stats and this country our great country the ground to throw off the shackles is my Tory party was never love but you are happy fear work from well not anymore 15 months it still seem is diagnosed his own daily walk caught between your readiness I'd even worship friends cool in the headlights living on Boris Tong no I shouldn't 7 pooches what one of the big there is when I get info see it's a rule the citadel yes I'm very I get to sigh I'm only there for the world I'm one of the most surreal moments of my political life assuming late at nights in a field surrounded by people much younger of saw most stylish the me I realized something as the crimes but Glastonbury silent disco began to say ... Jeremy cool man ... Jeremy rule so Jimmy mostly sunny a realist it's actually better to be loved to be fair Jim shows they have some serious bits to more jobs it's not all music tools and opening digital culture media and sports all the key battlegrounds enough fights against be reduced that I'm alongside me in those boxes I have the best shadow D. C. M. S. team you could want Kevin Brennan what deputy resent arriving home Liam Byrne Steve greens grew slowly I will sleep so I was recently lost nearly sky Cordelia smiled a good general liking he was right that promotes a chit to join Diane Steve in the home office and we have a leader in Jeremy stomped his leadership on coach a policy when the 2 of us lost our indifference if coach a manifesto in whole deservedly the UK city of culture what a great job got laid the priceless golden hold it here no the only problem with me throughout these humans to the government will be to following in the console come from problem got of course gambling isn't with us for even bet she thinker obsolete substances can end up costing you a lot just that's Theresa might no I was attacked by the way but it's a serious problem the damage to the families of gambling addicts can be terrible yet some gambling phones driven by greed to deliberately talking up targeting up poorest communities we not only learn that when vulnerable people try to what types of online gambling some companies don't always blocked their returns is the shot gambling companies a revote harvesting thanks to deliberate the target low income gamblers people have given up time as Mike Dixon the boss of mental health charity abduction stories gambling addiction Tara's lives of popped and families apart to it's time righteous but didn't discipline discreet with us 13000000000 revenue contributes less than 10000000 pounds to treatment well Mike tell you that the labor government will introduce a compulsory levy and you can imagine the liberal if the drinks industry started targeting Alcoholics Anonymous by selling drink I'd solid I I meet we wouldn't tolerate that I'm we shouldn't tower right the same kind of behavior by some book months I'm not explicitly given the help they need gambling addiction is an illness and it's a fine time it was taken seems so I can announce to die give them together with jhonathan us without a shadow health secretary I'm launching a thorough review of gambling addiction in this country Colin Ferguson for treatment on the NHS join us with father why what a sparkling stole route 90 the strong winds it's going to be an outstanding health secretary in the next labor government I want to look at how best to fund a nitrous how free problem gamblers from stripped to cycle of addiction Tamara message to the gambling phones to Dioscorea stop targeting vulnerable people starts out soon probably a meet your obligation to help those whose lives have been blunted by addiction you can do it now because it's the right thing to do we filmed like for the next like the government to do it for you by the way the same applies to those organizations that one football in this could if you want ban football clubs from signing should sponsorship deals and betting companies labor will the conference is a sense I know how lucky I am I love my job so then my constituents and west Brom it serving the party serving you as Dixie leader there's no better job perhaps that's why so many people want to do it but I know that not everyone is as lucky as me more and more of being left behind by the economy so that's the fuse not the men in and the world is changing in ways we called continue to ignore the labor markets polaroids to tell you choice for too many young people it's precariously employment or no employment 0 wants contract or no contract shabby dangerous soul destroying work all know will console I didn't commit the courts in person is amongst the highest in the developed world inequality between those with fulfillment of security of work unknowns with until he's growing to this is a study in all our country but the tourist just shrug their shoulders and say this no just like they did on low pie before I tossing institutes the minimum wage just like they did on maternity rights before we secured them just like they did on health check before we created the NHS treat the money not just the few and the tool is excluded they didn't know transport for London told Luba follow the same rules as everyone else nothing more they become one of its many fat service as long as they respect some rooms treat customers with respect to key insights like everyone else house and then you'll be welcome to make money in London but Luba you're becoming the perfect pick how the future king economy must not look as you might think you remove the tissue friends of the taller Tory policy will Britain and its newspapers you know that's always don't care about a level playing fields and orderly markets but I care about consumer protection but so they don't care about workers rights but they don't run London that's why you might give money I'm not my words they won't be running Bruce and so much longer to because conservatives don't have the imagination to when brakes check I never heard Theresa Mike summed it up in a 9 infamous infamous knowing from the election nothing has changed nothing house changed so no lessons learned no message received so Simon tourists know when to us directly no chunks of public servants who deserve a pay rise no trace of the millions who desperately need something different Susan is the Taurus don't really want to change things labor dos and when Jeremy forms the next government labor will excellent good signs is upon those the old fee was blown we read the football transformative reform hungry for it that's what the labels putting shown and as hundreds of thousands not told dole's what's rallies got the votes to deliver stunning like of victories it totally stronghold slot turned Sabri like change things this year's election shows the real changes we can and we will form a radical does look which does things differently we have the imagination we have the drawings we have the moments of affordable logon and Bristol west what's his phone calls not just because we need to undo the damage of all those years of Tory rule well because fresh challenges lie ahead on the horizon insights in the next few years also Mike Shula lots of fun artificial intelligence threatening jobs or wages on the sky will just never see did you talk performs might get access to work much more directed a media but the quality of that one so I'm still the wages pensions too often these attacks decide disguised as innovation where is labor believes that secure Holly Cole it supports the work should be available for every adult who wants it and in order to get it in the digital light Cecil will we need to be a creative work and it's the job of government to Mike the hot and that starts with education in an age when every child has access to all the knowledge that has ever existed on the device that fits in the palm of their hands just teaching them to memorize thousands of fox is missing the point Michael ghost curriculum riffles were useless returned for the past he was obsessed with what children who remember instead of how they can use the knowledge that we don't yet know what the jobs of you will be so we've got to teach children not just want to learn but how insular and hence increase so for wellness the Mosul intelligence social skills we don't sit with you collaborative learning transferable skills I could adopt as the New World swells arrived great schools of places of the modulation separation no they help by young people become great humans constantly adjusting in a continually changing world such schools are as powerful as the creative imaginations they looked that's fabulous places and let's be clear they do exist but let's be equally clear that they exist in spite of my cocoa mix more just being greedy analog millions of tourists it was the fix it then children in the quick the economy of 9 it's a loan the economy at the scene where is Angela Wright I funds castigated crisis do you believe that it's offensive system the proposal young right well we thought that and he tilted lie about how government help to groan from teenage moments of I don't mean this our education fund but when she's running it she won't let the next generation 5 we sold sold products so private what she's going to do that night Slade boom will educate try in a nation of work because of the most creative and people on the planet we'll give working people the tools to use technology to enhance their law it's not just the digital leads the digital economy succeeds only when it gives each of us the means to realize that should put which doesn't just stop at schools it must be threaded through acts are economy so I saw laws so let's extend employment rights all the workers in the gig economy a self employed so I can see workers and contractors as well as the tradition may employ let's stop dancing on the head of a legal expert paid about when that job is a job but a self employed is not really so quickly it's a fight point with big business always wins a whole week of mint snuff to hide behind so let's put an end to rule out just give rights people and yes in one of the richest countries in the world in the 20 first century let's just might bicycle poor not rights non negotiable in all circumstances I give it to everybody anybody else would have to go because they don't want to do exited about the minimum wage exited about it so that's he writes they set it up by the NHS don't let them frightened you out of the rights you deserve we need to read long revolutionize our trade unions for the digital lines finding new ways to build solidarity and collectivism and let's not forget some she went surprises community focus people laureates of companies that have thrived since the recession I will be vital to unlocking our future a frameset lust is conference on most of independent commission to look at the future of world they will report be reporting shortly haven't done a tremendous job another like to cite chapter Helen mine field and all the commissioners and this is a complex together we rewrote the rules of politics we overcame FIA and we took the country with his using new digital platforms instead of our bias media we talk straight to the people and they heard a message and in contrast to the last September to reset my had a secret meeting with Rupert Murdoch in New York 9 months later at the election Murdoch's papers did their best to stall tickets will rely on Sloan's right through the kitchen sink at Jeremy but this time the dirty tricks didn't work this time it was not the son what one it and let me tell you poem foods it will never again be the song what wanted one of my speech last year I predict to them in the election in which I also said we go to give the tour was the surprise of their lives well conference we did it Jeremy you did this year I'm gonna yes this hard work to do and now we must Jeremy Corbyn this broken the spell of fear the Tories thought to he's out his own to remember the politics of pure but inspiring hope no peddling despair he showed us again what a real alternative to tool you some looks like and what it can achieve till you come Jeremy Corbyn will be our next prime minister and incidents will be used ... transformative terms of the labor code government well listen tuition fees and reintroducing the take him back tell utilities into social ownership re not slicing alright we'll use a 10 pound and I would really do whites and rising hundreds of thousands of new council houses waiting list done violates the 0 items writing songs going through known more for a hospital closures freezing the stipend set aside each free school meals thrown primary school children of smaller class sizes Monday 0 last contrasts in always get low on the food drive through that's what a lot of a couple of blocks long that's what we need that's when we politics is the following between goings he wants to be yeah the bones will not frightened so low Britain's run out of patience with the tin pot Machiavelli's Boris Johnson Michael goes Liam fox the rest of you your time is up the country is ready ready to throw up Persepolis but fell back ASAP ready to do the right thing to do the thing right importance of love palm springs research is ready for labor no windows some will we //
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Annual Conference 2017 - Tuesday Afternoon
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Barbara Keeley's Speech to Labour Conference
\\thank you Joe until I say thanks to all delegates we've had some fabulous very impassioned speeches but particularly thanks to pool we've avail and blatant the moving seconding the motion and supporting the motion on social care each season almost to close this debate has laid the shadow cabinet for mental health and social care I'm proud really proud to have that role in the labor party that understands how methodical mental health and social care services all and the party that makes protecting those services a major priority and doesn't need protection we've heard in this debate it's even more important when we see the crisis the Tory government created in both social care and mental health another called said he crisis made in Downing Street stories are failing people across the country they failing those who need care and their families failing unpaid family cameras they failing hundreds of thousands of care workers people are now going without the kid they need nearly hopped 1000000 people fewer gets in publicly funded care since the tourists came to office how off 1000000 over 1000000 older people with on that 10 needs many of them isolated and lonely pull CLP delegates told us about the person al without sign was lonely looking after himself with unmet needs this story go who isn't just failing social care uses its fate in their families to hundreds of thousands of unpaid family carers announced struggling to balance work and can and it's failing hundreds of thousands of K. stuff because under the Tories too often they are underpaid under trained and undervalued and that's not ex tickle caring stuff will force to work on 0 hours contracts denied pay for troubled song underpaid for sleeping shifts with care visits of just 15 minutes prevented from giving the quality of care what people deserve I'm a bit sore government he's failing children young people in need of mental health services now denied treatment to to tour recalls young people told they are not enough to be treated for an eating disorder children who have self harmed being turned away unless they have made a serious suicide attempt thousands of people in mental health crisis being sent hundreds of miles from their families just to get the treatment they need mental health services for young people the announced so cool hi court judge how to tell Jeremy home but this country would have blood on its hands suitable CA could not be found through suicidal teenage girl conference it's time for us in the later part his say that this is not good enough it's not good enough care quality because Foolin we've heard in the debates jigsaw puzzle wanting full service is now failing on safety grounds it's not good enough that thousands of vulnerable people a stocking hospital for weeks or months because there is no care for them a home a little place in a care home it's not good enough laso into the British red cross to to the humanitarian crisis they stole people sent home from hospital without clothes people falling and not being found for days people going on walks because there were no pay services to help those who walks this social paraphrases was making Downing Street enough we heard even though it was the Tories that night face the Liberal Democrats aided and abetted the cult from social care we only governments working in the coalition started cutting billions of pounds for she's and Tory ministers are now failing to find the extra funding needed for social care failed budget off the budget off the budget important statement after oaks and stuck her and they're doing this now general election Theresa may announced her solution to the crisis what would it be a new tax on care Doug the dimension turns heating people who need care even harder on the door giving hate making people use the value of their own homes to pay for home now this was such a failing and toxic policies that Theresa may announced to you turn on it within 4 days and then the Tories quietly double talk policy but in its place the Tories now have nothing to say axle on the future funding of social care they just promise what they promised a consultation and a green paper until the crisis in mental health of children know people which so many in this whole clearly really a very concerned about that also promises a green paper conference labeled will fill this Tory policy vacuum we will show that we have a policy that values social care and mental health something just to start with the extra funding which Gould said that we need of the election we pledged an extra 8000000000 pounds to social CA in this parliament with an extra 1000000000 pounds this year to deal with the Tory crisis this would have delivered its importance what we were trying to do without 0 pounds extra you this would have delivered playing a real living wage to cast off paying them travel time and letting them choose regular hours of that have to be just the starting point for a case it wouldn't delivered finally ending inadequate 50 many campuses and it would help to ensure free end of life care we have pledged 3 end of life care in 2015 and we pledge again who 2070 and the Holy conference labor believes funding must be found to pay K. stock properly fish sleep in shifts I really want to thank unisom for all the work that they've done in supporting in supporting Elko stop Kenneth Starr who provide those sleeping ships have to be paid properly I'm the label will support family cares we have pledged to increase the carrots allows the home page cares to at least the same rights of job seekers along that's only a small first step we have to recognize the value of the work of unpaid family cares phone companies a Jeremy Corbyn labor government will build a national passer this everything which we pulled the risk of high chemical so that no one is faced with because they are now in its first years on a whole case of it will receive an extra 3000000000 pounds of public funds if media enough to place a cap on what a visual stuff to pay towards they care enough to raise the assets ratio for paying for Canada enough to provide free and of life care no synthetic formal pledge we will invite an independent expert panel to advices on how we move from the current broken system of care to a sustainable cities for the long term finally in mental health we will increase the amount we spend on services for children and young people it is a crime that despite their numbers a very small proportion of mental health which is to get spent on children of people but more importantly extra funding keeps being promised we will ring fence mental health clergy's so that money isn't siphoned off by all the parts Beatrice we will bring an early and toppage policy patients being sent hundreds of miles from I had 3 how do we will offer a school based counseling for young people in everyone of the high and I I really think the delegate who raise the value of school nurses and counselors would really help in that grouping of health the citizens and the school nurses with you the young people conference under the Tories we've seen yes indeed let's of care needs neglect of all the people of younger people of vulnerable disabled people this Tory government has now no solutions to the problems it has created only labor willing this crisis made in Downing Street only labor will bring hope to those in need of care on those who care for them unknown a labor will build care services fit for the money knocks the fuse I people //
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Jon Ashworth's Speech to Labour Conference
\\and I thank you Chad is a tremendous privilege speak for the plot hole humbled in the knowledge that it was this conference 8 years ago but the mandate public universal health care and it was this policy almost 70 years ago the established a National Health Service free at the point of use covering every man woman and child in the lines and today we renew our commitment through the holes and we dedicate ourselves to electing a Jeremy coal bin labor government whose mission whose mission will be the rebuilding of a comprehensive universal reintegrated public National Health Service free at the point of use that's all when you the dates I'm not soft also today is to speak out with a sense of urgency about what is happening to our NHS waiting lists top 4000000 this year 2.5000000 people waited over 4:00 hours in a in a this what into patients on trolleys in Colorado ambulances back so outside overcrowded hospitals the nation left shot my little boy with suspected meningitis waiting 5 I was in agony without a bat forced to lie onto plastic Jeff some called it a humanitarian crisis well conference when you wonderful the NHS when you cut billions in social care let's call it what it really is accelerate manufactured crisis and this crisis and this crisis well waiting lists the now so Llynfi that more and more patients feel they have no option but to pay for a surgeon the film so that that site while the rest to come aboard it wait longer and longer friends her shoes have should never depend on the individual well if so a labor government would allocate an extra 45000000000 pounds go out at night to us on some films that the and to avoid another wouldn't so like the one we just talked we would establish Hough 0 pound emergency with it's a fund so I pay since on that families never have to suffer a lot lot again at Windsor this is the leadership that Jeremy hunt should be showing but he's not easy that you have seen in the newspapers that I lost week Jeremy hunt order hospital bosses to a summits well they were reached up to touch shots we can do this it's absolutely true help make things out of the soul of well you know something the NHS doesn't need silly Jeremy home gimmicks the NHS neither Jeremy called a labor government now I will be on himself who will work closely all are an 8 track so let's just send a message today to the stock of the NHS who work day in day out at weekends to whose house deliver us into the world who comforts us enough final moments you have Bob right to choose you how about backing you have our commitment that we will talk ill clinic vacancies we will bring back the battery and we will stop the pay cap and deliver bad pay for all of you and so those of you who come to our souls from the EU I'm beyond we say you are welcome your rights will be secure all you are not bargaining chips but you are part of our society in part of the fabric of the National Health Service as well but we all know that Bob Rick about nature it's being constantly on the mind by the constant by the millions of pounds wasted on the constant endless tendering of services to private providers and we know it's patient paths but let me give you one very quick example an ambulance contract haven so 6 Hyundai to a private company you didn't even own any ambulances so they should contracted 20 over companies 2 of those companies ceased trading an ambulance drivers couldn't be paid now frankly left contract has been taken off private homes I'm talking to the NHS I recently I'm recently I had the privilege of meeting some of those under those drivers from the GNP I'm gonna Stivers who took that patients to appointments but out weeks without pay this is not don't don't those condiments live this show but public service it's about the grace a calling it's about compassion can on public duty not called fox markets and commercialize action so I complied see you today a labor government well legislate so reinstate the section of state responsibility for universal cat will rethink lately and I just reverse the health and social care rock like the fire sale of office and new something out your local community the bats closing services last name motioning of treatments because of forum depending is not sustainable transformation so conference we will stop the SP piece I did the right help battleground no room for warmth a new approach public health that protects people's wellbeing the years to come to prevent disease to reduce the toll from cancer show caught disease diabetes time to start tackling the qualities of ill health as well we need to we need to end the dismantling of all public health services we need to tackle social life isolation we need to build decent homes and improve the quality of the at least 3 we have seen a increase for admission the malnutrition we've seen a stalling extolling in the improvement in life expectancy first time in 100 years now we know a child born into poverty is likely to suffer far worse health outcomes in life it was once said there can be no keener revelation of a society so then the way in which it treats children now this party has long been committed to abolishing child poverty so I can tell you today the next labor governments will commit to an all out assault on child still healthy no longer no longer will be like woah impact the health of our children become friends so that means will approve law health visitor who still notices for our communities well impressed Invensys 3 unsettled child obesity will get every infants a free school meals I'm Bob Dole clued up it's all rising above the nighttime television so and will end the disgraceful cults the child and adolescent mental health services well and the scandal of children being treated another level unkindly Delevingne staying home runs I will tell you about one of the it's yeah 43000000 pounds will be slashed I'm out to hold drug addiction recently I chose to speak out very personally about my own circumstance growing up with a. you are different problem he was an alcoholic he's drinkin hungover all my childhood I remember going home the fix was filled with nothing but bubbles a drink spending evenings with him well all he did was drink and drink until he fell asleep things got so bad in his later years he felt he could even come to my wedding because he's too embarrassed I tell you the story not for your indulgence all sympathy but because there are 2000000 children growing up with an alcoholic haven't 335000 children grow up with haven't with drug abuse so pot of our results a child will have I will put in place with your support hopefully the first ever national strategy the poor children of alcoholics and drug users family vastly different treatment and prevention welcome since so conference a fully funded public National Health Service that paper Rostock and then it's a thorny privatization I'm not sold on health into qualities the very best quality of cap all free at the point of use that when you need it this is what we strive ball we settle for nothing less it is the demand of a civilized society so today we pledge ourselves to United at that's a result that the next labor governments will rebuild our NHS thank you very much //
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Naomi Klein's Speech to Labour Conference
\\thank you heat for that lovely introduction and for all of the work that you do to put social jet justice on the world agenda it's been such a privilege to be part of this historic convention feel it energy and optimism because friends it's bleak out there how do I begin to describe a world so upside down from heads of state tweeting threats of nuclear annihilation 2 whole regions rocked by climate chaos to thousands of migrants drowning off the coast of Europe to openly racist party gaining ground most recently and alarmingly in Germany most days there is simply too much to take in so I want to start with an example that may seem small against such a vast backdrop the Caribbean and the southern United States are in the midst of an unprecedented her cane season founded by storm after record breaking storm as we meet Porter Rico hit first by her mom then the ria is without power and could be for months its water and the communication systems are also severely compromised 3.5000000 U. S. citizens on that island are in desperate need of their government's help but just like during Katrina a calorie is missing in action Donald Trump is too busy trying to get black athletes fired smearing them for daring to shine a spotlight on racist violence amazingly a real federal age 8 a pack reporter Rico has yes be announced by some reports more money has been spent securing the president's visits tomorrow Lago as if all of this work enough the vultures are buzzing the business press the filled with articles about how the only way for Porta Rico to get its lights back on is to sell off if its electricity utility maybe its roads and its bridges to this is the phenomenon I have called the shock doctrine the exploitation of wrenching crises to smuggle through policies that devoured the public sphere and in which a Tyler delete we see this dismal cycle again and again we sought after the 2008 financial crash we are seeing it already in how the Tories arch planning to exploit brags that a push through disastrous pro corporate policies without debate we're coming on you to stop them the reason I am highlighting quarter Rico is of course because the situation is urgent but also because it's a kind of microcosm for our much larger global crisis when that contains many of the same overlapping elements celebrating climate chaos militarism histories of colonialism a week and neglected the public sphere are totally dysfunctional democracy and overlaying it all seemingly bottomless capacity to discount huge numbers of lies a black and brown people ours is an age when it's Khan impossible to pry one crisis apart from the other they have all merged reinforcing and deepening each other like one shambling a multi headed beast I think it's helpful to think of the current US president along the same lines it's it's tough to know exactly how to adequately sum him up so let me try a local example you know horrible thing currently clogging up London sewers I I believe you call it the flag burn well sure if the political equivalent of that me into a merger of all that is not in the culture and in the body politic all kind of Guam's to and they're in a mass and we're finding it very very hard to do we have to laugh what else can we do but make no mistake whether it's climate change or the nuclear threat trump represents a crisis that if left unchecked could echo through your logic time but here is my message to you today moments of crisis do not have to go back shock doctrine grouped they do not have to become opportunities for the already have seen the wealthy to grab still more they can also go the opposite way they can be moments when we find our best selves Willie locate reserves of strength and focus and resolve that we never knew we had and we see this Everytime disaster strikes at the grassroots we all witnessed it in the aftermath of the Grenfell tower catastrophe when the people responsible once again where am I a the community came together called one another and care organize the donations advocated for the living and for the dead and they are doing it still more than 100 days after the fire when there is still no justice and scandalously only a handful of survivors have been re house and it's not only at the grassroots level where we see this capacity for disaster to awaken something powerful in acts there is also a long and proud history of crisis speak up sparking progressive transformation on a society wide scale think of the victories won by working people for social housing in old age pensions during the Great Depression or for the NHS after the horrors of the second World War this should remind us that moments of great crisis and peril do not need to knock us backwards they can also catapult us forwards our progressive ancestors achieved that he moments in history in your country and in mine and we can do it again in this moment where everything is on the line but what we know from these jurors in history is that will never win these transformative victories simply by resisting simply by saying no to the latest outrage to win in a moment of true crisis we also need a bold and forward looking yes I plan to rebuild and respond to the underlying causes high in so much pain and that plan needs to be convincing it needs to be credible and most of all it needs to be captivated we have to help a weary and wary public to imagine itself into that better world and that is why I am so deeply honored to be standing with you today with the transformed labor party in 2078 and with the next prime minister of Britain in the last election that's exactly what you did Theresa may ran a cynical campaign based on exploiting fear and shock I grab more powerful who saw first the fear of a bad Greg 50 off then the fear that followed the horrific terror attacks in Manchester and London your party I'm your leader responded by focusing on root causes a failed war on terror economic inequality weaken democracy but you did much more than that you presented voters with the ball and detailed manifesto one that made out when that laid out a plan for millions of people to have tangibly better lives free tuition fully funded healthcare aggressive climate action after decades of lowered expectations and ask big C. aided political imagination finally voters had something hopeful and exciting to say yes to and so many and so many of them did just that up ending the projections of the entire expert class your party that the era of triangulation and tinkering is over the public is hungry it's hungry print the changes we are crying out for it trouble lives in far too many countries it's only the far right that is offering or pretending to with that toxic combination of fake economic populism and buried real racism you showed us that there is another way a way that speaks the language of decency and fairness that names the true forces responsible no matter how powerful and that is I'm afraid of some of the ideas we were told were gone for good like wealth redistribution and nationalizing effectual public service now now all of your boldness we know that this is not just a moral strategy its a winning strategy it it fires up the base and it activates constituencies that long ago stopped voting altogether now if you can keep doing that between now and the next election you will be on beatable you should have something else in the lock last election 2 and it's just as important you show that political parties don't need to fear the creativity and independence of social movements and social movements also have a huge amount to gain from engaging with electoral politics and that is a very big deal because let's be honest political parties can to be a bit freakish about control annnnd real grassroots movement well we cherish our independence and were basically impossible to control but what we are seeing with the remarkable relationship between labor and momentum and with many other many other wonderful Payne organizations is that it is possible buying the best both worlds if we listen and learn from each other we can create a force that is more nimble and more powerful than anything that either movements for parties can achieve on their own I want you to know that what you have done here is reverberating around the world so many of us are watching your ongoing experiment in this new politics with laughter attention and you are inspiring others and of course what happened here is itself part of a global phenomenon it's a wave led by young people who came into adulthood just as the global financial system with collapsing and just as climate disruption was banging down the door many came out of social movements like occupy Wall Street or Spain in the Kanata oaks they began by saying no to austerity to bank bailouts to fracking to pipelines but they came to understand and we still need to do that but they came to understand that the biggest challenge overcoming the way neo liberalism has waged war on our collective imagination on our ability to a world out side of it on the phone so these movements together and started to you remain together laying out called and defer visions for the and credible path ways out of crisis and most importantly they began engaging with political parties to try to win power we saw it in Bernie Sanders's historical campaign in the U. S. primary which was which was powered by millennials no safe centrist policies on offer offer then no kind of safety future and by the way some of you may not know this but Bernie Sanders is still the most popular politician in the United States we see something similar with Spain Illyana put demos part built in the power of mass movement day one in all of these case electoral campaigns clock fire with stunning speed and they got close to taking power closer than any genuinely transformative political program hasn't either Europe or North America in my lifetime but still in each case not close enough so in this time between elections it's worth thinking about how to make absolutely sure that next time all of our movements go all the way now a big part of the answer I think is just keeping it up keep building the yaks take it further outside the heat of a campaign there is more time to deep in the relationships between issues and movements so that our solutions address multiple crises at once in all of our countries we can and must do more to connect the dots between economic injustice racial injustice and gender injustice we need to understand we need to understand and explain how all of these ugly systems that place one group in a position of dominance over another based on skin color religious faith gender and sexual orientation consistently serve the interests of power and money and always have they do it they do it by keeping us divided and by keeping themselves pretty did and we also I think can do more to keep friends of mine the fact that we are in a climate emergency the roots of which are found in the same system a bottomless greed that underlies our economic emergency but states of emergency let's recall can be catalysts for deep aggressive victories so let's drop out the connections between the gig economy that shrieks of human beings like a raw resource to use up and then discard and they dig economy in which the extract of companies treat the earth in precisely the same way in that same exactly how we can move from that gig and dig economy to a society based on principles of care caring for the planet and for one another a society where the work of our caregivers and of our land and water protect is respected and valued a world where no one and no where thrown away whether in fire trap housing estates or on hurricane ravaged islands I applaud the clear stance that labor has taken against fracking and for clean energy and I think we can or indecent show exactly how battling climate change is a once in a century checks to build a fairer and more democratic cloudy me for the many not the few because as we rapidly transition off of fossil fuels cannot replicate the well creation and the injustices of the oil and coal economy in which hundreds of billions profits have privatize and the tremendous risks and costs have been social lives we can and must design a system in which the polluters pay a very large share of the costs of transitioning off of this disaster fanatic model where we keep green energy in public him heading community hand that way revenues stay in your communities I pay for childcare and firefighters and other crucial services and it's the only way to make sure that green jobs that are created our union jobs and pay a living wage how's this for a motto the oil and gas in the ground no worker and the best part you don't need to wait until you get to Westminster to start this great transition you can use the levers that you have already you can take a page from Barcelona and turn your labor controlled cities into blue curtains for the world transform a good start a good start would be divesting your pensions from fossil fuels and investing that money a good start would be divesting from fossil fuels and investing that money in low carbon social housing and green energy cooperative that way people can begin to experience the benefits of the next economy even before the next election and know in their bones that yes there is and always was an alternative in closing I want to stress and echoing heat as your international speaker that none of this can be about turning one nation into some kind of progressive museum in wealthy countries like yours and mine we need migration policies and level at and levels of international financing that reflect what we owe to the global south that was the flex our historic role in destabilizing their economies and ecologies for many many years for instance during this epic hurricane season we've heard a lot of talk about that British Virgin Islands and the French Virgin Islands and so on rarely with it's seen as relevant to observe that these are not reflections of where Europeans like to holiday they are reflections of the fact that so much of the vast wealth of empire was extracted from the islands in bondage human slash it may be inconvenient note but this well that charge to Europe and North America real revolution shipping costs as the super polluter as we are today and that in turn is intimately connected to the fact that the future and security of island nations are now at grave risk from super storms from sea level rise and from dying coral reefs what should this mean to us today it means welcoming migrants and refugees and that means paying our fair share to any more could ramp up based actions of their own trump trump going road is no ex demand less of ourselves in the UK and Canada or anywhere else for that it means the opposite that we have to demand more of our self up the slack into the United States manages to get its sewer system on clocked I firmly believe that all of this work challenging as it chel part of a victory that the more ambitious consistent and homeless stick you can be in painting a picture of the world transformed the more credible a labor government will become because you went and showed us that you can win now you have to win we all do winning is a moral imperative stakes are too high time too short settle for anything less thank you //
"2017-09-26 13:07:06"
Angela Rayner's Speech to Labour Conference
\\conference it's an absolute pleasure to be before you today and I'm really proud that my shadow education team of all Hey with me on my staff who do so it's amazing work throughout the year we've made I am I said what do you see it as blue conference this last 12 months to reason I stopped a bit by wanted a coalition of chaos and now conference sees you needed a I'm home education minister if I spent the last few moments brick you know their own manifesto page by page they wanted to open new promise schools conference they come they said they build 100 I'm full today 3 schools but I couldn't they watched the healthy people phone would not fall below 400000000 now it's well I'm very pro makes they provide free school Brett well unlike our colleagues in my own they loans when we please them in parliament on tuition fees they refused to accept it insist that they will just stop soon you know for the votes they come from running the place ceremony no way from the play the book won't print I went through them on the presto line by line there are more education policy that I believe you got a bomb then they're not actually being implemented that big bad manifesto win building on ours conference the net labor government will create a national education savings in a cradle to grave Clifton supporting everyone that my it will stop in the early years way we know how the most impact and change in people's lives just like my life was changed by a labor government conference when I became pregnant at 16 it was easy to think that the digression of my life and that of my young soul was already set my mom had a difficult life and so did I and it looks as if my song would simply have the say instead conference the last labor government through support from my local show stops and transformed my son's child called and made Shawnna Capone grin when I say that politics changed lives I say it is so long whose own life has been changed yeah those services those crucial local favorite food abeam lost across the country we we feel today but since 2012 full blown to them third see 7000000 pounds is being quote from she'll stop nearly ha apparent failure funded that means that more children and families with less control over that lives and I'm proud to say that we will get a 500000000 a year guy Bradley to soft out repair think please call we postpone principi every child affects charms to see we need to give them the best possible possible stocks in line for 2 men they thought simply isn't Hartman the tourists they promised 3 tall Pat to the children of working parents they promise over 600000 places well they creates a glass on the quality of them the most disadvantaged out even eligible and cops arrive in more than twice as wages today we are publishing every Paul sexy knockouts the alternative free high quality early education universally available for everything a 4 year old an extra affordable cat every family saving them thousands of pounds a year the palm prints our children will be ready for school I'm when children arrive they won't be let down for a lot of results is that either little women flight 6 year term with on that so called Farah funding formula 2 weeks ago thanks to our precedent and that right funds caustic campaign that was ruled by parents and teachers paper bungling the cost pulls school the program conference true pit is that there's no new money every single penny has been found by could sing over education spending and they still won't meet that promise that form they will go well in real terms over the next 5 years this means a continuation of real time calls the phone they have 88 percent of our schools and they will hit the most this advantage areas the hall this conference a labor government would meet thought from the things that a parent funding formula but genuinely I'm properly funded a conference we will remember the most important results that we have people Linden needs creature see what brings out the hall about not school education living I'm way well penknife why no but the labor party announcing bring that and public sector Paycock it's not just the bow out features that the conference is about hot seat to that system could also call many of us support stockman on school of law so more but that all the men the men wait we will bring by national standards for them say they look paparazzi well it's giving all schools the recall says they need me most in show that they give every child the support that they deserve because all up people's do think a good quality of life so I am proud to say that I still secretary of state I will allocate 10000000 Maki pot mental bullshit and the scandal of him yet public say in our school conference we have amazing labor councillors open down I'll look into that do a fantastic job and we know that counsel be quiet find a school that every child well conference we will give them the resources to meet box responsibility unlike the conservative we will help took cesspool state school expound and ensure that every child gets a place so we will be impressed 8000000000 pounds into new school buildings where they are needed and we won't Nicolette existing schools to do it we will provide we will provide the full day 3000000000 pounds needed for our existing school it stay instead of white thing millions of pounds on the name efficient and in the back seat and the national a case in favor if won't stop the alright see Sir but education isn't just for those who didn't get a chance to go to university expands the majority of young people they need to do is there a world class education coincides instead conference the conservatives the hot pizza monies declined well I will only be happy when we mandates so that's no blueprint we promised the number on the pressure but we will invest 0 pounds into education and says perfectly good to the deliver up Betsy level flow are true gold founded the conservatives they keep talking about how they want to help young people reducing fees may be copied interest rates raising the repayment press so I got a suggestion fault in conference stop talking about it and get on with a well pump and found no school education service is not jobs for young people iva that's his personal to me saying I 60 I was out of school and looking for work without any qualifications to offer I supported myself in my song but the cat worker looking after the elderly and disabled in their own homes low qualifications meant low wages no skills meant no security another trade union athlete you know thing I could say things that are not just sound well I think and the people we had grown conference would place the Q. patient meant what we hope the chancellor mall on set then mall well the people meet got trounced tape so on national education Sabbath will be life long providing people at every stage of bad life with good quality education thoughts is our national education service not just on the verge structure none of us knew side on the school day a promise from a labor government to the British people I'm pretty space knows that we believe in all of that in that someone in that potential in all that they give to our country and that we will never limit that Oscar race and all their ability to succeed it's well sex how the education that people can expect throughout their lives the contribution that society makes to them and that they can make to society today we outlined the principles about national education service in the truck chops up started what conversation on how we continue to build that moving forward a conference I look forward to that conversation to visit in schools colleges and university to talking to people parents teachers and businesses though so that we can truly build a national education savings for the mandate a not just the few conference education in phones inspires and empowers because knowledge is power I know that from my own mind we mostly so that power becomes the brides of every person whatsoever that circumstances but that they're not means was given opportunity to wall with accountancy of lifelong Lyndon whenever they need it it means giving power box Alec immediate safe in showing that every single school in receipt of public money is genuinely democratically accountable to the people it's clear conference the labor party was founded to ensure that workers and people through a satellite back well the film of human knowledge is the fruit of thousands if he is a few men labor the discovery of mumps and science and the great works of literature and arts back up a few men and not true history itself and so much more that that race to learn all of it all of that to be our common inheritance because knowledge belongs to the man and I know that the a stock of some been amazing all story purpose as a movement not so fast to be a boy the pointless book to give them a voice of that old not to think challenge we face but it seems what we will do together we have got the government Monday now let's get money in the government thank you //
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Annual Conference 2017 - Tuesday Morning
\\ //
"2017-09-26 12:19:36"
Rebecca Long Bailey's Speech to Labour Conference
\\now conference when I was little my dad would tell me stories of his chopping sulfates unloading oil tankers how we were known as the workshop of the world's now life was golds girls but then my dogs where it was on scale it's but it paid well my parents even managed to get a mortgage for their own little house and from public he played child holds which made the film I'm to live ashes looked blackened out votes from a luxury many bright they were triodes that achievements I'm not was true of so many working class people across bricks and for the first time in history we were truly being offered the chance to aspire well under Thatcher industries such as my father's will pull into what is so callously colds Monday to decline it meant factories she'll sing that dole's who's moving abroad will simply closing down level wages for those who could still find work and calls the benefits for those who couldn't we now have the most regionally imbalanced economy in your full secrecy sense of our economic out hopes columns from London and the southeast alone and despite the pretence that we have full employment we know the fate is tied to worrying scream and insecure all low paid and because gel I use the word fools now when the prime minister called the general election in spring we would 20 points behind in the polls now the several weeks that followed stole the biggest narrowing of the polls in British electoral history there were many things that contributed to the tune of mounds the passion integrity and strength of all either Jeremy coal bank the hardware and the shadow cabinet not least my pretty team and stopped at the front here she on Moya alum why had spot we've gotten bill Estes then soft moan may still planning Saddam because in and with the hardware and dedication of every single person in this whole and a not labor movements well that was over key factors at play I couldn't chief I don't with the dog was a political and economic neglects that's why so many had meant so much hardship on a manifesto they show them it didn't have to be this way when we promised an industrial strategy to end the economy's reliance on the city of London a properly fund our public services by making the top 5 percent paying that Basha and to invest in our energy transports and digital infrastructure to make it fix for the 20 first century when we promised to take the radical action needed to tackle climate change I am sure that 60 percent of our energy comes from low carbon or renewable sources by 20 third safe support projects like someone's the title to a mall side near where when we promise so when should use a 10 pound living wage and to level the playing field between small and big business we often evasion a vision of hope well not only lacks we offer it transformation because we know what lies ahead conference we are standing on the precipice of the people industrial revolution I pace technological and digital change so immense it will leave you feeling dizzy it will transform industry it will transform our economy and it has the potential to transform the quality of life of every single person in bursts and what it will only do they if a laid back government is holding the reins no palm prints I know it is really hard to believe I was 38 you I was I know it is hard to believe I just 20 years ago all my eighteenth birthday you have to dial up to the internet check to lots of the numbers on teletext my first mobile offloaded we receive 10 text messages I need takes things off the telly wave acceptance witness it's like in our house you were at the quit seeing ads of 19 nineties in Talia design he kept them in those plastic box is designed to look like fools cool people in their teens today have no idea what any of those things aw and the pace of change we've seen in the last 20 years will pale into comparison to the next twin say over the last few centuries we've got to be learns how to transfer more and more human skills to machines with current technological breakthroughs with for the first time developing machines that do cognitive anon routine work machines that think but with some estimates suggesting the ha ha a full odd jobs could be lost tool summation on the few business days a ready to harness that change it's also brings the threats of rising poverty and inequality there is no doubts about what the digital age will look like when did the Tories monopoly profits for the few and increased exploitation for the men a it's only me but who will ensure that workers and businesses are equipped to enjoying the prosperity this changing economy can break will we stole the rights to workers rolling out sectoral collective bargaining and dominance leann well in school knowledge he is not use graced old employment prop essays because there is nothing could sing adds about hire and fire because Sewall contracts will create the conditions the business to really make those transformative discoveries which can change all of our lives for the better with an industrial agenda thought is so tron snow may signal it will eclipse the new deal sets out by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the history books we'll bring investments in research and development in line with all the major economies and create national missions to deal with the big issues of all time and on national education service will allow every single person in this country to obtain the skills they need to thrive in a modern economy and then sold real diverse city in the world but it's not you know to Britain to simply innovates we'll put Brixen at the full fruits a big dose of real money you're fucked chewing so that the ideas conceived in person among your practice and deliberate Hey yeah ingress and if you've made in Britain will not just be an idealistic vision of times gone by it will be a source of pride to future generations and finally wheeling soul that workers themselves can have a stake in our industrial Juni along side business now imagine if the technology which allows us to hail a taxi or order a takeaway via an act which sat by those who rely on a full moon they have the power to agree that in terms and conditions rates of pay with the profit shed among them will reinvested for the future that's why we also today launching a reports on alternative models of ownership not being one to mental quick chin's about how we need to real diverse could say if if in the digital age and how to win souls that its enormous potential benefit so if the many not the few now conference a full industrial revolution is here time of profound economic and technological change the Tories of how that sounds we've seen how they deal with industrial and technological change and they have biomes we need to see the possibilities it can bring owns technological advancement living standards unless it's time the household will soon in the white he if technology could devote only dream doll well we let the Tories consign all have it's H. as a once proud industrial nation into the dustbin of history as cloud Shabab the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum one sad that has never been a time of grace a promise or breaks a parable what we read a together we will harness the fruits of the extraordinary changes after coming a society with more potential let any befall will fill expedite many not the few come friends this is not time now //
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Conference Catch-Up | Monday
\\however on his gray stare from came back and then I'm going to be attending everything going on and dates here of the name so we can't talk to moaning with a speech from us at a foreign secretary Emily Thornberry then kissed Thomas it is safe to talk about labor is that it's just the pleading the 8 year that we have from Monsanto tons that John macdonald who announced that labor will introduce a cap on interest payments to have the 3000000 people trapped in that in the afternoon that we had from work and pensions secretary deadly Abraham's and from the marathon density on we also went very happy retirement to Dame Dennis well moments after a lifetime of today back I also got a son 6 though some of the friends of an amazing and to visit some of the groups have come down to Brighton this week and it's not just political organizations that we have hit there's so many different organizations and one acquits has reignited one of the most he said to base all time taps buses jokes this creates a head that Jeremy Corbyn famous passed out yesterday don't forget you can catch or of the live action from the palm prints row on our website at labored so you can I may see for the labor party on Facebook Twitter and Instagram but in 18 sixties of content if your hand is invited to say your conference stories and flat by using past tag map 70 that's it from me and the named party conference I'm gonna go and find it chips on the feet if it ever stops raining see you tomorrow could safely //
"2017-09-25 16:33:18"
Alex Rowley's Speech to Labour Conference
\\year old phones thank you very much for the welcome tonight playing the very base which sees from the Scottish leave the party to Oakdale gets on the school influence this week was we got out in Brighton because the United States song on the Talmud determined to expose how this the government it's feeling what can people strafing by the Saudis often or movement United arrived early duh the person who will be labels next play money stock Jetta make Corbin both times I was elected to the Scottish parliament 24 D. since then I have experienced great highs and lows there is no doubt that we have seen toft items in Scotland but we are bottling trot and I won't repeat tribute to the women who saw us to do after a defeat and 2015 KCR Dugdale grades case to Gulf of this book the sleeve of poverty and the toughest circumstances both as decorative we got on the doubtful fell off the gold funds lost saying that awful unknown finds a case could be what the what the case is that on the result that she and Jeremy the love of alongside other members in June shows that the labor party is once again connected with communities across Scotland this year we won but constituencies from the I say empty that people thought were lost for generations Goldberg brides Tyson unveils home rather bland I'm humbled them waves deployed they hadn't gotten the law school north we loaded and made millions along but and but also all know represented by spoke the sleeve of coffee and cookies I'm more more growth goals and they smelled film each welfare new MPs to call for us today along with us although secretary state football and Wesley we are I you'll be of our small so few of members and not to us support others over the last few years but we are so close and so many constituencies and we should set our sights high being a song will position should never be on off early aim is to win the next election and Scotland let me be let me be absolutely clear school went calling me with their friends on the next election the choice will be a choice between a labour government that will topple pull that they increase family incomes and raise the standards for all or more declining T. and dressed with authority government clotheslines and is not the a safety that can deliver a name to the forties as the Scottish Labour Party plans we will win because we will have the base kinda bees the better ideas on the bigger vision the US will among the face to give us this year applying for the man they know this you and then when people saw streaks you see zombies although what's because this is for a strong and stable street school means for what can people in this country cost the public said receives cost to schools and cost to hospitals sued by the Toadies and then one but also the S. and P. and Scotland the loss of jobs that provided the bottom board foot communities on the replacement with loyalty and then secure walk I did this give me so people who suffered because of a static page being us tell you man tighten again hippie if of austerity conference this is another front to every decent hard what comparison and their country Scotland is a rich country there is no reason why children need to go hungry wife could buying should be appear in the length and breadth of Phil Collins a lot why men and women should be forced to Spain nights sleeping on those trees conference austerity is a choice on these are it's because the Gracies and this is for believe that Buffy will stun the gates now and always changing of country because the stock with changing our government the election result in June has an outsized loss unsure and got the chance to say I have a game in government and waste my stuff on and holy newt is within our reach leave us among the face go to what we will do as we get via it will be a government for them and they know this too we've always taken the studies that used to belong to everyone black kids to public school in this shot uncouth profiles before we go both ways before crossing we will use up the whole course authority right waiting car breaks us we warn adults close breaks out that keeps Iraq says to the single mocca and over the next year on though a new way but we got in Scotland we will stop here we are port scenes with lead but would mean irv coffee has not been in government Scotland potato years and that has to change whenever the S. and P. leave government they will leave often divided of Kansei earth force job will be to bring out in the sticks together again and just as Lee but has always gone we will bring people together around the vision for the future in 1945 lever on the placement oddly gave us the vision of a not so veiled say of us on the wealthiest the through the fourth piece of fluff piece poem Johnson brought her to to Scotland pioneer title electricity in the 19 sixties auto both since off future pearl by the flight the all state knowledge a and then this said today Gaudin driving a song if I if I us on the spot one a did this condo all space in the form of paid media hobbies because we offer minimum wage of the galaxy elected 1000000 children I pulled a face both friends not citgo fades a lead the government may I'm not small you will know about school biking but only the government colleague of government as this country needs fairness weavers must soon was about building a lasting legacy I'm giving people the opportunities they need sexy today we hauled her up question in Scotland agape we need to set out upon for our major industries for oil and gas pushup bone for finanz the food and drug and we also need to have taught the jolt the future and advance money bottom and a new affiliate of trees and then science and technologies we need to provide this next generation of schools with better opportunities then the loss by invasion and education investment say none of them very soon and skills we need to do that welcome out money to the public said Missy's that look off the loss from creed though to the grave of wealthiest the unknown must know hand cedras that means being honest about what we often do annulled the Tippy for the 7 seas I sleep are making the argument law well duties to each other mean that we call on the 450 a little more not like the Tories in Scotland or like PSAP government the only because 1 talks Polesie talks got footy in life is it will benefit the right to us the most yeah same P. come off of a serious debate on talks if it's only policy is to kick off a race to the bottom against the UK government propped up by the D. U. P. who are desperate to see that thoughts or beliefs the S. and P. face a choice what with lever to use the talks by others off the Scottish parliament to protect public service sees or give the love Harmon and I have I lied full stop the excuse me I'm looking for to give the right system in our society another bonus conference Scottish parliament because new pills on the deal a neat with topics Oscars over the whale Fieschi calm to force we need the thank about how we can use them sure the kind of society that we want to go and the US why I've been you like coals to the for the Scottish government to use a new tariffs the odds 5 private detail been there for a move that we've lost thousands of children I'm all for the state often done school this would say in clear signal that in Scotland we are willing to pay so that every child can get the best start in life both loans we can afford this change and we should make up for the generations now and the generations I called conference if we have to bow to a back to society we also need to think about how do we run a country Scotland husband divide that's too long by the question often the pain guns I know who the UT is divided by Greg side ... Mason's face the greatest political teens often lifetimes quipper overtones film Europe me teething the stock a school should not be on the auction is how we run out of country isn't just announced thought discussion football the Texans and knocked again makes about how we enable what can people across our country to have that there are schools to their Han's eyes possible not it's why I am roads that school at the sleeve up supports federalism on this why I believe this point so we the future also unsafe with the Tories the qualities of the S. and P. revolve to governments with no one tries and reform and how do you take walks or make in that water based on the us why it must pull through the labor party and why I did you might call it the political institutional conveyed soon convened by the labor party to detailed one high up on say time be renewed for the future the conference let me be very clear we will is us every Tom totally breaks up paragraph in government lead but will defamed going with Jews diva listen settlement levers yvolution settlement so without the pearls of the Scottish parliament could not block the diminished for Monday who voted jazz and the 2014 referendum in Scotland Jeremy because if I did and with real hold off until tam at us he has shortened the seeds as possible within the United Kingdom there's got sued node be marked by a commitment for only but for a constitutional convention a federal solution for the United Kingdom Scott lined us up through an equal partner gold funds both flags the challenge ahead of us is straightforward to the school and leave up to government and school and I'm the cross the United Kingdom whoever wins a leadership election in Scotland will be the kind that the fall of plus minister all school line and we will get behind us well we got to meet the Hawkwind I didn't Jeremy we call a leader who is a problem in the stuff and we so let us so let us leave this cold fronts leaked of this week United's detail mind on stall let us win the next election for what can people let us when he signed the gates poverty and and the quality confluence wakes when 4 way box //
"2017-09-25 16:28:34"
Debbie Abraham's Speech to Labour Conference
\\conference it's one it's again opponent to be speaking to you is labor's welcome pensions secretary you'd have thought that after leaving school at 15 to just 3 iron levels are we standing here today the person I feel about building for our society has been with me for as long as I can remember for over 20 years on work to tackling the qualities in communities and beyond and that's what drove me into politics the more you get into what determines inequality the more you realize that inequality is not inevitable it's constructed the type of society we have tolerance and even the trust we feel towards one another reflects how sandy we declined on pop collective wealth ultimately this comes down to political choices in leadership and people are saying this now besting the stark contrast between trees amazed tours protecting increasing welcome creasing the wealthy elite and later on to Jeremy Coleman his entire political life has been dedicated to the many not the few his commitment is not just sound bites or women it is who he is and who and has always been over the last 7 years we've seen the effects of the Tories ideologically driven austerity policies a record 7.4000000 people living in poverty falling real wages which remain low than they were in 2000 way and 8 an unprecedented rise in food bank use rough sleeping doubling and 120000 children and their families throughout a typical U. K. worker would take 160 years to end the average annual amount counted 2 foot see 100 volts and for the first time in decades whisking life expectancy fooling conference that could mean nothing more than just the knowing how long we live is determined by in equality in income wealth and social position it doesn't have to be this way with the fifth richest country in the world as our manifesto sex how the next labour government will make different choices ferret choices for the many not the few these widening inequalities of stifle growth to differences in growth across the UK have led to inequalities in our labor market as well but the tourist social security policies have failed to respond to this changing world of work where workers are often stuck in an endless low paid no pay cycle as one of my constituents a single mom who works as a nurse in a local hospital came to see me up I'm up on my stages in old recently in the process of transferring onto universal credit from tax credits she have to waste more than 6 weeks for payment as over one in 4 people do this delay and a number of other administrative issues meant that she couldn't pay all of her rent when she came to see me sheep in certain addiction notice in another case having his here today is worried that she will have a similar experience when you seize rolled off with and show although she's been on tax credits she's off work collecting the job amongst apple waiting for an operation be on such a sick pay is easing into savings and she's now inventor is she said she had to wait in the sick at least 6 weeks to receive a UC payments she sure her family would end up being homeless conference on behalf of these women and the 6.5000000 families still to move on to universal credit I'm calling on the prime minister to hold next month use the road not only black you as we've heard on social security system is also fading sick disabled people I lost confidence lost his conference I played the trailer from I don know Blake Ken loach's iconic film about a man recovering from a heart attack but found fit for work and battling for help from the department for work and pensions its impact in changing attitudes about social security payments from the Tories share because scrounging narrative to the reality that the vast majority claims have contributed to the system all of their lives cannot be underestimated and as Ken is also here this afternoon I like to take this opportunity to thank him for all he's done 10 take it out not many people know this but over 2000000 people in nationally have seen I Donald Blake and about 10000000 across the world so the impact has a say kind cannot be Andreas well the government's metric might be changing around us he's not cuts to social security that support and anguish bonfire Sussman's we've already heard about the United Nations committee on the rights of persons with disabilities they recently reported for this government's policies will lead into a human could increasingly sick and disabled people are facing isolation in prophecy as my disability equality Rocher revealed many feel like prisoners in their own homes with dwindling social security support too many are a dying and they can even take my own life as we promised in our manifesto with and for disabled people label will deliver on the rights of disabled people enshrining the UN convention into UK law conference a labor government will transform our social security system from one that demonized is to one that is supportive in enabling like the NHS it should be back any one of us in our time of need providing dignity and security for all older people this Tory government has provided anything box dignity and security Beth failure to grapple with the pension system has left many with dwindling workplace pensions or worse at the same time the towers attack the state pension increasing and promising to increase the age yes again this is been most extreme who women born in the 19 fifties many of whom work for whether the school she is expected to retire at 60 the acceleration of women state pension age the acceleration of women state pension equalization by this document has left hundreds of thousands of women in dire straits I've heard of women circus effing mess sixties living off the kindness to found it will friends having used up all of their savings because they can no longer do the work they use today too often older people are discriminated at work as well as when they try to get into a a government a government minister suggested that women should go and find an apprenticeship during a recent debate come on get real is absolute nonsense these we've women feel understandable anger that they have done the right thing and the government has failed to deliver its side of the ball I've been meeting with them on my national pensions tool we promised in our manifesto to provide pension credit and additional support to the 2.5000000 1950 women still waiting to retire and is this awesome I can announce today that night that that a labor government in power now would allow these women to talk up to 2 years and conference these is the difference a labor government would make my challenge to this government is to do the same and to do it now conference thank you so much thank you to my wonderful to see until I really love battles questionable //
"2017-09-25 16:28:21"
Sadiq Khan's Speech to Labour Conference
\\Goldman's thank yous great you back in labor rights and you know what else is great sea Isle low quality so far not a charity called me labor confounded look expectations a general election this year let's be clear to resume a cold it's not election to try and wipe us out boy did she fell it was inspiring to see millions of people vote for the first time specially so many young people and was inspiring so many people who used to vote for our policy return home so later we made huge progress credits go to one person the leader of our party Jeremy Corbyn the move will always down movement he motivates it's alright to be so and reach vultures we hadn't reached before I also became not just king of Guthrie king grind to thanks to the hard work of labor members trade unionists London elected London in that seat for fantastic news labor MPs we know how by may the member of parliament representing body thing one film no William flowed through yeah 90 Brooklyn because looks Rooney full couldn't miss her run lead because you know that boss because although big game by the way and then amazing he collects it residents affected terrible I was I unites he'd leave a family we're on the mulch where on the yacht labor as momentum on outside conference this year's election came during an unbelievably difficult time for London capital and the city I love so much it's been well the darkest times in London's of recent history we've been through too much suffering too much horror too much loss a terrorist attack on Westminster halt about democracy we talk but isn't people enjoying a nice house in London Bridge and for a market the horrific style like rental talent the talk listen people that things be Paul most during Ramadan on the talk a pulsing screen station on Londoners as they traveled into work and school nobody specs such tragedy and no one all rights if you know we prepare practice for the worst but we hope and pray it will never happen keep in London a safe these my top priority and you know honesty it's hard it's it's by far the hardest part of my job it really does keep me awake at night fearing the cool nearly hours the cane too often this summer to say the worst happened what is a lan those who have experienced on imaginable Horace to help and console more funerals to attend well does suit being killed and always always more to do none the less safe a conference there are some people who spend their entire lives trying to stop these terrible events and who lead our response when they happen who's job is to is to put themselves in harm's way every day try to keep the rest of us say I who do it with dedication professionalism and here was a conference please stand and joining me to show your appreciation for all amazing emergency services what the fuck is that even for one song good luck qualified and control real breakthroughs birds fly flood light headedness love the board voted up paramedic nothing well because I don't want to what school school school was fulfilled with the phone line overall approval numbers 0 Florida neither quality thank you n't you flew all in the darkness all this year bravery all ... image services as being a beacon hope we have witnessed incredible courage and self sacrifice what PC keep Palma he was tragically killed in the line of duty while protecting parliament although he was unarmed he didn't hesitate before confronting the ataca really hustle Georgie's medal for bravery so deserved an awful lot and Craig look away from a good family friend we'll take Conine Anderson a junior doctor Thomas's hospital when she saw the attack from the hospital windows she rushed cross the river treat people line injured in the road well Wayne Marquess the British transport police officer who single handedly took on the 3 armed attackers button on the bridge despite suffering terrible wounds a full them off until help arrived all the hundreds of firefighters who went far above the call of duty to save lives during the fire I'm grateful talent he took extra pulled me risks with their own safety I don't say a special thank you Donnie cults and I'll London fire commissioner I mean that the rescue operation a grin full tower going in the building taking those risks alongside al firefighters I would think that it also for the honesty with which he talked about the school from scenes and for being so open about receiving counseling often the file you know she's encouraged many of our emergency responders and all with reluctance to do the same I wish to thank the brave troll school from London stalls calmly helped during the talk Paulson's green at station it factor in the trading and leading people to safety regardless of the risk 2 selves there's no doubt that we face a growing threat experts say that the number of terrorist attacks this year is not a spike but a long term shift and crime is on the rise again the type of crime we see a more complicated and hard to tackle violent crime is rising even faster too many killed or maimed as a result of knife crime rested attacks and ever more young people are being groomed and radicalized by even extremist with the hair will brought a conference it does have to be this way it all feels very familiar a week undivided Tory government refusing to face up to the challenges ahead bickering and inflection over your plea not jobs and economy at risk chronic under investment in public services causing a crisis in our schools and hospitals and crying on the rise because what's this is in the 19 nineties this is now it's like back to the future but it isn't funny Tory cuts to a merchant services have made it harder to keep us safe 1000000000 pounds cult from the met police 1000000000 pounds in less for London's policing budget the results few police officers on our streets police stations closed a neighborhood policing under attack even police counterterrorism funding has been cut in real terms the same goes for a fly service few fire engines few 5 stations fewer Firefox is the same stories true in our National Health Service account schools trolls would know what I mean everyone about public services conference we simply called go on like this the brave men and women of all of those services hall do their job with the Tories a culture that funding every year it must stop the government must give up the merger said this is the real terms increasing funding they desperately need and right now yeah you can always used to describe themselves as the party of rule and would well that sounds like a sick joke today and frankly as a former home secretary to reason they should be obsolete ashamed of her record labor is the only polity with appliance tackle rising crime labor is the only polity standing behind the men and women about emergency services and later the only policy making a real difference towns and cities across the UK a labor government will finally put an end to years of Tory cuts to emergency services and labor government led by Jeremy Corbyn will finally give our budget services the proper pay rise they so desperately desire X. label in London might just a nipple on wells that is a real plan ... violent crime like gun crime knife crime and that's at a time it's later this finally making social integration and community condition I priority should put a stop the crew you mean unreal hesitation about young people it's late on it's finally make hate crime and violence against women unveils a top priority please and its labor that's restoring community trust and are pleased by making our bridges services more effective the communities they serve you know and made me so proud to be the labor man when Cressida Dick was appointed as the first woman mechs commissioner in 188 years I'm web Danny Colson was apologist first woman 5 commissioner in the brigades history and you know what they were both appointed on merit as the best people for the job and they are great in that job conference despite the challenges we faced over the last year I'm optimistic positive and hopeful about how future I'm so proud school much so British and call myself a Londoner I'm confident the both London and the UK have bright futures ahead that we can become a more prosperous safe unequal country conference I'm optimistic about labor's future too optimistic that will build on the success of labor in power in London much stuff nipple and wells all make more progress in the local elections next year it will make a huge difference in the lives of millions that we can build a fair approach to a more prosperous merchant a safer written on that later on the Jeremy Corbyn will win the next general election thank you //
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Annual Conference 2017 - Monday Afternoon
\\ //
"2017-09-25 12:28:10"
John McDonnell's Speech to Labour Conference
\\thank you then he thank you which took the fifth listen to time the chair will still be out of it that film was made by Ken loach the director I want to find and serious I want to thank him for his life dedication to social news so mom song heroes I want to thank as well as the shadow treasury to not work so hard of a lot oblivious to make sure that we have a constant manifesto make show which takes it's it's always nice Peter doubters are chief secretary to the treasury Jonathan Reynolds anally Stults and in the lords Stannis Tunnicliffe I'm Brian Davis I want to say thanks to them for the hardware the world I now have a very brilliance brilliant parliamentary private secretary my name is Karen Lee C. one Lincoln backed us up with just general lost general election Clarence Darrow this is this is a woman who wins the election comes to Palmer takes a seat as an MP she's on us realizes they might be short of a local hospital so goes black and also shapes at the hospital not so I pulled associates only only a few months ago we were 24 points behind in the polls our opponents shown virtually every political commentator on those expressions are actually interchangeable by the White very they predicted that we'd be wiped out in the general election said they need interview author interviews that the polls would narrow and we would shock the more not many believe me someone did while I was on well let's be honest show you show the exit polls Europe edges well one here what I said nineties before before the election was once we entered the election period broadcasters were legally obliged to give us some semblance of balance coverage Wade turned the clothesline why why did our thing for because people would be given the chance she gently called him for what he is what I know is the honest principle and yes strong and determined person later lawyers one second because people would see an arm on offense and what we really stood full I'm all vision of hope for our country and you know that's what's happened which also dancing you all members whose overwhelming enthusiasm inspired people in their millions come out and vote for us I just wanna say from the bottom of my heart thank you so much what you did clearance mmhm what would effective campaigning Paul we now have to prove that will be ineffective government party a government consecutively agenda for a generation that's our objective and you know if you study history the history of our party usage always been the role of labor governments to lead our country into each new era it was the live off the Atlee labor government built a new society from the debris of the bomb sites in the new Iraq after the second World War those men and women have enjoyed so much through the depression of the 19 thirties and he would sacrifice so much free awesome placed their trust in office in our party my dad was a sergeant in the army my mom was a welder by day the munitions factory and they all pretty bold net not gone those eyes she did it but they came after the war with the spirit of 1945 and spied in them by the election of a labor government and the labor party for a failed its promise bye for failed its promise to them uncool families creating the welfare state providing free education for their children building adjacent home investing in the economy by Saddam fully employed I yes creating that juvenile crime the NHS the most civilized have prevented government I didn't I'm in the 19 sixties when the Tories gardens 3 from the gentlemen's clubs on behalf of the privileged few and held this country by placing challenges the mall near it was on the Wilson might become I recognized the potential of the molten Britain forged how Wilson said in the white heat of the scientific wrestle revolution so my brother and me so many others of our generation new educational opportunities unable das challenge the barriers that held back so many working class it was down to a labor government I yes and yes in 1997 I remember after 18 years of Thatcherism when whole industries and communities have been destroyed by the Tories I went off public services went home then these it was not Blair brown governments not recognize and delivered the scale of public investment but a 20 first century needed we should you know we should never forget that we are Paul provide great labor tradition and we should be so proud of them so as we now into the new here in the next year than either of their false industrial revolution I tell ya it's a Corbin labor government that will rescue off country for most of I don't be up to watch the lay the foundations about New World that now awaits that New World is being shaped already by the beginnings of the fourth in just a revolution huge changes are underway in Austin society and in our economy technological changes accelerates this year Chinese scientists use quantum mechanics to tell the poor doctor to a secular we could we Britain that we can match that we've beaten it we have a whole Tory government tech reported from the eighteenth century where will we determined that Britain embraces the abilities the logical scary though that might be by the middle of this century as possible hot for the jobs we neither Jew could be automated away the jobs that remained can if we let them the exploitative dangerous degrading and data all the jobs we create and provide good security employment in work that's for failing a meaningful Gillian to use web Pridham prosperity has been restored we've already a full taste of what this revolution would look like it was left to the Tories it's previews Tavastia enrich a tiny only Los creating life for many workers of well you know long hours low pay I need secure unemployment so there's a choice to be my we can remain a low wage economy specializing in 0 hour contracts or we can use the states I helped shape Britain's future in this New World we know it can be done you know as the Tories waste time and energy alienating all closest trading partners other countries are using state direction of innovation and investment to carve out vital areas of expertise in robotics electronic causing clean tech in the small city but though the technologies and you the bridges problem is all the city is not channeling investment into high value high productivity businesses instead channeling investment into property speculation often owned by overseas speculators it's you rent your opponent well well so should should not by what you could use but the amount of red you can charge so will change that we'll put taxpayers'money into key research projects will foster the creation of networks and crosses of expertise we say to the technology sector and the universities help is on the way so to reconnect to return that can reconnect the financial sector to the economy of research and development and production will transform our financial assist labor will establish a strategic investment board comprising the chancellor Becky long bay the sexiest type of business but one of the schools will new generation I will also include the governor the bank of England to coordinate the promotion of investment and employment on real wages but a non investment strategy let's make it clear we will no longer accept the disparities between investment in London the home counties and the rest of the country we this Tory government invest in the north one fifth will legislate a fair distance investment we'll will default decision making through regional development ... Mazan regenerate the plows and resources available again to local government and all local councils well will bill Crossrail for the Noles connecting the great northern cities from west coast to east and the actual expenditures to into Scotland and investing Rilo look across the country over we deliver the funding commitments connects over holding transport across the middle I will overturn decades of neglect a lack of investment in the southwest my lecture farm will I tell you how long lost rule electrified the right well longs cool moon right through to London once and for storms and flooding in recent months yeah another environmental wakeup call this country I saw huge natural renewable resources and we have a menace the men's heritage of scientific and engineering experience yet this government slash the funding to renewables industry that needs to get on its feet will ensure we become world leaders in DeKalb analyzing our economy I will I will do it partly through publicly owned energy supply based upon alternative energy sources where the juries do that until late to deliver 0 called nexus we'll absolutely commit for example to building projects like the Swanzey title logo Wallace who only become Muna calmly from the many if we see we broaden ownership that means yes supporting entrepreneurs small businesses the genuinely self employed a massively expanded Walker control and the cooperative sector on a scale we've never seen before in this country no building an economy for the many also means bring in ownership and control the utilities in case of this isn't hands people who use them unworkable so yes I want people to have no down right well to Angie royal mail wheat taking them back we we come up we won't allow this dynamic vision Farrakhan to be undermined by the combination of well belligerence and incompetence displayed by the Tories in the current EU negotiations alright yes is to create to Britain for the many not the few Brock conscience doesn't end up being this channel we want to Europe for the many not the fears that's why that's why Nash Walsh respecting the referendum decision will work without pompous across Europe to create a European future based upon collaboration and cooperation tell me we stop with the first step we start with addressing the brutal treatment of EU citizens by this government we've been long wait a moment that the rights of the U. citizens in this country off of the protected just as we wish the rights of UK citizens in poverty you countries could be protected as well and I I want to warn the chores when warm if they try to water down or undermine the as we've secured on employment consumer or environmental rights we'll give them the political battle of their lives as we go into government you know we'll have to clear up the match the choice of leftists and after a long years of austerity the Tories are leaving a society steeped in debt it's gone by low pay and the security without public services well we've heard in meltdown well we will commission a review of the skyline causes and responses to dat true well actually is needed fost so first what we'll do is not well the choice a file to we in government will bring down the government's deficit amble tight and control the decks choice of borrowed let's be clear the towers of borrowed more than any labor government ever on arrival in office will set out plans to eliminate the deficit and reduced attacked by support office for each policy in our manifesto we're preparing detailed implementation hi for those public services strike with Pete pay for those public so we'll close the tax loopholes so that tax avoidance sky I'm like a mega rich and will not lost group of the year we simply want to make sure the rich and the corporations hi there why many many people also forced into debt by low wages cannot be right that we're the only major developed economy to have grown while wages are lower than they were before the crash 10 years ago and as inflation hits many workers are facing yet another real terms popped in that play most interesting the same time the pay of the foot she 0 chief executives is 160 times that of the average worker in the election campaign Theresa my resolves why were nurses being forced missile food to food plants she replied the issue is complex it is a complex it's simple that's simply not being paid enough that's why plus why we insist we insist the pipe papoose scrapped one simple rule and not just for some but for everybody always a mom only to mom decent wages all workers yes Britain does deserve a pay rise now and we will introduce yes the 10 pounds real living wage 10 pounds on our will introduce religious play rations little from listeners we will address the gender pay gap but still leaves women's wages trailing 14 percent behind every every every piece of legislation that we introduced will be measured against its impact on women before implementation when we go into government I've been really pleased and proud to school a number of brave people throughout the summer been on picket lines campaigning for the supply I'll be Patrick we proud of those young people been campaigning for decent wages now doesn't join the prices you need to take on the markets and knocked on the and there is one of the time flew you can hear me going to Goldman will restore basic employment rights will repeal a trade union psoriatic such a picture then I will so it's it's a very to set up a new ministry of labor and we will restore free collective bargaining it's locked country I as wages as wages them for them behind more more families of been pushed into the printer household debt in this country stands at a record 1.8000000000000 pounds we've seen with pride I learned some companies were will make a massive profits on people's financial difficulties on the labor pressure was like the pressure the government was forced to capture interest payments how payday loans no more than 3000000 credit card holders attract by that day they page more in interest charges and fees from they originally ballers by the financial conduct authority's argue for action to be taken credit card debt as on payday loans so I'm pulling up on the government's right now and apply the same rules on payday loans to credit card debt it means that no one will ever pay more in interest on the original loan if you will lose refused to our I pronounce today well the next labor government with a mangled bowl when we go in you can call it the McDonnell amendment sooner could no more so June is told me no jobs but I couldn't resist okay so look some of the heaviest we know some of the heaviest burden Jack has fallen on young people we know not to the Tories triple tuition fees and they allow the student's loan company to hike up interest charges young people are now leaving university 57000 pounds worth of debt that's why that's why we put food in our manifesto awfully cost a commitment to scrap tuition fees I'm we will only work one moment and education yeah from one generation to another it's not a commodity to be sold what's more is with the connivance of the LibDems of creating a totally unsustainable 3 quarters of all students will never fully repay the loan so it's not just blacks are students is planned to protect so as a result of labor pressure the government even this government now is sweet he has considering maybe reducing interest rates will racing repayment socialism last hope of being forced to consider at the moment tell me if they bring forward effective proposals will support them but that won't go nearly far enough cata another afford another 5 years spiraling shooting debt according to the issue of fiscal studies on our own independent research writing off the tourist student debt now would cost about 10000000000 by 2050 waiting until 2022 could travel the cost of a write off so I'm calling upon the chancellor act now before the situation becomes unmanageable it's the Tories who've got young people into this mess they should take some responsibility for getting these young people out there it's not just students and households credit cards who being ripped off scrambled the private finance initiative launched by John major's results in a huge long term costs which buyers while standing at enormous profits for some company profits were shot coming out of the budgets of all public services over the next few decades nearly 200000000000 is shut you ought to be paid out public sector budgets impair find deals in the NHS Shalom 830000000 in pretax profits have been made of the last 6 years as early as 2002 this conference stressed its regret that we use appear fawn Jeremy Coleman is made it clear the under his leadership never again will this waste of taxpayers money be used to subsidize a profit so shareholders you know many of those companies and shareholders based in offshore tax havens the government could intervene immediately to ensure that companies in tax havens taunt own shares in PFI companies and their profits aren't hidden from nature mossy so we'll so let me give you this commitment will put an end to this Dylan would reduce the well we've already pledged there will be no news PFI deals signed by us in government but will go further and I can tell you today it's what you've been calling for we'll bring existing PFI contracts back in the house we really we tourism normal they want us normal and to what law sure our hoping to to be the well not time Chiron's for years now my well for young people I've no prospect of voting their own home disable people to be pushed to the edge by the benefit system all 4 carriers to be struggling with that support will recognize it's make it clear we will never accept that this is normal or acceptable in our society never yeah yes we do increased GDP we'll close the current account deficit I'm with increased productivity a life is not just about statistics Bobby Kennedy said 15 years ago the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children quality their educational joy that flight it does not include the beauty of our poetry the performance of our government the performance of our government will be measured by the K. we show to fool people and the richness the full richness of their lives that's how we wish to create jobs we proved in the election we will now go on to proving I believe hope will always overcome I kindness and generosity will always overcome greedy self interest but the flame of solidarity in our society will never be extinguished for years we've come quite a proclaimed that another world is possible like tell you now that will this not just the same people it's a new sites that's created now together solidarity //
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Annual Conference 2017 - Monday Morning
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"2017-09-25 11:17:11"
Keir Starmer's Speech to Labour Conference
\\thank you Paul brooms and thank you to everybody who's participated in this morning's debates thanks also to my fantastic shado bricks team Jake shot mode pull Blomfield my petticoat don hates a coward Smith M. holiday and just holding believe you me both would have chosen isn't jobs I've lost here and what a year it's me article 50 trigger I snapped general election that was supposed to have been Florida I should what is left us with a broken government too weak to godhood too divided to negotiate brexit prompted by ambiguity is now their official policy it's easy so law it would be funny that would not so I tried to Britain's place in the world is it sky people's jobs are at stake people's mortgages are at stake people's futures are at stake who would be all things this Tory tried to the first David Cameron who recklessly got moles this country because he couldn't hold his party together then Boris stones standing in front of his right boss with a new law I on the side Eiffel's promise of 350000000 pounds a week our LHS ruthless about his own number should write to us about our country Theresa my bought 6 a mall should not 3 bricks focused on her own survival rather than maybe the toll risk cotton full this disastrous approach to Brecht's it maybe the tourist what benefits from a brexit of deregulation but you know I know for millions of working people they cannot support block brexit whether you're in the front seat with to reserve my well the proxy with Boris Johnson there is nothing patriotic about joy riding our economy off a cliff pull prints this hospital to small it's time for a different approach so let me share with you labor supply pro both democratically legitimate no make the sensible that respects the referendum result items put still on the economy bus an approach route you did our cool values values that bind us together labor values into nationalism we have always be an internationalist policy reaching out to Europe and to the rest of the world 10 the 80 on ourselves not so I become paid for you know what for protection of you set foot in this country because about internationalism why what protection about systems in Europe values of cooperation solidarity and they simply believe the we achieve more together so we do a low all unflinching commitment detection of human rights the rule of law detection of rights at work tension over our environment simple words fairness quality social justice in our economy and in our society as we exit the E. U. this is not the time to abandon those values all the club 3 those values should drive everything but we do is we had to have these uncertain times conference that's why over the summer labor reached on the grief position transitional arrangements on the same basic terms as we currently have with the EU already the national it let me be clear full Leyba that means during the transitional period we would remain within a customs union with the E. U. up within the single office governments on the other hand spent the summer schooling and public Sir disk functional but it'll go up by last week prime minister took flight to Florida only when she got black to adults and follow our position on transitional arrangements home runs let's see where the blocks of ice cold talked with Tory party conference next week but let's not be full why won't the primus to say it in Florence all she's done is to deny the claim and olhar ideological red lines remain she still prioritizes all but treat immigration targets open jobs and the economy she husband though also fundamental question in Northern Ireland still insist despite all of the warnings no deal is a viable option it most certainly is not conference labor reject box approach if we were in government when we are in government we will build a new progressive partnership with the use we will negotiate a deal the visuals could tin you'd cooperation and collaboration it full fields but are you apartments and it still retains the benefits a customs union on the single market options for achieving not and should not be swept off the table subject of course negotiations remaining in my former customs union with the EU is a possible unknown destination for labor we also flexible to buy that the benefits of the angle market our best retained by negotiating a new single market relationship or by walking up from the spoke trade deals out come is what my no no only last ideological redlines preventing a sensible do no fun tacit cool blue sky proposals a pragmatic les bah on now the drone ops in the room but profits I tell you this we stand ready to take charge of these negotiations not opting for narrow political guy but in the national interest Roberts the way the tourism handling bricks tells you a lot about that perhaps I should say incompetent but it also tells you about that character about the dogmatic disregard well the national interests about the sheer sense of entitlement about that post imperial delusions about their willingness to put other people's jobs at risk our country today is so much better than our government's this country is yearning for change to reserve man whoever replaces a come not to live up that change the old politics for real god have hot that day we we need the transformative late bug governments just to break the impasse in brexit negotiations and it didn't live up a progressive partnership with the E. U. vital those boxes but to topple the wider injustices but inequalities we see all around us so this whole the house a saucy all public services our economy do not have to be like by the week to build a best seller Farah a more inclusive Britain that's why I came into politics that's why your in this room to die that's why Jeremy has been able to mobilize 600000 members I'm foods ball will support a group of 12000000 people it's also why the plot is to this prime minister this government some folks we've come a long way in the last year we've come a long way now is the time for us to lead to bring a divided country back together the men are broken politics this is latest opportunity this is like a responsibility and working together this completely post achievement delivering a government for the money I was not for the few thank you very much for //
"2017-09-25 10:58:12"
Emily Thornberry's Speech to Labour Conference
\\yeah conference it's such a pleasure to be back here in the bright moon hive was nice as 60 that we can say once again has notes or N. me and it's a pleasure to be taking part in the debates where all delegates have had such a strong voice and we should thank codes also more and we should thank me aggressive who have allowed me to speak on their behalf today so that all delegates can have more time and let me say Wilson owners is to be on this stage with all the data my friends and next the country's next prime minister Jeremy called I think some of you might remember certain viral video from election nice they have high 5 thing that went wrong but I'll just remember seeing a friend of mine a friend of mine who defies all the pundits all the dances and all the expectations someone who has proved during the election approved during the leadership proofs all his life that there is nothing stronger nothing on us then a person a prince and it is that strengthen those principles those unshakable values that are going to take Jeremy into Downing Street a put labor patterns of past afterall it was on this very stage 2 years ago the Jeremy declared his mission to put labor values the people's values back into politics and he is Ceefax and thanks to Jeremy's inspirational leadership and thanks to the efforts of everybody in this room and the efforts of everybody in our policy we can now set our sights even trying to push labor values the people's values back into the government's because if June's election to assist one thing it's that if we stand behind Jeremy's principal leadership if we stand United as a policy and if we stand on a radical manifesto varies absolutely no seat that we call on when another story that we call them so next time next time we go to take the flights into their backyards it's going around things and any ambitions that I am the roads that's got to change gloves and sent Ian Duncan Smith to the job says it would not be nice and then I've got a call Regina make fuel bars Jones said Ned back and buy goods include non but say but congresswoman please please let's all taken second can sympathize with poor old glorious Nonaka Markham just the kids yeah let me apparently he's sick of being blamed for the way the bricks that he's going and all the broken promises the believe campaign sorry what's what's it look good Madeline promises thing was intelligently campaign I know that Boris doesn't like eternity to but maybe we need bumper brexit maybe we should take images studio Jeremy pile home sorry Mrs Johnson we got the results back and it looks like this ones what if you lose they both live in that world the ugly monkey get I'm calculate your maintenance payments and that will be 350 men yeah could become friends what a cone here on the stage we well 20 Barry barriers of that we're working every day in Hong Jeremy John and all pulling in the same direction all focused on the same 3 prior 3 prior sees that we've had since day one off the reference those 3 prior says jobs jobs and jobs among things we can mention to begin cease the Tory racks putting in the sack not worried about protecting the jobs of which people just everyone of them looking off to their I'm that almost Friday Theresa may said we need to be creative and imaginative to get a good outcome from brexit well also a creative idea for her Stapp parasites yeah because sometimes and the sandalwood real government and let them run up a flight known and looking at right now I'm really proud to be here written great shadow foreign office is this we can F. Fabian Hamilton kind of my mood Helen Goodman on ray Collins and I'm fine I'm and I'm so proud as well to be speaking on behalf of awfully good fates title symbol and the aggression pathos all section statements national development facing the world in now constant humanitarian crisis not least as a result of climate change as Kate would say in that world we got a decision to make I the tackle head on the root causes of back crisis will spend more more every day dealing with those dealing with the consequences and under it at labor governments passes the decision will not talk I mean there are solid offensive to you showed that Britain London labor will be a strong leader within NATO committed to spending 2 percent of our national income on offense I'm committed to ensure that those who put their lives on the line for this country get real terms pay rises and it and decent living conditions and the best service and their sacrifice deserves I'm insulting dangerous times in the world written must be equally strong an equally committed defense developments and diplomacy and that is what we offer on this stage and that is what labor will do in government that is we guarantee a conference make no mistake dissolving deeds dalcon dangerous times for the world too many and too many times the problems we face come down to people abusing that power and ignoring the rules and values that should govern all world from Venezuela to the Philippines we see the rule of law ignored and originally democratic governments telling increasingly into autocratic regimes from violent acts again you see human rights ignored and flagrant attacks against ordinary citizens all too often using British made weapons perhaps mythic Israel and Palestine we see efforts of diplomacy ignores and actions taken on both sides which will make peace harder to achieve from Syria to Sudan we see the Geneva convention ignores that's sports committing war crimes with total freedom and impunity all across Europe we see basic rules of humanity and the basic lessons of history ignored cowardly terrorist store close city streets and vicious extremist parties rise in the polls and of course to North Korea we see the nuclear nonproliferation treaty ignored all the terrifying consequences that the world is now facing taken altogether what we are seeing today is the biggest challenge to the world order since the 19 thirties and the collapse of the league of nations and if you believe as part in what Jeremy has cooled a world based on rules and goals and this is the time more than ever we need our leaders to see stand up to that world order to stand up for human rights and international and to insist on working through the United Nations but instead conference we now have a president of the United who believes that none of these bowls none of these rules apply to opposing a travel ban on Muslims equivocating over illegal settlements reneging on the Paris climate treaty imperiling the nuclear deal with Iran and threatening to totally destroy North Korea a country of 20000000 men and women and 5000000 children that is not what we need from the leader of the free world the onus conference it's more like what we would expect from a rogue dictator I will make it even worse is that this government and this Tory prime minister you go along with it we'll keep hands and trump of the White House supine sick offensive and spineless I pulling a vain hope approval rotten rescue often because some free trade deal things because what this Tory government that's what their foreign policy has come down to no values or ethics no rules no principles just a simple case of what works out best for the bottom line how else to explain why last week to reason that he was in New York finally announcing the suspension of cooperation with the minute she and my mom because of that rate because the actions in backing while on the very same day Michael Fallon was in Jeddah signing a deal to increase our cooperation with the military of Saudi Arabia once in the ignoring that actions in Yemen med school it for what it is tapes and rank people aides who rank hypocrisy but it also demonstrates the bills to illustrate the basic that the world we want to see a world governed by ethics and values a well based on rules and goals will never truly exist as long as governments and world leaders get to dislike themselves when it suits them to play by the rules and when those rules can safely be ignored the world we want will never exist when governments like to reason may think that it's perfectly okay said loudly condemned those that they regard as enemies but then full actually silence when their friends in Bahrain of rounding up torturing and eggs executing civilian protesters for my friends in Saudi Arabia dropped cluster bombs on innocent children in Yemen in fact and if they would just silent but would be an improvement but instead it's we have to listen to Michael Palin saying that thousands of children killed and injured by as strikes in Yemen aw just a consequence of Saudi Arabia defending itself defending itself but conference it doesn't have to be this way labor can label will do things differently and we are back in power we can commit 21 concrete step that we will take iTunes successive governments in this country have taken decisions on grounds of arms export licenses behind closed doors and tragedy secrecy just 2 months ago we had a ludicrous situation where the campaign is trying to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen had that judicial review rejected on the basis of government evidence presented in closed quote so they were not even allowed to hear the evidence let alone challenge it the fact is that almost export decisions made by Tory ministers are entirely subject S. means taking without proper parliamentary scrutiny without listens listening to independent expected vice pot listening far too much to lobbyists for the arms trade and repressive foreign regimes a process that leads to the nonsensical double standards cub government can decide to late selling arms to Myanmar is wrong immediately increase it is an arms control regime it was already activated but which the Tories have systematically abused undermines and left fatally discredit and as the foreshadow ministers responsible Barry yeah case and I we have agreed that this was changed so just as the new labor government selected 97 and 2001 immediately reform the way decisions are made on Monday she policy competition policy the next labour government will immediately reform that way decisions are made on the export of arms home soon reform the legal and regulatory frame fully implementing right see clear rules tell based on independent expected vice and the objective assessment of evidence a new system that will prevent the misuse and abuse of licenses and attend to the principles of as fancy true parliamentary accountability and freedom from undue influence because conference it's not enough the US just second the Tories we must set an entirely new standard for shining example to provide and quite frankly if that sounds like sitting around our ambition well I damn right it is and we should be apologizing for that you know I hope you can say yes today over promising and under delivering is one of the reasons why there was such fury with the bat black government when it comes to foreign policy don racks I totally agree with that statement but the way we avoid that mistake next time is it to water down the promises it's to keep the promises we made we will be a government that will never put the interests of the powerful above human rights the rule of law and the lives of innocent children in Yemen or anywhere else all governments will never put all principals Popple auction if we're going to be the kind of government we could be we don't just need what robin cook called for 20 years ago when he set type of mission statement for the foreign office we don't just need an ethical dimension to our foreign policy we need to go further mass we need to do what Mawson Dussek king Cole's full 50 years ago when SESAC his case against the Vietnam War we need a revolution of values genuine revolution of fans of radical revolution of values because if our mission back when Jeremy was elected was to put labor values back in politics and our mission today is to put those values back into government plan a mission for years to come must be equally ambitious and equally radical it must be to put later fat is at the heart of the world order to be a beacon in every corner of the globe and for the values we believe in here at home we have a leader in Jeremy who will do that we have a team owns this stage who will do it we have members in this hole and all across the country who will hold estimates because this time this time that is make it all //
"2017-09-25 09:19:57"
Glenis Willmott's Speech to Labour Conference
\\conference it is my final speech is labor's leader in the European Parliament next week I'll be retiring is an Emmy fee I while almost sadly inevitably talk about rex 6 perhaps you can indulge me for a minute and a little nostalgia look back quickly to a simpler time before the Tories the referendum divided up country when Britain was known around the world for his values of tolerance and fairness at home and freeze international leadership on the global stage it was a time when British negotiations went badly in Brussels all we have to fear if you believe the papers not in very often was quieter Hoover's and slightly strikes but owners it's not that long ago but it feels like a different world today and while you can still find Benjamin on this on the shelves of US supermarkets a lot of changes to come through our membership of the EU that unlike Britain a better place now we might not have sold all of the problems facing our country what I'm proud of the work of life is on the peace you have working through the E. U. helped in the fight to overcome them but some workers rights such as equal pay for part time workers and guaranteed paid holiday investments in poor pulse of the country at a time when the Tory government was unashamed in its disregard for our industrial communities environmental standards making the products we buy Sipho and help us clean up our beaches and the toxic air in our cities improve financial regulation to tank casino capitalism that led to the last global financial crisis conference I never claimed that he was perfect but as we now prepared to leave we need to remember the victories we've won because let's be in no doubt many of the politicians who are leading our country through the E. U. exit to want to leave those rights and protections behind it's one of the things I always hated about the new let desire for a free market free for rule has been tempered by European values of social justice and equality why a belief in government stepping in to help the most vulnerable and as our country and to 6 most important negotiations in my lifetime there is a real danger that Britain will plummet out of the European Union with no deal in 18 months I know deal if not better than a bad deal no matter what they tell you know how could say will become poorer jobs will be lost whole sectors of the economy will grind to a halt it's more than a year since the EU referendum 6 months since the triggering of article 50 so it's it's a good moment to take stock of those brexit promises do you remember that international trade deals ready to go reduce trade with Europe to be guaranteed nobody he that he you citizens in Britain all Brits abroad need worry about their status conference the government is no nearer to moving forward on these issues than it was when Theresa my could stand to Downing Street now the government will claim the problems lie with the E. U. everybody claims up Theresa my S. called ani you lead us to be creative and to show my much like shit but I colleagues in Europe simply see a government still in a world of its own imagination an expectation that will be released from the rules of European trite and just continue to try to let me use to the idea of putting up a new customs border the post exists and doesn't exist at the same time conference it's not creative it's science fiction I'll tell you something else that science fiction the outrageous claim that our NHS will get an extra 350000000 pounds a week because of threats it isn't true it was not a true shame on you Boris Johnson conference I raise these examples because there is a danger that the prime is to leave the country into for 6 in the same failed way she let her party into the general election back in may and June 2 recent I kept proclaiming himself to be a strong and stable lead when all around the could plainly see she was anything booked she was the only person left believing your own propaganda and once again her strategy is failing she turns to start negotiations on a note of confrontation once again putting her policy before country I try to regain lost trust for the speech in Florence yet all concede that her government policy is still just brought aspiration up best for money fracturing to medicine financial services to food processing sector to sector Marconi is facing uncertainty and investment decisions a delight so lex clear the government's fly by night negotiating strategy is a threat to jobs it's a threat to tax revenues and in undermining the economy our country it's a threat to our public services as well conference I'm not gonna stand on the stage and tell you that I think brexit is the answer to our country's problems because I don't I put my heart and soul into campaigning in the referendum for Britain to stay in the European Union to maintain our alliances to protect our trade on the jobs that depend on it sport I think would have been best but the country what but it really pains me to say this we lost and just like after any electoral defeat we need to pick ourselves up look at the challenges facing our country and begin the next campaign so now labor MEPs looking ahead 2 what will probably be the final vote sometime in the next 18 months the European Parliament will have to decide whether to approve or not the final brexit deal and on behalf of my life to colleagues and on behalf of us is to political leagues across Europe I can tell you there will be no busking for a deal undermines the peace process in Northern Ireland movie known bucking for dealer fails to keep peace mind you see to in Britain abrasive might that her love for and they'll be no bucking for deal opens the door to attacks on workers rights and safety standards circumference Mr brexit talks continue let stand United in holding the Tories feats the fire in challenging the hottest this of the right wing vision the brexit Britain unless sons United's as labor campaigns for the true voice of our country Frankie //
"2017-09-24 19:03:51"
Conference Catch-Up | Sunday
\\have one is to Maine Jackman Hey come at you from the labor party conference in sunny bright this is one of our biggest conferences yet 13000 people attending to the bait policy 10 fringe events here incredible speeches and getting trained to gain those new skills for campaign we kicked off with a fantastic speech from our shadow home secretary and my local MP Diana but on how label to recruit 10000 new police officers to make our streets safer we also heard from and to grant a shuttle secretary for communities and local government and in the afternoon calling Jones took to the stage to give his report as first minister of Wales if they speak just concluded with far general secretary Khimik Nicole and party check in leverage who gave a report on the general election you can view this now on our Facebook page because France isn't just about speeches there's hundreds of fringe events and exhibits I quote with some labor students who are here or weak you can watch all the action from bright and by following the labor party onto itself Facebook and Instagram and you can watch everything from the conference floor live on our website at labeled the old don't you Kate get involved herself and shale conference snaps using the hashtag lab 17 that's all from me today tomorrow will be bringing more highlights in the labor party called files in the 70 //
"2017-09-24 17:57:51"
The impossible is possible
\\the guy would constituency it is a very wide and diverse constituency it it was a labor seat since 1906 of the people also go well it was very disappointed when it was won by it at the Tory and 2016 everything everybody 3 is the total legal cycle very big are you only need on the truck well I think Clinton's for a variety 6 cynical the older presidents have been him going up for a long time regardless of what people said about being emotional to me you know that when the seeds ... I really kind of ignored organized me on I tell people we rocks again when they see I think one of the things I had was a very strong such media campaign and ... that don't reach tons of of what what that was able Steve was waiting phenomenal I was at home at the time of the exit polls they kept on saying the Tories a saying that they've held on to go to college if North and I just felt right 6 of I was as shocked as everyone else of nights Julian supports it things that aren't really in synch with with this town take a little step to sainthood unlike your manifesto but look the same I've heard that would assist food where men become its account ... GA boxes were out and people will say you know if it was 5050 US stage I state but the best moment Wallace when the press would often me on they would save it looks like you've won the seat we increase the majority is big big majority since like 97 even if I'm not sure down to tremendous hard work of every single person that came out and that that mimicked it really Wallace hounds on the face Mormons where I realize that one and it was hot stuff when we got to the counter self and ... nature my evening the conservatives were very quiet and very sick judicious the first I've seen them like that so I remember when that they finally selected head it was amazing I think the other reason it was really amazing is it's Joe since a few techniques and to elect the perceived female and Pete we needed Jeremy Corbyn as labor movement we have to have this moving forward we've got to be set that was socialist values on we've got to get the tool he said because this is a change that people want and they say pull in the parliament affects the people that it's outside it's really beginning to feel like that so is so essential to counting on campaigning that a labor government for those that need just the minds we can do it here we've shown the impossible it is impossible to please god active and please believe //
"2017-09-24 17:26:12"
Ian Lavery's Speech to Labour Conference
\\old friends colleagues brothers and sisters we know you did it moon either Nelly Joe it who would have thought but this claim plus there will be here the Broughton publicly jobs at the breath no we're from the kitties domains snap election but misses me see it taught about not talking about a client not would not them souls to soak the rich political pundit see it was impossible we won the Superbowl well the study that 0 people who are for what the years we create the various countries but yeah terrible since 19 fourty volume Fred what's important is we did dog dipped always into overall majority I thought friends Tonga tidied installed in here in 6 let me see if this 6 bond plastic new wave praise from north of the border in those moods and more to cool but when the next election it's cold retrieved my first ever the food did we lose but will look 20 years pulled prince feed it kids in political landscape sure political debates here in the U. Q. I just over a year ago to reserve mail was swept to the dealership but the tall reason the leadership that taught me without any democratic elected whatsoever it soon bull who was 3 is a mere not the all the tact if austerity tall did Oswald was picked up by my count that like a dog in the night well maybe it's that was absolutely blood flow and what we could trust in them no idea among did bother grip Britain's public soon both not just be a letter every don's blog Baldwin Boris would you know if he's dead gold that suit chaotic not the toll remember us believe the best choice to Ripley is the reason we Jacob reeve both this is tell anybody yeah all and leave this book we got a thing everybody put the hounds of bald it all it would be fully it wasn't Souci area well that didn't have really is don't show but many of our people could pit well the Tory keels with jobs with their jobs in their will you we promise allow it to happen and that's why it's so important that we build on the achievements of our elected company is I'm not sure why we must continue trump is so whether that selection is gold woman cool position current poll position rob do us please donors this conference this is no pipe dream this is political reality it's just simply fall we want yeah yeah the Tories and most of the media expected the little majorities to crumble and for the party to be destroyed as an electoral rules pulls I don't know much tonight Andrew ball not really 3 Jonas so you know what I expected call but to be such a prude copy it on ... grew well we all know these lie my friends nobody would be the false what this is but the company had wasn't well one person shoe well this is what an exciting it will be if you stop you know to everyone who knock on the doors Honda don't leaflets a huge long you gonna stop well of tears won't hit the guitar is won't team so so you from the true you dance to mobilize number bus to the teams in overalls and reels and Scotland in every region everyone deserves to give themselves a huge pot on the block and a special thanks 20 so Kimball long ... around these across the U. Q. always looking into all was not you know could be part of these wonderful Rollie's with Jeremy no wall I did see I'm sorry I probably get that tell you hoped road all worlds move you know 10000 people who would be to stop that now well I wasn't I wasn't deployment no we with a tiny awfully close well to suit their clubs call soon so one of many could not lift you loans to everyone because we mia politics excitement people contributed to what atmosphere she's this year Cyrano's speech Julia the camera digitally in this election I know some funk tastic spit district speak for themselves not in the report but I will mention just a few we have huge increases no social media reach for example only about spirit likes increased 44 percent to nearly 1000000 it Jeremy use rules 31 percent to 1.2000000 like we had a fun closely Gordo registry should come did not sold more than 2000000 visit the electoral commissions Gorda registration site 4000000 visit us to live odds website if you happen to people watch it ... upon the political brought us all the idiot just on TV that's 2000000 mole you will the degree of British vehicles this is know that this could all be gone will go the line on system March Victorians please point me Romolo but because it could equally well we well we could go through 3 also for those few days well ordinary members all original boat none E. blown that's bull did it pull it off is 1000000 doing the issues I'm not some top of the 6.2000000 doing it by both Funtastic trade union affiliates well well well this come clear was positive it was cool woman that was full of many not the fear we both want closeness with the phones company cool the company had food bit bawdy on full super rich do those with a leader who was hiding from the voters and among the first to the field even give the electric the courtesy and those opposed no the bond would see a victorious was put in the sea all I could do was skill that the storm was closer look talks but bull on jeopardy your own an old dog gone it was absolutely disgraceful that need to be brought up but friends the little qualities of a musou implode C. elected 2 weeks after the election on the box looked Victoria's screen speech but no mention a toll but the one thing raw yeti promises a hot and then by the first new problem the window fuel allowance for millions of drugs you know it gets into trouble law protecting the volume if tensions but Kelly ripa about the demand just talked one soon she'll kill this immediately because of the optimism about quality and what gets married cloakroom what really upsets me there's this spiel at the food but look loads of all primary school children yeah where well you know you don't do this new global school Wally the bunny books will you bought if this is what we could achieve an opposition W. margin what we could do what we could achieve if we Hobgood keys the book's bid we once thought filled with the Bretton well the people let this mission we had a fantastic manifest to it reduces the tadpole moment it winds by 2020 but stickball called working every people and things got 3 but yeah I don't want to didn't do said free school meals all right schoolchildren robin Jewish employees than reinstatement new things overall we would give their testimony not in the top of the crisis it's suicidal yeah we crop public pickup can anybody think the reason is on the ball soon when maw Alice the prime minister of this book we why dresses what you've been booed bonds and other sporting a separate don't even though we're just since 2010 attend resentment at a private us like this don't really see it will use it for bugs a complex issue what the other side's culprits it's not a complex issue not not guilty pleas didn't go so well results we will complete union run a whole but a little quality agenda I don't like the Tories that he did what he promised and a lot of us there was fully close to I don't like it always all soon have a plan for rebuilding this much it will be we applaud father Vesnin sustainable growth well best and to create the wealth the decent jobs not would only appear yeah society the Tories called being in a club genuine that gives only it terms of billions of bones throughput said cool Berisha docks throughput soon capital did stocks but all whom where ever the toxins continued to give talks bricks will big business the very wealthy this is it sickens subdivides investment what hasn't happened in every single yeah the last 7 years will do that to always Koppel investment as a percentage of GDP it's the law than the average or the lost me about gold so conference I told the Taj bricks for the rich well not only unfair all sooooo not whooping golly ex conference is why recounted to fold to rest on the laurels but not in the Tories their majority was a great achievement but it isn't any substitute well with a pole you know most their team 0 people voters for a message of poop June it was called women's lib porting millions more come be 12 of our I want pulls we've got explicit people it doesn't have to pay like this does that different alternatives it by stepping up our cabinet move allies and all that bullshit ball you won't let it show that the fellow that got lost them all wikipedia coalition every city every town and every villager close this will be conference are you not that Polly little of old values of solidarity will transform society it's high time we invest so that people and we got then still in this country who I know the risks of what had in the right direction the tall result trickling in on Barlow fingertips but Blackmun's proper body pain in the day you marry yeah it says of 1000000000 poems from.magic money tree which we often get criticized you know we will forget we'll both go get them you know will give the Tories pulled a rotten conference well if you are do you agree with me though the little pony or Goldman and we well look good to transform the lives of the body and not the few so Mrs to reserve yeah I hope good to we love //
"2017-09-24 17:25:51"
Iain McNicol's Speech to Labour Conference
\\thank you conference and it's a great pleasure to be back here and writes in knots Lieber run sortie free Brighton holes be back in Brighton reminds me of so many labor movement conferences do you see the labor party and my union that you have the but but the someone on the minute this week someone were missing I'm not made a toddler we clearly with the very best of the labor movement passionate about social justice driven by her values we miss our I miss our of the oil or her memory like maybe I've always believed there is power in a union when I was an organizer for the GM be I saw force times that was either unions the lives of working people could be held without trade unions no limits on what can I. worst no ranks great no paid holidays no safety on the building site our factory floor the something more meet a ton on your trade unionism Kentucky so far but only labor governments can transform the lives of the mainly I was trying to smear it in 1900 but slowly starve to leave a party in the first place a former governments I deliver policies the welfare state the United Nations comprehensive education the open university a national minimum wage sure start for our children I'm the greatest achievement of any government the National Health Service so this week and bright sin let us focus on what the next labor government late by Jeremy Corbyn Huilliche our generation will leave a lasting legacy like the generations of 4564 I 97 let us start with the results of the last election despite losing the election we are performed expectations and security 41 percent of the vote an increase of 9 points 2015 when words we should not forget it 6 labor seats we lost we can be private of a net gain off their 2 seats mostly from the Tories and seeks such as prophecy bread for club called that small to mid sized we one incumbent to bring we we take the same killed continuously by the Tories and their life 1295 I believe it is back in school wins winning 7 feet sex games probably a fairly and isn't that marvelous see so many more women LA states the highest proportion of the parliamentary Labour Party famous characters more labor MPs from black and minority ethnic backgrounds more labor MPs with disabilities more pale G. B. T. labor and upon the bench your labor policies that looks like the UK Morricone side fans going do in reality this was an election we are ongoing campaign humane to its oil leave our have more than 1.2000000 shares on for the space we reached over 29000000 unique face big is ours in the last 2 days of the count being alone when 7.3000000 individuals viewed are gathered the full message on slop job we use professional targeted high quality bitch to communications gore local campaigns to register people to vote to guide activists in the key seats and to the gay I the votes it was a brilliant campaign I we should applaud all those involved in that so victory next time is in sight Tom Paine to win started within the I. worse of the election results over the summer Jeremy completes it 50 seat to are competing and bore most black to pull chain Crawley car lighter Copeland from Hastings to Hyrule from south Hampton to say is poor opera corn weights are full and Klaus school brother claims the waste denials Kikuchi had a bra and all the points MP 3 well no reasons of members a benign when the door steps Britain new members joining with veterans y'all was old Nighthawks while I call real progress dots why call real well made some I unites a heartache for the religious right let me turn to the labor party style ideally privilege and honor to work it dedicates its untalented party stuff but the bass and the bass line didn't smoke and heat of an election campaign there is no one banks are somehow on your site and everyone of the speeches now delivered his your general secretary I've talked to part the fight to rule of party members not just holds an election machine buys year Ryan's eye pickets developing policies unchanging communities this conference the National Executive Committee thank you for everything that you do today I'm proud to annoyance we haul of 575 reasons mame bars making the British labor party the largest political party in here on we're picking up behind some seats places such as north Somerset time it so folk and Airdrie in more thing just up the coast from here are kinda that they keep keep park when the council seat for labor market for the first time in 41 years when Jeremy was complaining yesterday I'm like I'm here we have a local elections across England with millions going to the polls we're working hard to get our parliamentary candidates in the places we need to wait we will continue to walk well the jewel calls women in leadership program which is a little the little guy elected to parliament well I'm happy to be I will not give in and nor make an apology for using all women shortlist to get even more great because when I in every one of my reports to this conference talked to by the stadium proof men and the parties finances sticking updated a decade hard work but we are today mortgages free debt free I'm going free so this is to these label are growing in size and confidence financially secure reaching into the Tory heart ones in contention for the next government leave our because the leadership and jamming on the mother faced though this country is crying out for on education on health on social care one cry when transport on the environment on how using I spatially or breaks at I learned you don't let me see how much we value the work of our colleagues in the European Parliament and the leadership of this world let us thank you for your service to our movement often poem no the Tories maybe an office but they have no Martin drew no majority no unity I'm no authority but that doesn't stop them they think they're born to room so who's going to stop them no the LibDems don't you can note the S. and P. are definitely not the do you he's gonna stop almost since the election thanks to the Sarge in our support we have prevented the Tories from legalizing fox hunting building more grammar skills scalp scrapping preschool males paving the winter fuel payment and imposing a debate here car Limbaugh has some pretty cool the manifesto I live 300 mostly to say volume unions volume the and find sees we have made a British workers and much in all those hard won gains then the dream of a Tory break set imagine the bread and our children and grand children will inherit it will only leave are on the Jedi we can deliver a brexit which looks soft or the main finally conference I hope you enjoy your time in Brighton and hold a shining by various European city everything the Tories hate yeah I propose only one improvement a small thing it's not too much to let's make the trains save far more secure more reliable I'm going on tight flakes marginalized not only rarely //
"2017-09-24 17:25:29"
Carwyn Jones's Speech to Labour Conference
\\loans are gonna live there miss him out he bought it will get a few deeds that's all amok and Brighton and was sick and I sort of love in the dim on Henry on draw speed and you D. good afternoon conference it's great to be with you here in Brighton again as we look forward to seeing not just a labor government in Wales but a labor government let it across the whole of Britain I'd like to begin conference by extending my thanks to Christina Rees our shado sector state for Wales sadly you can't be with us because she's nursing a broken foot no I don't think there's a bit louder ... thank you should appreciate that I don't think there's any truth in the rumour that she broke it kicking Eileen Cain's on parliament the first week back but will last given me see here Chris we wish you a speedy recovery secondly let me say thank you to Jeremy for his continuing friendship and leadership thank you generally for the dignity you showed up in a tough general election campaign the Tories came after you in a personal and offensive Mina and stood up a lot onslaught and lead the party with great determination and defy the odds this time last year conference the Tories thought they were marching to a 100 seat majority right now they're scared of their own shadows let alone another general election what a tune around nowadays a conference where hoods to reason may is giving a speech in Florence I thought how what not so much in relation to that in a sense but more with the thought to the works of that great medieval poet Dante stay with me stay with me this is being cleared to Maine for some time the department for exiting the European Union we got the divine comedy a some kind of instruction manual that masterpiece imagines in glorious detail the dock and terrifying journey through the 9 circles of hell well we've been going on our own journey to 15 months and still remain in the first 6 apparel limbo it's a remarkable achievement for then dont think that have good you as a spiritual guide David Davis has got my usual cut off