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Equifax: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\nnsl flax the company whose name sounds like a theatrical production in which Daniel Radcliffe played the holes that fox a fax machine Equifax is one of the big 3 credit reporting agencies the companies who can financial type to own all of us so that people like ... lenses and landlords can decide whether or not we are trustworthy Equifax controls some of our most sensitive information on about a month ago we learned bass breaking news about credit monitoring company Equifax cyber thieves making off with private information about 143000000 Americans nearly half the US population it's actually worse it's now 145000000 Americans in all got good news and bad news at the good news is that by private information they don't mean you'll Google search history so nobody yet knows about the tone you sell it for Mario porn parentheses griot world's if dogs looking for assistance or kind loneliness pulls the fox but the bad news is the information that adults could well be old place if you're in a social security number birth date driver's license and address is where you live information that is mostly permanent unless you're in federal witness protection wow okay so that does sound bad but it was a simple solution just moved 145000000 people into the witness protection program got means Jones's you all the Thompsons art Thompson's you'll the Campbells at Campbell's you'll the Mendoza's Mendoza's you'll the Joneses what wait hold on Jones is you shouldn't be that I'm a Jew the Thompsons no Tauzin's are a major the Campbells Campbell's you're the man does it Mendoza's why you that you should be living in the Joneses house in Phoenix although it was a pretty big all got that job right now right put your call finally just what and I don't know I know that more some younger people watching this thing will hold a who cares what the first generation to routinely send pictures all junk to each other over the internet why should we give a shit about someone seeing how social security numbers but you should know criminals can do a lot more with that number then they come with a picture of you Dick this information can be sold left and right on the black market people are going to be able to open up credit cards for the rest of your life once they have that information they can go out and purchase a home in your name they can open bank accounts take car loans someone who has your soul security number could actually take a job they could file taxes and even claim your kids dependents and be gone with your refund before you ever actually file tax returns no no no no the tax benefits is the whole point of having children without that's all you're left with is your actual children which you know the point here is it's a huge problem I mean any other era this would have been the biggest news story for a month but but now that every day's headline is simply the words everything batshit but known as again today it slipped under the right off but it is worth awskie how the hell did this happen because the short answer is the people in charge of done literally everything wrong let's start with just just the way the echo park told us about the hack in early September they then see if the ... Rick's me I'm I'm with a face and I am so bland he might as well be called human person or Frasier rerun he issued a typed apology but his remorse seemed a little less than heartfelt on July 29 of this year we discovered that attackers had gained unauthorized access to certain Equifax data files clearly a disappointing event and one that strikes at the heart who we are and what we do Rick Smith the so alarmingly mechanical you probably have to put it in rice every time he gets wet notably he mentioned and Equifax loaned about the breach on July 29 but even more notably that video was uploaded in September which is and this is true all after July so Equifax knew about the breach in the 6 weeks people telling the public and they claim that they needed that time because the investigation was complex and time consuming although that's not all that happened in that time span 3 Equifax executives sold nearly $2000000 in company stock days after the data breach was discovered while selling stock before the public knows there's a problem is one of those things that look suspicious whether or not you're actually doing something wrong it's like walking into a petting zoo with the bare bones what exactly are you planning on Messali devouring Equifax defend about saying none of the executives in question including the chief financial officer knew about the data breach which raises another question how is that even possible if I just ignore emails with the subject lines breach following up one bridge what the fuck all you brings brings brings and just what do you impose about bridging you just stared blankly at me and then said I'm going to order from a solid place and if you are getting frustrated already with this going to be competency gonna need to pace yourself because this story gets a lot worse a party that what multiple points with this half could have been prevented and one of them is incredible because Equifax were loaded by homeland security back in March that they needed to fix a critical vulnerability in their software but as lawmakers discovered on a recent here that's not what happened there was one person apparently who forgot to tell somebody that they had a piece of software that needed to be patched it is no ideal for the company guarding such valuable information leave something got important down to one person it's a phony up that chase bank has a big red button labeled lose everyone's money and the only thing stopping anyone from pushing it is Frank hello Frank a lover joy but what if we have to pay I I don't want to tell you that this is an anomaly but Equifax's had multiple headline grabbing preaches over the years and that is not even counting small incidents like this I check my credit report the other day online with Equifax that was that and next thing I know I have 300 pieces of mail in my mailbox every single one of these is addressed to her but they're not hers instead she got other people's credit reports now names social security numbers dates of birth current and previous addresses bank in loan account numbers all stacked up on the kitchen table in Biddeford yeah that's not great is it and it really should have set of red flags Equifax when hundreds of different credit reports will be my will to the same address what exactly did you think could happen that that every single Fraggle checks that credit loans down out Fraggle rock down the front will roll not 30 looks I don't know the other companies have had breaches but known remotely as damaging as this new Equifax 1 because remember this isn't target exposing customers credit cards this is compromising social security numbers the things that means good news to open new credit cards in your name and if your information was stolen which remember is about a 5050 chance it could hold you forever you don't change your birth date you don't change your social security number those who have been ... jeopardized by this hack will have to protect themselves for years until they're dead true I just think about that there is only one other thing you have to constantly protect yourself from until you're dead and that's fucking death hope Equifax would do a decent job of mitigating the damage off tool they did have nearly 6 weeks to work on a response but instead that fuck ups continued Francis I created a website for concerned consumers to go to but then this happened the side that Equifax started is called Equifax security 2017 by a developer named Nick Sweeting wanted to show how easy it is to create a similar fake site so he did he call that security Equifax 2017 exactly someone created I think solitude you thinking well who would be dumb enough to fall for that Equifax that's who because they tweeted links to that fake site at least 8 times despite the fact but so it had a couple of tiny clues that it might be fight from the headline reading why did Equifax use that to my not so easily in perspective by fishing sites to the fact that when you click on that frequently asked questions this happened worldwide blank screens you have my respect but look don't worry Equifax as the bio tightening up the operation and to see how well that they've done on that you can just go to Equifax fraud not because its best sites but because it's our site we bought it 2 days ago and if you go there you'll find the message how will we still are able to do this what happened you long to anything what what what because that was even more Equifax also offer consumers a year of free credit monitoring but when people talk to sign up for the service they noted some guess what you lock into Equifax terms of service when you sign up for it off which means that you can't sue the company you gotta resolve any disputes in forced arbitration exactly you be giving up your right to sue so legally your best week also that point will be shaking your fist of the heaven's wall Stroud think that quite far now that makes sense rescinded bottles although many frustrated people announced on a couple of third party credit monitoring services like LifeLock could be advertising everywhere and I have seen a real surge in business in the wake of this breach although if you are considering LifeLock because you are mad at Equifax there is something you gonna need to know according to filings with the SEC LifeLock purchases credit monitoring services from Equifax and that means someone buys credit monitoring through life log LifeLock turns around and passes some of that revenue directly along to Equifax's sent right Mister Smith that is correct his I so both of them only if you plan to Ludlow goes right back to fucking Equifax which could only be more infuriating if you then found out with the rest of it goes to toys put towards a charity the purchaser sex toys for grown men nitens tall body your own sex so we thought we called carry you on this one Equifax connections a solid life focus had repeated issues itself including settlements with the FTC and a truly disastrous outcome plane a few years back I'm Todd Davis and I'm here to prove just how safe your identity can be good lifelong that's my real social security number yeah like slugs then CEO told Davies actually put his real social security number 457555462 on a truck and billboards for towing it was impossible to escape a social security number 457555462 and that was a very cocky move and 1 that resulted in him having his identity stolen heard saying sorry but I just couldn't but the difference for the people who took it was I didn't steal his identity I literally talking to cut off the back of a truck so to put it mildly LifeLock may not be your best solution to the Equifax crisis was gracious the question what is well consumer advocates told us that the one big step everyone should Tyke is to go to all 3 large credit reporting companies that Equifax Experian and trans union and freeze your credit that way no one can access it including you until you on phrase it's not the companies also offer their own credit protection products with names like trusted ID or credit lac plus Bucks by often more expensive and off a few conceivable section so if you need a way to remember this locks are something you don't want think of Justin Bieber's dreadlocks parable decision to be avoided Lawrence freezes all right up think of this Tony penguin losing its frozen mind city so to recap logs move freezes no no he wouldn't think you think it's freezing I'm freezing your credit can cost money which will go back to these companies because seemingly they just call fucking loose on bass and if you need any more proof of that on the very son die the Congress was yelling Equifax's former CEO in much of the company had just been awarded a $7000000 contract by the IRS to prevent for old which led one senator to make a pretty brutal comparison you realize to many Americans right now that looks like a we're giving land sea glow on the keys to the many bar anything that was the bulls and I'm thinking toilet that boss or corrected one how to pronounce low hand or to a double down to pronounce her name Lincoln but really holy baloney and you should know you should know that already deal has been suspended not counseled by the way just suspended and that might make you angry but the problem is that angle won't have much impact on Equifax because they make most of that money selling I would like to to businesses like banks so in there always will not the consumer with the product to think in terms of KFC will not die buying the 10 piece pockets with a fucking chickens so for the time being businesses are the only ones who can exert influence here and as one colorfully dressed expert pointed out that's not gonna happen anytime soon I haven't heard any big company came out come out yet and say we're not going to use Equifax anymore for their credit scores points so far everybody's been quiet and I don't know what they're waiting to hear this is outrageous they should be done but I bet you because it's America they'll be okay this is true that angry business casual farm animal on fox business full king spends I'm not a sentence alone shows just how bad things all so in the long term they should clearly be major reform to this industry how is regulated but that is going to take time so until then you need to freeze your credit report with all 3 of these companies and only unfreeze them when you need to apply for credit because the freeze option can be hard to find on this site if you go to our Twitter feed we will give you the exact links to do that and when you do they will give you a pin number that you need to unfreeze it so do not lose that number or the very least make it something memorable I don't know like 457 hog calling for a full 60 ninth to the bulls not fulfilling his his social security number //
"2017-10-09 06:30:01"
Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\our main story tonight I'd like to do something a little different and just quickly tell you about a beloved icon of my childhood and if this man for 20 years he made the dreams of young people come true with his hugely popular jim'll fix a program best known for his trademark jewelery tracksuits tinted glasses on Savannah cigar now I know it's hard to believe but that bizarre looking man Jimmy Savile was a national hero we names places for and we gave him a knighthood we even put up this statue of him even though it clearly looks more like a cheese sculpture of George Collen that someone left in the sun he had a show called jim'll fix it where he basically granted wishes and what many British kids I actually wrote to him I Austin to make me the mascot for the pool football club and he never wrote back we don't actually drive the ballots because although he doit Britain began to find out who he really wants and the truth was horrific he's gone from a much loved entertainer and respected charity fundraiser to a man described by Scotland Yard as a predator sex offender Jimmy Savile headstone was here for less than 3 weeks his epitaph read it was good while it lasted all that is an unsettling thing to have written on his gravestone although to be fair and nearly every famous epitaph would sound horrifying written on a sex offenders gripes down from the mountains everybody loves somebody sometime to Rodney Dangerfield there goes the neighborhood Venus X. Abunda not so much appointees examples headstone was taken down as as without sawing and that creepy statue because once we found out that he was a monster we accepted it was no longer appropriate to publicly glorify him which actually brings us to our main story tonight the confederacy America's truck soup sex offender now angry Sydney's does being a robust debate over Confederate symbols from flags being taken down a 2 statues being removed to the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville both the one ended in violence in August and another one that happens just lost night so as this debate is clearly not going away we want to take a look at some of the arguments because you don't have to look hard to find people very upset at the idea of Confederate statues being taken away you can't change history you can't pick and choose what you decide is history earlier on his way home alone I just don't think we can a rice our history here may not represent the best idea did anybody ever came up with but nevertheless it's part of our history and ... I think it should stay there you know all giving this he's right the confederacy and everything that came with it is to put it mildly not the best idea everybody have a crime up with because that of course is making grilled cheese on a toast to turn sideways that's is $1000000000 idea but is also completely worthless but they're also right about one thing we should remember our history so tonight let's do that let's look at the unique heritage of the symbols starting with the fact that there are a lot more than you might expect the Southern Poverty Law Center found some 1500 Confederate memorials across the country more than 700 of them are statues and monuments and 10 U. S. military bases are named for Confederate officers think about back there a US military base is named for Confederate offices somebody with the enemy they killed U. S. soldiers that's what pony up with Nancy Kerrigan 9 to a child Tonya Harding what would you do that that's a weird choice I'm tributes to the confederacy aw everywhere in the south and notably some in the north to I'm not map doesn't include kitchen waste that the civil war is presented like at this family restaurant Dolly Parton's Dixie stampede brings a rip roaring taste of America to life Dixie stampede is a musical extravaganza of sight and sound centered around a friendly north south rival friendly service bring the delicious more course feast right to you including a whole rotisserie chicken and all that Pepsi iced tea or coffee yes that is a Confederate soldier serving a small child all the Pepsi she likes still remarkably only Pepsi second worst outcome by James is locked up the consumer the civil war is just a friendly rivalry a fun colourful part of U. S. history but that makes the key fact about the civil war the confederacy was fighting for the preservation of slavery and that's not my opinion that is just a fact there are many ways that we know the expense slavery is mentioned in multiple spikes declarations of secession with Mississippi fine our position is probably a identified with the institution of slavery the Confederate constitution contains a close control meaning slavery forever and then there's the speech I was told to Stevens the Confederate vice president had been 1861 in which he articulated the basic principles for the Confederate nation its foundations are laid its cornerstone rests upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition why subordination to the superior rights that is explicit if the confederacy was not about slavery somebody should we go back in time and tell the fucking confederacy that and yet remarkably many people think the civil war was over something else when people were asked what they think the main cause of the civil war is 48 percent said mainly about states rights only 38 percent said mainly about slavery 9 percent said both and that is amazing only 38 percent for the civil war was mainly about slavery in other words nobody left now look you right statistically all 3 of you live in a country where only 38 percent of people in the civil war was mainly about slavery it only spends Royce argument for the rectal a sudden spikes well all gently prospects right box with some glaring exceptions notably when northern's types paas laws to help protect runaway slaves the south wanted the federal government to overrides ghostlike floors so they loved states rights of womanhood as they were the right states rights the wrong states rights would be states wrongs wrongs which would need to be righted by the right spice Royce look to what it really simply by John long black people I didn't much care how but some parts but that's a pretty hauled packed some people to accept especially if a member of your family for for the confederacy and sometimes the understandable desire to want to distance you'll relative from Marc Coles kindly to people distorting the course itself just watch as one man a community meeting in North Carolina defended a Confederate statue by talking about his family history my great grandfather was a Confederate soldier and I was proud of that because my opinion of his fight worse for his rights I don't know what his rights were I wouldn't there he was dead long before I came along but I'm I'm really concerned about our monument how will it to stay it reminds me that I got a little rebel in me you know we all want to kind of be independent we all have a little rebel and us even the ladies Nnamdi patch stock feminism hashtag confederacy I don't know what I don't know what he's going to run for the fort in these hall to know the motivations of any individual soldier at what we do know is that again collectively they were fighting to preserve the institution of slavery and I do get honestly I honestly can't wanting a more comfortable history for your family but in doing so you can't invent a more comfortable history for your country because you'll be a raising the actual painful experiences of many Americans as a fellow north Carolinian explains one arm while rather Thatcher to become very painful when I think of the suffering that ma and services within 30 cents slave people abused people but their own economic impact then that should not be but ... the statute right and that is the harsh reality of what was done by those Confederate man and yes even the ladies crushed I confederacy if you want to see a perfect crystallization of what happens when 2 people wildly different views of the same symbol just watch this local news clip why do you care that flag because this is my heritage my family fought to save their farm under this flag who was working for is a good sahaf question other news clip actually cut out that we were so intrigued to point out what his response was we tracked it down a whatever you are expecting going to be surprised well you are the flavor display prospect you know you are in the wrong when you do so you'll best argument is screaming at a black man do you know how expensive you use the bay it is it is common slut not will no longer be Scoil macabre of holy shit that is not remotely the point tonight that that is clearly an intense example but denial of this painful part of history can take many forms look at PBS is finding your roots where Henry Louis gates explores celebrities family histories and he often following some shit by mostly Ben Affleck pulled strings to get the show to remove all references to a slave owning ancestors and though he likes Republic choice that impulse right there was no good because it sanitizers history while there is no easy way to respond to learning that kind of public relations it is worth watching Anderson Cooper point out how one relative of his tight Boykin was murdered by rebellious slaves how your ancestor was beaten to death with a farm home yeah I'd that's amazing this is a guy who quit I'm blown away think you deserved it yeah you know what no to live a life that could lead a descendant of you was the one they cite a dog smashed ground poppies heading with a garden hose got so my exit great job but guarded but my absolute favorite responds to a nasty surprise undoubtedly comes from Larry David who received a real 12 punch are you telling me that my great grandfather fought for the south in the civil war how what I didn't get on my goodness I hope no slaves show up on this please turn to pick no Larry this is another part of the 18 all y'all yet dammit I know I I don't know it unbelievable unbelievable line that's been unbelievable ... Borneo boy yeah brick de put that I know now everybody beat is not responsible for what is ancestors did not of us all I have to believe that's because I'm English we would like to go to an Indian restaurant again at some point in my life but but we do have to reckon post neatly and as a country with what our heritage means you can't ignore it like Batman you call it something else like town meeting Santa you gotta actively painfully come to grips with slavery and the lasting benefits and disadvantages to confront in ways that frankly we haven't yet and that's actually brings us back to Confederate monuments because there was something about them that symbolizes our reluctance to have that conversation and that is the date that they went up because while some initial memorials will build mainly in cemeteries shortly after the civil war the real search kind much much later the Southern Poverty Law Center says a majority of the more than 700 Confederate monuments and public spaces across the country were erected decades after generally surrender it's true as this chart of the years that they would dedicate itself there was a big spike from 1900 to 1920 as white southerners will reasserting that dominance from things like Jim crow laws out with another spike in the fifties and sixties of the civil rights movement was gaining stinks almost touches 1 so much commemorating recently fallen dead ascending a pretty hostile message to African Americans I'm sending messages is going to what statues all often full this one says we love freedom this one says the most notable thing about our city is a fictional character and this one says about you know the big we still don't know what he was trying to measure up but whatever it was it was about yeti beta but well it was some Confederate statues though for some Confederate statues the intent is crystal clear in that town meeting from before the statue that I would to biting was this fall which went up in 1914 and I lied about counties chapter of the KKK gave a speech at his dedication calling the occasion an opportunity to recall the achievements of the great and good of our own race and blood which again is pretty only knows right back on the launches Confederate Memorial the coughing on Stone Mountain in Georgia is located where the twentieth century tai chi chi was born it depicts 3 Confederate leaders on horseback and was completed in 1972 so that means there is total footage of the dedication after nearly half a century of work l'oreal carving here at Stone Mountain is finally finished and officials are calling it the eighth wonder of the world we must recall those principles of loyalty dignity and honor that shine through the lives of men and we can commemorate today yes thought was vice president Spiro Agnew commemorating the loyalty oath literal traces but what can you really expect from a man who's 9 rearranged spells grow a penis I'm sorry only months went up even more recent ... only show you one that was erected on private lands but very much for public consumption because once you see it you will not forget it the statue was erected in 1998 it portrays Nathan Bedford Forrest on his horse gun in 1 hand the sword in the other surrounded by Confederate state battle flags visible for all to see on the side of I. 65 Forrest was a Confederate general and an early leader of the KKK that is just objectively terrifying regardless of contracts he looks like if a nickel did cocaine so some some of the statues commemorate people who fought a war to preserve slavery what erected to assault white supremacy I would dedicated by clan members and yet there was a blanket defense it tends to get off the bike people I'm not just people also this guy they're trying to take away our culture they're trying to take away our history okay so that argument is taking the statues down obliterates history which is clearly just ridiculous first monuments are not how we record history books all museums all 10 bones 12 part mini series on how we glorify people or in the case of one in Tokyo how we glorify giant radioactive lizards I yet the president's concern seems to be the tearing down statues lease with slip re slope this week it's Robert Haley I noticed of Stonewall Jackson's coming down I wonder is it George Washington next week and is to Thomas Jefferson the week after you know you all you really do have to ask yourself where does it stop okay will also you where it stops somewhere anytime someone asks where does it stop me owns was always fucking somewhere you might let you could have twins Liz but not inject black tar heroin you don't just go well off to the twins list where does it stop and the same is true of Confederate monuments figure this white old people living and dead exist on what I'm gonna call the Hitler Hanks spectrum from bottom to goes on at some point only spectrum morning news to all the people are going to be inappropriate although to be fair it does get tricky around the middle where of course you'll find out all Franklin there are clearly people deserving of such use who what imperfect humans and sometimes our standards change over time which can then get tricky because it judging historical figures by Morton standards but from many Confederate monuments especially those directed well off to the civil war valley rising the pools or leadership of the confederacy this really isn't a close call this is your baby sitter showing up in a Jimmy Savile Setia I don't care what you think that represents you know sign home with my fucking kid tonight and for what Ely in particular it's actually even easier because of this interestingly Robert E. Lee was once asked about placing memorials at Gettysburg in 1869 the former general replied I think it wiser not to keep open the swords of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered it's true Robert E. Lee was a poster statues of people like Robert the late so any city that decides to keep a statue of him should at the very least at a speech bubble saying you know I told you all specifically not to but what do we do now what what would argue that nothing is not acceptable I'm I'm trying to paper over the cracks can actually make things worse in the 19 nineties Richmond's try to fix its monument Avenue a street lined with statues of Confederate leaders by adding African American tennis legend all flash to it and you call just give Confederates a black friend inside window drug we don't Dublin yeah low ball so so if we really want to loan from and on our history pubs the bus step might be to put most of the statue someone more appropriate surrounded but I'm pull historical context like in the museum where people go to proactively loan about history and also to punish the children please try not to think of this as a loss because it's actually a real opportunity and I'll show you place come with me because if away uplink becomes and but is actually a huge chunks for your area to own a someone who really deserves it and I have some some ideas for replacements all would love to run by you bust Beaufort county South Carolina how about a joint statue all robin slowly 3 he was born into slavery he still can federal boat we sailed into freedom and later served 5 terms in Congress this dog is amazing Atlanta Texas knew of the book place to Bessie Coleman the first African American woman pundits what would you know what it but Florida people don't want an individual but how about something the owners what you'll start represent something that says you've got a little rebel in you so I give you this statue of your official spec reptile an alligator giving everyone a free he's I think definitely set as well while also having nothing to do with slavery I'm totally phony that is Charleston unto you I saved it one happy divisive Confederate statue when instead topped pedestal can be filled by your favorite song the actual screenname the we the it's yes yeah through send so then truth is the site of the first 3 Auburn America even here we host going real fast most comprehensive I Gration focused birding festival the credible all Google it St Charles didn't you can have this 2004 hours a day 7 days a week died I actually I need to do my show 5 days a week Saudi how now who were also travel leisure is number one U. S. destination for the last 5 years running Conejo Stenness to //
"2017-10-04 18:33:29"
NRA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\off to my house shootings in Orlando everyone has had their own ideas on the root of the problem and it will not surprise you to hear it when the worst of those ideas came from that's been talking about it for a long time and I've been saying it's going to happen we are taking then thousands of people into our country we have no idea where they come from we have no idea who the hell they are okay there is does a great deal wrong with not not least the fact that we know exactly where they seem to kind from because he was born in queens about miles from where Donald Trump was born 0 believe when I'm racist very brought the bottom up squash to line now but then a pause Democrats chose to focus less on the shooter and more on the weapons he used even spring a surprise filibuster on the floor of the Senate Democrats led by Chris Murphy of Connecticut held the floor for nearly 15 hours pushing for new regulations to stop people on the terror watch list from buying guns and to expand background checks after nearly 15 hours Murphy said he had gotten signals that his 2 measures would get a vote what they see absolutely sure he sold those signals or was not a hallucination brought on by ammonia poisoning off to holding is paying for 15 hours to be 5 of those proposals all actually coming up for a vote but before you get your hopes up there may be a bit of a problem let's not kid ourselves the Republic the Republicans control the house of representatives there is never going to be any gun control that have that's true closing the gun show loophole in this Congress is incredibly unlikely even regulating the gong show Paul Ryan puts on every day is Christian not a lost cause a good which means here we are again offer another mass shooting with weak legislation doomed to failure and that was clearly a disconnect between public opinion which favors to bury degrees a number of different gun control measures and any practical action in Washington and it is pretty clear what is standing between those 2 things I think the national rifle association like Peter but for guns and effective I took me for a to be fed to the end all right it's not surprising they take a hardline on gun legislation they're an advocacy group it's what they're supposed to do what is shocking is just how successful they be not just look at that lost big filed attempt a gun control known as the mansion to me amendments there were high hopes for that's partly because it didn't really do much to just call for background checks at gun shows and for online sales but mainly because Joe Manchin who co sponsored it how some credibility regarding forums not sure senator all protect our second amendment rights that's why the NRA endorsement and I'll take dead aim at the cap and trade bill 6 but is it going so comfortable with guns he basically just use one as a hole punch he's all 3 hole punch must be for I mentioned munching did everything he could to appease the and all right he even inserted several of their dollar wrecked requests into his bill including allowing forum stimulus for the first time since 1960 night to sell handguns across state lines which is a week provision to put in a gun control bill is like letting Jose Cuervo convince you that the 7 step it out the whole X. anonymous should be tequila shots but despite all that be an alright toned on mansion and the pale and then published in by running ads like this in his home state mention is working with president Obama and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg concerned and should be yes they are no right stabbed mansion in the black although it would be more on prime told them to shoot him in the back and they all do it never would have happened if he's back at how the gun the thing is whenever any potential regulation comes up the push back is always the sunny and I just no evidence that these gun laws would prevent the shootings there is at least of an absence of certain proof as to the efficacy of gun ownership laws in the past to think that somehow gun control is short increased gun controllers see is the answer in my view that would have to be proved I guess it's the old I'm not doing anything until you can prove it argument same argument favored by climate change deniers on fathers of the baby on Maury happy father's day they that brings us to perhaps the most ingenious and insidious and all right tactic because they don't just managed to block legislation concerning guns they've managed to block information concerning them took for instance one of the major funders of academic research the centers for disease control has been how strong in studying how best to prevent gun violence for the last 20 years in 1996 the NRA successfully lobbied Congress to put this restriction into the CDC's budget none of the funds made available maybe use to advocate or promote gun control now the CDC was already banned from advocating for gun control laws or indeed any form of legislation but the 1996 Dickey amendment now I'm off to both its sponsor Jay Dickey on off to the fact it was extremely Dickey thing to do had a chilling effect on the CDC funding any done research a toll CDC funding into gun violence research has plummeted 96 percent since 1996 to just $100000 of last year's 5.$6000000000 CDC budget think only of the things that the drop 96 percent in the last 2 decades all Lycos searches and tickle me Elmo related stampede it's not just this a Sikh struggling to collect reliable gun related in for decades the NRA successfully lobbied to prevent the ATF from having a data base that is electronically searchable by 9 when tracing the origins of forums so for instance this is what we have to do with documents from gun shops that have gone out of business workers here are left with an antiquated system price 350000 guns a year requiring them to review by hand tons of paper records and 500000000 entries on microfilm many of the records are barely legible so for example these are records that we received ... as a result of hurricane Katrina would drive he's out the parking lot that's is clearly absurd because that does not look like a present I reckon would have done ownership it looks like the manifesto from a Spanish galleon that sign can 16 spent so how the fuck has the NRA monies to accomplish all of this because the truth is then not that large an organization but claim they have a membership of around 5000000 but that these 3000000 fewer members than planet fitness and the members of planet fitness have almost no power most of them don't even have the power to actually go to planet fitness and that is true what is true what mid January that place is nothing will move storage facility for great college exercise bikes I'm all the and already don't spend a lot of money lobbying fail frequently outspent but even the and I all national association of realtors I group of loyally Boston's who somehow convinced all of us we need to live in dole's like a bunch of notes but the real power of the N. alright is in its members who are highly motivated and can be mobilized quickly just look at the website and the NRA's political action committee you will find a looks for practically every piece of legislation around the country and not just write your congressman and looks a lot like the following bills are scheduled to be heard on June 14 at 9 A. M. in room 126 of the state capitol because they know them members often show up I'm one of the reasons that I will to Ronnie that bikes so effectively is the happen appealingly simple message it's all about a single issue there's no 4.plan that they have to defend and I would point out they only have to say no so they're not for anything there again something a single issue one word no exactly it's a lot easier to drum up support when you're just flatly against something there is a reason that TLC insisted upon no scrubs I was not the implementation of a national registry of potential scrubs I cry Boston that would scream the scrub like tendencies or affiliations with known scrubs but he knew no scrubs is a law catchier and the truth about politics he's it's about showing up remember the mention to me amendments well a national poll at that time found that 88 percent of people supported universal background checks and it mentions office maintains that of the calls it received by run 200 to one in opposition to the bill and that is why it is important to actually call your congressman you don't just pick them up on Twitter or Facebook because you won't get a personal response or even worse you get a very personal responsibilities put into what I call Los so why and remember remember the Dickey amendment which is effectively kept the CDC from studying gun violence it is now opposed by both the American medical association I'm Jay Dickey the man who sponsored it in the first place and yet whenever a member of Congress tries to kill it as Nita Lowey did last summer this is how it goes let's support research to prevent gun violence protect our communities and save lives thank the question is on the lower amendment all in favor say aye aye opposed say no those seem to have it the amendments not agree to it's it's like watching a committee of DHEA voting against investigating the effects of all incoming calls let stand still unlike coach Jones is on those headlight for showing me and if you're thinking well I'm sure off to Orlando if someone tries not they'll succeed because we're all paying attention now well here's the thing about blacks representative Tony called Dennis try to overturn it again just this Wednesday with an amendment to a mental health bill and this was the result all those in favor will say aye all those opposed say no he need share those have it are you fucking kidding me that happened 4 days ago I'm guessing that you're hearing about it for the first time now to be honest we fell only found out about it yesterday and we've been working on this story all week I look the Dickey amendment is emblematic of a choke hold the and all right has over even basic gun data and it should all be asleep be overturned but the whole truth these and all right members seem to care more consistently about preventing gun control than most of us do about passing it because while you might be focused on gun control right now they were focused on it 2 weeks before Orlando and they'll still be focused on it 2 weeks from now so this well I would usually site corneal senator and representative until then you want to repeal the document and you should absolutely do that if you want to but you are going to need to do more than that you need to call them again and remind them to repeal it then call them on that both die inside Happy Birthday and also get rid of the documentaries for the month insight happy all the day whatever that is by the white what's going on with that document call the one days whether Washington Washington I know those guys are getting fewer and farther between site it's me again what the fox up with the Dickey amendments because repealing it is not asking much it's not going to control it enabling us to have an informed conversation about what that could look like if the when a proposal you like is on the table you're gonna have to make all those calls again because remember it doesn't take much to out number the end already planet fitness members out numbered them but it is time for us to learn what those members haven't if you want to see serious changes you actually have to show up every fucking die //
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Forensic Science: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\you know that thing that was almost sold by flash a dog in the 19 nineties but specifically the stories about how we increasingly solve crimes using forensic evidence it's something that is just a staple of TV crime shows from the torso on the left poetry and vote on the right 2 hearts beat as one this is a perfectly that's a match we got a match and they just found match were you able to determine which monkey bed and the bite marks match those of the monkey found at the scene well but lost limbs presumably from one of the cross over episodes with the team from lower Golda worked a case with the cost of monkey law on monkey order but but only 200 real like forensic science plays an important role in criminal convictions prosecutors often complain about a so called C. S. all effect where Jewish expectancy forensic evidence in every case the problem is not all forensic science is as reliable as we become accustomed to believe a report in 2009 by the National Academy of sciences found that many forensic sciences do not meet the fundamental requirements all science and report lofty by presidential science council agreed saying that expert witnesses of often overstated combining all the evidence going far beyond what the relevant science can justify and that's the thing here is not that all forensic science is bad because it's not but too often it's reliability is dangerously over stated on one side of that is the forensic experts in court often not to use one very convincing Frank's original degree of scientific certainty to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty into a reasonable degree of scientific certainty within a reasonable scientific certainty to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty are you able to say that within a reasonable degree of yes and this I think that phrase does have a persuasive ring to it unfortunately as that presidential counsel pointed out it has no generally accepted meaning in science is one of those terms like basic or trail that has no commonly understood definition among each row is that good or bad I mean I do feel trill so I'm guessing it's all full I wouldn't bad science hopefully presented terrible convictions can happen in fact among the hundreds of people who've been exonerated by DNA testing since 1999 in nearly Hoff all the cases there was some misapplication of forensic science and there are people behind those numbers take some take triple who's convicted of murder and stuff 26 years in large part thanks to an FBI analyst who testified to his hair much has found at the scene and he will tell you the evidence was presented as being rock solid they say they match my hair and all microscopical cared wrists and that's the way they presented it to the jury and the jury took it for granted that that was my head you know I can see why they did it because who other than an FBI experts would possibly know that much about head except of course whoever stalled Amanda Seyfried of the 2000 on all screens breathtaking waves without losing any of the above he'll bounce Johnny some the only thing we've done is the only thing jurors in tribbles cuttings were actually told that was one chance in 10000000 that it could be someone else's head and guess what he was exonerated because once delay analyses became available his lawyer tested the 13 has from the case I'm not only one non all them haze some of what they found was incredible none of the hairs have come from the same source a couple had come from different sources and one was a doc 2 different FBI agents who had looked that analyze it didn't recognize that was dog care it was a cane it was a domestic dogs yes mod personal conclusion was the doll committed the crime yeah okay so for us it is amazing that he's able to love that but second if the dole did commit the crime there's really no recourse that because there is actually no rule against dogs committing nada not the fact that I learned in at about 9 fuck the police and I think so Google is not the only case where FBI experts over thank you the confidence in the results the innocence project in the national association of criminal defense lawyers found from the 19 seventies through 1999 in 200 68 cases where FBI hair analysis led to a conviction 200 57 or 96 percent of them had errors in analysis all it gets worse because 9 of those defendants had already been executed which is a horrifying and you would expect FBI head and announces to have a high rate of accuracy than your friends have analysis of you can totally pull off back because your tongs you absolutely cones believe me all I couldn't just learn from my mistakes kids a few like coming I look if for no means just microscopic heck comparison which has had the reliability bees result overstated those reports I showed only suggest there is weak scientific support for some aspects of techniques like a blunt Patton footwear far wrong and bookmark analysis and you must be familiar with that lost one from cool seems like race a little really magic for clarity and I give you the killers incisors all all the computer right today yellow rectangle how we all know yellow rectangle is the highest level of magic computer can give you about faith look in the real world but my condolences is highly subjective an unreliable the president's council found the entire discipline does not meet the scientific standards for foundational validity which I believe is sign speak for bull shit but people being sent to prison on the basis of but mom testimony by experts like doctor Michael west the science of bite marks analysis is very accurate when it comes to bite marks west considers himself the maestro he's found bite marks on a decomposed body submerged in a swamp on a corpse that had been buried for more than a year he's even used to bite mark taken out of a Bologna sandwich to get a conviction now that sounds impressive matching a Kilis teeth to appoint mark in a Bologna sandwich although you should know that the defendant in that case got a new trial offer an autopsy report found that the murder victim have actually eaten a small amount of Bologna consistent with the amounts Britain off the sandwich so that Sam which was in relevance to the case in fact you could even argue that it was actually don't to west who was full of straight with me shakes and that is not the only issue that has arisen from his testimony there are now 5 cases when he testified for the prosecution and when the charges were dropped or the conviction was later overturned and even west himself has admitted that he no longer believes in but mark analysis for identifying perpetrators and he doesn't think it should be used in court I get incredibly every time the defendant has challenges validity the court has ruled it admissible I'm a key reason for that is that judges often alone precedent to decide what to allow in front of a jury so if a particular discipline a pretty cool before it is likely the judge will admit to again all of which means that as the co founder of the innocence project points out decisions about the validity of songs are being made by people who don't necessarily know much about it historically we had a situation where I to scientifically literate lawyers argued the bona fides of scientific evidence for scientifically illiterate giants so the 12 scientifically illiterate jurors could decide the weight of that evidence and if you think about it that's absolutely terrifying trolls could often be situation when no one really knows what they're doing is like a cooking competition for toddlers hosted by a stray cats and judged by goats the terminal was under cooked uncovered in cold spaghetti sauce you then for some reason covered the whole dish in honey nut Cheerios all I love dates I will not know of this is to cite the bear is not reliable friends X. points out that fingerprints and deny all of these examples but what we think of them as perfect it is important to know that nobody no means infallible the F. boss found fingerprint analysis could have a false positive rate as high as one era in 306 cases I'm a dramatic example of this kind off the Madrid train bombings in 2004 when the FBI arrested this Oregon man runs in my field he had never even been to Spain in his life box 3 separate examiners Marcy's fingerprints to one on my back all death tonight to so he was at that point completely fucked until investigators have determined about fingerprints actually also marked someone else who was in spite of the time I'm not blue the mines all fingerprint experts we always assumed that fingerprints are very very unique well what to me feel case demonstrates is that parts of the fingerprint so similar well for 2 people to be identify 21 laser printer that's true it turns out that 2 people can have fingerprints that are so close to even experts can't tell them apart meaning that we are now this close to finally proving my theory that is only one Olsen twin will get very far welcome to confuse you know how do the budget yeah but what does the end rule of all I'm good then there was DNA which is the gold standard in forensic science for a reason because in perfect conditions it's seen as the most reliable form of evidence box not all day and I test are equal and crime scenes can produce day and I of widely varying quality DNA is very fragile and easily mixed up at a messy scene team at any come across a crime scene you may have a pool of blood that may not be one person's blood rate and the more contributors to that European difficult is that it exactly it can be difficult to tell who's buddies who was in a large pool of blood which is coincidentally the premise of my new gun show so you think you can tell who's bloody failures in a large pool of blood it premieres on Tuesday night in the partly it's already being but the problem here he's lower quality D. N. examples of sometimes presented to juries as if by a highly reliable in 2003 a prosecutor in a double murder told the jury that the aunts the defendant's DNA matched the glove found at the scene by Chong's was one in 1.1000000000 so that's pretty strikingly impressive box it turned out the glove actually contained at least 3 people stay and I unlike analysis put the odds closer to one in 2 and you know what that's close enough business people do confuse the numbers 1.1000000002 oversight that's what I'm always mistakenly citing the my favorite our big rupees boys 1.1000000000 men I don't look of all of this there was one more factor that be impossible to detect any concerns the relationship between law enforcement and the forensic labs themselves because you would hope that those labs work independently taking in evidence spitting out results but many labs work closely with law enforcement knowing details of the case that by all working on which can prejudice that work even sub consciously sometimes it's not intentional fraud but rather something I'm much more ... inadvertent about which is the kind of bias it can come from feeling like you're part of the side part of the team that you hear part of your attached to the prosecution and you want to get I get the bad guy yeah but that's you know that you all are told they are supposed to be neutral if a referee started participating in a teams and some celebration you have some serious fucking question like what you pick a site and how long we've been practicing the dirty bird so clearly via a lot needs to be some states have stepped up Wong has done a lot including pausing a first of its kind junk science journal which I which enables convicts to request a new trial if the songs used to convict them was floored and that sounds great and the pioneering statement did that by the way was Texas yes all you know Texas you don't expect Texas 2 leads the nation in songs related criminal justice reform you expect them to lead the nation in remembering the Alamo bowl naming that children football I love the football but if you ever forget the Alamo we all done now sadly at the federal level progress has been slow although one group the National Commission on forensic science has tried to fix that but were founded to advise the DOJ on how to address many of the problems the we've seen tonight and they most recent meeting beach of powerful remarks from key call to spend 33 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit based on faulty bite mark evidence some would say well you're Freeman well I will never be free of this there's no possibility skinny fact emotional that I spent more than half my life in prison behind the opium dens and the X. sparked egos to help ... did colleges there's a death penalty case in Pennsylvania scorn own out in the judge is going allow bike market how many people have to be wrongly convicted before they realize they stuff's all bogus it's all it's all made up that's a good question and it's also the kind of speech that could really inspire that commission to do a lot of good work unfortunately that was actually their final meeting because the commission was shot down in April by Attorney General and xenophobic both by a beat Jeff sessions I know what they shouldn't we surprise you anyway sessions is a former prosecutor in dowsing but the kind of guy who watched dead man walking was like hurry up let's kill the guy already this movie should be cold dead man Daly dallying let's go people let's go so we may honestly be actively going backwards on this issue which is dangerous because not only are innocent people getting convicted guilty criminals are being left on the streets as a result and if this administration does not see this as a problem then we should at the very least do more to educate potential jurors about some of the shortcomings in our system and one small way to do that might be the case in this city when the heat rises so does the murder rate everybody that the stuff back to the lab a chief no look what I found but my baloney soon now that's what I call did me I is what would you dead meat this is a murder that's a human person is his wife over there fucking asshole he said crime solvers who doesn't like to play by the rules getting something on the spike marks here but it's far from conclusive would you say there is a reasonable degree of scientific certainty no that's means right and that's a problem absolutely everyone around him teeth hair matches victim's wife case closed slow down microscopic hair comparison is bullshit science chief I ran a mitochondrial DNA test on those hairs waved it right case closed actually there were 5 pairs 3 were from a coconut from the light one was from a cabbage patch kid meaning one was from the way this golden retriever there is a killer right there chief the victim was shot how can a dog firing guns has a bad dog right to have I he's about face psalm yeah ... roofs just or indoors talk to them stepped asking the hard questions about ... certainly reasonable science degree to know okay because he's passionate about his job despite not fully understanding what that job is it will have some solid by tomorrow DA's can have my ass why would the D. A. have your ass we don't work for the DEA but we don't work for the DEA do understand that right please tell us you understand well yeah Houston told no there's no way he understands that because this guy will not Kuwait's about a certainly reasonable stop talking keep up the good work out and even when they seem abandonne upgrade that call for backup spider because ... it is brought in help expert witnesses to help block in this case take a look we got the forensic dentist twin boy detectives in old timey prospect with a divining rod sack full of magic 8 balls counties for most crime sniffing called none of this is admissible in court actually 3 of them testified in court before and they all got convictions is that the Bologna evidence described the scene //
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Corporate Consolidation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\to told you about business thing that everyone on shark tank thinks they have a great idea for a vote on this guide our cakes are made of fire can their rentals white so I can neither have my cake and nor eat it soon heart our mean here is $1000000 small start up businesses like not hold a special place in America's hot a politician across the political spectrum love to talk about how important by on small business is the backbone of the American economy these are the backbone of this nation's economy small businesses are the backbone of our economy it's hopeless small well this is my goodness so small businesses are the backbone of our economy is not rare thing that every politician agrees on it's not a support the troops Ted Cruz can go fuck himself South Dakota senator John Flynn can get it he couldn't get it what what they can feel what we in a golden age of small business on us for that isn't actually the case the right to wish new businesses are being creative has actually been steadily falling since the 19 seventies and all would argue the one of the reasons for that is the big businesses have been getting even bigger which brings us to our main topic tonight corporate consolidation recent years have seen record Holly's mergers and acquisitions as you would know if you've ever watched the thrilled with actions make it on business news and in a has been high continues to be hot an exciting year for a minute a few blockbuster deals being announced they call it merger Monday on Wall Street is shaping up to be another merger Monday yeah column merger Monday and then media met at last we have one and I say okay but is obviously a little north yeah he would also pressing the button on TV is a little bit dangerous because someone could take that footage and then loop any settlement by 100 and up obviously I'm not a mature enough to do that but if I was it would look like this merger at last we have one and I say nnst my phone sex is more important ridiculously consolidated the United States has gone from having 10 large airlines back in 2002 just for today and those for mega airlines now dominate more than 18 percent of the U. S. market yeah we're down to just full of major alloy choices and no that does not include JetBlue because that is not actually an airline it's just a very expensive way to eat those with blue chips we draw it's true just sliced Grove on yeah I just a bit up the rental car business is now 90 percent dominated by just 3 companies of the U. S. bit industry is 70 percent controlled by just 2 companies and online such engines or of course as we all know dominated by one major player that's right site with me praying frogs bearing the best way to Google some pretty full disclosure here even though own parent company Time Warner has come to talk to merge with a T. entity which makes this story a little dangerous for us to do what you know nowadays presuming that 18 to executives monies to get that shitty service working long enough to say it 3 extra top telecom company around alphabetically and nothing else even some burns you might think of as indeed now have multinational Otis books beast it's it's not run by a backwoods brief article but it's one boy Clorox tons of money the deodorant which did so little to DO dry fuel freshman year room lights that's now owned by Colgate Palmolive and then there was deuce audience now thereon speech a bit Hebrew is dropping hopes on their faces but what they don't mention is the goose island is owned by Anheuser Busch and not following the you just tool is located at 822 Budweiser look if prison we just lost Bob likes long to reach a bootable hogs basically if you see scribe a Clydesdale horses turn left in you that says something about the rapid right off merges the even Jim Cramer occasionally phones himself in disbelief at one happening watching react to a mega merger in the aluminum kind industry pull cords were acquisition of rack Sam is taking the number of competitors in this space down to get this from 3 to 2 apathy let back grades when they business casual Louis C. K. with a sound effect upon holy shit this was a really bad idea but but how did they let that happen is actually a really good question and the onset is interesting because we've had anti trust laws on the books for more than a century and I'm not saying that every single motor is bad it sometimes business is getting bigger can lead to greater efficiencies and improvements the tension between allowing that and preventing them from doing real Hong so it's a it's a balance but since the late 19 seventies that balance has tipped decidedly in favor of being much of friendly which is led to real problems and let's start with the obvious for workers merges can often mean big layoffs but it's not just employees the consulta consumers can too as Jim Cramer explained in not aluminum cans segment in it inexplicably sarcastic tone of voice I always say competition while great for you a consumer is an anathema to profits sometimes a business will be a total monopoly with no competition whatsoever and while that's the ideal it's very rare to see Jen monopoly because of course it's against the law which brings us to the next best thing an oligopoly were a handful of companies control entire industry coexisting peacefully without much in the way of price competition that's so weird tone to use to describe something that's clearly all full it's rare to see genuine Beastie allative because the call if it's against the law which brings us to the next best thing having sex with a stuffed animal ball looking up pictures of a real warts I'm postcards of what it could look like when a handful of companies coexist peacefully without much in the way a price competition just look at and lines 2013 airline executive told an industry conference consolidation has allowed us to do things like ancillary revenues which is jargon for all those fees that drive you fucking crazy now American was the first major airline to challenge if you'll first checked bag back in 2000 night and back then people could not believe it American Airlines will soon charge $15 for the first checked bag that's on top of a fee of $25 for your second $115 holy cow well if the put my underwear in my pack I yes both studies clearly a delightful man although it does make you wonder whether he Phil sees bags full of underwear and nothing else but within months most major airlines have followed Americans lead and it was essentially the industry standard and it is easy for that to happen when there's only a handful of big plays in fact since then they've added an increased bag fees multiple times often moving in tandem which is how those fees have gone from generating around $540000000 a year a decade ago to 4.$2000000000 now and that is infuriating off tool if I wanted exorbitant fees that keep getting raised all the time despite shitty subjects are become a customer I tell you well yeah bill no real look you you might well be angry with the subjects you get from Alan's but thanks to consolidation they don't really need to give a shit a problem what do you think if you don't believe me remember that awful video that went around earlier this year the shocking images of a passenger caught in a travel nightmare a man visibly shaken as he's yeah and then dragged off a United jet by law enforcement all after refusing to give up his seat yeah that is the most horrifying thing you can possibly see on an airplane unless you in flight movie is the boss played great a movie that combines the unbearable smugness about the goa'uld would would be unbearable smugness of the baby in the wake of thought into and people said it was a PR nightmare talk on Twitter of boycotting United the problem we face on certain groups they're the only option so a boycott is going to be pretty hard to pull off and that is arguably why they CTO was like to able to open his earnings call for that quarter by describing a period in which I will remind you a passenger cut his teeth knocked out or one of you know it explains like makes what we do on our critics second quarter strong financial results even problems more are incredible operational results and not you think my customers want to thank them for their continued loyalty support ... we continue to find new and better ways to service them and make them more comfortable on our end I do know what is it really any wonder that that owning state solid United is sometimes the only way to get to where you are going which actually explains the new slogan you wanna fucking role play to Houston shot up and gets a whether industry gets to consolidate any company trying to compete with them or somebody in their supply chain can get crushed now we all know about Amazone Walmart or Google but there are less obvious examples of this to take it all away now if you go into a lenscrafters you will see frames by brands like come Prada dolce Gabbana Bovary and Ralph Lauren all of which it turns out I'm a point a tiny company called Luxottica which incidently also owns lenscrafters and some gloss hot I po vision and runs talking optical and suse optical so what can happen when a small company goes up against them well just ofsc Oakley Berkeley was a big competitor and they had a fight with Luxottica and Luxottica basically said we're dropping you from our stores and we refuse to sell their glasses and there was a dispute about pricing and they dropped Oakley from the stores and Oakley stock price collapse there were some issues between the 2 companies the beginning of the thousands but both of them understood that it was better to go along we managed with Bill Clinton 7 Simplot overclocking they tried to compete and they lost and then you bought them I understand your theory but now so that life was better together bodies the menacing tone of a bone's Berlin by on their school life was bred birds don't get along is the what is the pope's telling the one ever felt sorry for hopefully the official some bosses of going to I don't want to use the term finger blasting times I think this budget deal and and there is one more victim of consolidation that you may not think about and that is the products themselves because heavily consolidated industries can lose the incentive to end the fight and the best example of this may be the cable box beneath your TV if you have one of those you probably hate because it's huge it's good cheap and it might be one of the largest energy consuming all items in your house even when it's turned off but if you think about it cable companies have no real incentive to improve them they're essentially Regel regional monopolies again they know that you basically have no where else to go and you can't even smash your cable box out of frustration because you are renting it until then charge you hundreds of dollars if you don't give it back which is why we went to the trouble of blowing this one up for you please no pretty good choice I hope feel free to watch it again in slow motion I I want you to know that box the point here needs we seem to have forgotten how important antitrust is I don't now all being forced to live with the consequences because this issue affects almost everything you do angry at banks well the industry is dominated by just these full frustrated with your health insurance provider owns all it's one of these I think this whole story is infuriating you so much the all your money for the sweet escape of death well bad luck because the cost get industry is controlled by these 3 companies I think it's even worse the often life is actually controlled by one religion or no saying which one but when you find out if you look at the pre sold mats if we could the point is we have laws to prevent the worst effects of consolidation and it may well be time to more aggressively used them to impose stricter standards and to empower the FTC and the DOJ's anti trust divisions about is something that most people would really get behind and nearly every politician showed off rule there is one thing they cannot stop signing Nnamdi well if they really believe that it may be time for them to stop talking about backbones and actually fucking grow OneNote is only a few glimmers down buttons replaced with FARC known hedge funds and earn start so not because they want to but because they have to raise money to pay back there on B. clients things keep working at home is it any wonder that Norfolk southern union Pacific keep running bye bye and then sell way to Sally tomorrow I for ideas sleep but I want you to feel in bold not as we tell you what we would do fourth report any trade I was warm both //
"2017-09-11 07:30:00"
Joe Arpaio: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\eventual politics the only genuine gets out of jail free count pardons are one of the most powerful tool available to a president and they happen use controversial in the past Bill Clinton upon Marc rich Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon and as we mentioned before Abraham Lincoln once upon demand for attempted best reality buddies true and in fairness this was the holes that's a pretty probably hold short range Arnold saying you should focus on just signed a wooden ticket out of bed for eating apples the points here he's while we were away Donald Trump issued his very first part in and it was a doozy a legal lightning bolt from president trump late Friday a presidential pardon for Arizona's controversial anti illegal immigration hardliner sheriff Joe Arpaio that's right don't trump pardons Joe a pile a man who owns the question what if a decaying russet potato somehow how did Mexico but let's look at decision president of the United States is going to use his very first part in on someone this early in his term really is worth knowing exactly who Joe up oil is what the implications of this decision might be and you probably have heard of Joe a pile before he's carefully cultivated image over 25 years as a hard nosed sheriff with unconventional methods that the media has locked up sure pyro is known as America's toughest share sheriff Apollo has been dubbed America's toughest sheriff America's top as sheriff Joe Arpaio he's known as America's toughest sheriff Bruce crackdowns on illegal immigration and petty crime he brags about making prisoners eat Bologna sandwiches so rotten the meat has turned green he makes is inmates where pain can use a chain gangs inmates are forced to wear striped prison garb and underway well that is just awful the pink underwear is fine but no one should be forced to wear horizontal stripes they widened the silhouette studies apart now up what he really didn't mowing backup Richie actually welcomed it's because he loves being on camera so much that he sent we spent years treating prisoners as props for a reality show and sometimes literally he actually had a short lived show called small you under arrest where people with outstanding warrants would be tricked into appearing on a set only to be priced in the worst way possible well I got one more surprise these 2 people are actually deputies of sheriff jar piles on do you got a smile because you're under arrest there whites whites who verities now for the record even then that reference was 15 years old which is a real we could you black thing to do dole heart tricking people into a rest for your own amusement is a terrible idea for a reality show the only west idea he's not making pizza the bachelor look at that fineness just like if you outlive you all and show for ever remind my bachelor Pascack pitchers my bachelor here's the catch in no Oporto will honestly do anything for comment if you don't believe me watching sing his favorite song which of course is Frank Sinatra's my way the universal anthem of all souls everywhere what do you think it's for a documentary film crew thing interesting that when Frank Sinatra hurt that he actually climbed out of his grave what 400 miles tall piles house rang the door and simply said no does doing it's all polio's way actually mean because trump didn't just Paulton him he touted Apollo support on the campaign trail even having him speak at the Republican convention so trump clearly doesn't seem to have any real problem with all pile was white and for the record it is far more than just the eye catching suckers that you've seen so far and many people were affected Maricopa county where he was the sheriff until just last year contains over 4000000 people that's a high population the map of 24 states I conditions in his tent city what just eccentric but were appalling temperatures that could rise as high as 145 degrees of food was limited to 2 meals a day and then that was the ex Chinese law enforcement officials drop in for some tips from Joe who just brushed up on his Mandarin I hear China very tough and criminal ... could act I I'm asking them in China yes do they put women on a chain gang who ... thank you I am still the person in the world yes awfully who actually put women on chain gang so I guess tag feminism it's a gray area uncle Lim remember Oporto will parades Giles not prisons and jails are typically the people serving sentences of less than a year or even just awaiting trial which is not to say that anyone should be subjected to some of Ohio's treatment at 1.he actually is told webcams in the child one of which showed female inmates using the toilet which wound up being linked to buy pornographic sites I wore the cameras were eventually pulled the sheriff's office defended themselves with the last thing they did not show the private parts of any inmates and no juveniles would have been displayed unless they look older and lie to us I just spread of full fare for the attorney who went all the way through years of law school only have to tell a reporter don't worry the women we broke cost taking a shit will probably all adults I'm not posting routinely impervious to criticism of any of his tactics I have not received any negative comments other than the US justice department our embassy in a national Florida civil liberties union yes Joe but does all the 3 key groups who might criticize you open mistreating prisoners so you just went 3 for 3 all night long you not going to get complaints from calls junior the girl scouts and well those groups don't frankly I he wanted a report to Austin mice with oral polio had any midnight as one responded love one another responded Fittler that is until until he defended the guys for signing my daughter has adopted children of various ethnicities I got a black eye Meg Tilly downs syndrome even and yet on the racist on the fascist on the headline look I'm not gonna argue not one that is just sound logic right there is why when you played the board game guess who's the Hitler the first things you Austin narrow it down all do that tool to got a black eye do that George I got a Mexican with down syndrome even because if that door to go those they called me the headlock it's right there in the room I don't look up what no no talk and humiliating but with some deadly over the years the county is played out multiple large settlements the families of inmates who died following incidents in these facilities including over $8000000 to the family of Scott Norberg who died in custody after being restrained shocked and beaten by guards when one officer tried to warn to other gods that the it might was in dire trouble that response was chilling I told him that his term blow I didn't care purple and they was proving any senator who gives a fuck after ... spy Dale who gives a fuck and he warned officer Gurney what did Mister Gurney second base so who gives a shit look you call and see someone dying and say who gives a shit you can't even see some fame dying and site out with of course the sole exception of all kids because really who gives a shit their heart minus little flower Cox tonight all deserve to die no no I should tell you the justice department declined to prosecute that case in both a pile and the offices insisted they did nothing wrong in fact apply was so unapologetic the both officer who gives a fuck and officer who gives a shit what lights up promoted presumably to lieutenant whatever are sold I'm sergeant 0 fox given I'm I'm not promotion the problem is the promotion since a pretty clear message to a pile of stuff almost as clear a message as a president Paul Dini the man who oversaw Olympics I remember a ploy wasn't just in charge of Giles he was also a law enforcement officer of his respect for the little seemed awfully selective but over the years his office repeatedly launch criminal cases against his perceived enemies be like county officials or even judges some of which was so shockingly flimsy that were dismissed or thrown out one civil suit that he brought turned out to be so baseless it was actually cited in the disbarment all the attorney who brought it with a member of the despondent panel saying it was nothing short of fumbling with the law like children wielding a buzzing trying so which is not only an amazing statement it's also actually my favorite precious moments figurines and for America's toughest sheriff apply you seem to let certain crimes fall through the cracks in 2011 it came out that his department had failed to properly investigate more than 400 sex crimes some of which involve children a wall up oil eventually admitted to that his apology left a lot to be desired if there were any victims out there I apologize ... to those victims if there were any hold on is that what Andy that well we know that but he's a casual indifference to overlooking sex crime so in green I'm genuinely surprised at Penn state have erected a statue of him I'm amazingly busybody think norm of what you've just seen not the conditions are not the deaths not be baseless charges against his critics anything to do with why he was convicted on the did a pardon that stems from racial profiling which is department has been repeatedly accused of over the years I'm one huge investigation might soon really troubling allegations a 3 year investigation by the justice department found what it called unconstitutional policing and the pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos who are up to 9 times more likely than whites to be stopped by a Maricopa county deputy in one incident cited in the federal report a Hispanic driver was incarcerated for 13 days before his citation was dismissed for not using his turn signal think about that 13 days pull a tongue signal infraction and that is in Arizona where an old person driving with that tone signal on is literally the aspect feel I'm not not surprisingly in 2000 I lost a department had a patent of racial profiling resulted in the federal court in Phoenix as the sighted Arizona authorities cannot arrest people suspected of being illegal immigrants solely because of their appearance if our pilot does not comply with a court ruling our pile could ultimately be held in contempt of court and face jail time you'll never guess what happens all polio did not comply with a court ruling in fact over the next 18 months is office detained at least 171 people without charge and turn them over to immigration enforcement I'm lost along a federal judge found a player guilty of criminal contempt and at that point he was a criminal he had committed I was convicted of a crime you know the thing that the people he puts intense and pink underwear had done and what she felt megabyte forfeited any right to complain he had done that and he hadn't even being sentenced before Tom started hinting at a pardon for frankly incredible reason was sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job that's why you know what I'll make a prediction I think is going to be just fine okay but here's the thing that he absolutely was not just doing his job he was also doing something illegal you would think that John Wayne Gacy was just doing his job even though he was quite all accounts a pretty good but if they come it's the it's the stuffy was doing on top of that that needed addressing and yet and yet I do not doubt trump thinks that everything Joe Apollo did walls or should be part of a law enforcement officer's job and that is the real problem here that is why this pardon is a slap in the face to Latinos but all piled on his department unconstitutionally targeted and that is why it's a slap in the face to the very rule of law itself because Apollo broke the rules he was sworn to uphold Bruce gonna put in place to protect citizens from a government going out of control and trump giving him a pox off that everything that you've seen tonight and saying he was just doing his job is a loud confirmation that at least as far as this White House is concerned for the next few years north Forsman won't necessarily be expected to do their jobs the way the constitution or the courts say they should instead like sheriff Joe Arpaio they should absolutely feel free to do their job ... what's the //
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Nuclear Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\mail waste the worst type of garbage for raccoons to get into now it's a substance that we all know is dangerous thanks to movies like pace the tormented him into a headlock harassed by accident and bend into a bag of nuclear waste then became the toxic Avenger the first superhero born out of nuclear waste his spaces so terrifying close to you you'll have to see the movie for yourself honestly you really don't need to see the movie because this place really isn't that terrifying this is it I mean it's bad but it's it's so ugly it's almost queue for him but it's like someone melted the candle shed look upon hearings nuclear waste the radioactive and toxic byproducts for making nuclear energy //
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North Korea: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\Korea America's number one excuse for putting off chills this week you know I could do laundry but if the world's about to erupt into nuclear war what really is the point North Korea has probably been on everyone's minds this and I think you know why president tromba North Korea escalate the war of words lobbying new threats and sending new tweaks North Korea now accusing the president United States of pushing the world to quote the brink of nuclear war when Twitter was invented up but even though they didn't imagine that it would one day lead us to the brink of nuclear Armageddon is like the invention of the photo be had led to the Sudanese civil war hurting you but that's where it was headed no tensions have sharply escalated this week which is a little surprising given that the world has been dealing with north Korea's provocative missile tests for years now just 2 weeks ago they were doing this North Korea fires yet another missile but Pyongyang claims in this one will be able to hit the US mainland striking cities like Los Angeles Denver Chicago and possibly even New York and bought what's New York I live in New York this shit just got real I think if anyone is real if everyone is really honest you level the FIA over the North Korea situation is in direct proportion to whether or not they can hit the exact place where you live we feel they show on 50 seventh street if you told me that the blast radius stops at 50 sixth street are great well I hope nothing happens but we've still got time before things get serious it is it is well hopefully understand what North Korea is currently typeable because well that missiles might be able to reach us and they do have nuclear warheads most experts believe that they don't yet have the technology to reliably hit the US mainland so that is reassuring or low on the other hand a recent Pentagon assessment did suggest that they could cross that threshold next year so if a job interview all asks you where do you see yourself in 5 years time it is now perfectly acceptable just to scream in terror into their fights look this is this is clearly a very serious situation requiring a death time sadly that's not what it got North Korea best not make anyone threats to the United States they will be met with fire and fury life in the world has never seen oil and fuel ring the only way that that is not terrifying is if you reported the way that one newspaper actually did in mine site trump warns of fire and furry in which case food was writing to send this Camille Korea rarely do for calling them for no no interest loans North Korea announced plans to buy missiles that woodlands just off the coast of the U. S. territory of Guam which is frightening although not unprecedented they have made similar threats before but what is different this time obviously is that we now have a president who has the general temperament of a wax caps and in response to that Guam threats trump probably double down frankly the people that were questioning that statement was it too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough if anything that statement may not be tough enough poverty what you'll see no se yeah what we're going to go with the ball more destructive than the nuclear bomb why I don't know who cast the doesn't exist sincerely yours Donald Trump I'm not writing about to I'm talking says you fight news gumball so tonight we don't we would offer what exactly is North Korea thing how did we get into this mess and what can we possibly do about it and let's start by trying to understand just a little bit more about North Korea and that in itself is difficult it's one of the most isolated in insulin nations on earth if you know anything about it I told it's probably just that they have a wacky totalitarian leader who loves military parades arms Dennis Rodman and who really didn't like that Seth Rogan movie about is a and it can be hard to trust any information about North Korea because lots of it is inaccurate for multiple reasons first against it outright state propaganda which glorifies north Korea's leaders the Kim family I just lost year we showed you western journalists being taken on a tour of a historic target range what they learn something suspiciously impressive about Kim jong-un's father comment gives only should 3 billets and 3 off dumb college bills I they all got pulls out and how old was he at the time who is 7 year olds a 7 year old got 3 bowls I yeah that's pretty impressive got they've written all someone who really wants to shut down the conversation she sells look apparent fielding questions about where babies come from up so a stork brings the baby in him he carries a pound baby through the air in his mouth the jurors why does the school get the babies sold well but you fucking job he jumped up on the body becomes out of jock likes but do not do things look back easy to spot what is tricky it's a lot of eye catching western reporting about North Korea can be shakily sourced like this one the BBC reports all of the men in the hermit kingdom must now sport the same haircut as the dear leader Kim Jong owned live what was known as the Chinese smuggler here cut too long ago in the region but now it will be known as a haircut every man in North Korea must tap lucky death here's the thing there is no solid evidence that that story is true but it is seductive because it sounds like it could be is looking he saw the headline trump tonight so I invented squirrels you'd believe it because it sounds like something he would have claimed even though as all this typing he has not I what what it may not be true that all men have to get the same haircut as Kim Jong woon state TV did run a series called left us trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle and it's weird when a verifiable truth is almost as strange as a wild rumor is like how the Richard Gere put a jumble in his off story is completely false but what if the truth was that he engaged in consensual mutual I will play with a chinchilla that would still be resolved you wouldn't have to exaggerate backs I'm sometimes the truth about life in North Korea can be just as striking as the open legends for instance you might've seen claims online that every teacher in North Korea is obligated to play the accordion we could not confirm that although in trying to we did discover that North Korea does love the accordion to a surprising extent the country is full of them here is an accordion factory I hear some school children playing the accordion pays Kim Jong hoon looking at an accordion here is an EC combat exercise with the camera pans across pilots and guess what yeah it's a but they also have a very popular song called nothing to envy in the world that begins with the line the sky is blue my heart is Mary let the sound of accordions rang and then there was this video of north Koreans playing be lost song that you would expect yes nowadays north Korean according this plane take on me so we everyone else who plays the accordion which I mean exactly 2 old friends man on won't weird al Yankovic I and if you think that is the most amazing piece of north Korean pop culture that you're going to see tonight you all wrong because let me introduce you to polka sorry I 1985 movie known as the north Korean Godzilla the whole thing is incredible but this is undoubtedly my favorite part actually yeah you know what a flask it's relatable each hour some point everybody has been about to decapitate someone in out of nowhere the jumps off take the boys out you sold it works because it resonates I look for all of the phone when Lawford about North Korea and it can be very funny box the very fact that that is true can be extremely frustrating to journalists to cover it so it's no exaggeration and then apparently and you know kind of a freak show but I think those of us who covered North Korea find a little bit distressing because it's not actually very funny to the 24 buffalo the 24000000 people who live there she's right she's absolutely right and even when North Korea is objectively funny like with polka sorry it has dark undertones because Kim Jong il got that movie made by abducting 2 of south Korea's biggest names in film and forcing them to make movies for him for years and you know what they did eventually a Skype so I'm gonna go ahead and site and I know this is not gonna be a popular opinion bots if that's what it took to give us that baby most the same it was fucking well I think it's just not just my opinion but the underlying truth of North Korea is that it is a dark place not just figuratively but literally you can get a sense of how little development there her as being that when when you look at it from spike's see that void weather was almost no likes that's North Korea it looks like a divorced dads Christmas tree where he got about half way through hung in the lights got drunk and fell asleep watching Ken burns'baseball I'm the king family is known for their bone chilling cruelty and mismanagement by willow to responsible for the deaths of somewhere between 600000 and 2.5000000 people during a famine in the 19 nineties and we know that there are large brutal camps where political dissidents are imprisoned sometimes alongside their extended families satellite images show that scale but for a picture of what they're really like we can only rely on those who've been there her mother is able to win guys it country should all in on the men in June I deserve Jim will letters of my little corner only you don't come lesson in and there's a new apple Google communicating with one public that is clearly yeah the sketches of the recollections of other prisoners who've managed to escape the camps that is truly horrific but the existence the continued existence of those camps brings us to a really important point to understand Kim Jong hoon is terrified of losing power well we love to present him as a madman many experts believe is actions motivated by rational self preservation he's seen leaders like Saddam Hussein and Moammar Qaddafi scaled back their nuclear programs only to be overthrown ina either by the U. S. well by their own people and Dolly gruesome deaths and it's true that dictators generally don't end their careers like disgraced American politicians with a stint on dancing with the stars although that would have been an incredible season so dire that falls short was a weapon of mass adoption I love all your work college but it shows so so Kim Jong woon has continued his family's military first policy spending huge amounts of money on what is the fourth largest military on earth and an expensive nuclear program in an impoverished country whose economy has been estimated to be small or the mass of Birmingham Alabama I'm bumming how is a small economy that most notable export is American idol season 5 when a Tyler Hicks no I'm good I'm saying that's a bad thing soul patrol forever soul patrol to like fucking gone so so so how current Kim Jong hoon justify that spending will he argues that the huge military is the only thing staving off imminent invasion from a host of outsiders and that is where we come in because the most dominant and useful villain in north Korea's narrative is the United States and it is not like that comes out of no way we saw it with the south during the Korean War on what many Americans my forgotten just how devastating that will was the north Koreans certainly happens they have a new toy museum devoted to American war atrocities and I'm not saying that that was unknown but I don't think any will quite as over the top was base so no need to worry about in the last liberation war during our strategic retreat the American hyenas occupied the land of shin Chung they arrested mean young chic and stop her muscles with a 3 pronged spear and sucked her flowing blood they also took the flash through her thighs using a bayonet dipped in salt and ate it and in case you're wondering yes you come by coast is depicting nothing in the museum gift shop but they all $16 which is the real war crime and the north Koreans indoctrination in anti Americanism starts extremely young as one defector remembers well laugh bro Saskatoon and that I've flown the capacitors he killed 2 of them behind the Iraq ambassador slips left to K. and as a child I have to say to America last thing and Dallas my education holy shit Elise policymaking when a country's culture seems even into their math lessons was not really surprising at a British child all my questions were if Johnny has 2 artifacts and Dinesh has to argue back then how many ought to back his Johnny about to have they also calls for the artifacts this is the visit them with a bridging museum went over there and and the notion that North Korea is working on a bone that kind kill all the American Boston's is a tremendous source of national pride dumping stamps depicting missiles hurtling towards the U. S. capitol and a few years ago they produced a video depicting the destruction of New York set to be least appropriate song imaginable yes you are right that was a karaoke version of we all the world to New York in flames I'm the lost on my story karaoke song with background imagery that's inappropriate walls every time I've ever sung karaoke no more LL cool J's doing it has to do with these 2 babies in a field of sunflowers but it's making everybody on top so the north Korean regime has been very careful about presenting a threatening image of Americans to its people and some activists device would be trying to undermine that boy sneaking information into the country on U. S. B. drives one pound of who does so we sent various content from stories on human rights general information on South Korea to images depicting the average American or a fictional version of TV shows like the mentalist and desperate house kung says scenes like this one yes if and you say can and will be used a court of law the show police officers reading suspects their rights are especially useful you know what if nothing else we finally have all answer to the decade long question who the fuck is watching NCR ads it turns out it's only a movie spreads and the people of North Korea you think about it plot is very dangerous for Kim Jong hoon because if people get a sense but the image of America that is carefully painted for them is false he got huge problems when you understand them in that light as a dictator desperately hedging against a loss of power it is possible to understand what all his recent threats against United States hopping reckless but in his mind also rational and that brings us to the key question here what are we going to do about this because on the campaign trial Donald Trump made it all seem very simple they said would you speak to the leader of North Korea I should've salute with what I've why not and they come out truck pooch speak to her who the healthcare law speak to everybody who knows there's a 10 percent or 20 percent chance that I can talk him out of those damned nukes because order hell what ship that nukes and there's a chance no really isn't funny because remember Kim Jong hoon believes they all critical for his survival and on top of that don't trump is a shitty negotiator initial presidency he's file to get Mexico to pay for a stupid war Israel to get a Congress his party controls to pause a healthcare bill and even when his ministration does get something done it why over sells it but when the White House announced a trade deal with China has very big news gigantic I'm herculean and one much celebrated component turned out to be lifting a ban on beef imports the China had preliminarily agreed to last September so white a fucking god I don't know what a very big put him in jail thanks except militants on site America is no more to the legal eyeball to explore brief again and since taking office trump was voiced support for an even simpler solution China is helping us possibly or probably with the north Korean situation okay choose a great right so in the space of 14 seconds then he said the word great twice he pronounced China you know with Cory Philip Glass suggested someone else to do the work for him and then threw an eye possibly or probably rendering the whole thing meaningless I think I might just hit trump bingo on the prize the I want is to go drown in a river Dr did their job convincing China to exert influence on North Korea is not inherently crazy China shares an 800 mile border with North Korea and account for as much as 90 percent of north Korea's total trade so they do have significant leverage but some are skeptical about just what Jonah could always willing to do take sanctions the one of choice multiple rounds of increasingly harsh sanctions but North Korea has always found easy ways around them though who have the hope that North Korea is a 100 percent state enterprise so these companies change their names the next day if they're listed for sanctions that way the company stays but with different names whenever there are sanctions if I'm included in the list my name can be changed to yeah I thought the some pretty weak enforcement thing about it is what looks like H. B. O. decided they wanted to cancel the show that hand will be pretty weak if I was just able to get around that simply by changing the 92 earlier tongs but now starring spines log into a full there is drug that China could increase enforcement of its sanctions but by understandably worried about whether that could lead well they worry about is if they do that will the regime collapse what does that mean millions of refugees pouring into China of possibly a unified career that is that a pro American country sitting on their southern border with don't forget there are 30000 American troops in South Korea which would then be on China's border and by the way 50 nuclear weapons you know that there are a lot of problems when you end up saying all and by the way 50 nuclear weapons imagine you were a baby sitter when you heard okay you bodies at the pan you know about is not ology he needs his inhaler every hour open by the white he has 15 nuclear weapons no trope is also be mentioning military solutions but even targeted strikes against weapons systems could get out of hand very fost North Korea would likely retaliate and they have an estimated 8000 pieces of heavy artillery stationed just north of the DMZ which is here about artillery is capable of reaching Seoul which is just 40 miles away and is an area with 25000000 people so even a non nuclear war could have horrific results uplift list just engage in some truly magical thinking what if you could somehow just takeout Kim Jong hoon well you probably got an immediate humanitarian crisis on your hands as well as a legal US country with a power vacuum and nuclear weapons and as we've learned from Iraq and Afghanistan when regimes full and there is no plan in place that back you can be filled with terrible things we do not want to find out what north Korea's isis would be even just the phrase north Korea's isis is absolutely terrifying slugs lying 9 elevens Bill Cosby what we got evenness I hope we never have to find out so sanctions on no guarantee on military action could be catastrophic and diplomacy is going to be extremely difficult given that you usually need to have a specific goal in mind control seems to be making all of this up as he goes along we are learning something new details about president trump's extraordinary fire and fury threat tonight multiple sources telling CNN the president ad libbed those words they were improvised on the fly folks but he's just not a good idea as I'm sure someone has had to say to Wayne Brady at a funeral more than once now is not a good time to improvise he's a what was suggested Wayne more and more like a person I look over things that's not a surprise deep down we all assumed that he was winging it we have become accustomed to discounting a large percentage of what comes out of his face but North Korea is listening to what he says and the people there hoping primed for decades to believe that America is on the brink of an invasion just look at the government's response to his boy and fuel relying we put out its well but she didn't use the American commander in chief remain stuck at a golf course oblivious to what is happening and talking about such nonsense firing fury since it is impossible to have talks with people who are incapable of rational thought the strategic armed forces is judged we must respond with absolute force heh heh heh okay just to be clear the president is not stopped at a golf course unless the car ran out of gas we have to walk in which case yes the president is very much stock on the Gulf coast need to be airlifted out so here is where we all we have to nuclear armed leaders who are accustomed to issuing empty threats to impress their own people and they are now currently go to each other towards Armageddon which is absolutely terrifying I don't I don't really have a solution to this but pot of me would love the chance just a chance to speak directly to the north Korean people so only off chunks but this show is smuggled over their board only U. S. B. drive crammed with NCIS episodes I would just like to say this Holly North Korea you you may be having some frightening rhetoric small president but if it helps tool when our president says words he doesn't necessarily mean what those words mean it's it's very difficult to describe to you we're still trying to wrap our heads around it ourselves well it's all problem except it is now toned of your problem to but I want to talk to you about some misconceptions we certainly have it's about you up but you should know a DV that will not remotely what your state propaganda employees either we only sleep do not spend all day he's plotting your destruction we spend them sharing track means I'm screaming free John I'm getting furiously at about a singing boy we barely appearing in a hybrid dragon shot so what is your I would love to give you the north Korean people a sense of how America is feeling right now in a way that you might understand and enjoy and that is through the international language of the accordion and I have some good news and some bad news and the bad news is I do not play the accordion the good news is I know someone who plays it like a fucking angel ladies and gentleman on the people of North Korea please welcome Mister we're out good crap in our public lower when I Robert it may I don't think you have got no outside mostly you yeah the she well third the or not yeah I just stumbled no rainn well really Bob Wrenn so I what what start read I I would I why World well I my so no one the //
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Border Patrol: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\the board on the balcony that is incredibly tough to smuggle a monkey across I am told prison Sharon has previously made securing the border a key priority for his administration most notably through his portable something which as we pointed out before himself in a bus we found a floor in on the campaign trail it's no latter going over that if they ever get up there they're in trouble this is no way to get down maybe a rope yeah yeah labia wrote I know that sounds stupid but to be fair you haven't heard Faye 6 of Donald trump's border security plan go get me all the rocks I'm Robert Wuhl idea has received a lot of coverage it is by no means trunks only bought a plant one of his more benign sounding but potentially no less dangerous ideas concerns the border patrol and first let's be clear about who they Ave upon of customs and border protection they are not always who you may know from immigration rights are there also not customs offices of who you'll see at airports and border crossings know all they the borders patrol a group of vigilantes who defend abandoned borders bookstores from raccoons no the border patrol of the people in green uniforms who literally patrol the boundaries of our country there are around 20000 of them but trump in an executive order has called for them to add folly thousands more to tackle the many problems that he sees on our southern border lance stopped their drugs and the crime from pouring into our country you can certainly have terrorists you could certainly have Islamic terrorists you can have anything coming across the border we're gonna have strong strong strong border that people are gonna respect and the drugs are not going to be flowing across like gravy now that right there is what happens when don't jump start a sentence feelings and a phobic and ends it feeling hungry Mexicans coming a long hot fudge sundaes coming into my tummy 3 scoops whipped cream no cherry because I don't do groups but for the record border patrol agents do a lot more than just fights drugs crime and gravy in recent years the number of Mexicans apprehended crossing the border has dramatically dropped and is now being so possibly the sharp rise in migrants fleeing violence in Central America for whom there is a legal process to seek asylum here me that agencies studies confirm equally include moments like bricks the bought che family take their first tentative steps to the United States of America within seconds the border patrol on the there's no chase no tension they expected to a cold golden as we film another 2 figures emerge mother and her daughter given blankets to take them cold that's kind of not what people expect when they think of the border in the in the Venn diagram of Halton drug dealers and people who need blankets that middle section is pretty much just Linus so he is not a drug dealer the messy hair destroyed be showed her thumb sucking he sells ecstasy out right I do not own his own supply old what's on there is no great pumpkin he's a junkie someone in temporary but the truth is it is moments like back pain that that the show how difficult the job of a border patrol agent can be because in that moment they are delivering item processing migrants but later that same day they may be chasing down drug traffickers so it's a mixture between humanitarian work and law enforcement and not everyone can do it and that is what makes trials plan to expand the border patrol by 25 percent so concerning because if you hi I agents quickly and badly it can actually leave us much less safe and have devastating consequences and the reason we know this is because we have been down this road before soap tonight I would like to talk to you about the lost border patrol hiring such because it was not long ago after the so called bundling of intelligence leading up to 911 president George W. bush is determined to shore things up at the borders is part of that mandate the border patrol expanded from 10000 agents 20000 it's true the late 2000 so a surgeon border patrol agents who was much only by the surge in the number of reality shows about people making cakes there were so many of those you don't even know which one of them I might up it was by the white cake talks I guarantee you actually not to me facilities ambitious targets recruit walls aggressive and the government of the toys everywhere even at 1.doing bass the border patrol spent 8.$4000000 sponsoring this car getting it detailed and staffing recruiting booth it's all this lead through they sponsored a NASCAR team putting the border patrol is such phone companies other actual mouse cosponsors depends underwear and Boutros Bucks place I heard on school I assume people who want that but pasted closed but that was an old but also run slickly produced TV ads log base as a mobile law enforcement arm of the department of homeland security it is the job of the border patrol to prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons and all those who seek to do us harm from entering the United States and the border patrol protect America are you up to the challenge yeah I have to admit I might not job look very exciting although in fairness anything said in that tone of voice would be exciting here is my curtain on negative Bootsy don't weigh all around boat say who are not sure he likes me as much as I love to but the truth of financial means that most agents work alone patrolling vast swaths of desert while somebody speech a burst of action others involved absolutely nothing which can be challenging in all of its self one of the larger problems is boredom it doesn't mean that it's never dangerous caravan that's out there there are drug organizations out there what they're is operation for the boring non risky reality of almost all of their career bulletin is a significant part of life as a border patrol agent and they should probably trying for expect every hour they spend in target practice they should probably spend 10 I was watching Mozart in the jungle are you funny I'm I supposed to care about you who's not woman with the oboe I'm confused but I'm also boards but but the big problem was that as they doubled in size up meeting and maintaining their hiring quotas member they screening process was always a strong as it could have been it was only late in the such that the CBP started giving applicants polygraph tests a something that most other federal law enforcement agencies do and to listen to James Tom Scheck who headed internal affairs falls in a CBP through most of the surge that findings indicated they probably should have done that soon the shocking discovery we found was that more than half of the persons who had cleared background investigations failed the polygraph eggs the vast majority of them providing detailed descriptions of the criminal activity they had been involved in now just think about that overhaul of CB peace applicants who cleared the highest level of background check will found unsuitable for service and some of what I confessed to was absolutely incredible one applicant admitted to smoking now on a 20000 times in a 10 year period too close to that individual while while another state in the house no independent recollection of the events that resulted in a blobs doused kitchen I was uncertain if you committed any crime during his 3 hour blackouts which I'm gonna go ahead and say yes you did commit a crime or at the very least you really fucked up a su flight I mean you talked about big all lives and the problems didn't stop once the new agents were hired because the training was also significantly cut back and that caused real issues as one trying revealed while for some reason being disguised as a last matic scarecrow we are discussing the face and voice of this veteran agent and training instructor because of fears of retaliation we went from a 20 foot pole for the standards were lowered well we see the standards were lowered but they were she's going to have it he sounds like Jesse Ventura ought to slow the motive of novelty cowboys noise my kids I know that it is really hard to pay attention to what robot Neil Young is saying that but it is genuinely worth listening to where they cut corners a source told a Spanish language classes in physical training were cut back the person was so out of shape I actually had a treat to train me and the bad guy got away pretty much everybody gets to the academy I talk all Spanish and physical training so the new standards affected by Jim's ability to talk to the people they called and the ability to catch the people they wanted to talk to she looked pretty essential facets all paid job this will give the training program at sea world left out putting on a wet suit and systematically driving conifers wiles inside that is the whole job where I'm a white you left with nothing else and consequently as the ranks grew corruption and excessive force skyrocketed a misconduct became such a problem that at 1.the border patrol felt it needed to issue a memo about the fact that agents were averaging 2 alcohol related arrests po week I'm some agents off duty run ins with the law what even most tonight to border patrol agents are on leave after a woman says they put on a loon show during sector soleil performing a sex act right in front of children the accusations don't stop there the couple is suspected of being drunk and violent no no I should tell you one agent was found guilty of assaulting the woman who complains but both denied anything sexual is happening and they were found not guilty of the sex act presumably because they were at sub disobeyed where everything looks like a sex acts will show you this is a sex act this is a sex act this is a wildly difficult sex act if I but posts in sex acts and I'm absolutely no idea what's happening now but I think is the thing that Steve Bartman is supposed to be good they more serious than since 2000 Deutsche 77 agents were arrested or indicted for corruption and if you think about it border patrol agents all particularly attractive to drug traffickers remember they often work on their own patrolling the border which as one journalist points out is a pretty potent recipe for trouble one border patrol agent can undo an incredible amount of good that all the other border patrol agents do one border patrol agent can wave and funds of drugs and you know he's not literally I literally absolutely literally yeah this is one of the only cases where someone signing a ton of drugs actually means a literal tons of drugs no campaign you did not do a ton of drugs you took a Benadryl you might that with the goldfish and aposs that we had in the dishwasher pull your life to get the I will let let let me give you just a taste of the kind of spectacular corruption involved take agent Hopewell Luna who it turned out had a brother in the Gulf cocktail and who was convicted of engaging in organized crime with some pretty striking evidence emerging during a house such we end up finding a safe at black safe we found $89000 in cash well known as commemorative border patrol back you won't have a cocaine methamphetamine a gun that is tied directly to the Gulf cartel it says Gulf cartel on hard to explain it's hard to explain why your border patrol bag is in the safe with cocaine money in a cartel that still yeah that is really hard to explain with the best I could to ease up my badge had a drug problem that he couldn't bear to tell me about some fatherly it decided to shoot itself with a gun that we found on the case planning to die surrounded boys money because its views on that resemble those of ancient Egyptians but even then we are talking about a senten police badge with an interest in Egyptology so you already banking on a pretty large suspension of disbelief back hope and you should know Luna was hired joined the lost recruitment surge and see the people tell you what they told us that while some ages did describes the badge with corruption the boss majority did not although it is worth knowing that Toshack of the internal affairs going believes the problem is much bigger than they imply after Luna is not one bad apple he is part of a rate of corruption that exceeded that of any other U. S. federal law enforcement agency okay so it's less one bad apple then only go if that is a lot of bad apples which by the way should really be the marketing thing for red delicious apples red delicious apples one at least we got the Reds part right it gets even looks because remember these agents have guns and some have made very bad decisions I mean I've seen coverage of some of the tragic incidents in a string of shootings by the border patrol that have stirred up emotions at the border there's one case in particular that has become a rallying cry for justice shooting I'm a 16 year old boy named I say on the on your Elaine naturally they say their agents were threatened by somebody throwing rocks on this side of the fence but standing here the first thing you ask yourself is could a 16 year old boy really threaten somebody standing on top of what's at least a 20 foot cliff and on the other side of that fence I mean yeah that does seem pretty unlikely and to explain why Julie next week when among story will be privacy arch nemesis to the concept of up now so you know that case is still in the courts and agents can sometimes feel threatened by rock from was blocked it is worth pointing out that a report which looked at 25 cases went border patrol agents shot people who'd thrown rocks concluded that's too many cases do not appear to meet the test of objective reasonableness with regard to the use of deadly force which I believe is going to law enforcement legalese for holy shit you shot from people you should not a fucking shop that maybe we don't do that as much 00 when there is 1 more thing about the agent enough and she it will not surprise you he was one of those persons hired by ... the border patrol during the surge of course he walks and yet despite all of these warning signs we're about to embark upon another ambitious border patrol hiring surge and CB people tell you not to worry about that but in recent years they've improved hiring in my performs offenses like slightly increased transparency and given agents more non lethal weapons like pepper spray guns as well as re writing the use of force rulebook to and I quote prohibits the shooting of suspects fleeing the scene who do not pose a threat to themselves or others I'm not that is great although it does seem to be one of those rooms that you shouldn't of had to write down if you went to a zoo and there were a giant sign that said please don't think of the armadillos you would wonder what the fuck could happen before that song one time many other reforms no remote all to believe it will be now the president gravy drugs is in charge impart what really that was already being told that hiring standards might drop again with suggestions like a short upon across or removing parts of the entrance exam and most frustratingly of all there may be no reason for us to take this risk because a report from the inspector general for homeland security questions whether we even need 5000 more border patrol agents and get trump seems determined to do this anyway who knows why button there's a family could Jones he only said 5000 because someone told him folly Brazilian is not a real number I want whatever your feelings about the lost the border patrol happen given to enforce and I have plenty of feelings on that you do want the best possible people enforcing them because if you don't as we have seen bad things happen this is a story about the danger of not learning from your mistakes and for the sake of absolutely everybody people on both sides of the border and the good border patrol agents just trying to do a difficult job well if we are going to hire all these new people the very least we can do is be more careful this time around and one tiny step would be top recruitment ads the show potential agent what the job is really like patrol we're hiring again but this time we're gonna do it right sword you're looking for an exciting heart pounding adventure maybe go skydiving or drive or or or do whatever the fuck this is but the border patrol they not be for you because a lot of the and the job less like this more like this that's right just you that desert nothing for miles around how this could be your lunch break this is a job they can combine our support him with sudden bursts of action yeah I got people moving 90 back up that definitely cannonball people entering illegally for drug smugglers but a surprising amount of the time it involves desperate migrants room your the first point of ill equipped to cater to their needs yeah I don't yeah this job is not for everyone and that's why this time we're not advertising with NASCAR instead we're recruiting within sweet ass Honda Odyssey practical car reasonable but article people please make sure you read the entirety of its new ones decks before making any decisions in some of it's in Spanish because it would be really useful if you could that just to be clear if you wanna fuck Excerpta so late this is not the job for you and we will find out last question have you ever and I mean ever considered having sexual relations at a performance of exotically dressed Canadian no we've done a we do this if your kite physically fit impervious to bribery or boredom and you want to serve your country by enforcing a controversial and ever changing set of policies in the most humane way possible didn't give us a call the border patrol we're hiring wish us luck with that circus workers need not apply //
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Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\we're going to talk about the media specifically one increasingly influential member of it Alex Jones think Walter Cronkite of shrinking batshit guerrilla clowns I only let me thinking there is nothing more I need to know about Alex because you probably seem crazy clicks like pace what do you think tap water is it's a gay bomb baby and I'm not saying people would naturally have homosexual feelings I'm not even getting into it you think I'd like a shocked by excellent here bashing it because I don't like gay people I don't like a button chemicals in the water that turned the friggin slobs Gary do you understand that well if he's got upset about the gum conspiracy that is not happening just imagine how upset is going to be when he finds out about one that actually is what the fact that the government is turning raccoons bilingual all that's right barrel fluent in French now and they will be booking that's into conversation I'm Bob famous click is by no means an outline Jones is a charismatic performer who gets charged up on a regular basis so there are plenty of lesser known outbursts like picks my spirit gets close to that even when I feel it in my whole spirit just goes out crazy that's not crazy that's my will by human spirit saying clutch those that would hurt the innocent go after the enemy build a civilization be honorable cross the flags on your feet well at least now we know what Friday night lights would look like if a given coach Tyler nosti PCP habits to the other big like some people go there everyone no no how do how do you the first thing you should know about me Alex Joe is nothing but unfortunately it is an important part of a lot of people's media diet estimated 6000000 people listen to his radio show or watch online every week and we know at least one Jones fan seems to be rather upcoming Russian ambassador the United States Donald Trump he supposedly colds Jones off to the election has tweeted content from info wars and one of its editors and just a year 0.5 ago even appeared on his show I just want to finish by saying your reputations amazing I will not let you down you'll be very very impressed I hope and I think we'll be speaking a lot the only thing that could have made that moment any drugs as if Nigel for Ross Bill Cosby and Phil Spector what all on the same call so it is no wonder that Jones is beginning a lots of coverage recently we even mentioned him our first show of the season by in February and in his response to it seemed a little annoyed with me your ratings are in the toilet your joke they brought you back revamped out of the gates to attack yours truly that you lectured us the Donald Trump could never win over and over again is you know you're the intellectual and my nose British accents intellectual and now you make fun of me out of context and and and all the look of this loon Hey boy I people want legitimacy they want real they want to hear somebody that could speak to him and touch him inside nnova a few things that one don't call me boy I am so money pretty Saxons does not sound intellectual believe me I sound like a chimney sweep pulsing through a wood chipper but I will give him the X. Jones is right the too often people don't present him in his full context so tonight we are going to do that unless first set aside to be key contact the Alex Jones has repeatedly used a show to fuel speculation of the sandy hook massacre was staged by the government which has been deeply hurtful for the parents of those children over the years that is disgusting and it should be disqualifying in terms of ever taking him seriously sadly doing things that disqualify you from being taken seriously doesn't really seem to be much of a thing anymore but that is a piece of context you may be less aware often not concerns the nature of Jones the show itself is 4:00 hours long and if you choose to the whole thing you know shocking discovery might be how frequently I'm shamelessly he pictures products that he sells in fact level that clip from him earlier yelling about snakes let's just go back to that and play out of it the honorable plus the flags on your feet get behind me Satan before going further before going further we have fun this operation we got the very best exit holes out there I don't know that can run this for a week or so we went around to the end of the month that's like 11 days I don't sell out for more it's in next to the girl halogen point person often Bowers enforce divorce all bodies a hall and tell him to have to make the site was a big big big goal was gonna move you I do enjoy family nnova mmhm but must McGillicuddy is openly everyone all well done I don't you don't anomaly in one week of recent brawl cost on the site we found he spent nearly a quarter of the time eva talking about all playing ads for his product or point you to the info war stole and if you've never gone shopping on info wars you're in for whatever the exact opposite of the treaties but this is going to possibly will gear that you would expect a long sought more surprising items like organic shampoo body wash and deodorant as well as products like combat one tactical buff wipes a tendo a pack of moist telex that can be used anywhere in the dates including the perineal area what's if you're wondering is this region right here so it's Jones is going to sell you sloppy wet rags for your teigen-nude-dujour wiping down the area between your genitals and anus with the glorified wet now we will pick up a Bill Clinton right whistle which according to info wars should be used to that bill no you in the crowd and that you know the truth not true for the way you just spend $6 on a whistle that's right we pulled pace and I'm going away how old a kind with a free 911 was an inside joke bumper sticker that we most assuredly did not all school I'm radio host doing ads is not inherently unusual but since 2013 Jones has increasingly focused on promoting his own products which he sells on his site under his infowars life brand particularly vitamins and nutraceuticals which I believe are the result of the what nutrition fucking word pharmaceutical from behind I'm pretty sure that's what it is this this is a big hall Bob Jones is business 2 floods Opies funding reportedly comes from selling his product and they're all on local them and the reason I know that is we bought a whole box everything every button down for you that result super mild vitality super female vitality wakeup America patriot blend coffee long claims brain force plus a something called DNA force the cost $120 a bottle and child ease up a herbal blend which according to info wars is designed to suit the minds and bodies of children which is a profoundly creepy Friday's and then there was caveman true paleo formula with bone broth 8 chocolate flavored drink makes money from big pollen stevia and the dust of chicken skeletons not according to impose wars it is one of the most popular new health trend in the world today above the look on Junji spice it tastes exactly as good as it sounds more than a couple ice cubes invokes it tastes when it's creamy and thick I think better than oval tame and it is got all the bone broth and so much more this is why the engines they believe wordpad such better bones were so much healthier you look it up this you could freeze this us we better the bike bluebell chocolate ice cream he Alex Jones did not enjoy drinking across all type mine because I have got a glass of beer American consumes you that it's a it tastes exactly how you imagine a drink would take this might from chocolates and domesticated bus pulled his it comes to you in waves that is not the only time the Joneses used himself of the Guinea pig to sell his own products on a warning now to our younger viewers the following footage of a man graphically too comfortable with his own body may be disturbing just 10 minutes before we take this decided to do this out of us while we took photos a year ago that in about 6 months ago on the weight loss is dramatic already for what happened Nnamdi so you'll read to are you wearing a balance the only thing I can do son happened between those 2 photos is the won't shut less in the song for 2:00 hours to a bell stole you could put those 2 photos around on the effect would be exactly the fire also look to be fair to jobs he does have a medical expert who consults on many of his supplements doctor Edward group the third who looks like the lead in a direct to DVD Kato Kaelin biopic but he's actually even less impressive than that him he's in an info wars at explaining the importance of one of the product if you're suffering from abdominal pain allergies even like headaches anemia weakened immune system got problems depression hair loss ... excess gas muscle pain nervousness I mean all these things if you look at some of these conditions and then also opening up our borders and all entries opening up our their borders which is dealing with a mass a male of parasites or harmful organisms you can type in refugees spreading disease I mean the CDC is going crazy right now actually I'm pretty sure that if you talk refugee spreading disease into Google and press enter it just takes you right to the wikipedia page the xenophobia what's at the end of the day is a real time saver for you but but despite the fact that don't agree with what what would happen if Tom Petty was machine washed is going to cry I would still use the swears boy in fact he's been pretty defensive about dole to groups credentials there is a body that degree from MIT and everywhere else and had a much rather read the media makes fun of you and says you're in any that's for high Miller they say we cannot sell coffee it's a fraud that's right that's right I I've been a research scientist for a long time I do have I am MIT alumni and I can tell you that I do research all the time okay star let's bring down that bunch of degrees Jones mentioned group does have a doctor of chiropractic from Texas chiropractic college but what really sick list all these other schools on linkedin we checked and he didn't graduate from any of them effect we Austin and he admits he does not have an undergraduate degree I'm asking whether he's an MIT alumni he only completed a non degree certificate program that in fact just to be sure we contacted them on TV and according to them it is not accurate to say he has a degree from MIT I'm calling him a love note would be inaccurate and misleading he this 9 does not look like it and want to be alone he looks like a fifth year senior at the university of falling off a software well so just to clarify on eggs that is what we are making final when we make fun of doctor group well that's in the fact that he looks like what would happen if Iggy Pop got the right choice no Jones cunning flag still to groups credentials all he wants he says a lot of crazy shit on his show but it is noticeable when it comes to selling his supplements they can sometimes show a portion that is pretty out of character just watch him bend over backwards to repeatedly qualify what he says seconds off to reset it if you have back pain before maybe you had nerves or cut off this strange tingling this had a lot of clever feeling come back I'm not gonna make claims is research through organically based Beilby can fuel is not technically organic the other stuff synthetic completely mad lab made this is made for more sources but the bacteria's GML others tell you up front but it's not like a super high tech stuff it's a bacteria that she's been bred to be able to then ship creek and produced a just like beer is bacteria flooded the bacteria obviously but this one that's how the Japanese do it but its pilot on a call death is only found in the comics then trace amounts in blueberries play right so I think that's if repairs nubs but maybe dozens it'll ganic but not really it contains GMOs which is bad except when he's telling you something and you could only find its ingredients in comics oh I'm blueberries others would drop off all day but lost one that is really incredible you could only find this stopping dinosaur bones and in trace amounts in Rick's Bates hello Jones's products don't come cheap pretty since he sells this 1 fluid ounce bottle of vitamin D. 3 for 2995 but consumer laptop home a supplement what style points out you can buy the same amount of tea tree from other sources cemex them for develops but Jones will often give you a hard sell sometimes he'll tell you his products are different than the one you can find in stores and sometimes he'll go even bigger it is absolutely in the crystalline form the strongest you absorb it tell folks don't go up the store get I'd ever say one of the big change it'll kill you well I honestly did not know the you can deploy your competition kills people 4 out of 5 dentists provoke trident gum on the fifth dentist is dead because they put a piece of Wrigley's in his mouth a suicide I'm good new jobs to good job selling his book mobbed up just enough to keep his business going as explained in his recent appearance on rationalizing low ratings with Meccan Kelly cost $45000000 your room how much money is being made well the money that's made is pretty much put back in the thing okay so that is remarkable for 2 reasons first 45 to $50000000 is a lot of money and second Jones would have you believe that every penny by un is being plowed back into a show that looks like it was filmed on the set of a low budget porn parody of itself in part as he frequently tells his audience he needs them to buy more to keep his truth telling crusade solvents and growing we need to find ourselves and we find ourselves by you buy the products were in a short fall now because of the massive sustained economic attacks were under the listeners in just 2 weeks of almost narrow that gap I could have to sell my house to keep this place running 34 months I could have sponsors every segment I don't do it I plug enough to fund things fun now because get me the energy I will yeah welcome and pre all pledge drive the people who hates and pre all I listen to Jones info wars is perpetually on the edge of disaster even have a link only info will stall where you can just gave him money to help fund the fight against tyranny and contributors have left comments like $24 may not be much but I know every little bit helps but Jones seems to be doing a bit more than just keep his head above water ex employees describe a thriving business with one saying he could sell 500 supplements in an hour it's like QVC for conspiracy and in one of those clips we showed only a we noticed he's wearing what looks like a Rolex watch what the around $8000 which cool I know as we look around we notice he also seems to have another 2 different Rolex is and you know kula and there's nothing that is only sleep only he can have fun see what she's there was nothing wrong with him getting paid I get paid to like this show but it does fight with his message that he needs you to buy products to help keep the show going I'm even Alex Jones seems to be a little self conscious about that disc but don't worry he's reconciled it in a truly amazing why I wear a blue sports coat and a Rolex because the symbol of middle class and humanity having prosperity and promoting him and prosperity for prospective empower humanity and stealing the image of a man a sports jacket with a Rolex that is the satanic image so I grass as a satanist further africana their world and show you that none of it means anything all whole 6 you stupid do you think audiences okay you bought a Rolex so you could dress up like a site next one of the other 2 full it's only tormenting the parents of sandy hook should comfortably get you into the satanic club probably that's the easy part one of a hell's version of the champagne room a I'm not so at the start of this piece are promised Alex Jones to would put his statements in context because he is right that if you play small clips in isolation he looks like a loon but if you play them in context he looks like a skilled salesman spending hours a day frightening you about problems like refugee spreading disease and then selling you and also remember that gay frog clip of the song he did a follow up show explaining how chemicals will be placed in the water to feminized society and reduce the population and then immediately segue to base we sell 5 different brands of the very best water a water filtration systems out there amazing that cut out 99.99 or so that lives say they are besides the pesticides the fluoride I mean to an untrained Dolly it sure seems like he was using the idea of a gay frog to sell his products which incidently is the same mistake the WB network might this is good but not so you I'm not saying the only reason Jones is talking about the globalist systematically feminizing off is to sell overpriced nutraceuticals so we can buy luxury watches but if I was saying that it certainly would be the stupidest conspiracy theory they've heard so far tonight so if Alex Jones wants his words in context this is it the part for the purpose to sell so many solutions should really re contextualized how you think about what he's claiming all problems think think about it like picks how would you feel if at the end of this segment but might well have made you feeling a little dirty all I try to sell you something to wipe that gross feeling a white would you question my motives well I certainly hope not because that's what we are doing right now because we've been looking for good music meant to go explore annoy would like you to meet the right now please welcome to hopefully the portlets no and we we will hear the dogs are going to do you the join all of that moisture almost to call a sold one but award for you for it who simply on the perineum that's right off for goodness sake don't use this anywhere else but you're gonna wanna chill us hope Guinness rights on this area right right now south no don't don't don't know is this going to make people feel better about what they've seen tonight well not a study showed that we need vigorously applied this taint my little causes a sensation that distracts the brain from whatever had previously been thinkin about Ho Chi and again you got degrees from MIT and everywhere else in a bunch of other degrees the media makes fun of you and said they wanted to do what it's a job just for the record you did go to MIT right well I'm definitely physically been there that's essentially the city about what I've been through I never no you could actually bought one of these white info like stop home good Wong $0 this Israel playoff actually available for $1000000 apiece and don't even think about buying a similar wiping a school because those whites will kill you also these lights have the power to federal sexualized frogs so out and it's very nice to have convinced the name real problem what with all the refugees like look this tactical tightwad has demonstrated incredible results have absolutely assure half look at this photo of me and now look at this photo of me 45 minutes why you know you look a little behind soon merge disclosure only if you want to spend $1000000 on a tight white go to info watch don't comment if you're thinking well no one 's going to do that all I will say is people play Alex Jones $45 for a jar of chocolate flavored chicken juice so anything is fucking possible //
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Harding: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\would like to talk about America's presidents the only group of individuals that we know for sure at some point masturbated in the White House please you think McKinley didn't come on grow up he's doing in that vote listen with all the horrors of all current president it can sometimes help to get some historical to look at all the people who preceded him although a few months ago one place where you might be able to do that was forced to say goodbye after nearly 60 years of operation the hall of presidents and first ladies wax museum in Gettysburg shutting down even though the museum will be no more you have an opportunity to own a piece of American history something that doesn't come up every day in the law for sure should be a very interesting option and we have lots of people come yeah so do I I hope that too because these wax presidents dissolve a good home let us see Benjamin Harrison having to model to lots of forever 21 and here's the thing people did come some apparently paid thousands of dollars to own a wax presidents on it later turned out there was some notable boy is among them we got our very own life size wax president that is president Eisenhower is it is it not because to me it looks like you may have just bought a wax comes Rebello Riley covering his erection with a magazine but and what is just not Stephen Colbert I don't want to and now lay it's still present after a 10 well congratulations favor although it is worth pointing out that Zachary Tyler died of a stomach bug 16 months into office so he's really lessen the president and more a going 9 zakhu shit is brings out in the west wing men's room not cool but I actually want to eat Martin Van Buren but unbeknownst to him and this is true Joe's Stewart's bought out even though you who is not only do not know isolation I know what you think spending good money on a pulley might wax figure of a former president sounds pretty stupid right yeah you're right you're absolutely right and that is what I'm proud to say we didn't go down there I'm by one of the we bought 5 humn stupid with all the TV show talking walls on the roof so long is because we've been very busy constructing a home for a horrifying new friends effect tonight would like to present to you the loss we tonight hole dubiously log like wax the yeah looks like a school only Mexico is Bill Clinton or to be more accurate John Travolta in primary colors real good job then there's Jimmy Hoffa the lock the before photo for a joint this Medicare William Henry Harrison who died of pneumonia 31 days into office probably eggs the what he looked like when he dates and lastly there is Warren G. fall holiday I do know dogs you know what they one is we talked a lot about well he was all nations and his administration was nearly brought down by the teapot dome scandal but he's perhaps most famous for his sexual exploits after Warren Harding died in 1923 nan Britton wrote a book claiming she'd been his mistress they'd made love in a White House closet and he'd fathered her daughter Elizabeth all warrant knocking up real friends daughter in the White House folks killed would you wax little perverts but the fact is halting problem incredible life story and it's a shame that someone having already made a major motion picture off it the problem is who would do it it would have to be someone with way too much time on their hands way too many resources and unfettered access to a life size wax replica of former president Lawrence evolving if only that hosted existed the movie that Mike look a little like base the he so ndnation president Warren G. Harding live and marines let's show these fancy Washington from leading Ohio holy connected yeah with lived in this dork ambition I raise money 29 present United States to our very good fortune at you know at driven by passion beyond his truly and beyond the real virtue Harding that the it price now president I ask you again to sign in could a border about this don't you will sign tune between and design man's I want young lady you're demand anything school even look help me he means nothing to you you can bring your no one made more just pull the hell do you you don't contain hold it's going down the you hear me we will all be all previous to mmhm time because it a the LA times we it worked for a screw nominees seriously and world the wax monthly sales holiday I try Campbell Scott and I can Michael James Cromwell and Laura lucky leann you but he knew who even create men you may be correct mmhm I and the I ... //
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Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\local news it's mostly known for informative and hard hitting segments like this one police say one of the mass suspects armed with a handgun got out of his car walked up to the victims window pointed the gun right at her face and told her he wanted her purse her money and her cell phone holiness you know it's 100 to him but he's a great way to make people pay attention to a story they might not be interested and with that in mind all my things going the potential problems Goldman consolidation of local news and for the channel national cable news gets a lot of attention with that big budgets in that fancy graphics packages meanwhile local news often have to do a lot more with the law lex the black bear was roaming through Tina meristems backyard Tina was too stunned to get a picture but this is what the bear probably looked like except real this recreation identifies how witnesses say the fairest skin they would no whoever is hiding behind not Tony back cutout deserves a Pulitzer well sure sure he could have stood up straight and just walk the barrack off the garden would read exactly is convincing but he didn't do that he hunched down because he cares not mind it is a journalist clung who needs fills an important role funding stories that the national news is missing this show uses local news all the time our civil forfeiture peaks used outstanding reporting from Tennessee's news channel 5 and all peace on problems with 911 use great work from Atlantis 11 a life in fact a pew study last year found that local news is trusted more the national news people absolutely love it so yes when you watch local news you may see some some silly a but you also may see something great and is actually a third option because in some parts of the country you might see Vic's I got a message for certain students listen up closely snowflake yes I'm talking to you you the social justice warrior who whines for trigger warnings and safe spaces not grown up enough to deal with the facts then hunker down in your room and Snapchat the day away with other social justice warriors college isn't a baby sitting service it's time to grow up snowflake now that my I'm a small claimant with one in what's a prison is a series between totals like white cotton libitol eggs cups much too little bite to buy a baby I'm not know she pull its me troops well climate home is a commentator and former executive at Sinclair broadcast group and seen plant may be the most influential media company that you've never heard of not only are they the largest owner of local TV stations in the country they could soon get even bigger Sinclair will pay about $4000000000 for Tribune media and its 42 local stations the combined companies will create the largest single group of television stations in the nation wow it is a little disconcerting to learn that something you've only just Hodel is throwing around $4000000000 it's a phony out the Exxon Mobil just got bulls eye was but the little 12 who plays the new spider man OneNote possible how despite its what have the resources to do that only just found out he existed now this acquisition still leads regulatory approval but it is widely assumed that that will happen at which point Sinclair's reach could expand dramatically we did some math and we found out the when you combine the most watched nightly news costs on Sinclair I'm tripping stations and some of the largest markets you get an average total viewership of 2.2000000 households and that is a loss it's more than any current prime time show on fox news including 5 idiots have the most intolerable dinner party at her and that guy from college everyone hated how the talk show now itself and the fox news parallels don't stop there because seem class content tilts noticeably conservative remember not snowflake going Sinclair produces those segments and sends them to the affiliates and that in itself is already unusual as best we can tell no other major owner of TV stations distribute its own country segments to run join local news on Hollywood's opinions shoe hall of rights we're threatened by nasty cancer epidemic it's a danger to our nation it is political correctness multiculturalism words that were once acceptable imply conversation are no longer handicapped and retarded are now off limits there is one step that's proven to dramatically reduce domestic violence marriage I am now a proud Washington Redskins fan in the opinion that only black people can legitimately have an Afro someone should tell that to American folk singer art Garfunkel it's all you squawking about as a Billy pulled Simon one St because no need to involve all Garfunkel in any of this I'm and I think it's Bowman is not seen plans only conservative voice just recently the hope they hold a man named Boris Epstein a former trump adviser who you might remember from multiple TV appearances last year when he made wild claims like this one Barack Obama won a dozen in North Carolina due to legal voter Michael had Jake sorry Morris work where you getting that from Barack Obama one in North Carolina because of voter fraud 5 percent of voting in North Carolina made them by people who are non citizens who should not been voting and swung North Carolina 2 of Mr Obama now obviously that is nothing even resembling a fact the claim he's making receive they pounce on file from political act and even if that were true which again I mean it isn't a bomb I still would break McCain by 162 electoral votes which raises the question to trump's targets even know why by all lying or are they driven by some vague instinct but when a cat sits inside the box what you don't I have no idea who is just something inside me that tells me I should I'm Hicks I knew it Hempstone is announcing plays chief political analyst and has a regular segment called bottom line with Boris let me show you a recent one concerning the retracted story on CNN the bottom line is this CNN along with other cable news networks is struggling to stick to the facts and to be impartial and covering politics in general and this president specifically all calm all that could not be more points calling the kettle black if he said the bottom line is C. N. N. is they rejected extra from the sopranos in a JC Penney's to I whose voice sounds like Sylvester Stallone with a mouth full of babies but Sinclair doesn't just lean right with its commentators even its ad breaks sometimes put a thumb on the scale in 2010 Sinclair's Pittsburgh affiliate pulled a 30 second democratic ads off the air awfully received complaints and found that some claims in the ad were unsubstantiated and what that's a good thing it is good that they were willing to take a stand to ensure nothing inaccurate made its way on that although just a few months later that exact same station on multiple other Sinclair outlets and a 25 minute attack ad on Democrats featuring assertions like base during his presidential election he wound up with a record shattering $750000000 in his campaign to this day he refuses to port from one reason might be that some of it originated from the terrorist group Hamas we love it often don't know if you're going to makeup scary donors to the bombing campaign like stop with Hamas just keep going he won't say where the money came from one reason may be that it originated with this kind of coyotes that is might billions selling human babies to other hungry a coyotes I will if the opinions welcome phones just to the common 3 or to the outbreaks that would be one thing it seemed like a sometimes dictate the content of your local news cost as well icon trust a fox news a clearly conservative outlet way you basically know what you're getting with Sinclair they were injecting Foxworthy content into the mouths of your local news anchors the 2 people who you know and who you trust and whose on screen chemistry can usually best be described as 2 people and the things you you might not realize it's happening because Sinclair and its digital new subsidiary circa not only produce and send packages to their stations but even write scripts that local I'm because can use to introduce the pieces for example just this Tuesday night I'm because it seemed less stations all over the country introduce a story about Michael Flynn like fix did the FBI have a personal vendetta in pursuing the Russia investigation of president trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn the FBI have the personal vendetta and pursuing the Russia investigation of president trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn did be happy I have a personal vendetta and pursuing the Russia investigation of president trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn did the FBI have a personal vendetta and pursuing the investigation could very well be true up yeah but you could say it could very well be true about anything all pre not Eminem is just like explain to different colors fox is walk on their hind legs when looking is there really a the one Olsen twin who's moving back and forth we tricky humanoid dissing Philip all of those things could very well be true on a song from that one about the Olsen twins none of them all no no the story they were teasing with that Michael Flynn had apparently spoken up on behalf of the former FBI agent in a gender discrimination suit against the agency but it is a huge stretch to get from Blair to an agency wide conspiracy to bring him down but the problem is that was real power in hearing your trusted local news cost is using FBI and personal vendetta in a sentence if those same news cost is somehow use the words Daniel stun and explosive ejaculation in the same sentence you could never watch home alone in the same way again I'm sleepless contents can often not be optional by regularly send out one a cold must runs segments that station managers all directives to work into the umbral costs both Boris Epstein and wall climbing segments almost runs and so were some new segments in fact let me give you a taste of I must run story of that ran just a month before last year's election how can Americans especially blacks and Latinos in America support Hillary Clinton it's a surprising message coming for a black pastor evangelical bishop Albee shines spreading a message of why he believes Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party isn't good for black Americans party that gave this country slavery the KKK Jim crow laws whoa whoa whoa hold on hold just to hold on a second at his post Democrats yeah if this country slavery it's a little more complicated than that chill someone gave me this Hecox but I'm accountable for being comfortable with it liking it and keeping it around for morally repugnant amount of time and you could you could maybe maybe be see what that could be news in Florida Tampa pasta makes crazy video but that piece running Columbus el Paso Omaha Syracuse Seattle green bite Tulsa and stations all over the country and to be fair Sinclair didn't let all of our past as the sessions go Gobat completely unchecked and they did have the brief appearance of balance by bringing in this political scientist to fact check the video but he was given fall less screen time in the past and the voice over under continent every ton bullock says that shines cherry picked his history but if you have the whole context of history and where these ... that things are mentioned where they actually miss pieces then you without the precipitous waited at all so about that history when it comes to the KKK historians generally agree it was created in the post civil war reconstruction and later we're behind Jim crow laws yes that was a party of over time those parties have actually shifted in terms of what their members sit I absolutely love his frustration as he tries to explain that now is not 100 years ago you almost expected this I approve it neither of us are wearing bowler hats and that woman over there how the job all of which supports my theory that as I've mentioned now is not 100 years ago and here's the thing the most runs a not just individual pieces by also recovering features like poll questions which can range from benign to free to delete it what did you think of today's call me testimony do you think it was all about substance or theater do you think enough is being done to battle street gangs in the U. S. do you trust information from unnamed sources in the Washington post stories why our cable news channels Aaron so much coverage of the trump Russia story so you're the options it's a bias against the president for higher ratings order it's a really important story okay there is a clear Sloan's to those questions and on since I can't wait for the inevitable poll how would you describe the way Donald Trump looks in athletic wear I don't dislike me herculean seat striking from out of his own age all day not my thing but I still hate it but perhaps the most troubling thing of all is that Sinclair has a daily must run segment called the terrorism alert desk that is right they report on terrorism every single day what there was something major to report on or not which means that sometimes the updates contain things like Vicks the company in charge of security for the Wimbledon tennis tournament says the ringleader of the London Bridge attack did apply for a job and he was not interviewed and no interview was scheduled he just filled out an online application that ISIS flag was found hanging in a neighborhood in New Hampshire was taken down in police are looking into who put it there through the terrorism alert task in Washington I'm Lindsay masters in other loves my grandma heard a loud noise a man with a bit off me when the next bus is coming on Iraq I'm still exists from a terrorism alert desk in Washington all I I'm just about done with this shit hello what does no doubt that the terror alert desk has also featured some truly terrifying stories ISIS has carried out a gruesome public execution in Iraq they slice 9 teens in half with a chainsaw now blacks cool to our attention because it feels like the sort of thing we've seen reported elsewhere so we try to track down that story and it originated with anonymously sourced report on something called Iraqi news we want able to find any outlet the bit independently verified it and even when it was picked up by British tabloids and bright bought they were careful to distance themselves with language like it has been claimed and reportedly I don't did not know it was possible to dig beneath the journalistic standards all bright spots that's what being too but the chef to work at a carnival food comes you're throwing time is on imaginative unplanned and we cannot have that with uncle stickies discount how why go but but but reported beats like it was a fact what was perhaps even weirder about that change so segment with the story the close to apps and mayors in 22 French towns are ignoring the high court's ruling that says banning Burr keys is illegal more than 30 towns initially outlawed the swim swim wear worn mostly by Muslim women from the terrace Miller desk on Michelle marsh what's so fuck but it's not all about terrorism it's just a balance Muslims or that definition terrorism is anything a Muslim Dobbs tonight Bahasa Ollie on the cover of GQ Kareem Abdul Jabbar sneezed in Annapolis unhappy but updates a flurry Victoria this is being your terrorism on the dance now now Cuba credit in the face of all of these some Sinclair stations are fighting back against that parent company for instance at their station in Seattle tomo has engaged in clever acts of rebellion like airing must runs at times of low viewership in fact that only airing of the story about the New Hampshire ISIS flag was up full 54 A. M. so was basically only seen by people in hospital waiting room customers at 24 hour 7 elevens and Craig just go to bed crying get your shit together and go to bed but the truth he's if you work at a Sinclair station there is only so much that you can do that and shoot this Tribune acquisition go through they're going to be even more good journalists having to see their hard work place alongside terra desk known since just as they'll be even more unsuspecting audience members will be getting a heaping dose of St class content possibly without realizing it so you should find out who owns your local stations and bad that in mind as you watch and any trivium station the could soon be taken over we produced a little video so you can unlock your views don't think of it as a must run think of it more as I probably should run take a look hello I'm Steve sure from the sopranos and I'm probably not the last guy with an accent women achieve top stand in front of a green screen thank you going to see on this channel and I'll tell you why this station could soon be owned by Sinclair broadcast group so you might see this fucking guy this fucking logo for this fucking desk and if you do just no that was it produced by this station because to people at the station know that local news should never be about chief scare mongering or advancing a political agenda it should only be about whether sports high team investigations and human interest stories featuring cute animals like this pop belly fat what it is you've got please call help show anyway I've seen sure repelling you if this becomes a Sinclair station and good luck would fetch I //
"2017-06-26 06:30:01"
Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\sings all as the fun don't tell your family practice puts it shot shot shot shot shot shot jobs jobs jobs seriously they'll be a slight pain not Buck season one of humanity's most incredible accomplishments and they've saved millions of lives and it was a time when a new one was a course for huge celebration doctor Jonas Salk governor magazine that promises to wipe out childhood crippling and killing enemy polio anxious parents are thrilled and grateful responding to one of the greatest mass inoculations and medical and sure people lined up for the polio shot like it wasn't on the phone or no love for the record polio was never childhood's most crippling enemy because that was I will forever remain accidentally seeing your father's penis but despite despite their success small groups are both skeptical and vocal about vaccines which is nothing new but these days they're voice has been amplified by the human megaphone that is the president of the United States I am totally in favor of vaccines but I want smaller doses over a longer period of time because you take a baby and and I've seen it I've seen it and I had my children taking care of over a long period of time over to a 3 year pretty time same exact amount would you take this little beautiful baby and you pump and I mean it looks just like it's meant for a horse not for a child nowadays don't what's wrong on the campaign trial raising doubts about vaccinations and not as a sentiment but he's also expressed on line with a tweet reading tiny children are not horses I'm not but is this notion the police about rights yeah I mean I guess technically we've got a given not but good grief I look look you know this you know this if it is not what he's to take health govern voice mine who has willingly sort care from this doctor who looks like he sneaks into a Samuel frogs in the middle of the night to fox the bus around a sticks you know that book but it is it is not just trump who skeptical and those concerns have driven some people to extremes free since back in 2011 some parents made headlines by taking what they saw as a more natural route to immunizing that children Catherine we're talking about parents who are taking use the lollipop saliva and pause soaked clothing from complete strangers and deliberately infecting their children okay okay or so setting is solely to the grossness of parents infecting their kids with lollipops from strangers that graphic Poznan fortunate misspelling because swapping spit and Polish thing posts like the sex told the kid rock would give me 3 nights saw good girl finally got a water flowed from threatened Paul suppose but if you don't go running total not double dog is going to be schooled critically you buckaroo this is quality time with assessing quality towers and while it is important to remember that the Voss majority of parents all making sure that children get vaccinated on time the voices of those who don't carry any internet search about vaccines will quickly lead you down a frightening rabbit hole on the background home of doubt can make some parents understandably nervous I'm concerned about how many vaccines you need to put that we'd have to give our children out once some kind of debating whether I will do them when should I have on that piece is so much information there I don't I don't know who to ask I don't know if there's you know there's no such thing as an unbiased source at least ascent of pain delay or skip some shots around one person don't vaccinated all but you know parents get so much information it is hard to know what to do should you vaccinate should you eat the placenta should you let kids crawling on the onset of those by the way all yes no and absolutely because the more they cry now the more they'll be prepared to watch this is us when they get old if and this this atmosphere of confusion about vaccines has caused real problems that are now 11 states with the number of unvaccinated kids is on the rise I mean small pockets all over America the numbers can get startlingly high in the Somali community in Minnesota the measles vaccination rate for children dropped to just 42 percent about have some very real consequences measles once eradicated in the U. S. is now exploding in Minnesota Somali community where many parents will vaccinate the virus is so contagious that if you're exposed to it and you don't have the vaccine there's a 90 percent chance you'll contracted they can have permanent brain damage they can have blindness or deafness and so we wouldn't vaccinate if this was just a ration illness this is a very serious disease exactly and this is how bad it is in that community the number of measles cases so far this year has already out paced the total number if all the U. S. last year about these terrible because the only thing Minnesota should have more often than any other state is garrison's chela and people disappointed by the mall of America so it's just a big a mole and it has to build a better workshops that somebody's these memories will last me a lifetime as will these 2 bags from 2 different build a bad luck charm so so tonight's we'll go to look at why the CBI is perceived and what the consequences of succumbing to them Campion before we start I couldn't get it white vaccines can creep people out vaccination coming getting injected by a needle filled with science James all open pretty much every medical practice sounds terrifying when you break it down like that an appendectomy means removing one of your organs from stop worry antibiotics all poisons used to murder things living in you even exercise means forcefully boning up your insights my point is the human body is a true carnival of horrors and frankly I'm embarrassed to have one I'm not so much of the FIA surrounding vaccine stems from a supposedly to autism now but is a theory that gain traction in the late nineties thanks to a study published in the medical journal the lancet suggesting a link between autism and the and I'm all vaccine the study was of just 12 children I was by this guy Andrew Wakefield and if you're wondering why I didn't cite Dr Andrew Wakefield this is why follow up studies of hundreds of thousands of children could not find any evidence that the MMR vaccine causes autism and investigations into Wakefield's original paper revealed he stored in the data and he's lost his medical license the lancet papers been retracted strobe light filled might a big splash before having his legacy tarnished and his total revoked he's basically the l'anse Armstrong of doctors but even though what feels conclusions hoping to punk many times he not only denies wrongdoing he actually still gives talks about we suppose it changes all the MMR vaccine in fact this is name in 2011 talking to the Somali community that we saw earlier in Minnesota and presumably ended his speech with trust me I'm a used to be a doctor and to be fair what field is not the only voice raising alarms about backseat he has company from across the political spectrum from out Robert F. Kennedy junior on the left ... to Alex Jones wherever the fuck he fixing to even this Scully would it make Umbar who can't make people do procedure that they don't want the parents have to be the one to make decisions with better Mike for our kids the cabinet saying that it's a the number yes is rob Schneider performing an impromptu rendition of his famous character the annoying guy who is wrong because because despotic business on the stock the things what the Nuremberg rules all and what constitutes acceptable head wear for a grown man Florida has spoken out against mandatory vaccines for years even once calling this California state assemblywoman to debate the issue prompting her to post on Facebook let's be honest studies 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back arguing that vaccines don't cause autism with deuce Bigalow male gigolo yeah still only funny but you know hold only let's not only the good name of Jews Bigelow just because of something that his poor try out rob Schneider said bus looking point William Wallace doesn't trust Jews or offers a notebook is a moderate folk know try and separate the 2 now now the good news is these days very few people will fight I'll completely anti vaccine instead like the president tell site I'm not anti vaccine Bucks and it's what comes off the bat bumped that we need to look up tonight because what what one example is high on not anti vaccine but I am prosafe and about can often referred to concern of a scary sounding ingredients like thimerosal a mercury based preservative for years now RFK junior has laid a crusade against it in fact just this year he gave a speech where he said this 33 years I've been working to get her career out of fish nobody has ever called me any fish and because I want mercury out of vaccines I should not be called any vaccine okay well first of all what would anyone be ashamed to be called anti French critics are stupid and how do I know that lookout just look at this idioms does not go through it should this moral announces well I wonder what it what about this did which is another bone head for you I'm pretty sure this dumb stood my get off the third right I don't think we can all agree that this do for us if exactly killing cancer that's what come out me finish or I'm sorry Yukon Kanya because because and that's because of the 400000000 years you still hadn't figured out how to breathe air fuck you face yeah even though remotely trips get out of here but you know what more importantly provides much more importantly it is worth knowing that the monkey that is being used in vaccine is not the same kind that is harmful in fish on top of which I was with the MMR vaccine there have been multiple large studies funding no link between 4 Marisol and autism and perhaps most importantly of all since the early 2 thousands as a precautionary measure it has been removed as a preservative from all vaccines recommended for infants except for the flu vaccines and even there thimerosal free versions are available so we we we 6 we spent time and energy solving a problem that never existed before expanding he is fighting to get marshmallows out of lucky charms because a few people think minions can choke to death on the first all marshmallows dissolve and minions come to exist and if I did I would want them to choke to death a focus will motorists you'll all these I know if you're thinking well hold on hold on if it wasn't home phone why was it taken out what there was intense public concern that was amplified about people like then congressman Dan Burton making arguments like thinks I have not yet to find any scientist who will say that there's no doubt no doubt that the mercury in vaccines does not contribute to autism now they'll say there's no scientific evidence there's notes that is there anything that that that proves that yet but turn that around there are no studies to disprove it either alright or his feet proving a negative is an impossible spend another is also a slip re slow because it means I can say to you are you down button alright donkey faca Dressup donkeys in cheerleader outfits and you fall and you do it all the time and you will certainly will whites there's absolutely no evidence of me doing that but I would say turn that around there's no evidence of you know doing out 8 so Kris I'm you but don't people whose remarks actually decked out one scientist can be a real disadvantage in this debate because buddy by their nature all careful in how they present a conclusions science and English are not really the same language ... and so when a scientist says we have no evidence that there's a link between vaccines and autism what they're really saying is you know we are as positive as someone can humanly be that there's no lack ... and one thing that I sometimes you I'm talking to parents to say I was confident that there's no link between vaccines and autism as I am that if I was gonna walk off this building that I would not be able to fly right and that is about as clear as you can be on for the record if your doctor does believe I can fly run because they are either crazy or by all carefully and if you if you'll please actually the least of your problems I don't know I know that some will say that the real problem is that scientists to being paid by pharma companies to hype the problems with vaccines you can find countless means online about how the whole system is corrupt some of which feature a very small looking cats I'm not I'm not saying that there are not problems with big pharma that absolutely all we have discussed them before on this show but on the rare occasions where there have been issues with vaccines they have been pulled and fost at all you know but that explanation will still not satisfy some there are gonna be some truly toxic comments below this video alongside the usual ones about how I look like an owl who conquered the date the promo although I probably live alone surrounded by jaws on 2 weeks to open by myself the nothing too hard cut and those comments will lead to the hidden truths about vaccines and demand to know why I didn't look into the men you know what we did look into a lot of them and the problem is I can go point by point by point and be talking for hours tonight and this will still napa and it's what what Campbell as one theory goes down another pops up and I couldn't get the insistence that there must be a link of the age children supposed to get the MMR vaccine happens to be the same age that diagnosable signs of autism can begin to appear but correlation is not causation that is what scientific studies awful I remember they all really clear that leak is not there and the problem with spending more and more time and money trying to prove that link is that it takes resources away from studying actual causes and treatments don't just listen to the mother of one child with autism who started a foundation precisely because she wanted to find out what causes we have dozens of studies I think we were bright to look at whether vaccine I'd be a cause of autism but there comes a point where they're psalm much evidence none of which shows any link between vaccines and autism that you have to say and not us yes well I think it's all about only stowing clothes you sometimes see on the internet the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results except on stone didn't say that's because many things I cannot stress this enough means along facts and if you want to for this very small looking cats but again got back home all doubt it hollow to shake off and some parents agree with the president I'm a favor hedging their bets and skipping or spacing vaccines out just in case 93 percent of pediatricians so I may be off by parents to do just that I'm one of the places that the idea may be coming from is a pediatrician and doctor see is not bill sees a famous doctor and all thought but his son Bob sees doctor Bob was made a name for himself with what can seem like a sensible sounding approach to address white parents concerns when I put together is what I call my alternative vaccine schedule it's a way to get a baby fully vaccinated but in a manner that spreads the shots out a little bit I got so used like a decent compromise because it's the middle ground position right the problem is it's the middle ground between sense and nonsense it's like saying it would be crazy to eat got into a bar of soap soul just 8 hopeful using Chris placing vaccines out stems from some parents believe that children these days get too many shots too soon perhaps best summed up by this mean of adult full of needles I know will cite if that's how they were given I would oppose that but let's break that few down because while it is true that children do receive more shots than they used to the number of antigens in those shots will be substances that in juice the immune response has greatly decreased and it's a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of foreign antigens a child usually encounters every night just watch a child for 5 minutes and see if I don't eat their friends bogus put that into my mouth over the water fountain or try and kiss a raccoon they just found in a dumpster quite high density bluff point these children a fucking discuss things even still use himself I submitted to his approach is not based on scientific research so about where is the where is the published peer reviewed evidence to support the notion of a quote overload and if you follow the CDC recommended schedule where where does that exist Chris I don't think there is any ... such research I and I actually never claimed there what's I certainly event put out there very clearly in my writings that my precautions on spreading out vaccines are theoretical it's a fast here radical benefit to kids and it's a choice that I think a lot of parents feel more comfortable about and might actually bring more parents to vaccinate if they can spread the shots out more than the regular schedule right set your job is to make sure children don't get deadly diseases not tonight parents comfortable because you're a pediatrician not a flask of whiskey tucked into a buddy reveal well phone phone seems to be trying to have it both ways because what he says he's pro vaccine and that he doesn't explicitly tell parents to skip or delay important shots his book just happens to include an alternative boxing schedule and I selective vaccine schedule on that one you can get vaccinated for measles as late as 10 years old I don't talk about every once in awhile you'll drop along like Vicks yeah my ... my statement I like to make on vaccines and autism is that vaccines don't cause autism except when they do I know that sounds like equivocating bullshit but don't worry opportunistic quacks writing books the fan the flames of peoples unfounded fears don't because I legitimate public health hazard except when they do I want hall as he says theoretical the dangers spacing vaccines out all very real the CDC says spreading shops out puts children at risk of developing diseases join the time that shots on delayed and some of those diseases are dangerous measles alone was responsible for over 130000 deaths worldwide in 2015 partly because it is ridiculously infectious I'm talking happy by for rail infectious just said Dr and it's already stuck in your head now because I'm happy that you go that's how infectious measles is I'm one way we can keep measles out by you through something called herd immunity that is the concept whereby the more people who are vaccinated the harder it is for a disease to spread but the margin for safety there is a lot smaller than you might think most experts outside of the herd immunity threshold from measles is around 95 percent but when inference that dropped to 89 percent a few years back this is what happened in 2007 there were around 40 cases of measles across France then in 2008 a 10 year old girl returned from holiday and also she went back to school and played with some friends several days later the girls became ill the measles infection spread from district to district infecting the susceptible population in 2011 there were almost 15000 cases at least 6 people died so that clip proves to things to us one I decrease in HUD immunity can have devastating consequences and to anything is terrifying if you play children singing forever Jacques unknot I do guarantee you got through just look what happens when you add that music underneath the stock footage that we found there is no way to those kids are not about to be decapitated lifestyle no one but and if if you're thinking well you know that that is a child's along with me to talk I'm on I'm just making this choice for my child the thing is you're not that you're putting out risk kids what red crowds he was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2 and is immune system was weakened so much he couldn't be vaccinated meaning if he picked up a serious disease it could be fatal on all let his mom take it from here when he was first diagnosed he was pretty much pulled out of society home we avoided highly concentrated in groups of people I only went out we were mask and they were really did limit his exposure and we just were so excited for the day when he can start kindergarten so he can have that sense of socialization and community and learning a year into remission then back in school Rhett will soon be healthy enough to be fully vaccinated but until then is life depends on herd immunity exactly somebody getting vaccinated you helping a protecting those who are most vulnerable like sick people anew booms too young to be vaccinated and what would you choose not to do that I believe Jesus Christ himself put it best when he said do you seriously need some sort of noise quote to convince you on this one just like don't be a Dick I know I know honey Polish you know but for some people the since bill hall but but what can help the joint ranking yourself to what we know to be true about the risks vaccines and when it comes to autism again there is no link and even when it comes to other serious side effects like a severe allergic reaction it is literally according to the CDC close to one in 1000000 and I know that in a way that's not actually helpful because every parent thinks that child is one in 1000000 but if it makes you feel better you'll Charles owns a be convicted of murder and eventually executed by the sites are only one in 119012 I think that makes you feel even worse just cheer up maybe a child we one of those murderous that never gets calls my very very very small maybe and you know maybe one of the biggest problems here is that when people hear about vaccine so much of the emphasis is on nonexistent or wildly unlikely homes and and we tend not to talk about the very tangible good that they do afterall nobody's going on Facebook to post didn't get polio again today so lyrics and maybe we kind of shoot because it is easy to forget the benefits a vaccines are enormous what we have seen in the industrialized world he's essentially all of the major epidemics they found mountains today have every expectation that they beautiful little baby will live and not be polished off by diphtheria by taste even occasionally by measles now that is the transformation in young lives that vaccine several and that is a really good point only slightly on the couch by him using the phrase polished off because you're talking about babies not a rack of ribs they would think it would be comes down to these it is likely that at some point you might hear scary faxing stories from other parents or on the internet and it is hard not to be terrified when you encounter it and that is partly because parenthood in general is fucking terrified believe me on someone who is scared of literally everything the dog the lights flights decks confined spaces wide open spaces strangers intimacy spotters on a sudden and mysterious lack of spiders but all of them well what if one and it includes hopes I told I have a son he is 19 months old he was born prematurely following a very difficult pregnancy and all of what we eat about his health I'm still worry about his health a lot but we all vaccinating him fully on schedule and if all you can overcome the teigen-nude-dujour terrible it leaves implying that I believe that everyone can //
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Coal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\call basically cocaine for Thomas the tank engine what we've heard a lot about cold this past year particularly from president trump in fact all give me a key reason that we have this caution the Bible story in the White House was his ability to connect with mining communities during the campaign even doing this in West Virginia I now I don't put it on NBI still be right that it is no easy watching someone I doubt just on a diet of hard labor in his life show how he thinks coal mining works what do the 4 year old place stole boat that's why I use a new year's hound them you Ducky and then you get cookies yet India crowd probably remember from that day was how trump speech and it well start winning winning winning and you are going to be very proud for those miners get ready because you're going to be working your ass Zafar I because what you gonna be working you also is off like that right that's how you do it might be some of this you'll do well maybe this might we'll do some more right here much you going back to the coal mines on you but don't know what you people to but trump promising to bring back hold jobs is undeniably potent until Liz does EPA administrator to promise that he's already keeping since the last fourth quarter of last year to to most recently added almost 50000 jobs nickel sector in the month of may alone almost 7000 jobs so the only problem there is that those numbers all bullshit Yoro of labor statistics is the actual number of it's great it's it's lost he was being just 1300 so that 50000 new jobs claim was off by 48700 which for this administration is actually uncharacteristically accurate well just a similar thing going all like 12 morning jobs and they know actually jobs that lobsters I'm trump didn't create them he just remembers 12 times is like that he stole a lobster look there is no doubt trunk claims Cole is a huge priority purrs White House let's set aside tonight the fact that these environmentally catastrophic which we shouldn't because it is but this president clearly doesn't care about that he pulled out the Paris agreement citing Cole was one of the reasons why he's lifted a freeze on new coal leases on public lands and provoked a rule to limit coal mining companies from dumping diaper into local strings with mine is behind him both time so if co jobs are so important to him let's talk about that unless begin with a number because it's more than you might think well president trump has talked about reviving the coal industry which employs 76000 people retailer J. C. Penney on the verge of bankruptcy employs 114000 alone while so there's a lot that is surprising that first thought I didn't even know that JC Penney had employees and evil uncle anyone who walked into JC Penney was how did the keys to the store site there see if you can make it work good luck with 76000 co workers is less than you'd expect although in the areas where they have concentrated coal mines are central to the community at some schools have minus as mascots for their sports teams ... even or even I I have coal industry sponsored phase where kids make a variety of projects perhaps known as awesome as this one is because I carry this thing around 21 groans I love my kids above the we taught not use of air quotes that because you annoy both no kid the lumpy is not going to grow up lumpy is going to have a short life on the ground until one fateful dye his friends notice he's missing wears lumpy fell site has anyone seen lumping cellphones such policies and put posters up around 10 Quebec mornings they know the truth they've always known and one day there's a knock at the door if the news they've all been dreading all along as being burned to death in a horrifying ritual along soggy until I long family this is what we don't know because then we got to charge anyway the point is when cold jobs go away communities feelings especially because these jobs are highly paid a call Monica make upwards of $80000 so that's not easy to replace and the industry itself points much of the blame for lost jobs at president Obama with one of the loudest voices being Big Sky these are my employees I care for them deeply barrack Obama and his Democrats callers are destroying entire segments of America Mr Obama is an outlaw I pray every day that this man's incompetence will be overcome that is an evil agenda will be overcome when you are 52 year old coal miner and your office crying because you were forced to lay him off that's what Obama has never seen because he's never had a job you talking about he had a job listen to yourself his job was destroying entire segments of America with his evil incompetent or is 9 was not the Rick a bomb that man was bald Mari the C. E. O. of Marie and Jim we will get to him light but he's his claim Obama's regulations have been job killers is worth taking a look at because while coal mining jobs undoubtedly did decline under Obama is what noting the coal mining jobs have also been declining for decades we just look up that trend line coal industry jobs declined a roughly the same rights as careers in the Zeppelin industry IBM's 9 titles so I'm still exists there's just not nearly as many of the many I'm almost done the bombs regulations have no effect box researchers have found that they had very little impact relative to other factors when they study the decline in expected to mount a call from a decade ago they found that nearly Hoff of that drop was owing to the drop in natural gas prices another 18 percent which of the growth in renewable energy like wind and solar and there is perhaps no more dramatic evidence Cole losing out to solar energy than base work has begun to power the Kentucky coal mining museum not by coal but by the sign we believe that this project will help save at least 8 to $10000 off of the energy costs on this building alone it's true that the Kentucky coal mining museum is now using solar energy is not phoning up the rock and roll hall of fame was brought to you by smart and the whole truth phase even if consumption wasn't declining companies would still be cutting jobs as they are increasingly replacing minus with machines you have all this mechanization gore now own the people even but it's come to the point now where they don't do underground mining if they can get away with it they do mountaintop removal its surface manic you can mount a whole mountain sat and I'm talking about a whole mountainside within a year to with the rams a saving of 12 people a new day that's all you need is right coal mining like almost all industries is facing increased automation and I saying that well away 35 to 10 years I'm probably going to be replaced by a robotic English tea kettle that screams depressing money stop sign I look the rise of alternative energies is a good thing for the earth as a whole and some point out in this cold jobs go away new green jobs are opening up which is true but no way coal mine is live at West Virginia and Kentucky for instance rank near the bottom in solo jobs per capita so for the people who face layoffs the future can look bleak Israeli oppression are you Hey you have kids in your work when they may say well you don't work anymore yeah your home and as your family is family you don't have a job in the world yeah and that is devastating I don't know that it does not help someone in his situation to be told statistics by someone like me in a TV studio possibly pal by Cole who doesn't have the skills all muscle mass to be a minor and it looks like the result of a drunk threesome between Chris Hayes Austin powers and a potato but I know that but the question is what does help someone in that situation Donald Trump insist that he's helping minus but reducing regulations on coal companies but too often people conflate coal coalmines and coal companies unemployed the would you help warn you help them old but they are not all in the same boat although they might insist on the voice this is when the coal company outfit natural resources phone for bankruptcy 2 years ago they're singing oh stressed how painful that was or more mine closures possible they are but unfortunately infer Crutchfield that's clearly the hardest part of it all when I asked him about this photo displayed prominently in alpha headquarters a photo call Daddy's hands the emotions were hard to hold back that is the backbone of America and we have that photograph to remind that's a nice sentiment just slightly on the cops or the fact that according to court documents Alfa later Austin's banks bankruptcy trustee if it could save $3000000 by terminating the health and life insurance benefits of around 1200 retirees while at the same time seeking permission to pay bonuses totaling up to around $12000000 to top executives including that gully that you just soul which is the sort of thing that might make Daddy's hands want to do something like lyrics and you would the blood in them for the acts I get told C. E. O.'s constantly coming to work is that it's us against them take don Blankenship XC E. O. of Massey energy he once held a rally featuring Ted Nugent Hank Williams junior and a rousing speech from Blankenship himself and know that the safety and health of coal miners is my most important job I don't leave Washington politicians to tell me that and neither do you so speech a site that's a hell of a look it takes a brave man to go far Hoff carry struck and hall for the time to make the doughnuts gone and if you don't if you go the presence of a man who's just been ejaculated on by a flag was about the same thing about Roddy kid gets well guess who else was there we believe in god right Marika's a shining city on a hill right we believe in freedom how you build our by the way there's a there's a really hot looking chick in the third row they're having to go back things to me back a little later more to follow was lax in the course of his speech he referenced gold quoted right again I'm engaged in sexual harassment that mind really is fox news but but notably notably you won't all of his rally against Washington safety rules Blankenship company have a massive explosion killing 29 minus I'm Blankenship denies responsibility bus in the wake of that disaster he was sentenced to a year in prison for conspiring to violate mowing safety and health standards yeah I actually just got out now have to rebuild his life with absolutely nothing but his estimated golden parachute of $86000000 unpacked will help you get back on your feet I see 6000000 will help you get back on anyone speeds your get back on Fred Astaire speech that's no problem 86000000 drop axle wheel of digging up threads but could you please already lobbying the trump administration to oppose more onerous criminal laws formally known as saying they will not improve mine safety and I would like to think trump would not listen to him because you know he loves the minus so much but there's not much evidence of that what that is evidence offices affection promoting C. E. oaks is structured commerce is Wilbur Ross who ran the company to have the deadly cycle mowing his Austin and is also close to that man that you saw only a bald Murray who claims that trump called him shortly after the election to deliver a special message he said tell your coal miners I've got their back and then he said I love you man well congratulations on that ball you know in the very select group of people that don't trumpets said I love you too along with presumably the worst Baldwin exactly one of his 2 daughters and the hollow log business goes to greet him in the mirror every morning I'm Marty actually illustrates the device the coming 6 between a coal company's interests and those of its workers and I'm going to need to be careful here because when we contacted Marie energy for this piece I sent a letter instructing us to cease and desist from any effort to define harassed or otherwise injure Mr Marie or Maria and Angie I'm telling us that failure to do so will result in immediate litigation and a cease and desist letter is incredibly something that we've never received before the show not even the nation of New Zealand a centrist one and we wanna be kick those Emunim burglars in the polls host every week so so I have to proceed with caution I'm not going to sign for instance Bob Marley looks like a geriatric doctor revoke even though even though he clearly does because mommy and the G. house suits people in the past just last month they simply New York times for libel and they also suit everyone from a contributor to the Huffington post to beast 2 papers in Ohio effect Maurice current general counsel told reporters that this paper and inflicted a potential economic loss all of and I'm not making this up $1000000000 breaks when you think about it is exactly what you'd expect from a geriatric dull to reverse and though MoWT Cup insisted in the pause that might only soon news outlets as a matter of lost resort and never to chill free speech that's also tells us that they might issue our damages to the fullest extent of the law including to the level of the Supreme Court of the United States I'm fat would actually be a real mistake because we have a personal relationship with those judges I don't get real fun fact if you scratch justice Alito just behind his left ear he pees on the floor that's true through the dog on the map so so as we have been explicitly told cease and desist let us do neither of those things but let's talk about Bob Murray because NBI indifference old coworkers but let's take a look at his action shall we because most company recently unsuccessfully sued to block a rule and reducing moans exposure to coal dust because he's black lung disease which killed as many as 10000 people between 1995 and 2005 Maureen assisted the rule was illegal destructive and did nothing from minus ... but nothing for the health although lost year but with the rule in effect government reports indicated respirable dust levels fell to historic lows and look if you even appear to be on the same side as black long you on the wrong fucking selling it was the equivalent of watching my ego I'm rooting for the babies and some of some of my reason police have clashed with the company over safety a few years back Marty proposed a program when minus could receive bonuses based on the amount of coal they extracted it was voted down by employees who believed it would have an adverse impact on safety in the mines but the company did it anyway saying if workers didn't like kids they could just write buoyant on their checks amazingly around 62 employees did just that with to go even further won't return to check for $11 50 I'd by writing kicks my ass bald on ex-husband's the taking a check for $3 22 in writing eat shit bald hard I have to say well plays more news because you could send that message on the cake or you could listen to on a bad with the big stuff taught but to write your own you'll $3 bonus check well play to use us and then that was the deadly collapse of the Crandall canyon mine in Utah Marie attracted attention for a bizarre press conference in which while rescue was was still working he was making bold claims about the cause of the accident our first major accident I've ever had one of Michael minds at 20 years of being in existence their first major accident and this was caused by an earthquake not something that Murray energy or Utah American did our employees general management did so he was the interesting thing about rats to this day mori says that the evidence proves he was correct talent earthquake caused the collapse but that was decidedly not speak inclusion of the government's investigation which found it was caused by unauthorized money practices and there was no evidence that a naturally occurring earthquake caused the collapse Murray does not want us talking about the accident saying it was an incredibly difficult time for the families and though it makes the was unable to satisfy the expectations of the family members he says he showed them honesty sincerity and compassion throughout the crisis although according to both a department of labor investigation and congressional testimony by some of them that plane was exacerbated by Marie's behavior while they waited for news off and loved ones all we heard was earthquake earthquake we do not want to hear about earthquakes but wanted to know we're going to see our loved ones again Murray more than once yelled at us when we asked questions while yelling at distraught families when they ask questions is not outright is badly okay to do it with 5 year olds and bios over 42000000 questions a guy I give up well you all boats is not the question I don't know what they call tall enough religious don't go away don't go away and there is more more bald starring spoke multi story but would like you to know about it's an apocryphal trial concerning how the company began union miners claim that Marie used to tell them that he was sitting on his back porch contemplating his future when he was approached by a squirrel who hoped up next to him looked him in the eye and said Bob Murray you should be operating your very own minds I we all CMOS company about my story and they told us it never occurred and you know what I actually believe Marie on that one because I think deep down we all know schools could talk they would be giving career advice to coexecutive baby loudly listing their favorite knots okay let's go icones chest knots Warnock's almonds cashews a good local technically not a Nazi Brazil nuts not my favorable I would kick about a bad day the day of final many dogs yup legal versus to get back to jobs Murray argues that he's provided thousands of them to mining communities and he's right about that I'm for those communities that fact might understandably out why everything else especially if Marie and trump can bring Kolpak but notably even Murray himself is careful regarding that can those jobs come back if it's a Donald Trump presidency I don't think those jobs can come back ma'am but we can stop the destruction I don't think it can come back to where it was but we can stop it and that's what I've told Mr trump and he gets it well how long that bald no he doesn't I eat he barely gets what mining days you might well think kids just running up to things that he wants and yelling Martina the book I'm pretty he's repeatedly told mourners that they're going to be working that also is off if trump really cares about minus he would be putting a plan in place for their futures of mining continues his long term decline but he isn't doing that not no luckily there are some small things being done by others at one company called pixels in Kentucky has been hollering minus as software programs and putting them through their retraining that one Lewis code language that work ... CSS PHP HTML javascript tweeting and yeah and that's really impressive so much so that I will ignore the fact that twig and jahmal sounds like a bootleg Russian DVD knockoff of Leela one stitch I know that that program ease in coaching box it won't suit everyone and to present it only has been knowing that jobs 4 former minus a trumpet actively hurting the chances of of the projects like at his new budget proposes cutting funding for the Appalachian regional commission which helps revitalize communities affected by coal mining job losses by finding employment programs that have helped among other things bright source and you might wonder what what would a guy who says he loves minus all the time do that well for sense of how he really feels just weekly playboy interview from 1990 when he said and I quote if I had playing the song of a coal miner I would have left the damn moins but most people don't have the imagination or whatever to leave them mine they don't have it I do know what they certainly don't have what trump has specifically inherited wealth and had like the wispy plumes of an aging yet the the point here is trump needs to stop lying to coal mine as we all do stop telling them that that debate jobs all coming back when I not stop telling them that poll is clean when it isn't and stop pretending that this isn't an industry in the middle of a difficult and painful albeit necessary transition I'm almost conversation about coal and it's mine is needs to be hot and we should leave the seas nor desist from having it which reminds me one more thing here on both Marie I didn't really plan for so much of this piece to bring about you but you're kind of forced my hand on that one I don't know that you are probably going to sue me if you know what I stand by everything I said well just to reiterate I do not think you claimed a squirrel talk to you even by your standard that would be a pretty ridiculous thing to say so I believe that you have never been spoken to by a squirrel until that is tonight yeah the I don't wish to not to but to understand the you have a message for Bob Murray I do okay the bomb just one say you planning on suing I do not have $1000000000 but I do have a check for 3 records in 18 since all that's that's very nice of you missed enough to button it is yeah it's made out to they just got //
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Brexit II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\the United Kingdom the country that's been saying yeah ask Wayne first centuries we've been saying it was saying hearings yeah ask Wayne jobs school age no yeah held a national election this week that would actually do to be one for 3 years but prime minister to resign my cold it early ice cold a snap election and she did it to consolidate her Powell though it didn't quite work how a disaster for the UK prime minister tonight to reason Mase conservatives suffering a stunning setback a goal of securing a strong to how a brexit negotiations how 5 specs actually it's not general election has ended with a hung parliament yes this was a cluster fuck or to be more precise a crumpets fuck all epic proportions the reason why is hanging on to her job by threats to staying power she's attempting to cut a distasteful deal with the do you pay a hardline anti gay anti abortion party in Northern Ireland which is opened up to even more criticism meanwhile there are rumors of a leadership challenge from within her own party by Boris Johnson a grown man who perpetually looks like a 7 year old who just spun in circles for 2 minutes I was about to throw up hello to reason they did manage to win reelection in hell I'm constituency even that came with some humiliation and let me explain British politics has a proud tradition of having all candidates standing together on the stage when the results are announced even job candidates which means that on election night as a policy was dealt a massive blow the prime minister here how to stand on stage alongside Elmo who got 3 votes as well as how we would hope of the monster raving loony party about 100 not 3 votes and if you've noticed this guy whites till you hit his 9 lord Buckethead 0 and clicking on no all you could rule leroy's all you like to reserve your evening just found a way to get a lot worse for the record north Buckethead is this guy I'm into collecting spice girls who run on a platform all of among other things the abolition of the molds brackets except me I stopped selling arms to Saudi Arabia stop buying lasers from lord Buckethead I needed peace all while looking logged off by default in Amazon echo but we what would you British politics when done well can be very femme so so how did to reason might suffer such a setback in an election that just 2 months ago she was predicted to win in a landslide well among other things she ran a campaign full of mistakes flip flops and uninspiring moments like makes from northeast in Europe it'd oh goodness me I am I will expose the gosh how do you know I'm not quite sure Chris confessed when me and my friends refuse to run through the fields of wheat on farms when too pleased about that the new 2 thing you've ever done is run through a week's field I cannot imagine a scenario but not these Evan Nolte unless you doing it while high on PC put in fucking accounts along one of the beneficiaries of the election was maze key opponent Jeremy Corbyn he on Britain's labor party file falsely out performed expectations despite taking some rough treatment from the British tabloid so this was a genuinely impressive performance pickle been only slightly on the cot by born or could moments with a fellow party lead Mister Goldman was beaming as he arrived at his own house in Islington last night though is 95 with Emily film break went a touch too far perhaps what that's not or do you let's not deal a celebrate your involvement immediately followed by history's most catastrophic grounding of second bites hello all you do not agree with 2 reason my own the Boston majority of issues although I will cite the tone of some of the coverage surrounding a set back was more than a little sexy the price of to reserve by the look of a woman defeated heavenly measure up as if she'd been in 10 years earlier her voice cracking at times I thought and if there's one thing I could recognize if the look of a woman defeated if the one my female colleagues give me any time I tell them to smile more in the office anyway back to you in the studio Angelus thing that it is not the exact expression on referring to that durable go you look absolutely misery not the whole point of my calling this election early in the first place strengthen her hands going into bricks at negotiations and though it is done the exact opposite of that tonight let's take a look at what's those talks are going to involve because talks set to begin a week from tomorrow and they need to be completed by March of 2019 which is not a lot of time to do something incredibly important I'm incredibly complicated Britain wants out of the E. U. everything end for more than 14 years with our countries are systems becoming more and more tangled up with each other more and more in may and we only have 2 years to have a right to divorce deal truth this is going to be a messy complicated divorce and it's a rough analogy patrol think of it this way imagine if Florida wanted to secede from the union nice right but so but think about everything that would actually entail Florida has a board with Alabama and Georgia that would potentially be patrolling a any Florida goats going over that border like oranges all math would likely be subject to tariffs and then you need to decide what the Floridians would be welcome to live and work in the U. S. or Americans welcome in Florida on us before you even get to the tricky question of who is forced to take custody of Hulk Hogan the point Florida in the U. S. mixing up would be an immensely complicated process it's a great idea we should definitely do it but it wouldn't be easy rexi is going to be vastly more difficult and more expensive to start a so called divorce bill needs to be a negotiated web the UK settles financial commitment they might while a part of the EU and some estimates put that as high as €100000000000 and that's just the beginning broadly speaking the question is whether the U. kite will have a halt or a soft brexit I'm not as a concept the British TV has repeatedly attempted to explain sometimes in the most ludicrous possible fashion the options range from a holiday break says to a softer break says and what better way to judge people's political tastes then through chains ha hugs or soft what what what do you like to judge people split you'll take them through cheese on and off the top of my head literally all of the white even bus speed would going to tell us what she's you like I will tell you what brexit you want to be too stupid for one of their quizzes and they've run the actual cuisine should you stick this up real Bucks which Olsen twin all you which is ridiculous because as we address last week there was only one Olsen twins it's a gigantic conspiracy you're being lied to I just don't know why yet but if you like put up a site that report actually have some useful information in it if you can ignore the fact that it is pointlessly written on cheese a heart a brexit would see the UK leave the single markets the UK with then trade with the the World Trade organize ation rules we also have more of a say over our borders so we could control immigration a softer breaks it would seem the UK remain part of the single market could be continued free access for EU nationals Burt's Britain's at school some wouldn't be subject to border checks and that's actually pretty decent explain although I really must insist that cheese is distracting the way it really the only time she should be used as a framing device is if you are a mouse couple posing for a wedding photos and even then it's a little Pinterest I'm I'm just saying it's not bravado data awski's health if you somehow couldn't Instagram you wedding would you still be getting married ID like what the point is when they got home suffering work on decisions that will affect a lot of life's take immigration their company 3000000 E. U. citizens living in the UK I'm 1.2000000 British citizen living in New York all of whom presumably wouldn't mind knowing where they going to be allowed to live and what their rights might be in just 2 years time then there's the issue of Northern Ireland which is part of the UK and will therefore bricks it's bought the Republic of Ireland is part of the E. U. and any effort to stop policing the border between them will be difficult because there was a long painful history of tensions on the subject about to bite the auditor border checkpoints suddenly splitting communities again could quickly become a nightmare so this is a huge delicate problem which one news report illustrated in the most whimsical way possible pick the dog goes in a prefix Goshen to the Republic of Ireland's and returns the United Kingdom just as easily disturb the other license across the border so you have to go to jail now isn't a legal immigrant yes yes not yet studies undeniably objectively silly way to illustrate important issue at all will say I'm not sure that was a better metaphor for the British Empire than a jolly chap named pipp shows fuck all respect for a border this could have landed line of this 12 in this part is very fun to play around we have even got to what may be the most difficult issue of all hear nineties trite because pulling out of the EU single market without striking a favorable trade deal could expose you cut parks to high tariffs and that is especially worrisome for farmers since around 2 thirds of the UK's agricultural exports go to the E. U. not to mention the significant you farm subsidies that would be lost those frankly no Wanda the farmers are concerned Andrew both family have formed Hey since 1947 if we leave without a trade deal he'll be by the hate we'd have a job to explore things because of the tariffs ... particular was something not me she would show the third Williams in the country need to be exported the whole food industry probably visit a risk what yeah I don't remember lost a brother in law now I listen to buy a car out of the interview before the pig study going on that post yes but they didn't because they knew that looking pig might actually be the perfect embodiment of being taught brexit situation it's emotional ready will powerless to stop it and it is impossible to look away as part of the British economy will fare outside of the U. negotiated trade agreements but is also very much unclear but some argue that things could work out great and that no matter what British part up to so desirable they will find eager customers all around the world and maybe that's true may be pulled parties mom liked mushy peas and on dog knows clinical depression old like the primates what school unsure that he's technically technically possible there's a massive amount of work to do before that can happen first I think that the UK I will need to decide which you know also regulating many off its industries it'll choose to keep on everything from what his rights to environmental protection it also likely need to set up its own regulatory agencies to replace the EU bodies that it's been relying on and it might also need to negotiate new treaties took place the 700 59 E. U. broken deals that it will immediately be excluded from governing everything from wind to nuclear power to the 1981 bilateral agreement with Iceland concerning the trade of sheep meat and don't meet what a joy to slaves any single part a brexit is a mountainous tossed about as before you get to the tiny little picks do you understand that we haven't even thought might be a problem 250000 dogs and cats go across the bridge Chandler break here to try to work out how the pet possible it's work that would take several months of negotiation his rights leading even have to walk out the issue of Peck's Paul sports a wall that alright genuine logistical concern pet passports to also sound like they belong to reel off home cats and dogs I mean technically on the Persian but I consider myself more a citizen of the war Q. muffin you still use your mouth to clean your butts the mate the 0 I remember the tall brick to deal with the EU needs to be finalized within just to use and if you're thinking well what if they don't get it done in that time well this happens if there's no deal police only one option lepage the cliff thanks scribes the reality of one day being into you with everything that and the next day being out of it but my deal you know there was exactly one instance in which the melodramatic stock footage of an old song we call flying off a cliff is appropriately news broke cost a congratulations you've all just went extinct because if there was no deal everything from tariffs to immigration will basically default to the harshest possible scenario which could destabilize the entire country and look in theory they could get an extension on the negotiation plots that would require all 27 EU members to unanimously approve it and also would not rely on that happening the emu has a vested interest in making this negotiation as difficult as possible because however much they may value the you guys a partner they needs to dissuade any other countries from pulling out I think he was already taking a phone line Christians often the brexit vote Boris Johnson I man with the face of a roll doll character on the uncomfortable racism dull try but our policy is having our cake and eating it well watch the U. president Donald to ski dismantle that idea to all who believe in the it's I propose a simple experiment buy a cake eater it's and see if it is still there on the plane there will be no cakes on the thing for anyone there will be only salt and vinegar Alex I don't still an old ouch nope we both salt and vinegar another some tough talk all know someone should probably tell him the British people absolutely love sultan Pentagon just look all of all variations on salt and vinegar Christmas so to be honest threatening the British voice saying that will be only salt and vinegar on the table is life threatening the French by saying there will only be one and by gets writing the Swiss by saying that will only be chocolate a Nazi gold does not lead to find good things but life goes equally the fact is the UK company faces a daunting task countess offices the bricks to vote until reason my seems to have fatally weakened her position going into the negotiations making it harder for her to enact a plan although it wasn't clear what the fuck that plan was in the first place because well she seems to fight by heart brexit she could beat Knottingley advice it went off the specifics people talk about the source rex it that there is going to be about self deceit great white actually we want to read what you rex she is the like bricks the United but what does that mean heading to a negotiation that will set the course for Britain for generations and you know I mean colors on the fucking flag forget running through fields of weight that may be the most ridiculous thing you've ever said it actually you know apologize to that guy from before I said there was literally no worse way to discuss this with cheese but I would not counting on fat Joe in the raw here on the question would've thought color scheme I know but do not go unnoticed in fact didn't know a great sign that the single most only statements from any candidate in this election regarding the difficulty of the task ahead came from a man with a 2 foot bucket on his head well prime minister your MP surveys around cold this election about rex's have we heard from her what she plans to do a path collapse yeah this is my all of those day you are going to be faced with prime minister now or prime minister called against 27 prime ministers of the European Union 8 whether they are safe Sarah you know all you know I know what it's like well got into collecting spice load has a point well it has done to the UK is set to walk into a negotiation with no real leverage no significant political mandate a no coherent plan I don't really have a solution to that but I do have a proposal for 2 reasons because at this point you've basically fucked everything up and you only real Chauncey is to utilize the element of surprise so how about instead of sending a Korean negotiator one of some someone that there was no way they would expect I'm talking about someone balls I'm afraid to call it how it is someone with a farm let the clouds across but the issues someone with a bucket list of demands on all next slightly muffled voice that's right I'm talking about the intergalactic space willed himself here's the question is he willing to do it well yes it is and the reason I know that if we found hymnbooks active him and actually flew him here to New York it'll help him under the new drug addicts yes here we got a dog but not the good points but we didn't on the fact that we didn't if what I am now able to present to you here tonight William the all you good dog who all so NMSU many you will never die //
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Paris Agreement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\the adopted homeworld appeal walks all you no the reason we have to talk about tonight president trump revealing his decision to the country to the world we're out he says pulling out the Paris climate accord I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh not parents okay first relaxed no one for a second goal that you represented Paris well because everyone knows parties represented by smoking French bulldog who found the first call to be derivative and June but it is true this week trump announced he would pull out of the Paris climate agreement which is hardly surprising as a total it is so off brand for mid what is one to be called the globalist cock surrender or other likes joke yeah yeah pulling out of these is a huge deal I'm to understand why it helps to keep in mind one key number and it's 2°C now it's a bit of a shorthand but the concern is that if we fail to limit temperature rise to that number things get very bad and potentially irreversible scientists say will likely see longer droughts and more intense heat waves which can cause big disruptions to the world's food supply if we don't start with rapid emissions reductions Stangel emissions reductions that will pass a danger point beyond which the consequences for many people in countries on earth will simply become unacceptable and eventually disaster so I will not talking about a fictional apocalypse like the one in the movie 2012 would talk about it actual global disaster like the movie 2012 Sirius done to my actually be more imminent and you think one estimate says that to have a good chance of avoiding the 2 degree threshold human emissions of CO 2 should state below this level in total this is also called carbon budget and by the end of last year we were estimated to already be up to here and if current emission trends continue we would go above that critical line in about 20 years about is not a long time 20 years ago South Park was on TV foo fighters were touring and Paul Rudd look like Vicks what I'm saying is 20 years ago with basically now so the Paris agreement central I was to try and keep our global temperature rise below that to degree threshold and to do that each signatory which set their own goals with a plan to reconvene every 5 years toy daily set more ambitious targets until it was not perfect some critics at the time but but it did not go far enough but the key achievement was for the very first time getting virtually the entire world including China and India to commit to taking action it was a historic moment and it was celebrated like base through the moment world agreed to tackle climate change our job black girl default it would've expected this so you the Paris agreement was born animation spilled over so much say that North fabulous buying the government came home about pedagogy at me so I have been on us to bang the gavel again it's a little gavel but I think you can do great things a this but also it is if you are trying to convince people of the gravity of a moment maybe don't use such a humiliating we should fill gaps I just on the cubs will you try to cite it would not be appropriate for a judge to conclude a death penalty case by saying I hereby sentence you to hang by the neck until dead my dogs have mercy upon you also but it's still a moment solo Mohammed for everybody so so why did trump announced that he would pull out this week what one clue might have come join his speech on Thursday when he actually talked about the happy celebration you jostle but seem to see something sinister in it the rest of the world uploaded when we signed the Paris agreement they won while they were so happy for the simple reason that it put our country the United States of America which we all love and a very very big economic disadvantage what are you talking about what happy because they secured a landmark victory for the future of the planets you fucking ego maniac right you know it describes the only thing the whole world is secret conspiring to do is convince everyone that there ought to Olsen twins there is no why it is just one go moving very quickly back good optical illusion the Olsen twins big is a massive scout and the whole world is in on it and the only thing I don't quite know yet is wide but we don't have time to get into it the point is if the agreement Wallace a scheme to hunt American businesses you know who that might be news to many American businesses because they were not just in favor of this agreement but even my they lost each attempt changed from slowing 25 companies including Microsoft and Intel have purchased a full page ad in today's New York times arguing the agreement generates jobs and economic growth will come on he was clearly never going to agree can be convinced by ads in The New York Times how was he going to say it those companies really wanted to get his full KFC into putting out a full bucket which he would read toilets while eating chicken because that I think is cool is who our president is but but it turned out it turned out that both of them listening to those companies the present was getting advice from climate change skeptics like his EPA chief Scott Pruett I'm human cost of the hearing Steve Bonner what I'm really sums actions were in keeping with a long held skepticism consigning climate change is called it's expensive bullshit and a hoax created by China and he repeatedly brought out on a date up on the campaign trial often before losing track of what he was talking about and performing real time would associate China is abiding by anything that by going over a call we can use call anymore essentially they're buying a call they using now when you talk about the planet it's so big out there we hear there there it's like they're on next door neighbor right in terms of the universe Miss Universe matter of many great deal on assault how do I get those are great you know they broke my choppers and that they should he talks about illegal immigration we're not gonna put him on television or so of them Univision's being sued like crazy when I and N. B. C. I made a great deal with them just like an amazing deal why you look at me 7 different topics including the norm phrase broke my choppers and yet he did not conclude a single fault there goal space would have asked me to go back I un focus get back to China talking about the show you know what is wrong with this call drowning of when you combine trump's lack of attention to detail with these deep rooted paranoia you get the wildly misleading reasons that he saw it on Thursday pulling out of Paris for instance he seemed to think he agreement committed America to shutting down coal fired power plants China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants so we can't build the plants but they can according to this agreement India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020 think of it India can double their call production we're supposed to get rid of ours for the record the agreement doesn't actually banned America from building coal plants it doesn't even contain the word coal each each country sex its own goals the committee's however it won't so that is wrong that's just wrong eyes in the back the trump said in the speech America would continue to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly country on us which is objectively home true because of the history the U. S. is emitted by fall more carbon than any other country and we still image more per person than almost any other nation so that's what woke Warburg saying he's going to continue to be the best dentist on the planet how how are you going to do that that's not what you all mock maybe you you decide to do that one day but it definitely not doing it now then there's trump's concern over the green climate fund its finances projects in developing nations helping them adopt the impacts of climate change and reduce their emissions watch now is trump describes that fund the green fund would likely obligate the United States to commit potentially tens of billions of dollars of which the United States has already handed over one $0 nobody else is even close okay not to his credit that is actually an impressive amount of misleading bullshit in very few words effect here is everything that he just said let's break those words down first the green fund it's not called the green fund it's called the green climate fund I know but still would likely obligates the United States to commit money there is no enforcement the powers agree the U. S. could just easily refused to pay the bill something Donald Trump has a lifetime of practice to hospital billions of dollars no we committed $3000000000 because just in flight 3 to potentially trends are called saving you apart potentially times all failed marriages again only site you've had 3 you've had 3 files marriages and yes I'm very much including your current one Hollywood for you nobody else is even close to putting more money just willfully misleading what we have given the most so far in she Adonis we are one of the richest countries I'm one of the top image is when you run contributions as a fraction of GDP we off 30 second so job description to green it is so flamboyantly deceptive it would be equally accurate thing to say compliance with the Paris agreement would likely require all docks to wedge Jean shorts and that it would potentially cost each and every American citizen fall a fish in a dump truck full of hamsters that would be as true of what he just said I even even when you try to destroy a reassuring tone he got it wrong so we're getting out but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that's fair and if we can that's great and if we can't that's fine except no it is not following the exits because the leaders of Germany France and Italy said in a statement we firmly believe that the Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated I know would not text Europe's leaders when it comes to pulling out of a major international agreement Britain is trying not bullshit right now with brexit I maybe you can send your demands to the same email address that your set up for that it's lick adult on knots I don't focus so that if you smoke drop a line drop them a line fellow but what I'm saying ones move move to Christmas on the stunning degree meant for lost because for men who sucks the agreement strict onerous and draconian times what he does not seem to comprehend is each nation set its own goals remember and more importantly the whole thing is fucking Bowman tree the agreement as a whole is not legally binding and doesn't penalize nations who fail to meet their commitments but it does include a price is designed to shame them into compliance it's true the only penalty boy shame unfortunately this president is completely immune to the very concept of blacks if I even tried to shame him into compliance he could just hold up this photo of him in a too short of what appears to be a child's bedroom site all you posed for that you cannot hurt me any more than I've already hurt myself and at this point you might be thinking well hold on it's old poetry them what is the harm in leaving well the truth is it's substantial I would start with just the home to America's standing in the world alone because trust decision to leave this agreement has pissed off almost everyone this morning German chancellor Angela Merkel told it extremely regrettable Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau called it disheartening and the Vatican went further saying Mr trump's decision was a disaster for everyone while thinking about that will getting sick told by the Vatican and look what the Nazi pope the cool water that's but it's like getting into a Twitter point with the Dalai Lama he he doesn't smoke but what Pinsky Paul hello good reputation home can have real costs the business is a broad one environmental negotiator who worked in the George W. bush administration describe this decision as the worst thing for brand America since apple gripe and flats is rough because I bought association can stick with the brand for a long time just ask sexual assault putting cops are double murder call rentals Mr touchy suppression tasty preggo sandwiches and then there was the home to American workers the very people trump is claiming to protect because most of the world's now realizes that in order to reduce emissions we need to shift to renewable forms of energy and the more I government encourages that the foster it happens the quick it costs come down on the more likely that countries to be at the forefront of a whole new industry crates in countless jobs in the process and you know who knows that China or stroke which I chai enough so just how do huge advantage to them both not only counseled plans to build more than 100 coal fired power plants there also dramatically increasing investment elsewhere China plans to spend more than $360000000000 on renewable energy by 2020 which it says will create it least 13000000 new jobs so you know what anyway trump is fulfilling his campaign promise he is creating millions of new jobs he's just doing it for the wrong fucking country and if you want proof that the jobs of today and tomorrow off in renewable energy foster's new president Emmanuel micron actually issued a call this week to America's work force to all scientists and Chinese entrepreneurs responsible citizens were disappointed by the decision of the president of the United States I want to say that they will find in France so going home around I columns them come and work here with us I guess 20 saying there is B. Allah and guess our guest teigen-nude-dujour Jeff you know how do you know we don't want this over with I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry this is Paul I'm sorry told what you gotta go you gotta go like this hardball but a little fuckers got out yeah but not really concerned who really concerned who would you real concern here America's absence from the Paris agreement could like other countries less inclined to meet back commitments and remember that could quickly become catastrophic and that brings us to a final point given that we cannot afford just to wait 4 years to vote trump out of office what can be done now well for starters companies need to continue to step up and to the credit of some like a Walmart and bank of America have set deadlines to pow themselves completely with renewable energy and nearly Hoff of the fortune 500 companies including Philip Morris international a place to reduce their carbon footprint in the coming years that is right this is a story where Walmart bank of America and Philip Morris end up being the good guys just for you inherently surprise you it's like adjusted great news everyone Ebola ISIS about dentistry shop say fill the law and put a gun to save the planet forced because the press you know don't I will look it is not just company stepping up in the wake of trump's decision multiple governors have announced their intention to hold themselves to the Paris agreement goals as have many met including notably the mac opened spoke you know the city the trump cited as the reason he was pulling out of the agreement that met bill Peduto was pretty clear about what he thinks about trump's decision Pittsburgh is the poster child of showing why the Paris agreement it's good economics for the United States and what we did today sets us back decades wow that is pleasantly surprising on so many levels not the least of which is all it always just assumed the pit spokesman was I Heinz ketchup drench Lombardi trophy or lots of things tonight but what this means is that the onus is now a politicians at the state and local level to do what Donald Trump cannot be both the 2 and unfortunately that means that you now need to find out where you man you'll Delfina and even your state reps stand on climate change in first you have to point out who they all but then then you only to find out their positions and what may be maybe yours is great all maybe you live in Pennsylvania annual represented box like senator Scott Wagner who has an interesting theory for what might be causing global warming the earth moves closer to the sun every year we have more people who know what humans have warm body so is he coming off we're just going through a lot of change but I think we are a society doing the best we can I don't even know where to begin bad I mean yes the earth does move closer to the sun every but then it moves further away from the sun because that is what a fucking year is what we is not warming the planet I will clearly not doing the best we can because we keep putting it it's like Scott Wapner in positions of power and he's not alone in North Carolina that considering a bill that would freeze progress that status might too was renewable energy and one of the people who would have a vote on that a state rep Laurie Pittman so what is Larry's new moms take on climates I find it runs on a cycle it goes up and it goes down and her more designed that way in the main thing that causes global warming is the US relationship to a big part yeah burning up there that we call soon and it is the height of hubris we're human beings I think that we can have any effect on that know Larry no the hunters hubris is not opposing club change against god's will the height of hubris is according to wikipedia 6 foot 2 and he just pulled us out of the Paris agree well you know use them for those dogs in any what you're going you need to work to get them out of office as soon as you can Olympics is going to take a walk attention I'm energy I don't know that's not easy box trump might have inadvertently done us a tiny favor this week because the problem with climate change that it's always felt so abstract impersonal and fall off into the future and the usual symbols that we use don't don't do much fix will help that it's either Groff that's difficult to understand or a sad polar bear on a small piece of Alex and it's hard to get emotionally fired up over that all I don't even know that band he could be a Dick but only this week the climate change movement might have gotten a symbol to rally around because apparently it was never quite enough for us to motivate ourselves out of love full dais knowledge gassy old but maybe just maybe we can now most of it ourselves to do something out of all low thing of this one if //
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Stupid Watergate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\knowing we're going to do something a little bit different because for one week and one week only the show lost we tonight is actually going to talk at some length about the last week tonight and the reason we unfortunately have to the lost 7 days of being absolutely insane so much so the by Friday night it might have broken Anderson Cooper why because Jeffrey told CNN contributor and Die Hard chum support was in the middle of defending yet another indefensible statement from trump went to pop finally snapped he's the president United States if he wants to say that Barack Obama wants to say whatever if George Bush is I look in his eyes took in autumn one is the death of a U. welfare yes yes that is a professional jun wins citing all the president if he took a dump on his desk you would defend dates really Jeffrey low people immediately on some nonna look what it did for going to a good problem to vote on a boy C. N. N. would put themselves in the position of having a professional don't defend up constantly on their network but there is not going to be talking tonight we have to track the latest developments in what we've been calling stupid Watergate I struggle with all the potential ramifications of Watergate but what everyone involved is stupid and buy everything and given the exhausting price of this week's events tonight will soon begin a joint owns a a few basic questions what the fuck is going on how big a deal in space where do we go from here and is this real life so let's begin with question one so fuck is going on all it's a long can you even remember how this week began it was actually a big story on Monday that you may have forgotten by now top secret bombshell reports president shrub reveal highly classified intelligence the Russians in the oval office sources tell the Washington post the president was boasting to Russia's foreign minister and ambassador when he divulged the intelligence during an oval office meeting last week that's right president trump may have inadvertently revealed coldblood information one of the highest levels of classification to Russian officials and that is the kind of information usually even share with your closest friends which of course includes case would be the Gulf copy he call Steve even though his name is Doug are a bucket of KFC chicken and the ghost of Raja ideals then anymore innocent something Monday but what they simply could not be a bigger story than that this is the most serious charge ever made against a sitting president let's not minimize it call me is in the way space at will back basket of history everything else is off the table this is the most serious charge ever made against a sitting president of the United States yeah tons are Alan Dershowitz was extremely wrong about that I would say it's hard to imagine him being more wrong about anything but fortunately we have photographic proof but today's today's see news was buried the very next day body thinks A. B. C. news confirming that shortly after an oval office visit in February former FBI director James Comey wrote a memo saying that during that meeting president trump asked him to shut down his investigation into national security adviser Michael Flynn and that was a huge deal because let me give you a quick reminder about why the FBI was investigating flint I mind who's overall demeanor says I only focus on top of the sheets so don't ruin the hospital corners footage was bought at all day the most he discussed U. S. sanctions against Russia with Russian officials join the transaction despite denying that to the press to the F. B. Ollie and to voice president Mike pence Flynn was so 14 trump was repeatedly warned about his back is by both then acting AG Sally yanks and president Obama and even as reported this week general flame himself from I kept standing by him anyway which kind of makes sense in a way because literally every decision in the trump administration is the worst possible want paper or plastic whichever one kills the most boats simple solids I'm going to go with the end would I don't think it's going to be okay anyway anyway let's get back to this week because only Wednesday just 4 days ago which is the equivalent of 150 years in 2007 seem taller Donald Trump gave the commencement address at the Coast Guard academy not shipping easy simply lift the cadet spirits and point them towards the future but trump inevitably use the speech to well I'm fairly short momentarily forget the words certainty island also generally whine about how mean people will be to no politician in history and I say this with great Sharon has been treated worse or more unfairly what no politician has been treated worse Abraham Lincoln was shot by an actor William McKinley was shot sparring on the kids Jeff coming was of course Monday by Ted Cruz's father he's got a field bush still plentiful in the bullets and this is true Alexander Graham Bell to boys to kind of metal detector which didn't work so don't destroy to fish around in his gospel the bullets with unwashed fingers which just might is infection was just so we don't eat in horrible pain but yeah Alec Baldwin sometimes though the mean impressive yeah so yeah if weekly the site business yeah not the he could appointed in spite former FBI head Robert Mula to conduct an independent investigation into the trunk companies connections to Russia which is also a massive development that was closely followed by Thursday's news concerning James Coney specifically his friend's account of the lengths to which co we went at this post inauguration meeting to join avoids a personal encounter with the president he's wearing if you watch the video of it he's wearing a blue blazer and he stands in the part of the room that is as far from from it's physically possible be and also against blue drapes that are the same color as whose I chose that spot he chose that spot because it was ... you know like almost like a chameleon in our we'll fly it in the wall all incoming mail if this 6 foot ITW Holly by blending into a curtain you wear a brown suit he placed a few leaves to hand that had been hoped to be mistaken for a tree that's what you do but luckily we somehow escaped those by a life in on Friday night the president took offering knowing die overseas trip but the wheels of airforce one how badly left the ground when this happened but the New York times now reporting that according to a White House document president trump in the oval office told Russian officials 10 days ago that James Comey the FBI director was a quote not job now yeah that sounds rough but introns defense I can kind of see where he's coming from the guy keeps hunting in much ranks it's he's huge but could see trucks like you're trying no I and if we could get to certain documents with the White House did not deny all gave the even more concerning to me tell the trumpet told his Russian guests I just fought at the head of the FBI I faced great pressure because of Russia that's taken off the list almost difficult to believe your ears when you hear something that sounds so audaciously corrupt is like if Hillary Clinton had sent an email with the subject line so I did Benghazi the lights went because the week still wasn't quite yet done because almost at the exact same tone but the not job news emerge there was one lost startling revelation the Washington post began reporting that the FBI investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the trump campaign has identified a current White House official as a significant person of interest I'm glad he's also potentially enormous now some have suggested that that could be Jared Kushner but it seems unlikely because while he's technically significant and legally a person nnova why qualifies as all of interest it was the least interesting human although this is the person equivalent of an empty room painted egg shell he is like and what bread sandwich when the middle is just a third slice of white bread all of my friends are both about the devil's hoagie so that is the shortest possible summation of the events of this week which brings us to our second question how big a deal if this because it feels like a pretty big deal think about going into this week they were already multiple investigations into Russia's efforts to swing the election and any possible ties to the trump campaign but there now also strong obligations the trump attempted in some form to influence the investigations and we now have a special counsel look into all of this you would almost after B. trying really hard not to see this as a big deal and nobody tried harder than some commentators on fox news this is in shame where is the evidence of a crime people are now buying some of this lunacy hysteria every single day we've reached a point of madness there and he ends this is a scandal with no video with no audio with no sex with no money with no dead bodies it's so boring scandal these ships ridiculous that may be Americans hidden in plain view working on behalf of Russia is not boring it's literally a fucking Emmy nominated TeenNick one attend the only story kind from Tucker Carlson the villain from my direct to video Caddyshack sequel who somehow became a real boy sucks joy to jet on mon trick scandal out of existence the world is a very complicated place Washington especially when you think is happening often really isn't happening what color what do you think is happening isn't happening he's talking to if he was like a parent whose kids just walked in on them 69 this isn't what you think this is what you're looking at odds your mother and I would just listening to see if there's an echo when you scream into a box no good anything yeah for unfortunately as the week went on even some on fox was I'm going to hold because remember it mixed up this is a boring scandal this was him just 2 days later I've been the first one to say you know there's a lot of smoke but I don't see any fire but now I'm getting a little concerned even I myself and got to the point where like what is going on here with the situation I'm a little worried about it not not be a good sign I hope this post not being able to hold his down to buy for 40 8:00 hours is pretty much a Canary in a coal mine but then at this point Donald Trump is basically waist deep in Ted's canaries you can tell how serious this is becoming by the fact that when the new started breaking this week members of drums only polity was suddenly hard to find we reached out to 20 Republican senators and representative to appear on this broadcast also reported and requested that someone from the White House join us at any point during our 2 hour broadcast to respond to the latest news all declined our invitation just trying to think about how crazy that is 20 invoice 20 refusals that's what's attendance than a right policy for the cost of the jinx I don't know Bob where do you think everyone is Steve curry now now some Republicans deeds comment on from this we but not it's on the way to the White House would've ideally wanted for example John McCain had this to say I think it's reaching the point where it's of Watergate size and scale and a couple of other scandals that you and I have seen it's a centipede that the shoe continues to drop yeah it's like a centipede that keeps dropping shoes but it's real and people way shoes so that someone is trying to Israeli more human centipede yeah throw it in how knows you in watching it really cares I while McCain was willing to saltwater guides other Republicans were willing to go even further Michigan's Justin Ammash today became the first Republican to say the president's actions might merit impeachment out of that we have it a member of drums own party has raised the specter impeachment just 4 months into the president's bust up studies almost impressive in a way because when Mother Jones run an article citing a as the first Republican to mention impeachment a spokeswoman for another Republican representative Carlos cabal of Florida reached out to sight he was actually the first Republican to win today politically weekly fed the very first person to think old gold he should not be president is probably some annoying to know us in queens in the year 1946 you know been doing this a long time but this baby is the worst one I've ever seen this is a terrible baby and the spectrum treatment is something that some in the White House are reportedly taking seriously and after days of incendiary headlines CNN has learned that White House lawyers are researching what a possible trump impeachment might look like that's actually a pretty good question what would a trump impeachment look like coming ironically I mentioned at least part of it would involve thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey we it looked pretty big deal which brings us to question number 3 where do we go from here and if you're hoping for impeachment away resignation it is worth taking a quick peek at the presidential line of succession because trump going would be fantastic but remember that would give us president Mike pence unless we are willing to you how a prospective next president sees himself I'm a Christian a conservative and a Republican in that order I'm a Christian a conservative and a Republican in that order I'm a Christian a conservative and a in that order honestly I would have loved if he just kept going off to offer those 3 on the German I'm a flowery good intro learns it not all done that's what I those 6 things don't get it wrong Mike pence is a halt longing conservative in Congress he led efforts to defund Planned Parenthood he opposed the Lilly Ledbetter act and the ending of don't toss don't tell and championed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman and as governor of Indiana is most like catching accomplishment was the passage of the religious freedom restoration act which could have made it easier for religious conservatives to refuse service to gay couples and making lots of worse when he was off multiple times when that's what he did he kept dodging the question ending in fixed exchange do you think it should be legal in the state of Indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians George with a yes or no closure won't come on that new Hoosiers don't believe in discrimination yeah well I don't believe in it Lucious copies of Joan cultural many one sounds like the sound output you know makes when he sneezes a whole genre we'll show John I but what if you tell yourself well maybe trumps pants down as well will think about what that would mean because then we'd have president pulled Brian 3 words not always knew I'd have to study but I didn't really expect to have to study quite so soon sort of like remember polar bears or female entourage reboot the boys are back and this time they go and you know if you really want to spin this pansy out let's say that Ryan is also somehow sitting on his own impeachable cluster fuck do you know who is next in line to the presidency you might not I'm not I'm not sure that you do do you it's actually Mister Kelsey Grammer you'll probably assuming correctly that that is wrong but what is the real right can I see tell you because we would we would genuinely how president already how much of that point yes he would be he would be president amount whose every expression says I take fibre supplements and frankly then all workers look it is only separate point of not now but before we get lost any further down this paranoid one whole let's just all take a collective breath because in reality even though some people have been getting excited this week impeachment is a long shot for many reasons not the least of which is it would require a majority of the house to vote to impeach a nineties company controlled by Republicans ... and then it would then need to thoughts of the Senate to vote to convict the president and it is also controlled by Republicans right now so the likelihood is that trump will survive this and continue as president which should really be a surprise to anyone one would think speed the end of the line for him Trungpa seem to reach the end of the line on multiple occasions only for nothing to happen remember when he hesitated to do go to dish about David Duke wasn't that supposed to be the end of the line or the tone he bullied a gold star families that had to be the end of the log writes all the access Hollywood type we all full the next stop own not box was you guessed it at the end of the fucking line seems like when it comes to president trump he's always approaching the end of the line but it never seems to come as it for him and him alone the angles the line is drawn by MC fucking action I don't know we know following stupid war to guides every development can be all consuming it feels like nothing else has happened over the last couple of weeks but that is a dangerous thing to believe because it how fast things have happened this administration has made significant moves the diskette to many people's attention Jeff sessions moved to lengthen drug sentences on doing a bomb Iraq criminal justice reforms just tonight became up the trump is going to propose slashing Medicaid and other safety net benefits and tomorrow in court the administration might decide to end key obamacare subsidies which if that happens could immediately unravel the obamacare insurance markets so that no 246 most was absolutely right was the worst baby and you know he's still the worst baby now and as if all of this wasn't bad enough which it comfortably is we are welcoming some heartbreaking glimpses into how this president operates for instance just this week and we love the fix is how his own national security team feels they have to brief him on important global issues he like single page memos in visual aids like maps charts graphs and photos national security officials have strategically included trump's name in quotes as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he is mentioned what I think it's absolutely perfect all president could only understand the world to the extent that it involves himself meaning anything Tony possible but he security briefing reads the leader of North trump Kim Jong trump is making an intercontinental ballistic try this could seriously jeopardize not just the region but also the safety of millions of old Goldwyn losing you always John trump welcome boxer we could go free look it's terrible which actually brings us to our final question is this real life George we also is unfortunately yes and if you are feeling miserable about the situation that we're in right now the the only consolation I might be able to offer you is I'm not sure that trump isn't totally happy either because yes you seem image with the rallies and the attention on the fact that he can say is the president but I think the most telling photo taken of himself fall is this one that was taken on his inauguration die I think long shouldn't thrown in his own now look good he's but he's he looks like he's at the funeral for every job are and if you think I'm projecting this onto him just just listen to an interview that trump himself got even around the 0 day mark of his presidency and tell me if this is a guy who sounds like he's happy with this situation I love my previous life I actually this is more work than my previous life I thought it would be easier I do miss my old life this I like to work so that some is actually more yes of course we present it's hard to do in your home job things you owe Joe was basically covering a 9 letting other people pay you to use that name unfaltering Dee Snider they would see although I will say this I know I actually have something in common with Donald Trump because all you to propose my previous life before he became president I'm more you need stupid more to go because no matter what we are in for an agonizingly long period of leaks allegations and recriminations all over a presidential campaign to put a man in power who may not be totally want to believe that so what you want about Nixon at least the one took the fucking job I don't know about you but this week has drains me I think the end of last year we told you to write down this is not normal to guard yourself against getting complacent I don't think there is much danger of that happening in the foreseeable future but it is also worth remembering that sentiment just to reassure yourself that you're not going crazy I think you attempted to believe any of what people saying that this is all politics and every president goes through a week like the one that we just had early in the administration let me show you one of the things that people attacking the lost person full at roughly the same point in his first term as you all know president Obama is a real man of the people take a look at him ordering his burger with a very special condiment IGN hope you enjoyed that fancy burger Mister president I'm really that was on actual television and ... would honestly give anything to once again live in a time when the scandal rocking the executive branch was a fox news host implying that the president likes metrosexual mustard automatically fingers crossed one die we could all get better again //
"2017-05-15 06:30:01"
Dialysis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\we're going to talk about kidney dialysis I don't know the right now you probably getting ready to push the button on your TV remote most dear god ritually anything else but I promise you this is worth listening to because dialysis is not something that everybody understands I just listen to one patient described a conversation that she had with a knife I haven't the lady next door to me now she said to me waking you go 3 days a week if you know the 3 days a week I said why are you writing a book a mystery I said I go to dialysis he said ... you were drunk I thought you said you didn't drink I said if you don't get out of my face you will need a doctor a vote was not money but I would not talk with that lady what I would do is get out to put a face go home Google what dialysis he's just to cool down the temperature in that relationship and who is the all to tonight dialysis it's basically where the machine acts as your kidneys by taking blood out of your body cleaning it and then returning it to you think of it as I dress a paycheck for evil plot which yes is more disgusting than are needed to it sounds dialysis can be a truly exhausting process I you typically sitting in a chair physically attached to a machine for 34 hour sessions a week and Americans hoping that increasing risk of needing it's because chronic kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States what a lucky few managed to get transplants for many dialysis is their only option to style life but interestingly here what America spends more by some accounts than any other nation on dialysis care we have one of the industrialized world highest mortality rates so was spending the most to essentially get the least well basically paying for a fully loaded Lamborghini and receiving a drunk don't pee on roller skates this this story the story of Darla 6 is an amazing case study of good intentions being thwarted by bad incentives pull oversight and profiteering I'm one of the key characters in this story is incredibly this guy just now if you all understandably thinking who is that man doing Bafut gymnastics to Bob Seger well dressed like the third soundest way to add a medieval times well that is the C. E. O. of to be to incorporated a for profit kidney dialysis company on a promise we will get to that man in a moment but first let me give you a sense of the history of dialysis in this country because in the early years off of the machines access to them was so limited one hospital haven't actual death panel to decide who would get to use them somebody has got to decide who shall live and who shall die torturer rejected I think I don't know why there for medical reasons or by god sure didn't have a $30000 Mr down what happened to those who would turn down they're dead mine does no sugar coat things Baghdad also you'll packed only loves you because you feed it the 2 ferries you'll fall that I'm 30 percent of babies grow up to be all souls good day to you Sir now in 1972 though something amazing how Richard Nixon yes Richard Nixon signed the bill into law which said that the government would pay for dialysis for anyone who needed it which is really incredible essentially we have universal healthcare in this country for one organ in the body it is not your kidneys and only your kidneys all Canadians Laurie those who oversee gold mean to take too much space stopped only fury that's a good accidents and I do not apologize for right no when the bill was paused only covered around 10000 patients but for decades later thanks in part to the rise of diabetes and high blood pressure nearly Hoffa 0 people undergoing dialysis that's a 46 fold raw eggs 46 fold technically speaking buddies like punks face what the folks and as a result and this is true treating end stage kidney disease that takes up nearly one percent of the entire federal budget just think about upper second we devote 2 percent of the federal budget to the department of education and that's the thing that helps you know what's a percent aids and a ball most industry has emerged to accommodate all these patients that there around 7000 outpatient dialysis clinics in the country to die around 70 percent are owned by just too big for profit companies for SNES and a beta I let me be clear that there are significant issues with both of them but to understand the system tonight we go to focus on the vita their CDL can theory is the showboating muskets area that you saw earlier and he loves to inspire his employees at meetings it is also my grand entrance ease up on a bicycle he's even written in on all holes I'm spread unfolds pullback holds their that that is by far the most humiliating credits on his resume and it didn't use to do pull so yeah lines good it's a form of binding company consultant who managed to take to be to from near bankruptcy to be body today at $13000000000 he's even been the subject of an I'm a mommy case study taught at Harvard Business School which called his management style arguably eccentric and you can see why a he calls his company a village by his employees team likes or citizens and us from cellphone he's got his own special title this is carried through here your mayor from the cuts in a way but in Colorado yes you heard right he calls himself the man a total so ridiculous you might not have noticed standing next to a fucking falcon that was the most humiliating thing all not does resume and it used to do pull so a brisk at this point and this morning we should probably address the whole we must get to him it's an obsession with the party stems from that Leonardo di Caprio movie the man in the eye and mosque which yeah was very says inspired him to make a transformative life decision to take the debate to chop which is already inside because this is a ridiculous movie to choose as the basis for anything let me give you just a small taste if we must die I one for all reminds one of the weirdest decisions in movie making history the world's biggest home for all but the peak of his popularity agreed to be in a movie watching we do with him all I know do we know we've lost her covers his whole face I'm just have been spent in bed what guarantee the teenage girls all across America are going to have that image on their bedroom walls he looks even hope for now really even close his company meetings quoting that movie if we must dial I sort of feel like that's what for all I mean threw have fun tonight cool you think the shareholders theories techniques have work to be to posted nearly $800000000 in profit last year but the experience for patients can be different dipping runs a pretty lean operation which the government allows a federal guidelines don't require clinics to have a doctor on site at any given time seems a little old but they also require that only one enough be present in the facility I studies found that for profit clinics have about as third fewer nurses done then nonprofit competitors and that might explain why some to be the patients so they can feel bug that approach on a factory line I have trucks come up to me filled us enough that I wasn't you don't quarrel plenty so it wager in my mind to believe and I'm getting my full treatment that I'm suppose to be getting just because they are behind yeah you could just speed up dialysis because you'll be hopping schedule is a critical medical procedure no I Charla of only got 3 minutes so I'm just watching the important parts Pat own pitched completeness because it's more little bubbly but never forget you so I was his workers in California a company trying to you know the issues hooting stopping levels and won't formative beaten us of more than a decade who to be to told us was fought for violating company policy by Austin police to join a union at the clinic where he no longer worked says what his belt constantly pressured a transition between patients as fast as possible well when I was working at the beaded the priorities for ... transitioning paces was to get them on dialysis and get the next patient on as soon as possible and it was all about numbers see you want to get a man get their Dallas is done and get the next patient on and you would have sometimes 15 maybe 25 minutes to get that expression on one machine so you were not properly disinfecting are doing the things that you needed to do properly no properly disaffected that cannot be who had I don't even want to go into a movie theater the have you had enough time to be cleaned and the worst thing that can happen to you that is shuffling through waist deep layer of popcorn enjoyed sticky cherry coke and I will debate will tell you the clinics operate to a high standard of care its patients aunt rushed but have many happy stuff and customers and they've shown steady improvement over the years and they'll even point to the high number of clinics that have received 4 and 5 stalls from the government's rating system but that actually points to another oversight issue here because Whitley those writings don't reflect things like government inspection reports for the clinics because remember that patient from before Wesley pulled her clinics most recent report which cited among other things multiple problems with infection control practices and a failure to demonstrate overall responsibility for the government's and operation of the facility which placed all patients Stoff and visitors at risk of harm and possible death and guess how many spells it has full stop us some of them full stole writing should really come with a big asterisk which to be fair does technically because shoot a fifth stall like jealousy I think it's beginning to feel like to be to is run like a volume business what when you listen to can theory that can seem like it's by design just listen to him addressing business students at UCLA about what he sees as his company's role in society I was never afraid of patients from the entire I think because for me it's not about the patients it's about the teammates when you're in healthcare it is it is it is nicer easier whatever in the sense that you're actually very directly helping him and being but that's to me that's just not it if I if I had 1400 taco bells ... in 32000 people who work in them I would I would be doing all the same stuff yes you heard him right he just said he manages to veto a healthcare company lucky would I talk co bell the exact opposite of a health care because we'll shell entirely out of fried chicken sounds crazy but is it so when you see the naked chicken to loop with the first shell made entirely out of fried chicken might think it's crazy this is well it's a pretty safe saw in the you'll product is awful when you'll commercial have to assure people on 2 separate occasions look we know we sound mentally ill but trust us it is food it's actually flew to all you know all you know and to be fair to veto might tell you that they have to run their business so lean because the reimbursement they get from the government doesn't really cover their costs but they have been repeatedly accused of finding innovative ways around that versus a few years ago the company was sued of accusations in a paid kickbacks to doctors for business I scream it's kind of complicated but it basically works like this to veto would pick out doctors and physicians groups who cared for a large number of patients ill disease and that it would offer them lucrative deals to refer patients today our dialysis clinics okay so that is obviously not good you want to be sure that a doctor is referring you to a clinic because it's the best one for you not because they have a financial relationship usually only advocate for product the you really believe in luck to waltz lattice but they don't pay me to say no expends about their products people what would buy the lot to speak for themselves no numb to veto did not want to plus they did settle out lawsuit for $389000000 and remember that's because it's about to become a thing because in 2012 a former medical director atom to beat a facility went public with claims about how to beat a treaty some of the medicine that he could challenge Medicare for president but let's say ... a patient needed 100 milligrams of a drug called benefit a you could give them sigh Wong 100 milligram boil or you could do the X. with a veto they the love this one vial they gave 50 milligram out of this vile residual trash 25 75 to the trash 25 again 75 to the trash the more vials DVD used the more DeVito was able to build the government hope to see it but is the biggest waste of drug since anyone who's done cocaine in a wind storm you know what you know on the bright side those pigeons look confidence and well written screenplays that you got beauty of code you can now no again again could be too strongly denied wrongdoing and they did so even if they agreed to pay up to $495000000 to settle a case button almost Hough $1000000000 hoops or Yankees fans call it and they rolled I know I'm a separate case accused them will so much of throwing extra drugs into the trash and throwing them into patients not involve something called the pigeon I medication used to raise a patient's red blood cell count a whistleblower said the debate to post now referred to as liquid gold and with good reason at accounted for a quarter of the company's revenue and up to 40 percent off its openings although it was later discovered that the higher dosage levels the debate was using that was no solid evidence that the pigeon my people feel better improved survival all had any clinical benefits I tool which is incidentally or so the new tagline for this television show on a ceasefire it seems harsh but increasingly fair I I don't I think you know what is coming now to veto denied any wrongdoing and set about lawsuits the $55000000 on DB 2 will say do I keep settling cases because they can't afford to get shot out from Medicare but the fact remains just the 3 cases all have mentioned in the last 5 years resulting them putting out nearly $1000000000 in settlements about doesn't exactly give you confidence in their product if the flashlight company paid $1000000000 in settlements you would do what everyone else does and you would fuck a microwaved consular but the second one to frost trust me 30 seconds but the second no one but no less 30 seconds is this week's ball today business time but think about what was the point appointees here is where we get to the final and possibly the hardest part of the story because the fact is no matter what standard of care you get the longer you on dialysis the worse things look for you people who are on dialysis how long are they gonna last night so the statistics are that one year after being on dialysis your your death rate for spirit is 25 percent by 5 years its 65 percent and numbers like that a why if you are a tool eligible to get a kidney transplant you absolutely should get what they can double or even triple your survival right and yet the government's main requirement for dialysis clinics in educating patients about transplants is they simply check a box indicating that they'd done so on multiple studies all the industry have questioned the quality some clinics education thousands of kidney patients in the United States start dialysis without first being told about kidney transplants are that the procedure would be cheaper and lead the longer lives the newspaper reviewed records from the United States renal data system and they found that some patients spent 5 years on dialysis before being put on the kidney transplant list true some clinics are leaving out information that people really should know information on transplants at a dialysis clinic is a bit like information about the number of favorites you alone while you were unattended tight you need to disclose that shit right cell phones so the people don't make a huge mistake the Hopgood through that got to do that it's not what's you disclosure kids you know what would you how I look to veto disputes those studies reflect that practice is saying that ... then most recent in total figures show them outperforming their competitors in percentage of patients receiving a transplant will vote for what it is worth we wanted to get a glimpse of what the education might look like an honestly it wasn't great defeat office kidney smart classes basically orientation for pre dialysis patients and open to the public so we sent forced offers a to classes at food different clinics here in New York and they were all struck by how little emphasis was placed on the benefits of transplants and then they will often presented as an equivalent choice to dialysis impact he was what happened when one stop off specifically about what the people who came to that clinic sort transplant it's a choice it's actually a choice you don't have to do a transplant I have patients that and even if you're if you don't have a telling you gone that translate listen when they do call you of course you have the right to say no I don't think so I don't want it now you never know yes things happen I mean this is a family and I I know I see this and it sounds crazy but I've had patients is it not I want to leave so I will take the transplant and the state this is their this is their community okay okay suggesting that the cozy atmosphere of a defeated dialysis center is a valid reason to turn down a kidney transplant is the moral equivalent of watching someone tread water in the middle of the ocean I'm not encouraging him to take a fucking drug use shoal are you sure we all should these in your community a short walk this road before you know there's no bad decision hail I know we focused on to beat up because they have the most patients and Ken theory dresses like an idiot all the time but a lot of the problems we've seen run throughout the for profit dialysis St including they might competitor for senators who just last year agreed to a $250000000 settlement from thousands of lawsuits claiming that the company's products a cause heart problems and deaths claims that they did not only because you know of course they do so is that the I know the Olympics has been very complicated but there are there are actually a few key lessons here first we need to make sure all the dialysis clinics have better oversight and we need to create better incentives for transplants I'm for treating kidney disease earlier to keep patients out of dialysis in the first place and other things that everyone can do to combat the kidney shortage a truly amazing people kinda like one of their own kidneys well that's still alive and if you are someone considering doing that holy shit you're an amazing human being up feel free to go to Dave I'm leave don't you S. ... for more information on that I'm for the rest of us complete also holds we should at least at the very least be organ donors when we die because organs can go to waste families hesitate to give approval when a loved one die so please please make sure that your family knows that you want to be a donor once you've done that may be tweaked out crash type when I die please take my kidneys because if nothing else it will really fuck with Twitter's trending topics tomorrow but here's the big this country did a truly amazing thing Richard Nixon did a true it really well history has judged Richard Nixon yeah the truly amazing thing he he said we should take care of people with kidney disease and we did it and we should keep doing it but but we could do it a lot better the care of America's kidneys is way too important to be treated like a fost food experience which which I surmise me there was another victim of this story and that is Taco Bell yes that's right Taco Bell is owed an apology and that sentence has never before my strength in the English language Taco Bell I'm truly sorry that a middle aged muskets area drugs you into this I don't know that you're not going to stand up the self talk ... Bellevue you too busy plotting your next Kristallnacht for the battle was so so don't worry take it easy we prepared a commercial to return for a full you please enjoy hi Taco Bell you may know is from volcano not yes the beefy fritos burrito and that taco with fried chicken for a shell take it from us you don't want to run a healthcare business like and Taco Bell no to be honest you shouldn't run at Taco Bell like at Taco Bell does shed because we're nothing like dialysis clinics for a start you might actually be more likely to find a doctor in one of our restaurants than in the dialysis played cable in my face sure and the contract yeah we can less and look we certainly made our fair share of dubious claims you know this breakfast burritos in our ads this is what one actually looks like gross but we sure as shit haven't spent the last few years paying out nearly $1000000000 to settle lawsuits because we run a tight ship at Taco Bell I like the dust off the Doritos taco shells they become regular taco shells okay one thing is our food may be barely fit for human consumption but least our CEO dresses and I sit like a human person any does it make if Colin the mayor do any that we're musketeer 9 cents and you know why where a company like a child's birthday party exactly it warmer food may be medically inadvisable even we know that if you can you should get a kidney transplant I we get a kidney transplant yeah no shit could you get back there Taco Bell haver once with the good guys here hot //
"2017-05-15 02:22:21"
Net Neutrality Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)
\\all the incidents I just wanted to give you a special message outside the regular body of our show regarding the FCC of the government agency legally required to know what bush is up we're actually looked into it and it turns out that's all school boss gosh bubble inventor of Oshkosh be gosh prove me wrong your tones nobody count I think you are a member owned Los week's episode we talked about the FCC's plan to undermine net neutrality regulations by stripping internet service providers of that comment title to classification that and at the end of a piece we also do to reach out to the FCC we've set up this website to make it easier to leave a comment and frankly Coleman's you did go ACSI see yourself is trending on Twitter this morning this comes after last night's ... John Oliver from the last night Aspyr his viewers to flood the Federal Communications Commission to save net neutrality again almost everything about Batman's tone is hugely insulting let me explain particularly why what is essentially saying there is John Oliba a comedian you think about so little you probably didn't even notice that is not John all about that Stephen Nicoll bass well we June the FCC site did get a ton of comments the number is now up to around 1.6000000 I'm those those comics upon from all cool tunes the political spectrum up from net neutrality advocates to those who want the FCC to rollback oversight voice please to comments like I want to be able to view my streaming porn without more lag please don't screw me here lateral plaintiff place nor the drugs or NZ tremendous we got back home and also apparently coming from the international space which works well explains why the smiley face is solid waste emoticons orbiting the earth a northbound by gravity DOCSIS science by but we don't we don't know the hand out food at home to believe an actual scientist on board the international space station left that comment because there is no white anyone out there has any use for porn and I'll tell you why realm way too busy spice pocket well yeah but all spice booking until the sun comes out of that which it literally doesn't think about it it's always knowing telling you in cramped quarters with colleagues there's nothing else to do up there and it's really easy to be upside down which according to books can be a sex thing plus plus you've already got the helmets you know the helmets you wear it during sex and I think he's undeniably true that some people try to Max with the comments into list the one conservative brighter that is reason enough to discount all of them they're calling this grassroots it's really not anything of the kind it really looks like Astrid tears because when you look at these comments thousands are using fake names thousands ... comments are using John Oliver they're using Donald Trump they're using Brack Obama they're using Homer Simpson Michael Jackson and the rest now in case you're thinking well hold on there Michael Jackson is actually a very common 9 I should tell you that at least one of them said he lived out for 20 Bucks whole street which is also a vial a very common address but you know clearly currently she's writes some comments on the site were a fight but interestingly many of those were actually on the other side of this issue effect the FCC received 128000 identical comments which what I'm seeing net neutrality and when Joe list reached out to the supposed commenters I found several had no knowledge of the alleged comments so these will almost certainly spam bots which actually makes this even stranger because you would assume that the box would be in favor of a free and open internet how else would they tell everyone how to own $6500 a week working from home about all the re is the comment section of the Huffington post article who will miss out on this amazing opportunity boss think about that box you should've told me if you throw but you know questionable for shit was not the only problem that will also some issues with com it's not really surprising that you have a lot of vulgar obscene and downright racist comments when John of Oliver himself is calling this campaign go FCC yourself yes I did do that but you know unfortunately she's right about something that there was some racist comments on that and let me just cite if any all of those came from anyone who watches the show stopped do not fucking do that rutting racist things on the internet is not how you win the net neutrality debate it's how you win the presidency we know now only anything at all wounding the ball beat all within the plan it fucking rocks by Scott comes up to please come into a simple clear fashion although I'm this is really important don't actually do it right now because the FCC is scheduled to vote on the net neutrality proposal on Thursday may 18 to officially kick off months of the bites but due to a procedural quirk they will not be considering any comments submitted in the one week leading up to the vote so please hold off for the moment in fact if you go to go FCC yourself you will see we are no longer re directing you to that website was sending you to a holding page where you might be watching this video right now but when it is okay to comment again we will send you back to the F. C. C.'s comments page will you come and shoot tell FCC chairman I Jean Paul I do you specifically support strong net neutrality backed by total to oversight of all yes please so that's 6 but that's all I need to say to you until next time I am apparently Stephen Colbert so I don't know what's going on //
"2017-05-08 06:30:00"
Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\the internet repository of all human knowledge and videos of goats singing Tyler swift songs now I nnova so that is an incredible place 2 dogs we need to talk about it next neutrality Tom rings a bell we actually about in all 50 episode 3 years ago a piece that got a weird amount of it last week tonight with John Oliver has languished in relative obscurity since its debut in a hot this week an Oliver diatribe about net neutrality went viral fuck you like this nnova but still what was it security is one little money I'm probably being nagged by WGBH Boston was not the way this bit of attention about segments a truck that without a doubt would be the case alright it's comedian John Oliver in New York a net neutrality and I the FCC directed moments don't really want the FCC's website crashed doing what people do this yeah I just really spoiled ballots problem now yeah I would think that he's a quintessentially British excuse you cannot possibly hold me responsible for the masses decide to make a fuss about now run along scalawags I said good day to you good guys stop no the reason for our segment 3 years ago was that the future of net neutrality was in question and to their credit the FCC took steps to safeguard these if you're wondering why I'm even bringing up a problem that was seemingly solved this is why trump administration today announcing plans to rollback Obama Aaron net neutrality rules unequal access of course it seems that the trump era will basically controls the everything that happened on Obama's watch by genuinely would not be surprised if one night you just to tell us that he personally killed every Turkey a bomb and the politics but the the point is no once again net neutrality is in trouble and if you need a refresher on what it involves please let me stall OB 2007 viral smash video a chocolate rain explain it to you in 30 seconds net neutrality is the idea that your piped to the internet whether that is your cable internet connection your alti E. wireless internet connection however you are receiving information via the internet that pipeline to the internet is not allowed to arbitrarily pick favorites in terms of the content that you consider for example if you like to use Google search in your room mate likes to use being searched your internet service provider can't say well being is paying us a lot of money so we're gonna slow down Google and Yahoo and their other search engine competitors to make being load fast these lights although that's obviously just a hypothetical there is clearly no such such engine is being or but maybe that was I don't know that there's really only one like to point out announced by googling it and that's what not to try Miller who just screen audience hall it is the principle that internet service providers or ISPs like these guys should not be able to engage in any sort of factory that limit so manipulates the choices you make online it also helps ensure a level playing fields on the big companies colonel on the mowing small companies before they can take off and without it could easily crush my new site just tell me if I'm related to a Nazi don't call it that it's Lacan's external calm except you get to skip all the bullshit net neutrality is objectively boring and not use to work to ISPs advantage but more people know what it is now which is why some companies have started putting up statements trumpeting best support for a free and open internet but Verizon even greater the video to calm any concerns that you might have Hey what's up everybody Jeremy here with Craig Silverman who is our general counsel and leads our public policy group let's jump right into it is the FCC going to kill what we know as the open internet rules for net neutrality the FCC is not talking about killing the net neutrality rules in effect not nor any other ISP or asking them to kill the open internet rules all they're doing is looking to put the open internet rules in in a forceful way on a different legal footing now that sounds reasonable why wouldn't you trust the commitment to open access of a man sitting at a table literally blocking and anti a whole way but but while but while legal footing it's pretty benign it is not and it is also understanding how net neutrality landed on its current legal footing because it happens to directly involve the ricin so let me explain unfortunately to do that I have to introduce you to 2 terms even more boring band that neutrality specifically talk the 1 I'm talking to all the communications act of 1934 equivalent of chasing an Ambien with a shot of chloroform yeah he's very broadly what happened back in 2010 the FCC rope net neutrality rules governing ISPs which at the time well regulated under the less strict title Wong and the companies found those net neutrality rules inconvenient impact the wrong reason successfully soon to be XTC arguing that it didn't have enough authority to enforce those rules and the court ruled that if the FCC did want strong enforceable net neutrality that best option would be to reclassify ISPs under title to which allows for much stronger oversight from the FCC did that and the part they did was huge so when frozen claims paid we love the open internet but why don't we just put it on a different legal footing it's basically OJ Simpson asking why you won't let him hold any of your summer I sold on June you know why you if anyone should know and the only species now have a powerful ally in this joint because trump has appointed a new head of the FCC and it is this guy agit high is known for being anti regulation pro merger last month he said he wanted to quote take a weed Wacker to current FCC rules and predicted net neutrality is quote days are numbered while okay days are numbered and take a week wacko all serial killer talk so that is pretty ominous when the code of federal regulations looks out his window at night there's just agit poly standing silently holding his weight waka waiting to his child's but the dangerous thing about police that he presents himself as a fawn down to worth note the kind of guy whose Twitter feed is full of quotes from the big Lubawskie he quotes it all the time I'm not quoting the big Lebowski is following in certain contexts for example if you're an actor and it's 1998 annual filming the movie the big Lebowski it is completely intolerable in any other context and that's that's what he's only phone call at the office trucks just what his very first press conference asked him I would be happy to take your questions from of the panel money Tayloe come daily ... how to examine yes I'm Jim policies the kind of guy who has a fawn over sites novelty mug and he's really proud of it his theory is showing it off to a reporter hearing is showing it off to his Twitter feed and it is for a speech to a stop as commissioner he said I love walking into my office pouring about a gallon of coffee into my infamous Reese's peanut butter cups bog I'm starting my tight and you heard right he described his own mug as infamous which is offensive for 2 reasons first and no point should you be describing your own fun mark allowed in the company of other adults and second it's a fucking monkey who wouldn't log infamous is like calling your nifty Paul a real panty dropper text cannot be remotely true but the police do feet high on just what you go is persona there's there's some things about him that you should really know he's a former lawyer for Verizon and despite being a small man he sure loves to play dumb over why I espy's whatever moved title to for decades before 2015 we had a free and open internet indeed the free and open internet developed and flourished under light touch regulation we were living in some digital dystopia before the partisan imposition of a massive plan hatched in Washington saved all of us not by these troop 2015 was not a digital dystopia for anyone with the possible exception of pizza rats because think about it things in that put that right through hell long she'd die in 3 months of a polio the fucking end of I could see passed by greasy film wild stuff I stuck the limits of but what he's parties losure all human that is deeply disingenuous because the house to know that Verizon his ex employer won a lawsuit the met if the FCC wanted strong enforceable protection its only real option was to reclassify the I. S. peace and yet he'd surely insects under questioning there's just no evidence the cable companies were engaging in rampant wrongdoing but to say Comcast created a new TV series it just so happened that that competed with the Netflix series very similarly if these rules go away how is the how is there not an incredible incentive for Comcast to slow Netflix down coming into my house and make their video the Comcast video very robust so under that hypothetical one things that's important remember is that it is a hypothetical that we don't see evidence of that happening in the marketplace on a widespread level but here's the thing their own multiple examples of I. S. P. fought Korea over the years presents a few years back Verizon a TNT and Timo ball at 1.shot out Google wallet from their phones a product the coincidently happen to compete with their own mobile payment act ANAP incidently that had a significant full it's little subtle about see if you can spot it following in the footsteps of PayPal and Google wallet is a virtual mobile wallet app called crisis read this book in incredible if only because it means that at some point someone's more probably sent a text along the lines of how do I make a payment to isis love law PS let me know about pulse on and incidentally when people complains that they couldn't use Google wallet T. mobile sent out 2 weeks and this is true like we're supporting ISIS we're really loving isis we have chosen to work with oysters and hope to rolled out to everyone very soon yet despite Timo balls vocal support for ISIS which is all you should ever think about now whenever you hear the word T. mobile or isis for that matter there are essentially the same thing parties might all humans is that we don't need total to to have net neutrality but some of these ideas for what to having spent almost laughably lacks for instance he reportedly floated just having ISPs voluntarily agree not to obstruct or slow consumer access to web content by putting up promise in that homes of sub bass you know the things that no human being has ever right and that can challenge one of the companies won't come to that idea would basically but net neutrality as binding as a proposal on the bachelor but not so I have determined you to be marginally better from a bronze and Karan box a reserve the right to change this agreement in the future should I be so you have offered me a sloth on fuck Paul island hard I'm well he's public make all humans to remove ISPs from total 2 is that the place is too great a regulatory burden on companies and that it's already caused them to scale back their investment in broadband networks the economics are simple here more heavily regulate something the last year of it you're going to get so what happened after the FCC imposed title to sure enough infrastructure investment declines okay so what is essentially suggesting bags to a soon as total to claim main company said fuck it investing in infrastructure is way to difficult we're not doing it anymore in fact pull some of the cable out of the ground we're going back to the telegraph but but it is worth noting infrastructure investment is harder to measure than you might think on pause numbers are in dispute depict several companies have gone on the record saying that business has largely been unaffected by total to and maybe the best way to gauge total 2's impact is to listen to what cable companies told their own investors to whom they are legally obligated to tell the truth so here is what Verizon told as investors in 2014 about what the switch to total 2 would mean for I mean to be real clear I mean that this does not this does not influence that the way we invest in the we're going to continue investing our networks on our platforms both in wireless and and wireline files and and where we need to so so loud nothing will influence that okay so that doesn't really sound like net neutrality was jeopardizing investment a tool though to be fair that was a phone call and it was Verizon so wasn't totally possible that every other word was dropped but dates effect is total 2 is the most only legal foundation we have right now for a strong enforceable net neutrality protections so so pony saying let's have an open internet without it is what makes I hate how about you have a gallon of coffee without you stupid fucking well just poured into high and trust that you won't get bones or out and Mister chairman I know you probably thinking well you're only making fun of monarch because you're jealous of it to which to which I would say what would I be jealous drinking the blood of small my mom's you no we need but no he throws he Boeing are all you do not particularly trust this or any Congress to get something as complicated as this right and I definitely wouldn't want the current president involved eyes and this will not surprise you he doesn't seem to have any idea what any of this aids count once tweeted back in 2014 Obama's attack on the internet is another top downed power grab net neutrality is the fairness doctrine will target conservative media but does the exact opposite of what they did trunk could not have been more off basically tweeted net neutrality is the Monroe doctrine will target the onetime class so sadly it seems one small we the people must take this matter into our own hands a because the FCC over again going to invite public comment on my website and conveniently for them the process is actually a lot more complicated based on but it was 3 years ago you have to go to a FCC don't golf slash lowercase E. C. F. X. slash search Dodge proceedings then when you get to this page putting the proceeding number which is 70.10 ight then hit search on the next page restoring internet freedom should be the only result you see then click on the link that says expressed and then and only then can you leave your comment and if you think it will look best just to complicated on not doing it don't worry because that's what we bought the U. R. L. go F. C. single simply go to a hospital and he's only to the country boy give you specifically support strong net neutrality box boy total to over sort of only as peace and every internet group needs to come together like you successfully did 3 years ago every sub culture must join as one gamers YouTube celebrities Instagram models tone from my spice if you're still alive we need all of you even on a I believe I'm saying this Donald trump's internet farms on so it's like 4 chan and reddit the most powerful online trolls of old this subject is one of the few things that we actually really agree on some simply express yourselves and harness the range that you normally reserved for me the race that you use when you said I'm genuinely one of the most visually an intellectual repulsive people ever stay with boldly long thumbs that shit crazy always and I mouth that looks like a cemetery often of we go the good the voice is everyone needs to get involved comment now and then might be coming again once the FCC makes his proposal official even colder representative annual sentences and do not tell me you don't have time to do this if the internet is evidence of nothing else it is evidence that we all have way too much time on our hands and yes I'm talking to you everyone who posted may 4 be with you for starters died dates and every fucking year I'm talking to you everyone who posted on Facebook about 10 calls if you seen on one you didn't until you everyone who did it on one Eckley and I do the clever joke twist because on this important you are exactly as bad because you cannot cite the you are too busy when 540000 Gulf you commented on by own face pregnancy announcement and 673 of you took the time to review the Grand Canyon on yeah several of whom gave it a one star review what is wrong with him I don't specifically looking at noon posted on Amazon who gave the wolf of Wall Street one stall because and I quote that one no wolves I'm still both the old people who took the time to decide that bond that review helpful I don't really looking at the friendly surprising number of people who for some reason keep tweeting choke me Daddy the pope you're wasting your time he's not going to choke him the old tricks would be very by Arabs so cut low I'm calling upon all of you tonight's talk right the we it does fall minutes of the lord I need you to do this one small onto the brings more I drug Clinton's American leads you to log use or more accurately you'll come story so play well I'm not so I want //
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Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\the White House the building inside which Donald Trump I don't feel this isn't mentioned enough is regularly night kids I just think about that he might be naked in there right now you just maybe there's a bond somewhere on his person we don't know we just know that he's there and we all have to live with that but while trump himself is devoid of barrel to what house because to a widely admired Jared Kushner and Ivanka trump but what America's William and Kate's except in this case both of them are attractive I'm many many people have price war the only adults in the room the moderates the centrist frankly Democrats our Jared and Ivanka even think guide his kids are are you know their day to day there a positive influence on him is best running my mouth away would be of Bach I don't know that I've met a more composed ... brilliant beautiful in every way ... person well that is high praise from senator Bob Dole because I've never met a more brilliant beautiful person I much in that one down great with his wife and 2 daughters copy father's day dads didn't long because send you anything but but the liberals the popular assumption is that Jared and Ivanka will be moderating influence is basically if trump is thinking about pressing a button labeled nuke us very well on behalf of all of us delegates turns towards the button labeled if you don't but they both have official roles now bunkers recently taken an unpaid position as assistant to the president and Aspin Jared what he seems to have a hand in basically everything he's been planning this week's visit of the Chinese president tomorrow Lago and he's also tasked with brokering peace in the Middle East the president tapping his son in law to reform the criminal justice system not to mention he's running the new office of American innovation where he's responsible for reforming better in care tackling the opioid epidemic and overseeing the not so small feet of revamping the entire federal government only 6 it is no it's under with a powerful man to give their son in law was do nothing jobs but leave it to Donald Trump who caught even get nepotism rights to give his I. do everything John so given the power that they seem to hold tonight let's take a look at Jared and Ivanka and that set the site the question surrounding potential conflicts of interest between a business toys and that possess in the administration instead let's focus on 3 just 2 basic questions is a phone call really the moderating influence the people claim and what's in charge background justify such a gigantic White House portfolio let's start with a Bunka trump's only daughter except for and yet somehow including Tiffany it won't come easy reassuringly familiar keeping part of the brands since she was a child she even co hosted trumps miss teen USA pageant at age 15 featuring this notice noticeably ALDS moment I think that being a Viking guarantee my brothers were loving matter any view of those single ... real why do they how close are you not yes and the mud blood relatives or rock called right now with whom I share parents probably have erect penises at this very moment ... but but in the public drama off the trump family if all goes because as as the calm reasonable indole voiced one a dynamic that's perhaps best exemplified by this moment what's the favorite thing you have in common with your father either real estate or Gulf Donald with their daughter well I was going to say sex but I can relate is what would you do fucking great the only possible wrong also to that question what's your favorite color Hitler but still I could that could actually illustrates a lot of what we like about a bomb because she's the exact opposite of her diet he's crazy she's poised and restraint and she is impressively on message at all times just think about how little information she gave you in that exchange she was lost what do have in common with your dad and she said real estate and Gulf does not personal details they'll call components of the trump brand any strange would associate with it but I mean if you if you lost Huey Dewey and Louie what I have in common with that uncle Donald and they said the the fed those or no parents you would think while the doc family really doesn't spend a lot of quality time together and our ability to apparently say nothing I get consistently support her dad can actually a ploy to her political views as well because the assumption that many of us have that she disagrees with him is actually based on much just want to risk a response to being questioned about what they specifically disagree on my father agrees with me on so many issues and where he doesn't he knows where I stand by if you have a similar situation both something that you disagree with him on and that you think that by speaking up to him it made some changes position or softened his position I think most of the impact I have over time most people will not actually know about all that's convenience so we should just give her credit when good stuff happens and then blame others when bad stuff happens does not a job description of a political adviser that's a description of an Old Testament don't I got home today enables you to project whatever you want him to have bikes on second hand rumors and assumptions which is exactly what Gayle king and her co host then date what is it they differ on and when I think she has she is not she is not going to share that information with me anyway but I think that that's between her and her dad but what do you think I think about climate change certainly I think about gay rights I think some of the immigration ban planned parenthood it it certainly Planned Parenthood oh yes yes certainly planned parenthood as well why not I know those things or feel true but there was no unlocks evidence it was the same way the oil assume Johnny Depp's penis also has its own miniature Hatton go to I don't have any concrete evidence that that is actually the case come on what probably when you look at what the trump administration has been doing it is hard to see much of bunkers influence that take Planned Parenthood which she certainly cares about well lost week don't trump allowed states to block funds to it or maybe take climate change Ivanka did reportedly bring Al Gore to trump tower but unfortunately just 3 days later troubling climate change denial list Scott Pruett to head the EPA and maybe that is an example of the bunkers moderating influence up maybe trumps initial choice was a gully strangling a dolphin with a 6 pack great although just just out of interest look let's look at an issue but upon to have been very outspoken about lost to the RNC she brought up family leave and child care when the truck company released a plan for that she sold it hauled we think we propose something that's incredibly comprehensive it's very innovative it's a bold and fresh solution there's no policy on Hillary Clinton's website pertaining to any of these issues child care elder care for maternity leave for turning to Italy for that her except none of that was remotely true first of course Hillary site had pages on those issues so it seems when it comes to lying about easily observable facts the apple doesn't fall far from the orange and let's let's take a look pulled her hands bold fresh from child care proposal because according to the tax policy center very few of its benefits went to the lowest income families in fact families with incomes between 10 and $30000 would receive average benefits of just $10 a year I'm the only day care the cost $10 is a padlock okay okay mommy's going to welcome me sees most of all he's going to keep you in your bedroom for the next 8:00 hours fucking see bongo you the brightest I know you may still like if I'm cut that's phone she can be appealing and that's frankly not by accident she's been trained in the art of trump branding to be as brave and likable as possible so that everyone composed we think the she shares their values whether or not that's actually true and if that sounds like a harsh thing for me to say about how will point out she's basically shed that message in one of her books perception is more important than reality if someone perceive something to be true it is more important than if it is in fact true this doesn't mean you should be duplicitous are deceitful but don't go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage she's pretty much telling you to your face not to trust any assumption that you're making about so it is possible that she's doing nothing to moderate her father and I understand that the bed was an impulse not to want to think about not just what you don't want to think about the fact that it is also possible that in the White House right now puff although maybe bowling night maybe he's wearing bowling shoes maybe he's forcing Mike pence to play along so that we don't know have to deal with the fact that it's possible but the truth is we we might all be thinking about who is doing a lot more than she actually is all of the sudden can emphatically not speak said pull her husband Jared Kushner the mind remember responsible for among other things repairing the Middle East something that his father in law is actually pretty confident in I have a feeling that Jared is going to do a great job I have a feeling he's gonna he's gonna do a great so he's so great if you can't produce peace in the Middle East nobody cat okay then nobody can cool I and future history books will cite and peace was finally brought to the Middle East by Centene Cole's mama kin who read the book once actually has even more responsibility he's also report to be be the primary point of contact 2 dozen different countries and if you look at photos of drums meetings if what where's Waldo he's in all of them when trump let the leaders of Congress very walls and a listening session with business leaders very walls at a meeting on cyber security very walls a meeting with the Saudi prince vase Jarrett Japanese prime minister boom it's judge all Chinese president visits a little closer in the house discussing the asteroid some cereal was the coach was because look good basically job is even being invited to every important meeting or he dies in the White House in the late 18 hundreds and has been holding it ever since Jones portfolio would be unmanageable for the smartest man on a song he's Jared Kushner the smartest man on earth we already know that he's the coolest they can really rock a trill pair of Sonny's but but what is going on behind this guy can be quiet but confident and and as it was described to me he is a visionary if you have meetings with Jared Kushner Jared lessons he doesn't talk that much he absorbs it I see Jared as like the Alexander Hamilton of the new administration's super thoughtful on he's a he's a he's a 3 times lists that are ... 0.5 percent talker stop so hold he's brilliance because he's quiet just because you don't talk to not necessarily mean you're thinking something amazing account just mean that you're sitting in a meeting staring blankly at people's moving lips thinking about white baby cats own cold curtains when the old goldfish might have peanut allergies but since they don't ever eat peanuts will just never know and the whole point fully percent talk a thing does point to something genuinely ought about Jared because for someone with the amount of power that he has have you ever heard him speak seriously what does his voice sound like you don't know do you know it wasn't easy but we did actually manage to find an interview with him talking on TV in 2009 and here it is my main big bigness you hold on you just took could you tell Dan Gilbert Gottfried but you don't know what we should all listen to it again news Bainbridge up on the web sites and online media big don't know for a fact that bodies Nolte's actual voice that is the real point so in the absence or Jared spoken goals we can set up to annoy on second hand evidence of his brilliance and the first thing many people saw it if he's education Jared is a great young man went to Harvard very smart he went to Harvard Jared is a very easy number one at Harvard guy he's incredibly smart yes but that's not really impotence of anything the unabomb out went to Harvard Ted Cruz went to haul yes plenty of small people went back to they'll tell you about it but it is what it is worth noting that officials at Johns high school reportedly do smiting gotten because as one put it his GPA did not warrant it his SAT scores did not warrant it so who knows how we pull that off I'm sure it's absolutely nothing to do with the fact that his father pledged 2.$5000000 to the school shortly before he was admitted and I'm certainly not saying that he's a textbook case of paying for admission all leave that to the textbook the price of admission in ways that story actually appears but the point is however Joe would go in off to graduate to he took over his father's real estate business offers.Charlie was sent to prison and I don't have time to get into why let me just say it involves black Miley's both mental a sex worker and a hidden camera in an alarm clock in a shoe box motel on route 22 called the Red Bull the red bullet but that the whole story a promise is amazing trust me it is worth the Google you're gonna need to cite such all but but how has to I would run the family business when he made a big splash when he bought 666 rifampin you for a record 1.$8000000000 in 2007 but that deal has not been a raging success the entire deal was a miscalculation they'd absolutely paid too much at the time people at the very top of the market so then the market turned 10 years later the building is struggling to cover its debt payments okay so cushions pudgie's did make a splash but it turned out to be more the kind of special phone makes when it falls into the toilets not about building is obviously not Jarrett's hold record in business he also I'm thing you'll observe which even the paper stuff and a little olive given the several people describe him as an unenthusiastic Rita with little use for newspapers let alone books he also recently spearheaded a Brooklyn development called dumbo hikes one of his partners praised his involvement as saying he's very uncluttered in his mind I think not simplicity allows him to filter some things out which could be a compliment or a savage insults to give you a flavor of what George vision for dumbo heights is a blow you to watch a video that he show to a real estate conference which is the most infuriating combination of meaningless techno and since I'm stock footage of mortals pretending to conduct business that you will ever see dumbo heights a dynamic space mechanically engineered for optimal performance and unrivaled this campus is the staging ground for the next generation of innovators and creators changes forced on this campus in the fire of great thinkers visionaries a community built for collaboration when innovation is cultivating the world rises to me don't you know it's hard to pick up the big but I think my favorite phrase in there is actually breaking but the development is mechanically engineered because what all the other options ma'am how many office buildings on naturally occurring all created with a wish on a genie's lamp and if you're starting to get concerned the towers business record may not qualify him for his coming jobs I should point out one of the prominent autumn is on his resume 2016 election a few weeks after it was over forms run a cover story titled this guy got trump elected which does sound impressive and it features quote from Jared like we played money poll asking ourselves which states will get the best ROI for the electoral votes which the centers that can only be forged in the uncluttered mind of the wizard of dumbo hikes but in fairness the article does give some examples of what specific technical expertise Jeremiah brought into the operation the use targeting if they found a way to get people on Facebook and Twitter they involved into this hearted person secret data center down in San Antonio and they had data do everything dated determine his schedule his rallies even we spoke about the values they knew what he spoke about the rows this really tell you to determine what trunks spoke about at his rallies I don't doubt that they were 100 people in the basement somewhere money bowling the ROI but I would love to see the data the recommended this I love these boards look his abuse I love charts I love I know he said you know it's too tough putting his screen up you gotta get guys because too much money at all ages this is a cheap version of a screen okay just as good but you need good strong hands so look directly there's yeah you really mechanically engineered the shit out about one you know what trump did win the election I'm all wasn't there so who knows maybe Jared is single handedly responsible for the anti victory but that still doesn't mean yes the specific knowledge to tackle government reform or the Middle East or the opioids epidemic can somebody please reassure me that this is OK Jared is incredibly smart very talented has enormous US today he is humble and the recognition of what he doesn't know and it's tremendously secure in his are billeting 8 to 2 seek informed viewpoints no not you know you I know you'll guy now not you and also to that point that he will seek informed view points that will be harder since there are still hundreds of key jobs across the government the trump has not yet named nominees for some agency central to Jared's duties including the public transportation the DD I and the V. being I used to but the trunk con appoint someone to nominate people on his behalf although even and I'm pretty sure that he did that job to Jared fucking cautionary and yet the truth is for many people the main thing qualifying showered for his position is not so much we is but who isn't as many questions I have about Jared of bark and their qualifications their lot more qualified than people like the band I know I like everybody would prefer to have them rather than Mister Bandan involved in decisions isn't James Baker now he's not James Baker the answer is no but alright that is true Jared Kushner is not Steve Bannon but that is a low ball that recommendation would get you know on the job we should be excited about a top White House adviser simply because he is preferable to a man best described as every dog thought humanity has ever had inhabiting the long dead corpse of a civil war era plantation I would not fellow plantation owners cooled a bit much there has to be a third option here and even some people who know Jarod and like him have some serious questions I know Jarrett caution about a lived in my building there notably young people does this person have any qualifications lovely guy true level headed yes he's temperamentally sane person the president got it having said that what is this guy done in his life ever just listen to what he just said lovely young man seems level headed what's he done it does not bode well the Jared Kushner's night was describing what he just got arrested for murdering 11 people I look in the end this isn't even challenge fault it's the fault of the guy who appointed him because think about it this way imagine anyone other than Donald Trump was president I hope that felt it's nice right now but imagine imagine good stuff until dawn was in office this guy and he said everyone all gonna fix the Middle East and opioids and the whole of government in general and I found the perfect person to do it it's this creep palus creepily silent 36 year old add to a real estate fortune what does everyone think you would justifiably be fucking upset that I don't know the Olympics may seem like an eBay serration a both Jared and Ivanka but it is really not I don't know enough about them to have this right that just as you don't know enough about them to justify putting any real hopes in them because it is dangerous to think of them as a moderating influence as reassuring as that lay fail because believe me and gives me no pleasure Sybase if lucky all the reason you are sleeping at night you should probably still be awake and if you need help doing not simply remember Donald Trump might come only be airing out his bones in the Lincoln bedroom Sweet Dreams //
"2017-04-17 06:30:00"
French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
\\Franz home of the ball the lovable elephants who becomes less loveable when you remember that in the books he married his cousin bus right your childhood elephant hero was a cousin fun which it is next Sunday prongs holds the first round of his presidential election if you're thinking well why should I care about lacks the truth is it is way more important than you might realize it's a very important election what's going to happen in fraud charges of you chop off Europe Busiek overwhelmingly Frances the election that matters let these French elections take place at the crossroads of European history it's really defining Europe's fate that's right the funds of Europe rests in the hands of a country that looks at smiles and says I have got to get you in my mouth but it is not an exact post brexit I'm if all fall right populism sweeping your the fate of the E. you might happen on this election multiple candidates support a French brexit on the consequences of that would be steep and frankly it's not bragging but the French is out of the EU is the end of the year and the end of the ozone ... so a lot of fees we depend on the result of the French elections it's true this could be the most disastrous French exit in history and that is acknowledging that I French exceeds only refers to drinking any tall bottle of red wine and then leaving the policy with the host's wife so so good critical election or technique 2 critical elections the election takes place in 2 rounds one on April 23 next on may 7 the first round old account tonight's in the second assuming nobody got more than half the votes in the first round the top 2 contenders will face off what a ridiculous system while the 51 individual contest the low points based on outdated demographic data that could result in a decisive loser the popular vote count somehow wedding that's still true play into there's no yeah at the mall this this election comes a time of great volatility Francis suffered a string of major terror attacks the unemployment rate is hovering around 10 percent and the current president Francois alone isn't even running for a pretty good reason the latest opinion polls have come out sat Francois Lundy's at an all time low I mean even got close to 0 me get ready for it ... according to this poll only for percent of French people are satisfied by false Lebanon's presidency 4 percent 4 percent to put it in perspective apparently the very lowest album school in Mexico 6 history is 15 percent but Kevin Federline is playing with fire but which Billboard raved in general Federline annunci eggs well but even without a long running his Socialist Party is divided and struggling with one early contender to replace him Manuel Valls so widely disliked that this happened you know if you don't you know how it happened an hour ago in this cafe behind me cafe Bihari well known to Strasbourg residence a man approach Manuel vows and through flower Adam anywhere else it might be a bad sign to have flower thrown at you but in a country where pastries have great to constitutional rights the weekly possible but that was actually in on so who is running for this important job what what are actually 11 candidates in the moment I will get to the main ones in a minute but first you're going to want to meet some of the outsiders other is shock show me not a conspiracy theorist who once said that the queen of England was involved in international drug trafficking and whose platform includes a plan to colonize Mars which she explains magnificently well you know part of liberty to your response what kind of user or Jerry Brown but all committee a few 0 star Wallace of some options that Wallace of acres please do so now he's guy with guns and I really do your rights he just said Larry Scully war we would bear presumably meaning to Bucca I thought really think that should have been those characters knives instead on Han solo this is Larry and this is all friends that we had barrel whatever the fuck is on then there is no sign who as you can see is almost offensively fringe he owns went on a 39 day hunger strike to protest a threat to jobs in his constituency and these campaign ads all mesmerizing he rides on a train in moody black and whites works on his palm don't sit around and then mows a hillside shut he's in Florida line seems like an attempt to win the game show called so you think you can fry yeah okay is that correct only full 9 candidates with a real shot at getting to the second round ... there was frost while feel all of the former French prime minister now he was once the leading candidate but has since fallen back in the polls thanks to Penelope gets a which sounds like a scandal involving selling weapons grade uranium to Penelope Cruz but but actually involves feel allegedly putting his wife Penelope and children hundreds of thousands of euros of public money for little or no work and the accusations don't stop there there are reports he may have breached electoral rules after receiving a donation of 2 suits together costs €13000 my amp perfectly allowed to be given a suit by a friend it's not against the law only rights but is a completely normal thing for adult friends to do happy both a friend about you 2 suits the cost about $7000 each because that is a known suspicious amount to spend on a gift for a friend you know we it is this couldn't be not we have the rights so the French public toned on feel and you will never guess how they express their anger moments before he it took the stage at a rally you'll see he was a hit in the face with some flower pot and can see images of that happening right there now but apparently he had a spare suit likely for him we're proud to bring you through when you been essentially accused of having been bribed incidents I go for a tee shirt and shorts that not not next up there is Paul left candidate shown Luke metal shop who ... is anti EU and pro high tech campaign was injury altering the eternal question of how to be in 2 places at once presidential candidate usually criminal shel has embraced holograms always wear on my in the old methanol now in Paris was both very lame and very costly it's like finding out your uncle's detachable thumb trick cost him $400000 I'm not that brings us to the to come in front runners and first let's deal with Emmanuel might crawl polls suggest that he's the favorite to win the presidency which is actually impressive considering he's never held elected office before he's a former banker who served as an economic adviser to along that if you are falling asleep just listening to me describe him you're not alone Mr micron who is neither left nor right and is generally in offensive to the entire population is not super attractive to anyone ouch he is generally an offensive a not super attractive to anyone that makes him sound like he's the guy who played the main character on how I met your mother and this is true house known 9 next call passe sentenced policy down these pro business pro your plan aimed at boosting France's economy but the most interesting thing about him might be base Emmanuel McCall was once a small town boy from a meal he met his future wife here at school the only twist is that she was his teacher nnova he married his French teacher who is 20 years older than him and as a result Makro a 39 year old man now has 7 step grandchildren and I'm sorry but a man in his thirties suddenly ending up with 7 step grandchildren somewhat the plot of a direct to DVD Ashton Kutcher movie cold even on a gnawing off like this movie is on what to by the way if you're wondering did mark won't get any baking ingredients are not into in the campaign well what do you think Gennaro the women head within a so to recap studies 2 cups of flour and now I'm a no I don't know if the French people any close to picking a president but they're about hopefully to making a decent cry that leaves us with marine le pen the pros biggest challenge and honestly she is the main reason you should be invested in this election the lapel 9 carries a lot of baggage in front of thought that was shown my real a pen who co founded her party the National Front and he's a deeply unpleasant human being Jo Marie le pen famously dismissed the Nazi gas chambers as a mere detail of history courts have repeatedly found him guilty joining the Holocaust all that's just a taster he'll subset of one Jewish critic will put a batch in the oven next time which is the kind of boil horrific anti semitism the guess most people permanently banished from society as well as an Oscar nomination for directing hacks all rich now marina Penn actually kicked her fall but I watch all the policy and is what very hard to rehabilitate the National Front reputation a present a softer image and to listen to one French voter seems to have worked we're going over to defend them saliva phone us and now it's simple gets marina pan right if it was her father and shuts it would be no because he's a crazy old man 7 back then that was skinheads thought as an offense is about bouncing with marine it's not like that until that Americans a bit of restraint yeah but elegance presentation does not negate poisonous content a Klansman is still a Klansman even if you slap a monocle on a top hat on aim and gave him a kite white white high on her take off a sheet I thought they were doing nnova we wanted look and is particularly popular among young people so have I a wholly rights of unemployment and of responded to a promise is to institute programs to give them jobs and college a national preference in employment making it more expensive for businesses to hire non citizens but but Niko slick presentation the pens message is vicious a few years back she was asked about immigrants in from someone who also started well it quickly deteriorate my shrieks come up today all you speak then yeah I would remember as possums accept all you good to school this time insist they don't optimal with exit diet pop Norway could just a quiz shows you but people a girl member subtle clues that you don't have a pot to 30 they can put that he's with farm hold on brutalizing a wife and stealing your wallet again that's just boilerplate racism but people are coming to take my wallpaper is something a crazy person says no one wants your wallpaper you dystrophic leeway it posted what problems is a proudly secular society some of her poems proposals would take that to the extreme should Muslim people be allowed to wear headscarves no more Zhu opposite no I'm opposed to wearing headscarves in public places that's not France it's not just head scarves flippin says she would been young because in public any conspicuous symbol of religious belief what a sick personal ad to be wear turbans they don't know is but not in public a phone we don't we don't have a lot of Sikhs in Iran's we've got some but we don't really hear much from them or about them this which is good news easy but it's such a reprehensible thing to say about people you hope to govern that and I never thought I'd say this to someone because it doesn't really make sense I hope someone steals your wallpaper I don't know what I would Lorraine put on hold shoot whatever the results of this election the pen was already dangerously normalize tonight winning seats at the local level and even a few in the legislature I'm one of the frustrating things about watching this unfold from America is this feels a little like deja vu I potentially destabilizing populist campaigning on anti immigrant rhetoric who rage against the elites despite having a powerful father and inherited wealth even ask all the exports reassured that there is no way that this can possibly happen the truth is she's not going to win because in the second round everybody will unite against that I would think that most people think it doesn't matter which political Carla will vote for Michael just to block the way to money Lupin she will look we we do not have in front as I know that from election she is not the just my the bed she wouldn't be anything that is the kind of reckless over confidence you normally only see in a period piece movie about a tragedy wide that Hinton bug is the safest Palmer troubled marriages I'd like to see static electricity even try to set the ship on far I tells ya willow would not be so confident especially because well turnout in French presidential elections is normally around 80 percent this time poll showed around a photo of French voters might choose to abstain and if they do that in the second round depends very motivated voters could put her in office and that could be bad for a lot of people so please Franz I would like to try and convince you not to see this election out to to do that let me appeal to you in night French sense of superiority over the U. S. and Britain which days and it pains me to admit things not entirely misplaced real French quazal all but 3 pillows of perfection worth the American cross farm which is an ungodly abomination your French warnings are magnificent certainly superior to British winds which I thought Michael Caine your 19 in some great tennis Newman from slough nothing more than acting like you are better than Britain and America will now is your chance to prove that because we might populist nativist choices a brexit on trump and to be honest it's not working out so great for us so far and now you have a populist nativist choice of you own and just imagine how superior you can fail if you don't make the same mistake that we did I don't really want to convince you more but I know you don't like big Gordy gestures so allow me to convince you in the elegant research you prefer a please please please join me prongs but I is the story for his music smoke conflicts on the cool you NMO just leg power and we see on the telly on my feet the number Paul says sent home to that don't need from Stella Heysel Boondock goes to hello from say ma'am see Donald then along psalm glutton remake doneness Missy will play time no military and this you need only look to pull no and mon deal from say whom cool book called them my goal well means Pluto could them on gold who violate mucosa sissy and bought clothes shows that along what they have done a philosophy that lluvia I won't quit or long don't tear could this evening a friend said to leave out there I got the tape Tony Blair mobile song the calm a